Tree Of Life (More Difficult)

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A Look At Kabbalah is a page-by-page study of the first half of THE TREE OF LIFE, The Palace of Adam Kadmon, Chayyim Vital’s Introduction to the Kabbalah of Isaac Luria, Translated by Donald Wilder Menzi and Zwe Padeh (Jason Aaronson, Inc, Northvale, NJ 1999), woven together with the Doctrine of Christ, the esoteric understanding of the Torah and the New Testament.

A Look At Kabbalah was taught in 34 distinct Lectures. Each Lecture averages four hours, and includes illustrations of the spiritual principles taught. All 34 Lectures have been transcribed, and may be read free of charge on the CCK Website. All of the illustrations may also be viewed free of charge on the CCK Website.

Part 16  /  Part 17  /  Part 18  /  Part 19  /  Part 20
Part 21  /  Part 22  /  Part 23  /  Part 24  /  Part 25
Part 26  /  Part 27  /  Part 28  /  Part 29  /  Part 30
Part 31  /  Part 32  /  Part 33  /  Part 34
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