Abel's Resurrection

Abel’s Resurrection


Q & A from Message #1075 Part 1 - IT IS ONLY A MOVIE, March 21, 2021


[Question:] Hi Pastor Vitale. Thank you for the message.
Today you said something new while preaching that I had not heard before.
Just to clarify, you said that Jesus of Nazareth did not physically resurrect, is that correct?
You also said that Satan feeds on our dead flesh.
If that is the case, then what does that mean for longevity? Wouldn’t that resurrected soul within Jesus of Nazareth have sustained his physical body?


[Pastor Vitale’s Response:] Yes, Jesus of Nazareth did not resurrect. Abel did, wrapped in Jesus of Nazareth personality that is why the Scripture says "offered up." That means that Satan did not legally consume his flesh. It was "offered to her".


[Question:] So Satan ate a Living Sacrifice?


[Pastor Vitale’s Response:] That is a good question. This is my best answer at this time. I do not believe that Satan ate living flesh. I believe that occurred before Jesus' flesh was quickened. If this were not so, it would not have been possible to crucify him. The key point is not whether or not the flesh was alive or dead, but that Satan was not consuming it based upon her authority over it. In other words, she could not take his flesh even though it was not "Quickened" yet. It had to be offered to her, and Elijah was the one that offered it


[Question:] Yes I understand that.
What about those that witnessed Jesus resurrection if he didn’t physically resurrect?
Is 1 Cor. 15 simply discussing the resurrection of Christ and not Jesus of Nazareth?


[Pastor Vitale’s Response:] It was Abel wearing Jesus' personality

So Abel's name is now Jesus, because the two were married. So it is correct to say that Jesus resurrected because Abel's name is now Jesus. This discussion is not for novices.


[Statement:] Excellent! Thank you Pastor. I got it now. That old religious spirit was trying to block me from understanding.


[Pastor Vitale’s Response:] You’re very welcome.

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