966 - Part 2

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     Good afternoon, everyone. Brethren, I have the most incredible message to preach today. I am definitely going to need help to preach it, so I just humbly humble myself before the Lord. Lord, I ask that you help me to preach this message, that it should come out exactly as you want it to come out, that nothing of my own mind should come forth, that your perfect will should be done, that I and this ministry should be found faithful today with regard to bringing forth information that you want your church to have. In Jesus' name, amen.


     Well, brethren, how do I even start? We are translating Ezekiel 38. Ezekiel -- all of the prophets are difficult, but Ezekiel especially. Chapters 38 and 39 are a great mystery because they have to do with the end times. So one of the signs or the proofs that we are in the end time is that revelation is coming forth from these difficult prophecies that you have not -- cannot possibly understand unless you have an understanding of the revelation of -- that the L- -- that God is giving us through the Lord Jesus Christ in this hour. Brethren, you can -- there is no way that you can understand a prophecy, either by looking at the English translation or looking at the Hebrew text, if you do not first have what God is talking about in your understanding. It is impossible for you to understand it.


     So this is part 2. We looked at part 1. I spoke to you about theosophy and how -- the end of my testimony is how I came to this message. I pretty much thought that it was my inquiry about theosophy that led us in this direction, but today I understand that the Lord has just been in control of everything: the fact that I went into the -- to William Mount's video, that I heard him mention the theosophists, that I heard him mention that they want to destroy the white race. Everything that I heard was because God wanted me to hear it because he wanted me to come to this place right now where his end time understanding of Ezekiel 38 and 39 should be revealed to the church.


     Now, brethren, you have to remember that the whole Bible is written to Israel. The whole Bible is written to Israel. It is not written to the rest of the world. If the rest of the world want to read it, they can. If the rest of the world want to repent and become converts, if their heart is right, the Lord would most likely let them do that. But the Bible is written to Israel. And that is Israel not by genome, not by physical birth, but the spiritual reality of Israel. And the spiritual reality of Israel is that we have the spiritual DNA of righteous Adam. That is who Israel are. Adam is the creation of God. He is the house of God. Adam is the household of God. He is made so that God can dwell in him. And he himself, Adam, dwells in an outer shell or another house, which we are. He is the inner house, and we are the outer house.


     This is a very difficult message, brethren. I just got distracted by someone walking by. Just bear with me, please.


     I am telling you that the Scripture in the Bible is written for Israel, spiritual Israel. What makes you a member of spiritual Israel is that you have a drop of righteous Adam inside of you. Now we cannot just say Adam because there is an Adam that fell. He is unrighteous Adam. OK. Actually, he is no longer called Adam. OK. When he is fallen, his name becomes the serpent, the devil. OK. That is what he has become. Righteous Adam became the complete opposite of righteousness. So if we do call him Adam, we call him the first Adam. And the second Adam is the righteous Adam, or Adam that has been restored to righteousness, and he comes to us in the personality of the Lord Jesus Christ.


     The Lord has recently revealed to us that Adam is the name of God. God has a name, and it is Adam. What does that mean? How do you call to God? You call to Adam. Adam is what we can comprehend. God -- who can understand God? Adam is the name of God. And Adam is -- reveals himself through many personalities in the earth. OK. So Adam is the name of God. And the first personality of all of humanity that was purified enough to be called upon, believing that calling on that name will connect us to Adam, who connects us to God -- the first name of -- the name of the first personality that is that pure is Jesus. Jesus is the name of the personality, of many personalities of Adam. OK.


     Well, let me say it another way. All of the personalities of humanity, as far as I know, except the Lord Jesus Christ, are associated with the first Adam. They are the personalities of the first Adam. So the only personality of the first Adam that escaped from the first Adam, whose overriding characteristic is death -- his name was Jesus of Nazareth. He is not called Jesus of Nazareth anymore because that personality is now attached to righteous Adam, the name of God, who is attached to God. OK. That is why he is highly exalted. That is why Jesus is highly exalted. That is why he deserves our honor, because he was the first one out of all of us that was purified to the point that was -- he is, like, sealed on -- he is, like, sealed in front of Adam, who is the seal that is in front of God. So he has become the name. OK. He has become the name by which, when we say Jesus, we access Adam, who is the high priest, through whom we access God. And [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the other one, two, three.


     So what we see here is Jesus. That is why the Scripture says his name is the only name by which we may be saved. That is not a proud thing, saying this is the only true religion. It is the truth that that name, Jesus, is the only personality of Adam that is the doorway to get to what is behind the doorway. There is something behind the doorway, and what is behind the doorway is God. You see? You want access to God; you want help from God; you want communication with God; you want wisdom from God; you want life from God. You have to go through the door, and Jesus is the only name today.


     It will not always be that way. As radical as that sounds, it will not always be that way. The Scripture says, at the end of time, that Jesus will offer the whole creation up to the Father. And we will all have the same relationship with the Father that Jesus has because we are all members of the same clay, you might say. But he is purified, and we are still dirty. But we have the same potential that he had. So long as he is in complete perfection and we have not arrived yet, he is our elder brother, and we should honor him as an elder brother. But we have the same potential that he has because he is just the first of many brethren that will produce a face. A personality is a face. It will produce a face in front of Adam, who is the high priest that connects us to God, who is the name of God. So the day will come that every member of Israel -- OK, every member of Israel will be a face or a personality through which people needing to contact God can contact him.


     Now today we have that to some degree. If the anointing is operating in you in that manner, you can be a mediator or an intercessor for someone. But Jesus is always the perfect mediator, the perfect intercessor that is glued -- his face is glued; his personality is glued in front of Adam, who is the mediator that connects us to God, the only mediator between God and man. You see?


     So, brethren, there are two Adams. One is fallen and become good and evil, and the other is righteous. And the one that is good and evil produces death, or a relationship with the first Adam results in death. And a relationship with the second Adam results in life. And God is reaching out to Israel right now. It is Israel. The Bible is for Israel; the promises are for Israel; the judgments are for Israel. So the Christians who -- many of which are Israel, not all of which are Israel because what makes you Israel is that drop of Adam. The Holy Spirit does not make you Israel. The Holy Spirit is spiritual water that dries up. And when that spiritual water dries up, if it does not leave a seed behind, and if that seed does not root to you, the earth of your soul, and if that seed does not sprout and start crying out to God, you are not spiritual Israel. See?


     So I have to correct that again. I am -- I did this once before. Brethren, let me correct what I just said. There is a righteous Adam that appeared in national Israel thousands of years ago, something like 3,000 years ago or so. Righteous Adam appeared in his fullness, in his supernatural and immortal fullness. He appeared in national Israel at the time or after the exodus. And the Israelite men, in that high, exalted position of having the mind of God, the opinion of God, the supernatural protection, physical protection of God, in that high, exalted state, chose to or were seduced to worship a pagan deity that the Scripture calls the [?hairy goat?].


     The result of that was that the supernal mother, who is on the level of understanding in the world above, in the world that is creating the -- Adam is the creation of God, so she is higher than the creation of God. She is in the God world, and she is bringing forth the creation of God, which is Adam, and a visible world, which is this world below Adam, the world of action. She cut herself off from Adam, the only mediator between God and man. And that part of Adam, that part of righteous Adam that was -- he was standing in the earth of Israel. His feet were in the earth of Israel, and his head was in the God world. And his body can pass the other worlds in between.


     So when this -- when the agent of the God world that -- and I know this is difficult for Christians, to say the supernal mother, OK, but God is androgynous, brethren. God is both male and female. He is both male and female, and he has -- or when you refer to him as a singularity, he is male. But when you start to relate to him or receive communications from him on specific aspects of himself, some are female, and -- some of his functions are female; some of his functions are male. Some of the way he relates to us are male, and some of the way he relates to us are female. So there is -- the female side of Jehovah is raising up and nourishing children, and that is in the Scripture. So there is a mother aspect of Jehovah. But you never hear that preached in the church, but it is in the Scripture.


     So the mother -- the Hebrews call her -- the Jews call her the supernal mother. The supernal mother, the mother from the God world, the female aspect of Jehovah that is raising up and nurturing spiritual children, the man-child in us, cut off herself from -- she cut herself off from Adam. Adam was half attached to her and half attached to the souls of the men of Israel, and Adam was cut in half. Adam was severed, right? No, he was bisected. That is what the Hebrew word means. He was bisected. And the lower half of Adam could not exist without the upper half of Adam. If I was bisected here, the lower half of -- if I was bisected right in the middle of my abdomen here, OK, or even up here at my neck, OK, the lower part of my body could not exist without my head. OK.


     So the lower part of Adam's body, we are told, went to sleep. It went into -- I mean, in this world, he -- it would have been destroyed completely. But in the spiritual world, it was not destroyed; it just went to sleep. It went into dormancy. This is where the myth of the Sleeping Beauty comes from. The lower half of Adam that is in -- scattered throughout humanity -- we cannot tell. We cannot recognize him because he is sleeping. We can only recognize these drops of himself. When he starts to -- when he wakes up and starts to reveal his personality through people, then we -- if we know what we are looking for, we might recognize him. See?


     So that is who Israel are. In addition to that, we now have the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ that has been dis- -- is being or basically has been disseminated throughout humanity. And that seed has a double function. OK? It is delivered to us in a spiritually liquid medium, so sometimes we call it Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. That energy -- it comes to us in an energy package, and that energy is the supernal mother or the Shekinah. I think there is a difference between the two, but I do not know what it is, and I go back and forth between those two names because I do not know how to differentiate between the two of them yet. Sometimes I prefer the Shekinah because t- -- Christians can tolerate that word better than the supernal mother, but I tend to think the supernal mother is more accurate. But I will stay -- I will -- I should -- I guess I should stay with the Shekinah.


     So the part of Adam that went to sleep went to sleep because he was cut off from his mother because Adam in the individual is being raised up by and nurtured by the supernal mother. I guess I cannot say the Shekinah in this context. He is actually suckling on the spiritual breast of the supernal mother, who is teaching him how to be a spiritual man and training him up for spiritual royalty because he is the Son of God. Adam is the Son of God.


     So there are people in the earth that have the lower half of Adam sleeping in them. There is mo- -- many that do not even know it themselves. The Lord Jesus Christ is the first -- or Jesus of Nazareth was the first human being to not only have the lower half of Adam wake up in him but to be reconnected to the supernal mother. And he became a supernatural man, like the men of national Israel had been before they worshipped the [?hairy goat?] and were bisected. Jesus was reconnected to the supernal mother. He was restored to the immortality of innocence, and then he was eventually raised up out of this body because this body is a fallen body. This body is the skin that Jehovah provided for Adam and the woman when they were separated from him in the garden. You see, it is a fallen vessel that our soul, that the soul of Adam, dwells in. See, there is only one living soul. In a very high spiritual place, there is only one living soul, but it breaks down into many drops because soul is likened to water. So it breaks down into many drops, and it is appearing in many human vessels, in many glasses of water, you might [?say?]. I never expected to start this way, brethren. Let us see where we go from here.


     So the seed that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, it is a -- the Scripture says it is a cutting. OK. The Lord Jesus Christ was -- he is -- the lower part of Adam within him was reconnected to the supernal mother, and he returned to the immortality of innocence and therefore had to leave his fallen body because the condition that he was in before the fall did not have a corrupt body. He could have lived forever in that condition, although he was capable of sin. So there is a higher state, called invincibility, from which you can never sin. And that state is the complete integration of all the elements of the creation: the Spirit, the soul, the breath of Jehovah, Elohim, the aspect of the supernal mother. They are all together to create the su- -- you might say the supernal Son of God, the one who can never die again, the invincible Son of God.


     OK. So the seed that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ is a seed that has -- its primary abili- -- its primary function, brethren, is to wake up the sleeping Adam, wherever he can be found, and then act as a mediator to rejoin him to the supernal mother, who is above. And today, the supernal mother is clothed in the Lord Jesus Christ. She is his clothing, and he is her clothing.


     So you say, can the seed touch someone that does not have the root? Yes, it can. We read about that in the parable of the soils. According to the parable of the soils, the only -- the good ground, the only ground in which the cutting of the Lord Jesus Christ was able to prosper was the ground that had the root of Adam because what Jesus is sending down is the upper half. He is sending down a mediating seed that can connect itself to the sleeping lower half of Adam, which is called Christ, and then reconnect him to the mother. That seed is connected to the mother or has a relationship with the mother. So if you do not have the root in you, the seed from Jesus Christ will sprout. And Jesus tells us, as soon as the sun comes out and is too bright, as soon as tribulation arises, things get hard. That person that does not have the root but has the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ just does not have the spiritual strength to stand.


     So at this time, we have Israel, who is asleep, a company of people that have the lower half of Adam that is sleeping. And we have a company of people, whoever had -- whoever is surviving this drought because you may not know it but there is a drought in the church today, brethren. The lack of the Holy Spirit is called a drought because the Holy Spirit is likened to rainwater. There is a drought, and many who serve the Lord Jesus Christ are drying up and no longer serve the Lord Jesus Christ because the water of the Holy Spirit has dried up in them.


     But there are some people who have cleaved unto that seed of the Lord Jesus Christ. Their soul laid hold of it, and they are crying out to God because they are starving to death and they are dying of thirst. So they stand the chance if they just hold on because the Scripture says you will be saved if you just do not faint. If they hold on until the next move of God comes, which has the ability to impart the root to them -- how is the root imparted to them? Through the foolishness of preaching. You have to find a preacher that has the root, that is preaching from the root. You have to get the Spirit of the teacher that has the root that can be grafted to the seed, which is likened to the branch of the tree.


     So not many in the church are going to survive this drought, brethren. This drought and this famine, not many will survive. But there will be some. But the true Israel, the people of all races and all nations -- we do not know where they are -- all sexes -- we do not know who they are -- that have the sleeping Christ in them. We must wake up. It is about to wake up very soon. What will wake them up? The spiritual vibration that goes out into the spiritual atmosphere when Christ in a person preaches. And now I understand that it is the Lord Jesus Christ that is preaching from the unconscious part of my mind. So when the Lord Jesus Christ preaches through union with Christ Jesus, from the Christ in me, which union brings Christ Jesus into existence in me -- and I have told you recently that I would go back and forth between Christ and Christ Jesus because I was not sure who, what, when or where. Today, my understanding is that Christ Jesus is the man-child that comes into existence when the Lord Jesus Christ joins with Christ in us.


     And there are different degrees of Christ. Christ is the seed that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, see, and he has the ability to unfold like a plant and increase into six levels or -- called Sefirot -- six degrees of spiritual maturity called Sefirot. I lost my train of thought. And that is what the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the -- who clothes the mother, will join to: the sixth layer of the Sefirot. So there are diff- -- there are multiple degrees in the development of Christ. And, brethren, I do not -- it has to be a different name. Everything that has a different [?identity?] has to have a different name.


     So I realized today -- and I do not even know why I am starting out this way except that I asked the Lord to help me -- because this has -- I should not say it has nothing to do with today's message. It must have everything to do with today's message. What name -- what is the difference in the two names that we apply to the sleeping Christ, who was in national Israel and literally died -- he went into the sleep of death -- and the Christ seed, which comes from the Lord Jesus Christ? There has to be a different name for each of them. I do not know what it is, but now that I realize that there has to be a different name, it is probably just a matter of time until the Lord gives me a different name. OK. So for now, for this message, we will call the sleeping Christ the root, and the Christ that comes from the Lord Jesus, from the sea of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the branch of the tree of life. See?


     So every person born of a woman has a soul, a personality, a nefesh soul in the blood that comes from the first Adam. Everybody does not have a soul that comes from the second Adam. Jesus Christ is the second Adam. Maybe this is [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Jesus Christ is the second Adam. He is your new soul. That seed has the potential to open up into six grades of spiritual maturity that the Lord Jesus Christ will join to. I am saying Jesus instead of the Shekinah now. He clothes the Shekinah. She is joining to you through his name.


     OK. I may have to stop and pray again. I just lost my train of thought again. That -- I just lost my train of thought. So -- thank you, Lord. I am just going to have to go on because I cannot remember what I was saying.


     So the Lord Jesus -- so what we have -- with people that have received the seed, who do not have the root, we actually have something in the middle. You do not have the root growing in your earth. You have the branch of the tree. OK. You have a seed of the upper half of the tree. And then you have the Lord Jesus that wants to come down and join with the sixth degree of power that has risen up from his seed. If you want to survive spiritually, it requires this esoteric doctrine, which plants a seed from the root company in you. It is the esoteric message of the Scripture that will graft to a different part of your soul. OK. I have never heard this before, brethren, so I do not know what part of your soul. I believe the seed from Jesus grafts into your heart's center. I do not know where the seed, where the root seed, is joined to, but we need it all.


     So there is -- OK, and this is where I was going. The first Adam -- OK. We have a personality, which is the nefesh soul, grade of soul, in our blood. That is the first Adam. Everyone born of a woman has that. The soul of the second Adam is the seed that comes down from the Lord Jesus Christ. It is his soul. It is his soul that he is sharing with us: he, the second Adam, the one who overcame death. And when it grafts to us, eventually, it develops as his -- as a unique expression of his soul, in the same manner that is if you have a child in this world. Very frequently, you see a child's -- you see the parent's personality in the child because that child is a new variation, you might say, of the parent's soul. So the seed that we receive from Christ Jesus is the second Adam in us.


     There is a warfare that must be fought between the second Adam and the first Adam. This is the warfare that is coming upon the earth. This is the warfare that the prophets prophesied, that just about everybody that I have ever heard of in the church thinks is happening in the natural. They think it is World War III. But it is a spiritual war between the second Adam and the first Adam. And what they are fighting over is us. And who are we? We are the outer shell. We are the physical vessel that Adam, the living soul, dwells in, the household of the living -- of God. The household of God dwells in Adam; Adam dwells in us.


     The warfare is between the first Adam and the second Adam. Everybody has the first Adam. That is your personality, your soul. It is called your nefesh in your blood. The seed that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ is the soul of the second Adam. If you have the root of Israel, you have the root of the second Adam. If all that you have is the seed, you have the branch of the second Adam. In order for the second Adam to defeat the first Adam in you, it is essential that the branch of the tree join with the root of the tree and then join -- and then the branch of the tree extends all the way up to the Lord Jesus Christ and the supernal mother. You must have the whole second Adam to defeat the first Adam. If you do not defeat the first Adam, you will experience the second death, which is -- it could be natural death, which means you will not go into immortality. See?


     So this is the warfare that is going on right now. That warfare is between the first Adam and the root of the tree, which is Israel. OK. The people that just have the branch of the tree -- they really do not know what is going on, and they are starting to suffer from drought and famine. And if they do not get to the root of the tree, their spiritual life will die. It is as simple as that.


     God's focus, in this hour, is on Israel. He is focusing -- how do I say this to you? I know I have told you things like this before. Brethren, there is a war going on. There is a war, a spiritual war, for humanity, the vessels that Adam dwells in. We are very important. OK. We are part of the original creation. If we -- if humanity is wiped out and completely destroyed, OK, then I guess it is -- then the Lord would have to start all over again. It is the end of the age. The first Adam is doing everything he can to destroy humanity so that we cannot be possessed by the household of God, which is Adam. The warfare is between these two powers.


     Now there was a preacher, at one time, called Ray Prinzing. He died a long time ago. And he taught there were these two great powers battling, and we are just observers or victims. That is not true. We have to choose a side. I heard a false doctrine recently on the internet, saying someone had -- this man had the revelation that there are two great powers fighting, and he said they are Behemoth and Leviathan. You know? But he was missing the whole point. Well, they are not Behemoth and Leviathan because both Behemoth and Leviathan are of the first Adam. He did not have the revelation of the second Adam. Now there is this big battle going on, and we, the vessels, have something to say about it. And if we do not understand what is going on and we do not do our part, OK, we will pass out of this world. OK.


     So the Lord wanted me to give that introduction to you. As of last week, I gave you my testimony with regard to what is going on in this world and trying to understand the hidden things of this world that are going on, and that I had heard, on a YouTube video from William Mount, you know, that theoso- -- who are these theosophists? I do not know what the difference is between theosophy and the Luciferians, but their religion has to be similar. Luciferians, theosophists, freemasons -- I -- beyond that, I do not know different elements of the Luciferian doctrine. Theosophical doctrine is Luciferian doctrine, but this was the first time I ever heard that they wanted to wipe out the white race. And it just -- it caught my attention, and I was surprised. And I shared with you last week. I said that does not make any sense to me because Christ is in all races today, all sexes and all races. Why would the theosophists want to wipe out the white race? And I did not even know what the root of the white race was. But I just put it in my mind, and I asked the question, and then I forgot about it.


     Within a week or two, the Lord brought up this whole message. I gave you information about theosophy for part 1. I gave you some reading material, actually purchased a book called "The Beginning of the Sixth Root Race," which turned out to be not appropriate for this study at all. I got rid of the book. And then I went forward to work on my translation -- excuse me -- of Ezekiel 38. And as I started translating Ezekiel 38, it is a very difficult translation, brethren. I have been working on it for two messages now, and I still have not done the whole chapter. Each verse -- one verse is taking me several hours to do, OK, but fascinating. I will get this out. I know I am very slow-moving; just bear with me. Lord, please help me to get this out.


     So we took a look at it, and the reason -- I think the reason we got into Ezekiel 38 was -- you see, I never know, brethren, where the Lord is leading me. I got into this Gog and Magog thing, and the Lord gave me the revelation that Gog and Magog are the first Adam and the second Adam. You know, when he is giving me a new study like this, I just follow my notes. I do not even know how I get where I get. But I wound up, from this issue of the white -- people wanting to wipe out the white race. OK.


     And the proof of that is this white privilege. Where did this come from? All of a sudden, white privilege is all through the schools and government agencies. They are giving sensitivity training on white privilege and white male patriarchy. And that is not the word that they use, but it is something like that, white male arrogance or white -- I guess it is white male privilege. Where did this come from? It is -- brethren, it is orchestrated. Somebody thinks of it; somebody produces it. Somebody in a high position is in education and in media, bringing this idea forth. So it makes sense to me that they are trying to wipe out the white race because I can see it with my own eyes, what is -- what they are trying to do.


     And then I remember it was Farrakhan saying -- because I -- and there was a time that I was listening to a lot of Louis Farrakhan -- saying to his all-black audience or congregation, "Your day is coming." I presume that it meant that he thought that the black race would prevail and the white race would disappear, but I did not know where he was getting it from. I have reason to believe Louis Farrakhan is into theosophy or aspects or remnants of theosophical doctrine or maybe just doctrine that teaches the same thing. But that is what he is saying.


     So theosophy says the white race is disappearing. OK. It is going towards the brown side. And then we see all of the push in the media to -- all of the positive press for integration of the races. And I think I mentioned to you that I heard a French president actually telling people to do it.


     So I spent a lot of time, in my preparation for today's message, trying to understand the names in -- the national names in Ezekiel 38. So I spent a lot of time doing that. I gave you some printouts, on Thursday, of that, and I have some information. Actually, there is almost 40 pages of notes. I do not think I have ever had such a big set of notes before.


     The bottom line is this: Lord, please help me to just put this in some coherent form. The bottom line is this, brethren: that one of the nations named is Armenia. I -- brethren, I am an expert in the area that God makes me an expert. Aside from that, I am just an average person. As far as I knew, Armenia was a tiny, little country, like a dot on the map, sort of stuck in there with Russia and Ukraine and Croatia. You know. I did not know, but I now know, that Armenia, at one time, was an empire. Armenia -- it was the Armenian empire that took up quite a bit of area, which is now Turkey and Ukraine, et cetera, et cetera. I told you about the Ukrainian -- about the Armenian massacre on Thursday because I just know in my heart that is very important, although I did not fully understand why. Today, I understand that Armenia was the first nation to adapt Christianity as a national religion.


     Before I got that information, as I was working on my notes for Ezekiel 38, I saw Armenia come in one of the verses that I had to draw the conclusion that Armenia was representing Christianity. It was not until after that that I found out that Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity as the national religion. So we find that, in Ezekiel 38, Armenia represents Christianity. We see Ethiopia representing Africa, OK, and we know that Shem is pretty much represented by Abraham or Babylon, depending on which end you are looking at it from. And Armenia represents Japheth, the white race, modern-day Christianity, which sprung up in Europe.


     So we have people in Africa that are Christians and people in Africa that are Christians, but I do not think anyone can deny that Christianity, modern Christianity, sprang up in Europe, although it did not start in Europe. It started in the Middle East with Jesus, but then there was a divide. There was a divide; I am talking about modern Christianity. It sprang up in Europe with Great Britain and Germany and America and the European states. That is the main focal point of Christianity, the place where the evangelism went forth from to India and China and Africa.


     So we have a verse where Armenia actually represents modern-day Christianity. And I say, is that not fascinating? It is so fascinating. So I gave you some information here. I gave you some information on Armenia, the history of Armenia. If you want to read it all, it is a big, fat thing. I also -- Iran is all mixed in there, all of these nations that their borderlines keep changing. And Iranian culture seems to have mixed with Armenia. And, like, I knew after World War I and World War II that the borderlines of Austria and Hungary kept changing, but I was not aware of the borderlines of Eurasia. I think it is called actually Eurasia or Asia Minor, with Armenia and Iran and Turkey. And the borderlines kept changing.


     The reason you have a printout on Zoroastrianism is because that is the religion that was the main religion of Persia before it became Muslim. And Persia is modern-day Iran. And that culture, that Iranian culture, is right there in the names of the nations that are in the Bible. There are, like, I think, five nations. I have it in the notes. I kept it from part 1 in this. There are, like, five nations that come out in the Bible. At least, I thought I kept it, but it looks like I did not keep it. I thought I kept it. Well, I thought I kept it, and I did not, so that is really strange. [INAUDIBLE]


     In any event, Iran is included with these Eurasian nations like Turkey. I guess I did not keep it. I have a feeling Iran is -- that we have not really heard about Iran's role yet, how important it is. So I just feel it is very important, just like I felt like Armenia was important, and then I find out that Armenia, especially in Ezekiel 38, typifies modern-day Christianity and Japheth in particular. Japheth, which is the white race -- I guess I did not make myself clear. I am sorry. Japheth is the white race, modern -- representing modern-day Christianity.


     So when the theosophists say that they want to wipe out the white race, there seems to be a belief -- I -- is it true? I do not know whether it is true or not, but there seems to -- that is the only thing that makes any sense to wanting to wipe out the whole white race -- is that Christianity in Japheth is representing -- or Japheth and the white race is representing modern Christianity today, at least in the Scripture. OK.


     Now what do we do with our black brethren here? Christianity is through all races. OK. It is just a type in the Scripture. It is a type in the Scripture or a type of -- you know, the Shem. God is manifesting in Shem through Abraham. God is manifesting in Africa. And what is really interesting is that Africa is pretty -- well, Ethiopia is mentioned, and Libya are -- is mentioned. And Japheth is the type for modern-day Christianity. So when these theosophists say they want to wipe out the white race, they basically want to wipe out Christianity or white Christianity, being the focal point from which all of the evangelism went forth.


     I honestly do not know how strong the church is in Africa or in India. I honestly do not know. I am telling you about what the theosophists are thinking and saying and what I am finding in the Scripture. OK. So I hope nobody is going to manifest or get upset over this. It is not easy talking about race, although we have never had any problem in this ministry because we are a great bunch of people here of both black and white races, and we are all very intelligent here. So we are going to understand what God is trying to tell us: that there are pagans, Luciferians, that want to wipe out Christianity, and they think -- because they have understood Ezekiel 38 on a level that I did not understand it until today -- that they understand that they have to wipe out Armenia, which are the white people, in order to go forward with their Luciferian agenda. They are taking it right out of Ezekiel 38, OK, and that is their whole point of wiping out the root of Christianity because Christianity stands in the way of Luciferianism. And they see that root in Japheth, which is the white race, which is typified by Armenia in Ezekiel 38. And I have not looked at 39 yet.


     So I told you about -- you know, brethren, the Facebook and Google -- they are -- really, that censorship is getting more and more extreme. Well, you know what happened to Alex Jones. I know, a couple of years ago, I talked to you about Jacob Frank and the crypto-Jews. And I went looking for an article on him as a part of this study, and I could not found anything like I found a couple of years ago, which actually explained that he was a Jewish man who taught the doctrine of a failed Messiah, who advised his followers to convert to Catholicism and Islam and practice their Judaism secretly, and thus the name crypto-Jews. I could not find any article for you on it. I gave you an article on crypto-Judaism, but it is merely talking about the Spanish Jews who converted to Catholicism because they were being expelled. The Jews were being expelled from Spain, so they decided to stay and appear to be Catholics on the surface, but they practiced Judaism secretly in their basements.


     But it was more than that. And actually, if I did not know about this other man, OK, Jacob, I would not have been able to find him. I had to -- if I was doing the research that I was doing three or four or five years ago when I found Jacob Frank, I would have never found that information that there was a Jew, Jacob Frank, who lived, I think, in the -- he lived in the 20th century here in [INAUDIBLE]. And he started this crypto-Judaism.


     So why am I telling you all this? Because there are those who say -- and it is very hard to find the articles anymore on Google -- that there were crypto-Jews in great power in Turkey at the time of the Armenian genocide. So I am thinking, well, maybe it is true. Maybe there were crypto-Jews. What does that mean? Muslims that were really Jewish, in power in Turkey at the time. And they wanted to wipe out Armenia with such a hatred that they crucified young girls. It is the crucifixion of the virgins. It is a well-known aspect of the slaughter. With such a viciousness, where is this viciousness coming from? If it is true -- I am not even saying that it is true. I am saying some people say that it is true, and the information is being expunged from Google. I can tell you that.


     So that is why I gave you the article on crypto-Judaism, because we are talking about Armenia, and I know that that slaughter was -- is very significant when I started this study. OK. And then, all of a sudden, I find out that Armenia is the first Christian nation to go to make it a public -- to make it a national religion. It is the type of Christianity, modern-day Christianity, in the Scripture. And if the -- if it is true that these were crypto-Jews, Islam -- Turkish people practicing Islam, but prac- -- secretly Jews -- if that is true, there w- -- and if it is true that they were behind the slaughter of the Armenians, OK, the genocide of the Armenians -- if all of that is true, I now have a reason for it. Before that, I did not have a reason for it. I now have a reason for the viciousness of it. If they were in fact Luciferians, they wanted to wipe out the root of white Christianity. And they did it with such a hatred that, from what I am told, is absolutely shocking. So I wanted you to have that information to put it into your brain. Let the Lord tell you whether it is true or not.


     And what -- brethren, I have translated through verse 14. I told you it is a very difficult translation. Verse -- the translation of verse 14 blew me away. And I have to say I am manifesting, so that is what I am having trouble getting it out, but I will get it out. What is revealed -- it is just amazing what is in chapter 38 of Ezekiel, how pertinent it is to today, to what is going on today in several different areas. Some areas, I am already familiar with, but this, no. So I have to get this out of my mouth.


     It has to do -- brethren, I just have to warn you every time. Be very careful that you do not pick up an anti-Semitic spirit. This is not about every single person that is Jewish. Just please be careful. We have been given a difficult job, you know, to be talking about these things that the rest of the church does not want to talk about and everybody is afraid to talk about. And I think the reason everybody is afraid to talk about it is because great mind control has been loosed on us.


     There have been all kinds of abuses and -- by nations in history. I mean, people talk about it. We talk about what happened in Germany. We talk about Hitler, you know. Why can we not talk about being the Illuminati being -- members being largely Jewish? Why can we not talk about the fact that -- you can talk about the book, "The protocols of the Elders of Zion," which have been debunked and said to be a lie, an anti-Semitic book, and its reputation just wrecked. If you read the book, you will see that is what is going on in the world today. The protocols, OK, that are attributed -- and maybe it is not true that they came forth from the Jewish people. But these protocols, OK, are being implemented in our culture today. And no honest, thinking person that reads the book could deny that because they are being implemented in our culture today. Did they truly come from Jewish elders, Jewish intellects? I do not know. Maybe they did; maybe they did not. I do not know. But the book, if you read it, it is being implemented to destroy our society today.


     Most of the Jewish people are just like you and me. They just want to work and raise their children. Be very careful, please. OK. Just like you cannot hate every Italian because maybe he is in the mafia, you need to be very adult about this. OK.


     So we know about the Illuminati. We know -- I have heard, like, nine out of 10 members of the Illuminati are Jewish. Well, maybe the 10th one is a crypto-Jew. What does that mean? Maybe they think that they are Catholic, but if they look into their history, maybe they had a Jewish relative. What is it with the Jewish soul? I do not know, brethren. Whatever. I do know, OK, the people that claim to be Jews today are the Ashkenazi Jews. I am one of them. I am an Ashkenazi Jew by ethnicity. My parents are from Hungary and Austria.


     So we have talked about the Illuminati. We know that there are a lot of Jewish people involved in the One World Order. We know about George Soros. We know about powerful Jewish people that are a part of this collusion to destroy the world [?or something?]. I mean, who knows if it is true that the Rockefellers come out of Jewish stock? And the Rockefellers are largely involved in this globalism and world socialism. OK.


     So we know about that. So we can say that there are -- there is a handful, I mean, compared to the Jewish population, which are millions of Jewish people all over the world that do not even have a clue as to what I am talking about. But there are some Jewish intellectuals. And Jews have the tendency to be very liberal, and liberalism tends to go against Christian values. And when are we going to wake up and realize that there are many antichrist spirits, and anything that goes against Christian values is an antichrist spirit, and that Jewish liberalism is an antichrist spirit? Why can we not say that? Why is it a felony, in Europe and Germany anyway, to deny the Holocaust? Do I deny the Holocaust? No, but why can I not tell you that there are people that are absolutely convinced that the way it is portrayed is not accurate? Why do you go to jail, as convicted of a felony, for saying that? Something is wrong. Something is wrong, brethren. They want to do it here. I think they have already done it in Canada. If you deny the Holocaust, they will -- it is a felony. They will put you in jail for 20 years. That is wrong. OK.


     So we all know about that. You have heard that from me before. Excuse me. This is an area that I have not touched on before. I have known about it; I have heard about it. It went in this ear and sort of resided. The residue went in my head, but I never did anything with it. What am I talking about? I am talking about the Ethiopian Jews. They call themselves Ethiopian Hebrews -- they do not call themselves Jews -- that applied for citizenship in Israel after the state of Israel was created.


     Now the laws in Israel at the time -- I understand they just changed the law. The law in Israel today, except for Ethiopian Jews, except for Ethiopian Hebrews, is that, if you are Jewish, you have a right to Israeli citizenship without any other reason or a reason to say that you want to be -- you will not be investigated. If you say that you are Jewish, you know, I guess, if you have a Jewish name, you know, you are an Israeli citizen if you want to be. And we have a lot of -- for the first time in this country, we have a lot of people with dual citizenship. It used to be illegal in America to have a dual citizenship. I believe that the law was probably changed when Israel became a state because there are many -- in America, many of our senators, many in Congress that have dual citizenship.


     And this is one of the complaints by many that Israel has this incredible influence over our government. Many are concerned about President Trump being -- having so many Jewish counselors, that we have a tie to Israel that -- I always thought it was a wonderful thing, but that Israel is controlling our government too much. We have actually -- I have read about Israeli leaders saying that they have Americans in their pocket, that we are fighting Israeli wars. I -- that is not today's message, but the fact that you know that it exists is part of today's message. OK.


     So any Jew, according to the Jewish state of Israel, if your mother was Jewish, that makes you Jewish. It is a big battle going on in Israel. What is a Jew? What makes you a Jew? The answer should be if you have Jewish blood, if you have -- if your DNA can be related to Abraham. But they cannot use that argument because the Ashkenazi Jews are all converts. So they will not tell you that, but that is the reason they cannot say, we will take a blood test; if you have Abraham's DNA, you are Jewish; if you do not have Abraham's DNA, you are not Jewish. Some Ashkenazi might have Abraham's DNA, but by and large, we are the descendants of the Khazar Empire. And every honest person knows that that is true.


     So we have this group of people in Ethiopia, who are black African people, who claim to be the descendants of the Queen of Sheba, who went to visit Solomon and most likely had an affair with him and came back and brought her child to Ethiopia. Solomon was brown. Solomon was not -- was Shem. So the original -- the Hebrews are Shemites.


     So we have Hebrew Ethiopians, Ethiopian Hebrews, that made an application to -- for Israeli citizenship. And then this was back in the 1980s. And I think there was -- something was going on in Ethiopia at the time. Please forgive my critical ignorance. I do not know whether it was a famine or a war or something like that. They -- people really needed to escape from Ethiopia. So Israel accepted the Ethiopian Hebrews, and they started to integrate into Israel.


     And then, since then, we have complaints of -- well, there are complaints of prejudice against the Arabic Jews. Brethren, there were practicing Jews living in the Middle East when Israel became a state. They were -- had been living there for centuries: Iraqi Jews, Yemeni Jew- -- Iranian Jews, Yemeni Jews. So there are charges to the modern-day state of Israel of prejudice against the darker races.


     Then there were charges that rose -- that arose about forced birth control on the Ethiopian Hebrews coming into the state of Israel. We have a -- I just gave you some information here on the Hebrew Jew, Hebrew -- Ethiopian Hebrews. That is what they are called. I am sorry. [INAUDIBLE] You can still find some of it on the internet. Apparently, it was true that, when the Ethiopian Hebrews were coming into Israel, they were being given injections that they were told were inoculations. They had to go every three months. And it was exposed that it was birth control medication. So when it was exposed, the government stopped it. They put a stop the program, OK, that had birth control in the inoculations everywhere and the inoculations at all.


     What is happening -- and they have stopped the Ethiopian immigration. OK. The state of Israel has -- you can no longer claim to be Jewish if you are Ethiopian. If you are black Ethiopian, you can no longer say, I am Jewish, and I want to come live in Israel. You cannot do it. Technically, unless they punish me for being a Christian, I can go to the Israeli embassy and say, my mother was Jewish; my father was Jewish; I want to go live in Israel, and I would go right in. I would get my papers, and I would be able to move right into Israel. Well, you cannot do that anymore if you are an Ethiopian Hebrew.


     And this is what is happening in the state of Israel, which, brethren, I do not believe is the fulfillment of prophecy. I do not believe that the state of Israel, as it exists today in the Middle East, is the fulfillment of prophecy. If it was the fulfillment of prophecy, it would be -- the government as well as the citizens would be acknowledging Jesus Christ as Messiah and worshipping Jehovah. And there is no such events going on. As a matter of fact, it is a felony to try to evangelize a Jew. For a Christian to try to evangelize a Jew, in Israel, is a felony. You could go to jail. You can say something to them, and if -- I have something to tell you. And if they say, I do not want to hear it, and you continue on, and they call the police, you can go to jail for a long time. It is a felony.


     So we have, in the Middle East, a state that calls itself Israel. Its government -- we just have two parties here. Its government has multiple parties. The Ultra-Orthodox are fighting very hard to get the dominant -- to be the dominant party. If they would ever become the dominant party, they would put Israel under their religion, which, brethren, is not the religion of Moses and the Hebrew children. OK. They never called it a religion; they called it the worship or the worship of the God of the -- of Jehovah, the God of the Bible.


     The main reason -- my understanding of the main reason that the Ultra-Orthodox Jews do not follow the Torah -- it is not their primary book. Do not -- it is not true that the Bible that you read is their primary book. It is not. The Talmud is their primary book. And the reason for that is they cannot follow the observance of the Torah because there is no temple. They cannot do it. The Lord -- at least half of the five -- first five books of Moses has to do with the Levitical priest, if not even more than that. Maybe the whole five books -- I guess not Genesis -- has to do with the Levitical priest and the observance of the temple. They cannot do it.


     So they have a religion that looks like it is the religion of the Bible, but it is not. They have a book that never existed in Bible days. They have a book that curses Jesus Christ. They really -- the name of their religion should really be Talmudism, but they call themselves Jewish. They call it Judaism, but it is not the religion of the Bible. They have a secular government. They have the biggest homosexual center in the world. And the truth of the matter is that that nation in the Middle East is the nation of this group of people, which are Ashkenazi Jews.


     So we have this issue with the Ethiopian Hebrews. Why have they stopped their immigration? And why, if it is true, is their prejudice against the Arabic Jews? Why? Their position is we will cease to exist as a state, that if we continue to let Ethiopian Hebrews into the country, this country, Israel, will -- the white population will be overcome, and we will not have our own country anymore. That is their position. Well, I thought it was a country for Jews.


     You see, brethren, two of the tribes were black. Ephraim and Manasseh were black tribes. You know, they were in Egypt for hundreds of years. There must have been a lot of intermarriage. There are a -- brethren, the Jews that call themselves Jews today, they are only one -- if they are truly Judah, they are only one of 12 tribes. Israel is black. Israel is largely black, and I am one of them. We are converts. Abraham was Babylonian, brown.


     So what does this mean? It means that the Ethiopian Hebrews might be the only genetic descendants of Israel that exist as a group today. We do not know where the others are. We do not know where they are, although there are some blacks that say, where Nigeria is now, that there is a group there. But there are these people practicing Jewish customs in Ethiopia for centuries. They may be the only formal group of Hebrews today with a genetic connection to So- -- to Messiah through Solomon.


     So what are we looking at here? We are looking at a state in the Middle East that came into existence because a group of people, Caucasian people that call themselves Jews but are really Talmudists, OK, were persecuted in Germany. And even that is not true. You all know I have talked to you about this many times: heretical Zionism. The Rothschilds bought the property. The Rothschilds wanted the state of Israel. They had the transfer agreement with Germany: Send your people to Israel. Force them because there was -- none of the Jews wanted to go to live in a desert land. I am not going to re-preach that whole -- it is a secular state, and it is the state of the Ashkenazi.


     Do they not have the right to say, if we keep on taking -- is that not what we are saying? Well, we are not really saying that in America, although there is a truth to it, that if we keep on taking in people from the third world, America will cease to be white. Well, America -- originally, we were a European nation. I -- you know, whatever happens, happens. But the Jews in Israel are saying, no, no, we are a white -- we are Israel, and we are Ashkenazi. And we are Israel, and Israel is white. But Israel is not white. Israel is not white, or at least it is not all white, and the Ashkenazi are converts. They are more dark than white. Most of us are, like, Russian. I mean, I am very white, brethren, very white skin.


     So who are the real Jews? And what is that in the Middle East? And when it comes to Ashkenazi, brethren, it is the leaders. The people do not know what is going on. The children do not know what is going on. The women mostly do not know what is going on because the men -- they are very patriarchal. I do not think the women know very much what is going on. So what have we got here? We have got a group of people who are Japhethites, OK, but they are not Christian, but they are white, and they are claiming to be all of Israel when most of Israel is probably black. Everything is so confused and backwards and twisted.


     So we are looking at, today, something that I have never talked to you about before. I talked to you about the Illuminati and the Ashkenazi influence there, of their intelligentsia of the elites, not the man in the street. But now we see another problem that is closer to the man in the street: this thought that Israel is white and that we are justified in saying who can come in and who cannot because we want to keep Israel white.


     Well, brethren, this issue actually arose in Ezekiel 38. I will show it to you. You can say yes or no, but Ezekiel 38 is about the end times. And one of the issues that God raises up is this issue. Now Jehovah cites this issue, and I am going to show you. Look, we are going to start with verse 14 because you have to see this. I looked at it. I looked at it, and I said, Lord, this cannot be. This is not -- this cannot be. I must be having a dream. This is unbelievable. But that is what it says. It is this very issue, and Jehovah does not like it.


     But listen to me. He is not going after the Jews. He is not going after the Ashkenazi. Jehovah is going after the first Adam. He does not separate this -- I guess you have to call it a sin. It is wrong. Everything is just screwy. The Rothschilds or the globalists bought the lands in Israel, made a deal with Hitler to force the Jews to Israel. OK. Just everything that I have preached to you about before is just screwy. It is just screwy. Nothing is what it seems to be. But there is this group of white Jewish people that are in power in Israel, and they have a lot of power in this country too.


     Now I know that there are intermarriages. I have seen Jewish intermarriages, but it is not, in this country -- OK. I have had dinner at the rabbi's house with a black hat that was married to -- a black hat Jew -- white Jewish man that was married to a black woman. But it is not common.


     And they are claiming that they have the right to keep their nation in Israel white, but how can you claim that and claim that you are one of 12 tribes that mostly are all black? It is just -- what is behind all this? It is mi- -- it is just mind-blowing, lies and confusion, and behind it is the intention to rule the world. It is the same group that says Messiah is coming back. They are going to rebuild the temple. He is going to be the God of the world, the emperor of the world, and they are going to -- those white Ashkenazi Jews are going to rule the world. So it is just the upper cru- -- it is not the man in the street. It is not your next-door neighbor. It is not your friend in school. It is not the mother of the child that goes to school with your child.


     So as the Lord continues to reveal an intent to -- I do not think he is unraveling yet, just revealing all the ends that are sticking out. OK. I am going to say it again. The Lord is going after the first Adam. He does not separate this sin, OK, which -- the root of it is world domination. The root of it is world domination and the preservation of their race. And some have noticed that they -- that the people up here, the Illuminati, the intellects that are behind all of this -- they are pushing integration of the races but not their race. They are pushing the integration of the races but not their race. Their race is separate.


     The force behind it is Luciferian, and the intention is world domination. Jehovah, in Ezekiel 38, blames the first Adam. He says, to the first Adam, Gog -- he says, "Gog, I am coming for you." And I am coming for you because of two major sins that I have gotten -- that I have recognized so far in chapter 38 through verse 14. "Two major sins," Jehovah says, "I am going after you for." OK. And the first one -- believe it or not, the first -- there is a couple of verses there that actually talk about what we teach here about the two Adams, about the first Adam trying to deceive us because we cannot see him. He is in our mind. The conflict between the first and second Adam that we all -- this is the war that we all have to fight and overcome. That is in Ezekiel 38.


     And Jehovah says, "Gog, I am coming for you because you are going after my people that now have the second Adam dwelling in them. They are now married to the second Adam. They are safe. And the whole -- their lives should be in order. And you, from your hidden position, are rising up with ungodly thoughts designed to destroy their relationship with me, their sole source of protection. Gog, the first Adam, I am coming for you."


     And the second thing that I found -- and I am only to verse 14; well, then this is all that there is in chapter 38 -- is this situation with a true Hebrew descent, although not the line that produced Messiah, but a true Hebrew descent in Ethiopia from Abraham through Solomon. And they are not being recognized, and their identity -- there are black Hebrews all over the TV, claiming their identity of the true descendants of Abraham. And then we have the converts, who are really not descendants of Abraham, claiming that land, claiming that temple, putting their Messiah up, claiming he is Messiah, when we -- those of us that know the truth know that Messiah is a spiritual man whose intention is to reveal himself through many human vessels. He is not going to be a single human vessel sitting in a temple in Jerusalem. And Jerusalem is the city of God, is the soul that God dwells in. His name is Adam.


     So the des- -- the natural descendants of the Heb- -- of Abraham are being deceived. The Ashkenazi population are being deceived. The Christians are deceived, which is mind-boggling, the extent of the deception and the deceit in the church today to supporting a nation in the Middle East that is not Israel, that says it is Israel, that has taken Israel's name, that says it is Israel and not behaving like Israel would behave.


     All of this is the first Adam, as far as Jehovah is concerned. But these are the two sins that are mentioned in Ezekiel 38. I got through verse 14. The rest of the verses are basically the warfare that Jehovah is coming after. He is coming after the first Adam. That -- many who teach the Scripture say it is going to be World War III that is going to be happening out there.


     You know, when I read it, I wanted to be able to -- this message is not coming out like I thought it would be coming out. OK. I thought that -- [INAUDIBLE]. I thought that it would be coming out in that I would actually be doing more work with you. I thought it would start with an exhortation on the Alternate Translation that I had so far. And although I did not have the time to translate the subsequent verses from verse 15 through -- I think it is verse 23. It goes to 23, I believe. I wanted to have a general idea of it so that I could give you an exhortation on it, so that I could give you a whole picture, a picture of the whole chapter.


     And at one point -- it was in, like, verse 22, I think, when it is talking about pestilence. He is going to plead with everybody with pestilence. He is going to plead with the Christians and with the Jews because the complaint, the first complaint, is that Adam is corrupting the church by rising in their mind and destroying their relationship with the true second Adam and destroying the church. That was the first complaint. You are destroying the church. The second complaint is that there is a group of people who seem to be counterfeits or, well, converts. I will not counterfeits. They are converts, and they trying to steal the heritage of the genetic descendants and are persecuting them. You know.


     What is behind that? You know, does God want the Ethiopian Hebrews to take over Israel? I do not think so. I think the intention of verse 14, and this mystery, this incredible secret that has just revealed to us through verse 14 -- I think what the Lord is trying to do is reveal the unholy intentions of both the spirit that is moving through the Ashkenazi Jews -- it is not every Jewish person. Right now, America has an evil. There is evil in our government. Evil happened in Germany. Evil took over the government. And then they became a democratic state, and now there is evil there again. OK. Merkel, you know, she is a communist. She is an East German communist that moved into West -- into the united Germany.


     So I think that is the Lord's intention with this verse, and he wants everybody to know that the Ashkenazi Jews are not the representative. They are not. The political Ashkenazi Jews are not the representative of Israel in the earth today. Israel is spiritual. Israel is basically the church, although I do not know what. Let us say that the -- let us believe that the day is going to come that there will be practicing Jews that will recognize that Jesus is Messiah. The way that they will worship him has to be different than the church, I would think. You know, and Jewish people that are all into their religion, that you go into their services and they chant their prayers and they have beautiful melodies and -- how is that going to change? I do not know. Are they going to leave all that behind and look like the church? I tend to think not. I tend to think not, but I do not really know.


     I think the reason for the Lord exposing this is that he is trying to tell the church -- not even the world. He is trying to tell the church that you are in trouble thinking that this is the Israel of the Bible. Do I have anything against them? I am Jewish, brethren. Do I have anything against them? Do I want Israel torn down? Am I on the side of Palestinians? No. No, I do not think Israel should be torn down, but they are not the Israel of the Bible. They are not the restitution of the church that is prophesied of the Bible. They are not. And not only are they not, but they have leaders, unscrupulous leaders, that have aspirations of ruling the world. And it appears to be the truth.


     So that is what the Lord is saying through verse 14 of chapter 38 from the Book of Ezekiel. This is not the Israel of the Bible. OK. This is not the restitution of Israel, not at all. And there are legitimate descendants of Abraham through Solomon in the world today. These are who they are. This group in the Middle East, if they want to have their own nation and keep it Ashkenazi white, it is their business. But do not declare to the world that you are Israel -- excuse me, brethren -- and then say the Ethiopian Hebrews cannot come in because Israel is white. Israel is not white. You are one little group of converts that are white. Probably the -- all of the other 11 tribes -- probably the whole 12 tribes were dark, if not black.


     So you cannot -- to any reasonable, thinking person, you cannot say, we are Israel, you know, and Israel is white, when the exact opposite is true. You -- it is a lie. You are a living lie. You have to admit who you are and what you are and stop deceiving the church. Brethren, listen. The whole issue here is the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. The whole issue here is Israel.


     Brethren, I was talking to the Lord, or the Lord was talking to me the other night. I was walking back from my walk to Uncle Giuseppe's, listening to this New Age guy on my iPhone because, believe it or not, the best that I can find on YouTube, when I am surf- -- when I am walking anyway. It is a general rule. The best that I can find, if I want to hear some scripturally based message, is from a New Age person. On the o- -- I cannot get anything from the church that is even worth listening to, so I am listening to this New Age guy who had quite a bit [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Scripture. He had quite a bit to say. But he says, wait. What is coming? You have to be prepared for what is coming.


     And the anointing fell on me, brethren, as it did on Thursday, as I expressed to you on Thursday. I believe that it is coming. I believe that the wrath of God is coming on the first Adam, wherever he is appearing. See? But God's focus is on Israel, raising up Israel, because God wants to save the world from what is coming through Israel. God wants to save the world from the sowing and reaping judgment that is about to fall. His salvation is through Israel. Israel has to wake up. Israel, the church, has to wake up because we are the vehicle through which the Lord Jesus Christ, who was sent to save the world from the sowing and reaping judgment, will manifest himself.


     Brethren, the first Adam is the sowing and reaping judgment. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind of the first Adam, is the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment. The first Adam is destruction. Satan tempts us to do evil and then punishes us. The church knows that, or they used to know that. I -- we do not -- the church out there is apostate. I do not even know what they know anymore.


     Jehovah sent the Lord Jesus Christ to cut off the sowing and reaping judgment. The vehicle by which the Lord Jesus Christ will fulfill his commission is the church. The fullest degree to which I understand it right now is that, when there is a full manifestation of the full 10 Sefirot of the full stature of Christ Jesus, rooted in the earth, that we will have the authority to say to the storm, as Elijah did, "It is enough." At the word of Elijah, there was rain. There had been drought; there was rain. There was famine; at the word of Elijah, it all ended. It all ended. He said, "I see the -- I see it. It will be here in a day or two." He ended the judgment by the word of his mouth.


     Is not Elijah in Christ Jesus? Did not Jesus say, "If you can receive it, this is the Spirit of Elias"? Is not the Spirit of Elijah in Christ Jesus? He is our deliverer, brethren. The church has to wake up. Spiritual Israel has to wake up to stop the coming storm, which the first Adam is bringing on the human race because he hates us. But Jesus said, "No man who is truly a man" -- excuse me -- "has ever hated his own flesh." Only the first Adam hates his own flesh because he knows that he can birth more flesh, and he just squeezes the energy out of us. He does not care if we die. The first Adam is bringing this destruction. And all the church world, the New Age -- everybody is prophesying it. Am I the only preacher that knows that this is all wrong?


     I said to the Lord, Lord, if this is pride, you have to have mercy on me. I read in the newspaper, all of this destruction is coming on the world. The only one standing to stop it is President Trump in the natural. All of this destruction is coming on the world. Am I, in this ministry, the only one in the Spirit standing against it? I rebuke the storm that is coming. I do not embrace the storm that is coming. I do not wait for the storm that is coming. I rebuke the storm that is coming.


     So what is happening is Israel, what is happening with the Ashkenazi Jews, is just one tentacle of the first Adam. There is no national destruction against the Jew. The Jew that receives Jesus Christ like everyone else will be in the camp of the second Adam.


     So I was looking at verse -- I think it was verse 22 of Ezekiel 38. And he starts talking about the pestilence and the shaking. And then I actually said, well, Lord, you know, this translation has really -- I do not know how to explain to you what I go through, translating in general, but this -- I was actually having a rapid heartbeat. The first Adam in me was very stressed out with this translation. I said, wow, pestilence and shaking and -- maybe it is really going to happen in the natural. Maybe I have been -- may have been wrong, you know. And I actually walked away from the computer thinking that, just wondering what was going to happen and how this was going to play out.


     Then somewhere, before the -- before I got here -- somewhere between then and before I got here, the thought came into my mind. No, pestilence is -- well, actually what came to mind -- and I do not know if any of you heard about this because, with all this craziness going on with Judge Cavanaugh, that is all that has been in the news. But President Trump has signed an executive order about a national medical emergency. Not -- they do not say medical -- bio-attack emergency -- that there is a disease coming that they call disease X. They think it is going to be like an influenza. They are likening it to some plague that happened years ago when hundreds of thousands of people died. Now they tried to scare us with that with the swine flu, but then it did not pan out. But for your information, President Trump has signed the executive order, declaring it a national emergency that this disease X is coming. So here I am, reading about pestilence and saying, wow, maybe it is really going to happen in the natural. We just have to believe God to take care of us.


     And then, like I said, by the time an hour or two passed by, the thought came into my mind: That Scripture is not talking about disease X. Disease X is coming from the first Adam. The judgment that is coming from Jehovah, through Christ Jesus, is personal sickness. The judgment is on the individual. That pestilence would be an illness. But the Lord is not sending a plague that hundreds of thousands of people are going to be killed. That is what the first Adam is doing. What the Lord is doing is waking up Israel, raising up Israel that we should acquire the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ through reunion with him, that when we say stop, it is going to stop.


     How? I -- what authority do I have? I prayed for a woman in the ministry at the beginning of this meeting. Stop. Is it going to listen to me? I believe that it might listen to me. Do not tell me that. I do not have the faith to heal. That is not -- that is absolutely wrong thinking to say that, if I believe that I have the faith to heal you and I say stop, it is going to stop. Who am I to believe that I have the faith to heal anybody? I believe that Christ Jesus is in me. I believe that I want her healed. And I believe that he has to agree with me for that to happen. I believe it can happen. I absolutely believe that it can happen. I say, stop. I lay a hand on that breast right now and command it to be healed. I absolutely believe that is possible. What I do not know is if I have the authority to do that at this time. The judgment of God is on the individual in this dispensation.


     Now maybe there is a disease X coming. That is the sowing and reaping judgment from the first Adam. So the Lord is intensely involved in raising up Israel. Israel has to wake up. So I said, Lord, what more am I to do?


     So I was telling you about walking home, listening to the New Age preacher. And I just threw my hands up. Well, it was after dark already. I was coming back after dark. And it would say -- I was praying something like this -- I do not believe it is coming. He was saying, "Well, you are going to see what is coming." No, not what is coming. I said, Lord, bring your mercy. Bring your justice. Not your justice -- bring your mercy. Bring your deliverance. Bring your help. Bring your forgiveness. I renounce everyone that is speaking those words, "It has got to come." It has got to -- no, it does not have to come. The world does not have to be destroyed. We do not have to have disease X. We do not have to have a failure on our electric grid. We do not have to lose everything, our quality of life. It does not have to happen.


     It might happen. It might happen if Israel does not wake up. The only thing that is written in stone is that the kingdom of God is coming. What we have to go through for the kingdom of God to get here is not written in stone. But Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus Christ to stop the crisis. And Elijah did it with the word of his mouth. So Israel has to wake up. That is my position.


     If anyone happens to be Jewish and is still listening to me, I am sorry if I offended you. But my commitment is to the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. OK. So, brethren, there is no anti-Semitism here. But there is a reality about a nation, just like there was a reality about the Sicilians in the mafia and Germany in Hitler's day and Russia in Stalin's day. Each man needs to be taken under his own value.


     So let me show you this verse now. That might be all that we can do today. It is verse 14. It starts -- I will tell you what page it starts. Verse 30 -- it starts on verse 30. Verse 30, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the notes, part 2 of "Gog, the Land of Magog." They obviously will have a part 3, probably more than that. When I explain, I will explain the Hebrew letters and the meaning of the Hebrew letters. Gog is the first Adam, and Magog is the second Adam. So in the middle of page 30, starting below the comment in the middle of the page, starting with verse 13. I told you 14; it is verse 13. Sorry about that. Verse 13.


     "Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee" -- this is the King James -- "'Art thou come to take a spoil? Hast thou gathered my company to take a prey? To carry away silver and gold? To take away cattle and goods? To take a great spoil?'" Well, Sheila, how did you get what you just said out of that? It is a hidden message, brethren. You have to decode it. And nobody was more surprised than me.


     So my first comment is this: Sheba is Ethiopia, and Dedan is another, unidentified African nation. They are both the offspring of Kush. And I thought I gave you that Scripture. I got this revelation at the very end, so I may have plugged it in in the wrong place, or I did not plug it in, or I plugged it in and did not save. So I do not see it here, but I know that I did it. So either it is in the wrong place or it did not get there. But I wanted to give you the Scripture. I do not know how I did that. Maybe it just did not get saved. Only God knows whether I plugged it in in the wrong place. I wanted to give you the Scripture with Sheba and Dedan in it, showing you that they are the offspring of Kush, but it is not here. OK. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Sheba and Dedan, the offspring of Kush.


     So I -- when I first when through this verse and I did the initial research on it, I did not really think much about Dedan. I said, oh, well, so it is just a generic African nation. I am not going to worry about it too much. But then, as I prayed, as I tried to make some sense out of this verse, I realized that I had to go back and find out what Dedan meant.


     So what I do in Hebrew, when there is no definition for the words, is I take the Hebrew letters. So let me see if I can find that note. Or did that whole thing not get in my notes? No, here it is. I got this in there. The dalet means -- that is the D -- means "selfless female recipient of charity." That is the definition of female: that you receive. The male gives; the female receives. Technically, from the Hebrew point of view, if you are female, you have nothing of your own. You are dependent on your husband for everything. And spiritually, that is certainly true about us with the Lord Jesus Christ. So Dedan -- because they do not count the vowels. There is two Ds, meaning selfless, nothing for yourself, female recipient of charity. And the N -- the Hebrew letter is nonou, which means "fish." And fish has to do with the unconscious animals in the sea. The souls -- the Hebrew soul is -- the soul is either likened unto a fish or likened unto an animal.


     So the -- so what we have here is -- we are translating Dedan as the unconscious and subconscious parts of the female soul of Ethiopia, which has nothing of its own. That is the definition of female. Ethiopia claims descendancy -- I do not know if that is spelled [INAUDIBLE]. I got that wrong. Ethiopia claims descendancy from King Solomon through the Queen of Sheba, which descendancy -- that says decadency -- would be female too and in competition with the descendancy of Rehoboam, the legitimate heir of David. And at the very least, the Queen of Sheba was not married to Solomon, so there is no way that the descendants of the Queen of Sheba could be considered eligible for the Israelite throne or to produce Messiah. But they are definitely a genetic descendant.


     And the reason I am saying that Dedan is female -- she is female in relation to Rehoboam, the legitimate heir of both to the throne and to the sign or to the line that would produce Messiah. So for the purposes of understanding this spiritual code here, I am saying that Ethiopia is female to Rehoboam.


     And let me read you the King James again because -- listen to the conflict in the verse: "Sheba and Dedan, the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto you" -- we do not know who he is talking to -- "'Are you come to take a spoil?'" Are you coming to hurt us? "'Have you gathered thy company to take a prey?'" You want to steal from us? "'To carry away our silver and our gold? To take away cattle and goods? To take a great spoil?'" So I am just suggesting to you here that there is a competition between the Ethiopian Hebrews and the Ashkenazi Jews. They are both claiming to be the true Jews.


     Now, for whatever reason, the reality seems to be that the Ethiopian Hebrews -- and even the black Hebrews in America -- they do not -- they are really not -- I am not sure about a spiritual level. On a human level, on a natural level, they are no competition for the Ashkenazi Jews. They are usually not -- usually, they are poor people. From what I can see of them, they are not rich black people. And I am sorry; I do not mean to hurt anybody's feelings. I am just telling you, of what I see, there is no way that they -- that their knowledge of the Scripture, on any level, can compete with the Ashkenazi Jews.


     I have watched a couple of videos of debates of the He- -- of the black Hebrews or whatever -- I may not have their names exactly right. And I find their knowledge -- they said that they are Christian. I have not [INAUDIBLE]. Now the Ethiopian Jews are not Christian. The Ethiopian Jews have been persecuted by Christian missionaries that were trying to force conversions on them. And they have st- -- they have maintained their Judaism, for lack of a better word. They -- the black Hebrews in America, that I have seen, believe in the New Testament. They may keep the Lord; I do not know about that. But they believe in the New Testament.


     So the ones in America that I have seen, and I think the ones in Ethiopia too, there is no way they are as developed as the Ashkenazi Jews. Do you know? Do you -- maybe you do not know the extent of the information that they have on their internet there, their intellect, their knowledge, their documents, their books. Almost any research that you do about Judaism today, that you would find on the internet, comes from the Ashkenazi [UNINTELLIGIBLE] sect, which is the people that have a relationship [INAUDIBLE]. And that is a sect within Ashkenazi. That is a black hat sect within Ashkenazi.


     I could not even -- you know, I mean, I have this element, this branch of knowledge that God has given me that I do not hear anyone else preaching. But I do not -- I cannot touch them in the other areas. Their knowledge is incredible. Their intellect is incredible. Their education is incredible, way beyond me. I could study for the rest of my life and not catch up to them. They have thousands of years of accumulated knowledge. I do not see this in the black Hebrews. I do not see it. I see, in America, a group of people, Christian, with a Bible, giving very simplistic answers out of the New Testament. And as far as the Ethiopian Hebrews go, I do not think that they are very far advanced beyond that.


     So there is a competition going on between these highly intellectual and a lot of very wealthy people in Ashkenazi Judaism. Not everybody -- my family was not wealthy, but we were middle-class. You know, a lot of very wealthy, highly intellectually educated people compared to the black Americans that are not particularly wealthy or particularly educated, going out of the New Testament. There is no competition, brethren. There is no comp- -- in my opinion there, from what I have seen, there is no competition at all. So -- on any level, you know, aside from the fact that the Rothschilds are world -- the Rothschilds are trillionaires behind Zi- -- Jewish Zionism. There is just no comparison.


     So it is interesting because the Hebrew letter -- when I looked up the information on the Hebrew letter for the dalet, which is D, I have an incredible book. The man that wrote the book, he has, like, pages written on each Hebrew letter. He says that the dalet is about a rich man and a poor man. And the rich man is running after the poor man to give him charity [INAUDIBLE] the other way around. And that is exactly what it is like: the rich man and the poor man. The Ashkenazi Jew is the rich man, and the Hebrew, the Ethiopian Hebrew or the black American Hebrew, is the poor man. And there is just no comp- -- it is just no competition at all. You know.


     I accept that. God is where -- God is doing whatever he is doing. And remember, the Lord is against the first Adam. He is not against the Ashkenazi Jews. He is not against anybody. He is after the first Adam. And the bottom line is this. It is that whoever is -- truly has a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, OK, that the second Adam is in them, OK, they will join to the Lord Jesus Christ and be a part of Israel. And everyone who is not, whether you are an Ethiopian Hebrew or you are an Ashkenazi Jew or you are a black American Hebrew, whatever you are, you have to have a relationship with Jesus Christ to be a part of the true Israel. That is the bottom line.


     And the truth is about to be revealed. The truth is about to be revealed to the world as to who God is and where he is appearing and the people that he is appearing in. And if you want to be a part of that, you have to go through Jesus Christ. Whoever you are or whatever you are now has nothing to do with your color or your race. All of that is done away with, which is described as walls in this deep study of Ezekiel 38. It is all the walls have done -- all the walls are coming down. It is a spiritual Israel, where all of the people of the Lord Jesus Christ -- Christ Jesus in the midst of us is Messiah in the earth, and all the walls have to come down. All of these walls have to come down. There cannot be any Israel in the Middle East. There cannot be any racist restrictions as to you want your people to be one religion or you want your people to be one color in this nation. All of the walls are coming down in Christ Jesus. And that is what everybody has to understand. So the enemy of God is the first Adam, who is putting all of these wrong thoughts in the mind of, in particular, God's people. That is the reality of it.


     So we have two Ds and we have an N. And there is this intense competition. OK. So when I first read this, I thought that it meant that I -- who was threatening who? Who was the one that was afraid? You know. They are saying to you, "Are you come to take the spoil? Are you come to hurt us?" You know, I had it backwards in my mind. But it appears that it is the Ashkenazi Jews that are saying to the Ethiopian Hebrews, you want our country. You want to come in here, and you want our country. You know.


     Well, that is what it looks like. But on the other hand, it is the Ashkenazi Jews that are taking the true title of the true inheritance away from the African Hebrews, from the Ethiopian Hebrews. OK. The Ashkenazi Jews are stealing their identity, taking their identity. OK. And on the other hand, the Ashkenazi Jews are threatened by the Ethiopian Hebrews that want to come into their country. They are afraid that the country will turn into something that they are not -- black, green, orange, red, yellow. And they want to keep it the way that are, which is Khazarian. So it goes both ways.


     So female -- I am saying Ethiopia is female because she does not have -- and the Ashkenazi Judaism is an international movement. They are everywhere. They are all over, in every -- almost every country. They are powerfully organized, and their root is the Rothschilds, which are the world's trillionaires. And they are all globalists who want to rule the world.


     So female Ethiopia, or Ethiopia claiming Israelite inclusion in the tribe of Judah, call themselves African Hebrews. Tarshish is a place on the Mediterranean, so the name suggests a merchant vessel. Dedan is associated with Esau, who hunted souls. Maybe I put that Scripture for you here. Well, I have Scriptures for you on -- we have a Scripture that says that Dedan is associated with Esau.


     Jeremiah 49:8: "Flee" -- so we have a clue as to the attributes of Dedan. "Flee, turn back, dwell deep, O inhabitants of Dedan, for I will bring the calamity of Esau upon him, the time that I will -- at the time that I will visit him." So we see that Dedan -- OK, we do not know what country it is, but we know that he is a Kushite, and he is associated -- which means he is black, and that he is associated with Esau. And Esau was a profane man.


     Genesis 25:27: "And the boys" -- he is a profane man associated with the hunting of souls, with the robbery of souls, stealing the spiritual lives of people. Genesis 25:27: "And the boys grew, and Esau was a cunning hunter, a man of the field; and Jacob was a plain man, dwelling in tents."


     Hebrews 12:16: "Lest there be any fornicator or profane person as Esau, who was -- for one morsel of meat sold his birthright."


     Ezekiel 13:20: "Wherefore thus saith the Lord God, 'Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly.'"


     So we see that Dedad, as Esau, is indicted for stealing souls, playing with people's spiritual lives, trying to -- how do you play with someone's soul? When you want to bring them -- you want to dominate them. You want to bring them under your authority. You want to control them.


     My comment: The Hebrew word translated merchants means to palpitate. So let me give you this verse again because I want you to stay with me on this. "Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, 'Art thou come to take a spoil? Hast thou gathered the company to take a prey? To carry away silver -- our silver and our gold? And to take away cattle and good and to take a great spoil?'" What do you want? What are you coming to rob us from? You want to rob our soul? You want to rob our salvation? Silver, our salvation? Stop threatening us. What are you here for?


     So the Ashkenazi Jews are saying that to the Ethiopian Hebrews, saying, "You cannot come in here and turn our country into something that we are not. You want to steal our identity." That is what they are saying. And the Ethiopian Hebrews are saying to the Ashkenazi, "But we are the true Jews. You are stealing our identity."


     So Dedan is now associated with Esau. He is an evil hunter of souls. And the word Tarshish -- Sheba, Dedad and the merchants of Tarshish. So I want to find out what Tarshish means. Well, this -- I am sorry. This is the word merchants. And, you know, you will find that, when translating this prophecy, a lot of the translations have nothing to do with the English word because the King James translators just did not know what to make out of this, so they did whatever they had to do. So the Hebrew word translated Tar- -- I am sorry -- translated merchants means to palpitate. That means -- I can get a heart palpitation; it means to pound, to throb, to pulsate, to thump, to hammer. It also means to shake or to tremble. And that could mean -- I am not really sure what that means. It could mean that just the acti- -- just spiritual activity.


     My comment is: We are talking about two Kushites who are dealing in the merchandising of spiritual things, specifically the souls of Israel. They are dealing in the souls of Israel, buying and selling and trading in the souls of Israel. Why are they Kushites? Most likely because they represent spiritually powerful people. See, I left that in there. That was before I got the revelation that I am telling you about now. I still had not figured out who they were.


     So the Hebrew word translated "the young lions thereof" -- well, now I do not think that they are in there because they are spiritually powerful people. I now know that they are in there because they are Ethiopian Hebrews that are in competition with the state of Israel, with the Ashkenazi Jews. That is why they are in there.


     The Hebrew word translated "the young lions thereof" means a walled village. Now that is very interesting because the verses before this, which you have not heard yet, talks about unwalled villages, that people of God resting in safety in unwalled villages. But this verse talks about walled villages. So the Ashkenazi Jews are in a walled village. They have walled themselves in, and they say, "We do not want you changing us. And therefore you are losing the right of return because you are Jewish because you are changing the whole nature of the state, and [UNINTELLIGIBLE]."


     The Hebrew word translated "the young lions thereof" means a walled village. What does that have to do with the young lions? It means a walled village, and we are already establ- -- we have already established, which you have not heard yet, but I have established, in the previous verses, that the word villages, which comes up a lot in this chapter, is talking about our churches or our church fellowships. We have the word land that comes up a lot, L-A-N-D, and then there are several verses that have a word that means to heap up.


     And going all the way back, years ago, I had that revelation that, when you find something like that in the Scripture, to heap up, it is talking about this physical body. You heap up the clay so that you get a physical form. So in contrast to that, because that word is present, to heap up, and I am translating a physical body, I am translating the word land, the ethereal body, which is the body of Adam in the midst of us. And that seemed to be the way the spiritual understanding was going in this whole chapter. So you are at a disadvantage; you are starting at verse 13. But I am telling you that so you can hopefully follow me. And the word villages is referring to churches and church fellowships.


     So the word merchants -- I am giving you the definition here so you can see it for yourself. The word merchants means the activity of carrying on trade or to -- or the throb of the heart. The throb of the heart, to me, means the vibration of the Spirit. So there is a business; there is a spiritual business going on. And we are told, in the Book of Revelation, that, if you do not have the mark of the beast, you will not be able to buy or sell. I have never believed that that means that you will not be able to go out and buy food or sell something that you want to get rid of. You know, it is talking about spiritual activity. It is talking about -- Jesus said, "Come and buy gold of me. Come and get spiritual understanding from me." It is talking about spiritual exchanges. You will not be able to operate in the Spirit. The first Adam is going to be oppressing you so completely that the second Adam will not have the mark, will not be able to buy or to join himself to spiritual sources or to divest himself of ungodly spiritual sources. I have believed that for a long time, that that is what that means.


     My comment: Could this Scripture be -- see, I am still asking questions over here. When I get -- my habit is, when I -- sometimes, at the end of my research on a particular verse, I get a revelation that I did not have before. I do not take out the original revelation. I leave it there, so you can see the progression. And sometimes, if I am rushing, I do not always put it in the right place, so it may not flow correctly. But that -- if you see a contradiction in my notes, that is what it is. I found out something different as I continued to work on it.


     Could the Scripture be signifying the desire of the Ethiopian Jews to be accepted as Israelites and engage in everyday life, which includes doing business with their Ashkenazi brethren? And I believe that that is what it means: that the merchants of Tarshish mean that they just wanted to fit into Jewish life. Now the Arabic Jews that are in Israel -- the complaints that are made is that there is prejudice or they are not afforded the jobs or the same opportunities as the Ashkenazi Jews. That is what they say.


     Now when I saw this though, that this is what Tarshish means, that it means the Ethiopian Jews to just be -- to be accepted as Israelites -- they want to engage in everyday life, which includes doing business with them. And when I saw that -- brethren, I definitely did this. So either I did the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] in the wrong place -- and there is -- oh, no. Here it is over here. It is in the wrong place.


     All that I could think about was the account of Simeon and Levi, the way they acted to Dinah's seduction. And that is on page 33. I would really like to read you this. I put in the whole chapter, verse 33. It is Genesis 34. It is in red. OK. And you see, brethren, that when you start to study the Scripture on a deep level, you start to see the same attributes or the same characteristics in the same people in different generations. You start to see the same -- well, I guess I will just leave it at that: the attributes and the characteristics.


     So this -- what I just read to you over here, OK, the definition of Tarshish, which is indicating that this -- these are associated with Sheba and Dedan. They want a normal relationship with the Ashkenazi Jews, which includes doing business. It is called networking. The Ashkenazi Jews are -- I am very impressed by their community. They really support each other. If somebody does not have a job, there is somebody in the community that will give them a job. Somebody needs somebody to hire their own. They are very self-sustaining. OK.


     So we see that when Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, was molested by Shechem, one of the pagan chieftains in the neighborhood where they were staying, he fell in love with her. And he came to Jacob and said, "Well, I love your daughter. And it was acceptable to our culture for me to molest her. She went out; she was in the field by herself, and I did not do anything wrong. That is what people do, you know, in that day." That is what he is saying to Jacob. "And now I fell [UNINTELLIGIBLE] in love with her, and I want to marry her, and I want to do business with you. That is, I will marry your daughter, and now I will have a business relationship with the men of the culture."


     So I would like to just read this account to you because I think that is what is exactly happening. And what did they do? What did Simeon and Levi, Jacob's sons, do? They tricked the Shechemites, and they did not treat them very properly because the Shechemites -- the king of Shechem, OK -- it was his son that molested Dinah -- was very sincere. "I want to marry your daughter. I want to do the right thing. My son wants to marry your daughter and do the right thing. We want to do business with you. Let us become brethren." And Simeon and Levi said OK, and then they violated and robbed them. You see?


     Now there is also a sowing and reaping here. So listen to this account. Here are the Hebrew Israelites saying, "We just want to be your brethren and do business with you, and you are cutting us out of the country and denying us our rights and stealing your identity." I hope that you can see the parallel. There is a real parallel.


     Genesis 34: "And Dinah, the daughter of Leah, which she bare unto Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land. And when Shechem, the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw her, he took her and lay with her and defiled her. And his soul clave unto Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, and he loved the damsel and spake kindly unto the damsel. And Shechem spake unto his father Hamor, saying, 'Give me this damsel to wife.'"


     "And Jacob heard that he had defiled Dinah, his daughter. Now his sons were with the cattle." Did I read that right? "And Jacob heard that he had defiled Dinah, his daughter. Now his sons were with the cattle in the field, and Jacob held his peace until they were come. And Hamor, the father of Shechem, went out unto Jacob to commune with him." He is being honorable. "And the sons of Jacob came out of the field where they heard it. And the men were grieved, and they were very wroth because he had fought -- because he had wrought folly in Israel in lying with Jacob's daughter, which thing ought not to be done. And Hamor communed with them, saying, 'The soul of my son, Shechem, longeth for your daughter. I pray you give him her -- that you give her to him for a wife. And make ye marriage with us, and give your daughters unto us, and like our daughters unto you. And you shall dwell with us, and the land shall be before you. Dwell and trade ye therein, and get you possessions therein.' And Shechem said unto her father and unto her brethren, 'Let me find grace in your eyes, and what ye shall say unto me, I will give. Ask me never so much dowry and gift, and I will give according as ye shall say unto me, but give me the damsel for wife.'"


     "And the sons of Jacob answered Shechem and Hamor, his father, deceitfully, and said, because you have defiled Dinah, their sister, and they said unto him, 'We cannot do this thing, to give our sister to one that is uncircumcised, for that were a reproach unto us. But in this will, we consent unto you: If ye will be as we be, that every male of you be circumcised, then will we give our daughters unto you, and we will take your daughters to us, and we will dwell with you, and we will become one people.'" And if -- so that is like the Ashkenazi saying, OK, you know, Ethiopians, you can emigrate here. You can come in. "'But if you will not hearken unto us to be circumcised, then will we take our daughter, and we will be gone.' And their words pleased Hamor and Shechem, Hamor's son." So we can almost say -- it is OK if Ethiopians come in, but we are going to give you birth control.


     "And the young man deferred not to do the thing, because he had delight in Jacob's daughter, and he was more honorable than all the house of his father. And Hamor and Shechem, his son, came unto the gate of their city and communed with the men of their city, saying, 'These men are peaceable with us'" -- the Israelites are peaceable with us -- "'therefore let them dwell in the land and trade therein, for the land, because it is large enough for them. Let us take their daughters to us for wives, and let us give them our daughters. Only herein will the men consent unto us for to dwell with us, to be one people, if every male among us is circumcised, as they are circumcised. Shall not their cattle and their substance and every beast of theirs be ours? Only let us consent unto them, and they will dwell with us.' And unto Hamor and unto Shechem, his son, hearkened all that went out of the gate of his city. And every male was circumcised, all that went out of the gate of this city."


     "And it came to pass, on the third day, when they were sore, that two of the sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, Dinah's brethren, took each man his sword and came upon the city boldly and slew all of the males. And they slew Hamor and Shechem, his son, with the edge of the sword, and took Dinah out of Shechem's house and went out. The sons of Jacob came upon the slain and spoiled the city." Did you come to take a prey? Did you come to rob us? "The sons of Jacob came on the slain and spoiled the city because they had defiled their sister. They took their sheep and their oxen and their asses and that which was in the city and that which was in the field and all their wealth and all their little ones. And their wives took they captive, and spoiled even all that was in the house." So they raped their wives.


     "And Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, 'Ye have troubled me to make me to stink among the inhabitants of the land, among the Canaanites and the Perizzites, and being -- and I being few in number, they shall gather together themselves against me and slay me, and I shall be destroyed, I and my house.' And the brothers said, 'Should he steal -- should I deal with our sister as with a harlot?'"


     And I think I mentioned this to you recently. I said, for a long time, I did not understand why Jacob was afraid. He was afraid because he knew that their behavior was not acceptable to God and that God would not protect them again if the people of the land retaliated.


     So we see something similar here in this account of the verse 13. OK. They are both saying to each other, on their own levels, you know, "Are you come to take a spoil? Are you come to rob us?" And from there -- I have a comment here. OK. And from there, I went on. I started to look up the Alternate Translations of the -- each of the words in that verse. And this is what I came up with. I noticed that, strangely enough -- I do not know where I wrote that. I wrote it somewhere. OK. Let me just start with my notes.


     "And the people" -- whatever is in brackets, I added in. "And the people of the walled villages of Israel shall see to the spiritually powerful people in Ethiopia and Africa." But of course I am no longer using that understanding. They are seeking to merchandise their souls.


     Let me see [?if there is anything?]. OK, this is it. There are -- like, I know that I wrote that down somewhere. Where did I write it down? Those first four or five words -- I know I did it. This kind of stuff really makes me crazy. I know that I did it. OK. I know that I had a comment that said -- it was, like, the first five words of that verse, four or five words of that verse, all meant the same thing. They were all different words, but they all meant to rob or to plunder. How can it not be here? I must have been losing things. It is not here. I do not know whether it did not copy over or I did not save it or it did not save. It is just -- it was just harassment. OK.


     So I will have to tell it to you then. If you look at that first paragraph, which starts out right underneath the comment, on the third line, it says extract, take. The word in the King James is take, and it is Strong's 997. And then further down, you see the word take, Strong's 962. Prey, 957. All of those words meant to plunder or rob in different contexts. So the first word meant to extract, to extract our soul from us. The next word meant to take it by force, and that is the word that is 962. And then another word meant the actual act of the plundering, translated prey, which is 957.


     And then the word to gather, we are translating to assemble. The word "to carry away" -- the reason I have a number for "to carry away" is that there is another word translated "to carry away." Silver, we are translating salvation. Gold -- I put it a note on this too. I guess it did not save. I know I did it, although when I looked up the word that meant gold, it did not say the Kabbalists have been -- I have been hearing for a long time that the Kabbalists say that the word gold means judgment. And I have decided to take that definition for this translation. [INAUDIBLE] So here is the second word, "to carry away." The first word, "to carry away," is Strong's 5375, and we are translating it "to carry away." The second word, "to carry away," Strong's 3347, means "to seize a person or an animal." And then right after that, we have the word cattle, which means livestock. So we are talking about seizing the livestock. So we are talking about seizing their souls and seizing their physical bodies. The English word goods means creatures. We are talking about the soul aspect of the people. And then we have another word, to take, which means to strip or extract, and then yet another word, to take, which means -- that is, in the King James, it says to spoil. It means to take violently.


     So the next thing I do is I copy the paragraph. I get rid of all of those words in parentheses, and this is what I got: "And the people of the Ashkenazi walled villages shall say to the Ethiopian brethren, who are seeking to do business with them as their relatives, 'Are you come to force us to accept you as our relatives? Your presence in the modern-day nation of Israel is destroying our villages and robbing the company of us who are gathered together in the modern-day nation of Israel. And your claims of Israelite blood takes away our exclusive inherited claim to salvation and the righteous judgment of the spiritual government of God, wherefore we claim the right to seize and violently strip your physical bodies of their right to reproduce.'" And this is specifically with regard to the forced birth control.


     I am going to read it to you again. This is the Lord's complaint against them, the forced birth control. "And the people of the Ashkenazi walled villages shall say to the Ethiopian brethren, who are seeking to do business with them" -- sincerely seeking to do business with them as their relatives -- "'Are you come to force'" -- this is the fear of the Ashkenazi. "'Are you come to force us to accept you as our relatives?'" Do you want to intermarry with our daughters? We do not want intermarriage. We want the race to stay the way it is. "'Your presence in the modern-day nation of Israel is destroying our villages and robbing the company of us who are gathered together in the modern-day nation of Israel. And your claims of Israelite blood takes away our exclusive inherited claim to salvation and the righteous judgment of the spiritual government of God, wherefore we claim the right to seize and violently strip your physical bodies of their right to reproduce.'" So that was a judgment. That goal, which is judgment, I was translating "the righteous judgment."


     So that was the last thing that I did before I stopped working. Oh, I think -- that is not true. I did -- well, I had done verse 14, and then I went back. So that was the shocking verse. Once again, brethren, Jehovah is indicting the first Adam. He is not blaming the Jews. He is not blaming the Ashkenazi. The judgment goes to the first Adam. And that we read about in verse 14.


     And at the bottom of page 34, I did translate verse 14. At the bottom of page 34, it says, "Therefore prophesy, Son of mankind, and say unto the first Adam, thus says Adonai Jehovah, 'You shall not recognize that day.'" Now listen to this. "'You shall not recognize that day that I marry my people.'" In other words, you are not going to recognize Israel. When Israel stands up, when the true Israel stands up, you -- first Adam, you are not going to recognize it. There is going to be a war coming, and you are going to think that you still have the high ground because you are not going to recognize Christ Jesus in my people. That is the judgment. "Therefore prophesy, Son of mankind, and say unto the first Adam" -- not to the Jews, not to the Ethiopians, to the first Adam, wherever he is appearing, Jews, Christians, black, white, green, yellow, orange, OK, to the first Adam. "Therefore prophesy, Son of mankind, and say unto the first Adam, thus says Adonai Jehovah, 'You shall not recognize the day that I marry my people.'" So you are not going to be married. OK. You have to die, and you are not going to recognize me and my people.


     Now the rest of the verses, I did not have time to translate. These are the ones that I just looked over. And basically, this is what he is saying: "And thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts." Thou -- this is the first Adam -- you and many people that you are inhabiting, many of them riding on horses, a great company and a mighty army. Brethren, this is happening now. The first Adam is coming against God's people and are devastating us. Maybe we are OK here in this little group, but the church world, across the board, is being devastated. "He shall come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land, and that shall be in the latter days. And I will bring you against my land." Now the land is the ethereal soul of Adam, of the righteous second Adam. I am going to bring you against my people that are the second Adam. "That the heathen may know me, but I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, the first Adam in their eyes."


     So the end game for Jehovah is that he will be revealed through his people, and the heathen will recognize him. They will be able to distinguish him from the first Adam. That is what that word sanctify means: that he will be recognized. And this purity, his morality, will be contrasted. And the people will be able to see his righteousness. The actual Hebrew word means his purity. He wants to be seen. Jehovah wants to be seen, and that is the reason he is going to bring the first Adam against his people. It is going to happen in our own mind. It is going to happen with other people.


     Brethren, this is the challenge. You need to recognize the two voices in your own mind. And then once you start moving forward with that ability, you need to start recognizing the two voices in someone else's, someone else that you know. It could be your mother, your brother, your husband, your wife. If the day should ever come that your beloved relative -- that the first Adam speaks out of their mind, you must recognize it and not accept what they are saying. That is why Jesus said, I did not come -- I came with a sword. I did not come to make peace. I came with a sword. You must learn to distinguish between the first and second Adam because the second Adam speaks for God and the first Adam speaks for Lucifer. And you have to learn to tell the difference, first in your own mind and then in the mind of the people closest to you. You have to recognize who people are. And then you have to recognize what they are and not condemn them, and that is very hard to do.


     I had an experience yesterday with someone not in the ministry, but they really did not treat me properly. And I really saw -- I have known them for years. And for years, I have been in denial. I have seen all of the -- I have seen these qualities in them for years. I used to call myself a flower child. I always -- I think the best of everybody. I think that you could do everything that -- Jayce [SP] used to tell me, when he was working here, "I do not know. You have such confidence in me that I can do all these things." I would think that everybody can do everything. I think the best of you, that you are capable of everything. And a close friend once said to me, you know, first, you do not expect anything from people. Then when you see that they are faithful or that they can do it, then you believe them. But I do not.


     So I have known, for years, these qualities in these people, that they are not faithful and not reliable. And then something happened that pricked my pride. They did something that pricked my -- I did not like what they did. And I had to go before the Lord and ask him to help me to continue to love them, to be able to see these negative qualities. I should not have taken the call. I do not want to go into the whole thing. I should not have taken the call, and then I got my pride pricked. You know, and now I am offended. I was offended. I had to cry out to God to help me to not condemn them because what they did was really wrong. Did they know it was wrong? I think they knew it was wrong. Did they know it was really disrespectful? I do not know. People are just arrogant, you know. People are arrogant. Do they know that it is wrong? Maybe they do not know that it is wrong.


     But that is the challenge, you know. I should have not taken the call because I know what they are, but I was not facing up to what they are. Now I know what they are. What does that mean? They are people like you and me that have a certain negative quality. That does not mean I -- that I love them does not mean that I have to let them mistreat me. You see? That is what I mean when I say I know who they are. You know what to expect from people. So anyway, I want to finish this up because it is time to go home.


     But here is the point: He is going to bring the first Adam against his people. He is going to bring him against us. He wants to do that. We must learn to tell the difference. So he is going to let the first Adam tempt us. That is what Jesus' temptation was all about. Brethren, Satan and the devil that tempted Jesus -- it was in his own mind. It was the first Adam tempting Jesus. You must learn to tell the difference and reject the first Adam. So he is going to let the first Adam come against us, the purpose being that we should be able to see God and recognize his purity in comparison to the impurity of the first Adam.


     So now this is not talking about World War III. This is talking about a spiritual experience that we have to have so that we can choose Christ Jesus and reject the first Adam. This is not talking about making us sick and sending pestilence. OK. This is talking about a mental, spiritual experience. We are becoming spiritual people. We are becoming psychic. It is learning to choose the righteous and reject the profane on a spiritual level. If you see something filthy on the table, you are not going to eat it. You know not to eat it. We are in the spiritual dimension now. We have to learn to reject what is profane. It is in here. It is between your ears and from what you see and hear from other people. And it is very hard with other people because you want to love them; you want to think good of them. You know, it is just -- it is very hard. It is hard in one way with other people, and it is hard in another way in your own mind. You need to deal with every negative thought. You have to deal with it because it is your enemy.


     And that is exactly the way it comes forth in the other verse, which, Lord willing, we will get to on Thursday. And at the moment -- that verse says, at the moment that the Christ Jesus marries you and your life becomes very good, that first Adam puts evil thoughts in your mind. Paul said, "Cast down every imagination." He was not kidding.


     So verse 18: "'And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog, the first Adam, shall come against the land of Israel'" -- that is the soul of the Israelites, and the soul of the Israelites is the second Adam -- "saith the Lord God, 'that my fury shall come up in my face,'" face meaning personality. In other words, the second Adam is going to recognize the first Adam, and his wrath is going to rebuke that wrong thought in the first Adam. I curse you; I rebuke you; I chop you; I bind you. That is the fury of the Lord against the ungodly thoughts of the first Adam. You have to do that.


     "'For in my jealousy'" -- and the jealousy is over us, the outer shell. "'For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken. Surely, in that day, there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel.'" I am not really sure what that means, but it has to do with the separation of the two souls.


     "'So that the fishes of the sea and the fowls of the heaven'" -- that is the soul we are talking about -- "'and the beasts'" -- this is all the elements of creation -- "'and the beasts of the field and all creeping things that creep upon the earth and all the men that are upon the face of the earth shall shake at my presence.'" Well, maybe they will be frightened in his presence. "'And the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground.'" Every spiritual barrier between us shall fall to the ground.


     "'And I will call for a sword against him throughout all my mountains.' Saith the Lord God, 'Every man's sword shall be against his brother.'" And that word, man -- there are different words that mean man. This is the word that means not Adam, just any -- if you are not Adam, you are half a man. Your sword, which is Satan in the unconscious part of your mind, will be against Jesus, your elder brother. You know, the unconscious mind of the first Adam is against the man who is walking and moving in the thoughts and emotions of the second Adam. Your best friend, your beloved relative -- they will get you in your emotions. Satan, in the mind of the average person, is against Christ wherever he is appearing, no matter who that -- what that relationship is.


     "'And I will plead against him with pestilence and with blood. And I will rain upon him and upon his bands and upon the many people that are with him an overflowing rain and great hailstones, fire and brimstone.'" That was the verse that I said, wow, Lord, maybe this is really going to be in the natural after all. And the Lord said to me, no, this is all in the Spirit. This is what is going to happen to the first Adam, spiritual pestilence.

     "'Thus will I magnify myself and sanctify myself, and I will be known'" -- this is the whole purpose of the Lord -- "'I will be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am Jehovah.'" He is not going to be hidden any longer. He is going to be revealed in his people, who have overcome the first Adam. And the miracles that we will be doing -- because we are told, in the Book Daniel, that we will be doing exploits -- those miracles will be the cutting off of the sowing and reaping judgment. Stop.


     When the Lord is revealed, and his power is revealed, people will repent, or they will be dealt with. [?Be?] merciful. If they refuse to repent, they are turned over to the sowing and reaping judgment. But it is a personal sowing and reaping judgment. This concept of national destruction or global destruction is not the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. National destruction is not the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Global destruction is not the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has come to save us from national and global destruction. Those of us that believe this message must resist that lie every time we hear it. You do not have to fight with the person, but rebuke it. I rebuke that false prophecy, in Jesus' name. It is not the will of God.


     Might it happen? It might happen. Might -- why might it happen? If Israel does not stand up and start thinking with the thoughts of the Lord Jesus Christ, it might happen. I am hoping it will not happen because here we do not believe it. At least I do not believe it. I do not know what any of you all think. I would like to know what you all think. If you are listening to me, and you have some time, why do you not drop me an email, just saying "I do not believe it," so that I can know that you do not believe it?


     The Lord Jesus Christ is not called to perform World War III and destroy us. He said, "Ye may not -- ye know not what spirit you are of." Jesus is coming with the Spirit of life. He is coming with the Spirit of grace. He is coming with the Spirit of perfection. He is coming with the Spirit of mercy. He is coming with the Spirit of understanding. And it should help you to obey because you understand it; it makes sense to you.


     The Spirit of life is coming, brethren, and it is coming very soon. I had that thought as I drove here this morning. With all that is going on in the world today, I -- as I told you, I like to listen to videos while I am eating. So while I was having my breakfast, I was listening to some preacher that was -- he -- what he was saying was -- I will just -- I have to let you go. [INAUDIBLE] I had this thought as I was driving here. I really think the Lord has to be showing up very soon, and it really has to be happening very soon. The whole world is rocking and rolling and reeling. And President Trump needs help -- President Trump and the patriots that are working with him because it is not just President Trump. You need to know there are patriots, many patriots in positions of power, that are doing whatever they can do. They are the ones that drafted President Trump [?running?] before he was president.


     I really do not see how it could go much longer. He has to show up. And he is showing up with love and compassion and mercy and forgiveness of sins. And there will be many, many, many, many people that he reveals himself to who will repent: people who are mistaken, who are in error, who -- even people that are sinning, outright sins. They will repent at his presence. Those who will not repent will go under the sowing and reaping judgment, a personal sowing and reaping judgment. No national destruction -- I rebuke it in Jesus' name. No global destruction -- I rebuke it in Jesus' name. To whatever degree I have the authority to do it, I say, stop. No more. The first Adam, sit down and shut up. Shut your mouth.


     Let the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ prevail, and let it do its work on the hearts of humanity and in particular on the hearts of Israel. Israel must wake up. Wake up. You must wake up, in Jesus' name. Amen.


     That is the end of my message. I have had messages like this before that I am so head up that I cannot wind down in the Spirit, so I have to just end it like this. I am not even going to take questions, at this time anyway, to -- yeah. So God bless you all. God bless you all. Receive the Spirit of life today. Receive the Spirit of life. God bless you.




     See you Thursday, Lord willing.


11/08/18 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion
11/12/18 – 1st Edit CAS

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