966 - Part 1

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     Good morning, brethren. I have to -- this is going to be a very difficult message for me to bring forth, so I have to start with a prayer. Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that you speak through the unconscious part of my mind.




     I pray that Christ Jesus should hear you and that the words that you want spoken to come out of my mouth. I pray that you have mercy on me. I would have liked at least another whole day to prepare this message, so I am just trusting you to bring forth a coherent message, brethren, that your people should be fed today. In Jesus' name.


     So I wanted to start with a testimony. As I have told you, I listen to a lot of people on YouTube. I do not listen to broadcast news at all. I used to read the Drudge page, you know, the Drudge website. I do not read Drudge anymore because I found I was not happy with the spirit on Drudge. It had a lot of sexual perversion being reported, and I just did not like the spirit on the page anymore. So I very rarely go into Drudge. I have found some reporters, you know, on YouTube, so -- and I subscribe to their channel. That is how I get my information. And I also have been going to a website called "What Do You Know," which is pretty strong. You have to be able to -- you have to really want the gut news that she gives you there. So I get my news from a lot of different people.


     And there is this one reporter; his name is William Mount. I do not trust anybody 100 percent, brethren. I listen to a lot of people. I try to perceive Christ Jesus' Spirit, his reaction to what is being said. And I trust God to get truth to me. So this William Mount -- he is ex-military. He was a captain in the military. And he is sort -- I think I may have mentioned to you before, he is sort of a funny guy. His delivery is not too professional, the way he speaks to you, but he seems to have -- and the reason I say that is because, when someone's delivery is not very professional, it tends to make you wonder about their credibility. That is just the way it is. So I wondered about his credibility. He says he believes in Jesus, but then I have heard him say some things that are questionable and yet some things I agree with. He is not very religious, but he is all into Jesus and prayer, asking for prayer. He said that Jesus is not God the other day, so I do not really know. He said some things that sound New Age, so I do not really know where he is. So I go in, and I go out. Lately, I have been listening to him.


     And about a month ago, I heard him say something very interesting that caught my attention. He was talk- -- I believe he was talking about the deep state people. I do not think he was talking about the Arabs. I do not believe he was talking about the Arabs. But he was saying, "These people are crazy." That was all that he said. "These people are crazy. They want to start World War III because they want to bring in the sixth root race." I may have mentioned this to you before. And as soon as I heard that, I knew he was talking about theosophy because I have -- I know a little bit about a lot of things, you know. I just -- I can just look at something, and then the Lord speaks to me about it.


     So I have read some books of theosophy, but I gave away -- Madame Blavatsky is the woman who -- I think she started the movement, the theosophical movement. I had her two main books, but I gave them away because she believes -- she has a Luciferian doctrine. Theosophy is a Luciferian doctrine, which says that Jehovah is evil, you know, that Jesus is the evil one. And Gnosticism says that too. So I gave the books away; I thought I should not have them in the house. I think I have regretted that. I do have some New Age books in the house that I kept, but something that I read in that book drove -- you know, gave -- drove me to give it away.


     So as soon as he said, "These people, they want to start World War III to bring in the sixth root race," it just grabbed my imagination. And -- but I did not do anything and it. Then another day, he said something else: that they want to kill or they want to destroy all the white people. And I said, well, that is strange to me because Christians are not all white. Christians -- there are Christians in every nation today or certainly in every race. Christianity is represented in every race today. Excuse me. So it did not make any sense to me that they would want to destroy all the white people. I know there is a movement to destroy Christianity, but why all the white people?


     So then it just started back there. And I believe that -- I asked the Lord, what is that all about? It did not make any sense to me. And I know that, when things do not make any sense to me, there is an answer. I just do not know what the answer -- I am lacking information that, if I had the information, necessary information, then I would -- then it would make sense to me.


     So I sort of left it with the Lord. I was not particularly alarmed, you know, but I just left it with the Lord. I think the message that I have today, which is really more than one message, is the Lord answering that question. He gave this to me yesterday, and I did not have enough time. OK. He does this to me all the time, and I think I understand it more now than ever from something that I learned in our recent study of Ephesians 6 because -- multiple times, although I know I have -- I do not think I have done it recently, I have told you that I am not sure who is preaching through me, whether it is the Lord Jesus or Christ Jesus, that I was not sure about that. I have not said that in a long time, but I have said that to you. And we learned, from our study in Ephesians 6, that it is the Lord Jesus Christ or the Spirit of Christ in the unconscious part of my mind.


     That is the fire department, 12 o'clock [INAUDIBLE].


     So we learned from our Alternate Translation of Ephesians 6 that the Lord Jesus Christ preaches from the unconscious part of the mind, and he attaches himself to Christ Jesus in me. So this is not the first Adam speaking to you. This is not the first Adam who sits down in this chair. It is the second Adam that sits down in this chair. But the second Adam alone is me, Sheila, that has done the research and has just shared with you my understanding about Judge Cavanaugh and has just shared with you my understanding about what I learned from William Mount, with regard to -- that the theosophists are active.


     I did not know that theosophists were active today. I knew that the freemasons were active and Luciferians were active. I was under the impression that theosophy was not that popular anymore. For whatever reason, that was the -- I think the reason that I thought that is that you cannot -- they are not publishing their books. You have to get -- or if they are publishing them, they are not publishing them in hard copies anymore.


     When theosophy first came out, it is a philosophy. You see, it is a doctrinal philosophy that, if you do not realize that is anti-Jehovah and anti-Jesus, antichrist, and you are an intellectual, it would grab your imagination. And a lot of people were reading that book, including Eleanor Roosevelt, were reading Madame Blavatsky's books in those days. And that is just not the way anymore. But of course, the country and the whole western world is not very spiritual these days. Even the New Age movement has gone down. People are -- if they are spiritual at all, they are going into occultism. You know, but this -- the interest in -- and they are going to psychic readers. They want the easy stuff. They are not into spiritual doctrine. It is -- the intellectuals are not involved anymore. It is all hands-on spirituality, you know, if that makes -- does that make any sense to you?




     They want books about angels and simple things.




     So I got off my track, what I was telling you. So apparently, theosophy is active again, according to William Mount. I do not know who these people are that he is saying are crazy, that want to bring us to World War III and kill all the white people to bring in the sixth root race. So yesterday, the Lord brought me to this study, and I believe it is in response to my question. But I need at least another day, if not more than that, to absorb the material that -- all of this material that I am giving you, I have not absorbed it myself to my own satisfaction. But as I was telling you, it is the Lord Jesus Christ that enters into the unconscious part of my mind and connects with Christ Jesus. This is Christ Jesus talking to you. It is not the first Adam. It is the second Adam, who is very inadequately prepared to bring forth this message today. So the Lord Jesus Christ, I think he is -- he does this to me to show his own glory and his own power because I am going to do the best that I can for you.


     But this is going to be a multipart message, so I certainly intend to absorb this material myself over the next couple of days. I hope to -- as you can see, the name of the message is -- what did I name it? Gog -- Magog -- "Gog, the Land of Magog." Yeah, "Gog, the Land of Magog." Yeah. I started to translate Ezekiel 38, which talks about Gog and Magog. And I hope to finish that. And it -- I just did about the first four or five verses. It was a very difficult -- this is going to be a very difficult translation. And then I hope to do -- to translate chapter 39 too, which mentions Gog and Magog.


     What makes a difficult translation? Well, brethren, the more spiritual the message is, the harder it is for the translators to translate it in terms that the average human being can make some sense out of it whatsoever because the King James translators did not have any clue. If you do not have a foundation of spiritual principles, you just do not -- you know, you just translate it in a carnal way. And you translate it according to the first Adam. So we have found out that our spiritual Alternate Translations frequently say the exact opposite of what the King James says.


     So people look at that and say, well, you are changing the Bible. No, the King James translators changed the Bible. The spiritual meaning is what Jehovah is trying to get through to us, and the spiritual meaning is always the doctrine of Christ. And Christ in the Kabbalah is the doctrine of Christ in Kabbalah. This is the true meaning. The true meaning is always the spiritual meaning that you can never understand it if you do not have the foundation doctrines in your heart and your mind to start with.


     So these first five verses that I did were very difficult, looking up the alternate translations of the words and putting them together to try to understand the general message. Now I believe I have got the general message. I do not know how any better to explain to you that it was very difficult. It is going to be a very difficult translation, which means there is no way I am going to do the whole chapter in eight hours, which is what I would do with something like Ephesians 6. I could do the whole chapter, probably, in eight hours.


     So where am I going to go from here? Please help me, Lord. Where am I going to go from here? So it turns out -- I think I have three messages there. Where do I go from here, Lord? How do I go from here?


     With regard to all the white people being destroyed -- OK. I looked up -- one of the exhibits that I have for you is a really -- a very good synopsis of the -- of Madame Blavatsky's theory about the six root races. Now I almost did not give it to you as an exhibit. I almost said, well, I am going to just announce it and tell them, if they want it, to write to Susan and ask for it because I am not too happy about teaching you theosophy. But I am trusting that, those of you that listen to me on a regular basis, that you are mature believers. And I am warning you and telling you that this is theosophical doctrine.


     Is it true? To be honest with you, I think that a lot of it is probably true. But this is the issue. It is the doctrine of the first Adam. And the doctrine of the first Adam is racist doctrine. The doctrine of the first Adam is racist doctrine, saying that one race is preferred over another race, you know, from a basis of eugenics. The issue is that the great equalizer is Christ Jesus and that Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus to bring all races that -- even -- it is true. Even when you look at the 12 sons of Jacob, some of them are more qualified than others. Two sons, two tribes, rise to prominence, OK, and that is Joseph and Judah. And you do not hear much about, well, Simeon and Reuben and Levi. Well, Levi, we know, was a priest. But you do not hear much about the other tribes that were born from the concubine, so to speak. You do not hear much about them. So there are races that have made their mark on the world more than others.


     But the bottom line is that the Lord Jesus is the great equalizer. He is taking everybody. He is taking all human beings, based on his conditions. It does not matter what your race is or what your nationality is. The formula is, OK, do you have Christ in you? OK. Do you have Christ in you? Have you pursued Jesus to the point that the moral conviction of Christ Jesus is in you? And do you agree with his opinion, OK, that Jesus Christ is Lord, OK, and that Jehovah raised him from the dead, and that Christ Jesus in you has authority over the first Adam? And are you willing to exercise to align yourself with the second Adam and exercise that authority over the first Adam? That is basically what it comes down to.


     But you cannot even believe that Jesus Christ is Lord if you do not have the conviction, which is Christ in you, to start with. OK. And that is between, you know, you and God. Are you willing to bang on his door until you get in? Or are you born with it? Whatever. He is not a respecter of persons. He will take anyone that meets his criteria. You have to really want him. OK. If you are born with his life, praise the Lord. If you are not born with his life, he accepts converts. You have to pay the price for the conversion, and he will take you not matter what your race is or your nationality is. OK.


     So the sixth root race -- what is Madame Blavatsky talking about? Basically, theosophical doctrine is Hindu doctrine. And I have told you this. I have told you about Hindu doctrine before, that the Lord started me on Hindu doctrine because there were no spiritual Christian books. I could not -- apparently, I was not ready for Kabbalah. OK. Again, I even -- and I look at the Kabbalah now; I never could have understood it when he first started me out.


     But there is a classic Hinduism that this spirit -- now I have to explain this to you. This spirit is not dirty. It is just wrong. They say the serpent is God, but they -- it comes out of the children that Abraham had with his concubine. And they either -- they learned; he taught it to them, or they just knew it because they were highly spiritual people. And classical Hinduism evolved. There is a lot of spiritual truth in it, but it is the truth of the first Adam, and it lacks that understanding that Jehovah is intervening with that reality, the reality of the world and the worlds that the first Adam is spinning out and the events that will come to pass.


     So we have Hindu masters with the ability to look into the future, and they talk in terms of thousands and millions of years. Is it true? Maybe it is true that there are six races, six root races, six foundational races, human races, you know, like black race, white race, you know, races, and that each of these root races lives for -- I think it is millions of years, at least thousands of -- I mean, large numbers, like hundreds of thousands of years, OK, and that each of these root races, of these foundational races -- there are seven sub-races. And each sub-race lives for thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of years. You know, I am not sure whether it is hundreds of thousands or millions of years.


     And that there is prophecies for the world. And so, according to this Hindu theory, which -- I think there is probably at least some truth in it, not a lot of truth in it. But what they do not know is that Jehovah sent the Lord Jesus Christ to put an end to reincarnation. And I have not preached that in a long time, but I have preached it. The Lord Jesus Christ is here to put an end to reincarnation. By giving us immortal bodies, it puts an end to reincarnation. Reincarnation is that you continue to die. You continue to be born again and die. That is the curse that the first Adam fell under. Jesus came to put an end to that. He came to replace the sowing and reaping judgment with the merciful white throne judgment, which tells you what your faults are and gives you an opportunity to repent and change by the power of God.


     So Jesus Christ -- Jehovah sent Jesus Christ to bring in a whole new order that will replace the order established by the first Adam. And the order established by the first Adam has today more sophistication to it than the order of the second Adam because the Kabbalah is really a part of this, a part of the first Adam. So the second Adam -- he is only 2,000 years old. Now maybe that sounds funny to you, but he is only 2,000 years old. Is it true that humanity has existed for millions of years? It is very possibly true. Yes, I believe God created the world in six days. OK. But we have no idea what a day is before time began. The world was created before time began, so what is a day? We do not know, see?


     What I found most interesting about theosophy is that it talks about -- and I cannot say human because human, to me, means Homo sapiens, which is what we are like now. So I will say Adam or the creation. Then she talks about different forms of reproduction. She talks about forms of the way higher spiritual beings reproduce. Brethren, the way humanity reproduces is very spiritually low. I cannot think of a better way. Very spiritually low -- I cannot think of another way to say it. Not that it is bad, but it is painful. Not only is it painful for the woman, but the child is born totally helpless. Spiritual -- anything that is spiritual in right standing, anything that is spiritually mature, OK, has no infantilism. A spiritually mature world does -- infantilism does not exist. So there are forms of reproduction that she talks about that gives birth to an adult. And that was what had grabbed my imagination. I even actually preached on it in the early years of my ministry. I fully believe that the Adam or the creation on the other side of the flood did not give birth like we do. This is part of the curse.


     So, Lord, please help me go forward with this. So I found out anyway. I wound up looking up the sixth root race. I actually ordered a book, which -- I am torn about that because it is written by a New Age writer, and it is all Hinduism. I just want to know what he has to say. But basically, this is what they are saying: We are in the fifth root race right now. We are in the fifth root race. And it is interesting that this was written, you know, quite a few years ago. This was written, I think, around -- well, Eleanor Roosevelt was reading it, so it goes back to the '30s or the '40s that she wrote this book. And she talks about the signs in -- of the signs that are bringing forth the sixth root race. And they are, if I can say the word, hermophritic. What is -- how do you say the word when you are both sexes?




     Hermaphrodite, hermaphroditism. And I realized, when I read that, this was prophesied that -- this was the direction that the human race is going in was prophesied back in the '30s or the '40s. And that is what this transgenderism is all about. There are pow- -- people that are powerful in this cul- -- in the western culture that are trying to bring about prophesied changes in their own power. You know, if you tell me that hermaphro- -- how do you say that again?




     Hermaphroditism, OK, is going to -- well, first of all, they say that, in one of the earlier root races, millions of years ago, the creation was hermaphroditic. I guess that is the right word. And then the literature that I gave you talks about how it changed and matured, and eventually we came to this state. But it does not talk about sin. It does not tell you that we came into this state because of sin. Of course, Adam was male and female, so he was a hermaphrodite. A hermaphrodite means that you have sex organs of both the male and the female. That was the state of Adam when he was first created. And eventually, we came into this state, and Madame Blavatsky says that we will be going back to that hermaphroditic condition.


     So these mad scientists out there that are -- they seem to have seized the educational community. They have all the money. They get all these grants from the government, which is our tax dollars. And they are trying to bring the cul- -- humanity back into hermaphroditism by science, you know, rather than letting it happen as a natural occurrence. And that is what this is all about with -- we have gone to the transgenderism.


     So that is one of the signs that we are going back into a more sophisticated material state. Well, of course, we believe that too, but we believe it is going to happen with the kingdom of God. See, they do not know anything. Well, they do not talk about Jesus. They do not talk about God. They talk about it being just a natural course of events, like an evolutionary type event that the creation is just going through this evolution.


     And we are in the fifth root race now, and the sixth root race people will start living to 400 or 500 years again, 400, 500 years each. And there will be less sex, and there will be less reproduction, and that they will go back to a higher form of reproduction. And she talks about -- there are, like, four or five forms of reproduction, which really caught my imagination. As I said, I preached on it in the very early years of the ministry. Like, maybe in message 18, I talked about it. That -- and when the mind is advanced enough, it is possible for a complete cell division that a totally mature human being just emerges out of.


     First of all, we do not know what they would look like. It probably -- it could not happen out of a body of -- like this, a body like this. We do not know what kind of a body they could have that it would be possible to produce an exact -- not an exact replication but another completely mature adult. How long it would take or what it would like or what the experience would be, we do not know.


     But you will find then, if you choose to read the -- I gave it to you here. I know I gave it to you. Here it is. It says the awareness of nothing. It is the seven root races of mankind. And this is theosophical doctrine, brethren. So if you want to read it, you need to know that this is -- it is doctrine that is antichrist doctrine. But some of it may be true, and not only that some of it may be true; it is what we are dealing with. It is what we are dealing with. And it is racist in that it talks about raising one race up above the other.


     And out of this, somewhere along the line, I got -- I was directed to, you know, to Genesis and the account of Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth. And when I looked up the meaning of the word Japheth, I saw that it means fair, that the fair or the white-skinned people come out of Japheth. And that made sense to me. Is it true that these crazy people, according to William Mount, these theosophists, that they want to kill all of the nations, all of the people that are the descendants of Japheth? At least I found a category of white people that made some sense to me, that they might want to kill all the white people. Is it the Shemites that want to kill the Japhethites?


     So I am doing this research, trying to find out what is going on here, and it just led me from one topic to the other. So I really have multiple messages here. I -- and it led me to Gog and Magog. Somehow it led me to Gog and Magog. I do not even know that I can explain to you how it led me to Gog and Magog, but I was in Genesis, looking at the nations that came out of Shem, Ham and Japheth.


     And also another issue that is going on that probably led me to this study is that I finally got my back up against all this false teaching in the church. I have been telling you for a long time that I just cannot agree with all this destruction and the rapture and the whole thing coming out of the church, but God has not spoken to me. Well, I believe God has spoken to me, and none of that is of him. None of it is of him. All the destruction that is read about in the Book of Revelation that is interpreted as to be physical destruction is coming from Albert Pike, from the theosophists, from the Hindus, all of these occult philosophies that are preaching the end of the world, the end of the planet, the end of the race, to move on to the next root race, where we will live longer and have psychic powers, et cetera, et cetera. The Muslims want to kill everybody and bring World War III so that the Ahmadi can come back.


     So it seems to be across the board that destruction is coming so that something new can come in its place, except me, as far as I know. Maybe there is somebody else. I do not know. And I am not talking about people on the street that say, oh, I do not believe that junk. I am talking about people -- I am talking about spiritual people that are into spiritual philosophy. OK. I have been saying it is not the opinion of Christ. I do not -- I want -- I desire to live by the conviction of Christ in here, in my heart, and he is not telling me that. But I do not know. That is what I have been telling you for, like, maybe a year now or more, maybe more than that. Well, I finally heard him. It is not true, see. None of that is God's will for humanity. World War III, destruction, crises, all -- none of that is God's will for humanity. That is why he sent Jesus Christ. All of this is coming out of the first Adam's rulership, the first Adam's administration of the creation. See?


     Now Hinduism will tell you -- see, I know a little bit about a lot of things. Hinduism will tell you that God creates worlds and he destroys them. And this has been going on for millennia. God creates worlds and destroys them. I could never understand that. But I read in the Scripture that God did not like the way the creation came out, so he smashed it, and he started to reform it. He smashed the clay. The spiritual creation is -- continues to exist. It just changes form.


     So I just lost my train of thought. Just hold on. So the Lord Jesus Christ -- Jehovah sent the Lord Jesus Christ to put a stop to this insanity, which, right, raises up the necessity of destroying worlds so that we can start all over again, to whatever degree that is true. I know that it is true on the level of the human being. People die. That is how God smashes worlds on this level. He smashes world and starts all over again. People die, and babies are born. Is it true that whole planets are destroyed, that whole ages are destroyed? That is what the philosophy -- the philosophers of the first Adam say. Maybe it is true. We talk -- they talk about Atlantis and Lemuria and all of these worlds that existed before.


     What I found most interesting, as I looked through this theosophical doctrine, which is -- it is, like, a pretty good synopsis. The book -- she wrote two books, big, thick books, so this is just a synopsis of the books. What I found very interesting is that -- and this I had not seen before in her writings. Maybe it is just the writ- -- maybe it is just the opinion of the person who wrote this article. I do not know. But he claims that the reason for the destruction, or what precedes the destruction of the races -- now, remember, there is six. Well, actually, there are eight root races. OK. I think, if I said six before, I was not accurate. There are eight root races. And it is just like I was telling you, in my opinion, we are in the sixth millennia now. We are about to move into the seventh, and that there will -- I believe there will be an eighth millennia, in which will be -- the body will be circumcised, and we will be liberated from the body. OK. Madame Blavatsky says eight root races and many sub-races. I think sub- -- seven sub-races to each root race. And each race can live for thousands, hundreds of thousands of years, and then it is destroyed. We know that there are races we do not know anything about. We do not know what happened to Ammon; we do not know what happened to Moab. The races, they just -- everything just ebbs and flows. The creation is just ebbing and flowing. Nothing is permanent. That is why this world is called an illusion.


     What I found interesting, what I read in theosophical literature, is that the reason for the destruction or what happened just before the destruction is that black magicians seized hold -- I do not know whether it said seized hold of the government or seized hold of the creation or seized hold of the race. I am not sure how I read it. Black magicians seized hold of the creation or that race or that era. And is that not what is happening now? Have not black magicians seized hold of our government? They have, and they are moving forward through the United Nations -- of course, they are being hindered by President Trump right now -- to control all of humanity, to depopulate us and control us and use us as we use cattle. Not only for their human sacrifices, but -- brethren, you have to grow up. They eat human; they are cannibals. Did you know that the current Pope Francis is accused of eating human flesh? He is in a lot of trouble. The cardinals are trying to force him to resign. They are eating the flesh.


     So the black magicians seized control, and that -- right after that, I do not know whether it was that race or that era or that time period -- was destroyed. So here we are. It is the end of the age, and black magicians have seized control of the holds of power. So I do not doubt that there is some truth in what they are saying. And there may be a lot of truth in what Madame Blavatsky is saying. But we have another truth, a truth that interferes with their truth. And only one truth can survive, and that truth is Christ Jesus.


     So I wrote up a few things for you. And the last thing that I was doing this morning -- I got into the -- some interesting thoughts. I was really praying heavily this morning. I got up at, like, 5, 6 o'clock this morning. And I was telling the Lord, Lord, I am not prepared to preach this message. I need at least another day, if not two days, to put this whole thing together. So I am just trusting you to give the brethren -- to meet their needs. They need to be fed, so please meet their needs.


     So -- and I wound up -- my whole -- I was praying for, like, a long time. I do not usually pray for a very long time. Usually, I get answers right away. So for me, I was praying for a long time, saying, Lord, you know, I hope that Christ Jesus in my unconscious mind comes through because -- I mean, the Lord Jesus Christ in the unconscious part of my mind comes through because I do not feel adequate to preach this message, and it is coming from all different ends also.


     So -- oh, by the way, I do want to tell you this. One of the exhibits that you have -- premature growths are harbingers of the sixth root race. Very, very interesting, and it is also interesting -- it is talking about -- there is, I think, at least three testimonies of children that were fully mature by the time they were 3, 4 or 5 or 7 years old. I do not know, something like that, but little boys with beards at 7 years old, fully mature.


     And I thought that was very interesting because the rabbis say that Rebecca was only 3 years old when she left her family to go marry Isaac. And that is in the Talmud. That was the thing that offended me. So the Talmud says that a man can have sex with a girl that is 3 years and one day. I was horrified and went to talk to the rabbi about it. I thought it was a lie; I did not think it was true. And I was really shocked when he said it was true.


     And then he told me that the rabbis say that Rebecca was only 3 years old, but the issue was -- if it is true that those who study the Bible and study the timelines and see that Rebecca was three da- -- 3 years old when she agreed to go marry, to leave her whole family and go with a total stranger, to marry a total stranger -- if it is true that she was 3 years old, it is also true, according to the Scripture, that she was tending the animals. She was in charge of the animals at 3 years old. So is it true that -- was it just that family, or was it the people at that time? Were they really maturing that rapidly?


     Now, at least, we have at least three children that have done it. And what was very interesting, brethren, which is pertinent to us, is that I think the third testimony is that the third child died young. And the writer says that the government took control of that person to experiment on them and that they -- he believed they died from the experiments. So when we start becoming unusual people, you need to be keeping your mouth shut, you know? You understand what I am saying? You need to be keeping your mouth shut.


     So what else can I tell you before we actually start the notes? I was telling you that I was praying pretty heavily, saying, Lord, I have questions and questions that I do not know the answers to. How am I going to preach if I do not know the answers to them? And my -- somehow I wound up in this study of Shem, Ham and Japheth, which is right at the top of your notes. And as I was writing it up, I am saying, what am I -- how did I -- how in the world did I get to Shem, Ham and Japheth? It is, like, a completely different topic. And then, by the fifth time I finished putting in that information, I said, no, it is not a completely different topic. It fits right in with the whole message.


     So let me see what else I -- let me go over these exhibits with you, and then we will start with the notes, which notes lead into an Alternate Translation or the beginning of an Alternate Translation of Ezekiel 38. So the -- I have for you here -- we are questioning some -- I have some information for you on the Bible names of the descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth. And here is some information.


     There are Tubal, which is Armenia; Tubal turns out to be Armenia. Well, I believe Tubal turns out to be Armenia. But what I have highlighted here for you is that Tubal means "earth, the world or confusion." Now I do not know where this author -- this is a Bible author. I do know who he is or where he got that from, but I could not find it in my lexicon. However, he gave me a clue as to who Gog and Magog are.


     And, brethren, so let me get this out. I believe -- do you understand that this whole issue of the destruction of the world that the church believes in -- a lot of it is centered around this war of Gog and Magog? The Gog and Magog -- they are described as coming from the north. There are indications that -- I agree; my research agrees that it is Russia, basically Russia, and the Russia used to be the Soviet -- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, all of the now-little nations because this Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was balkanized; it was broken up. So we have all these Bible prophets prophesying the end of the world because there is tr- -- and this war is prophesied concerning Russia.


     But, brethren, I stand here today to tell you that is not the will of God. And I can say that with forcefulness today. The destruction and the warfare that we read about in Ezekiel 38 and 39, which is where they get their opinion from -- it is all about the warfare between the first and the second Adam. It is the warfare about deliberation of the spirits that [?Jew?] tells us are in jail. The hurtful spirits that are in jail, the spirits that were disobedient, that are in jail, they are in jail inside of human bodies.


     It is the whole message of the Gadarene Demoniac that I preached to you, that incredible message about the Gadarene Demoniac, how it was the root of righteous Adam that was inside of that human being that could not get out, that was confining him and restricting him because of the law. One of them -- there were two disciples. The story of the Gadarene Demoniac was about two disciples. And in one case, righteous Adam, or the root of righteous Adam, the potential for Adam to be regenerated in the man, was being restricted by the fear of the human person, the fear of the outer man to violate the law.


     And in the second case, the second Adam, or the root or the beginnings of the regeneration of the second Adam, could not express itself because it could not overcome the competition of the man, who was a scribe, who wanted -- it was an issue of pride that his place in life was that he was a scribe. And he ruled the -- he had exercised authority over the Jews, and he was not willing to give that up. So he went -- in both instances, it was the first Adam's concern, the first Adam's existence in this world, that was strong enough to keep the potential for the second Adam to rise up, the spiritual potential to rise up and return to immortality through a relationship with Jehovah that was completely repressed by the powers of the first Adam in this world.


     And that is what Ezekiel 38 and 39 are all about. The big war is between the first Adam and the second Adam, brethren. That is what it is all about, and that war will manifest on multiple levels. But the war that counts is the war within the individual. The war within the individual is what counts. If wars break out, if World War III does break out -- I hope it does not. I do not -- I am telling you, God does not want it. The Bible does not prophesy it. OK. That is the first Adam's interpretation of the Scripture. The war is between the first Adam and the second Adam in Israel, in God's people. And when the second Adam wins over the first Adam in God's people, the wars down here will calm down and fizzle out. If God's people do not stand up, if the second Adam does not stand up and overcome the first Adam in God's people, we might have -- we might very well have World War III.


     But I am believing the conviction in my heart. I have been praying for year- -- actually for years already. Why do I not believe this stuff? Why do I not believe this stuff? Why do I not believe it? I have been praying for a long time. OK. So I believe the conviction in my heart that it is not the will of God. And I believe the conviction in my heart that we can stand on Abraham's conversation with Jehovah. "If there is -- if there were 10 righteous" -- it does not say righteous men. "If there were 10 righteous in Sodom, would you not destroy Sodom?" And Jehovah said, "Yes, if you can find 10, I will not do it." It did not say 10 men. If you can find 10 righteous Sefirot -- the Sefirot are in men, of course. Can you find someone that has the full 10 Sefirot of the righteous Adam? I will not destroy them.


     Well, I believe that is going to happen. I do not believe I have the 10. I do not believe the 10 is in this ministry. But we are about to receive the 10. We need to receive the top three, which the Lord Jesus Christ will bring to Christ Jesus in us. Well, Sheila, I thought you said the Lord Jesus Christ was preaching through the unconscious part of your mind. Yes, he is, but it is not a permanent connection. And even if it is a -- well, I am not even sure about that. Maybe it is a permanent connection.


     But the issue is that, even if it is a permanent connection, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Christ Jesus have not forced the first Adam into dormancy. He is way too active in my life. Now one thought from him, OK, makes me subject to death. One thought from the first Adam -- if you break one point of the law, you are guilty of the whole law. One thought coming out of the unconscious mind of the first Adam makes me subject to death.


     So the first -- if the Lord Jesus is joined to Christ Jesus in me, and I do not know if this is permanent or not -- I believe he is teaching through me, that the Lord Jesus is teaching through me -- if they are joined, they have not completely sealed off the first Adam yet. What will that take? My understanding is I have -- my understanding is that it is doctrine. I cannot say that -- what will it take? It will take me to stop sinning. I cannot stop sinning. What is going to stop me from sinning is the combined -- is the unified Adam sealing off the first Adam. That is going -- because I cannot do it myself. So what will it take for the unified second Adam, for the unified Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ joined to Christ Jesus in me -- what will it take for them to seal off the first Adam in me, to completely defeat him and seal him off, so that he has no influence over this vessel that you see? My understanding is it is doctrine. So I am doing the best I can every day.


     How much longer will it take? Hopefully, not much longer. I really hope not much longer. I think it has to happen within President Trump's administration because he is, like, one in a million. How are we going to find someone else to replace him if this situation is still -- if the criminals are still in power? So in my opinion, it has to happen during his administration, and that means anywhere from two to six years. Hopefully, we will have six years. We will have him in office for six years. But hopefully, that the unification of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus, sealing off the first Adam -- that the process will begin very soon because it is not going to happen overnight.


     It has to happen -- brethren, do you realize what we have to -- how much work we have? First of all, the message has to be recognized; the people have to want it. OK. Then they have to start studying so that Christ can start being raised up in them. Then they have to deal with their sins. They have to go through everything we have all been going through for years. Now it is going to go faster than it has taken us because the doctrine has been established. It is being preached; it is on records. So it will go faster than it has gone for us. But at the very least, it is going to take -- at the very least, six years of President Bush's pregnancy -- not pregnancy. President -- did I call him Bush? President Trump's administration.


     Now the whole of humanity is not going to be taken care of in that time. I am talking about Israel now. Israel has to stand up in enough power to overthrow the black magicians that have seized power in our culture and in our government. It is not just the government; it is in our culture. They have got our schools; they have got our kids. This is not going to turn around overnight. What is going to take two to six years to raise up is Israel. Where is Israel? They have got to wake up. They are sleeping. If they were awake, they would recognize Christ behind me. They would recognize God behind this image. But they are all sleeping. Something has to wake them up. What is it going to take to wake them up? This message is going to. This message, this spiritual vibration that goes forth as the truth is preached, at some point, will become powerful enough to start to wake them up.


     We had one message a month or two ago that was so powerful, I thought I was going to take off, but it has not happened since. These messages are powerful, but there was that one message that -- two people manifested in the congregation. And that height has not happened yet. But at least I am telling you, and I am convicted myself, and I will say it openly, that this evil prophesied by the apostate church -- OK, and that is what they are; they are an apostate church -- is not the will of God. That is the prophecy and the will of the first Adam. Jesus was sent to stop it from happening. And Jehovah said, if I can find 10 Sefirot in the earth, I will not let it happen. And for that to happen, the Lord Jesus has to join with Christ Jesus somewhere. It looks like it is going to be this ministry.




     So somehow, as I was trying to work my way through all of this and find out what God wanted me to do, I came -- I was looking for a definition of Tubal, and this says Tubal means "the earth, the world and confusion." One of my complaints about the Bible dictionaries that I have -- brethren, now of course I do not speak Hebrew, or I would go looking for another dictionary, another lexicon. One of my complaints, my big complaint, is that the writer of the lexicons -- and I am very grateful for their work, or -- I am very grateful for their work. But they, in many instances, put down definitions of words in accordance with their understanding of the false doctrine in the church. And so I have to get past that somehow. And also, there are other Hebrew lexicons, but they do not have Strong's numbers attached to them. So I do not know where this writer got this from, but I felt led to take his word for it that Tubal means "the earth, the world and confusion." And that was my clue that -- I am now interpreting Gog and Magog, and I came to this conclusion by using the meanings of the Hebrew letters, which are in my notes. And we are going to get to them when I start with the notes.


     OK. I took the Hebrew letters of Gog and Magog. Gog, G-O-G -- they do not use the vowels. The G is the Hebrew letter gimel, which means reward and punishment. So Gog is the first Adam, and Magog is the second Adam. And Gog -- excuse me -- is the land of Magog. The second Adam is inside of me. Gog is the one that produces the physical body and the material body. Gog, the land of Magog: the first Adam, the land of the second Adam. And as I have told you, the first Adam is not being destroyed. The two Adams have to be attached until they are one. The first Adam provides the form, and the second Adam is the inner man, the mind and the godly emotions. The first Adam is the horse; the second Adam is the rider.


     And the big battle -- there is a big recompense coming for the one who stole the creation. And the first Adam is the one who stole the creation. And that warfare is going on in the minds of Israel. Israel has to stand up, and then there will be two categories of people in the earth: Israel, representing the second Adam, and the rest of the world. But in the rest of -- in the midst of the rest of the world will be a group of people that are -- that have become black magicians in the first Adam. OK.


     How that warfare will take place, I am not sure. But let me stand up in full stature now, find out how that warfare will take place. However it will take place, it will take place. The Lord Jesus Christ must win. Christ Jesus must win, or if he does not win, this world, this time, this race will be shut down because of the black magicians. It is going to happen again because the whole creation is under the sowing and reaping judgment. Jesus came to interfere with the sowing and reaping judgment.


     The whole layout, according to theosophy and Hinduism -- it is all the administration of the first Adam. God never wanted it to be that way. God never approved of it being that way. God has been moving tirelessly, because he does not get tired, to interfere with the first Adam's administration of the creation ever since the indiscretion. And I say that openly. There is no World War III that there is nothing you can do about it because it is in the Bible. That is a complete lie. The World War III is between the first Adam and the second Adam. What does that mean? The first Adam is the body and the nefesh grade of soul in the body. So it is an internal war. The second Adam wants these bodies. It is an internal war of mind and emotion. It is a war between the two mentalities, the two opinions.


     As I was working last night, we had this really powerful electrical storm. There is not a doubt in my mind that what is going on in this ministry is responsible for all of these electrical storms that we have been having. It is cutting up the heavenlies.




     Preaching the truth is cutting up the heavenlies. Preaching the truth out of Christ Jesus with power is cutting up the heavenlies.




     So Tubal is the earth. He is Adam, the first Adam, earthy. That is Gog. And Tubal has to do with Gog. We will get to that when we get to my notes. OK.


     And then I have a printout on Meshech. And these are all the descendants of Japheth. We are talking about the descendants of Japheth. The descendants of Japheth are basically Russia, Armenia, Turkey, Iran, the Greek Spanish -- not the Greek Spanish -- ethnic groups. And there was the -- and the Slavs, Czechoslovakia. Well, there is no more Czechoslovakia. It is just Slovakia now, the Slavs. We will get into that too.


     It is all -- this is all involved. This is what theosophy is dealing with, and there is truth to it. The whole world was -- all of humanity today descends from Shem, Ham and Japheth. And Meshech, these are -- and Tubal -- I mean, I believe these are the -- I have not really absorbed the fullness of the material myself, brethren. They are the sons of Japheth. And then at some point, we get to the sons of Gomer. And these are the sons of Japheth, Tubal and Meshech, so I am giving you that information.


     And in particular, I gave you this about the Armenian genocide. The reason I gave you this, brethren, is because Armenia is very important. How can I say this at this point? One of the Alternate Translations of the first few verses of Ezekiel 38 that I did specifically refers to Armenia, which -- I think it was Tubal. And there was an Armenian genocide. That Armenian genocide is denied. I remember, a few years ago, it was 100 years, some kind of Turkish anniversary. And I know that our -- it was either the House or the Senate -- published a resolution that Turkey was guilty, that Turkey performed genocide on the Armenian Christian population, Turkey being Muslim, Christian -- Armenia being Christian, Orthodox Christian.


     And at the time, I read about it, and I had not known anything about it. And then they made a movie about it. So there are Armenian survivors that are trying to get this word out that Turkey slaughtered the Armenian Christian population, and they claim they crucified -- it was called -- they call it the crucifixion of the virgins. They took these young girls and crucified them all, and it was a merciless, heartless, barbaric genocide. You know.


     I think what is significant is that it was a Christian nation and that Armenia is one of the ancient nations that are all caught up in this conflagration that is going on that the church world sees as the valley of Armageddon and the war of Armageddon, that it has to take place. OK. It is written down in geographical and in national format because that is how the prophecies are translated. But the war is between the first Adam and the second Adam. However, the descendants of Noah do have natural descendants. But the war is against Christians. I did not get that out. The war is against Christians.


     I have, over the last few days -- I do not even know how I got there, brethren. But I was looking for some kind of information to do with this message, so it had to be yesterday. I was looking up some -- well, what was I reading? It was some spiritual philosophy. Maybe it was Gnostic. I am not sure -- either Gnostic or theosophical philosophy about Jesus. And what they say about him is so horrible. They do not just disagree with him. They just rip him to shreds. It is so evil. I have to tell you that, in my opinion, it is evil.


     I am fully aware of the antichrist movement. Maybe there is going to be a single man that will be antichrist. I do not know. I think it was Obama. Maybe there will be someone else. John said there are many antichrists. I think Obama was antichrist. OK. Maybe there will be another antichrist; it will be a world leader. But, brethren, the antichrist is a spirit. Antichrist is a spirit that wants to destroy Christ wherever he is appearing. And this was the genocide of a Christian nation. And Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East right now. And I want to tell you that Russia is the only nation doing anything about it. America is not doing anything about it.


     So I thought it was very important that you understood that. At least you learned about, if you want to take time to read it, about the Armenian genocide. It was the antichrist spirit. It is not a single man that is going to take your freedom of religion away. It is a spirit manifesting through nations, through people, that want to literally wipe out everyone that is a Christian. They want to destroy every one of us. So I thought you should know about that.


     And here is an article. I could not convert this into a PDF, so I copied it for you. This is the house of Togarmah. That is one of the sons of Gomer. Gomer is the oldest, is the firstborn of Japheth. This is all about Japheth, brethren. It is all about Japheth, the white-skinned nations, the fair nations. It is all about Japheth. What is going on with Japheth? We are going to try and find out what is going on with Japheth. When I look at Genesis about what happens to Shem, Ham and Japheth, we are told that Japheth -- the definition of Japheth is that he is the gullible one. He is the simple one. He is not spiritually smart.


     So this is all about the Russian and associated Slavic nations, including Iran and Armenia, which -- Armenia is some -- a little bit of Asian is in there, but it is basically Europe, the European -- the white, European nations. You know, and we have this -- what was it, a year or two ago? All of a sudden, this -- it started up in the schools, white privilege. What is going on here? There is an intelligence that is coming out of people that have the power, that have authority over the education system, to start this horrendous racism. They are trying to start a black-white war in this country. And that was the first that I saw about targeting white people.


     You know, they want to wipe out Japheth. Who wants to wipe out Japheth? You know, I think that any fair-minded person would have to admit that the l- -- this -- ever since World War II, anyway, all of the industrialism and all of the technical advances have come out of Japheth. They have not come out of China. They did not start in China. They did not start in Africa. They did not start in India, all the technology and the computers. It rose up in -- out of the white nations. And yet we are told that the white nations are gullible. Well, who do you think gave us all this information? The so-called aliens, if they are really -- they are not really aliens, you know.


     So I want to suggest to you, from what I see so far in Ezekiel 38 is that Jehovah is promising to liberate the gullible Japhethites. But I should really stick with my notes before I go any further with that because I do not know that I can do it without my notes.


     So anyway, here is the house of Togarmah, a son of Gomer, a son of the firstborn of Japheth. This is all about Japheth, the gullible one. Jehovah is promising to deliver Japheth, the gullible son, and Japheth, the least spiritual. Somewhere in these articles, somebody is saying, and I agree with him, that Japheth is the least spiritual or intellectual. OK. We have this technology, but as a people, we are the least spiritual. The Indians are more spiritual than we are. The Africans are more spiritual than we are. The Chinese are more spiritual than we are. The Asians are more spiritual than we are, the white people. We are carnal, see? So interesting, huh?


     OK, brethren. Now I have one more thing: "The House that Jack Built." These are notes that are repeated. They are copies of part of the notes of "The House that Jack Built," message 922, part 1. I would like to review this with you. It is a very difficult message, but I think that we really need to hear it. It is the eso- -- it is the Kabbalistic esoteric explanation of the head, which is materializing today as the Lord Jesus Christ. And the reason I want to review this is because, when I started to translate Ezekiel 38, it talks about the head, OK, and the head authority. And I thought that it was very important that we understood what that head meant. It did not just mean a captain, or it does not just mean a prince. It is actually talking about the head that is higher than the powers and principality of this world. It is the head. It is the Lord Jesus Christ that is going to execute judgment upon the first Adam. He is the head. He is the chief prince. The chief prince over Meshech and Tubal is the Lord Jesus Christ, coming to deliver Japheth. You know.


     So that is what it looks like to me, that Japheth is about to be delivered. And what has happened -- Japheth, the gullible one, has risen up and -- to a large degree, oppress the other spiritual nations. We have rolled out from America -- not so much from America, but America too -- from Britain and all of the European nations. They rolled out. They went into Africa. They went into India. They went into China, rolled past their national borders, you know, and in many instances, brought their corruption. OK. So we have the wealth here, you know, and we have the science here, and we are corrupting a lot of spiritual nations. So we are the gullible ones. The fallen angels have found a home here with us, unfortunately. And we are about to be delivered. That is what the war is about. The war is about deliverance from enslavement. It is not punishment; it is deliverance.


     So when we get to the appropriate part in our notes, I will review this aspect of "The House that Jack Built" because I thought it was important that we understood that the Scripture is not just talking about some old prince. You know, it is talking about a very high principality coming to deliver us from the principalities that have deceived us, we Japhethites, which is all the Europeans. And in many instances, we have oppressed the non-Japhethites.


     So we have some notes here. It is 1 o'clock. I think I would like to take a 10-minute break, and then we will start with these notes and see what we can do. Are there any questions on anything that I have said so far?


     What I also wanted to tell you, brethren, was about Farrakhan. I believe that Farrakhan is a theosophist or at least embracing theosophical doctrine. I could never -- first of all, the Jesus that he preaches is not the Jesus of the Bible. He uses the New Testament. He preaches the New Testament, but he says his Jesus is the name of the founder, Muhammad. I am sorry. I do not remember his name. And that is his Jesus, who he says is alive.


     And the one thing that I heard Farrakhan s- -- I heard him say two things that I did not understand. He keeps telling his people, "Your day is coming. Your day is coming." And the suggestion seems to be that the day of black preeminence is coming. That is what theosophy says: that the human race is going to get darker and darker, that the white races will intermarry, and it will get darker and darker skin.


     And there are definitely social forces pushing that. I actually heard the President of France -- it was not Macron. It was the one before that or the one before him, actually telling the people as president, telling the French people as president, that they should intermarry, again trying to bring in the sixth root race, which apparently is going to swallow up -- it is prophesied by the first Adam. And it is going to swallow up Japheth, the white race. So whatever this all means, I do not even understand what it all means, other than that I believe that Ezekiel 38 is saying that Jehovah is going to rescue Japheth, OK, and that Japheth, when the -- when his inner man is the second Adam, will become a great army, the great army of Israel, OK, when the second Adam takes over the vessels.


     And is that not what we believe? We are waiting for Christ Jesus to take over our vessels and make us geniuses, make us physically strong, make us warriors with the mind of God, having a -- being a positive nephilim, nephilim being people who are in agreement with their conscious mind, their subconscious mind and their unconscious mind, being completely tied together in agreement. So it is the mind. Everything is the mind, brethren, the power of the mind.


     So Farrakhan also -- he says something very disparaging about the Jews. I cannot remember the exact words, but something like it is a dog religion or something like that. And I wondered where he would get something like that from. And I read something like that in the account that I gave you, the synopsis that I gave you, of theosophy. They do not have very flattering things to say about the Jews. In other words, it is -- I told you it is a racist philosophy that it is a lesser race; the Jews are a lesser race and not very strong or not very good. So I just -- I got that distinct feeling that Farrakhan or the one who started the, in the nation of Islam, doctrine, that he got -- he is getting it from theosophy.


     It was one of the things that I heard Gino Jennings refute pretty strongly -- was that the creation was born out of -- or God was born in darkness or something like that, out of darkness. Where is he getting this doctrine from? If that is theosophical doctrine, I do not know. But I think that, the person who is responsible for the nation of Islam philosophy, that at least he has been into theosophical philosophy.


     You see, brethren, people that want to go on, that want to know more than what the letter of the Bible tells them, unless they are an extremely unusual person and hear directly from God, they have to go somewhere for their philosophy. See, I hear directly from God now, but it is mixed in with other things that I have learned from other stories. It is mixed in with Bible study; it is mixed in with Kabbalah. At the beginning, it was mixed in with foundational [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the spirituality that he taught me. It was mixed in with Hinduism. I had to -- even today, I go to other books. I go to the -- research the Bible.


     So whoever you are, wherever you are, I do not know anybody today that, out of a blue sky, with not putting -- with not first putting information in their database, that just woke up one morning, knows nothing about God, never read the Bible, and all of a sudden, they are receiving revelation based on Scripture. I do not know that that is happening to anybody today. So they have to go somewhere. People that are preaching false doctrine -- they have to be getting a foundation for it somewhere. And that means they are either getting it from theosophy, from Hinduism, from New Age philosophy or -- the only Christian philosophy that I know about is basically Catholic philosophy, the early church, which is primarily the New Testament, the morality of the New Testament, and then Kabbalah for the Old Testament.


     They have to get it from one of those places, unless there is a philosophy that I do not know about. But it is all basically -- I find that from -- now there has to be philosophies that I do not know anything about. But the non-Christian philosophies that I have looked at -- they all seem to have that gnostic philosophy. They all have that common thread, you know. And what is the common thread? It is the exact opposite of what the doctrine of Christ says. It is the exact opposite of what the mind of Christ teaches. See? But it is basically the same thing, but on the other side. So they have to go somewhere to get it.


     OK, brethren. I am taking a look at the notes and the name of the message, "Gog, the Land of Magog." And we are going to start on page 1. But I will tell you that, when we get to it further along here, I do show you how I break down the Hebrew letters. Gimel means reward and punishment. Gog means double punishment. Gimel, gimel: double punishment. And Magog means -- I do not know -- means the reward. I do not know exactly how I did it, but we will get to it when we get to it. Here it is right here. But Gog is double punishment. God is going to give them double punishment. The first Adam is getting double punishment because he has sinned against the soul, the higher souls, and he has sinned against the human vessels, which contain the lower souls.


     OK. This was the beginning that the Lord gave me this morning. 1 Peter 3:18-22: "For Christ has also once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but quickened by the Spirit, by which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison, which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water. The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us, not the putting away of the filth of the flesh but the answer of a good conscience toward God, by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is gone into heaven and is on the right hand of God, angels and authorities and powers being made subject to him."


     Now my issue has to do with the eight souls that were saved. But I would like to make a few comments on these Scriptures because they are very pertinent. I would like to point out that it is the spirits that are in prison; the human spirit is in prison. It was the female side of the creation of God. Adam is male and female. It was the female side, the human spirit, the breath of Jehovah in the creation that was captured by the snake. And to remind you, Adam was formed -- the man was formed. The female was breathed into. The breath was life was breathed into him. And Elohim -- OK. Elohim, who almost always appears with Jehovah, was present, flowing through that creation. Elohim is the river that went out of Eden, you know, flowing through that creation. And it was the human spirit that was attached to Elohim because spirit attaches to spirit. So it was the human spirit that was attached to Elohim.


     And the revelation that we have today is that the drop of Elohim that was inside of the creation rebelled against the whole river that was flowing in a circulatory formation, a continuously freshwater circulation. A drop of that Elohim that was inside the creation, that was directly attached to the human spirit, rebelled against the whole, and he made himself God to the human spirit that was not aware that anything had even changed. So that drop of -- that rebellious drop cut off the whole creation from God. OK. And that is who the snake is. As far as I understand today, that is who the snake is: that rebellious drop that was able to promise the female everything that Elohim had promised her because he was a part of Elohim that was now in rebellion against the whole.


     So the human spirit -- and the creation fell. And that breath of Jehovah became the human spirit, who is in jail inside of these fallen bodies. These bodies that get sick and corrupt and die are the jailers of the human sphere; she is in prison. We are the prison houses. "Which sometime were disobedient when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah." So that spirit that was -- those human spirits were disobedient. It does not matter that they were fooled. You have to understand spiritual disobedience. They chose to obey that drop of Elohim, you know, rather than what the whole Elohim told them to do, so that is called disobedience. You might call it ignorant disobedience, but it was disobedience. The sin was disobedience.


     So -- "which sometime were disobedient when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah while the ark was preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water." Now that is my issue, brethren. I have been -- I think, like many, have been saying for a long time, well, the eight souls were Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives.


     But today, I have a problem with that because Matthew 19:6 says, "Now for this cause shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave to his wife, and they twain shall be one flesh. Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh," or one soul. "What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder." So there are really only four souls in that ark. Who were the other four souls? I do not have the answer to that question yet, but that is the question. Hopefully, the Lord will answer it over the next few parts of this message because we are going to be translating two difficult chapters of Ezekiel. We should be in this message for a while.


     But back to 1 Peter 3:21: Like -- "the like figure whereunto" -- saved by water. "Eight souls saved by water. The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us." And now we have an explanation of baptism here. Baptism does not save us, and it -- and, well, let me do it this way. Baptism does not save us by "putting away the filth of the flesh." We are saved by "a good conscience toward God" when Jesus Christ is resurrected in us. So deliverance does not save you. Casting out an evil spirit does not save you. Washing your soul or your spirit with the word does not save you. That just prepares you to have Christ Jesus resurrected in you. We are saved by his life. We are saved by his life.


     "By the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is gone into heaven. And on the right hand of God, angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him." Brethren, these are the angels, the authorities and the powers of the first Adam that are subject to Jesus Christ. He is now in a higher spiritual world than they are, and they have been made subject to him. The same thing must happen to us, OK, the powers, the angels, the principalities in us. Your carnal mind, the first Adam in you, must be made subject to Christ Jesus.


     And that cannot happen without having the help of the Lord Jesus Christ, our elder brother. We are to be struggling with the thoughts of the first Adam, with the emotions of the first Adam. We are to be fighting with them every moment, every waking and sleeping moment until the unified Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus comes and seals him off completely and defeats him and subjects him completely. And, brethren, this subjection of the first Adam in us -- it is called, in the Scripture, the tribulation.


     The tribulation is not the difficult times of a tyrannical dictator or dictatorial government. Now that might happen. I hope it does not happen. My hope is that the Lord Jesus Christ will succeed and put an end to the plan of the first Adam for us. OK. But if that does happen, if there is -- if there does appear a dictatorial leader that persecutes us for being Christian, et cetera, et cetera, that is not what the tribulation is. That tribulation is what the individual experiences when the first Adam is being forced down under the authority of Christ Jesus. And there is actually two aspects to that tribulation.


     It is very stressful having the second Adam squeezed into us, and that is the word that is in the Scripture. As the second Adam matures in us, he is taking us on like a garment. He is squeezing into us like a woman will squeeze into a dress. I have never heard of a man squeezing into anything, but women will squeeze into a dress or a corset. Christ Jesus is squeezing into us, and there is pressure involved in that. There is a lot of pressure in it. It is the pressure of mind, the pressure in your mind. He is squeezing into your mind and your emotions. So there is pressure, you know.


     And then the second side of the pressure is that the first Adam is being forced out. As the second Adam is arising in us, he is forcing the s- -- the first Adam. As the second Adam is arising in us, he is forcing the first Adam underfoot. Just like when you throw water into a -- you throw a glass of water into a bathtub or into a lake, that water that you drove in displaces water that is already there, and it usually rises up. So the second Adam is squeezing into us. He has mass; he is energy. And as he squeezes into us, he is displacing the first Adam, who is also mass and energy. And there is pressure. Did you ever have abdominal gas? It is pressure, mental and emotional pressure. That is called Jacob's trouble in the Scripture. OK. It is the birthing of the man-child. It is happening coincidentally with the birthing of the man-child, and it is the pressure of birth. It is the beginning of childbirth.


     Whatever might happen out there politically, or persecution of the Christians, that is not what the Scripture is talking about. And this situation of the apostate church having the ears or the mind of people that are truly wanting the truth must come to an end. I call for it to come to an end, that only those preachers preaching the truth should be heard. Or at least they both should be heard so the people could choose for themselves. The domination of the spiritual airwaves and the natural airwaves by the apostate church must come to an end. I call it forth, in Jesus' name.


     So I asked the question here, who were the eight souls, because you cannot count a woman as a separate soul. The only partial answer that is in my mind is that Noah did not look like we look. Noah was a superior being. Shem, Ham and Japheth were superior beings. We are fallen. OK. They were not Homo sapiens. And I believe that they were -- they engaged in a form of reproduction by which an adult -- adults were born and emerged from the one before. Just like when I had my daughter, she emerged from me, but she was an infant. In the time of Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth, it was possible for Noah -- for Shem to emerge from Noah as a full adult.


     And so the process stopped. In other words, there were eight souls. Noah was the full-born, so he might have been the only full-born soul on the ark. I do not know. Let us say Noah was the only full-born soul on the ark. Then they were destined to emerge one from the other, that Shem was destined to emerge from Noah, and Ham was destined to emerge from Shem, and Japheth was destined to emerge from Ham. Well, it may not have worked that way, but that is a good supposition. And then there were four more potentials that never came forth because Noah failed, but they existed in Noah. These other four souls existed in Noah, but they did not -- they failed to come forth because of the overthrowing of the mediator, which was Noah. And Japheth came forth prematurely, and in an adequate form, and there for he is called gullible. He came forth in a spiritually inadequate form.


     I have not looked for it recently, but the last time I looked for it, I could not find it. But I have never forgotten, when I did my original research on Shem, Ham and Japheth, I used -- right now, I use all of the lexicons and my Bible program. I did not think I had a different lexicon, but I had -- it is in my mind. It is so real, in my mind, that I found information saying that Shem and Japheth were sh- -- were connected at the shoulder. And this goes -- some things I just never forget. This goes all the way back to years ago. I may even have it a foot- -- as a footnote, in some of my work, that there was a verb that was indicated that Shem and Japheth were connected at the shoulder. That is why, we are told, the two of them backed into the room and covered over Noah. They went in backwards, but they went in together. They were like partners. OK.


     And what I believe it means is that it was actually Shem was cell dividing. Shell was rep- -- Shem was reproducing himself, and Japheth was the newcomer that was emerging out of him. He was not com- -- they were not completely separated yet when the tragedy happened that Noah was overcome, and Japheth never fully developed, never developed spiritually, and that is why he is the gullible one.


     OK. And my comment at the bottom of page 1: If a man and his wife -- is that fan on, Susan?


     That one? Yes.


     It is on? It is on. A man and his wife are one flesh or one soul. If a man and a wife are one flesh and one soul, who are the eight souls that we say that were saved? Since Noah, Shem and -- Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth only count to the number four.


     So let us say that Noah reproduced by division and became Noah and Shem. This is just a guess. And Shem began to produce a female race, the daughters of Adam, knowing that self-reproduction would eventually come to an end on the far side of the flood. At some point, the daughters of Adam emerged. What does that mean? It means that the creation, which was androgynous -- it was male and female; it was both -- that they separated into two races, went into two groups, two categories of people. So that is what I am saying here.


     Shem began to produce a female race, the daughters of Adam, knowing that self-reproduction would eventually come to an end on the far side of the flood. Then Noah reproduced by division again and became Noah, Shem and Ham. And Ham -- this is really interesting. So let us just say that Noah produced Shem. He divided, and he produced Shem. And then Shem -- I do not really know where the daughters of Adam came from, but let us just say that Shem produced them in another form of reproduction. Then Noah reproduced by division again and became Noah, Shem and Ham. And Ham married one of the daughters of Adam, the offspring of Shem, his niece.


     Now we know that there are no accidents in the Scripture. Now Abraham married his niece, the daughter of his dead brother, Haran. So I have got a real witness in my heart that something like this did happen: that Shem produced the daughters of Adam, and Ham married one of Shem's daughters. He married his niece, as we saw. And we saw that reality repeating itself in the life of Abraham and Sarai -- or Abram and Sarai.


     Then Shem began to reproduce by division also and was becoming Shem and Japheth. But before Japheth completely separated from Shem, they were still joined at the shoulder. Noah was overtaken by the first Adam, and Shem was pregnant with Japheth, who was still giving suck when it became -- he was still learning. Japheth was not completely separated from Shem, and he was still being nurtured by Noah when it became necessary for Shem and Ham to rise into their highest centers to avoid the corrupting flood that was overtaking Noah.


     And I am seeing a direct parallel between what was given to me this morning in Matthew 24:15-22. "When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place." When you see him standing in the holy place, "whoso readeth, let him understand. Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains." Now Judaea suggests spiritual government, where Judah is the spiritual government of the tribes. That -- when this happens, "when you see the abomination of desolation," which is the first Adam, "spoken by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place. Whoso readeth, let him understand. Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains." And here is my comment: Either Noah did not see the abomination of desolation, the first Adam, or he did not flee, and he was overcome by it.


     Verse 17: "Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take anything out of his house." My comment: Ham saw the abomination of desolation, the first Adam, standing in the mind of Noah. And instead of ascending right away into the higher centers, instead of fleeing that it should not happen to him also, Ham announced the alarm in an attempt to save Noah and lost his opportunity when the first Adam cursed him through Noah.


     That is sort of -- I can relate to that with my testimony about that woman that stopped me in the SUV. I went over to her. I should have fled. I knew she was loaded with witchcraft. I should have fled to a safe place. I should have said no, thank you, and kept on walking. But my pride wanted to challenge her for saying that I was a witch. You know, and I let her touch me. She touched me several times. And I -- a condition that I already had became much worse over the next few days.


     So instead of ascending right away, instead of Ham running, he saw his father overcome. Instead of running, he sounded the alarm in an attempt to save Noah. His pride thought that he could save him. And he lost his opportunity when the first Adam cursed him through Noah.


     Verse 18: "Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes." Japheth, who was still being created, would not go without Shem. Shem was his clothing. He would not or he could not go without his -- without Shem. Verse 19 -- or the other way around. Or Shem would not go without Japheth because the clothing is the one that is female [INAUDIBLE]. The clothing is the one that is in the female role. I would say that Shem would not go with Japheth, his clothing.


     Verse 19: "And woe unto them that are with child, and to give them suck in those days." Shem was pregnant with Japheth, who was suckling on Noah from the higher authority. Or Shem was pregnant with Japheth, and Japheth was still suckling. Maybe it was Shem that was still suckling on Noah because you are -- I am pregnant with Christ in you all. You are suckling on me, and I am suckling on the Lord Jesus. So Shem was pregnant with Japheth and suckling on Noah.


     Verse 20: "But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath." That attachment between Shem and Japheth rendered both Shem and Japheth incapable of seeing the truth about Noah. They could not move. Shem would not leave Japheth behind, and then also Shem was suckling on Noah. And that attachment rendered both Shem and Japheth incapable of seeing the truth about Noah. So they covered over what was glaringly obvious in the unconscious part of their mind, and that is the word backward. The King James says they went backward and covered -- you know, they covered up the back part of their mind. They looked only with their carnal eyes. They did not see the truth that they were capable of seeing.


     So the Sabbath day was the connection. The Sabbath day is -- we have Sabbath here when the Lord Jesus attaches himself to Christ in us. The Sabbath day was Shem suckling on Noah. And the winter -- well, I have it right here. Shem's attachment to Noah was the Sabbath day, and it was winter because Noah no longer had a living plant inside of him. It was winter. Nothing was growing; nothing was alive. Everything had died inside of him.


     So the Lord showed me this analogy between Matthew, between Jesus' advice in Matthew and what happened with Shem, Ham and Japheth. So we should be able to draw some conclusions about what was going on at that point in the creation. But I do not have anything more than that right now. We will see if the Lord gives me anything else about it. But we go on from here.


     Verse 21: "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be." And I see I did not put any comment there, but the tribulation is the birthing of the man-child. It is the squeezing of Christ Jesus into this human vessel, which is a great pressure on our -- it is a physical pressure; it is a spiritual and a mental and a physical pressure. And it is also the forcing -- once he gets inside of us, it is the forcing of the first Adam out because, as he gets in, the first Adam is being forced out or forced down under. And this has never happened since the beginning of the world to this time, and it will never happen again. It is a one-time event. We are not going to -- Adam is not going to fall again. Brethren, it is definitely not persecution, Christian persecution. That is definitely not what the tribulation is.


     "And except those days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved. But for the elect's sake, those days shall be shortened." Because what is going on, in these days, is that these powerful forces are trying to destroy us. And if the Lord Jesus does not intervene, we probably will not survive. Christians probably will not survive. Between the seduction and all the different methods of trying to destroy us, we probably will not survive.


     Now what comes to mind is the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Conference that I went to, that several of us went to, a month or two ago. I received the DVDs, and I started watching them. I do not really know what happened to me in that conference. There was a lot going on, and I missed a couple of meetings. I think I did not sleep one night. I know, one day, I was very tired; I missed a meeting. And I do not think I was paying attention when I was there because I knew that I -- there were a couple of messages that I really had not listened to, in particular, by one preacher, which I listened to. And so I listened to it the other day.


     And he is a very neutral man. I was surprised to find out that he is Jewish. I know that my opinion of him is that he has the most well-rounded message of anyone that I have heard at any of these conferences. He starts at the beginning; he goes right through deliverance. He has a very sound message. And I -- he has a very sound message.


     So I listened to his message, and he does not say tribulation. He does not say pre-tribulation. He believes in pre-wrath. What does that mean? He is not giving glory to anyone other than Jesus Christ. When I say he does not believe in the tribulation, he believes -- he wants to call it what it is: in his estimation, the wrath of God. Pre-wrath, not pre-tribulation. He thinks we are going to be raptured.


     So this man has a great -- he has -- just has such a sound message, and then he believes in the rapture. OK. He even said we are supposed to be built up. We are supposed to be soldiers. We are supposed to be warriors for God. We are supposed to be as strong as we can be. And then, as soon as we are as much like him as possible, he says, "Come up hither." And I guess he thinks that is the rapture. So after we are established as full soldiers in the army of God, then we run away. I do not understand. But anyway, that is as far as he gets.


     So he is saying pre-wrath, brethren. Wrath is the sowing and reaping judgment. Wrath is the sowing and reaping judgement. Jesus has come to interfere with the sowing and reaping judgment. Jesus has not come to make a way of escape from the sowing and reaping judgment on the world. OK. Jesus has come to make a way for me to escape from the sowing and reaping judgment. When I have sinned, he gives me the opportunity to repent, OK, and to survive the judgment. He has not come to destroy the world. He has come to save the world.


     The wrath that is going on is the first Adam, the first -- it is the judgment. How am I going to say this, Lord? The wrath, the trouble, the wars, all of that -- brethren, it is coming from the mind. A lot of it is coming from the mind of these Christians that are speaking it into existence. Jesus has come to save us from that by telling us the truth. And when we believe the truth, a lot of this chaos might calm down.


     So it is not the way he makes it sound that it is the wrath of Jehovah is coming upon the world. Brethren, it is all about Israel. It is all about Israel. When Israel manifests and forgives the world, Satan will lose his power to do all of this World War III and all of this junk that is going on. Israel has to -- the true Israel has to stand up. The true church has to stand up.


     And this very preacher was preaching that that is not the church. He was doing a double message with another preacher who was a deliverance worker. So the first guy -- he was beyond deliverance. He had a very good message up to the point that he believed in the rapture. And the second man was a deliverance worker. He was saying some good things in his area of expertise.


     And they both agreed that the church is apostate. This is the first time I ever heard that from anybody. Thank God for that, that they are telling people that is not the church out there. That is not the church; that is some kind of apostate Neopaganism. That is not the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. OK. But neither was -- were these two preachers members of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ because, if they were, you know, they would recognize him behind this image. And the one man, I have written to him twice. I have spoken to him at the conference. And he cannot recognize his master: not me, but the regenerated Adam inside of me, Christ Jesus.


     OK. So the church, that -- whatever is out there is a perversion. What is calling itself the church is a perversion, preaching a complete lie. And the true church is here, but we have no power at this time, and the first Adam is not sealed off in us yet. So we are an immature church, but we are not apostate.


     So we have a definition of tribulation here in Strong's 2347. It means pressure, literally or figuratively. And I try not to look at the King James translations because the King James translations tend to line up with the revelation of the Catholic Church: persecution, tribulation, trouble. Afflicted is accurate, afflicted, anguished. I am afflicted a lot. I am anguished a lot. I am under a lot of pressure; I told you that in the last meeting. Under a lot of -- the only relief I get is when I am in the study. Like, I just had a great day yesterday. I had a great day yesterday. I was back in my element doing this kind of -- I have not done this kind of a study in quite a while, I think.


     Tribulation, from another lexicon: "to crush." Brethren, we are the first Adam. The second Adam is coming in and crushing us. He is crushing us like he crushed the alabaster box. The alabaster box was crushed, at which point it was brought to anoint Jesus. He is crushing us. "To press, to compress, to squeeze; trouble and affliction." It has nothing to do with the government putting you in jail or executing you because you are a Christian or forcing a chip on you. It has nothing -- that is not the word tribulation. That is not what is in the Bible. That is not the message. Tribulation is childbirth. Tribulation is labor, child labor, labor of childbirth.


     I gave you all of these definitions so that you could look them over if you want to. It means many, many things, the least of which is persecution by governments. It says, down at the bottom of page 3, "Tribulations may be produced by various causes." And then, at the bottom of page 4, it says, "Tribulation then, to the early Christians, meant not so much [?low?] health, poverty or loss of friends but the sacrifices they had to meet and the perils they had to meet from their proclamation of or the profession of Christ." Basically, it is pressure. It is not someone killing you. It is pressure: mental pressure, spiritual pressure.


     Could you turn that down, please? Is it this fan? Is it on high?




     Is it on low?




     So you have to shut it off.


     I mean, I can do that, but the air is on also. You want me to shut this off?


     Oh, shut the air off then. Yeah. I thought something changed. That is why I asked you if it was on before. Are you hot? Do you need the air on? All right.


     So I gave you a couple of pages of definitions. You can read it yourself if you like to. I gave you that opportunity. On page 7, again, synonyms are suffering, affliction, ill treatment, affliction, that which one suffers, a holding together, a compression, distress, emotional distress, heavy, burdensome weight, disturbance -- everything that I have shared with you that I am going through, just a lot of pressure.


     Yesterday, I had no pressure at all because I am in a study like this. I was deep in the Spirit of God. No pressure, no confusion. It was a wonderful day. I had a wonderful day. It is when I come out from that element and I come out into the world of the first Adam that I feel the pressure. I feel the pressure that the first Adam in me is under because Christ Jesus is operating freely in me.


     I think I still need this turned down one notch. Thanks. OK.


     So here we start our study on Japheth. Japheth, definition, means enlargement, to extend. It means to be fair. This is where the white race comes from. The white race comes from Japheth. To be fair, from the fair complexion of James. This author calls Japheth James. I did not know that James was the English rendition of Japheth, but according to this author, it is. From the fair complexion of James and his descendants, probably the second son of Noah, from the youngest, where the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- do not want to be reading all this. The elder brother of -- the second son of Noah. OK. I will leave that there to read more if you would like to.


     It states that James came from -- now this is from a Bible dictionary. This is from "Fausset's Bible Dictionary," and that reference is on page 8. It says, and he states and his reference book states, that Japheth came -- or from James came Gomer, his eldest son, Gomer, which is basically the Scots, the Celts, which is Scotland; Magog, the Scythians, which today are the Ukraine or the Southern Russia -- now you need to see the political turmoil that is going on in these states, although Scotland seems to be OK, other than that they do not want to leave the European Union, and they do want to separate from Great Britain. But Ukraine -- there was an overthrow of the government of Ukraine recently. From what I understand, it was a duly elected government that was overthrown, and that our government, the -- our -- the criminal government that is in power in the United States right now, had something to do with it. And they put in its place a Neo-Nazi organization, and Russia is involved there. So it is a hotbed. A hotbed is around Russia and Iran.


     So these are the descendants of Japheth: the Scots; the Ukraines, Southern Russia; Croatia, which used to be a part of Yugoslavia; Iran; the Greeks; Tubal. Tubal is Georgia between Russia and Turkey. Some call it Armenia. The Tiberini, which are the Spaniards; Meshech is Russia. And then there is Mushski. We are told these last two, Meshech and Mushski, declined between 1100 and 400 B.C., leaving no literature. So we do not know anything about them. And then also the [UNINTELLIGIBLE], the Thracians, which are the Teutons, which is Germany.


     And now this is still a reading from the Fausset's Bible Dictionary: "Moses thus, under the Spirit, anticipates the discoveries of ethnology," the study of different ethnicities, different peoples. "Moses thus, under the Spirit, anticipates the discoveries of ethnology, which comprises one great family of mankind under five heads." And these are the five heads: Iran, Scotland, Germany, the Greeks and Italians and Russia.


     So the first thing that Mr. Fausset did was give us the information, the worldly information, which has seven points. But he says, according to the Scripture, according to Moses, there are five main nations that came out of Japheth: Iran, Scotland, Germany, the Greeks and Italians and Russia. It is interesting that Italy is standing up against the European Union right now, so they are involved.  "Moses rightly makes the nations" -- well, I am not going to read you all that. You can read that yourself.


     Now, in Genesis 9:27, this is still Mr. Fausset. I have it bolded because it is pertinent to our study. Ye God, in John 1:14, or Japheth -- that does not seem to make any sense to me. So what he is saying is, in John 1:14, it is said, or God says, that Japheth shall dwell in the tents of Shem. James, by expansive energy and enlargement -- and this is the opinion of the writer of the Bible dictionary. OK. James, or Japheth, by expansive energy -- because the European nations expanded. They went into India; they went into Africa; they went into China. James, by expansive energy and enlargement, overpasses his own bounds, or his own national bounds, and dwells in the tents of Shem.


     You know, that is the Scripture in Genesis, that Japheth will dwell in the tents of Shem. So this Bible writer is saying, yes, all of these European nations -- they have overran their borders, and they went into the nations of Shem, which are Medio-Persia, Greek, Roman and modern European and American empires. So he says -- the Medio-Persian, the Greek, the Roman and the modern European and American empires exemplify this Scripture -- that they overran their borders, and they extend themselves into other parts of the world.


     But mainly, James dwells in Shem's tents spiritually. Mainly, James dwells in Shem's tents spiritually. Superior in secular enterprise and capacity for rule, yet in spiritual concerns, James is inferior to Shem. So he is saying that Shem, which are the brown races -- basically, the brown races are spiritually superior to the white races. Or the white races -- what does he say here? -- are superior in secular enterprise and capacity to rule. So let me read you the whole sentence again.


     James, by expansive energy and enlargement overpasses his own bounds and dwells in the tents of Shem as the Medio-Persian Greek, Roman, and modern European and American empires exemplify. But mainly, James dwells in Shem's tents spiritually. Superior in secular enterprise and capacity for rule, yet in spiritual concerns, James is inferior to Shem, through whose posterity alone all revelations from heaven have come, culminating in God manifested in the flesh. Christianity, he is talking about. James' descendants, as converts to the Lord God of Shem -- because the Lord God of Shem went to Abraham. Abraham refused Messiah, and Messiah went to Japheth. Messiah was sent to Shem, the Israelites. They refused him. He then went to Japheth. That is what this man is saying.


     And he is saying that Japheth are converts to the Lord God of Shem, as Genesis 9:26: "And they dwell in Spirit in Shem's tents." So in other words, we are dwelling in the tents of the Israelites, who originally received the oracles of God, and we are converts. And he is right. We are converts. We are actually converts to Judaism. That is true. There really is no such thing as Christianity. We are converts to Judaism, except the problem is that the New Testament, the New Covenant, sounds so radically different to the Jew that it looks like we are two separate religions, but we are not.


     The full consummation of the prophecy -- now here is where I disagree with him. The full consummation of the prophecy will be -- what prophecy? That Japheth will dwell in the tents of Shem. The full consummation of the prophecy will be when Israel, sprung from Shem -- Israel sprang from Shem -- shall be the spiritual head of the nations. And they shall flock to Jerusalem, where Israel's king shall reign.


     So Mr. Fausset believes that there is going to be a human being, who will be Messiah, who is going to be emperor over the nations of the world government, and that all of the peoples of the world shall flock to Jerusalem, where Israel's king shall reign. You know, we -- those of us who understand the Scripture more accurately understand that the ruler is a spiritual man, OK, and the Jerusalem is the soul of Israel, and that what is happening in the Middle East is not the restoration of Israel, and that the people who live there mostly are secular, and the government is secular. It is the biggest haven for homosexuality and transgenderism. There is no way that that is an apostate Israel in the Middle East. I have nothing against the people, but that is not the fulfillment of prophecy.


     The fulfillment of the prophecy that the nation of Israel shall be restored is when spiritual Israel wakes up in the people, and we are to become a nation. The Scripture tells us we are to become a nation, although not physically because we are going to be from all over the world. But we need to become a spiritual nation where we recognize each other; we recognize one another and we behave in a manner similar to the way physical nationals behave toward each other.


     I do not know how much is going on today because people are more and more Americanized, amongst the Japhethites anyway. It used to be, if you came from Italy, and there were two people that wanted a job, you gave it to the Italian. If you -- two people came. If there were three people that wanted the job, and the one that had the -- that was offering the job was Jewish, you would give it to the Jew. You gave it to your own national. I do not know that that is going on today. It may be going on today with the new immigrants and the new legal immigrants in the country. I do not know about that, you know. But we will be recognizing each other by the Spirit. We will be a spiritual nation. We are going to have a new blood, spiritual blood. We will be recognizing each other and cleaving to each other and preferring each other in every legitimate way that is not ungodly.


     Now I had an experience last night. I am not really sure how much it applies here, but I will share it with you. The synagogue that I attend had a Sukkot party. It is the holiday of Sukkot, which the church calls the Feast of Tabernacles. And according to that holiday, you are supposed to build a lean-to outside of the house. You are supposed to build a shed. And I think the Scripture says you are supposed to live there, but whatever. They build a shed outside of the synagogue, and they have some food there, and they invite you to come.


     And I got into a conversation with a woman that goes to the synagogue that I have actually known for several years, but I have never actually sat down and talked to her, because everybody was just sitting around for the hour that you were invited there. And I was really shocked to hear her tell me how deeply immersed she is in occultism. She even told me that her children keep telling her that she is a witch. Well, she is a witch.


     She was -- I have never experienced it before. I have been around all kinds of people. I was really uncomfortable being next to her. I could not wait to get away from her. Now maybe it is because I am ascended. I have not been around anyone like that in a long time.


     And she was just going on and on and on, how her daughter wanted to set the wedding date. She told her daughter, "Do not do it; it is going to snow that day." And her daughter did not believe her, and it snowed. She said, when they woke up in the morning, there was already 20 inches on the ground. The wedding was canceled. How her daughter was -- all of the -- well, how her daughter wanted to buy a house, and she went with her. And she said, "I will not stay in that house. There is some" -- she said, "Somebody died a violent death in this house."


     But the thing that really got to me was when she said she moved into her house in Medford. And when she was moving in, or even before she bought it, I do not know, somebody told her, "Do you know there is a spirit that lives in this house?" And she said, "I know there is a spirit that lives in this house, and that is OK. He is a kind spirit." And she said to me, "I became friends with that spirit that lived in the house. And I would go out at night, and ask him to watch my children." That is what she is telling me. And then -- and she is going on, like, for an hour. She was talking to me, telling me, giving me testimony after testimony. And then, when she moved out of that house, she gave that spirit the opport- -- he was her friend, so she gave him the opportunity to stay in that house or to move with her, and he moved with her.


     So -- and she is saying to me, "Well, you are spiritual. You are spiritual," because I guess everybody talks about me. They know -- whatever they say about me, believing in Jesus, they know that I am spiritual. And I said to her, well, for me, my spirituality comes from Jesus. Who is it that you are talking to? Who is it that is telling you all these things? Because she was giving me all these testimonies about how she is protected, and how she was driving her car, and a voice -- I do not know whether it was a voice or a thought: "Move over." She said it was [UNINTELLIGIBLE]: "Move over now. Move over now." And she went into the next lane, and she would have probably been killed. Some car jumped the barrier or something. So she definitely has a spirit guide. So I said to her, who is it that is talking to you? And she said that she has guardian angels and that Michael, the archangel Michael, is there, and that she has several spirit guides.


     And the same woman says that she wakes up every morning -- she is a very nice lady. As far as a human being goes, I have never heard a wrong word out of her mouth. She is not a gossip. She is kind, compared to some of the other people there. And she said, "I wake up in the morning, and I thank God, you know, that my legs work, that I can walk." And she is ill. She is an older woman, and she is on dialysis. But she leads -- aside from the fact that -- the three days a week in dialysis, when I see her, she seems to be leading a normal life. She said she wakes up every morning and thanks God for her health. She is living two lives there.


     But what happened -- and she is telling me -- basically, this is good. But recently, within the last couple of years, she found out that her son is homosexual. See, so there is a price that you pay for it. But she would never relate her son becoming a homosexual to her witchcraft activities. She would never think of that in a million years. And she took it pretty well, from what I understand. She just said, well, I am sorry that I will not have grandchildren. But she seems to have embraced her son with his boyfriend or whoever. So that is the price that she paid for it. Her son paid the price for it.


     But she was just going on and on and on. And when she was telling me about being friends with that spirit, I do not remember ever being uncomfortable with somebody talking about things like that, but it has been a very long time since I ever had a conversation like that. I really could not wait to get away from her, and it is definitely going to affect my relationship with her. I am not going to seek her out.


     So for some reason, I wanted to give you that testimony. What was I talking about that I wanted to give you that testimony? The full consummation of the prophecy will be when Israel, which springs from Shem, shall be the spiritual head of the nations. And they shall flock to Jerusalem, where Israel's king shall reign. OK. Israel's king is a spiritual man, and he reigns inside, on the throne of our heart. See, and when you have other spirits like that inside of you, he cannot come in. What is God going to do for that woman that thanks God every morning? She has no idea. She thinks it is a joke. My friend, my kids tell me I am a witch because I know all these things. I had no idea. She is a very quiet woman. I had no idea. So there had to be a reason why I started telling that, and I do not even remember what it was, why I started telling you that testimony.


     OK. So now we are going to -- so we see that there is false doctrine in the church. The full -- this is false. The full consummation of the prophecy will be when Israel, which sprang from Shem, shall be the spiritual head of the nations. It is not that apostate nation. Maybe that is where I was coming from. It is not that apostate nation in the Middle East that has nothing to do with Christ Jesus whatsoever. And anybody that is flocking to that physical Jerusalem is confused about where the king is reigning because the king is reigning on the hearts of the spiritual Israelites that will be attached to each other through their connection to Chri- -- to the Lord Jesus Christ. We will recognize each other and know each other.


     Maybe that is where I came from, giving you that testimony. I crave fellowship of other believers of my -- of the same Spirit. And it was really not at all pleasant being next to that woman. I just wanted to run home. I did not even want to leave my studies to go to the party, but I feel an obligation to support the synagogue because I go there. So I left the house for an hour, and it just really revolted me. So things are -- it is going to be very difficult. I think the reason I gave you that testimony is that we really are a new nation. We are a new people. We are different. We are different, but every Christian does not have what we have.


     This is a -- I lead a consecrated life. There are other people that lead consecrated lives, you know. I really -- it is going to really be a problem for me, I see, being around other people, but we are supposed to mix with other people. But that conversation, especially when she said that she was -- she made friends with him, I just had no idea. So you do not know who you are talking to. You do not know what kind of a spirit is on them, although I did not feel anything evil about her at all, and so far, I am still OK. Because --the last time I met that woman on the road, as I said, a condition that I already had got worse. But she was -- there was a controversy with her. There was no controversy with this woman. She said she really enjoyed the conversation; we have to do it again.


     So, brethren, OK. Now the next section of our notes is Gog. I wanted to talk to you about Gog and Magog if there are no questions. And then I will talk to you about Gog and Magog, and then we will call it quits for today.


     Gog is Strong's 1463. It is a proper noun, and the name tells you all that. I gave you -- I printed this out for you so you could read it yourself. And of course, at the top of page 9, it is a synopsis of the carnal understanding of the Scripture. "The Lord, at any rate, sets himself against Gog." He sets himself against the first Adam. "Gog will lead a coalition of nations against God's people" -- I do not see it that way at all -- "who are then dwelling securely in the land." OK. So I am not going to read you the full synopsis. You can read that yourself if you want. "But God, in fact, will bring Gog forth and will destroy him and his people." Well, Gog is going to be destroyed. He is the first Adam. OK. OK.


     Magog, Strong's 4031. I want to suggest to you, well, he is a son of Japheth. Gog, we just do not know who he is. He is just a -- it is an imaginary name.






     It is not a son, descendant of Reuben, son of Job?






     No, that is not the Gog in --




     That is a different Gog. That is why I stopped --




     -- reading it. Yeah. There is someone called a descendant of Reuben, but that is not the Gog in Ezekiel 38. The Gog in Ezekiel 38 is just a name which, I am telling you, means double judgment because we found out that it means the earth, and the first Adam is earthy, the Adam of the earth. But these other people just happen to have the same name, but it is not the name of the Gog of Ezekiel. But the Magog of Ezekiel, which is 4031, that is the name of the descendant of Japheth.


     So my comment here: The Hebrew letter gimel means reward and punishment. The Hebrew letter mem -- that is the M -- means fountain of wisdom. So Gog is gimel, gimel: double gimel, double punishment. Magog is mem, fountain of wisdom, plus gimel, gimel. So I am saying that, since the mem means fountain of wisdom, I am making the double -- the mem double gimel the second Adam and Gog, just the double gimel, the double punishment. So Magog is the double -- you can say the double reward and punishment, which is the fountain of wisdom. So I am -- the fountain of wisdom. There is no punishment in the fountain of wisdom.


     So this is how -- this is my thinking. You can pray about it if you like. The mem modifies the double, and so I am making it the double reward, which is the fountain of wisdom. The double reward, the reward for living for God out of your natural man, which is your nefesh, and living for God out of your neshemah, your intellect -- the double reward is the fountain of wisdom. So Magog is the double reward, which is the fountain of wisdom, and Gog is the double punishment, the two Adams. And this I received by revelation from the Lord. You can receive it or pray about it. You should pray about it if you are having a problem with it because that is what the Lord told me.


     Jehovah declares his double judgment upon the first Adam, Gog, judgment in this world and in the spiritual world, judgment of the root and the branch of the tree of knowledge. The word of God went to the descendants of Ham first through the mind and failed and turned evil. Now the word of God went to Shem through Abraham, and Israel rejected Jesus, who came forth from their own spiritual womb. So the seed that came forth from glorification of Jesus of Nazareth went to the descendants of Japheth, basically, the European nations. So when I say that Japheth got it my default, the European nations received the honor of being the nations through which Messiah is revealing himself by default because Shem refused it.


     The people who believe in theosophy are trying to bring in the sixth root race. That is spelled wrong from my [?voice suffering?]. The people who believe in theosophy are trying to bring in the sixth root race early. See snippets of Madame Blavatsky's teachings. What we see on the earth today is the first Adam, who has been manifested through many different nations since time began, raging against Christ Jesus, the second Adam, who is about to cut short the present fifth root race, cancel the prophesied sixth and seventh and eighth -- I should say that there is an eighth root race; seventh and eighth root races -- and replace them with the kingdom of God. The ethnology -- the study of ethnics, different ethnic groups -- the ethnology of the first Adam distinguishes between races, declaring some more valuable than others. But the second Adam accepts everyone of all races who believe.


     And this is our Alternate Translation here of Romans 10:9: "All who believe Christ Jesus, the moral conviction that is equal to the moral standard of the character of God, that God raised Jesus from the dead and confesses with their mouth that Jesus is Lord over the sec- -- over the first Adam, who previously ruled over them from their heart's center." OK. The second Adam accepts everyone of all races who believes Christ Jesus, and you cannot believe it if you do not have the moral conviction in your heart. "Everyone who believes Christ Jesus, the moral conviction that is equal to the moral standard of the character of God, that God raised Jesus from the dead and confe- -- and that same person confesses with their mouth that Jesus is Lord over the first Adam, who previously or used to rule over them from their heart's center."


     My comment: The cached Scripture above is that Jesus Christ, the moral conviction that comes from God, must be present for you to be saved. Then once he is present, the first Adam must believe him and submit to him. Then you shall be saved.


     OK. So what is this here? Exodus 22:1-4, I have some witnesses here. Exodus 22:1-4: "If a man shall steal an ox or a sheep and kill it" -- see, the first Adam stole the creation, brethren. So the Lord is showing us that this double punishment upon the first Adam is in accordance with his law. I found this very interesting, personally. "If a man steal an ox or a sheep and kill it or sell it, he shall restore five oxen for an ox and four sheep for a sheep. If a thief be found breaking up and smitten that he die, there shall no blood be shed for him. If the sun be risen upon him, there shall be blood shed for him, for he should make full restitution. If he have nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft. If the theft be certainly found in his hand alive, whether it be an ox, an ass or a sheep, he shall restore double."


     Now Adam had nothing to pay for his sins, so he was sold. God sold him. And now he is found in -- well, he is not alive, but he has an existence. He is found -- he is guilty. OK. He is found to be guilty. He shall restore double. And that is the foundation for God requiring double, his own law.


     Isaiah 40:2: "Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned, for she hath received of the Lord's hand double for all of her sins." That means she was found guilty. OK. She was found with the proof in her hand, and that is why she is getting double.


     Isaiah 61:7: "For your shame, you shall have double. And for confusion, they shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore, in their land, they shall possess the double. Everlasting joy shall be unto them."


     Jeremiah 16:18: "And first I will recompense their iniquity and their sin double" -- it means they are found guilty -- "because they have defiled my land" -- and the land is defiled -- "and they have filled mine inheritance" -- that is us -- "with the carcasses of their detestable and abominable things." They have filled mine inheritance, Jesus is saying through Jeremiah, or Adam is saying through Jeremiah. They fill the inheritance, these vessels, with the carcasses, the dead bodies, of their detestable and abominable things.


     Matthew 23:27: "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward but are within full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness." Dead men's bones.


     Jeremiah 17:18: "Let them be confounded that persecute me, but let not me be confounded. Let them be dismayed, but let not me be dismayed. Bring upon them the day of evil, and destroy them with double destruction." Found guilty, double destruction.


     Zechariah 19:12: "Turn you the stronghold, ye prisoners of hope. Even today do I declare that I will render double unto you." So it is a double reward. There is a double punishment and a double reward. And that is a witness to me telling you that the double gimel is either a double punishment, and it becomes a double reward when the mem is added to it.


     One more, Revelation 18:6: "Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works. In the cup which she hath filled, fill to her double." So despite what she does, it is considered being caught with the goods in your hand. What does that mean? Excuse me. That she is -- by the things that she is doing through the vessels that she is illegally possessing, that is the proof. So she has to be filled, to fill her double judgment on the vessels that she is moving through. So we need to repent to escape the judgment on the one that is filling us.


     Do [?my next thing?] -- well, it is 2:35. What is this? Genesis 18:23-33. Oh, I would like to read this, if you do not mind. This is my witness, a strong witness to that God has no intention of destroying this nation or this planet. That is why he sent Jesus, and Jesus is faithful; he will join with Christ Jesus in Israel. And Jehovah will find 10 Sefirot of men in full stature in this nation, and he will not destroy it.


     Genesis 18:23-33: "And Abraham drew near and said, 'Will you also destroy the righteous with the wicked? Peradventure there are 50 righteous within the city; will you also destroy and not spare the place for the 50 righteous that are therein? That be far from you to do this manner'" -- it is far from you; this is not the nature of God -- "'to slay the righteous with the wicked." It is not the nature of God to slay the righteous with the wicked. "And that the righteous should be as the wicked, that be far from you. Shall not the judge of all the earth do the right thing?" It is not your nature, Lord, to destroy the righteous with the wicked. "Shall not the judge of all the earth do the right thing," according to his own law? Do not do this. Do not destroy the righteous with the wicked, the righteous being the second Adam, the wicked being the first Adam. OK. If you destroy the first Adam, which is the body, you destroy the second Adam with him. That is not your nature to destroy your own.


     "And the Lord said, 'If I find in Sodom fifty righteous within the city, then I will spare all the place for their sakes.' And Abraham answered and said, 'Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the Lord, which am but dust and ashes. Peradventure there shall be five of the 50 righteous. Wilt thou destroy all the day -- all the city for the lack of five?' And he said, 'If I find there 40 and five, I will not destroy it.' And he spake unto him yet again and said, 'Peradventure there shall be 40 found here -- found there.' And he said, 'I will not do it for 40's sake.' And he said unto him, 'Oh, let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak. Peradventure there shall 30 be found there.' And he said, 'I will not do it if I find 30 there.'"


     "And he said, 'Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the Lord. Peradventure there shall be 20 found there.' And he said, 'I will not destroy it for 20's sake.' And he said, 'Oh, let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak yet but this once. Peradventure 10 shall be found there.' And he said, 'I will not destroy it for 10's sake.' And the Lord went his way, as soon as he had left communing with Abraham. And Abraham returned unto his place." And as we know, Sodom was destroyed.


     1 John 2:1: "My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous." He is the righteous. He is the one righteous one. The number 10 is the same as number one. It just has a number added to it. Jesus Christ, the righteous one -- he is found in the city, in your city, in my city. We will not be destroyed. And hopefully, he will be prevalent enough that this whole city and this whole nation and this whole planet will not be destroyed.


     That is my hope. And today, I make it official. I no longer sit here and say, I just do not believe these other preachers. Why do I not believe them? I do not believe them because they are preaching a lie. It is not the nature of the Lord to destroy Christ where he is appearing in the first Adam. It is not the nature of God to do it. He sent Jesus to save us and to stop this from happening, and he will stop it. I do not doubt that he will stop it.


     One more short one, brethren, Luke 9:54-56: "And when his disciples, James and John, saw this, they said, 'Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven and consume them, even as Elias did?' But Jesus turned and rebuked them and said, 'You know not what manner of spirit you are of.'" You do not even know who you are. The Lord is not rapturing you and destroying the world while you are in a safe place. "'For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them.' And they went to another village."


     I just got a strong chill witness. Brethren, the Lord has come to save. I rebuke the false doctrine in the church. I rebuke the apostate church. I have nothing against you personally, but you need to get out of the way. You need to get out of the way so that the true message can come forth. I send forth these fighting words into the Spirit to tear down every false doctrine, every lie, every false perception, to destroy every thought form that has been going forth for years from these apostate preachers, and to clear the air and bring forth the truth. And I call to Christ, wherever he is, to wake up and stand up and recognize this message and bring it forth, in Jesus' name, and come looking for it. In Jesus' name, amen.


     Amen. Thank you, Lord.


     OK, brethren. So on Sunday, Lord willing, we are going to start translating Ezekiel 38, which does mention Gog and Magog. And I do not think I am -- it is really too late to do anything now. And I have not put the five verses that I did together yet. So we will just start fresh on Sunday, Lord willing, with this Alternate Translation. Hopefully, I will have it finished for you by Sunday. And I also intend to read these notes on theosophy and see if there is anything else that the Lord wants me to talk to you about with that.


     Are there any questions on this message?


11/09/18 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion
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