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Praise the Lord everyone we have part one of an exciting message today, and I have named it Solomon’s heel meaning Solomon’s weakness. If the Lord lets me I intend to do a full alternate translation of all eight chapters of the Song of Solomon. The Lord has shown me that, that book is actually an account of Solomon’s love affair with the Lord, his fall, the Lord’s love for him despite the fact that he is fallen, and the promised resurrection in another generation. The resurrection of what? The resurrection of the manifestation of God that we see through the man that we call King Solomon. King Solomon was a type, of course he was a real king but he was a type of a coming kingdom of God, and the full manifestation of messiah in the world.


I also want to suggest to you that, and I will show it to you, Lord willing in future parts to this message that what contributed in bringing Solomon down was the anger of his brethren. The anger of his brethren I will show it to you in the Scripture. The anger of his brethren. Everybody has a carnal side, everybody has an unconscious mind, and if anybody thinks that you can control that unconscious mind to the point that there is no way you are attacking the person that the Lord has anointed, you are walking in complete deception. Everybody attacked me, now the more spiritual you are the more likely you are to be able to control the unconscious part of your mind. The less spiritually mature you are the more likely I am to get slammed. When I say slammed, the worst of it is I have been choked almost to the point of death if the Lord did not have mercy on me.


I am choked by Leviathan in the minds of my disciples, and this is the truth, I tell you the truth. Solomon was brought down in the spirit by the anger or the jealously. It could be anger or jealousy. Do not tell me you do not have jealous everybody has jealousy. It is just a question of how you deal with it. If you think you do not have jealous it is because you have not seen it in yourself. Everybody has Pride, Everybody has jealousy everybody has rejection everybody has rebellion, and every ugly thing that arises out of it. Everybody has it. If you think that you do not have it that means it is running ramped in you doing whatever it wants to do.


If you know you have it, and you are dealing with it according to the instruction that I have been giving you all for years. Then at least you know you have it, and the chances are least likely that it is doing damage, not only to me, to anybody but me being the preacher I am a target. Why am I a target? I am a target because Satan wants to use you all to take me out. It is almost impossible for an outsider to take an appointed person of God out, it’s the members of his own household that take him out. We see that with Judas. Now you are not supposed to be going around feeling guilty moping or crying. You are supposed to be asking the Lord to let you see your sins so that you can deal with them. You are not supposed to be upset about this it is the truth. It is our reality. It is everybody’s reality.


Satan, and Leviathan in you are angry at me. They are angry at me for preaching the Doctrine of Christ, they are angry at me for revealing sin they are angry with me for telling you that you are doing something wrong. They are angry at me for exercising a godly authority in the ministry. Satan, and Leviathan are just angry at me.


I will show you that in the Scripture when we do the alternate translation that spiritually speaking it was Solomon’s brethren who were angry at him, and that laid the ground work for the temptation or the seduction to come into his life. I want to suggest to you that this seduction that came into his life, was the queen of Sheba. What do I mean seduction? How does this work? In the unconscious realm of the mind a contract goes out on my life. Take that preacher down. Take that preacher down, and then it has to materialize in this world. Even if sin materializes in this world it cannot get me or you. It is not just me, it is whoever is doing the work for the Lord. It is not just the temptation alone coming in, that cannot harm you there has to be an open ground, a legal ground an open door, for that seduction to take you out.


There has to be an opening in the man of God that will make him susceptible to the seduction or the temptation or to the flattery that comes in his direction. Thus the name of this message Solomon’s Heel, Solomon’s weakness. We will find out that Solomon’s weakness was basically pride, there was lust present but his weakness was pride. That this great Queen came looking for his wisdom. The spiritual ground work was laid by his brethren who were angry with him, and I believe jealousy is included in that anger. I also the anger of him just keeping the law. Then the actual seduction materialized in the form of the Queen of Sheba, and I will show you a witness in the alternate translation that the Queen of Sheba is there. Of course the whole book of the Song of Solomon is in a parable form so we have to take a look at the alternate translations to find out the alternate meanings of the words. There is a hidden reference which I will show you in the Song of Solomon to the virgin Queen. The Queen of Sheba I do not know if she was a virgin, but she was called a virgin Queen she never married, and she only had one child after her encounter with Solomon, and she was called the virgin Queen. I will show you a reference to the virgin Queen in the Song of Solomon.


Honestly at this point I do not know what I will think after I start on the alternate translation. I do not know what the Lord will minister to me. At this point I honestly cannot see that the Queen of Sheba came to Solomon with the specific intent of taking him out, because she took him out. We will go through your notes, she took him out. History says, not even Christian history says that Solomon went into polygamy after the Queen of Sheba departed from him. That is when he turned to polygamy his whole reign, and dynasty started to retrograde, started to go backwards after his encounter with the Queen of Sheba.


Did she deliberately come to take him down? As of this moment I have not been able to find anything, and neither do I have a perception in my heart that she went to specifically take him out. The reason I think she went to Solomon was that she was looking for spiritual power. Now you have to read between the lines even in the Scripture, the Scripture says nothing about spiritual power, it talks about wisdom. There are indications that she was looking for spiritual power, brethren most people do not stop at doctrine, and we as Christians should not be stopping at doctrine. If all that you want from this ministry is doctrine, you are selling yourself short. Don’t you want the Doctrine to work its way into your life? Don’t you want doctrine to produce power? Don’t you want to be healed? Don’t you want enter into longevity, and immortality? Don’t you want power over all your enemies?


The wisdom of God or spiritual wisdom produces power, and we are not talking about the wisdom, we are not talking about intellectual wisdom here. Solomon had much more than intellectual wisdom. He had the wisdom that came from a higher world. He had the wisdom of this world also, but what made him great was that he was able to tap into the wisdom that came from a higher world. That is what the Queen of Sheba was looking for. There are indications that she had, that she was ill. According to the secular literature she had something wrong with her foot. I have all of this for you we will go over it.


It sounds to me like it is a parable, some say she had something wrong with her foot, and Solomon healed her. Others say that her legs were very hairy, and Solomon explained to her that, that is not ideal, and he made a depilatory a substance that removes the hair. I really think that, that is all a parable, but there was some kind of healing that came there. One of the Scriptures that I have translated which I hope we will get to today, in 1 Kings. The alternate translation of that Scripture indicates that she was looking for immortality. That is what the alternate translation one of the Scriptures that I have translated for your today, indicates. She came looking for immortality, she did not come looking for doctrine, brethren. Do you know what it meant to travel from Sheba to Israel in those days? By Caravan it was a big deal. She came with all of that money, and all of those gifts. Yes she praised the God of Israel.


It is very possible that she had no intention of harming King Solomon, but the forces that sent her there had an intention of harming him there was the anger of his brethren that raised her up, that raised up someone some unsuspecting person to go, and take him out. What was his crime? What was his crime? His crime was he told her everything he knew. King Hezekiah told the king of Babylon the emissaries everything he knew, and he was punished with death.


We are not supposed to be telling everybody the Doctrine of Christ, this came out of the message on Thursday. That was Lot’s mistake he was trying to preach the Doctrine of Christ to people who had ungodly intentions towards him. You cannot teach the Doctrine of Christ or help somebody or try to help somebody by revealing sin to them if they are in their carnal mind. This is what Jesus was talking about when He said don’t cast your pearls before swine. He was not saying to not share the Doctrine of the Rapture with them. Jesus was saying do not share doctrine that produces spiritual power in the life of the person who embraces that doctrine.


It has to go beyond an intellectual knowledge of the doctrine. We are talking about spiritual doctrine sometimes called wisdom. There is a wisdom available in every world. The wisdom that comes from the higher world, the god world is wisdom that can produce longevity of life, and eventually immortality. I went ahead with the Song of Solomon, and I looked over the interlinear text of the whole eight chapters, this is my opinion that the Queen of Sheba, came to King Solomon looking for immortality. Do you know in the ancient world it was a big thing? There was always somebody looking for immortality, for the Holy Grail, for the Tree of Life, for there is all different names for it. There was always someone out there looking for the key to immortality. I believe that is what the Queen of Sheba was looking for. She went to this very wise man.


I have for you the Scriptures that deal with the Queen of Sheba, and I have some secular information for her. I do not think I finished what I was saying. At this point it does not look like she intended to take Solomon out, but she did. He died from her good intentions. Let us just give her the benefit of the doubt. The Queen of Sheba heard of Solomon’s wisdom, and she was looking for immortality so she came with all of these gifts, she praised the God of Israel, and she had no intention of harming him. He was seduced by her flattery first, I believe for her lust for second, we will go over some of the secular parables about King Solomon, and the Queen of Sheba.


It is my opinion that he did not seduce her, but it may have looked like he seduced her, but it is my opinion that she seduced him. Things are not always what they look like, in any event he gave her all, she was a pagan Queen, brethren, she was a pagan queen that wanted the secrets of God. The secrets of the Kingdom of God for the purpose of personal gain. She wanted, everything she did was because she wanted to enter into immortality, and King Solomon gave her all of the secrets of the Kingdom to a pagan queen with a selfish motive. This was his downfall, the minute she left what ever happened to them in their sexual encounter. As she left he became polygamous. I think it is reasonable that the Queen of Sheba came from a society that was polygamous, because that was the way the world was in those days. They believed in many gods, they believed in polygamous, they believed in fornication, and adultery was ok in most instances.


He picked up her spirit, brethren. He picked up her spirit, and or he experienced something with her that was so delicious that from the day she left he was looking to try to duplicate it in his life, so he went from pagan woman to pagan woman. Why? Brethren why would King Solomon marry pagan women? This was the young man who was so humble before God that the Lord said to him What do you want? Solomon said all I want is the wisdom to do a good job. He said I am like a little child I just want to do a good job. All I am asking you for is the wisdom to do a good job. He was so humble, and he was so right that Jehovah said you are going to get what you ask for plus I am going to make you the richest man in the world.


How do you go from that to having hundreds of wives, and concubines, and ultimately worshiping these idols of these pagan women that you join yourself too? Something had to happen to the man. I do not know about you but in my naivety, and my ignorance of all of the years that I am in the Scripture, I never really thought about it very deeply but when I did think about it I thought Well he was just a man he had all of this money, and it went to his head. He just married all these women, and he had all of these concubines it was just his pride, because brethren let’s face it you cannot sleep with hundreds of concubines. Why did he have all of these women? Because he was looking for something he had experienced with the pagan Queen of Sheba. She altered him, she changed his spirit. There was an exchange of spirit there, only God know if she benefitted or not but King Solomon was destroyed by that exchange of spirit, and he probably did not even know what happened to him. He lost it, with all his wisdom he did not even know what happened to him.


That experience was so sweet, and I am suggesting to you that it was more than sexual, it was more than sexual because highly spiritual people join on multiple levels. The only example I have for you unfortunately today is on the negative side. The only example of what? Of highly spiritual people being satisfied in ways other than sexually. Sex could be involved also. We read about the marriage between the Lord Jesus Christ and His church but we really do not understand. Brethren we really do not understand or believe that the consummation of that marriage could be so intensely great that it would wipe out our desire for sexual activity. I do not think anybody believes it.


That is what is indicated in the opening verses of chapter on of the Song of Solomon. Solomon had this incredibly positive satisfying relationship with Jehovah, but it was not completed. It was intense enough to be that satisfying and yet the Queen of Sheba came, and in the natural he was flattered, and he turned away from Jehovah towards this woman. He never turned back, after she left he kept going down most likely because he did not even know what happened to him.


This is my opening exhortation and these are the points I would like you to focus on. Why in the world would a Godly man, King Solomon was a godly man. Why would he turn to hundreds or pagan wives and concubines? Was he just a no good sinner, whose money got the best of him, whose power got the best of him. I think if I would stop and ask myself the question, I would say pretty much that is what I would think the power and money went to his head. It is more than that. Every time you hear about a preacher running off with the church secretary or getting into some kind of trouble it is much more than that person had lust or that person loved wealth and he ran off with the money, or he was just a theft at heart.


Brethren it is much more than that. Satan lays the trap. I want you to know, Satan in the minds of the preachers followers criticizing him, talking about him complaining about him, murmuring about him, you think nobody hears you. Even if you do not talk to anybody else about it, it is in your mind. You think nobody hears you. Christ in the preacher not only hears you Christ in the preacher experiences your complaints. Satan in the unconscious mind of the people this preacher is laying down his life for, sets up the seduction. It all happens in a high spiritual realm of the other side. Research is done and the preacher’s weakness is discovered by a spirit of divination. The person that can bring that weakness to the surface, and use it against that preacher is dispatched to the preacher. Whether the person who is dispatched knows that they are being used that way or not.


As of this moment I have no reason to believe that the Queen of Sheba went to bring down Solomon, or decided in any way to hurt him. Unless something else comes forth when we do the alternate translation of the Song of Solomon I am going to continue to believe that. What does that mean for us brethren? Why are se studying the Song of Solomon? Why are we studying King Solomon? This is 2009, Brethren because there is nothing new under the sun. For those of us who are ascending you need to know that there are contracts being set on your spiritual life, and possibly on your physical life too.


There are actual meetings going on there is activity in the spiritual plane to devise a plot to bring you down. Either to bring you down spiritually so that you are no longer a danger to Satan or Leviathan. If you really are a danger, to actually kill you the will make you sick, and kill you if they can. These plots actually manifest as actual real people in your life. They come in as your friend, and they maybe your friend. Brethren someone who is lying, and cheating, and deceiving you, and really is not your friend, they are not as nearly as dangerous as the person who really does not know what they are doing, and comes in to befriend you. They come in with their pagan ways to influence you, and change you, and turn you away from the Living God.


Sometimes it is your wife, sometimes it is your husband, sometimes it is one of your children. That is the hard one brethren. I believe that is my introduction to you, you have an idea where I am going. Let us take a look at some of these scriptures here. I have three examples for you, of men of God being brought down by spiritual power that materialized as real powers in their life. Samson was taken by lust, lies and pressure, and he was taken by Delilah. This goes back to the year 1050 B.C. There is nothing new under the sun, this is a timely message, brethren it the end of days, brethren. Messiah is about to stand up, we know that, that means Adam is about to be resurrected in the church and in the Jewish people somehow. That he is going to affect the whole world when he stands up in one or more persons, and his mind which is in the higher worlds will influence all of humanity down here in this world.


Time is short, the whole world is shaking. The Scripture is coming to pass before our eyes, and if you are one of the people who have a possibility, for whom it is a possibility that Adam will stand up in you, this message is for you.


Our first example is Samson and Delilah. Samson was taken by lust, lies, and pressure. The seduction that came upon Samson was very obvious, or at least it should have been obvious. He had lust for this woman, it was all out in the open. It was a romance if you want to call it a romance. He was pursuing her, he knew he was pursuing her, and he probably knew she was lying to him. He had to know she was pressuring him, but he fell under the powers. In a situation like that you have to remove yourself from the temptation. Which he did not do. Judges 16:16-21


Jud 16:16 And it came to pass, when she pressed him daily with her words, and urged him, so that his soul was vexed unto death;


Jud 16:17 That he told her all his heart, and said unto her, There hath not come a razor upon mine head; for I have been a Nazarite unto God from my mother's womb:  if I be shaven, then my strength will go from me, and I shall become weak, and be like any other man.


You see he told her all, he told her his feelings. Samson we are dealing with his feeling. There is information she wanted from him, she wanted the secret of his strength.


That he told her all his heart, and said unto her, There hath not come a razor upon mine head;


I am sorry he did tell her the truth, he told her the secret of his strength. We see Delilah wanted his strength. The Queen of Sheba wanted Solomon’s... the secret of immortality.


Jud 16:18 And when Delilah saw that he had told her all his heart, she sent and called for the lords of the Philistines, saying, Come up this once, for he hath showed me all his heart. Then the lords of the Philistines came up unto her, and brought money in their hand.


Jud 16:19 And she made him sleep upon her knees; and she called for a man, and she caused him to shave off the seven locks of his head; and she began to afflict him, and his strength went from him.


Jud 16:20 And she said, The Philistines be upon thee, Samson. And he awoke out of his sleep, and said, I will go out as at other times before, and shake myself. And he wist not that the LORD was departed from him.


Jud 16:21 But the Philistines took him, and put out his eyes, and brought him down to Gaza, and bound him with fetters of brass; and he did grind in the prison house.


We see that Samson went into captivity. Maybe there was a Samson and Delilah maybe there was not. I believe the explanation of his experience is a parable. I do not really believe that it was his physical hair that gave him strength. It is not the seven locks of his hair; it had to be the seven Sefirot. The seven Sefirot from the higher world that was imparted to him.


They separated him from the person that he was married to. He was married to Adam in a higher world. They separated him from his strength. That is one example, and I see that I did not read the foot note to you so let us take a little diversion here. For those of you that are not familiar with this concept of an Achilles Heel I would like to put it on this message for you.


The name of the message is called Solomon’s Heel, and I take that from the legend of Achilles. That information is in a footnote on page one. In Greek mythology, Achilles was a Greek hero of the Trojan War and he was the central character and the greatest warrior of Homer’s Iliad. That is a famous poem that gives a lot of historical information. A lot of people and historians read it for the historical information that is there. Achilles also had the attributes of being the most handsome of the heroes assembled against Troy.


Troy is the name of the city, when we talk about the Trojan War we are talking about a war that had to do with this city of Troy.


Later legends (beginning with a poem by Statius in the first century AD) state that Achilles was invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel. Is not that interesting? Because we teach here that Adam from the age of innocence was immortal except for sin. He was immortal until his head was cut off. Actually the Adam in the garden was a female Adam that was separated from her male head when she looked to the serpents minds thoughts and reasoning. She found herself separated from her godly head.


In the Scriptural account we see that the immortality that we die to immortality by the loss of our head. In the account of the Greek legend of Achilles it is the exact opposite part of his body. The one part of his body that is not immortal is his heel. Is that not interesting? I think that it is very interesting.


The Legend state that Achilles was semi- immortal, however his heel was vulnerable. We might say that Adam is semi immortal, only I have been expressing it to you was that he was imperfectly immortal, that is the first Adam. The last Adam is perfectly immortal, and invincible. From this spiritual point of view they call it semi immortal. How was that? Because his heel was vulnerable.


Since he died due to a poisoned shot into his heel. We see a poisoned entered into his weakness. We all have spiritual weakness brethren. That poison arrow is sent, there are spiritual contracts on your spiritual life if not our physical life. Poison arrows in the form of human beings, who maybe the nicest people, they maybe your loved ones that Satan stirred up and drafted into Satan’s army to shoot into your heel whatever your weakness is. It would behoove us all brethren it would be a good idea for all of us to ask the Lord to help us recognize our weaknesses so that we can defend against them. Or at least be aware of being seduced in that area.


We see that Achilles died when a poisoned arrow shot into his heel. Achilles heel has come to mean a person’s principal weakness. Everybody has that weakness brethren. Everybody has that weakness. Moving on with our second example of a man of God being taken out.


Our second example, the order that I have them in has to do with the time. We see that Solomon’s affair with the Queen of Sheba took place in 950 BC. My point is that, that happened a good hundred years after Samson’s encounter and Solomon being the wisest man in the world I would like to believe that he had some knowledge of what happened to Samson. We see that knowledge did not help Solomon to keep himself form falling into a similar pit, it was a woman again. We will see in the case of Hezekiah it was not a woman, it does not have to be a woman.


If you are a man it does not have to be a woman, if you are a woman it does not have to be a man, it could be a friend or a relative. Very well meaning giving you poison advice. They may even be praying for you that you should receive their poison advice thinking they are doing you good.


The Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon in 950 BC. 950 years before Christ. This is 1 Kings Chapter 10 verse 3


1ki 10:3 And Solomon told her all her questions:  there was not any thing hid from the king, which he told her not.


Now does anybody see anything wrong with that sentence or that second phrase? I guess it is a whole sentence, after the colon. there was not any thing hid from the king, which he told her not. What is wrong with that sentence?


COMMENT:  It should be the Queen of Sheba she was looking for information from him.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes that does not make any sense there was not anything hidden from the King that he did not tell her. Well if it was hidden from him how could he even know about it himself? We see brethren one more time again I am never trashing the King James Version translators, I am telling you that a person who is ascending spiritually needs to have a better understanding of the Scripture than one that is just based on faith that you read the letter of the word and you believe in faith, you definitely get blessed by it. Once we start ascending spiritually we have to recognize that, that sentence does not make any sense.


The King James Translators were scholars how could they make a mistake like that? The bottom line brethren is that they could not make any sense out of the Hebrew this was the best that they could do. They did not have enough spiritual knowledge to make sense out of the Hebrew.


I worked it up I am not going to read all of the Alternate translations for you. Anyone who wants to follow this through you can look at the notes for yourself. You will see I have two paragraphs that say alternate translation. The first on should not say alternate translation. I do that frequently I write all of the alternate translations of the words and I make up an alternate translation. Then I look at it then I see that phrases should be reversed or some such things. I just do it again, I usually call that the amplified translation. I see in the notes that I did not do that here. The second paragraph in blue brethren alternate translation 1 Kings Chapter 10 verse three. And Solomon and [the Queen of Sheba] discussed Satan’s existence, and they discussed Leviathan, and [Solomon] told [the Queen of Sheba] all of the secrets of the king[dom of God],


That Hebrew word translated hid, it means secrets. The two negatives that do not make any sense are translating Satan and Leviathan. The Hebrew word translated anything means to discuss. The Hebrew word translated questions is the same word translated anything Strong’s 1697 means to discuss. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba discussed Satan’s existence and they discussed Leviathan and Solomon told the Queen of Sheba all the secrets, everything that was hidden of the Kingdom of God. The King James says hidden from the King, secrets of the King, Secrets of the Kingdom of God.


1Kings 10 verse 4 and 5


1ki 10:4 And when the queen of Sheba had seen all Solomon's wisdom, and the house that he had built,


The words in red are what I am focusing on. There is a prefix before the Hebrew word that means to see and that prefix is the Hebrew letter tet that means serpent.


And when the serpent saw the Queen of Sheba fall. Verse five reads:


1ki 10:5 And the meat of his table, and the sitting of his servants, and the attendance of his ministers, and their apparel, and his cupbearers, and his ascent by which he went up unto the house of the LORD; there was no more spirit in her.


There are spiritual meanings to all of these words but I decided not to take the time to go into it. The words that I am looking at are the words at the end of verse five which says


and his ascent by which he went up unto the house of the LORD; there was no more spirit in her.


Now the Hebrew word translated ascent means staircase. Brethren this is a Kabbalistic principal. We ascend into the higher worlds. Is that not what Jacobs ladder is all about? Ascending? When the Queen of Sheba saw the staircase, the means by which Solomon could ascend into the higher worlds, what is in the higher worlds, brethren? Can anybody answer that question? Why do we want to ascend? What is in the higher worlds? Why do we want to ascend? What is up there that we want?


COMMENT:  Resurrection?


PASTOR VITALE:  Resurrection is the result of what is up there. What is up there?


COMMENT:  Immortality?


PASTOR VITALE:  Immortality is a result of what is up there.


COMMENT:  Salvation?


PASTOR VITALE:  Salvation is a result of what is up there. We ascend because we want the power unto salvation, unto resurrection, unto immortality. There is power in the higher worlds. When the Queen of Sheba saw the means by which Solomon ascended into the higher worlds and his ascent by which he went up to the house of the Lord, you might as well have said the Kingdom of God. The household of the Lord in a higher world. When she got the information that she was looking for, how to get up there, there was no more spirit in her.


There was can also be translated to come into existence. No we are translating Satan. That word more, the English word more is a translating of a Hebrew word that means continuance or persistence. I printed out for you the definition for persistence. There are many definitions there is two that I will read to you are existing for a long or longer than usual time. That is longevity. Or continuously, that is immortality. Down at the bottom there is another phrase that is underlined. Continuing to exist despite interference or treatment. Continuing to exist despite the fact that death rules and reigns over this world. She was looking for immortality, brethren.


Alternate translation 1 Kings Chapter 10:4-5 And I have left out all of the words about his servants his ministers, etc.


And when the serpent within the Queen of Sheba perceived all of Solomon’s wisdom and the house that he had build, and the meat of his table, and the sitting of his servants, and the attendance of his ministers, and their apparel, and his cupbearers, and when she understood the staircase by which [Solomon] ascended [into the higher worlds, the life span of] Satan’s spirit within her was extended.


These servants, attendance of his minsters, like I said there is a spiritual significance to all of them and the house of the Lord is the household of the Lord as we would say the body of Christ in the higher worlds.


When the serpent within the Queen of Sheba, because brethren if you do not have the spirit of the Lord your spirituality is the serpents. Does anybody here not know that? If you do not have the Lord your spirituality comes from the serpent. Now you can know the Lord, and your spirituality can still come from the serpent, if you have not yet learned to tell the difference. The Queen of Sheba had a serpent within her, she was a spiritual woman. She was spiritually ascended in the female spirituality.


Just to review the female spirituality as opposed to the male spirituality. The female spirituality we do not work for we are born with it. We might increase it a little bit by reading books, but basically we are born with it. It has to do with nature. The female spirituality has to do with power over nature. The male spirituality has to do with the power that comes through the wisdom of God. The male spirituality comes through the wisdom of a higher world. That power that manifests to us as the wisdom of a higher world is a higher authority than the highest manifestation of the female spirituality which is authority over the nature of this world. Female spirituality is authority over the nature laws, nature the natural laws. Gravity, the laws of physics, the female spirituality has authority over the natural laws of this world.


The male spirituality manifests itself to us as the wisdom that comes from a higher world. It manifests itself to people as knowledge and understanding. It is not the knowledge and understanding of this world. It is the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that comes from another world, therefore we must have a representative of that other world within us to understand it. We need an internalized translator. What is the name of that internalized translator that can comprehend the wisdom of the higher world? Anybody?


COMMENT:  Christ Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE:  yes that is true, Christ Jesus is the name of the man, the Mind of Christ is the mind of that man. The male spirituality comes from a higher world and therefore has authority over the highest spiritual authority in this world. That we see demonstrated in Moses challenge with the Egyptian magicians. They could do everything that he did, until his power swallowed up their power. They did everything that he did, brethren. Well almost everything that he did, I think there was one plague that they could not do, they could not do the gnats. I do not want to talk when I am not sure, there where one or two plagues they could not do. They did almost everything that Moses could do. His power swallowed up their power, because Moses’ power came from the higher world.


1 King 10:4-5


1ki 10:4 And when the queen of Sheba had seen all Solomon's wisdom, and the house that he had built,


I believe she is really talking about the spiritual household that he has built. If you want to think it was his natural house you can think that too. Did anyone here know that Solomon’s palace was glass? That is where what is his name built the glass cathedral from. What is the name of that preacher?




PASTOR VITALE:  Shaw, that was irreverent of me. He had a lot of glass, it could not have been all glass because we read about wood framing. He had a lot of glass in his palace, that is what we are told anyway. Let me start again


1ki 10:4 And when the queen of Sheba had seen all Solomon's wisdom, and the house that he had built,


1ki 10:5 And the meat of his table, and the sitting of his servants, and the attendance of his ministers, and their apparel, and his cupbearers, and his ascent by which he went up unto the house of the LORD; there was no more spirit in her.


And when she understood the staircase, the means by which Solomon ascended into the higher world to get the power, to acquire the power of those worlds, the life span of Satan’s spirit was extended.


Brethren I want to tell you that the Lord was preserving me for years after He told me He would save my life. I really started to recover when He brought me to Kabbalah. I am telling you the truth. I really started to physically recover as I pursued Kabbalah in His spirit, and under His instruction. My body is healing slowly, more slowly than I would like it to. I directly attribute it to the Lord, it is not Kabbalah itself. It is the Lord using this vehicle of Kabbalah.


One of the first times I preached it, I used to have terrible trouble with my lungs. My breathing, you could hear me gasping on the earlier messages. One day after I preached I laid down to take a nap and I actually heard a voice say to me “breathe deeply”. As I breathed deeply I could feel my lungs open up. There is healing. The healing comes when our spirit is joined to the spirit of the higher world. Even as Adam resurrects in us, brethren we are dealing with the spirit or the energy of this world.


The resurrected Adam in us has to join with the male, with the glorified Jesus Christ. When that union, the more intense that union is between the resurrected Adam in us or the resurrecting Adam in us, and the resurrected last Adam who is the Lord Jesus Christ. The more intense that relationship is the more the power form the higher world channels and flows into us and gives us life. Brethren we have access to the Holy Grail. There is another name that is alluding me right now. In literature people are looking for this elixir of life. Eternal life, we have it, we have access to it through a union with the Glorified Lord Jesus, but that does not mean what the church is teaching you today, it has to happen to you.


Before you can have that contact with life, did not Jesus say I am the life? He is life. He is ascended to Atzilut right now. Where life is a state of being, but before we can receive from Him, before He can take our hand, our potential to develop something that He can grab hold of has to be developed in us. There is a factor that will continuously interfere with that union. Brethren we are down here dying, everyone down here in this world is dying. The Lord Jesus is in Atzilut and He is throwing us a lifesaver. One of those rings, a lifesaver. We have to be able to grab hold of it and there is a mechanism in us that continuously separates us from that life support that He is throwing down from the higher world.


That aspect of ourselves that continues to sabotage us is sin in our mind. Sin in our mind that does not understand properly. Sin in our mind, that thinks we are right, and the preacher is wrong. Sin in our mind that makes us afraid, sin in our mind that says I am not good enough. Sin in our mind that says I am not smart enough. Sin in our mind that says I cannot I cannot. That is what He is up against. We are the problem. That power that Tree of life, it is in the union of a resurrected Adam in ourselves and the Last Adam who is in the world where life is the state of being.


The trick is that the rest of the world does not want to hear, is that the entrance way into that world is not free. No it is not a free gift, no it is not. It is not a river of this world where you take a drink and you live forever. Which is as some of the parables go. If I could just find that river, and drink from it I will live forever. It is a river but it is a spiritual river, and you cannot drink from it with sin in your heart. It is not allowed.


We have to submit to the cleansing before we can get to the river. The Lord wants to give it to us. He desires to give it to us. We are the ones that are balking and complaining, and not believing, and rejecting, and fearful, and not willing to give up what He says we have to give up. You can argue with me until Kingdom come whether a particular thing is sin or not, the bottom line is that if I am right, that thing that you refuse to believe is sin, is going to stop you from going up.


If I am right and you are wrong, it is going to stop you from going up. If you are right, and I am wrong believing me is not going to hurt you any, what do you have to lose? Your pride?


When she got the message, Brethren what is the message of how we ascend up the staircase? How do we ascend up the staircase? We are told about Jacobs’s ladder that there are angels going up and down continuously. How do we get on that ladder? How do we ascend? What is the secret?


COMMENT:  Get the mind of Christ?


PASTOR VITALE:  Well what do we have to do? What is the secret?


COMMENT:  Confess and repent.


PASTOR VITALE:  Repentance is the secret, and there is no repentance without confession. The Lord just gave us an interesting lesson on that recently. He grants repentance to everybody. The Scriptures says you cannot repent unless the Lord grants you repentance, He grants repentance to everybody who confesses their sin. Then we also learned, that I thought was so exciting what the Lord taught us on Thursday. That there is a lot of people having trouble that certain things are sin. Now we know that we do not have to understand it. If someone comes and tells us that it is sin, we do not have to understand it. Look at the fruit that it bears. If what you have done or what you believe has born bad fruit, then it must come from sin in you. If you are willing to confess that he will grant you repentance. When He grants you repentance then you will understand. You will not understand. You will not understand if you will not confess it as sin. That is not how it works.


I am so excited that is a tremendous break through. There are a lot of people in this ministry that cannot confess their sins because they just cannot understand what I am saying to them. This was a big, big break through. You do not have to understand, look at the fruit. Confess it as sin if the fruit is bad, then the Lord will grant you repentance, and in due season you will understand. Big breakthrough for a lot of people here.


I stand by my conclusion that the Queen of Sheba went to King Solomon looking for immortality. Brethren years ago the world was much more spiritual than it was today. The whole world was spiritual, everybody had a God, Everybody believed they all seemed to have a knowledge of the basic spiritual principles of our existence. They may not have had an accurate knowledge or that knowledge may have appeared differently in different societies and different pagan religions.


This quest for the elixir of life it is through all of humanity. There is a knowledge of memory in the psyche of humanity that it is possible for man to be immortal. That there is something wrong with death, and it is spread out across all population across all peoples. It is just something in the root of people’s minds that they know there is something wrong with this death. Except of course in the New Age society. They say that death is a part of life you must embrace it. No I do not embrace death, death is my enemy. No I do not embrace death, absolutely not.


1 Kings Chapter 10 Verse thirteen. King James.


1ki 10:13 And king Solomon gave unto the queen of Sheba all her desire, whatsoever she asked, beside that which Solomon gave her of his royal bounty. So she turned and went to her own country, she and her servants.


The Hebrew word translated Beside means parts. When I looked up the definition in my Hebrew Lexicon it suggested, that this word suggests that this word suggested the parts of a structure or the parts of a whole. I have translated it the parts of the structure of the universe. What I really think that it means is the Sefirot, because the Sefirot are underline the subatomic particles of this world. Just as we have a knowledge or an understanding that there are trillions of cells in our body and trillions of atoms producing this world. Underline the atoms there are subatomic particles, that can be seen in the laboratory. What cannot be seen in the laboratory underlining the subatomic particles are the sefirot, and there are many, many parts. Many, many subjective Sefirot.


The Hebrew word translated bounty means strength and power. This is the alternate translation that I worked up.


AT,1 Ki 10:13 And King Solomon, having turned away [from Jehovah], told the queen of Sheba everything she desired [to know] about the parts [of the structure of the universe],* which would give her the strength and power she desired, and she and her servants departed for her own country.


What do you mean he turned from Jehovah? Brethren he turned from a relationship with a higher power. A man, a human man had a marriage to God from a higher world and his eyes turned towards a woman of his own world. Brethren that is turning away, it is turning away from the one you have the relationship with. Now Paul clearly tells us that if you are married when the Lord calls you, Stay with your husband or stay with your wife. The relationship you have with the Lord Jesus Christ when you are married that is who you are when you were called.


There is no turning away from Him because that is where you were when you were called. He said if you are not married you are content with what you have unless the Lord gives you the wife or the husband. If the Lord does not give you the wife or the husband then you are turning away from Him, and I know I am going to be miss quoted on that. I am going to say it again. Some single people the Lord gives them a wife or a husband. If the Lord gives you that mate it is not turning away from God. If you bring it to pass yourself, if you want that marriage so badly that you bring it to pass yourself, it is turning away from God. Did I make that clear?


King Solomon having turned away from Jehovah told the Queen of Sheba everything she desired to know about the parts of the structure of the universe. He told her everything she wanted to know about the sefirot which would give her the strength and the power she desired, and she and her servants departed for her own country. She got what she came for, a knowledge of the staircase. Another way to say the knowledge of the Sefirot or the parts of the structure of the universe.


Now our third example is Hezekiah, Hezekiah was not taken down by a woman but he was taken down by flattery of personal concern. I want to tell you brethren I have experienced this. I used to be very ill, and it was a deep wound in me, it was my Achilles heel. That there was nobody here to take care of me when I was sick it was a deep wound in me. It became a weakness that to some degree became a problem for me which I have overcome. You need to know when you have a problem, like that God’s answer is not to provide a person to take care of you. God’s answer is to make you well. God’s answer is to make you independent, not to provide a person to take care of you although in some cases He may provide you a person to take care of you but in my case He did not. In my case He made me well. I no longer have that need. Every case is a person by person case. In my case and the case of who someone is ascending, He has removed that need in me.


2 Kings Chapter 20 verse 12-18.


2ki 20:12 At that time Berodachbaladan, the son of Baladan, king of Babylon, sent letters and a present unto Hezekiah:  for he had heard that Hezekiah had been sick.


Now I do not know about you brethren but again this is pretty obvious I never really stopped to think about it. I have to admit to you what I did think about this account was that this guy was just being a nice guy. He heard that Hezekiah was sick and he was really just being nice about it. He came to visit him and Hezekiah being a nice guy, just ignorantly showed him all of the things in the temple, and then was punished.


Today I think otherwise, No, no this king of Babylon or the son of the King of Babylon, he heard that Hezekiah was sick and he said this was a good opportunity when the man is weak. For when your body is sick your mind is sick, your mind is weak when your body is sick brethren. This is a good opportunity to get the secrets of the spiritual power of Israel.


2ki 20:13 And Hezekiah hearkened unto them, Saying oh how nice the King of Babylon cares about me when I am sick. and showed them all the house of his precious things, the silver, and the gold, and the spices, and the precious ointment, and all the house of his armour, and all that was found in his treasures:  there was nothing in his house, nor in all his dominion, that Hezekiah showed them not.


2ki 20:14 Then came Isaiah the prophet unto king Hezekiah, and said unto him, What said these men? and from whence came they unto thee? And Hezekiah said, They are come from a far country, even from Babylon.


2ki 20:15 And he said, What have they seen in thine house? And Hezekiah answered, All the things that are in mine house have they seen:  there is nothing among my treasures that I have not showed them.


2ki 20:16 And Isaiah said unto Hezekiah, Hear the word of the LORD.


2ki 20:17 Behold, the days come, that all that is in thine house, and that which thy fathers have laid up in store unto this day, shall be carried into Babylon:  nothing shall be left, saith the LORD.


Do you know what that means? It means that spiritual by showing these representatives from Babylon all of the secrets, it was not just the pots and pans in the building. He gave them spiritual knowledge, brethren. He spiritually sold Israel. This was not so much a curse, that in that day shall be carried into Babylon, nothing shall be left, saith the Lord. That all that is in thine house, and that which thy fathers have laid up into store unto this day, shall be carried into Babylon, nothing shall be left, saith the Lord.


That is not a punishment. Bad, bad, bad. No that is a natural consequence of sharing the spiritual knowledge of the Kingdom of God with pagans. That is the natural result.


2ki 20:18 And of thy sons that shall issue from thee, which thou shalt beget, shall they take away; and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon.


I hope you all know that, that came to pass at the time of Zedekiah King of Judah. Brethren we are not supposed to be giving out any information that anybody can use to attain spiritual power. If you want to talk to someone about what we are doing here, talk about the revelation of Sin, we reveal sin here.


We are coming to the next section here. I have some pictures I printed out for you of the Queen of Sheba. All I could think about Cleopatra, I have asked the Lord several times already what is the connection between the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra I have not received and answer yet. Somehow I think that they are linked. She was, well there are different opinions about her, but it appears she was queen of Arabia. She is Arabic, and there is a map here so you can see how far Sheba was from Canaan land. Pretty far that is a far distance going by caravan.


The third picture I have given you is a picture of her. Whoever did this drawing portrayed her as a warrior. She has a sword on her horse and a lance. She was a warrior queen and of course for those of you who may know about or those of you who do not know about it, history tells us that there were societies of warrior women that existed in iniquity. Very powerful warrior women.


COMMENT:  Amazons?


PASTOR VITALE:  Well some of them were called Amazon but they were not all called Amazons. Powerful warrior women. We will take a look at this information that I have, some of it is from a Book by XXX XXX called XXXXX because apparently different societies gave her different names. I have in here the notes the legends the Christians’ account of her, the Arabic account of her, all different accounts of her, we will go over this. I also have something from the Zohar that definitely indicates that she was looking for spiritual power.


What is interesting is that not in the Scriptures, the call it the Midrash there is other books, other Hebrew books that talk about the characters in the bible in addition even to the Zohar.


There are Midrash that are written about the Queen of Sheba where the actually state that she asked Solomon twenty two questions. I may have the wrong number, but she asked him so many questions. We have examples of the queens that she asked him. Even some of the examples of the questions that Solomon asked her. They were exchanging spiritual knowledge, but there has to be more to it than I was able to pull off of the internet.


They were both two very powerful spiritual people. Now the queen of Sheba she left and had a child. The whole Ethiopian dynasty claims to be based on that child, they claim to be a descendant of King Solomon. Even to highly society today who is no longer in power in Ethiopia but his dynasty still exists. They still claim to be a descendant of King Solomon.


We know that there are Ethiopian Jews. She had is child. I did not know what good that did her. To be honest with you, because Ethiopia is still a very poor country. We do know now that God honored that.


COMMENT:  When you say share the secrets, are you talking about not telling people that this is hell and that we are in the image of the serpent and our sin nature. Is that sharing the secrets to someone who maybe a baby Christian?


PASTOR VITALE:  No. Those messages are leading to repentance. That is information that leads to repentance. We should be preaching repentance. I know that I have had people come here over the years, they just love the high spiritual message here and they want to take out these high spiritual messages and give them to other people. I tell them know take the messages for repentance because you know some of these books are very anointed. You should not be giving them to people who are not spiritually prepared. You brought a woman to these meetings and she could not bear it. She could not bear it. I told you one day I was preaching I mentioned witchcraft and I heard her mind that I even mentioned witchcraft. She could not bear the anointing here.


When you talk to people you talk about messages that lead to repentance, that this is hell. You do not talk about spiritual ascension who are not in their Christ mind, you do not talk about spiritual ascension you talk about repentance.


COMMENT:  The Christian I have in mind. If the person says I do not have to be good for there is no Hell that I will be going to because this is different levels of Hell already. They would say to you “what is the purpose? What is God’s plan?”


PASTOR VITALE:  Marriage, Spiritual marriage


COMMENT:  is not that spiritual ascension?


PASTOR VITALE:  Not to people that have never heard of it. There is a lot of people if you tell them you are into spiritual ascension they think you are into witchcraft because no Christians talk about spiritual ascension.


COMMENT:  They do not?


PASTOR VITALE:  No they talk about the rapture and going to live on streets of gold but Christians do not talk about coming into power.


COMMENT:  That is something else too about power. I understood it was complete surrender onto the mind of Christ. It is His power, not our power or to do anything out of our own will. It is just for Him to flow through us to do His own will.


PASTOR VITALE:  No, there is responsibility for the believer. That is Pentecost that you are talking about. We are not in Pentecost any more. When the Hebrew children were leaving Egypt, Jehovah said to Moses, you split the red sea what are you crying to me for, you do it. Moses had the power to split the red sea. This is not Pentecost.


COMMENT:  But God told him to do it?


PASTOR VITALE:  Well the Lord said to him why are you crying to me for in other words you now have the mind of Christ and the power you should know what to do. We are being trained to be Sons. That is why we need the mind of Christ. Jesus said if you have seen the Father you have seen me. Jesus knew exactly what His Father would do. He did not ask His Father when He healed somebody, because He had the nature and the mind of God. He was inclined to do what that mind would do. This is what we are in training for. That is why we have to confess our sins to dismantle our carnal mind, because as long as we are in our carnal mind we should not be exercising spiritual power.


COMMENT:  So we are not going to be swallowed up by Christ as I had always believed would come to pass.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes we are going to.


COMMENT:  It will be just natural to do what He wanted to be done without any obstacle or our own will or our own carnal mind interfering.


PASTOR VITALE:  yes that is true but the question is how do you get there? You cannot jump from A to Z. The way you get there is by confessing your sins and taking out your sin nature. You see you just said two completely different things. The first thing you said was I thought we would not have to do anything the power of God would just flow through us. Then the second thing you said we will instinctively know what to do. Those are two different things.


Just having the power of God flow through us while we are puppets and just a channel for His power that is Pentecost. Knowing instinctively what to do that is Sonship. To get to Pentecost to Sonship our sin nature has to be exposed and rejected by us, and destroyed by us, so that His nature can come in and when His nature does come in then we will do everything instinctively.


COMMENT:  Another question that you had said on Thursday about the ministries that are just ministering to the world. They are Christians, baby Christians. You cannot give them meat. They come in. You give them milk of the word. Is not that something? That is supposed to be, like they cannot come in all the way from A to Z up to where things are being taught here.


PASTOR VITALE:  Well that is true. I am not sure exactly what you were talking about but the milk of the word does not include the rapture. I am sorry you give them the milk of the truth. The rapture is not the truth, and what a lot of ministries are teaching today is coming and get your blessing the emphases is on the blessing and the message is wrong. The only thing that is right about the message is that Jesus Christ can give you His Holy Spirit of promise. The message is false, XXXX, so up until this point the Lord has been imparting His Holy Spirit to people that are preaching this false message, because He has mercy on the people. That day is coming to an end. You have to be preaching the truth


Now I go to this church when I go to Florida and he is always revealing sin for his people so that church is going to prosper. There are a lot of these preachers out there and the mega ministries that are preaching lies and the people feel safe and they are not safe. They are deep in sin they are not safe at all.


COMMENT:  I just find it hard to grasp that it would be wiped out and the multitude that had been many, many years ago that you have to go through in that progression.


PASTOR VITALE:  I do not know what you mean.


COMMENT:  That it should be wiped out.


PASTOR VITALE:  What is going to be wiped out?


COMMENT:  The ministers that are not preaching the whole truth just basic like you said Jesus being our savior. I cannot believe it will be wiped out.


PASTOR VITALE:  They may not be wiped out. I did not say they were going to be wiped out. I said they have to be taken down. Their power has to be weakened like what happened to Jimmy Swaggert. He was influencing the whole Christian world. He was minimized, he still has a church, he is still on TV, but his power was minimized. Their power has to be broken. I do not think God takes anybody out unless it does come to pass that there is a war. When that kind of judgment falls, and that can happen if we do have a war here. They could be taken down permanently it all depends on God’s plan if there is no major confliction. I do not know if that is a word. If there is no major affliction in the country then they will just be marginalized. If a war comes here they will be taken out all at once. I do not know what His plan is. Everything God does is slow.


Look at what happened in Russia with the Russian revolution that Russian revolution took down that Russian Orthodox Church which had a strangle hold on the people. Knocked it out but then they had communism for a while. Now to whatever degree it is there. There are protestant churches, Judaism flourishing in Russia. Even that, even though the Russia Orthodox Church came down quickly in the revolution it took years for the freedom of religion to rise up. God does not do anything that quickly.


Praise the Lord everybody. On page five of your notes, and I have reproduced some of the information from a book called Makeda Queen of Sheba. Who is Solomon? Now this is not a Christian site Brethren. We are going to be getting information from all sources.


Who is Solomon?


The name of Solomon (Sol-Om-On) means Sun, as well as peace. Born to King David and Bathsheba, Solomon grew up in a polygamous home, for David had 18 wives. Early in his 39-year reign as king, which began in 961 B.C., he married the daughter of the Egyptian pharoah, whose dowry included 1000 musical instruments, and 80,000 Egyptian builders. The marriage may have been a political affair, for Solomon sought the architectural skills of the Egyptians; legends say that personally, she disappointed him. Later, Solomon took hundreds of wives and 6


concubines. Many historians believe that he did not become polygamous until after his meeting with Sheba, early in his reign.


I stick by my position that I said before the break. Who needs hundreds of wives and concubines? Either your ego is through the sky or you are looking for something and you keep on going from woman to woman until you find it. I suggest to you that Sheba was a very spiritual woman and I just realized I did not make my point in a particular area earlier before the break.


I was saying that when you are a spiritual person, there are aspects that are satisfying other than or in addition to the actual sex act but the only examples that I have for you are on the negative side. For example there are cults of vampires in San Francisco. I saw them, or at least two of them, interviewed on one of the talk shows and they literally drink each other’s blood. Someone in the audience asked them do you have sex also and the answer was no. The satisfaction from drinking blood and drawing each other’s blood is so satisfying that they do not have sex.


That is on the negative side, I am suggesting to you that a relationship a spiritual union with the Lord Jesus, drinking the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ can be so satisfying that it will nullify sexual desire. Most people would not believe that today. I believe it is something that we look forward to in the world to come. That intense of a relationship. Right now at the stage we are in now you can be married and have a normal relationship, a normal husband and wife relationship and still have a relationship with the Lord Jesus.


The marriage with the Lord Jesus that intense relationship that is described as marriage to the Lord Jesus would nullify any need for a sexual union. As I said that is hard for people to comprehend. It is not that marriage to the Lord as where Jesus said there is no giving or taking in marriage in the world to come. It is not a sacrifice that you are left with nothing, what you are giving with the union of the Lord Jesus is far better than human marriage to the point that you would not want it.


Again on the other side I have read that a lot of young men and women who go into Buddhist monasteries where they are developed spiritual. There is no moral laws in Buddhism, that almost 99% or 100% of the disciples fall into celibacy, because the heights that they attain, of course outside of Christ, in Buddhism is so satisfying that they fall away from human sexuality. I have given you something to think about, I understand that, that is hard for the average person to believe, but it is true.


Of course this is a main point I wanted to emphases to you that many historians believe that Solomon did not become polygamous until his meeting with Sheba early in his reign. Now I did not know he had met her early in his reign, so Satan did not waste any time, sent the snare right in early in his reign. You see if Satan can knock us out early she would not have to deal with us when we get strong. She wants to knock us out when we are still children, when we are still spiritual children before we get strong enough to do damage to her.


Next category, the Queen of Sheba.


The Queen of Sheba


More realistic portraits of the Queen of Sheba appear in the Bible and the Kebra Negast. I do not know if I am pronouncing that right or not. I believe that, well it is definitely a non-Christian spiritual book. I think it is a Rastafarian holy book but I am not 100% sure of that. According to Ethiopian legend, she was born in 1020 B.C. in Ophir, and educated in Ethiopia. Her mother was Queen Ismenie; her father, chief minister to Za Sebado, succeeded him as King. One story describes that as a child Sheba (called Makeda) was to be sacrificed to a serpent god, but was rescued by the stranger 'Angaboo. Later, her pet jackal bit her badly on one foot and leg, leaving lasting scars and deformity. When her father died in 1005 B.C., Sheba became Queen at the age of fifteen. Contradictory legends refer to her as ruling for forty years, and reigning as a virgin queen for six years. In most accounts, she never married.


As I told you I will show you that term “virgin Queen” in the Alternate Translation of the Song of Solomon. Next category


The Queen of Sheba Prepares for Solomon


Whereas the Ethiopians emphasize Sheba's infatuation and adoration of the unknown Solomon - perhaps influenced by unfulfilled and sublimated sexual desire - Josephus describes her inquisitive, skeptical and challenging attitude:


And now he is quoting from Josephus.


"When this queen heard of the virtue and prudence of Solomon, she had a great mind to see him...she being desirous to be satisfied by her own experience, and not by a bare hearing (for reports thus heard are likely enough to comply with a false opinion); she resolved to come to him, in order to have a trial of his wisdom, while she proposed questions of very great difficulty and entreated that he would solve their hidden meaning."


Sheba's desire to encounter Solomon was ardent enough for her to embark on a 1400 mile journey, across the desert sands of Arabia, along the coast of the Red Sea, up into Moab, and over the Jordan River to Jerusalem. Such a journey required at least six months time each way, since camels could rarely travel as much as 20 miles per day.


Next category.


A Meeting of Minds


According to Josephus, "upon the king's kind reception of her, This is quoting Josephus now. he both showed a great desire to please her, and easily comprehending in his mind the meaning of the curious questions she propounded to him, he resolved them." Not only did Sheba ask Solomon philosophical questions; she also tested him with riddles. The Targum Sheni, Midrash Mischle, I am probably pronouncing that wrong and Midrash Hachefez describe twenty two of her riddles:


And here are just some of the kind of riddles she gave him. By the way these are the kind of riddles that you would find in a spiritual book such as the Bahir. The Bahir has a lot of these riddles. It is very interesting that Solomon can answer them, because you really have to know the spiritual principles to be able to answer them so they were both very spiritually ascended people. Here is an example of her riddle.


"What is it? An enclosure with ten doors; when one is open, nine are shut, and when nine are open, one is shut," Sheba asked Solomon. Solomon answered, "The enclosure is the womb, and the ten doors are the ten orifices of man, namely his eyes, his ears, his nostrils, his mouth, the apertures for discharge of excreta and urine, and the navel. When the child is still in its mother's womb, the navel is open, but all the other apertures are shut, but when the child issues from the womb the navel is closed and the other orifices are open. .


I know that the Kabbalists talk about things like this. I would have not known the answer to this.


In another riddle pertaining to the body, Sheba posed to Solomon, "Seven leave and nine enter; two pour out the draught and only one drinks." How did Solomon respond? "Seven are the days of woman's menstruation, nine the months of her pregnancy; her two breasts nourish the child, and one drinks."


Either this is way over my head or they were at a level way beyond me or there was some kind of communication between them. Like I said these kinds of riddles are in The Bahir. At one point I started to teach on that book, I found it very frustrating because the answers to the riddles are not in the book. Now in the Zohar, the Zohar will ask a riddle and answer it. I found a lot of what I read in the Zohar I can relate to the Doctrine of Christ or if I do not understand it and I ask the Lord, He will give me understanding along with what he has taught me in the Doctrine of Christ. This Bahir, I have to go back to it in another year maybe I will grow up into it I do not know I could not seem to get any answers from it. Therefore it was frustrating to me. I guess this is a spiritual level that I have not attainted to yet.


Other riddles concerned with common objects and materials. At one point, Sheba asked, "What when alive does not move, yet when its head cut off, moves?" Solomon's answer:  "the timber used to build a ship." It’s alive and it does not move it is a tree and yet when its head is cut of, it moves after you cut the tree down it moves. Must be a very ascended place to answer a question like that I would have never have even. I am not even in the running.


Another riddle she proposed was:  "It is many- headed. In a storm at sea it goes above us all, it raises a loud and bitter wailing and moaning; it bends its head like a reed, is the glory of the rich and the shame of the poor, it honors the dead and dishonors the living; it is a delight to the birds, but a sorrow to the fishes. What is it?" Solomon replied, "Flax, for it makes sails for ships that moan in the storm. It provides fine linen for the rich and rags for the poor, a burial shroud for the dead, and a rope for hanging the living. As seed it nourishes the birds, and as a net it traps the fish."


Brethren that is way over my head.


Some of Sheba's questions were related to Old Testament wisdom. For example, "The dead lived, the grave moved, and the dead prayed. What is it?" The answer:  "The dead that lived and prayed was Jonah; the fish, the moving grave." In one theological riddle, she asked:


Apparently she knew the Scripture.


In one theological riddle, she asked:  "What is the ugliest thing in the world, and what is the most beautiful? What is the most certain, and what is the most uncertain?" Solomon replied, "The ugliest thing...is the faithful turning unfaithful; the most beautiful is the repentant sinner. The most certain is death; the most uncertain, one's share in the World to Come."


We are sure to die, brethren if not physically we have to die to our sin nature. We have to die because the condition that we are in, the sinful condition that we are in, where our systemic center is sin. Either we have to die physically or we have to die to that sin nature, because that foundation, that sinful foundation simply will not sustain our body indefinitely.


In addition to riddles which required a verbal answer, Sheba tested Solomon's ingenuity in action. Dressing five boys and girls identically, she asked him to detect their sex. When he handed them bowls of water for them to wash their hands, the girls, unlike the boys, rolled up their sleeves. Sheba also brought Solomon two flowers alike in appearance, but one was real while the other was artificial; he distinguished them by noting how bees swarmed to the flower with the genuine fragrance. Then, giving him a large emerald with a curved hole in the middle, she asked him to draw a thread through it; he sent for a silkworm, which crawled through the hole drawing with it a silken thread.


The Midrash Hachefez reports still another test of Solomon's cleverness. Sheba presented Solomon with the sawn trunk of a cedar tree, the ends cut off so that they looked the same; she asked Solomon which end had been the root, and which the branches. Solomon ordered the tree stump to be placed in water. When one end sank while the other floated, he said to her, "The part which sank was the root, and that which floated on the surface was the end containing the branches."


Does that make any sense to you, that even though both ends look the same, the part of the chunk of wood that floated, or that the part from the branch end would be lighter than the root end. Does that make any sense to you gardeners here?


According to the Kebra Negast, the questions and tests were mutual; Solomon also challenged Sheba. Yet existing legends describe only a few of the artful strategies he used to outwit her. Determined to discover if the stories of her deformed foot were true, he arranged for a stream of water to flow onto the glass beside his throne (in the Quran)


The Queen of Sheba is in the Quran also (in the Quran, he (Solomon) had running water with fish swimming about it under clear glass), so that Sheba would lift her skirts as she approached him. When she did so, he noted the hair on her legs, and told her, "Thy beauty is the beauty of a woman, but they hair is masculine; hair is an ornament to a man, but it disfigures a woman." He then invented a depilatory in order to acquaint her with his conceptions of womanhood.


To me that is a real parable because hair signifies spirituality also. Taking it spiritually he stripped her of her spirituality.


During Sheba's six month visit with Solomon,


She spend six months with him.


she conversed with him daily. The Kebra Negast informs us that "the Queen used to go to Solomon and return continually, and hearken unto his wisdom, and keep it in her heart. And Solomon used to go and visit her, and answer all the questions which she put to him... and he informed her concerning every matter that she wished to enquire about." Frequently, they roamed Jerusalem together, as she questioned him and watched him at work.


I wonder what kind of work she was watching him at? He was a King. What kind of work do you think he did?


Once, observing a laborer wearing ragged garments, sweating, carrying a stone on his head and a jug of water around his neck, Solomon mused:


"Look at this man. Wherein am I superior to this man? In what am I better than this man? Wherein shall I glory over this man? For I am a man and dust and ashes, who tomorrow will become worms and corruption, and yet at this moment I appear like one who will never die. As is his death, so is my death, and as is his life, so is my life.


Now that kind of wisdom I can relate to, that is down on my level.


Then what is the use of us, the children of men, if we do not exercise kindness and love upon earth? Are we not all nothingness, mere grass of the field, which withereth in its season and is burnt in the fire? On the earth we wear costly apparel... we provide ourselves with sweet scents... but even whilst we are alive we are dead in sin and in transgressions. Blessed is the man who knoweth wisdom, compassion and the fear of God."


I can deal with that also


The Aftermath:  Solomon's Later Years


This is all excerpts from a book.


The visit of the Queen of Sheba was the culminating point of Solomon's life. After she left, he continued to write and speak words of wisdom, but he and Israel deteriorated.


Brethren if you were are in King Solomon’s place right now and you did not know you sinned or did anything wrong all you have to do is see that you and Israel are deteriorating and you would know that you sinned. Any backsliding, any turn towards the negative any loss in your life. If you want to go on with God confess it as sin, you do not have to understand it. Solomon sees his kingdom deteriorating and him deteriorating. Lord I am guilty I confess it is sin, please what must I do now to be delivered to stop this slide. But apparently he did not ask.


We might speculate that this deterioration was triggered not only by his increasing preoccupation with building a glorious palace and temple, but also by Sheba's return to her country. Never again would Solomon encounter or love a woman he could call her equal.


We see when she left he became carnal and he became interested in the things of this world and I suggest to you that he kept marrying or acquiring concubine after concubine after concubine trying to replace her in his life somehow. She turned him, in one of the alternate translation we read that he turned away from Jehovah towards her and when she left he never turned back to Jehovah so he just continues. That means he never repented. Did he not realize that he had sinned? I do not know. God knows.


After she left, Solomon took 700 wives and 300 concubines,


Brethren, either that is the height of pride and arrogance or he was looking for something that he could not find. Whether or not this is relative, my testimony is that when I was a ten year old child in the young Israel of Treemont, the anointing touched me in that synagogue, and there are Christians who tell me that, that was not possible, but the anointing of God touched me in that synagogue at ten years ok. I did not know what it was but I looked for that same feeling everywhere for years. I went into every kind of synagogue, every kind of church I was looking everywhere for that feeling until I found Him in a Pentecostal deliverance church or He found me by bringing me there. I suggest to you that Solomon was looking for something, and for whatever reason it was not agreed that the Queen of Sheba would stay with him or he would stay with her. They both had separate kingdoms, and he was just looking for what he had with her. A spiritual relationship is highly satisfying I am sure they had sex also but that spiritual element to it is the most satisfying thing having a spiritual relationship with somebody. Where the foundation of your relationship is discussing spiritual things and analyzing spiritual experiences and talking about what you see in the spirit and the understanding of it. It is just glorious


After she left, Solomon took 700 wives and 300 concubines, many who were foreign women who eventually "turned away his heart after other gods:


Well was it these other women who turned his heart away after these other gods, or was his heart already turned away by the Queen of Sheba for him to take these women in the first place. If after the Queen of Sheba left if he was still serving Jehovah, but he took 700 pagan wives and 300 concubines he was just putting on a show, is heart was already turned and the fruit was the wives that he took.


and his heart was not perfect with the Lord his God."


That is probably a quote from the Scripture although it does not have the reference here for me


Although God had commanded that he and the Israelites reject idolatry and the gods of other nations, Solomon built pagan temples for his many wives. In the region south of the Mount of Olives, referred to as the Hall of Shames, he constructed shrines to Ashtoreth, goddess of the Sidonians; Chemosh, goddess of Moab; and Milcom and Molech, goddesses of the Ammonites. He also honored Astarte, who was worshipped by many cultures, including the Sabaeans.


There is one reference only on reference to the Queen of Sheba in the Zohar which indicates she was looking for spiritual knowledge and spiritual power. That quote from the Zohar is:


One of the questions which the Queen of Sheba asked Solomon was how to take hold of the bone of the serpent of three enchantments.


COMMENT:  What is the answer?


PASTOR VITALE:  There is no answer in the Zohar. That was one of the questions that she asked him. Of course, there was a whole paragraph before this explaining what the bone of the serpent was. It had to do with Balaam, but I did not see that it was pertinent to this message, because we do not even know what the bone of the serpent it.


Ok I have some definitions for you now.


WIKIPEDIA, The Free Encyclopedia


The Queen of Sheba was the woman who ruled the ancient kingdom of Sheba and is referred to in Habeshan history, the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Quran.


The location of the historical kingdom may have included part or all of modern day Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Yemen


I am just... I mean I have always known about the Queen of Sheba, I have always known the saying who do you think you are the Queen of Sheba. I have never heard anybody say who you think you are Cleopatra? I have never heard that. Yet I never realized that she was well known and so powerful that the Quran talks about her, and this Habeshan. I am not sure what that is. I think I have read somewhere that it was Rastafarian Holy book talk aobut her. She has different names. I am just really surprised and I am hoping before we finish this series that the Lord will give me some more information about her and who she was.


Diverse references


Known to the Ethiopian people as Makeda (...mākidā), this queen has been called a variety of names by different peoples in different times. To King Solomon of Israel she was the Queen of Sheba. In Islamic tradition she was Balqis. The Roman historian Josephus calls her Nicaule. She is thought to have been born on January 5th, sometime in the 10th century BCE.


Now I found that very interesting that she was said to be born on January 5th. That is what the Italians call little Christmas and that is the Greek Christmas January 5th or 6th. I am just wondering if there is something to do with that.


In the Hebrew Bible, a tradition of the history of nations is preserved in Beresh't 10 (Genesis 10). In Beresh't 10:7 there is a reference to Sheba, the son of Raamah, the son of Cush, the son of Ham, son of Noah. In Beresh't 10:26-29 there is a reference to another person named Sheba, listed along with Almodad, Sheleph, Hazarmaveth, Jerah, Hadoram, Uzal, Diklah, Obal, Abimael, Ophir, Havilah, and Jobabas the descendants of Joktan, the son of Eber, the son of Shelah, the son of Arphaxad, the descendant of Shem, another son of Noah.


What this says is that there is a Sheba in the Scripture but we do not know if they are related or not, but there is a Sheba in the Scripture.


Aharoni, Avi-Yonah, Rainey, and Safraiplaced the Semitic Sheba


That is the Arabian Sheba


in Southern Arabia


That is the Sheba that is in the Scripture so this Historian is calling the Queen of Sheba, Ok I am going to skip this because I am not sure what it is saying


The multiple references to Havilah


And if you look at your maps you can see that Havilah is down below Egypt, and it is across from Sheba. Further south, it is in the lower left hand section of your map.


The multiple references to Havilah may indicate a historical Semitic migration from the southern Arabian peninsula to the African continent. An alternative account would place the origins of the Semites and the ancient Israelites in Ethiopia. The ancient Roman historian, Tacitus, wrote that “many, again, say that they [the Israelites] were a race of Ethiopian origin”


We know that we have talked about his in the Scripture that the original Israel, or the Cushites where a black race. Interesting, an Ethiopian origin.


but also mentions "Others describe them as an Assyrian horde "


We can relate to the Assyrian horde because we have just completed our studies on Herbert Armstrong and Reverend Allan who says that Israelites migrates from Assyria to the British isles and that the Israelites where taken captive by the Assyrians and brought into Assyria and they were there for one hundred and fifty years. They assimilated into the nation itself or to the kingdom of the empire whichever is correct, before they went to the British isle. An Assyrian horde could be talking about the Israelites as we know it, Israelites as originally being Ethiopians we have h found some information that would say that could be possible but I do not have any at least nothing recent in my mind that could witness to that.


Next in our notes is the Hebrew, now we are going to have several accounts of the Queen of Sheba. This is the Hebrew Biblical account of her.


According to the Hebrew Bible, the unnamed queen of the land of Sheba heard of the great wisdom of King Solomon of Israel and journeyed there with gifts of spices, gold, precious stones, and beautiful wood and to test him with questions, as recorded in First Kings Chronicles 10:1-13 (largely copied in 2 9:1–12).


It is related further that the queen was awed by Solomon's great wisdom and wealth, and pronounced a blessing on Solomon's God. Solomon reciprocated with gifts and "everything she desired," whereupon the queen returned to her country. The queen apparently was quite rich, however, as she brought 4.5 tons of gold with her to give to Solomon (1 Kings 10:10).


In the biblical passages which refer explicitly to the Queen of Sheba there is no hint of love or sexual attraction between Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. The two are depicted merely as fellow monarchs engaged in the affairs of state.


Somehow she brought him down. Whether they were sexually involved or not. Somehow she brought him down. I do not usually take questions while I am preaching but in this case come and ask your questions because I am just reading from a reference.


COMMENT:  In the past you have taught that if something is unnamed that it is a spirit. The Queen Sheba her name is never mentioned, do you get anything out of that?


PASTOR VITALE:  The thought did occur to me but what you are referring to are Scriptures that just refer to a particular man’s wife and unnamed wife. This woman is named, she is the Queen of Sheba. She just does not have a personal name. Do you understand what I just said to you? It is not that same thing. We have a lot of Pharaohs and we do not even know the Pharaohs’ names.


This commentary is saying and it is true that there was not suggestion in the Scripture that there was any sexual connection between Solomon and Sheba, but when you look at the fruit he was destroyed after that relationship. It could have been stickily spiritual I do not know but we know that the Ethiopians claims that the one child that the Queen of Sheba had is his child and they claim that right to the present day. The fact that is not recorded in the Scripture does not mean that it did not happen.


The young woman of the Song of Songs, however, continues to deny the romantic advances of her suitor, whom many commentators identify as King Solomon. In any case, there is little to identify this speaker in the text with the rich and powerful foreign queen depicted in the Book of Kings. The woman of the text of the song clearly does regard "The Daughters of Jerusalem" as her peer group.


Lord willing we are going to translated all eight chapters and we will find out that Solomon is a female. Solomon is the female in this book the Song of Solomon King Solomon is the female. He is female to Jehovah and he is seduced so whether or not that seduction came from the female queen of Sheba or whether the seduction came from the serpent or the personality and the spiritual body called the queen of Sheba. At this point I do not know we will see if I get any word on that as I am translating. Do you understand what I am saying? Let me clarify that. It is possible that the Queen of Sheba came looking for spiritual knowledge and King Solomon pursued her sexually. Just his attraction to her would have been a seduction by the serpent within the Queen of Sheba or it could be that the Queen of Sheba herself seduced him. At this point I do not have any reason to believe either way we will see what happened when I work up the alternate translation.


This is Ethiopian history


Later Ethiopian tradition firmly asserts that King Solomon did seduce and impregnate his guest, and it provides a detailed story of how he went about it (see later section) - a matter of considerable importance to Ethiopians - as their emperors traced their lineage to that union in a line, which but for one break of ca. 133 years eventually spanned circa 2900 years, through the kings of Kingdom of Axum, its Roman era (3rd century) name change to Ethiopia (documented in early Christian records, the 'Ethiopia' name showing up in the historical record from ca. AD 300 when Axum conquered the ancient kingdom of Kush, known through both Egyptian and Roman documents), and the eventual demise of Emperor Haile Selassie (deposed 1974) whose dynasty still survives, albeit out of power. Even the usurping dynasty was related, as the first jog through the distaff line (later there were others, presumably after the inheritance laws were updated) as the founding king of the [nation name or some other noun is missing here] was son-in-law of the last Axumite king, and the crown was returned to a "rightful" male line, called the Solomonic dynasty in ca. 1270 CE.)


Ethiopians say for 2900 years claiming their royal line is the decent of King Solomon. Who know she was a virgin queen, meaning she never got married. That was the only child she had, maybe she went looking to be impregnated by him. Maybe she wanted to bring forth this powerful being since the tow of them where so spiritually high. I do not know anything I am certainly no expert, but I have not heard anything in Ethiopian history that would indicate that some great king or great queen was born from that union. Just that, that royal line and endured for all these years. As I told you earlier Haile Selassie was deposed in 1974 I believe he is still alive he still claims to be a decedent of King Solomon. Interesting.


The next account we have is on page eleven is the account of the Quran. There is I believe I printed out that picture for you it is in your notes. The picture that I printed out for you shows the Queen of Sheba as a warrior Queen. I think I said that before the break. Shows her with a lance on her horse. This is the Islamic view in your notes page eleven is the Islamic view of the Queen of Sheba. She seems to be levitating there, does she not seem to be levitating there?


Qur'anic Account


The Queen of Sheba, Bilqis, shown reclining in a garden - tinted drawing on paper c. 1595


The Qur'an, the central religious text of Islam, never mentions the Queen of Sheba by name, although Arab sources name her Balqis or Bilqis. The Qur'anic narrative has Solomon getting reports of a kingdom ruled by a queen whose people worship the sun. He sent a letter inviting her to visit him and to discuss his deity,


According to the Qur’an now this is very interesting, according to the Qur’an, Solomon reached out to her, and wanted to discuss his deity that is Jehovah. Was he evangelizing? That would be interesting, it is my understanding that Jews did not evangelize. I wonder why he would have done that but if it is true, that Solomon was evangelizing, he was destroyed by his attempt to evangelize this queen. She left his life and he started to deteriorate and when down until he lost the kingdom. Now according to the Muslims his Deity was Allah the Lord of the world.


He sent a letter inviting her to visit him and to discuss his deity, related as Allah, the Lord of the Worlds (Alamin) in the Islamic text. She accepted the invitation. Solomon asked if anyone can bring the throne of the queen before she arrives. A jinn under the control of Solomon proposed that he will bring it before Solomon rises from his seat. One who had knowledge of the "Book" (The Bible) proposed to bring him the throne of Bilqis 'in the twinkling of an eye' and accomplished that immediately. The queen arrived at his court, was shown her throne, entered his crystal palace and engaged in discussion with Solomon. She was impressed by his wisdom and praised his deity. She eventually accepted Abrahamic monotheism.


Here the Qur’an says that Solomon had a crystal palace. I find that very interesting. Next we have the Ethiopian Account


Ethiopian account


The imperial family of Ethiopia claims its origin directly from the offspring of the Queen of Sheba by King Solomon. The Queen of Sheba, is named Makeda in the Ethiopian account (which from the Ethiopic languages translates literally to English as "pillow").


Brethren all I can think about is the Scripture in Ezekiel that says that which is to sowing pillows to the armholes of Gods people I wonder, that Hebrew word translated pillow I have looked it up it means to be filled up, to be puffed up. That may mean she was highly spiritual filled with spiritual power.


The etymology of her name is uncertain, but there are two principal opinions about its Ethiopian source. One group, which includes the British scholar Edward Ullendorff, holds that it is a corruption of "Candace", the Ethiopian queen mentioned in the New Testament Acts; the other group connects the name with Macedonia, and relates this story to the later Ethiopian legends about Alexander the Great.


The Italian scholar Carlo Conti Rossini, however, was unconvinced by either of these theories and, in 1954 stated that he believed the matter unresolved.


An ancient compilation of Ethiopian legends, Kebra Negast ('the Glory of Kings'), is dated to seven hundred years ago and relates a history of Makeda and her descendants. In this account King Solomon is said to have seduced the Queen of Sheba and sired her son, Menelik I, who would become the first Emperor of Ethiopia.


Brethren you can take this or leave it but I feel very strongly in my spirit that at least one of the reasons she went to Solomon was for him to father her child. She was the Queen of Sheba she had no heir. For whatever reason she never married and she wanted this great man to be the father of her child, and that, that child should be the beginning of a dynasty. That would let out Solomon seducing her, he thought he seduced her but she had planned the whole thing in the first place.


The narrative given in the Kebra Negast - which has no parallel in the Hebrew Biblical story - is that King Solomon invited the Queen of Sheba to a banquet, serving spicy food to induce her thirst, and inviting her to stay in his palace overnight.


Now remember the word thirst in spiritual language, thirst has to do with a thirst for spiritual things and a thirst to reincarnate, and thirst for immortality. I really see a spiritual meeting in all this. He served her spicy food and he induced her to thirst.


The Queen asked him to swear that he would not take her by force. He accepted upon the condition that she, in turn, would not take anything from his house by force. The Queen assured that she would not, slightly offended by the implication that she, a rich and powerful monarch, would engage in stealing. However, as she woke up in the middle of the night, she was very thirsty. Just as she reached for a jar of water placed close to her bed, King Solomon appeared,


That sounds supernatural appearance right there.


warning her that she was breaking her oath, water being the most valuable of all material possessions. Thus, while quenching her thirst, she set the king free from his promise and they spent the night together.


She also quenched her spiritual thirst from the teachings that he gave her and she set him free from his promise to Jehovah alright and they spent the night together.


Other Ethiopian accounts make her the daughter of a king named Agabo or Agabos, in some legends said to have become king after slaying the mythological serpent Arwe; in others, to have been the 28th ruler of the Agazyan tribe. In either event, he is said to have extended his Empire to both sides of the Red Sea.


The tradition that the Biblical Queen of Sheba was a ruler of Ethiopia who visited King Solomon in Jerusalem, in ancient Israel, is supported by the first century C.E. Roman (of Jewish origin) historian Flavius Josephus, who identified Solomon’s visitor as a "Queen of Egypt and Ethiopia".


While there are no known traditions of matriarchal rule in Yemen during the early first millennium BC, the earliest inscriptions of the rulers of Dʿin northern Ethiopia and Eritrea mention queens of very high status, possibly equal to their kings.


She was a very important woman, now there may be a possible Egyptian derivation of her. I would like to know what her relation is to Cleopatra although I do not think they lived in the same time period.


Josephus says in his Antiquity of the Jews, book 8 chapter 6, that it was the "queen of Egypt and Ethiopia" who visited King Solomon.


If you look at that map you have there, Egypt and Ethiopia they are next to each other, or slose to each other.


Also, Jesus refers to her as the "queen of the south" in Matthew 12:42.


I checked that Scripture Matthew 12:42 I did not look at Daniel 11, but I did look at what Jesus said about her, and Jesus certainly has nothing bad to say about her he said that she acknowledged all the glory that was in Solomon’s Kingdom, well that could me that she had no intention of doing Solomon any harm. Even if she did have intention of doing Solomon harm, Jesus still used her as an example that she acknowledged the God of Solomon.


To this day I am convinced that Jethro, Moses father in law was not sent by God to tell Moses to anoint those seventy rulers to help him judge the people. I am convinced of it the fact that Jethro was a convert does not mean God anointed him to council Moses. Why would his convert Medianite father in law, why would God raise up a Midianite man a new convert to council a man of God like Moses it is just too suspicious to me. I do not think it was God’s intention even if it where to turn out that, that was God’s will, let us say that was God’s solution to the problem, and that Jethro picked it up in the spirit and went and told Moses. He still took authority over Moses, maybe the Lord was waiting for Moses to go to God to ask Him. It may have been God’s plan but that did not mean God sent Jethro to tell him.


The fact that Jesus has nothing bad to say about the Queen of Sheba does not mean she did not know she was seducing him or the fact that she did seduce him. Whether she knew it or not, as far as I am concerned she was an instrument to wreck his life. It brought the whole kingdom, she not only wrecked his personal life but she brought down the whole kingdom.


Daniel 11:5 and 8 identify the South as Egypt. There also have been claims by some scholars that the ancient Egyptian name Hatshepsut translates as "Queen of Sheba". Hatshepsut was a pharaoh of Egypt, born c. 1508 and died 1458 B.C., who revived active trade with neighboring kingdoms and created a flourishing and prosperous economy for her eighteenth dynasty kingdom.


A female Pharaoh?


Solar deities are most closely associated with her dynasty, the one founded by her grandfather and credited to the patron deity of Thebes, Amun. She is recorded as going on a famous journey to the land of Punt, though no one knows for sure where Punt is. Some scholars believe that Hatshepsut's journey to Punt and the Queen of Sheba's journey to Israel may be one in the same.




Sheba may be derived from the ancient Egyptian word for star. The Kingdom of Kush was also located in southern Egypt. According to the eleventh century geographer Yaqut al-Hamawi, the star-worshippers of Harran in Turkey and those from Yemen, went on special pilgrimages to the pyramids of Giza. The "Queen of Sheba" may have referred to the title of the Kandake when acting as the chief astronomer or high priestess of a star-venerating religion that was centered in Africa, with satellite centers in Arabia, Asia, and Europe.


The "star-worshippers" also studied or venerated the sun and moon. The roots of star veneration or star study date back to well before 5000 B.C.


I am going to skip over this part of the notes it is all just star study.


Nubia - another possible location


The tradition of the Candaces is well documented in Nubia, where the rule of its many queens recedes into prehistoric times and there the title Kentakes is a term used to describe the long tradition of leadership in Nubia by warrior queens. Nubia was south of Ancient Egypt, also divided by the Nile River and bordered by the Red Sea and, it is another candidate for the location of Sheba and the famous queen. The history of Nubia provides examples of a tradition and a wealthy kingdom that could be the original kingdom of the Queen of Sheba. The economics of the culture was based upon trade. David Jones, in Women Warriors:  a History, relates that in 332 BC Alexander the Great attempted to lead his army into Nubia. At its border, he was confronted by the brilliant military formations devised by their warrior queen, Candace of Meroë. She led her army on the opposite side of the border from atop an elephant. Alexander withdrew and redirected his forces to enter Egypt instead.


I am going to skip all their warfare. Down to the next paragraph.


Strabo also describes a similar clash with the Romans, in which the Roman army was defeated by Nubian archers under the leadership of another queen of Nubia. This queen was described as "one-eyed", being blind in one eye or represented only in profile.


They say that she was blind in one eye but it could have been that her two eyes were single, that is talking about spiritual sight. That is what Paul said Keep your eye single.


 The strategic formations used by this second queen are well documented in Strabo's description of her victory.


I am skipping this is all just Nubia history. Going down to Christian interpretations.


Christian interpretations


The Queen of Sheba is mentioned as the Queen of the South in Matthew 12:42 and Luke 11:31 in the New Testament, where Jesus indicates that she and the Ninevites will judge the generation of Jesus' contemporaries who rejected him.


Christian interpretations of the scriptures mentioning the Queen of Sheba in the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament, typically have emphasized both the historical and metaphorical values in the story. The account of the Queen of Sheba is thereby interpreted by Christians as being both a metaphor and an analogy:


That means they do not know if she existed or not


the Queen's visit to Solomon has been compared to the metaphorical marriage of the Church to Christ where Solomon is the anointed one or the messiah and Sheba represents a Gentile population submitting to the messiah; the Queen of Sheba's chastity has also been depicted as a foreshadowing of the Virgin Mary; and the three gifts that she brought (gold, spices, and stones) have been seen as analogous to the gifts of the Magi (gold, frankincense, and myrrh). The latter is emphasized as being consistent with a passage from Isaiah 60:6; And they from Sheba shall come:  they shall bring forth gold and incense; and they shall show forth the praises of the Lord. This last connection is interpreted as relating to the Maji, the learned astronomers of Sheba who saw a new star and set off on a journey to find a new ruler connected to the new star, that led them to Bethlehem.


Brethren that ends our notes for today Lord willing on Thursday we will start with our alternate translation of Chapter 1 of the Song of Solomon.


One more point. I told you that the whole world is moving forward and maturing and we are also maturing individually I liken that to the plant orbiting the Sun and also revolving on its own axis in the same manner the whole world has a particular degree of spirituality and each of us has our own degree of spirituality. It is very hard to be highly spiritual when the whole world is under a very low level of spirituality. If the world is in a state of high spirituality and you are not too spiritual yourself, it is much easier for you to rise up and become spiritual. That is part of the reason we have a lot of the problems we have here in the ministry because this ministry and the message we preach is from the world to come. There are so few of us at this time. I did not say that right. The whole world or at least the church world is very, very carnal and we are trying to be spiritual in the midst of a carnal church world it is very hard. It is like walking up hill. If the world was spiritual we would be flying, we are like going against the stream here the whole world is descending getting denser and denser the more and more carnal, as spirituality is being wiped out. Right in this country it is being wiped out. It is that much harder we run into all kinds of problems like that was just amazing today I bet we could call in an hour or in an hour, although I did put in a help check but apparently they were being disconnected at the other end also. This is the first message in a long time where my computer has crashed, we have had a problem like this.


I think it is an interesting message but I did not think that it was so important that phones should be crashing and computers should be crashing. Maybe I am not seeing it for what it is. I guess it is very important to reveal the truth about Solomon. You know the Lord is really into truth. He does not want people condemned that He does not condemn. I think that this is so interesting. Of course Solomon was guilty. He turned away from the Lord. Then after she left, he still did not turn back. He just chased after all these women trying to replace her and apparently he could not. He never went back to the Lord.


This is a very timely message, I guess it is important because the crux of the message is that, the message is to everybody who has ears to hear that Satan is going to try to take you out if she can. Messiah is going to stand very soon Adam is going to stand up very soon, and she wants to stop you wherever she can. She will stop you through someone close to you that is the message. She will stop you through someone close to you. If that not the crux of the message? She will come as a friend and that friend will find your weakness, your weak point, and use it against you. Does anyone have any questions? We finished early that is unusual. Anybody have anything to say? I do not know whether this is a picture of a drawing of her or just someone’s painting of her. Some beautiful woman. Could you imagine three hundred wives and seven hundred concubines?


COMMENT:  It was interesting about the drawings that they are in different places.


PASTOR VITALE:  Different cultures.


COMMENT:  Yes. Yemen, and all the other drawings on the walls.


PASTOR VITALE:  I would love to be able to go back into history I would not want to be subject to their lifestyles with no electricity but I would love to be a fly on the wall, just go back and observe. Really see with my own eyes. I think we tend to romanticize people that we read about and would be very surprised to find out that they are just everyday people. Not practically remarkable to look at but every day people. They would not look like movie stars.


Another part of the message is that the higher you are the higher the person who will be raised up to take you out. This great Queen had to be raised up to take out Solomon. He was a great king so a great queen had to be raised up to take him out.


COMMENT:  She was on his level.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, someone on his level.


COMMENT:  It is hard to believe all those wives and concubines.


PASTOR VITALE:  He did not visit them; he just locked them up in his Harem. I guess it was just a sign of power and wealth. I do not think they visited them a lot.


COMMENT:  I think about the pastors that are going down for things like that.


PASTOR VITALE:  Actually it was very hard on a woman who would be a wife in a situation like that or even a concubine because they were not allowed to go with other men so they were just locked up for the rest of their lives living in the Harem with the women.


COMMENT:  The sex slaves were even going on back then.


PASTOR VITALE:  I do not even bother them for sex, it is just their lives were ended they did not have children and they were just locked up living with the other women under the guard of Eunuchs. They were the king’s property


COMMENT:  I was looking for something on Kennedy and the curse of the Kennedy’s when his brother was getting married it was being recorded he did not know the mic was on. He said to his brother “you do not have to remain faithful to your wife.”


PASTOR VITALE:  His father said that to him?


COMMENT:  JFK said that to Robert Kennedy.


PASTOR VITALE:  To Robert? Really?


COMMENT:  You can see that Joe Kennedy had so many and then they continued on. It was interesting because the Scripture said about Solomon being like his father David.


PASTOR VITALE:  A lot of people feel that way. I saw a very good movie yesterday it was a French movie, France is known for being sexually liberal. In the movie a man found out or he was told that his wife cheated on him, and his wife was missing. He found out that it was not true, but someone told him that she was cheating on him. His friend there, it was a woman but it was just a friend, she said oh come on did you never cheat on her? It is no big deal. He said no. It’s just a different mentality.


I guess you have to be trained that way. In Europe for years a man’s wife and his mistress where friends that is like a polygamous marriage, but they are not living in the same house. Today it is dangerous with AIDS going around. All these politicians in Washington they are doing it anyway. They have their girlfriends and their prostitutes and their whatever.


COMMENT:  All the Muslims are saying look, look at those Christians. You call yourself a Christian.


PASTOR VITALE:  Well they are Hippocrates; none of these men are practicing Christians. Muslims and other people are looking to put mud on Christians do not really care that they are not practicing Christians. they are Christians.


COMMENT:  Do you want me to put the board away now?


PASTOR VITALE:  We are still talking. You can do it since we finished early that would be nice if you would help XXXX. XXXX, it is your birthday today.


COMMENT:  Today is your birthday?


COMMENT2:  It’s tomorrow.


PASTOR VITALE:  Happy Birthday someone put it on my calendar. It’s tomorrow. Happy Birthday. How old are you XXXX 29 or 31?


COMMENT:  Seventy eight. But I do not feel like that


COMMENT2:  New Beginnings and good times


PASTOR VITALE:  You look fine


COMMENT:  That is when they went to the Moon the first astronaut


PASTOR VITALE:  They lost the pictures did you hear that? All I could think about when I heard they lost the pictures what Mary was saying for a long time was that they really did not go to the moon. XXXX, XXXX was saying and these people want my medical records? Why would they lose that? Maybe it is really true who knows.


COMMENT:  Especially when you read everything that went down at the Kennedy house millions of dollars they paid to get them in office and the cover ups. The manipulation is amazing.


PASTOR VITALE:  What does that have to do with the Moon?


COMMENT:  That there is so much manipulation in government that we can see it in and what is happening now with all of these scams. There is so much manipulation you do not know what to believe.


PASTOR VITALE:  These days I really think that it all has to come down and I do not know what God is going to do, but the whole government is corrupt it is not just Obama the whole government the republicans the democrats they are just corrupt


COMMENT:  It says in the Scripture let God be true and every man a liar. It is so true.


PASTOR VITALE:  We are living in such an exciting time to see how the Scripture is going to play out. Rush was talking about the Health care, the National Healthcare bill and he was broadcasting on the radio that Obama’s lies Obama is telling everybody publically saying that you can keep the insurance you have now but there is a catch. The catch is that no new people can get private insurance and that since no other people can get, no new private insurance can be purchased if you want to change what you have now you cannot change it. It is just for the people who are going to live out their lives with it and then all new people you are forced to buy into the National Health Care Scam. Rush was saying he said it twice No one can buy or sell No one can buy or sell. I said wow. It says in the Scripture no one can buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast. It does not say what. We always assumed that you would not be able to buy and sell anything but it may not mean that it may mean health care. It was just manifesting. We are living in such an exciting day, and my aunt who lives in Yonkers I called her to say hello the other day she said when they had that three inches of hail in Yonkers in the middle of the summer. It did not melt they had to come and shovel. After three days it was not melted. How could it not melt after three days? I have hail here on my lawn but it melted. After three days it did not melt they had to come and shovel it away.


COMMENT:  They made a snowman in New Jersey in the middle of summer. It was ice.


COMMENT2:  They were shoveling the walks.


PASTOR VITALE:  Very, very exciting. We will see what will happen over the next two years at least it is happening very fast.


COMMENT:  He keeps the speech. Obama keeps with the speeches. He goes well into August.


PASTOR VITALE:  He says you will do it


COMMENT:  And if you do not do it, this is going to happen. You know you’re going to blah blah blah. The threat is coming through with it.




COMMENT:  Nobody knows the faults of this government except the people here in the United States.


PASTOR VITALE:  Are you the one that sent me that article from Canada?


COMMENT:  The Canadians know the whole gist of what is going on and putting it in writing.


PASTOR VITALE:  We have enough alternative newspaper and radio talk show host and Fox news, but people do not want to know. XXXX, people do not want to know.


COMMENT:  They just want their...


PASTOR VITALE:  Especially the black people. They do not want to know. I do not know exactly how it is going to play out but there is going to be a terrible consequence for all these black Christians and all of the Jews that voted for him. Look what he is doing to Israel. I read the other day that England cut off their selling military supplies to Israel and are giving millions of dollars to the Palestinians. They are really in a lot of trouble Lord have mercy. We will see what is going to happen. Gerald Flurry says they are going to go to Germany and Germany will wind up attacking Iran.


COMMENT:  Something that world vision there is so much embezzlement just gone.


PASTOR VITALE:  What’s World Vison?


COMMENT:  I think its Feed The Children things like that Christian organization.


PASTOR VITALE:  Oh really, I support them. What is wrong with them?


COMMENT:  They had money, thousands and thousands, embezzled.


PASTOR VITALE:  Feed The Children?


COMMENT:  Not Feed the Children World Vison I do not know if they are connected.


PASTOR VITALE:  I support Feed the Children.


COMMENT:  Feed the Children are Frances and her husband. I cannot think of his name.


PASTOR VITALE:  Not Frances and Charles Hunter.




PASTOR VITALE:  Her name is Frances? You do not mean Robinson.


COMMENT:  I see it in front of me all the time. I should know it so well. I cannot think of it.


PASTOR VITALE:  That is so discouraging you know. For some reason Joyce Meyer has been coming to my mind all this past week and I remember her saying when I used to watch her all the time she was getting her dream house. This happens to me all the times things that I heard a long time ago the Lord starts dealing with me. Years ago I read somewhere that they had been challenged by the IRS and she and her child all had built houses and sold their house that their accountants advised them to just sell their house and they settled the problem that they had with the IRS. It just hit me now all these years after I read it that she had to sell her dream house, so there must have been something wrong from where they took the funds from to build it.


COMMENT:  I do not know what I heard on the TV something about Liberia or did you say it that there was a what I heard was that I guess there was a Christian outfit that supplied things that all the people goods to eat. They were crooks they stole the money and the stuff and resold it all the supplies for the people


COMMENT2:  That was World Vision.


PASTOR VITALE:  World Vison or the people that they gave it too? That is very common.


COMMENT:  The people with the world vision and it went through customs too. I understood that it says the people that were involved in it. Not the United states but...


PASTOR VITALE:  Because Pastor Saunderson used to say they would send those containers over there and the people at the other end, the government would steal it and it would never get to the people.


COMMENT:  Did not we experience that here with the messages. They would take them, and sell them


PASTOR VITALE:  And books. They would sell our books. I see some organizations when they print their books they would say this book is not for resale, so that anybody buying it should know it’s illegal. I do not know there is a change coming there is change in the wind. Very exciting to see the book of Revelation coming to life before our eyes, and all these years I never doubt it would really happen in the natural I thought it was just a spiritual message. Hail stones three inches deep not melting in the summer time. I think about it and I say what is coming next? The purification being thrown in the Lake of Fire is purification of course Satan is going to be let loose for a while that is Revelation 20 I think she is loose now.


COMMENT:  I think the same thing here.


PASTOR VITALE:  Did you hear in England the education system in England are teaching the children that they should have an orgasm a day. That it is good for them to have an orgasm a day.


COMMENT:  A lot of the talk shows are pushing that stuff.


PASTOR VITALE:  Do you realize what they are doing? They are disarming this country they are shutting down any army that might rise up here that is what they are doing.


COMMENT:  Even that guy that focus on the family he is retired now semi-retired, even he said in one of the books that we are inviting spirits in.


COMMENT2:  They are promoting with the younger people, intercourse the younger people.


PASTOR VITALE:  Oh yes they tell them that they should be doing that. It is a complete corruption of the society.


COMMENT:  In the Acts of the Apostles they say the Apostolates turned the world upside down. Now the world is being turned upside down again.


PASTOR VITALE:  yes absolutely it is the complete opposite of any moral lifestyle. No country practicing these practices can survive they just cannot. The country will not survive and the end of the whole thing if the Lord does not intervene is a dictator will take over. You have ten, twelve, thirteen year old girls having babies and the government supports them. They are taxing everyone up the wazoo and everybody is losing their job so the government is going to run out of money. Everything is going to collapse. Who is raising these kids? How are they growing up? The whole society is collapsing. At some point the plan is a dictator will come in and take over.


COMMENT:  That is what is happening in various parts of Africa right now so many parents with AIDS and children left to themselves.


PASTOR VITALE:  All orphans it is terrible. Adam has to stand up or the whole world... if we do not destroy ourselves with an Atom bomb society will just collapse Society is corrupted. Adam has to stand, we are going to be alive to see this, it is so exciting. He may be standing up in us. It is so exciting. The flood is upon us we are under a flood of spiritual filth right now.


COMMENT:  One of XXXX friend sends emails all the time about the situations, and he was saying the whole thing about the rights. He said if you say anything about the blacks or any other people of culture you are a racists. He said they have Miss America contest that anyone can join that but they have a black contest where just blacks are allowed to be in and in the colleges there are black colleges but if you have a white college and you say you cannot have blacks in there that is a racist.


PASTOR VITALE:  It is going to the complete reverse racism. It is really scary.


COMMENT:  There is no white people that can say anything about anybody else.


PASTOR VITALE:  No white people or Christians that can say anything.


10/09/09 Transcribed by KML


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