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Praise the Lord, brethren; we are going to be starting to take a look at Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan’s commentary on the Bahir. The Bahir is an ancient Kabbalistic work, it predates the Zohar. We are told that the Bahir greatly influenced the Rabbi who wrote the Zohar. The Lord directed me to this book, I have not looked at it in several years, the Lord directed me to it about a week ago, and it was just, actually last night or this morning that I see that we are going to be, Lord willing; commenting, I am going to hopefully be explaining to you Rabbi Aryeh’s comments. Rabbi Aryeh is dead, but he is our contemporary, he lived and he wrote in our lifetime.


A lot of Kabbalists say that he was brilliant in the understanding and the explanation and expounding of the Kabbalah. The name of the book is The Bahir, I will be doing hopefully a line by line commentary, just eliminating some of the more technical details that I do not think are appropriate for us today, so I will not be reproducing the book. If anybody wants to buy the book, it is $38 on Amazon, if you want to get it, if not you can just listen to the message; that is fine.


I want to start out by giving you a vision of why we are doing this, and why the Lord is giving us this kind of an assignment. It works intimately with the Lord introducing us to the concept of longevity which is pre-immortality. Longevity is a spiritual condition that is pre-immortality. We read in the book of Joel that the sons of God are headed back towards the Garden of Eden and that they leave behind them, everything they leave behind them is burnt. That is the vision in the book of the prophet Joel.


We are headed back to the Garden of Eden. Where and what is the Garden of Eden? The Garden of Eden exists in the world of Beriah. The English translation of the word Beriah is creation, the world of creation. The female Adam died in the world of creation, in the midst of creation he died and fell down. His residue or what was left of him after he died fell down into this world where we are now which is called Asiyah. The English translation of that is the world of action.


There are many, many worlds, and there are many universes. This whole universe, if you talk about the planets and the stars and the galaxies, there is an edge to the universe. I have read it in books that some scientists, if not all, I do not know, acknowledge that there is an edge to the universe, but it is so far away from us that it is not even contemplated, it is so many light years away, the edge of the universe that it is not even really, as far as I know you know, considered the studies of our astrophysicists and astrologers and astronomers. They are busy looking at the galaxies and the planets of the galaxies within the universes. There is an edge to the universe, with the issue being that there is more than one universe.


I do not know that you would find this information in an encyclopedia, but kabbalistically speaking there is more than one universe. This whole universe as far as it can go to its edge, to its border is the universe of Malkhut; the world of action. There are many universes, there are many worlds within the universes, but as far as I know, this world of Asiyah is the visible world, as far as I know. The other worlds coexist on a different spiritual dimension. When I say there is an edge to the universe, what I am saying to you is that all of these worlds are superimposed one upon the other but they are invisible worlds. Each world has its own inhabitants. I have talked to you about other species, each world has its own inhabitants, but this world is Malkhut. This world is the material world, the place where the will and desire, the emotions and the thought process that exists in the species of the other universes are acted out in this world.


The whole of Malkhut, the whole of this universe; that means the planets, the galaxies, the stars is an outer garment for the other worlds. Likewise, the skin of our physical body is a garment for these other spiritual worlds.


The spiritual worlds exist on the inside of us, and on the outside of us. Because the worlds, the universes outside of us are for me anyway, maybe somebody is different, but it is impossible for me to comprehend. I remember one day I was looking at all of the stars, I was in Florida and I told the Lord, I just could not comprehend what I was reading, or what He was telling me, it was beyond my ability to cope with it, it was starting to cause me distress. He clearly said to me, do not focus on what is outside of you, which we will call the macrocosm, the very large, focus on what is inside of you because the same thing is inside of you that is outside of you in the same manner that the seed of an apple is basically even more the seed of an apple has more potential than the apple because the seed can reproduce the whole tree, and the apple is just the fruit of the tree.


We have the seed inside of us that has not yet developed, but it is the same principle as a fetus. We have a government today that is murdering fetuses, and not only murdering fetuses because the mother does not want to take responsibility for the child, but now we are murdering fetuses to use the body parts, to keep others alive as President Obama has just made that legal.


We see the fetus, not only the fetus but the zygote, what is the zygote? The zygote is the name of what comes into existence after the male and female seed join. They join so completely that there is no more male and there is no more female, we have a new creature, the union of the male and the female that is a single unity, a single entity, and the name of it, the generic name of it is the zygote; the first cell of the new creature. That is what we are, those of here that are going on or hoping to go on inside of us, not us, this is really important, not the earth in us, not the carnal us, that is the earth inside of us are the seeds of the greatness of God. When that seed comes to maturity and brings us into agreement with its mind, we will inherit everything that the seed of greatness is.


We of ourselves are nothing, we are just earth and Jesus clearly said, without me you can do nothing, Jesus said we must abide in His vine or we can do nothing. This is what He was talking about. We of ourselves are just a dumb animal, and the only reason that we appear to be a higher species than the animal out there is because the seeds of greatness, the potential for the greatness of God, the seeds of the spiritual worlds are inside of us.


If you ever hear or you ever come up against somebody who is trying to tell you that the animals are equal to humanity which is what is going on today out there, the answer is there is an element, there is a spiritual dimension inside of man, that is not inside of the animals, and this spiritual dimension makes us a higher form of life than the animals because we have the potential to become joined to the greatness of God in the same way that I have just described, that the male seed and the female seed, we the earth, the personality being the female seed, when the male seed which is the potential of the greatness of God joins with us so completely we will be the new, we will be immersed in, we will be woven into, we will be integrated with that zygote which will be unity of the female earthen personality and the spiritual male potential for the greatness of God. We are going to be interwoven with it.


The Scripture likens it to a tapestry. Brethren what does it matter if we are the backdrop; that plain blank canvas of the tapestry and then the beautiful colored threads are woven through us with the image of God, we will become one and we will experience everything that God is? Everyone is to admit who we are, we are nothing and the life or the existence of this world is temporal, it is a dream, it is nothing, it is just a flash, it will not endure. We have the seeds of eternal endurance inside of us. This union of these spiritual seeds and the earth is a painful process. It is emotionally painful and it is mentally painful.


It is my understanding is that the Lord is not forcing it on anyone, because man has free will. All that I could tell you is if you think you are going to partake of this wonderful promise or promises, and not experience the pain of having your emotions and your carnal mind dealt with, you are deceiving yourself.


Jesus said, let everyone count the cost. If your comfort to the point that you will not endure the pain is more important to you than the promises, the Lord says, okay, you can depart from us, but do not think you will have it both ways because you will not. You will not because it is impossible to have it both ways. The principle is, it is impossible to have a baby without some pain. I know some women have more pain than other women, but it is impossible to have a baby, do you know anybody that had a baby without any pain, anybody? No, it is impossible, it is impossible.


Most women, the first time they experience sexual intercourse, they experience some kind of discomfort, it is a union of the male and the female. That is one aspect of the pain, the union of the male and the female, and then the offspring, which is the zygote which is the manchild, the unity of the two which produces a third which encompasses the whole male and female produces a third element which encompasses both the male and the female, we are calling it the manchild, the unity born of the joining is a different kind of pain.


Just like in the natural, everything given to us in in the natural is an example, to help us to understand spiritual things because we are too carnal to understand spiritual things without the Lord relating to this present experience that we are having. The example of this present experience is marriage, sexual intercourse between the male and the female, one form of pain or discomfort and the birthing of the manchild which is usually a much greater discomfort. The end of the process if you are willing, the Bible says no matter how much pain is causes you; and as I said, some women have more pain than others, the Bible says when we see the manchild, when we have that baby in our hands, all the memory of the pain is gone. Once you get the baby you forget about the pain because you are so in love with your child.


That is what we are experiencing; this is what the Lord is offering us. If we turn Him down in most instances we just become a citizen of this world and we will experience the pains and troubles and happiness of this world and then it will be the end of us. The Lord is not forcing anyone, there is only one exception to that, once you pursue Him enough to become impregnated with His child, to the best of my knowledge He will not let you go. What am I saying? If you the personality, the female cried out to Jesus Christ for whatever your problem was, you beat on His door; that is a parable; that is a way of saying that you kept praying to Him and praying to Him and you would not leave Him alone until He helped you. If you banged on His door until He answered you and helped you; that help that He gave to you the female; that male help that He gave to you the female only arose out of a union of the male and the female.


In order for Him to help you, you were crying and banging and crying and banging, Jesus help me, Jesus help me, Jesus help me. The way He helped you was by joining Himself to you; to whatever degree He joined Himself to you. If He joined Himself to you to the degree that, that third entity came into existence, if He joined Himself to you as a result of you crying out to Him day and night, to the point that the male and the female merged into one and there is now an entity in you called the seed or the zygote, the first cell of the manchild in you, the chances are that He is going to let you depart from Him are very small if they exist at all, I just cannot make an unequivocal statement to everybody in the world that He is not going to let you go, but it is highly unlikely He is going to let you go. Why is that? It is because His son is in you.


You are now pregnant with His son and He is no longer saying to the woman, well if you want to leave, leave. You have His child and that is a whole other story. If you are in that condition, you are married to Him. That is the condition; this is what is available to the church today brethren. There is more than the Holy Spirit that is available to the church today. The Holy Spirit is given to draw us to Christ; and those who cry out to Christ to the point that they become impregnated with his child; we are eligible for the next step which is longevity. Longevity is another whole age. We see people that do not know God at all, the people that have received the Holy Spirit which is the Holy Spirit of promise. What is it a promise of? It is a promise of pregnancy. There is no hope for us outside of bearing the manchild.


The people who do not know God, the people who have received the Holy Spirit of promise and the people who now are pregnant with the zygote, the first cell of the new creature. We all exist pretty much in the same world and it is this world here. Those of us that are pregnant that have received the first cell, who knows, maybe it is divided into two cells by now, I do not know. We live in both worlds, we live in this world and as that zygote begins to mature in us, we have a presence and a conscious awareness of the world of the child we are carrying.


Depending on the stage of development of that child, spiritual child that we are pregnant with, we exist in two worlds, and that is not an easy thing to do because the two worlds are completely opposite of each other. Living in two worlds produces conflicts and sometimes the conflicts are very painful. One of the things we have been teaching here for years is how to deal with living in two worlds, how to know when someone is not being honest with you, how to know when someone is defending themselves against you while they are looking at you and you could never ever guess from the look on their face or the words that they are saying, that they are not being honest with you, but your heart is hurting you, because your heart knows the truth of their heart.


As this Christ child grows in you, the words of man can no longer deceive you. The expressions on the face of a man can no longer deceive you. We have to live in a world where people lie all of the time, and you know the speech of their heart is not lining up with the words of their mouth. We are in two worlds. James says we are double minded. It comes to a point where the spiritual life in us starts to become more developed than the earthen life in us. Maybe developed is not the right word. We come to a point where the spiritual life in us becomes more active or more important than the physical life. For people who are reaching that plateau that not only have the grafted Christ, you can say you have the grafted Christ if you have that one cell, and you are still living as a carnal person. If you have that one cell and you are still living as a carnal person, guess what, the Lord Jesus is after you to damage if not destroy your life in this world because your life in this world and your desire for the things of this world are killing His son in you. Your preference for the things of this world is choking the life out of the first cell of the manchild in you.


The Lord moves to weaken your desires for the things of this world. Your desires for the things of this world start to produce discomfort in your life. What is the purpose of that? When you are uncomfortable in this life, you are looking for relief. I will tell you and I mentioned this to you before, but it is just the last couple of years that this has happened to me that I am so aware that the only deliverance for me from the emotional pain that arises in my heart center which is a result of the spiritual warfare or of my perceiving of the true emotions or true thoughts of somebody else that is not being honest with me. There is only one way I can get relief, nothing works other than exposing myself to the word of God.


It is amazing after 15 minutes of putting my nose in the Bahir the terrible pain goes away. Is it the book, what is it about the book? No, it is not the book, brethren; it is the Spirit of God that is attached to the book. Everything in this world, this world is just a mirror image and everything in this world is attached to, connected to its source on the other side of the mirror, and the spirit that wrote this book, or the spirit that wrote the Scripture or the spirit that wrote the Zohar, whatever Godly book you are reading, the spirit that brought that book into existence, the spirit that brought the teaching to the mind of some man, the spirit that arranged for that book to be translated, that teaching to be translated, the spirit that arranged for that teaching to be translated and published as a book, the spirit that brought that book into your house or attracted you to that book abides upon that book. When you pick up that book, whether it is the Bible works for you, sometimes it works for me, sometimes I go into the Kabbalistic teaching, as long as it is a book from God.


When you open that book, and your reason for opening it is that you are seeking deliverance from pain, the spirit that is attached to that book on the other side of the mirror passes through the mirror and enters into your heart through the mediator and in this instance, the mediator is not only the book brethren; not even the book; the book is the point of contact. The mediator is Christ in you which is crying out and doing what you know how to do for deliverance from the pain through the word of God. Christ in you, who is not handling the pain, is calling out to His father the Lord Jesus who is on the other side of the mirror.


Christ in you is on this side of the mirror, and help from what is called the supernal realms flows from the source. What is the source? It comes from the Father of Christ in you, who is the Lord Jesus, flows into the word on the book, that when you read it and your mind perceives the word because Christ is mind, when your mind perceives the word, the assistance from that river on the other side of the mirror joins with Christ in you and delivers you.


Deliverance from all trouble, pain, affliction of every kind brethren; I have been telling you for years, is in Christ, and Christ when He seeks comfort from His Father, that union me presenting myself to this word, Christ in me presenting Himself to this word, communicates with His Father and that union produces an imputed or a temporary increase in that seed in me, in the manchild, and pain is relieved, the pain of the dumb animal which the personality is, receives relief.


The more mature you get in Christ Jesus you are going to find that your only relief is through union with the spiritual forces of God on the other side of the mirror. Your only relief would be to go more towards the spiritual world, and you will find that looking into the natural world will relieve you less and less and less. This is something we have to learn. I spent years having this truth and still looking for relief in natural things, never getting it.


Job said to the Lord, why are you punishing me like this, why are these things happening to me? Just tell me what you want and I will do it, why do I have to go through this? The Lord said to Job, you do not have the power to give me, or to bring forth within yourself what I am trying to accomplish in you, you do not have the power to do it. What I am trying to accomplish in you in the form of nature, will only result from the union or the increased union or the more intense union of yourself the female with me the Lord. You cannot do it yourself.


When you try to do it yourself, it is a form of homosexuality. You need the male, you need me, and your deliverance, your relief, everything you are looking for will be the fruit of your union with me, not what you think you want in this world, or would in fact want. The problem is we do not know what is good for us. We do not know what is going to help us.


I use the problem I have with food is an example. I am taking a lot of victory, but when I am under a lot of stress my mind tells me I want a bagel. What does that accomplish for me? It is not good for my health, it is not good for my weight, it is not good to be led by my carnal mind. My mind tells me when I am under stress I want a bagel. Maybe your mind tells you whatever your mind tells you it needs when you are under stress or when you are in pain; but that carnal mind of yours putting thoughts in your mind does not change the truth and the truth is that the only way you will get relief is by seeking God and what God wants for you.


Our mind is filled with rebellion and rage against God because He is taking our pacifier away. Brethren, hear what I am telling you! Listen, the Lord has revealed longevity to us in this ministry. Longevity the best way I will describe it to you is entering into a stage where the life of God that we are pregnant with is more powerful than the earthen personality that we have. Everybody in this world, I do not know how to measure myself, I know the Lord is very important to me, I know that His Spirit drives me and do not misunderstand that word, maybe I should say drive me, His Spirit almost everything that I do is out of His Spirit. He is influencing me to that degree.


I do not know where the line is, but most people in this world are more focused on the earthen world than on the spiritual world, the seeds of which dwell within them. To get to a point, we cannot do it ourselves; we cannot say one day the spiritual life is going to be more important to me. We are not capable of doing that, brethren, because for the spiritual life to be more important to you, that means you have to abide in a state of mind that will manifest that reality if it is true for you and you cannot do that yourself. You cannot determine your own state of mind; not only because you do not have the wherewithal to do it, but we must all understand that our carnal mind which influences us to the things of this world, and wants the things of this world is a military force. The carnal mind is military force fighting against the will of God manifested through that seed in you.


You are in a war! When you wake up in the morning you are in a war, whether you get out of the left side of the bed or whether you get out of the right side of the bed, what does the Lord want you to do? I am not oversimplifying brethren. Let us define longevity. Longevity is a state of being in which the vessel, we will call a human being a vessel; the vessel is more strongly influenced to move in the spiritual world according to the will of the Christ within him rather than the will of the carnal mind within him. Let me try it again. Longevity is a state of being in which the person that enters into longevity is more influenced by the child they are pregnant with than they are by their carnal mind which is really Cain.


There is no condemnation in this, brethren, this is a very positive message, I am very excited. You just need to know that no one passes over that line into longevity without warfare, without serious resistance and warfare from the serpent’s household which is a second mind in them or another mind in them. James said we are double minded, we have two minds. Every thought that comes into your mind is not of God, brethren. John said, try the spirit, every spirit is not of God. Every thought that comes into your mind is not of God. Every thought that comes into your mind is not truth.


Thoughts that come into your mind, thought, brethren, is designed to influence you. The thoughts of God are designed to influence you towards His righteousness, towards His truth, towards His world, towards longevity. The thoughts that arise out of your carnal mind are designed to influence you back to the world that you have already been delivered from.


Those of us who are invited to go on with God, to pre-immortality, we must fight this war because there is a default, brethren. Those of you who have computers, you might know what a default is. A default is something that the computer does when you do nothing. When you are performing a function on the computer and you have a choice, but you do not exercise that choice like has happened to you multiple times or your do not recognize that you have a choice, you just press enter, the computer implements the default, because you did not recognize that you had a choice, putting a name on who the addressee would be on that email, you did not realize you had a choice, you just pressed enter and the computer made your choice for you.


The default choice in all human beings is the will and the desire and the influence of Cain who represents the carnal mind. For us to see the will of God implemented in our life, we must choose and this is the principle of free will. If we do not exercise free will, our carnal mind rules over us. If we do not exercise free will in the direction of God, our carnal mind chooses, makes our choices and rules over our life.


I think just about everybody here is excited about the promise of longevity, the invitation to enter into longevity. Here today I am giving you guidelines as to how you enter into longevity. We must choose God, brethren, to enter into longevity. What is longevity? It means that we enter into the next age in which people who are a hundred years old are considered a baby.


Most of the people who lived in that age of longevity on the line of descent lived into the 900s, most of them before they died for the third time or entered into the third stage of death. This world is the third stage of death. Now our existence is being reversed. The doorway to longevity is open and now we have to walk through, but it is not simple thing. What is our ability to walk through? Our ability to walk through as always with God is education. Anyone who preaches or teaches is an educator. Every one of you must make your own choice. We teach, we pray for you, sometimes we engage in warfare with the principalities in you on your behalf, sometimes you join with us and sometimes you join with the principalities that if Christ in the teacher is waging a war against the principalities in you, so that you can enter into longevity and be delivered from the death and destruction in this world, sometimes if the education has not come yet, or the person has not or that education has not sprouted in the understanding of that person, sometimes the person themselves agrees with the serpent’s household within themselves, and therefore is against the son of God that is trying to save them. What do we do?


We teach, we teach, and the principle is that we teach and we teach and we teach. One plants, another man waters, only God can give the increase, so we teach and we wage the warfare as the Lord directs us. Warfare is grievous, painful, troublesome, but we do it for the people that are pregnant with Christ and yet are not yet mature enough or powerful enough or restored enough to take care of their child.


Brethren, if you are pregnant with Christ you have a child that you are responsible for. Some people become pregnant but they become pregnant before they are mature enough or responsible enough to take care of their spiritual child. Sometimes they cannot take care of themselves, so the Lord will send someone to help. We teach, and the Spirit in us waters, but only God can give the increase, only God can convince you of His thought process. Only God can convince you to agree with the principles of God. All warfare is against the powers and principalities of this world within you which are making you deaf, and this is a Scripture, brethren, these powers and principalities are making you deaf to the understanding that the Lord Jesus wants to impart to you because He knows, our God knows that in the hour that you understand the truth, and that Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, Leviathan, and Cain in you are weakened enough to stop blocking that truth you will choose God.


He knows that you will choose Him and His ways. We teach and we water you with the word of God, but only God can give you the increase, so we teach and we teach and we teach, and we are killed all of the day long Paul said, for your sake’s. What does that mean? It means Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, Leviathan, and Cain in you kill us continuously, as we teach.


This was an introduction to you. Basically I told you all of that to tell you this, that this study in the Bahir and the deeper Kabbalistic terms is the food, or they are the food that is going to strengthen the manchild in you to rise up and influence you with a greater influence than Cain in you is influencing you, so that you can enter into longevity and ultimately immortality, and this is the immortality without sorrow, so that you overcome all of the problems of your life and abide while still in the flesh, that your mind can abide in such a high place that the spiritual laws of this world will not affect you.


Jesus said, in the flesh He said, no man can take my life. Brethren, this existence is called death. Everything that appears in this world dies; everything! Yet, a man, Jesus of Nazareth, born of a woman, made that incredible statement in this flesh; no man can take my life. He lived above the spiritual law of this world. Paul called it the law of sin and death.


Jesus of Nazareth was above that law. Paul also said, we do not know what we are going to be but we see Jesus. Jesus who is now invincible can never die again, above and beyond all torment, pain, unhappiness, tears, and sorrow, Jesus said, you cannot be higher than me, but you can inherit everything that I inherited.


I was talking to someone the other day and telling them what a deficit it is to not believe in reincarnation because you cannot, this is my opinion, you cannot believe in spiritual truth when you do not believe in reincarnation. You need to understand that if you are called to a high place in God and you choose otherwise in this world, you are just going to come back again and be faced with the same problem. We see this principle as explained to Moses. Moses you will not enter into the promise land. Moses, Christ in you was not mature enough to sustain your mind, to sustain the Christ mind in you when the people you are ministering to, came against you with such power, they knocked down the Christ in you. The people you were trying to save, came against you collectively with such power that Christ in you fell down and you taught them by hitting the rock, you rebuked them out of your carnal mind.


Was this a punishment for Moses? Absolutely not, Jehovah said you were tested and it was proven, if Christ in you was not mature enough and powerful enough to stand against the collective brethren, how will you stand against Anak, the giant and all of his offspring that are in the next world? You will not, you will be destroyed. You are not entering into the promise land this time, but you will get another chance, and we see Moses appearing with Jesus of Nazareth.


Brethren, this study of the Bahir, it talks about the soul. The sentence that got me so excited last night that made me realize the Lord was leading me to teach in this direction is at the beginning of your notes, and it is paragraph 40. First of all we are looking at part 2 of the Bahir, and part 2 is Rabbi Luria’s commentary on the actual Bahir which is part 1. The sections are numbered, there could be multiple paragraphs under the sections but the sections are numbered. This is section 40, and it is pages 114 and 115 and this is what caught my eye; if primary attention is given to the soul; that means your walk with the Lord must be primary. Everybody may not be capable of giving primary attention to the soul, but if in the event that primary attention is given to the soul, then, brethren, this is called a conditional promise, if primary attention is given to the soul, then in that event, the body it becomes so strong in the world to come, the body becomes so strong in the world to come that you stop dying.


If primary attention is given to the soul, the body becomes very strong. This is, I do not know agree with everything in this book. This is speaking of the body after the resurrection. It is my understanding that the Jews believe that the resurrection is a physical resurrection and this principle is in the Zohar, I do not understand it, I do not know whether the writer of the Zohar made a mistake or whether the translation is an error, I have asked the Lord to correct me if I am wrong, He has not corrected me, and this is my understanding, the Kabbalists believe that every physical body of a Jew, they are just talking about the Jews, not the whole world, every Jew that has ever existed, their physical body will be re-created, that all they need is one little bone from that body and the whole body will be physically, they need one physical bone, and the whole physical body will be re-created. I do not believe that. I believe it is the spiritual bones of Adam who fell out of the world of creation, out of the world of Beriah.


Those bones, Adam’s bones, the body broke into all of these bones when he died; those bones are buried in us. That is why Jesus said to the Pharisees when He was rebuking them; He said they were dead men’s bones. They were a bone of the dead Adam, but they were not acting like their spiritual potential, they were acting according to the nature of the animal that the bone was now buried in.


We know I hope you know I believe resurrection is spiritual, brethren. The Scripture says talking about Jesus of Nazareth and on the third day Christ rose from the dead. That is in the book of Corinthians. Most people, I have been preaching on this for years, I do not know whether you remember this or not, I have not talked about it for a while, almost everybody that reads that thinks that, that Scripture, those words of Paul that we read about in the book of Corinthians, is talking about the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth rising three days after the crucifixion but it does not say that. That is not what Paul said.


As I have been teaching all of the way back to my first book that the Lord gave me to read, Mind, Hell, And Death, I brought forth this principle; brethren, before your physical body can be killed and then rise from the dead, Christ in you has to be risen from the dead. We see the gifts of the Spirit in the church, we hear testimonies of somebody dying and an anointed believer saying rise and they rise up from the dead, but they again, brethren.


Everybody who is healed and everybody who is delivered in Asiyah by a servant of God, who is under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, ultimately dies anyway. What that person was delivered from was premature death but they were not delivered from death. Does anybody not understand me?


On the third day Christ rose in Jesus of Nazareth. Abel, that dead bone of the Adam who died, his potential for longevity and immortality rose from the dead. Jesus of Nazareth had life from that day forward. Someone wrote to me from the internet recently, it is so sad, a hysterical woman rebuking me that I was saying that Jesus was not perfect from birth.


Brethren, this is the condition of the church, it is pitiful that they judge everything they read by their present knowledge. Jesus was not born perfect. He was born with a gilgul, with the Spirit of Elijah present in Him. Listen to me, it was the Spirit of Elijah that the magi worshiped, not a little baby, they recognized the incarnated Elijah in Him. That was Elijah. That was Jesus’ Father. Jesus the man, separate from His Father, the potential in the man Jesus of Nazareth to live again through the resurrection of Adam within Himself, that was an experience that Jesus of Nazareth had, that His potential for life, Christ in Him rose from the dead on the third spiritual day of Jesus of Nazareth’s existence on the third spiritual day.


Brethren, we are all in the process of being created. There are people out there in the world that are still the raw material, the tree cut down out of the forest, but nothing has been done with the tree. Jesus gave sight to the man and said what do you see? The man said, I see men walking as trees. We are spiritual trees and each one of us hopefully will experience each of the seven days of creation and enter into immortality without pain, the book of Revelation says no more tears, no more sorrow.


There are seven stages of ministry from God to the individual, and each stage; one stage could take our whole lifetime, except that things are really speeding up in this hour as the end of the age is upon us. It is not for everybody, it is just for a handful at this point.


Jesus said, let whosoever will come, let them come, but they have not come, just a handful have come, or been called, or have been dragged, some of us have been dragged. That sounds like a violation of free will. Brethren, the Lord Jesus, the glorified Jesus Christ responds, now listen to this, He responds to and is answering the heart felt will and desire of Abel in the individual.


You may feel like you being dragged against your will but the Lord Jesus is not responding, and you may be being dragged against your will, you may be being dragged against Cain’s will in you, but you see the Lord Jesus is not responding to Cain you, if Christ is in you, if you cried out to God for help to the degree that you became pregnant with His son, the Lord Jesus is responding to the cry of His son in you, not to the cry of Cain in you. That is very interesting.


Resurrection, true resurrection is spiritual resurrection, and you do not have to die to be resurrected, we are already dead. All of humanity is spiritually dead. What is being resurrected is, see to think that you have to die to be resurrected means that you are imputing the concept of resurrection to your physical body.


Resurrection is not for your physical body, resurrection is given unto Adam who died and fell down out of Beriah. The residue of the Adam who died and fell down out of Beriah is in the form of a series of bones, all of his bones broke apart, and one of his bones is in each of us.


Do you know what the Scripture means when it talks about Jesus of Nazareth and it says not one of His bones will be broken? The Centurions, they did not break Jesus’ legs to fulfill the Scripture not one of His bones will be broken. Jesus was the prototype, He was the first human being to experience the fullness of the resurrection and the fact that His physical bones were not broken was just an outward expression of the reality that Adam had been fully resurrected in him without one bone missing. Jesus of Nazareth was crucified without one of His spiritual bones being broken. That meant He was without sin. His physical bones were not broken, and remember this world is just a mirror image of a spiritual reality, not one of his physical bones were broken as an outward symbol that the man died without sin and that Adam was fully whole and completely resurrected within Him without sin and for that reason, that fully resurrected Adam within Him appeared to Mary Magdalene after the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth ceased to exist.


Mary said, Oh sir, what happened to the body of my Lord? She was talking to the resurrected Adam who was now married to the personality of Jesus of Nazareth, but the outer shell was gone. Resurrection, brethren, is of the soul. I believe the Kabbalists know this but they still think that it is of the body, but I cannot get into that right now. Resurrection is of the soul, and it is possible because of the glorified Jesus Christ.


When I first came to the Lord I use to go to services and the preachers would say, He did it, He did it, He is alive, and everybody would jump up and down, and I had no scriptural background, I did not understand what everybody was excited about. Today I understand, today I am really excited because I understand that glorified life is inside of me and it is resurrected. That glorified life, a drop of it is inside of me and it has resurrected my potential for immortality.


It is just like the Spirit of Elijah was inside Jesus of Nazareth, the glorified; the Spirit of the glorified Jesus is inside of me. As the Spirit of Elijah was responsible, directly responsible for Jesus of Nazareth, or for Abel in Jesus of Nazareth awakening and becoming Christ and rising from the dead, in that same manner the Spirit of the glorified Jesus Christ in me is doing the same work in me that the Spirit of Elijah did in the man Jesus of Nazareth.


Is Christ in me risen from the dead yet? I do not know. I know the process is in play, but I cannot tell you no man can take my life, I know that is not true. Everything is a process, brethren. I definitely can tell you that Christ in me is in the process of being raised from the dead.


The Scripture says on the third day, Christ rose from the dead on the third day. The third day is a stage of creation that can go on for years in your life. Was He raised from the dead in the first hour or was He raised from the dead in the 24th hour? It is a process. I can tell you this; Christ in me is in the process of being raised from the dead. I see the degree to which He controls my life.


I am quoting from Rabbi Luria; if primary attention is given to the soul, brethren, then your body will be strong in the world to come. The world to come is not after you die. This is the conflict; the world to come is not after you die. Christ in you is the world to come.


We are told in the book of Ecclesiastes that the worlds are in our heart. The world that you dwell in is a world of mind brethren, and it manifests itself through your heart center. The world you dwell in is the world you believe in, and you experience the world that you believe in, in your heart center. If you pay attention to your soul then your body will be strong. I am a living walking talking example of someone who was so weak that when they first came to a Pentecostal church and tried to clap their hands, their hands could not make any noise; that is how weak my clapping was.


My body is becoming strong. My mind is becoming strong because the world to come is growing in me and is powerful in me, at least powerful compared to the rest of this world. I gave primary attention to my soul, to the things of God as He directed me and empowered me to do so and my body is becoming strong not only in the world to come but my body is becoming strong because of the world to come that is vibrating powerfully in my own being.


The world to come that is in my heart is vibrating and actively powerful in me and it is making my body strong and my mind. Whatever problem you have in your life, whether it is a physical problem, emotional problem, financial problem, whatever your problem brethren, the answer is to give more attention to your soul than to your body and your body will be made strong as you pursue the food and the activities that will strengthen your soul.


There is one movie that I refer to all of the time if not to you to myself, it is called The Sand Pebbles and it was with Steve McQueen. He spent his whole life as a failure. I have to make this fast because I cannot get into this movie, he spent his whole life as a failure; and at the very end of the movie, everything that he has ever desired is within his grasp, he is in the navy so as soon as that ship gets back to port, he is going to have his whole life’s desire, and a battle arises and he is shot, and as he dies, he realizes that his heart’s desire had eluded him once more through death.


Brethren I am not a sand pebble, and I pray that none of you are a sand pebble that everything that you acquire, everything that you inherit, everything that you come into, when you decide to pursue the benefits of your soul over the benefits of your body, no man can take it from you.


What God has given you, no man can take from you spiritually, of course that applies to the physical too, but that is not for my point right now. If you pursue your own course and are determined to acquire the things of this world that the Lord is not giving to you, even at the moment that it looks like you have got it, just like the Hebrew children in the wilderness, as that flesh was in their teeth, destruction fell.


If you give primary attention to your soul, then your body will be strong because of the world to come in you, this is speaking of the body after the resurrection. My body is getting strong so I must have been resurrected, Christ in me must have been resurrected. Is He fully resurrected? He probably has not because I can still die, but He is being resurrected.


This is speaking of the body after the resurrection which is strengthened to such an extent by the soul that it becomes immortal. If that same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, what will it do anybody? Does anybody read the Bible around here, it will what? It will quicken your mortal body. If the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you it will quicken your mortal body.


Paul says in another place, exercise profiteth little, does that mean you should not exercise? Absolutely not, we should exercise, I should exercise, but it has very little spiritual profit. Until our soul is empowered to the point that our physical body is healthy, listen to this brethren, that our physical body is healthy beyond our need for exercise, the proper food and vitamins, when the resurrected soul of Adam in you is so powerful and healthy, or when it gets to the point where it is that powerful and healthy it will preserve, it will support, sustain, and eventually preserve your physical body without exercise, and without us all being obsessed with our vitamins and our medications, and eating the right food.


If you are in that condition which I am in, I still take all kinds of vitamins, I know my soul is not, even though the soul that is in me now has strongly strengthened my body, I am a radically different person, those of you who knew me 18, 19, 20 years ago, you know the change in me, I still need all of these vitamins and I still have to watch what I eat, my diet is very important, my body is still that sensitive. This soul in me has a way to go, and I thank God that He has anointed me to pursue the spiritual food that is strengthening and building my soul because that is how my physical body gets healthy by building up my soul.


This is speaking of the body after the resurrection which is a spiritual resurrection of the soul; you do not have to die for it to happen, now that the Lord is glorified. Why do we not have to die? It is because He is imparting His glorified soul to us. He is giving us the power to do what He did. This is speaking of the body after the resurrection which is strengthened to such an extent by the soul that it becomes immortal. I will take longevity; I will take getting off of the vitamins now. It is a step at a time. I will take not being dependent on vitamins. It is coming, it is absolutely coming, I just do not know how long, what, when, where, or how.


The main strength of the body is the fact that it resembles the supernal man which is Zeir Anpin, that is what we call Christ Jesus in the God world, Atzilut. The main strength of the body is the fact that it resembles the supernal man. It has to resemble Christ Jesus. When your physical body resembles Christ Jesus; I do not know about your physical body, when your soul resembles Christ Jesus your physical body gets strong.


I had a very exciting understanding, the understanding that the Lord gave me last night was very exciting. Brethren, I spend a lot of my time and energy doing what Paul did. Paul said he wrestled with the beasts at Ephesus, and what he was talking about was the spiritual warfare that he had the bestial aspect of the nature of the people that he was trying to save. Everybody has a bestial aspect of their nature, it just means your animal nature, do not get insulted.


Paul said we die all of the day long, and he had an experience wrestling with the bestial nature of the Ephesians. The warfare has been pretty tough for me lately, and I have been telling the Lord, I have been telling Him I do not know, I was saying, Lord if this is ungodly I repent you have to help me if this is ungodly but I am telling you that I do not want any more children, after the kids that I have now. I do not care how many people come here and listen to me and learn from my teachings but I am just tired of this labor of this continuous warfare and stress and unhappiness, I do not want any more children. I put that before Him, we need to be honest with God. I said, Lord if that is sin I am sorry if that is sin and you have to help me, because I am telling you honestly what is in my heart.


He is amazing, brethren, He has me put this book off of the shelf that has been up there for years, I have not looked at it in years, and I did not note the section so I will just have to reiterate it to you what I read last night. The book is teaching, Rabbi Kaplan is teaching that to strengthen the soul, and there is a whole teaching associated with it, we will get to it eventually, that we need to be resembling God. Our soul needs to resemble the soul of God.


Soul is not physical, God is not physical. How do spiritual entities resemble each other? Spiritual entities resemble each other by thinking the same way and engaging in the same activities. That means to enter into longevity which is pre-immortality; we need to be starting to think like God and to engage in the activities that God engages in. That is the one thing that I read.


The second thing that I read last night as I was led to it is this; brethren, we need to, I do not want anyone getting insulted by what I am telling you, we all have evil in us, you need to understand this, our carnal mind is evil in relation to God. You do not have to be a serial killer to be evil from the perspective of the mind of Christ. Because this world is a mirror image of the spiritual worlds we have good and evil of this world. We have a lot of people that are very, by the standards of this world, very nice people and they would never steal from anyone or murder anyone or attack anyone physically. That is the good and evil of this world. We will never escape from this world which is hell until we start thinking with the mind of a higher world. The mind of the higher world where the Lord Jesus is says that everything down here except His son is evil.


Christ in you is the only good thing that you have; looking at us from the perspective of the God world. If anyone is getting insulted or condemned by this, you do not understand what I am telling you. Is there anybody that is having a problem with this? You could be a nice person or a good person in this world, but you are going to die. The reason we all die is because everyone in this world is a spiritual criminal, and the evil that is in us, evil designated evil when we are compared to the Lord Jesus, is manifesting more than the life of God in us and therefore we die.


Brethren, it is really so logical, the evil in us which is the serpent’s household which is Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, Leviathan, and Cain, feeds off of us. Cain is a parasite in us that feeds off of the energy that we are born with so we die. When Christ in us is the greater influence in our life, the Lord does not need our energy, when Christ is us is connected to the Lord Jesus which means there is some manifestation of Christ Jesus the manchild in our life, He is not feeding off of us, He has unlimited eternal power, infinite power, so He is not feeding off of us; and not only is He not taking our energy, He is imparting energy to us so we do not die. It is very practical, brethren.


The fact that we die means that the serpent’s household is holding sway over us, is influencing us more than whatever we have if we have anything of God in us. I am not insulting you I am telling you the truth in the hopes of getting you out of here.


I told you all this to tell you the next thing that the Lord told me. The next thing I read in this book, this commentary by Rabbi Kaplan is his opinion of what God wants with us. What are we compared to an infinite God? We do not even know what He is or who He is, we just know that He is complete righteousness. What do we have in common with Him?


Brethren, what do we have in common with a newborn infant? We have nothing in common with them. The relationship is one of complete giving. We give to that infant. The infant would die without us. If we did not wash it, clean it, clothe it, feed it, it would die. That is how we are in comparison to God. There is absolutely nothing we can give God. Anything that He asks us to do, He asks us to do it because it will benefit us, so He needs us and He wants us like we want our children. You need your baby especially if you are a mother, this whole humanity is female. You love that baby; there is a love relationship between the mother and the baby, that is different than the relationship between the father and the baby.


It is really, I have even read this in a psychology book that the mother and the baby are actually having a love relationship but it is not sexual, they are actually in love with each other. I was in my chiropractor’s office the other day and I saw his wife holding their young child and there was ecstasy in her eyes. She was in love with that child. There is a spiritual love and that is the love that God has for us. There is nothing we can give Him.


Everything He asks us to do is for our benefit. Rabbi Kaplan says, what is God’s pleasure in humanity which is evil compared to God? The best of us are evil compared to God. What is it that gives Him pleasure in us? Rabbi Kaplan’s opinion and I believe it is the Kabbalistic opinion across the board is; what gives God pleasure is when man who is in his inner nature evil converts that evil to good. This is what gives God pleasure, that He teaches us, He labors with us, He takes care of us, He feeds us, He sends people to help us understand, to expose and understand the evil mind within us. This is evil in comparison to God. I am not saying you are evil in this world. Is everybody okay?


What gives God pleasure is when after the exposure of that evil, because what do you mean exposure? We did not know it was evil. We did not know what we were saying was evil. We did not know that it was an evil motive that caused us to say that, or to think that. What gives God pleasure is when His ministry to us is successful and some evil way of thinking, some wrong way of thinking has now been converted into His good or righteous way of thinking.


Then the Lord gave me to understand that, that is what I do. That is what is causing me such grief that I am telling Him; Lord in all honesty I do not want any more children. I will do what you want I am just telling you how I feel. His answer to me was to tell me that assisting the children He has given me, the brethren here, the spiritual children here, the child is Christ in you, assisting the brethren here or assisting Christ in the brethren here to locate to identify evil which is wrong thinking and wrong motives within oneself and convert that evil to good, is God’s activity.


That is what God does. He reveals the evil in us and ministers to us until we choose Him and that evil thought process or that evil motive is converted to good. He said to me, that which is causing you such grief is my activity, is the activity of my life in you. You are doing what I do, and the more anyone does what I do, that means the more they are headed towards the world to come.


I said, well Lord, this last week or so has been so painful that I might die from doing your activities. How do I live this? He said to me, that is the idea. That is the idea. You engage in my activities and you will die to your sin nature. You bear the pain, and the discomfort, you put your pride under because all pain comes out of pride, all pain comes out of pride, you keep acting like I act, you keep engaging in my activities and the aspects of your own soul that are causing all of this pain, will die and the only thing that will be left will be me, my life in you.


That is how you enter into longevity which is pre-immortality. I got very excited and it gave me the strength to go on. I am no longer praying I do not want any more children. I only ask that I do not physically die from it, which I will not, because He will sustain me. Listen, brethren, I have been teaching you here for years that the program here is to identify motives that do not line up with God’s motives or God’s will and then to reject those motives or thoughts or desires and replace them with what you have been taught what would be God’s will. I have been teaching that for years.


The Lord is taking it a step further now, for the people who are up to it, when you get there you get there. Right now I seem to be in this place. It is more than choosing His thoughts over the thoughts of your carnal mind. Now you have to start behaving like He would behave and eventually your own fallen soul will be overthrown, the power of your fallen soul will be overthrown and the resurrected soul of Adam will be prevailing to the point that you do not even feel the pain anymore. Then eventually your fallen soul will be completely swallowed up by the soul of God.


The next stage of the process of resurrection has been revealed to us today. Does anybody not understand what I just said? It just really excited me and then right after that, the Lord told me to start teaching from the Bahir, for what purpose? The purpose is to build up His soul in you, to build up Christ, if Christ is not resurrected in you yet, to give enough food to you that He will be resurrected or if He is resurrected to strengthen Him, so that your soul should be strengthened, because our reality is in the spiritual world.


There is nothing you can do in this world; there is no surgery that can save your life if your soul is dying on the other side. That is why hear bizarre stories, we just heard one from Minnesota a couple of weeks ago. A woman went into the hospital with an ingrown toenail, or something simple like that, caught a staph infection and died. You can have two people who have the same disease, the same surgery, same doctor, same surgical team, same hospital, one lives and one dies. That is because what goes on, on the other side of the mirror, what is happening in your spiritual world is what controls what happens out here.


I am here to feed your soul but I cannot force you to eat. I am here to water your garden, but I cannot force you to drink the water, and I cannot make the seed sprout; only God can do that. That has to do with your willingness to confess your sin nature. You may fool me, but you do not fool God. I have a lot of knowledge; I know a lot of what goes on in your heart.


Someone was asking me the other day, what would I do if someone in the ministry committed adultery, how would I know? That is what they said to me. I would know. Christ in me would know and if He did not, the Lord Jesus would tell me. This is a spiritual ministry. God is Spirit, what God is doing here at CCK is very special, He would know; He knows everything.


We are in the process of becoming like God. There is forgiveness for every sin if we just repent, but you cannot be engaging in what God considers sin without repenting. If you are pregnant with His son, He will bring you to repentance one way or another because He is not giving up His son.


This is the beginning of a new stage in the ministry. I will just read you the rest of my notes here which are very short and then we will start on the actual book. Basically what I want you to see here that the main domain of the soul is in man’s mind. The main domain of the soul is in the mind. It is not in the emotions, it is in the mind. We have been dealing with the mind here for a long time. As far as this Cholem, it is a vowel like we have vowels in English, a,e,i,o,u; well in the Hebrew language the vowels have a symbol and they go under the Hebrew letter, and the Lord uses the Hebrew language as a way of explaining spiritual principles. How deeply we will get into that, I do not really know, but just so that you can have an idea of what he is talking about. They say this letter symbolizes, that this Hebrew letter, each Hebrew letter symbolizes something, and each vowel point symbolizes something, I just want you to know that, that is what he is talking about. We may not get into that too deeply; I will see how He leads me. This is what I want you to hear, quote, unquote, from Rabbi Kaplan, the Bahir part 2, paragraph 41, pages 114 and 115; the main domain of the soul is man’s mind. If one perverts the soul then there is sickness in the head. How does one pervert the soul? The answer is if there is wrong thinking. It is all mind, wrong thinking, and also wrong thinking leads to wrong behavior.


Sickness in the head can mean mental illness which it is not at all uncommon for somebody coming to the Lord to be all confused and sometimes mentally ill in their mind. I know one woman who is not here anymore, she said she was in such a state of moral lack that when the Lord first called her she spent the whole first year just reading the book of Proverbs because she did not know the difference between right and wrong in a lot of areas.


Many of us who come to the Lord, we do not know the difference between right and wrong, at least in some areas. This is true of everybody. This has not come to save people who are perfectly manifesting His nature. That is what Jesus said to the Pharisees. If you think that you are perfect, if you think that you are perfect because you keep the law, He said there is nothing I can do for you because I have come to save sinners. I did not come to save the perfect people that do not need me, I came to save sinners.


That means if the Lord is saving you, you are a sinner. I am a sinner. Paul said, I am the greatest sinner of you all. If you cannot believe that you are a sinner not just in potential, you may not be doing anything wrong, although that is another issue, in the hidden sins of your heart, sin manifests in you and me on a regular basis. Sometimes we act it out and sometimes we do not. We are sinners because our heart, our thoughts, and our mind sin continuously.


We need a new mind, we need a new heart. The way the Lord is giving us a new mind and a new heart, the resurrection is His provision for a new mind and a new heart, but the problem is when His mind and His heart comes to us, there already is a mind and a heart set in place that is saying, you think you are getting me out buddy, well you try. The Scripture explains that by saying the man of sin is in the temple of God which is our mind calling himself God, and saying you, Christ, who are coming to unseat me, you are the sinner. That is what we are all up against, we have a 5th column. This is not just an issue of the Lord saving us from hell.


The powers and principalities that are inhabiting us and that have incarnated us are in full battle array to stop him from saving us and the worst part of the whole thing is, that if many if not all instances, in all instances until we are enlightened, brethren, we the dumb animal are in agreement with the powers and the principalities that want to block Christ.


It is a very interesting position that we are in. Nothing less than a miracle would save us, and we are going to get that miracle, at least some of us are. Jesus got that miracle, Jesus of Nazareth, and other people are going to get that miracle. If one perverts the soul with wrong thinking and wrong behavior, basically wrong thinking, there is sickness in the head. That could be your thoughts, and sometimes they actually manifest as head injuries.


Here are the rest of my notes, I just picked this out, this is my own selection; what is therefore needed, and again we will go into this in more detail, but what is needed, we are vessels, we are all vessels, what is needed, what we need to be, is a vessel that can give as well as receive. The principle of creation is that when God first comes to us or before God comes to human beings, we are literally incapable of giving.


Brethren, there are so many marriages on the rocks today because two people come together both trying to get their own needs met, but they do not give because we are incapable of giving. This is talking about basic mortal humanity is incapable of giving. Just like infants, an infant is not capable of giving anything to us, God gives all, but we are supposed to learn to become givers.


What does that mean? It means to lay down your own, when God leads you to do it, you put your own desires on the side and you do God’s work. What is God’s work? It is to give to God’s people. When I expose sin in you, you may not like it, and you may be very angry at me, but whether you believe it or not, I have just given God’s light to you, I have just imparted God’s light to you and that light was painful to you.


A Scripture did come to mind, Matthew 9:17;



 17. Neither do men put new wine into old bottles, else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out and the bottles perish…AT



We are the bottles, brethren, the Lord wants to put new wine, He wants to put a new spirit in us, but our mind has to be prepared. We need the mind of Christ, He cannot put His light into our carnal minds, because if He puts His light into our carnal minds, it will break. Brethren, I have talked to you about this. So often, people, Jews, Hindus, whatever, occultists that attempt to spiritually ascend lose their mind. You have to be prepared to study for spiritual ascension. That is why the doors to this ministry are closed for people who are not dealing with the hidden sins of their heart.


If you are not willing to deal with the hidden sins of your heart, this ministry here, this message can hurt you more than it can help you. You have to be willing to face the truth of what your heart is manifesting or this message is not for you. Anybody that should be separated from this ministry, it is not because God is punishing you or He does not love you, and we have someone who is separated who is still trying to get in, but she will not follow the rules, she is still trying to get back but she refuses to follow the rules.


Our example is with Moses, the Lord said, Moses you will not enter into the promise land. I know I am repeating myself I am going to say it again, I gave you this exhortation earlier, Moses, all of your disciples collectively came against you, I tested you severely, all of your disciples accused you of ministering to them out of selfish motives, all of your disciples accused you of having a wrong heart towards them and wanting to glorify yourself or whatever they accused you of, I am just making this up now to give an idea of what I am talking about, the collective power of their carnal minds succeeded in knocking Christ down in you, that says to me you will never stand against the giants of the world to come.


You are 90 years old, it is time for you to pass out of this world and you will be reincarnated and get another chance to become stronger. The Lord separated someone from this ministry because she simply refused to deal with her motives and the truth of her own behavior, so that separation was an act of the mercy of God.


17. Neither do men put new wine into old bottles unless they break, and wine runs out and the bottles perish, but they put new wine into new bottles and both are preserved. KJV


The wine is preserved and the new mind is preserved. You cannot spiritually ascend in your carnal mind, it will damage you. You cannot receive spiritual power in your carnal mind; you will surely eventually use it for evil. Spiritual ascension is associated with the end of spiritual ascension is spiritual power; and if you ascend in your carnal mind you will eventually use it for evil. Why would that be? It is because your carnal mind is evil, your carnal mind is good and evil, and as you attain to spiritual power, Cain will overtake Abel in you and will use that power for evil.


Another principle that I just picked out as part of my introduction to you on page 90, the verse incomplete paragraph said, to fall to a lower spiritual level is referred to death. I talk about death from time to time here saying if this happens you are going to die. I do not mean you are physically going to die.


If Christ in you starts to degrade as Cain becomes stronger, you are dying. I have had dreams of when someone was in trouble, once when I was in trouble, of being in the hospital, Christ was in the hospital because Cain was becoming strengthened. I do not even remember what the issue was to tell you the truth but I was not taking the victory and I was having all of these dreams about being in the hospital, Christ in me was in the hospital.


As we descend to any, wherever you are, whatever position in God you are in, any movement in the downward direction means the process of death is manifesting in you. Spiritual death leads to physical death, but I am not saying to you that you are going to die tomorrow. What it means is if Christ in you dies, you will live out your natural life, whatever your natural life was. I would have died years ago if the Lord did not intervene. When Christ, your potential for immortality dies, or begins to die, for all intents and purposes you begin to die, because that which was given to you to overcome the death of this world starts to deteriorate, so for all intents and purposes spiritually speaking, you are dying as you go in a backward or reversed direction that you have been moving in, in the last years or however.


I just have a couple more here. Malkhut is the lowest Sefirah and she is called kingship and we are going to go through all of this again. It is the realm of the king. We are told in the New Testament that we are kings and priests, we all are existing in the spiritual universe of Malkhut. When we start to ascend we start to, when our spiritual manhood starts to work in us, we begin to vibrate in the spiritual universe of Yesod who is the male, but basically this world and the church is all female.


The Christians would go crazy if they heard me say this, but Jesus of Nazareth in the days of His flesh where He was manifesting the will of His Father, He was female, He was Malkhut kingship, He was absolutely female. He said, I do not do anything except what my Father tells me to do. He was completely female, spiritually female.


Those of us that are manifesting the nature of Christ, once we start manifesting the nature of Christ; this gives us the ability to interact with each other. The inner principles within us, our emotions and mind and emotions and mind that are under the influence of the carnal mind usually have problems communicating. The emotions and the mind within us have trouble communicating. I know that I am on a strict program for my mind, the mind of Christ in me, to bring my emotions under the authority of the mind of Christ in me.


We cannot survive if we are going to live out of our emotions, if we are going to do everything that we feel like doing, if we are going to respond to every thought that appears in our mind without finding out whether that thought came from God or our carnal mind. We will not survive in God’s program for us. Christ in us will not survive. Part of the processing that we are going through in order for our internal principles which our mind and emotions to communicate with each other, mind has to rule. When emotions rule over mind, it is a complete destruction. To be saying that our inner principles need to be in a form that they can communicate really means that our mind has to be ruling over our emotions.


When we do that, when we come into that condition where our mind is ruling over our emotions, then we come to state where we can communicate with other men productively. I have never ceased to be amazed at, and again I am never putting anybody down brethren, I am here to help everybody God sends to me, but I never cease to be amazed at the inability of so many people on different levels whose communication breaks down; some people a lot more than others, that they just do not have the ability to communicate.


They do not know what is going on in their own heart. How can you communicate with someone else if you do not even understand what is going on and what is motivating you to say and do what you are saying and doing? How can you solve a problem? Married couples, how do you solve a problem if the two people are sitting there saying, you did this and the other person says no I did not.


They definitely did it. They definitely, definitely did it, or they do not understand the word that the person is using. I experienced that a lot. I will tell the brethren I am trying to minister to, this is what you just did. A manifestation of pride just rose in you. They will say that is not so. Then I say to them, what do you think that word means? I find out they do not have a clue what the word that I am using means and they just automatically say, no, I do not do that.


How do you save a marriage? You cannot, you cannot. There is no communication between two people when the emotions are prevailing because the emotions will just make you bang heads against one another and kill each other. Only when the mind of Christ is ruling can you hope to reach a meeting of the mind, expose the emotions that are trying to really kill the other person, emotions all rise out of pride that just wants to kill the other person. That is the animal nature, the emotions, just fight to the death; fight to the death; that is the animal nature.


It is the rational mind of Christ ruling over the emotions that can bring reconciliation between two people, and we have been teaching that here for years. This is a spiritual principle. We will talk about when we get to page 90; this is what the mind of God gives us through the study of the Torah which is the first five books of Moses. It affects our mind and it gives us the ability to interact with men and therefore become givers as well as receivers, to give that person right if they are truly right; to give that person mercy if you see that they are hurting.


Maybe they have been doing something wrong but they are in terrible pain. The emotions rise up and want to bludgeon the person to death but the mind of Christ says no, I will show you some mercy even though maybe what you are saying is wrong. Maybe we can make some sense out of this. In the New Testament, this is called the ministry of reconciliation. It is a great, great ability that is found in Christ, it is great, it is also called the wisdom of God and this is what King Solomon and kings used to do in days past.


People would come to them with problems and they would, by the power of God, would bring forth a reconciling force amongst the two principles, and the king who would listen to both of them, and you know who does this, Judge Judy does this, she is so great she really does this. She does more than hold a legal court; she tries the hearts of the people. She will even give them advice. I have heard her say things like you are business, the only commodity you have is your name meaning to be an honest person. Once the judge makes the decision, it is legal.


Whether it is King Solomon or Judge Judy, they may not have been able to convince the sinner of the error of their ways, but they judge righteous judgment based not only on the legal fact, but on the knowledge of human nature. In Christ Jesus with the ministry of reconciliation, that spirit that comes in has the ability to change the heart or the hearts. Maybe both people are thinking wrong. It comes in to change the wrong thinking, and not just bring down a judicial judgment, like came down on Cain. Cain you murdered your brother and is it, you have to die; not to just bring a judicial judgment but in Christ, to change the heart of the person so that they do not get into that kind of conflict with their husband or their wife or their friend again.


Brethren, there is such greatness available to us that the Lord is pouring out today that sometimes it just overwhelms me when I realize what He is making available to us and how many people who do not partake of it because they are caught in the grips of their carnal mind


It is under conditions like that, that judgment will fall. The Lord fully intends to bring us into His life, and if we are so caught in the grips of our carnal mind that we cannot receive, we cannot receive what He is giving us; judgment falls to break the power of our resistance, so that He can help us. That is just the truth, brethren, everything God does is out of motive of love and mercy and if He hurts us, it is because it is the only way He can help us because we are so caught in the quicksand of the carnal mind. This is important; you have heard me talking about the sefirot over the years. The sefirot are the internal elements of man.


The sefirot are in our mind or in our emotions. We are the dumb animal that these elements dwell in, and the Kabbalistic terms for the emotions, the term for the emotions is tohu which means confusion. Emotions are confusion, they need to be under the control of the rational mind of Christ or they will destroy you. The mind is called bohu and we will be expounding on this. Man is the dumb animal known as the earth or the personality that the sefirot dwell in. I just want to tell you one thing before I let you go that I fell asleep reading this book last night and when I picked it up this morning it is only March, it is still cold out there, there was a bug crawling in the book, which pestilence is a sign of witchcraft, and two times that I tried to set up these notes for you, and write what I wrote the Bahir, the word junk, the word junk appeared.


I do not know where it came from, the word junk, this is junk, I deleted it and it came back again, I do not know it came from. We see that the powers, the negative powers, and where are these powers? They are in us brethren. They are in the collective ministry. People that do not even know that I am preaching this yet are manifesting already.


You have to come up out of your carnality. People that do not even know what I am preaching yet, are manifesting, the people here are manifesting, and maybe I am manifesting, I do not know. we have powers and principalities in us that hate the word of God, that hate Christ, that want to do everything that they can to stop us from going forward to obtain the promises and the permissions that have been given to us to enter into longevity, brethren. These powers hate us that are following God in direct opposition to their instructions to turn away. They are in there, and they are in you and they are trying to stop you in every way that they can. If they cannot stop you from coming to the meetings, they will stop you from believing aspects of the message. If they cannot stop you from believing aspects of the message, they will stop you from believing or understanding the hidden sins of your heart that I am revealing to you. They will stop you at any point that they can stop you.


You need to know that. You need to decide whether or not you want to partake of this glory that is being offered to us today, to enter into longevity; to overcome the powers and principalities within us that make us sick and give us thoughts that damage our lives; that bring pain into our lives. It is very exciting and a great, great privilege. I just bless you all that are hearing me today or that will be hearing me and I pray that everyone of us goes forward. To not go forward is to despise the gift of God.


We do not want to be despising the gift of God, brethren, because our carnal mind is so strong that we prefer the things of this world over eternity in righteousness. If that is how you feel, anybody, the Scripture says anybody who believes that, and someone departed from us in MN who apparently believed that, that they chose the things of this world over what God is doing here. The Scripture says the only thing left for you is judgment because there is something with your heart. That means all of the teaching in the world has not resulted in you making the right choice.


If indeed, you are pregnant with the Lord’s son, judgment is headed your way to break the strength of those powers over you because the Lord is not giving up His son. In this country today, most couples that get divorced, the women get the children, that is completely opposite of the way it is done all over the whole world, children always belong to the man. It was that way in this country up until about 50, 75, or 100 years ago. The child belongs to the Father, if the child happens to be in you; that means you have to behave in a manner that will result in the life and prosperity of that child.


For those of you who will get the book, we are starting on the commentary which is part 2, and we are starting, the paragraphs are not numbered, the sections are numbered, so we are on section 1. I am just going to basically read and then comment on it. God must be both immanent and transcendental. What does that mean? It means He must fill all creation, God fills all of creation. He is within us, He is outside of us, He is in the trees. He is in the flowers.


This is where the teaching of pantheism begins from. People who have observed nature or whoever started pantheism observed nature and they see that the energy of God is in all creation, in trees, plants, animals. I believe soul is in trees, plants, and animals, animals are souls. Mankind has spirit in addition to soul. God is in everything, outside of it, inside of it, passing through it, but at the same time, He is transcendental. That means that He is higher than our world. He fills all, He must fill all of creation because if He does not fill creation we would not have any animation, let alone life; yet at the same time, He must be utterly divorced from it.


We see that God is a dichotomy. There are two ways in which God appears to mankind. He is within us, He is the animation within us, and if we do have Christ, He is the light within us, but He also exists beyond us, completely separate from us. He is transcendental, completely beyond us, and separate from us, and He is also immanent. Immanent means it is about to happen at any moment, He is right here. The Scripture says before we call He heard us.


That is the part of Him that is inside of us, He is immanent and because of this imminence He is involved in the affairs of men. A lot of people even in the church today teaching that God, He created the world and then He left us and we are on our own. That is not true. He is here and He is here among us and He is here with us. The problem is that we are blinded because the creation is fallen. We are not looking, we do not look up. Men do not look up, brethren; this is specifically evidence by something mentioned earlier today how the average Christian or person, they tend to judge what they hear by their present revelation and by their present understanding.


How can you learn if you judge everything by your present understanding? That means if you hear something new that does not line up with your present understanding; you automatically reject it because you do not already know it. How could possibly learn? That is the condition of the mind of a lot of people, especially in the church. This poor woman who I mentioned earlier who wrote to me a few times from the Internet, she wrote from Living Epistles and was all upset. Somehow she got out of my writing that I do not think that God loves us. It is amazing what her carnal mind did, it completely reversed everything. She thinks that I was writing that God does not love us and that God is not perfect.


Of course that is something that I can understand that people do not understand that Jesus was not born perfect, but He is certainly perfect in His glorified state. Since I am not hiding anymore from Christians that I teach Kabbalah, when I signed my response to her I signed it, Sheila R. Vitale, Pastor, Living Epistles Ministries, and Christ Centered Kabbalah. I got another email back from her, she got hysterical when she saw the word Kabbalah, and she wrote in big red letters, Kabbalah, Jewish sorcery, you should run from this teaching immediately.


Remember we are teachers, so there is no point in me getting upset or being insulted or anything like that. I just wrote back to her and I said, did you know there are 4 kinds of Kabbalah? I said there are 4 kinds of Kabbalah, and this is the kosher Kabbalah. It is the mysteries and the deep understanding of the Scripture. I said something to the affect that, are you willing to or are you going to be bound the traditions in the church world or are you going to ask God about this?


The last time I looked, she did not answer me, when she saw Kabbalah, she stopped the dialogue; but at least I said it to her, are you willing to ask God about this, why are you bound by the traditions of the church? Again, you should respect your teacher, but you should also ask the Lord about everything you are being taught, including what I teach you, as a continuing witness that you are under a teacher who the Lord is dealing with you through.


This is how we prevent the tragedies that we read about in cults. You need to be in touch, continuously in touch with your personal relationship with the Lord who will witness to you that He is in agreement with what you are being taught, most likely by not saying anything. He only speaks, if you continuously seek Him for truth and for witness that this is the teacher that He put you under, He will only speak if something is wrong, otherwise He speaks through the teacher. As you continue to pray, silence means He is teaching you through the teacher, silence does not mean the teacher has turned evil; which could happen that the teacher turns evil, and if that happens He will tell you to leave and to go another place. Silence as you seek Him means that He is teaching you through the teacher and you should believe what the teacher is saying. That is what silence means.


We are told now that the light discussed in this book refers to the divine essence. We need to get familiar with some of Rabbi Kaplan’s terminology so that we can understand what he is saying. He is talking about the divine essence; this is the light that comes from the one that is transcendent above all that we are, from the unknowable one that is so great that we do not even know how to describe Him. His light appearing to us is called the divine essence. He says, he talks about the divine essence as perceived in the mystical state.


That is very interesting because when we taught Kabbalah several years ago, when we taught on this deep level several years ago, we have a message called permanent meditative consciousness and the Lord revealed to us that this mystical state that the Jews go into, it is result of meditation, they meditate, which means they sit down they engage in certain exercises that catapult them into a trance like state in which they believe, and I do not have any reason to disbelieve it, that if their heart is right with God, if their conscience is clear in their case it is keeping the commandments, but also they do believe in repentance, it is called teshuva.


If their heart is right when they enter into this mystical trance, they will make contact with the higher worlds. Before you start meditating as a Jew, you have to have the revelation that there are spiritual worlds; there are worlds beyond this world that we can see, and that these worlds as I mentioned to you earlier can be dealt with through the macrocosm which they really cannot. They exist through the macrocosm which is beyond the edge of our universe which is like impossible for us to comprehend. The macrocosm of these worlds, the seeds of these worlds also exists within us. When we go into a trance like state, it is possible to enter into these other worlds through the trance like state which Rabbi Kaplan is calling the mystical state.


We found out that in Christ Jesus, we do not have to go, at least as of now and the Lord has been teaching Kabbalah for six years now, and I asked Him at the beginning, Lord do you want, do I need to meditate, do I need to go into a trance, do I need to do what the Jews do? He never directly answered me, I tried it a couple of times and I never felt that the Lord was leading me in that direction. To the contrary when I started studying and reading books, a lot of books by Rabbi Kaplan, the experiences or what the Jew experiences when he enters into this trance like state, I realize that I am having that experience.


When the Jew experiences it, it is only for that hour or so that he is in that trance like state. I am experiencing some of these experiences as an everyday occurrence of my life. It was revealed to me that what is happening to me and that is available in Christ Jesus today, is to be in heaven and earth at the same time, to be in two worlds at the same time, to exist in this world and in the spiritual world at the same time. The way that happens, brethren, is that Christ, I do not know whether it is Christ or Christ Jesus in me to tell you the truth, so I will say Christ for now, Christ in me is very awake and in continuous touch with the spiritual world of His Father.


If it is Christ Jesus in me, I have imputed Christ Jesus, if I had an imparted Christ Jesus I would never get sick, I believe I would not ever get sick. If I do have Christ Jesus it is an imparted Christ Jesus and I do not know what level He is at, I just know He cannot be that mature because I still get sick and I am still aging, and I still have the problems of this life.


That is how I am in 2 worlds at the same time. Remember the worlds are in our heart. Remember I preached that this morning. When Christ is resurrected in you, He is the world to come. He is the other world in you. The Lord just put an interesting thought in my mind, what does the world to come mean? Is it a world that is coming in 2012 or 2020? No, the world to come and what is coming, it will manifest in this realm is the mentality, the mind of Christ Jesus will eventually swallow up all of the carnal minds of this world, the day is going to come that everyone on the earth will be under the influence, at the very least under the influence of the mind of Christ.


That is the world to come. Listen, everyone will be either manifesting the mind of Christ or under the influence of the mind of Christ because we know there is going to be peace in His holy mountain and the lion will lay down the lamb, and that Solomon’s reign is our example. All of the pagan nations or the nations that do not honor Jesus will at least be at peace with us; we know that.


What is the key word what is the key factor of the world to come? It is the mind of Christ right? It is the mind of Christ that will bring peace to the whole world. If the mind of Christ is manifesting through now, the world to come is in you, it is inside of you, the world to come is the mind of Christ. The world out here will be the reflection of the fact that everyone or at least the whole church and the Jews that are called, the Israel of God, are fully manifesting the mind of Christ and there will be an outward manifestation of that which appear as peace in the outer world as the mind of Christ prevails over the outer world. The world to come, it begins to come in the hearts of the people that Christ or Christ Jesus is emerging in. Did I explain that, does everybody understand that?


Yes it is the world to come, the world to come to the planet, but the very source of what is going to happen to the planet can be in us before it happens to the planet. Got it, everybody got it? The mind of Christ is the world to come.


I was talking about the mystical state. This is how it is possible to live in two worlds, I exist in two worlds. Anyone who has Christ or Christ Jesus developed within them to the necessary degree will exists in two worlds simultaneously. I read in a magazine somewhere that the Haitians live in what they call the dream state. Basically the article said the Haitians, the majority of them, live in this dream state, the live in two worlds at the same time, and that they are more in the spiritual world than they are in the natural world. This is not the spiritual world of God. I am talking about a state of being that is possible when the seed or the core that emanates the spiritual world dwells in the heart of a man. I do not know enough about the Jews to explain this to you. I believe that from what I have read that several Rabbis have had this experience.


I have read certain testimonies. I do not know if they would describe it this way or not, but basically, this teaching of meditation is taught to the Jews even today it is taught to the Jews. The purpose of meditation is to get your mind into one of the spiritual worlds of God where you can receive revelation from God. That is their goal; they want to receive revelation from God. I have revelation from God and I do not meditate. I do not block out this world completely so that I can enter into the world where I get revelation. I am in both worlds simultaneously.


I preached this message called Permanent Meditative Consciousness and it is something that happens to us when Christ is raised from the dead in us. I believe several of the Rabbis have had this experience but I do not know if they would explain it this way, or I do not know, I have not read all of their literature. Most of it has not even been translated. It is not common, because the Jews still teach meditation. Maybe at some time in the future the Lord will take me into meditation, if He does, I will tell you, but my understanding today is that I do not think that will happen.


That is because the goal of meditation is accomplished in my life without meditating. I hear the voice of the Lord. They would not even say they hear the voice of the Lord, they say they hear the voice or get revelation from angels. Actually Christ Jesus is the angel within us. We do not have to go into a trance. When Christ is imparted to us, He is with us, He is immediately with us, and we can talk to Him and get answers.


Rabbi Kaplan is talking about when he uses the word divine essence, he is talking about the light as it perceived in the mystical state. He is talking about the essence of God. Then he says, due to our present state, and he calls it the constriction. I re-teach everything, but there is something called the tzimtzum, I have a lot of teaching on it if anyone wants to get the messages.


It is called the constriction. God is everywhere. There is nothing outside of Him. In order for us to come into existence, we had to come into existence in the midst of Him, just as a fetus is in the midst of the mother’s womb. In order for us to come into existence or in order for womb so to speak to come forth in the midst of God, He had to restrict His light.


Just so that we can understand it think of God as the sky out there, just no form to Him just Spirit, no form to Him. For us to come into existence, the power of that, he is calling this a divine essence; the power of that divine essence, light is power. Would have destroyed anything less than the level of power that God was at, it would have consumed it, it would have burnt it up.


In order for the Lord to bring forth a creation that was less powerful or less illuminated than He was, He had to constrict His light within the midst of Himself. It is like saying, if there was an open, if you look directly into the sun you can blinded. That is a fact, if you stare directly into the sun you can be blinded, so we wear sunglasses or we do not look directly into the sun. That is the principle to bring forth a creation in the midst of Himself, He had to restrict His light, which is likened to putting on sunglasses, He had to diminish the power of the light and He entered to a spiritual event called, the constriction. I have a lot of teaching on it, on other messages if anyone is led to go in that direction.


Rabbi Kaplan, the Hebrew is the tzimtzum, we do not see this light, now it is a spiritual light, we do not see this light when we look towards God because the area that we are in is constricted. The light of that is in this world is constricted to the point that the degree of light in this world is called darkness.


That really confused me the first time I read that, how could light be darkness, although Jesus talks about the possibility of the light being darkness. The issue is this brethren, there is nothing short of God’s light. That is all that there is. Everything that exists came forth out of God’s light because He is all that there is. As he diminishes His light to varying degrees, so that He can relate to us because if He relates to us with the fullness of His light, we would be destroyed because light destroys darkness. Let me get back to that.


As He diminishes His light in a series of steps downward so that He can relate to us in a manner that we can understand Him, and not be destroyed by Him, the lowest of that grade of light is so darkened, His light is so darkened that it is called darkness but it still light because light is all that there is. Is everybody okay with that? Light is all that there is. Darkness is an aspect of light. This is what Rabbi Kaplan is saying to those of us that are here in the darkness, those of us that are here in the area of the tzimtzum, the contracted area, the womb of God, where the light has been dimmed to the point that it is called darkness, from our point of view when we look towards God, He seems to be surrounded with darkness, but He is not in darkness He is in bright light. We are here wearing these sunglasses, we are here in this bubble which are likened to sunglasses so when we look out through that bubble, we think God is darkness but it is just what is in front of our eyes that is darkness, He is blazing light.


We need to understand that the perceptions that we have that come with our carnal mind are not accurate. We have people in this world that have all kinds of thoughts about God that are inaccurate. They think that He punishes us. They think He sacrificed Jesus because He was blood thirsty. They think He kills little babies. A lot of people blame God for every bad thing that happens because they are in darkness. They are without understanding and their mind is under darkness. Another way to say that is that they have not yet begun to be created.


What happens on the 1st day of creation? What does the Scripture say on the 1st day of creation, what happens? It says let there be light. God comes to enlighten us and He comes to enlighten us one at a time. It could be through and experience, it could be through something somebody says to us, He comes to enlighten us because it is His intention to be inside of us as well as outside of us, and the aspect of Himself inside of most people called Abel is dead.


Another way to say this, that He is coming to light our candle. The candle inside of us is Abel. He is coming to light our candle and now the awakened Abel is Christ, and that is the beginning of the war, from the second Christ appears, from the second Abel is awakened, the war with Cain begins because when Abel is complete darkness, he is in complete submission to Cain, so the Lord Jesus comes usually through another person and says something to that person who is in complete darkness because they are completely under the mindset of Cain. The Lord usually sends a man to say something to that person.


Sometimes that person gets enraged. I do not like what you said. Do not talk to me like that. Do not say that to me I do not want to hear it. What is happening is that the Lord is stirring that person up. Light has entered in upon that darkness saying things are not as you think they are, I just told you the truth, I just put light, I just tried to enlighten that darkness and it caused you pain.


We see that enlightenment can be painful. The bottom line is that everything about birth, natural and spiritual birth is painful; becoming enlightened is painful. For years I used to ask the Lord, it has not been easy, I do not want you to think that I am complaining, I am not, I just telling you that it has been a very hard walk for me, and in my emotions, and for years I used to ask the Lord, what is wrong with me? I did not understand, I did not understand a lot of things until He brought me into Kabbalah. He told me a lot of things, but Kabbalah has been such a blessing for me, it has made my condition and my experience very understandable.


I used to say to Him, what is wrong with me that I am not happy and I have these problems in my emotions. I see people out there just walking down the street just singing, happy as can be; I want that, what is my problem? The answer, brethren, is light or darkness. A lot of people in the world know this. The more enlightenment you have, the more pain you have, the more ignorant you are the less pain you have. A lot of people who have very little, and their whole life basically consists of the things of this world, eating, drinking, they go to work, they have sex, they have a family life and their whole activity is in the outside, they basically, you know, eating, drinking and having sex, and the love of the family life, and they are very happy, they live in other parts of the world where they have very few material things, and they are happy, because they think that, that is all that there is and they are enjoying that aspect of life, they do not know that there is anything else.


I am not just talking about material things. As we become enlightened and wisdom starts to flow through us and we understand things, we become more sensitive, and what is happening is that the things of this world are let me put it another way, Christ in us is not pleased with the things of this world, He is craving to be with His Father. He is craving the things of the world on the other side of the mirror, and we do not even know what is wrong with us.


We do not even know that there is another part of us that is from another world or craving another world. That is why education is so important that we learn to understand ourselves. We do not see this light when we look towards God and He therefore seems to be surrounded with darkness but it is just those sunglasses over our eyes.


Creation, now this is important; creation must exist as an independent entity, and therefore cannot be totally infused with the divine presence. Brethren, this is the, or at least it was being preached by some preachers in the church. I heard some woman preacher preach this, I do not remember her name that God dumped everything of Himself into us when He created us, and now if you want to find God you have to look in mankind because we are it, He became us. That is not true. It is impossible for God to become us, He is everything. How could He be fitted inside of us? How could eternity be fitted inside of, how could infinity be contained inside of a finite world, it is not possible but it was being preached in the church, at least quite a few years ago when I heard it.


We see that this is an important principle; creation must exist as an independent entity and therefore cannot be totally infused with the divine presence. At the same time however, it cannot be said that this essence does not infuse all creation. In other words, do not tell me that God is all of the way out there and He is not inside of us, both are true. God is transcendental and immanent. He exists outside of us in His greatness and He also is in us and flows through us in every aspect of humanity. We read about that in the book of Acts. In Him we live and move and have our being it says in the book of Acts.


We see preachers that preach that God is all of the way out there, and we cannot get in touch with Him unless we crawl up steps on our knees and torture ourselves or fast and pray or do whatever we have to do, and that is the only way we can get in touch with God. No, God is here, He is right here inside of us. We just have to turn inward. He is right here next to you calling your name, knocking on the door. It is we who do not open the door to Him, most likely because we do not know how to open the door to Him. The doorway, brethren, is the word of God. The doorway is the word. That is how you reach God through His word.


His word is spiritual, but we start off reading the book. If that is what we have, we start off reading the book, but eventually the word which is His life gets inside of us in the form of Christ and then Christ Jesus, then He fills us to such overflowing that we cease to exist and that of Him which is inside of us joins with the transcendental God and we become completely translated into His life. That is glorification.


At the same however, it cannot be said that this essence does not infuse all of creation because there is no place empty of Him. Therefore when we look towards God, this light must actually be there, this is the dichotomy. That means to be cut in two. It does not mean that God is cut in two, the way of looking at God; there are two ways of looking at God. We look at Him from the inside looking out, and His light colored by those sunglasses or we look at Him as being out there but He is also inside of us. He is independent of us. He is completely, this is a mystery; how could anyone even understand that? How can He be completely independent of us and also fill us, how can that be? We see the principle of the Father and the Son. The Father is completely outside of us and the Son fills us but the Father and the Son are one. Hear O, Israel, the Lord your God is one God. He said, I and my name are one.


What is impossible for man is possible for God. He is completely separate from us and yet He fills us completely. He fills the earth completely. He is not filling us completely. He is filling the earth.


Rabbi Nehunia resolves this, it is a paradox, it makes no sense at all that He could be completely separate from us and yet fill us. We are told that Rabbi Nehunia resolves this by explaining that the constriction, that is what I just told you about, He had to constrict, He had to darken the light of Himself within an area of Himself so that we could exist, because we would be burnt to a crisp by the light, and that is what the constriction is.


This contradiction is explained by the Rabbi who says that constriction, the constriction exists with regard to creation but not with respect to the creator. Those of us who are within the constriction, to us all darkness, God is darkness, He is a great mystery, spiritual things are a mystery to most of us, our own lives are a mystery, we do not know what is happening tomorrow.


That is only because we are here within the constriction. As far as God is concerned, He is completely whole outside of us. Although we see Him surrounded by darkness, He sees Himself surrounded by light. When we look out through those glasses we think He is surrounded by darkness, but He is not, and as far as He is concerned, He is surrounded by light. Since the Him, even this darkness is actually light. That is what I just explained to you.


Sometimes I have people saying to me, I have my opinion and you have your opinion, my opinion is of the light, your opinion is of the darkness. Whose opinion are you going to take the opinion of the light or the opinion of the darkness? If you consistently choose the opinion of the darkness, you are joining yourself, every time you choose the opinion of the darkness, what is the opinion of the darkness:  Am I insulting you? No, what is the opinion of the darkness? It is the opinion that is inside the constriction. The opinion of the darkness is the opinion of this world inside the constriction which if you could see it, is not reality. I just feel that, I have instructions from the Lord to not be doing to many drawings, I could draw this for you but they take up so much time brethren, I just, that is what I am feeling right now, to not be taking all of this time to do drawings. If you could just envision the sky as God; there is a little area, like a little cloud in the midst of Him, that is dark, and that is where we exist.


By choosing the opinion of the darkness, by choosing the opinion of the constriction, we limit ourselves to what is available to us in this level of God’s light called darkness. We are severely limited. Jesus called it outer darkness. It does not make any sense to restrict ourselves when God is offering us His whole life. Why would we restrict ourselves that way? It is because of our mind, because our mind, the carnal mind arises out of the darkness, and the darkness of our mind loves the darkness of this world.


John said, light came into this world, and many chose the darkness over the light. Why did they do that? This is what the apostle John said, it is because their deeds were evil. Does that mean there is a son of Sam and serial killers? No, remember I explained that to you before the break, they choose the darkness of this world because the desires of their hearts and their deeds compared to the righteousness and the brightness of God outside of this constriction, their deeds are evil. The desires of their heart are evil compared to the righteousness of God.


That is not, well it is a condemnation but it is not, for the purposes of what I am trying to tell you, it is not a condemnation, I am trying to enlighten you, I am not insulting you, I am trying to enlighten you. The desires of your heart are evil compared to what is available to you through God. The Lord says that because you are still so attracted to the darkness of this world, He says I have to help you to let go of it.


I remind you that in the book of Genesis after Jehovah explains the results of the curse to the woman and the man, and the Serpent, He says to the woman, your desire shall be unto your husband. What is happened is that the woman married the snake.


Those of us who abide here in the darkness, we are married to the snake, and to the whole world that is associated with the snake. Our desire is unto the snake, and the snake is evil. There is a condemnation in it, this is really hard to explain. John, I believe it is John who says it, this is the condemnation, this is what you are told that when Jesus was crucified, that the whole world was condemned, right? Anybody right, the whole world was condemned when a righteous man was crucified.


John said and this is the condemnation, light, something much greater than is available in this world came into this world and the inhabitants of this world chose the darkness over the light, so it is a condemnation in the sense that, it is revealed that there is something wrong with us, all of us me too; that in any area, and, brethren, nobody is perfect.


I confessed to earlier, my struggle with my weight, how under pressure my mind is trying to tell me, I need a bagel which is against everything I would like to accomplish in my life, for me to go out and have a bagel makes no sense at all. If you like bagels that is fine, I am talking myself, my health and my weight, and that a bagel is being used inappropriate by me. To eat food, to use food to affect your mood, to use to food to make yourself feel better, is idolatry. Anyone who is having a problem with your weight, you need to know that to help you to overcome, that when you eat, your emotions, it is idolatry. That is how you go about getting delivered. When you can confess that to God and ask Him to help you.


John says, and this is the condemnation that light came into the world and the inhabitants of the world chose the darkness over the light. What he is saying is inhabitants of this world do have a problem, you are the woman who married the snake and now you are stuck. You are stuck in this world after that fornication. Fornication and adultery with the snake, and that adultery brought you, made you fall down into the snake’s world, and now you cannot get out of the snake’s world, which is hell by the way, and you cannot get out of hell because you have developed a desire for the things of the snake’s world, and the desire for the things of the snake’s world that you fell down into because you committed adultery, is binding you to this world.


It is a condemnation because to choose darkness over God is a condemnation, but the meaning behind it, the meaning behind it is the Lord saying, this is the condemnation that makes it legally righteous for God to bring a judgment that will break us free from the internal elements and desires that cause us to prefer to desire to sometimes lust and long for the things of this world.


I preached a message not too long ago, sorry I never remember the names of these messages, but I preached a message not too long ago in which I spoke about the two reasons for reincarnation, I gave a whole exhortation on how people who, either you reincarnate because you are lusting for the things of this world, and lust does not have to be a sexual lust, sexual lust is included in it, but it does not have to be a sexual lust, we lust for the experiences of this world. There is one category of people or person who reincarnates because they are lusting for the things of this world so they come back. Then the second category of people are people who are lusting and the positive way of saying lusting is to say desiring, the people who desire God and the world of God, more than they desire the things of this world, those people will reincarnate to work out their sins so that they eventually do not have reincarnate at all.


One group of people are reincarnating for the purpose of improving themselves, for working out their sin nature, overcoming their sin nature by the power of God, so that they do not have to return here, and the other group of people are really coming back. I was going to say because they want to, but the Lord corrected me. We may not want what we are attracted to. We may not want what we are lusting for. Alcoholics, drug addicts, sex addicts, any kind of addicts, bagel addicts, you know it causes, as I go through this therapy with my weight, as the Lord deals with my mind, this is how He talks to me, Sheila was it really worth it, what is more important to you, do you want to be thin or do you want that bagel that after you swallow it, it is gone, it makes no sense at all, it is some kind of a spiritual problem that I a slowly overcoming.


There is much more involved than a diet, it is not just going on the diet, it is the root of it. Why would you choose something that you know is going to taste good for five minutes, if five minutes, you might gulp it down, however it is affecting your brain waves that it makes you feel good for the minute, and then the next day you look in the mirror and you say, this is not what I want. It makes no sense, it is bondage.


We are lusting for the things of this world when what we are lusting for is hurting us. Not only is counterproductive to what we would like to accomplish in our life, but it is making us unhappy and the minute we swallow it down, we are saying, what did I do? We are linked, there is something in this world that has captured us, that is influencing us, and it is in our mind you see, it is in the thoughts of our mind. As Christ Jesus deals with us, whatever that issue is with you.


You want to know something? You can be thin and still abuse food. If you eat food to alleviate stress or discomfort in your emotions, you are abusing food, and if you are doing that even if you are thin, at any time of your life, Satan probably has the power to press your buttons, speed things up, and one day you see somebody and they have been thin all of their lives and you see them two years later and they have blown up and they are 200 or more pounds. What happened to them?


That potential that they were controlling all of those years, Satan pressed the button and the lost control. We want to get it while it is still, we want to nip it in the bud, we want to get it before Satan presses our buttons and will use it to really hurt us. The bottom line for the context of this message is that this is the source of reincarnation, this is the source, this is the spiritual gravity that makes following after God so difficult.


To follow after God, we are opposed by an opposing force that tries to draw us towards the things of this world. It is like a magnet. Lust of the things of this world, are like a magnet that hold us to the earth while the Lord Jesus is trying to lift us up. One side has to break, either we have to let go of the things of this world or we have to let go of God, and that is called a moment of truth that comes in your life. We all have moments of truth; there are multiple moments of truth. We are at a place where God is trying to deal with us, and if we do not let go of what is attracting us in this world, we may be forced to let go of Him or He may let go of us.


I have a vision in my mind right now of someone hanging off of a cliff and someone leaning over the cliff and holding onto their arm, trying to stop them from falling. If you have an experience like that where you let go of God and He lets go of you, it does not mean it is the end of the world, God still loves you and He still is going to work with you and try to restore you, but you will have fallen to some degree which is a degree of death.


This conflict is continuously going on. The Lord is trying to lift us up into higher realms of light, and the principalities that birthed us, Satan, the unconscious part of the mind, Leviathan, and Cain are pulling us or drawing us or causing us to desire the things of the world below. They are as opposite as 180 degrees. One must prevail. John said, I must decrease so that He can increase. You may think He was talking about Jesus of Nazareth, but I do not think he was talking about Jesus of Nazareth. John had the revelation Christ was now available to him. Repent the kingdom of God is at hand, Christ is now available to him. Whatever it was of this world that was binding him to this world, he had to let go of it. He knew that it had to decrease as God took it from him.


We just discussed the transcendancy and the imminency of God, He is beyond this world, He is fully whole, beyond this world, He is fully whole, and He is also inside of us which is a great mystery.


Rabbi Nehunia solves that mystery by saying to us, He only appears to be darkness to those of us who are behind the sunglasses. With respect to the creator, with respect to God, he knows that He is fully whole apart from us, and yet He lends His essence to us, His divine essence to us so that we can have light.


I will just read you the sentence. Although we see Him surrounded by darkness, He sees Himself surrounded by light, since for Him; even this darkness is actually light. To God there is no darkness. Is that amazing, He does not even see us as darkness. He knows that we are His light. He knows that we are of His light. The next paragraph is a principle that I have been teaching here for a long time but you have never heard it in these terms so I will give it to you again.


In this discussion, the author of the Bahir makes use of a, this is a commentary on The Bahir. In this discussion, the author makes use of a dialectic involving thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. Those are big words for something I have been teaching you for a long time. I have told if ever you find two Scriptures or two spiritual principles that seem to contradict each other, there are no contradictions in the Scripture. All that there is, is a lack of understanding on your part.


When you find two Scriptures or two spiritual principles that appear to contradict each other, you need to petition the Lord to show you the reconciling factor. Does anybody remember me teaching that? You have to find the reconciling factor or the reconciling Scripture that will make the two apparently opposite Scriptures make sense. I was teaching that before I ever knew that this was a spiritual principle, and it is not just a spiritual principle of God, it is a spiritual principle that runs through our philosophy, but I did not know that, God taught me that directly.


This is what Rabbi Kaplan says. In this discussion, the author makes use of a dialectic involving thesis, that is a principle, antithesis, something that is complete opposite of that principle, and synthesis, the joining together of the two complete opposites. This is exactly what is happening or what God is trying to accomplish. We are earth, He is Spirit, we are as different as day and night, we are 180 degrees opposite each other, and yet it is the Lord’s intention to form a synthesis of earth and spirit. This was how I opened the message this morning, it is His intention to join the male and the female, we are the female, He is the male, and to bring forth a 3rd or a new entity, or a new creature called the manchild, which will contain the two elements.


Something new has to be born out of the two opposing factors. That is called the ministry of reconciliation. It works on the level of understanding; it works on the level of people who do not agree with each other, it works on the level of misunderstanding. In Christ Jesus, there is no misunderstanding that cannot be synthesized, if both people are in Christ Jesus, both people have their heart towards God; there is no issue that cannot be reconciled.


The only time we have a problem is either one or both of the people will not submit to God. Anything that God takes from you, brethren, He gives you something in its place that is better, although you might not sense that it is better initially. I know when the Lord first pulled me out of the Pentecostal church that He raised me up in, I thought, I do not know exactly what I thought, but I was most unhappy, most unhappy, missed the church, missed the people, missed the excitement of the music and the dancing, and the Lord said to me, everything that was in those meetings are now inside of you. That did not help me because my emotions were no longer being satisfied the way they were being satisfied in that church.


Today years later, I now understand that all of that glory in that church had resulted in my conception of the Christ child, and that as He grows and matures in me, the life in Christ that I am experiencing, is much more enduringly satisfying than the satisfaction that I had in those three or four services a week in that church, whereby I was dependent for my satisfaction on what happened in that church. I was dependent on that preacher showing up, I was dependent on those people showing up, I was dependent on those musicians showing up, I was dependent on that building standing there.


Today Christ has risen in me. Wherever I go He is with me, feeding me, nourishing me, strengthening me, guiding me, teaching me, it is a completely different experience. The first was an emotional experience; this is an experience of mind and spirit. I have grown up out of spiritual childhood. That does not mean that I could not go to a meeting, with dancing and singing again, but we do not have that now, in any event, we do not have that now.


To me, one of my dreams for the future is a church where we would have both, this kind of deep teaching after the same kind of involved worship service with all of the singing and the dancing and the excitement of Pentecost. I do not know whether He will ever do it or not, but I think about it. I thank God for the music we have here, but it is that Pentecostal excitement, banging the tambourines, jumping around dancing. Will the two ever synthesize? What we have here, brethren, is the complete antithesis of the thesis. The thesis is Pentecost. What is the thesis? The thesis is an idea. What is Pentecost? It is an idea. That is how we worship God. That is what it is like to be in the church, dancing, singing, and the excitement in the air. That was taken away from me and I was given something was the exact opposite, the exact opposite, isolation for 13 years bringing forth this message. It was the exact opposite, but there is a synthesis. The beginning of the synthesis is that I understand that this is preferable; but will there be a complete synthesis? Will the day come that we have the Pentecostal type worship service with this deep word? I do not know what the answer is, but I do not see why not. It is something to look forward to, unless God tells me my thinking is wrong.


That is the principle of the ministry of reconciliation, and we find this principle in the Kabbalah as discussed by Rabbi Kaplan and he is calling it thesis; that is an idea, antithesis, the exact opposite of the idea, and synthesis, the union of the opposites. Synthesis, the union of the opposites in the formation of the emergence of a brand new creature where you neither see the thesis or the antithesis, you just see he synthesis of the two; a new creature, the creation of God.


We will just finish this paragraph. And then Rabbi Kaplan says, the same concept is alluded to in the last of the 13 principles. We started a series on the 13 principles. We never got very far. I do not think we got past the 7th or the 8th principle. Maybe someday the Lord will let us go back to it I do not know. Maybe in the midst of this study He will let us go back to that, I do not know, but there are 13 principles. The 13 principles of Rabbi Ishmael, two verses, now this is the principle, this is the last of the 13th principle.


Usually when I start series and I do not finish it, it is because I did not have the information that I needed to go on, so I will revisit that series and take a look at it, maybe we will intersperse it with this teaching. The last of the 13 principles, two verses that oppose one another, until a 3rd verse is brought to reconcile them, they are even using the word reconcile. Anybody reading this would say surely I got my information from reading a book, but I tell you I did not. The Lord just taught me that directly. This is the 3rd principle. I am going to read it to you again. Two verses that oppose one another until a 3rd verse is brought to reconcile them; it is this dialectic that results in the basic triplet structure that is found in Kabbalah.


What is he talking about? The triplet structure that is found in Kabbalah, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah is the triplet. Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, is a triplet. Netzach, Hod, and Yesod is a triplet. They are triads, triplet, groups of three. The reason we see so many groups of three in the Scripture, and of course, Chesed, Gevurah, and Tiferet is the synthesis of Chesed and Gevurah. Chesed is loving kindness, and Gevurah is strength. Strength alone becomes Satan to us. Loving kindness which can make a person very weak, if they are all kindness, and no strength, and we see this principle in the world, people trying to fight wars, we saw that is the 60s with the flower children, people saying, make love not war.


In this world, if your enemy is about to destroy you, you cannot be throwing flowers at them and survive. Loving kindness without strength is death and destruction. The synthesis, loving kindness is the thesis, the idea, that all we need is love, strength that by itself can become Satan to us is the antithesis of loving kindness and Tiferet which is called justice, is the synthesis of loving kindness and strength, the perfect balance.


I have been teaching you that for a long time too. Brethren, basically this study is going to be a review of basic Kabbalistic principles for those of us that have studied them already, and those of that are new to this, you are being introduced to basic Kabbalistic principles in preparation for going into deeper studies which will strengthen our soul, this is the food for our soul, because the Lord is strengthening our soul, so as to ultimately make it stronger than the powers of our carnal mind so that He can bring us into longevity. That is what this study is all about.


It is very important if you cannot get to the meetings, I suggest you, if you feel you do not have time to listen to the messages, at least tell the Lord, you really need to be hearing all of the messages, or maybe you would want to consider coming to the Sunday meetings, however you work it out with the Lord, the purpose of this series is to strengthen your soul so that your body can be strengthened so that you can enter into longevity. It is a very, we are entering into a new stage of ministry here and it is very exciting. God bless you all.


08/25/11 Transcribed by RLR


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