630 - Part 6

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Well brethren, this should be the last part of The Paschal Lamb, unless the Lord goes off on a tangent, but we only have four pages of notes and I would imagine that this should end everything up, wind everything down, it has been a tremendous series and it is has been, actually I think it has been two or three months since I preached part 5, so I will just give you a basic review.


Basically the message of The Paschal Lamb revealed that there Abel is the lamb, and he is the lamb whether he is under the dominion of Cain or whether he is dominating Cain, he is the lamb. We keep having our definition corrected here, because for years I preached that the fiery serpent was Cain and Abel, but today we understand that the fiery serpent or the serpent within the individual is Cain, and the lamb within the individual is Abel, whether he is a godly lamb or an ungodly lamb.


We read in the book of Revelation about the lamb that had two horns that spake like a dragon, and that is Abel under the dominion and the mind control and the witchcraft that Cain and the whole household of the Serpent, we also have been told, well I think that is today’s message, what John was talking about when John saw Jesus and he said, Behold the lamb of God, everybody think that Jesus the man Jesus of Nazareth was the lamb of God, but He was not, what John the Baptist was saying, Behold a man in whom the lamb is of God, not the dragon. He said, Wow, look at that! Just like Jesus said, Wow, an Israelite without guile. John was saying, Wow, an Israelite in whom the lamb is of God and not of the dragon’s household, in this man Abel, the lamb has succeeded in ascending above Cain and is dominating Cain, and therefore directing the full power of the Godhead through and to Malkhut. Let me do a drawing on that for you.


I was giving a small reminder or refresher because the message today is part 6 of The Paschal Lamb, and we have not preached, it has been like a couple of months since we preached part 5, so this is my review for you on the board of the lamb. Paschal means Passover, we are talking about the Passover lamb, and my reminder or my refreshing began by reminding you of the latest revelation, and of course I remind you that this is an ongoing revelation here, the Lord is continuously teaching me new things or the same thing in a deeper way, He is continuously correcting me, not that I was making a mistake, but what we are doing is we are discovering the word of God. There is an infinite word of God, and there is a measure of that word of God that is available to God’s people in each age.


In other words, in each grade. Today they are teaching second and third graders advanced math and physics but they are not learning it on the same level as the college student. The Lord has a word prepared for His people in each age, that He makes a determination they are capable of comprehending. We have to discover it, we have to rediscover the Scripture on every level of understanding that He is opening our mind to. We see that the church is a little red schoolhouse and we have people, we have Christians of all ages reading the same Bible, but every Christian is not of the same spiritual place, or in the same spiritual grade and it is a big problem in the church because this understanding is not there, so we have, actually it is the Christians who are on the lowest grade that usually are beating up the Christians on the higher grades trying to tell them that what they are learning is wrong.


None of it is wrong, the only test is the spirit, if it is the Spirit of God teaching you it is not wrong, and He is teaching it on one level or in one grade or in one way, and He is teaching another grade, another way, so it is really an error to test the doctrine. It is appropriate to test the spirit, and as an excellent example of that, I have to give you this testimony. Xxxx and I just came back from Minnesota, an evangelical trip to Minnesota, and in one of my messages, I happen to say, I happen to refer to the book of Enoch, and I made a statement that the book of Enoch has not been translated. The reason I think it has not been translated is that, although not recently, maybe as recently as 5 years ago I looked everywhere on the Internet for it, and I could not find it. Of course we know that the book of Enoch is mentioned in the New Testament, I think it is Jude that mentions him or mentions that book, so we know that the book of Enoch is valid if we can find it.


A couple of the brethren in the Minnesota heard me say that, that the book of Enoch had not been translated and they had some knowledge or some reason to think that it might have been translated, but brethren, one of the things I am desperately trying to teach you here is to, is how you think and how you process information, so a conclusion was drawn, Oh but the book of Enoch has been translated, and one of the very well-meaning brethren, Lord we are all growing up together, or at least we are trying to grow up together here okay, jumped on the Internet and typed in the book of Enoch and found it, and showed it to me after the meeting and said Sheila, the book of Enoch has been translated.


My reaction, I thank God I had a godly reaction. I said, Oh, wow, is that recent, no it has been translated for many, many years. I said, is that not strange, I looked everywhere and I could not find a translation, and all you did was type it into a search engine, and there are at least 5 or more links concerning the book of Enoch. I got all excited, and not only did I want to read it, but when I got back to the room, in my host house where Xxxx I were staying, I found out that this translation was a part of my Bible program, which was amazing to me.


I looked at other links on the Internet and I saw that this book of Enoch was found in Ethiopia and that it was originally written in Ethiopic, I never heard that term before, but this is what I read on the Internet, and that there were two translations of it, one going back as early as the year 2000, and I said, Wow, Lord, I was surely searching the Internet later than 2000, although I saw the most recent translation was 2004, and it is very possible that when I did my search it was prior to 2004, that is a real possibility, because I do not study today the way I use to, because right now the Lord has me focusing on building the business end of the ministry and getting these messages ready for mass production, so I do not study the way I use to at this time, I hope I will again someday.


I saw that I had two translations to choose from, and neither of them were Rabbis. I have a commandment, I have an instruction from the Lord, when studying and certainly teaching, what I teach or what I studying Kabbalah, stay with the Rabbis, that is the Lord’s instruction to me. When He first started me on Kabbalah, and I really had no idea which end was up, I just saw Him directing me towards Kabbalah, so I went on the Internet and I bought several books that looked good, and a couple of them turned out to be Christian Kabbalah, which is usually brought forth by a Catholic spirit and it is usually, it is frequently brought forth by a Catholic spirit and to the best of my understanding, it is frequently if not always used in the practice of magic and used by people who are seeking power apart from a godly relationship with the Lord.


Kabbalah, Christian Kabbalah to the best of my understanding is usually used by people who are seeking power apart from a holy relationship with God. Brethren I talk about power a lot in this ministry because I believe that the power of God is necessary to make the earth in to the place that God intends it to be, I talk about power because we wait for Messiah, we wait for the power that will overcome the evil which is very strong in this world, but my primary pursuit is of the Lord Jesus Christ, the power is secondary, I do not want the power apart from Jesus Christ because the thought of power apart from Jesus Christ alarms me to tell you the truth.


When I look at my sin nature, and I am not talking to anybody here now, but any Pharisee listening to this message or reading this transcript, do not walk away from this thinking that there is something wrong with me and you are okay, because I am talking about the sin nature of all of mankind, I just happened to be looking at mine, if you are not looking at yours, do not think you are any better than I am, because that is already happened to me, someone who thinks that they do not have any trouble heard me say something like this, someone who thinks that they are without sin, heard me honestly talk about my sin nature, and condemned me for it. That is why I am saying this.


When I look at my sin nature and I see what is in there and what mankind is capable of including me, and including every human being born of a woman, the thought of power apart from God scares me, in completely scares me, and my prayer is that the Lord should not impart it to me. I do not ask for it, I mean I do not have to tell Him what to do, this is just my heart, I am in agreement with Him that I should not have it until He declares me ready to use it righteously, but I think I would use it righteously, the danger is what do you do when you get upset? What do you do when you get mad? The power is still in your hands, and it is wielded by the thoughts of your mind.


It is not a question of whether or not I would desire or be willing to use it righteously, I would, the question is what happens when I get upset? I had a struggle in the spirit last night brethren, this is the first time my sin nature rose to the point that it did in months and months, in a very long time, and it rose up last night, I got upset over something, and I saw what was in there and I had to battle, I battled for at least four hours last night, and I prevailed, but the those thoughts were there, I did not agree with them, I resisted them until they went away, but they were there. If I had the power to kill somebody, what would have happened in that struggle, and what if I had a weak moment that I did not even fight?


Brethren, spiritual power goes around killing people. No matter how good your intentions are, to use it for good, what happens, what happens when you have a bad moment? What happens? People will die. I would rather not have it, and I do not think the Lord intends to give it to me or anybody else until that sin nature is covered over.


Again, I am really declaring my agreement with the Lord that the church and all of humanity, Israel must wait until the Lord raises up a company of people whose sin nature is sufficiently covered over by His life so that it is safe for the Lord to give them the power that is necessary to bring to pass His will in the earth. What is His will in the earth? His will is peace on earth, goodwill towards men. The peace of God, not only the peace of God, any peace brethren, it only comes into existence, peace emerges when the person who is fighting against peace is defeated. Otherwise you have war continually because that is the fallen nature, somewhere in this world, somewhere somebody in your life, in your family, in your place of business, in your church, in your country, in the world, somebody, some nation, somewhere someway somehow, is going to manifest aggression because that is who we are. That is who we are, so we are waiting for the power of God to bring peace to the earth by putting down the aggression. That is what Messiah is going to do.


Anyway, I asked the Lord if I had permission to read this book of Enoch, because I knew that His instruction was to stay with the Rabbis, and I saw that there were two different translations, I also read that this book of Enoch was discovered in Ethiopia by a Scottish man who was a mason, the red flags went up, ding, ding, ding right away, but I was still curious. I asked the Lord if I could have His permission to read the book, and now that was before I discovered on my Bible program, that was when I was looking at it on the Internet in the brother’s house.


Then I went back to my host house where there was no Internet, and I said, Oh wow, I should have downloaded that transcript so that I could take a look at it. I said, Well we will just leave it in the Lord’s hands. Then something supernatural happened, I was studying the Scripture on my Bible program, and I really do not want to take up any more time on this message, I will just tell you it was a supernatural happening, something flashed on the monitor of my laptop that made me go to the listing of the books on that program, it had nothing to do with Enoch whatsoever, and when I went to the section of my program that listed the books, you the extra Biblical books, there it was the book of Enoch.


I took that as a sign from the Lord that I had permission to read it, and I prayed one more time, and I said, Unless you tell me not to read it, I am going to read it. I started to read it, and my first reaction was, there is no anointing on this book, that was my first reaction, there is no anointing on this book, but I kept on reading, and about, it was okay, you know, up until about half way through, there was not anything wrong with it, there was no anointing on it, I did not see that I was learning anything, I was comparing it to the Zohar, which is very educational, the Zohar is extremely educational, the Zohar takes a Scripture and expounds on it.


This book of Enoch, although it was referring to Scripture and maybe even quoted one or two, there was no explanation of the Scripture, and it reminded me of the spirit that I had seen on the book of Mormon, and the reaction that I had to, I did not read the whole book of Mormon, I read a couple of chapters, and there are people that would criticize me for that, but brethren, I have the ability by the grace of God to discern the spirit on something.


I do not have to read the whole book, I go by, that is the whole point of this exhortation, it is not the doctrine in and of itself, you should be looking for the anointing, if the anointing is not on it, I do not care how good the words sound to you, stay away from it, and if you cannot discern the anointing on a book, then you should be sitting under a teacher who can, and that is the bottom line, and you should not be touching it if you do not know how to discern the anointing on written works.


You should not be pursuing spiritual works, spiritual literary works if you do not have the ability to discern the anointing on spiritual literary works.


When I read the book of Mormon, as soon as I read the first words I knew there was no anointing, then I read maybe one chapter, and my reaction was this is a joke you know, I am not putting down anyone’s religion, I am just giving you my honest response to reading that book, this is a joke, somebody is doing a takeoff on the Scripture, someone is doing a parody, making fun of the Scripture, not making fun of the Scripture but writing something else as a joke, and it is supposed to sound like the Scripture. Then much to my surprise, somebody, I mentioned this to somebody, and they said, Well yes that is one of the rumors that a couple of college boys did it as a joke and it took off. I do not know about that.


Anyway this was my reaction to the book of Enoch, it was the same reaction that I had to the book of Mormon, it was written in the kind of language of the old English language, it was written in that testament flavor, you know, thou art, and that kind of thing, but it was not teaching anything, there was no, nothing learned and it was just like nothing, and then about half way through it, a spirit of perversion came in, and the words, I saw a couple of areas where the word was twisted, the truth of the Scripture was twisted.


Brethren, this is how anti-Christ works, we have talked about this before.


Anti-Christ give you reason to trust it, so the first half or a little less than half of the book, the spirit was okay, no anointing, but there was nothing wrong with it, so people that could not tell whether it was anointed or not, would read the first half and say, Well that is okay, and then they just keep right on going, but about half way through, there were two or three Scriptures that the intention which was completely reversed in this book, what I believe to be the intention of that Scripture in the King James version, what the Lord has witnessed to me as the intention of that Scripture, was completely reversed, the meaning of it was completely reversed in the book of Enoch, and then after that a spirit of sexual perversion came in and it was worked in, in a very subtle way, but it was a very strong spirit of sexual perversion, I really had to go before the Lord to get cleansed by the time I finished reading that book.


At this point I knew that something was really wrong, and I think I kept on reading, because I do not really know why I kept on reading, I wanted to finish it so I could have a full critique of it, I even considered a critique and putting it on the website, and then I did not know if I would do it, but maybe this it, maybe this is the critique that is going to be transcribed and is going to go on our LEM website.


There was a distinct spirit of sexual perversion, not only from what I read, but the spirit attacked me as I was reading it. I know that, that was the spirit behind it. In the Zohar there sometimes is, well there is one explicitly sexual passage that shocked me when I first read it, but when I prayed about it, somehow I dealt with it, but this was, what I read in the Zohar, we know that human sexuality is a way of explaining the relationship of God and man, which is a relationship of the Spirit of God and the soul of man, and when I went before the Lord with what I read in the Zohar, I guess the Lord, I do not remember exactly what happened but the Lord must have made peace, gave me peace over it, but this was a distinct spirit of sexual perversion, couched in Scriptural terms.


I do not think I made it all of the way through to the end, because I knew that it was not of God when I first saw the meaning of the Scripture reversed, and I just do not think I made it all of the way to the end, and I repented, the Lord told me stick with the Rabbis, and I fell to sleep, I had a bad dream, I woke up and that whole joy of the meeting, the anointing was so powerful, was taken from me, there was a negative spirit on me, so I repented and I was cleansed from it.


I am not sorry that I did it because now I can report to you all that in my opinion that is not the book of Enoch. One of the brethren agreed to write to one of the Rabbis who I believe to be a responsible Kabbalist on the Internet, and I gave her his name, actually I wrote the email, and the reason I wrote the email, and I did not send it under my own name, is that he has excommunicated me not understanding me thinking I am an enemy of God. One of the sisters wrote to him, and we asked him, are you familiar with the book of Enoch and is it the same book of Enoch that the Hebrews read, that the Jewish people read, and a few other questions, and he answered, God bless him, he answered her immediately, and he said, No, no, he said, there is even a different name for it, the Jewish people know that this book of Enoch, and they call it Enoch one, I think there is an Enoch one and an Enoch two, that is different than what they call the Hebrew Enoch. He said the books are radically different, which does not surprise me because the book that I read was a perversion.


Here we have our information, and I think that I will have this translated and put it on our website, anybody looking for information about this book of Enoch which was its earliest appearance was with the dead sea scrolls, that was the earliest appearance that it made, and there is no Rabbi has translated it, neither has an Rabbi translated the Hebrew which I am really, I would really love to see, but it has not been translated yet.


What does this mean about the Dead Sea scrolls, it means to me, it means the Dead Sea scrolls are very suspicious. Again, brethren, it is the anointing, it is the anointing. I have read things in the Zohar that sound absolutely outrageous and when I calm down, I do not get upset anymore, if something sounds outrageous, and I realized how outrageous I sound to other people, and I just say, Lord is that of you, explain it to me. It explains it to me and these outrageous things make sense.


It is not the words brethren, it is the anointing. It is the person who wrote the book, it is the Lord Jesus Christ giving you His understanding of something, and if you do not have His understanding of it, it might very well likely sound crazy to you, and if His anointing is not on it, that means He did not write it, and if He did not write it, that meant the other guy wrote it, and you should stay away from it, because spiritual writings and spiritual words have, I do not want to say life, Jesus said, My words are spirit and my words are life, but on the other side, it is death, it is either a spirit of life or a spirit of death getting in you.


That is the word brethren, stay with the Rabbis, if you want to go with Kabbalah, you really should be staying under my teaching, you really should go with the works that the Lord has directed me to that I present to you, that is what you really should be staying with, from the Lord to me to you, if you want to go off on your own, which I do not particularly recommend, but if you want to do it, stay with the translations of the Rabbis and stay away from that other stuff because it is a spirit of death on it, and that is what the church is warning everybody about.


There is a spirit of death on these spiritual works out there. Also, you get into trouble with the books translated by the Rabbis if you are not at spiritual place where the Lord is moving you on. Do not play with this stuff because it is really dangerous, it really is. I could say, I can now say to you, that it is true, that the book of Enoch has not yet been translated, and that is why I could not find it. Do you believe I would type the word into a search engine and nothing would come up? The Lord blocked it from coming up, because His book of Enoch has not been translated.


You may hear me when you listen to the message from Minnesota, if you hear me saying the book of Enoch has not been translated yet, that is because it has not been translated yet! What is out there being called the book of Enoch is a piece of spiritual trash, planted by some mason most likely, with some nefarious intent and purpose behind it. What is really interesting though is that there are two very scholarly men that have translated this scroll, they have all of their degrees after them, or you have to know the language to translate it, and they cannot tell that it is a spoof. With all of their degrees and all of their education, they think it is a legitimate scroll.


Brethren, one of the promises of God to us as we pay the price to move on into maturity, is that as we grow up into spiritual men, we will never be deceived. That is part of His promise to us, that if we just obey Him, as we continue on with our studies, we will not be seduced like the woman was seduced and we will not be tricked like the man was tricked. If we sow everything we have into the Lord Jesus Christ, and if we are willing to not dabble in something that He tells us to not dabble in, and I want to tell you that there is something so infectiously exciting about revelation, I got so excited. When I went on the computer in the brother’s house, when he found it on line, I read the first line and the first line was so attractive talking about the beings on the other side of the flood, the first parts of it were designed to grab the attention of spiritually curious people to lure them in.


I am amazed at myself at the degree of excitement that rose up in me just from that first sentence which was a trap you see. The ignorant Christian that does not have any of this information that I am telling you about, they would have read the first sentence and right there at the beginning, it quotes what Jude has to say in the New Testament, and Enoch is coming with ten thousand of his saints, so they say, Oh, well this must be a legitimate book, it has the same verse in it, and then they just go tip toeing down the path right into that spirit of sexual perversion, and death. They cannot tell where it went from being harmless to being deadly.


Brethren, there are forces in the world today that are seriously trying to kill Christians, and the more mature the Christian is the more seriously they are trying to kill us! Why? Why? Somebody why? Why? What does that mean, why do they want to kill us? No, no, somebody? No, they are afraid of us, they are afraid of us standing up in power, and destroying them. Why would they think that we would destroy them when we stand up in power, does anybody know the answer to that question? More than that, why, why are you going to destroy their kingdom? What is His plan, why does His plan include destroying their kingdom? I am going to tell you because nobody knows. What? No, no, I am going to tell you because nobody knows. Nobody knows.


Brethren, Christ Jesus is the avenger of Abel’s blood. A judicial judgment has been rendered, Cain has been tried before a heavenly tribunal and found guilty of the murder of Abel, the judgment has been rendered. Nobody to date has been strong enough to bring to pass the execution of the criminals, but the avenger of Abel’s blood Christ Jesus is about to appear, is in the process of appearing, and as soon as He stands up, He is going to kill Cain. The household of the Serpent is trying to kill everybody who is a potential household for the emerging Christ Jesus.


Today, we are talking about The Paschal Lamb, and the paschal lamb is essentially important because when we read about the lamb and the studies that we have been pursuing lately, we are being instructed as to how or what the process is that will produce or enable Christ Jesus to stand up in us, and as we learn about the process, it is coming to pass in our life. My understanding is that it is not likely for the process to come to pass in our life, it is not likely for Christ Jesus to stand up in us if we are first educated about what is happening to us. Our understanding of the process is intimately related to it happening to us. As far as I know today, it is not going to happen to you if you are not anticipating it, and that is why we teach you here.


Today we are talking about the lamb, and today we understand that the fiery serpent is the offspring of the spiritual adultery between the serpent or the snake and the woman, the woman had some kind of spiritual sexual intercourse with the snake which produced Cain, and then she had spiritual sexual intercourse with her husband Adam, the male Adam. I am sorry, the female Adam, I am not getting in to that today, let me rephrase that, the woman had spiritual sexual intercourse with the snake and with her husband and she conceived two offspring which are half-brothers, they are not really brothers, they are sisters. They have the same mother, but two different fathers and Cain is the offspring of the snake and she is the fiery serpent and Abel is the offspring of the lamb of God. Abel is the lamb, he is the offspring of the Spirit of God and the creation.


The two are symbiotic, they are connected, they are inseparable, the only thing that changes is their relationship one to the other. One has to be on top at all times. Who is on top today, what happened, they were both equal, they were talking to each other one day, and what happened, they were both equal, Cain and Abel were both equal, having nice conversation one day and what happened? Cain killed Abel and Abel went where? Under the ground, Abel went underneath the ground.


When we read about the judgment that went forth upon Cain, it is not clear in the King James, but we told that he was banished from the face of the earth, and I declare to you brethren, what that means is that Cain was forced underground also, and two of them are underground which means they are not obvious. Cain and Abel is in everybody but it is not obvious to the average human being, it is not even obvious to most Christians, it is just obvious to those of us who are studying the doctrine of Christ, even you all, it is not obvious to you all.


Brethren, what kind of a life is this that every person that you meet including your family, you have to know has the seed of the snake in them which can rise up at any moment and give you bad advice, and turn you away from the Lord’s intention for you. What kind of a life is that, it is a hard life brethren, it is one hard life, but if you want to go on, that is what the bottom line is. We are like undercover agents. Go rent yourself some movie about an undercover agent in the war, I have seen those movies myself. One comes to mind right now, a male undercover agent who fell in love with a woman, and at the very end of the movie, he is realizing that she is spy, and he has to overcome his emotions because if he does not kill her she is going to kill him.


Then I saw another movie with Donald Sutherland where was the woman fell in love with the German spy, and in the end she shoots him and kills him, because not only was her country more important than her emotions, the guy had to be a seriously evil person capable of murdering her. He was a Nazi spy trying to destroy England, do you think he was going to let her live and trust her to run away with him?


Brethren, you want to be a spiritual male, you want the power to do good in this world. It comes with a price brethren, it comes with a price. The paschal lamb, Abel is the lamb, whether he is overcome by Cain or whether Abel is overcoming Cain. If Abel is overcome by Cain, he is the unholy lamb, that speaks like a dragon, he looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon. When he is overcome by Cain he is speaking the words of the Serpent. When Abel is on top of Cain, he becomes the holy lamb, the lamb of God. That was what John the Baptist saw when he saw Jesus walking, he did not see a man, it was a spiritual discernment. John the Baptist had a spiritual discernment that out of all Israel, here is a man in whom Abel the lamb is not dominated by Cain, but on the contrary has risen above Cain, and is dominating Cain.


What does it means to dominate Cain. I guess I should not really, well I could put it that way, but I have to round it off. For Abel to be dominating Cain, or to be sitting on top of Cain and mounted upon Cain, the significance of it is that looking at this drawing here, this is the significance of it brethren, that the personality which we are, and I have been teaching, I have been really pressing this home for a few weeks now, we are the Behema. The average human being that is not even spiritual and those young Christians, and basically all of us, even those of us that are moving on, we are the Behema and our spiritual principles are buried under the ground, we are the ground that Cain and Abel are buried under, and we are spiritually asexual until you start moving forwards in Christ like this. Cain does her evil through us and we do not even know it.


Some of us that are socialized as we are growing up our parents tells us, Well that is not nice, do not do this, do not do that, so we sort of just think it and think that nobody is going to know about it, so that is Cain living her existence through us. Most people today do not kill with their mind, it is all baby stuff, it is all baby stuff brethren.


You better start to understand what kind of spiritual power exists in this world and it is not just because you are going on with Christ. Your thoughts have repercussions. Your thoughts are involved in automobile accidents and deaths and all kinds of things that happen, your negative thoughts go out and gather together with other negative thoughts and the evil of this world takes place.


I want to tell you that I was in the presence of somebody a couple of days ago who I know greatly dislikes me if not hates me for no reason other than what I preach, and I started getting pains in a particular way that I know that those pains mean that witchcraft is being worked on me and I knew that it was the rage of that person. I have no desire to hurt that person brethren, but I really did not want to get sick because in the past I have gotten sick, I have had those kinds of pains and then I have gotten sick. I broke those curses, I think I sent them back, because this person is evil towards me, I have never done one thing to hurt them. The next day, within 24 hours they cut their finger and were in the emergency room getting stitches. Did I desire to hurt them? No, I just wanted their curses off of me. You better start, you better start recognizing who you are and what kind of a world you are in.


I put this on the board for you, this is drawing #1, I have split the board in to two parts, the part on the left is the Serpent’s house and the part on the right is the Father’s house, and what I am showing you is, I have the Sefirot up here, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah. You should be familiar with the Sefirot brethren, if not just do the best you can to go along with it. We see the sixth Sefirah in the middle, in the Father’s house it is Christ Jesus, but if you are in the Serpent’s household it is Leviathan.


Brethren, we are a world, every one of us is a self-contained world. We have a sun, and a moon and stars, we are a world, we are a universe in and of ourselves, and Christ Jesus is the sun, or Leviathan if you are a carnal man is your sun, and Malkhut is the moon. Who is Malkhut? Malkhut is this Behema that I am telling you about, Malkhut is the earth that the personality is made out of, the carnal person for lack of a better word.


The moon has no light of its own, as you all know, the moon has no light of its own, it reflects the light of the sun. depending who you are, if today you are your old man, your moon, your personality is reflecting the nature of Leviathan. Brethren, the majority of the people in this world are Leviathan. We reflect the nature of Leviathan. In addition to that, for the moon to give her full light, she need to receive a spirit as well as the, I do not know how to describe it, but let us just, I am just going to leave it like this, she needs to receive her spirit from her mother. The Sefirah Binah is female, she is called the mother or the supernal mother, and her, we have a message on this, we have a couple of Kabbalah messages on this, how it is her desire as we start to ascend spiritually, for the mother to join with the personality.


In our world the Lord Jesus Christ is manifesting to us, He is manifesting towards His people from every Sefirot, the Lord Jesus Christ, just so that you can plug into what I am saying, but this level of Binah, she is reaching towards the earth, just like the Lord Jesus is reaching towards us and strengthening the earthen personality and then the son reaches down and joins with the moon. We are talking about the Lord Jesus joining with Christ in us and then we are talking about Christ marrying and giving birth to the manchild, Christ Jesus. That is the union between the sun and the moon. The moon is to be a reflection of the all of the higher Sefirot.


That is what I am trying to tell you, we are to be a walking manifestation of the nature of Christ Jesus. This is what John is talking about when he says there are two resurrections. Either people are going to be revealing, either they are going to a moon that is revealing the nature of Leviathan and the higher centers, the upper triad, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, or we are going to be a personality, a moon, a Malkhut reflecting the nature of Christ Jesus and the Lord Jesus all of the way up here in Atzilut.


As far as today’s messages goes, I do not want to, I am already way off, talking about all other things, so this is the point, both Cain and Abel are underneath the earth, we are talking about your carnal mind, Cain is on top of Abel and Abel is an unholy lamb, and if we are talking about our Christ nature, Abel is on top of Cain, and Abel is a holy lamb. When John the Baptist saw Jesus of Nazareth walking, John the Baptist had a spiritual discernment that in this man, Abel the lamb of God had ascended above Cain, and was not an unholy lamb, was a holy lamb, it was a moment of rejoicing, Behold one man in Israel actually was manifesting the holy lamb of God. That is what John was talking about when he said, Behold the lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world. How does the lamb of God taketh away the sins of the world?


Brethren, if the lamb is an unholy lamb, and he is under the dominion of Cain, Cain becomes the vehicle through which the whole Sefirot of the snake enters into Malkhut, enters into the personality. When Cain is on top of Abel, Cain becomes a receiving tank for all of the spiritual seed of Leviathan, and all of the powers and principalities above. It is impossible to be impregnated with Christ when Cain is on top of Abel like that, under most circumstances. Why? Because Cain, for years I have been teaching you that Cain is the maidenhead that covers Abel, and I just discovered that the way that Kabbalists look at it, the way the Zohar looks at it, Cain is the foreskin, so I was looking it from the female point of view, and it is interesting to see that the Zohar looked at it from a male point of view.


Cain is covering Abel, preventing him from having a spiritual sexual union with the Lord Jesus Christ which will result in the birth of the manchild in us, and it is the manchild Christ Jesus who is the avenger of Abel’s death, who is going to kill Cain and bring down that whole statue that we read about in the book of Daniel.


In the book of Daniel we see that stone cut out of the mountain and it hits that statue on its feet, that whole, that statue that you read about, I believe it is Daniel 4, that is filling the spiritual earth, it looks like a man but it is really a woman that looks like a man. All of humanity, we are the cells of the body of spiritual being that, that statue represents, and the Scripture is absolutely clear that the way the Lord Jesus is going to bring it down is by hitting at the feet, well that sounds good, how does He hit at the feet?


Who are the feet? We are the feet. How does He hit at the feet? He is hitting at the feet right now, I am hitting at the feet of that statue right now, by telling you the truth, by exposing what is going on, and by telling you all what is expected and required of you, or about what is happening to you, because the Lord is hitting your feet, or the feet of the statue of which you are a part of the toes. That is the mystery of the lamb of God when Abel is on top, when Abel gets on top, you become open to the whole household of God, the whole creative world of Atzilut, the offspring of that world which is Christ Jesus.


The warfare, not only is it taking place in the individual, but in the individual, the warfare is taking place in the lowest level of Cain and Abel. That is the significance of the Passover lamb that Abel comes out from under, well here is a new revelation you have not heard me preach this yet, I just got it this morning for you, I have been preaching on this issue that Abel has to come out from under Cain and come on top of Cain and mount him, but the Lord told me this morning, no, brethren, these are spirits, these are spiritual beings, they are not solid, they are waves of energy, Abel is going to pass through Cain, pass through him, Cain is going to be weakened by the Lord Jesus Christ, that maidenhead or that foreskin, is going to get thinner and thinner and thinner and Abel is going to pass through and appear on top and connect with the kingdom of God.


Pass through, pass through, I asked the Lord what that meant years ago. I went inside looking for some Scriptures on pass through, just before the meeting started, and I really did not find one that fully satisfied me, but I did include one for your, it is at the bottom of page one of your notes. Psalm 136:13-14;


PSALMS 136:13-14

13. To Him which divided the Red Sea into parts, for His mercy endureth forever.

14. And that same one, He made Israel to pass through the midst of it, for His mercy endureth forever. KJV


Pass through the midst of what? Pass through the midst of the Red Sea. What does the Red Sea signify? Red brethren signifies Malkhut, red is the color of Malkhut. Red is the color of the female. Israel, maybe they physically passed through the Red Sea but brethren, nothing happens in the natural that does not first happen in the spiritual, you have to come out of bondage in your mind before you come out of bondage in your body. Everything you read about in the Scripture is happening on at least four levels at the same time, simultaneously.


The Hebrew children physically came out of Egypt, they were coming out of Egypt in their mind. The Hebrew children faltered in their mind and they made a golden calf, and the progress of the emergence into the kingdom of God, faltered and turned back for a while, when Moses came down and saw them dancing around the golden calf, the ten commandments were smashed, judgment went forth, because the Hebrew children turned back in their mind, the whole physical progression forward was delayed and temporarily turned back. There is no separation from what happens in your mind, to what happens in your body. There is no separation. There might be at the moment that you are turning, your body may not reflect your mind. For a long time, much too long, after my mind had significantly turned, my body was still very sick, but it did not stay that way.


The physical must, must reflect the spiritual, the question is do you or do I, do we have the power, the will power, do we have that will to believe the Scripture over everything we are seeing with our eyes. That is the question.


The person that finds enough strength to believe that Scripture over what they see with their eyes, will cause their world, or the circumstances or the experiences of their life to line up with the Scripture, it is not easy believing the Scripture, when the image out here shows you everything the exact opposite, and I do not know any way to do it, except to spend hours and hours a day in the word of God, and in the Bible, and in the deep spiritual books. Right now I am reading the Zohar. That is the only way that I know of to do it, because you cannot just, you cannot oppose the image that you are seeing in this world by a memory of something you read in the Scripture.


Your mind has to, this is my personal experience, if you have a different experience that is fine, this is my personal experience, I have to immerse my mind in that spiritual word of God to fight against what this world is telling me. I am not subject to this world, I am not subject to the ups and downs and the changes of this world, I am subject to the winds of God, not to the winds of this world, but you can say that all you want and still be blown over by the winds of this world. The way you make it real is to immerse your mind, is to baptize your mind in the thinking of God. That is how you do it, that is how you change your life. We now see that Abel is going to pass through Cain, that Abel is an energy force and Cain is an energy force, and they are opposing each other.


It is like the opposite of magnetism, they are opposing each other, two force fields opposing each other, and one force field, Cain is getting weaker, and the other force field, Abel is getting stronger and let us say it is two different kinds of light, and the light that Abel is emitting is going to penetrate through that barrier of the light that Cain is manifesting. That is what we are talking about here. He wants to get through that foreskin.


This is what the Lord told me this morning, I have been teaching you, as recently as the last message or two, that the circumcision comes from the outside, I had a whole exhortation, was it Thursday where I was likening the spiritual circumcision to physical circumcision and talking about the physical male organ and the cutting away of the end of the sheath that covers the whole male organ and the rolling back of the corolla, we had a whole exhortation on that, and this morning the Lord tells me, of course that example is still good, but spiritually speaking, the circumcision is not coming from the outside, it is coming from underneath.


Abel is cutting away at Cain from underneath. The Lord Jesus is entering in from underneath, and if you remember, if you have any recollection at all from our studies, our early studies of Kabbalah, when we were drawing those circles all of the time and showing those Sefirot in the form of circles with the straight Sefirot entering into the midst of it, I cannot, I just do not have time to do it again, you may recall, that the kingdom of God and that the Lord Jesus is at the innermost point of our being.


I am not talking about our physical being, this is our spiritual being, He is at the most inner point of us. In the greatest aspect of His deity, He is at our innermost point, and from there outward as a wave and each level outward, He moves outward in concentric circles, each concentric circle being more and more possibly communicative with the level of our mind at this time.


By the time you get to the end, if you think of the Lord Jesus as that point, and being surrounded by an aura, just to give you an example of what I am talking about, by the time you get to the far end of His aura, the part of His aura that is the farthest away from His central point that you can get, that end, that tip of His aura, is the place where He meets the beginning of Malkhut.


That tip of His aura, that outermost sphere of His aura, is where He comes in contact with our humanity, with our carnal mind, with the flesh of our animal nature. He is rising from the inside, we are in outer darkness out here, this is outer darkness, He is not coming from out there, He is coming from in here, and He is passing through all of the defenses of the old man. At the very tip of His aura, He is meeting the Malkhut of this world, and He is going to pass through, and He is going to pass through Malkhut, and He is going to pass through Leviathan, and circumcise him from the inside, and He is going to pass through Satan and dry up her sea, and He is going to keep on going, the anointing of the Lord Jesus who is in Christ Jesus, at our inner most point, He is going to keep on pushing outward until He becomes the aura seen outside of this physical body.


Right now we have an aura, it has been scientifically proven, we have an energy field, everybody does, but it is Satan’s energy. That is the aura that we see, it is Satan’s energy, but the Lord Jesus at our innermost point, it is His full intention to push through, to pass over and pass through all of the Sefirot of the kingdom of darkness until He appears on the outside of us completely swallowing up the aura which is Satan’s aura, at which point we will be fully saved, fully protected, fully baptized into the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ, that is His intention, that is the full significance of Passover.


In order for Him to pass over, the powers and principalities, what must happen, what happens on Passover? Who dies? The firstborn, it is Cain, but the answer is the firstborn. The firstborn has to die, why? Because the firstborn is a foreskin over the true error. That is such an exciting revelation for me because for the first time the Scripture that talks about Samson gathering a hundred foreskins made any sense to me at all. For anybody that believes that he killed physical Philistines and circumcised them, I want you to know that I disagree with you, I do not think that he did that, I think it was a spiritual warfare, and he circumcised all of those Philistines and they probably became converts.


I am long winded today, what we have in our notes today is a couple of passages from the Zohar, and I had worked up these notes when we first started preaching The Paschal Lamb, this is part 6, so I would just like to give you a little exposition on these passages from the Zohar, and we will wind up this series. For those of you that have the books of the Zohar, it is a six volume series, well I see that I do not even have the volume number, Oh, yes, it is Bereshith, so that is volume one, section one, page 142, and this is what it reads. Behold, I heard thy father speak unto Esau thy brother saying, Now therefore my son, hearken to my voice, etc. That brethren is a quote, not from the King James translation, but the Jewish translation which is very similar to the King James. Here is the exposition. The explanation of that verse. It was then the eve of Passover, a time when the evil tempter had to be removed, so as to restore to power to the moon, to symbolize the true object of faith. Brethren you may have a problem believing this, but what I just read is what I just spent a half an hour explaining to you.


Let me connect the dots for you. It was then the eve of Passover, it was time for Abel to pass through Cain, it was the eve of Passover, a time when the evil tempter had to be removed. Who is the evil tempter, who tempts us? Satan is the tempter, yes I believe Satan is the tempter. It is time for Satan to be removed for what reason? First of all what is Satan’s role, what is Satan’s role in the kingdom of darkness? Satan is Cain’s mother, and she is the power behind Leviathan, just like Jezebel was the power behind Abel, she is the energy source, she is the one that tempts us so that we sin so that there is a legal ground for the household of the Serpent to destroy us, to take our energy and destroy us. The evil tempter had to be removed, why? Because she is continuously tempting Abel, and Abel is continuously falling into sin, and that sin a legal ground for the kingdom of darkness to tighten the chains on the person who this is happening to.


This is one of the promises of the Scripture, that we will no longer have to exercise all of our strength to keep sin underfoot. Brethren keeping sin underfoot is a temporary condition while we are still under the curse. Jehovah did not create a creation so that we could spend all of our energy trying to not sin, and still sinning because the best we could hope for is to restrain our behavior if that is possible but we still sin in our heart and our mind.


This is not the creation of God brethren, this we do by faith, we resist sin by faith until the day comes that sin is put away as promised in Daniel 9:24, there shall be no more sin, no more curse, that is the promise of God. This condition that we are in, is not normal, and we should fight it in our minds with every strength in our being, death is not normal, and to die from pain and disease is definitely not normal, because we live in this condition, today we have a word here that we are entering in to longevity, but by in large people today die at some point, because we are living under a curse.


To die in sickness and pain, brethren, this is not normal, do not accept it in your mind, it is not normal, and death is not normal, and aging is not normal. I am not telling you to be in denial about it, I am suggesting to you that you just do not believe it. If it is happening to you, if you are aging, if you are realizing that unless the Lord intervenes you will be dying at some point, or if you are ill, I am not telling you to deny that it is happening to you, what I am suggesting is that you refuse, absolutely refuse to believe that it is normal, it is not normal, death is not normal! Do not tell me everybody dies.


Jesus does die anymore, and the Scripture says because He lives we too shall live. I am believing God that I am going to enter into longevity but if I do not, I would believe it so long as there is a breath in my nostril, that same person that said, I will not believe, I am not going until the plane in is in the air without me, that same person is saying, I will resist death with my mind, not by denial, I will resist it in my life so long as there is breath in my nostrils, you are my enemy, and I will fight you to the death.


Back to our text, it was then the eve of Passover, a time when Satan the evil tempter had to be removed. Why? Because it was time to stop the temptation of Abel, so that he could gather the strength to pass through Cain. It was a time when the evil tempter had to be removed for the purpose of so as to restore the power to the moon. Who is the moon? Who is the moon? Malkhut, and as far as we are concerned, we are the moon, we are Malkhut, we are the personality.


It is time brethren, Passover is the time that the Lord will restore power to you, and for that reason, the evil tempter has to be removed, and how is the evil tempter removed? Are we not working on removing the evil tempter in this ministry? It is by the exposure of sin brethren. The evil tempter, she destroys us by tempting us from an unconscious and sometimes subconscious, sometimes conscious perspective.


We will overcome the temptation through understanding, through understanding the plan, to understanding the plot, to understanding who it is that is talking to us, and by hearing and understanding the word of the Lord saying resist, resist. You must resist sin in your mind, resist.


Everything, every thought that is not of God, resist! Do you know that I actually heard the Lord saying that to me? This was over a year ago when the Lord was in the process of delivering me from a problem that I had with anger, that if somebody hurt me, when that pain hit me, that anger would rise up in me so fast that I did not even have time to think about it, and when I got hurt, some people when they get hurt, they cry, but when I got hurt, I yelled, and sometimes I said things that were not very nice to the person that hurt me. No matter how provoked you are, that is sin, that hast to stop you see.


As the Lord was breaking me of that problem, it was just about a year or so ago, as I was mouthing off, I heard a soft voice saying to me, resist. I said something else mean and I heard the voice saying, resist. It was a kind voice, it was not condemning me, and the most amazing thing happened, I received the most incredible amount of strength from hearing that soft voice, saying, This is not right, resist. Shortly after that, I just stopped doing it. I told you last night was the first night in a year that I was tempted to do it but I wrestled with it, I wrestled with whatever it was, whether it was my thought, whether it was my old man, whether it was someone else overlaying me, it does not even matter, whatever it was, wanting me to act like my old man, and I said, I refuse.


You heard about Jacob wrestling with the angel, I wrestled with that thing all night long, it was an incredible experience and I think that a large part, I did take the victory and a large part of the victory came from my dialoging with God, and I kept saying to the Lord, Okay, somebody hurt me, that is too bad on me, somebody hurt me, why can I not get past this, why can I not drop it? People have told me this over the years, Sheila why can you not just drop it? I cannot drop it, why can I not drop it? And He was helping me to understand, in deep analysis, because that is what we do here, we do deep analysis of what happened, so somebody said words, that if you just listen to the surface of the words, you would say, Sheila what is wrong with you? The bottom line is that I am a very spiritually sensitive person and frequently the people that say things that hurt me do not even know what they are doing, but the bottom line is that there is a spirit behind it that is telling them to say that to me.


For me to get past it, I need to understand about that spirit and what was operating in that person. That is what I need to get past it. I took the victory, but I wrestled with that angel. I want to tell you that for years and in my message And Jacob Prevailed, which is one of my early messages, I taught that the angel was the Old Testament version of Christ Jesus, whatever the proper name would be, and then when I started studying Kabbalah, I read the Kabbalah, Rabbi Luria’s teaching, that, that angel was Esau’s soul. If you remember when Jacob was wrestling with the angel, the surrounding circumstances were, that Jacob was returning from Laban’s house to where he fled with his two wives and his whole company, his whole family, company of people, and he was coming back to the turf that he fled from, and Esau had sworn to kill him because he wound up with Esau’s blessing and birthright. Jacob was scared, so I taught that he was struggling with the angel of the Lord who was wanting to bring him into submission so that he could help him, and then when I read Rabbi Luria saying, No, that was Esau’s soul, I went before the Lord and I said, Lord, I want to be corrected but I am just so shocked to read that, and the answer should not surprise me at this point anyway, both are correct, both are correct. Jacob wrestled with Esau’s soul, and then Christ Jesus broke forth, it was both.


In order for Christ Jesus to break forth, Jacob had to submit to the angel of God. He was struggling with Esau’s soul and he was not winning, so he cried out to God. We cry out to God all of the time, and then when He comes we do not want to submit to Him, or we do not recognize that it is Him telling us to do something. That is the condition of our fallen mind, we do not submit to Him, we get into trouble all of the time, because we do not submit. We cry out for help and we do not like the way He answers us. He does not do it our way.


I wrestled with that angel, that evil angel last night, and just out of curiosity, maybe someday the Lord will tell me if it was me or if it was someone overlaying me, but I won, and that is the first time I ever had an experience like that, that is really encouraging, that first time is every important, it means every time this thing rears its ugly head again, it is going to be weaker, I am going to defeat it every time, it is going to be weaker and weaker and weaker until it does not threaten my wellbeing anymore. This evil tempter is about to be removed from my life because it is Passover time you see.


It is time for Abel to pass through Cain, and that tempter was there so they could go before the Lord, and say, Look Lord Jesus, that is the son of God that you are going to raise up in spiritual power, look at what she just did. It has to be broken in us you see, in all of us it has to be broken. It cannot be broken if you will not see it. It cannot be broken if there is no one to help you to see it because it is very rare for anybody to see it for themselves and then once it is exposed to you, you cannot break it by yourself, you need to be, I do not want to say you cannot break it by yourself, it needs to be exposed to you and then you need to be able to see it while it is manifesting and then you need the Lord Jesus to help you fight.


You need to come to a place in your mind where you realize that this sin is destroying, or standing, it is a foreskin, standing between you and everything that you want in God. I kept saying to that thing last night, you are sin, offense is the sin of pride, offense is the sin of pride, if you are offended it is the sin of pride, it has nothing to do with what was said to you or what the other person did, offense is the sin of pride, and the only thing that the other person did was give me an opportunity to overcome what was already there, to see and to overcome what was already there.


Sin is not outside of us brethren, it is in our own heart and our own mind, sin is in the way we respond to provocation and that is why we have so many temptations and trials because you cannot see your sin if you are not tested, something has to happen to you to cause that sin to stir up in you before you or anybody else will know how you will deal with that sin or if that sin will stir up at all. What was interesting was what years ago would have been an immediate ungodly reaction from me, did not come to pass until hours afterwards. My original reaction was so godly that I was praising God that I had, had such a godly reaction to being hurt. Then five or more hours later, those ungodly thoughts and feelings in my emotions starting coming into my mind and my heart.


I said, all of this time later, am I having a delayed reaction or is it coming from the other party, I have not heard an answer yet, but it did not matter, it did not matter where it came from, it had to go, and it did. We are told after Satan tempted Jesus, that Satan departed from Him for a season. She will be back, until the Lord Jesus completely evaporates her. We are reading in the Zohar, it was then the eve of Passover, a time when Satan the evil tempter had to be removed. That means for us trials and tribulations and she has to be removed so as to restore the power to the moon, which is us, which is our personality. What for? To symbolize the true object of faith. What does that mean to symbolize the true object of faith? Here it is right here brethren, the nature of Christ Jesus. Satan has to be taken down and removed so that Malkhut can get power to do what I just described to you, I did last night, so Malkhut, the personality, the earth, the earthen personality that is us, can receive the power to symbolize the true object Christ Jesus rather than the false object Leviathan, to symbolize the true object of faith, Christ Jesus.


You can never understand the Zohar if you did not know the doctrine of Christ, it would make no sense to you at all. Here we go, spiritual Passover, I have been preaching spiritual Passover almost from the beginning of my ministry, and we are closer than we have ever been. Okay brethren we are going to take a break, we have I think two more passages from the Zohar, I have been so long winded, I do not even know if we will get to both of them, but we will try. Are there any questions or comments on what I have said so far? Okay.


Praise the Lord, this is the second passage from the Zohar that we will comment on. Therefore the Lord will pass over the door and will not suffer the destroyer to come in unto your houses because He will see the design of His holy name upon the door. Said Rabbi Judah, but if so, why was blood only required seeing that as we have been taught the divine attributes are symbolized by three colors, white, red and a color which is in between the two and combines both. Rabbi Hosea replies, the blood was of two kinds, that of circumcision and that of the Passover lamb, the former symbolizing mercy and the latter symbolizing justice.


I found this very interesting, because going all of the way back in my ministry I had been preaching that there are two sacrifices, and that the sacrifice that Jesus made merely reconciled, not that it is any small thing, but it reconciled us to God, and it opened the way for us to come before the Lord, but when we come before the Lord, we have to come with a sacrifice and the sacrifice that we come with is our sin nature, we come with Leviathan offered up as a sacrifice to the Father, which we could not even do that if Jesus did not make His sacrifice so that He could be mediator, because the Father is just too high and lofty, if we could have any contact with Him at all, we would burn up, it would destroy our sin nature.


I find that in the Zohar which is always interesting to me to find something that I taught in the Zohar, it is another witness. I know that what I am teaching is of God, it is just a very great blessing for me to see it in the Zohar. I was struggling with this because it did not line up with my understanding of the doctrine of Christ, and this is the part that did not line up. It said the blood was of two kinds. The Zohar was saying, the blood was of two kinds, I am saying, well there were two kinds of sacrifices that I just described to you, and it says the first kind was circumcision, and that symbolizes mercy, and the lamb, the Passover lamb symbolizes justice, and the way I was thinking about it, it seemed to me that it should be the exact opposite, it seemed to me that the lamb should be the mercy, and the justice should be the judgment falling on Leviathan.


I have found over the five or more years that the Lord has let me study Kabbalah, that frequently I am looking at something with my carnal mind, it comes out backwards, so I have to seriously consider what is being said here, and with very few exceptions, very few, the Lord usually shows me that the Zohar is right, it is a very spiritually high book written out the mind of God. We should all know here that the carnal mind always sees things backwards compared to the mind of God, and that it is possible to see certain things with the mind of God and then in other areas you are looking with your carnal mind. Because you see some things with the mind of God, do not think that you are across the board seeing everything with the mind of God because that is not true.


It is a situation at a time, an issue at time, a revelation at a time, so when you think differently, whether it is something that I am preaching, or something that anybody else is preaching or something you read in a book, if you want the truth brethren, brethren to go on, you have to love the truth. That is the only way you are going to make it all of the way through is that you love the truth more than anything else because He is the truth, and when you love truth, and you love righteousness, that is how you love Him, and when you love truth and righteousness to the point that you are willing to admit that you have been wrong, or that you are guilty even though you did not know you were guilty, you have got to love truth to that degree to go, to pass through Cain.


That is the only thing, and that is nothing, that is not something that you can say, either you have got it or you do not have it, and if you do not have it, if you are willing to recognize that you do not have it, you can always ask the Lord to give it to you, but if you think that you love the truth and you do not love the truth, there is simply no help for you at all. I think that is one thing that we all have in common in this ministry. I think that despite all of our problems, all of the problems in our personality, that is the thread that binds us together, I think we all really love the truth and we love righteousness. I love righteousness so much that sometimes when I see the righteousness of God prevailing it just brings me to tears because this world is so evil, it is so evil.


I am looking at my notes here and this is what I wrote, the lamb is the justice in Jesus, and we know the government is going to be on His shoulders, but the justice in Jesus is that He is coming to execute that judgment upon Cain, that is why the justice is in the lamb, He is coming to execute judgment upon Cain, that judgment for murder. Abel passes through, Jesus the lamb, the lamb of God is coming in the form of Christ Jesus, to execute justice upon Cain, and well what does that do, I mean Cain is not going to cease to exist, so he has to be killing, Cain has to be dying to her present existence, she has to be dying to the household of the Serpent, because the next thing that happens is that Abel finds the strength to pass through the foreskin, okay, to pass through actually circumcise the foreskin from underneath, and that is the mercy, how is that the mercy? That is the mercy of God. It is the mercy of God because the circumcision brings forth the mercy of God, as I showed you on the board, the circumcision opens us, the personality, the earthen personality to the whole household of God, to the mercy of God.


Let me say it again, the lamb of God, comes and kills Cain, kills Cain to her present, causes Cain to die to her present existence, so that is the justice, the lamb is associated with justice. Then the circumcision is associated with the mercy of God, because when Leviathan is circumcised off of Abel, the mercy, Abel then becomes subject or open to the mercy of God, the whole of the upper Sefirot will come pouring down into us, and we will be literally channels, we will become channels for the mercy of God, once Leviathan is circumcised, the mercy of God pours down through us and is expressed through us. I see that the Lord has witnessed to me that I had it backwards.


First of all what did we learn? We learned that Abel is circumcising Leviathan from underneath, that Abel is passing through Cain, and circumcising Leviathan and that the two sacrifices that I was preaching about all of the way back when the ministry first started, although what I told you is accurate, I said, Jesus made a way for us to come before the throne of God, and then we come with our own sacrifice, we are just understanding it in a different way.


Jesus, the lamb of God, made a way for us to approach the throne, the church teaches us that how the lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world, by letting, because Jehovah let Him be crucified and His blood poured out on the ground, and a blood thirsty Jehovah was now satisfied with bloodletting, and that is how the lamb takes away the sins of the world, is that not what the church teaches you? We know that, that is not true, that the way the lamb takes away the sins of the world is that He gave up this existence which could have been an existence of immortality for Him, He gave it up so He could ascend into the higher worlds from where He has the ability to reproduce and He is reproducing Himself in us, and when His seed takes root in us, and He is reproduced in us, He takes away the sin of that world. Wherever His seed lands and manifests itself and starts to mature and grow, and become an expression of Himself, that world because each of us is a world, that seed of the glorified Jesus Christ taketh away the sins of that world.


In order to have your sins removed, in order to benefit by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, His life has to be reproduced in you, because if what His sacrifice did was to just to take away the sins of the world period, why is not the whole world saved? Something has to be wrong with this doctrine. I do not know how people live with this. Something has to be wrong with this doctrine, that the fact that He was crucified has forgiven the whole world, it is simply not true. His glorified life, because He lives we too shall live. His glorified life has to get inside of us and swallow up sin and death in us, and every human being that has that experience can say, that the sacrifice of Jesus, that Jesus the sacrifice of Jesus taketh away the sins of my world.


It does not say that He taketh away the sins of all of humanity, right? That is a conclusion that is drawn. What is the definition of world? It is a conclusion that is drawn, and it is a wrong conclusion that is drawn. That is the, in the doctrine of Christ we are saying, that is the purpose and the victory in the blood of Jesus and we read in the Zohar, that this blood is associated with the Passover and in deed it is associated with the spiritual Passover. The second kind of blood, now we are talking about the blood that is on the door. There is a door in our mind, the door is in our mind. Jesus said, I stand at the door, and I knock. Where is He standing, is He standing outside my door and knocking on my door, no, He is at the door of our mind, He wants to get into our mind, into our thoughts.


Brethren, I have been preaching my heart out, I have been preaching my heart out about this for years now that the victory promised by the Scripture is not in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is incapable of providing the fullness of the victory, the victory is in the thought process, the rationale, the moral integrity, the ethics, the glory which is in the nature of Christ Jesus, and that is not in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is an introduction, leads us to Christ, leads us to the judgment that produces Christ.


The blood that is posted or that is painted on the door, the blood of the lamb that is painted on the door of our mind, it is the spiritual semen of the glorified Jesus Christ, that is growing His mentality, His rationale in us, that is one type of blood that we need to experience the escape from Egypt is His mind, and His nature, His nature and the way He thinks and His, the way He looks at things brethren. Just like I have been telling you this through almost this whole message, how we can read, look at anything, the Scripture, the Zohar from two different perspectives, this goes for everything that happens in our life, we can look at it out of our carnal mind or we can look at it out of our Christ mind, and our goal should be that we should be single before God, that there should be no duality in our mind, and what would duality mean?


Duality would be, well God loves me but Satan somehow just got stronger than God at this moment. No, God is God, and He is all that there is, and everything else that happens, happens within Him, and all things work for the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes, and every evil that happens in this world is a righteous judgment, this is a criminal planet, and Satan is the faithful servant of God.


Again, two kinds of blood on the door, the one kind was the blood of the lamb okay, the sacrifice of the lamb, and I will talk to you more about that in a minute, and the second kind of blood was the circumcision okay, the cutting away of that which connects Cain and Abel to the Serpent’s household, the cutting of that connecting foreskin, when it is cut away, it opens the individual to receive Christ Jesus the mercy of God, to come into that individual, they receive mercy, and mercy is then manifested through them.


The circumcision is equal to the mercy of God and the lamb is the equivalent of the justice of God. I want to review for you at this point, how we deal with the sacrifice of the lamb, if it is not true, that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified to satisfy a blood thirsty Jehovah, then why was the lamb sacrificed in Egypt. We are told that when Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt looking for food and they were introduced to Pharaoh by Joseph, they were introduced as sheep herders, they were sheep herders, and we are told in the book of Genesis that they were given a section of land, but we were also told that the Egyptians would not eat with them, the Hebrews were considered unclean.


Did you ever wonder why the Egyptians considered the Hebrews unclean? Because brethren, the Egyptians of that day worshiped a sheep god, one of their gods was a sheep god, and the Hebrew children herded, raised, and ate sheep, it was an abomination to the Egyptians. Just like today, in India, to whatever degree it is still practiced in India, there was a time in India where you could not slaughter a cow and the cows would walk through the village and they could turn over stalls and destroy fields and nobody would touch the cow because it was considered a god. In the same manner the ancient Egyptians worshiped the sheep god. Therefore the Hebrews were an abomination to them. The sacrifice of the lamb and putting the doorposts, it was an act of complete defiance against the sheep god of the Egyptians, and it was more than an act of defiance. Brethren, I continue to encourage you to believe and to comprehend that everything that happens in this world is intricately linked to the spirit world. Our world is one side of a mirror, and the other side of the mirror is the spiritual world and we are linked, inseparably linked, just as Cain and Abel are inseparably linked.


When the lamb was sacrificed to Jehovah, another god in the natural, Jehovah sacrificed that sheep god in the spirit. It is the same principle that I have been telling you for years, what benefit is there in water baptism, what benefit is it going down under the water? A lot of people today preach you should not do it, but I preach that you should have water baptism, it is an act of faith.


Jesus said if you submit to someone who is going to baptize you in the natural, then He will baptize you in the spirit in the world of above, and the two worlds are linked permanently linked, and both worlds affect each other, the upper world can affect the lower world, but the lower world can deteriorate the upper world.


When I first heard that it did not sound right to me. What we do down here could deteriorate the higher world, but today I understand that it is possible because we are not talking about the highest world which is Atzilut, or there are even worlds that are higher than that, we are not talking about the God worlds, okay, we are talking about the world of creation.


The descending worlds are Atzilut, the world from where the power of God emanates, the world below that is the world of creation, and the world below that is the spiritual world of Yetzirah, where the forms, that is the first place we see forms in the spiritual world, and then this world, the world of Asiyah, the world of action. Sin in this world affects the forms in the Yetzirah, also known as the astral plane, when there is righteousness, when righteousness covers the earth down here, the forms, the spiritual forms or thought forms, in Yetzirah are going to be good, and if not righteous, good. But when there is evil and violence across the earth, the thought forms in Yetzirah are evil and they take on a life of their own and go forth and do evil. Then the world above that is the world of creation, where the world is being formed, that is where the Garden of Eden is, and it is either the Garden of Eden in Christ Jesus which is called Abraham’s bosom in the New Testament, or a false Garden of Eden, an evil Garden of Eden.


As this world down here, as the people get more and more evil, the godly Garden of Eden is deteriorating in the evil Garden of Eden is emerging and coming into existence. All that this means, because I really do not want to get up and draw again at this time, what this means is that the God world of Atzilut still stands, there is no parallel ungodly world of Atzilut, Atzilut is the place from where the power of God to create emanates from. The world below that is the world of creation, that which is being created, and that is where conflict is. There is a godly world, a godly garden of Eden where the image of Christ Jesus is being formed, or the garden of Eden is being formed in the image of Christ Jesus, and then there is an ungodly garden of Eden, that is where the snake came from, where the world is being created in the image of the snake, and that is where the conflict is, the conflict goes no higher than Beriah, the world of creation, but there are worlds higher than that, there is Atzilut and then above that, there is Adam Kadmon, there are many worlds higher than that.


The evil only exists in the lower planes of consciousness, but it is possible that as we turn evil, and our society is turning evil today, it is affecting the thought forms in Yetzirah, and it is affecting the world of creation, and in the world of creation in return is reflecting on this world and we have chaos in the world today. It is true, you see, and you always have to remember that there are multiple worlds. You have to keep reminding yourself that there are multiple worlds.


Slaying the lamb was a complete affront to the sheep god of the Egyptians. That is really interesting because I still maintain, I do not know exactly how it was playing out in the natural in ancient Egypt, but I believe that the Hebrew children were caught in Egyptian mystery religion, I am absolutely convinced of that. I think that this is an indication that, that might be true. If they were not caught in Egyptian mystery religion, if they were physically restrained under whips and bows and arrows and threats of death and they were enslaved because they were physically militarily policed, why would the power of the sheep god have to be broken? It does not follow through for me. Why would the power of the sheep god have to be broken if it was just a military bondage of the people? If they were being held by physical weapons.


To me this is just another witness that the Hebrew children were bound in their mind, they were bound in their mind and their spirit. All of those Egyptians praying against those Hebrews over there in Goshen that were raising and sacrificing and slaughtering and eating sheep, and the offspring of the sheep, when the Egyptians worshiped the sheep god, all that little talk and that chit chat, and that chatter, those Jews over there, those Hebrews over there eating sheep, I would not eat with them, they are unclean, they are eating the manifestation of our god.


When Jehovah wanted to free the Hebrew children, He brought a complete insult against the sheep god, not only were the Hebrew children eating sheep, but they slaughtered a lamb in honor of their God, Jehovah. They symbolically sacrificed the sheep god in the natural, and Jehovah killed the sheep god on the level of consciousness, whatever world that was that was holding the Hebrew children in bondage in their minds. Of course you know, we see the Hebrew children falling into idolatry in the wilderness. You know if these Hebrew children, if they were worshiping Jehovah the whole time that they were in bondage, crying out Jehovah save us, we want to worship you outside the camp and these wicked Egyptians are holding us bondage against our will with bows and arrows and whips, why would they be making an idol? Because they were worshiping those idols in Egypt, that is why brethren they were practicing the religion of the Egyptians, and they had been seduced and overrun by all of those Egyptians prayers of all of the people in the land that were offended that they were a foreign people in the midst of them that were eating the animals that typified their god.


They were overtaken by the thoughts of the land, they were overtaken by the world of Yetzirah, because the thought forms that were against the Hebrews were more powerful and more numerous than the thought forms of the Hebrews who had been broken and devastated by the famine. Then there is nothing that will bring you to your knees more than some form of powerlessness that you cannot feed yourself or you cannot feed your children. That will break you. So they were a broken people that came, and not only that, but Joseph had given them, the brothers that hard time, and they did not know what was going to happen to them when they got there. They were a broken humble people, so they were open, they were open to the thought forms in Yetzirah, of all of the jealousy and the raging of the common people in Egypt.


Do not doubt for a second the degree that the powers of the Muslims right here in this country have contributed to the current condition and break up of our society, and it is breaking up. Do not doubt for a second that their prayers are not involved in it, because they are. Does everybody have that? That was the purpose for slaughtering a lamb, it was a direct affront to the sheep god of the Egyptians, and when the Israelites slaughtered the lamb here down in the world of action, Jehovah killed the lamb god in Yetzirah or Beriah, I am not sure what would it would be in, but Jehovah killed the actual entity, the slaying of the lamb was just a type or a object of faith as we are told in the previous passage that we looked at, everything down here is just an object, a reflection of the reality in the spiritual plane.


Right now this whole material world is a reflection of Leviathan. The best that we have been able to do up until this point is to have our minds changed, and our minds influenced by the Lord Jesus Christ. Those of us who have come out of the, come out from under that bondage that we are in, in this world today, not only this country, the whole world is in bondage in spiritual bondage today, but the whole Christian world especially, those of us who are able to understand this message to the degree that we can understand it, that is as far as we have gotten in our minds, and some of us are struggling with their emotions as I have told you about. Some of us have been healed, I was healed from premature death, but now the Lord tells me that I am eligible for longevity.


I asked Him the other day, how I heard that. I was listening to one of the prophets, and I do not recall which one it was, and the Lord gave him a command, and the prophet said, Lord how will I know that it is you, how do I know that it is coming to pass? So I said, Lord, how will I know that longevity is starting to work in me? He has not answered me yet, but you will never get an answer if you do not ask the question, I said, Lord, I heard the pray for me that I go into longevity, I heard Christ in me pray for me, and I believe that I have, but how would I know? Do I have to wait until I am a hundred years old, you know to find out that I have entered into longevity? I do not know, but if I hear anything I will let you know.


We are talking about the Passover, we now know that the door is the door of our mind, and that when we are told about the destroyer coming into our houses, our physical body as well as our mind is our house, therefore the Lord will pass over the door, of your mind and will not suffer the destroyer to come into your houses and to your physical bodies, because He will see the design of His holy name upon the door of your mind, the mark of God, it is the way He thinks.


Brethren, I am sorry I will harp on this as long as the Lord has me to harp on it, it is not the way you speak in tongues, it is not the way you dance in the spirit, it is not the way you give out tracks, it is not the way you read the Bible, you know if you just read it, and that is not a bad thing, reading the Bible, it is not the way you prophesy, it is not the way you cast out demons or heal the sick, it is not any of those things, the mark is the way that God thinks. The mark is the way that God analyzes events in your life. It is the way, the mark in the forehead, it is the way God deals with your own sin nature, it is the way, when He lives through you, the way you deal with your fellow man, it is the way He sees sin, it is the way you see sin and what you perceive sin to be. The mind of God recognizes the sin of pride, in otherwise very respectable citizens, most of which are not willing to admit the degree or the depth of the sin that is involved in these little subtleties that come out of pride.


That is it, that is the mark that is willing to see pride in a subtlety that is so subtle that is willing to see how your carnal mind got in there even though if you had a choice, you would not have done it, you did not mean to do it, you were not feeling well, and it just slipped out, no it did not just slip out, you were not feeling well, so all of your defenses were down and real you manifested.


You see we do fake it until we make it, we receive a revelation of our sin nature, initially on the most superficial level, and then we see it deeper and we deal with it deeper and as we continue to go deeper and deeper, it starts to deteriorate, that sin begins weaken, the foreskin begins to get thinner and thinner and just like, I in the natural I do not see this happening with a male foreskin, but I know that I am told that if a young lady does not get married or remains a virgin, by the time she is thirty or forty years old, frequently her maidenhead just dissolves, it just dissolves with age, in many cases that is what I am told. That is what is happening, that sin, it gets weaker and weaker, as we delve deeper and deeper, to look at the root of it. It may not be showing its head on the surface anymore, but you will never know if it is blotted out until you are tested, and only the Lord knows how deep the test has to go because He knows whether it was blotted out or not. What does blotted out mean? Blotted out means that no matter what the provocation, you do not have that reaction anymore, and it is an emotional reaction, or a mental reaction, it is not necessarily a behavioral reaction, it is that initial thought.


How many people, how many people that are opposed to abortion in their mind, if they find out that their beloved thirteen year old daughter, how many people did have that quick thought, Oh, I wish this was not here, abortion, no, no I cannot do that, we will handle this the right way. Who knows? Who knows? You do not even know yourself, what that initial thought would be, even though you would never follow through on it, the initial thought that just wants to run away from the problem and take the easy way out, the sin is there. Are you are a person who would not try to take the easy way out? I do not know about you, but I want to take the easy way out.


I do not do it, but my old man is screaming, take the easy way out, and he is mad because I will not do it, but there is something in me that screams all of the time, take the easy way out, run! But Christ is stronger, so as long as that thought or that emotion is there, the sin is not blotted out.


Therefore the Lord will pass over the door of your mind, and He will not suffer the destroyer to come into your physical bodies because He will see the mark of God the design of His holy name upon the door of your mind, He will see the rationale of Christ Jesus. Said Rabbi Judah, But if so, why was blood only required, seeing that as we have been taught, the divine attributes are symbolized by three colors, white, red, and a color which is in between the two and combines them both, the divine attributes, those are the higher Sefirot, are symbolized by, why did we need the blood? If the mark of God is on the door of your mind, okay, why do we need the blood? Then it goes on to explain the two kinds of blood, which we talked about, that the blood was of two kinds, that of circumcision, which we should really that of mercy which is the justice that kills Cain, and then the circumcision that opens Abel to the mercy, and the whole through him to the mercy of God, and then after that we continue to read, and blue corresponds to Passover which established the dominance of the true object of faith, now what is the object of faith, remember? Our nature is the object of faith, the true object of faith that the Christ Jesus should be shining through us, that we as Malkhut should be reflection of the true object of faith, Christ Jesus and not Leviathan, the false object or the counterfeit object of faith.


That this reality that we are a reflection of the true object of faith is symbolized by the color blue, which could predominate only after the punishment of the firstborn of Egypt was accomplished. That is so exciting, let me read it again. The blood was of two kinds, that of circumcision and that of the Passover lamb, the former symbolizing the mercy and the latter symbolizing the justice which executed Cain, so that the mercy could flow through and blue corresponds to the Passover which established the dominance of the true object of faith. That is Abel, I have been preaching about that through this whole message, so that Abel, the true object of faith, symbolized by the color blue, can predominate after the punishment of the firstborn of Egypt which is Cain, was accomplished.


Blue corresponds to Passover which established the dominance of Abel, the true object of faith symbolized by the color blue, which could predominate only, Abel could predominate only after the punishment of the firstborn of Egypt was accomplished. This is what we are waiting for brethren, we are waiting for Christ Jesus to stand up, and the minute He stands, He is going to execute that judgment of death upon Cain, and Abel will be released to become the true object of faith. Who is our faith? Christ Jesus is our faith, amen.


Is that not exciting? You know, I keep telling you of this testimony when the Lord started me on Kabbalah, I said Lord, I would like to see the message, your message in the Scripture, because I would not how to witness to a Jew, well it is not in the letter, it is in the spirit of the word, the whole doctrine of Christ is in the spirit of the word, it is in the spirit of the word, and when we get the opportunity to minister to the Jews, it is not going to be by shoving the actual word Jesus down their throat, it is going to come through the doctrine, they are going to receive it through the doctrine without forcing the word Jesus down their throat, they are going to get to the spirit of the doctrine in their heart, and then one day they are going to wake up and they are going to understand.


It is the spirit brethren, it is the spirit. Let us take a quick crack at this last paragraph, we are still not going to finish it, but I doubt that I will preach a part 7, this is, whatever we can do, this is it. We are still in the Zohar, This is the ordinance of the Passover, there shall no stranger eat thereof, this commandment is a memorial of the Passover of Egypt, the land had to be kept from the tenth day of the month because on that date, the moon begins to increase her light. Who is the moon? Remember who we said the moon was? Malkhut, and who is Malkhut in relation to us? We are Malkhut, yes, we are the earth, we are the female earth. Because on the tenth day of the month, that is when Passover is, the moon begins to increase her light, until the fifteenth day when she is in her full strength.


I do not know how to relate, there are probably some Bible scholars that could do this, but I do not know how to relate us to those Hebrew days, but I am telling you that the days running, and our light is increasing. We were told in the book of John that our light has come. Our light is increasing and it is increasing towards the day when she will be at her full strength, that means Christ Jesus will be set in place and directly flowing His life and His light through us. The lamb was slaughtered on the fourteenth between the evenings, namely at an hour when judgment hangs over the world. That is very interesting, listen to this, the lamb was slaughtered at an hour when judgment hangs over the world. Does anybody here doubt that judgment is hanging over this world today, I do not think there is doubt in very many people’s minds, I can just see that angel that stood before Balaam and his ass with a sword drawn, waiting for the command of the Lord to say, Drop that sword and let that atomic war start.


What is the significance? The Passover comes at the time that judgment hangs over the world, and what is the fruit of Passover, the fruit of Passover is that the destroyer comes and executes the judgment of death upon Cain so that Abel can be opened to receiving the faith of the household of the Father and become an object and manifest, become a manifested object of the true faith, power in Christ Jesus to stop the destruction of the world. I have to tell you a funny story. Somebody gave me a movie to watch, the Kung Fu Hustle, I have to tell that I would have never watched this movie myself but they gave it to me so I watched it, and they gave it to me because they thought it had spiritual principles, and it did have spiritual principles in it, and I am very glad that I watched it, but I would have never chosen it myself, and what it was, it was a Chinese movie that was a parody, it was a comedy, and it was a takeoff, if you have seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the seriousness of these Kung Fu experts that defend the world and defend the innocence, it was a takeoff on that, and it was really very funny. What really struck me is that this is Chinese legend and it is also Hindu legend that in times past there were human beings that were supernaturally powerful, and that the peace of the world hung on these people, and that is what they say in the comedian way, yes, he is the greatest Kung Fu artist ever, and of course you know, I do not want to take the time to tell you how he found out that he was a Kung Fu artist, he is the victim of a con artist, who takes the last ten dollars in the world that he has to sell him this Kung Fu book, and it turns out that he really becomes the greatest Kung Fu artist in the world, or not artist but whatever they called him.


These two people are talking and it seemed to me it was a takeoff on the heroin and the hero in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, even the voice sounded the same, Oh, Look at him, yes, I did not know that someone with his skills, there is only one in the million that comes into the world and, it just struck me, that comes into the world to save the world, and to deliver it from evil, and it was a comedy, but I am listening to it and I am saying, but that is what I am preaching, that is what, they think, the producer of this movie thinks that it is funny because nobody has seen supernatural heros like this in years, they are just legends you know and this is what I am preaching.


Can you imagine what my preaching must sound like to somebody who is not spiritual? Because that is exactly what I am saying, and I am just repeating that when people that have a relationship with God study the Torah and have meetings like this, that we are stabilizing the world, we are stopping it from spinning off into destruction. How are we stabilizing the world? Because this kind of communion with the spiritual world above secures the connection of the spiritual world to the material world.


Do you remember I just told you that there is no separation, we are one, there are two sides to the mirror but when the material world forgets about the spiritual world, and goes off by itself, we head into destruction because our safety is through union with the spiritual world of God, so the ignorance and the lack of spirituality in the world today is bringing utter destruction. But if somewhere this is a group of people that have a relationship with Jehovah, with the Lord Jesus Christ, and they study the Scriptures seriously like this, we stabilize the world, we join the upper and the lower world and the lower world becomes stable.


We are saving the world and we are here to defend the world against evil. That is what I preach, and here I am watching this movie, first of all hearing that the same thing is preached in Chinese folklore and that they are making fun of it, and it just had a very interesting effect on me, I am not quite sure what that affect was, but I fully believe it, I believe that in ages past, there were men that had supernatural powers, I believe there were Hebrews that had supernatural powers, that could move through different dimensions, I believe it is in the Zohar, and had all kinds of supernatural power, and there are people maybe even today that do it by witchcraft. I know I hear reports out of Africa, I have not heard any reports in the United States, but out of Africa of men turning, were you the one who sent me that article? Someone sent me an article recently that someone was stealing a car in Nigeria, and when the police closed in, one of the men turned into a goat to escape being arrested, and it was in the newspaper, if it was not you that sent it to me, it must have been Xxxx that sent it to me.


I believe all of this stuff, and there are a lot of people that would say that I was crazy, but I am not crazy, supernatural power has existed from the beginning, it is criminal though, it is not everybody, it is just a handful, I use to think it was everybody, but it is not, it is just a handful of people, that criminal kind of supernatural ability, is just a handful of people, and it is just going to be a handful of people that are going to wield it in Christ Jesus. But it is real, it happened in the past, and it is going to happen again. So whatever anybody thinks about me, it is too bad because I absolutely believe it, and if you do not believe it, it is not going to happen to you for sure.


Let me finish this up here. For a quiet person I talk so much sometimes. I just go off on all of these tangents. We are talking about Passover, the reason for the spiritual Passover anyway, because the natural Passover happens every year, it is going to take place in a hour when judgment hangs over the world, this Passover, this manifestation of Christ Jesus to kill the firstborn and bring forth the mercy of God into the world, is essential to save the world from destruction. It signified the removal of the impurity from the holy sign. That means the circumcision, it signified the removal, Passover signified the removal of the impurity, that is Cain, Cain is the foreskin or the maidenhead that is hanging over Abel that prevents the unity of the two worlds.


The unity is between the Lord Jesus and the world above and Christ in you, and Cain the foreskin or the maidenhead, whichever is right, the Lord is going to have to deal with me on that, I keep going back to maidenhead, is standing between the two elements of this union, and when the union takes place Christ Jesus is born, He goes forth, He kills Cain, and the mercy of God enters into the whole world.


We see that Passover is essential. We do not have a choice, it has to happen, judgment is hanging over the world, and the Lord has said that He would never destroy this world as long as there is seed time and harvest, so the world has to be saved. Therefore, no uncircumcised person should eat thereof, no person that still is under the influence of Cain or their carnal mind should be eating this spiritual food. That is why you are not allowed in these meetings if you are in your carnal mind, you have to at least be sitting here and, you know you could be in your carnal mind every day of your life, but for the purpose of these meetings, if God wants you to understand the message, you know you could be understanding the message, but you have to at least not, your mind cannot be interfering with what is being said here, because if it is you would be considered an uncircumcised person and you should not be eating this food.


For this sacrifice was brought by sons of the covenant in order to break down the power of the other side. The sacrifice of the lamb, okay, which killed the lamb god in the heavens was brought by the sons of the covenant, that is us, okay, to remove the foreskin, to remove Cain, the foreskin hanging over Abel, so that Abel cannot connect in spiritual sexual intercourse with the Lord Jesus Christ, to remove the foreskin from the sign of the holy covenant and the sign of the holy covenant is the male organ underneath after the foreskin is cut away and the corolla is rolled back, and we know it to be Abel that is the part in us that is our potential to have the spiritual sexual union with the Lord Jesus Christ. We see that Leviathan has to be cut away and Cain has to be rolled back and I do not have any reconciliation for that.


At this time, we are told that Cain is going to be killed, and in the natural event of circumcision the corolla is rolled back, so I do not have any further explanation of that time, other than one is a symbol and it may not be an exact comparison.


When the Holy One came to Egypt, He saw the blood of the Passover lamb smeared on the door, as well as the blood of the covenant, and the doors purged with hyssop and that would be our confession of sin, in order has already been explained, that the powers of impurity might be exercised at the time of the supreme redemption of Israel. Wow, let us read that again.


When the Holy One, that is when Christ Jesus comes down, when He comes down to our Egypt, and He sees the blood of the Passover lamb, that is the blood of the Lord Jesus, smeared on the door as well as the blood of the covenant, okay that is our willingness to sacrifice our sin nature, that the door is purged with hyssop, that is confession and repentance, in order as has already been explained that the powers of impurity, Cain and Leviathan and Satan might be exercised or put out at the time of the supreme redemption of Israel.


Brethren there is a supreme redemption of Israel coming, and we are the Israel of God, it is going to be incredible to see God put this together because right now it is seem so impossible, it seems impossible that the Israel of God in the church could be the small, that the Jews that do not want the doctrine of Christ, and we cannot get together, and it just seems absolutely impossible, but it is going to happen, and we have to believe that it is going to happen, the supreme redemption of Israel, and the prelude to that is that Christ Jesus, Messiah has to stand up, and has to appear, and He has to be recognized by the whoever the appropriate Rabbis are in Israel, He has to be recognized by Israel and to whoever is called in the church, and He has not been revealed.


This memorial of the past redemption is however at the same time a sign and a token of the future redemption. Oh, okay, then the past redemption from Egypt. This memorial, this memory, or this celebrating the memory of the past redemption is however at the same time a sign and a token of the future redemption when the Holy One will slaughter the evil inclination once and for all, slaughter the evil inclination. That word slaughter refers to the breaking apart of the unity formed by Satan, Leviathan, Cain.


I will leave you with one more of my stories. When I first started to preach, in the first year I was preaching in a little room in Smithtown, a business man had let me use a room in his office suite to preach, and there were a couple who were working at Pinecrest which no longer exist, and they came to my meeting, and I was preaching about the slaughtering of the soul and in those days I was so naive, I had no idea I was preaching a radical message, I was just preaching what the Lord told me to preach, and I am sitting there preaching about the slaughtering of the soul, and the two of them were absolutely freaking out in that little room in Smithtown. Nobody here, nobody has left from that group who was there, well Xxxx was there for a while, but she is in Illinois, she is not here right now, and they were just freaking out and they could not wait until I stopped preaching, they went running out of there, and I would see them from time to time after that walking on the peer down at Port Jefferson, and they just looked at me like I was some really weird lady certainly not of God and here we read in the Zohar, that the time is coming that the Holy One, that is Christ Jesus, will slaughter the evil inclination once and for all, it will break apart that unity of Satan, Leviathan, and Cain, so that the unity of God can come into existence, can flow through, can pass through, and come into existence so that the object of faith, the nature of Christ Jesus can be revealed through His people, so that the mercy of God can flow from the higher worlds through His people and fill this world.


We read about in the book of Revelation the blood being as high as the horse bridles, well that blood is the blood of Jesus. Glory to God, and it is going to cover this world. Is it going to physically cover this world? No, it is going to cover the minds of the people. It is a mental and an emotional deliverance brethren, it will manifest in the natural, but it is a mental and an emotional deliverance, and we will see how it will manifest, I honest do not know.


Some people say it is going to manifest in great destruction, maybe it will, but maybe it will be an outpouring, that people will be laying on their face crying out to God all over the place, I do not know how it is going to manifest, He has not told me, I do not know. Maybe an hour before some crazy country is going to send an atomic bomb there is going to be a worldwide awakening and repentance, I do not know, anything is possible with our God. Why would we look forward to a third world war, whatever is going to happen is going to happen but until He tells me in my heart, I will choose a worldwide awakening and receiving of Christ Jesus.


Right there in Iran, all of the scientists building the atom bomb, brethren why would you believe the other way? You know not what spirit you are of. We make the future with our thoughts, thoughts of good and not of evil, thoughts of deliverance and not of punishment. Punishment should only be for people who cannot overcome their sin nature, so punishment comes to weaken their sin nature so that the nature of God waiting to emerge in them can come forth. That is the only reason for punishment.


There is a great outpouring from the Spirit of God that reaches into the hearts of all men, and succeeds and passing through Cain and touching Abel and making him strong enough to pass through and accomplish everything that we talked about today, why is there is need for punishment? But for the people who that is not strong enough for, punishment will be necessary.


Brethren that is the same thing as the Jewish teaching that we only reincarnate to deal with sin, once our sin nature is dealt with there is no more reason to reincarnate. If we are able to respond to the Spirit of God, why punish us? But if punishment is necessary, so be it, we read about that in Hebrews 1, 1:6 I think it is, if after you have tasted of the good things of the word of God and the miracles of the age to come, you still sin, then judgment has to fall on you, but it will work for your good.


We are living in an exciting day brethren. Let me just, I think I have one more paragraph to read here, it is not from the Zohar, let me finish my notes, I worked so hard to prepare them for you. Page 3, the lamb of God is not a man, Christ must be spiritually discerned. John 1:29;


JOHN 1:29

29. The next day John sees Jesus coming unto him, and sayeth, Behold the lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world. KJV


JOHN 1:29

29. The next day Christ within John, (and the word John is not in the Greek), or just Christ within, saw Jesus coming toward him and said, there it is, the lamb of God which carries away the sin of the world or the cosmos of the individual that he appears in. AT


The word John is not in the verse, so it was Christ within John that said, maybe he even said it to John, maybe Christ in John said it to John, there he is, that is the one, that man, because only Christ in me can recognize Christ in you. It was Christ in John that said to John, there he is, that is the guy that I have been telling you about. I have a definition of cosmos for you, that is the Greek word translated world, and it means the world or universe regarded as an orderly harmonious system and that is what we are, body, soul, mind, we are an harmonious orderly system, hopefully. If there is sickness or death in our body, our harmonious system is not harmonious. We have to petition the Lord to make it harmonious again. Verse 30, King James;


JOHN 1:30

30. This is He of whom I said, after me cometh a man which is preferred before me, for He was before me. KJV


JOHN 1:30

30. This is He of whom I am said, A mortal male shall come into existence after me who will appear in front of me, because that mortal male said that Lord, will be my first begotten son. AT

30. This is He of whom I am, (I am is the name of God associated with the Keter), this is He of whom I am said, A mortal male, Jesus of Nazareth, shall come into existence after me, who will appear in front of me because that mortal male said the Lord, will be my first begotten son. AT


JOHN 1:31

31. And I knew Him not, but that He should be made manifest to Israel, therefore am I come baptizing with water. KJV


My comment is, it is not reasonable to believe that John did not know Jesus, their mothers were cousins and both knew that they were carrying holy children who recognized each other in the womb, it is not reasonable to believe that he did not know who he was. Luke chapter 1:41-44, King James;


LUKE 1:41:44

41. And it came to pass that when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost,

42. And she spake out with the loud voice and said, Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.

43. And whence is this to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?

44. For lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in mine ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy. KJV


Do you think the two mothers never visited each other again, that the two cousins never knew each other? It is not reasonable, you know at all, to assume that John did not recognize Jesus., so that was Christ in John announcing the Christ in the man Jesus. Alternate translation John 1:31;


JOHN 1:31

31. And I am knew not Him but that He should be made manifest to Israel, that why I am comes baptizing with water. AT


And I am the water that I am baptizes with is the water of His spirit, I guess I redid that on the top of page 5, I must have made that clearer. Alternate translation verse 31;


31. And I am had no relationship with the mortal man Jesus, other than that He was the mortal man who I am would be made manifest to Israel through, which manifestation of holiness is the reason why Israel must be water baptized. AT


Why do you think this Scripture would say that? I am had no relationship with the mortal man Jesus other than that He was the mortal man that I am would be made manifest to Israel through? Because brethren, the mortal man Jesus was not God, the glorified Jesus is God, the mortal man Jesus is not God. I am had no relationship with the mortal man Jesus other than, that He, the mortal man who I am would be made manifest to Israel through, that is Jesus from Nazareth, the glorified Jesus is God, and which manifestation of holiness is the reason why Israel must be water baptized.


The water of I am is the water of His Spirit. This is the alternate translation of John 1:29-31;


JOHN 1:29-31

29. The next day Christ within John saw Jesus coming towards him and said, There it is, the lamb of God which carries away the sin of the world, or of the cosmos, of the individual that He appears in.

30. This is He of whom I am said, A mortal male shall come into existence after me who will appear in front of me, because that mortal male said the Lord, will be my first begotten son.

31. And I am had no relationship with the mortal man Jesus other than that He was the mortal man who I am would be made manifest to Israel through, which manifestation of holiness is the reason why Israel must be water baptized. AT


We must be water baptized in preparation to have this manifestation of holiness appear through us. As I was preaching today, when Cain is destroyed and Abel passes through, then the mercy of I am flows through the individual that has been circumcised, and the mercy of I am as well as Jehovah. I am is associated with the Keter, that is Messiah, so the mercy of Messiah which is full salvation, flows through those vessels to the whole world, what a glorious message huh? Glorious message. This is the end of The Paschal Lamb, God bless you all, Hallelujah.


03/20/09 Transcribed by RR


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