630 - Part 5

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Well brethren, on part 4 of this message, we had a very unusual experience, the Lord visited us with a spirit of revelation, that means that things came out of my mouth that I never heard of before, and I wound up preaching on among other things, on the marriage of Cana, and I was not too happy with the job that I did there because I was not prepared for it, but we did get some interesting revelation on it.


In any event, today I would like to review with some notes what came out of my mouth, at the end of part 4 we were talking about Satan and the devil, and the marriage of Cana, and I looked into those Scriptures, and I still believe that the marriage at Cana was the marriage, was Jesus’ rejection of Leviathan and His marriage to Elijah, but there is, basically I think that was it.


I want to go over these Scriptures with you. We are starting out by looking, the first thing I want to do is establish both Satan and the devil’s role in Jesus’ temptation, and also their relationship to each other in this particular context of Jesus’ temptation. We will start with Matthew 4:1-11, the temptation is spoken about in both Matthew and the Luke, and the marriage of Cana is spoken about in the book of John. We will look at the book of Matthew first, chapter 4, verses 1-11, I will read you the King James.


MATTHEW 4:1-11

1. Then was Jesus led up of the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.

2. And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward hungry.

3. And when the tempter came to Him, he said, If thou be the son of God, command that these stones be made bread.

4. But He answered and said, It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

5. Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city, and setteth Him on a pinnacle of the temple,

6. And saith unto Him, If thou be the son of God, cast thyself down. For it is written, He shall give His angels charge concerning thee, and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.

7. Jesus said unto him, It written, thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

8. Again the devil taketh Him up into an exceeding high mountain, and showeth Him all of the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them,

9. And said unto Him, All these things will I give thee if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

10. Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence Satan, for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve.

11. Then the devil leaveth Him and behold the angels came again and ministered unto Him. KJV



LUKE 4:1-13

1. And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost, returned from Jordan and was led by the spirit into the wilderness,

2. Being forty days tempted of the devil. And in those days He did eat nothing. And when they were ended, He afterward hungered.

3. And the devil said unto Him, If thou be the son of God, command this stone that it should be made bread.

4. And Jesus answered him saying, It is written that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.

5. And the devil taking Him up into a high mountain, showed unto Him all of the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.

6. And the devil said unto Him, All of this power will I give thee, and the glory of them, for that is delivered unto me, and to whomsoever I will, I give it.

7. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.

8. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me Satan, for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve.

9. And he brought Him to Jerusalem, and set Him on a pinnacle of the temple, and said unto Him, If thou be the son of God, cast thyself down from hence.

10. For it is written, He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee,

11. And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.

12. And Jesus answering said to him, It is said, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

13. And when the devil had ended all of the temptation, he departed from him for a season. KJV



Praise the Lord everybody, we are taking a look at the temptation of Jesus, and we are going to begin by defining the carnal mind. The carnal mind is a world view, it is a mentality, it is a rationale, it is a way of looking at things, and it is a world view that is directly opposite the world of view of Christ Jesus, which is the mentality, the rationale, the opinion, the way of looking at things of God.


The devil is the carnal mind that, let me say it this way, the devil is the personality that is in agreement with its carnal mind. That means we all are the devil, we all are a manifestation of the devil, whenever we agree with our carnal mind, whenever we, the personality agree with our carnal mind, we are a manifestation of the devil. Whenever we agree with the mind of Christ, what are we or who are we? We are Christ, when we the personality agree with the mentality, with the rationale, with the world view, with the opinion of Christ, we become Christ, exactly, exactly.


We see that what the temptation was all about, was Jesus being tempted by His own carnal side, the side of Him, His animal side, the side that of Him that was not of God. Brethren, can you see how much we lose and what we are missing if we believe that Jesus was born God as a teeny tiny little baby, that He was born God. Look at how of truth we are losing. Jesus, I was challenged by somebody several months ago about Jesus had a leg up that we did not have, and at the time I thought that Jesus was born without a male seed, so I said, Well maybe he was lacking the testosterone that male babies have because there was no male seed.


Then we found out that Joseph provided the male seed, for the baby Jesus or for the young man Jesus of Nazareth, but now we understand or at least I understand more fully what Jesus had that we do not, what Jesus had at birth that we do not have today was the Spirit of Elijah. Everybody in the church, now the equivalent of the Spirit of Elijah today, for us would be the Spirit of Christ.


Everybody in the church does not have the Spirit of Christ. Some people do not even have the Holy Spirit, or they do not have the Holy Spirit in manifestation such as speaking of tongues, but the Holy Spirit also manifests as faith, so anybody that is studying the word or pursuing God has a manifestation of the Holy Spirit called faith, it does not have an outplaying of the Holy Spirit, it does not have a spiritual outplaying of the Holy Spirit.


When you hear me struggling like this, what it means is that the Lord is trying to say something through me that I have not yet learned in my conscious mind. When Christ Jesus preaches through me, it comes out very smoothly when it is material, that I, the conscious person have already learned and know that it is knowledge that I am comfortable with. When you hear me struggling like this, it means that Christ Jesus within me is trying to bring forth a truth that I am not familiar with. I sometimes I go uh, uh, I am not sure until I get it out, until I find out what the Lord is trying to say.


This is what is coming out right now, I did not plan to say this, that this is what Jesus had that we do not have today, He was born with the Spirit of Elijah, and we today, very few people have the Spirit of Christ today. Some have the spiritual, okay this was what just came out, and I did not know this before just now, some Christians have the spiritual aspect of the Holy Spirit. You might say they have a Ruach.


The people, the Christians who are speaking in tongues and prophesying, they have received a Ruach. Please, like I said, I did not plan on preaching this, please bear with me, as I struggle through this. We have people in this ministry who have never spoken in tongues and the Lord has told me years ago that speaking in tongues is not essential, and that it is possible to go from faith in Jesus Christ to receiving the world view or the mentality of Christ Jesus, to skip over that aspect of speaking in tongues. How does that work brethren, this is how it works, that people who do have the Holy Spirit which is the Ruach, when they do come to a place that they receive the male seed which is the seed of the mind of Christ, okay, as that seed grows and the rationale of God and the mentality of God and the logical mind of Christ develops in them, that mind swallows up the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.


I very rarely speak in tongues anymore. My understanding is that I only speak in tongues when the Christ in me or when Christ Jesus in me does not know what to say. That is what Paul said, that we pray in tongues when we do not know what to say. When we do not understand how the spirit would pray, we pray in tongues because we do not have enough of the understanding for the spiritual speech to come out of our mouth, because spiritual speech does not come out of the Holy Spirit, spiritual speech with understanding comes out of the mentality of Christ.


Christians who are spiritual but do not have the rational mind of Christ, they will feel the prompting of the Spirit to respond to a situation but they do not have the understanding, so it comes out in tongues. Once you start to develop the mind of Christ, and you have the spiritual understanding, there is no longer any need to express the spirituality of God in you through unknown tongues, now you can express that in human language. Let me try again, we are preaching by revelation here and we will keep going until I feel that I have expressed it properly.


Christians for example, fundamental Christians, Baptist, Lutherans, Bible believing Christians that have faith in God but do not speak in tongues or manifest the gifts, they have an aspect of the Holy Spirit that is manifesting itself as faith, so you might say they have a Nephesh, but they have not received their Ruach yet. The Christians who speak in tongues have received their Ruach. We have a group of Christians who, I have known Lutherans and Anglicans and Methodists that had a very deep conviction and commitment to God, and that is His Holy Spirit in them manifesting as faith on the level of the Nephesh, a human being on the level of the Nephesh, just the soul that he is born with, having developed a relationship with his God.


Then we have the group of people who speak in tongues. There are two kinds of people who speak in tongues, there are two groups of Christians who speak in tongues, the one group of Christians who speak in tongues are people who first had this deep faith in Jesus Christ, and then received their Ruach on top of it, so they became a spiritual Christian with a deep faith in Jesus Christ plus the beginning spirituality in Jesus Christ, but then we have some people that are ushered into the church without ever developing that basic faith in Jesus Christ, they just come in and before they know it they are speaking in tongues, so we see that there is a group of Christians that receive a Ruach, they receive spirituality but they have not yet received the level of the Holy Spirit that produces faith. I am making any sense? Okay.


Then we have the group of Christians who receive a Neshamah, they receive the rational mind of Christ or the seed of the rational mind of God that begins to develop and grow in them. Both faith in Jesus Christ and receiving your Ruach, receiving spirituality in Jesus Christ is all towards the end, moving in the direction of receiving a Neshamah, which is the rational mind of God.


When the person receives the rational mind of God, the spirituality that initially came through the Holy Spirit, and the gifts of the Spirit, begins to express itself through a spiritual understanding of the word of God. I am going to say it again. We start off with a Christian that reads the letter of the word and develops a faith, a belief in God, and that is their Nephesh, while they are still in their Nephesh, they receive a measure of faith that is a result of some communication with God, that God has reached out for them in some way, and they still only have their Nephesh, because there are five levels of soul, they only have their Nephesh, the first level of soul, but the fact that God has reached out and touched them, that Nephesh manifests faith towards God through Jesus Christ.


We have a group of Christians that receive a Ruach which is spirituality, Ruach is the Spirit. We have the Christians who first had faith and then they received the Ruach, they received their spirituality, and that spirituality manifests through the gifts in addition to a faith in Jesus Christ which is usually expressed through an attraction to reading the Scripture. That is faith in Jesus Christ is usually but not always revealed through an interest in God. Wow, I do not know where I am going with this but I am getting all entangled here. There are Christians who profess faith in Jesus Christ, that do not read the Bible. Brethren, the fact that someone says that they believe that Jesus Christ is God, or they believe in Jesus Christ, does not mean that they have faith, because the true faith can only come from the Spirit of God in you.


If you do not have faith that is in you because you have been touched by God, then you do not have faith, you have hope. In other words, people who would say to you, well yes I believe in Jesus Christ, and yes I believe I am going to heaven after I die, these people have hope, they have hope that what they heard is true, and that they are going to heaven after they die or they hope that Jesus Christ is their God and saviour and He is going to take care of them.


True faith must be founded in a relationship with God, because faith only comes from God. We have fundamentalists, Methodists, Anglicans, Lutherans, Baptists, that have a faith in God which means God has touched them, and they have a faith in God which means there has been a connection with God, and that faith is expressed through an interest in His word. They pursue Him through His word, that is the proof of at least some measure of faith in a human being, true faith, not hope.


Then the next stage is the impartation of the Ruach which is the second level of the soul, and it is the spiritual level of soul. We have people who have already been touched by God so they have some measure of faith and that faith is manifested or revealed or expressed through a pursuit of the word of God and now they have received their Ruach, they become spiritual on top of it. So we see people in the church who are interested in the word and they also speak in tongues, sometimes they prophesy, etc., etc. We also see people coming into the church with no Scriptural background and not necessarily with a desire to pursue the word, but they for some reason have been touched by the Spirit of God and they prophesy. Am I making any sense?


There are people in the spirit filled church that do not even read the Bible, but get spiritual and they prophesy and do whatever they do. The Scripture the Lord is giving me as I am preaching to you by revelation is the Scripture that says, Saul is amongst the prophets. We are told that King Saul did, mixed himself amongst the prophets and that the Spirit got upon him, that Saul, I am sorry I am preaching off of the top of my head, I do not remember exactly where it was, Saul, king Saul is amongst the prophets. It became a parable, Is Saul amongst the prophets, because he came to an area, I do not remember the exact circumstances, but he came amongst the group of the prophets and the Spirit fell on him and after that day, a parable went forth, Is Saul now amongst the prophets?


We see that it is possible to come in contact with the anointing that is on the spiritual filled church, and not really truly be called there. Is everybody following me? People like that who are touched by the Spirit who may even receive a Ruach, maybe they hear one message, and they are spiritually fertile and that Ruach clings to them, we know Jesus talks about the different kinds of the ground, and only one ground holds on to the seed, only the good ground holds on to the seed. People who receive a Ruach, even if that Ruach might cleave to them for a season, it will not continue to cleave to them if it just so happened that they were exposed to this anointing, and they caught a seed but the original faith through being touched by God was there.


I know a woman like that, I went to church with her in the church that raised me up and I met her a few years later, and I asked her if she was still following the Lord, and she says, Oh yeah, yeah, you know. I was having a bad time at that time, I was getting divorced and I needed support and I came in and I got it, but no I do not really read the Bible, but I believe in Jesus and I am a social worker, and I have to be careful what I say, but whenever I can, I talk about Jesus. She is amongst the group of people that she had a particular need so the level of Ruach and the Spirit of God touched her and cleaved to her, but she did not have enough of the first level which was God manifesting through faith for that Ruach to endure. Are you all with me? Okay.


Then we have the group of people who have received the seed of the rational mind of God, and some of these people like me and a couple of you here, who have received the rational mind of God, you have experienced or are experiencing all three stages. You experienced, first you experienced faith in God on the level of reading the word, God touched you and you came interested in the word, and at some point the Ruach, you received the Ruach of God and you started speaking in tongues and then He brought you to a ministry where the rational mind of God is being preached, and that mind of Christ is being developed in you, and you will find that when the rational mind of God starts to be developed in you, that the manifestation or the expression of the Ruach becomes less and less and less, why? Because the manifestations of the Ruach are to speak in tongues, to prophesy, to bring forth words of knowledge and to bring forth tongues and have them interpreted, and those are the manifestations of the Spirit. We do not see that in this ministry.


There have been other ministries that may not agree with what Mr. Prinzing preached, but I know that one of Ray Prinzing’s testimonies was that he was persecuted by the spirit filled church because he has passed out of the manifestations of the Ruach. I do not agree with what he preached, he is dead now, I do not agree with what he preached, but Mr. Prinzing, received an intellectual mind and he left the manifestations of the Spirit behind and became a very prolific writer. He has left a great deal of material behind him. He preached ultimate reconciliation which I do not agree with, but I have not read enough of him to say that he does not have any truth in there at all, I do not really know, I just know that he became very prolific and that he grew out of the manifestations of the Spirit and by his own testimony was persecuted by spirit filled Christians who could not understand why he was not standing up jumping around and dancing in the Spirit.


Those of you who went to church with me in my early days, know that I jumped around and got slain in the Spirit and banged my tambourine, I did all of that stuff and I do not do it anymore. I have grown out of it and you cannot do that out of your intellect, something has to arise within you to behave like that, and I enjoyed it for all of those five or more years that I did it, but I outgrew it.


We see people that have all three levels and when the mind of Christ starts to develop, we see that the manifestations of the Ruach, of the spiritual, of the Spirit, no longer express, the Ruach no longer expresses itself through dancing in the Spirit, jumping up and down, speaking in tongues, prophesying, running around the church, all of this animation, that Ruach ceases to express itself that way, and begins to join with the mind of Christ to produce a spiritual mind, a spiritual mind.


Faith in God, the Nephesh, Ruach, spirituality, and the Neshamah, the rational mind of God, all join together to produce one spiritual mind that speaks the truth of God out of faith. We see also where there is a category of people who never experience the Ruach as being expressed through speaking in tongues, jumping up and down, or any of the exciting healing or animated experiences that those of who have been in Pentecost have experienced. Nevertheless, we see in these people a faith in Jesus Christ being expressed through a spiritual mind.


Somewhere along the line, we see it as a category of people that jumped over the experience of receiving a Ruach that manifested itself in a preliminary stage, a preliminary stage. What do you mean a preliminary stage Sheila? When one receives a Ruach but they do not yet have the mind of Christ, that Ruach, that spiritual soul or that spiritual aspect of soul, wants to express itself, spirituality wants to express itself. It is like a baby trying to talk and he is hearing his mother and father and his grandparents talk to him, you know for a year now, saying, hello Johnny how are you today, what is new, how do you feel, this is your toe, this is your finger, and the baby wants to talk back and say, Hi grandma, but when he opens up his mouth what comes out? Goo, ga ga, goo goo, right? I do not mean to be irreverent but that is the reality of receiving the Ruach level of soul. It is the beginning of your spirituality that comes from God, but it can only express itself through a mind that has been educated enough to receive that expression.


The baby, that baby has a great desire to speak to the people who love it, but his mind has not yet been educated enough to implement his potential to talk. Christians who receive a Ruach but have not yet been educated in the spiritual word, the spirit of the word, have a spirit that does not have an outlet, does not have an intellectual outlet through which to express itself. It talks spiritual goo goos, and I will tell you Peter Demetris preached this years and years ago, and I guess I received it but I never received out of, what is coming forth today is very interesting, I do not know where this message is coming from, I do not know what is going on here today, this is the second message that is coming from heaven somewhere, God has His purposes whatever He is doing, I do not know whether we will get to Jesus’ temptation or not, we will see the way this goes.


I know that there are people in this ministry that have been concerned about not speaking in tongues, so maybe this is for them, I do not know, but this is the reality as God is revealing it to us, tongues, speaking in tongues is an expression of spirituality that in a person whose intellect, whose spiritual intellect is not yet developed enough to express the spirituality that is flowing through His being. Just like that baby’s desire to respond to the adults that are speaking to it, but he does not have the knowledge of how to do it.


Christians that have a Ruach, have a desire to speak to the spiritual adult named the Lord Jesus Christ who has given them His Spirit, but they do not yet have the intellectual ability to manifest that spirituality on the level through which it is intended on, the level for which the adult that gave it to them could understand it, not that God cannot understand our tongues, you know what I mean. I hope you all know what I mean, they have not yet, they have the Spirit, this desire to communicate on the level of the elder that gave it to them, but they do not have the knowledge in the database yet, or they have not yet developed the capacity to communicate with the elder on a spiritual level.


They just like, it is like the baby having a voice, but not yet be able to articulate the words. I do not much about things like that, but it is really possible that a baby, that he knows that, that is daddy over there and he knows that this is his hand and that is his foot, but when he opens up his mouth, foot does not come out, goo comes out, uh comes out, babies point, they go uh, uh. That is what tongues are. I do not mean to be irreverent, but maybe that is why this message is being preached, the church has to understand that speaking in tongues is not the end of it.


I have been telling you and I have told you many times that when we preach here and it is not just me preaching, you listening and me preaching makes a preaching, makes a team, makes a message, a spiritual, a thought form actually, thought forms go forth. This message is going to the church on some level. Number one, there are people, Christians that think that the Holy Spirit is the end of it, and it is not, it is the beginning, one the beginning stages, and on the other hand, there are Christians whose speaking in tongues is drying up for them and they are alarmed.


I want to tell you that when my tongues started drying up in me, I was alarmed, there was nobody else that I knew that was having the same experience and I was alarmed, but the Lord got the word to me, that I do not remember exactly how he expressed it to me, I just know that it came through an article in a magazine somehow, that He had somebody in the church, somebody that never talked to me, not that he was mad at me, we just, it was a fairly large church and we just never talked to each other and he came to me one day and said, The Lord told me to give you this magazine. I thank God that I had the wherewithal to think, Well I better take it, because in those days I did not read anything except the Bible, but I saw that God was in it, so I took it and I read the magazine and there was this article that explained my experience to me.


Right now I am thinking of man who I see every year when I go to the convention in Connecticut, and I offered him my books one year and his answer to me was I read only the Bible. Brethren, you have to be very careful when a Christian, especially an anointed Christian offers you something, you should not say, No, you should take it and say, Lord, what is in here for me?


Anyway, most likely your tongues are about to start drying up and the gifts of the Spirit are about to start drying up, and possibly that is why you do not feel that anointing you are looking for, transcribing may bring it back, but it may not because what is happening to you is that, that Ruach that has been so important to you over the years is being converted into an intellectual mind and once that happens, it will never go back. It is dying, it is dying to what it was so that it can be born as a spiritual mind, so maybe this is for you. Well that is good, I have been waiting to see that for years, that is good.


This spirit, this yearning to communicate on a spiritual level, once we become educated, not only in the doctrine of Christ, but in the ways of God, because you know God wants to speak to us and He wants us to speak to other people. What is it that He wants us to say to other people brethren? It is very nice that we can go out and tell them about the promises of God, you know, but on a much more personal level, the Lord wants to speak not only through our mouth, like when we are speaking in tongues which is channeling, He wants to speak through our mind and through our understanding to people to help them to understand what they have to do, what their part is to get healed and delivered from affliction and to get what they need from God.


Brethren, the Lord wants to give us everything, but there is something that we have to do, there is a condition that our mind has to be in, there is a condition that our emotions have to be in. We may know that general, that condition by the general term repentance, but that does not mean anything to some people. I have been using that word repentance here for years for a couple of people here and I have not been able to get through to them, saying, There is no repentance, and then another member of the congregation used another word that means the same thing, that I think broke through, and they used the word remorse.


For years I am telling you there is no repentance and you could not figure out what I was talking about, but somehow when the word remorse was used, I think that makes more sense to you. The Lord wants His people to benefit, to be blessed. He wants us to be an example to the world of how good life could be for a relationship with Him. It does not glorify Him, when we are sick, it does not glorify Him when we do not have enough money to meet our needs, it does not glorify Him when we do not have enough money to support other causes that He would have us to support. It does not glorify Him.


He wants to get to us on a personal level to help us to understand sin and to understand how sin is operating in us. That is what I do brethren, it is called the ministry of reconciliation and it started for the first in me I think in 1993 or 1994, I saw the beginning of it. It has only been growing ever since, an ability to explain to people without condemnation what they need to hear that will help them make the right choices so that God can bless them instead of cursing them through the sowing and reaping judgment.


That even more than the general message of salvation through a relationship with Jesus Christ. That is good, the general message, you have to know the general message, but we are called to help people understand the intricacies of the spiritual law of God so that they can cooperate with to repent, because the Scripture says that God has to grant you repentance, that you cannot repent unless God grants you repentance. How does God grant you repentance? Does He come with a magic wand and say, You now have the ability to repent. No brethren, no, do you know how He grants you repentance? He gives you an intricate understanding of what is going on in your own heart and mind so that you can reasonably agree with Him, Yes that is wrong. Because to say to God, Yes that is wrong, well He will honor your effort, but remember that His ultimate goal is to root sin out of you entirely.


He wants to root that sin out entirely, so that there is no more ground for Satan to punish you anymore. Brethren, unless you understand what you are doing wrong, and how it is really wrong, according to the intricacies of God’s law, it is not likely that you are going to stop doing it, because to refrain from doing things out of fear, or out of fear of judgment, or out of fear of not receiving some blessing will not root that potential for sin out of you.


The understanding which comes from Christ Jesus, which goes from me or someone who is doing this ministry, is transferred from the person that has the ministry of reconciliation to Christ, and the person being ministered to. When Christ in you understands, gets that message from God, eats it up and swallows it so that it becomes a part of you, that truth that was received by Christ in you, will swallow up and destroy the sin which comes out of the other side that is manifesting through you.


Deliverance from sin through understanding, that is what we are being trained for. That is what the rational mind of God is for, because you cannot do that for people until you can see their sin, then you have to see their sin and not condemn them because your first reaction when the ability to see sin arises is to condemn the world.


You have to get enough deliverance yourself that you do not condemn them when you see their sin, then you have to understand how it is working in the intricacies of their lives, and then you have to have the ability to explain it to them and to show them what their options are, this is what you are being trained for, and this is what the three fold soul is for. Your Nephesh that has been touched by God with faith, your receiving a Ruach which is your spirituality, and the rational mind of God which is powered by the Ruach, the rational mind of God receives its power from the Ruach, from its spirituality. If I have a rational mind of God, I need power to transfer it to you, what good is it if I understand all of this stuff and I do not have a catalyst that is going to propel it from my spirit into your spirit. The Ruach, our spirituality propels the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the rational mind of God into the person that we are ministering to. We have a similar thing on the other side, and on the other side we devilish wisdom, James talks about devilish wisdom, and Satan is the Ruach that propels the devilish wisdom from one part into another. Are you all following me? Okay.


Here we see Jesus, and the devil is the part of him that is agreeing with His carnal mind, and you are going to see, I hope to show you here, that the devil is Jesus’ fallen personality, in agreement with the carnal mind and that Satan is the Ruach on the other side, Satan is the spirit on the other side that is propelling, that has the power to propel the wisdom of the carnal mind into another person or to enhance it in the individual. Let me say that again, the devil is the personality in agreement with the carnal mind and Leviathan is the foundation of that personality manifesting as pride, as the devilish wisdom, Leviathan is the devilish wisdom that James talks about, and so Leviathan is likened unto the Neshamah of the other side, and the personality we might say works with the Nephesh which is joining, in agreement with the carnal mind, and Satan is likened unto the Ruach of the other side which propels the devilish wisdom of Leviathan either into another person or enhances it in the individual where all of this is residing. Are you all with me, am I losing anybody? Okay.


Here we see Jesus and He just found out that He is the lamb of God, I do not know, maybe He knew it before announced it, maybe He did not I do not know, but he was just proclaimed as the lamb of God, well I hope I did not mess that up, I do not know if He was proclaimed as the lamb of God before or after His baptism, but we do know that the temptation took place after the baptism and again the baptism is another issue, that is not this message, but I do not believe Jesus was water baptized by John the Baptist, and when the Scripture says, He came up out of the water, you need to understand that water in the spirit means energy, and we will read about that when we look at the account of the marriage at Cana.


In the marriage of Cana we see water indicating the energy of the human being and wine indicating what happens to the energy of the human being or what happened to the energy in Jesus, after Elijah joined his spirit to Jesus’ human spirit. We see that wine is a type of glorified spirit, it is type of enhanced spirit, it is what happens to us when the Spirit of Jesus Christ adds His Spirit to our spirit. I better get going, I am not going to be able to finish this. I would just like to show you in Matthew 4:1;



1. And then Jesus was led up of the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. KJV



Who was Jesus and who was the devil? Jesus was Christ, brethren if Christ is in you, you are now Christ and your other side and whatever part of you agrees with your other side is the devil to you. No one outside of you can bring you down, all that they can do is strengthen what is inside of you that wants to do whatever it is being tempted to do. Jesus was Christ, and He was led of the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. What spirit? Well I am not really sure, you know, it seems to me that at this point, as human, Satan, look brethren, Satan and Leviathan is in us, right? I hope you all know that. His human spirit, Satan the spirit of the fallen man, and the Spirit of Christ that was in Him, they were all one spirit and they had to separate see. It is all one spirit, our human spirit, Satan, and the Spirit of Christ, they are all clumped together as one spirit, there has to be a separation, that is what sanctification is.



2. And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward hungry.

3. And the tempter came to Him and he said, If thou be the son of God command these stones to be made bread. KJV



We are told in another place that the devil was the tempter. His old man we might say, Jesus’ old man came to tempt Him and say, Now look you could go either way, you could be Christ, or I will give you, whatever you desire and whatever your fallen nature is desiring in this fallen world, I will give you, do not take your power from God, take your power from me. He was tempted by His own self.



5. And the devil taketh Him up to the holy city... KJV



I guess that is my main point that I wanted to make, that it was Satan within Jesus driving the power of the old man to oppose Jesus’ choice to obey God. Jesus had chosen to obey God or He would have never gotten as far as He got, but yet there was another part of Him, that was opposing Himself. Brethren, I have preached this to you on and off over the years that when your read the book of Deuteronomy and you read the book of Exodus, some of those Scriptures which make Jehovah sound He is really terrible, where Moses is saying, Oh, Jehovah do not destroy this people, you know, and Jehovah is saying, No, I am going to destroy them, and I am going to start a new nation, I am going to start the creation all over again, I am going to start Israel all over again and I am going to make you the foundation stone of Israel.


Brethren, that was Moses’ mind, that was the devil in Moses, Jehovah never said that to Moses, that He was going to wipe out Israel and start a new Israel with Moses as the foundation stone, that was Moses’ pride. Jehovah never said that to him.


You need a spiritual mind brethren, you are not going to enter in on the Ruach alone, you have to have a spiritual mind if you want to ascend, that Ruach is not intended to express itself as the gifts, it is given to you to express itself as a rational mind that perceives and expresses, that perceives the world and expresses itself as the world view of Christ Jesus.


We see that speaking in tongues is the infantile stage of a spiritual Christian, you cannot stay that way, you either will ascend into the rational mind of God which is spiritually driven by your Ruach, or you will lose your Ruach, because the Lord is not going to let you give it over to Satan.


That is my whole point, and then I guess I thought I was going to express it a different way but the Lord brought it out of me in a completely different way, so we see that being tempted of the devil as we read about in Luke 4:2, being tempted of the devil simply meant that Jesus was torn between His old man and His new man, and that the way He survived the temptation was to cleave to the word of God. We see that every time the devil spoke to him, Jesus answered him, and actually it was Christ in Jesus answering him with the word of the Lord. I believe that Jesus answered him in a much more involved way than we read in the King James translation. Luke 4:4;


LUKE 4:4

4. And Jesus answered him saying, It written that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. KJV



I am sure that what that sentence represents was Jesus whole understanding, man shall not live by bread alone, what Jesus was saying to Himself was, and I know that I say it to myself, that all of the best things of this world, I know will not satisfy me. I cannot be satisfied without the word of God which is the bread. It came out of the King James translation that man shall not live by bread alone, I do not know what the Interlinear Text says, but I am telling you that what this means is, that you cannot live without the bread of God.


No matter what you have in this world, you cannot live, well you certainly will not enter into eternal life without the bread of God, but at the very best, you will not experience the fullness that God has for you, without the bread of God. In verse 7, Satan is saying to Jesus, Worship me and everything shall be yours. And Jesus answers in verse 8, Get thee behind me Satan, for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and only Him shalt thou serve. Jesus was not under the law, that was He was quoting to him, but He was quoting it to him based upon a knowledge, listen brethren, I do not know if I am making this clear to you or not, listen, you will never ever overcome old man on the basis of the law.


If the day comes that you are tempted and you say to Satan, you know, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, you will not survive the temptation unless you understand that there is nothing that Satan can give you that would be worth you giving up the bread of God. You have to know it in your heart, because if you do not know that, you will fall prey to the temptation, that it is simply not worth deviating from what God wants you to do, because you will lose more than you will gain.


If you gain the whole world, what good is it to a man if he gains the whole world and what? And loses his soul. Why would he lose his soul, because he dies the next day? No, lose his soul because God cuts him off, because he has turned his back on God. Death is just the end of the process of turning our back on God. I hope you all got that, you cannot overcome your old man with an intellectual knowledge, you have to be so joined to God in your heart, and what joins us, the glue is the spirit of the word. You have got to know that you cannot live without this stuff in order to overcome and resist your other side. If you do not have the spirit of the word, how would you ever overcome?


Let us take a look at the marriage of Cana, and also, I wanted to tell you that in Thursday’s message, when I was preaching by the spirit of revelation, I also misquoted, I said, Satan departed from Him for a season, which I thought was the Scripture, but I found out that, that is not true. Both in Matthew and in Luke it says, then the devil leaveth him and behold angels came and ministered to him. When the devil ended all of the temptation, he departed from him for a season, so it was the devil not Satan that departed from Him for a season.


We are talking about the logic of the carnal mind. The devilish wisdom of the carnal mind, departed from Jesus for a season, and it continued until the devil was slain, until Leviathan was consumed in Him. Let us take a look at the marriage of Cana,


JOHN 2:1-10

1. And the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there.

2. And both Jesus was called and His disciples to the marriage.

3. And when they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus said unto Him, They have no wine.

4. Jesus said unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee, mine hour is not yet come.

5. His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it.

6. And there was set there six water pots of stone, after the manner of the purifying of the Jews, containing two or three firkins apiece.

7. Jesus saith unto them, Fill the water pots with water, and they filled them up to the brim.

8. And He said unto them, Draw out now and bear unto the governor of the feast, and they bare it.

9. When the ruler of feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was, (but the servants which drew the water knew), the governor of the feast called the bridegroom.

10. And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine, and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse, but thou hast kept the good wine until now. KJV



I am just going to preach to you for a few minutes on the Interlinear Text here, and try to tell you briefly what the Lord has shown me in this alternate translation. John 2:1;


JOHN 2:1

1. And he third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there. KJV



The third day, we are told in Corinthians that Christ rose on the third day, and I have been maintaining for a long time that, that Scripture in Corinthians is not talking about the resurrection from crucifixion, that the third day is the third day of creation, and on the third day of creation, life appears.


The third day life appears, the tree with its own fruit in it appears, and as I have been preaching to you on an off for about six months now, there were not six or seven days of creation, there are seven stages of creation, seven stages, not only is not seven twenty four hour days, it is not even seven days of any length, it is stages of creation, however many days, weeks, months, or years, it takes you or humanity to experience the first stage so that you go on to the second stage. It is a stage, however long it takes you to be promoted out of each stage, there is an individual experience.


This was the third day, the day that life appeared in the creation. I do not know how to do this, I have been very long winded today, I am going to go pass 5:00 a little bit. The first stage of creation, well first of all humanity is the raw material out of which the creation is being made.


We are the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we are a tree, a spiritual tree, and the first stage of creation is when the light shines on us on the first day, says, Let there be light, someone talks to you about Jesus, someone enlightens you because you have been existing as a tree, and your whole life is consisting of eating, drinking, sleeping, having sex, and having hopefully loving relationships with people on that level, your children or whatever, there has been no life beyond that, that is the majority of the world.


On the third day, spiritual life appears. The marriage was on the third day, and Cana, Cana means reediness, and we are told that Behemoth lies under a cover of reeds and fens, that is Job 40:21, and I have believed for years that, that is talking about lust, and Galilee I have told you many times means the heathen circle or the circle of the earth. There was a marriage in the heathen circle of the earth where lust was present. Brethren, lust is the overriding characteristic of the tree before it is carved into a spiritual being and that tree where there was lust in the presence of the heathen circle typifying the physical form was Jesus of Nazareth, and His disciples, because we are told His disciples were there.


On the third day or the third stage of creation, there was a marriage in the circle of the earth, in the heathen circle of the earth which is characterized by lust, lust for sex, lust for food, lust for marriage, lust for things, that is the world, lust. Paul said we need to be delivered from the lusts or escape from the lusts of this world. We are talking about not a third day, not a third day after the temptation, but we are talking about the third stage of creation. Elijah was present and prepared to marry Jesus on the third day. The third day being a stage, we do not know how long it was between the time that Christ was raised on the third day and Elijah married Him on the third day, we do not know, all that we know was that it was in Jesus of Nazareth’s life time, Christ was raised on the third day, and Christ married Elijah or Elijah married Christ in Jesus on the third day, those events could have been years apart.


The mother of Jesus was there. You could think that was Mary, but I also know His mother is Satan, you know, and I am believing that this is an experience that Jesus had within His own mind and His own person, right after He prevailed over the devil’s temptation, He now was having this experience where He is, or maybe this is even a spiritual understanding of the very temptation. I think that is what the Lord just told me. The marriage at Cana is a spiritual understanding of the actual temptation. His mother was there, which would be Satan, and the mother of Jesus was there and was called both Jesus and the disciples to the marriage, this is the marriage to Elijah that I spoke to you about on the previous part of this message, so both Jesus and His disciples were called. That is very interesting, Jesus was tempted and prevailed and His disciples partook of His victory, okay, get ready everybody.


Verse 3; let me just read you the King James here. I hope that you can give me another ten minutes because that is all that I am probably going to need, and this is very, very exciting. Verse 3;


JOHN 2:3

3. And when they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus saith unto them, They have no wine. KJV



I looked in the Interlinear Text, and first of all the Greek word translated wanted means to be inferior, so it was not that they wanted wine, but the mother of Jesus was saying that the wine was inferior. I believe it was His mother saying it. The wine was inferior saith the mother of Jesus. The mother of Jesus, Satan said to Jesus, the Spirit that you choose, Elijah is inferior to me. Satan was saying to Jesus, it is all going on inside of His mind, this is the temptation, this is the spiritual understanding of the temptation. Satan within Jesus said to Him, Elijah, the one you intend to marry, his spirit is inferior to mine. So Satan was saying the spiritual power of Elijah is no good, not that they have no wine, that the level or the grade of energy that Elijah is going to give you is inferior to mine. As I was writing this up, this was the revelation that came to me, the disciples were asking, now Jesus was going through this temptation, and His very own disciples were asking for manifestations of power.


Brethren, are we not asking for manifestations of power here? I am asking for manifestations of power. I am saying, Where is the power? Jesus’ disciples were asking for manifestations of power, and Satan was saying, Something is wrong in the ministry, the spirit is no good, go with me. Satan was saying, The wine is inferior the spirit is inferior, I could do more for you than that. Verse 4.


JOHN 2:4

4. And saith unto her, Jesus...



Now a lot of words are added in here, I will tell you exactly the words, the Greek words that are rendered here, saith unto her, Jesus, what, I, with thee? The words to do, and have are not in the Greek, and we know that when we see the word I, a Greek or Hebrew word that means I alone, if the context supports it, it could be talking about I am, Jehovah. And saith unto her, Jesus, what is Jehovah to you, woman. Woman, Satan, who are you to be judging Jehovah’s Spirit, because Elijah carried the Spirit of Jehovah, shut up Satan, who are you, what qualifies you to tell me that Elijah’s Spirit is inferior? You are the woman and you are supposed to be silent in the church, you have no authority to judge the Spirit in me that I choose to adhere to. And then he says, not yet has come, my hour. And Jesus answered, What do you the woman know of I am? My hour has not yet arrived. Maybe my Spirit does look weak to you, but my hour has not yet arrived. You are female mentality, you are the woman mentality, you are the female mentality, shut up. Satan was trying to say, Give up, just like Job’s wife, Curse God and die. You have been through all of this all of these years and there is still no power?


Jesus said, Shut up Satan, shut up woman, you are not qualified to judge what I am is doing in my life and I have no power or my power is limited or inferior, inferior to God’s because my hour has not yet come. Verse 5;


JOHN 2:5

5. Then saith His mother unto the servants... KJV



Who were the servants? We are told that the servants do not live in the house forever, but the son lives in the house forever, so the servants were the disciples and maybe even Jesus too, people who had not yet birthed the son. You are not a son until you birth the son. Yes I did a study on that, sons of God, you are adopted sons of God, when you are sons of God you are adopted, but it is not until you birth the manchild that you really become the full-fledged son of God.


You are not adopted anymore, then you become the real thing. And He, Jesus said to His mother, that is Satan, and to the disciples, the servants of God, Whatever he says I will do it. Whatever Elijah tells me to do, I will do it. In the King James translation it translates it as His mother telling the servants, whatever He tells you to do, you do it. No, no, no, Jesus said to His mother, shut up! And He said to His disciples, shut up! I will do whatever Elijah tells me to do, and I am not budging unless He tells me to do it, and you are not going to provoke me, okay into manifesting spiritual authority that I do not have, or attempting to manifest spiritual power that I do not have, I will only do it if Elijah tells me to do it, because Jesus clearly said, I only do what my Father tells me to do. Elijah was His Father, Jesus clearly said, I only do what my Father tells me to do, and that is what He was telling His other side, and His disciples. Verse 6;


JOHN 2:6

6. And there was set there six water pots of stone after the manner of the purifying of the Jews containing two or three firkins apiece. KJV



Water pots brethren, this is talking about the Sefirot. There was six Sefirot. What does six Sefirot represent? Anybody who? Who is six? Zeir Anpin, the son, we would call Him Christ Jesus, the son is six, so there was set there six Sefirot, six water pots of stone, not made of wood, wood would suggest the Sefirot of the other side. Stone suggests the strength of God. There was six Sefirot there of stone. After the purifying of the Jews, I think that I did not, after the manner of, that is the spiritual purification of the Jews. Brethren, our purification is the birth of the manchild. The Holy Spirit did not purge us from sin, hopefully she assisted us in the conviction of sin, but the purging of sin is from the manchild, because it is the manchild which will consume our other side and destroy our other side, the purging and the deliverance from sin is in the birthing of the manchild, the son, as an adopted son you do not have the power to do that, the adopted sons of God judge sin but do not have the power to purge you, although we do have the power to forgive, but you do not have the power to say, Go and sin no more, like Jesus did.


Containing a piece each one, each one of those six had two or three, and I prayed about this, and when I believe what it means is that each one of these six Sefirot had only two or three subsefirot. I hope you all remember something about our Kabbalah base, each Sefirot has ten subsefirot, but in the case of Zeir Anpin, before He gets His brains from His mother and His Father which are Chokhmah and Binah, He only has six, He has six sefirot and each of the six have six, until He is completed. He is supposed to have at least six, but each Sefirot only had two or three. That is talking about Jesus, that is talking about me now, that is talking about you now. We are not complete, there is no power here, or there is limited power, I do not want to say there is no power here, there is power here, but it is limited, we are all struggling, everybody has something that they are struggling with here.


Maybe we have two or three, each one of the Sefirot, the son that is being built in us, each of the six Sefirot if we have six only have two or three, not even fifty percent of what we are supposed to have. Verse 7, I will read you the King James;


JOHN 2:7

7. Jesus saith unto them, Fill the water pots with water, and they filled them up to the brim... KJV



They had some water in them, but less than 50%, two or three out of six, and they filled them up to the brim. That Greek word translated brim, brethren, I looked it up, I looked it up in the Scripture, and every other time that word is used in the New Testament it means above, the water that comes from above, not filled up to the brim, but the water that comes from above. Jesus Himself had whatever He had from His humanity and from the Holy Spirit, for whatever God had ministered to Him in His early years to bring Him to where He was, He had to have some measure of the Spirit, He only had two or three out of six in each of His six Sefirot. When He got filled up, He did not get filled with His human spirit, He got filled up with the Spirit that came from Elijah. We see a mixing of the Spirit that makes the water of Jesus’ human energy into wine, the glorified energy, because Elijah came from Atzilut, and he brought down the energy from above and mixed with the energy in Jesus’ person. The water did not swallow up the wine, but the wine swallowed up the water and Jesus became filled up with the wine of God, the Spirit of Christ.


And saith unto them, Jesus, fill the water pots, fill the Sefirot with water, fill it with energy, only, see it says, it reads in the King James like Jesus is giving the instructions but I do not know that I would translate it that way if I had more time to pray about it, I would be inclined to say, that Elijah gave the command to fill Jesus’ water pot, to fill the Sefirot within Jesus. Who is going to fill Jesus’ Sefirot? Not even Elijah, it had to be the Father from heaven, it had to be Chokhmah and Binah giving Jesus His brains. I do not know what you remember that Zeir Anpin has six Sefirot, He has to receive His brains, not only is He going to receive His brains, but all of the Sefirot that He has are going to be filled up by the outpouring of Binah and Chokhmah, and the total number that comes to is ninety.


If you ever hear me talking ninety, I was just fascinated by the whole teaching, and in the drawings that we had of it, of all of the Sefirot that will come into existence when Jesus gets His brains, all of the Sefirot and the subsefirot, comes to a total of ninety, filled with the energy that comes out from Binah and Chokhmah. Again I did not have enough time, the Lord did this the last minute, that is why I was late this morning, what else is new, He gave this to me at the last minute. I would really have to pray about it to see who said that, but what I am thinking in my mind is Daniel’s experience when he received the visitation, and Jehovah commanded Gabriel, saying Gabriel give that, help that man to understand, help Daniel to understand.


A command came from a high place to Elijah who was living in Jesus of Nazareth saying, Okay Elijah, fill Him up, fill Him up, it is time. Please note it was after Jesus said He refused to do anything unless it came from God. He was filled up to the brim, filled with the energy that came from God. Verse 8;


JOHN 2:8

8. And He saith unto them, draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast, and they bare it. KJV



Please note that it does not say who said it, so we do not know if Jesus said it, If Elijah said it, if the Father said it, if Binah said it, we do not know who said it, okay, but the command came forth to draw out, and that Greek word draw out, it really means to dip in, dip in to the water, and draw out, and to bear means to bring forth, and He said this to the governor of the feast. Who is the governor of the feast? That word actually means, the Greek word translated governor of the feast actually means three couches, a dinner bed or the director of the entertainment. When I hear about three couches or dinner bed, three couches, I am thinking in terms of three Sefirot, what are three levels of soul, Nephesh, Ruach, and Neshamah, something like that, three levels of soul, as I said, I did not have enough time to pray it through but it, and maybe the governor of the feast is Christ Jesus coming forth in the man Jesus, maybe it is the manchild being born in Jesus, I am not sure, I do not know.


I know in another teaching, we decided that, no, no the manchild was not born in Jesus, the manchild was not born in Jesus, the governor of the feast, I do not know, who was it, who filled the three couches, who, Christ in Jesus, Elijah, and maybe the spirit of Binah came down, I do not know, I will have to pray about it, but I doubt that I will come back to this message, but if the Lord wants you all to hear it, it will come forth in a future message sometime. There is two more here, hang in there, this is verse 9;


JOHN 2:9

9. When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine,



when the ruler of the feast tasted or experienced the energy that was enhanced by the energy from above,


and knew not where it came from, but the servants which drew the water knew,


that means the disciples knew,


the governor of the feast called to the bridegroom,


so if the governor of the feast is calling to the bridegroom, well let us look at it here first. Now the word tasted, remember Jesus tasted death for all of us, talking about an experience. When the ruler of the feast had tasted the experience, well what is the feast? Who is being consumed? Leviathan is being consumed, so what is the feast here, there is a marriage to Elijah and Leviathan being consumed, so Jesus is being divested of His marriage to Leviathan, and marrying Elijah, that is what this is all about, and I believe it happened simultaneously on a different plane of consciousness as the any physical temptation that Jesus experienced.


When he had tasted, the ruler of feast, and so who is in charge of the consumption of Leviathan? Elijah, right? Okay. When the ruler of the feast tasted the energy that had been tasted of the world to come. Do we not read in the book of Hebrews about tasting of the good word and of the world to come? When the ruler of the feast, so this cannot be Elijah, it had to be Jesus Himself, brethren, this is happening simultaneously in the temptation, this is how God is strengthening Jesus to overcome Satan.


When Jesus tasted of the spirit of the world to come, okay, it strengthened Him to overcome His other side, are you hearing this. When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was changed to wine, the energy that was changed to the glorified energy, and He did not know from where it was, the but the servants knew, I am not too sure what that means, which drew the water. I am sorry I did not have enough time to pray that through. He called to the bridegroom, the governor of the feast called to the bridegroom. I believe the bridegroom is Elijah, so the governor of the feast must be Christ, or Jesus on some level, let us see what this last verse says.


JOHN 2:10

10. And he saith unto him, every man...



This Greek word translated man is anthropos, which means man faced creature, which we just found out in the recent study, it does not have to be a spiritual male it is just the man faced creature. So the bridegroom, the governor of the feast had to be some part of Jesus cried out to the bridegroom which was Elijah and said to him, the whole man at the beginning, and that was Adam talking about Adam at the beginning before the fall, the whole man at the beginning of creation, had the Spirit of Christ but since the fall men have been intoxicated. Like I said, I just did this off of the top of my head, this is now, we are getting into the doctrine of Christ, so Jesus, Christ in Jesus is recognizing unto Elijah, calling to Elijah saying, I now understand, I got the doctrine of Christ that, at the beginning God gave Adam the Spirit of Christ, He gave him the good wine, and this word, the Greek word translated doth set forth, means to place in a horizontal position, it is talking about the fall. At the beginning, the whole man faced creature had the Spirit of Christ until the fall and since the fall men have been intoxicated, but you have guarded the morally good spiritual energy until now. I do not know whether the Lord will let me go over this again with you in the next message or not, but basically what is being said is that Jesus, has guarded His Spirit, and therefore the bridegroom is going to marry Him and give Him the victory over the principalities within Himself. This marriage of Cana was indeed the marriage of Jesus to Elijah, but He only married Elijah after He overcame and resisted Satan and Leviathan in His spiritual being. If the Lord lets me I really would like to work this up with a full alternate translation for next week, if He lets me do it I will. We have to stop for today. God bless you all.


COMMENT:  When you were talking about intoxicated, I actually thought of intoxicated with the blood of the saints.


PASTOR VITALE:  Well, it is a spiritual intoxication, what it means is that ever since the fall man has been drunk. I know the Lord told me quite a few years ago that the whole, well He brought to memory, my understanding of history, is that when Japan invaded China during World War 2, they did the best they could to introduce barbiturates into the population so that they could conquer the country, and the Lord told me that the whole of humanity is intoxicated with sex. Sex is the greatest barbiturate in the world.


They are happy, it makes you, is there anything wrong with sex? No, but it makes you momentarily happy, so that you do not recognize the misery you are in because you are separated from God. Anybody else? Okay, God bless you.




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