630 - Part 4

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If wisdom is preached you get wisdom, if the Passover is preached, it means the Passover is coming, that it is so exciting. What is the Passover? By way of review, we have been teaching this message on the Paschal Lamb, it is a very, very important message, the Passover is, well first of all we found out that there are two lambs, there is the lamb above and the lamb below, and we should know that.


There are two cities, the holy Jerusalem and Babylon, there is two of everything because this is a divided creation. We are divided. This is the divided age. The partial tree separated from the whole tree so there is two of everything, so there are two lambs, there is a holy lamb, and there is an unholy lamb. Abel is the lamb, whether he is holy, or whether he is unholy, Abel is the lamb.


I am looking at all of your faces, and I am realizing that what is happening, what is happening here brethren, is the distinction between the Living Epistles and the Christ Centered Kabbalah meetings is dissolving, this is CCK message that we are preaching this morning, and I just suggest that you listen to the messages at least so that you have some idea of what I am talking about. This is what the teaching is, this is the teaching that has been coming down, the new teaching that has been coming down, the latest teaching that there is only one lamb, either he is holy or he is unholy, Abel is the lamb.


When he is under Cain’s authority and when he is under Cain’s influence, and acting like Cain acts, he an unholy lamb, and when Abel escapes from Cain, and he is the second beast, he is the second beast of the book of Revelation, that looks like a lamb but has horns and speaks like a dragon. When he escapes from Cain’s authority and ascends above Cain, when Abel the lamb, escapes from Cain’s authority and ascends above him and mounts him and reverses that whole situation, he becomes the lamb of God.


That was what John saw, when he looked at Jesus and he said, Behold the lamb of God. Of course the church world teaches that John was saying, Here is Jesus of Nazareth, He is going to be crucified as a blood sacrifice and of course there is a Scripture that says He is our Passover sacrifice for us. Brethren everything in the understanding, everything is in your comprehension and how you perceive it, that is where you, we will not get anywhere with the letter of the word, you have to understand what God is telling you that it means. When John looked at Jesus of Nazareth, and said, Behold the lamb of God, first of all what he was talking about, I have to show you this in two stages. He said, Behold the lamb of God, he said, Look here is a man, Jesus of Nazareth in whom Abel has escaped from the dominion and the domination of Cain and is now escaped, has passed over Cain, and is on top of him and mounting him, he has got him pinned, this lamb now has Cain pinned so he is no longer the unholy lamb, he is now the lamb of God. That was the first meaning of the pronouncement. The second meaning of the pronouncement is, Yes, this whole man Jesus of Nazareth is the lamb of God because of His spiritual condition. What is His spiritual condition? That Abel has escaped from the domination of Cain, passed over Cain and is on top of Cain and mounting him and has him pinned. That is the same principle as me being able to say, as I sit here under this anointing, I am the Christ.


I am not saying, I am Jesus, and I am not saying that I am a hundred percent and I am not saying that I am perfect, but as I sit here now, preaching out of an Abel who has escaped, who has escaped the dominion of Cain, who has passed over Cain and is on top of him and pinning him down, both, you can say, Here is Sheila, the lamb of God, because Christ in me has escaped and passed over Cain and migrated from being the unholy lamb to the lamb of God, and then as I am His spokesperson, as He is manifesting through me at this moment, at this moment I can say, I am Sheila the lamb, I am Sheila the Christ, at this moment.


If you think that Jesus’ crucifixion was a physical sacrifice for this sins of the world, then you would say, Who does she think she is saying, Sheila is the lamb, but that is not what the Scripture means when it says Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us. What does that mean? Brethren every word in the Scripture is open to interpretation. The Scripture says that understanding the Scripture is of no private interpretation. What that means is that the Spirit of God in you has to be interpreting it for you, that your carnal mind should not be interpreting it.


You know we went to, well you were not there, but a couple of us went to a convention last May, and the elders of that church stood up and said, you know we are not preaching out of any kind of revelation here, we just want the pure unadulterated word of God. Your understanding of that letter is an interpretation! There is only two interpretations, either it is coming out of Christ, either your understanding is coming out of Christ, which is the interpretation of God, or your understanding is coming out of Satan which in this context is the spirit of Jezebel, which is understanding the Scripture by the carnal mind.


The letter is only a point of contact, the letter must be interpreted. Whether you know it or not, you are interpreting it, and if you are believing it as you read it, it is either your carnal mind, it is either Jezebel, Satan in this context, Satan takes the name Jezebel when it comes to understanding Scripture, or the Spirit of Christ, that is understanding the word you read. It is impossible to not interpret the Scripture. These Christians that go out there and say, If you change this letter, that you are changing the Scripture, brethren it is just the epitome of ignorance. May God have mercy on them or they simply will not grow.


Listen, what does that mean, Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us? Christ, the one who passed over Cain in Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus of Nazareth He was crucified, and He rose from the dead in He is now put His seed in me and His seed in me, Christ the seed of Christ that came from Jesus has joined with Abel in me, and empowered Him to pass out from under the authority of Cain, to rise above him, to pass over him and to be on top of him and pin him. Christ, my Passover, the Lord Jesus Christ, is sacrificed for me, not crucified for me, sacrificed for me, He is my sacrifice, He is the lamb that empowers Abel in me to pass over Cain. He is my sacrifice. He is the sacrifice that I go before the Lord with.


One of the first things we did here was a book named, Not Without Blood. Brethren, there are two sacrifices, to ascend out of hell and return to the world of God, we need two sacrifices. The first sacrifice is that Jesus our elder brother, the first one to overcome death entered into that holy place, He entered into the world of God, He ascended to Atzilut, He entered into the holy world of God and because we are His relative, that entrance into the holy world of God made reconciliation for us. The world now has the opportunity to be restored in a relationship with God if the follow the rules. If you cannot follow the rules, I am not picking on you, listen if you cannot follow the rules in a simple ministry like this, how could you follow the rules of God that are going to get you out of here? It is just a training, do you understand obedience, it is a training, follow the rules and this is for me too. Follow the rules if you want to get out of this place, which is called hell.


Jesus, who was resurrected, the resurrected Jesus who is not Jesus of Nazareth, He is now a new creature, has ascended into the holy place and therefore we now, all of humanity has the opportunity to restore a relationship with God, but all of humanity is not interested, and of those who are interested, very few are following the rules, why? Because very few know the rules.


This ministry has a job. Our job is bringing forth the rules, so that those who really have a heart for God or really panting after God, if you hear the rules maybe you will follow them. Ask God to help you, do not try to do it in your own strength. You need to confess, Lord I am having a problem following the rules, help me.


That is the first sacrifice, Jesus the sacrifice that Jesus made was that He gave up His life in the flesh, He was not crucified as an animal sacrifice, a blood sacrifice to God, that is just not true. The reason He had to be crucified was that His departure, the departure of the mature spiritual being that He became through union with Elijah who was born in him as a gilgul, reincarnation from birth, had to separate from the flesh of Jesus of Nazareth to ascend to Atzilut because the physical body does not go to Atzilut. The reason it had to be public was that if it happened in the secret of his house who would know about it? We have to know about it.


The way the reality of God’s first provision for mankind to escape, what is the first provision? That we should have an opportunity to be reconciled to Him, it had to be public, so the way that will of God, the will of God that humanity that escape and that we should escape initially, we should escape through a two pronged plan. The first plan was that there would be a man who would overcome death, and He would ascend up into the world of God Atzilut and make a place, make an opportunity for the rest of humanity. That played out, that will that, that would happen played out in the earth in the man Jesus of Nazareth. He was the first one to overcome death. He ascended into the most holy place, and what good would it do if nobody knew about it? I do not believe it was written in heaven that, well I do not want to say that, it would sound confusing to you, all that I know is this, it was the will of God that one man should overcome death, and make a way for the rest of humanity and that all of humanity had to know about it. That will of God played out as Jesus of Nazareth being publicly crucified, not that God willed for Him to be publicly crucified but that God’s will had to be known by the all, am I making any sense at all? That was how it played out that He should be crucified, but it was the will of God that the separation of the spiritual man, the new creature which separates from the physical body, that was what was God’s will, that everybody had to know that, so that you can have an opportunity to do the same thing.


Other forces came to play, and somewhere somehow in heaven it was decided that the way the whole world would be made to know about this wonderful event was that the one man, who was overcoming death would die publicly. Am I making any sense, are you following me at all? Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us, what does that mean? He sacrificed His life in the flesh, He sacrificed, was that not a sacrifice to be crucified on the cross? Even though I believe that He did not feel pain, I believe He was an ascended master, He was a magician, He was powerful like Moses went to Egypt and challenged the magicians of Egypt, Jesus was a spiritually powerful man. I believe He had the power to astral project out of that body to the point that He would not feel the pain, but it was not a sacrifice that His animal body was sacrificed for us. Is it not a sacrifice that he went through that?


Even if He did not feel physical pain, is that not a sacrifice that He would just go through that, that He would endure being beaten and lashed and the whole experience of what the Pharisees did to Him, that is a sacrifice because He was obedient to God. He even said, If I were a king of this world, if I wanted to I could send warrior angels and be out of here in a second, but He sacrificed what? His own human desire. In the flesh He was still human, He still had a human side to Him, and believe me His human side wanted to run, the sacrifice was that He obeyed Christ, He obeyed His Father, He did not obey His human emotions or His human mind.


Thank God I have never been in that position, and I hope I never am, I hope I God never asks me to do that, but I have been in positions where I do not want any part of it, and I would like to leave and I would like to run, but I stay because God tells me to stay. Everything is relative you know. In God’s eyes I am making the same sacrifice that Jesus made. I could just hear them screaming saying, what pride that woman has, you have to hear what I am telling you. Everything is relative, Jesus said the woman who put in the two mites that was all that she had, her sacrifice was the equivalent of a rich man putting in billions of dollars. She put, actually Jesus did not say that, He said, Her sacrifice was more pure than a billionaire who put in millions of dollars. Can you hear what I am saying, she put in all that she had all that she had.


It did not matter whether she had two mites or she was a billionaire, she put in all that she had. I am just using myself as an example, when you stand tall and you obey what God wants you to do, even though your mind is screaming that you do not want to do it, and your emotions are screaming that you do not want to do it, but you obey God, that is a sacrifice that is the equivalent of what Jesus did when He went to the cross. How can you say that Sheila? For you it may have been as hard for you to do that, whatever your crisis is at the moment that God is asking you to do, that you are screaming that you cannot do it, that you do not want to do it, it is as hard for you, for who you are as it was for Jesus who He was.


Everything is relative, the Lord will not ask you to do more than you can bear to do. If He is putting pressure on you, if what He has asked you to do, is the ultimate sacrifice for you, you are morally equivalent when you obey God, you are morally equivalent at that moment to Jesus going to the cross. Maybe you would not be capable of going to the cross, but you are being pressured to do what is your utmost sacrifice for your God. The Lord looks at it and He sees two human beings and He sees your capabilities and He sees your abilities and He sees Jesus strong enough to go to the cross out of obedience and He sees you strong enough to do whatever it is that God is asking you to do, and there is a moral equivalent in God’s eyes, you are both doing, you are both being pushed to your maximum and obeying God. Does anybody not know what I am talking about?


The sacrifice of Jesus was not an animal sacrifice through crucifixion, it was His obedience to endure all that He endured and He never reviled back, He never, like I reviled this morning, I got mad at you all this morning. He never reviled back, He never hit back. That is the sacrifice. He sacrificed His humanity in favor of being a son of God, because you cannot be both. In any given situation where there is a decision to be made, will you be obedient or will you not be obedient, either you are obedient or you are not obedient. Either you are a son of God, either you are the lamb of God, or you are the unholy lamb, or you are Cain, because the unholy lamb manifests the nature of Cain. That is the sacrifice that Jesus made, Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us. That is the King James translation, is sacrificed for us, but the meaning of it is He sacrificed Himself for us. He sacrificed Himself, He sacrificed His human side, He sacrificed His human nature.


He sacrificed everything His humanity was screaming to do, and He obeyed God so that He could go to the cross, be crucified, Jesus of Nazareth could be crucified so that His spiritual man, His new man could be separated from this human sack, from this animal sack, ascend to Atzilut and become the Father of us. He becomes our Father through adoption, we are being adopted brethren, because all of humanity is completely, the seed Abel in all of humanity in every human being born of a woman, that seed is completely given over to Cain, completely pinned under Cain, pinned under Cain, is mounted upon him, and that seed that we are born with, that Abel is absolutely dead and given over to the Serpent’s nature, dead, dead, dead, unredeemable, not able to be resurrected, but the seed of Jesus Christ our Father, our adopted Father, God sent Jesus, and Jesus’ seed, through Jesus to us and when His seed is grafted to us, it is just like saying, brethren it is just like saying, there was Cain, Cain was born and Abel was born, and Cain killed Abel, and Adam knew his wife, and the woman said, God has given me another seed, because Abel died.


Every human being born of a woman is born with a dead Abel and we have to get Seth given to this land, each one of us is the holy land, each one of us, your physical body is the holy land that Christ Jesus wants to live in. Our seed, our holy seed is dead. Cain killed him. We need to get a new seed, Seth. You are all looking at me, is this not the most incredible message you ever heard of. Jesus is glorified, He is sending forth Seth to you, that we should live again, that we should be righteous again, because life is only in righteousness.


The seed of Christ is Seth to you, our new seed. That was the first sacrifice that Jesus sacrificed His humanity so that He could ascend to a place where He could provide Seth to us. The second sacrifice is that we have to do the same thing. The second sacrifice we have to do ourselves. We have to choose if we want to get where Jesus is, and the Scripture says, We will never be higher than Him, but we could be where He is, that is what the Scripture says, that is our hope, we can overcome death and everything that, that means. Every painful wrong thing in this world and in our life, we can overcome it, because Jesus did it, and He sent His living seed to us, but now we have to do what He did.


We have to bring the second sacrifice which is our own sin nature. We have to choose, if you want to be where He is, if you want to overcome death, if you want to be victorious, over every problem that you are being afflicted with in this world. The way you do it, see you have to do it Jesus’ way, because if you do not follow the rules, if you think you are going to get there another way, you are just fooling yourself, you have to follow the rules, and the rule is, first you get the new seed, you get Seth, so now you have a holy seed again, and now you have to choose, are you going to be obedient to the holy seed, are you going yield to the pressure and the screaming and the pain and the torment of your old man, who is saying.


You know what the Bible describes your old man to, it describes your old man to a neurotic woman. Brethren, I am never against women, it is just a type in our society, I am telling you the truth, I am a woman. Your old man is likened to a neurotic woman who has been betrayed by her lover or a neurotic woman, and if you are hearing this message and you are a neurotic woman who has been involved with a man and been betrayed by your lover, I do not look down on you, I am just telling you if that is your condition, that is your condition. That is what humanity is like, like this woman who is screaming.


Did you see Fatal Attraction, that movie Fatal Attraction? That woman, I do not think it was even an affair, it was just a one night stand, with a, but even if it is an affair with a married man and then he goes back to his wife and she goes so crazy that she is like a neurotic crazed woman who should not have been in that place in the first place, but she was there because she had a sickness in her soul. That is what mortal humanity is, we are the rejected woman.


Did you know that Jehovah rejected us after the act of adultery? Jehovah rejected us after the adultery. What adultery, who committed adultery? The woman with the snake right? And the offspring of the adultery is Cain, and Jehovah divorced us, and that is who we are, mortal humanity, we are a crazed woman trying to kill our ex-lover, Christ not understanding, being so insane in our mind, not understanding that Christ has come to rescue us. All that we could remember is that Jehovah, in our unconscious mind, all that we could remember is that we made a mistake and we were rejected. What do you think this rage is with the Arabs against Israel brethren? What do you think the rage is?


Ishmael was the firstborn, Ishmael was I believe thirteen years old when Isaac was born, Ishmael is the older son, Ishmael is Abraham’s older son, how come Isaac has the inheritance? That is what that rage is all about, they may not know it but it is buried deep in the unconscious part of the mind, deep in the depths of their soul that rage, because we are the same people that existed at the beginning, we are the same people, just the garment changes. I want to tell you something, I preached to you that the only reason we die is because the serpent does not have the strength, the fiery serpent in us, our mortal foundation, does not have the spiritual strength to keep us alive, but brethren, God is in control of everything and I want to tell you it is a mercy that we live for a season and die.


Can you imagine being thousands of years old with a full knowledge of what you did that brought you into this condition? And all of the pain that you are experiencing, all of these life times for thousands of years, I think it would make you insane, it would make me insane. It is a mercy that Cain, the fallen creation dies from generation to generation. We need to be looking for the good in everything because God is in control of everything.


The sacrifice, the first sacrifice is Jesus who gave us Seth, and I am just saying that so you can relate this, where did you get this from Sheila, the seed of Christ awakens Abel, where did you get this from? I got it from Genesis. God has given me another seed, Seth. The second sacrifice, we have to do, the first one was given to us, Jesus did it, now you have to do it, you, me, all of us. If you want to get where Jesus is, if you want to inherit the promises, if you are petitioning God for healing or whatever you are petitioning Him for, you have to choose God over the screaming raging neurotic woman who is called your old man, that is inside of your head. Does anybody not know what I am talking about?


I do not know where all of that came from brethren, it is amazing, the bigger or the stronger the attack that I am under when I finally sit down to preach, the anointing is incredible. This was not my message today but, I guess it could be called in introduction to my message today, well actually I could see it working with my message today. The message is The Paschal Lamb, part 4, and the Lord has assigned me to you and all of you to whoever He is going to send you to, to understand His reality what He intends the Passover lamb to be, because the way it is preached is completely not God’s message.


The way it is preached in the church, what Passover is, what the Passover lamb is, it is all wrong brethren, and that is why the church is weak and dying and its members are in the hospital just like get sick and go the hospital just like everybody else in the world, where is the supernatural power in the church. The same things are happening in the world that are happening in the church, because there is no supernatural power, why? Because the word is a lie that is being preached.


Brethren, the supernatural power to deliver us from every destruction is not in the Holy Ghost, I do not care who screams, and says I do not know what I am talking about, I know what I am talking about, the Holy Ghost is a taste, a taste of the power of God, the mercy of God, maybe you get healed, one gets healed and one does not. Is God a respecter of persons? No. It is just that it is the mercy of God just thrown out on the church at large. Some get it, and some do not. Some get delivered and some do not. It is a taste of the world to come, the world to come is a spiritual understanding of the word of God. The world to come where the full power of God has the potential to be manifested is in the word.


We are all in Egypt brethren, and the whole church is in Sodom. Those of us that are willing to have our sins exposed and to reject that sin nature and choose God, we have departed from Sodom, or are in the process, we have departed from Sodom, because Sodom is a state of mind which refuses to accept the judgment of our sin nature. We are in Egypt, but we are not in Sodom, the church is in Egypt and in Sodom, and that was the condition of the high priest and the priest of Israel or of Judah at the time, that crucified Jesus. Jesus, did you not ever wonder what that Scripture meant. Jesus was crucified in Sodom and in Egypt, no, He was crucified, He was the victim of that collective mentality of the Jewish hierarchy of the Jewish leadership that was spiritually in Egypt and Sodom.


I am not the only one, listen you all are in training to do what I do. When you get strong enough, the Lord is going to be sending you to somebody to show them your sins and to help them to escape from Egypt and Sodom. How do we help someone escape from Sodom? Someone who does not want to judge their own sin nature. We help them by telling them the truth, we help them by telling them how it is a very valuable thing, to have the opportunity to have your sins judged. We teach them. When it comes to escaping from Egypt, now in Egypt we are being held captive by another power. The mind that is in Sodom is a mind that is rejecting the judgment of our sin nature, that mind can be changed through reason, through the word of God and through the power of God. It is easier to get out of Sodom than out of Egypt. Can you hear that?


Those of us, we are out of Sodom, or at least by faith we are out of Sodom, we are going forward. Each time God comes to us, every time God comes to us and shows us something new about our sin nature, we are back in Sodom, and whether or not we say, Yes Lord, you are right and I am wrong, determines whether or not we stay in Sodom or we depart from Sodom. I could say to you all here, well we are all out of Sodom because we are all before God with our sin nature and this may not have happened to you but by way of example, God could come to you right in this service, and show you a sin that He wants you to confess and if you will not do it, or you cannot do it, you are still in Sodom. Do you understand what I am saying? We are out of Sodom until He shows us the next sin, that means we can get thrown back into Sodom at any moment. We will not be fully out of Sodom until we are out of Sodom.


It is the same principle as walking around saying, Well I am saved. Well no you are not saved, you are not saved, I am not saved, we are in the process of being saved. We were saved from this situation, we were saved from that situation, we were saved from this, we were saved from that, but you are not saved as long as you are in this physical body, you are not fully completely saved. You are saved until the next challenge because you are not fully saved.


When it comes to getting the brethren out of Egypt, we need another power, because what is holding us captive in Egypt cannot be reasoned with. Sodom is able, you know what Sodom is, Sodom is Abel in us who is under the dominion of Cain, Satan, Leviathan. Then the word of God comes to Abel in us, who is completely under the influence of the world and he hears this message, and the anointing that is bringing forth the message touches him, and Abel repents, he has taken his first step out of Sodom. Egypt is referring to Cain, Satan, and Leviathan, there you cannot reason with them, the message means nothing to them, Leviathan has no fear of God or the anointing. To get our brethren out of Egypt is a whole different ball game, so the Lord sends a saviour, someone who is strong enough, who God knows is strong enough to survive the battle that must ensue between that saviour and Cain, Satan, and Leviathan in the person who is being called to experience the spiritual Passover. Jehovah sent Moses to Pharaoh. Did a physical Moses go to a physical Pharaoh?


I do not know, but like I said, we recently found, we listened to a video showing evidence that there was such an exodus, and that is okay, I have no problem with it, but I know that whether a physical Moses went to a physical Pharaoh or not, a physical Moses went to the children of Israel who were resident in Egypt, and he went with the message that was sent to Abel, the message that would deliver them from Sodom before.


The message, we are delivered from Sodom before we are delivered from Egypt. Moses brought the message of deliverance to the Hebrew children that were enslaved, whether they were physically enslaved or enslaved to the Egyptian gods, that is not this message, maybe both, I do not know. Moses came in with the word with the message of God, it is time, we have heard from our God, and He said, Tell my people that it is time to leave, I want them to worship me. That is the message of deliverance from Egypt with the whole doctrine of Christ that went with it. The message that prepared the people through belief in their heart, to have the strength to get up and leave, when the battle with Pharaoh ensued.


It is this message brethren that I am preaching to you this morning that I have been preaching to you for years, that is your strength to run when the door of the trap opens. When the power of God confronts the powers of Egypt in you, you have to run. When you have a little strength, you have to get out. The Lord sent Moses, a saviour to contend with the powers in Egypt in the minds of the Hebrew children and they wounded him so bad that he ran from his assignment and hid for forty years. It is no fun rescuing God’s people from Egypt.


Even those who want to go, even those who are already delivered from Sodom, and in their mind they have this understanding and they want deliverance from Egypt, and they are willing in their heart to follow all of the rules and do everything, when you confront the powers that are holding them captive, Cain, Satan, and Leviathan, against the will of the believer, who is being rescued, those three powers will attack the one who is in Moses’ state today.


That is what is going on, one man at a time is being delivered from Egypt in this spiritual dispensation first in the natural, and then in the spiritual, and Moses will come and contend with the powers and principalities in your mind.


What I have for you this morning, I have portion from the Zohar that is very, very interesting, I just want to make sure that the Lord does not want me to say anything else right now and then we will take a break and we will start with our notes. This is just so interesting to find out what the Passover is really all about, and if you have read the notes, you will see, well I will not tell you that until we get to it. Let us just sit here for a minute please, if nothing else comes forth, we will take a break.


I guess what I should put on the message is, this attack that I was under this morning, it was from the mind of someone that this ministry has been sent to deliver from Egypt, because it is never me alone you are all behind me, you are all one in the spirit, that is what this attack was, you know. When we were younger, I tell you my testimony, when the Lord first called me and I would study on the average of six hours before I preached every message, I would be under such a terrible attack, I would be calling for, in six hours I would call four times for prayer from somebody to go on, and I thought it was a witch’s coven down in Port Jefferson, I could not imagine where this opposition was coming from, but brethren it was coming from that unholy triad, Cain, Satan, and Leviathan in my own mind, it was attacking me to try to stop me from studying. Then for years we would be attacked in these meetings, and we would pray Satan you are not going to stop this message from coming forth, and I believed it.


Today, at least today, it was not someone trying to stop this message from coming forth, but it was the mind of a brother that this ministry has been sent to rescue, and it had nothing, I do not believe, today anyway, it had anything in particular to do with the message I am bringing forth. He is just manifesting out of his socks, he does not have a clue as to what is happening to him, because he is not blessed like we all are, he has not heard the message yet, he has not been delivered from Sodom yet, and the Lord is going after him directly to Egypt.


People in this position, they do not even know what hit them. They do not understand, the anointing that is in this ministry, am I glorifying this ministry? Absolutely not, this is our assignment and we pay a painful price for being obedient to God. There is a heavy anointing that flows through anyone that even has a contact with me, and especially if it is the Lord’s intention to apprehend them, that anointing, you see, I am His house, He lives in me. When He wants to apprehend somebody, I am His face, He brings me in contact with the person, and they just say, Hi, how are you, and in the meantime Christ Jesus in me is reaching out and grabbing them, grabbing them.


Do you remember the angels that visited Lot and the King James translation says the men of Sodom were banging on the door, you know, to get in, and it says the angels reached out, reached their hand, reached out and grabbed Lot and brought him inside, something like that. That whole translation is complete fantasy. Christ Jesus in me is reaching into this man’s spiritual being and laying hold of Abel in him in preparation to pull him out. Christ Jesus in me is attacking Egypt in this man before Sodom has been liberated, that is the hard way to go.


Did God give him a chance to have Sodom delivered first? Yes God gave him a chance, God showed him, God gave him a chance to start to investigate the doctrine of Christ and the man is deeply bound in Egypt, he rejected the word, he rejected the opportunity, he rejected the opportunity but apparently he is called anyway, so he is coming without understanding, he is under attack without understanding. Have I done anything to him? I told him the truth.


His mind is raging, he does not even know what happened to him, and the powers in him have struck back. That is the warfare that I was in this morning. It was like Moses when he went to the Hebrew children in Egypt. The one who said, well in the King James translation, well you just murdered, that man that you murdered yesterday, are you going to do the same thing to me? That Egyptian who said that, perceived it as an evil deed that Moses exposed the sins of that other person. That is not today’s message so I am not going to preach that.


That is the warfare that I was in this morning, and you are all in it with me to one degree or another, and eventually as you mature, you will be doing the same thing, we engage in a warfare with the unclean powers that are holding Abel, Abel who is the lamb captive, when someone is called to Passover. What does that mean when someone is called to Passover? When someone, when Abel in someone is called to come out from under and pass over Cain.


Remember, Cain has Abel pinned but on top of Cain is Satan and Leviathan, so Abel cannot just come out from underneath Cain and get on top of him without dealing with Satan and Leviathan, Cain’s mother and father. This is the war brethren, and saviours shall come forth from Mount Zion, it sounds wonderful and romantic, and then you find out what the lifestyle is like that is associated with that romanticism, I would not do anything else but let us live in reality shall we? I think the church world has a vision of the savious, I mean I heard that preached so many times, and saviours shall come forth from Mount Zion, and they are thinking of it in terms of the spirit filled church, the saviours are going to come forth and they are going to lay hands on the people, they are going to get healed, and they are going to be big heros and everybody is going to love them. No, wrong, people are not going to like you, they are not going to like you telling them the truth. A lot of people will not like you, they will hate you. Jesus said, They hated me, are you any better than me? That is what it is all about.


Let us take a break and we will try to get on with the notes. I have, when I opened these notes, actually which I put together quite a while ago, I see that we have some Scriptures, just, I have some King James Scriptures, just establishing that Passover is an ordinance for eternity, and as I reviewed them the Lord led me to do an alternate translation of the last verse that I have, which is Exodus 12:21, and so we are going to do that. Then we are going to start to deal with a passage from the Zohar which starts on page 4. These are our witnesses to the reality of a Passover and that it is ordained by God. Exodus 12:13-14;


EXODUS 12:13-14


13. And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you when I smite the land in Egypt.


14. And this day shall be unto you for a memorial and you shall keep it a feast to the Lord throughout your generations, ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance forever. KJV


Can you see the spiritual reality of that? When I see the blood, when I see the blood of Jesus. Do you know that a sperm I believe a sperm, well I better not say that since I am not sure, I was going to say, I am sure Xxxx will correct me if I am wrong, but I thought I had read somewhere that a sperm is a form of blood, and I do not know where I got that from. Anyway, when I see the blood, when I see the seed of Jesus, when I see the seed of Christ attached to the symbiotic union of Cain and Abel, remember Cain and Abel is a symbiotic union, they are inseparable twins, the only issue is they change the position as to who is on top of whom, but they are inseparable.


Remember we have a new seed that is likened to Seth being given to us whose joining to the dead Abel in us. The Scripture says, When I see the blood, when I see the Christ, not when I see the Holy Spirit, not when I see you speaking in tongues, not when I see you laying hands on people and seeing them get healed, not when you hear you see or hear you say, Come out, and the demons come out, when I see the blood, when I see the seed of Christ joined to you, I will pass over you. I will pass over you and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you when I smite the land of Egypt. I have to draw this.


Drawing #1, this is based on Exodus 12:13 or the first part of Exodus 12:13, which says, And the blood shall be to you a token upon the houses where ye are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt. First of all, we, who are we? Brethren, once Christ is grafted to us, we are Christ, and this is what Paul was talking about when he said, it is no longer, if you do what you do not want to do, and do not do what you do want to do, it is no longer you, but it is sin that dwelleth in you.


A division or a double nature comes to us when that seed of Christ is grafted to us, when Seth is introduced to us, when the new holy seed that, Cain killed the first holy seed, Abel, when the renewed holy seed is introduced to us, which we have been studying as the seed of Christ for years here, then we become two people. Once again, we become Cain and Abel, and as you can see, in square A, in the upper left hand corner of the board, Cain and Abel are one, when Abel is completely overcome by Cain, they are like one entity, and the Scripture says that in this instance Abel is the lamb who speaks like a dragon, and that is Revelation 13:11, the second beast, he had two horns, looked like a lamb but had two horns and lambs do not have horns and spake like a dragon.


This is new revelation coming down here, I preached it a few times, but Abel is the lamb, whether Abel is under Cain’s dominion or over Cain’s dominion or over Cain, Abel is the lamb. If Abel is under Cain’s dominion, Abel is an unholy lamb because this is a lamb that has horns, that is manifesting the powers of Satan, and Leviathan, that is the two horns, being revealed through Abel, and speaks like a dragon, speaks like Cain. When Abel is under the dominion of the holy triad, Satan, Leviathan, and Cain, Abel becomes the person who speaks like the dragon, and Cain is the fiery serpent which is the offspring of the dragon and has two horns, has two sources of power, Leviathan the power, the spiritual power in pride, and Satan the spiritual power that, well I should not say, well Leviathan is the spiritual power that comes from pride, and Satan is the source of that spiritual power, and the two manifestations of the Serpent’s power, Satan and Leviathan are manifested through Abel, and she speaks Cain’s words, or he speaks Cain’s words.


...and the blood shall be for you a token upon the house..., I think I was trying to say that we, I know what my point was, we human beings, we are the house for spiritual life. When the blood is upon the house, that means when that seed that comes from Christ which means the same thing as God giving the woman another seed called Seth, when that seed is grafted to the woman which we are, we become the house of that seed, we become the house of Christ, and before that we are the house of the dragon. When I see the blood, so Jehovah is coming to each household, He is coming to our household, when He sees the blood, when He sees that seed of the glorified Jesus Christ that is given to us to adopt Abel in us, through joining to Abel, when I see that blood, when I see the seed of Christ or Seth, the new holy seed, I will pass over you. We see in square A, I was just showing you the condition of Abel, Abel is still a lamb, but he is an unholy lamb, Abel is always the lamb, either he is an unholy lamb or he is the lamb of God. When Abel is under the dominion of Cain, he is unholy lamb, and for those of you that did not hear the other teaching, I have been teaching for years that the fiery serpent is Cain and Abel, and then I got the revelation that the fiery serpent was Cain and Abel when Cain was on top, and as you know this is an unfolding revelation here, and today I understand and I am teaching that the fiery serpent is always Cain, and Abel when under Cain’s dominion is the unholy lamb. Abel is always the lamb, and Cain is always the fiery serpent, Cain’s is the Serpent’s offspring, Cain is the offspring of the Serpent and the woman.


Cain is the offspring of the adultery between the Serpent and the woman, so always the lamb, but this lamb went under the dominion of Cain and speaking like Cain is an unholy lamb. The seed of Christ has to be added and this seed is coming out of Moses’ mouth in square B which is the lower left-hand side of the board, I show you Moses saying, Let my people go, and Jesus said, My words are spirit and my words are life, so that holy seed which is likened to Seth that we read about in the book of Genesis, the new holy seed, is being imparted to this person. Where I say on the board Satan, Leviathan, Cain, and Abel, that is you.


This is a configuration of somebody’s mind, unconscious mind, subconscious mind, and conscious mind; Satan - unconscious mind, Leviathan - subconscious, Cain and Abel - the conscious mind. I am talking about your mind here, so when I say the unholy triad, I am saying the unholy triad because that term, we will find that term in the Zohar, that hopefully we will get to today. The Sefirot are in three triads, three sets of three, so this is the unholy triad.


Back down to square B, we see Moses saying, Let my people go, that is the impartation of the seed of life that is going to be joined to the dead Abel to strengthen him. The Scripture says, another Scripture it says, Take ye a lamb, in Exodus 12:21 it says;


EXODUS 12:21

21. Then Moses called for all of the elders of Israel, and said to them, Draw out and take you a lamb according to your families and kill the Passover. KJV


This phrase kill the Passover, that is what I am referring to when I say slaughter or separate the lamb. That word kill can be translated slaughter, and what it is really talking about is separating Abel from Cain. It means separation of Abel from Cain and it does imply a death because Abel has to die to his present condition and Cain has to die to her position of dominance, so it is death, we are not talking about physical death, we are talking about spiritual beings, we die to a condition, we die to a state of being. Moses says, Let my people go, the seed of life comes out of his mouth, Jesus said, My words are spirit and my words are life, and those seeds joined to Abel, to strengthen Abel, and he says, Let my people go, he says, Slaughter the lamb. Actually it was Jehovah that said, I am going to have to clarify this whole square here. Then Moses called for all of the elders and said to them, Kill the Passover. I am going to read you the alternate translation of this which will make it even clearer. We are talking about slaughtering the lamb, separate the lambs, so that it might escape. Separate Abel so that he might escape from the domination of Satan, Leviathan, and Cain. Then in square three we see Abel now strengthened that Cain, from Moses’ commandment, Let my people go, Abel is now starting to ascend above Cain, and I am sure that you could see, that a warfare is necessary here.


This drawing is not really as clear as it could be, but I have done other drawings, when Moses said this, he was at war with Leviathan, I do not show that on this board, but he was saying to Leviathan, the king of Egypt, Let my people go. He is saying to Leviathan, Stop strengthening Cain or make way, make room for Abel to ascend above Cain, because my people need to worship their God, so Moses was confronting Leviathan, the pride of the Hebrew children, saying, You have to let Abel go, and to let me people Israel go. In square three, but I show you Abel ascending and beginning to pass over Cain, and in square D, we see that Abel is fully above Cain and he is no longer an unholy lamb, he is now the lamb of God and he is on top of Cain and he is mounted upon Cain.


Abel passes over Cain, but still has to pass over Leviathan and Satan, so we see that there are three stages of Passover. Let me give this to you from a Scriptural point of view. John the Baptist said, Behold the lamb of God, he declared Jesus as the lamb of God and after that, we read, And Satan drove Jesus into the mountains to test Him. Are you all with me? Okay.


Jesus had this experience, Abel had passed over Cain within Him, but He still had to take on Leviathan and Satan. Is everybody with me? We read that in the temptation of Jesus, some Scriptures say that Satan was testing Him or that He was speaking to or resisting Satan or that Satan said to Jesus, and in other Scriptures, it says, And the devil tempted Him, or the devil said to Jesus. Did you ever wonder why in one Scripture is says Satan and the other Scripture it says, the devil? We have to define the devil. The devil is the personality or the soul or the mortal soul that is in agreement with Leviathan. When the Scripture says that the devil challenged Jesus, the devil tempted Him, that was the part of Jesus, His mortal soul that was still in agreement with Leviathan. We see Jesus overcoming Leviathan in the Scripture. Am I losing you? Are you all okay?


Then we see the Scriptures where it says, And Satan said to Jesus, so we see Jesus contending with Satan. I suggest to you that Jesus overcame all three, we know that He overcame Cain because John the Baptist declared Him to be the lamb of God, and we know that He overcame Satan, because the Scripture says, And Satan departed from Him for a season, and then, I suggest to you that He overcame Leviathan in the event, in the Scriptural event labeled the marriage at Cana. I have been teaching here for years that, that marriage at Cana was a spiritual marriage, because it makes no sense to me at all that I think I have the mind of Christ, it makes no sense to me at all that Jesus departed in victory in overcoming, He departed from the temptation by Satan of Himself and the first miracle He does is to change water to wine? Brethren, think is that not almost childish?


You know when I was a little girl, I got a present from my parents, a children’s chemistry set, and I use to change water to wine by adding chemicals, do you really think that would be Jesus’ first miracle as a witness that He had overcome Satan and now He has power with God and He goes to somebody’s wedding, that does not even know who He is, and He changes, and there is not enough wine so He changes the water to wine. Is that not frivolous, is that not a frivolous use of God power? Is it not?


There was no human wedding there brethren, I am sorry to be laughing, I believe, I believed all of this stuff myself brethren. The marriage at Cana was the marriage of Jesus to Elijah in which He rejected Leviathan. Have I not preached to you that Elijah married Jesus, and of the two Jesus became a new creature, the creation of God, the beginning of the creation of God, and that, that part of Himself that escaped after the human body, the animal body died, that new creature was the son of man, Christ Jesus, the product of the union of Elijah, and the lamb of God in Jesus. I have been teaching that. Are you all okay? Are you with me? Okay.


When did the marriage take place? It took place at Cana. I do have a message on that, but it is a very complicated, it came out, I did not preach it at a meeting like this, it was something that I wrote up as I was studying, but it is not very clear, one of these days if the Lord ever gives me the time, I will go through it and try to clarify it. That is my position brethren, and I believe that I have the Spirit of God, that Jesus overcame Cain which was declared by John the Baptist, Jesus overcame Satan, because the Scripture says that Satan departed from Him, Jesus was tempted by the devil which is His own human nature and His own part of Him that was in agreement with Leviathan. There was a part of Jesus that was in agreement with Leviathan. Lord I cannot believe what you are asking me to confess, I cannot believe it, I do not want to believe it, it is betraying myself, I cannot believe it.


The part of Jesus, the Christ, the lamb of God was stronger than the part of Jesus that says, I just cannot agree with you Lord. That side of Him was dealt with through marriage to Elijah, I am going to keep repeating myself until I get a release in my spirit, that you have all got it. Listen, Cain was overcome because power was imparted to Him through what we are calling the seed of Christ. If you are listening to this message and you do not believe in Christ, through the seed of Elijah, do not let words stop you from believing this glorious message.


Cain was overcome when a new seed was imparted to Him, when new life was imparted to Him, Satan was overcome when Jesus quoted the Scripture to him, Satan the power of Satan, Satan usually manifest as envy, Satan, I really should stop this message, I had no intention of going in this direction, I really should stop this message and find out specifically what the devil tempted Jesus with, and what Satan tempted Jesus with, but I do not want to tie up the message and keep you waiting.


If the Lord lets me and if there is a part 5 to this message, hopefully I will have that information for you, so I hope that you are flowing with me and you are getting the general idea of what I am saying. Satan was overcome when Jesus would not be tempted. Satan said, I am going to give you all of the kingdoms of this world, just worship me. Jesus said, No. Satan was overcome by the power of the righteousness of God that was within Him. When did He overcome Leviathan? At the marriage at Cana. Everybody thinks He told His mother to be quiet, the Scripture does not say that He told Mary to be quiet, the Scripture says He said, Woman, He did not say His mother, He said, Woman, I preaching off of the cuff brethren, I do not know where this came from, please bear with me, in that Scripture, Jesus said to the woman, Woman, leave me alone, it does not say He was talking to His mother. He said, Woman, and who is the woman? Who was the woman inside of Job, what did the woman, what did Job’s wife, in the Scripture, there is no difference between woman and wife, what did Job’s wife say to him? Curse God and die.


The woman I am suggesting to you was His inner principles, and He said to the woman, Be quiet, do not tell me what to do, it is not my time, whatever that alternate translation is, He rejected the woman in Him, He rejected the female side of Him, and He married Elijah. Can you hear this? Okay.


This is, I just preached to you by revelation because I never heard that before, so I should not even say that I preached by revelation, Christ Jesus just manifested through me and gave us all a teaching that none of us including me ever heard before. I have preached about the marriage at Cana and I knew that it was not about Jesus’ first frivolous miracle of changing water to wine, I knew that it had to do with His overcoming His sin nature, but I never recognized that it was His marriage to Elijah through the overcoming or the rejection of Leviathan.


This revelation is still coming forth, Jesus overcame Satan by refusing to be tempted, Jesus overcame Leviathan by referring His other husband Elijah. I hope everybody listening to this message knows that Elijah was incarnate in Jesus from birth, Elijah was the Father that Jesus was talking about, my Father witnesses to the works that I do. If you are here and you have been studying with the ministry for a while, you know that we do not believe that almighty infinite God, all of almighty infinite God was inside of one human man which is simply not possible.


Even Solomon said, We know you are too great to fill this whole great temple, the temple that Solomon built, that is what Solomon said, we do not expect you God to reside here, we are just asking you, please, when we come here and pray, would you please recognize that this is our attempt to communicate with you and will you hear our prayers and respond to them? It is an error in doctrine that Jesus of Nazareth was God, Jesus of Nazareth was a human being and He had an animal body, He ate, He drank, He urinated, and He defecated, do not tell me that was God, and if you are thinking to evangelize Jewish people telling them that a human being that ate, drank, belched, urinated, and defecated was God, they are going to tell you that there is something wrong with your mind.


Elijah was incarnate in the man Jesus. Elijah married the lamb of God in Jesus, that union produced a new creature, a new creation, called the son of God, Christ Jesus, and that was who ascended out of the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth, when the inner man shed this physical garment just like the butterfly sheds the casing of that was originally made for the caterpillar.


Elijah was, now Elijah was within Jesus and Jesus married His Father. What is incestuous in this world is legal in the spiritual world. Are we not marrying our Father, is Jesus not marring the church, are we not the church? Is Jesus not our Father? Yes, Jesus is our Father, and He is coming to marry us. The whole church knows that she is the bride of Christ, but more specifically, the glorified Jesus is coming to marry the lamb of God in us, He is not coming to marry Abel that is speaking like a dragon. We have to escape from Egypt, and meet our God outside of the camp. Is that not what happened. The Israelites, they escaped from Egypt, they went out into the desert and Jehovah spoke to them from Mount Zion, He did not speak to them when they were in Egypt, right? Right.


Once again, Abel overcame Cain, Abel overcomes Cain when the power to do so is imparted to him, when he hears the message that God is calling him, and when the power to leave is imparted to him. There is a warfare between Abel and Cain and Abel ascends above Cain.


Abel overcomes Satan, by resisting Satan’s temptation, and Abel or Christ, now we are talking about Christ, the lamb of God, overcomes Leviathan, by doing what Paul tells us to do in the book of Romans, he says, You are now married to another, act as though you are divorced. All of us are married to Leviathan, we are all married to, Christ or Abel in us is married to Leviathan. Paul says, Act like you are married to another, do not obey your, disobey your husband! That is what Jesus did, He disobeyed Leviathan, He disobeyed His female side, He said, Woman, shut up! Do not tell me what to do. I reject you, and He married Elijah at Cana.


Brethren, brand new for us, brand new, there is nothing new under the sun, but for our ears, brand new revelation. D on the board says, there are three stages of Passover, now we know there are three stages of Passover. Cain has to overcome through Abel’s obedience. Brethren obedience is a choice. It has nothing to do with what you are feeling or what your carnal mind is thinking, every cell of your being could be screaming, I do not want to believe what the Lord wants me to believe, every part of your being could be screaming, yelling, having a temper tantrum, but if Christ is in you, Christ is the one who has the power to be obedient, and Christ in you has the ability to say, Lord I agree with you, and Christ in you has the ability to say to that other side of you, Woman shut up, because I will only live through obedience to God.


The fact that, that other side of you is raging and screaming and yelling and refusing to obey, does not go against you in God’s eyes, if Christ in you says, Yes Lord, I believe. We see this principle manifested through the man speaking to Jesus who said, Lord I believe, please help my unbelief. God does not chastise you or what is the word that I want to use? It does not diminish your relationship with Him in any way, that your carnal side is yelling and screaming and not in agreement with God, because the Scripture says, the flesh lusteth against the spirit and the spirit lusteth against the flesh and the two will never agree. You do not get a demerit because your flesh is saying, I do not believe that, but you do get a demerit if Christ in you will not submit to His Father.


This is the condition of the person who is experiencing salvation, a divided soul, it is what James talked about, we will have conflict, there is conflict in the life of the person who is moving towards God, because there are two sides to us. If there is no conflict in your life, it means that Abel in you is the lamb that is speaking like a dragon. If there is no conflict in your life, if there is no conflict in your mind, Abel in you is dead.


Do not be condemned because there is a side of you that is thinking evil thoughts, the Lord is just looking at Christ in you. Are there any questions on this board? What an exciting revelation huh? Thank you Jesus, He is visiting us this morning in a special way, I believe He visits us every time I preach, but He does not always visit us with a spirit of new revelation, something that I never have heard of before.


He does do that when there is a specifically, it has been my experience, when there is a big warfare, and I overcome, He always exalts Himself by giving me revelation and that is the truth. That is how He flexes His muscles, it is like a human being going around and saying, Yeah, I did it! He gives me revelation, so He was victorious this morning and by the way I am feeling normal.


You would not believe what I was experiencing earlier. It started last night, I was out, and as soon as I walked in the house, I was stricken, and I woke up this morning still stricken, unbelievable. We have a half an hour to go, so let us see what kind of dent we could put in this message.


I did want to give you the alternate translation of Exodus 12:13 and that is on page 2, except there is a mistake in your notes, under the heading the spiritual significance of the Passover, that word says Exodus 12:21, that should be Exodus 12:13. This is the alternate translation of Exodus 12:13; For those of you who do not recall or who are new, I type out my alternate selections of the English translation, I type out my alternate selection of the Hebrew word, I am a different translator than the King James translator, I take all of these selections out of the one of the Hebrew Lexicons that I have, under the anointing of the Lord, so I am not going to read that on to the message but that is what that all is, all of the words in parentheses are the words from the King James Bible and the other words are my alternate choices, the words in brackets are amplifications that I put in, for the sake of clarity, and I point out to you that the Hebrew word translated Passover, Strong’s #6453, really what it means is, and I reproduced the whole entry from Biblesoft’s Hebrew dictionary for you to see, it means pretermission, i.e., exemption, used only technically of the Jewish Passover.


What it means is, exemption, it does not mean slaughtering a lamb. I looked up the word pretermission because I never heard of it before, and according to the dictionary pretermission is just another form of the verb pretermit, and that means as you can see on page 3, to let pass without notice, to let pass without notice, to disregard, to leave undone, to neglect, to omit, to suspend, or to interrupt.


I suggest to you that what it means in the context of our discussion today is, I am starting with 3 and I am going backwards, to suspend or interrupt the unholy relationship between Cain and Abel, where Cain is dominating Abel.


To neglect, to leave undone, to omit is an ending to this relationship of Cain dominating Abel, to let pass without notice or to disregard, Cain is being, the strength of Cain, his powers that support him, his mother and father are being disregarded, and Abel is passing over, possibly without notice, I find it hard to believe that Satan and Leviathan did not notice it, so we will not use that translation, but we will say, that he is passing by disregarding Leviathan and Satan’s objections.


Abel is still passing over Cain and now coming directly under Leviathan in a position of warfare, in a position of contention. That is what Passover means. The very meaning of the Hebrew word as witnessed to by the English word, is supporting what I have just taught you, to pass over, to suspend or to interrupt this unholy relationship. The alternate translation on page 3, I am going to read you the English again;


EXODUS 12:13

13. And the blood shall be to you for a token, (now remember the blood is the seed of Christ that is now joined with Abel and giving him new life), upon the house where you are, and when I see the blood I will pass over you and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you when I smite the land of Egypt. KJV


What is the land of Egypt? What is Egypt? We just established what Egypt is. Egypt is a state of mind with Satan and Leviathan, it is not Cain in this case. Satan and Leviathan are still dominating. You have to remember that Cain’s thoughts are merely expressions of the thoughts of Satan and Leviathan. Abel has now overcome Cain, but he is still under the influence of Satan and Leviathan who are exercising all of their spiritual power to continue to dominate him.


The issue is that when Abel comes out from under Cain, I guess this board is completely incomplete but it is going to have to do, otherwise I would be drawing pictures for the next two hours, when Abel comes out from under Cain and is completely above him, I should have another picture of Elijah over here. This same Moses, now this is Elijah speaking through Moses, the same Moses who is saying, Let my people go, now that Abel comes out and is on top of Cain, it is still saying to Leviathan, Let my people go, so in our case, well Moses is still fighting with Leviathan and Satan and now Abel is fighting from underneath.


Over here at the beginning Abel is not fighting at all. When Moses first says, Let my people go, Abel is not fighting at all, but after Abel passes over Cain and comes to a position above Cain, now Abel which is the revived or the awakened Christ in you, now fights with Moses or with the Lord Jesus through Moses to overcome Satan and Leviathan.


What gives, I am using three different names here, just bear with me please. Let me just review that. Abel is the lamb, either unholy or holy, Seth, all of you here please try and understand that I am preaching, this message could be going to people who have not received Jesus yet, so I go back and forth between the names that I use. This seed that is coming out of Moses’ mouth, Christians can call it the seed of Christ, but for you Jews listening to this message, it would be the seed of Seth, and the seed of Seth joins to Abel and gives him new life. Seth is the reincarnated Abel, that is who Seth is. Seth is now dominating Cain again, but remember that Leviathan was married to Cain and Abel. When Abel who is now the lamb of God is directly under Leviathan, he is still married to Leviathan. Here is the warfare, I guess I should draw Moses over here too, Moses is fighting Leviathan saying, Let my people go, and here is the lamb of God, the awakened Abel, that is us still married to Leviathan, and Moses is in the form of Paul, saying, disobey your husband Leviathan, marry Elijah.


Abel in this position when he becomes the man of God, now has to choose his husband. Is he going to remain married to Leviathan, or is he going to marry Elijah or Moses. Remember Elijah is a spiritual being so if I am confusing you when I say Elijah or Moses, I am saying that Elijah was in Moses. Elijah did appear on the earth as a man at one time, but today he is a spiritual being, just like the Lord Jesus is a spiritual being.


The Scripture says, and God was in Christ reconciling the world, God was in Christ, Jesus is in us, Elijah was in Moses, Elijah was in Jesus. Let me try this again, I may not even start the second section today, we will see, the Lord is still pressing this point, let me read it again. I do not even know how that came out of me, I guess it was from reading the King James translation because I have not even started reading you the alternate translation yet.


EXODUS 12:13

13. And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are...


I know how I got to that, the houses where ye are, brethren ye or you are Christ, ye are not, I just want to make up a name of nobody that is here, I was going to say Xxxx, but we have a Xxxx here, you are not Cynthia, you are not Jimmy, you are Christ, once Abel is awakened in you, once that seed that renewed seed is given to you, when God talks to you, He is not talking to your earthen side, neither is He talking to the whole of you, because do you know who you are? When you are a fallen person that has received this renewed seed, you are the reversal of the tree of life as it was in the Garden of Eden.


The tree of life in the garden of Eden was called the whole tree, and in the midst of the tree of life, was a partial tree called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but when the two were together, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, it was not evil at that time, it was the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, they were considered the whole or the all, and then the partial tree, it was the partial tree that sinned and departed from the tree of life. Let us see if you can follow me.


Now everything is reversed, human beings are the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, completely the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and when the seed of life, when Seth, or the seed of Christ comes into you, the seed of Christ that humble seed, becomes the smaller part. I may have to draw this for you except that it is really late. Let me try again.


In the garden of Eden, think of it as a human being, think of it as yourself, a whole man, you have just a seed inside of you that was the tree of knowledge, let us say you are have an appendix, people live, they have their appendix removed and they live right? But you are still you even though your appendix is removed, you are still you right? In the garden, we have the tree of life and there was a partial tree in the midst of him, the partial tree got into trouble and was removed, but the tree of life is still the tree of life, His name is Adam and the resurrected Adam, the last Adam, is Jesus Christ, the glorified Jesus Christ.


Us down here, we are that partial tree that was removed, and in our world, we are all that there is, the partial tree is all that there is. I see if I do not draw it, you are not going to get this. Let us take this picture and if I can draw it in five minutes fine, otherwise we will have to call it quits.


Michael’s first appearance in humankind, and he appeared in Enoch, and he appeared in Moses, and he appeared as the man Elijah, and then Elijah appeared in Jesus, and now Christ Jesus is appearing in us, and I am sorry if I confused you but I cannot, it would take me an hour to lay the whole thing out for you again, so let us just say that this is Michael in Moses, Let my people go, it says I choose Michael, not Elijah.


This I wanted to say was the seed, seed of new life, Seth or seed of Christ joins to and awakens Abel. ...was in Jesus, and then when I started talking about Moses, I was Elijah in Moses, and then I realized that I was trying to make it simple, but I was saying what was not true. These are different generations, it was.


This is the incarnations of Michael the seed of God, He first appeared in a man called Enoch, then Michael appeared in Moses, it was Michael in Moses and then Elijah appeared self-incarnated man, it was Michael that appeared in two human beings, Enoch and then Moses, and then he self-incarnated as the man that we know as Elijah, and then the spiritual man, because Elijah went back up to heaven, he was glorified again, and he appeared in the man Jesus as the Spirit of Elijah.


Jesus, the glorified Jesus is appearing in Christ Jesus in you and me, so it was Michael that appeared in Moses but it was the next generation that appeared in Jesus. Can you see that, have I confused you totally? Okay.


This is what I was trying to explain to you, before the fall on the left side of the board, we see the tree of life in blue, with a small little seed in it. The tree of the knowledge, it was not evil yet, it was just a tree of knowledge, and the whole was dominated by the tree of life because the tree of knowledge was just a seed and it was under the control of the tree of life who was Adam.


We see that it was this seed, this partial part of the tree, the female part of the tree that responded to the snake, because this was the tree of knowledge, the part of Adam that desired knowledge, that desired knowledge so badly that he did not wait to receive it from Jehovah, but received it from the snake. I am convinced today in defense of Adam that he thought it was Jehovah, he was deceived, he desired to be obedient, but he was deceived. I know that I desire to be obedient and I am disobedient much too often, sometimes I am deceived and sometimes I just rebel and I cannot even explain why I did not do it. This was a potential, this tree of knowledge was a potential in Adam that was unsatisfied, was unfulfilled, Adam was not married yet, he was supposed to marry Jehovah, but he was not married yet, and he was deceived when the snake came and was this part of him, the female within him that was deceived.


We, mortal humanity, we are the fallen woman, and our tree here in the world of Asiyah is the complete reversal, you see the tree of life is blue and the seed in the middle is red here. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, now it is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because this knowledge, this desire for knowledge married the evil one, now the tree has become the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The seed inside of it, the small part inside of it, is the seed that can regenerate the tree of life, but it is complete reversal.


We are a complete reversal of the condition in the garden. Humanity is married to Leviathan and there is this little seed in us that desires the righteousness of Christ and it is hungering, and there are Christians all over the world that are taking their knowledge from the snake. There is all kinds of false doctrine in the kingdom church, not only in the spirit filled church or the carnal church, but the kingdom church, there are a lot of Christians looking for deep doctrine and they are getting their message from the snake instead of from the Lord Jesus, and the reason they are deceived is because they will not deal with their sin nature, that is why they are deceived. But this is what I was talking to you about when I said we are in a complete reversal.


We have to decide who we are going to marry. We are the seed, this is the seed in the midst of us. This is us. The whole tree is not us, the whole tree is much more Leviathan than the seed of Christ in us, but as far as God is concerned, our identity is Christ. Jesus does not care that the bulk of us is Leviathan, Jesus talks to Christ in us. When He talks to you, He says, You, I mean Christ.


This whole teaching came out of this verse here, when it says; And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are, your physical person, and your soul is the house of Christ and ye, quote unquote, are Christ. We have to make a conscious decision to, we the house, to take our instruction from that humble seed inside of us and not the whole.


Over here in the garden of Eden, the small seed, the seed that grew up into this whole tree of the knowledge of good and evil, this seed that desired knowledge, it obtained its knowledge from the snake instead of from Jehovah and committed an act of spiritual adultery and gave birth to another tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the product of the union of the woman inside of Adam the tree of knowledge and the snake.


Now we have to reverse it, we are the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we are the snake’s offspring, but we have a humble seed inside of us that has the potential to marry the Lord Jesus Christ and to be reverted to this condition where the whole of us is the tree of life and the potential for the tree of knowledge of good and evil is very small covered over, passed over, and contained within us.


I told you all of this to make the point that when the Scripture says ye, He means Christ in you, He does not mean the whole of you, because the whole of you right now is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and He is not talking to Cain in you, and He is not talking to Satan in you, and He is not talking to Leviathan in you, He is talking to Christ in you.


The houses, ye are Christ, and the houses that you are in are the whole of you. Are you getting this? It is up to you now to make sure that you are hearing Him out of Christ and that you will respond out of Christ, and we have this principle in the alternate translation of the Scripture where Jesus is saying to Peter, Will you feed my sheep? He asked him three times.


The alternate translation is, that Jesus asked Peter twice and both times he said, No, because Cain was answering and the reason Jesus asked him three times was that He said, Cain I am not talking to you, will you please shut up woman? Just like Jesus said at the marriage of Cana, He said, Woman, shut up. Then Jesus asked Peter a third time and he said, Okay, and He knew that Christ had answered or the lamb of God had answered, or that Abel had answered, they are all the same person in different contexts, Abel, the lamb of God, or Christ, they are all the same person in different contexts.


What did I just say to you, what did I just say to you? I said when God asks us to do something and we say, No, it is not us, this is the Lord’s point of view. When we say, No, it is not us. The Lord does not take no for an answer because He does not believe we answered Him yet. He keeps asking us and we keep falling into the hole, and we keep getting sicker until we finally say, Yes Lord. Because the Lord is deaf to whatever Cain has to say, so He is not hearing your no, He is just pressing and pressing and pressing, and what is He pressing on? He is pressing on the one in you who is saying, No, because the Lord knows that Christ’s answer is yes. If He keeps hearing a no coming out of your mouth, He keeps punching you or slapping you or chastising you or spanking you because He knows that Cain is laying on top of Abel and how does He know that? Abel would say, Yes.


You keep getting punished until Abel gets, now the whole time that the Lord is spanking Cain in you, He is imparting strength to Christ in you to say what He is supposed to say. You will continue to be spanked, until Cain gets weak enough and Christ gets strong enough for the right answer to come out of your mouth. Got it? God bless you.




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