630 - Part 3

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Praise the Lord everybody, this is THE PASCHAL LAMB part 3, and we are working from the notes that you were given on Thursday for part 2 because we did not get very far with those notes. I am just going to briefly review what I said, because this is new material, as hopefully all of you know by now the call on this ministry is to bring forth the wisdom of God which is the deeper understanding in the Scriptures, and we have been taught by the Lord that we ascend, hopefully we are all hoping to ascend out of this spiritual level that the world at large abides in, and we ascend by knowledge, by wisdom and knowledge and understanding.


We ascend up Jacob’s ladder into the higher worlds by wisdom, and understanding. That is what we are doing here. We are working very hard to hear from the Lord on a deeper and deeper level of the Scripture, that is what wisdom means. The wisdom of the Scripture is infinite, there is no end to it, there is no ceiling, it grows with us, it is continuously in front of us, ahead of us, as we mature and as our capacity to understand spiritual things increases the depth of the wisdom of the word increases. There will always be food for us, for those of us who are truly following after Christ, those of who hunger and thirst for the truth, even more than we hunger and thirst for our own self-preservation, those of us who truly hunger and thirst for the Lord, and He is the word. Those of us who are hungering and thirsting to minister, or those of us who are hungering and thirsting to be something or to attain to something in this world, at some point your understanding will be cut off, because the wisdom of God is for the ten virgins, the people who will follow Him anywhere.


There is nothing wrong with desiring to ascend, there is nothing wrong with desiring things from God, but if your primary fundamental motive has to be that you desire Him, and He is the word, and He is the truth. If that is truly your heart, and only the Lord knows that, that you want Him more than anything, you will never be without bread, you will never be without spiritual food, you will never be without His presence in your life, because He is where His word is, so if His word is in your heart, and you are continually looking to Him, He will always be with you, He will never leave you and He will never forsake you, but we can turn our back on Him and close the door on Him.


That is what we do here, and this is a new understanding, some people would challenge us and say, There is nothing new, all revelation was delivered to the body of Christ in the days of the apostles.


Brethren, that is just the immature thinking because revelation from God is not dependent upon any human being, apostle or otherwise. The truth of the matter brethren, is that humanity is a host race, and we are a host for the spiritual seed of God. That is a very humbling statement, but it is the truth. Humanity and the church and the most exalted members of the church, leaders of the church are hosts for the spiritual life of God, which is invisible and is desiring to reveal itself through humanity, that seed, that seed that was promised to Abraham, that appeared in Isaac, that was passed on to Jacob and Judah, and eventually to Jesus of Nazareth who was glorified, that seed, the seed of the spiritual life of God is what it is all about. The members of the host race which is what humanity is, who have been chosen to be the throne or the chariot or the house for this holy seed, of a holy God, we are blessed.


It makes our life difficult in this world, but we are permitted to partake of the heavenly world when the seed of the life of almighty God dwells in us, we receive all that we are capable of receiving from that seed. The Scripture says if you recognize and welcome a prophet, you will receive the prophet’s reward. Those of us who are permitted to taste of the world to come, and of the heavenly world, it makes our life in this world difficult. We have two choices, you know, we can turn and run which hopefully we will not do, or we can press into the kingdom of God so that our life is more and more dependent upon the kingdom of God so that the stresses that occur in this world because we are the host for the seed of life, becomes weaker and weaker and have less power over us.


But that is the truth brethren, humanity is a host nation, we are animal host, we are a womb for the seed of the spiritual life of God. Anybody who thinks he is great because of what is coming out of his mouth or because of the followers that he has, or because he has understanding from God, you are in danger of cutting yourself off from the climb into the higher centers, because your motive is wrong. If you suspect that your motive might be wrong, you need to be seeking God to straighten out your motive, nothing is hopeless if you just recognize that something is wrong and you ask the Lord to make your motives right, everything will work out, and that brethren is called humility.


It is an error for any host leader of the church, that a human being to speak out of his own understanding, and say that all revelation was dispensed through apostles two thousand years ago, revelation brethren, comes from that holy seed, and that holy seed is very active today and very present today, He is in me, and I hope that He is in you, and He is charging forward with the assignment that He received from His Father to impart the fullness of the wisdom that has been allotted to the host humanity for this age.


The wisdom of God is infinite, no human mind can comprehend it, and I doubt that anyone in the flesh, no matter how much, no matter what the degree of the mind of Christ that they have, I doubt that anyone in the flesh could compass it or could embrace it all. We are told that Jesus after He was glorified, after He was delivered from the host, Jesus was, do you know what it means that He was the first begotten of the dead? Do you know what it means to be born again? That seed, that holy seed of the life of God, joined withe host, Jesus of Nazareth and together they became a new creature and were born into a condition that does not need this physical body to survive.


That is why years ago, we were studying the example of the butterfly and the caterpillar, the butterfly flies away and leaves the carcass behind, the caterpillar, whatever you call it, that the caterpillar was in the cocoon, that cocoon that the caterpillar was in was left behind and the butterfly flies away.


We are a host race brethren, the life of God is the seed that is being born as a butterfly, but the difference between the butterfly’s experience and our experience is that when the seed of God matures in us, He is taking our soul with Him. We are not going to be left behind, He is taking our soul with Him, that is what this is all about. It is not about going to heaven, is not about helping you to be happy, it is not about healing you, although all of these things are available to us as a byproduct of what the Lord is doing in our lives. This is the truth, and the truth will set us free. Humanity is all about being a womb to mature and birth the spiritual life of God in a form that will be visible.


We are the womb, we are the midwives, we are the ones who are to care for that seed when it is within us. The food that, that seed needs is spiritual truth and when He grows, and when He is born again, we are born again with Him, and when He appears, this is what the Scripture says, When He appears, we shall be like Him. What does that mean?


It means that He is not appearing right now, He is inside of us, He is in utero, but He is going to be born, and when He is born, He will appear, and when He appears, we will appear with Him and be like Him because His appearance involves or associated with His appearance is His union with us and His appearance will in His hybrid form, hybrid form, God and man. That is Christ Jesus, that is the spiritual manchild that is being born.


No human being is God and man, no human being is God, but when Christ Jesus is in you, He is the son of God in you, and the ultimate end of the process is that the union between that holy seed and your soul, your immortal soul is that both you and the holy seed will together be born again, and of the twain He made one new man, okay, the two of you will be born again as one new creature and shed, at some point shed the physical body.


No human being is God and man, Jesus in the days of His flesh, was in the process of being saved.


Every revelation the Lord gives me, just seems to get more radical than the one before. We have already preached here that Mary was not a virgin, and we have established it, we have preached here that Joseph truly provided the seed, the physical seed that produced the baby Jesus, and that the royalty, the spiritual royalty that was born was not the baby Jesus, but this holy seed that incarnated with Him. The seed, brethren, the seed, the horse keeps thinking he is God, the horse is not God, the horse is the host, the womb, for the holy seed.


A new creature is being formed, the seed of almighty God mixed together with the earthen creature for the specific purpose of birthing a visible creation, a visible creation. That is it I am going to stop there. Let us go on. I just told you, so we now know that Mary was not a virgin, that she had a natural birth, we now know that the seed for the physical child was given by Joseph, you know, if we just stop, if we just can deliver ourselves from the indoctrination, it could be more obvious that there is no genealogy about Mary, and Joseph is from the line of David and Solomon, the kingly line. We have to get delivered from the traditions of the church brethren.


Jesus was a human baby that was born to two people who were living for God in accordance with the rules of that day, they were under the law, they were Jews under the law, and born with Him was the spirit of Elijah, John the Baptist did not have the spirit of Elijah, it was Jesus, and of course all of this is going to be laid out in the book that I am writing, hopefully I am going to get back to working on it next week. We see, we are finding out now that not only all that I just said to you and that Jesus of Nazareth Himself was not God, the glorified Jesus is God, what makes you God, what makes somebody God? It has to do with their spiritual position, what is your spiritual position. Everybody should have the curiosity, where is your spiritual location? The disciples said to Jesus, Where do you live, Rabbi, where do you live? Jesus said, Come and see.


When I first came to the Lord, I thought they went to His apartment with Him, no they spent the night with Him and they listened to what He was saying, but even more than listening to what He was saying, the perceived the anointing on Him because the anointing on you, if you can recognize it, will tell you, the anointing will tell you where that person, what world that person comes from, if you can recognize it. Most people cannot recognize it.


Most people, most Christians, they can only recognize the anointing of the world that they are attached to. If they come in contact with the anointing of another world, they automatically think it is not of God, it never occurs to them, that it could be a higher world, than they are attached to.


Brethren, what makes the glorified Jesus Christ God is that His soul was joined to the soul of Elijah, and they were born again as a new creature, and He ascended into the world of Atzilut, the world of emanation, the world which is higher than the world of creation and it is His position, it is Jesus’ position as the Keter, He is ascended to the Keter of the world of Atzilut, that position makes Him God. Can you hear that, it is a spiritual position that makes Him God. Brethren, I have a flash for you, that if your spiritual location, if your spiritual home is Asiyah and you have no connection to the higher worlds through the Lord Jesus Christ, your spiritual location is called hell, and you are not even, the Bible says, you are not even alive.


You are not alive until the Lord Jesus Christ has joined Himself to you because He is the life. If you are separated from the life, how can you be alive? We are talking about spiritual position, we are talking about spiritual location, we are talking about where our home is, it has nothing to do, well I should not say it has nothing to do with where you are physically, where you are physically is a message, is an announcement as to where you are spiritually.


Look at your life and ask the Lord where you are spiritually, what world you are living in, and what level of that world. Brethren, I am here to help you, I am not here to condemn you, you cannot be chasing after the Lord out of your carnal mind, it has to come from in your heart.


Jesus said, Where your heart is that is where you treasure is. This is what He was talking about, look at where your heart is, and you will have a good idea of what your spiritual location is. If you examine yourself and you see that you are not in a very high spiritual place, you always have the option of saying, Lord I wish to be in a higher spiritual place. Nothing is hopeless, anybody that is hopeless, I am telling you that your hopelessness is pride. Hopelessness is pride, because all things are possible with Jesus Christ, and you cannot be looking on the circumstances of today, or your condition today, because it could be the Lord breaking your pride so that He could answer your prayer to bring you up to a higher world.


Brethren, you cannot take your pride with you into the heavenly worlds. Pride is of the lower worlds. Pride is of the earth, pride is a characteristic of the earthen man, and you cannot take your pride with you into the higher worlds. You can have revelation in the word of God, you can have the gifts, but you cannot ascend into the higher worlds until you submit to the judgment of your sin nature and leave your pride behind, and brethren, if you are judging your sin nature but you are judging everything except your pride, you are still not going to ascend and you are just deceived. Pride is the major number one enemy of the spiritual man, you must separate from your pride to ascend into the higher worlds.


I am just reminding you that we really are in the last days and the admonition of Jesus is to flee to the higher centers. In Matthew 24, He says to flee to the higher centers. There is radical change coming upon the earth, and a lot of people are going to get hurt, I am not a preacher of doom, but I truly believe there are radical, radical days coming, even more than we already have with the earthquakes and the floods, and everything so far, there are radical days coming, flee to the higher centers, there you will be safe, because where you are spiritually located, will be revealed through what happens to you here in the material world. Where you soul is spiritually located, the spiritual place that your soul is nailed to will determine what happens to you in the material world.


I am going to start reading from my notes now, which is probably a review of what we did on Thursday but I just want to go through it again, and for those of you who have your notes from last week, what I am reading from is the additional page, the two pages that were given to you.


These are my comments; I do not think that Jesus birthed the manchild because the mature son of man is coming with judgment and Jesus did not bring judgment. Jesus did not bring judgment, He rebuked the Pharisees, He healed, He delivered, He said, that today I do cures and cast out demons, and on the third day I shall be perfected, Jesus was not even perfected in the days of His flesh.


He did not bring judgment, yet the Scripture says, All judgment is given over to the son. I thought Jesus was the son of God, how come He did not do judgment. Jesus also said, We would do the greater works. The answer to that question, I will repeat the question that Jesus in the days of His flesh was the son of God, and all judgment was given over to the son, Why did not Jesus execute judgment? Because He was a young son brethren, there are sons of all ages, and we are finding out now through our study of Zechariah 9:9 where it became very clear to me that the first appearance of Messiah is the appearance of Messiah in the process. Let me say that another way, there are two appearances of Messiah, the Jews believe that there is a Messiah Ben Judah, and a Messiah Ben Joseph, a Messiah coming from Judah and a Messiah coming from the tribe of Joseph.


The church teaches that Messiah is Jesus coming in two stages, and both are correct. This is the story, Jesus was a human person, He brought His sin nature under the authority of the righteous nature within Him according to the Spirit of Holiness as we are told in Romans, I believe it is Romans 1:4.


Jesus was born with a sin nature, which He received from His mother Mary, I just see people fainting, all over in the spirit. Brethren, Jesus was a human baby, you cannot have an animal body if you do not have a carnal mind, because the animal body is the material expression of the carnal mind. Jesus had a carnal mind and a sin nature which He inherited from His parents, not just from Mary, from His parents.


He also, Jesus of Nazareth also was a host human and the holy seed of God, that has been in the earth since it was imparted to Abraham and appeared in Isaac, appeared in him, in a mature form. That holy seed also appeared in the prophets of Israel. That is how they got their messages for the people, from the holy seed, that was speaking through them and giving them revelation.


Something was different about Jesus of Nazareth. The Hebrew prophets had what I would call, the best way I could explain it, is an imputed seed, the seed took up temporary residence in them and delivered Jehovah’s message to Israel through them. Jesus had a different experience, Jesus’ experience was that, that holy seed stayed with Him and married His soul and a new creature, a hybrid so to speak was born out of that union and this was a new creature, this is the creation of God, that could exist without a physical body that could maintain, Jesus maintained His personality. The way things have been working for all of these years is that we are born, people are born, their soul incarnates, and if their soul is not saved, by the time Satan can legally take their life, because we all die right, we all die because Satan legally takes our life. If the seed that we are born with does not mature enough to save our life before Satan, before a time arrives that Satan can legally take our life, we die.


The Hebrew prophets, they had an imputed experience with the holy seed of God, and I am just guessing, but most likely, my guess is, most likely the Hebrew prophets had the seed of God by Ibur, for those of you that do not recall that, let me review the two forms of reincarnation for you. Ibur, reincarnation by Ibur, is reincarnation by a soul joining itself to a human host after that human host is born. Brethren that is what Jesus is doing to us today, that is what the glorified Jesus did to Paul, He knocked Paul off of his horse and entered into Paul and continued on, the glorified Jesus entered into Paul and continued on with His ministry through a human host called Paul, for the rest of Paul’s days.


Today, those of us who have, who are inhabited or possessed by the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are experiencing the Lord Jesus Christ reincarnating in us through Ibur, He is entering into us by His seed after we were born. The second kind of reincarnation is called gilgul, and gilgul reincarnation is when the exalted soul enters in to a human fetus or maybe it even enters into the sperm, I am not sure, and is born at the same time, at the time that the baby is born, that soul that is reincarnating is already present and that is what happened to Jesus. The holy seed of God reincarnated by gilgul with a baby from birth.


That is basically the difference between what Jesus experienced and what we are experiencing, we have somebody who is now challenged me in a godly way, a couple of times indicating that we are not having the same experience as Jesus in that He had much more going for Him than we do.


When we discuss this previously, I would say, Well yes I have to admit He had something that He had going for Him that we did not have going for Him, and that was that He did not have the seed of a human father, so He did not have all the testosterone problems that a man have and whatever else, but today we know that was, His physical person was born, Jesus of Nazareth was born of a human father. What is the difference? I do not doubt that Jesus had a lot more going for Him than the average person that receives Christ today, so what is the difference?


Today based on the revelation that I see today, I would say that this is the difference, Jesus was a participant in the gilgul of Elijah. Elijah was with Him from birth. In addition to that, Jesus was raised an Orthodox Jew so He was under a cover of the forgiveness of sins because His parents were keeping the law and He was dedicated on the eighth day in accordance with the law, so what does that mean?


It does not mean He had no sin, it meant that sin, He was under grace, the law is a form of grace. We are told in one of the prophets, it says, from grace to grace, and I think we may even read that in the New Testament too, grace to grace. I remember years ago saying to the Lord, well I know the grace of the Holy Spirit, what is the other grace? Sometimes we get answers years later.


Brethren the law was an act of grace from God, the opportunity or the privilege of keeping the law which is really very difficult to keep, it is burdensome, but the opportunity or the privilege to keep the law that was given to Israel was an act of grace, it held back and interfered with the sowing and reaping judgment. It made the people who kept the law, because I do not know that every member of Israel kept the law, but whoever kept the law, Israel as a nation keeping the law, it kept Satan at bay, in them, and it made a communication with Jehovah possible, and we see when we read the Bible that the results of having Satan kept at bay, Satan the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment kept at bay, and having a communication with God through its prophets and priests, we see Israel, mighty in battle.


We see, we look at Solomon’s kingdom, as the epitome or as a type of the epitome because Solomon was a type of Christ Jesus, we see what happened in Solomon’s reign, what we can hope for when we are in right standing as a nation with God, and when as individuals are in right standing with God, so why is it not that way today? Well the United States became great through a right relationship with Jesus Christ, and we were a carnal nation, we were a nation of church goers, our laws were based upon the Scripture and our judges and our legislature honored the principles of God, and look at what happened to us, but look at what is happening to us now as we depart from those principles.


It is so simple brethren, but the mind of man just loses sight of it, it is just so simple. Honor God and obey His prophets and you shall prosper. There is no ifs ands or buts about it. That is how you prosper in this world. You have to come into a right relationship with God in this dispensation, we are not required to keep the law that national Israel keeps, but we are required to keep the ten commandments, we are required to relate to people in a godly manner which has almost all but disappeared from the church and the whole society of how to relate to each other in a godly manner.


People in the church lying to each other, manipulating each other, chasing after people from, members from other people’s churches, stealing, not paying their debts. Brethren, this would never have existed in natural Israel under the law, when natural Israel was in right standing with God, that you should not pay your debts, that you should steal from another ministry, unheard of.


The church is in great disarray, and in great sin on multiple levels and nobody seems to know it, they all think that they are going to heaven because they speak in tongues. Anyway, that is not today’s message.


I am talking to you about Jesus of Nazareth. This is how Jesus was different or this is how the experience of Jesus of Nazareth was different than the experience we are having. Today, those of us who have Christ grafted to us, we are experiencing Ibur reincarnation. In addition to that, that is how I got on what I was saying, Jesus was raised under the law, He was raised under the holiness of parents that keep the law, He was dedicated on the eighth day, and He was educated in the Scripture, at a very young age. Boys begin to be indoctrinated in the Scripture at three years old, I believe, I could be mistaken about that.


None of us started to learn the Scripture, well I should not say that, maybe He went to Sunday school, and learned about Jesus, but okay, I am not going to go there. That was what Jesus had, we, most of us, me certainly are experiencing Ibur, reincarnation, and we are receiving the holy seed at a later time in life, that is what Jesus had, that we did not have, that we do not have.


In addition, we are receiving the seed of the second generation of Christ. We are receiving the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ and the seed, the form of the seed that, of the holy seed that we are receiving, is the seed that will mature in to Christ Jesus whose personal name is Michael.


I have not preached this in a long time, I have mostly been saying Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus is really a title, the personal name of Christ Jesus is Michael, and that is why we see Michael in chapter 12 of the book of Revelation engaged in the warfare that will deliver all of humanity from the grips of the household of the Serpent to whom we are joined right now, we are being liberated from captivity in the household of the Serpent, just like Judah when Judah went under, went into captivity when Nebuchadnezzar attacked Judah, and king Jeconiah and all of the seed royal was taken captive into Babylon, and for seventy years that remnant of Judah lived in Babylon.


They were not in jail so much, because they got married and they had children, they were just taken, what happened was that Nebuchadnezzar broke the power of the nation of Judah.


He took all of the leaders and he moved them to Babylon, and said, Now you live here in peace, do not do anything warlike now, that was what happened, he broke the military power of Judah. That was what Nebuchadnezzar did, and we are told at one point that I believe it was Jeconiah, a new king came and he removed Jeconiah from whatever jail he was in, it was not jails like we have here, did you ever see a moving picture of Mary queen of Scots being in jail, she had a whole apartment filled with furniture and food and servants and everything, all that jail meant under these circumstances is that these people who are in jail, whether Mary queen of Scots, or king Jeconiah, they could not leave, that is all that it means, like house arrest, today we would call it house arrest.


At some point Jeconiah was taken out, I believe it was Jeconiah was taken out of jail and ate at the king of Babylon’s table. The whole purpose of the Nebuchadnezzar attacking Judah was to break Judah’s military power, it was not necessarily to destroy the people.


We were talking about Jesus, we were talking about the difference between Jesus’ experience, I was telling you that the seed that we receive today, that believers are receiving today is the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, we are receiving the seed that will produce the manchild. Jesus did not birth the manchild. This generation, this spiritual generation is going to birth the manchild, the second and the ultimate stage of the birthing of the holy seed of God through the human host.


Jesus did not birth the manchild, Jesus’ experience brought into existence the seed that will produce the manchild, but for my point right now, we are receiving the seed that will produce the manchild, Jesus did not receive the same seed. Jesus received a different kind of seed. Actually Jesus did not have a seed, Jesus was born and born with Him was the spirit of Elijah, the full grown mature spirit of Elijah was incarnated in the human host Jesus of Nazareth. Today, those of us that are in Christ and experiencing being a host to the holy seed, we do not have a full grown mature manifestation of Jesus Christ in us, we have His seed, we have the potential for that seed to mature in us, but it is not, we are not born with, or we do not receive by Ibur a fully mature Jesus Christ, and it is very different. The seed that we receive has to be trained up. It has to overcome our carnal nature.


That seed, Jesus talks about a humble seed, Jesus said, that humble seed, it is so small, but when it matures, it is the greatest seed that could be, but it starts out being very humble and powerless.


Jesus started out, we are told at thirteen years of age, He was already in the synagogues if translation is correct, He was in the synagogues talking to the Rabbis. Jesus was a manifestation of the fully mature Elijah from birth. We human beings are receiving the seed of the glorified Jesus and we are experiencing a whole different process of maturation than Jesus experienced.


We see the emergence of Messiah, in two stages, that is what we are talking about, the emergence of Messiah in two stages. The first stage of the emergence of Messiah was the reincarnation of Elijah in the baby Jesus of Nazareth for the specific purpose of saving Jesus of Nazareth.


Jesus of Nazareth experienced the fullness of the process that we are calling salvation. What is salvation? I said it before and I will say it again, the fullness the end that this term salvation is supposed to accomplish is the union of the holy seed that is of God with the immortal soul of a host race, and the birthing of a new creature which is a hybrid, with the holy seed of God having full authority over the immortal soul of the host race in every seed, the holy seed of God will be completely woven through every cell, every spiritual cell if that is a correct term of the soul that it is joined to, so that the fallen nature or so that the animal nature or the lower nature that is a part of the soul which comes from the earth can never climb up again and prevail over the spiritual nature of God.


Jesus experienced a full salvation, He can never die again, because His immortal soul, is so completely joined to the spirit of Elijah that it could never overcome the spiritual aspect of Himself again, and now the glorified Jesus Christ is giving His seed to us. The first stage of emergence of Messiah is the salvation of the man who is Messiah, and the second stage of the emergence of Messiah is the birth of the glorified Messiah’s child in a multitude of human hosts, in a manner in which the child, the manchild that will be born and will abide forever in the heart center of the people of the host nation, and we did this on Thursday with a drawing, and I want to do the whole thing again.


If everybody can just, I never know where these messages are going, I am not necessarily talking to anybody here, just put your traditions away, and do not be offended that I am telling you that Jesus was not God, in the days of His flesh, and just listen to what I am saying, it is so exciting that Jesus experienced the fullness of salvation according to a plan that would have only worked for one person at a time and a very special person at a time. Jesus prevailed, by the spirit of Elijah within Him, Jesus prevailed, He was glorified, He is now Keter of the world of Atzilut. His physical body dissolved because that body, it was only necessary when He was appearing in the earth, and now He is in Atzilut, and He is sending forth from Atzilut His seed, into us after we are born by Ibur, and His spirit, Jesus’ glorified Spirit is doing for His own seed in us what Elijah did for Jesus.


I know this is really complicated today, let me say it again. Jesus was born with an incarnation of a fully adult, fully mature soul, He was a participant or a host of a reincarnating spirit of Elijah. The same spirit that was in the man that the world knew as Elijah, but that man that the world knew as Elijah was just a physical body and a personality. The spiritual man that was inside of Elijah, His personality did not dissolve when He was taken up to heaven, when he went up to the higher worlds. That same spiritual man was born with Jesus of Nazareth giving Him full instruction, giving Him spiritual strength, giving Him everything that He needed to overcome.


That spirit of Elijah went to a baby that was born under the law and had all of the benefits of the law. Today, those of us that do not have benefits of the law, and brethren we do not have the benefits of the law. A lot of people in the church are spiritually unclean because of our lifestyles. We are spiritual unclean, a lot of us, especially when we come to the Lord. We have to be cleansed, we have to be purified. In Jesus’ day they would go to the temple do whatever they would have to do to be purified but that was just a surface, it was just a type of the spiritual purifying that is now available to Jew and Christian alike. Today the glorified Jesus is giving us His seed, He is putting His seed in us, and that seed is likened to the baby Jesus who was born under the grace of the law, if you can hear that.


The glorified Jesus is unto us as Elijah was unto Jesus of Nazareth, the glorified Jesus is the fully mature soul that is alive who is full well able to teach us and strengthen us and counsel us and protect us in the same manner that Elijah, the indwelling Elijah was able to do for Jesus. Look, the reason the Elijah was able to reincarnate in Jesus was because Jesus was purified under the law. Elijah was able to reincarnate in Him. I think the way things are going right now that Elijah would not be able, or the Lord Jesus would not be able to fully reincarnate in us, the Lord Jesus would not be able to do a gilgul with us, because as far as I know, most of us are not morally pure.


I am not insulting anybody, can you hear what I am saying, there has to be a particular level of moral purity for a holy soul to incarnate in that person and Jesus had that because His parents were under the law, they had that degree of moral purity that made it possible for Elijah to reincarnate in Jesus. People today do not have that, even Christians do not have that. Maybe there is one Christian out there that has it, the Christians that I know have all kinds of problems, and they sin against me all of the time, manipulate me, lie to me, Christians, church going Christians.


Again, I am not putting anybody down, I am making a point, that the church as I know it today, as I know it today, would not be qualified or the members of the church would not be qualified to have a Holy Spirit, not the Holy Spirit that is in the church, but the Holy Soul of the glorified Jesus Christ reincarnate in us, because we are too filled with sin. What He did, was He gave us the seed of His life, in a very immature stage and that seed is the atonement. Brethren, the blood of Jesus is the atonement. I am not talking about the physical blood that poured out on Calvary, neither am I talking about the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is not the blood of Jesus, that Holy Spirit that is in the church today, is different than that Holy Spirit that was in Israel. The Holy Spirit in the church today is the servant, just like Abraham sent a servant to get a wife for his son Isaac. The Holy Spirit is the servant coming with gifts to draw people who do not know God.


You could be sitting in church for twenty years and not know God, the Holy Spirit in the church today is sent with gifts to draw people to a spiritual relationship with God, but that is not the blood of Jesus.


The blood of Jesus is His moral nature. The blood of Jesus is His life, the seed of who He is, His morality, His holiness, His righteousness, His ethics, His perfection. That is His life, that is the blood on the doorposts, that is the blood that will cause the angel of death to pass over us in the spiritual Passover, His life brethren, the seed, the sperma that has the power and the authority to reproduce the fully mature holy spiritual man within us that Jesus had from birth. Can you hear this at all? Jesus had Elijah, the fully mature Elijah from birth, we have a seed that has the potential to sprout into a mature, into the fullness of the glorified Jesus as Elijah was in the baby Jesus, we can have, and now we can have the glorified Jesus appearing in us to the same degree of maturity that Elijah appeared in the man Jesus of Nazareth.


The difference is that with us, we have to live a certain lifestyle that will go towards that seed maturing. Jesus was born with the mature man. I think I made my point, did I make my point, I think I made it. Jesus had a degree of moral covering that the average person that maybe nobody has today, but we have a potential for that moral covering through that seed, if we will just give up our own ways and yield to the headship of that seed, and that seed, that holy seed, plus our humanity is being tutored and nourished and taught and trained by the glorified Jesus Christ who is the Keter of Atzilut. Jesus had Elijah within Him, we have Jesus from outside of us, but His agent is in us. To me that is so exciting, can you hear that?


Look brethren, no matter what your problem is, no matter what your sin is, well a sinner is a sinner, either you are sinner or your righteous and we are all sinners, but it is true that some sins call down a heavier judgment than other sins because the Scripture says what you sow you shall reap. Some people have harder lives than others because of inherited sin, usually if we are really deep sinners it is inherited sin.


No one is better than anyone else, but some people have a harder time of it than others, some people it takes longer than others, but Jesus is able, He is able, and everything is in His time and He has a plan, and we are advised to hold on and not give up faith, no matter how hard a time you are having, no matter how long you have been praying and you do not see victory, you are sick, you are not healed, whatever, do not give up and do not faint because He has a plan, and He sees you and He sees your efforts, and He sees your hope, and He sees your heart.


Do not judge what is happening in your life by your carnal mind, but have faith, do not give up faith, because He is perfect and He loves you and He knows what He is doing, but He is coming with judgment brethren, He is coming with judgment, and pride will not ascend in to the higher centers, we will not return to the garden of Eden, because that is where we are going. We are told in the book of the prophet Joel that we are going back to the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is ahead of us and everything is burnt up behind us, that is the prophet Joel said. Everything of this old life is burnt up behind us.


This is what I am saying, I am still on my notes, I do not believe that Jesus birthed the manchild, because the mature son of man is coming with judgment and Jesus did not bring judgment, Jesus Himself was being saved, that was the first stage of the emergence of Messiah, and now that one man is saved, He is able to save many, through the plan that Jehovah devised.


We see that Jesus was not fully saved until He came out of His body, and when He was doing miracles, He was doing signs and wonders, even when He was crucified He was, I still believe He was very spiritually ascended and I still believe He did not feel any pain on the cross, because He was spiritually ascended, but He was not fully saved, He was an example of what we will be experiencing.


I just want to take a minute about that pain consciousness. Those of us that are going on in God, sometimes we find that it can be emotionally painful, and my place of escape, I believe whether it is emotionally painful or physically painful, when we get to the point where we can literally immerse ourselves and this glorious word which is called the doctrine of Christ which is apostolic doctrine and that is what we have here, we are literally are translated in to another world, and we do not feel the pains of the flesh, emotional or physical. I know that it works with me emotionally to some degree it works physically, but not to the degree that I would like it to.


The other day a magazine came into my house and on the cover of the magazine it said, alternate methods for relief from pain. That caught my attention because I know there are a few people in this ministry that suffer from pain, so I opened the magazine and I said, Wow, maybe I am going to learn something, holistic methods to deal with pain. One was chiropractic, everything we knew about, but what I am focusing on today, is that it was talking about and I may have the wrong word here, this is my word, talking about a form of meditation that causes your mind to depart from your body. Somebody here may know that Watchman Nee had a testimony, he was in the Chinese prisons, and he was tortured almost every day, and one day he said to the Lord, I just cannot take it anymore. The next thing he knew, he astral projected out of his body and he was hovering above his body and he heard someone screaming and yelling and he looked down and it was him, they were torturing him and he was down there screaming and yelling and he did not feel a thing because he had astral projected above the body.


I believe something similar happened to Jesus, I do not believe He experienced the pain, I believe He was able to separate Himself from the pain of the flesh. That is what this, but of course it was occult, it was Buddhist and Hindu teaching that you meditate and there was actually a picture of how your mind should separate from the flesh. Brethren, the Lord taught me this a long time ago except that I do it in Christ Jesus.


As I told you I have not yet attained to the place where it helps with physical pain, although the Lord just sort of corrected me, I have two different experiences with emotional pain, and physical pain. With emotional pain, I completely leave it behind me when I am in a deep study, completely, it completely goes, and then as soon as I stop studying and I come back into this world, the emotional pain returns, I literally enter back into this world. With physical pain, it is different, I really am healed as I go into these deep studies, I am not always healed completely, but depending on what my problem is, I ask the Lord to help me, I pray over myself, and I proceed with my studies, and I am pretty much healed, healed of a lot of things.


It is not the same experience where I go into this meditation of studying the word, and the pain is gone, and when I stop studying the pain is back. That is how it works with my emotions. With my physical pain, I tend to be healed, as I petition God from this deep place, when I get into this deep study, and I say, By the way Lord, you know, this is still hurting me or that is still hurting me, and then I will lay hands on myself and rebuke it, and a lot of things have departed from me. It is a different procedure but I am telling you that the answer is ascending to the higher centers and the way you ascend to the higher centers that I know of, is through apostolic doctrine.


This is, it is a growth process, you cannot go being a grade one student of the Bible, and jumping into apostolic doctrine, for two days at a time like I can do. It has to be little by little, your capacity to be immersed because it is the baptism of fire. When I first started doing this twenty years ago, all I knew is I was following what the Lord told me to do, I would be tormented when I first started studying, I thought it was the witches covens down in Port Jefferson, I had to call for prayer four times during my six hours of average study for each message, I did not realize it was my own carnal mind, it was Cain in me, I guess that was tormented by the immersion of my mind into the study of the doctrine of Christ, Cain was being tormented.


There is a passing through, there is a passing over, you have to develop your ability to spend long periods of time in this word, but it helps to know that, that is your goal, that you are literally passing out of Egypt into the promised land, where there is peace and security all of the time. I certainly have not arrived yet, I still have too many problems here to say I have arrived, but at least I know when there is trouble in my life, I know where to run, and I run into this word, I run into this word, and when you are running from trouble, if you have trouble in your life and you run into this apostolic doctrine, miracles happen, when you ascend into the spiritual place that you have to be in to be studying this word, you are in a place that miracles go out from. When your presence is in the spiritual realm where miracles go out from, your are touched by those miracles or you at least stand the opportunity of being touched by those miracles.


Whatever you are doing, maybe it would work with your music, I do not know, whenever you go into a deep concentration where you are seeking God, do not forget to tell Him what you need when you are in that place, do not think that you just need to tell Him what you need when you come out of that place and you wake up and whatever your ritual or your routine is, I am not telling you not to do that anymore, but I am telling you, do not forget to ask Him or tell Him what you need, or ask Him for relief when you are in that place. It has been my experience that, that is where the miracles come from, that when you are in that deep spiritual place is when you ask.


Moving on, I am spending a lot of time on this because it is something relatively new and I hope that you are all grasping it, that Jesus of Nazareth was the first stage of the emergence of Messiah, and He was saved in His days. The second stage of the emergence of Messiah is Jesus’ appearance through His son because Christ Jesus, when that manchild is fully born in you, the manchild is the immature Christ Jesus, and the mature Christ Jesus is the full grown man of which the Lord Jesus is a part. When a human couple have a baby, the sperm of the man joins with the egg of the woman and becomes a new baby and the baby departs from the woman. In the spiritual world, the man joins with the woman, that is like saying the glorified Jesus is joining with the soul of the host which is us, He is the sperm and we are the egg and the baby that is born is Christ Jesus, but that man and the woman are still remain to be resident in that Christ Jesus, the Lord Jesus Christ will be in Christ Jesus.


In human reproduction, we do not see that, the new child is born and he becomes his own person and he separates, but in spiritual reproduction, the sperm or the father abides within the child for eternity. Everybody got that? When we have Christ Jesus sitting on the throne of our heart, the Lord Jesus is there also, He is not going to abide in us without His throne, okay. Christ Jesus has to be there for the Lord Jesus to abide in us permanently, and that is the goal that the Lord Jesus will abide in us permanently through Christ Jesus the only mediator between God and man.


I think I made my point, Jesus of Nazareth did not birth the manchild, because the manchild is the fruit of the seed of the glorified Jesus. Pastor Vitale how could you say that when Jesus said He was a son of God, He said, I am the son of God? My answer is that the Greek word Strong’s #5207, that is the word that means son, when Jesus said, I am the son of God, that word can also mean adopted son, adopted son, Jesus was an adopted son, Elijah joined himself to the mortal soul of Jesus and adopted Him, but Jesus never birthed the manchild.


In this generation we are birthing the manchild, two different types of sonship, one adopted and one natural born. I believe that when Jesus calls Himself son of Adam, that son of man, it usually means Adam, in the Old Testament it frequently means Adam, it is not clear in the New Testament. Jesus called Himself son of man or son of Adam, He meant that He was adopted by Elijah his father, I just told you that. That Greek word for son, was Strong’s 5207. We have another word translated man, it is Strong’s #444, and that word means man faced creature. I have thought for years now that, that word Strong’s #444 was talking about the fully mature Adam, so this was a surprise to me to find out that it does not mean that, it means man faced creature, i.e., a human being, and it could be a spiritually male or a spiritually female human being. I am still reading from my notes here.


Son of man means son of the man faced creature, the manchild however, is Strong’s #5207, son, natural born or adopted, plus another word that means male. We have two words, man, child, male child, and the one word means male and the other word means son, natural born or adopted, that is Strong’s #444, son of man, that is the manchild. The manchild is the son of the male. It appears that the man faced creature, Strong’s #444, may not be male, perhaps the female or mortal Adam. Remember there are two Adams, there is a male Adam and there is a female Adam.


Going all of the way back to Genesis, God put Adam in the garden twice, and the reason He put Adam in the garden twice is that there is a male Adam and a female Adam, but the two of them were one entity at the beginning of time. God created them, He said, Let us make man, Jehovah said, Let us make man in our image, and He created them male and female. At the time that Jehovah took Adam’s rib, that word translated rib really means side, and Jehovah took one of Adam’s sides and separated them, what He did was He separated the male and the female and made them into two entities. The reason that the female Adam had sinned and committed adultery with the snake and was pregnant with the snake’s offspring, which is Cain.


Jehovah separated the male and the female or the male Adam was a fallen with the female Adam. Brethren the Adam who fell was the female Adam, and the judgment for her disobedience was that she was separated from the male Adam who was her strength and her saviour, but I cannot get into that whole story now.


I believe for a long time that Jesus was female in the days of His flesh, which again is shocking to a lot of people but He said, He does not do anything without His Father telling Him to do it, and who was His Father, His Father was Elijah. The Spirit of Elijah that was within Him, that was who His Father was, Jesus was an adopted son, of Elijah, He was in complete submission to Elijah, just like we are supposed to be in complete submission to the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ through His son Christ Jesus.


When Jesus said that He was the son of man, He may have meant that He was the offspring or the mortal man of the man faced creature, and He was a son, because Christ in Him was on top of Cain. That was Thursdays’ message, and we will review Zechariah 9:9 and the alternate translation of it as we go along.


What made Jesus the lamb of God was that Abel in Him was awakened when Elijah touched Abel within the man Jesus of Nazareth, Abel awakened and He was strengthened by Elijah to ascend above Cain and mount Cain.


Previously Cain was mounted upon Abel, and I explained on Thursday, the connotation is very sexual, Abel is the male and Cain is the female, and I know that your Bible tells you that they were both brothers, but the Hebrew word translated brother, can be translated any relation, the translators drew an understanding or conclusion that they were two brothers, but spiritually speaking that is not the case, Abel was the priest, Abel was Jehovah’s priest, and Abel had authority over Cain, and Cain rose up and killed the authority over him, and took his position, Cain took her position of authority over Abel, and the Lord sees authority as a very sexual, spiritually sexual relationship. Everything is seen in terms of male and female, that is what I mean by spiritually sexual, every relationship is seen in terms of male and female by the Lord. The person in authority is male, the person that is under that authority is female and I call it changing spiritual sexual roles because you can be spiritually female to your boss at work and then come home and be spiritually male to your whole family. You can be a physical male who is spiritually female in relationship to your boss and then you go home and you are spiritually male to your wife and your children.


These spiritual roles change, these spiritual sexual roles change with ever relationship that we have. Sometimes they change even though you may have an overall authority over your wife for example if you are a man, a physical man, under certain circumstances you might have to give up that authority, in other words if you are really sick and you cannot make decisions your wife has to step in and take over, and then she becomes male and you become female until you recover.


We have to be continuously evaluating where we are in each relationship because if we do not evaluate where we are in the relationship, we will surely get into trouble by acting with authority when we do not have authority. If you act with authority when you do not have authority, it is because you have not accurately evaluated who you are in that interaction that you are having with that person at that time, now that you have a wrong idea in your mind of who you are, because you know, everybody knows, everyone that is listening to me at least knows, how you are supposed to act when the person that you are with has authority over you. If you do not act appropriately, it is because for some reason your pride has risen up and made you think that you have authority in that situation. You who are Christ are supposed to be policing and disciplining Cain in you who keeps wanting to rise up and take authority over Christ in you.


If you rise up and take inappropriate authority over someone who is in authority over you, before you can do that, Cain in you has to rise up and take authority over Christ in you and then Cain behaves inappropriately. Do you hear that? Did you hear that? For anybody to behave inappropriately with an authority, to take authority over an authority, before you can make that mistake, Cain in you has to rise up and take authority over Christ in you and then Cain behaves inappropriately, because Christ in you never behaves inappropriately. If ever you are admonished for behaving inappropriately, what it means is that Christ in you has failed to discipline Cain in yourself. If Christ within you disciplines Cain within yourself, you should never be admonished by an outside authority because Christ always behaves appropriately, it is only Cain that behaves inappropriately.


When Jesus said that He was the son of man, He may have meant that He was the offspring of mortal man, the man faced creature and He was a son because Christ in Him was on top of Cain, but Jesus was not the manchild, the offspring of the male Adam, the fruit of the marital union between Elijah and Christ in the female Adam. Jesus was the son of man, He was the offspring of the man faced creature, but He was not the manchild who is the offspring of the male Adam, the fruit, and the male Adam is the fruit of the marital union between Elijah and Christ.


Jesus was, there was a marital union between the spirit of Elijah and Christ or the immortal soul in Jesus, there was a marital union between the spirit of Elijah that incarnated with Jesus and Christ, the immortal soul of Jesus. The fruit of that marital union, I just had an interesting thought in my mind, the fruit of that marital union was the glorified Jesus who departed from the physical body, ascended to the Keter of Atzilut and can never die again, and He became the new creature. The fruit of that union was the new creature, Jesus said, I am the beginning of the creation of God. He was the new creature.


The manchild is the seed of the glorified Jesus, the manchild is the seed of the new creature. Do you hear this? Let me say it again. The spirit of Elijah that incarnated with Jesus married Abel, or the Christ within the man Jesus of Nazareth, and they became completely one soul and became the beginning of the creation of God, they became the new creature, the first full manifestation of the plan of God for the creation appeared at the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, that holy seed that was imparted to Abraham and then appeared in Isaac for the first time, had been traveling through humanity for all of these thousands of years, talk about complaining about a nine month pregnancy, for thousands of years humanity has been pregnant with the son of God. The first time, the first appearance of the born product called the creation of God appeared at the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.


He was the full manifestation of the seed that was imparted to Abraham. The holy seed that was imparted to Abraham has been gestating in mortal humanity for all of these thousands of years and that holy seed was born as a new creature, a hybrid of God and man, the first, was born first after all of these thousands of years of gestating out of the host of Jesus of Nazareth. That new creature, Jesus said I am just the beginning. We see with human babies, the whole baby is born, but if you want a whole family, you have to have many babies, and then you have your family and your tribe, but we see spiritually speaking a cell at a time is born, not a whole baby, and then you have many babies, but a cell at a time is born.


Down here in our world, we see a cell as a whole human being. Jesus of Nazareth was the first member of mortal humanity which is the host race in which the holy seed of God is gestating. Jesus of Nazareth was the first member of the host race in which the new born son of God appeared when He was resurrected. Got that?


I believe that the fly in the ointment that the stumbling block for Jews and Christians alike is this very concept, the pride of man keeps wanting to think that it is man that is ascending, that it is man that is maturing, that it is man that is going to be glorified, we are the host, it is the holy seed of God that is being born again out of human womb, and that creature that is born out of that human womb has human attributes that are being forced to the good side because of the righteousness of the seed of God that it is woven together with, and the evil potential of humanity is completely nullified under the power of the unified righteousness of the seed of God and the good side of the creature.


I also see in this teaching, I see where to start ministering to the Jews. When the Lord first starting bringing us into Kabbalah, I asked Him, Lord please show me in the Scripture, show me what the Jewish people need to hear to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and at the time I believed all of the church tradition.


I am teaching Kabbalah I think it is about five years now, and the Lord has been just stripping us of all of this church tradition and bringing us into the truth about Jesus and who He is, and what His experience was, and today I think for the first time I understand where the opening is when the Lord gives me the opportunity to speak to Jewish people, it would have to be educated Jewish people, most likely at some point, it would have to be highly educated, spiritually educated, educated in the Scripture Jewish people, I see the point of entrance, just now I see the point of entrance.


Listen, they, the Jew, the Bible believing Jew who has a deep understanding of the Scripture, they have a revelation of the second stage of the emergence of Messiah. They see a human being with great spiritual power with a mind powerful enough to effect the nation, that is the second stage of Messiah, they did not see the first stage of the emergence of Messiah, that He would be a natural man, and they did not see wow, this is just coming to me now, I am going to have really pray about this. They did not see Him coming like Jesus came, even though the Scripture says, He is coming lowly, or I mean on an ass and humble you know, they did not see that part, they only saw the second part. They saw the second part of Jeremiah 23, And in that day a righteous branch will stand up in Israel, and all of Judah will be saved.


That is what they saw, they did not see the beginning of it, they did not see he humble beginning of it. How could they have not seen the humble beginning of it, these men who pour, and there just were not very many women doing it in those days, I do not think women were allowed, so they were physical men, although lots of times when I talk about men, I mean both men and women, but in this case I think it was just men, they poured over those Scriptures day and night, day and night, night and day, day and night, how could they not see the first coming, especially with the alternate translation of Zechariah 9:9, how could they not see it? That is why Jesus said to them, How could you not see me?


How could not see me? Because their minds blocked it out, they did not want to see Messiah coming as humble and weak, well He was weak. Pastor Vitale how was He weak? He was weak when they crucified Him. You say, He let them do it. It still to the world was a manifestation of weakness, that they were able to crucify Him. It was the weakness of His flesh, because He was not fully Messiah yet, He was not fully mature Messiah until He was resurrected. That resurrected life which is the creation of God the full maturation of the seed that entered into the human race through Abraham was born, and now it is not the spirit of Elijah coming to us, but it is the new creature, sowing His seed in us, and that is all the Jews saw, that branch, that righteous branch, and all of Judah shall be saved.


They do not want to see the humble guy, they do not want to see that. I have to, something was coming to me as I started to preach, but I really have to pray about this and I see this really is the key. At some point when I am fully prepared, with wisdom and knowledge and only the Lord can decide that, there has to be a meeting between me and some Jewish leaders, at some point, it has to be, but it is not going to be until I have all of the information that I need to give them what they need to hear to believe this.


I do not think that the Jewish leaders you know reading the Scripture, I do not think they understood this mystery that even if they did see the first coming of Messiah, well they said there would be two Messiah, so even if they did see one as weak and humble and the other as that branch of righteousness, I do not know that they saw what we call the glorification, you know, but anyway, I have to pray about this, I am supposed to be preaching right now, so I do not want to hold you up.


It is very subtle, I want to tell you something, the Jews that are really seeking after God, really seeking Him, it is a simple little revelation that they need to hear, Jews that are studying Kabbalah and know the Scriptures like they know the back of their hand, there is just one little key that is missing, and I do not know that I have it yet, but it is coming and it is going to appear, that one little thing that they need to make the whole thing click in their mind and for salvation to start racing through the community of Jews that are truly chosen of God, all of Judah is not Judah, I hope you all know that.


Let us go on. I am still reading in my notes, Jesus was not the manchild, the offspring of the male Adam, the fruit of the marital union between Elijah and Christ. Jesus manifested the first stage of salvation, Abel was awakened and renamed Christ, Christ was married to Elijah and ascended above Cain through that union, and that is the definition of the lamb of God, Abel on top of Cain.


We found out on Thursday that Abel is always the lamb, he is always the lamb, but he is the lamb of God only when he is mounted on top of Cain in right moral order, when Cain is mounted on top of Abel, Abel becomes a lamb that looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon which read about in the book of Revelation and he is called the second beast. The Lord gave me a very interesting alternate translation of that Scripture over the weekend, today is Sunday, yesterday, when I was studying, and brethren stop to think about this, do lambs have horns, do lambs have horns?


Does a lamb have a horn? Lambs do not have horns, but rams do, but lambs do not have horns and the Scriptures say, and the second beast was liken to a lamb but he had two horns and he spoke like a dragon. He was lamb that had two horns and he spoke like a dragon. What is that all about, and I have the answer but I do not have it in my memory, so after the break I will bring out that alternate translation for you, so much revelation has been coming down, I do not have time to preach it to you all, I just do not, it is just incredible what is coming down.


Jesus was not born again, His spiritual parts had been restored to the right moral order, Abel was now on top of Cain but His spiritual part, Abel had not yet given birth. Abel and the Christ, I think at this point, they are really interchangeable, although I know I have told you otherwise, but I keep learning and you have to keep learning with me, Abel, the reason I said Abel and Christ were different, was because I was looking for a different name for the awakened Christ, so I said Abel is the dead Abel and when he is awakened, his name becomes Christ, but I now have learned that Abel is Christ, Christ means the anointed one, Abel is the anointed one of God and when he is under the dominion of Cain he is still the anointed one of God but he is fallen, and he is still a lamb, but he is fallen, but John recognized the lamb of God.


Jesus was not the lamb of God, John had a spiritual discernment that in the man Jesus, that Abel the lamb in the man Jesus was in his right moral order and he called him the lamb of God. There is the man, Abel is on top of Cain in that man, the lamb of God is in that man, that is what John was saying.


The church thinks that Jesus was the lamb of God because he was crucified, and we have other Scriptures that say, the lamb of God that was our Passover sacrificed for us, but it is not the way it is taught in the church because, I cannot re-preach that whole thing now, it is not the way it is taught in the church, Jesus was not crucified to satisfy Jehovah’s blood lust, and I have that on other messages, I just cannot do that again. Let me see what else I have for you.


The second stage of Salvation in the birth of the offspring of the male and his ascension to the throne of power, the ascension of the manchild to the throne of power. Revelation 12:5-6;



5. And she brought forth a manchild who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up to God and to His throne.

6. And the woman fled into the wilderness where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and three score days. KJV



We see the woman, the members of the host race, humanity, which is the womb of the spiritual seed of God had the baby. Jesus or the Christ within Jesus, gave birth to the creation of God and the seed, the male seed was Elijah, but the male seed that is impregnating us today is not the male seed of Elijah, it is the male seed of the creation of God that was already born. Do you hear that? The second generation, so those were the notes that I added to you and what I would like to do before we take our break is since I was talking about Zechariah 9:9, I would just like to read you this alternate translation because it is very exciting to me.


There is a lot of references missing in your notes because I really took this from the book that I am working on, this study came forth in the book that I was working on. Zechariah 9:9 in the King James translation reads;



9. Rejoice greatly O daughter of Zion, shout O daughter of Jerusalem, behold thy king cometh unto thee, he is just and having salvation, lowly and riding upon an ass and upon a colt, the foal of an ass. KJV



I did the research on that, and that phrase a colt, the foal of an ass, it is really talking about he that comes forth from the seed of the woman, that is really what it is talking about. I am reading from my notes again. It is prophesied that Messiah shall come twice, that He would come first, the Jewish literature says He would come first to the tribe of Joseph, who is sowed among the Gentiles and the second time to Judah.


That really confused me, because Jesus came, He was a Jew, and He came to Judah first. I could not understand that, but today I understand that even though Jesus was a Jew and born in Judah, the Jewish people really did not receive as a nation, there were some Jews who received this message, but if there were as few as were receiving the doctrine of Christ today, there were very few who received His message, and He was received by the Gentiles, and even though He went to Judah initially, He was rejected by the nation of Judah, so He went to the Gentiles first and then He will be going to the Jews the second time. The manifestation of Jesus that is going to the Jews is the manchild, He is going as what they expected Him to be, He is going to be revealed to the Jews in great power and wisdom.


The Jews are looking for a Messiah coming in wisdom and that is why they will never, the Jews that know the Scripture, they will never except the teaching in the church today because they know how wrong it is in their own Scripture and they understand that Messiah is coming with wisdom, so there is no way they could believe that the message in the church today could have been given by Messiah, which it has not been. The church today brethren is the body of people that emerged out of the experience of Jesus of Nazareth, they are in the process of being saved, just as Jesus of Nazareth was being saved in the days of His flesh. Of course every Christian is not a Christian, every Jew is not a Jew, but that is what is happening today, let me say that again, I do not think I made that clear, Jesus was the prophet of His generation, He came with a message and He came with an experience and He experienced that experience and now the whole church today is what grew out of Jesus of Nazareth’s experience.


Christ is coming again. I just got attacked in my mind. There is a second coming of Christ and there is a, there will be a generation of Christians and Jews, I do not know what will be called the Israel of God, there is a second generation coming that will have the opportunity to experience what the prophet of the second coming of Christ experiences. When Jesus was glorified, He ascended, He ascended and for all intents and purposes left the earth, He said, I must go, it is necessary that I must go, but the second generation of Christ, the prophet of the second generation of Christ, when that prophet stands up, they are not going to, He is not going to be taken from the earth, He is going to stay in the earth, He is going to be a powerful force in the earth because the whole earth has to be ameliorated, the church has to be purged of sin and all of the nations have to come into a peaceful coexistence.


Is that not the promise of Messiah? Somebody here, is that not, Peace on earth, good will to men right? The prophet of the second generation of Christ is not going to leave, He is going to stay in the earth. The reason Jesus said, I must leave, is because He knew that He was the first one to experience salvation, He was the beginning of the creation of God and it was His seed that would produce the Messiah that would come with the power to bring peace to the earth. Am I making any sense to you at all? There is another prophet that is going to stand up, in great power, a prophet was coming with wisdom.


I am not saying that Jesus did not have wisdom, but He clearly said to His disciples, it is given to you to know the mysteries but those without do not know the mysteries. The body of people that followed Jesus were not given the mysteries, they were given faith. They were given deliverance, they were given healing and deliverance and faith in coming fulfillment of the promises. The prophet of the second generation of Christ is coming with power to bring peace to the nations, Jesus did not come with peace to the nations, He brought war.


Look at the wars that have gone on since He, well of course there were wars beforehand but look at the wars of religion that have been fought since the resurrection. He did not bring peace and that is a major issue that the Jews cannot receive Him. There is more war that came out after His crucifixion than before. Messiah is supposed to bring peace, so the prophet of the second generation of Christ, which is the 42nd generation, Jesus was the 41st generation, for those of you that know that teaching, the prophet of the second generation of Christ is going to stay in the earth, He is not going to be taken away, He is going to be a man powerful enough with a mind powerful enough to bring peace to the whole world.


This prophet is going to have a body of believers that are going to emerge as a result of his ascension just like Jesus of Nazareth has a whole body of Christians, a whole Christian world that arose out of His ascension, are you all following me, I am going to say it again. Jesus of Nazareth was resurrected, crucified and resurrected and the result of that, or one of the results of it, was that a whole body of believers called Christians or Christianity arose on this planet because of the experience of Jesus of Nazareth, but nobody is perfect, we are all struggling, we have some power in our life. There is a second generation of Christ which is the 42nd generation, and that generation will have a prophet heading it up, just like Jesus of Nazareth headed up, was the prophet that headed up what is today known as modern Christianity. The prophet that is coming which will the head of the 42nd generation is going to be, is going to experience ascension, and is coming with wisdom and is going experience ascension in a manner that will bring peace to all of the nations, and there will be whole body of believers that will grow out of or as the result of this prophet’s ascension and they will experience I believe the fullness of salvation also, I believe. I really should not say that, I should stop right there because I do not know. Listen this is all new stuff, let me say it again.


Jesus of Nazareth was the first stage of the emergence of Messiah, and there was a result, every cause has an effect, there was a result, there was an effect of what happened to Jesus of Nazareth in the earth, and one of those effects was that Christianity came into existence and all of the benefits of Christianity, the whole western, the greatness of the western world is an outgrowth of Jesus resurrection. There is a second generation of Christ, and there will be a prophet just as Jesus was a prophet to the first generation, Jesus was the prophet of Christianity today, there is another prophet arising who will bring peace to the whole world, that prophet’s ascension or the rise of that prophet, the second generation of Christ, will bring peace to the whole world through the power of that man’s mind through his, and of course it will not be the man, it is going to be seed in him, it is going to be glorified Jesus Christ living through that man, that is going to bring the power to bring peace to the nations of this world, and there will be an outcome or an outgrowth of this man, Messiah, of his ascension, it will still be Jesus, but it will not be Jesus of Nazareth, it is going to be the glorified Jesus, it is going to appear in a new person, in a new body, and that person is going to become great and extremely wise and have the spiritual power of righteousness and wisdom to bring peace to the whole world and one of the results of his ascension to the place where He does all of this, is that a body of believers will emerge, that will experience the fruit of his ascension, and the fruit of Jesus’ ascension was the greatness of the western world and everything that we have here, and there will be a body of Christians and Jews that will experience the fruit of the ascension or the completion or whatever the right word is that is going to happen to the prophet of the second generation of Christ.


There will be a body of believers that will emerge as a result of it, that will experience His glory and it has to be, my understanding is that the way this body of believers is going to experience that glory, is that it has to be greater because the second house is going to be greater than the first house. The glory of the first house is the glory of western civilization. Do you hear that?


I am excited, is anybody excited here? I am absolutely excited, and I was telling, well I was telling Xxxx and Xxxx before we started that I saw a movie last night that really impacted me, it was an incredible movie and they had scenes through the whole movie of northern Africa, which supposedly took place after World War 2, but I do not think it has changed very much these days from what I understand, and northern Africa at least according to this movie was Muslim, and they were Africans, but it was how the quality of their life, and I was so grateful that I am born in this country.


The one thing that struck me was that there seemed to be no privacy there at all, it was all tribal living. Nobody would ever have their own apartment, even I was a kid, it was like unheard of that a single person would have their own apartment. By the time I was in my twenties I had my own apartment so things were changing already but it was unheard of after World War 2, that you would have your own apartment, everything was tribal living, there was no privacy and it shows you the people in the streets and how they live and how they have to get food, and we are living like kings here in this country. We live like kings and queens.


It is unbelievable the people that are complaining living in a country like this.


Anyway, this nation and the western world is what arose out of Jesus’ resurrection, and we are going to see something at least twice as great arising out of the ascension of the second appearance of Messiah which is the glorified Jesus Christ, the creation of God appearing in a host human being, but joined to the soul of that human being in a spiritual marriage. What you are going to see when Messiah appears in full power, you are going to see a human being speaking with a human voice and languages, but He will really be just the shell of the inner man who will be the offspring of the glorified Jesus Christ and immortal soul of that man.


The second appearing of Jesus Christ is in a different physical person, it is not going to be Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nazareth does not exist anymore. There is going to be one prophet, just like Jesus was the prophet and the Christian world emerged, there is going to be a prophet of the second age of Christ and a whole new world is going to emerge. This world that exists now is going to continue to deteriorate and crisis, because the old has to come down so that the new can arise. The admonition of Jesus is to flee to the higher centers where we will be safe as this transition takes place. Are there any questions, we are going to take our break now, are there any questions or comments?


COMMENT:  When the apostles asked Jesus, they said, Could you teach us how to pray, so Jesus said, Our Father who art in heaven and so on, so at that time was Jesus saying that, who did you say was His Father, Elijah? Was He praying to Elijah or to Jehovah Father?


PASTOR VITALE:  That is a very good question. I do not know the answer. I know that today our Father is Jesus, the glorified Jesus Christ, He is our Father today, and that is a very good question, if Elijah was Jesus’ Father, I am just guessing now but I think the answer is Elijah, but no, no, that would not be right, well the question is who was Elijah, you know, the question is, who was Elijah? I do not know, I am going to have to really pray about that. If I hear an answer I will tell you, that is a very good question Xxxx. Our Father who art in heaven, very interesting, I do not know the answer. If the Lord tells me I will tell you. We are going to take our break now.


Here is that alternate translation on Revelation 13:11;



11. And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and he spake like a dragon. KJV



Lambs do not have horns. I looked the verse up in the Interlinear Text, and this is what I got out of it, now that we know that Abel is the second beast, Abel is the lamb that under the authority of Cain. When you are under the authority of Cain, you are also under the authority of Leviathan and Satan and the whole household of the Serpent. You become a beast. Even though you may be a son of God, even though you may be a Christian, or an observant Jew, somebody who is honoring the God of the Bible, even though you do that, even though you have bumper stickers on your car and read the Bible, and go to church and take communion, and cast out demons and heal the sick and give out tracts and do all of these things, if your mind brethren, God is all about mind, if your mind is nailed under the dominion of Cain in you, which puts you under the dominion of Satan and Leviathan, you are still a lamb but you are not the lamb of God, and the Bible says you are a beast, it says you are an expression of the bestial mind.


There is all different degrees of the bestial mind, it does not mean you are a serial killer, but at the very least it means that you are not speaking the words of God, and you are not manifesting the nature, the will, or the thought process of God, and brethren, salvation is of the mind. There is no way your spirit or soul or however you want to look at it, is going to be saved and your mind is not saved. Of course it all depends on your definition of salvation.


If your hope is to ascend in power, or your hope is to ascend because of safety, or your hope is to ascend to get a healing, or whatever your hope is, if you are seeking God for your hope on any kind of permanent change in your life, you cannot expect it when you’re thinking the thoughts of Cain and you are speaking the thoughts of Cain and you are manifesting the attributes of Cain.


You might get a miracle as an act of mercy, but if you heal, we had many people when I was in the Pentecostal church, that were healed of one disease and they got something else, but the bottom line is you die anyway.


We should all be hoping for and seeking immortality, that is the promise of the Scripture, immortality, deliverance from sin, the destruction of sin which we read about in Daniel 9:24, we spent some time on that, no more sin.


The promise is the destruction of the sin nature, the promise is the death of death. Do we not read about that in the Scripture, the death of death is prophesied. In order for death to be destroyed the sin nature has to be destroyed, because death is the product of the sin nature. You cannot have no more death and continue in sin, it is not possible, death is the product of sin, so the destruction of the sin nature is the death of death.


If we are founded on the sin nature, which we are, every human being born of a woman comes into this world with a sin nature. Sin is going to be destroyed, so that death can be destroyed, well what happens to us, we will be destroyed unless our new nature is appearing in us. The righteous God who said, I will not strive with man forever, the day will come that I will put an end to sin and everyone manifesting the sin nature will cease to exist, which means the whole world, all of humanity. That righteous God who said, I will not do that, I will not strive with man anymore, much longer, that is what Jehovah said, I am going to put an end to sin, that same righteous God said, I will always make a way of escape for you, I will always make a way of escape. I am about to destroy sin and you are sin, and I am sin, we are sin brethren, that is why we die, we are sin.


Our foundation is sin, our nature is sin, and we are about to be destroyed by a righteous holy God, and He said, I will make a way of escape for you, I will give you the opportunity to be adopted by my righteousness, but you cannot be adopted and stay the way you are.


If you are going to be adopted by my righteousness, and come into the kingdom of life, so that you survive when the kingdom of death is destroyed, you have to give up the ways of the kingdom of death and embrace the ways of the kingdom of life. That is what is happening today brethren, we are at the end of the age, and the end of sin is approaching because it is time for the kingdom of God to appear in the earth and the kingdom of God is associated with righteousness, and righteousness is associated with life.


To have life and death coexisting is a contradiction. One must decrease and the other must increase, one must die and the other must live and it will be the life of the Lord Jesus Christ that will prevail. That is the truth. Anyway, here is our translation since lambs do not have horns. We know that Abel is the lamb, and that Abel becomes a beast, we are what we think brethren, we are not what we wear, we are not what we look like, we are not the color of our skin, we are what we do, but only because what we do is an outgrowth of what we think.


We are what we think, that is what we are, what we think. When the lamb is underneath the domination of the household of the Serpent and he is acting like a Serpent, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a lamb acting like a duck I guess. (Chuckle). The Lord is saying, Well you are still my lamb, but you sure are looking like a duck and quacking like a duck, and you are sounding like a Serpent!


For years I have been preaching to you all that, now I hope you all understand that there is an ongoing revelation here and when the Lord corrects me, you have to role with the punches, and this is not called doctrinal error, this is just called understanding with a greater accuracy, there is no foundational principle that I am teaching that I know of that is an error, but the Lord is continuously sorting out and fine tuning the revelation here.


For years I have been telling you that the fiery serpent is Cain and Abel, with Cain on top, and then for a while I was telling you, at the beginning of my ministry I was telling you that the fiery serpent is Cain and Abel.


Then I understood that the fiery serpent was Cain and Abel with Cain on top, and then I understood that when Abel comes on top, the fiery serpent is now called Christ, that is what I told you because I did not have the right names. Today I understand that Abel is the lamb whether he is under Cain or on top of Cain, he is either a holy lamb or an unholy lamb, but he is a lamb, and so following along that, I found out the other day that the fiery serpent is not Cain and Abel. The fiery serpent is Cain, the fiery serpent is Cain and the lamb is Abel, Cain is a fiery serpent because he is the offspring of the snake and the female Adam.


Abel is the offspring of the female Adam and the male Adam. The fiery serpent is not a dual entity although, I do believe that they are joined, that serpent and that lamb, they are joined, they are like twins and we have that phenomenon in our society, twins can be born from two different eggs of the woman or twins can be born from one egg and two sperms penetrating the egg.


We see that there were two sperms here, and the female Adam gave birth, I do not know whether she had two eggs or one egg, I honestly do not know at this point, but we see that two sperms entered into the woman, the sperm of her husband the male Adam, and the sperm of the serpent, who she committed spiritual adultery with, she agreed with the Serpent in her mind, that is what spiritual adultery is. Two different seeds entered into her, and she conceived two offspring, and the first one that she conceived was Cain, so we see that she spiritually copulated with the Serpent before Adam, so there is even more to be learned there but I do not have the answer, and that is not our message for today anyway.


This is what I found out, that the fiery serpent is Cain, and actually I had a whole little study on it that I was not planning on giving you today because it is not today’s message and I do not have those notes in front of me, so I am not going to go on with it, maybe in the future sometime, I just wanted to share this alternate translation with you.



11. And I saw Abel rising from under Cain’s earth by the compound power of Satan and Leviathan. AT



Brethren, the two horns that the lamb has, are Satan and Leviathan. This is the lamb under the domination of Cain, Satan and Leviathan, so the lamb has horns, Satan and Leviathan. You are supposed to be a lamb Abel, why are you manifesting the nature and the powers of Satan and Leviathan. Brethren do we not have a whole church world manifesting Leviathan, pride, and witchcraft, Satan? We are dealing with someone right now who has brought a great revelation to the ministry and really enhanced me and increased me and I am finding out that he is just loaded with witchcraft and pride, almost to the point that it is impossible to deal with him. He is a lamb that has two horns.



11. And I saw Abel rising from under Cain’s earth by the compound power of the two horns of Satan and Leviathan, and he appeared to be Abel, the lamb of God, but he spoke as though he were Cain the dragon, the child of the snake. AT



If you look in the alternate translation, it does not, the word says a dragon, it is not talking about THE dragon, like the dragon that we read about, I think in chapter 20 of the book of Revelation. It is talking about A dragon.



11. I saw Abel rising from under Cain’s earth by the power of Satan and Leviathan... AT



He was not coming up by the power of God.


...he appeared to be Abel the lamb of God but he spoke as though he were Cain, a dragon that is the child of the snake. AT


Brethren, we see that in this country today. All of the country and in the whole western world, is filled with people saying things that make them sound like they are compassionate, but if you listen to their words, their counsel is not of God, and they are talking about being compassionate and saving the world and helping everybody, but the truth is that it is Leviathan doing this, so we see the second beast rising. All of this goodness, but rising into a full stature of goodness that is going to bankrupt the country, and the whole western world is collapsing under it. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you, that alternate translation.


We have a half an hour today so let us go on. I am starting to read from your notes, that I gave on Thursday which is, the notes say part 2 of The Paschal Lamb, but this is part 3, and we are reading Zechariah 9:9;



9. Rejoice greatly O daughter of Zion, shout O daughter of Jerusalem, Behold, thy king cometh unto thee, He is just in having salvation, lowly and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt, the foal of an ass. KJV



There is the two comings, the first appearance of the Messiah, of the emergence of Messiah, He is coming lowly, humble with no power, and riding on a male ass, well the male ass was the human being, Jesus of Nazareth, and Messiah in this instance, I would have to say it was Elijah. Then He comes a second time on a colt the foal of an ass, and that is the manchild that is being born in the second generation of Christ. Elijah, remember, we do not have any record of all of his being born, so he appears to be a spiritual aspect of God, that has no natural birth. Of course Messiah, what does Messiah mean? Messiah is the human being that is so imbued with the life of God that He becomes a savior again. The life, the salvation, the power, everything that is to our benefit is coming from the seed of God. That seed of God is joining with a human man, with a human person.


Messiah is the member of the host race that the holy seed of God is maturing in and marrying. We are told in the book of Genesis that the sons of God saw the daughters of men and took as many wives as they so chose. What do you think that meant? It meant the same thing that I am talking to you about except it was not the holy seed of God, it was the holy seed of the Serpent. Brethren, who is the holy seed of God? The holy seed of God is Abel, and who is the unholy seed of the snake? Cain. The sons of God who, now listen if, listen, the woman she was the female Adam, the woman that sinned was the female Adam, and Adam is the son of God, both the female Adam and the male Adam, they are both the son of God, so Cain is born of the female Adam and the Serpent, and the female Adam is the son of God.


Pastor Vitale How could a female Adam be a son? Brethren that word son, it really means seed, the foundation stone of the creation that God is making, and we are saying one is female and one is male, one Adam is female and one Adam is male, because one is in submission to the other, one has authority and the other is in submission to that authority. That is what the male and female means, they were not having sex like human beings have sex. Spiritual sexuality has to do with authority issues.


It was the female Adam that sinned, that was why Jehovah separated, that was why Jehovah put Adam to sleep, and took half of him, he took one of his ribs, that Hebrew word means side, I mentioned that earlier before the break, Jehovah separated the female from the male side so that the male side did not corrupt from the fall of the female, but they were both the son of God, Adam the son of God, the two were one, the male and the female Adam were one entity before Jehovah separated them. Adam is the son of God, that means the female Adam is at least a part of the son of God, she is for reproduction purposes, she has the seed of God in her. Does anybody have a problem with that?


The female Adam who is the son of God copulated with the snake and produced Cain, so Cain is a son of God. That is why Satan was able to appear with the sons of God in the book of Job chapter 1, it says the sons of God were communing with Jehovah and Satan appeared. What are you doing here, Satan is just a manifestation of Cain on a different level of authority, the name changes that is all. That is what happened. There was supposed to be only one seed born, but there were two seeds born because of the woman’s adultery.


In our case today, the son of God, Abel the son of God, the lamb of God, is joining with, the lamb of God in your and me, Abel in your and me is being married by the glorified Jesus Christ, and whoever that happens to after the marriage when the complete potential of that marriage is manifested, that person is going to be a mighty man of old with great spiritual power.


The prophet of the 42nd generation will just be the first person to stand up in that kind of power. The same thing happened back in Genesis only it was the seed of Cain. The sons of God of Cain. They had spiritual sexual intercourse with Abel in the human race at that time, and that human being became a mighty man, but an evil mighty man. They became evil. Brethren, why do you think the Lord brought the flood?


He wiped them out because they became evil. The human race, at the time that the Scripture is talking about that the sons of God looked upon the daughters of men who found them fair, were talking about some manifestation of the line of Cain, having spiritual sexual intercourse with or marrying the members of the human race at that time, and the result of that marriage between Cain or whatever level he would manifest, probably it would be a different name.


I seem to be going off of my notes today, let me just follow this through. We know that there are two households now, the household of God and the household of the Serpent who sometimes I call the snake, so in the same manner that the Lord Jesus is now seeking to marry Abel in us, some member, some high ranking member of the Serpent’s household, let us say the same snake that seduced the female Adam came and had spiritual sexual intercourse with Cain in the human race and produced mighty men of old. I am not sure about that, did they come and have intercourse with Cain or did they come and have intercourse with Abel?


Anyway, that is my principle, I have to pray that through, that is the principle that I am trying to tell you about. These mighty men of old were human beings who had spiritually, a spiritually mature inner man arise in them, only the spiritual mature man that rose in them was not the son of righteousness. If the Scripture talks about a son of righteousness there has to be a son of unrighteousness. Brethren this is what happened with the Philistines. Those Philistines were so evil and they were mature in spiritual power on the evil side, that the Lord sent Israel to wipe them out.


We are so jaded in this country, I do not know much about other countries of the world, I know America, we are so jaded in this country, we do not know what real evil is. The average person does not know what real evil is, because it has been so crushed all of these years because the Lord Jesus Christ has been our cover.


John talks about two resurrections, the resurrection of the damned one, and the resurrection of the living one. Abel is going to be fully resurrected in full spiritual power, the lamb of God in full spiritual power, and Cain is going to be resurrected in full spiritual power. Brethren, the conflict that is described early in the book of Genesis as Cain and Abel talking in the field, and Cain and Abel were talking in the field and Cain rose up and slew his brother, that is going to be played out down here in Asiyah, it is going to be played out on two levels, it is going to be played out within the individual, Cain and Abel within ourselves right now, if you are in this warfare, Cain and Abel within yourself are struggling right now over who is going to control your mind, and thus your actions and your body. When Abel takes the victory in you personally, you will find yourself up against other human beings who are manifesting Cain, who are trying to take Abel in you out. If Cain within you could not take Abel within you out, and Christ is prevailing in you, Satan the mother of the Serpent’s kids, is going to raise up other human beings in whom Cain is prevailing over Abel, to try to bring you down, because you have become a manifestation of Abel, because Abel is prevailing in you over Cain.


Brethren, I have to tell you I am very excited because I have not been under an anointing like this in a long time, those of you who have been with me for a long time, you know that there were many messages where the anointing would fall so powerfully that I could not keep my eyes open, and for years, I would pray and say, Lord I do not understand how I am supposed to preach when I am passing out in the spirit, but I managed to preach anyway, and right now my eyes are half closed, this has not happened to me in a very long time, I believe it is because of the revelation that came forth earlier today, this revelation about the lamb of God and about the second generation of Christ.


In any event, I am going to try to go on with my notes, if I cannot, we will see what we will do, I do not usually like to stop early. I really do not feel to go on, are there any questions or comments? No. Okay, let me look at my notes. We were talking about Zechariah 9:9, it is prophesied that Messiah shall come twice, first to the tribe of Joseph who is sowed among the Gentiles, and the second time to Judah. Messiah shall appear to Joseph as a man who overcomes and dominates his sin nature.


That is us, the Christian world is Joseph, and Messiah has appeared to us as a man who overcomes and dominates his sin nature, that is what happened with Jesus of Nazareth. The phrase riding on an ass expresses this truth, the ass representing mortal man’s sin nature. Talking about Messiah. We are going to speak about Elijah a little bit here, Elijah was reborn in the man Jesus of Nazareth, and married Christ in Jesus of Nazareth, who became the lamb of God.


Elijah was reborn in the man Jesus of Nazareth or he was reincarnated in the man Jesus of Nazareth and he married the Christ or Abel in Jesus of Nazareth and as I told you earlier empowered that Christ to rise above Cain, and mount Cain and become the lamb of God. I am going to skip forward brethren, let me just read you the alternate translation. Let us go forward to page 3 and I am going to read you the alternate translation of Zechariah 9:9, and there is a mistake in your notes, I put a bracket in the wrong place.


Let me read it to you first. Abel, daughter of Jerusalem, you should rejoice with great shouts... That word rejoice, I looked it up, and it can be translated to rejoice or it can be translated to very frightened. Your Messiah is coming brethren and Abel in you need to be rejoicing, but Cain in you should be very frightened, because when Messiah comes to you, when He arises in you, He is going to strike Cain with a deadly blow.


The Hebrew word describing that does not indicate that Cain will die, Cain is not going to die. Satan is going to die, cease to exist to everything she is, Leviathan is going to die, is going to be consumed by Christ Jesus, but Cain is going to be adopted, Cain cannot be separated from Abel, they are twins and they cannot be separated, but Cain is going to be adopted. Christ Jesus is coming to smite Cain with a deadly blow, a blow that is strong enough to break her witchcraft power, because Cain is female, a blow deadly enough to break her witchcraft power, and to bring her into submission to Abel, the lamb of God, and who is joined to the whole family of God. Christ is a title, Christ means the anointed one of God and it is a title, Abel is a personal name, just like I said, Christ Jesus is the mature manchild, and Michael is His personal name. As this revelation is coming forth, it appears that Christ and Abel have become interchangeable. They have become interchangeable, and we now know that Abel is the lamb and either he is a lamb that is acting like a beast or he is the lamb of God. Here is the alternate translation.



9. Abel, daughter of spiritual Jerusalem, you should rejoice with great shouts of joy. Look, your king is coming to you mounted upon Cain, the eunuch who guards Abel the seed of the woman. He is afflicted and refuses to retaliate against his persecutors because he himself is in the process of being justified and saved, but he will come a second time as Michael, the offspring of Elijah and the lamb. AT



As I hope you know the text within the brackets are my amplifications and let me tell you where that bracket is in the wrong place. Where it says Cain the eunuch who guards, I put the bracket after who, but I think it should go after guards, the word guards, and I will tell you how I got that. Look, your king is coming to you mounted upon Abel, the seed of the woman. We know, we have been studying here for years, we have been bringing forth the doctrine of Christ for years. I was working on the website for the last couple of days creating titles for every transcript and I was just amazed, I said, Lord, would you look at this, would you look at all of the work that we have done here and about, well the ministry is about 20, or 21 years old, look at the work we have done, look at the teachings we have brought forth, and of course all of the messages are not transcribed, it is incredible what we did here.


One of the spiritual principles that came forth here is that Cain is a eunuch and also Leviathan is a eunuch, the definition of eunuch being barren. I always thought that being a eunuch meant that you could not function sexually, you know that the male organ was removed or at the testes were removed and that the man could not function as a man sexually, but apparently there is another definition of eunuch, and that definition is that, the man can function sexually but he has no, his seed is not able to impregnate a woman, he can engage in the act but he cannot impregnate the woman.


This is the definition of eunuch, that the Scripture uses concerning Leviathan, and concerning Cain and concerning the whole household of the Serpent. The Serpent is functioning as a spiritual male but does not have the power to bring forth a manchild. This is what is so great about the coming birth of the male child. They had all of these thousands of years that our race has existed, the spiritual power that has generated the human race in its fallen condition which is the Serpent, has not been able to produce a male.


Every offspring is spiritual female, so it is only now that the household of God in the person of Elijah who has come to bring the seed of God has been able to produce a male child. The Serpent has been able to reproduce us, but has not been able to bring eternal life or peace. We have an imperfect world, formed by a false male, and of course this could not happen in the real world, the Serpent was able to bring human beings into existence but we are all spiritual female and that is because a female cannot bring forth a male.


A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit and an evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit by their fruit you shall know them. The whole humanity has been in war almost since its inception, we die and we have been in war, and those are the signs of female weakness, those are the signs of spiritual weakness.


The male spiritual strength of the Lord Jesus Christ produces eternal life and peace. The Serpent has utterly failed to do this, in all of this time. I was explaining to you how I got the word eunuch in this alternate translation. One of the principles that the Lord taught us was the principle of the eunuch that the whole Serpent’s household is a eunuch from this point of view, that it cannot produce a male offspring, and that Cain in particular is the eunuch that guards because Cain is the one that is so close to Abel, it is Cain’s job to guard Abel and prevent him from receiving the seed of God, because Abel is the one that is going to produce the offspring of God.


We brought this forth in multiple messages, I think basically around the time that we were studying Samson and Delilah if I am not mistaken. Having this spiritual principle in my spiritual database, in my bank, in my data bank, I recognize that when I saw these words in the alternate translation, that He is just is saving Himself and has mounted, that word mounted is an alternate translation of one of the words, one of the Hebrew words of that verse.


He is just in saving Himself and mounted, and in the next phrase is the seed of the woman, and we know that Abel is the seed of the woman. I knew that it had to be Cain, that the one that he is mounted upon is Cain and that Cain is the eunuch that is given to each of us to prevent Abel in us from receiving the word of God which is the seed of Gold and obviously Cain is doing very well because so few people today can receive this word of God for what it is, it is the message, the doctrine of Christ, this apostolic doctrine which is the message associated with the age to come. You cannot enter into the age to come while you are rejecting the message associated with that age, because it is the wisdom of that message that will translate you into that age. We see that Cain is successfully, is a very successful eunuch in the church today covering over any potential, covering over Abel which is the potential to think with the mind of God. In the age to come, we will see that as Messiah appears, as Christ Jesus, the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ rises in his people, in the prophet of that age and in the sons of that age, that their mind will be ascending to a high enough place to overcome Cain who is overshadowing Abel and all of the people who are called to ascend into Christ Jesus.


The virile seed of the glorified Jesus Christ will be penetrating everyone in the church and in Judah, and Israel, whoever Israel is, that are called to give birth to the manchild. This is what we are waiting for today, we are waiting for the prophet of the age to ascend on the basis of wisdom and knowledge, to a place of power where the seed that is coming forth, the seed of the age to come, will be able to overcome Cain the eunuch that is guarding Abel in all of the members of the church and stopping them from receiving and understanding that this word is of God. Am I making any sense? Are you having trouble following me? Okay.


Anyway, I am going to read this one more time and I think we are just going to stop today. Abel, daughter of spiritual Jerusalem, you know you should be rejoicing with greats shouts of joy, but Cain should be terrified, because look, your king is coming to you, He is just and saving Himself, He is in the process of being saved, and He is mounted upon Cain within Himself, Cain, the eunuch who guards Abel, the seed of the woman.


Messiah within Himself, now this was talking about Jesus, okay, within Himself, Abel had risen above Cain, and was mounted upon Cain that eunuch who was stopping Abel from receiving the seed, the male seed, but He is afflicted because He refuses to retaliate against His persecutors, and we know that is true of Jesus, and He will come a second time as Michael, the manchild, the offspring of the glorified Jesus Christ. I cannot say that, my alternate translation which is going in you know, which may be going to the Jews, I cannot say the Lord Jesus Christ, because that name is not in the Old Testament, so I said, Elijah, and He will come the second time as Michael, the offspring of Elijah and the lamb.


That is not exactly true, I do not know how, the Lord will have to tell me how to express that in Old Testament terms. Like I said, I do not know that the Jewish Rabbis have that revelation. It is so interesting, the Rabbis, they know about what Jesus is doing, Jesus is reincarnating by Ibur, they know all about it.


They have book written on it, I have books in my library about how what they call holy souls come and incarnate in existing human beings, either to help that person or because the person incarnating wants to have some experience in the flesh, and they come, they can incarnate, and they can leave whenever they want. What I did not mention earlier, was that a gilgul reincarnation which is from birth, the soul that reincarnates in a human being from birth, cannot leave at will, well this is what they say anyway. If that soul that reincarnates from birth, he is there for the duration.


I see, so far I found in the Scripture the teaching of Jesus’ experience that he came saving Himself, I find in the Scripture that branch that is going to come out in save Judah, the powerful second manifestation of Messiah, but I have not yet found in the Scripture where I could actually show it to them, that the first appearance of Messiah, is going to be, you know they know all about glorification, the Rabbis, they know that all about glorification. What happened to Jesus is not a surprise to them. Elijah was glorified, they know all about it, that Elijah was glorified, right? And they know, I am sure they know that Elijah can reincarnate by Ibur anytime that he wants. What is different, what happened with Jesus that they do not know about?


And what I am thinking and I may be wrong, is that they do not have the revelation that yes, Elijah can reincarnate in a human being making that man Messiah, but that union, that spiritual marriage that is going to birth a new creature, the hybrid of God in man, the creation of God, I do not believe that they have that revelation.


I have not found it in the Scripture yet, but I think that we are getting very close and brethren, as soon as the Lord reveals that, that the message is going to go over to Israel. I do not have it yet, I do not have it yet. They have all of the pieces, they have all of the pieces, they know about Messiah, they know about the two comings, they know about reincarnation, they know all of this stuff, but I believe what they are lacking is this understanding of the seed, that it is not the man, it is not the human being, it is the holy seed of the life of God, and that the human being is a host, that they do not have I believe, and that, you cannot receive that teaching if your pride is up, if your pride wants to believe that it is you, and that you have this opportunity to ascend and become a son of God. That pride is going to resist you in the form of Cain acting as a eunuch, is going to be covering over Abel in you, Abel your potential to understand this, it is not you, okay, but that it is Christ in you, and that there will be a marriage between Christ in you and the Father, and that we, actually our humanity which is really Cain, is becoming an outer shell.


That sounds terrible except it is not going to be terrible because our consciousness will be transferred to the inner man which is Christ our righteousness, but everything in us which is not righteousness becoming the outer shell of the new man, and our consciousness is being adopted, we are being adopted.


We are going to migrate into the new man. There is nothing to be afraid of or nothing to reject, only that what people have a problem with is that we have to give up the aspects of this present life and embrace the new life which is in Christ Jesus. Well Pastor Vitale what is the new life, what are you talking about?


I do not know what the whole new life is but I know the aspects of it that I see today is this wisdom of God and in order to understand this wisdom of God, you have to submit yourself to the study of His word.


That is what I see today, the study of this apostolic doctrine and at some point it has to become more important to you than reading a couple of Scriptures a day, and again I am not criticizing anybody, I am telling you what the future holds, as you follow the Lord Jesus, His word, which He is, the word is going to become all-consuming to you and more important than the things of this world, and when He starts to mature in you to that degree, that He is drawing you to spend more and more time in His word, now here is your opportunity, either you are going to let go of the things of this world, or you are going to resist Him.


A message like this is preparing you to not resist Him, because if you resist him there has to be explosion, you cannot be pulled in two directions. It all depends, if He is in you, if He is grafted to you and this is the time and the hour for Him to mature, He is going to be influencing you to spend more and more time with the things of God, and if you are not willing to let go of the things of this world, there is going to be tribulation in your life.


Anyway, this message turned into a spontaneous message today, I really did not preach much on the, anyway I guess I will just leave it, the lamb of God part. Any questions or comments before we close?


COMMENT:  Sheila, you were saying that there was one little part that is missing for the Jewish Rabbis or high intellects, I believe when that comes that is going to be a capstone.


PASTOR VITALE:  What Xxxx is talking about is this new term, which is a relatively new term for us here called this capstone message that we receive this revelation from somebody else, brethren, this is what the Lord told me the capstone message is, and I really just understood this last Wednesday for the first time, pretty much what God has been doing. Let me say this first, there is a primary message for each age, and that message is too great for one person to bring forth in a, whatever they are giving an amount of time, so the Lord breaks it up.


He gave Bill Britton and George Warnock sonship, and He gave whoever, I do not want to name any names, and there is deliverance and there is faith, and there is the kingdom message, and all of the different aspects, there is repentance, there is all different aspects of the message of God that is being taught for this past two thousand years, morality. You know the early church fathers were very strong on morality, and ethics.


All of these teachings have to come together and be preached under one cover, and I believe that, that cover is the doctrine of Christ, and that, that is going to the capstone message that contains all of the messages that we have heard in our lifetime and have been taught for two thousand years, and then there is going to be something added to it that is going to make it the message for the age to come.


What we have in this ministry is this teaching about the carnal mind and how to overcome the carnal mind, that is what we have been teaching here, and I came here with already a background that I learned from other people of faith and deliverance and healing and sonship and I came with a lot of background that I had learned from other people, and the Lord built on that and gave us the message here of how to enter into the new age, and the message of the carnal mind and how to overcome it, and now the Lord sent a man into my life that enhanced me with a message that the Lord had given him.


All of these revelations are being accumulated here and when we get all of the pieces together so that it is the fullness of the message of the age to come, then the Rabbis will be able to understand it and that is what Xxxx is talking about, so I think there is still something missing here, I do not have it yet, but the Lord seems to be accumulating all of this knowledge here, so it looks like the capstone message is here and every person called by God to bring forth his aspect of the message played a very valuable role, but the Lord seems to be accumulating it all here, and who knows maybe this last piece of information will come from somebody else, maybe it will come directly to me, I do not know, but when the whole message is put together, it will be called the message that will cap the end of this age and be the beginning of the next age.


I think that we have a lot of information here and some of us here have already started walking into the kingdom, what does that mean? We started living out of the mind of Christ, but we do not have the message that will convert the Jews, I do not believe I have it yet, but I think it is coming, I think it is in the process of being born here. As all of this information comes down, it is in the process of being born here and when it is born here, the Lord is going to be revealed to the Jews.


Remember, all Jews are not Jews, and I still do not have a solid revelation in my mind of what is going to happen on a national level with regard to Israel and the middle east, I do not know, I really cannot, I do not believe at this point, if I am wrong the Lord has to tell me, I do not believe that there is going to be a Messiah sitting on a throne in Judah over in the middle east, I just cannot see it, I just cannot see it, you know.


We will have to wait and see what happens when the Lord plays out His Scripture in our world, we will have to see how it plays out. Remember, that there was a whole sect of ultra-orthodox Jews that were against the institution of Israel in the middle east you know, and there objection to it was that their understanding of the Scripture was that Israel was not to be restored until Messiah comes, and they did not think it was of God. I do not know, the Lord almost never talks to me about the way things will play out in the natural, I just have the spiritual understanding, that is my call, the spiritual understanding.


It looks like we are coming very, very close to seeing the Lord put together the whole message that will cap or end of this age and catapult us into the new age, it looks like we are getting very close. Praise God we have a lot to look forward to. Anybody else? God bless you all, and God bless you both on the phone, goodbye.




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