630 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord everybody, this is part 2 of The Paschal Lamb and we did part 1 on October 12, so since it has been such a long time since I preached part 1, I just want to read the first page or so of the notes of part 1 which pretty much lays out what we are doing here. This is radical teaching which is, you know we have radical teachings here, in CCK and in LEM because the church teaches that Jesus is the Passover lamb that he was the sacrifice of himself who was identified as the lamb by John the Baptist, that cleanses us of sin. According to the Zohar, the lamb is an unclean power.


I did not panic when I read that, I just sought the Lord to explain it to me, because there is always an explanation if the two pieces of information that you have are of God or are from a godly source, do not ever panic when it sounds like it is blasphemy, just as the Lord to explain it to you. This is what the Lord revealed to me, and the beginnings of the teaching came forth in part 1, that Abel is the lamb. Abel when he is sleeping, he is called Abel, when he is awake, he is called Christ, and he is the lamb whether he is serving God as Jesus of Nazareth was, or whether he is serving the Serpent as the false prophet, that looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon that we read about in the book of Revelation, the second beast that looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon, that is Christ who has been slain by the powers of the other side, and who is not only dominated by but mounted upon by Cain.


Brethren, I have been telling you all for years but I always feel like I have to repeat this, I guess it is to vindicate myself and not be accused of something ungodly, of being an ungodly person, but brethren, the whole relationship of God to humanity is one of marriage, and the determining factor that identifies marriage is union, between human beings, it is the consummation, the physical act, the sexual intercourse that makes two people married according to law, if a man marries a woman, or a woman marries a man, and the marriage is never consummated, either party can get an annulment and say the marriage never existed.


The foundational focal point that identifies a marriage is union on every level including the physical, and so it is in the marriage between God and man. When we hear the term and I got this term out of my research on the verse of Zechariah 9:9, which I had an alternate translation of, I do not know how far we will get to today, and Zechariah 9:9, the Scripture clearly uses a Hebrew word that signifies that Abel is or Christ in his awakened state is to mount Cain. Brethren that is the term that is used in human intercourse, maybe you have not used it, but it is a term that is used, that the male mounts the female, that is the way it is supposed to be. According to the Scripture, that is the configuration, not the other way around.


We find this word, that Abel is to mount Cain because Cain is Abel’s wife or Christ’s wife, the awakened Abel is Christ, and Cain is the wife of Abel. Now of course it does not say that when you read the book of Genesis, but that is the spiritual understanding that Abel represents the spiritual aspect of the creation, and Cain represents the physical or the animal aspect of the creation and the spiritual aspect of the creation which is male, spirit, well spirit can be female if is not the spirit of God, but spirit in relationship to soul which Cain is soul, spirit is male in relationship to soul.


Christ is supposed to be mounted upon Cain, but that is not the case in fallen mankind, and the truth is that when Adam, who is supposed to be when he was in the Garden of Eden, he was the king of the garden, he was the kind of the creation. Adam was created on the 6th day, and Jehovah who has the authority to do it, said, Adam you are the king over everything that I have created so far. The problem that Adam ran into, was that everything that I am sorry it was Elohim had created so far did not like it that Jehovah said, Adam you are the king over everything I have created so far. Everything that Elohim created so far for the purpose of understanding it, because we could never in our current mental state, understand it completely, but the best that we could hope for, that I could hope for at this stage of my development is this, everything that Elohim created prior to Adam, we are going to give it one name, so we could figure out what is going on here or try, and the one name we are going to give it is Cain.


Adam was given authority over the whole creation and all of the aspects of it, that was created before the man was created on the 6th day. We read about this in a parable form. The King James says, you know the two brothers, but if you look up the Hebrew word, that is translated brothers, there are many other potential translations, it could mean sisters, it could mean distant relatives, all that the Hebrew word means is that there was a relationship of significance between the two of them. Indeed the two of them were on the same level, but Jehovah gave Abel authority over Cain, because there is always an authority in God’s kingdom.


If you are looking at someone’s human traits or human frailties, and you are using those human traits or human frailties for your carnal mind to decide that so and so could not possibly have authority over you, you are being deceived and you are being a carnal person because the authority that is imparted to people through Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus, is imparted on the basis of His spirit, not upon the basis of human frailties or human weaknesses. As a matter of fact, the Scripture clearly says, that the Lord uses the weakest amongst us, very, very few who are not weak are used by the Lord because they are too strong, and Lord is not going to fight with you, He goes to the person and He says okay. This is the principle that is coming forth here and this principle of the spiritual side of the creation being male to the animal of the earthen side of the creation and being male to that earthen side of the creation, in the context of the spiritual marriage, of a union.


Paul says that when two are joined together in marriage that they become one flesh, you grow together, you spend years together, your souls grow together. Obviously your bodies do not grow together, but your souls grow together. It is ordained of the creator that the spirit and the earthen part of the creature which is an animal, the earthen part has an animal nature, should be one flesh, but they should be one flesh with the spiritual aspect of the creation ruling over the animal nature. The problem is that the animal nature again compassing just so that we can make it simple because we are not smart enough to understand on the level that God would tell if He thought we could understand it, we are just not capable of ascending that high at this time, so He gives us parables. Everything that was created that is not the authority, we are calling Cain, and the authority of God given to the spiritual aspect of the creation, we are calling Abel, so that we can understand this principle. Abel the spiritual aspect of the creation is to be married to Cain, that is what we read about in Genesis 1, when it says, And He called the light day and the evening and the morning were the first day, they were mixed, they were mixed but the spirit has to be the male in the relationship or the whole man dies.


We have an animal nature that manifests itself as an animal mind that tells a lot of human beings, you know that they could be an authority too, or that the authority that God raised up is not that authority, we see that with Moses how Korah came against him, and what happened to Korah and his whole household and Miriam and Aaron, his own brother and sister were punished because they thought that because they prophesied and had an anointing and heard from God and that meant that they were equal to Moses.


We are not measuring someone’s spiritual strength, we are not measuring their ability to see in the spirit, or prophesy, or do anything like that, what we are measuring is, has God imparted or imputed authority to this person, because frequently brethren, the person that has the God given authority imputed or assigned to them frequently is weaker than the other people in the group that he is leading, and that was true of me for a season, that was true of me for a long time, that I was weaker than the people that I was sent to minister to.


We are not challenged to submit to God’s authority because that appointed authority is stronger than us, whether he be stronger than us or not be stronger than us, the Lord requires us to submit because we recognize that Jehovah or the Lord Jesus Christ, this is a CCK message, wherever you are coming from okay, we submit because we recognize that God has imputed authority to that person. It is an honor of God, it is a respect of God, not because anything that, that person has or does not have. Then if you decide to appreciate the human being that the Lord manifesting through for their own efforts, well that is nice to respect your leaders, I really appreciate your respect here, but that is not the beginning stage. The beginning stage is that maybe I was not, maybe there were things about me that you found hard to respect when the Lord first appointed me. That is not a reason to say, No, she cannot be appointed of God, because the Lord picks who He is going to pick for whatever His reason are, and then He makes them into what he wants them to be.


Likewise, if you ever get a call on your life or you are prophesied to or you are in a ministry like this and Satan wants to whisper in your mind and say to you, I am not spiritual enough to be here or whatever other silly thought is going through your mind, you have tell that spirit to shut up, you have to tell that Leviathan to shut up, because if you are here, it is because God put you here, it has nothing whatsoever to do with how smart you are, or how capable you are, or how you talk or how you look, or how old you are, or what your sex is, or what your color is, it has nothing to do with that whatsoever, he put you here for His purposes, and that is the only authority you need to be here.


For you to say, I do not belong here because I am not spiritual enough, that is the height of pride that is opposing God’s will in your life and God’s will for this ministry, who are you? The spiritual principle that we are dealing with here is the word mounted, and I am suggesting to you that this word is highly sexual, and it is talking about whether Cain is going to be mounted upon Abel or Abel is going to be mounted upon Cain, that is the significance, and we are talking about marriage, we are talking about a union of Cain and Abel, which and of course they are inseparable, Cain and Abel are inseparable, the only question is which one is on top.


All of us have Cain and Abel within us, this is, as far as I know, I do not know, I do not believe Rabbi Luria if he was here would agree with this, but this is the way the Lord taught to me, and you have to understand that we are dealing with spiritual principles, if you have heard it another way, or if you study with Rabbi Luria and you think he would not express it this way, that is okay, you have to look at what I am saying, do not listen so much to the words, look at what I am saying, we have a mortal nature, we have a mortal foundation, and it is a two sided mortal foundation, it is the residue of the greatness of Adam before he fell.


It is in us, that mortal foundation, it is that worm that Jesus talks about the never dies because what it is, it is a residue of Adam who fell, it has in it the potential for Adam, the great Adam, the son of God to be resurrected in us, it is likened, Cain and Abel within us is likened to an ovum in a woman’s ovary, it has a potential to be a full grown spiritual man and the complete restoration of everything that was lost in the heavenlies. If you are not happy that I am calling it Cain and Abel, that is okay, just understand what I am saying. There is seed in us and it is a two sided seed, because it is the residue of Adam who had two sides to him. He has a spiritual, in the days of his greatness, in Eden, in the age of innocence, he had an earthen side and a spiritual side, and they were mixed, they were so completely mixed, that the parable was that the spiritual side was water and the animal side was earth, and they were mixed together and they were made into clay, they were completely mixed


Likewise, Cain and Abel are completely mixed, but only one aspect can dominate the other at a time, there is no such thing as equal, there is no such thing as even, either your animal nature dominates you, or your Christ nature dominates you, what is confusing to a lot of believers though is that, that this relationship as to which one is prevailing, can change from second to second depending on the thought in your mind or the problem that you are confronting at the moment, but there is also an overall condition and in all mortal men, Cain overall is dominating and is mounted upon Abel. If you have Christ in you, now you are struggling, Christ in you is struggling to overcome and to overcome that being mounted upon, and we all should be able to understand even from a point of view of sports, of wrestling, that once you are down and your opponent is pressing on you, he has got you down on the mat and he is laying on top of you, it is much harder to get up, than from when you are facing off against each other at the beginning and your both standing on your feet.


Every human being born of a woman, it comes into this world flat on our back on the mat with Cain completely mounted upon us. Some of us come in with more strength than others, but that is not this message, okay, so this is my point, the lamb is Christ and Christ is the New Testament name, it is Abel, Abel is not incorrect, Christ is the New Testament name for this principle. When we see that Abel is mounted underneath Cain, now spiritual beings are frequently typified by cats brethren, do you know how a male cat seeks sexual intercourse with a female cat? He bites her on the back of the neck okay, and we see, we read about, if you look into the Interlinear Text, when you read about being Pharisees who are supposedly biting Steven, when they attacked him and martyred him, I have this in another message, the Pharisees were not physically biting him with their teeth brethren, it was Cain in the Pharisees that were seeking to bite Christ in Steven to bring down his authority that they might mount him and bring them under them. Does anybody not know what I just said?


This is what we are talking about here. I am going to stick with Abel because Christ is just the Greek way of saying it, Abel when he is mounted underneath Cain, he is penetrated, that was what I just brought in the concept of biting. The one who is mounted upon is penetrated, it is not just someone sitting on him, he is penetrated like a woman is penetrated in intercourse, in sexual intercourse.


We see that the lamb was slain, well what do you mean he was slain? He was penetrated by Cain. When this lamb, the lamb typifying the nature of God, we are told in the book of Genesis that Abel brought the fruits, the fat of the flock, and Cain brought the fruits of the ground, all that, that means is that Abel was likened to the morning as opposed to the evening, there more of the spirit in Abel, typified by the fat, and there was more of the earth in Cain who was the evening. That is all that it means, and this was who they were.


They were spiritual principles at that time, I do not know what they were like, but apparently they existed, there were two aspects of the creation, one was more, they were both spirit and earth, they were both, they both had the nature of God and the nature of the earth, but one had more of the nature of God, and the other had more of the nature of the earth, and Jehovah said, the one of you, and you are both equal before me, but the one of you that has more of the spirit, you shall be priest over the one that has more of the earth. You Adam who was created on the 6th day, will have authority over the collective whole of everything that was created before you, why? Because I said so. Because Jehovah said so, it is as simple as that, but I do not like that, too bad. That is the way it is. The whole creation has been at war with God ever since because they do not like the way, because the collective group of entities and species that we are putting under one label, Cain so we can try and understand this thing, do not like Jehovah’s decision.


There was a confrontation and the two walked in the field of creation and Cain rose up and slew his brother. He mounted him. The Scripture says, And Jehovah heard Abel’s voice crying out from under the ground, from underneath Cain’s authority, so he was penetrated. When he is rescued, from that penetration, we see him described in the book of Revelation as the lamb that was slain. I had that Scripture right here. Revelation 5:6;



6. And I beheld and lo in the midst of the throne, and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, he had ascended to where the elders were, stood a lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God sent forth into all of the earth. KJV


...signifying the seven spirits of God and seven eyes and the seven horns, signifying the return of Jehovah’s strength to the lamb that had become the second beast who looked like a lamb but spake like a dragon because he was under Cain’s dominion and penetrated, and he who was the morning, was thinking feeling talking and acting like the evening. Sometimes we all do that, everybody here, I believe everybody here, you have to have Christ in you, sometimes you talk and He is the morning, and sometimes the things that have come out of your mouth or the things that you say and do, one would think that you were of the evening, because of the continuous conflict of flipping back and forth as to who is in the male position


Abel is the lamb brethren, and he can be a lamb who is an evil lamb, when he is under the dominion of being mounted upon by Cain, and that is how the Zohar can talk about an evil lamb, and the Zohar teaches that what happened on Passover, when the Hebrew children escaped from Egypt, the reason Jehovah said slay the lamb and put the blood on the doorposts, it was a symbol of rebellion against Cain, it was a symbol of the lamb who was penetrated and mounted upon by Cain and the Hebrew children, that lamb had become evil, he was the second beast that we read about in the book of Revelation, saying everything that Cain said, thinking everything that Cain thought, doing everything that Cain would do which is what? Worshiping idols, forgetting about their God, Jehovah.


When Jehovah said to the Hebrew children, slay that lamb, that physical slaying of that physical lamb was an act of faith that said, I do not agree with the condition that I am in. The Zohar tells us that when the Hebrew children slew that lamb out of obedience, did you, brethren, that is just like water baptism, there is no spiritual value to water baptism, it is an act of obedience and an act of faith that when you do it, because I believe the Scripture tells us to do it, when you do it here in the earth, something, ungodly powers in the heavenlies that are holding you captive break in the heavenlies, I have been preaching this for years, and now here I find it in the Zohar.


The Hebrew children slew that lamb out of obedience. There is no power in that sacrifice but because of their obedience to Jehovah, what does that mean, to be obedient, Abel who is underneath and mounted upon by Cain had to rebel against Cain, and the whole household of the Serpent that strengthens Cain, including Pharaoh, Leviathan, and the Serpent. That act of obedience to Jehovah, because brethren, you know I have never even thought of this before, but do you think that the powers in the Hebrew children let those Hebrew children sacrifice that man without resistance. Do you think that they did not have any problems as they set forth to obey their God, do you think there were not spiritual manifestations, do you think they was not sickness, do you think there were not accidents, do you think there were not death threats? There were, and as you get into the deeper walk, in Christ Jesus you face, I face these things frequently.


I am not happy about it but I know that they are out there, and I know that Satan would kill me in a second if she could and anyone of you who is in the process of rebelling against your position of being penetrated underneath Cain, the whole force of the Serpent’s household comes against you to stop you from coming out from Cain’s authority, from being disengaged from Cain’s teeth, because the whole household of the Serpent knows when you disengage from Cain’s teeth, that is not the end of it, well maybe you think that is the end of it but it is not the end of it, the next thing is that the one who is empowered you to be released from Cain’s penetration, wants you to rise above Cain and dominate her and penetrate her.


We are told, Jesus tells us that the children of darkness are much more, I do not know if I would say more intelligent but much more knowledgeable than the children of light, most of us brethren, most of us, just want to be delivered from our pain, delivered from our financial problems, delivered from our infirmities, delivered from ungodly relationships, and once we get our deliverance we are fine. We do not want to continue on, most people do not want to continue on. Wherefore you have the false teaching in the church, of the rapture, that God wants to bless you and the end of the whole thing is that you, the individual are going to be saved and glorified in heaven, that is just not true, that is just not true. The breath of God, the son of God the life of God has been buried underneath the earthen consciousness and this is an affront to the creator and it must be corrected and it will be corrected through Christ Jesus the avenger of blood who is coming to destroy Cain.


Cain will never cease to exist, destruction takes the form of Cain’s present position of dominance, this is the whole principle of this message today, Jesus was declared to be the lamb of God by John the Baptist, He was the lamb of God as opposed to the lamb who was dominated by Cain. There are two lambs. I should not say there are two lambs, there is one lamb, but two different conditions that the lamb can be in, and when the lamb is not worshiping Jehovah, but is so in agreement with Cain, that together they are worshiping the idols of Egypt, the lamb has become evil.


The principle is that the Hebrew children had within them the evil lamb, just like the Scripture talks about evil things or good things you know. And they are sacrificing that lamb and putting the blood on the doorposts with a statement of we are in rebellion against the gods of Egypt, who you better believe were doing everything they could to stop those Hebrew children from departing from them. They sacrificed or they killed the lamb within them by symbol okay, and believing that Jehovah would raise that lamb from the dead in a position of dominance over Cain. That is what the sacrifice of the lamb in the Hebrew children was about.


That lamb, and brethren that lamb in you has to die to the dominance of Cain, that lamb in you has to be released from being underneath and mounted upon by the woman of the creation. If you believe all of the hype in the society today you know, the woman being on top in sexual intercourse is the in thing, at least that is what I am told when I, that is what they try to make people believe through the advertisement in the movies and everything, but brethren it is a spiritual principle, it is a spiritual principle that for your whole life to be in order, the man has to be on top, because you cannot be manifesting something in this world that is contrary to spiritual principles and expect everything to go well.


Am I telling you that you are wrong and you are in sin, if you are doing it this way? No, I am telling you it is a spiritual principle that the male is on top in sexual intercourse, and if you choose to do it the other way around, you may be opening your life to, you may be opening a door to ungodly powers coming into your life to bring to pass what you are doing in the natural, to bring that to pass in your spiritual life. You may be opening the door to something that will strengthen Cain in you to rise above Abel in you. That is what I am telling you, you choose, I am not condemning anybody you choose.


Everything you do down here is connected to an analogous aspect of ourselves in the worlds above, and the Zohar says, when the Hebrew children slew that lamb, the power of the ungodly spirit called the lamb was broken in the heavenlies.


I have that, I am all over the place today, with my notes, but I do have it here in my notes, and I am not following my notes, but I will read it to you, so that you can hear it. I guess it is in another part of the, it is probably in the quote on page 7 of your notes, it is under the Roman numeral 5, I will read you the whole paragraph, it says, This is the ordinance of the Passover, there shall no stranger eat thereof, the commandment is a memorial of the Passover of Egypt, the lamb had to be kept from the tenth day of the month, because on that date, the moon begins to increase her light until the fifteenth day, well that is all symbolic, but that is not our message for today, and I do not know what I am going to be able to do today, anyway we do not have enough time.


The lamb was slaughtered on the fourteenth between the evenings, mainly at an hour when judgment hangs over the world. It signified the removal of the impurity from the holy sign, that is talking about the circumcision, therefore no uncircumcised person should eat thereof, for this sacrifice was brought by sons of the covenant, listen to this, in order to break the power of the other side.


When they sacrificed that lamb in the nature, if broke the power of unholy principalities in the heavenlies called lamb. When the Holy One came to Egypt, you saw the blood of the Passover lamb smeared on the door, as well as the blood of the covenant, and the doors purged with hyssop, in order as has already been explained, that the powers of impurity might be exercised at the time of the supreme redemption of Israel. Brethren, I have been preaching the spiritual Passover for years, we are closer than we have ever been to it, this is, I suggest to you, the time of the supreme redemption of Israel, it is the generation.


This memorial of the past redemption is however at the same time a sign and a token of the future redemption when the Holy One will slaughter the evil inclination once and for all. That is what we are waiting for, the end of sin, as prophesied in Daniel 9:24, the end of sin. We see that this slaying of the Passover lamb temporarily broke the power of Cain in the individual who is strengthened by Pharaoh and the king of Egypt which is Leviathan, and they were able to escape, there was just a temporary escape until the time of the end when the Holy One will slaughter the evil inclination once and for all. What does that mean to slaughter, to slaughter means to break up in pieces, the evil inclination is a tightly woven union of Cain, Satan, Leviathan, and Pharaoh and whoever else is there in the Serpent’s household, and that union is going to be slaughtered, broken apart, Satan is going to be boiled and her energy acquired by Christ, by Christ Jesus, Leviathan is going to be consumed, I am sorry it is the Spirit of Christ that will swallow up Satan’s energy, Christ Jesus will consume Leviathan, and Cain is going to be rolled back under the authority of Abel.


What we are talking about is the nature of Christ, the new man in you and the new man in me absorbing, swallowing up, consuming, digesting, bringing to naught, the fallen nature within us. This is the hour, I expect it to be in my lifetime. It is the end of the age brethren. We are living as such and exciting time and the fact that all of this revelation is coming forth is another sign because God does not do anything unless He first tells it to His prophets. Brethren, listen to me, He is not saving you fully if you do not understand the process of salvation, He is not going to knock you down and carry you away like an infant in His arms, He is not! So all of this information is coming forth to prepare us for what He intends to do in us. We will be aware of what is happening every step of the way, and we have to be in agreement with Him in our mind.


I see I am being very long winded, let me go on, I wanted to just read you the first page and you do not have this in your notes of part 1. This is what I said, The slaying of the Passover lamb signifies the cutting away or the separation of Abel from Cain. Think, I am seeing in the spirit right now, a saber-toothed tiger, you know those big fangs that the saber-toothed tiger has? Those fangs are in Abel, under us.


Cain is, all of us are experiencing this, Abel in us, why call Christ, is mounted upon by Cain who has these deep fangs in him. It is not a part of this message, but we have another message Leviathan Must Die, in order to break Cain’s power, over Abel, so that Abel can escape, Leviathan the power of Leviathan has to be broken, because that is Cain’s father, and the power of Satan has to be broken because she is Cain’s mother and now we know the power of Pharaoh which is Binah of the other side has to be broken because she is strengthening everybody else.


The slaying of the Passover lamb signifies the cutting away, separation of Abel from Cain. The blood on the doorposts signifies that this separation has been accomplished, it is symbolic though, we do it symbolically, then God does it for us. When Abel within Jesus was severed from Cain, brethren to get this far, you have to know that Jesus was not born of God, that first of all that no human being, no single human being can contain and be a full manifestation of God, and that Scripture in the New Testament that says He was the fullness of the Godhead bodily does not mean, it is not a good translation, at the moment I do not recall what it said, but if you really, you know if that is bothering you, you contact me and I will get the exact translation, the accurate translation to you. Brethren, the temple that Solomon built could not contain all of God, Solomon acknowledged that, no building can contain an infinite God. How can one human being contain an infinite God? That is why the Jews reject this message, they see Jesus as an idol. You have to know that He was not born a God, that He was a human being and He was born with Elijah manifesting as a gilgul, Elijah was incarnate in this baby Jesus, and when the Magi came and bowed down to the king, they really were not bowing down to the baby, they were bowing down to the Spirit of Elijah. If you cannot believe that, I guess you might as well shut off the message, or if you want to hold on, you could hold on, but that is the basic foundational premise. Jesus was a human being just like you and me, and again, you know, there is an unfolding revelation here, brethren, Jesus received His physical body from the material seed of Joseph, and we have a whole series on that, I re-preach the whole thing, but this concept of immaculate conception has been proven to my satisfaction to be untrue. Jesus was conceived by the seed of Joseph who was a descendant of Solomon, He was a descendant of the royal line of kings of Judah. That is what we are told in the book of Matthew.


We do not read anything about Mary’s line. The seed for the material man came from Joseph, but Jesus was an incarnation, was a reincarnation of Elijah. That is like saying, you or I would be born with the Spirit of Christ from birth, working powerfully in our life. Most of us do not even have the Spirit of Christ, most of us, I am not naming anybody, but most people in the church just have the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God that manifests in the earth, that pillar of fire and that, well I may be wrong about that, the Holy Spirit manifests here in the earth, the Spirit of Christ comes from Atzilut, from the godly world, it is a much higher manifestation of the Spirit of God. One Spirit of God, many administrations thereof. The Holy Spirit does not have the power or the authority that the Spirit of Christ has.


When Abel within Jesus was severed from Cain, so Jesus was having, that is the whole basis of the foundation of this board which says, salvation in two stages. The first stage of salvation was the salvation of the saviour, and when the man Jesus of Nazareth was fully saved and glorified, what does it mean glorified, what does glorified mean? It means He came out of His body and continued to exist. His consciousness and all that He was, came out from His physical suit that it lived in, and ascended up to Atzilut the God world. That is what it means He was glorified. That was the first stage of salvation.


The experience that He had, we are having a similar experience, although He was born with the spirit of Elijah, He was born with something much more powerful, with an aspect of God, a spirit, an administration of the Spirit of God that was much more powerful than what we know to be the Holy Spirit today, one spirit, many administrations thereof. Brethren if we had that powerful spirit flowing through us, we might not even survive. I want to tell you something, some of you might not even survive having the spirit that I have.


I live in a very high realm for this world, for this condition that the church is in today, a lot of you could not even take it, I mean I have had people, people who were still in this ministry, at times when I was receiving revelation, more than once, Xxxx experienced something similar like that. When I use to live with Xxxx, she was frantic one day, when I am in that kind of union and He is pouring out spirit on me, the power that is generated is fierce and frightening to the average person.


The truth of the matter is when Xxxx was working here, she was present with me when I was writing a book, and the anointing, she completely manifested to the point that she fled from the ministry for three years. There had to be other factors, but that was the straw that drove her out, that anointing that fell that was coming down and it was pouring down on me to write that book, and I did not understand what was happening to her, she told me but I did not understand what was happening to her.


Everybody cannot take that. I do not know, you know, I am going to assume that the intensity of the spirit of Elijah that incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth was even more powerful than what I have here. Yes, you know, He had more going for Him initially than we certainly have at birth, and also He was raised up, He was an orthodox Jew, He was raised up in the Scripture from three years old, and also He was sanctified under the old covenant.


Most of us here come in from the world, with whatever tainting we have from the world, so no, we are not in the same condition that Jesus was in, but He was human and He was mortal, and He was saved. His soul was saved, and now He has become the Father of the spiritual child that He wants to impregnate all of humanity with. Jesus was not the manchild, Jesus did not birth the manchild, that is a major premise of what I am trying to tell you today, Jesus, there is not one Scripture that I can find that indicates that Jesus birthed the manchild, He did not. The manchild, the birth of the manchild is the second stage of salvation, also known as the second appearing of Messiah.


He came the first time as a human being, a very anointed human being, but a human being, and He is coming the second time as the spiritual man Christ Jesus, and brethren, you see, the Jews, they are just going to recognize Him the second time. They did not recognize Him when He came as a man, but when He comes as the spiritual man Christ Jesus in another personality, somehow the Lord is going to give that witness, that second coming, they will be able to perceive.


I know that the church teaches that the Jews rejected Jesus the first time so that the message could go to the Gentiles, but I believe our alternate translation of Romans 11 disavows that. The alternate translation and all of the message that we have that worked up that message I know it was, I do not know what the name of the message was, if anyone wants it, you will have to call the office and find out. Parts of that message that worked up that alternate translation of Romans 11 indicates that the first coming of Messiah when He came to Judah, which He calls them Israel because that is all that there was of Israel, they were Israel, but this was a truncated Israel, only the tribe of Judah, and maybe there were some people from other tribes there, but basically they were Judah.


Paul says, that the Jews that had the mind of God recognized Jesus as Messiah. The coming of Messiah brethren, He came with division, did not Jesus say that Himself? He came with division, He came with a sword, and He separated the Jews who in the terms of the Jews today that I know, He separated the Jews who were bonded to Jehovah from the Jews who were not bonded to Jehovah. We would say He came to separate those who had the mind of Christ from those who were still in their carnal mind. He came to separate those who were spiritual in the Spirit of God, from the Jews who were in their carnal mind.


That is why He said to the Pharisees, You are not Abraham’s seed. They said, We are Abraham’s seed, and He said, No you are not, you are Israel after the flesh, but you are not Abraham’s seed, why? Because Abraham’s seed, what does that mean? Abraham’s descendants, the descendant, the son promised to Abraham by Jehovah is Christ. Jesus said to them, well you know you may be the physical descendants of Abraham, but you not his seed, and he is not your father, your father is the devil, and who is the devil? The personality that agrees with their carnal mind.


Jesus was an unsaved man, and He came with some very powerful tools, to help Him accomplish or be the recipient of salvation, but He was human. He had advantages that we may not have today, but He was human, and that was the first stage of salvation, that the saviour was saved. Now the saviour that is saved, He is coming back and He is going to impregnate humanity with His son, and that is His second coming.


So forever the Lord shall be with us, with His second coming, not from out there in another world, His second appearance as His own son in you, He said, I am not far away from you, He said, The word of God is not far away from you, it is nigh, even right here, right here in your heart, the manchild in your heart.


Jesus did not birth the manchild, Jesus today is giving birth to the manchild through you. He is not birthing, He is begetting, he is begetting the man-child, His son, the manchild is the son of Jesus, of the glorified Jesus. He did not birth the manchild. One of these days I have to study that Scripture where Jesus, where in the King James, Jesus is saying, You must be born again, that cannot be a correct translation. He could have said, I have to be born again, He was not born again yet, because the way we are born again is when Adam is reborn in us. We know that Jesus is the last Adam. The manchild is the last Adam.


Let me go on with this. When Abel within Jesus was severed from Cain, the powers and principalities in the worlds above who strengthen and prevail over Christ in the earth through Cain the animal side of humanity were broken. Abel is Jehovah’s breath or Jehovah’s soul, Christ is the awakened Abel, only a residue of mortal man’s animal nature clings to Christ after Cain, the evil inclination is severed or cut away from Christ which is Jehovah’s breath or Jehovah’s immortal soul. This residue forms Jehovah’s breath, His spiritual life in the earth, this residue of Cain forms to Jehovah’s breath or Jehovah’s soul. We have two souls. Everybody is born with the soul of the animal nature. If you are truly called of God, you have a soul that comes from God. That is just like saying, Christ is formed in you, you have a soul that comes from God.


I am really excited today brethren, as this message more and more lines up with the Jewish teaching, you know the message has to go to the Jew, they will never, ever, ever receive the message in the church today because it is pagan, and they know it. As this message comes forth, more and more lines up with the Jewish message, they are coming one step closer to understanding and receiving Jesus as their Messiah, and that is, the Jew receiving Jesus as Messiah is a significant aspect in the plan of God, of salvation for all of humanity.


Look everybody in the earth is not going to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Israel is the mediator nation, just like when Solomon’s kingdom existed, there were many kingdoms around that were not worshipers of Jehovah, but they lived in peace and prosperity because Israel was in right standing with God, and because the king of Israel was in right standing with God. The king of Israel was in right standing with God, then Israel was in right standing with God, then all of the pagan nations around them were blessed with peace and prosperity and the same rules and regulations were not required to be visited on the nations of the world, but they lived in peace and prosperity because the mediator nation was in right standing with God.


Then Solomon messed up, and when Solomon messed up, Israel messed up, when Israel messed up, the whole national area went back into warfare. Let me tell you something, this country messed up, after world war 2, and look at us today, we thought we were doing the right thing, we disarmed after world war 2. No, we were supposed to be the godly guardians peace in the world that held that big stick that Teddy Roosevelt talked about, and we disarmed and look at what we have got today.


That is certainly not to do with this message. The land is Christ, Jehovah’s breath, or Jehovah’s soul, this is part 2 back in October and I really would not say it this way today. It says, the lamb is Christ, Jehovah’s breath severed from Cain, I would not say severed from Cain, I would say, severed or separated from Cain’s evil influence, removed from Cain’s penetration, from Cain’s fangs, and Cain is the evil inclination with just enough of a residue of Cain’s remaining to give form to Jehovah’s spiritual life, that is what the darkness is for, it forms the light.


The lamb appears in two stages, imputed and imparted. It is just amazing, I could preach a message in the next week, and I have corrections to it. The lamb appears or Christ appears in two stages, imputed and imparted. What I have down here is in the imputed stage, I do not agree with this anymore, what I have down here is the imputed stage Cain is crippled and in the imparted stage Cain is destroyed, but today, where I was coming from when I preached part 1 was that Abel was not the lamb until he ascended above Cain, but today I understand that Abel is the lamb, he can be an evil lamb or he can be the lamb of God, but Abel is the lamb.


What does that mean, Abel is the lamb? Abel is the breath of Jehovah, he is the aspect of the creature that is a part of the creature, Abel is a part of the creature, just like, your womb is a part of you, or your stomach is a part of you, or your heart is a part of you. Abel is a part of the whole creation, that is the breath of God in the creation, but He is mixed together with the creation. He is the aspect of the nature of God of the animal, because the creation is the animal.


Brethren, the creation of God is an animal, but two things can happen to us, we can live according to the animal nature and suffer, or we can live by the nature of God which is imparted to us through His breath, and therefore the whole creature the breath of Jehovah or the soul of Jehovah and the animal nature can prosper and be safe, and live in peace, when the nature of God is in control and it on top.


The breath of God or the soul of God is the lamb, whether he is a criminal lamb okay, the lamb that has been laid hold of by the powers of darkness above and is serving darkness, or whether he is delivered or set free from Cain’s penetration and has risen above Cain, and mounted Cain, we are talking about penetration.


Today, a few months later, I know that Abel is the lamb, whether he is underneath or on top he is the lamb. He is the lamb, but he is either a good lamb or a bad lamb, either an edible lamb or an inedible lamb, because Jehovah would have never accepted the sacrifice, a lamb that is dedicated to or serving a pagan god.


The imparted stage or the second stage which would be the stage of the lamb rising above Cain and mounting him, is associated with separation from the physical body, it is associated with it, it is a step towards the separation from the physical body. In other words, there is no way we are going to escape from this physical body, and I do not mean by death, I mean to escape from this physical body like Jesus did, because of righteousness while Abel is still underneath Cain and penetrated.


The two sides of the creation, day and night were originally mixed, evening and morning, for this purpose, to give form to the day without the night prevailing over him. The lamb is the slain or the slaughtered Christ within the man whose animal nature or whose evil inclination has been destroyed. Now we know that the Abel is the lamb in either condition, but the lamb of God, okay, this should be the lamb of God is the slain or slaughtered Christ within the man whose animal nature or evil inclination has been destroyed.


You are either the lamb or you are the lamb of God. Abel underneath Cain is not the lamb of God. What does that mean? He does not belong to God anymore. Abel underneath Cain has between him and God, Cain, Leviathan, the king of Egypt, Satan, which Satan is actually is Binah in the individual, then Pharaoh, which is the collective Binah in a higher spiritual plane, and the whole household of the Serpent. He does not belong to Jehovah, but when Abel escapes, and we are told the Lord will always make a way of escape, and he rises above Cain, he becomes the lamb of God again.


I am not going to read you this whole thing, I just wanted to do those definitions for you. Now we understand, and hear my point, that I made, Jesus, you know the Scripture says and Jesus came walking and John said, Behold, John saw Jesus walking and John said, Behold the lamb of God. He did not say Jesus of Nazareth the human being is the lamb. John had a spiritual discernment and he said, Behold the lamb of God. He saw, he discerned that Christ in Jesus of Nazareth had escaped from Cain’s dominion and risen above Cain and was mounted upon him. It was a spiritual discernment of Jesus’ internal spiritual condition.


Jesus of Nazareth was not the lamb of God, it was Christ within Him who had escaped from Egypt who was the lamb of God. Are there any questions before I go on with this board? You had a question, do you remember what it was?


COMMENT:  I understand that Jesus was the Passover lamb and the priests were busy killing the thousands of lambs in preparation for the Passover, how could Jesus have the Passover with the apostles prior to that, there must be something that I am not understanding?


PASTOR VITALE:  Are you talking about the Hebrew’s escape from Egypt?


COMMENT:  No, I am talking about when Jesus was with the apostles, He said He wanted to have the Passover with them, how could He have the Passover prior to Passover?


PASTOR VITALE:  Oh, that is an interesting question because I think what you are trying to say is that the authorities tells us those authorities who are much more knowledgeable than I in this area, and the Scriptures say that Jesus was crucified on Passover. Is that what you are talking about? That is a very interesting question, I do not know the answer to it, but I definitely will seek the Lord on it, that is a very interesting question. Well, we know that Passover is seven days, do you know that Passover is seven days? First of all they have a feast two days, the first night and the second night, and then it lasts another seven days, so maybe He had the meal with His disciples on the first night and He was crucified on the second night of Passover. There are two Seders, observant Jews have two Seders, but that is not really today’s message so I would like to go on.


This board, it is a little confusing, but hopefully Xxxx is going to clean it up for us, I think he will really have to make this in to two separate illustrations when he makes a digital image out of it. What I have here is; salvation in two stages or in two appearances of Messiah, and I have A, B, C, and D is stage one, and I have 1, 2, and 3, is stage two, part 3 of stage two is in three parts. Whoever said this message is easy, whoever said this message is simple.


First stage of salvation, as it happened in Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. The Jews, if you ask any observant Jew, not observant, but any Jew that studied in the Scripture, they will tell you that Messiah is just a man born of a man and a woman. Does a human being that is going to have a great mind, and now that is what I have heard, they probably think He is going to have spiritual power, but I have never you know, you have to be really careful who you talk to about spiritual power, because that frightens some people, talking spiritual power, but I believe that is what the educated Jews believe, that Messiah is going to have a great mind, and spiritual power, because they did expect Him to deliver them from the constraints of Rome, did they not?


He was just one man, Messiah is one man, so the Jews are expecting a man born of a man and a woman who is going to have spiritual power, and also from what I understand that he will be a man that will have an intense knowledge, not only knowledge but understanding of the Scripture. The woman at the well said, When Messiah comes, He will explain all things to us.


You see there is a lot of knowledge in Israel, but there is not all that much understanding. Messiah is coming with understanding and spiritual power to deliver Israel from the power, from the ungodly powers above. Brethren, all of the problems that we are having in the world today, okay, the solution is not here on the earth, the answer to ungodliness that is manifesting in this country today and in the world, it is not in a war on the earth, the answer to the problem for one person, this is the Scripture as I understand it, one person, Messiah, to stand up in spiritual power and fight with the principality or the principalities in the heavenlies which is just one or two entities, maybe just one, one entity in the highest position. Down here in this world, he is manifesting as national conflict and individuals who are corrupted, but everyone down here in this world, we are puppets, if you can see us, we all have strings attached to us, and there are entities as you get into the higher and higher worlds, there are fewer and fewer entities, until you get into the highest world and you see this one principality that is holding all of the strings. Messiah will ascend in spiritual power through understanding, through knowledge and understanding will ascend into the highest world from where the battle will be one on one, and Messiah will knock out that principality and all of the puppets down here in this world making trouble, will just collapse, they will just lose their power.


That is the Jewish teaching, I subscribe to it, I believe it is true. What does the church think Messiah is going to bring to Israel? The message in the church today to Israel is, your Messiah is coming, what do the Jews think are coming to Israel that they are going to, that at some point the Jews are going to wake up and say, Yes, Jesus is Messiah and I am going to die and go to heaven with you too, Hallelujah. I mean, is that what they are really expecting? It is not going to happen, it is absolutely not going to happen. The Jewish nation, the people that study the Scriptures, the Rabbis that study the Scriptures, they know that the Scriptures prophesy a return of power to the nation of Israel, they do not even care about going to heaven, they want a return of power to Israel, the gathering together of those who have been scattered, and a return to power of the nation of Israel, a return to power of the nation of Israel, a return to power of the nation of Israel. They are going to say, You can take your heaven and go enjoy it, I do not want any part of it.


Contrast the two messages brethren, the church is teaching self-preservation, escape for the individual, escape from pain, escape from torment, escape from being uncomfortable, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me. The Rabbis are saying, No, a return of power and national prominence to the nation that manifests the nature of God and the wisdom of God and the protection and salvation of God to the world. They will never believe the message in the church, never, it is a disgrace, the message is a disgrace!


You go from that message saying, I am going to be raptured, escape, escape, give me my blessing, help me with my problem, brethren, I am not against God helping you with your problems, I ask Him to help me with my problems, but it is not primary goal, it is not my primary goal! They preach God is going to give you a miracle and God is going to help you get a better life and you are going to be raptured, and then all of a sudden, what happened to the church? It is all in philosophy today, it is all in inner healing, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me.


I do not hear, well there is a world conscience to the extent that they is a food and helping of the afflicted in other nations, and the poor, you know they feed the poor, and they usually medical teams and things like that. Brethren, this is not help that is going to result in a restoration of power on any level, it is a band aid, it is a temporary band aid, to help hurting people until the plan of God moves into its next stage which is the return of power to Israel, the return of power to Israel, the return of power, and not just to heal you or not just to heal me, but a return of national power that will bring in world peace.


Salvation in two stages, two appearances of Messiah, first appearance of Messiah, and the person of Jesus of Nazareth a human being who was a reincarnation of Elijah, and the reason Jesus emphasized the spirit of Elias was because the personality that appeared on the earth in the time that the books of kings were written whose name was Elijah, was only one phase or one aspect or one appearance of the spiritual man Elijah. Jesus says, I am not the Elijah who walked the earth in those days, but the spiritual man who was in that man called Elijah, I am his new personality. That is what we have today with the glorified Jesus. The Spirit of Jesus is appearing in His people. Well the Holy Spirit is a part, the Holy Spirit is the female aspect, the Malkhut of the glorified Jesus, His manhood is in Yesod, which is Christ to us.


The Spirit of Jesus, I mean I could say to you if you can believe it, here is the Spirit of Jesus, I can say that to you, can you believe it? If you can believe it fine? If you cannot it is fine too? Here is the Spirit of Jesus. Reincarnation is not of the personality, reincarnation is of the spiritual man who is clothed with a personality and a physical body for a particular time period. We see that Elijah and the glorified Jesus, well I do not know about Elijah, but the glorified Jesus, He began as a one of those worms that Jesus talks about, one of those worms that never dies, worm, larva, meaning an immature stage of some kind of existence that would hopefully eventually mature, and in Jesus of Nazareth it matured.


What is that larva, we did a message when I first started preaching, I think it was message #32, where I think we translated Isaiah 14, and we found out that we are red worms, the core, the root of humanity, at our root, we are red worms. Well what is the red worm? It is the Fiery Serpent, you are familiar with that term. The Fiery Serpent is a larva, a spiritual larva, and it is not yet determined whether that larva is going to mature as a manifestation of the earthen nature of the Serpent or the spiritual nature of Jehovah. John said there is going to be two resurrections. Cain is resurrect, and Abel is going to resurrect. The nature of Jehovah, and the nature of the snake is going to resurrect.


At the very end, I mean I think we are a long time away from it, at least a thousand years away from it, everybody who is so evil that they cannot be eaten, that is right out of the Scripture, every human being that is so evil that they simply can, there is nothing that can be done to them that they will turn to God, they will be destroyed. Well everybody dies do they not? They will die. If we have people who are risen up in spiritual power on the evil side as the Philistines were, as the Biblical Philistines were, they were so matured on the evil side that they had to be destroyed, they will be destroyed, because this whole planet, this whole universe, the whole creation is called to be good, not evil.


Now we all have the potential to go in either direction, so everybody that goes towards the good side, the Lord will receive them, and He will purge you of the evil in you, so that you could be good, but those who prefer the evil side, they will continue to grow for a season, and they will be destroyed. That is at the end you know. I think everything that is in the Scripture happens on some level all of the time, but like I told you, the creation at this point is Cain, Cain is mounted upon Abel, in the creation at this point. We struggle and sometimes we come out from under him for a decision. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? Okay, let us go on.


The first stage of salvation appeared or took place in a prophet by the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Oh I can hear them screaming, Oh she is a Jehovah’s witness, calling Jesus a prophet. Jesus was a prophet and He became God after Abel in Him married the spirit of Elijah which gave life to Abel from the man Jesus of Nazareth and He departed from His physical body with impunity, there was no bad effects upon Him, He departed from His body so perfectly, that there was no carcass that remained and He ascended to Atzilut, the God world, and now He is God, not a god, He is God.


Salvation started with a prophet by the name of Jesus of Nazareth who was a reincarnation of Elijah, and the spirit of Elijah who was born inside of Jesus of Nazareth married Abel. We see that Jesus was born as a human being, you know with Cain mounted upon Him. As far as I know, I mean that question is in my mind right now, wow, since Jesus was a reincarnation of Elijah was Cain still mounted upon Abel in Him? The question just came into my mind, I do not know the answer.


Unless the Lord tells me otherwise, I am going to assume, well no, He was not, okay, the question that hit me, Was Abel really under Cain when He was born because Elijah was in there too? Was Cain on top of Abel or underneath Abel, was it possible that Jesus of Nazareth was born with Abel on top of Cain because Elijah was in there, that was the question. The answer is, No, that Jesus of Nazareth was born with Cain mounted upon Abel, and the reason that I say that is that Romans, I think it is Romans 1:6, says, that Jesus came into the spirit of, before He brought His, I use to be able to quote the Scripture, but He became holy because He brought His sin nature into submission to the spirit of holiness, it says something like that in Romans 1:6. Does anyone have a Bible that could look that up for me while I am continuing? Okay, it is not important.


The spirit of holiness that Jesus brought His sin nature under was the spirit of Elijah that was in Him from birth. Definitely Jesus had a leg up on us definitely, He had a spirit of holiness in Him from birth, and by that spirit, by the power of that spirit, Jesus brought Cain within Himself, He dismounted from Cain and brought Cain into submission to Him and Abel within Jesus mounted upon Cain, came into the position of male on top and female on the bottom, because soul is female, and Cain is female. This is my note here, and this is stage 1a, when Cain is mounted upon Abel, Abel is an ungodly lamb.


The servant of the god of the animal nature, this is why the Passover lamb must be sacrificed or must be slain, as we read about in Revelation 5:6, Passover signifies Abel or Christ passing over and above Cain. That is the spiritual aspect of the Passover, we are coming out from under Cain rising above him and passing over him. I just remember something that I did not tell you, when I say Abel is an ungodly lamb, I think I did mention to you, I do not know if I finished my thought to you though, that Abel in us is a, he is part of a creature, he is a part of the animal, but he is out potential to raise the whole creature up to be an animal of God, if you would say an animal of God. Like the Seraphim, we read about the Seraphim, those are serpents that are serving God. The whole animal kingdom has the potential to be raised up to be subjects of God. This is a creature, the creation is a creature.


The breath of Jehovah that is a part of the creature, he is an animal, he is a part of the animal, he is a lamb, he is a part of the animal, but what happens when Abel is underneath Cain, is that the god of the animal nature which is the Serpent, he becomes a subject of the god of the animal nature. When Abel becomes a lamb of God because he ascends above Cain, the whole creature becomes a creature that expresses the glory of God. Does that make sense, is that okay? Okay.


First stage of salvation 1b, the spirit of Elijah marries Abel in Jesus, and strengthens Abel/Christ to ascend above Cain and mount her, stage 2, Jesus had this experience. Stage 3, the third part of the first stage, square 3. I have drawn a heart like this because I am showing Jesus ascended into His heart center. The spirit of Elijah is married to Abel in Jesus, he is in His heart center, and this is Messiah’s first appearance as Jesus of Nazareth, He appeared, and this was when John saw Him, and said, Behold the lamb of God, a spiritual discernment that this man, and this man, Abel had disengaged himself from Cain’s fangs, ascended above Cain and was now mounted upon Cain. That was what John meant when he said, Behold the lamb of God.


Brethren, we have to recognize that whoever John was speaking to, had this revelation of who the lamb was, and John may have just been speaking between himself and God. I do not know how many people around John knew what he meant. I do not know how educated the people were, but John, he may even have been speaking out loud, or maybe he did not even speak it out loud, maybe that is a record in the Scripture of John’s recognition of the lamb of God, speaking to his God, he says, The one who sent me, He told me to baptize with water. Maybe that was just John speaking between him and his God, saying, There it is, that is the one you told me about. He is the lamb of God. You have to realize up until that time, well the Lord just corrected me before I got the word out of my mouth, I was going to say Jesus was the only who had, had this experience of Abel ascended above Cain, but that is not true, because the prophets were in that condition, the prophets were in that condition that Abel had ascended above Cain. The difference between Jesus and all of the prophets that came before Him was that in Jesus’ case it was permanent, Abel had ascended above Cain, and was mounted on him. Any of you that know anything about construction or building things, if you are building anything, a building, a ladder, anything, you mount one block upon of the other, you screw the screws in, you put the brackets up so that it does not move, right? So that is the difference between Jesus and the prophets that came before Him.


With the prophets of old, Abel was ascended above Cain in them but it was temporary, with Jesus it was permanent and Jesus said that John was the greatest prophet of the age that was passing away, because his assignment was to identify the one who was having this experience, the Messiah, the first stage or the first appearance of the Messiah. It was John’s assignment to identify the prophet who was experiencing the first stage of salvation, and that is why Jesus said, He was the greatest prophet of all of the prophets. Jesus also said, the least in the Kingdom of God, that is the second stage of salvation, the least of us is greater than John because John only had a temporary configuration of Abel on top of Cain.


Of course what did Jesus mean when He said the least of the kingdom of God, He was talking about Himself. Jesus was saying, I am in the kingdom of God, because in my case, Abel is bolted on top of Cain immovable, so the kingdom of God has been made real in me, me, I am the least in the kingdom of God, it means He is the first, He was the first one in the kingdom of God. He was talking about Himself and John. John is a great prophet, but I am the one that is bringing the kingdom of God. Of course the King James translation and the whole church has it all backwards you know, they tell you John is the one with the spirit of Elijah. John clearly said, I am not he. The priests went to him and said, Are you Elijah? And he said, No, and the whole church world says he was Elijah.


The spirit of Elijah married Abel, he is in his heart center, this is Messiah’s first appearance of Jesus of Nazareth, and underneath him is Cain, and I have drawn Cain as a woman here, because Cain is Abel’s bride. This dotted line over here, it is just separating the world, Jesus is in His heart center and He is on top of the world of Asiyah, He is in the heart center, it is Yetzirah. The heart center is Yetzrirah brethren. You know, if you recall, if you have been here, for years with us, and you recall the teaching of the heart center that the way I taught in those days, was that it was Adam who would ascend into the heart center, and the heart center is covered with water, and that water was Satan’s waters.


Do you remember that? Adam would come into the heart center and he would have to evaporate the waters, by the power of the fire of God, he would evaporate the waters, and in the heart center was separated into two parts, but it was really two separate heart centers you know. The heart center of God was dry ground, dry ground meaning that the powers of Satan had been dissipated in that area. That is where the water is, Yetzirah is the astral plane, it is all water, it is the sea.


The heart center is Yetzirah, and Jesus has ascended above Cain and above Satan, above Cain’s whole, Satan’s is Cain’s mother, and Leviathan is Cain’s father, so the first appearance of Messiah is now in the heart center and Cain is underneath him, in the world of Asiyah. This is just one man, Jesus of Nazareth, but Abel in Jesus has ascended into the heart center, and Cain, the animal nature remains in Asiyah. Cain, Abel/Christ’s wife remains in the world below, cared for by Christ, her husband. Cain fights with everything that she has to stay on top of Abel, but she is never happy, and against those of you who have been here as did deep studies in the Old Testament in the book of Judges and Samson, we found out that the characteristics of Cain is that she is an emotional animal that is plagued, the emotional, she is the melancholy nature of the emotional animal who is plagued by pathos lust forever desiring and longing for things and never ever satisfied.


Cain will only be satisfied when her true husband ascends above her and mounts her, that is the only time she is going to be satisfied, but she fights, but her carnal nature desires the opposite so strongly that she fights and is therefore self-destructive, and desires what is not in her best interest, and that which will continue to keep her unhappy.


We do the best we can to educate her, but we know that Christ in us must rise above her. Anybody that has any kind of a problem with any kind of a longing, whatever it is for, if it is a drink, that if it is for drugs, if it is for food, whatever it is for, that is a manifestation of pathos lust, it is a lust that is bringing destruction into your life, and the answer to your problem is to be spiritually satisfied, spiritually satisfied.


Just a couple of weeks ago, I was going through a pretty hard time emotionally because Satan attacks me emotionally, it is sort of hard to move me any other way, although it is certainly possible, but that is where she gets all of us in our emotions, she hurts us or try to control us with pain or pleasure, so I was suffering in my emotions a little and I said to the Lord, I said, Lord when is all this going to stop, I understand all this, I am just so tired of it, when is it going to stop? He actually spoke to me in an audible voice which is not very common, and He said, In the marriage bed, in the marriage bed, when the complete union takes place between my soul and my saviour, I will be completely satisfied, and until that time, I have to do the best I can, fight spiritual warfare or do whatever I have to do to keep Satan from tormenting me in my emotions.


It is in the marriage bed, deliverance, salvation, satisfaction, brethren, the Hebrew word translated salvation means satisfaction, satisfaction it is in the marriage bed, and it is emotional satisfaction, spiritual satisfaction, intellectual satisfaction and those three bring complete healing and wellbeing to the physical body. We have a square d of the first stage of the appearance of the Messiah, which is also the first stage of salvation. This is the crucifixion of Jesus. Christ, Jesus’ immortal soul which is married to the spirit of Elijah sheds the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth who ascends to Atzilut, that soul that is married to Elijah ascends to Atzilut. It is ascension to this location, the world of Atzilut that makes the immortal soul of Jesus God. It is His position, it is His spiritual position of, He is now positioned in the God world, at the right hand of the Father which makes Him God.


The second stage of salvation, or the second stage of the appearance of Messiah starts over here with square one, and we see the Spirit of the glorified Jesus now it is no longer the spirit of Elijah, it is the Spirit of the glorified Jesus, but of course the spirit of Elijah is in there, because the spirit of Elijah was the father of Jesus of Nazareth and the husband of the soul of Jesus, so the glorified Jesus is the offspring of Elijah and in spiritual reproduction, the parents remain in the child, the child just grows. Down here in this world, we have children and they separate from us and depart from us, but in the spiritual world, the spiritual being just grows like a ball every time they reproduce, there is just one entity, and every time that entity reproduces, it just gets bigger and bigger. Down here we have a family that gets bigger, but spiritually speaking the spiritual man just gets bigger and bigger because of all his ancestors are inside of him.


The spirit of Elijah is contained within the Spirit of the glorified Jesus. The Spirit of the glorified Jesus marries Christ in the personality of His second appearance. I know that I taught this a couple of years ago, and I have never really emphasized it, but now that we have heard the teachings from Michael Marzulli which were excellent teachings, I really just have to go forward with it, the Spirit of the glorified Jesus Christ is going to appear initially in one man, and that came forth in a teaching several years ago, and if you want to hear it, most of you here but not all of you, and the Lord gave us a chart like that and when I first saw it, I struggled with it, but that was what He was telling me, and now we have a second witness to it, you know Michael’s book is very clear that, well I cannot repeat his whole message now, initially Jesus’ second appearance is going to be in one man, a prophet, every age has a prophet of that age, a messenger of that age, his appearance is coming through a message.


We know that message to be the doctrine of Christ, and when Michael taught us, he talked about the capstone message. I really did not understand what that really meant until yesterday, the capstone message. What it means is, that up until now, the way God has done things is He would raise up one man like Bill Britton to teach sonship and then He would raise up another prophet to teach another aspect of the message of God that He is sending to His people.


The capstone message is the message that encompasses all of the previous messages that the Lord has been ministering to His people over all of these years and over all of the years of this age, deliverance ministry, you know repentance, salvation by works, all of these doctrines previously usually each ministry each ministry or minister would have a significant or a very visible message that, that ministry had to preach, but the capstone message will encompass everything that God has been teaching, it is the whole message, it is the complete message, and there will be a prophet that will bring forth that complete message, and the Spirit of the glorified Jesus will marry the personality of His second appearance, that prophet, the prophet of Jesus’ second appearance is going to have a similar experience to what Jesus had, Abel in Him will be married by the glorified Jesus Christ, He will escape from Cain’s dominion and Abel will rise above Cain, in that prophet.


Square 2 here of the second stage; the prophet who is the personality of Jesus’ second appearance gives birth to the manchild. Jesus, there is no, I could not find one indication that Jesus gave birth to the manchild. The prophet of, Jesus’ second appearance, what does that mean? I just mentioned it earlier, Jesus said, This is the spirit of Elias because He was not claiming to be the human being that manifested the spirit of Elias in a previous age. Jesus was saying the spiritual man that was inside the prophet Elijah is now inside of me. That spiritual man has taken on a new personality and a new person. The spirit of Elias is right here, but I am not the Elijah who had his problems, who had his problems with, but the spiritual man that was in Elijah who challenged Ahab, here he is, he is standing right here.


In the same manner, the glorified Jesus will be appearing in a prophet who will bring that capstone message, the message that is going to prepare God’s people to escape from Egypt. It is going to happen to the prophet first, and now section 2 of the second stage of salvation or the second stage of the two appearances of Messiah. The prophet who is the personality of Jesus’ second appearance gives birth to the manchild who is the spiritual son of the glorified Jesus. The name of this manchild, His spiritual name is Christ Jesus, and His personal name is Michael, and we read about Michael in chapter 12 of the book of Revelation. I have drawn, I have tried to show you a man, a stick man with baby in his arms.


Square 3 of the second stage is really in three parts, I am going to have to write this out to Xxxx so he can understand what I want him to do here, and you know this is very common in the Scripture when God is explaining things that the third stage of what he is explaining is itself broken down into three stages, this happens, I see this all of the time in the Scripture. The first part of the third step of the second stage, it is not even a step, it is a condition, I guess, this is three aspects of condition here, the glorified Jesus is up here in Atzilut, Christ Jesus who is also Michael is caught up to Beriah, and that this down here, this is Christ Jesus on His throne in Beriah. Beriah is where the Garden of Eden was, and is, and the man Christ Jesus, the spiritual man is going to be in the world of Beriah as a spiritual man, but His influence is going to descend into the lower worlds where we are and be manifested through individual people.


Christ Jesus or Michael is caught up to Beriah, the throat or the neck center where He exists eternally, because He is now back in the garden of Eden as the only mediator between God and man, and that is 1 Timothy 2:5. This is Him on the throne here. He, Christ Jesus also appears through Christ in the sons of God. Here this is the world of Yetzirah, the sons of God, Christ in us, Christ in the sons of God will be existing in the heart center which is Yetzirah, but they will have expelled Satan’s waters from the heart center, they will be standing on dry ground in the heart center, that is Christ in you, and down here, this is Cain, your physical body, Cain in Atzilut in many mortal men down here in Asiyah, spiritually female. Christ ascended above, Christ above Cain, in the heart center, and this is Christ the lamb in many sons, and let me finish reading what I said over here.


Christ Jesus also appears through Christ in the sons of God who remain in the earth because He exists in mortal men’s physical bodies which is Cain the dumb animal that He is married to. Cain is the dumb animal down here in Asiyah, Christ in you all is going to be ascended into your heart center, having full dominion over Cain’s evil tendencies. Christ Jesus is going to be in Beriah above that, as a single man down here in the heart center, it is Christ in you, Christ in you, Christ in you, but up here in Beriah, Christ is one man, the only mediator between God and man, and above Christ Jesus is Atzilut is the glorified Jesus Christ, and that is the condition that the church is, the true church is going to be in, at the end of the second stage of salvation, and then after that, this condition the sons of God, this whole configuration is going to be directed towards the rest of the world, however it is going to play out, I do not, everybody is not going to be a son of God but as I explained to you earlier, the nations will be at peace because of this configuration of Messiah will be set in place. It is much more than ruling with the big stick, like I said at the end of World War 2, America could have kept the peace, it is not going to be that kind of peace because Jesus is glorified and Christ Jesus is in Beriah, and the sons of God have ascended above Cain, okay, they are going to be the policemen in the higher world. The powers and principalities that rule through men, that make men think evil and do evil things, or influence them to do it anyway, will be controlled in the heavenlies.


Brethren, this way of life, where we have to be continuously resisting sin, if you are doing it, you should be doing it, recognizing envy in yourself, recognizing lust in yourself, recognizing any kind of ungodly thing, pride in yourself, recognizing any aspect of your carnal mind in yourself, that is labor brethren, that is the spiritual labor of continually attempting to tread sin under your feet. That is an exhausting way to live, you cannot continue on like that, you cannot, because there is always some point at which a weakness hits us and we sin, so we are treading, do you remember those days in the carnal church where they were saying, Step on Satan, tread her under your feet, you know.


Brethren, it is a spiritual thing, that Christ would rise in us to say, No, I do not agree with that sin. If there is something motivating you that you do not agree with, it is not you it is sin that dwelleth in you, that is good but it does not explain the whole thing. Brethren, if Christ in you, if Christ in you is present saying, That is sin, if Christ in me is present recognizing sin in myself, then it is no longer me, because I am Christ, saying, That is sin and you are not going to stand in this person. If you do not have Christ in you, Satan cannot be divided, you cannot divide Satan’s house. If all you are is Satan, first of all you do not have the spiritual eyes to see the sin in yourself, but what is not stated in I believe it is Romans 7 that Paul said that, if I am being motivated to do something that my mind is completely against, that is the proof that Christ is in there. Christ is saying, No, I do not agree with you Cain, I am not going to do it, get down, or get thee behind me Satan. To me the most important thing, and I do not even think that was the translation, I think the whole Bible is filled with hints that you can only really understand what it is saying, if you already have the message in your heart, that is so exciting to say, if I see sin in myself, and I recognize it and I hate it, that means Christ is there. Is that not exciting? That is exciting! That is exciting! If you cannot see that you did anything wrong, it means Christ is not even there.


Do not focus on the sin, focus on the fact that Christ is there, and hate that sin and get rid of it. The emphasis has to be that Christ is there. Anyway, that is the board. If I could five more minutes, I just wanted to read you before you leave, the alternate translation of Zechariah 9:9, which is so exciting. That is on page 1 of your notes. The King James says;



9. Rejoice greatly O daughter of Zion, shout O daughter of Jerusalem, behold thy king cometh unto thee. He is just in having salvation, lowly and riding upon an ass and upon a colt of the foal of an ass. KJV



I have access to a Jewish Bible, I do not know how the Jewish Bible translates that, but the Zohar corrects that and says with especially with regard to the word salvation, the Zohar says that is the wrong tense, and I am reading on page 3 now; Moreover, concerning the time to be which is the time of Messiah, it is written, rejoice greatly o daughter of Zion, shout O daughter of Jerusalem, behold thy king cometh unto thee, He is righteous and saving Himself, He is righteous and saving Himself, that is where the Zohar corrects the King James translation, and probably corrects the carnal translation of the Hebrew Bible. I have an alternate translation of that, which says;



9. Abel, daughter of spiritual Jerusalem, you should rejoice with great shouts of joy, look, your king is coming to you, he is just in saving himself and is mounted upon Cain, the eunuch who guards Abel, the seed of the woman, but he is afflicted because he refuses to retaliate against his persecutors and he will come a second time as Michael, the offspring of Elijah and the lamb. AT



Maybe for next week I will have the break down and I will show you how I got those other words, I will try to have that for part 3 of this next week. Here is my alternate amplified translation;



9. Abel, daughter of spiritual Jerusalem, you should rejoice with great shouts of joy, look your king is coming to you mounted upon Cain, the eunuch who guards Abel the seed of the woman. He is afflicted and refuses to retaliate against his persecutors because He Himself is in the process of being justified and saved, but He will come a second time as Michael, the offspring of Elijah and the lamb. AT



Is that exciting, is that really exciting? I know some of you have to go, so we will stop here, and Lord willing, if the Lord has me preach this on Sunday, you just have to get the message, if He has me preach part 3 on Sunday.


COMMENT:  I can just see why Satan has the carnal minds of men to keep Christmas, so that we would look at Jesus as being the manchild so that there would be nothing of what the Lord is going to bring about.


PASTOR VITALE:  Oh, that is very interesting Xxxx, can I just repeat what Xxxx said there? She said that, and it is funny I was listening to the music, Christmas music on the radio yesterday and you cannot deny that the music is beautiful and it was written by people who really believed they were honoring Jesus that, I was thinking, Well Easter is really so much more important that Christmas, all of this stuff with Christmas, we know that it is pagan, but Easter, the resurrection is much more important than the birth of this baby, but Xxxx just said, that here they are making Jesus the manchild, and He is not even the manchild, to get everybody’s eyes off of the truth that Jesus is resurrected, He is glorified, and that prophesied power returning to Israel is in the process of coming to pass, it is moving forward like a steamroller, slowly but a step at a time, and nothing can stop it, power is being returned to the nation of Israel, okay, and now that is spiritual Israel, it is going to, I do not have a clear vision of how it is going to manifest in the natural, Israel, I am talking about spiritual Israel, however it is going to appear in relation to the natural Israel, there are promises to the seed of Jacob which is the natural Israel, I do not know how to put the two of them together yet, but power is being restored to spiritual Israel which somehow will manifest through a natural Israel somehow, and the result of it is that corruption will be restored and peace will be returned to the whole world, and that is the promise, not a rapture, peace, the promise is that the glorified Jesus is coming to the earth to rule over unrighteousness in the earth and bring peace and good will towards all men through His permanent residency in the earth, we are not going, He is coming in Jesus name, amen.


COMMENT:  When you were talking and you were talking about Jesus being the beginning and the end, the first shall be last and the last first, I think of the connection of Jesus starting everything and the manchild being the connection, I am not saying the right words, but the thought is there, I understand it. Is not the Passover, I always thought going from the carnal mind passing over to the mind of Christ, was the real Passover.


PASTOR VITALE:  That is pretty much what I said, the mind of Christ, or you can say it is Abel, passing over the carnal mind which is Cain, it is the same thing, it is the same thing, do not get too hung up on words, it is the principles, if you understand that principles, you are okay.


COMMENT:  This has to do with what you were saying how biting the neck, and I do not know if this relates but I know in the animal kingdom, that when they pick up the children by the neck, it releases a hormone that makes them very docile, very quiet, because it is a protection thing where, if they are being too loud, they will grab them by the neck and then the animal, the cat or the dog, will stop yelping and be very still, so I did not know if that pertains to grabbing the neck and keeping that spirit docile.


PASTOR VITALE:  Well I think so, I think that is very interesting, you know, and when Cain grabs Abel’s neck, Abel becomes female under Cain, and that is not right and when Abel stands up and grabs Cain’s neck, Cain, her rebellion calms down, I think that is very appropriate, thank you very much for sharing that. Anybody else before we shut this off again. Okay.


02/20/09 Transcribed by RR


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