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Praise the Lord everybody, we have sort of a complicated message this morning, and I have really struggled over how to present this to you, so I think I am going to change the order that I have in your notes, and I would like to read to you first, the text of the Zohar which identifies the Passover lamb as a counterpart in the earth of an ungodly power in the heavenlies. Since we are all familiar with thinking that Jesus is the lamb of God and He is our Passover that is sacrificed for us, let me just start by reading the Zoharic text that identifies the Passover lamb as the counterpart in the earth or the name in the earth of a power, of an ungodly power in the heavenlies. As I am talking to you, I am flipping through the pages here looking for that text, and so far I am on page 8, and I have not found it yet.


It is on page 9, it was the first passage from the Zohar that I pasted into the text of our notes, and this is the only passage that I identify, for those of you who have the Soncino version of the Zohar, this is the only passage that I identify where you could find it, it is in volume 3, page 123, and it reads like this; On the 10th day of this month, they shall take to them a lamb, and the reason those words are in all caps is because the narrator of the Zohar, the one who is teaching in the Zohar indicates that, that is the Scripture upon which he is now going to expound. On the 10th day of this month they shall take to them a lamb, and somewhere in your notes I quoted the text of that Scripture from the King James Version.


Here is the commentary by the writer of the Zohar; According to Rabbi Abba, the 10th day was chosen because on this day the jubilee illumines the moon, and I will go into this in more detail later but, jubilee is another name for Binah. For of the jubilee it is written, for of the time that Binah shines her light on Malkhut, now remember we are Malkhut down here in the earth, and Binah would be, if we are trying to compare this to the terms of the New Testament, Binah would be as aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ. For of the jubilee it is written, on the 10th day of the 7th month, there shall be a day of atonement. They shall take a lamb. Why a lamb? Because it symbolized the power of the lowest crown, and this is a Zoharic term for merely power or principality we might be saying, because it symbolized the power of the lowest crown which the Holy One broke, and the Holy One we would liken to Christ Jesus.


In the Kabbalistic text, the Holy One, I believe is Zeir Anpin. The Holy One broke the crown to which all of the other inferior crowns or the lesser powers cling. We see that no, there is, no one is an island, no man is an island, no power is an island, even though we are, those of us in this room are physically separated, all of us are attached hopefully to many godly, to many people and many godly soul ties, nobody is alone, and powers that means powers, in the invisible realms, they are attached also, and the travel and exists in families just like we exists in families.


We can be a part of family that is based upon physical blood, or we can be in a family that is based upon the union of Christ, of Christ Jesus in all of us, joining us, if the same spirit that is the ruler of our life is in all of us, we are family, we are a spiritual family. These powers that are disembodied, they are families or in molecules or in groups, whatever word you want to use. We see that the Holy One, Zeir Anpin, broke the crown, to which all other inferior crowns cling, he broke the head, smite the shepherd and the sheep scatter, he smote the head and he broke it, forming, let me start again, the Holy One broke the crown to which all of the other inferior crowns cling, and that clinging forms the unholy triad, signified by the phrase, lambs meant servants, and women servants. The term triad signifies to each group of three Sefirot, in other words the upper triad would be the Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, Keter being called crown, Chokhmah being called wisdom, and Binah being called understanding, that is the highest or the upper triad of the Sefirotic tree.


We see we have a holy Sefirotic tree and an unholy Sefirotic tree. So this is talking about the unholy Sefirotic tree and the upper triad of that holy Sefirotic tree, the Keter, Chokhmah and Binah of the unholy side, and we know that James talks about devilish wisdom, so we see that the powers of the other side are mentioned in the New Testament, if you can understand the code, if you can understand the code. We are told here that the unholy triad, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah is called lambs, men servants and women servants. The holy upper triad is called crown, wisdom or father, and understanding or mother.


We see that the unholy side is dealing with animal names and we do not have that on the holy side, lambs, men servants, and women servants. This is now an example, this was sent by Jacob to Esau as a sop, as it were to the evil powers which the latter which Esau represented. I did not really look up the word sop but I know in the New Testament the word sop is used with something that is being eaten, that is what Jesus said, the one who dips into the cup with me, and eats that sop is the one will betray me. We know that Jacob gave Esau something to eat, at Esau’s request. We see that Jacob gave Esau something to eat, but it was not just simple food, what Jacob gave Esau to eat was a ministry to the evil powers which Esau represented. Of course we talked about this on and off in other messages, that Esau was starving, was spiritually starving, because he was using all of his energy in an ungodly way, or he was discharging all of his energy, discharging his spiritual energy and not being refilled. Did you ever hear anyone in the church get up in the pulpit and say, Whoever needs a refilling of the Holy Ghost come on up, has anybody here ever heard that?


Well what you do if you are in a Pentecostal church and you had the experience with the Holy Ghost or if you have never had an experience with the Holy Ghost and you do not feel as spiritual as you use to feel, they would say to you, the pastors who believe along these lines, would say to you, well come on up, we will lay hands on you and we will refill you with the Holy Ghost. Brethren, the Holy Ghost is a temporary filling, it is likened unto water. It is water that rains on you, and rolls off of you, and you will always need a refilling of the Holy Ghost, this is not the Lord’s ultimate plan for us.


He wants to fill us inside and out with His anointing which is likened to oil, which sticks like glue. Did you ever try and get oil off, you need soap and water to get oil off of you, and sometimes you need more than soap and water depending on the oil. Esau had the Holy Ghost, Jacob had the substance of God, which is the word of God, the word of God does not roll off of you brethren, the word of God gets into your mind and your mind chews it and digests it and it becomes a part of you, just like physical food, becomes a part of your physical body after you consume it.


Jacob had the substance of God, the word of God, he had the enduring aspect of God, Esau had the unenduring aspect of God, the promise of the real thing. The Holy Spirit is the promise of being imparted with whatever we need to comprehend the word of God to point that we can consume it, digest it, and that the flesh of that word can be made real inside of us. The word of God is the very flesh of the glorified Jesus Christ, the word of God is the flesh of the glorified Jesus Christ. When we consume it and digest it, it reproduces that which we eat within us. The son of God, when we eat Him, and He is the word, so you cannot just read the word on the surface, you have to understand it, comprehend it, it has to be made real in your life, that is what I mean when I say it being digested by you, then the very son of God whose flesh you are eating, grows up in you, appears in you, and swallows up your fallen personality, and you become a manifestation of Him. This is what Jesus was talking about when He told His followers, you must eat my flesh and drink my blood.


I really believe that, that must be an abbreviation in the New Testament, surely Jesus explained what He said. The Scripture says that many departed from Him because they thought He was talking about cannibalism, that He really wanted them to eat His physical flesh, and drink His physical blood. Maybe that is true, you know, but I just wonder if Jesus did not give them the whole doctrine. Why would Israelites depart from Jesus, do you really think that He made such an outrageous statement to them that you must eat my flesh and drink my blood and did not explain it?


No brethren, I do not think so. So why did they depart from Him? Because He exhorted them, He expounded upon the whole message which is this, you in and of yourself are not righteous, you are fallen, of yourself you can do nothing, you must have the new man added to you, the law does not make you righteous. Your keeping of the law does not make you righteous to the point that you will be delivered from this physical body which is a part of hell and death.


Brethren, this is the core problem that the Jew has, they cannot comprehend the need for the new man. They think that their old man can be made righteous by the works of the law. I want to suggest to you that all of those people that departed from Jesus, departed because He told them that they were not holy. In another place Jesus said, I come to give you sight, but you tell me you already see, therefore, you will die in your sins.


The same principle, they thought they saw, they thought they were holy, they thought they had it, and Jesus came to tell them, no you do not have it, and that was the conflict, between Jesus and everyone in Judah at the time who did not have an imputed heart of God developed in them. We have studied this in another message called Israel And the Nations, how the Jews were divided, some of them have the heart of God and spiritually discern that Jesus was speaking by the mouth of God, but the Jews that could not discern who He was spiritually, and that clung only to the written word, and their understanding of the written word, that fallen man can be restored to a supernal or divine state by doing good works did not receive the anointing. We did a whole message on that, does anybody remember that? We translated a whole chapter in the book of Romans, I do not know if it was a whole chapter, but a large part of Romans 14. That was just a little side study, we are in a different message today. We are talking about the Passover lamb because it is, a lamb was chosen because it symbolized the power of the lowest crown which the Holy One broke, the crown to which all of the other inferior crowns clung, forming the unholy triad signified by the phrase lambs, men servants, and women servants. We are told that this, we are being given Jacob and Esau as an example and we are being told that these were evil powers, lambs, men servants, and women servants, signified evil powers which the latter Esau represented. The Holy One said, Do you perform this act of slaughtering the Passover lamb, and I myself will nullify its power above, you slaughter the lamb here and I will nullify the unholy power above.


Brethren, let me remind you of the principle of the word name, Jehovah says, I and my name are one, and we have learned that a name of God is talking about his nature and his attribute in the earth. Christ Jesus in you or in me is the name of God, the reflection of the nature and attributes of God in the earth of a human being is called the name of God. Jesus said, I and my father are one. He could have easily said, I the name of God and my father are one, I am His name, I represent Him. When I speak, I am speaking his thoughts and His words to you. This is the same principle on the other side. He is saying, you slaughtered the animal, this lamb is the name of the lamb unholy power above. If you slaughter his name in the earth, I will nullify the power that sustains the name below, because even though the name of God dwells in us and the name of God dwells in Jesus, at a moment, that condition of Jesus being the son of God because He was indwelt by the very presence, attributes, and representative mind of God, that could have ended in a second if the Holy One above pulled out of the human vessel. Can anybody not understand that? Okay.


So, you slaughter the lamb down here which is my name, and I am going to do it above. Brethren, I have been preaching here for years that there is no value, there is no spiritual value in water baptism, it is an act of faith, you go dunk, you let someone you know that is representing the Lord, dunk you under the water, and the Lord baptizes you into His Spirit in the worlds above. You do an act of faith that really has no practical significance, I should not say significance of that, it is no practical result, and He does it above. You stand up against unrighteousness down here, David stood up against Goliath, how could David ever take down a giant, but he stood up, the name of God, the righteousness of Jehovah manifested as boldness in David, and Jehovah from above arranged for a little stone from a little boy’s sling shot to kill a giant, virtually an impossibility. You may recall just by way of witness, to pastor Saunder’s testimony, I do not remember which African nation he was in but he was in Africa and he was ministering to cannibal, a tribe of cannibals, and they captured him. They had never seen a white person before, and he even jokes, well he is dead now but he even joked about it, he was a pretty chubby guy, so when they saw him, they saw a real meal on the hoof, and they had to decide what to do with him.


They could not decide whether he was sent by God as a good meal or he was a god, they could not decide which one it was, so they said we are going to test you, and they put a target on a tree and they stood him further back from the tree than their best marksman would have ever been able to shoot the arrow at that mark on the tree from. Let me say that again, they put a mark on the tree and they stood pastor Saunder’s a distance from that tree that the most expert marksman would not have been able to hit the target on that tree from that distance, and not only that, but pastor Saunder’s did not know how to shoot a bow and arrow, so he put the arrow in the bow, pulled it back, closed his eyes, and said thank you Jesus and let the go, the arrow wound up dead center in the target. They did not eat him and he ministered Christ to them, I think there were conversions also.


Brethren, the name of God in the earth is an accurate representative, a representation of the power of God above, whether it is on the holy side or on the unholy side. We see in the Zohar we are being taught that a lamb represents the unholy side. When I first read this I said, Oh, oh, what have we here, and I did not like it, it did not make me feel good, and the reason it did not make me feel good is that I am pretty much of the opinion at this time that the revelation in the Zohar is by in large accurate, that the major error or the Kabbalistic text whether it is the Zohar or other texts, is that they do not recognize Jesus, and the reason, well at least the foundational reason, there are other reasons, but the foundational reason, all of the false doctrine is definitely reasons, but the foundational reason that they do not recognize Jesus is that they cannot, they do not comprehend this need for a new man.


That is why Paul spent so much time talking about the new man because he was ministering to the Jews. It is a major lack in the enormous volume of excellent Kabbalistic doctrine and revelation. It is a major hole in their doctrine that stops the whole machine from working, and the way it is expressed in another form is that they have the body of knowledge all locked up, they have the lock, they have which is locked up, and they do not have the key, and the church has the key, which is Jesus, the church is all in false doctrine, so even the key is locked up in the church except to the degree that it is coming forth and being put together here. Christ Centered Kabbalah has to merge with the body of Kabbalistic doctrine, and you are going to see the power of God manifest in the earth.


So the last sentence here is do you let it pass through fire talking about the lamb now because the instruction was to roast the lamb. Do you let it pass through fire here below, do you let it, in other words, you should if you do it, if you let it pass through the fire here below, I shall leave the impure principality represented by a lamb which it represents through the fiery stream. You roast the lamb down here and I am going to lay hold of that lamb entity, that lamb unholy power above and I am going to lead it through the fiery stream. If you are in the New Testament you would say, does anybody know? Lake of fire.


You roast the lamb down here and I am going to put that lamb power through the lake of fire because the lake of fire is a spiritual lake, it is not down here. I would like to point out to you, to anybody that has not turned the message off yet or put the book down yet, that, and for those of you who are still reading or still listening and still believe that Jesus the man, Jesus of Nazareth was a replacement for the animal sacrifices of the civil law through which Jehovah imputed holiness and righteousness to Israel that to fulfill the Scripture, Jesus would have had to have been burnt. You cannot say, that Jesus fulfilled the animal sacrifices that natural Israel engaged in as a seal to the covenant that Jehovah made with them. You cannot take part of it and reject the rest of it.


You cannot say Jesus was the sacrifice and that He was crucified and that He no longer has to be burnt, the paschal lamb no longer has to be burnt, it is just a fallacious teaching and it is an erroneous teaching and all errors are foundations for everything that comes after it. I do not think that I could be teaching you or any of you here could be dealing with what I have to say to you today if you did not, if you were not already exposed to the teaching here that Jesus and His crucifixion on the cross was not the replacement for the animal sacrifice of the covenant that Jehovah made with natural Israel. I am not going to re-teach that whole thing, I have a lot of messages on that. He was crucified so that men would believe, there had to be a written record, there had to be a public record that He was crucified and that He rose from the dead and that His body disappeared, because bodies, you do not, bodies do not turn into carcasses, a carcass being a skeleton, bones when the spiritual man inside the body departs from the body. The carcass, the bones, the skeleton is the residue of the man who died to this world, or died to this existence before he was able to escape from the jail house of this flesh. A carcass is proof that the man inside the garment, this body is just the garment that covers the soul which is spiritual life, the man is the soul, the man is not this body, the man is the soul, and if somebody passes from this body and the body goes limp and is pronounced dead by the criteria of this world, and there is a carcass behind, and when the flesh turns to dust if there is a skeleton behind, it means that the soul or part of the soul was trapped in the body when it ceased to exist.


In the case of Jesus, in the case of Moses, in the case of Elijah, nobody was found, no skeleton was found, nothing was found because when the soul fully escapes from this garment which is a body, before the body ceases to exist or let me even put it another way, if the body ceases to exist being animated, because the soul man departs from it, whatever shell is left just turns to dust and blows away, but if the body loses animation or dies according to the criteria of this world, while the soul is still trapped inside because the soul did not have the spiritual authority to depart from the garment, when the body dies with the soul still inside of it, the proof of it, is that there is a carcass, and after the flesh dissolves there is a skeleton.


Jesus left no skeleton, he left no carcass, and because He departed, Jesus the soul man, the soul Jesus who was now married to Elijah, whose name was now Christ Jesus, the inner man departed from the flesh garment before the flesh garment died, in fact the flesh garment died because the inner man departed from it. We are told here in the Zohar that the promise is, you burn that paschal lamb in the fire and I am going to put that spiritual entity of which the lamb in the earth is a representation, I am going to put that entity through the fire, I am going to purify it.


We see that the sacrifice of the lamb is a purification of an unholy power. Brethren, the lake of fire is a purification, despite a lot of church doctrine, the lake of fire is a purification. The Scripture says the false prophet, the devil and everybody who is thrown in there will be in the lake of fire and tormented forever and ever. You have to understand what tormented means. Tormented if you look up the Greek word, it really means that they will be restrained from doing or following after their natural inclination. That is torment brethren, to be restrained from following after your natural inclination. We wake up one day and we find out that one of our natural inclinations is sin, and we decide we are going to do it anymore, we then enter into an inner conflict between the part of us that wants to do it and the other part of us that now has an understanding that this is wrong, and we experience torment.


This torment is subject to the promise of God that on the 7th day or the 7th stage of creation when we enter into the 7th stage of creation, we shall rest. The creator shall rest in us and because He rest in us, we shall rest from the labor of resisting impulses that the Lord tells us are sin. Everybody got that? Very important.


This is our problem, okay, how we are going to reconcile, because whenever we have diverse opinions or apparently conflict of opinions, it does not necessarily mean that either opinion is wrong, it must, because the Scripture cannot be wrong, I mean it is possible that there could be a wrong interpretation of the Scripture cannot be wrong, and every part of the Scripture must reconcile with every other part of the Scripture. If it appears that there is a big, diverse space between two Scriptures, it behooves us to seek the Lord for the reconciling factor, for the information for the truth that will reconcile the two diverse opinions, because they are both correct, there is something wrong in our understanding.


I just stated the key, or at least part of the key, the purification the Lord says He is going to put this ungodly power called lamb through the lake of fire, so this ungodly power is not going to be destroyed to the point of nonexistence, but it is going to be purified. Let me jump ahead of myself again a little more, I want to suggest to you, brethren this is very difficult, I keep going over it in my mind myself, my carnal mind keeps wanting to get in there, and confuse me, and I think shortly after I present another few points, I really, I need to write it on the board because my carnal mind does not like me thinking this way, our carnal mind does not like us thinking with our Christ mind, he does not like that, because every time we think with our Christ mind it is death unto our carnal mind, every second, every thought that we get straight in our head with our Christ mind, our carnal mind and our old man is dying.


Let me try to, I am going to repeat that again, and I am going to try to continue along those lines. We see that the nullifying of the unholy power above called lamb, is a purification. I am going to suggest to you as we go through the notes I hope to convince you, that Jesus of Nazareth is not the lamb but that Christ within Him was the lamb, and that Christ within you and Christ within me is the lamb, and Christ we all know is the awakened Abel, and Abel is I hope we all know is joined to Cain, that the two are a symbiotic entity and neither one can exist without the other. The problem is that position of their relationship, when Cain has authority over Abel or over Christ, it is an unholy relationship and the two become unholy.


That is why we can say that Abel is the false prophet. Abel is the one that looks like a lamb, has horns like a lamb, but speaks like a dragon, I did not even have that Scripture in my notes, Abel is the lamb, but he speaks like a dragon when Cain has authority over him, because when Cain has authority over Abel, Abel repeats everything that Cain says, and Cain is the mouthpiece of Leviathan and Satan. So Abel or Christ under the authority of Cain becomes a false prophet. What we need to do to rescue Christ and of course Christ is the foundation, Christ in you and Christ in me must be rescued for the whole man to be saved, because Christ is the point in the earth of our humanity that the family of God in heaven joins to, the Lord Jesus Christ, joins to Christ in you and Christ in me.


The Lord Jesus Christ cannot see us or cannot get to us when Cain is on top of Abel. He cannot see us, He cannot get to us, sometimes He cannot even hear us, sometimes He does, sometimes He does not, the Scripture says, Jehovah heard Abel crying out, heard his blood crying out from the under the ground. We have a symbiotic entity, Cain and Abel, and when Cain is on top, Abel is unclean, when Cain is on top, his thoughts are impure, his desires are impure, his inclinations are impure, he is attracted to impure things.


Take pornography as an example brethren, you see, this is what the Lord does, the Lord says to someone who is addicted to pornography, this is wrong, this bad for you, you are an embarrassment to your wife and your family, you should not be doing this, so I guess women could be addicted to, but it is usually men I think, based on my knowledge, it is usually men, of course I could be wrong, I have not done a survey on it, and the man who is addicted to pornography or to going on the Internet, he sits in his house at night and his heart is lusting to go on that computer to go to the porno sight and he will not get up out of the chair and his wife is sitting next to him and then she goes to sleep and he is sitting there and he is resisting going to that computer or not, and that man is in torment.


That is what the law does to you, you see, but the Lord says, if you sacrifice that inclination, this is an important message, you need to hear it, I am not picking on you, I love you, you need to hear it, the Lord says, whatever you thing is, and we have all got something, if you will resist it in the natural which I will call a sacrifice, you resist it, you call that and take that as a sacrifice, I will deal with the power in the heavens above that is strengthening that power in you, I will nullify it, I will put it through the lake of fire, and you will be relieved from your torment. That is the promise, resist and I will deliver you.


Sometimes we have to resist for a long time, and that is why the Bible says, Do not faint, just do not faint, just keep on doing it, do not faint, I will keep my promise, I am God and I cannot lie says the Lord. You resist in the flesh and I will nullify it in the spirit. We see that Christ the lamb is joined to or has an unholy part, and the Passover Lamb is associated with the deliverance from Egyptian bondage of the Hebrew children.


Maybe the Israelites were in physical bondage of physical Egypt, I do not know, maybe they were and maybe they were not, but even if they were in physical bondage, if they were physical people in chains by the Egyptians, they were also in spiritual bondage, because brethren, you cannot be in physical bondage and be spiritually free. That condition can only exist for a short period during which time you are in the process of being delivered. If you are someone who is in spiritual bondage and the Lord has come to you and started to work with you and you are being liberated in your mind, but you are still in bondage through a particular habit or thought, or thought pattern or problem, but it cannot last, and you are going to go back to Egypt and become fully subject to that ungodly power that is compelling you, or you will be delivered from it. You can only stay in torment for so long. Eternal torment is an untrue doctrine. You can only stay in torment for so long, either you go back, or you go forward. The purpose of the torment, not so much that it is a purpose, it is an intermediary stage between being overcome and subjected to ungodly powers and being liberated from ungodly powers. Torment is a temporary intermediary stage. The Zohar describes those three stages as good and evil and in between. Do you know what that means? There really are, there are people in this world, now we know no one is good except Jesus, we know that, but brethren, there are people in this world that are really good by our standards, and there are people in this world that by human standards, they are really evil. I am talking about human standards, Jesus is the only one that is good, God is the only one that is good, I am not, that is not my point. There are some people that just lead much kinder lives than other people, and if you cannot see that then you are not living in reality.


The people that are really evil, well they are at peace, they are out there doing their thing you know, robbing their banks, doing their drugs, robbing people on the street, knocking people out of the way, stepping on their heads to be successful, white collar crimes, whatever they are doing, they are at peace and happy, they are living in their mansions, they are going home, they are going on vacation with their wives, they are happy, no conscience at all, right? They are just fine, then there are people that are on the good side, we cannot say they are good, but they are on the good side, and they are leading nice lives, you know, they are happy in their marriages, they are successful in their careers, they have money, their children are successful, everybody has got enough money and to live on, everybody is happy, peaceful, they are happy, they own houses, they travel around, they have parties, nothing to worry about in this life, they are happy, they are the good ones, these are the intermediate ones.


The intermediate ones are the people who were evil but were convicted by Jesus Christ of their evil and desire to change. Those are the intermediate ones. The ones who are evil, or were evil, or are evil and desire to change, they are the tormented ones, because the inclinations within them that would come under the category of evil, are still present in their members, but a new root has appeared in them, a root of righteousness has appeared in them. Christ has appeared in them and they desire His righteousness, and so they are tormented until they migrate completely from evil into goodness. They are the ones in the middle.


Brethren, you just really have to ask questions, I am so grateful to God, the first time I read that, my carnal mind said, Is that not ridiculous, good and evil, and what are they talking about? Nothing is ridiculous, in a spiritual book that has proven to you, and this is proven to me that this is of God, nothing is ridiculous, you are ridiculous, you are lifted up in pride if you think something is ridiculous, you have to ask the Lord, what does that mean.


Getting back to our subject for today, so this Passover lamb is Christ who is joined to an unholy side. The Zohar calls it the evil inclination. The good inclination is joined to the evil inclination, so the slaying of the Passover lamb must include the slaying of the evil inclination. So what would that mean? Cain is dominating Abel, the Passover lamb. It has to be severed. Now there can be no complete separation, the term sacrifice first of all in the New Testament, sacrifice is an unfortunate term, the word is slaughter, and what does slaughter mean? Slaughter means to cut in pieces, this is my principle, slaughter means to cut in pieces, Cain and Abel have to be severed. They cannot go very far from each other because neither can exist without the other, but they have to be severed and their position has to be changed. Abel is underneath Cain, they have to be severed, and then Abel comes on top of Cain, and now the evil inclination is under the authority of Christ who is under the authority of Christ Jesus who is under the authority of the Lord Jesus. The slaying of the lamb, brethren, the lamb is unholy the whole time that Cain is on top. The paschal lamb signifies in the heavenlies the unity of Cain and Abel with Cain on top.


This is a mystery, the Scripture says, you should slay the paschal lamb, but it does not go into this whole big explanation that the paschal lamb has two sides to it, the good inclination and the evil inclination, and they are in the wrong moral order, so you have to severe the two, and the good inclination has to go on top of the evil inclination, and how is that accomplished? It is accomplished by passing the power through the lake of fire, whatever the term was here. It was on page 9, the Lord said, I will pass it through the fiery stream. Cain is dominating Abel, the Christ, it is like getting gold out of the ore.


We read about that I believe in the book of Jeremiah, it says the blacksmith is pumping up the fire and the metal is in the fire, it is melting, but that particular Scripture says, But the wicked is not pulled out. That means the trials are upon you, the fiery trials are upon you, what good is your suffering if the evil is not pulled out, do not waste your time, do not waste your energy. What good is it, if you suffer and Cain is not pulled out, severed and put underneath Christ in you. Maybe you are going through fiery trials and you have never heard this message. Maybe you are going through the fiery trials and you do not know how to get Cain severed and put underneath the authority of Christ. That my friend is a tragedy.


Those who have had the opportunity to teach this message to people who are suffering and have rejected this message, I would not want to be in their shoes when what goes around comes around. Is anybody not following me? This is the message and I am going to lay it out for you now. Any questions before I actually go into the notes. Let me repeat it, the Scripture says, John sees Jesus walking and He says, Behold the lamb of God. And we have multiple Scriptures about the lamb slain, and it is obvious that the lamb is positive in the New Testament. How could the lamb be negative in the Old Testament, although it is not the Old Testament, it is the expounding of the Old Testament from a spiritual point of view in the Zohar, how could this be? It can be because in the New Testament, the New Testament is talking about the lamb who now has Christ/Abel on top because Jesus the Christ overcame His sin nature by the Spirit of Holiness, and He sacrificed the lamb within Himself. The lamb which was both the evil and the good inclination, He sacrificed them, what does that mean? He slaughtered them, what does that mean? He severed them, and He took the one that was underneath the ground, Abel and put him on top of his twin, Cain is female. Jesus succeeded in doing that, and because Jesus succeeded in doing that, there is now a power in the heavenlies that can be transferred down into human beings, that can awaken the Christ in you and strengthen it to do the same thing, because we cannot do it alone, Cain is too strong, Cain is strengthened by Satan and Leviathan, the Serpent, the Dragon, whoever, the whole household of the Serpent. Abel is absolutely incapable of rising above the ground, therefore Abel capitulates and becomes a member of the household and repeats the talking points of the Serpent’s household, and appears in the book of Revelation as the lamb that had two horns but sounded like a Dragon.


Because Jesus of Nazareth by the inner principles imparted to him by God which I believe were Elijah and Moses, I believe they were incarnate in the man Jesus, by the power of those men overcame Cain within Himself, separated Cain from Abel, slaughtered the lamb, slaughtered Christ within Himself, severed Cain from Abel, put Abel on top of Cain, and built the family of God in that man Jesus of Nazareth. Then He ascended, He was glorified and because He is glorified He is now pouring out of His Spirit and He is putting His seed, He is putting His spiritual seed in us, each one of us is a spiritual female. Each one of us is womb, each one of us is an ovum, and He is putting His spiritual sperm in us. Abel is the ovum in us, and when the spiritual sperm of the glorified Jesus Christ who has already been through this, He has already overcome and escaped from this condition when His male sperm joins with us, we receive the seed which has the potential to grow into the power to do the same thing that He did. What did He do?


He sacrificed the lamb. You see, it is called a lamb whether Cain is on top or whether Abel is on top, it is still the lamb. If Cain is on top, it is the unholy lamb, and if Abel is on top, it is the holy lamb. When Abel is on top, it is the lamb that you read about in the New Testament, the one, and I looked and I saw a lamb as though it was slain, and it had the seven eyes of God in it, it was a holy lamb, Cain was still there but you cannot see her, because she is buried under Christ’s Spirit.


What we are reading about in the Old Testament, we are reading about the Hebrew children who were captive by the powers in Egypt, that means Abel was not on top, Cain was on top, they were captured in their spirit, in their minds, in their souls, they were captured by the powers of Egyptian mystery religion, that were joined to Cain in them, and Abel was buried under their ground. The lamb had to be sacrificed, it is the same lamb, it is called lamb, whether Cain is on top, or whether Abel is on top, it is called lamb, is everybody okay with that?


That is the reconciling factor, Jehovah went in the heavenlies above and He laid hold of that lamb, He put it through the fiery stream, He put into the lake of fire, and He melted the parts of Cain and Abel that were joining them in that unholy configuration. When the parts that were binding them together loosened up, He flipped them, and He put Christ on top, and then He took them out of the fiery stream and let it all cool off and they congealed in a new configuration, Christ on top, still the lamb, whoever is on top, it is still the lamb, holy lamb, unholy lamb, got it? Who is going to get it and preach this next? (Chuckle)


Let us take a look at the notes and let us get it deep inside of us and let us chew this up and swallow it, and may the flesh that we are eating today, be reproduced in us, may Christ be formed in us, may more of the cells of this body, appear in us, and in our mind and in our thinking. Basic premise of this message; the slaying of the Passover lamb signifies the cutting away or the separation of Abel from Cain, these are just my comments here. The blood on the doorposts signifies that this separation has been accomplished because it is going to be a bloody separation brethren, it is not going to happen overnight when you are sleeping, this is going to be painful and it is going to take time, and it is going to, definitely we need to be educated, or I do not see how it could happen to us if we do not understand what is happening and work with it. It happens over time.


This is why we have fiery trials, why do we have fiery trials? To loosen up the ties that keep Abel under Cain’s ground. They are fiery trials to break up that fallow ground, so that, and then of course in those trials we have to repent and get deliverance and get all of the stones and the rocks and everything out of Cain’s ground so that Abel can get up from under it.


When Abel within Jesus was severed from Cain, the powers of the principalities in the worlds above who strengthen and prevail over Christ in the earth through Cain, the animal side of humanity were broken. Abel is Jehovah’s breath, Christ is the awakened Abel. Only a residue of mortal man’s animal nature clings to Christ after Cain, the evil inclination is severed or cut away from Christ who is Jehovah’s breath.


I do not know if I am getting ahead of myself or not, the whole principle of day and night as opposed to evening and morning. Evening and morning are both a mixture of day and night, evening is a mixture of day and night with more night than day, and morning is a mixture of day and night with more day than night. The creation is a mixture, we are spirit, and we are earth, and the earth is soul, and the earth has its own nature, and the spirit, we are supposed to have the nature of God, and the nature of God in the form of Jehovah’s breath has been mixed with the earth to make it clay.


There is no separation, clay, no more water, no more earth, only clay, and that clay can be denser or less dense, more earth or more spirit. Although this can never happen in the natural, there is a struggle going on between the water and the earth, as to who will predominate as the soul, as the mind, as the inclination, as the consciousness, of the whole creature. This is the human condition. That is why children have to be taught the difference between right and wrong, because we have two natures, we have two inclinations.


This was my point, let me make my point, for this reason Cain can never be and will never be completely done away with, because Cain represents the earth that gives form to the invisible spirit, Cain represents the earth that gives form to the invisible spirit, the end of the whole process brethren is that we will be morning and not evening. Is there not a Scripture in the New Testament that says, Jesus is the morning, is not Jesus the morning. Jesus overcame, Jesus, I am sorry all of you people reading or listening to this, Jesus was not born God, Jesus was born a mortal human being, He did have a leg up, but He was a mortal human being and He overcame, the end of Him, not that He is ended, but the process which catapulted Him into the position that He is in now, and what position is He in now? His name is higher than ever other name, He is very high, in the Keter, He has ascended to the Keter. Because He overcame, because he did it, He is giving us cutting, we are all spiritual plants, He is giving us cuttings of His life, so that we can do it too.


We have to be morning and not night. That why Paul came saying, Awake to righteousness, the night is passed, the day is here, power to arise out of darkness is here for you, do not remain in darkness, do not be the evening, be children of the day. The power to do it is here, you do not have to fake it anymore, you can truly enter into the righteousness of Jesus Christ, if you just are willing to pay the price and do not faint. Do not faint brethren, do not faint. So long as there is breath in your nose, do not faint. Do not go this far and faint, do not do that.


The residue of the earth which is Cain which is the evil inclination forms Jehovah’s breath and Jehovah’s breath is in the form of Abel or when Abel is awakened, His name becomes Christ, the spiritual life of Jehovah in the earth. Of course this cannot happen in the natural, but the earth has its own consciousness and that consciousness is in you and me, the consciousness of the earth, the evil side of us, and evil does not have to mean you are a serial killer, brethren, what it means is that your inclinations or your desires or your thought process disagrees with God, you have to take the spiritual understanding of the word. That is all that it means, that is what the evil inclination is, it is an inclination that is the opposite of God’s righteous inclination, and since we are not perfect, God’s righteous inclination in us, is only a good inclination because we are righteous by faith because Jesus Christ is our righteousness, but we are not righteous, so we call it the good inclination versus the evil inclination.


We have both, there is a struggle, brethren we are not fully created yet, there is a struggle going on inside of us, as to who we will be when the process of creation is completed, and John said there will be two resurrections, or two births, either we are going to be born as a son of God or we are going to be born as the daughter of damnation. We are going to be fully completed, and those of who appear as daughters of Babylon or daughters of damnation, when it is obvious that, that is what we are, we are going to be wiped out. Yes, that is what Jehovah did, that is what the flood was all about! He wiped them out!


Jehovah was watching and watching and watching and that baby, look at Revelation 12, the Dragon is watching and watching, Jehovah is watching and watching, the Lord Jesus is watching and watching while the baby is born, and it is a devil. Who saw Rosemary’s Baby? It is a devil, what happened to my son, He said, what happened to the son of God, it is a devil, send the flood, wipe it out! He did it then and He will do it now. Brethren, we have to keep everything in perspective, He wiped out that which was born, He did not wipe out the root, He did not wipe out the incarnating soul, the incarnating soul and the spirit went back to God who gave it, you know, into reincarnation and whatever judgment was necessary to purify it. It was the formation of the clay that was wiped out. Do you get this?


It is the formation of the clay that is wiped out. The Lord does everything that He can to form that clay so long as there is breath in the clay, so long as there is a soul in the clay, the Lord is doing everything He can to see that, that spiritual child that is being born in that vessel is going to be son of God and when that baby is born, if it is not a son of God, that person will die, they may die a natural death, I do not know, they are going to die.


You cannot go into immortality as a child of damnation, it is as simple as that. The Scripture says, that Jesus said, that the wheat and the tares grow together until what? Until what? Until the end right? So nobody knows what we are going to be until we are born, and all you people out there that think you are born again, well you are in for a big surprise you are not born again.


I have a Scriptural witness for you that the residue of Cain, because Cain is going to be buried under Abel, but just as Abel’s blood was seeping through the ground a little bit and crying out to Jehovah, there is going to be just like a dusting of Cain’s earth over Christ, to give it form. Isaiah 45:7 says;



7. I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil, I the Lord do all of these things. KJV



I have some more comments for you now. The lamb is Christ, Jehovah’s breath severed from Cain, who is the evil inclination, or at least a part of the evil inclination, the whole evil inclination is Cain, Leviathan, and Satan. The lamb is Christ Jehovah’s breath severed from Cain, the evil inclination with just enough of a residue of Cain, I should not even say remaining, or Cain showing, because Cain is now going to be buried under Abel, to give form to Jehovah’s spiritual life. The lamb appears in two stages, imputed and imparted. The imputed stage Cain is crippled, in the imputed stage, Cain is crippled, in the imputed stage, we see an example of the imputed stage as Jesus in the days of His flesh.


Cain has now been forced underneath Christ and the power is broken, but she is still there and we have to guard carefully or she can get out, and we are told in the book of Revelation, that after a thousand years Satan gets out and goes forth to deceive the nations. So until this is made permanent, when the imparted Christ, when the imparted lamb comes into existence, we will always have to be diligent, but of course the more mature we are the harder it is for Cain, Satan and Leviathan, they are all one, you know to get loose, and I believe it is, at least for this time my belief is that Cain will not be completely destroyed to the consciousness of rebellion.


Right now the household of the Serpent forms a collective consciousness of rebellion which we call the evil inclination. As long as we are in this flesh, that potential for us to be seduced by the evil inclination within ourselves will always exist, and that will be the imputed lamb. The imputed lamb will be living through us while there is still that potential no matter how small for the evil inclination to seduce us. The imparted lamb which we read about in the book of Revelation, and I saw as it were a lamb that had been slain, I believe that to come to that condition, we have to depart from the physical body, at least that is my opinion at this time.


I am going to explain that to you more, when we study spiritual circumcision, we seem to be having a conflict here of the messages between LEM and CCK so, in the LEM message WHEN I SEE THE BLOOD, I have all of the notes ready to discuss spiritual circumcision with you, but now I have more revelation on it from a Kabbalistic view, so I am not quite sure whether I will do it as a part 2 to this message, as a part of WHEN I SEE THE BLOOD, but I will let you know when the Lord lets me know how I am going to present this principle to you, I will just tell you this, so you can follow me. The Scripture says, I do not know if it is in the Scripture, but it is certainly in the Zohar, and it must be implied in the Scripture, it is just clarified in the Zohar, when the Hebrew children came out from Egypt, the slaying of the paschal lamb was only one of three things that they had to do to escape from Egypt.


They had to be circumcised. There is a spiritual circumcision that comes first, then comes the slaying of the paschal lamb which is a spiritual experience that we all have. Then there is, well maybe I said the wrong thing first, we have to be fully joined to Jehovah. I will expound on that more in another time, secondarily we have to be circumcised, and last but not least, I am sorry, the slaying of the paschal lamb is second. First we have to be joined, fully joined to Jehovah, and as you know I preach that salvation is union with the Lord Jesus Christ, if you are not joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, you have no salvation, that is the first of three stages by which we are delivered from hell and death.


The first stage is union, the second stage is the sacrifice of the paschal lamb in us, and the third stage is spiritual circumcision which is in two parts. There are two parts to circumcision, the first part is the removing of the foreskin, and the second part is the pushing back of the membrane that covers the head of the male organ. That second part, the pushing back of that thin membrane, that I believe is our exist from the physical body.


As long as we are in this flesh, we would only experience the first stage of spiritual circumcision which is the cutting away of the foreskin which is Leviathan, but that is another message. Let us go on. The lamb appears in two stages, imputed and imparted, in the imputed stage, Cain is crippled, but that evil inclination can still try to seduce us, in the imparted stage Cain is destroyed and as I told you, I think that imparted stage only exists when we are delivered from the physical body. The imparted stage is associated with separation from the physical body. The two sides of the creation, day and night, were originally mixed, evening and morning, for this purpose, to give form to the day without the night prevailing over him.


The lamb is slain or slaughtered Christ within the man whose animal nature or evil inclination has been destroyed, either imputed or imparted, either by faith, or in reality. The lamb is the slain or the slaughtered Christ within the human being whose animal nature which is their evil inclination, has been destroyed, either to the degree that, I guess I should say, well, either imputed or imparted, and if you have an imputed destruction of the evil inclination, that is another way of saying that Cain is crippled an under the complete authority of Christ who is strengthened by Christ Jesus and the Lord Jesus, which are ascending levels of spiritual authority.


A type of this state of being, and I am talking about the evil inclination being crippled or destroyed, is Jacob, well a type of this state of being of the evil inclination being crippled anyway, I guess I will take destroyed out, being crippled is Jacob, and all of his descendants who limp to this day after Jacob’s thigh was touched by the angel.


That is a parable brethren, you know, some of the situations that we read about in the Scripture really did play out in the natural, in the way it is written in the Scripture, but this is to me, obviously a parable, to say that all of Jacob’s descendants live to this day, well I am one of Jacob’s descendants, and I walk very evenly, so it has to have a spiritual connotation.


This is the spiritual connotation, Cain, Jacob’s other side, Cain, the other side of Christ in Jacob, because we know that Jacob was a man of God, so he had another side, Cain. Cain, Jacob’s other side, is no longer equal to Abel, after the angel weakened her, so Israel who is, that is the spiritual Jacob, Israel is Jacob’s new name, after Jacob became spiritual, his name became Abel. Cain, Jacob’s other side is no longer equal to Abel because the angel crippled her, so Israel the spiritual Jacob limps. The significance of that brethren, is that the Lord, brethren this applies to about everybody in this ministry, I have told just about everybody here at one time or another, you are too strong, you are too strong, your strength has to be broken because that is the strength that you have used to survive in this world, but now Christ is here, and Christ wants to be your controller, He wants to possess you, He wants you, He is already inside of you, He wants to live through you and He wants to give you life and victory in every area of your life through His, living His life through you, and your will is in His way.


You have been doing things the same way for all of these years, we are all over twenty one here. For thirty one years, we have all been doing all of these things our own way, we have our own ideas of what we think is right, we have our own preferences, we have our own ways of doing things that are, they are so automatic, we do not even think about it, and there is Christ in us crying out to us, No, that is wrong, do it this way, go that way, and we do not even hear Him.


That is why we are told in the book of Job, God speaks to us in dreams because when we are conscious and He speaks to us, we do not hear Him, we hear Leviathan, and Cain. We all have to be broken, we have to be broken so that Christ can join Himself to you, who are you? You are Cain, if you are living out of your carnal mind because you have been doing that for all of your life, all of your adult life, all of your whole life, and I believe the book of Job teaches us that none of us is capable of stopping being carnal in our own strength, we are not capable of stopping being carnal.


Cain has to be whipped, and this is exactly what happened to Jacob. It was the angel in Jacob that whipped Cain in Jacob. Jacob was in trouble, we are going to go over the account in Genesis 32:24-29, you may recall that Jacob I believe under the instructions and anointing of the Lord deceived his father Isaac into giving him the blessing, because Isaac was dead bent on giving it to Esau, and he was not supposed to be doing that, but again that is another message, Jacob followed the instructions of the Lord and deceived his father and received the blessing that normally would go to the older son.


How many of you know that God has the authority to change the order of anything and everything that He wants to change. The law and the rule of our world is that the whole inheritance goes to the oldest son, our God can give it to the younger son if He wants to, and He has done that consistently throughout the Scripture. He makes the rules and the mind and reasoning of natural man ashamed, He does whatever He wants. There is none higher than God almighty, He can do whatever He wants, and only a fool fights with Him, and foolishness is associated with youth.


Foolishness and ignorance is associated with youth. Do not go getting insulted by me, if you are fighting with him or if you have been fighting with him, it just means you are immature in that area and you have not yet figured out that you cannot win anyway so what are you doing to yourself? None of us has the power to break these carnal tendencies which are the tendencies of Cain. That is why we have fiery trials to weaken us, and then there is a period of time brethren, where we are weak, why? Because Christ has not grown up in us yet, and we are all beat up because our Father in heaven is whipping us every day because we will not stay down, stay down, stay down! Stay down when you get whipped. Oh no, me too, we just keep getting up right? We just keep getting up and we get it again. We are going to keep on getting it again until we stay down. It is just human nature. If you are hearing this message or you are here, I am not picking on you, this is for everybody, this is our fallen nature. We have to get whipped.


This was the story, so Jacob deceived his father, under the instruction and the anointing. Oh the anointing would never tell him to do that. Well yes it would, you have to listen to another message. Then when Esau found out that Jacob got the blessing, his mother said to him, you better get out of here because your brother Esau is going to kill you, he sort of mad you know that you stole his blessing and all, well his inheritance, he is not really happy about this. To Esau’s carnal mind, Esau would never believe that the Lord told you to do it, so he really thinks you robbed him and you better get out of here, you better run for your life. Jacob left town, and many, many years later, more than 14 years later, however many more years than that I do not know, but we know that he worked 7 years for Leah, and then he worked 7 years for Rachel, to get these brides, so it was at least 14 years, and longer than that, because the brides that he worked 7 years each for both had children, so maybe it was 20 years or more, I do not know.


He is now going back to his home and he knows he is going to have to face his brother, and he is scared so he has an experience with God, and that is what we will read about here in Genesis 32:24-29;


GENESIS 32:24-29

24. And Jacob was left alone, and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day. KJV



See, it does not say angel, you know, but sometimes men are called angels. We are told in the book of Revelation that Jesus talks to the angels of the churches, and He is talking to the Christ within the pastor. Jacob was left alone and there wrestled a man with until the breaking of the day. It was his inner man, it was the inner man that he may not even have known was there, it was Christ in him, or Abel within him.



25. And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of Jacob’s thigh...KJV



Now this is one of the situations where there are just pronouns here and we really do not know who the Scripture is talking about. You have to figure out who the Scripture is talking about by asking the Lord who, by the spirit of revelation.



25. And when he saw that he prevailed not against him...KJV



I want to suggest to you that this man that was wrestling with Jacob, and what was he wrestling with him about? Brethren Jacob was scared, the nature of God in us is never scared. It is always Cain who is scared. Jacob was scared and having anxiety over confronting his brother or being confronted by his brother, who did indeed intend to kill him, Cain was on top. Christ, or Abel, the nature of God underneath Cain, wanted to get on top of Cain so that he could save Jacob and his whole household from destruction. Did you never have a struggle within yourself as to whether or not you would yield to your fear, or faith in Christ would rise in you?


He was having an inner struggle, between his good inclination and his evil inclination. The lamb in him was struggling, because it is the lamb, whether Cain is on top or whether Abel is on top, it is either just the good lamb or the evil lamb. So Abel appeared as a man, as the man of God, in Jacob’s spiritual being, in his mind, in his emotions, in his spiritual being, and when Abel, I do not know whether to say Abel or Christ, I guess I should say Christ saw that he prevailed not against him, who is him, it should be her. When Christ in Jacob saw that he could not prevail over Cain, what does that mean? It means that Jacob was scared, and Christ in whom is the faith of God could not prevail over the fear, that was in Cain. He, Christ touched the hollow of his thigh.


Well the thigh in the Hebrew word translated thigh is talking about the reproductive part, and I have not done this in a long time, and I do not remember what the hollow of means, I think it means womb, he touched the womb part, the womb of reproductive part, what does that mean? It means that it was an imputed manifestation of Christ Jesus there, that the power of God came down and joined to Christ in Jacob, and increased Christ to be more than he could be on his own, an imputed higher anointing, an imputed Christ Jesus, however you would like to say it.


He touched Jacob’s spiritual reproductive part, and we would say Adam was reborn, or depending on who we are talking to, if we are in the King James translation, we would say the mature Adam, the imputed mature Adam was born. Why do I say imputed? Because he was not going to stay there permanently, or if we are talking Kabbalistically, we could say Zeir Anpin appeared in Jacob, or in the New Testament Christ Jesus appeared in Jacob.


Abel, or Christ in Jacob could not prevail over Cain because Jacob the personality was agreeing with the fear. Brethren, you the personality determine who you are by who you agree with, the mind of Cain, or the mind of Christ, your good inclination or your evil inclination. If you are overcome in any area of fear or otherwise, you always have the option to cry out to God which I believe Jacob did, Lord, I am saying all of the faith Scriptures, I am playing Christian music, I am listening to the Scriptures, I am reading spiritual messages, I am doing everything I could do and I am still afraid, I cannot overcome, I have not overcome, please help me. The Lord Jesus Christ will come into your spiritual world and will join with Christ in you, He will touch your spiritual reproductive parts, and bring into existence a mature manifestation, a temporary mature manifestation of Christ Jesus who will be strong enough to overcome Cain who is the one who is afraid.


Cain in you is the one who is afraid. Christ is not afraid, Christ is not afraid, and if you are afraid it means Cain is on top of Christ in you. You need to confess that as sin and cry out for help which is what Jacob did.



25. When Abel saw that he could not prevail against Cain or when Christ saw that he could not prevail over Cain, he touched Jacob’s reproductive spiritual parts, and caused him to increase, and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint and he wrestled with him.



I have not looked up these words in a long time, but basically what it means is this balance or this imbalance of Cain being stronger than Abel, was out of joint, and now the battle is on. Before this, Jacob was just plain scared, Jacob was just plain scared before this, there was no contest, there was no fight, Jacob was overtaken with fear and now, Adam, the mature Adam has an imputed manifestation of the mature Adam has appeared and now the playing field has been equaled, now the struggle between Christ and Cain in Jacob.


Before that Jacob was completely overcome. Now Jacob went from being in an evil state of mind, because fear is called evil by God, he went from being in an evil state of mind to an intermediate stage where we are tormented because of the conflict. Got it? Is this not great? I just love this message, it is so great! Now we have to wait and see, will evil prevail and if evil would prevail, Jacob would go back and be overcome by fear, or if good would prevail, Abel would be delivered from the fear and be victorious, and those of us that read the Bible know that did I say Abel, I meant Jacob, that Jacob overcame his fear, why? Because when he finally confronted his brother Esau, Esau was very kind to him. What a shock!


When Christ Jesus won the battle over Cain and Cain’s fear in the spiritual world of Jacob, that same victory also nullified the powers, the hostile powers that were operating through Esau which were intending to destroy Jacob. The victory was not only over Jacob’s fear, that same victory nullified the murderous powers that were operating through Esau waiting to destroy Jacob, the same victory, the same victory, do you hear what I am saying?


No matter what your problem is out there, no matter what your problem is out there, you have to deal with what is in your heart, there is no victory out there until the victory is taken in your heart, when the victory is taken in your heart and what is the victory? Christ Jesus prevails in your thoughts and your mind, the thoughts in your mind and your emotions, the victory automatically comes out there.


Brethren, everything in this world is just a mirror image of what happens in the spirit, and the spirit, that word involves your mind. There is a lot of talk today about mind and how, and the secret and how whatever you think comes to pass, there is a lot of truth to that if there is enough spiritual power in your world, but of course you could be changing your world by the power of Satan, which has deadly consequences.


It is also true brethren, that as Christ Jesus matures in us, we can change our whole world when our thoughts line up with the thoughts of Jesus Christ and when coincidentally with thinking positive thoughts, you are willing to purify our internal world through the revelation of sin, through subjecting ourselves and having our sins revealed, and confessing those sins and truly repenting, not just lip service but truly repenting, and changing, because that is the sign of true repentance that we change. That combination of the cleansing of our inner world, through the exposure of sin, confession and true repentance and lining our thoughts up with the thoughts of Christ Jesus, and having the correct motives, the motives of God to being positive events and circumstances and situations into our lives, we can change our lives.


Everything that the world is offering with witchcraft, we have in Christ Jesus only with strings, there is no strings when you do it by the power of Satan, except that, no strings from Satan who is giving it to you, and then eventually you come under the correction of Jehovah’s sowing and reaping judgment.


For God to give you power like that, there are strings, you have to straighten up your act, we have to straighten up our act. It is available to us, for those who are willing to pay the price, our lives can be changed, by the power of God through righteousness. In our own world, when righteousness prevails in our own world it changes everything out there. That is why the Scripture says, He will make all men to have peace with us, when we are at peace with God.


Let us take a break. Praise the Lord, we just returned from our break, and we are continuing on with the exhortation on Genesis 32:24-29. We see that it was Christ within Jacob who increased into Christ Jesus to strengthen Jacob to overcome Cain who was manifesting in Jacob’s consciousness as fear of his brother Esau, and that was a realistic fear. We see that Jacob had migrated from evil in this circumstance, fear is considered evil by God, anything that is negative is considered evil, Jacob had migrated from an evil state of being into an intermediate state of being in which he was conflicted and tormented as expressed by the words, as he wrestled with him. Cain and Christ Jesus were wrestling within the consciousness of the man Jacob.



26. And he said, Let me go for the day breaketh... KJV



We have to figure who said that, let me go for the day breaketh. The breaking of the day is the shedding of light upon the darkness of fear, fear is darkness, and day means that Christ Jesus was breaking forth on the consciousness of Jacob.



26. And he said, Let me go for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let you go except you bless me.

27. And he said unto him, What is your name? And he said, Jacob. KJV



I am not really sure who is talking there, And he said, Let me go for the day breaketh, I do not know, And he said, I will not let you go except you bless me. I would really have to pray about who is talking there, I wonder if it is not Cain talking there or, it was Christ saying to Cain, Let me go, saying to that fear in him, Now you let me go, let me go Cain because the light is starting to flood into me, Christ in me has increased into Christ Jesus, and faith is starting to swallow up fear, meaning the day breaketh, Let me go Cain, the day breaketh. Then Cain said, I am just guessing now, Cain said, I will not let you go unless you bless me, I will not let you go unless you bless me. Do you know what the word bless means, if you do a word study on the word bless, it really means to submit.


To bless somebody is to submit to them, it means to bend the knee to them. We could say, and again I am just doing this off of the top of my head, And Cain said to Christ, Let me go, because the day breaks, I now have reinforcements, Christ Jesus is here, you do not stand a chance, so let go of me, fear let go of me, Cain get down underneath Christ in me, and Cain said, I will not let you go unless you submit to me. That does not sound good.


And Abel said, Let me go for the day is breaking, or Cain said, Let me go, well I would have to look at it in the Interlinear Text because it is not making any sense from this position, but it is probably something like that, that one of them said to the other, Let me go or it sounds like Abel said, Let me go, because I am now stronger than you, Christ Jesus is here and the day is breaking, and Cain said, I will not let you go, unless you submit to me.


I am not going to guess at this on this message, so but now I am curious, maybe I will take a look at it for next week’s message and see what that means. In any event, the angel blessed Jacob or blessed Christ in Jacob, and said, You shall no more be called Jacob, but Israel, you now have a spiritual name, Christ in you, Christ in you was increased when help came from heaven, and you bubbled up into Christ Jesus, but now that, that imputed Christ Jesus is departing from you, you are not going to go back to the same level of strength that Christ was in you before you called for help, where you were overtaken by Cain at least in the area of fear, you are not going to go back to that same lower level, you are going to go back to a higher level than Christ was at, and that higher level that you are going back to is signified by the fact that you now have a new name, and your name is Israel.



28. And he said, Thy name shall be no more called Jacob, but Israel for as a prince thou hast power with God and with men and hast prevailed. KJV



So exactly what level, or how much of a level Israel is higher than Jacob, I am not really sure, if I had to guess, I would say Jacob was a carnal man and he was manifesting as Malkhut, and his consciousness was raised up to at least in imputed spiritual manhood which would be in Yesod, that would be my guess if I had to guess. Then verse 29 is interesting, I would just like to comment on that.



29. And Jacob asked him, or asked the angel or asked the man, the spiritual man which is Christ in him, and said, Tell me I pray thee, your name? And he said, or the spiritual man said, Wherefore is it that you do ask after my name? And he blessed him there. KJV



Why do you think the angel or the spiritual man would not give his name? Because his name was Israel, this was Jacob, it was the other side of Jacob. Brethren, when you start to hear from Christ within yourself, you are really hearing from your other self, you are not really hearing from somebody out there, from the Lord Jesus Christ up there, from an angel out there, we are all two people. We start out being evil. What does that mean? We start out being all Cain. When the day comes that our good side, Abel is awakened in us and his name changes to Christ, we say, Ooh I heard from an angel, someone came down from heaven and talked to me. No, it is your other side that was just awakened in you, that is you. You are Christ, and now that Christ is awakened in you, you have to decide, you the personality has to decide who you will agree with, because the side of yourself that you agree with, determines who you are.


If you yield to that fear or whatever the negative thought inclination, desire whatever it is that is in you that the Lord would associate with Cain, okay, your evil inclination does not mean you are Satan now, okay, everybody has an evil inclination and a good inclination. If any aspect of your consciousness, your awareness, your being, your inclination, lines up with what the Lord would call associated with the evil inclination and your personality continues to agree with that aspect of your other side which is Cain, you are strengthening the negative side of your self and making it harder for Christ to rise in you, and if you continue to do this with enough strength, Christ can die in you, and then you are really in trouble.


As I got a little excited earlier when I told you all to stay down, just stay down, when the Lord whacks you, will you please stay down, do not go committing spiritual suicide on yourself, by sticking to your stubborn ways. If God says it is wrong, it is wrong, and He is going to take it from you anyway, so why do you not just give up? Huh?


Now we are back to my comments in the green. Another example, and we are talking about, as example we are talking about this state of being called the evil inclination being crippled. Now remember it is my understanding at this time that for the evil inclination to be fully destroyed which means it can never rise again, I think that we have to depart from the physical body. Then again, there has to be an intermediate stage between Cain in us being crippled and Cain in us being destroyed. The more we grow in Christ, from the moment that he is crippled, I think she is crippled in me, but she is too strong to make me happy, but I think she is crippled, she is hurt in me, Cain is hurt in me, but I would like to see her hurt a lot more.


There is a stage between the beginning of the crippling until, and then you can go on a scale of one to ten, you know, and when you reach ten, well maybe that is the point at which she is about to be destroyed which means you are ready to depart from this jailhouse of the physical body, but my personal opinion is, that is not about to happen for a very long time, my personal opinion is this, that there is going to be a company of believers in whom Christ Jesus is going to stand up, that means Cain will crippled, severely crippled, very, very crippled, and not only will she be crippled, but the Christ Jesus who stands up will be spiritually mature enough to really recognize her evil suggestions instantly and swat her down, which we read about in the book of Revelation. And Satan after a thousand years was loosed and she came up out of the bottomless pit and she went up on the walls of the cities to deceive the nations, and lightning came down from heaven and destroyed her.


All of this is going to happen within our own world. Each one of us is a world or a universe, and at some point, we will all experience this, maybe many times over, that Satan will come out from underneath the authority of Christ in us who is crushing her, and put a suggestion into our mind, with the intent of deceiving us and bringing us completely back under her authority, but Christ in us who is on top of her would see what she is doing and recognize it, and send down lightning upon her and force her back down under the authority of Christ. I think that we will live like this for quite a long time because we have a lot of work to do. The church is waiting to be raptured but the truth brethren is that those of us who will stand initially, have a lot of work, there is a lot of people that need to be taught, and people who need to be encouraged, and people who need to be prayed over.


Those of us who will be standing first, will probably be largely involved in teaching the people who will go out and be leaders to other groups of people because there are going to be thousands of people that are going to need to be, you cannot just read the books, you need to be in a ministry, you need to have someone preaching to you, so there will be leaders with groups you know all over the world.


There is a lot of work to be done. We read about this in the book of Ezekiel, who talks about men of continual employment, appearing upon the earth, and everywhere they see a man’s bone, they are going to mark it until it is buried. What does that mean? Everywhere they see the mind, the bone, the mind, or the soul, a bone is an element of the body of Cain that will be destroyed. Every time, now remember Cain is supposed to be buried under the earth where Abel was, buried. Every time they see a bone sticking up, they are going to go over to it and say, Get down, bone, you cannot be sticking up, that bone sticking up is one of Cain’s thoughts, get down, you are not even supposed to be seen, only the thoughts, the motives, and the inclinations and desires of Christ Jesus will be flowing through our mind and emotions and our desires.


We will not desire anything that God does not agree with. So long as we are in this flesh, it is possible for Satan to stick her head out and try to put an old thought in our mind, but there will be men of continual employment, continual meaning from the immortal or the eternal realm of God. People who will have the mind of Christ, that will recognize this attempt to seduce God’s people every time it appears, and join with that person to bury that bone back under again.


So another example is the raging bull that is castrated and becomes an ox who serves society. That bull is changed forever, he is castrated and there is no way that can be reversed, in the natural, so this change from the evil lamb when Abel is dominated by Cain, to the good man, when Abel, did I say that right, when Abel is dominated by Cain, the evil lamb, that change from the evil lamb to the good lamb where Cain is crippled and Abel is now awakened and quote Christ, and ruling over Cain, that will be a permanent change when the membrane that covers the head of the male organ is rolled back. I believe that is the physical body. In the meantime, we will have the, we will be circumcised, we will have the sheath that covers our spiritual manhood which is Leviathan, cut off.


That is the third part of the process of the change that is promised to us. Job said, I will see the change of the Lord in my flesh. Brethren He promises to change us. He promises to do the impossible, to change the leopard’s spots, we cannot do it, it is impossible, but He has promised us change and His name is not Obama, (Chuckle), He has, I am sorry I could not resist that, He has promised us change, real true genuine and permanent change, and this change comes not by fixing what is wrong in us, but by adding His own righteousness to what is wrong with us, as an essential element, we are lacking something, mortal mankind is lacking something, we need to have something added to us, to help us line up with God’s law, so that the enforcer of God’s law does not kill us.


Continuing on with my comments. The ox signifies Cain who has been domesticated and under Abel, or Christ’s yoke. Jesus is not the lamb, Brethren Jesus, the man Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth is not the lamb, and the glorified Jesus is not the lamb. Christ in you is the lamb. God is not in the form of an animal. Jesus, the glorified Jesus is not a lamb. Christ in you, the part of the household of God that is woven together with the earth in you is the lamb, and that lamb can be good or that lamb can be evil. Christ is the lamb. For part 2, or if we go to a part 3, I started to prepare some Scriptures for you or some comments on the Scriptures, where we see John looking at Jesus, saying, Behold the lamb of God. I started to look at the Interlinear Text on those Scriptures and I believe the words used in those Scriptures which indicate John’s sight, it indicates spiritual sight. John had a discernment, he looked at Jesus, and with his spiritual eyes he discerned that the Christ in this man was not evil. John had this revelation that Christ in us is the lamb, and that the lamb can either be holy or unholy, and the fact that John cried out, saying, Oh the lamb of God, was an indictment of all of Israel.


John might just as well as said, The lamb, all of Israel is unholy but here is the one person in whom the lamb is holy. The lamb of God, not the lamb of the Serpent, that is what he was talking about. We will get to that, Lord willing in part 2, but I cannot resist telling you right now that as I studied these Scriptures, and I read in the King James translation that John said, I did not know Him, I did not know who He was, I did not know who Jesus was, I just looked at Him and I decided and I had a revelation that He was the lamb of God.


Brethren that is virtually impossible, that John the Baptist did not know Jesus of Nazareth. Their mothers were cousins. Their mothers were both impregnated under and anointing. They both knew about it. Mary went to visit Elizabeth, John’s mother, and the Scripture says that as soon as the two women met, the babe John leaped in Elizabeth’s womb because of the incarnating soul that was in Mary, which I believe was Elijah that was incarnating, that was already present in the fetus known as Jesus of Nazareth ready to be born. I believe that Elijah had such a powerful soul that he incarnated in the two babies. I have been preaching this for a long time.


His root was in the baby Jesus, and his branch or his anointing, his power was in the baby John, and probably John got anointed from Jesus in the womb and then we are told Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost, and you think, you dare to think that these two women never met after the babies were born.


You think these two babies never saw each other after this incredible experience? Brethren, they were raised together. How far away do you think they lived from each other? That a pregnant woman, in those days traveling was not easy, well she went to visit Elizabeth, she did not get on a train or a bus and go. Brethren, those boys were friends. Anyway, the Scripture does not say that, you have to wait for part 2 to find out what it says, my alternate translation.


Jesus is not the lamb, Christ is the lamb, Christ is the male spiritual part of mortal man, who is destined to be rescued from Cain’s domination by Christ Jesus, the avenger of Abel’s blood. Brethren, I have been preaching the avenger of Abel’s blood, this word started to come down a couple of months ago in some of the LEM messages. Christ Jesus is the avenger of Abel’s blood. Christ Jesus has come to kill the murderer. Cain is the murderer. Christ Jesus is a spiritual being. Therefore I do not really think that it is such a far jump to be able to impute Christ Jesus into this Zoharic context here, where it says, I am on page 9, If you let it pass through the fire, if you let that lamb pass through the fire down here in this world, I shall lead the impure principality, I cannot have any problem saying this Christ Jesus speaking, or Kabbalistically speaking, it would be Zeir Anpin, that Christ Jesus, Zeir Anpin will lead the impure principality, that is the whole lamb in you, they are inseparable.


I will lead the impure principality which it represents through the fiery stream or through the lake of fire, that is Christ Jesus, the avenger of Abel’s blood talking. Christ’s name changes to lamb, after He is severed from Cain. Brethren this is a Scriptural principle, that we have a change in our nature or a change in our spiritual position and our name changes. This is so Scriptural. We are promised in the book of Revelation that Jesus has a new name for us. Christ in you, He starts out as Abel, then Abel is awakened and now we call him Christ, but he is awakened under the domination of Cain. When Christ comes out from under the domination of Cain through the severing of the two, and being passed through the fiery stream which melts the bands that keep Christ underneath Cain. When Christ’s position is changed, when the bands are melted in the lake of fire and Christ comes to the surface and takes authority over Cain, his named is changed again, and He is called lamb, the good lamb, the lamb of God.


Before that, when Christ is underneath, the whole is called lamb, the whole is always called lamb, but it is the unholy lamb. When Cain is on top it is the unholy lamb, when Christ comes to the top, it is called the lamb of God. There is always Abel and Cain, Cain and Abel, they are inseparable, only their positions and their relationship to each other change.


Brethren, if you find yourself engaged in an ungodly soul tie with somebody, let us say you are a married couple, let us say Mr. And Mrs., X have an ungodly soul tie, the woman is dominating the man, that is an ungodly marriage, and an ungodly soul tie, but you are still Mr. And Mrs. X, if things change and the man takes his position and the woman takes her godly position, because no one is supposed to be, women are not supposed to be controlled and abused, but there is a godly position, you take a godly position of submission to your employers you know, to the president of the country, to police officers, you always take godly positions of submission, when the marriage comes into right order, they are still Mr. And Mrs. X, but now they are a holy Mr. And Mrs. X. It is so easy when you know what you are talking about, you know, but it is not easy when it is a mystery.


When all of this information is locked up and tied up in a knot, everybody walks around in spiritual darkness, but when the Lord Jesus Christ, when the Spirit of revelation unlocks or unties all of the knots, it is just so exciting to me, this is the joy of the Lord. The joy of the Lord is in His word, in understanding and truth, and in recognition of His power in our lives. That is where the joy is, the joy of the Lord does not mean you are not going through painful trials, the joy of the Lord means that you could leave your pain from trials outside, and by your mind okay, enter into a whole new world where there is nothing but joy. Christ’s name changes to lamb after He is severed from Cain, the enmity in the flesh in the mortal man that He lives in, and Cain is destroyed. I should really say lamb of God. Christ’s name changes to lamb of God, let us say that, after he is severed from Cain, the enmity in the flesh of the mortal man that He lives in, and Cain is destroyed.


Cain will not cease to exist, her destruction will take the form of being rolled back and buried under the lamb’s authority as symbolized by the second stage of circumcision which is the rolling back of the membrane that covers the tip of the male organ. The lamb, the lamb of God is a part of the family of God who is permanently ensconced in the earth, the lamb of God is a part of the family of God and the family of God is likened or at least parts of it is likened to a vine. Jesus said, I am the vine, and you are the branches and unless you are grafted into me, you can do nothing. The family of God well actually it is the spiritual male organ, that is what it is, and tip of it is buried in the earth of humanity. The lamb of God is the part of this spiritual male organ that is inside of mankind. There are other parts of the male organ, which are not inside of mankind. They are supernal, they are divine, they exist in the heavenlies. That is why we can call this part of God the lamb of God, or that is why we can call this part of the spiritual man organ, okay, of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can call that tip of it, by the name of an animal, lamb, but you cannot call God by the name of an animal brethren, you cannot call the Lord Jesus Christ an animal, and not be playing with idolatry.


The Lord is winking at it because we are so ignorant, and we are just so grateful, I am just so grateful at all of the revelation that is coming down in this ministry, because He is winking right now at all of the mistakes we are making, only God knows what other mistakes He is going to be revealing to us in the days to come. This is just one of the errors that He is correcting, brethren you cannot liken any element of God to a four footed beast, other than the very tip which is ensconced in resident in, or a literal part of the creature which is a spiritual animal.


Christ Jesus is not a lamb, and I have books and messages where for some reason I determine that Christ Jesus was the lamb and now I have to change that, if I can find where it is, Christ Jesus is the throne, Christ Jesus is the product of the union of the lamb or the animal part of the creature with the glorified Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus is the mediator, the only, the man Christ Jesus is the only mediator between God and man, and the lamb is a part of the throne that He sits on, He sits in our animal selves.


I gave you a definition of ensconced, the word that came to me as I was making up these notes was ensconced, which I thought some of you might not be familiar with, so I did give you a definition from the online dictionary, www.dictionary.com And it says that ensconced means to settle securely or snugly, to cover or to shelter, to hide securely, he ensconced himself in the closet, and in this spiritual case, it means even more than that, it is settled in so securely that Christ is literally a part of the person, and sometimes, it was even something in the paper, not too long ago, that someone had two parts of their body grow together. In other words if you had your arm bound up like this, if you took your forearm and bound it up, messaged it up to your arm, and you never took that binding off for a couple of months, the skin of your forearm would grow together with the skin of your arm, they would grow together.


This lamb that is ensconced securely in our humanity is growing together with our humanity, and they are one. I talk about the supernal family of God, which is in heaven that is above the lamb who is in the earth of mankind. Ephesians 3:14-15;



14. For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, KJV



Jesus Christ is not a lamb brethren, He is divine, He is supernal, He is above the earth, He is above any world in which an animal can appear.



15. Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. KJV



This is my comment, Wherefore it is incorrect and inappropriate to liken the glorified Jesus Christ whose name is higher than ever other name of God, to a four footed beast, Philippians 2:9-11;


PHILIPPIANS 2:5-6, and 9

5. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,

6. Who being in the form of God... KJV



See He is not in the form of a lamb.



6. Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.

9. Wherefore God hath highly exalted Him and given Him a name which above every name. KJV



And that name is not lamb, because lamb is associated with Malkhut down here with the animals, He is higher than every other name. Brethren, you need to understand that names indicate nature, so to call the glorified Jesus Christ lamb is to impute the attributes of Malkhut to the one who is ascended above every other name. In other words it is to pull down the authority or the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Now do not anybody go getting upset about this, we did not know any better, nobody knew any better, but that is what it means, in other words, I have been dealing with this all my life you know, especially since I am in the ministry, in the early years of the ministry anyway, for whatever reason, a lot of people did not want to acknowledge me as pastor, and they would refuse to call me pastor, I would say my name is Pastor Vitale, they would call me Sheila.


They refused to call me by my right name, and that is a spiritual force that was attacking me, saying, You are not who you say you are. Brethren, we are who God says we are, and God said to me, You are Pastor Vitale. Those people out there that would not call me pastor, all of these ministers on Long Island that would not call me pastor, I did a eulogy once, and I was introduced by a man who would not call me pastor, he called me the dead person’s spiritual adviser, would not call me pastor. This is a warfare of one person’s mind declaring who I am against who God says I am, and that brethren is a definition of witchcraft coming out of believer, but that is a definition of witchcraft.


To say that the glorified Jesus Christ is the lamb, is Satan’s sneaky way of getting believers who do not know any better, to diminish or to war against the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Any weakness that would result from that war, is manifested in us, it is manifested in the person who is calling the glorified Jesus Christ a four footed beast. We do not know any better, and we have problems in our lives, and we are crying out Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, this is my problem, that is my problem, help me I do not know what is wrong, what is the cause of it Lord? Sheila taught me to pray, what am I doing that is wrong, what did I not do that I am supposed to do, what am I doing that I am not supposed to do, help me, deliver me from this problem. I do not know what I did, why do I have this problem?


Maybe a contributing factor is that you are calling the glorified Lord Jesus Christ who is supposed to be sitting on the throne of your heart, you are calling Him a four footed beast, you are saying that His authority comes from Malkhut and not from Keter, can you hear that? To call the glorified Jesus Christ, a lamb, is to declare into the heavenlies that His authority is from Malkhut, the lowest Sefirah, rather than, the Keter, which is the highest Sefirah.


By this mistake, by this error, we are weakening the power of the household of God that dwells within us and we do not even know it. This is why revelation of truth is essential, because the promise of God is that we should walk above every human problem known to man. We are to be above disease, we are to be above death, we are to be above poverty, we are to be above lack in ever manner, shape, or form, and if we are not, it means we have not entered into the promises yet, that is nothing to be condemned about, but to think that we have not entered in yet because we have to physically die and go to heaven, is most unfortunate, that is the kindest thing I could say, it is most unfortunate that God’s people are being taught this.


I am not satisfied with that, I want to know everything that I am doing wrong, I want the fulfillment of the promises now to the fullest degree that I am capable of, that is reasonably possible for me to receive it. What do I mean reasonably possible? There are two basic factors.


God’s plan is moving forward on the level of all of humanity and it has to be a season. There is a season in which it is possible to attain to all of the promises. Paul said, I am a man born out of season, which means Paul was saying, I cannot inherit the fullness of the promises because I do not exist in the time period during which it is possible for a man to attain to the fullness of the promises, but he went as far as he could go for a human being who was living in the season he was living in.


I want to go as far as I can go, for a believer following Jesus Christ that is possible for me to go in this season, and I believe that we are in the season or are about to enter into the season where we can attain to the fullness of the promises, I believe that with all my heart, and I also know that what is preached in a ministry, that is what comes to pass, you preach faith, the people get faith, you preach deliverance, people get deliverance, you preach longevity, people get longevity, and this is the message the Lord has given me to preach. That means when I am preaching, it is either available now, or coming available in the very near future.


In the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven and things in the earth and things under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. Brethren, look at verse 10, if the image of Jesus is a lamb, we are saying;



10. That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow to the image of... KJV



That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow to the image of a lamb, of the things in heaven, Jesus in heaven is a lamb, and the things in the earth, the lamb in the earth. Idols brethren are in our heart, the idols are in our mind, error brethren, the ultimate idolatry is error.


Now brethren, I believe in charity, I believe in helping the poor, I believe in having mercy on the sick and the troubled, as God directs us, but brethren, for those of us who are going on in Christ, our call is to dig out the truth and to climb up to the top of that mountain. If the Lord puts somebody in your path, you help them, but for the whole thrust of your ministry to be out there looking at the other people, I do not think that it is God’s best, I really do not.


I think that every ministry cannot tolerate the depth to which I preach here, but I think ministries should be stretching themselves and pursuing the word to the best of their ability and with whatever strength and time they have left, go out and feed the poor and help the poor, but the primary thrust should be the impartation of the truth to the individual.


Brethren, it is, look I just came back from Atlanta, you know, every time I fly on the plane, the flight attendants give you an example of how to behave in the case of an emergency, and one of the things that they tell you, is that in the event if necessary, an oxygen mask will drop down from overhead, and this is what you do, and this is how you put it on, and be careful, they said, Be sure, that in the event of this emergency, that you put the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then you help other people. Did anybody ever hear that announcement on a plane? You put the oxygen mask on yourself first.


Brethren to the fullest degree that God has equipped you, or led you to a place where you can even hear this message, or have this knowledge, you and me, we are responsible to build Christ Jesus in us primarily to the fullest degree of our ability, and then with whatever strength and time we have left over, we follow the lead of the Lord to go out and evangelize to other people.


I have another Scripture for you. This is Romans 1:22-23;


ROMANS 1:22-23

22. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

23. And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man and to birds, and to four footed beasts, and creeping things. KJV



Everybody who is convicted of this message needs to confess the sin of idolatry, and ask the Lord’s mercy for our ignorance, and I pray that prayer right now in Jesus name, that we would like His glory to a four footed beast, please forgive me Lord, I was ignorant, I did not know any better, and I ask you Father that you liberate me and all of these that are in my hearing, now or at any future time, that can agree with my prayer and my repentance, I pray that you liberate us from any and every problem that we might have in our lives, that can be rooted and grounded in this error, anything hanging on our lives, that is of the other side that is hurting us. That is there because of legal ground because we have perceived you as a four footed beast, and we are guilty of the sin of idolatry. I pray that everybody within the sound of my voice receiving this message should be liberated from any and every bondage that they are in because of this error Lord, and we thank you, that you are sure to forgive us.


How do I know, because you are the one that gave me this teaching, why would you give it to me if it was not your intention to forgive us and liberate us, in Jesus name? The next section of your notes, I have labeled introductory Scriptures, we have about twenty minutes left, so I think we will go through these introductory Scriptures, and we will probably start next week Lord willing, who knows, I am in the middle of about four different messages at the same time, I do not know if the Lord will let, even let me go back to the others.


We will start with the commentary on the passages from the Zohar, Lord willing next week, so let us take a look at these introductory Scriptures. 1 Corinthians 5:7;



7. Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened, for even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us. KJV



The Greek word translated sacrificed is Strong’s #2380, and it really means slaughter for any purpose. We are told in Strong’s that it can mean sacrifice, it says sacrifice properly by fire, and the lamb is being burnt with fire, but I think that the Lord has made the case that in this context the sacrifice of the Passover lamb should really be translated slaughter, slaughter meaning the cutting in two pieces of Cain and Abel, for the purpose of placing Abel on top of Cain, and then they have to be sealed back together again. I would liken it to someone having open heart surgery, the surgeon cuts them open and cuts their heart out. Is that not what happens in open heart surgery, the cut your heart out. So for one brief second, or maybe more than a brief second, you are without a heart, and then they put the transplant in and connect it. I do not even know how they keep you alive, maybe it is hours before they connect the new heart to you. It is not hours? How long is it?


COMMENT:  They have a machine that pumps your heart, it acts like a heart, and pumps your blood.


PASTOR VITALE:  Okay, so there is something that keeps you alive, but how long does it take until they actually connect the new heart, it could take hours. Yeah, that is a long operation. So, Abel is severed, is cut away from Cain and then Christ Jesus keeps alive until the relationship between the two is changed, and Christ comes to the surface and then they are sealed again, just like the new heart is sealed into your body, because Cain and Abel are inseparable, they are a single entity with two sides to it. Page 5, I have some notes on a definition, on the English word slain, and first, the first thing I have for you is Strong’s definition of the Greek word translated slain, I think there is more than one Greek word translated slain.


This is the Greek word which is identified as Strong’s #4969, translated slain, meaning to slaughter or butcher. You can see in the notes below. It is a primary verb, Strong’s #4969, it is a primary verb, it means to butcher, especially an animal for food or in sacrifice, generally to slaughter, which means to both butcher and slaughter means to cut in pieces.


Now I have reproduced every Scripture in the New Testament that uses this or incorporates this word Strong’s #4969 translated slain. Revelation 5:6;



6. And I beheld and lo in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders stood a lamb as it had been slain having seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. KJV



This lamb that has been slain, now remember, Cain and Abel, they are one entity, so this lamb it is now the lamb of God but it has been slain, and likening it to Jacob, one of its sides has been completely crippled, the Cain side has been slain, crippled, slaughtered, for all functional purposes, that one side is not useful. If you are looking at Jacob as your example, he is now limping because one of his legs is not functioning properly, He is still walking but he is limping. In our case, when Cain is crippled, when the lamb is crippled because Cain is wounded, okay, we are being joined to Christ Jesus, so we are not crippled, and I do not think that I mentioned it when I commented on that series of Scriptures about Jacob, that what it means is that Jacob is crippled and all of his descendants limped.


What that means is, that the descendants of Jacob are built are spiritually built to require their union with God to be balanced. Let me say that again, that Scripture that says Jacob and all of his descendants now limp, what it means that they limp because there is something lacking in them, they are lacking one of their sides, and the reason that they are lacking one of their sides is that this lack makes them more than eligible to be joined to the Spirit of God because there is something lacking. Brethren, people that are fully satisfied and have all of their needs met, rarely turn to God, that is just a fact, they do not. We turn to God when we lack something.


The descendants of Jacob spiritually lack something, there is a spiritual lack, and that Scripture indicates that they will be spiritually imbalanced until the Spirit of God joins to the side of them that is still whole. Cain was crippled and Christ is there, whole, Christ is whole but Christ is only half of the whole, so the Lord Jesus Christ has to enter in and take up the slack of where Cain should have been.


Now Cain is reduced to almost nothing, and we have Christ in the individual, and the Lord Jesus filling where Cain was, so we are like 99% Christ, can you hear that? Cain has been reduced to next to nothing, the Lord Jesus has filled in where the limp is, and we are now 99% Christ. Can you all hear this? Okay. Revelation 5:9;



9. And they sung a new song saying, Thou art worthy to take the book and to open the seals thereof, for thou was slain and has redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred and tongue and people and nation. KJV



Thou was slain, the lamb of God was slain and now has an evil inclination that is about 1% of the whole, it was the evil part that was slain. The lack has been filled in by the glorified Jesus Christ. Revelation 5:12;



12. Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing. KJV



Why is He worthy, why is He worthy? In this case, this is an imparted lamb okay, Cain is destroyed. He is worthy because there is no more evil inclination. Brethren I believe the Lord wants all of his people to be wealthy, He wants us to have no lack or no worry about provision in any manner, shape, or form, but He will not put us in that position until our character rises to the level of the character of God whereby such benefits will not destroy us.


If we do not have it, we are not ready for it, it is not an insult, it just means we are not ready for it. There are other things He wants to teach us first. He is worthy because there is no more evil inclination. The closer our character gets to line up with the character of Christ Jesus, the closer we get to complete and unhindered provision in this world. Revelation 6:9;



9. And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held. KJV



We see that this promise is not only to Jesus of Nazareth, it was now, it was glorified and is now the glorified Jesus Christ. This promise is for all of us, all of us that win the race. The race is not a speed race, it is an endurance race, do not faint, do not faint, do not faint! Do not faint! And when he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar, and Jesus is our altar, the souls of them that were slain, for the word of God. I really wonder, I would really like to look at that in the Interlinear text, because it says the souls are under Jesus Christ, it seems to me it should mean, that they are now under, that they are now under the authority of Jesus Christ, well this could be the mortal souls, okay we have a mortal soul and an immortal soul, and Cain is our mortal soul, so I saw under the altar the mortal souls, Cain, under the altar of Christ who is now on top, of them that were slain, the souls of them, well it is not phrased properly, Lord willing I am going to have an alternate translation on this one for you next week.


What I think it is saying is that I saw under the altar or the cover of Christ, okay, all of the mortal souls that were slain for the word of God. We give up our mortality, so that Christ Jesus can appear in us, and that we can inherit in the future all of the promises of God. For a season, just like that man on the operating table, and the machine is pumping his blood because he has no heart for a couple of hours, okay, that is what we are like now.


We are the one without the heart for a couple of hours, and some machine is called Christ Jesus, He is keeping us alive until He slays the enmity in our flesh, and brings forth righteousness in our vessel to the degree that He can meet our every need, overly and above anything that we could even imagine. When the character that He has built in us can support that kind of wealth.


It is not just material wealth, wealth, health, happiness in relationships, positive relationships, positive ministry, positive relationship with Him. Our personality, need to be able to support that. Do you know that not many people believers could have a personality or a character that could support my lifestyle, do you know that, I carry a very heavy load, I live under a very heavy load. I am not taking any credit for it, I give all of the glory to God, but I am telling you the truth, not many people could bear my life.


Apparently, I have been equipped for it, because I was born for this, and I am doing it, but not many people could live my life, and I do not even have any money, so how much heavier is it going to get in order for me to get money? Not that I am lusting for money, but I would not mind having a few more comforts, I really would not, I would not mind having a little more help around here, you know.


My point is, that I carry, I am under a very heavy yoke of the Lord which takes my whole life and I have not come into wealth yet. Do not go getting upset you know, just work on yourself along with me, let us all work on ourselves brethren, and find out what we have to change and then pray because we cannot change it even after we find out that we need to change and only He can change it, and He cannot change us overnight, change comes slowly.


The Scripture says, Be content with what you have and be filled with the joy of the Lord which is His word, thank you for this message Lord. Revelation 13:8;



8. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not written in the book of life of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. KJV



Well that is a controversial Scripture you know, a lot of people say that the Father sacrificed Jesus so this world could be formed or however they translate it, but my understanding of this Scripture is that there was a lamb who existed in a previous age, in the age of innocence, and he was slain by the Serpent, and his substance or his bones and his flesh was used to build this corrupt world. Brethren it is not at all uncommon except in this rich country for buildings to be torn down and the stones or the bricks to be saved and used to build another building. That principle is all through the Scripture, I believe it is still going on in other parts of the world, it is just in this rich country we knock down the building and throw everything away.


Everything is being rebuilt brethren, and but the principle here that I am talking about is that the Christ of the age of innocence, Adam before the fall, was slain by the Serpent through the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life, and His substance, and His bones, and His flesh were used to build this corrupt world. Read the Old Testament, you know, it talks about the wars and Israel defeats such and such a city and they take down the stones of that city and they build another city and give it another name, it is all through the Scripture.


The Serpent succeeded in defeating the Christ of the age of innocence and he took His bones and flesh and built this corrupt world, and now the avenger of blood, the avenger of blood is in the earth brethren, and He is about to stand up and tear down the stones of this corrupt city and I am talking about this whole world brethren, and He is about to rebuild it, He is about to take back the bones and the flesh, of this world which was made out of the Christ that was destroyed and rebuild it in the image of almighty God, which is what that substance, that bones, those bones and that flesh was made for, to build a city to house almighty God. Those bones and that flesh were not created by Jehovah to house the Serpent, or to house the man of sin, who is in the temple of God calling himself God, which is Cain, and this abomination is coming down. It is coming down. Revelation 18:24;



24. And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints, and of all that was slain upon the earth. KJV



This Scripture is talking about the harlot of Revelation, so without actually doing a study on it, I would say that the word slain which it is the same word, that means to separate Cain and Abel, in this case, the separation that took place resulted in Cain coming on top of Abel, because, in her, in the harlot was found the blood of the prophets, the saints, and all that was slain, everybody that had been renewed, everybody who had experienced an incomplete or a non-permanent separation where Christ had been separated, Abel had been separated from Cain and brought to the top by God, an imputed, everyone that had, had that experience and after that was defeated, by the Serpent’s household, they are all a part, well let me finish my thought, and after that were defeated by the Serpent’s household, and Cain and Abel were separated again, and Abel was forced back under Cain’s earth again, everybody in the church that has experienced that, are considered the slain upon the earth, and your blood, the blood of Abel in you is found in the harlot.


What is the harlot? The harlot is a spiritual entity that is across from Christ Jesus. You know what the body of Christ is? The body of Christ is a spiritual entity that exists in a higher world, He is one man, Christ Jesus, but down here in this world, He is in, a drop of Him is in all of us. Think of a, this is my example it is not too flattering to the Lord, but this is my example, think of an octopus, there is a head of the octopus and he has all of those tentacles, and if you think of each tentacle being in a little cup, it is just one octopus, but each one of his tentacles is in each one of those cups and each of us is a cup. There is an entity called Christ Jesus, the man Christ Jesus, He exists in Beriah, in a higher world where He reaches down, streams of Himself, rivers of Himself reach down and a drop of him is in each of us.


Well, there is an ungodly entity, there an unholy entity, that is across from Christ Jesus whose name is Leviathan, she is really female, but acting like a male, the name is Leviathan, on the other side, in the higher world of the other side, there is a single entity called Leviathan, and Leviathan puts down streams and rivers of her own, and therefore enters into and expresses herself through the human beings through which she is attached to.


If you have experienced a form of salvation or an aspect of salvation, that Christ in you or Abel in you was dug up from underneath Cain and placed on top of Cain, and you had that victory in Christ Jesus, and you lost it, you one of the slain of the earth. Of course that is what happened to Adam, so if you are a descendant of Adam, it happened to you.


Brethren, this could happen to you temporarily, it could happen to me, let us just say, that Christ is on top of Cain in me, and I am deceived or seduced, in that particular instance, Christ in me goes under Cain, and I have to be rescued by the Lord Jesus. It can happen every day. Acts 7:42;


ACTS 7:42

42. Then God turned and gave them up to worship the hosts of heaven as it is written in the book of the prophets, O ye house of Israel, have ye offered to me slain beasts and sacrifices by the space of forty years in the wilderness? KJV



I put this, I was not going to put it in, but I decided to just put in every Scripture that used this word, and I think what the Lord is chastising Israel here, saying that you did not do it. You are in the wilderness and you did not succeed in separating from Cain and coming on top of her, you did not succeed, so that is a chastisement here. And you offered to me slain beasts and sacrifices, you have not done it. Have you offered the slain lamb to me, have you offered the unholy lamb to me, you have not done it. So he is chastising them. Then we have another Greek word that is translated slain and it means to kill outright, it is Strong’s #615, to kill outright, to destroy. We see the first word translated slain, means to severe and rearrange the positions of, and this word slain, translated slain means to kill outright, to completely different meanings. I see that I did not put any examples in there.


The next category is really beginning the deep study, Passover, an ordinance for eternity. We are not going to start this, I am just going to make a couple of comments before we close for today. Brethren, you know for a long time on my earlier messages you will hear me say that the term until the end, the term forever, the English word forever in the Old Testament, that it really just means until the end of the age, which means that, that ordinance or that statue does not apply anymore, I preached that for a long time because I was taught that by a young man, I do not know where I learned it, somewhere in my studies a student. The Lord had me go to that word translated forever, and there are couple of places where it means until the end of the age, but most of the time, it does not mean at the end of the age, most of the time it means unto eternity, and we are looking in the Old Testament, the Hebrew word translated forever means unto eternity.


I was taught incorrectly, and you may hear that on some of my earlier messages but this statue, this ordinance that says we are to celebrate the Passover, it is unto eternity. The only thing that changes, is how we celebrate it.


Israel that was under the law of God celebrated the Passover in the form of a type, they took a physical lamb, and slaughtered it and followed all of the rules, the physical material rules that appear in the book of Leviticus. Now that Christ our Passover is slaughtered for us, the Lord Jesus Christ in the days of His flesh, was the first person to experience the spiritual reality of what the type by having a feast and slaughtering a lamb meant. That was not a whole sentence, Jesus of Nazareth was the first human being to experience the spiritual reality of what the Passover ceremony means. The physical Passover ceremony, people today, they have a feast, I do not know that any, I do not know about orthodox Jews, but most do not sacrifice a lamb today, it may not even be legal, you may need a slaughtering house license to do it, but aside from that, people have Seders today, that is the Passover ceremony, and they make a feast and they follow some of the rules that are laid out in the Torah, in the first five books of Moses.


Brethren that is a type and a shadow, it is a ritual, that is a ritual, should you not have the feast? No, you could have the feast is you want to, you can have the feast if you want to, there is nothing wrong with it, but there is no more power in that feast than there is in water baptism. The power is in obedience to God, you do it here and He does it up there, there is no power in the feast itself. When you do it here and He does up there, the next step is for the person who is doing it down here to have the spiritual experience which is the reality of what happened up there.


Do you hear that? Do I need to say that again? Let me say it again. The person who does it down here out of faith, the Lord does it up there, but there is another step, the third step is that what the Lord does up here because you are faithful down here, translates into a spiritual experience in the person that does it down here that is a life changing experience.


We are faithful down here, He does it up there, and what we did down here becomes a life changing spiritual experience and the circle is complete. Jesus of Nazareth was the first human being that experienced the spiritual reality of the Passover as a change, a change of His condition of existence, which ultimately led to His glorification, it was a step along the way to His glorification.


You can have the dinner if you want, there is nothing wrong with it, but that is not the end of it, neither is the end of it if you believe that if you do it here and God is going to do it there, that is not the end of it either. You have to have the life changing spiritual experience. We have that through Christ Jesus, the man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. And Christ Jesus cannot come to sit on the throne of our heart until we do step #1 first, and step #1 first is that Christ, is that Abel who is under the dominion of Christ in every human being that is born from a woman has to be awakened, Abel has to be awakened and his name changed to Christ, He has to be joined, fully joined to the Lord Jesus Christ. This does not happen overnight brethren. How do we become fully joined to the Lord Jesus Christ? Through a relationship with Him. Brethren do not human relationships grow and mature as you live them? They are supposed to, they are supposed to grow and mature.


We have to get closer to Him, the problem of getting closer to God is that when He gets close to you, all of your sins hang out and that is not fun, and it is not pleasant, but if you go through it like a trooper and you face it and deal with it, the result will be that you will be closer to God and eventually you will be fully joined to Him, and ready for the next stage of your deliverance. The next stage of your deliverance is the sacrifice of the paschal lamb in you. It is the separation of Cain from Abel.


That includes the lamb being put through the stream of fire or the lake of fire, and guess what? When Christ, when Abel and Cain or Christ and Cain in you go through the stream of fire, guess what? You are there with them. I am there with them. So why are you surprised that the fiery trial has come upon you? Because nobody ever told you that you’re going in to the lake of fire with the false prophet and the devil because they are you and me.


You have been taught incorrectly, you have been taught a lie, and now you running down the street and screaming, Jesus what is going on in my life, Satan is chasing me down the street? Why do you not protect me? How could let this happen to me Jesus? Because you were taught incorrectly. You are in the lake of fire with Cain and Abel within you, with the unholy lamb within you, you are both in the lake of fire, do not be surprised, just do not faint, do not faint!


Let your testimony be the testimony of the Hebrew children, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The king said, I am going to throw you in to that furnace if you do not bow down to me, and they said, We will not bow down to you, O king, our God will save us, but if our God does not save us, we still will not bow down to you.


The king threw them into the fiery furnace. The Scripture says the furnace was so hot that when anyone peered into it to see what happened to them, and got close, they could have been burnt up just by getting close enough to furnace. That is how hot the furnace was. The king looked in, and he saw four men walking around in the flames. Not only the three he threw in there, but the son of God was in there with them. If He slays me, so be it. Do not faint, do not turn on God, do not get mad at God, do not faint, do not faint. The son of God will come into your fiery trial and you will be victorious. Any questions or comments before we leave tonight. Do not faint. God bless you.


02/13/09 Transcribed by RR


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