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We are going to look at an essay by Rabbi Sutton called The Cosmic Clock. I am going to start reading it and if comments come forth, we will just enjoy them as the Lord responds to this article. The Torah teaches that God has a plan for creation; that is God created the world with a purpose in mind, and this purpose is the motivating force behind all that happens.


We know of the existence of this plan, and that it will unfold in stages. From the first chapter in the book of Genesis, there we are told that God created the world in six days, and rested on the seventh day, the Sabbath. Resting on the Sabbath means that the various things that God created throughout the first six days of creation were preparatory; part of a larger plan which was brought to completion on the seventh day. This is the meaning of the Torah’s statement. He is quoting the Scripture now. It was evening and it was morning, the sixth day, heaven and earth and all of their hosts were completed. With the advent of the seventh day, God brought all of the work He had done to completion. On the seventh day He ceased from all of the work He had completed. God therefore blessed the seventh day, God also sanctified and elevated it, for on it He ceased from all His work which He had created to perfection. That is Genesis 1:1-3. Back to the essay; the six days of creation followed by a Sabbath serve as a template or blueprint for what is known as the 6,000 years of history followed by the great Sabbath.


Right now, I do not know what that means; he quotes a book, that I do not have access to, called the Sanhedrin, 97a, 6,000 years of history followed by the great Sabbath. That is so interesting, I wonder if that teaching does not line up with the Hindu teaching. Spiritual understanding is spiritual understanding and classic Hinduism has a lot of spiritual truth, very similar to what I learned in Kabbalah except on the other side, from the carnal mind, and Kabbalah comes from the mind of Christ, so frequently they are saying the same thing from an opposite direction, and I could state this; Hinduism teaches that there never was a beginning to the universe, to the worlds, and there always existed, I do not know what word they would use because I have not studied this in a long time, so I am using my own words, but there existed seasons or waves you would say, and when the wave comes into existence creation rises up and we see a creation here and at some point everything that exists is destroyed, and there is a period of nothing, or a period of rest, and then the next stage comes and existence rises again.


In other words, this invisible force that exists is a pulsating wave and when the wave peaks, existence as we might consider existence comes into being, and then it lasts for a couple of trillion years or whatever and that existence is completely destroyed and the wave goes down, and there is a period of nothing which Kabbalah would call rest or maybe the Great Sabbath; the day of rest when there is no wave, there is no existence appearing. Is anybody following me?


I know that, that is what Hinduism teaches that there are periods of civilizations coming into existence and then they are all destroyed and then there is nothing for a season and this great powerful spiritual force which nobody can comprehend rises again and consciousness comes into existence again.


That is what this sounds like to me; the great Sabbath. The six days of creation followed by a Sabbath serve as a template or blueprint for what is known as the 6,000 years of history followed by the great Sabbath. I bet you that is what it is. The Scripture tells us which I would have never been able to glean this out of the Scripture but the Kabbalists understand a particular Scripture to say that Abraham had many more children then Ishmael and Isaac by concubines that he had, and that he sent those children off to the east and they were the founders of civilization in India which is in the east part of the world. If that is true it makes sense that Indian spiritual classic Indian spiritual philosophy would be so right on except they are seeing it from their carnal mind. Is everybody following me?


If this Rabbi answers me, if he is willing to sell me his books, I am going to write to him and ask him if there is any information in English about this concept of the Great Sabbath because I would really like know if I hit on it, and then I would like to know if it is true what the Kabbalists have to say about it.


Continuing on with my reading; right now according to the Biblical calendar that has been kept by the Jewish people for Millennia, we are in the year 5,762 that is 762 years into the sixth millennium, 238 years before its conclusion and the advent of the seventh millennium. The sixth millennium corresponds to the sixth day of creation and the seventh millennium corresponds to the first Sabbath. We see there has to be a difference between the great Sabbath and the first Sabbath.


I would like more information on this. Everybody knows that the year 1900 CE; and CE stands for the Common Era; you might know that in the Christian world, this is the year 2008 AD which AD typified the Latin words meaning after Christ. And then we have BC, before Christ, but the Jewish calendar goes by the Common Era and you may have noticed that anti-Christ and new age forces in our society today are trying to do away with the terms BC and AD. Did anybody here notice that? They are trying to reinstitute the use of the Common Era. It is just a part of their move to wipe out Christianity.


You may notice if you should watch Star Trek the next generation at any time in the near future, that they use the term Common Era, and Star Trek is extremely new age, and anti-Christian. As much as I love that series, it is new age and anti-Christian, definitely so.


Everybody knows that the year 1900 of the Common Era was the beginning of the 20th century; similarly the year 2000 of the Common Era marks the beginning of the 21st century. In the same way, the above table begins with the Biblical year 5,000 which mark the beginning of the sixth millennium. That year corresponded to the year 1,240 of the Common Era. We are not concerned here with why they correspond, just with the fact that they do. The table then jumps 250 years to the Biblical year 5,250 one quarter of the way into the sixth millennium, which corresponded to the year 1,740 of the Common Era. Another 250 years brought us to the year 5,500; half way into the sixth millennium corresponding to the year 1,740 of the Common Era. Another 250 years brought us to the year 5,750, 3 quarters into the sixth millennium, corresponding to the year 1,990 of the Common Era. As of this writing January 2002 that was twelve years ago. That leaves us exactly 238 years until the year 6,000, the beginning of the 7th millennium. Then he says, or does it?


Our tradition states that each millennium that is each 1,000 year period of history is like a cosmic day made up of 24 cosmic hours. In other words, if 24 hours on the cosmic clock correspond to one cosmic day, then each 6 hour segment corresponds to 250 years; interesting, we have a little chart here. According to the Jewish calendar, we are more than 3 quarters through the sixth millennium, in the last home stretch of history, racing to the great Sabbath.


I am going to really have to pray about this, I have not prayed about it yet. There is another great Sabbath coming, and it is interesting. This fact alone gives us tremendous insight into the events of our time. Jewish communities, the world over have always welcomed the Sabbath early, before sunset every Friday. This itself follows upon intense preparations for the Sabbath that begin on Wednesday and Thursday, and intensify throughout Friday morning and afternoon, then as the sun begins to set, all preparations cease, whether we are ready or not, the light of the Sabbath enters and permeates the world.


Brethren, that is speaking about Jesus Christ, whether the world is ready or not, whether we as individuals are ready or not, when He comes He comes and that principle also applies to righteous judgment, whether we are ready for it or not, whether the conversation appears to be appropriate or not, whether you are in a social setting or not, when He comes He comes. Can you hear that? Did you hear what I said? When He comes He comes, and if our carnal mind thinks it is inappropriate for Him to come at that time, it is really just tough on us, when He comes, He comes.


Whether we are ready or not the light of the Sabbath enters into and permeates the world. Does anybody who has been studying with me for a while remember what the spiritual Sabbath means? The spiritual Sabbath, we have it in our alternate translation, we have Jesus saying to the Pharisees I am the Sabbath, the Sabbath is a spiritual event that takes place when Yesod joins with Malkhut, or as we would say when Christ joins with our humanity, that union produces a spiritual atmosphere or a spiritual state of being called Sabbath, and the Sabbath is associated with miracles, healing, deliverance, and the formation of new souls which I believe are the new souls which are being birthed into Christ Jesus as opposed to our soul that is in the carnal mind.


Then as the sun begins to set, all preparations cease whether we are ready or not, the light of the Sabbath, that is when Christ is joining with Abel in you, enters in and permeates each of our individual worlds. This is happening on the microcosm which is in a human being and it is happening in the macrocosm concerning our whole world and our whole universe and beyond.


Time, space, and consciousness are uplifted with a taste of the great Sabbath. When Christ joins with your humanity or with Abel in you brethren, consciousness, time, and space are lifted up as you taste of the great Sabbath. We have a Scripture in the book of Hebrews which talks about those of us who have tasted of the world to come. Let me say this also. When correction comes forth from me, or righteous judgment comes forth from me and it is truly Christ Jesus in me, what you are experiencing is Christ in me joining to Abel in you. You are experiencing the crisis of the union that results in Christ Jesus being born in you. It is a union; it is Christ Jesus in me attacking your carnal mind because I have to get through Cain to join with Abel in you.


The weekly cycle; and remember when I join with you, when Christ Jesus in me joins with Abel in you, the Sabbath is being formed in you, you are experiencing the Sabbath, although it is initially a crisis, the result is miracles, and a new soul being born. And I have experienced that. Christ joined with me, and I have experienced a miracle that I have not died and I am getting better and healed more and more every day, and I definitely have a new soul in Him.


He is sending me to you to give you the same experience. The initial penetration of Christ Jesus into territory that has been occupied in thought and in emotions and in rationale by Leviathan and Satan for all of your life is a crisis for you; it is a complete crisis, physical, emotional, spiritual crisis for you.


The weekly cycle of six days building up to and culminating in a seventh, is a miniature of the millennial cycle of 6,000 years, building up to and culminating in the great Sabbath, just as preparations, it appears that the great Sabbath is the 7,000th year of 7,000th period and then the suggestion is that it starts over again, but that is what it seems to me now. I just ask the Lord right now for more information on this concept because this writer, he talks about a previous great Sabbath and he talks about the great Sabbath to come.


What that says to me is that after the 7,000 years of the 7th day of the 7th millennium, somehow we are going to start over again and what that would be like I have absolutely no idea at all, but I would like to know.


Just as preparations intensify as the weekly Sabbath approaches, so history begins to intensify and accelerate as the great millennial Sabbath approaches, and more importantly, just as the Jewish people collectively welcome the Sabbath before sundown every Friday, so we are promised that the light of the great Sabbath will enter and permeate the world way before the year 6,000. Do you hear that? We are promised that the light of the great Sabbath, that is the great union of Christ Jesus, with the world, that light, that great light that is emanated at the union, we are talking about fusion.


We know about atomic fission, we know what that atom bomb did, now we have atomic fusion, that fusion of Christ Jesus joining with His bride which we are, is going to cause this tremendous light, and that it will enter and permeate the world way before the year 6,000, I am so excited, is that not exciting? This is the meaning of the following prophetic passage in which the Zohar likens the acceleration of the final stages of history to the onset of the Shabbat which means Sabbath.


He is quoting here; in the 600th year of the 6th millennium, that is the year 5,600 equals the 1,840 of the Common Era, the gates of supernal wisdom above together with the wellsprings of wisdom below, brethren that is the Lord Jesus above and Christ below will be opened up and the world will prepare to usher in the 7th millennium.


Here we see that wisdom is a sign of the impending 7th millennium, wisdom; the gates of supernal wisdom above together with the wellsprings of wisdom below will be opened up and the world will prepare to usher in the 7th millennium. I find that so interesting because the common understanding of the Christian church is what? What sign will usher in the new millennium, what is the sign? Homosexuality, a preponderance of homosexuality, as it was in the days of Noah, right? I do not think that, that is even an accurate understanding of what was in the days of Noah.


It is that the church world is fixated on homosexuality as the sin, but it is just another sin amongst all of the other sins, but the church is fixated on that, they are not looking at the hidden sins of their heart, they are not looking at their pride, they are not looking at their rebellion, they are not looking at their witchcraft, they are not looking at their own fornication and adultery and stealing from the church treasury, they are not looking at any of that, they are just focused largely on that sin when it comes to the end times, that is what they will tell you as it was in the days of Noah.


They pick up on one Scripture. I see other things happening in the days of Noah that, that led to the great flood, and I believe that what led to the great flood was that humanity on the other side of the flood were the descendants of Seth, and that they were very strong and powerful beings in righteousness, but the day came that they turned, and these powerful spiritual beings who are powerful in Christ we might say, became powerful in Satan and Leviathan, they turned, we are told in the Scripture in Christ Jesus there is no shadow of turning, there is no place to turn to, He is just righteous period.


Humanity on the other side of the flood turned from righteousness to unrighteousness and Jehovah wiped them out, and I think that based on the fact that this is a spiritual world and a spiritual word that if homosexuality was involved, it was a spiritual homosexuality, and what would a spiritual homosexuality be? The population ceased from their intimacy with God and became intimate with each other, not necessarily physically. To put a human relationship before our intimacy with God is considered homosexual.


If you are a spiritual being and you are looking at this Scripture spiritually, that is what it means. The apostles went around telling the people, yes Jesus is resurrected and you do not have to keep the law anymore, just stay away from fornication, and things strangled. I do not think they meant physical fornication, now not that physical fornication is good, but they were telling the Jews stay away from fornication with other gods, just read the Bible brethren, the whole sin of Israel is idolatry, idolatry, idolatry! I did a study on the word homosexuality, that word is not in the Scripture but the word abomination, I did a study on the word abomination in the Scripture and it is always without exception associated with idolatry.


I believe that homosexuality is sin, I believe fornication is sin, I believe adultery is sin, I believe the great sin that brought down destruction on Israel was idolatry. Even where it says in the Scripture such and such a king came in and put the Sodomites out of the land, it does mean the practice of physical homosexuality, that is what my studies have shown here, the sin of Sodom that was burned to the ground was not physical homosexuality, the sin of Sodom was that they had the Holy Spirit and all of the benefits of the Holy Spirit and they were not willing to have their sin nature exposed so that they could go on and become Christ and that brethren is spiritual homosexuality, they stayed with their intimacy within the principalities that were already within them and refused to become intimate with the Lord above, the true marital union with the Lord above. Does anybody not know what I am talking about here? No one is answering me; I guess you all know what I am talking about. Do you need me to say that again? Okay.


In the 600th year of the 6th millennium, the gates of supernal wisdom above together with the wellsprings of wisdom below will be opened up and the world will prepare to usher in the 7th millennium. This is symbolized by a man who begins preparations for ushering in the Shabbat on the afternoon of the 6th day, just as the Jewish people have traditionally hurried to get everything done before Shabbat or before sundown so the world itself is moving faster before the onset of the great Shabbat. Surely we are living then in a crucial stage in history.


Major events and major historical processes are taking place all around us and before our eyes at closer intervals and ever increasing rates. According to the cosmic clock, we have passed high noon, and remember what high noon, Christ Jesus stands at high noon, I hope you all know that, we have passed high noon of the 6th millennium. This means that we have entered and are living through an important culminating stage in the history of the world, similar to the last scenes of a movie or play, this last stage of history will see all of the threads of the historical drama come together. In Aramaic this stage is called Ikveta d’Meshicha, the footsteps or heels of the Messiah, in English it is called the pre-Messianic era. As we have said according to the Torah, history is a great Messianic drama that leads to a rendezvous with God, specifically with greater and greater revelations of the Godly unity that underlies all existence.


Brethren, the only reason that there is an existence is that the breath of God is in fallen mankind, it is the union of something of God with the earthen creature that results in existence.


This rendezvous is called the world to come, and the great Sabbath. Now we know what the great Sabbath is, this union with God; this great union with God. Right now we have a spiritual union with God, I question the degree of my physical union with God because I still get sick and I still have problems with my flesh and I, not that I question that it is, I question that it is, I question the degree of it, and I question the degree of my soul’s union with God because I still sin all of the time, I hear the thoughts of sin in my mind. Paul talks about the motions of sin. I perceive the vibration, the communication of sin in my mind and in my being so I cannot be fully joined to God and be experiencing this, that my spirit, even my spirit, I do not believe a hundred percent joined to God, but largely joined to God, that is how I get all of this revelation.


We are waiting for the fullness of that union with God which will completely heal everything that is wrong with us, in our spirit, in our soul, in our intellect, in our physical body, retarded people will be made whole, crippled people will walk, it is that complete union with God, but in that union He takes us over completely. It is possession brethren; I do not hear this preached in the church, it is full possession. The problem with people that people have with possession; is that they do not understand that they are already possessed, that we come into this world possessed by Satan and Leviathan. We come in possessed by pride. Jesus said, my yoke is easy and my burden is light. In other words we are cattle and there has to be a rider sitting on our back. Jesus was saying when the rider is death that sits on our back, her yoke is heavy and her burden is heavy and we labor in this world and we troubles in this world and we are sick and we struggle, but when Jesus rides on us, when we are the horse of the Lord, His burden is light and He helps us and we get better, and it is the complete opposite. We get healthier and our relationships get better and everything in our life gets better when our rider is the Lord Jesus Christ.


I will start at the end of this paragraph. It is the goal of the historical process, the end of history as we know it, the beginning of a whole new world, that is what I was up to, the beginning of a whole new world an eternal world of light, no darkness in it brethren, the carnal mind will be covered over, the carnal mind will serve its purpose but it will not be able to penetrate the light. That is the testimony of John 1:1 and light came into the world and the darkness did not swallow it up. It is the end of history as we know it, the beginning of a whole new world, an eternal world of light of heaven on earth; of heaven coming down and elevating and transforming earth or earthly existence; heaven coming down and elevating and transforming our earthly existence; no rapture brethren. Jehovah’s witnesses have it right; it is going to be here, a renewal here in the earth.


Again, the fact that the historical process is leading up to and will culminate in the advent of such a new world is perhaps one of the most important messages of the Torah for our generation.


It is a message that is pregnant with meaning and which begs to be seriously understood and acted upon in a mature and thoughtful manner. Our tradition is permeated with this message, and our prayer directed to God, filled with yearning and hope, must be not only for the fulfillment of this message, but for the privilege of consciously participating in its realization; and we participate in its realization by becoming the new earth. He imparts the new heaven, his mind, and that new heaven wars against the earthly mind or the mind of this earth and that is how we participate in its realization.


Brethren the Jewish people will never receive the Christ of today’s Christianity, the doctrine is not only wrong it is completely backwards and absolutely unscriptural. This is really interesting. I have to put this comment in because before I started commenting or reading this essay to you, we had a little ministry today and I would say one of the foundational points that came forth in that ministry was in a conflict; who will back down? Who will back down; in a conflict which becomes obvious will never be resolved? The Jews have their doctrine, we have just had a taste of it, the Christian church preaches the rapture, and in many ways the exact, they preach that one human was God which is to the Jew idolatry, God, no one can even name Him, the ultimate God, the Ayn Sof, the one that we cannot understand, the incomprehensible one, everything exists within Him, because He is infinite. Everything we know and that we do not know exists within the Ayn Sof, how could God be one man? He is a walking existing conscious idol, so the Jews will never; ever accept that.


There is a conflict in doctrine that is irreconcilable between the Jews and the Christians brethren who is going to blink? That is the question, who is going to blink? This was the issue that we discussed before we recorded today. The person or the doctrine that knows that it is the doctrine of God cannot blink; they simply cannot blink and say okay you are right when I know that you are wrong. The problem is both camps think that they are right. What is going to happen?


What happened in the example that we had today; a conflict between a disciple and myself, what happened, neither one of us would blink at who got hurt? The disciple got hurt. What am I saying? I am saying that the will and the plan of the almighty God has to come to pass, and as part of that will is that the Israel of God will come into existence, the true believers in Christ and the true believers amongst the Jews have got to come into agreement. The group that has the false doctrine even though they think they have the truth must get hurt, they must get hurt. They must be defeated, and the ultimate result of that is that they will be shamed. There will be shame and in that shame they will be joined in a soul tie to the Jewish leaders that are preaching the truth and the Christian leaders that are preaching the truth because we are Christian and we are preaching the truth here.


They will be joined to the Christian leaders who are preaching the truth before the Jewish leaders who are preaching the truth. We Christian leaders who are preaching the truth here, the truth of the Scripture but we also have Christ Jesus the savior in the midst of us, we are preaching the truth of the Scripture as the Kabbalists see it in most cases as the Kabbalists see it, we Christians who are preaching the truth in doctrine but also not only believing that are experiencing Christ Jesus the savior in the midst of us, we are the mediators between the Christian church who has the Holy Spirit and the false doctrine and the Jews who have a lot of spiritual truth but they do not have Christ Jesus, because they do not believe in Him.


We are right there in the middle and we are going to be ministering to both camps and both camps will come to the Lord when He sends His troops to them, when Christ Jesus sends His troops to both camps of His people and defeats them to the point that they know the truth and experience shame, and then they will come into submission to the truth that is in Christ Jesus, whoever, whatever human beings will be ministering at that time, it will be a group of people who have the truth of the Scripture plus the truth of the reality, not only the truth, but the reality of Christ Jesus living through them, did I make that clear? It is going to be going in both directions.


It is not a human being, it is Christ Jesus in His people that are going to be bringing judgment upon both camps and both camps have to be ashamed, I am using this word ashamed because it came forth in the teaching that was not on the message earlier, they have to be embarrassed, it has to be a recognition that all of these years they have been wrong.


The Jews have to admit that all of these years, 2,000 years the God that they love, Jehovah, they know Him as Jehovah was wanting to bring them up into a higher experience in God for 2,000 years they have been in the wilderness. The Christian church has to face the fact that they have insisting that the Holy Spirit is all that there is, and they have refused to come into Christ Jesus. There has to be an embarrassment. The Scriptural word is shame, not embarrassment, they have to be ashamed. They are told in the book of Acts, after Jesus was crucified and the apostle preached to the Jews, in the book of Acts it says they were pricked in their hearts, they were ashamed and embarrassed, and they said, what must we do?


This has to happen to the Jews that are truly seeking God and to the Christians who are truly seeking God but have not been able to come into the truth because of their pride, it is basically pride that blinds us and makes us deaf. Before they are going to come in they are going to have become embarrassed and in order for them to be embarrassed they are going to have to be defeated. Something is going to have to happen to them to convince them that they were wrong, and exactly how that is going to happen, I do not know, and it is probably going to be different in each case.


The revelation that I have on it at this time is that they will persecute the carriers of the word; they will persecute the evil of and mistreat the profits that God sends, both to the Jews and to the Christians, to bring this truth. The reality of Christ Jesus, Christ in you the hope of glory, the savior in the midst of us with this truth of the Scripture, the rapture is not the truth of the Scripture, and all of the other doctrinal error that is in the church.


This is the understanding that came forth this weekend that there will be personal individual conflicts between the people that carry the truth plus the savior and the two other groups of people, that the other people will mistreat the prophets that the Lord Jesus sends, and then when they find out by the conviction of the Lord, however it happens in each case that they mistreated, misunderstood, lied about and maligned God’s prophets, there will be a humbling, they will be humbled, and in that humbling, because they will be faced with the reality that they hurt somebody and that the Lord chases them for it, in that humbling, the soul tie will be established that will impute Christ Jesus to the people.


From that point forward the warfare will ensue between, really what I am talking about is the two witness company because the people that are manifesting God’s truth, the reality of God’s truth with the sin nature of the people that are now joined to them and Christ Jesus will win and He will be born again or reformed in the people that are at war with the representatives that the Lord Jesus has sent to them to bring them into the kingdom.


COMMENT:  The Jewish people cannot come in until they get Christ Jesus, the same with the church people, they cannot come in until they get Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE:  Right, that is so interesting, both the Jews and the Christians need Christ Jesus and they both think they already have Him, and they both do not, and they both need Him. The ministry to each group, to have Christ Jesus formed in them will be different, it will be completely different ministry to each group, and I find that very interesting because as I have told you many times, there is really no old covenant and new covenant, there is just one covenant that Jehovah made with His people, but that same covenant is being ministered one way to the Jew and another way to the Greek, but it is the same covenant.


The Christian today is in a different spiritual place than the Jew was at Mount Sinai but it is the same covenant and it is not old, it is not new, the covenant is I will put my laws in your heart, I will put my laws in your heart, and I will be your God and you will be my people, that is the covenant.


What is really fascinating me is this concept of a second week, not only a second week, but another week after this great Sabbath, I think I want to read this again but what I think the great Sabbath is the 1,000 year period of the 7th millennium, that is what they are calling the great Sabbath, but according to this Rabbi, there was a great Sabbath before this, that means or suggests to me that there was another week, another 7,000 years before this.


What is coming to my mind right now is the book of Daniel where it talks about the middle of the week; now I am going to have to go in and look at that Scripture, and try to get some understanding there, but this concept of there being more than one week, I would like to know, well I have two thoughts in my mind, if the 7,000th year is that we, I think what I am trying to say is my understanding is that it is the end of this week, we will all be, and maybe this is wrong, I was thinking that at the end of this week, we would be all transformed into spiritual bodies and so then we would enter into the age of Christ Jesus, the age that would never end.


I am wondering, what I am wondering about is this, if the Kabbalists agree with the Hindus that there are a series of periods where existence rises up, creation comes into existence, and then a period where there is nothing, which would be likened to the year of Jubilee where you leave field sallow and you do not plant, if the Kabbalists agree with that because I have a lot of respect for what they teach, assuming that they agree with that, that concept that I read about when I said Hinduism, I am thinking that, the Scripture says that we are entering into the age that never ends, does that mean that the end of this week that this 7,000th year millennium will not be followed by a week of nothingness, because now we are entering into the age that will never end, that this may be the end of the one week of existence and the next week of destruction, one week of existence and the next week of destruction does not mean the age that will never end, does that mean that this is the end of one week of and one week of nothingness, and I just feel that a whole subject has opened to me that I know nothing about, which is absolutely fascinating, I would like to know what the previous weeks were like and I just want to know everything, everything, I want to know everything! Xxxx has something to say.


COMMENT:  When the thousand years, what the Bible talks about, Satan would be bound and in a thousand years he would be loosed, well that be in the middle of the next 7,000 years?


PASTOR VITALE:  I do not know, I cannot answer a question like that off the top of my head on a recording, but it is certainly something to think about.


COMMENT:  Or is that a parable?


PASTOR VITALE:  It is something to think about. I do not know that I ever really believed that it was a full thousand years, I think that I thought that it might be a full thousand years but also, the number 1,000 is a attributed to Chokhmah – wisdom; and I think that a possibility, and of course there could be more than one answer, it could be a physical thousand years and it could also true that when our consciousness arises to the level of Chokhmah of wisdom, even when Satan lets loose, we will defeat her. How does Satan manifests in human beings? Satan manifests in our emotions, Satan is our emotions, Leviathan is the mind, Satan is our emotions. Could this not, and I know that I am experiencing this right now; I just experienced this the other day, I was talking to Xxxx about it, that something that I knew I had to do, a judgment that I had to bring forth, that my will was completely broken, the will that taking place in my heart center, I completely lost the will to do what I knew had to be done, but my mind was not broken, the wisdom was not broken.


I knew that I had to do it; so I need to get prayer and help to restore me in my spiritual strength to do what needs to be done, and I think that is what that Scripture is talking about. Satan will arise in the emotions, that witchcraft came in and broke my will and my emotions but the wisdom of Christ Jesus is standing in my mind and I will not follow after the instructions, Satan just rose up out of the pit, and wants me to do the exact opposite of what I know I am supposed to do, in that case of reinstating that person. If I would listen to my emotions, I would let her back in tomorrow just like that, that is the degree to which my will has broken, I am amazed that my will has been broken to that degree, but Christ Jesus in my mind, wisdom knows that Satan has arisen in me and I am sending down fire from heaven and she is not going to have her way with me. That is my understanding of that Scripture.


04/29/11 Transcribed by RLR


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Christ-Centered Kabbalah is a part of Living Epistles Ministries, a not for profit corporation. As such, we do not: 1. Endorse or oppose either directly or indirectly any candidate for public office. 2. Donate or contribute to any candidate's campaign. 3. Participate or engage in political fundraising events, or otherwise solicit contributions for any candidate's campaign. 4. Distribute statements for or against a particular candidate. 5. Engage in any other activity that may favor or oppose a candidate.