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This is one of the fourteen precepts that we find in the Zohar. We are quoting from the Zohar today, I have reproduced the whole passage referring to or dealing with the second of the fourteenth precept, and I have interjected my own comments and some Scriptures from you. This is a very interesting study, because it has helped me to understand what it means to love the Lord, and it has also expounded on the meaning of the Zohar so it is just a very interesting study. I guess I will read you the whole passage of the Zohar but everything is all intermixed here.


The Zohar, the second precept begins and the second precept is one which is indissolubly bound up with the precept of fear, namely love. We did the precept of fear last week, that was number 605, and we had a healthy understanding of what the fear of the Lord means, it does not mean fear and trembling, it means an accurate, or as accurate as our mind is capable of understanding the Lord, to be in awe of Him, and to realize that He is so all powerful and that He is just everything, that if He just stops thinking about us, we would disappear in a moment or in a second, we could be dissolved and cease to exist.


When you realize how powerful God is; you have what is called a godly fear of Him. That godly fear is a respect, a respect for the one who gives you life, a respect for the one who put food in your mouth this morning, a respect for the one who puts a roof over your head, that gives you blessings of home and family and health, that your legs work, and your eyes work, and your arms work. We take all of this for granted, and the taking of this for granted is a manifestation of pride, and pride separates us in our thoughts from God.


These fourteen precepts that are laid out in the Zohar, first of all precept means principal, we are talking about spiritual principle, and we are talking about the fourteen spiritual principles, upon which God is founded, life in God is founded. If you want to prosper in this world, we need to be moving in these fourteen principles, the first one being the fear of the Lord, meaning the recognition of who He is, that we should be afraid to sin.


We should not be afraid of going to hell, we should be afraid to sin. Why? That we would dishonor our Father in heaven who has given us so much, and in the face of whose displeasure, we could easily be destroyed, because in His displeasure we become subject to Satan. What is His displeasure? It is not even His displeasure, when we turn away from Him, we are in His displeasure. He will never turn away from us, but when we turn away from Him, we become subject and vulnerable to the powers and principalities of this world. It is not only us, but our children and our grandchildren, and our great grandchildren and all of our relatives here, our mother, our father, our sisters, our nieces, our nephews. We were talking about that in the early meeting today; the issue was brought up about how the Muslims have already begun to enforce their principles on this country. My response was, the issue is not to resent the Muslims, the issue is to realize that, and of course the issue was how all of the students are seeing the situation in a very convoluted kind of way. The concern should be towards the parents that are not educating their children to see the Christian view point which is the mind of God, if it is truly the mind of God.


You can be Christian, you carry a Bible and go to church and still have a carnal mind, but if you are truly thinking with the mind of Christ, that is the only opinion that counts, if it is truly the mind of Christ.


It is the responsibility of the parents to train up their children, to think with the mind of Christ. If this country is in the crisis that it is in, it is not that the Muslims are such bad people; it is that the Christians are completely failing to do their job. Let us look at things correctly. If you take the attitude that look at what these Muslims are doing, and look at what is happening to the country, there is really nothing you can do about it, what can you do about it? Do you want to hire a lawyer to go to Washington to try to pass laws, do you want to lobby, do you want to picket, would that help? Maybe the answer would be yes, maybe no, but not really. If you face the reality that the problem is not the Muslims, the problem is that the church is not doing its job that you could do something about. What could you do? You could pray, you could preach, you could teach, you can go to the Christians, you could say, Rise up and be the sword of the Lord.


You can encourage the Christians to do what they are supposed to be doing, you could tell them the truth. What is the truth? That every Christian that did not vote has contributed to this situation; that every Christian that voted for the person that does not manifest the morals of God or the ethics of God has contributed to this problem. The answer is not to beat up the Muslims; the answer is to raise up and strengthen and shore Christianity and the mind of Christ in the nation, this is a Christian nation.


The elders, the teachers that have not taught the people this are responsible. I know pastors who say, I am not political, and their whole congregation did not benefit from this counsel. What counsel am I talking about? It is the responsibility of every Christian to vote for the person, that to the best of their ability they can recognize to be expressing the morality of almighty God.


If you have never heard that, then you are not going to do it, and if you are in a church where you never heard that, that pastor is responsible to the Lord, if you have never heard that. That was the fear of the Lord; that is the foundational principle, if you want to prosper in this world; you need to understand how powerful God is, and that He really does correct His people. The problem with the people is that it is hard to relate, to recognize the correction and relate it to what you just did that was wrong. It is one of the greatest mercies in the world, is the prophet that the Lord will send to you to tell you that you did something wrong. Traditionally Israel and I am not talking only about physical Israel, I am talking about the Israel of God as Paul describes us, everyone whose heart is circumcised, in relation to the Lord Jesus as a part of the Israel of God, Israel is blessed in this way, and there are prophets in Israel.


I know what I wanted to say; Israel has consistently killed every prophet that has been sent to them, including Jesus. Jesus was a prophet in the days of His flesh, He was prophet sent to Israel and they killed Him. Jesus said to the Pharisees, I know who you are; I know that you are offspring of the ones who killed the prophets. How did He know that? He knew that because they were doing the same thing to Him. There is nothing new under the sun; we do the same things that our parents did, unless there is an intervention of a powerful force in our lives. What we hated our parents doing to us as children, we do it to our children. Why? It is because unless a powerful force such as the Lord Jesus Christ, education in Christ comes in, or psychotherapy can help, unless that force comes in to make a change, we automatically do the same thing that our parents did because that is all that we know, it is called a familiar spirit.


Unless we are taught to do otherwise, we will repeat the mistakes of our ancestors over and over and over and over again. How could we be taught if we do not listen to the teachers? Everybody in the church with a few exceptions wants to be taught personally by God. Sometimes He does not teach you personally, sometimes He sends a teacher and you kill the teacher.


This is the second precept and I am trying to weed out of my notes the whole passage from the Zohar. The second precept is the one which is indissolubly bound up with the precept of fear, namely love. I think this continues down at the bottom of page three, where I say continuing with the Zohar. It is that a man should love his master with a perfect love, that which is called great love. This is implied in the command, walk before me and be thou whole hearted to wit in love. I got that verse for you out of the Scripture that the Zohar quotes. We will go over it in its place. I guess this continues on page 4. At the top of page 4 where it says, the second paragraph down, this is implied in the verse, and God said, Let there be light, which eludes to the perfect love called great love.


Herein then is the precept or the spiritual principle for a man to love his master truly, said Rabbi Eleazar, Father, I have heard a definition of perfect love, his father said to him, expound it my son, that means explain it, while Rabbi Phinehas is present, for he truly practices it. We can teach it, we can believe it, but we must practice it for it to have any power in our lives. Rabbi Eleazar then explains thus, great love is the love which is complete through the union of the two phases without which it is not genuine love, and this is signified by the teaching that the love of the holy one, blessed be He, has two aspects.


You cannot love with the two phases, if you do not know that there are two sides to love. Skipping my comment now, there is for instance the man who loves Him, who loves God, because He has, because that man has riches, length of life, children, power over his enemies, success in all of his undertakings, all of these form the motive for his love. That is his motive, that he is blessed. The question is; are you going to still love God when you are not blessed. This of course was the temptation and the test that was put to Job. Should the holy one blessed be He turn the wheel of fortune against that man, and bring suffering upon him, he will change and his love will be no more. This kind of love has no root.


Perfect love is the kind which remains steadfast in both phases, whether you are afflicted or whether you are prosperous, if you still love God, you know you have the root, and I will expound on that more when I start expounding on the whole passage. The right way of loving one’s master is expressed in the traditional teaching which said, even he deprive thee of thy life, this is then perfect love embracing the two phases when He is prospering you and when He is afflicting you.


It was for this reason that the light of creation which first emerged was afterwards withdrawn, when it was withdrawn, suffering emerged, in order that there might be this perfect love. Rabbi Simeon embraced his son and kissed him, Rabbi Phinehas also came and kissed him and blessed him saying, Of a surety, the holy one blessed be he, sent me hither, and this is the meaning of the tiny light which I was told was somewhere in my household and would illumine the whole world. Said Rabbi Eleazar, Assuredly, fear must not be forgotten in any of the precepts, least of all in this precept of love, which requires the association of fear. How is this to be achieved? In this way, love as has been said, may in one phase be inspired by favors, such as riches, length of life, children, plenty in affluence, in such cases a man should be ever haunted by the fear, lest sin may cause a reversal.


In other words, if you only love God because He is blessing you then you are live in fear that you are going to lose the blessings. Of such a one it is written, happy is the man that feareth always. Since he combines fear with love, the adverse inference which brings suffering and chastisement, meaning correction, is therefore necessary in the world, since it rouses in man fear. Through chastisement, a man becomes filled with the true fear of God, and does not harden his heart. For if he does, if he does harden his heart, then he that hardeneth his heart shall fall into evil. That is a quote from the Scripture, to wit, he shall fall into the hands of the adverse influence, which is called evil. I said that just earlier.


If you turn away from God, you fall under the influence of the adverse influence, which we know to be Satan. There is no, the only safe place is in God, even when He is chastising you, it is the only safe place. If you depart from God, you belong to Satan. Thus we have a love, which is complete in both phases, and from this results a true and perfect, and a true and perfect protection. Are there any questions before we go on with the actual teaching? Okay.


We are starting out on page 1 with the first sentence. The second precept, again precept meaning spiritual principles, is the one which is indissolubly bound up, cannot be separated from the precept of fear. Love cannot be separated from fear. Love that is separated from fear is an untrue love, an incomplete love, an imperfect love. I looked up a few Scriptures that show this Scripture, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God. I found one Old Testament Scripture; I took one Old Testament Scripture, Deuteronomy 6:5, which says:



 5. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. KJV



The question, what is your whole heart, what is your whole soul and what is whole might? Many people have told me I love the Lord, I love Him with (all) my mind, my heart, and my soul. You do? Do you know what that means? No. Maybe what you mean is that you love Him to the fullest extent that you are able, or at least you think that you love Him to the fullest extent that you are able at that time.


Brethren, infants love their parents, do they love with the same kind of love that a husband loves his wife or a wife loves their husband. Does you infant baby love you with the same kind of love that your mate or your partner loves you with? Of course not; an infant’s love is completely selfish, they want only to receive. Mature love is a sacrificial love, a love that is willing to sacrifice for the other person, that is willing to change for the other person, that is willing to meet the other person’s need, that is a mature love, an infant is not capable of that, and children are not capable of that. A lot of adults are incapable of that. Some people are capable of sacrificial love in certain areas, and not capable of it in other areas. I am going to define whole heart, whole soul, and whole might for you.


Our heart is our spiritual center, and this is interesting because many, many years ago, I asked the Lord what is the difference between heart and soul and mind. Nobody could answer me. That is how I wound up teaching what I teach, I would not let go of the Lord, I wanted a teacher that could teach me these things, and one could not be found, so the teacher made me the teacher. He started teaching me directly so that I could be the teacher or the type of teacher that could not be found when I was looking for Him.


Today we find out the difference between heart, soul, and might, and we also find out the difference between whole heart and just heart, and whole soul and just soul, and whole might as opposed to singular or partial might. The heart is our spiritual center. That is just another way of saying spiritual foundation. I have preached on that a lot over many years. We know that the New Testament promises us a new foundation. Paul says the only foundation that can be laid, in other words, the only foundation that has any value at all is the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ. We do have a foundation today, the Lord Jesus Christ is our immortal foundation but we have a mortal foundation that gives us existence in this hour.


What is a foundation? What is a spiritual foundation, what does that mean, does anybody know? What is our spiritual foundation, what purpose does it serve? Our spiritual foundation is that spiritual part of us upon which our very being is founded; we have existence in this world. This physical body is not our existence in this world. This physical body only stands because we have a spiritual foundation, the physical body stands on our spiritual foundation. Our soul stands on our spiritual foundation. Today, every man, woman, and child, every human born of a human woman has a mortal foundation that does not endure, it exists for a season and it dies, and when our foundation dies, our personality dies, our soul dies, and our physical body dies. Actually I said it backwards, when our foundation ceases to endure, our physical body dies, our soul dies and our spirit goes back to the God who gave it to us.


Who is our mortal foundation? Who is the mortal foundation? When Adam came into existence originally, his foundation was an eternal foundation, it was Jehovah and Elohim, but Adam fell, and he went to the other side and today his foundation is, anybody? Who is Adam’s foundation today?


COMMENT:  Satan?


PASTOR VITALE:  That is close, it is the Serpent. It was the Serpent who seduced the woman and gave her a child, and we are the offspring, we are the child that the female Adam bore which was when she was impregnated by the Serpent, we are the Serpent’s spawn, unfortunately but that is the truth, and the truth will set you free.


There is no hope, you have no hope of getting out of hell if you will not face the truth of who we all are, we the spawn of the Serpent, that is who we are, but we have hope, because we were spawned of the union of the Serpent and the woman, and the woman has the breath of Jehovah’s life, and that is how our whole foundation for salvation and deliverance from this condition is that Jehovah’s breath is in us and He wants His breath. He goes wherever His breath is, and He wants us back. He wants us separated from the Serpent’s side of ourselves and He wants us joined to His Spirit, and to be reconfigured with the aspect of our being that is serpentine to be under the dominion of Christ Jesus in us, that we might live forever in prosperity, health, and joy, and peace. We are in eternal torment right now. We are in eternal hell right now, and for the people do not understand that because they see people die, after 70, 80, or 90 years, we are in eternal or ongoing torment right now because our true reality which is our spirit goes from generation to generation. We go from skin to skin. It is just the body that dies and the personality that dies, and the spirit, that worm inside of us that Jesus talked about that does not die, just takes on a new skin, it is a serpent taking on a new skin.


In the nature, the serpent sheds his skin every seven years, the animal, the serpent, the snake sheds his skin ever seven years, and the spiritual serpent sheds us every seventy, eighty, or ninety years, or sometimes younger. We are the skins. The truth will set you free. Who is our mortal foundation, it is the Fiery Serpent. It is the dead root of Adam that is born in all of us, because there would be no incarnation without Abel. Abel is the breath of Jehovah’s life; Cain is the earthen side of that spirit being. Adam, before he fell, he was spirit and earth, spirit and earth, he was the breath of Jehovah, and he was the man formed from the earth, the soul man formed from the earth.


When Adam died, he broke up into many, many pieces and each one of those pieces, had a drop of Jehovah’s breath and a drop of the earth. I am told that if you take a skin sample from any human being, that, that piece of skin can be cloned, because the DNA of the whole person is in that piece of skin. Every piece that Adam broke into, just like every seed of an apple has the potential to reproduce the whole tree; every piece that Adam broke into has the potential to regenerate righteous Adam. That means if Adam, if righteous Adam was spirit and earth, every piece of Adam, every piece of all of the pieces that Adam fell into, is both, every piece is both spirit and earth. We have a seed; every human being has a seed inside of us. We are the skins, we are the wombs that have the potential to produce or gestate spiritual life and we are born with a seed in us, and that seed is part spirit and part earth.


Just for the purposes of our understanding, it is very hard to understand spiritual things. When I say Cain and Abel, I would never argue with somebody over the name, there is a seed inside of us, if you need to call it a different name to understand it, that is okay with me, the system that the Lord gave me is this. We are talking about Cain and Abel being the seed of Adam, the potential for the regeneration of Adam. In the Scripture we are told in the book of Genesis that Abel is a seed. We are not told that Cain is a seed, because Cain is the earth that wraps around the seed, Cain is a seed of the earth, but from God’s point of view, Cain is the not the seed, Abel is the seed and Cain is the other side of Abel.


We were talking about the word heart and we were determining that our heart really is our spiritual foundation that we have; every person born of a woman has a mortal foundation, which is Cain and Abel. Abel is already dead; we are born with a dead seed. What is a dead seed? It is a seed that has no hope of sprouting, a seed that has no potential of sprouting. If we are looking for a natural example, we would take an apple seed that is all dried out, it is still a seed, it would still be an apple seed, but it is dead. Some men and women have seeds, have their human seeds, sperm or egg, that they are a sperm but there is no potential for that sperm to produce life, there is no potential for that egg to produce life, it will never be able, the sperm will never be able to penetrate a female ovum, and the female ovum is in a woman who is barren would never be able to either receive the sperm or even if that egg was penetrated by a sperm, something would be lacking in the genes or the chromosomes that, that egg would not be able to begin parthenogenesis which is the cell division that eventually produces the child. Abel is the dead seed, he is there, and we know he is there because we have existence. He is able to produce death but he is not able to produce life, he is not able to regenerate righteous Adam who is the tree of life.


This is a spiritual mystery, death does not mean cessation of existence from a spiritual point of view, death does mean cessation of existence, death means a type of existence that the exact opposite of the existence called life. That is why Jesus said, No man can take my life. He was alive, when you are alive, you cannot die. If someone kills you, you stand up again, because you cannot kill life, you can only kill somebody who is already dead, you can only kill the house, the body of somebody whose spirit is already dead.


Death only exists down here in hell; there is no death in life. Some people say; I have heard this said, Death is a part of life. No, death is not a part of life, death is a part of the existence called death, and this existence is not life. Cain and Abel, known as the Fiery Serpent, are our mortal foundation. Why are they known as the Fiery Serpent? Because Cain and Abel in this hour are in the image of the Serpent, and they are in our spiritual being, they are in our etheric body and they are coiled up in the form of a Serpent, and coiled up in the base of our spine like a Serpent is coiled up, and they are in the Serpent’s image. Both Cain and Abel are in the Serpent’s image.


Abel is the chameleon, he is the seed of God but he manifests whoever dominates him. When he is dominated by Cain who is a part of the household of the Serpent, Abel is evil. Abel is needed, he is the breath of life, we would have no conscious existence without Abel.


When Abel is captured by the household of the Serpent, the child that is produced and all of humanity is a single child that has been produced, we are a female child that is dead and good and evil, and some of our members are more evil than others and some of our members are more good than others, and even with each individual, sometimes we are evil and sometimes we are good. No matter how good we are has the potential to turn to their evil side. That is why Jesus hates this aspect of pride that would make one think that they are better than somebody else because they are prospering in this world.


If you are prospering in this world, it is because of the grace of God, not because you are better than the person who is down and out, and living on the street. Instead of despising the one who is down and out and living on the street, if you had a true fear of God, you would be praising God that you are not the one that is down and out and living on the street or in slavery. Only the person who is separated from God in their mind, and is now overcome by the thoughts of the Serpent’s household could say, I am better than you are because I am prospering in this world, that person is in great danger, and this very principle was demonstrated by the Lord Jesus when He told the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, Lazarus the beggar, and the rich man, and Jesus was warning the Pharisees, He was telling them, you are prospering in this world and you think that you are better than all of the other people out there who are not Jews, and I am warning you the tables are about to turn.


The Pharisees knew exactly what He was saying because they were enraged at Him, and guess what brethren, the tables turned. The beggar signifies the nations of the world who became Christians today are prospering. Sheila, all Christians are not prospering, it takes time to reverse the curses of your ancestors, but every Christian that has sowed into the kingdom of God, that has given over their life and their heart to the Lord Jesus, that believes His word and started serving Him, even though there were no immediate signs of change, even though there were no immediate signs of increased financial prosperity or no immediate signs of better health or no immediate signs of one’s children being healed or the curses on your life being broken, those who serve Him anyway, even though they are still in affliction, and here is the foundational principle of the true love, those that serve Him even though they are still in affliction, even those who serve Him because they love Him whether He afflicts them or whether He prospers them, they cannot stop loving Him, those are the ones that get delivered, that get healed, and the move into prosperity, it might take a very long time, depending on how severe your case is when you first come to the Lord.


It does not happen overnight because your core has to change, your roots have to change, Christ has to be formed in you, He has to grow up in you, your mind has to be changed. How can your mind be changed if you have not heard the other side? If you do not have enough of an understanding of how God thinks, how can your mind change? You cannot just say, I embrace what God says. No, you have to hear what God says, you have to think about what God says, you have to pray about what God says, and then at some point, Lord willing, you will choose to believe what God says rather than what you have believed all of your life and what your whole family believes, and then the change begins little by little, when you love Him whether He heals you or whether He does not heal you.


I served God for 13 years waiting to be healed and on my death bed, somehow by the grace of God, I cannot even take any credit for it, I found the power and the strength to say, Lord, I do not understand why you have not healed me, but if I die tomorrow, I go to my grave loving you; and here I stand today.


Our center is our spiritual foundation that is no good, it dies from skin to skin, but we have the promise of a new foundation that will endure forever and when our foundation endures forever, our bodies will endure forever, we will not always have a physical body, we will have a spiritual body at some point, but we will not die from generation to generation. We will not die from skin to skin. When Jesus Christ is our foundation, He is not a Serpent and He does not shed His skin every seven years or every seventy, eighty, ninety, or every thousand years, He does not shed His skin, He loves His skin and He takes care of them and He prospers them.


We are commanded to love the Lord with all of our heart. That means we have to love Him with Abel, and we have to love Him with Cain. How do you love the Lord with Abel and Cain? These are the two sides of our personality. I was preaching years ago that Cain has to be trained up as well as Abel, Abel is our spiritual side, those of you sitting here now, Abel is being trained up, he is being taught spiritual things, He is being taught wisdom, he is being taught knowledge, but Cain is our animal side, our animal nature, who has to be socialized. We have to be taught how to relate to one another, you have to be taught how to love, you have to be taught how to respect elders, we have to be taught how to live in this world, we have to be taught how to get our needs met, without acting like an animal. Everybody has that Cain side, some of us have a leg up, some of us were raised in homes where our family taught us a lot of good things about how to get along in this world. A lot of people that come to the Lord, come from families that did not teach them how to behave in society, they do not even know how to say please and thank you, and they are just arrogant, they just grab what they want, they are insulting, they are insensitive, they insult, they may not mean to insult people, but they insult people because they do not realize they are insulting them.


If you want the promises of God and you are one of these people who have just never learned how to bathe, did you know that there are Christians that have never learned how to bathe, that they come to church and they have body odor? They do not how to groom themselves, they do not know how to dress, they do not have manners. The church that I was raised up in, we went on ministry into the city and I was sitting next to a brother in the church that when they served the salad, he picked up a chunk of lettuce with his hand and was chewing on it, and everybody just sat at the table, he did not know he was doing anything wrong.


If you fit into that category in anyway, maybe you have good eating manners but maybe you say things that offend people, and you do not know why they walk away from you or why they are upset with you, anything that is not socially acceptable whether you would know it or not, the Lord wants to deal with that, because He wants us all to be socially acceptable.


We are all ambassadors for Christ, every single one of us is a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ in this world, so our animal side has to be trained up. That means somebody has to tell you that you have body odor somebody has to tell you that you do not pick up the heart of lettuce and chew on it with your fingers in a restaurant, and if you are going to be so sensitive that you cannot be told that you are doing something that is not sociably acceptable, you are not ever going to change. If you do not change, you will not access the kingdom of God, and you will pass through this life wondering why God blessed the other person down the street and He did not bless you. If you are really ignorant you will decided that God is no good and you will walk away from Him completely. We are all in training, every last one of us, so long as we are in the flesh, we are all going to be in training, and we are all going to be corrected every day.


It is easier on everybody if we hear from God, if we can hear from the Lord ourselves, it is easier on all of us, but most of us do not hear from God, so He has to send somebody to tell you.


It is much more painful when someone has to tell you, I wish God would tell you, He does tell you, but you just do not hear Him. It would be much easier on me if you all heard Him. I do not like pointing out your faults, but that is the way it is, the average person does not hear Him, so He sends a teacher, He sends a prophet, and God’s people traditionally killed the prophets. Everybody that is hearing this message, you have an opportunity to not be a murderer of God’s prophet. That is just the truth. You are blessed with hearing this message, but you know you have a choice.


Some people do not know they have a choice, they think they are still in the world, and when God sends somebody to tell them something, they rise up to fight to defend themselves, because that is what you would do in the world, you would say, Who do you think you are telling me that? The person’s motive for telling you that would be to hurt you, or gain power over you or destroy you in some way. That is the human reaction.


Unless you have been taught and unless you can recognize God’s true prophet coming to help you with the truth, you will not benefit from being told the truth. We have a whole church world full of people that live and die while they are in the church but do not inherit the promises of the church. Jesus said to the Jews in the Psalms, He said, Ye are gods, when God lives in you, you become a lesser god. The Lord said through David, Ye are gods, but ye shall die like men, because you are not living out of your godhood, you are living out of your humanity.


All of us that are hearing this message today, we are called to manifest this message in our own lives so that we can go forth as an example to other people as to how to lay hold of the power of God and prosper, and the only way to lay hold of the power of God brethren is through humility, you have got to die to this pride, you have got to lay it on the altar, and go God’s way, and do not be deceived because He blesses you here or there. He loves you and if you are not going on, He will bless you right where you are, and that greatness of God has caused so many people to stumble.


They will say, God is blessing me; I cannot be doing anything wrong. Wrong, God is blessing you because He loves you, and what you are doing that is wrong that you have refused to change, if you do not adhere to what He is telling you, you will learn from the sowing and reaping judgment, Satan will teach you, but He still loves you, and He is still going to bless you in the areas that He is blessing you. Many stumble and die over God’s goodness, because they interpret it to mean something that is not.


Whole soul; we are commanded to love Him with our whole soul. What does that mean our whole soul? I have heard it taught, as long as I am in the church; I have heard it taught that our soul is our mind, will, and emotions. It never sat right with me, but I did not have any alternate teaching so I just went with it. Today I must disagree with that teaching, our soul is not our mind, will, and emotions, our mind is our mind, and our soul is our will, and our emotions are Satan. I have been teaching that for a long time, Satan is the emotional sea within us, emotionalism is a part of our humanity, and it is something that is a part… Satan is our emotions.


Satan is the emotional sea within us. If every get upset and you feel turmoil inside of you, that is a spiritual emotional sea that is roaring. We read in the New Testament that the disciples were in a ship and Christ was not helping them, and the storm was raging and Christ was sleeping in the bottom of the ship and not helping them. That was not a physical storm brethren, that was a spiritual storm. Those disciples had penetrated into the astral plane and when they found Satan waiting for them, the astral plane is filled with storms, raging storms, Satan the storm, she is the stormy wind, they became very frightened, and they cried out for help. It was not a physical storm, anyway that is another message.


Our soul is not our mind, will, and emotions, our mind is our mind, our soul is our will which is Leviathan, because humanity has a will that is different than the will of God, this is the whole source of our problem and we are touching on it a little here but I am really anxious to get to the third precept. I almost taught on the third precept today but I decided to go in order, the third precept is the unity of God which completely blows away the doctrine of the trinity if you can believe it.


Today we are doing the love of God. I am talking about the will which is Leviathan, and the will of mortal mankind is divided and opposite of the will of almighty God. No matter how good a person you are, our fallen condition dictates that the root of our motive, the root of our will is selfish. Self-preservation is the name of the game, we are down here in hell without some measure of pride, without some measure of self-preservation, we will all be destroyed and then it continues on and goes over the line, and our own will rises up and opposes the will of God in every area of life, and therefore we are divided from God and we die.


In whatever area we are not prospering, we are suffering because our thoughts are opposite from God, and our thoughts are our will, our will and our motives are opposite of the will and motives of God, that is Leviathan, the pride of man. We are commanded to love the Lord with all our whole might. Our might is our spiritual force, our life force which comes from Abel, and right now Satan is possessing Abel, so Satan is our life force, Satan is our spiritual blood.


Sometimes people ask me, why does not the Lord just knock Satan out and save us? Because we are Satan, we would die, we have to be converted, Satan is our life force. When the Spirit of Christ becomes our life force, we will be a new creature. Right now we have the promise of being a new creature, but it is not a reality in us yet, if it was a reality, we would not get sick, age, or die. The change begins in our mind, in our mind and in our attitude, and from there the change continues on to our emotions and our will has to be sacrificed and our will has to defer to the will, and our mind has to defer to the mind of God and then at some point our bodies start to change and our life starts to change, but our mind has to change first.


We have to line up our thoughts with the thoughts of God, and that is a big problem. Everybody now has to determine what the thoughts of God are. A lot of people have their own ideas about what the thoughts of God are. You have to look at your life, you have to judge your life, look at your life and judge whether or not your thoughts are lined up with the thoughts of God, to what degree are you prospering, to what degree are you healthy, to what degree have you succeeded in life, to what degree are you family, your children, and your other relatives healthy, happy, prospering, alive, well, look, you can see, the signs are all around you.


If you see something that you do not like, do not get mad and do not get scared, just ask the Lord to help you to line your thoughts up with Him. He is your only hope, He is our only hope. Any prosperity that we achieve in this world is only temporary, it is temporary and you cannot necessarily pass it on to your children, the deliverance we get in Christ Jesus we pass on to our children, and to our other relatives, it can spread out horizontally it can go to our parents and our siblings and our nieces and our nephews and it can also go forward to our own children if we have them.


We are commanded to love the Lord with our whole heart, that is with Cain in our social behavior, as well as Abel in our spiritual behavior. We have a lot of Christians that are very adept in doctrine and so filled with pride that they are killing themselves every day. Beware that doctrine does not puff you up; that what you know does not puff you up. Jesus said, Consider the other person more important than yourself; pride will destroy you.


Love the Lord with our whole soul, and of course you know I prayed about this, my first reaction was that I know that there are five levels of soul, and my first reaction was that we should love the Lord with the whole five levels of soul, but the Lord corrected me because the lowest level of soul which the Hebrew word is Nephesh, it is the animal nature, the animal essence, that is what every human being has, that is the soul that comes from the Serpent, the other four levels of soul are given by God, so the only one that the Lord, the only aspect of our soul that needs to be trained, is our animal soul, that is why is says singular soul, and the will of the animal soul is Leviathan, the will of a man.


We have to love the Lord with our whole soul; that means Leviathan has to be brought under the dominion of the will of God. Again I am touching on precept three already, this is what the unity of God is; we are not supposed to be divided. Once Christ is formed in us, Christ is us wages a war against Leviathan, against the pride of man, to bring down that pride in our own; each one of us is called a household.


This is my household right here, my whole person. I have a physical household, I have a heart and lungs, and the whole thing, I also have a spiritual household, Cain, and Abel, Leviathan, well hopefully Christ is in there, Christ Jesus is in there, Cain is in there, Abel is in there, Leviathan is in there, Satan is in there, the whole crew is in there and all of their offspring are in there, they are all in my brain. All of these elements have to be brought under the dominion of the mind of Christ, what does that mean? As soon as trouble arises in your life, your first prayer should be, Lord what do I do? I did something wrong, how do I get out of this, what do you require of me to get out of this? And then you do it; that brings your will under the dominion of the Lord.


There has to become a unity; the will of God in your life which is Christ Jesus or Christ if it is just Christ, at this point; and Leviathan has to be joined together. We are told in the Scripture; bind yourselves to the horns of the altar. What does that mean? Bring together your carnal mind and your Christ mind, bring your emotions under the dominion of Christ, bring your will under the dominion of Christ, there has to be one single column. The unity, you have to form the unity of God, that is where all of the salvation and deliverance is; and we know that unity to be Christ Jesus in us. Kabbalah says that unity is in Jehovah, it is in Tiferet, the middle column of the Sefirot, Keter, Jehovah, Yesod, Malkhut, Christ Jesus, our good and evil foundation, Cain and Abel, good and evil have to be joined together for the perfect balance in Christ, and nothing can overthrow you.


If you make a mistake, you repent, you do whatever the Lord tells you to do and you go on, and you make it in this world, and if you are sick, you will be healed. You cannot do it just for the healing, you have to love Him when He is blessing you and when you are afflicted, you have to have the whole love of God and when you love Him with your whole heart, when you love Him with your spiritual side of yourself, you love the doctrine, and when you love Him with your animal self, you even love Him when you are being corrected, and you even love Him when your pride is raging and you have to defer to Christ, and you love Him when you are emotionally upset, and you love Him enough to not pursue where those emotions are leading you in the wrong direction, everything has to be pulled into Christ, you are undefeatable in this world and you will be healed, spirit, soul, and body; in him, we are healed in Him.


You have to love Him no matter what is happening in your life, if you think what is happening to you is unfair, if you are hurting, if you are on the operating room table, and you do not know why He has not healed you supernaturally, if your marriage is raging and you know He told you to marry that person, and everything seems to be going crazy, you have to love Him in the good times and in the bad times, and you will make it through and you will get healed, spirit, soul, and body.


If you turn your back on God, the only one who can possibly heal you, your pride has just cut you off from the only source of deliverance and salvation in the universe. Just hearing these words wherever this message is going, hearing these words is one of the greatest blessings you could hope to have because people do not know that. Do you know how many people out there are mad at God? They do not understand that they are shooting themselves in the foot. It is a lack of understanding; that is why God is a teacher. He is never condemning anybody, He is teaching you, He is a teacher. He says, for all of us that have something, everybody that studies here is a teacher, just from listening to one message, you have something to say to somebody out there if the Lord wants to send you. There is so much rich teaching coming forth here.


Just hearing this is a great, great blessing, your only hope is the Lord Jesus Christ, and you are mad at Him. There is a name for that, it is not a bad name, the Lord never means to insult you, the Scriptural name for that is fool, you are a fool.


If we walk out of here today and the Lord brings us up against somebody who is mad at God, and moves on us to tell them, they may be mad at us at the moment, but we have blessed that person beyond their ability to understand it at that time. Once they hear those words, the Lord can begin to work on them. He loves the people that are mad at Him, He loves the people that are out of the way, He loves the people that do not believe, He is amazing, He is not human, He is absolutely amazing, He never, ever stops loving us, but sometimes that love take the form of chastisement and people who are in their carnal minds who have not pulled their will and their emotions and their carnal mind under the dominion of Christ, Christians who have not pulled their selves together which is most Christians, when the chastisement comes, they either believe that it is an enemy outside of themselves or that the prophet is out to hurt them, and they get into more trouble, why? It is because of lack of knowledge.


The Scripture says, my people perish for lack of knowledge. This education that you are getting here is worth, it is invaluable; you cannot put a price on it. The only way we could pay God back for giving us this privilege of hearing this kind of teaching is to be available to Him should He decide to send us to somebody, and when He sends us to somebody, we have to tell them what He tells us to tell them whether they are going to hate us or be mad at us or whatever they are going to do.


That is the only way we can, that is the only way that I know of that we can show our love to God. The Lord said, if you love me, you will obey my commandments, if you do not obey me that means you hate me. We have a whole church world of people that hate God, and they think they love Him, that is confusion and He intends to straighten that out because He loves them. We are the vessels that He is sending to straighten them out. Once we speak the words, if the Lord has truly sent us to say them, when we speak the words, and the person does not receive it, then they are in the Lord’s hands. Most likely they will go under the sowing and reaping judgment, whatever He does with them.


All you have to do is drop your word and run. That is our job. Everybody that has the privilege of hearing this teaching, you are already prophets and teachers if the Lord sends you, do not go doing it in your own strength. You have more knowledge in the short time that you have been here than the average person that has been in the church for fifty years, and a responsibility goes with that, a responsibility to not teach out of your pride, but to be available to God, should He open your mouth in any given situation. To share what you have with people who have a closed mind and are not ready to receive your word is wrong and it is foolish.


We have already said our whole heart is Cain and Abel, our whole soul is of course Leviathan in us and the part of us that has the will of God. The will of God that is in our mind plus the will of our carnal mind must be congealed into one unified will, it cannot be divided. If we are divided, if we are pulled in two directions, we will not have the full strength to serve God. This whole message is saying you have to pull your carnal mind and your Christ mind together; that is what this whole message is, you have to stop being divided.


We have to love God with our whole might; that is our spiritual force, our life force which is Satan, that is what I was talking about, she is our spiritual blood and that spiritual blood is in the process of being acquired by the Lord Jesus Christ, if He is working in your life, He is acquiring that spiritual blood, and He is purifying it, you are getting a blood transfusion, He is purifying your spiritual blood and that spiritual blood is being converted into the Spirit of Christ.


That means you have to love the Lord with all of your might, with your whole might, with the part of your spiritual blood that is still Satan, and the part of your spiritual blood that is the Spirit of Christ. What do mean? You have to do what He tells you, if you love me, you will obey me. That means we have to struggle within ourselves and Satan is our emotions and we do not want to do what the Lord is asking us to do, the part of us that obeys Christ has to take dominion over our own emotions and force ourselves to do what we know God wants us to do. That is how you love God with your whole mind, your whole will; we are not talking about mind here yet, with your whole heart, your whole soul, and your whole might. The part of you that is Christ has to war against the part of you that is not Christ and do what God is telling you to do, or what you know God would want you to do.


Your emotions could be raging, your mind could be screaming, you could be terrified with fear, do it anyway. Do it afraid, do it screaming, do it raging, just do it, and everything will work out, just do


MATTHEW 22:36-40


Master, (this was a Pharisee asking Jesus this question), which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said to him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. (Now we see the word mind is added, heart, soul, and mind, and might has replaced mind over here). This is the first and great commandment, and the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self, on these two commandments hang the law, all of the law and the prophets. KJV


This means if you can obey these two commandments, you will keep the law and you will understand the prophets. Jesus said there were just two commandments; I thought there were Ten Commandments. I will explain that to you as soon as we get past commenting on Matthew 22:37.


Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. KJV


We are now commanded to love Him with our mind, what happened to our might? That it will come out in the next Scripture that I have for you. I am on top of page 2, my comment: There is basically one Hebrew word translated love. In the New Testament however we find three different Greek words translated love. There are other words in the Hebrew that mean love but they are really poor translations or just variations of the word that mean love. In the Greek however, we have three distinct separations, the Greek word agape speaks about the God love, the selfless sacrificial love, where you lay down your life for a friend, and you can only do that out of Christ. A human being does not have the ability to love as Christ loved, as He hung on the cross and experienced that whole ordeal because He knew it was the will of the Father that He do so, I do not think, my understanding is that no human being is capable of that. The closest thing that we have to that in our humanity is heroism, but if we square root the psyche of the man or the motive of a man or a woman who is a hero, when you get down to the nitty, nitty, gritty, there is selfishness there, something in that motive, there is that element of self-serving, even if it makes the person feel good to be a hero, this does not in any way disannul the great works of our great heroes, of our military heroes, or somebody who would be willing to die for their child or for their mate, I am not in any way disparaging that, what I am trying to explain to you is that, there is always a personal motive in it, it is your child, it is your mate, it has to do with you, you are laying down your life because you personally love that person.


Jesus said, who would die for the evil, who would die for someone who would kill you if they could? Who would do that? That is what Jesus did. He did it because His Father told Him to do it. That is the whole principle, even a military hero, there is something in that man, and again I am in no way disparaging military heroes, this is a spiritual study, try to understand what I am saying, at the very root of his motive, there was something that made him feel good, it was the right thing for him to do and it made him feel good to do it.


There is the key, listen, it was the right thing to do, but it made him feel good to do it. Do you think it made Jesus feel good to be crucified? The love of God more often than not requires a painful sacrifice, requires the love, requires us to love the unlovely, requires us to do things that a normal human being would not do, and we are not capable of it unless Christ is doing it through us. That type of love is described with the word agape in the New Testament.


The second kind of love is philia love and that is brotherly love. Brotherly love can be very high; you see that kind of love demonstrated from a mother to a child or in a parent sacrificing his life for a child, that is the high point of brotherly love, heroism is under brotherly love. There are all different levels of it, just caring for your brother or sister could be love also, but the sacrifice for philia love would be heroism, or the sacrifice that a mother would lay down for her child. The third kind of love is eros love and that is sexual love, love the body. We see that we are talking here about love of the spirit, which is the agape love, love of the soul, this is philia, and love the body, eros, three kinds of love.


We are commanded to love with our whole heart, again that is the Fiery Serpent, Cain and Abel, we talked about that, we are to love with our whole soul, that is the will of Leviathan, plus the will of God that is within us to whatever degree Christ if formed in us, and now we are told to love with our whole mind. That means we are to love with the Christ mind as well as with the carnal mind. How do you love God with your carnal mind? Anybody, how do you love God with your carnal mind? You want to answer?


COMMENT:  You sacrifice your carnal mind?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, you do not do what it tells you to do; you love God with your carnal mind by denying your carnal mind. We are the personality, we are the skins, we are conscious skins, and we have, it is us, it is the personality that has the, well personality actually is spiritual, and our body is the skins, I do not want to get technical there, we are the personality, we are the ones that have free will. We choose between our carnal mind and our Christ mind, we choose between light and darkness. In the book of Deuteronomy the Lord lays out all of the curses that could happen to you if you disobey God, not that He is punishing you, we are down here in hell if you break the rules, this is what, Satan is right there to punish you, but if you follow the rules, these are all of the good things that will happen to you because Satan will not be able to touch you.


Then after He lays out all of these rules, curses and blessings, the Lord says, Now that you heard both sides, choose between good and evil. You choose what you are going to do, I have told you the truth, if you disobey, this is what is going to happen to you, and if you obey that is what is going to happen to you, now you choose, and when bad things happen to you, do not blame me.


That is in the Bible, Deuteronomy 23 I believe. That is what the Lord says to us, He is not making us do anything. We love God with our whole mind by denying our carnal mind, we the personality, we the one that has the power to choose, we love God when we deny our carnal mind and go with the mind of Christ. He says, if you love me you will obey my commandments, if you are not obeying my commandments and you say you love me, you are a liar, that is in the Bible, you are a liar.


We know that everybody cannot obey all of the commandments, but we have to be willing to obey His commandments, we have to desire to obey His commandments, we have to desire to be more like Him every day. We are not to be condemning ourselves where we are not succeeding, if our heart in general is turned towards Him and we really desire to do the right thing as He sees it, because there is a way that seems right to man but the end thereof is destruction; not what seems right to our carnal mind but to what He requires of us.


If our face is turned towards Him and we are hoping every day to be more and more like Him, we are okay, we are safe for the moment, but we have to keep on working on our program, because we are not safe as long as we are in this body, and down here in hell, we are not safe, but we are covered for the moment that our heart is turned towards Him to do the right thing and the right thing is what He says is the right thing, not what our carnal mind thinks is the right thing.


How can you do the right thing if you do not know what He thinks about the right thing? That is why you have to study to show yourself approved, you have to know what God thinks before you could choose. People who are sinning before they find out what God thinks? What is God doing about that? What is God doing about people who are sinning before they find out what God thinks? What is God doing?


COMMENT:  He is winking his eye.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, He is winking, He is not looking at you very hard, He is looking the other way, because He knows that you are just ignorant, and you do not know your left hand from your right and you never heard the truth yet, so He is just winking at you. That is what the Bible says. This is my comment: The life force our spiritual strength is manifested through our mind, will, and emotions, the Lord Jesus is saying here to love God, we must manifest our life force through our will, and emotions as well as through our whole mind. I do not know if I made this point, our whole mind is the carnal mind under dominion of the Christ mind.


The kingdom of God brethren is the mind of Christ and the kingdom of heaven, if you look it up in the Interlinear Text, it is really the kingdom of the heavens, plural, the kingdom of heaven is the carnal mind bound under the authority of the Christ mind, so fully that the two minds are working in tandem as one mind, the mind of Christ. Apparently the same goes for every aspect, our foundation, has to be operating as one foundation, the mortal foundation under the dominion of the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ, our will has to be operating as one will, where Leviathan is completely bound under the regenerated Adam, Jesus is the last Adam. Leviathan has to be bound under Christ Jesus in you, and our strength, our spirit, our emotions that come from Satan have to be bound under the emotions of God. God has emotions. Christ Jesus in us has emotions. What is the emotion of Christ Jesus? What is the godly emotion of Christ Jesus?


COMMENT:  Compassion?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes compassion, thank you, the compassion of Jesus, in that compassion flows healing. When Christ Jesus in a man has the true compassion that comes out of Christ for you, the healing of God is already flowing towards you. The emotions that come out of our humanity which are really animal emotions, they are emotions that are pets have, anger, rage, and jealousy; all of those emotions have to be bound under the authority of the compassion of God. Those are our whole emotions. That is our whole strength of God, all of the emotions bound together under the dominion of compassion. This is just another way of saying die to self and be concerned about the benefit of others. There is no room for your envy when someone over there needs to be healed. That is what the Lord is saying. Manifest yourself, direct yourself towards doing whatever you can to heal that person, and your sins of envy and rage will be covered, take that energy and use it for the good of humanity, or of your brother and your sister, that is how you love God.


It is complete death to the carnal mind, you love God by dying to the carnal mind, you have to reject it and curse it at every chance. I will start again, I do not know where I left off here: The life force our spiritual strength is manifested through our mind, will, and emotions, the Lord Jesus is saying here to love God, we must manifest our life force, our will and emotions, as well as through our whole mind. Leviathan is the will of our carnal mind, Satan is the emotions of our carnal mind, we love God by offering up our will and our emotions as a sacrifice to the living God.


Christians who say they love God but follow after their own will and emotional desires rather than subject them to the will of God are deceived, they are not loving God according to the understanding of loving God as the Lord Jesus teaches this spiritual principle, or this precept. We have one more New Testament Scripture, Mark 12:30;


MARK 12:30

 30. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all they soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength. This is the first commandment. KJV


We have the whole thing here, with our whole heart, with Cain and Abel, with our whole soul, with Leviathan, the will of man, as well as the will of God which is in Christ Jesus and of course obviously you cannot love God with your whole soul if you do not have Christ Jesus formed in you. We have to love God with our whole mind; that is our carnal mind and our Christ mind, and our whole strength which is Satan, our whole life force; that is Satan and the Spirit of Christ.


We are being told that you cannot love God unless Christ Jesus is formed in you. Our whole strength is Satan the life force of the mortal man as well as the part of us that is the Spirit of Christ which already has been formed in us. The man who is outside of Christ is incapable of loving God. We can be grateful to God because He blesses us and meets our needs and gives us food and shelter and gives us health, gives us healthy children, we can be grateful but it is not the love of God that is the whole principle of this teaching; that is not the love of God. Gratitude towards God is not the love of God.


Obedience to the Lord’s commandments is the love of God and we are incapable of obeying God unless Christ is formed in us. Christ is the only one who is capable of obeying God. I took a witness from the alternate translation here, when Elijah was being pursued by Jezebel, and he had fallen all of the way down to the bottom, he fell down from a high level of soul down into his Nephesh, down into his animal soul, he called for help and when Elohim said to him, How did you get down there Elijah, the last time I looked at you, you were flying in the heavens killing all of the prophets of Baal, how did you wind up down there in the hole? Elijah said to him, I have served Jehovah the God of battle fervently when I was Leviathan as well as when Adam was risen from the dead in me. Elijah was saying Elohim, I served God with my whole self. The rest of the Scripture is the sons of Israel came after me and killed me, because I told the truth about their sins.


The end of it is that Elohim raised Elijah from the dead and he went forward and did great works for the Lord. Here I have reproduced the Ten Commandments for you, and I have shown you that the Ten Commandments, I have broken them into two groups of five each, the first five commandments teach us how to love God, and the second five commandments teach us how to love our fellow man. Jesus said; there are just two commandments; Love the Lord your God with all your mind, your soul, your strength, and your heart, and the second commandment is love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus asked the question, who is my neighbor? Does anyone know the answer to that, who is our neighbor, anybody remember?


COMMENT:  Everybody.


PASTOR VITALE:  No, our neighbors are those who obey the will of God; that is our brother. I made a little mistake there, our brethren are the ones who obey the Father, but this is the truth of who a neighbor is, Jesus speaking in a parable. This is a Pharisee speaking to Jesus saying, and who is my neighbor? Jesus answering said, A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thieves which stripped him of his raiment and wounded him, and departed leaving him half dead, and by chance there came down a certain priest that way, and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side. Likewise, a Levite when he was at the place came and looked on him, and passed by on the other side, but a certain Samaritan as he journeyed, came where that man was, and when he saw him, he had compassion on him. Remember Samaritans are unclean according to the Jews and the Pharisees, and that Samaritan went to him and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine and set him on his own beast and brought him to an inn and took care of him.


On the morrow when he departed, he took out two pence and gave them to the host and said unto him, and take care of him, and whatsoever thou spend more, when I come again, I will repay you. Which now of these three Jesus asked, thinkest thou was neighbor unto him that fell among the thieves? Was it the priest, was it the Hebrew priest, was the Levite, or was the unclean Samaritan, which one was neighbor to this man who was laying on the road all beaten up, and remember Samaritans are unclean to the Jew, and Jesus said, which of these three do you think was a neighbor to this man? Jesus said, He that showed mercy on him. This is significant; He said to the Levites and the priests who are supposed to know the law, He said; now you go and do likewise.


The Levites and the priests did not understand their own law; the royal law of God is mercy. Our neighbor is the one that has mercy on the afflicted and on the people. Our brethren, our spiritual brethren according to the Scripture, our brethren are the people who obey Jesus, that is assuming we obey God. Those of us who obey God, everyone who obeys God is our brethren, and whoever had mercy, you do not even have to be a Jew or a Christian, whoever has mercy on another man despite who he is, when you see somebody hurt, you help them, that is your neighbor.


If you are someone who has mercy on people, that is your neighbor. That is the neighbor of the people, the one who has mercy. The one who has mercy is the neighbor of the people, not someone who lives next door to you, that is the spiritual definition of neighbor.


COMMENT:  Sheila I want to ask you a question while we are talking about neighbor, for years I thought my neighbor was everybody, but love your neighbor, because he was compassionate, do you not like them or love them if he was not compassionate, like there are some that you really want to choke.


PASTOR VITALE:  I think you are confusing the carnal term neighbor is the person who live next door to you, but the spiritual concept of neighbor, Jesus said, just like He said, who is my mother and my father and my brother, He said, not the physical, not the people I am related to by physical blood, but the people who obey my Father. We are a family; everybody who obeys God is a spiritual family. In the same manner, whoever has compassion on people is your neighbor, not the person who lives next door to you from a spiritual point of view.


We are still supposed to love everybody but that does not mean you let them walk all over you or abuse you or misuse you, to love somebody means that you do not retaliate when they hurt you and that you do not seek to hurt them, that your motive is not to hurt them, but if somebody is mistreating you, you have to stand against that, but your motive is not to hurt them, your motive is to stop the attack upon yourself, that is legitimate. This concept of icky sticky mushy gushy love that is in the church is not Jesus’ definition of love, that if somebody beats you to a pulp you stand there and say, I love you brother, that is not, Jesus never ever taught anything like that at all, He never taught passivity as you are being destroyed. He said, you do not manifest an ungodly spirit towards someone that is hurting you, but that does not mean you do not defend yourself, anybody else?


We are looking at the Ten Commandments, the first five commandments are capsulized in the first commandment that Jesus gave us, you will love the Lord your God with all your heart, your mind, your soul, and your strength, what does that mean? This is what it means, Exodus 20 at the bottom of page 2, verses 2-12;


EXODUS 20:2-12

 2. I am the Lord thy God, which has brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

 3. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.


I shall be number one in your life, that means your wife will not be before me, your husband will not be before me, your children will not be before me, your car will not be before me, food will not be before me, I am the Lord your God who provides all of your needs, therefore no other god shall come before me. Why? It is because if you do that, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Everything that God says to us is for our good, He does not need anything from us, He is just continuously concerned about us.


 4. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. KJV


This is a big issue in a lot of churches that say you should not sculpt, or you should not have a statue like I have up there. For years I was under a religious spirit, I was dying, and I would have done anything to get well, I heard you should have any graven images in your house, I got rid of everything, that even looks, smells, or even hinted at being a statue, and some people even in the church that I was in, and some people today, they have taken it to the extent to saying a photograph is an engraving, and you should not have any photographs in your house for years I did not have any pictures on my walls, all I had was Scripture on the wall, that is where I was at that time, and if there is someone hearing this message, or there is someone who is doing that today because that is where they are today, that is fine with me, I am just telling you my testimony, I did all of these things because I would have done anything, I just wanted to get healed.


Today, and when did I start to put pictures on my wall? At some point, as I started to come out of that phase of my growth in Christ, I started to put pictures on my wall that were not pictures of people, not pictures of images, if you see what I have, that is a boat, but the picture behind it, it is very muted, there is no one object that you would focus on. When my parents died and I came to live in my parents’ house, I had no statues in my house at all, but when I came to live in my parents’ house, the few statues that you see up there are pieces of ceramic work actually that I made for them before I came to the Lord, my mother requested that she always wanted red bull and I made all of these things in ceramics class, and they belonged to my parents who are now dead, so I decided to leave them up, and to see if there was any negative influence coming them.


To the best of my knowledge, no negative influence came from them because I have just continued to charge forward in the Lord. Today this is my understanding of this commandment, Thou shalt make no graven image, brethren when we imagine things in our mind, it is called engraving, it is a form of witchcraft that you; I will give you a testimony. I knew a woman once, whatever her problem was with her husband I never found out, and I really did not care what her problem was with her husband, but apparently there was some problem, maybe he was angry or beating her or something, I do not know, but she would sit down at her kitchen table an hour before he was due to walk in that door, and she would focus on that door and imagine and engrave an image in her mind of him walking through that door with a happy face, and he would walk through the door with a happy face. That is called witchcraft brethren; it is controlling the person’s behavior.


When we had a problem in this ministry quite a few years ago, the whole ministry was being attacked sexually in our dreams, I cried out to God because all, everything that I knew how to do was not stopping it, I was not able to stop it, and it took almost two weeks for me to hear from the Lord and to understand what He was telling me, that I was to engrave a castle in my mind, I now have a message on it, I think it is called Nighttime Sexual Harassment, and today when I am under heavy Satanic attack, I engrave in my mind, a force field around myself of the blood of Jesus, I put myself with that force field in a tower, I see it in my mind, I surround the tower with a castle, I put a mote around the castle, and on and on and on, and it works, the Satanic attack stops. I sought the Lord at this point and I said, Lord, I thought this was witchcraft, engraving things in your mind, thinking things in your mind with the full intention of bringing them to pass in the natural. The Lord said to me, it is witchcraft when you do it apart from my will. I am telling you that this is how you defend yourself against this thing and it is okay with me, so you do it.


This comes back to the principle that I have been teaching for years, spiritual is spiritual. The only question is what spirit is doing it. If the spirit of God is doing it, it is legal, if the spirit of the world which is Satan is doing it, it is illegal, and again it comes down to motive, why are you doing it, are you controlling your husband for your own safety? I never found out what the problem was, let us say he beat her, he walked through the door and he started beating her as soon as we walked through the door. Why is that wrong, she is defending herself? It is because witchcraft is not our defense, the Lord is our defense, and you pray to God, and if He does not answer, you leave the house or you call the police, you do not use witchcraft on people, it is illegal. It is as simple as that.


As we mature in Christ and get our carnal mind more and more under control, the Lord permits us to engage increasingly in spiritual activities because as we demonstrate to Him that we are choosing Christ over our carnal mind more and more consistently, the chances are of our exercising spiritual power out of are carnal mind becomes less and less. Therefore we become more and more spiritual in him and we have more and more spiritual experiences.


The reason that the church is basically limited today; except there are always exceptions, they are limited to speaking in tongues and prophesying is because their carnal minds are full blown. If the Lord starts letting us have spiritual experiences when our carnal mind is; what do I mean full blown? It is fully doing whatever it wants. There is as much sin in the church as in the world. They are no different than the people in the world. As matter of fact, they are worse. Did you ever hear Joyce Meyer talk about people having fights in her meetings for who is going to sit in the front row? One woman was hitting someone over the head with a pocket book in Joyce Meyer’s service; they had to remove her for the seat in the front row. The church is carnal and therefore our spiritual experiences are limited. Why?


It is for our protection, there are judgments associated with the practice of witchcraft. Satan comes and judges you when you practice witchcraft. It is only the people who are going on in God who are committed to God, that are being given the privilege of starting to have spiritual experiences, I have spiritual experiences. I do not know how to measure myself but I do not think I am that far along, I have not travelled in the spirit yet, but I do have spiritual experiences, I see in the spirit, I hear in the spirit, I have prophetic vision.


Anyway, to me the true understanding of this commandment, thou shalt make no grave image; it means you shall not try to control people with your mind. Those of us that have been in the church for a while, we know all about mind control. All of you people, all you lovely brethren that I love dearly, that try to lay out plans for other people’s lives, and decide what is best for other people, you are engraving images. When you are laying out plans for other people, or when you are laying out plans for your own life that are apart from the will of God, you are creating an image in your mind with the full intention of bringing it to pass, it is witchcraft and you should not do it. If you want to have a statue like that in your house and your heart is right, there is no problem, now if you are going to spend your whole day gazing at the statue and thinking how wonderful it is, well then you have got a problem, it becomes idolatry.


This grave image up here, is not what the Scripture is talking about, it is talking about practicing witchcraft and idolatry that is what He is talking about. Do I regret those years that I did not have a picture or a statue in my house? No, I do not regret them for one second because that was a part of who I am today. I did what I did because I thought at the time that it was the right thing to do. I thought at the time that was what the Lord wanted of me, required of me, and in due season He brought me out of it. We should not be afraid of trying anything that we truly honestly believe the Lord requires of us.


If it is a mistake, in due season, He will bring us out of it. He will know your heart that you did it because you truly, truly, truly believe it was what He required of you, He will bring you through. It is better to try it then to be afraid to try it, just do not stop praying. Next commandment; well let me finish commenting on this, Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image in your mind, of anything likeness of anything that is in heaven. You do not want to be imagining angels in your mind so that they appear in front of you, you do not want to be making a graven image of anything that is in the earth beneath, you do not want to be planning people’s marriages for them when they are not interested.


You do not want to be making any graven image of anything that is in the water under the earth, waters spirits, you do not want to be thinking into creation, things the way you want them to be, that is what this is talking about, it is witchcraft and mind control, that is what it is talking about.


 5. Thou shalt not bow thyself unto them nor serve them, for I the Lord thy God…KJV


Let me comment there, thou shalt not bow down to them nor serve them because after you bring the image into existence, it is going to want you to serve it. Listen brethren, there are demons and entities that exist in the astral plane that will actually take form in this world if you will them into existence. There are things in your mind, there are things out of your spiritual side, things out of your earthen side, and things out of Satan’s sea that exists in a spiritual plane, that if you start thinking after them, if you start reading books about them, wondering if they are real, calling them into existence, especially if you know about them and you ask them to do miracles for you.


They can appear right in front you depending on how much inherent spiritual power you have. You may not have heard this before but this is very common in Africa, and you need to understand that this country today has a very large immigration population of people that practice this kind of stuff, they cannot get pregnant, they go to a witch, to cast a spell, and calls upon the demons of the ocean, and the woman gets pregnant, who do you think she is pregnant with? Who do you think she is pregnant with? It is the spawn of the demon that gave her the power to become pregnant.


That child is destined to be more on the evil side than on the good side when it is born. This talking about conjuring up images of entities that exist in the spiritual planes, the earthen planes and the sea world, and bowing down to them and seeking favors from them; asking them to meet your needs. It is talking about witchcraft. Thou shalt not bow down to them or serve them, you will not make any leagues with them, if they give you what you want, for I the Lord thy God… What do you want, children, power, riches, love? That is what people go to demons for right? You know all about that right, you got all messed up over that right? Okay. Thou shalt not bow down to them, serve them, for I am the Lord thy God…


5 …I am a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me. KJV


You have to get a spiritual definition of the word hate, God does not hate like humanity hates. God does not hate like fallen man hates. For God to hate you, what that means is that your mind is separate from Him. When God loves you it means you are in agreement with His mind. That is the love and hate of God, it is not evil, the love of hate of God is either closeness or separation and He is telling you, that these judgments that fall on you for the practice of witchcraft will affect your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, and your great, great grandchildren. Do not do it. For your benefit, for your good, do not do it; that is what He is telling you. All of this is under love the Lord your God with your heart, your mind, your soul and your strength and if you do that, you will not be serving other gods.


If you are giving the Lord God everything you have got, your will, your emotions, your spiritual foundation, if you are giving Him everything that you have got, you will not be turning to other gods to meet your needs. That is what this is all about. He is talking about Himself now, He is saying, I am a jealous God, and that is not human jealousy. What that is saying is; I am a God that I am going to give you your whole life, I promised you every good thing in the universe including immortality without tears, and if you turn and go with another god; which is spiritual adultery; He says, I am not going to stand for it. I love you with an everlasting love, but if you do that you are going to come under my righteous sowing and reaping judgment, because that is wrong to take all of these things from me and turn to another god.


I did not even say that correctly, I did not say the correctly, it has nothing to do with taking all of these things from me and going to another man, the principle is He wants our benefit, if you go to the other gods you are going to be hurt, and He is expressing that in a way that we could understand by saying that He is jealous, and He is not jealous like men are jealous. We are not punished because we cheat on Him, we are punished because the man that we choose which is Leviathan and Satan, your evil husband.


In the natural, we have a choice. If you are a woman you have a choice between two men, and you choose the guy that beats you, is it God’s fault that you are beaten? That is what He is trying to tell you. I am this great God that gives you everything, and if you choose the other guy, you are going to get the nature of the other guy and you are going to fall under the character of the other guy which abuses you and hates you. All of that is expressed in the word jealous because that is the word that humanity can understand. Everything that God does is out of a motive of love for us. He is not jealous as we are jealous.


He tells us that He visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation, of them who are separated from me, and He shows mercy unto thousands of them that love me, those that are in agreement with my thoughts and keeping my commandments, his mercy goes to, well that is the translation goes to thousands, personally I believe what that means is that the mercy of Chokhmah which is represented by the number one thousand, the mercy of wisdom, the mercy that comes out of wisdom is ministered to those that are in agreement with my thoughts and keep my commandments.


Remember, the judgment that comes out of Chokhmah is the judgment of water that destroys everything that it touches, that is the judgment that manifested as the flood and wiped out the whole world on the other side of the flood. Wisdom is a very high level in God. If the judgment of wisdom is so severe that it wiped out the whole world on other side of the flood, the blessing and the mercy of that same level must be very, very great. Again we are hearing the Lord say, if you want the mercy, and what is mercy? Mercy is forgiveness of sins because we are not perfect and meeting out every need, lacking nothing, we are supposed to lack nothing. That provision coming out of Chokhmah, it must be awesome, it must be absolutely awesome to have that kind of mercy, provision, and everything, protection, everything that it means in God. It means it cannot get sick, it means it cannot get hurt, it means every enemy will fall before you before it ever gets to your door.


You do not have to be afraid to go out at night. That is what it means. To those who love me by agreeing with my thoughts and keeping my commandments, you have the mercy, the protection and the provision that comes out of Chokhmah that is only the second level from the top of the structure of the ten sefirot,


 6. And showing mercy unto thousands that love me and keep my commandments.


Let us go on to the next commandment.


 7. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh His name in vain.


This is not talking about saying, Oh Jesus, if you are having a bad moment, that is not what that is talking about, this is talking about using the name of Jesus like Pastor Manning is doing, who is teaching death, and sowing seeds of death into the people, and saying He is doing it in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that is taking the name of the Lord in vain. That is a major, major error.


 8. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.


We have Christians fighting over whether the Sabbath day is Saturday or Sunday. Brethren it is the spiritual Sabbath day that counts. Listen, when we are children we do what children do, we do not know any better so we choose either a Saturday or a Sunday, and we do not any servile work and if you are an orthodox Jew, you will not even carry keys, they walk to synagogue, because you are not allowed carry on the Sabbath day. That means you are not supposed to be carrying big pails of water from the well to the house, they will not carry keys in their pocket. Everything can go to an extreme, why? How does that dishonor God if you go out to synagogue and you carry keys in your pocket, it makes no sense. I do not mean to disparage the observant Jew, I am just saying, it just does not make any sense to me. The Sabbath day is a spiritual event.


We translated a chapter in one of the gospels before I found out what the spiritual concept of the Sabbath day means. I see we are not going to finish this today it is going to have be a part one, because I have to show you what the Sabbath is. I was translating this chapter and looking at it in the Interlinear Text and praying over it and I saw Jesus saying to the Pharisees, the Pharisees had approached Jesus and said, Jesus and His disciples were plucking corn on the Sabbath day, and the Pharisees approached Him and said, You are not supposed to be working on the Sabbath day, it is illegal for you to pluck corn on the Sabbath day. Jesus said to them, I am the Sabbath day, and I put that in my translation before I knew what it meant, I just knew from the spirit of revelation that, that was the correct translation. Jesus said, I am the Sabbath, and you are telling me I cannot work on the Sabbath day.


I am going to put on the board what the Sabbath day is and we will do a part two of this message. Kabbalah teaches first of all that Binah and Chokhmah, Binah is mother and Chokhmah is father, this is a permanent married couple, they are joined and they never separate, that means they act in unison. Chokhmah rarely interacts with men. Binah the mother interacts with men, but when she interacts with us, she interacts on behalf of herself, Binah which is understanding, Chokhmah which is wisdom, and Keter which is the highest, crown, she acts on behalf of all three, this is representative of the healthy marriage where when the mother disciplines the children, the father does not come in and disagree or vice versa. When the mother disciplines the children when the father is away, the children know that she is speaking on behalf of the father, and if they disobey, they are in trouble when dad gets home.


Today we see a lot of divided married couples, very, very unhealthy for the children. You may recall that the lower sefirot are called the son from Gevurah through Yesod is the son and his wife is Malkhut, the female, he has married his sister, spiritual principles brethren, incest is legal with spiritual principles. This union between Yesod and Maklhut, between the male and the female is not a permanent union, in the unsaved person, it is a permanent union in Christ Jesus, but we are talking Kabbalah now, and Kabbalah teaches that the male and the female, the son joins with the female periodically and that period is described in the Scripture, I do not really know what it means, for six days they are separate and on the weekends they come together, and when the Yesod joins with Malkhut, this union produces new souls and miracles take place.


Brethren, this is what is happening in Christ Jesus. When Christ comes to dwell in you, you receive a new soul, you receive the soul, Christ in you, then He marries the Lord Jesus and becomes Christ Jesus. It is a new soul; it is your new man. You are not an animal soul anymore; it is your spiritual soul. That is the new soul that is born in you or formed in you and the miracle that takes place or the miracles that take place are all of the miracles that happen to you when Christ is formed in you.


Apparently the Kabbalists have, I believe that at their heyday when the Jews were in tight with God, that they had a formation of Christ in them, I do not believe it was the imparted Christ, it was the imputed Christ, but they experienced the miracles of having Christ formed in them. They experienced His miracles, they experienced His strength, but He never rooted and grounded in them, because they seemed from what I can understand, then and now, the Jew cannot comprehend that Christ is another man, a new man, and their old man, the man that they are born with has to die in order for their new to be fully rooted and grounded in them, this is my understanding that they do not comprehend.


When the greatness of God came upon the Jew, they thought it was them, they thought it was their carnal man, they could not see that He was different, that He was a different soul in them. Although I know that the orthodox Jews teach, come and receive the soul of God, but I think that they were missing, that they had to completely die to their pride and everything that they were, that is my understanding. This is the spiritual Sabbath. When Jesus said to the Pharisees that approached him and said, you are not supposed to be working on the Sabbath day; you are not supposed to be plucking corn on the Sabbath day. When Jesus said to them, I am the Sabbath. Those Pharisees knew what He was talking about, they were all Kabbalists and they knew that Jesus was saying to them, it is okay for me because I am having this experience, Yesod and Malkhut in me are joined and I have a new soul and I am a miracle worker and you have seen me heal those people out there and you have heard about me providing food for the masses and that is all because the Sabbath is formed in me. They knew exactly what He was talking about.


The Kabbalist teach that this union is periodic, that it comes and goes, but in Christ Jesus it is permanent. Jesus had it permanently, that is what I mean when I say Christ formed in you is rooted and grounded in you, I believe the Jews experienced Christ, it was an imputed Christ and a powerful imputed Christ, more powerful than the imputed Christ we see in the church today, but He never stayed. Today we have this testimony about the Holy Spirit, we have the Holy Spirit one day, and then the next day He is gone, so you hear them preaching in the churches, come and get a refreshing, you know, receive the Holy Spirit all over again. He is water, He dries up the Holy Spirit, she is water, and she dries up.


The Kabbalists had some kind of a similar experience, experiencing the Sabbath, Yesod and Malkut came together and parted. I do not have any more information about the Jewish experience than that. When Jesus said to them, I am the Sabbath day, they wanted to kill Him. The Scripture says they offered Him up for envy. Maybe they even believed Him, maybe they did not know He was a permanent manifestation of the Sabbath day, but even if He was a temporary formation of the Sabbath day, apparently it was not that comment, that for Jesus to say that, they were angry.


They knew exactly what He meant. When the commandment tells us; what does it say about the Sabbath Day? The commandment is remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy. What does it means remember? It means keep it in your mind, know that it is possible, wait for it, hope for it. Those of you that do not have Christ Jesus formed in you, hope for it, wait for it, remember it, think about it, it is the exact opposite of thou shalt make no grave image. Do not make a graven image, do not work witchcraft, do not go after the demons in the astral plane that can do favors for you, but keep the Sabbath Day, remember the Sabbath Day, think of me, think of this promise that I have given you, do not go to the demons for miracles, the miracles are in the Sabbath Day. That is what the Lord is saying. Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy, I am not sure what that means at the moment, unless the Lord tells me, keep it holy, or keep it in your mind, keep it holy, do not profane it, do not misuse the miracles that come out of it, do not misuse.


Once Christ is formed in you, you have responsibilities; do not disrespect the greatness of God in you. I have told you here, how I never really realized the greatness of what Jesus did for us until I started studying Kabbalah, and I found out what these men had to go through to get revelation from God and to get miracles from God, we have it so easy, and I am just so grateful that I have this information because I was dishonoring the Lord thinking that it was not, I mean I liked it, but I never realized what a great gift it was, I just did not know. I am just going to through the commandments and then we will call it quits.


 9. Six days thou shalt labor and do all thy work.

 10. But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God…KJV


We found in another teaching, I believe it was called A Wondrous Edifice; that the seventh day, when God rested, God got inside of Adam, God, the first six days was the formation of Adam; He is the creation of God. Jesus is the last Adam and He said, I am the beginning of the creation of God.


Mankind is the creation, this world is not the creation, the animals are not the creation, the oceans are not the creation, the trees are not the creation, the planet is not the creation, the universe is not the creation, you are the creation of God. I am the creation of God. Jesus the last Adam said, I am the beginning of the creation of God. This whole world is given for our benefit. We are the creation of God. Jesus put Adam in the garden and He said, You can eat of any tree in this garden, except that one tree, that was a whole world, whatever the spiritual world looked like at that time. Jehovah said, the world is your oyster; anything you want, just do not do that. The seventh day is the day that the work of the man was completed and God got inside of him. If Christ is being formed in you, you are experiencing the seventh day of creation. We are all being created. We are in the process of being created. The Scripture tells us, six days you are going to labor; you are going to do all your carnal stuff, you are going to not put pictures on your walls, you going to not, you know, you are not going to have statues in your house, maybe some people cover their heads, they go without makeup, you are going to do all your religious works while you are being formed, but the day that Christ is formed in you and you enter into the seventh day of creation, you are not going to do these works and you are not going to take little crackers and grape juice anymore. The seventh day when Christ is formed in you; when the reality of all of the promises; when the object of all of the religious works comes to dwell in you; you are not going to do these works anymore, because the reality will have come.


Six days you are going to labor, because you do not know any better and you do not have the wherewithal to be spiritual. You are going to serve God with your labor for six spiritual days; you are going to do all your work.


 10. But the seventh day is the Sabbath Day of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work…KJV


You do not eat crackers and grape juice, you do not wave flags in the church, you do not run around the church; at least that is not how you worship God, you should know that, that is not worshiping God. If you want to jump and sing and dance you can do it, but once Christ is formed in you, that is no longer considered worship, unless it is spiritual music. Does it mean you cannot jump and dance and sing? No, but the worship comes out of Christ, if the musician is playing out of Christ, it is okay. Is carnal music in the church a terrible thing? No, but it is not the worship of God for people that have Christ formed in them. It does not cut it anymore.


10…thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter…KJV


You are not going to do any work, Christ in you is not going to any religious works, and I know there are some people, I have known people that I have taught and have counseled that have had a very hard time with this revelation, that Christ is formed in them and they have to stop chasing after the works of the Holy Spirit, the man is formed in them, they have to stop running after the counsel and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit that make them feel good. As Christ is formed in you, He is supposed to make us feel good and He makes us feel good with His word.


I want to tell you that it was a traumatic day for me when the Lord called me out of the church that I was raised up in, but of course the anointing had died in that church. When I heard someone tell me that I was addicted to the music and the good feeling in that church, talk about a manifestation, I did not want to hear that. Today I know it was true. What was making me feel good was the music and the dancing and the jumping and the singing, my soul was being fed. Today the word of God makes me feel good, and that is very important to me brethren, I hope that it should never happen to me, but if I ever wind up in jail or on an island where nobody could help me, if I am in jail for the sake of the gospel of course, I do not think it would be anything else, or I am abandoned or stranded somewhere, nobody can take this word away from me.


In the worst scenario they could cut my tongue out, they could blind me, they could deafen me, you cannot take this out, they have to kill me to get it out of my mind. Is there anything wrong with singing and dancing and jumping and meeting in groups and doing all of that? Absolutely not, but that is not your comforter, the Spirit of Truth is the comforter.


I remember Xxxx was all upset over that when she first started coming here, she had her Bible out and she was showing it to me, that the Holy Spirit is the comforter, and I showed her no it was not, and she is sitting there with her eyes like this, you know. The Holy Spirit is not the comforter, the Spirit of Truth is the comforter, and the Spirit of Truth is the Spirit that is in Christ Jesus, that they have to kill you to take that away from you. They could cut your arms or your legs off, they could do anything, they cannot, they have to kill you to get it out of your mind or I think if you had a lobotomy, you know. That is much more valuable than the jumping and the dancing and the singing, and maybe someday we will have it all, I would not mind, having a service like where we have a half an hour of anointed music, you know jumping and dancing and then to have a word like this, it would not bother me at all, but so far I do not see that, either the anointing is on the music and it is not on the word, or the anointing is on the word. Here we have an anointed musician but it is not that jumping and dancing and you know what I am talking about right?


Maybe someday we will have it all, I do not know, but if I have to choose, I take the word, and I want to tell you that anybody if they had a choice would take the jumping and dancing over the word, what that means is that Christ is not formed in you. If you have not experienced Him to the degree that I am describing, that you would take the comfort of your soul which is temporary, or it is passing, when you are singing and dancing you feel wonderful, then everybody goes home and you go home to your house and you are depressed again. It is temporal, it is passing, and it is nothing is comparison to Him. You do not need another person to be comforted in Christ, you do not need a musical instrument, and if all your books and computer programs are taken away from you, He is inside of you, He can talk to you and give you and tell you and comfort you in any way, and Peter’s case his chains broke off and he got out of jail, if he was in physical jail, but that is another message.


So your son is not going to work, Christ in you is not going to work. When Christ is in you, you have to stop doing the works of the Pentecostal church, and your daughter is not going to work, Malkhut in you is not going to work, I am not sure how that would manifest. Christ would be doing the, the son in you would not be doing the work, I do not know maybe it means, maybe the day will come, actually it has started with me that I do not have to study nearly as much as I use to. I only study a fraction and the revelation comes much more quickly and easily. That is your son not working. Your daughter not working is what I just described, the jumping, if that is your soul, the satisfaction of your soul, and at one point I knew what manservant and maidservant meant, but at the moment I forgot, so I am just going to pass by, it is some part of your spiritual being, maybe it is Satan and Leviathan, I am not sure.


10…thy manservant, not thy maidservant, nor thy cattle…


That is your fallen nature, your humanity, your animal soul, that is who the cattle is the Nephesh. The Nephesh is not going to work, why is the Nephesh not going to work? It is because it is going to be subjected to the soul of Christ that is in you who is on a higher spiritual plane.


10…nor thy stranger that is within thy gates. KJV


I am sorry I did not look this up, I did not prepare it, but what it means overall is that when the seventh day, when you are experiencing the seventh day, Christ is formed in you, and all of your needs should be met by spiritual, the spiritual forces in Christ, but I want to tell you that unless you seek those solutions and unless you seek having your needs met from Christ Jesus in you, He is not going to meet them, and therefore we have the Scripture that says, You are gods but you shall die like men. Christ is formed in you but you are still living out of your carnal mind.


You have to seek Him and ask Him to meet your needs, and that is how you become spiritual, more and more and more, you seek Him and ask Him to meet your needs, even if the answer is that today, your solution will be carnal, just the fact that you seek Him and ask Him eventually must end up in your spiritual development.


I tell everybody if you have a dream or something unusual happens in your life, you have two choices, you can look at it carnally, you can explain it away carnally, or you can look at the spiritual explanation, six to one half a dozen to the other, if you look for a spiritual explanation first, it may turn out that it was a carnal incident in your life and you will find that out and you have lost nothing.


If your first reaction is to explain away something that could be spiritual and say, Oh that just happened you know or so and so was going to do it anyway, if that is your first choice, you will never get around to looking at the spiritual potential, and you will be sowing into the flesh rather than into the spirit. You have to think spiritual.


 11. In six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day.


You have to be willing to believe that the heaven is Zeir Anpin, which is Christ Jesus, the earth is your animal nature, your human nature, and the sea is the energy source that energizes us. When we are fallen, the name of that energy source is Satan, when we are in right standing and when Adam is regenerated with us, that sea is called the Spirit of Christ.


We see in the book of Revelation, that the sea has become crystalized, no more turmoil and boiling and bubbling emotions sending you off halfcocked. The sea in you has become crystalized, it has become the Spirit of Christ, it has come under control, and it is no longer wild and uncontrollable. I am waiting for that day. He rested on the seventh day, that means He got inside of you,


11…wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it. KJV


From the day that Christ Jesus is inside of you, the Sabbath Day means when Christ gets inside of you, He joins with Malkhut in you, that is your human spirit and your personality, and the whole process; I am not going to go over that today. Christ joins with you, and then Christ from underneath He joins with you and from above He is joining with the Lord Jesus Christ and your soul, that is how your soul is saved. He rested the seventh day within you and therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day, He blessed your union, He blessed your union and He made it holy. He said it is good, Christ in you should be joined to your personality, Christ in you should be joined to the female in you, your personality. Leviathan should not be joined to your personality, Satan should not be joined to your personality, but Christ should be joined to your personality, that is acceptable to God, it is a good thing, spiritual marriage.


 12. Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land, which the Lord thy God giveth thee. KJV


We are told this is the first commandment with a promise, if you do not honor your father and your mother, you die young, this is a curse; there is a curse of premature death upon everybody that does not honor their father and their mother. That is in the natural; in the spiritual father and mother are Chokhmah and Binah. What does that mean to honor your father and mother? We are told Kabbalah teaches that the son, Zeir Anpin, or we know Him as Christ Jesus, He has six arms, or six sefirot, and He has no brains. He has no brains in His original formation, after He is originally born. He is born from the union of Abba father, and mother, Chokhmah and Binah. He is born without brains. You might say an infant, well an infant has brains but they are not functioning very well, all they know how to do is cry, eat, go to the bathroom and sleep. At some point in His spiritual maturity, the essence of Chokhmah which is wisdom and Binah which is understanding flows down into the son and He receives His brains and He becomes a full ten sefirot. He is only six sefirot when He is born, when He receives His brains, He receives the upper sefirot, we have a lot of teachings on it, I cannot do the whole thing now, but the essence of wisdom and understanding flows down into Him and He expands from six sefirot to ten sefirot, He becomes a full grown man. The honoring of father and mother would be the understanding of the person who has young Christ, Christ is formed in you, you should know you do not have the whole thing, and the receiving of your brains is the union of the glorified Jesus Christ with Christ in you. That is what takes place in your heart center. Christ Jesus is born of that union and becomes the lamb of God that sits on the throne of your heart and if you submit to Him He will take over your whole life and you can only prosper. You need to honor your father and mother, you need to recognize that because Christ is formed in you, you have not arrived, you need honor wisdom and understanding, you need honor your father and mother in your teacher because Christ Jesus is in me, the father and mother is in me. You need to be able to recognize Christ Jesus wherever He is appearing, and Jude tells us clearly that so many people in the church cannot recognize Christ Jesus. The Pharisees could not recognize Christ Jesus, they killed Him.


Father and mother are together in the person of Christ Jesus and you need to honor them and the persons that they dwell in, and who they manifest themselves through and you will live. If you are sick and you are looking for a healing and you are beating up the person, that is a manifestation of Christ Jesus to you, you are going to die young. It is not a curse; it is a warning; that is what is going to happen to you. In all of these things that we just talked about, it is the first commandment, honor the Lord your God with all of your heart, your mind, your soul, and your strength. How do you know to do that? You do all of these things we just talked about and you are keeping the first commandments, it is all simple according to Jesus, it is simple, and the second commandment is love your neighbor as yourself.


Do not kill them, do not kill your neighbor, the one who is having mercy on you and showing you your sins; do not kill them, do not commit adultery. I cannot tell you how many people have been sent to me and have left and gone someplace else, they have all pretty much come back except one or two, do not go and seek your counsel from somebody that the Lord did not send you to, because you do not like hearing what you are hearing from the person that God sent you to. If God sent you to me for counsel, and I am Christ Jesus to you, and you go away because you do not like what you are hearing and you go to another counselor; that is spiritual adultery.


Paul tells us in the last days Christians will seek out teachers that will let them have itching ears, they will seek out teachers that will tell them what they want to hear. They will depart from the true teachers of God because they do not want to hear the truth. Is that not what the Bible says? That is what it says right? Do not steal from, now this is all to the one that has mercy, love your neighbor as yourself, is that not what Jesus said? I am pretty sure He said neighbor, let me check that.


You shall love your neighbor as yourself, the one who has mercy on you, the person who is manifesting Christ Jesus to you, do not steal from them, give them every penny of your tithe, and give them every free will offering that the Lord tells you to give them, whatever He tells you to give them, if He tells you to give them, but certainly do not steal from them. Ten percent of your income belongs to the person who is having mercy on you, it is not yours, ten percent of your income, it does not belong to you, uncle Sam extracts his money from you, it does not belong to you, ten percent of your gross income is not yours, do not steal from the person who has mercy on you. It is very serious to cause grief to the person that is manifesting Christ Jesus to you. Do not bear false witness against your neighbor. Do not say that the person who is having mercy on you, the person who is laying down their life so they can teach you, do not tell them they are not Christ when you get mad at them. Do not tell them that they are in their carnal mind are they are sinning against you when they tell you something that you do not want to hear, do not deny who they are because you do not like what you are hearing out of their mouth. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house. I do not really think that means my physical house because I do not know who would covet this physical house anyway, except someone that does not have a, maybe someone in another country might covet this physical house, but as far as things go in this country, my surroundings are very humble.


I think what the Scripture is talking about is my household, do not be jealous of my relationship with the Lord, because the chances are, whoever you are, I am talking to the wind, I am not talking to anybody here, the chances are you would never, ever pay the price that I have paid to be in the condition that I am in, you would have never been willing to pay it, or you would have never survived it, or even if you would have, be content with what you have, be content with what you have. You could tell the Lord, I would like the same thing, there is nothing wrong with that, but do not be jealous of me. Jealousy is a great evil, it rots your bones, the Scripture says it rots your bones, and it sends curses to the people that you are jealous of, and it rots your bones. Bones in the Scripture signify your spiritual life, it is going to dry up your own spiritual life, it is going to turn Christ in you back into Satan, you are going to suffer severely, envy is a very serious sin, it damages you.


You are not going to hurt me, I am just throw your curses back and go on, you are going to get hurt really bad, do not envy me. Tell the Lord what you would like and if He gives it to you fine, and if He does not, be content with what you have, and be valuable. Do your job; whatever job He has given you, be valuable at the level that you are at. You shall not covet your neighbor’s household, my spiritual household. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, wife would be in this context would be anybody that the Lord might provide for the person who had mercy on you, in your case that is me, the person the Lord has provided to comfort them, a friend, or if they are married, a husband or a wife. Do not be jealous of whoever the pastor is friends with.


Some of you here know that jealousy in the church is a big, big problem. In the church we have all kinds of people, well here it is a small group, so I am pretty much close with everybody, but in the church that I was raised up in, it was terrible, the jealousy was terrible of the people that the pastor fellowshipped with, who he had to his house and when guests came to preach in his church, everybody was fighting over who would be invited to dinner at the pastor’s house, it was just a terrible thing, do not be jealous of the pastor’s social circle, and if you would like to be a part of it, ask, who knows what He will do for you, do not jealous, ask.


If it is a big church, and it is not possible, the Lord will give you something else, do not be jealous. There is no reason to be jealous; God is there to give you everything you need. You may not get everything you ask for because your desire may be ungodly or they may not be good for you, they may hurt you more than help you, but resist envy, resist envy of the person who has mercy on you or their life, of their social circle, of their travels, or whatever, do not be jealous, it is the bad thing, it rots your bones.


Do not be jealous of his wife, do not be jealous of his manservant or his maidservant, that has some spiritual meaning, I am not really sure; I did not look it up. Do not be jealous of his ox, that is his carnal nature, I do not know people, who knows, people are jealous of all kinds of things, I do not maybe out there somewhere there is someone that is jealous that I got the healing that I got, and they are not healed yet, who knows.


The heart of man is desperately wicked, who could know it. Somebody out that is jealous that I am healed and they are still sick, do not be jealous, ask the Lord what you need to do to get well, is there anything that you need to do that you have not done yet. In any event, you love him whether you are healed or whether you are not healed.


I told you earlier on this message, I was two weeks away from death and I told Him I was going to my grave loving Him, and today I am healed. You have to love Him whether He heals you or whether He does not heal you. They put me in the ambulance, they could not find my pulse, no one expected me to leave that hospital alive, not any of the doctors, not any of the nurses, nobody.


Do not be jealous of his maidservant, his manservant, his ox, his humanity, do not jealous that he is maybe smarter than you are, that maybe I teach better than you do, do not be jealous, just seek God, seek the kingdom. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all of these things will be added unto you. Do not covet his ass or anything that is thy neighbor’s. Do not covet the one who has mercy on you.


There are a lot of ministries out there, a lot of ministers that have become very wealthy, I personally believe that God made them wealthy like Creflo Dollar and Fred Price, I believe they are in God, I believe God made them, and Joyce Meyer, and I believe God made them wealthy. There are a lot of people out there condemning them. It is my understanding the Lord gave them businesses; they are living off of the people. First of all, they are entitled to a salary, and if they invested that salary and if God showed them what to do with that money and they became wealthy, what is it your business and who are you to condemn them, do not judge another man’s servant.


Are they in God, is the Holy Spirit on their ministry, you better shut your mouth. Do not be jealous of the people that have mercy on you, it will not go good for you. Brethren, it is too late to finish today, Lord willing we will pick up next Sunday at the bottom of page 3 and we will finish the rest of this passage. Maybe I will prepare a precept for the unity of God and if the second half is short, we might start that, I will have the notes ready for you. Are there any questions or comments before we end? God bless you all.


02/03/11 Transcribed by RLR


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