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This song is dedicated to Rosie, who has just passed away, and I feel that it just gives a little bit about her life, I had sang two of these songs with her when she was in the hospital, so I just feel that I want to dedicate these four songs, which I will play at first and then two later on. (Singing)


Praise the Lord, for those of you who have notes, we are picking up at the bottom of page five, where it says the end of the witness to nails and back to the Ari’s commentary. Reading now from the Parashat Ki Tisa, and this is the text of the study that we are working with. She shall take off her beautiful dress of captivity, and dwell in your house, mourning over her father and her mother for a month. Only after this may you again engage in intercourse with her, and she will become your wife. But if after the mourning period, you do not desire her, you may send her away, but you may not sell her for money.


That is the quote from the Scripture that is part of Deuteronomy 21. We are now dealing with Rabbi Luria’s comment on that, he says, Know that the hair of Zeir Anpin is black, due to the influence of the states of Gevurah which produce this hair. His hair, talking about Zeir Anpin, is black as a raven, due to the influence of the attribute of judgment.


I found this just so interesting because we know in the Song Of Solomon, the young lady who is supposedly speaking in the first person talks about her lover being black, and there has been so much controversy and opinion about it, whether or not she is talking about a black man or her skin color. I think that we should know by now, that the Scripture is almost never talking about anything as carnal as somebody’s skin color. I have never quite understood, the meaning of black before, even in our Kabbalistic studies where I know we talked about black energy, I never understood it the way I am understanding it today, so we are going to spend some time on the color black, and it is referring to energy.


I remember that I was surprised when I first heard, well even Jesus said it, if your light be darkness then how dark is your darkness? Jesus said something like that, If your light be darkness then how hard your darkness will be. It was hard for me to understand at first to find out that darkness if a form of light, or a form of energy, or not a form but a degree, a degree of light, darkness is a degree of light. When you start out with bright, bright light, and you start to diminish that light, you make it dimmer and dimmer and dimmer and dimmer, the dimmest that it can get, so that there is no more light, you have darkness, it is still a degree of light. This is the principle that we deal with, with the Sefirot.


We have a system of ten Sefirot, we have the Eyn Sof, God, who sends a ray of His light or a stream of His light into Adam Kadmon who is the first Sefirot, and as that light passes down from each Sefirot to the next, that light becomes weaker and weaker, it is diminished and veiled, and diminished and veiled, each step downward. The first time I heard that, in my own naivety, it offended me, why would the light of God be veiled? The reason the light of God must be veiled is that in its brightness it would destroy us. We are flesh and we are all sinners and at the very foundational core of our being, we are sinners, and if we were to be confronted with the fullness of the light of the Eyn Sof, it would destroy us, because righteousness destroys sin.


Righteousness cannot dwell with sin. In the church we hear people say, righteousness cannot dwell with sin, so if there is sin in you, the Holy Ghost who is a gentleman will leave you. No, no, no, no, righteousness will not deal with sin, if you put the two together, sin becomes annihilated. The Holy Ghost does not leave, He annihilates the sin. That is typical of the carnal mind to make itself the most important thing, and the most powerful thing, to make the carnal mind more powerful than the light of God, saying the light of God will depart if sin is present, no, no, sin will depart, and we are told that principle in the book of Thessalonians, when it says the brightness of the coming of the Lord will destroy that man of sin. We have to be built up to receive more and more of God’s light until we can tolerate a powerful enough manifestation of it to destroy that man’s sin. That is the whole problem without killing us.


What is it in us that builds us up to be able to tolerate enough of the light of God to destroy the man of sin? That is the grafting and the maturation of Christ in us, He is our ability to not be destroyed by the light of God. When Christ is formed in us, the light of God shines on Him, He receives it and to Him it is nourishment and life and food, but as long as Christ is not grafted to us and all that we have is the carnal mind, that light pouring into our vessel would destroy us.


We see the diminishing of the light or the stepping down of the light in weaker and weaker stages until it’s weak enough to not destroy mortal mankind, as a basic foundational Kabbalistic principle of how the Spirit of God is entering into the world where mortal man has fallen to. Let us look at this a little more carefully.


The hair of Zeir Anpin is black, due the influence of the states of Gevurah which produces hair. Gevurah is of the left column and Gevurah is judgment. Then we are told his hair is back as a raven due to the influence of the attribute of judgment. I think I will put that on the board for you. This reference that I have of 1 Kings 17:4-7, I do not think I will comment on that until a little further down. Let me put this states of Gevurah on the board for you.


This is drawing #1, and I am trying to show you the ten states of Gevurah. First I want to remind you that each of these Sefirot is an energy source, the Sefirot itself is a container for the energy of God. We have been told that down here in the world of Asiyah, in the world of action, human beings are the Sefirot, we are the Sefirot, we are the vessels that contain the energy of God. Our different personality characteristics contain the energy of God. Each of the ten Sefirot have its place in the human personality, and each of these attributes, if the person is in Christ, or if they are on the other side, contains energy, either from the other side or from the Lord. Keter is a very high place, a very high degree of power, every fallen man does not have the energy of Keter. Every fallen man I believe has the left side, or at least from Gevruah on downward. Gevurah, Hod, and Malkhut. Most human beings are missing some of the Sefirot, but my point is, Sefirot contain energy, so when we talk about the ten states of Gevurah, we are talking about compound energy. We have talked about this in the past, we are talking about spiritual alchemy. Alchemy is the mixing of base metals in the hope of bringing forth gold out of a base metal, such as led. Alchemy basically is the mixing of metals to produce a more powerful metal, and spiritually speaking, alchemy is the mixing of energy sources to produce a greater degree of energy, and when mix the energy of the Sefirot, we are not adding 1 + 1 = 2, we are multiplying. The energy of the Keter, of Gevurah x the energy of Malkhut = a particular source of energy.


I do not know what to call it other than Keter x Malkhut = a greater degree of energy, and Gevurah is judgment, so we are talking about different degrees of judgment. We were just interrupted, I was explaining to you how the Sefirot are containers for the energy of God, the different degrees of energy of God. Gevurah, when Gevurah comes down and manifests itself through Malkhut, we see judgment taking place in the earth because Malkhut is the earth, Malkhut is the spiritual aspect of the human being, the personality.


The ten states of Gevurah would be the Keter of Gevurah mixed with Malkhut, not added to, not plus, but multiplied by, Malkhut, and we have the Chokhmah of Gevurah multiplied by Malkhut, and these are all different degrees of judgment. The highest degree of judgment would be the Keter of Gevurah manifesting itself through Malkhut. I do not know how to describe these states of judgment to you but each one is less, I believe less and less severe, I would imagine less and less severe, maybe more and more severe. I do not know, I know that Binah, I tell you over here, Malkhut under the influence of Gevurah is harsh judgment, without any mercy.


Malkhut under the influence of Binah is sweetened judgment, and I believe that is what we would call the white throne judgment. How do you sweeten judgment? You tell the person what is going on, you explain it to them, and give them the opportunity to repent, so that, because repentance will hopefully invoke the mercy of the living God. I am not going to guess on this message, I do not know whether the degree of the judgment descends or ascends, I do not know whether it gets less and less or more and more, as we go from the Keter of Gevruah down to Malkhut of Gevurah.


This is the ten states of Gevurah, and the ten subsefirot of Gevurah as they interact with Malkhut which is on the level of the personality, ten states of Gevurah.


Are there any questions or comments on this drawing? If not I will do a second drawing and I will show you what the hair has to do with judgment. This is drawing #2, and I have drawn Zeir Anpin in the form of a human for you, of course Zeir Anpin is a spiritual entity, we have no idea what he looks like, and because it is so hard for us to understand spiritual things, I have drawn him with a human face.


Elohim is the name of God that is associated with the Sefirah Binah, and Binah has ten subsefirot, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed through Yesod, and Malkhut, and the ten subsefirot are sometimes called the ten Elohims, are the birthing or they birth Zeir Anpin. Zeir Anpin merges out, we are told out from between the legs of Binah. Of course this is all a parable, for the purposes of your understanding, and each of these Sefirot is an energy source. This energy is channeled, now those of us who have been here for a long time have had similar studies concerning Adam Kadmon how the light from the Eyn Sof entered into the head of Adam Kadmon, and was filtered through the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hairs of Adam Kadmon, it is a study that we did a long time ago. We see that there is nothing new under the sun, and that Binah is reproducing herself in a similar manner.


We see that the energies of the subsefirot of Binah are channeling themselves or veiling themselves because each, the emergence of each Sefirah that draws closer to humanity, reveals energy that is more and more constricted or more and more veiled for the purpose of becoming recognizable and communicable, with fallen mankind. So similar to his father Zeir Anpin has the energy of Binah channeled through his eyes, ears, nose and mouth, and the excess energy is forced out of his head and his face as the heads of the hair, and beard, because to force the energy through his eyes, ears, nose and mouth is constricting the energy, it is forcing the energy like bottle neck, forcing it into this bottle neck, and the excess energy cannot fit in.


All of that energy that is poured down into this area, comes out on the head and the face, as beard and the hairs of the head. So for our study today, we are concerned with the hairs of the head of Zeir Anpin, and we are told that the hairs of his head are black. What does that mean? It means that the energy that comes out of the hairs of Zeir Anpin’s head and out of his beard, is very, very, I do not even think concentrated is the right word, concentrated is the wrong word, it is diluted energy, the energy gets weaker and weaker as it comes down closer and closer to human beings. If the hairs of his head is black, black means dark energy, and dark energy means diluted weak energy, because the apex of energy, the greatest or the most powerful aspect of energy is manifested as light, bright, white light, is the most powerful energy.


Darkness will be the most diluted form of energy. I am going to leave it at that. Darkness is the most diluted or the word that I think is used here is attenuated narrow think unconcentrated weak level of energy. Black means, it has nothing to do with the color of anybody’s skin, it has to do with a level of energy, colors in the Scripture, have to do with a level of energy. Are there any questions or comments?


We are going to right on with our reading. I will bring that into more of a context for you. The portion that we read was, Know that the hair of Zeir Anpin is black, due to the influence of the states of Gevurah which produce the hair. We are told that the states of Gevurah, the influence of the states of Gevurah which produce the hair, because it is Gevurah that is bringing forth the qualities of Zeir Anpin, and Gevurah means dilution. The whole concept of judgment, see this is really important, for the church world that thinks that all judgment is complete destruction, the whole concept of the tribulation and judgment I have been preaching for years, is the forcing down of Satan underneath the authority of Christ. That is what the Greek word means, if you really research it. Tribulation means the forcing of Satan down under the authority of Christ. According to this definition, we would say judgment means the dilution of energy. We can say, tribulation or the purpose of tribulation is to force Satan down under the authority of Christ, or the purpose of tribulation is to dilute the energy of Satan, to break her power. Judgment the purpose of judgment is to break Satan’s power.


That means that we need to know that Jesus truly loves us, God loves us, He loves human beings, but human beings have fallen, we are fallen, we are under the authority and therefore manifestations of the powers and principalities which are the expression of the Serpent in this world. The love of God has come to us to break the power of the Serpent over us, and this is His love towards us. We are told in the book of Revelation that old Serpent, even Satan and the devil, so Satan and the devil and Leviathan are the expressions of that old Serpent in this world of action, which is called the world of Asiyah.


Judgment is coming to break the power of the powers and principalities that are controlling God’s creation. So no matter how painful this may be, judgment is for our good. There are two levels of judgment, there is the judgment that comes, I talk about it right over here, where I tell you the energy of Binah’s ten subjective sefirot, the ten Elohims, give birth to Zeir Anpin, the energy of those subsefirot flow in and out of the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth of Zeir Anpin, but the ten Elohims are more energy that can flow through these channels, so the excess energy exits through Zeir Anpin’s head, and face as hair, as the restriction, the judgment, the restriction of the energy. Judgment is restriction of energy, dilution, restriction, narrowing, weakening, breaking the power of the enemy.


So if we are under judgment, that means we have been manifesting power in a manner that is opposing the will of God. That is what judgment means, if we need a correction, it means we have been manifesting our own personal energy in a manner that does not agree with God’s mind. Let us take a look at this again. Know that the hair of Zeir Anpin is black, so the energy level of Zeir Anpin that comes out of His hair and His beard are black, are rare, thin, attenuated, what does that mean? Zeir Anpin does not give a harsh judgment. Zeir Anpin is the merciful one, He is, we know Him as Christ Jesus. He is the one that comes with mercy, He is the one that comes with forgiveness, He is the one that comes with deliverance. The hairs of his head and his beard are black, his judgment is, He said, my yoke is not hard to bear.


His judgment is not hard to bear, His judgment does not destroy you completely. That is what it means that His hair is black. Interesting huh? They are due to the states of Gevurah which produce the hair because the hair, what this is saying is that the hair typifies judgment, but the judgment is very weak. I do not want, maybe that is not a good word, very weak, merciful, I am saying merciful, the judgment if merciful, it does not destroy. His hair is black as a raven due to the influence of the attribute of judgment. Interesting. I give you as a reference here 1 Kings 17:4-7;


1 KINGS 17:4-7

4. And it shall be that thou shalt drink of the brook, (talking about Elijah now, this is the angel of the Lord talking to Elijah), and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there.

5. So he went and did according to the word of the Lord, for he went and dwelt by the brook Cherith, that is before Jordan.

6. And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening, and he drank of the brook.



I remember years ago when I was a disciple in GR, that one of the women that was a part of the group that we fellowship with, she said, Now why would God send a raven with food, a raven is an unclean bird? I never forgot that, never forgot that question. And here is the answer. The angel of the Lord sent a bird, bird signifies spirit, he sent a spirit that was of a judgment that was not destructive. He sent Elijah who had been cast down by Jezebel a form of spiritual food in the form of judgment, it was restricted spiritual food, it was spiritual food, it was not a word that said, Thou hast failed Elijah, and thou shalt surely be destroyed, it did not say anything like that at all. The word of the Lord that was judgment that came to restrict the female energy that Elijah had fallen into, was, Elijah, what happened to you? Let me clarify that, Elijah had fallen out of his spiritual manhood, he has fallen into his female mind, he was saying, Woe is me. Christ does not say, Woe is me. Elijah had fallen into his female mind, so judgment came, because the female energy had become stronger than the male energy in Elijah, so judgment came to restrict that female energy. Tribulation came to force Satan down under the authority of Christ in Elijah, and it came in the form of spiritual food, which is information, teaching, knowledge, and the word of the Lord, which came to Elijah and said, Elijah, what happened to you, start thinking, what happened to you?


We see that as Elijah started to communicate with the angel of the Lord, when he started to think, and to think with his Christ mind he ascended and he ascended and he ascended, until he ascended all of the way back up to where he had fallen from, and he heard a communication of the voice of God, that still small voice.


Let me just go over that, the reason the angel of the Lord sent food for Elijah, by a black raven, this was not physical food, we have no reason to believe that Elijah was physically starving, he was spiritually starving because Jezebel had cast him down out of the high place from where he could obtain spiritual food through union with Jehovah, so he was spiritually starving, and the angel of the Lord sent spiritual food, because the journey was too hard for him, and that spiritual food came as judgment, Elijah what happened to you, a very mild rebuke, what happened to you, but I do not expect you to stay there son, what are you doing down there?


A harsh judgment would have been, Get up on your feet, Elijah. No, it was a soft judgment, attenuate, black, not very strong judgment, Elijah, what happened to you? Come on, get up on your feet. Interesting.


Going on with the commentary of the Arizal. As we have explained previously, the male Zeir Anpin is the archetype of Chesed which loving kindness, Zeir Anpin who we know to be Christ Jesus, although they are not exactly the same there, they are the same for our studies at this level, Zeir Anpin is the archetype of Chesed, loving kindness while the female Nukvah is the archetype of Gevurah, and Nukvah is the partsuf of Malkhut, and she is the archetype of judgment, harsh judgment, because Malkhut is the chameleon, she changes with whoever is dominating her, the natural of Malhut changes in accordance with whoever is dominating her.


When Gevurah is dominating Malkhut, she is a manifestation of harsh judgment, and when Binah is dominating Malkhut, she is a manifestation of judgment with mercy, and Malkhut typifies the personality, the human personality manifests the spiritual being that dominates her, either her old man or her new man, and the old man is really a female, is really the Serpent which is really female.


If it is the Serpent, if it is the old nature, dominating Malkhut, she can be good or evil, depending on the package that she comes into this world with. When the new man dominates Malkhut or Nukvah, which is her partsuf, when the new man completely dominates her, she will be righteous, she will be the righteous woman or the righteous wife that we read about in Proverbs, the self-sacrificing wife, who serves and sacrifices her whole life for her children and her husband.


This is, as we have explained previously, the male Zeir Anpin is the archetype of loving kindness, while the female Nukvah is the archetype of Gevurah. We even see that in our society, not so much today in our free society because everything is changing here, but traditionally, women have been known to be the ones who get their claws out and who fight, and I think those tendencies do exist in physical women, but as we are educated, especially as the Lord manifests Himself through us, all of those typically female tendencies are swallowed up into the love of God or, as women go on to be professionals and to be educated, they tend to become spiritual men, and these qualities diminish in them. I think any honest woman would admit that if we were going to generalize, that women are much more likely to be catty than men are, it is just the truth, you know. Praise the Lord.


This is because the female personifies God’s drive, this is very interesting, the reason Nukvah, which is the partsuf of Malkhut, she is the archetype of Gevurah which means she is very strong, very strong, this is because the female personifies God’s drive to be revealed in creation and this requires both strength and severity to resist the enticements of evil. I find that very interesting because as we press forward in Christ here to overcome our personality and acquire or obtain or enter into the promises of God, we find that there are many more women in the church today then there are men, and I find it very interesting. I know that I would not be where I was today, if I was not a very aggressive person and I have told all of you that are here, that in order to be here, you have, just about everybody that came in at the beginning anyway, but even now, has some rebellion, usually a lot of rebellion because in that rebellion, even though it is, rebellion is Gevurah being manifested in an ungodly way, we need that strength to survive what Satan throws against every one of us who is trying to go on, so just about everybody here has rebellion, and usually a lot of pride, when you come in, hopefully we are all getting delivered.


Rabbi Luria says here, This is because the female Nukvah is the archetype of Gevurah which is strength, Gevurah means strength, this is because the female personifies God’s drive to be revealed in creation and this requires both strength and severity to resist the enticements of evil. I remember we were complete fanatics when this ministry first started twenty years ago. We are softening now, at least I am softening, and I see you all softening with me, not that I am compromising, I am not compromising, but what is a good example that I could give you? Even before this ministry started, when the Lord first called me and I was dying, I was a total fanatic, because I believe the Lord was going to heal me. A minister told me, a preacher told me, if you are sick because you have Jezebel, if you take off your makeup, you will get healed. I did not wear makeup for 2 years and I do not look good without makeup. I did not get healed because I did such a carnal act, but I was radical.


I went into a deliverance ministry and I heard that dolls and stuffed animals can hold evil spirits and to this day, my daughter still remembers that I got rid of all of her stuffed animals, but I was dying, I was a desperate woman, and I went completely radical. Now over the years I am healed and leading a normal life, and a lot of my problems have straightened out, I am slacking up. Initially I would not have a picture on my wall, I would not have a statue in my house, I remember my father telling me, Sheila that, the commandment to not have statues, it means to not have statues of other gods, I would not have a statue, I would not have a picture on my wall, I would not have an image on my wall. Do I regret any of those things? No, I do not, because I walked through that and I got to where I am today.


Today I have pictures on my walls, and after my parents died and I moved in to their home, I asked the Lord if I could keep the few surrounding statues that I had made for them myself before I came to the Lord. That is what is up there, I made everything up there. The Lord never answered me. I just kept them, and I said, Well I am going to keep them, and I am going to see if there is any negative influence here. That was ten years ago, as far as I know there has been no negative influence.


It was necessary for me to be as radical as I was because through that radicalness I was healed, and here I am today preaching the gospel, this is the fruit of my being radical. I have arrived at a place now where I do not have to be that radical anymore. Does that mean that everybody that wants a deep walk with the Lord has to give up statues? That is a personal issue between you and God depending on where you are, and what He is trying to accomplish in your life at that time. I would not put anybody under such a law, but for me it was the right thing to do at that time, and I do not regret doing it. My life was saved and I like who I am today, I like what the Lord has done with my life.


We are told that the female personifies God’s drive to be revealed in creation, and this requires both strength and severity. That was me, and just about everybody here, to resist the enticements of evil. Well what does that mean? To resist all of the people that told us not to do these things, to resist all of the people that told me deliverance is not of God, but deliverance saved my life, that was the method that God used to save my physical life because I was dying when I came here.


He may not use that method to save your life, but that is the method He used to save my life, and I had to be severe enough, I had to believe severely enough to resist all of the people that told me deliverance was not of God. I had to resist all of the people that told me not to go to that church that God told me to go to. I had to resist all of the people that told me the doctrine that the Lord was starting to channel to me was not of God, and the message that I preach now called the doctrine of Christ, I have to resist all of the people that tell me I am not of God.


I had to resist all of the people that told me a woman could not preach. I had to resist all of the people that told me a woman could not have a ministry. I had to be severe, and I was, those of you that have been with me from the beginning, know how severe I was, but that, those qualities were necessary, if I did not have them, I would have never survived. What Satan threw at me to stop this ministry from rising up. I had to be severe, and just about everybody here is severe.


We are told here to resist the enticements of evil. Well that is a hard word when your husband tells you that you cannot go to church. Are you willing to admit that is an enticement of evil? I am not saying anything bad about your husband, that is the evil of the carnal mind rising in him. That is Satan rising in your husband, in your wife, in your mother, or your father, or your children, demanding that you do not go to that church, you do not go to church, or you do not go to that church, that is an enticement of evil manifested through a human being. Am I saying your husband or your wife is evil? No, I am not saying they are generally evil, but that is an evil manifesting through them, and we are to resist that, and obey God. We need to be severe.


So we are told, so the female requires both strength and severity to resist the enticements of evil, while the personifies the abstract divine idea itself, outside the context of creation, what does that mean? I can see that in myself, I have a male spirit, I have both male and female qualities, and of course that is the definition of being complete in Him, that we should be both male and female. I have been very severe in my day, but I am calming down a lot as the male aspect of me matures, I am becoming less and less severe, in my intensity.


We are told that the male personifies the abstract divine idea itself outside the context of creation. What does that mean? What is an abstract idea? It is an idea that sounds like it has no practical application, mathematics is abstract, to this day I do not understand how the theory of relativity could be expressed through a mathematical formula, I do not understand that. That is completely abstract, I cannot look at it, it is not what you see is what you get. If you know anything about computer language, you know that there is something, I think it is pronounced WYSIWYG or something, something like that, what you see is what you get, WYSIWYG, there is no N in that though, but it is something like that, what you see is what you get.


With the female what you see is what you get because the female, the spiritual female manifests her spirituality in the natural. The man, it is all in his head, and that is me, I hear all of these, I get all of these complex abstract ideas that I hear from the Lord, and a lot of them are beyond creation. We have done a lot of work here studying creation, trying to find out about creation, how it happened, what it meant then, what it means to us now. A lot of abstract ideas, a lot of spiritual ideas that I bring forth here really have nothing to do with creation, they have to do with functioning in the spiritual plane, and just understanding things. That is the male mind, my mind is very male, sometimes all of you cross your eyes when I tell things that I think about.


I could look, sometimes I look at people and I get, I draw conclusions about them, and if I mention it to the person that I am with, they cannot comprehend it, or they get offended or they think that I am talking about the person, but I just see things in people, I see things from a very high plane. I am learning to be quiet and just keep it between the Lord and myself. I look at somebody that I never saw before and I perceive a motive on them, and somebody else says to me, what are you talking about? That person is just standing there.


I should not be talking to a person who could not follow me with that abstract idea. We call it, in the church we call it discernment. That is what it is, it is abstract, there is no foundation for it. There is completely no foundation for it. We call it discernment, we call it word of knowledge, we call it wisdom, that is the male mind, the spiritually male mind.


One aspect of the flow of divine energy between the partsufim is reflected in the hair. Again we are talking about this system of ten Sefirot, or the ten Sefirot being containers for the divine energy, and in case I did not mention it before, this divine energy flows out of the Sefirot, and mixes, that is what we were talking about when I showed you drawing #1, and I said the Keter of Gevurah mixing with the Malkhut, so we are talking about a continuous alchemy, a continuous mixture of energies.


One aspect of the flow of divine energy between the partsufim is reflected in the hair, and we have already been told that it is Gevurah. Hair is seen as a hollow channel filled with divine light. That is interesting. Each hair is seen as a hollow channel filled with divine light. That is the definition of Sefirot, a channel. However since it is possible to cut the hair without experiencing any pain, which is of course not the case with any other part of the body, the life force present within hair, is seen to be extremely attenuated, very diluted.


The force flowing through the hair is thus highly contracted, not concentrated, contracted, a manifestation of the power of Gevurah and judgment. Judgment in the sense of being strictly rationed and apportioned. That is what is happening to Satan, she is being strictly rationed and apportioned and forced down under the authority of Christ. She is being contracted into one place, contracted means to gather together into one place. Satan is spread out through our whole being, through this whole world, she is being contracted into a ball and being forced down under the authority of Christ. Hair is seen to be, the force flowing through the hair is highly contracted, a manifestation of the power of Gevurah, and judgment, judgment in the sense of being strictly rationed and apportioned through being gathered together in one place, very interesting.


The black hair of Zeir Anpin is contrasted with the white or grey hair of Arik Anpin. I always wondered why Christ Jesus’ hair in Revelation 1:14, was white. Some people say it is white because of the trauma of the cross, but we know that He did not feel any pain on the cross, that Jesus was a highly adept at the manifestation of spiritual power, He was a healer, He raised the dead, surely He should be able to bring His consciousness to a place where He did not feel the pain as I have explained to you before, just as the Hindu Gurus sleep on a bed of nails, swallow fire and just as certain cult members of Africa slice their arms with machetes and do not bleed, Jesus was a magician, a magician, that is not a bad word, a magician is somebody who wields spiritual power, Moses was a magician, Jesus was a magician. They wielded spiritual power, they were not victims, Jesus was not a victim.


Jesus wielded a high measure of spiritual power, He healed the lepers, He raised the dead. He was not a victim. He was not a victim of Jehovah’s blood lust, and He was not a victim of the men who nailed him to the cross. The same man who was able to raise the dead, and cast demons out and heal the sick, was able to contract His consciousness into such a place within His being that He did not feel the pain.


Does that sound insane to you? Do not shut off the message, read Watchman Nee. Watchman Nee had that experience. He was tortured every day, well I do not know if it was that experience but a similar experience. He was tortured everyday by the Chinese government until he cried out to Jesus that he could not take it anymore, and then suddenly he astral projected out of his body, and he felt no more pain, but he looked down and he saw his body screaming and yelling and felt no pain. This was a natural man that had a miracle from the Lord Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ Himself was the son of God, surely He could deal with that issue, and do something with His consciousness so that He would not feel the pain, there is not a doubt in my mind. I do not believe well it is not Jesus, I do not believe it is the man Jesus of Nazareth in Revelation 1:14, it is Christ Jesus, this is Christ Jesus the offspring of the glorified Jesus Christ in the earth of humanity, and His head and His hairs were white like wool, as white as snow and His eyes were as a flame of fire. This is Christ Jesus who is appearing in fallen mankind today.


We now know why Christ Jesus has white hair, because of the energy flowing through Him. I did not clarify that, not only the energy flowing through Him but Christ Jesus in the earth today, maybe it is not Christ Jesus, maybe it is the glorified Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus today is Zeir Anpin, and it is the glorified Jesus Christ who is Arik Anpin. We are talking about partsuf in here if you are in this meeting you should know something about the partsufim, that Zeir Anpin is the partsuf that is manifested of the Sefirot Chesed through Yesod, and Arik Anpin is the partsuf of the Keter, is one of the partsuf that come out of the Keter, and that is where the glorified Jesus Christ is today. I stand corrected, I have been saying that manifestation of the Lord is Revelation 1:14, is Christ Jesus and now I have been advised that I am wrong, so that is the glorified Jesus Christ then. His hair is white because He is now Arik Anpin.


The name of Jesus has risen above, higher than every other name, and He is, well He is not the highest partsuf, the highest partsuf is Atik, but He is above every other name of God. So it is the glorified Jesus Christ. Going on, so Arik Anpin is such a high intense level of divine consciousness that even the contraction represented by hair does not produce truly contracted dark light, but rather a lower state of Chesed. Let us go over that.


Let me tell you again, black hair means energy that is very diluted, white hair signifies an intense amount of energy that would be likened to bright white light. We are told that Arik Anpin which is where the glorified Jesus Christ is now, is such a high intense level of divine consciousness as opposed to that of Zeir Anpin. Zeir Anpin to us is Christ Jesus. So you say, Well why would not Christ Jesus have such a high intense level of divine consciousness? Because He is in fallen mankind, and His energy has been contracted and diluted so as to not kill the people that He is dwelling.


At some point we see a union between Zeir Anpin or Christ Jesus, or Christ in the individual, and the glorified Jesus Christ bringing forth the lamb of God that sits on the throne of our heart. That is after we are prepared to tolerate the influx of this high intense level of divine consciousness that is in the glorified Jesus Christ.


Christ in us is our ability or our potential to tolerate this high intense level of divine consciousness that comes from the glorified Jesus Christ.


We are told here that it is such a high intense level of divine consciousness that even the contractions represented by hair, well what does that mean? Well we just discussed what hair is, okay, the hair is a channel and therefore because it is a channel, the energy that is flowing into it, needs to be contracted, compressed, to fit into the channel, and only so much of it can fit into the channel, so the energy is diluted, it is compacted, compressed and diluted, made very thin, less powerful, so we understood that with the black hair of Zeir Anpin, but what about the white hair of Arik Anpin, the glorified Jesus Christ?


That hair, the white color of it represents it being such a high intense level of divine consciousness that flowed into the channels called the hair, that energy was so powerful that even though it had to be contracted, to fit into the channels called hair, it still did not produce what we call dark light, it did not produce darkness. It was so powerful when it started. The glorified Jesus Christ can tolerate this intense level of divine energy flowing into Him, and He can tolerate such a degree of it that even when it is contracted, we do not call it darkness. Even when it is contracted, even when the light of Jesus Christ is contracted, we do not call it darkness.


When would the light of Jesus Christ be contracted? When it comes inside of us. We read in John 1:1, well at the beginning of John, I am not sure if it verse 1, it is one of the first verses, and He appeared in this world, His light appeared in this world of darkness, and the darkness did not swallow it up.


That is an alternate translation of what you read in the King James, but that is what it means. The light of the glorified Jesus Christ appeared in this world, in my world, in your world, in your world, and the darkness, the carnality, the powers and principalities that dwell in us, Satan and Leviathan, the darkness of our mind did not swallow up the light of the glorified Jesus Christ that entered into us.


That is the practical application of what I am reading to you here. The divine light is so intense that even when it is contracted enough to come into a human being, it does not become darkness but becomes rather a lower state of Chesed, and what is Chesed, but loving kindness. What does Zeir Anpin manifest? Loving kindness. His judgment is mild because of loving kindness. What this is saying here is that when the intense divine light of the glorified Jesus Christ, enters into the channel of a human being, the darkness within us will not swallow it up but on the contrary, it becomes Christ in you the hope of glory, a lower state of Chesed.


You are all sleeping but that is exciting to me anyway. (Laughing), maybe we should take a break, let us take a break so you all can wake up. I love that, leave this comment on there, I just love that when I see, see this is, we talked before about the abstractness of the male mind, this is a complete abstraction, talking about light going into hollow hair, and I just took that abstraction and applied it to the reality of our lives. So I performed the female function in this aspect, I was male in that I understood the abstraction, my mind was male, and then the female part of me came forward and that it applied it, manifested it in this world. That is what the female does.


It is Chokhmah, which is wisdom, which is the male abstract principle, which was operating here because I could understand this, and then Binah, the female principle because Chokhmah is father and Binah is mother, Chokhmah is wisdom, father, Binah is mother understanding, so I apparently have it manifesting, both here. I took the male abstract principle, it manifested in me as understanding, and then what also is operating that operates through me that help me to explain it to you so that you could understand it, is called Dat which is knowledge, and Dat is a manifestation of the Keter down here in this world.


We have operating in the teaching in this ministry by the grace of God we have operating here, the upper triad, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah. We have wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, because if you do not have understanding or the ability to convey to others, you barren. You could be filled up with the glory and the grace and revelation of God, and if you do not have the ability to transfer it to others, you are as barren as if you do not have it, it will die with you. We are blessed to have all three of the triad, the three elements of the upper triad in this ministry. Praise the Lord.


We are going to do a study on Song of Solomon chapter 1:6, which reads in the King James;



6. Look not upon me because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me. My mother’s children were angry with me, they made me the keeper of the vineyards, but mine own vineyard have I not kept. KJV



Also, Song of Solomon 5:11;



11. His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven. KJV



So we are still dealing with the color of black hair. This Song of Solomon 1:6, so many say that whoever it is that is supposed to be speaking is saying that she is black skinned, but we now know that it does not mean that she is black skinned, it means look not upon me because I lost my power, my power is diluted, because the sun has looked upon me, my mother’s children were angry with me, they made me the keeper of the vineyards, but mine own vineyard Have I not kept. I have not done a deep study on this, but just off of the top of my head, what I see here is that someone who has lost their power because of the envy of siblings, and we know that this is a reality in the book of Genesis, we read about the envy of Joseph’s brothers towards Joseph, and we know that envy is a big problem in the church among the spiritual brethren, it is a lot of envy and competition, and I know from firsthand experience, that this kind of evil that comes out of believers can cast a spiritual believer right down out of their high spiritual place that they have ascended to, and off of the top of my head that is what I see in this verse.


Do not look at me. Is that not what I just talked about Elijah, that is the position that Elijah was in. Jezebel was after him, he lost his power, the angel of the Lord had to go to him and bring him food, spiritual food by means of the raven. The raven representing his own, Elijah’s own human nature, the spiritual aspect of Elijah’s own being, which was now contracted and very diluted. The King James says, the ravens brought him food. I bet you if I looked that up, it would say the food was brought for the raven, which was Elijah’s own contracted spiritual being, the bird typifying Elijah’s spirituality that had now become black, because Jezebel had stolen all of his energy, I bet you if I looked it up that is what I would find.


We are going to do more of a study on Song of Solomon 5:11;



11. His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy and black as a raven. KJV



The Hebrew word translated locks is Strong’s #6977, and that is the feminine passive principle of a Hebrew which means to clip off, it means the shorn forelock. You may know that religious Jews do not cut the hair on the sides of the face of the males. If you look at, not necessarily Orthodox but they call them ultra-Orthodox Jews, the curls, the hair on the side of their face is all curling down. This Hebrew word translated locks is talking about the forelocks cut off, it is not a good word. If you read this verse in the King James, it sounds good, his head is like fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven, it sounds like compliments, but that is not what this is about at all. The locks or shorn off. That is a bad sign for a spiritual male, for a Jewish male, for a Hebrew male, and the Hebrew word translated bushy is Strong’s #8534 which means either vibration, or a pendulous bow, that means a bow between that is just waving back and forth, again vibration, undulation, waving back and forth in the wind. This is the alternate translation that I got for Song of Solomon 5:11;



11. His head...



First of all the Hebrew word translated most does not mean most, it means carved, now to me most is a very harmless word, and to replace a word like carve with most it to completely emasculate the word as far as I am concerned, carved is a powerful significant verb, so we are going to use the true meaning.


His head is carved of the finest gold.


The word carved signifies nature, nature, so carved in the head, carved in his head is the nature of the finest gold which is talking about deity, the nature of deity is carved in his forehead.


In his head is carved the image of the gold which is deity which is Chokhmah, his father, wisdom, and Imma his mother understanding.


I am translating the word raven, raven is a bird, and I am translating that in a manner to indicate Zeir Anpin’s, to indicate an ascended spirituality, a flying spirituality. Jesus talks about little sparrows, He says we are little sparrows that just hop off of the ground, He is talking about believers that cannot fly in the spirit, that means believers that are not very spiritual. When the Scripture talks about a bird that has the ability to fly in the heavenlies, He is frequently talking about a spiritual person. This is saying Zeir Anpin, his head, the image in his head or the image of his head, his head is his father and his mother, divine deity, is what is carved as his nature,


and the ascended,


ascended translation of bird,


and the ascended vibration,


translation of bushy,


of his feminine passive principle,


that is a translation of locks,


is clipped and very weak. AT


The power of the female side of him is clipped and very weak. Remember it was the female side of Adam in the garden that caused the whole creation to fall. Now we are talking about Zeir Anpin, which we know to be Christ Jesus, He is the regenerated or as the Kabbalists would say the rectified male Adam and this is what we are saying about him.


His head, in his head which is made of the finest gold, is carved the nature of his parent’s deity, wisdom and understanding, and the ascended vibration of Nukvah, his feminine passive principle, is clipped and very weak. AT


This is interesting because it says feminine passive principle. The female is supposed to be passive in the creation, but that female who was supposed to be passive rose up in the Garden of Eden and became active and overthrew the male. It is very significant that this King James which says,



11. His head as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven. KJV



It sounds beautiful, but what is that, that is the Scripture, the Scripture is supposed to be warfare words, what does that mean to me? This is what it means, in his head is carved the image of the deity that produced him, and the ascended vibration of Nukvah his feminine passive principle, is no longer ascended, it is now clipped and very weak. Is that not very interesting? It took me a while to get that (laughing), but we got it.



36. Neither shalt thou swear by thy head because thou canst not make one hair white or black. KJV



That just really grabbed me because I always thought that Jesus was just talking in parables, oh you cannot make your hair white or black, it never occurred to me that there was a spiritual significance here that Jesus is saying, You cannot give yourself outstanding divine power, and if you have power, neither can you truncate that power. You are not in control of your own spiritual power, you cannot give it, and you cannot take it away.


The way it is written here is that you cannot make one hair white or black. It does not say that you cannot make one of your own hairs, it saying you cannot make yourself white haired, filled with spiritual power, and neither can you dilute the power of the other person who is your enemy, you do not have any power to do that spiritually. That is what He is saying, Do not swear by your head because you do not have any power to do things, to manifest spiritual power, great spiritual power, or weak spiritual power.



12. And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal and lo, there was a great earthquake and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became blood. KJV



That is also very interesting, and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, a sackcloth made of hairs, a covering made of hairs, and hairs are judgment. I have been preaching for a long time that this sackcloth covering the sun, is covering Leviathan, this is talking not about the sun out there, it is talking about the world of the individual. Each one of us has a spiritual sun and a spiritual moon. In the fallen man the sun is Leviathan, and the moon is Satan, and if you have heard other messages where I had it backwards, that is because I thought Satan was the sun but today we know that Leviathan is the sun, and Satan is the moon, she is the female, however she has risen up above her husband Leviathan and made herself the prominent one, but she is still only the moon.


Then for the new man, the sun is Christ Jesus, and the moon is Christ. Christ Jesus is actually the lamb that sits on the throne, He is the manifestation of the union of the glorified Jesus Christ and Christ, and Christ is the manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ in the individual. Christ Jesus is beyond the individual. The lamb that sits on the throne, he sits on the collective throne of all of the body of Christ. Christ of the individual, is that moon, the reflection of the glorified Jesus Christ.


I have been preaching for years that it is Leviathan the sun of the old man that is going to be covered and the sackcloth, I read somewhere that the sackcloth was Adam, so Adam, the resurrected Adam is the Lord Jesus Christ, so I have always preached, well the Lord Jesus Christ is going to cover over Leviathan, and the old man will die and the new man will come into existence.


I never looked very much at the word black here, but today I am, so the sun became black. The intense energy that is signified by a sun was contracted, and energy was contracted was compressed, compacted, and in that compression was diluted. It is like taking all of the energy that comes through these electric lights, you know, the energy that flows through the electric wires, that energy is contracted and it is in your walls, and we control it. It does not go on unless we turn the switch on and off. When the switch is off, that bright light that you see over there, when I turn the switch off, that light is contracted, so contracted you cannot even see it. This light of Leviathan, which is really darkness, Leviathan’s light is darkness, the lowest level of light, very weak, can you imagine that Leviathan and Satan’s power is considered by God to be very weak? We think she is so powerful sometimes, but God says she is very weak.


Whatever, however you would describe that level of Leviathan, the sun of this world, it is going to become black, it is going to be contracted and become diluted and much, much weaker than it is.


How is that going to happen, if that light is already darkness, and if it is already weak, how is it going to become weaker? It is not really going to become weaker, everything is relative. Christ in us is going to become stronger, and Christ in us is going to become a bright shining light that will shine so brightly that it will be like sackcloth that covers over Leviathan. Just like you cannot see the moon during the day because the sun is shining, Christ in us will become so powerful that Leviathan and Satan will no threat at all, they will just bow their knee in submission. There will not even be a fight. Of course the moon became as blood. The moon is Satan, and the blood of Jesus swallows her up. That black hair of Zeir Anpin is contrasted with white or grey hair of Arik Anpin. We did that already and I gave you Revelation 1:14. What else do we have here?


The hair of the Nukvah of Zeir Anpin is red, since Nukvah is itself constructed out of Gevurah, as we have explained previously, our sages said, black blood is really red blood that has deteriorated. This being the influence of the attribute of judgment. Remember judgment means contraction and dilution, it does not even necessarily mean punishment. Is that not interesting, it does not even mean punishment, judgment means contraction and dilution, a weakening. That might be considered a punishment by the person that it is happening to. If my power is contracted and weakened, I might consider it a punishment, but I do not think that God considers it a punishment. He just says you cannot do that, you are restrained, you are restricted, it is very different, very subtle, but it is very different.


Rabbi Luria is talking about blood here, I do not really know that there any real meaning for us at least at this time in our studies, it says, that the color red is associated with Gevurah, the fact that black in this case is a form of red provides the association between black and Gevurah which is judgment. Even death, you know black associated with death, death is a contraction. There was a person in this world, and they were contracted.


This is so interesting, listen to this, we are spirit, we are not flesh, we are spirit, and spirit exists in a realm where there is no time or space, spirit is invisible. When a spirit comes into this world, it is expanded, that which is invisible, that takes up no room in time and space expands and becomes a personality and a physical human being, and that is what we call in this world anyway, that is what we call birth, the seed of the core of ourselves, our spirit, comes from an invisible plane into the visible plane and expands into a visible manifestation. Then what is death? That which was expanded contracts. The body is gone, the personality is gone, and what do you have left? Spirit. That which came into this world left this world, it came into this world, it expanded in a certain particular form, and then it left that form, but that which came in existed before, and it still exists today.


That is our definition of immortality, our spirit. Judgment is a contraction. Is death a judgment? Death is a judgment. We die because of sin. Does that mean the person who died is bad? No, we are all under the judgment that fell upon us because of our ancestor Adam’s sin. We are under the judgment of death, death is a judgment, judgment is a contraction. You have to stop your activity, that is what judgment is, you have to stop what you are doing.


For years I have been asking the Lord what that Scripture means, I believe it is in Isaiah, where the Lord says, I am going to, and it came forth as a judgment, I do not remember more of the context than this, I am going to, if you do not stop what you are doing, I am going to roll you up like a ball. I have been asking the Lord for years, what in the world does that mean, I am going to roll you up like a ball? Well this is what it means, I am going to curtail your activities, I am going to contract your spiritual power, and I am going to roll you up like a ball, you have been expanded okay, you have had an opportunity, because expansion means expression, and activity in this world, and you are using this opportunity incorrectly, so I am going to roll you back up into a ball. That is what He did with the flood, He rolled the creation back up into a ball.


There is liberty in thinking with an ascended mind.


Of course when you start to think with an ascended mind, you become a strange person in this world, and I am told that the Hebrew prophets were considered as really oddballs, because you think differently than other men think. You see things differently, your reactions are different, I know my reactions are different than other people’s reactions. You just become, you are what your mind is, your personality and your body follows after your mind. It is quite amazing, you have to give up the things of this world to become ascended, but neither can you do it in your own power, it is a process that you just follow after Jesus and you follow after Jesus and you follow after the way He thinks until you are thinking changes, and then you are changed


The Scripture says, Behold I show you a mystery, we shall not all die but we shall be changed in the moment, in the twinkling of an eye. What is a spiritual moment? I have been changed radically over these twenty or thirty years, radically, everything about me has changed.


I think that moment is at least one lifetime in eternity, a lifetime in eternity is a moment. The twinkling of whose eye? The twinkling of Adam Kadmon’s eye. That is so interesting, the twinkling of an eye, I guess it means the blinking of an eye, well the light that comes out of Adam Kadmon’s eyes, is the light that forms the vessels, and we are the vessels, so he blinks there is no light coming out of his eye, there is no vessel being formed, what does that mean? There is no one being born. He blinks and the light comes out that forms the vessel, somebody is born. That is what the twinkling of an eye is, it is not the twinkling of your eye, it is the twinkling of Adam Kadmon’s eye, we will be changed in one lifetime.


Interesting, I hope that I go into immortality, but if I do not, I am fully persuaded that I have been changed so radically in this lifetime that in my next lifetime, I will continue on, that I will be a highly spiritual person and go on, my core, that worm in me that dieth not, will go on. Although I would, I think I would, you know I think I would prefer to go into immortality in this lifetime, but I am not equipped to make that choice, because first of all I do not know what immortality is this lifetime would be like, and second of all, I do not know what it would be like to die to this world and to have another lifetime, how can I even make a choice, I cannot. I place it in the hands of the Lord. I do not know what is best for me, I really do not.


I have had people say to me, Sheila what are your desires, what are your plans for your ministry, what are your plans for your life? I do not have any, except what the Lord told me, He has told me a few things that I am waiting to come to pass, but aside from that, I do not have any plans because I know that my plans are worthless.


I want to know what His plans are for me, and He does not always tell me. I try very hard to be content, I do not always succeed, I try very hard to be content today because I know that if He asked what I wanted, I would not know what to tell Him. You know I have been saying for a long time now, and I know it came up recently in some of these meetings that spiritual power just really excites me. I love to see manifestations of His spiritual power and I must have read something, at the moment I do not recall what it was, but something excited me, some kind of explanation of spiritual power, and I think I even asked the Lord, well when is it coming, all that I could think about is healing, I would like to heal the people here, but more than that, I would like to travel in the spirit. I do not know what it is like traveling in the spirit, what a naive statement. Anyway, the Lord came to me and He said to me, Sheila, if I gave you ascended power now, what would you do with it, what would you do with it, besides traveling in the spirit and healing people. I said, I do not know, I really do not know.


Paul said, We do not even know what we are going to be, but we see Jesus. I do not know what I would do if it is beyond helping the immediate people, that came to me. There must be so much more, so we come back to, why would the Lord say that to me? Because He wants me to be content with what I have, and He wants me to work on improving myself at the place that I am at now, and not be lusting for something in the future, but live in the here and now, improve yourself now, be good to people now, overcome now.


Everyday a day at a time, be victorious and successful, and that of course goes against everything that this world teaches us, this world teaches us plan for the future. I am in a different place. I think I would like spiritual power, but I do know this, that when it comes there is a big war waiting for me. All of the entities from the other side that have that level of spiritual power are going to be bombing me. I will take the Lord’s control over my life and I will restrain my desires of what I think I want, nobody knows what they want. We do not know what we are talking about, you know, we really do not.


There is some talk here about different colors of menstrual blood or different, well I am going to skip over that because I do not really know how to apply that. We will go down to the next paragraph which says, These powers of judgment are the ten names Elochim, the Hebrews think it is wrong to pronounce the name of God, so they change the Elohim, to Elochim, that is where that comes from.


These power of judgment are the ten names of Elochim that enter Zeir Anpin from Imma, and then they turn upward as reflecting light. I showed you the ten names of Elochim on a drawing already, and after they enter into Zeir Anpin, they return upward as reflecting light. That reflecting light, what that means is, that, that light comes from Binah and it enters into Zeir Anpin. This is really, well I will say this, when it enters into Zeir Anpin and it is forming the vessels, and it like vessels are formed from an impact. Let us say, I am cupping my hand right now and the light comes down, the light comes down with power, whack, hits my hand and then bounces back up. If you would think of my hand as a ball of clay, that light comes down impacts the clay and bounces off of it, but the clay is now formed into a vessel, so we are talking about the formation of personality here. We are the talking about the formation of soul.


It is called judgment because it restricts, it creates a vessel and the amount of light that remains in the vessel from the impact is restricted. It is very similar to what I showed you on the board, that the light pours into, Zeir Anpin’s head, some of it goes through he eyes, the nose, the ears, the mouth, and some of it is forced out of the head, because there is more light than Zeir Anpin can contain, so it comes out in the hairs of the head. This light that comes down from Binah, it is very powerful and it is light that comes out of the eyes, and impacts the lower Sefirot, and forms them into vessels. It is just, this is the formation of the personality, and then it goes back up.


It is deflected off of the soul that it hits. From the impact of the spirit, to the clay of the soul, to the spiritual clay of the soul, some of that light stays in the soul, and the rest goes back up and it is called judgment because the light that enters into the clay from the impact is restricted light, and now becomes the spirit that is attached to that soul. These powers of judgment are the ten names of Elochim that enters Zeir Anpin from Imma, and then return upward as reflecting light, which is judgment.


The name Elochim is associated with the Sefirah of Binah, and specifically with Binah’s power of contraction and limitation. Binah is known for judgment, her judgment is sweeter than the judgment of Gevurah, which means there is some room for mercy, there is some room for guilty with an explanation, Binah.


Of course the glorified Lord Jesus Christ is manifesting Himself to us from that level of Binah. Binah is general is a process of limiting defining honing down and contracting the infinite insight of Chokhmah which is wisdom. When I first heard this, it really got me mad, why would you want to limit and hone down and contract the infinite insight of wisdom, although it does also say define. This is, you see wisdom is very abstract, and it has to come down to a lower level which is called understanding, it has to be bottle necked, down into a lower Sefirah, so that it could be understood by the human mind. But beyond this, the process of intellect becoming emotion, now that really grabs me, intellect becoming emotion. Each of the Sefirot emerge out of the one above it, so Zeir Anpin is coming out of the legs of Binah, Zeir Anpin is emerging out of Binah and Zeir Anpin is the emotions of God. There are emotions of God, and they are different than the emotions of the fallen human being.


The emotions of the fallen human being, not all of the time but frequently are destructive, and all emotions even if they are not destructive, if they continue to a point where they go over the line, they could be destructive. All emotions can be destructive. Emotions have to be controlled and be restricted and be under the judgment of the intellect. The emotions of God is the compassion of God. It is very, I almost never cry out of my humanity anymore, I just about never cry, but I do cry out of Christ.


Something happened the other day that I was really crying, we just lost somebody here, somebody died, and I have not cried a tear, I just do not cry anymore over human conditions, but something happened, I wish my memory was better, it had something to do with the Lord, and it just brought me to tears and I just cried, but this had to do with the spiritual business of God, I just do not cry out of my humanity anymore, I just go on, no matter what happens, I just go on. That is not to make anyone else feel bad, this is just me, I do not know whether it is good or whether it is bad, but I just go on no matter what happens, I just go on with the work of the Lord, and this is what has happened to me. I am not, I have asked the Lord am I in some kind of denial? I do not know, I honestly do not know whether I am in a higher place or I am in denial, I do not know, but I have been this way for about ten years I think.


No matter what happens, I just go on, I just get up the next day and go on, no tears. That is very interesting, you know. Anyway, so we say Binah in general is the process of limiting, defining, honing down and contracting the infinite inside of Chokhmah. Wisdom is such a powerful, it requires such a powerful manifestation of the energy of God to impart to wisdom to a human being okay, that to get inside of our brain in the form of understanding it has to be severely limited and restricted.


From there, after it becomes the understanding of Binah, the next stage downward, because it is the energy of God that is descending downward into fallen mankind, the next stage downward is that it manifests as the emotions of Zeir Anpin. That is not human emotions, this is the emotions that have to do with the power of God, these are the emotions that rejoice when God is vindicated, rejoice when righteousness is done, these are the emotions that hate sin, not the person now, the emotions of God hate sin, and again, I told you the Lord, whatever it was that I cried over the other day, somehow God was revealed as righteous, because you know fallen men, they think that the manifestation of Christ is unrighteousness, they cannot recognize it as the righteousness of God.


I think it was something like that, that it was something that was done out of the righteousness of God, was recognized as that, and I cried over that briefly for a couple of minutes, so that is the emotion of Christ, the creation of Zeir Anpin. We are being told here that, that ability to cry out of Christ, is a further contraction or dilution of the energy that began as wisdom and became understanding and knowledge, and now is manifesting in a lower level of the humanity of the person. Remember the purpose here is that the power of God should be revealed through the human being, and from what I can tell you from my own experience, because this is really hard to, I could never teach this if I did not have the experience, this would never mean anything to me if I did not have the experience. I see the energy of God manifesting on all of these levels in me, it is not that the wisdom of God was imparted to me and then it became understanding and I no longer had any wisdom, and then it became knowledge and then I no longer had any understanding, and then it became the emotions of Christ, and I no longer had you know any understanding, I think I said that already.


That is not what is happening, the energy of God is descending in to me, I have the wisdom of God, I have the understanding of God, at least on this level, of course we have to manifests all of these things in all five worlds, and to be honest with you, sometimes I get confused, I do not know you know, I do not know what world I am in, but I know certainly down here when I am talking to you all and in my everyday life, I know the wisdom of God, the understanding of God, the knowledge of God, and now the emotions of God are being revealed through me. What does that all mean? The only thing that I can think of is that the nature of God is being imparted to me. And my further understanding is that when Christ in me is developed to the point that He is mature enough to take over the controls of my brain, because the brain is the control panel, which is my understanding right now, is controlled by Satan. Do you know that every human experience that we have can be reproduced in the laboratory, by just putting a node on the particular brain center.


Satan who is the energy force, she flows over our brain and she gives us all of the thoughts that we have, good and evil thoughts, and if you are experiencing lust, it is coming out of Satan pressing that center on your brain center. If you are filled with hate, Satan is pressing that brain center, she is in control of your control panel. The warfare between Christ and Satan is for our brain, to take over our control panel. I do know this, that in the day that Christ in me can take over my control panel to the point that He can keep my body alive, if Satan is forced down under His authority and all of her power is taken, that is my understanding of what is going to happen, that He is manifesting His power in all of these areas of my spiritual being, and at some point He is going to take over my brain, and force Satan down under.


What does that mean? You know there are different parts of our brain, at the moment, I cannot recall the name of the lower brain, but it is like a ball that sits under the main brain, and that lower part of the brain, it is what, that is where Christ is, He is under, Satan is controlling the upper brain. I believe that the lower part of the brain, well I do not want to get to deep into this right now, so it has to revert. Satan has to go down to the lower part of the brain, and Christ in us, the Spirit of Christ, has to take over the active part of our brain, the upper part of our brain, and all of Satan’s power has to be cut off, but the Lord is not going to cut off her power, until Christ in us is fully prepared to take over our control panel, or we would die.


That is my understanding today. I see His life and signs of His nature manifesting in all of these areas, but I also see my old nature, and I see all of my faults, that I have not overcome, but I see myself overcoming, I see myself getting better every day, but my old man is still alive and well. That is what is happening, the two men are growing together, let the tares and the wheat grow together, the Lord said, until the harvest, and brethren the harvest is not bringing more human beings into your Pentecostal or Baptists church, the harvest is the cutting off of Satan and Leviathan. A harvest is a cutting off, and Christ taking over your whole vessel, and then your nature will be Christ, you will be incapable of sin, and you will be immortal. That is the plan, that is the plan brethren, there is no rapture, that is the plan, we have to overcome our sin nature, by the power of God.


We now know that there is an emotion that comes out of Zeir Anpin, and this emotion, it can be so valuable. Quite a few years ago, when Jon Benet, when she was murdered, and before that, I do not know which came first, but there was another murder of a young child or missing child, and when I watched the interview of the parents of Jon Benet, I had no compassion, I was like stone, I listened to every word, I was like stone. Before that, I had listened to the interview for the other child before that, and I cried like a baby, it had to be just a month or two apart, I cried like a baby begging God to return that child to its parents, but when it came to Jon Benet, I was absolutely emotionless, I mean hearing these two people talking about the death of their daughter, I could have eaten a steak dinner, it did not touch me at all, so I asked the Lord, what in the world is wrong with me? And He said to me, Christ within you had no reaction to that interview, and that means they are lying. That is my personal experience. The other people were genuinely experiencing loss, and Christ had compassion on them, and it was Christ in me crying out for the return of that child. I do not remember whether the child was kidnaped or murdered but Christ in me was crying out, and He said to me, that is your sign, Christ had no emotional reaction to those people, that is your sign they are lying. We the personality, we have the opportunity to be really extremely wise and undefeatable in the ways of the world, if we could just recognize Christ in our self. Did not Paul say, that the members of the church, that they are sick and dying because they cannot discern the body of Christ.


We all assume that he means that they are physically sick and they are physically dying but maybe they are mentally sick because they cannot discern Christ within themselves. The body of Christ, the new man, the mind of Christ, they cannot recognize Christ’s emotions within themselves, and maybe they are dying, maybe they are not physically dying, maybe they are dying to the Christ life, because they cannot recognize their new man and they are still living out of their old man.


We have to recognize Christ in ourselves so that we can follow Him. Jesus said, Follow me. How can we follow Him if we cannot recognize Him? We must learn to recognize Him, and the way we learn to recognize Him is by first learning to identify our sin nature and we recognize Christ by contrast. I am here to help you recognize your sin nature. If I tell you that you manifested something of your carnal mind, do not get mad at me, I am trying to save your life.


That is what this is all about, that is how you will recognize Christ. When you see something in the back of your mind that is different, but first you have to be able to recognize your own subconscious and unconscious motives and activities, then one day when something comes into your mind that is different, you will be able to say, Lord what is that? And He will say, That is me.


It is not possible to recognize Christ and not recognize your own self. You have to have the contrast, the light, and the darkness. You need to recognize the difference between the contracted energy of the unconscious part of your mind whose name happens to be Satan, does that offend you? Give her another name, call it apple Jack Jones it does not matter to me, the energy of your carnal mind, it is negative.


We need to be able to recognize the contracted diluted energy of the unconscious part of our mind called Satan, or the expanded bright shining light of the glory of God in the unconscious part of our mind. I cannot even explain it to you, I can define it for you if the Lord lets me see it happening, it has to be pointed out to you. We learn by comparison. If you are defending yourself to the point that you will not let me see you, or if I see you and I tell you and you deny it, you are just biting off your own nose despite your own face. The Lord is not out to get you and I am not out to get you. We are out to show you a way to recognize the difference between the two spirits that are inside of your head, and in your emotions.


So finishing this up; But beyond this, the process of intellect becoming emotion, which is the creation of Zeir Anpin out of Imma, is a further contraction, a quantum leap lessening, a quantum leap downward, a quantum leap lessening the intensity of revelation, characteristic of intellect into that characterizing emotion. This just really amazing me, I would have never thought of my progress in God going from being intellectual, because I have been intellectual in Christ for years now, going from being intellectual down, going downward, I would never think of it going downward, so I just thank God for this study of Kabbalah, because it has cleared up so many things in my mind. The power of God is descending into us. This sounds bizarre to the carnal mind, but His power in my life, His energy in my life started as intellect, and it is now manifesting as emotions. I do not know where it goes after that. Hopefully it does not say anything, well the next step downward from Zeir Anpin, is Nukvah, and Nukvah is the personality which is good and evil and sometimes not so nice and not doing what we would like her to do, so maybe the next step downward is the nature of God in the personality, well that sounds encouraging, I would have never thought of it that way in a million years.


Very interesting, you know I have so many of these studies, it is just amazing, I will just pick one and it turns out that it was exactly what I needed to hear today. The Lord just had me pick this study, I do not know whether this is touching you or not, but it is very important, this is very important for me because I worry about myself, like when I never cry and I do not show any sign of grief, at a loss, I worry about myself, is this normal, or do I need help! Last paragraph; If so, the light which itself is judgment, is surely severe judgment enough so that the red is changed into black. As it is written his locks are curly black as a raven. If so the light which is judgment itself is surely severe judgment, that is Gevurah, severe enough so that the red of the female, is changed into black. The light is constricted even more than the female, as it is written, his locks are curly, black as a raven. I am not sure what that means.


What this says to me is that the light, well Zeir Anpin’s hair is black, and then it goes down to the Nukvah, the Nukvah is below Zeir Anpin, so the light which in itself, judgment, it is enough judgment to change the red, I think what this means is that it would change the red of the Nukvah, which is the partsuf of Malkhut, into black, so Nukvah becomes the manifestation of Gevurah’s judgment. Nukvah becomes the vessel, we are the vessel of judgment, it comes out of our mouth, it comes out of our mind. I think I am let that go because there will be another part to this, and I will have to pray about this last paragraph, I may have more of a comment on it when we meet again in two weeks.


Then starting on page 8, it is really a new topic talking about going out to war. This message is, well it is War, Exile, and Redemption, but this is a new topic which starts when the Jewish people use to go out and make war. We will pick this up, this will be part 4 picking up, when the Jewish people use to go out to make war. If the Lord gives me any more information about this other paragraph, I will talk to you about it in two weeks. This has been an interesting day, are there any questions or comments? Okay.


COMMENT:  Sheila we know that Rosemary’s death was not caused by the Lord, and that sin was the cause of it, and it came from the ancestors, but what I want to ask was Rosemary personified love more than most people, we know that her spirit went back to the Lord, but she would go into the ground and her body would disintegrate and then you said at one time, I think it was a spiritual pool or some kind of a pool where new bodies in the future would be taken from the residue, am I mistaken?


PASTOR VITALE:  I was not talking about the physical body, I was talking about the soul. I said that the soul dissolves because the soul is made out of earth also, and it goes back into the lump of clay, because the soul is made out of the earth, just like the body, but at this point, I certainly do not have all of the answers, and I know that if you are joined to the Lord when you die to this world, as I am sure Rosie was, let me say this, at some point we go to a place called Abraham’s bosom. I just do not have all of the answers, I just know that she is in good hands, Xxxx, that is all I could tell you right now.


COMMENT:  A question I wanted to ask was, when the time comes and the spiritual pool that somebody in the future will take from this soul, she was down syndrome, she never could really comprehend all the full works of the Lord as far as what we are learning. The next person, would it be a down syndrome, or would it be a normal person so that person would have the brain to be able to function and to get full stature.


PASTOR VITALE:  I honestly do not know what the answer to that question is, I can tell you what I think but in this area, I am very limited with my knowledge, and that down syndrome Xxxx, that was in the formation of the body, the physical body that her spirit was born into, the body was under judgment, her spirit is still her spirit, she had such a beautiful spirit of love, and I expect that is going to stay with her, she sowed a lot of good things in this world, but the down syndrome that body that she was born into, that I should really be quiet because I do not know, I just want to make sure you understand, that, that was not her spirit, that was her physical body, that was a judgment, that down syndrome was a judgment on the spirit that was inside of that body. I would certainly hope after the beautiful life that she led, that, that judgment will not be on her in the future or lifetime, I would like to believe that. I wish I had more answer for you but I do not. It is one of my biggest areas of curiosity, do you know what Satan said to me the other day Xxxx, the thought actually came into my mind, because I think about these things all of the time, and I am not satisfied with the answers, I know I do not have the answers, and this thought came into my mind, Well why do you not die and find out what happens after you die. That thought actually came into my mind the other day, is that something? Yeah, I said, I rebuke you, get out of here. Is that amazing, she never sleeps, Satan, never gives up.


On the one hand I say I look forward to the day that I will have more answers, then on the other hand, I wonder why I do not have the answers, maybe I am not ready to cope with the answers, people cannot cope with what I am believe now, they cannot believe that they are not going to see their relatives in heaven, on streets of gold. There has to be a reason that the Lord has not taught me yet what happens after death.


I try to restrain myself but I get very, very curious. I have learned a lot in this past year or two, over these issues, things that I never thought would be true before, but I just do not even know enough, I should not be talking on a formal message at all, because I just do not know. The farthest that I am convinced is that, well I should not even say that, I should stop right here, I do not know. The Lord wants, I do know this, the Lord wants us to trust Him, and I believe she is in a good place, and I believe that people that have spent their life reaching out to Jesus in the only way they know how, that they are sowing a good seed, and that I trust Him, and if I do not go into immortality and I die to this world, I trust Him that I am going to be okay. There is certainly no point in worrying about it, you know, you just have to believe for the best, and He is a good God and He loves us, but all we can do is our best, even if it is not true, we cannot change it, all that we can do is our best. Since we do not know, this is my philosophy, if you hold up a half a cup of water, and you do not know whether it is half full or half empty, I am going to believe it is half full, I am going to take the positive attitude. I do not know what happens after death, after death to this world, but I am doing the best I can to serve the living God and I trust Him. I trust Him for myself, and for my relatives, and I ask Him frequently, is there anything I can do for anybody. No one in my family knows the Lord, my sister is very sick right now, what am I supposed to do? I just do not believe, and I am not putting down people who do it you know, it is just not in my heart you know to be pounding on the floor in heaven and getting sixty million people to pray for you so she should be saved before she dies to the body. My Bible says, No man can come to the Father, you know, come unless the Father draws him, you know.


So, I do not know, there may be something to having a prayer line of a million people if somebody is sick or something like that, but that is all the energy of the individuals, where is the energy of God? Like I said, I am not against it, and if things get really bad for me, I call a couple of people for prayer, but I do not call like I use to.


I use to call every prayer line aside from the people here, I would call every prayer line that I could call, and I just do not do it anymore, I found out that the Lord is in control of my life, and there is no prayer that speeds it up or slows it down, nothing speeds it up, and nothing slows it down, I am just going forward, inexorably forward along His plan for me, nothing speeds it up, absolutely nothing.


I am just trusting Him and waiting on Him, and I ask Him frequently, is there anything that I am doing that I need to changing, Lord is there anything that I am doing wrong, that needs to be dealt with, anything that I am not doing that I should be doing. I just keep on going every day, but I am sure she is in a good place Xxxx. She brought a lot of love to a lot of people. She was very special. I know you miss her a lot.


01/25/09 Transcribed by RR


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