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Praise the Lord everybody, just to bring you up to where we left off, I am going to go back to page one of your notes and read Deuteronomy 21 verses 10-14 in the King James translation, and I will also read the alternate translation and then we will pick up on the Arizal’s commentary on these verses on page 5 of your notes, in which, on page 5 we are in the middle of a study on the concept of fingernails which word is used in the King James text. This study we are taking the references from the Zohar, that have to do with nails.



10. When thou goest forth to war against thine enemies, and the Lord thy God hath delivered them into thine hands, and thou hast taken them captive,

11. And seest among the captives a beautiful woman, and hast a desire unto her, that thou wouldst have her to thy wife;

12. Then thou shalt bring her home to thine house, and she shall shave her head and pare her nails;

13. And she shall put the raiment of her captivity from off her, and shall remain in thine house and bewail her father and her mother a full month: and after that thou shalt go in unto her and be her husband, and she shall be thy wife.

14. And it shall be if thou have no delight in her, then thou shalt let her go wither she will; but thou wilt not sell her at all for money, thou shalt not make merchandise of her, because thou hast humbled her. KJV



Alternate translation Deuteronomy 21:10-14;



10. When you go to war with Cain, within your adversaries, and Jehovah and Elohim deliver them into your hands and you take them captive.

11. Then Cain, the spiritual woman within them, will appear to you as a beautiful woman, and try to cling to you and take you, Abel, for her spiritual wife. (That is either Cain within you or Cain within your enemies, both are true).

12. You should know that even though you have captured Cain, she has gone into captivity with her claws extended, and will try to separate herself from the spiritual household of you her head.

13. And throw off your covering which the end of her exile. So Cain will weep and moan for Satan her mother and Leviathan her father, the moon of the first age when it was very hot where they were behind Jehovah who set the moon of the first age, who set Adam upright. And Satan and Leviathan her husband will draw near to Cain, and Cain shall kill Abel within you again, and you shall belong to the widowed spiritual woman again.

14. And it shall come to pass that when Cain within you, cannot bend you, Abel to her will, and force to set your animal nature free, Cain will surrender to you and you will chastise Satan, and sell her for silver and drive her to the bottom, and you will look down on her. AT



In other words, not that you will think poorly of her, but you will be in a higher position that she is, and the implication is that she will not be able to hurt you anymore. In part 1 of this message, we did a, I gave you some New Testament references to the alternate translation and we start commenting on the first portion of the Ari’s commentary on that portion, which reads as follows, this is the Ari’s commentary now. The portion of the Torah read this week begins, when you go out to war against your enemies and God, your God delivers him into your hand, and you capture its captives, and you see amongst the captives a beautiful woman, and you desire her, you may take her for a wife, shall take her into your house and she shall shave her head and grow her nails long. We commented in part 1 that, that is a contradiction that she will shave her head and grow her nails long, because the shaving of the head has to do with captivity, and long nails signify spiritual power, long nails signify spiritual power within us that emanates out beyond our physical body.


If the woman is in captivity and you are shaving her head, you should be cutting her nails also, and indeed if you pursue that concept of the shaving of the head and the cleansing of a woman in particular after her menstrual cycle, they shave their hair and they cut their nails. Why is he saying shave her head and grow her nails long? It is a contradiction because of a poor translation. In any event, we have studied that and we commented on that in part 1, and we dug up some references in the Zohar, regarding the finger, we found out that the ten fingers signify the ten Sefirot, and the left hand and the right hand, five on each signify the left column which is the column of judgment, and the right column is the column or the right hand of blessings of the different Sefirot of the Lord.


We are now up to #3 of the passages that we extracted from the Zohar on page 5 of your notes. The second window is called the window of the claw, because it has the form of the claw. First of all spiritually speaking, a window is any opening between two spiritual realms, and we have, there are quite a few Scriptures that talk about the window. When Jehu was coming to take down Ahab and his wife Jezebel, we read in the King James translation, that Jezebel looked into a window and saw Jehu coming. I do not believe she looked out of a window of a castle, she looked through a spiritual opening, she saw in the spirit, that Jehu was coming to put an end to the house of Ahab.


In this Zoharic passage that is talking about the second window, apparently I just extracted this from the whole exhortation on various windows which would not apply to this teaching, so I am not going to comment on why it is the second window, but there is a window that is called the window of the claw, because it has the form of a claw, so the opening between the spiritual realms has a form and it is the form of a claw. And the star which enters into it is known to the wise as viper. A star that enters in, it is talking about a spiritual entity that enters in through this window that goes from one spiritual realm to another through this window, and it is called viper, so that tells us right away that it is not from the side of God but it is from the other side.


Sense when this star reigned severe judgment prevails. Severe judgment comes from the left side, and we get some more information about it a little further on. It has a head like a viper lying in wait from that window, from that opening, that judgment passes through into this world, from that window, 600,000 myriads of spirits proceed.


I want to tell my, I do not know what the Kabbalists say, but I prayed about it and my understanding of 600,000 myriads of spirits are as follows, let me put this on the board for you.


Praise the Lord, we have illustration #1 on the board, and we are dealing with the number or the phrase 600,000 myriads which we are told means severe judgment. What does that mean? I have tried to explain it to you here. The #6 is the number for Zeir Anpin who is the son, the number 100 is the number that signifies Binah who is partzuf or whose personality is called Imma, mother, and the number 1,000 is associated with Chokhmah wisdom, whose partzuf is Abba father. A myriad, 600,000 myriads, a myriad is 10,000, the number that signifies the Keter. Judgment comes out of Binah.


If you want to look over here in the center of the illustration, I have shown you the beginning of the Sefirotic tree, the Keter is the first Sefirah, and the name of Keter is called crown. What that means is that Keter is the highest power, each of these Sefirot represent a spiritual power. Keter is the highest power, and the Keter under certain circumstances, I do not understand the whole thing, will crown one of the lower Sefirot, in other words the Keter will come and rest upon the Chokhmah, or the Keter will come and rest upon Binah, and when the Keter comes and rests upon another Sefirah, we are talking about the merging of the spiritual power of the Keter, or the addition of the spiritual power of the Keter to the power of the Sefirah that it crowns.


I do not believe that, that is a sum, that we do not add 10,000 which is the number of the Keter to whatever the number of the Sefirah is, it is a merging, it is a multiplication, it is a multiplication. Every Sefirah that the Keter rests upon, is multiplied 10,000 times. We are really talking about a number that is so large that it is in infinite number. When the Keter joins itself to other Sefirot. Judgment comes out of Binah, this is my understanding today, that the Keter and the Chokhmah never interact with human beings, Binah who is the mother who is the wife of Chokhmah who is father, father is wisdom, Binah is understanding, that all judgment comes out of the female, and it is the female Binah, the name of the Sefirot is Binah, that means understanding, and she has a partzuf, she has a personality through which we can relate to her more easily because we are human, and her personality is mother.


She is the highest Sefirah that interacts with human beings. Every Sefirah has ten subjective or ten subsefirot. So under Binah, she has another full ten Sefirah, and this is where judgment pours out of, it pours out of the Chokhmah, of Binah, at a decimal rate or an energy measurement called 1,000 who knows what that means, I do not know, maybe someone else knows, I do not know, but it is a high level of judgment, 1,000, plus the judgmental energy or the power of Binah to bring judgment, this is Binah of Binah is the level of 100, and then the Sefirot Chesed through Yesod, that is signified by the number 6, is the son. The father emerges out of the Keter, the mother emerges out of the father and the son emerges out of the mother. That is just as a human baby comes and emerges out between the legs of a mother, that is how the Sefirot are born, they come one out from under the other.


We see that this severe judgment called 600,000 myriads is the Chokhmah of Binah, the Binah of Binah, and the son of Binah, or I should say the father of Binah, the mother of Binah, and the son, the whole family, plus Arik Anpin, who can be considered an elder like a grandfather, is joining his 10,000 units of energy whatever that means, to the 1,000, he is drawing his 10,000 from 100 of Binah, and he is drawing his 10,000 to the six of Zeir Anpin, we are talking about a number representing judgment or representing a manifestation of energy that produces judgment, that is so great, that it is really not measurable. We call this severe judgment.


I will just read you what I have here, the judgment of 600,000 is the combined judgment of Abba Father, Imma Mother, and their son Zeir Anpin. Myriad signifies that Arik Anpin which is the partzuf, the personality by which we can better understand the Sefirah called Keter, that Arik Anpin of Imma has joined himself to each partzuf thus increasing it an infinite number of times. We have infinity on, well we have infinity, and the judgment, the power of the judgment is so great, we stop counting.


I just love to do this, this just really excites me, severe judgment is called the viper, according to the Zohar, the Zohar calls severe judgment viper, and it pours out of the spiritual window, now I just read a passage of the Zohar to you talking about the star that appears through the window. What is a star? A star is a mass of energy, a star is burning gases that create a powerful energy, that is what a star is. The star that appeared in the window, it is talking about all of this accumulated energy, and the window that it is appearing out of, the window, the hole in the fabric of spiritual space that allows an entity to pass from one spiritual realm into another spiritual realm is called a window.


That massive force of energy which is judgment that is coming from a higher world into our world passes through the window called Binah. We see that this mass of energy is coming from the ten subsefirot, well not ten, Malkhut is not included, but it is nine subsefirot of Binah. I suggest to you that this window of Binah, it is the Sefirot of the other side, why, what does that mean? It would mean the Serpent because the Serpent’s household has ten Sefirot, just like the household of God has ten Sefirot. Why is the judgment coming from the other side? Because it is destructive judgment, and destructive judgment is a manifestation of the sowing and reaping judgment, and the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment is Satan.


The judgment that comes out of right side, is the judgment of the Lord Jesus Christ, that is the judgment that comes with explanation and understanding, and an opportunity to escape through repentance. This judgment is coming from Binah of the other side, and what excites me is to relate a teaching like this to something that has been a mystery to me for years, so we are going to read all of the Scriptures, that have the word viper in it, and see how we can now better understand these Scriptures with the understanding of what a viper is. A viper is a powerful judgment of God coming out of the extreme condition. We are going to start reading, Job 20:16;


JOB 20:16

16. He shall suck the poison of asps, the viper’s tongue shall slay him. KJV



That is the judgment, you are going to suck the poison, whoever is under this judgment will suck the poison of asps. That could mean false doctrine, and/or it could mean the spiritual power of Cain that is manifesting in this world. That is what, that is the message that has been coming forth in this ministry, the two resurrections are already taking place, the resurrection unto life, and the resurrection unto damnation. We have found out that the resurrection unto damnation is the resurrection of Cain, we have been preaching here for twenty years now the resurrection of Abel. We have been teaching that every human being born of a woman comes into this world with a spiritual residue of Adam who died, and that spiritual residue in a seed form is called Abel and he is born dead, he needs to be resurrected through union with the living seed of the glorified Jesus Christ.


We are talking about the resurrection of damnation which is the resurrection of Cain and the resurrection unto life is Abel being raised from the dead. When Abel is raised from the dead he becomes Christ, his name becomes Christ, and when Cain is raised from the dead, his name becomes, I am not really sure whether we would call him Satan or Leviathan, I am not really sure what his name would be, but certainly he would be, it would be analogous to Christ, so most likely it would be Satan or Leviathan, I do not know which one.


We are seeing it happen today. Job 20:16 is talking about the one who is resurrected in Cain, he is going to suck the poison of asps, he is going to feed on the energy of Satan, and what is the second part of it? The viper’s tongue shall slay him, and this particular judgment will kill him. He is going to suck, he is going to live off of Satan’s energy, but this judgment that comes even from the other side is going to bring him down. Next, Xxxx is going to read Isaiah 59:5;



5. They hatch cockatrice eggs and weave the spider’s web. He that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper. KJV



They hath cockatrice eggs, and weave the spider’s web, well I know the spider is the carnal mind, the web of the carnal mind, and he that eateth their eggs dies, and that which is crushed breaks out into a viper. We just see that it is judgment, I really would have to look up these other words to give you a more intelligent understanding of that Scripture. We understand that the spider’s web is being woven, that the cockatrice which is a form of an ungodly power, it is reproducing itself, and the person who eats of the fruit of the Serpent, the person who eats of the mentality and the spiritual existence of the Serpent, that would be her eggs, dies.


Every person that partakes of that negative spiritual energy will die spiritually, and when you die spiritually and when you die spiritually, eventually you die physically. ...and that which is crushed, I am not sure what that means, breaks out into a viper, and then the judgment, this high judgment which comes from the sowing and reaping judgment will fall on everyone who has gained power or ascended through the power of the Serpent. Next is Matthew 3:7, Xxxx, how about you take that one too and I will go back and forth with Xxxx, and I will just take the commentary.



7. But when He saw many of the Pharisees and the Sadducees come to his baptism, He said unto them, Oh generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come. KJV



Jesus is calling the Pharisees vipers, He is calling them vessels of judgment from the other side, and in fact, they are judging Jesus, they are saying that He is not of God, and by calling them vipers, I have been preaching for years that Jesus was not insulting the Pharisees, He was telling them that they were the Serpent’s offspring, but with this understanding, we now mean that Jesus was saying even more than that, He was saying, You have spiritual power, you Pharisees, your spiritual power is coming out of a high place in Binah, but you are the arm of the Serpent, you are not using this power for good, you are the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment which means you are Satan. I have been preaching for years that He was telling them they were the offspring of the Serpent, but this, the added element here is not only are you the offspring of the Serpent, but you are wielding the Serpent’s power. Wow, that is quite an indictment.



34. Oh generations of vipers, how can ye being evil speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. KJV



Jesus, is telling the Pharisees that they are the generation of the Serpent, we know that there is such a thing as a generation of Christ, Paul tells us that we are, those of us who have His spirit are of the generation of Christ, it does not matter how old we are, or what our bloodline is, if we have the Spirit of Christ, we are, and that generation can last 2,000 years, we are all of the generation of Christ. Here we read about a generation of the Serpent, and Jesus is indicting the Pharisees again, more than telling them that they do not have, they are not who they think they are, that they are not the representatives of God, that they are the generation that represents the nature of, they are of this generation.


The Pharisees thought they were of the world to come, they thought they were like, what we would say that they were the body of Christ, they thought they were of the world to come, and Jesus was saying, No you are not of the world to come, you are of this generation, you are carnal men, and we see the same problem in the church today. We see men that think that they are in the image of God and they are not, they are carnal men whose nature is in the image of the Serpent, but they have the Holy Ghost and they are influenced by the Holy Ghost, so they speak in tongues and they prophesy, and sometimes they have some revelation and there is, the Holy Ghost has a powerful anointing, for healing and deliverance, but that does not mean that their nature is Christ, so we see the professing church today is having the same problem that the Pharisees had, they are looking at the signs and wonders of the spirit upon them and they think that they are righteous, and the Pharisees were not and the church today is not righteous.


Signs and wonders do not make us righteous. That is why Jesus said to the Pharisees, after they said to Him, give us a sign, if you are Messiah, give us a sign. He said, I am not giving you a sign, if you had the mind of Christ, if you had the nature of the Father, you would know who I am. That is what Jesus said to them, He said, My Father loves me, if you loved my Father, you would love me. Through the whole Scripture Jesus is trying to tell the Pharisees, You are not who you think you are, and unless you admit that you are just natural men, I cannot help you. The church is in the same condition today. They think they are righteous and that all of the promises will be manifested after they physically die which is completely unscriptural. The flesh, the visible world is where the will of God is being manifested, and all of the problems that we have because we are not in the image of God, are being worked out, all judgment is in the flesh, so that we might learn to walk after the spirit.


Jesus could not get through to the Pharisees, what makes us think we are going to get through to the church today? It is going to take an outstanding miracle, a manifestation of very high spiritual power that is going to rip the veil off of the minds of the people of God today. I just had the most interesting thought and I know the Lord put it there, years ago when I was still a disciple, in a church, it was a powerful teaching church, it gave me my start, an unclean spirit came in and put all the women in bondage, put them under a head coverings, even I was wearing a head covering, and put one on my daughter, until the Lord told me that, in very clear terms that, that head covering was putting an impediment between me and Him, and I was to remove it.


I was persecuted in that church for removing that head covering and I was humiliating several times, but I knew I heard from God, so I stood up under the humiliation and the persecution, until one day the Lord came to me and told me that He was going to deliver that church, because it was not just the women that were in bondage, the men that believed it even though they were not wearing head coverings, the men were in bondage too, the Lord did something in the spirit, I saw an angel come into the church ripping the head coverings off of all of the women, before that happened the Lord put me on a fast, and in those days I never fasted, I was very sick, I never fasted in those days. I think all I did was drink liquids for three days which was, and I was not even hungry which was unbelievable for me, it was a painless fast. All of you who have ears to hear, fasts that God put you on should be painless. We are not supposed to be suffering for God, that is not the sacrifice.


The sacrifice for God is laying down what we would like to do, and doing what He would like us to do. He put me on a fast for three days and at the end of the three days, I had that vision of this angel going through the church ripping the head coverings off of all of the women, and in fact it came to pass, it took a long time, it took about a year, within about a year, the last woman gave up her head covering, and the Lord just said to me that, that was happened first in the natural, and now it is going to happen in the spiritual, that the whole church, especially the fivefold ministry are wearing a head covering, that is separating them, that is separating the Christ mind in them, most of them have an imputed Christ, the imputed Christ within them is separated from the mind of Christ in the people who are preaching the doctrine of Christ by their carnal mind, the head covering is the carnal mind, and it happened first in the natural and now it is going to happen in the spiritual, that angel is going to go forth and rip that head covering off of the whole church and they are going to be able to hear the doctrine of Christ.


Is that not exciting? I think that we will lose many though, because a lot of people are there just for the loaves and the fishes and they will not, the Scripture is very clear, they will not bear, they would not be able to bear the truth or the persecution that comes with the truth, so that is okay, we are going to be left with a church that is really the church, the church of the living God. We are supposed to be a warfare entity, battling against the powers and principalities that keep God’s people in hell and death. We are not supposed to be, we are out there partying until we die and go to another spiritual plane, it is just not the message of God, that is Egyptian mystery religion, the afterlife, the greatness of the afterlife.


What God is doing is here in the visible world. That was Matthew 12:34, and now we are up to 23:33;



33. Ye Serpents, ye generations of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? KJV



Again Jesus is talking about the generation of vipers, and He is telling them that if they are not going to be able to escape the damnation of hell. Once again He is telling them, you think you are in the nature of God, but you are not, and you cannot escape the damnation of hell. I have not looked that up in the Interlinear Text but I am inclined to wonder if Jesus is not telling them that, You are candidates to experience the resurrection of damnation. I do not think He was telling them that they were going to die and go to hell, He was telling them in another place, He said, Look, you are vipers, you are coming out of a high place in the spirit, how could you possibly escape ascending on the wrong side, you are already on the wrong side, you are in great danger of ascending into full stature of damnation, repent now, that is what He is telling them, is that not interesting? Luke 3:7;


LUKE 3:7

7. Then said he to the multitude that came forth to be baptized of him, Oh generation of vipers, who hath warned to flee from the wrath to come? KJV



Again, John the Baptist was saying, Look, you are men that are manifesting spiritual power from a high spiritual place of the other side, so who is it that you think told you that the judgment is coming. If you are not manifesting the righteous side of God, if you are manifesting the spiritual power of the other side, who do you think it was that told you that wrath is coming, and wrath is a word for the sowing and reaping judgment. Who is it that warned you? You are coming to me to get baptized when you were warned about judgment by the Serpent, do you really think that water baptism will help you when the spiritual entity that is giving you words of knowledge is the Serpent? What good is water baptism going to do you? That is what he was telling them. One more, Acts 28:3;


ACTS 28:3

3. And when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks and laid them on the fire, there came a viper out of the heat and fastened on his hand. KJV



That is interesting because this is just a witness to what I preached years ago, I preached it in an online meeting, that when Paul landed on this island, that it was not, when his shipped was wrecked and he landed on this island, it was not a physical snake that came out of a physical fire and bit his hand, the revelation that I had on that was that Paul landed on this island where there were natives, natives to the island, I do not know how you would call them, like primitive type natives, that were steeped in witchcraft, and they recognized the spiritual power on Paul, and not only that, but the Christ which was in Paul was automatically reaching for these highly spiritual people to translate them into Christ.


The viper that came out of the fire, was this Binah of the other side, and as we described, Binah of the other side, and nine of her ten subsefirot, to attack Paul who was perceived as a spiritual enemy, and that was the viper, it was this high level of spirituality from the other side that was in the primitives in the natives, and it reached out and bit Paul on his hand, and the hand signifies the mind.


The Christ in Paul was seeking to evangelize these primitive natives and the primitive natives were attempting to bring down the power that was in Paul. When you want to bring down the power that is in Paul, they were attacking his Christ mind, which is his hand, and they came out of the fire, one of the symbols of Binah is the fire. You could say they came out of the lake of fire, Binah is the lake of fire, Binah and her subsefirot, are the lake of fire. The natives on this island, they had the lake of fire of the other side and they sought to neutralize Paul who they recognized as someone with enough spiritual power to be a threat to them, they tried to cast him in the lake of fire, just like Christ in us will try to cast the carnal mind of everyone that we meet into the lake of fire. As I have been telling you for years, we are all hoping and waiting for spiritual power but we need to know, that when we go up to the next level, and the Lord grants us this spiritual power of the next level, there will be entities on that level waiting to challenge us to a dual.


We may rise above the powers of this world, and the powers of this world will not be a threat anymore to us, but we are going to meet the powers of the next world that will be testing us, so the spiritual battles that we have experienced all of these years down here in this spiritual world, are just practice runs, for the spiritual battles we will be fighting when we ascend, and that is what the Scripture is talking about and that is what David was talking about when he said, I have defeated the lion and I have defeated the bear, the bear is the carnal mind and the lion is Satan, I have defeated my carnal mind and the carnal minds of the people who have tried to stop me, and I have defeated the spirit of the carnal mind down here in this world, and now I am up against Goliath, the giant of the higher realm. Goliath signified Leviathan, and he defeated that giant of the higher realm.


We need to know that we need to be serious, this is, the walk with God of a mature Christian is a serious walk and it is a walk of warfare, it is not to be taken lightly at all, and we need to be very careful about what we pray for, we need to know that every step of ascension will bring with it an enemy on the level that we ascend to. Do not think that you have arrived in heaven and put your guard down because it is a battle until the very end. What is the very end? That we put death under our feet, we will be fighting every step of the way. The peace that we will be acquiring is peace with God. When we have peace with God and we are in agreement with the Father within us, we are undefeatable. That is the peace we get, but there will be enemies on every side for a long time to come, we all need to know that.


Thank you for helping with the Scriptures, we will get on with our study of today. We know what the meaning of viper is, and we know what the meaning of 600,000 myriads is. We are reading again from the Zohar, the second window is called the window of the claw, because it has the form of the claw, and the star which enters into it, the accumulated spiritual power which enters in through this opening between this world and a higher spiritual realm, is known as viper. Sense when this star reigns, the severe judgment prevails, it has a head like a viper lying in wait. Of course these are all symbols, that is the problem with interpreting these passages or the passages of the book of revelation literally, it is a real problem translating them literally, this is a spiritual entity which had a head like a viper lying in wait, it probably means it had a spiritual authority over it that is this definition of viper, okay, this star, the whole star, it is like saying the body, it is like saying Jesus is the head of the body, this star had a head over it, and the head over it is Binah of the other side lying in wait.


There are many Scriptures in the Old Testament about lying in wait to shed blood. From that window 600,000 myriads of spirits proceed. We see that spirits in this context are being used to describe packets of energy, just like photons are packets of energy, and life can be measured by how many photons per second, or I am not really sure how the scientists do it. In this instance that is what spirits mean, spirits are eunuchs, they are representing eunuchs, that represent an accumulated measure of energy, this energy that passed through the window, it had 600,000 myriads of measurements of energy called spirits.


...which spirits rule over the toe and fingernails of men when nail parings are thrown away instead of being burnt. In part 1 we indicated and we commented on how fingernails and toenails signify that which is initiates inside of a man and emanates out beyond it, just as our nails can grow beyond the tips of our fingers, we are talking about what the world calls an aura, we are talking about the residential spiritual power that emanates out from us, it stand beyond our physical body, and as I said the world calls it an aura.


We know that in the Scripture we read about Peter’s shadow passing over someone and they were healed. This was not the shadow that you see outside when the sun shines on you and you see a black shadow on the ground, the shadow that the Scripture talks about is this spiritual part of us that emanates beyond the physical body. That is what passed through, that is what the man passed through when he was healed. It is very real, the Lord showed me personally how real it was, when I had two experiences I think one week apart, where I passed through somebody’s aura right in this ministry.


Somebody was sitting on that couch right over there, and I walked from this entranceway through the hallway into the bathroom, when I was standing in the kitchen entranceway, I was a very happy content person, by the time I got to the bathroom, I was ripping mad ready to rip somebody’s throat out. I stood there in the bathroom looking in the mirror, and I said to the Lord, What in the world happened to me?


And He told me, That disciples of yours sitting on that couch is enraged at you, and would not say a word to you, and you passed through her aura and her rage attacked you. I went out and I sat down next to her, initially she denied it, but I finally squeezed the truth out of that woman that is sitting right there, she remembers the story, I squeezed the truth out of her and she admitted that she was mad at me, and that is what happened, I passed through her aura, and I picked up her feelings. What is interesting is that I did not pass through her aura and perceive a spiritual communication that she was mad at me, I passed through her aura and I started to act out her unexpressed feelings.


On that day I passed very close to her, the next week she was sitting where she is sitting now and I felt her aura all the way over in the kitchen door, her aura apparently stretched that far, but of course she is a very spiritually powerful person, and her aura stretched that far, ten feet. That is what the term fingernails and toenails is talking about. It is talking about that spiritual power within us that emanates out beyond us, and I would say the power that is signified by the fingernails is a higher power than the power signified by the toenails.


It is all logical, I have not studied this before, but I would say the powers that come out of the fingernails are the higher Sefirot, the power that comes out of the toenails are the lower Sefirot. Listen to what the Zohar says here. It says this entity has a head like a viper lying in wait, from that window, 600,000 myriads of spirits proceed, which spirits rule over, these are the spirits that are measurements of energy that are representing the severe judgment, and that severe judgment rules over the toe and fingernails of men, whose nail parings are thrown away instead of being burnt. What does that mean? It means that this power that is resident in natural man, because that was not the Spirit of Christ coming out of this lady, that was the spirit that was coming out of her carnal mind, and that spirit that comes out of our carnal mind is called Satan, and Satan is among other things the false prophet that has to be thrown into the lake of fire, and burnt up, and when the Spirit of Satan is burnt up, she is going to be distilled, the spiritual part of her will be separated from the spiritual filth that is attached to her, and Christ Jesus is going to swallow down that spirit.


Jesus says He is going to consume us, not if we are lukewarm, or cold, but he wants us boiling hot, so that He can consume us, when Satan is boiled, Christ Jesus is going to swallow down the energy that released in the distillation process. We are told that the parings or the cuttings, first of all we are supposed to trim our toenails and our fingernails, we are not supposed to be manifesting that power overtly, we are not even supposed to be manifesting the power of God, that overtly, we are not supposed to be walking around and brandishing about spiritual power, so our nails have to be trimmed and our toenails have to be cut.


They need to be cast into the lake of fire, and every part of our spiritual existence that is truly Christ will survive the fire, just like the three Hebrew children, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they were not consumed by the fire because their heart was right with God, and their spirit was cleansed. We have to cast the spiritual power that we have into the lake of fire, which is the test. Casting our spiritual power into the lake of fire will reveal whether or not our spiritual power is of God or is of the carnal mind. If it is of the carnal mind, it will be burnt up, it will be without power. If our spiritual power is truly of Christ we will leave the fire and be whole without even the smell of burning on us.


This is what the church has to face, the church has to face the tests that will recognize whether or not the spiritual power that they are manifesting is of God or is of the carnal mind, and the church is not ready for this. They think the Spirit of Christ that is coming to test them and purify them is the anti-Christ that is going after the unsaved people, absolutely not. Judgment is for the church, the measuring line is for the church. What a surprise. It is going to be something to see. The book of Revelation says men are going to be wailing, and gnashing their teeth and seeing how they could possibly escape from this. In one part of the book of Revelation it says the rocks will be falling on men, and they will be crying out saying, well let the rocks fall on us rather than let us see the wrath of God. They will see the sowing and reaping judgment coming for them, and they preferred to be killed rather than to experience the sowing and reaping judgment.


I see that manifested today in some of the disciples here. They are so inverse towards the correction of God that they would rather give up something, than let their sins be exposed. You do not gain anything, when you just withdraw, you are told that you might be doing something wrong, and the elder wants to investigate it and you say, Well I just will not do it anymore, you withdraw from the judgment, you will never find out if you were doing something wrong, you will never find out if that was your carnal mind, and if it is your carnal mind, it will never be burnt up, and you will die in your sins.


That is just a spirit of pride that will not be tested. This judgment from the other side called 600,000 myriads of spirits, will rule over the spirit that is in a natural man. This is like saying the collective body of Christ is more powerful than Christ in one person. Rules over the toe and the fingernails of men when the nail parings are thrown away instead of being burnt. You think you can just get rid of your sins, you think that you do not have to confess and actually acknowledge that you were doing something that needs to be corrected.


Sometimes, well in this incident that happened here recently, the person may have very well not even have been doing anything wrong, but their refusal to have what they were doing tested, is sin. You have thrown away what we’re doing, and I said, I will not do it anymore, you have thrown it away, but you have refused to burn it, you have refused to test what you were doing and find out whether it was God of or whether it was of your carnal mind, you refused the test, you just threw it away. That is not God’s way. These nail parings, now this is why they should be burnt, because these nail parings are used by sorcerers for their divinations.


You will never know and I will never know whether what you were doing was of God or whether it was of your carnal mind, if you refuse to be tested, and there is no spiritual growth, not only is there no spiritual growth, probably your whole walk with the Lord will retrograde, because you cannot put these things under the rug, every stumbling block has to be dealt with as you approach it before you can go up to the next level, or go up to the next level of tests.


All those who throw away their nail parings, or use them for witchcraft, while this star is in ascendant, cause death and increase the power of sorcery. Listen to this, because you are going to be hearing this message, you should know who you are. All those who throw away their spiritual power because they are not willing to have it tested, and I do not know that what you were doing was witchcraft, all I know is you refused to be tested, so throwing it away, ceasing the activity is just as serious a crime as if you were using it for witchcraft. Everyone who does that while this star is in ascendant, while the sowing and reaping judgment is available, cause death and increase the power of sorcery.


Sorcery is a form of witchcraft that is manifested through the spoken word. You cause death in your own body, you who are praying for healing, cause death in your own body because you will not have your motives tested, and increase the power of sorcery within yourself. It was not there now it is there, because you will not even be tested. We then bless the Lord, who forms the luminaries, that is the stars, but does not create them. It is only at the conclusion of the Sabbath, I do not particularly understand that. I do not know what that means.


It is only at the conclusion of the Sabbath that we say, Who creates the lights of fire an allusion to the lower grades. That would be the parings of the toenails, but both the upper and the lower grades are symbolized by our fingers. The fingernails are of great importance in this symbolism, they are the back of the fingers and thus symbolize the hinder or the unconscious countenance which needs to be illumined from that lamp, it is called the back. Let us look at that again. I do not understand this part, talking about we bless, well what the Zohar is talking about is the prayers that are said at the end of the Sabbath. The Hebrew belief is that for the two days of the Sabbath that another spirit comes down and that Sabbath for all intents and purposes becomes the world to come, it becomes a world within this fallen world, and at the end of the Sabbath, this protective spirit departs and they all become subject to the powers of this world again. As the Sabbath is fleeing, as sundown comes, they say prayers and they believe that these prayers protect them.


Just recently because of something that has happened, I have strongly put this issue before the Lord, because I always want to be corrected if I am wrong, now it is my belief that saying words do not protect you, that writing the holy names of God on a piece of paper and putting them on your door or on a sword or a weapon does not protect you, that may be all you know how to do, what comes to mind is the experience that the Lord gave me and the way He taught me that at least at the time I had no power.


I was in a church, we were casting out demons, and I was a pretty powerful prayer warrior, demons were afraid of me, and then one day I said, Come out, and the demon did not come out, and I wondered, and then the next day, or the next time I was in church, I said, Come out, and I realized the demons were no longer afraid of me, and they were not coming out.


I petitioned the Lord, and said, Lord I lost my power, what happened? The Lord said to me, You never had any power, it was me the whole time. Just like a two year might think he is pushing the baby carriage that his sister is in, and the father or the mother is behind there pushing it from behind the child. He said, You never had any power, it was always my power, it was never your power. The Lord taught me that lesson very well, he hit it home very well. Likewise I believe that faithful Jews or faithful Israelites that write the holy names of God on their walls and the little piece of paper on the door that is called Mezuzah, and this one particular Rabbi has a sword with the holy names written on it, I do not think that those words help you at all, it is just that the Lord is honoring what you are doing.


What is interesting to me is that this is the second Rabbi, so I guess it is a general teaching in the Hebrew community, that I have read saying, there is no such thing as magic or spiritual power, that everything is a technology, which means, if you just know the right words to say, if you just know the formula, anybody who knows the formula can say the words, and the spiritual result will happen.


Now I do not believe that, and I have asked the Lord seriously, if I am wrong I want to be corrected, I do not believe that, I believe that when you say the words, either the Lord is honoring what you are saying, or you really have true residence, spiritual power that is responding to your words, but you cannot tell me that anybody and everybody can read that ritual and have the same results, if there is not a God behind you backing up your words.


There is such a thing as magic, it depends on the spiritual power that, that person has access to, whether it be residential spiritual power, resident within themselves, or whether it is a the spiritual power of an entity that is backing them up, you cannot tell me that it is a technology, that anybody can read the words and it will work. If it is not God, it is a demon that is telling you that, just read the words and it will work.


We see that principle here, we then bless the Lord who forms the luminaries but does not create them. I am not sure what that means. What just came into my mind, hopefully this was the Lord talking to me, is that the luminary meaning a star is not created, a luminary which is a star is a conglomeration or an accumulation of spiritual energy and that is exactly what we are talking about here. This energy, this luminary called severed judgment or called viper, we see that it is the nine subsefirot of Binah, the accumulated coagulated energy of the nine, or actually I should really say the eight subsefirot of Binah, with the ten thousand, the measure of ten thousand of Keter added to each one of them or multiplied by each one of them individually, bringing forth this luminary, this star, it is an accumulation of spiritual power, stars are not created, they are a mixture, and thus they are formed, they are not created.


It is only at the conclusion of the Sabbath that we say, they are honoring the one who created the lights of fire, an allusion to the lower grades, but both the upper and lower grades are symbolized by our fingers, the fingernails are of great importance and the symbolism, they are the back of the fingers and thus symbolize the hinder countenance, the unconscious mind, which needs to be illumined from that lamp, which must be referring back to something the Zohar was saying earlier, I do not know what lamp they are talking about, although we have done studies in the Zohar, and talked about a scintillating lamp, and another kind of a lamp, at the moment I am trying to remember what we decided they were, I think it may have to do with the mind of Christ and the mind of the carnal mind, but I am not sure. I do not recall what my studies revealed, I have notes on that, the scintillating lamp, they certainly have a mass of power, a source of energy.


The fingernails symbolize the back of the fingers, the back of the ten Sefirot, and that is talking about the lower grades. Both the lower and upper grades are symbolized by our fingers, the fingernails are the back of the fingers, I believe that back is the lower Sefirot, it would be like Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, if I am not mistaken, and this symbolical action is based upon Jehovah saying to Moses and in Exodus 33:23;


EXODUS 33:23

23. And I will take away mine hand, and thou shalt see my back parts, but my face shall not be seen. KJV



The face would be the Keter, and Moses ascended into the mount, he was told you cannot see my face, no man sees me and lives. Because when we see the face of God, our sin nature is fully exposed and judgment falls from the face of God, which would be the high place of God, it would kill us because we are such sinners. That is the end of #3, the third witness in the Zohar to fingernails, so I think this is a good time to take our break.


The fourth witness to the term of fingernails from the Zohar page 5 on your notes. The hair and the nails grow, and therefore when a woman comes to purify herself, she must cut off, now this is talking about the Mikvah, it is the public bath that the Jewish women have to go to after they have their menstrual cycle. When a woman comes to purify herself, she must cut off the hair which grew in the days of her uncleanness and cut her nails with the filth that clings to them.


For as we have learned the filth of the nails arouses another filth, and therefore they must be hidden away. He who hides them away completely at it were, awakens loving kindness in the world, for they even provide opportunity for sorcerers to exercise their magic on account of the demons attached to them. I pointed this out to you, this passage in the Zohar clearly says that a woman who is just coming out of her menstrual cycle cuts her hair and her nails, and you may recall my comment from the beginning. I am looking for it here. Verse 12 of Deuteronomy 21;



12. Thou shalt bring her home to thine house; and she shall shave her head, and pare her nails. KJV



It says pare her nails, but when you look that word up in the Hebrew, it does not mean cut the nails. I made that point on part 1 of this message, and I do not want to go over that again. It means extended and I translated that in the alternate translation, her claws or her nails were extended. The King James translators translated that Hebrew to pare, which means to cut, because they know that, that is the Hebrew rule, that when a woman comes out of her menstrual cycle, she has to cut her hair and her nails, so they must have thought that it was a mistake and they just translated the Hebrew word in the exact opposite direction.


The hair and the nails grow, and therefore when a woman, and of course the hair signifies the spirit, that flows out of the head, you know sometimes when we minister our head gets very hot because the crown energy center is at the top of the head, and that is one source of energy, the source that ascends up our spinal column, when it can ascend that high and manifest through the head and that source comes from the Kundalini, from the fiery Serpent, that is at the base of our spine, and then there is another source of energy that comes from within us that emanates outward, there is one source that goes upward and one source that goes outward, and that is a good question because I do not know what to call the source that goes outward. I know what to call it, I do not know where it emanates from.


The source that goes up to the head if from the fiery Serpent, at the base of the spine, and at what point from our center, it is from our heart center, it goes outward, maybe when that fiery Serpent enters into our heart center from there is projects outward as well as upward, I really do not know, that is what came to me for whatever it is worth. The hair on the head grows, and the suggestion of the kabbalist is that the reason the hair grows, and of course hair is symbol of energy coming out of your head, is that the energy that is being forced up into the crown center is so great that it emanates out of your head in many strands, that is the significance of hair, it comes out from many strands from your head.


I have a funny testimony, one day I went to a beauty school to have my hair touched up, and the technician put all of the dye on my hair, and it was just dripping, just dripping, and usually it is supposed to be, the substance of hair dye is relatively thick, I had to ask someone for a towel, it was just dripping everywhere, and so they called the teacher over, and the teacher came to look at me and she said, Wow, you have a hot head, I have never seen anything like that. I was reading a Kabbalistic teaching while the dye was on my hair and the dye was just melting, I touched my head and it was hot, you know. Our head does get hot, and when we use our intellect for spiritual things, the fiery Serpent does rise up into the head section.


The hair and the nails grow and the energy source rises vertically and also emanates out from us horizontally, I think there is more of a teaching to that, I just for the moment do not know what it is, what is coming to my mind right now is certain images that I have seen in the Sefer Yetzirah, I am going to have check that book out after I finish preaching, and maybe if I find anything, I will give it to you on part 3 of this message. When a woman comes to purify herself she must cut off the hair which grew in those days, this is talking about Orthodox Israelite women, who as soon as they get married, they shave their heads, and they wear wigs, in the ancient days I do not think they had wigs, but they would just keep their head wrapped, and they were bald as a sign of slavery to their husbands.


What this is talking about is that, I guess they would have to keep shaving their head to keep themselves bald, and after their menstrual cycle is over, they would cut off any hair that had grown, and cut their nails. With all of the filth that clings to the nails, for as we have learned the filth of the nails arouses another filth. We know that the nails are talking about the spiritual power that emanates from the individual center. It comes out of here, I do not really know if that is the heart center or not. Some occultists says there is an energy center in the solar plexis, I am not any expert on these areas but I keep seeing that it is not really coming out of the heart, it is coming out of the Abdomen right here, I just see energy pouring out. Maybe the Lord will give me some more information about that.


This energy that comes out of us, if that comes out of the carnal mind, if it is the aura of the carnal mind, it attracts other, it attracts other carnal minds around us, but it also attracts unclean spiritual entities from above, because whatever spirit we manifest, that is what we attract. When I sit in this house and when you sit in this house, and you study kabbalah, it attracts godly spirits that are being drawn down into the world to the people who are reaching out to God through the study of kabbalah, so if our spiritual activities are unclean, it attracts entities from the other worlds that are seeking to manifest themselves through people who are willing to accept this unclean manifestation.


Having filth within yourself, having spiritual filth within yourself attracts spiritual filth, it will attract people to you that have the same spiritual filth as you do, and therefore they must be hidden away. This was saying the nails must be hidden away. He who hides away his nails, his fingernails completely as it were, awakens loving kindness in the world. If you are reading this literally, you are going to say, he who cuts and hides away his fingernails arouses loving kindness in the world? This book is sick! But it is written as a parable, if you do not have a clue as to the symbolism, it will never mean anything to you at all.


For they even provide opportunity for sorcerers, this is the cuttings from your nails, they provide opportunity for sorcerers to exercise their magic on account of the demons attached to them. Let me show you what this is talking about. Throwing away your nails awakens loving kindness in the world. Drawing #2, I am showing you the ten Sefirot, and Gevurah is the left hand of God, all judgment, not all judgment but judgment comes out of Gevurah, and Chesed which is loving kindness is the right hand of God. Both Gevurah and Chesed have five subsefirot each, these sefirot do not have a full ten subsefirot, they do not have Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, they just have starting over here, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, and Hod, and they do not have the Yesod or Malkhut. These are called the five states of Gevurah, the five different levels from which judgment can come out of Gevurah. Chesed in the main Sefirot is loving kindness, but Chesed of Gevurah is a level of judgment. Gevurah of Gevurah is another level of judgment, etc, etc.


These called five states of Gevurah are considered the five fingers of the left hand of God which is judgment, and the five states of Chesed are considered the five fingers of the right hand of God and these are five different levels of loving kindness, five different levels of loving kindness. That is what the Scripture, that is what this Zohar passage is talking about when we completely hide the five fingers of our left hand, when we hide these five aspects of harsh judgment, Gevurah is harsh judgment, if we hide it in our heart, if we do not let it come out, then all that shows is the loving kindness.


If we restrain our potential to manifest harsh judgment on somebody by an act of will, by the power of God, then loving kindness comes into the world. This is the only part of our personality that is seen, the five aspects of loving kindness. Everybody got that, any questions? Okay.


For as we learned the filth of the nails arouses another filth, and therefore they must be hidden away, these nails, those are our claws. Did you ever hear of somebody getting nasty and saying, Wow her claws really came out, or if somebody gives it to somebody with their words, we say, Wow her claws really came out. Those five states of Gevurah, see all of these Sefirot, they are aspects of personality. Every human being has these aspects of personality, everybody has the negative, everybody is born with the negative aspects of personality, some people, now some people are stronger than others, but everybody is born with that left column, everybody does not have the right column.


There was a time in my life that I was praying for Chesed to pour into me, because I knew that I was lacking love at that time, and when I got this revelation of the Sefirot, I was praying every day for Chesed to pour into me, because I had sought the Lord on what the answer was for my hardness. When I realized that the answer for my hardness was that I needed loving kindness in my life, that was how I started to pray, and I have softened, right, right, I have softened okay, (chuckling). We have to hide our claws.


Those five states of Gevurah are our claws are associated with witchcraft, and witchcraft arises out of Gevruah which is the left column, everybody is born with a left column. He who hides them away completely, and I do not know if it is possible to hide them away completely unless Christ in us is really has them bound down under his own authority, but he who hides them away completely as it were awakens loving kindness in the world. The right hand, the five fingers on the right hand appear in us, and of course it is talking about loving kindness in this world, because each one of us is a world, it is not talking about loving kindness out there. When I put away my left hand, when I put away the five states of Gevurah, by an act of will in the power of Christ in me, loving kindness appears in my world.


For they even provide opportunity for sorcerers to exercise their magic on account of the demons attached to them. That is talking about the left hand of Gevurah. If we do not put it away, if we do not put those aspects of personality away, we will be providing an opportunity for sorcerers, I guess the person who does not put it away is a witch, the person who does not put away those five aspects of Gevurah is manifesting witchcraft, so we are the sorcerer that the Zohar is talking about. They even provide opportunity for sorcerers, these qualities provide opportunity for the sorcerer to exercise their magic on account of the demons attached to them. There are demons attached to these five states of Gevurah, and if we let them manifest themselves through us, we are giving opportunity to the sorcerer within us whose name is Satan, to exercise her magic on account of the demons that are attached to these aspects of my personality. We are constantly to be at war with our own inner principles, because everybody has that potential, some more than others.


We are to be at war with our left side, and we need to know that when we yield to our left side, that we are giving Satan free reign to manifest through us and to raise up and manifest demons through us, because demons are attached to these qualities. That is interesting for people, we have a lot of people here who have been in old order deliverance, so according to this, this is where the demons are, that we cast out, they are attached to the left side of our personality, and these qualities of the left side of our personality, that is where the demons are being cast out from. As the demons are cast out, Gevurah becomes weaker and then the loving kindness grows and weakens Gevurah even more, very interesting.


We are at the end of our study on fingernails, and I think we have been in service for three hours already and this is a whole new topic coming up so I think I am going to end the message here, and part 3 will begin with Ari’s comment on these passages. I think that is what we will do. Anybody have any questions or comments? We have a question or comment over here.


COMMENT:  You know Pastor Vitale you were talking about the hairs after the woman had her menstrual period, I was so carnal, I was thinking she had to cut the hairs under her arms, and in the private genital place.


PASTOR VITALE:  Well maybe she does, I do not know, that was just my guess, I have never been in a Mikvah, so I really do not know, I do not know if they cut those hairs or not.


01/14/09 Transcribed by RR


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