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As I was saying, if I do not return to a message within a week the Lord cancels it, because there is an anointing on everything we do. I hope you know how blessed we are in this ministry that the Lord gives us messages by revelation. This is very rare in most churches, it is very rare. Usually, the preachers preach out of what they already know. I do that sometimes. That usually only happens when for some reason the anointing is repressed in me, or I am very tired, or I am very stressed, but the anointing has been high these past couple of days. He is just moving on, and when you are in a ministry that preaches from the anointing there is just not enough time to get the whole message out.


When the Lord delivers information to us in the form of a message, He comes down from a place called Wisdom. I have been salt and peppering your messages here with a little bit of Kabbalah. There are ten major levels called Sefirot, ten grades of God. God steps down, and each time He steps down lower His light or His spirit is restricted more. When I first read that in Kabbalah it really upset me. I said, “Why would anyone want to restrict God’s spirit?” The reason why God’s spirit has to be restricted is that He is so powerful, He is like an atom bomb, He would kill us.


He keeps stepping down into lower and lower grades until He gets into a place where we can tolerate Him. His spirit goes forth as a vibration. That is why when I say that people cannot tolerate Him, I have had people flee from me. I used to empty out restaurants. I can only guess why I do not empty out restaurants anymore.


There was a time I would preach, and every table would empty out in this dining room. I can only guess that at that time I was preaching on a level that was touching the average person. It was touching them as an irritation. Something that would touch them, registers as fear or anxiety in their mind. I think that I have ascended, not that I am so high, but compared to the average man, that I have ascended to a place where it just goes over everyone’s head. XXXX’s been with me as I have emptied out dining rooms.


We had gone to a meeting in a local church years ago, and we went out for coffee afterwards. I had said to the group, “Let us see if we are going to empty out the dining room this time.” There was one big table in the back of the restaurant with ten or fifteen people at it. I said, “This I have to see.”


It is not so easy to get up and leave when you are with a group of ten or fifteen people. The waitress came out with this big tray of food and dropped the whole tray, Everybody had to leave. Dishes were broken all over the place, food everywhere. They all got up and left. We were completely alone in the dining room, but that does not happen anymore.


I do believe that the anointing that goes forth..., remember it is not just me. Everyone that is listening to me with an honest heart is part of a collective manifestation of Christ. You are all here with an honest heart, so there is a cloud that is rising up from us, sort of like the cloud when you see an atom bomb goes off. It is rising up and it is filling this whole room. I am glad that people are not leaving anymore, because I know people are getting touched by it in some way that they will never know.


We are blessed by my preaching from revelation. I know when it is a spirit of revelation, and I know when I am preaching out of what I already know. That is okay to preach out of what I already know, but this is much better. What I started to tell you is that when you preach by revelation, the wisdom is not knowledge. When I preach out of what I know is knowledge, I am preaching from down here, just above my heart. When you preach by the wisdom of God it comes down from the second Sefirot.


The second Sefirot which is called Chokhmah, which is Wisdom, comes down in a seed form, in an indiscernible seed form which can be likened to the zygote, the fertilized female egg, which has the potential to cell divide until it produces a fully living fetus, but all you have is one cell called the zygote. That is the union of the sperm and the egg which now has become one, the first cell of the baby. That is what comes down.


Of course, if you look at a zygote you would need a microscope. You would not have any idea what it is or what it would be. Even if you can see a baby, you do not know what that person will be.


This seed comes down out of Chokhmah and it is indiscernible. It passes to the Sefirot underneath it, which is called Binah. That means understanding. To have Wisdom without understanding is fruitless. It is like getting something in a foreign language. You just do not know what to do with it. It is like having a million dollars under your mattress, and you do not know it is there. It is like having electricity, and you do not know how to flip the switch.


The wisdom comes down, it expands, and it rolls itself out into understanding. Then there is one level below that which is called Netzach, and that is the ability for the person who has the wisdom and the understanding to relate it to another person. We have all those three things here today and, basically, most of the time we have that in this ministry.


When you compare the seed to the revelation where it is rolled out to where it makes sense to our minds, even our Christ mind is still very immature. I get that one seed. I could be preaching for weeks on the understanding of that kernel of wisdom. The Lord, on occasion, I do not know whether He runs out of patience, I do not know what the right words are to express it. There is no way we can keep up with Him, and He is timely.


He has a message for us today, for whatever reason He wants me to preach today. I do not know what He is doing with it in your life. Maybe it is for someone in the restaurant. Even more than that, He is correcting me, it is nothing like that at all. He is continuously moving in me, He does not go back two or three weeks, months actually, we only meet once a month. It is going back two, three month already.


I was preaching on Revelation, Chapter 4 or 5. I do not even know if He is going to let me go back. I would like to finish the message. I would like to do that, because I want to get the Alternate Translation in the book. He might let me, but it is stale already, it is old manna.


He has already brought forth more recent or more new revelations in me. That is what is burning in my heart right now. We will go one with that. I believe that we are going to be in Genesis, Chapter 27. Let me check that out.


COMMENT:  Chapter 27, Verse 1 through 35. “And it came to pass, that when Isaac was old, and his eyes were dim, so that he could not see, he called Esau his eldest son and said unto him, My son:  and he said unto him, Behold, here am I. And he said, Behold now, I am old, I know not the day of my death:  Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison; And make me savory meat, such as I love, and bring it to me, that I may eat; that my soul may bless thee before I die. And Rebekah heard when Isaac spake to Esau his son. And Esau went to the field to hunt for venison, and to bring it. And Rebekah spake unto Jacob her son, saying, Behold, I heard thy father speak unto Esau thy brother, saying, Bring me venison, and make me savory meat, that I may eat, and bless thee before the Lord before my death. Now therefore, my son, obey my voice according to that which I command thee. Go now to the flock, and fetch me from thence two good kids of the goats; and I will make them savory meat for thy father, such as he loveth:  And thou shalt bring it to thy father, that he may eat, and that he may bless thee before his death. And Jacob said to Rebekah his mother, Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man:  My father peradventure will feel me, and I shall seem to him as a deceiver; and I shall bring a curse upon me, and not a blessing. And his mother said unto him, Upon me be thy curse, my son:  only obey my voice, and go fetch me them.


And he went, and fetched, and brought them to his mother:  and his mother made savory meat, such as his father loved. And Rebekah took goodly raiment of her eldest son Esau, which were with her in the house, and put them upon Jacob her younger son:  And she put the skins of the kids of the goats upon his hands, and upon the smooth of his neck:  And she gave the savory meat and the bread, which she had prepared, into the hand of her son Jacob. And he came unto his father, and said, My father:  and he said, Here am I; who art thou, my son? And Jacob said unto his father, I am Esau thy first born; I have done according as thou badest me:  arise, I pray thee, sit and eat of my venison, that thy soul may bless me. And Isaac said unto his son, How is it that thou hast found it so quickly, my son? And he said, Because the Lord thy God brought it to me. And Isaac said unto Jacob, Come near, I pray thee, that I may feel thee, my son, whether thou be my very son Esau or not. And Jacob went near unto Isaac his father; and he felt him, and said, The voice is Jacob's voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau. And he discerned him not, because his hands were hairy, as his brother Esau's hands:  so he blessed him.


And he said, Art thou my very son Esau? And he said, I am. And he said, Bring it near to me, and I will eat of my son's venison, that my soul may bless thee. And he brought it near to him, and he did eat:  and he brought him wine and he drank. And his father Isaac said unto him, Come near now, and kiss me, my son. And he came near, and kissed him:  and he smelled the smell of his raiment, and blessed him, and said, See, the smell of my son is as the smell of a field which the Lord hath blessed:  Therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine:  Let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee:  be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother's sons bow down to thee:  cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee. And it came to pass, as soon as Isaac had made an end of blessing Jacob, and Jacob was yet scarce gone out from the presence of Isaac his father, that Esau his brother came in from his hunting. And he also had made savory meat, and brought it unto his father, and said unto his father, Let my father arise, and eat of his son's venison, that thy soul may bless me. And Isaac his father said unto him, Who art thou? And he said, I am thy son, thy firstborn Esau. And Isaac trembled very exceedingly, and said, Who? where is he that hath taken venison, and brought it me, and I have eaten of all before thou camest, and have blessed him? yea, and he shall be blessed. And when Esau heard the words of his father, he cried with a great and exceeding bitter cry, and said unto his father, Bless me, even me also, O my father. And he said, Thy brother came with subtly, and hath taken away thy blessing.”


PASTOR VITALE:  Praise the Lord, we have a mature message today. There are a couple of spiritual principals here that I would like to point out to you. When the Lord brings forth a revelation... of course, there is nothing new, there is nothing new under the sun, but it is new to us. I find that He preaches it over and over, because we need to get it into our spirit. I know a couple of people at this table, XXXXX heard it and XXXX heard it already, but He is going to hit it home today.


I know there are issues that I have always wondered about. It has always bothered me that Jacob was called a deceiver. Especially about two years when the Lord gave me this message, when the Lord gave me a revelation on this message that Jacob was really obeying God in doing this, because Isaac was about to bless the wrong son, Esau. Isaac was about to make a mistake.


I think two years ago when I preached on this chapter, I did not really understand what the blessing was, that this blessing was the transference of the promised seed from Isaac. Remember, Isaac was the first human that the promised seed appeared in. The seed was not in Abraham. The seed was promised to Abraham, but it appeared in Isaac. Isaac was going to follow the rules of this world, he was going to pass the anointing, you might say, onto his oldest son, because that is what he was taught, that your oldest son gets the inheritance.


Here is a principal that is very important. It is not enough to pass on the Anointing of God. The person that it is passed on to has to be anointed to receive and hold on to that anointing or that seed or it will just, as Jesus said, the birds will just come and pluck it way.


This is the job of the Holy Spirit. I have been preaching here for years that the Holy Spirit is the female seed. There is a female seed and a male seed. Kabbalah Identifies the female with the color red and the male seed with the color white. In the deep esoteric studies, they talk about the red drop and the white drop, because it is really not sperm and egg as we know sperm and egg. In the high realms of the spirit we have a counterpart of human sperm and human egg that the esoteric teachings call the red drop and the white drop.


I am just smiling because I am remembering the first time I heard those terms, and it was so strange to me and so alien. I am so grateful for all the Lord has taught me and brought to this ministry over these four or five years I have been teaching Kabbalah. It is just so rich.


We see that when Esau was born, that is not in the chapter we just read, but when he was born, he was red all over. I remember years ago asking the Lord, “What do you mean he was red all over?” He was spiritually female. His two overriding characteristics were that he was red and that he was hairy. That was another question that I had been asking the Lord for years because Elijah was a hairy man. I even had gone to a Jewish website where I had an opportunity to talk on-line to a Rabbi and ask him what that means. That particular Rabbi, in his opinion, that Hebrew word meant that Elijah was unkempt. He was an unkempt man which surprised me to hear him say that. I had known for quite a while that the hair signifies spirit but I could not... I know that it is the hair on my head. If I would have a dream that I was in the beauty parlor getting my hair done, I knew that meant my spirit was being beautified. I could not relate that perception to Elijah being hairy or Esau being a hairy man.


Recently, the Lord showed me and I read it in a Kabbalistic study. I thank God for all of these Rabbis that have worked and are alive today who studied to do their writings, and I have been able to learn from them. It has been a great blessing to me.


The Kabbalah talks about a pre-mortal man, first man. There are several different Adams. When I was bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ, it took me thirteen years to bring forth the Doctrine of Christ. One of my biggest problems when I was bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ was that I saw Adam on multiple levels, and I did not know how to distinguish between the levels with words. I had tried all different words like the Superior Adam, and whatever words I came up with I never got it straight. The Kabbalists, actually it was Rabbi Isaac Luria that came up with concept of Adam.


It was Rabbi Isaac Luria who received this revelation from the Lord of the pre-mortal man that is called Adam Kadmon, the pre-mortal man. That is not the Adam that we see in the Garden in the Book of Genesis. This is an Adam that came before, this Adam Kadmon did not fall. He is so very close to God, He is the mediator, you might say. He is on the highest realm of the spirit in the world of Atzilut. He is the mediator between the Ayn Sof which the kabbalists do not even call God. They do not know what He is. He always was. I am just struggling a little bit. I know you do not have the background, I am trying to make this simple.


God is called Ayn Sof, the unknown one. Nobody knows what He is. They do not even call Him spirit. He sent His light into Adam Kadmon who is responsible for creation. Is that good enough for you? Can you deal with that? Pre-mortal man is responsible for creation. He has received a measured amount of the light of God which is infinite. The light of God is infinite. This Adam Kadmon, pre-mortal man, has received a measure of that infinite light and is responsible for bringing forth creation.


Just for purposes of understanding, because how could we ever understand such greatness. We have more or less a parable in the form of a man with a head, two arms and two legs. Of course, that is not what Adam Kadmon looks like. It is just to help our simple mind understand.


Adam Kadmon has a head. Remember the light of God, the light of the Ayn Sof is channeling into His head. Some of the light comes out of the ears, some of the light comes out of the eyes, from the nose, and from the mouth. His head is all full of light, and it is descending. Remember, I said in the beginning of this message that the light of God is stepping down. Each time it steps down it becomes dimmer. The reason for that is that we would die if we saw, or if we were exposed to the fullness of the light of God. We would be destroyed because we are sin.


The light has to go from His head into His throat to get down into the lower parts of His spiritual body. Of course, the throat is a bottle neck. All of the light that cannot get into His throat breaks forth from His face in the form of hairs. That is the Genesis, that is the foundation for hair being a symbol for spirit. Spirit, light, at this point I do not know any difference. If there is a difference I do not know about it. The Kabbalists say light, the Christians say spirit. That is good enough for me for now.


The hair, this Adam Kadmon is seen as having a beard, a very long beard which signifies all of the light that could not fit into the throat, that did not pass down into His torso to His heart to His belly for the purposes of reproduction. We are down here, we are down in His belly where the light is dimmed. The beard, and the hair of the head are powerful expressions of light that were too strong to get down into the lower parts.


When we hear that Elijah is a hairy man, we are being told that he is a man so much of God’s. At this point in my walk, spirit, light, energy, if there is any difference I do not know about it. I use the words interchangeably at this time.


Elijah was a man that was hairy. He was so filled with spirit that it was bursting out from his pores. This is what we are told about Esau, that he was hairy. I have known for a while since I preached on this chapter a few years ago that Esau had the branch of the tree. He was very spiritually powerful, but it was the female spirituality. You may remember me talking to you about the female spirituality.


The female spirituality is power without wisdom and experience. That is what the Holy Spirit is. Jesus said to the Pharisees, “if I cast out demons by the spirit of God, you should know that the power of God has come unto you.” The Holy Spirit is the power of God, but it does not come with wisdom, and it does not come with knowledge. It comes with gifts that are given without repentance to the unregenerate man, to the man that is still living out of his carnal mind.


The church has been given power. Power for what? Power to cleanse ourselves, to prepare ourselves for the bridegroom who comes with wisdom and judgment, because we cannot stay in the condition that we are in and have Christ come and dwell in us. The power of God is sent first, that is the Holy Spirit.


We see that Esau is red and hairy. He is filled with energy, with power, with spiritual power, but it is the female power, the female spirit. That is why he is red and hairy. Elijah is hairy, but we are not told that he is red. Is this not interesting? Like I said, when the Lord gave me this message a couple of years ago, the word did come down that Esau was filled with power, but Jacob had the stability, Jacob had the wisdom, Jacob had the faithfulness, Jacob had the root, and Esau had the power.


This is the condition of the Church today. The Church is filled with the power of God where ever it was appearing, the Holy Spirit. When the Son appears in the form of wisdom and revelation and deep understanding of the Scripture, by in large in most cases, Christians do not want to hear what the Son has to say. The Son, which is Christ in you, is spiritually weaker at this time anyway, than the female Holy Spirit.


This was the exact relationship between Jacob and Esau. Jacob had the wisdom, he had the root, he heard from God, but Esau had the power, undisciplined power. He was a hunter, he would go out hunting, whatever that means. When I preached on this message a couple of years ago, I had some ideas what it meant, that he was hunting the energy of other people. I have a whole message on how we can hunt the energy of other people. For people like us this is an unconscious thing, but people who practice witchcraft know all about the need for energy, and that energy can be harvested from other people.


When I was in Africa, this was over ten years ago that I was in Africa, this was the first time I heard about it. There were witches going out in the crowded market place and doing something that would cause a woman’s breasts to completely collapse so that she could never nurse a baby again or a man’s testicles would collapse so that he could not father a child anymore. These witches would have the power to just approach a total stranger in the market place and harvest their energy. A large part of our energy is in our reproductive areas. That is why they would go after the breasts and the testicles. I was amazed to hear that.


I just recently spoke to one of the brethren in Nigeria about this. Originally, I heard it like twelve years ago. I just talked to one of the brethren recently, and she said, “Yes, it is still going on. It was in the newspapers the other day. Someone just sitting on the bus and then suddenly started screaming that their testicles...”. I think when you take the energy from the testicles, they withdraw. I am not sure how they do it, they go in somehow.


The man was aware that, that had happened to him, and he pointed to the person on the bus. He knew who did it. He said, “He did it.” Then the crowd came and lynched the man. God only knows whether he was the witch who did it, or if it even happened. It is known in Africa that there are people who know that another person’s energy can be harvested.


In this country we are pretty much spiritually naive. No one would even think of going to someone else for energy. If you are weak you would look for food or vitamins, something like that. The truth is that energy is healing, but it is illegal to take another person’s energy. We do take people’s energy without awareness, we take the person’s energy any time we defeat them in any way. If we are in any kind of conflict with somebody, and we overcome them we take their energy. If we are cruel to somebody, and we cause them to be afraid, we take their energy.


This goes on all the time in this country. People just really do not understand what they are doing, especially cruel people. They have a spirit of Witchcraft. If you are intimidating people, you are taking their energy, you are thriving on their fear.


I saw a movie once about the old west. It was talking about the atrocities that some Indian tribes did. For example, they would cook a man alive over a slow fire. Someone asked this Indian who now was a scout for the European soldiers, “Why would you do something like that?” His answer was, “We take their energy from their fear and their suffering. They discharge their energy, and we take their power.”


Esau was a hunter. I believe that he was an illegal hunter of other people’s energy. Exactly what he was doing, I do not know, but he was not the most Godly man. Isaac loved Esau. This was a mistake.


A lesson I have learned or a lesson that the Lord has taught me, and I know it is so common in the church that people tend to think that if they see someone who is spiritual that they pursue that person, and they find them very desirable. That is not what God is looking for, because that kind of spirituality is something that we are born with. It has nothing to do whatsoever with our character or our value in the Kingdom. It is something that we are born with.


If we develop our character in Christ and bring that spirituality under the dominion of the wisdom and morality of Christ, then it becomes a very valuable thing. Being spiritual apart from submission and commitment to God can be very destructive. If nothing else, you can be filled up with pride. You prophesy in the church, you speak in tongues, you are filled with pride. I have seen people who have the gifts that are given without repentance who think that they are elders in the church because they prophesy.


The eldership is rooted in the wisdom of God and the experience with God that teaches us how to negotiate our way in the invisible kingdom, in how to get our needs met, how to extract or call down the power of God to meet the needs of ourselves and the people that God sends to us. Raw spiritual power is just that, raw spiritual power. You prophesy, so what? What is the big deal?


I would like to see this principal taught in the church a lot more. I made the same mistake. I was talking to XXXX about this last night. Of course, this is not to say anything about the person who is spiritual. This was a lesson I had to learn. We had a very spiritual person in the ministry. I looked to that person as an elder to assist me, and I found out that is not how God chooses Elders. God chooses Elders by their commitment to the God-ordained head, by their willingness to submit to authority which is absolutely essential for power with God, your willingness and ability to submit to authority even when you think they are wrong.


There are ways to deal with that. I had to learn that lesson that spirituality does not make you an elder. Right after I learned that lesson, someone who was in the ministry only briefly who also was highly spiritual, came to me and told me how she had challenged another pastor when that pastor had a word of knowledge, and I had it right there, I had it the same time as she did. She was telling me how great she was and how spiritual she was, but that is not the spirituality of God.


Maybe I said that the wrong way. If that spirituality comes forth with that spirit of pride, it really is not the spirituality of God. It really is the spirituality of the natural man. The Holy Spirit may be controlling it or working with it, but it is the spirituality of the natural man, and you are the red drop. You are the red drop. God does not deal with women. He deals with spiritual men. If you want God dealing with you directly, you need to come into submission to the authority that He puts over you, and you have to learn everything the Lord has to teach you through that authority.


In due season, when the Lord makes a judgment that you are now mature enough, that you have Christ and you are now mature enough to control that spirituality in yourself and bring it to submission to the Christ, that is when you start really moving on in God. That is only happening in limited areas of the church today. Of course, it is not being taught properly.


Somebody called me the other day. They really have a lot of problems, and they really need the ministry that is here. They come from a very basic church. I believe it is an Assembly of God Church. I like the spirit on them, I ministered a little bit to them. I said to them that the Holy Spirit is passing away. I said, “You know the Christ is different than the Holy Spirit.” It is interesting, because the church really teaches, gives more power to the Holy Spirit than to Christ. It really does.


Her attitude was commendable, but she was surprised. She asked some legitimate questions. I gave her an answer that would give her something to think about. I said to her “The Holy Spirit is passing away.” She could not accept that. I know that we spent so many days in the ministry with me explaining, I do not know the word for it, but this is what I said to the woman, “Look, the Scripture said that the gifts are passing away, and the gifts are of the Holy Spirit, therefore if the gifts are passing away, the Holy Spirit must be passing away.” We spent days in the ministry working on that kind of logic. She could not see it, she was just stuck on me saying that the Holy Spirit was passing away.


Finally I compromised with her a little bit. I said, “Let us say it is being overshadowed by Christ.” I could say that. She did not understand that so I gave her a Kabbalistic example. I said, “The Holy Spirit is the Moon, and Christ is the Sun. When the sun rises to high noon, it shines so brightly that you cannot see the moon. The moon is there, but you cannot see it. Christ is ascended.” I left her with that thought.


We have to be willing enough to be brave enough to seek God and find out that maybe there is something that we are not being taught in the church that we have been in for twenty years. I do not know what is going to happen, but I prayed for her and turned her over to the Lord. Maybe I should have stayed on the phone with her longer. I do not know, but I did not, I sent her to the website.


I am talking about spirituality, the branch of the tree opposed to the root of the tree which is wisdom and obedience, commitment and faithfulness to God. Isaac knew he was passing out of this world, he knew he had the power to impart the promised seed to his son. I find that so interesting because I do not think I have the power to impart this anointing. I have been trying to impart this anointing to somebody else for eighteen years. This ministry is eighteen years old. I was talking to XXXX about this tonight, there is really nobody to replace me. I am going to Africa, and we will probably just cancel the meetings when I am gone. There is nobody that could replace me in eighteen years.


Apparently, Isaac had something I do not have. I do not have the ability to lay hands on you and say you have my mantle. Of course, even the Lord just told me that even Elijah could not do that. Elisha asked for the double portion, and Elijah said, “I cannot promise you that.” I do not know from that passage if Elisha would have inherited Elijah’s mantle automatically. Was the question just the double portion or was the question would Elisha inherit Elijah’s mantle? I do not know but, in any event, Elijah told Elisha he could not promise him that he would inherit the double portion, that it was up to God.


Also, we know the mother of two of Jesus’ disciples asked that her sons be seated at Jesus’ right and left hand, and Jesus said that “I could not promise you that. That is all up to God.” Apparently, Isaac had the power to pass on the seed. Also, I have read in Kabbalistic books that there was a time, whether it is possible now or not I do not know, there was a time that certain Kabbalists had the power to give their power and authority to another man which really surprises me.


The story that I read was supposedly a true story. There was a Kabbalists whose sister had been jailed by the government of the country that they were living in. She was about to be forced into wife slavery. Her brother, as far as I know all Kabbalists are Rabbis’, Jewish Kabbalists anyway, he went to the guard who had the power to release her. He said, “If you let me sister go, I will give you all of the power that I have.” That amazed me that he could do that. There was an exchange, the guard let the woman go, and the Rabbi gave him the power.


As the story goes, that was illegal for the Rabbi to do that because he gave spiritual power to a profane man. We are told that even though the Rabbi’s motive was to save his sister he was still punished for giving the power to a profane man. That amazed me to find out that he could do it, that he could give it to a profane man. I do not even have the power to give it to a fellow believer. He gave it to a profane man, a reprobate man. He was punished anyway.


That brings us right up to the main point of our study today, this revelation that the Lord has been ministering to me for a couple of days now, which is quite mind boggling. What I just told you was not a good example. We see that the man’s motive was carnal but good, and he was punished anyway. Of course, he should have gone to the Lord and asked Him to deliver his sister.


What we are talking about now is similar but not the same thing. We are talking about Jacob having not “good” motives but the motives of God. First of all, I have to believe that the Lord was speaking through Jacob’s mother. I do not honestly know whether it was Rebecca herself who spoke to him and told him to do this, or whether Jacob himself heard from a high spiritual manifestation of God. It is written in the parable that “Rebecca said...”. I do not know.


We see that Isaac was making a mistake. He was going to impart the seed to the wrong son, because Isaac was carnal, and he was following the carnal law of this world saying that the first son gets everything, but he did not understand that the seed has to go to the person who is prepared to receive it. The seed cannot cleave to the spirituality, the promised seed, the seed of Christ cannot cleave to the Holy Spirit. It can only cleave to Able, the root, the dead root of fallen Adam within you. Jacob was prepared, Jacob was prepared, his heart was prepared to receive that seed. Esau’s heart was not, and that seed would have been lost if it was imparted to Esau.


I must believe that the Lord spoke to Isaac and told him several times that the seed was to go to Jacob. Probably Isaac did not hear him, because we have a lot of trouble hearing things that we cannot believe that are possibly true, we do not hear. If it is something that our mind will not even recognize as even a possibility, it just goes right over us. We cannot believe it. Sometimes even when we hear it, we cannot believe it.


I know the church that I was raised up in, when the Lord told me He was taking me out of that church, I rebuked Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, for six months. I could not believe that, that was the Lord telling me He was moving me out of that church. For six months I rebuked Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and then, because I would not go, events manifested in my life that forced me out, because the Lord will have His way. I could not believe that it was God. Why could I not believe it was God? Because of my own carnality. I could not imagine myself being separated from that church.


This is the stage where Isaac is making a mistake. He is going to deliver the seed to the spiritual one, and not to the one who is prepared. Not to the committed one, not to the serious one whose heart is prepared for the seed to cleave to. Again, I have to believe that the Lord went to Isaac many times and told him, and Isaac refused many times before the Lord went to the extent that He did to speak to Jacob, whether it was through his physical mother or otherwise. What did he tell Jacob? He told Jacob to sacrifice two kids of goats. What does that have to do with anything? I guess, according to the parable, Jacob took the flesh of the goats and made a stew for his father. I have not really researched the Savory meats, but I believe that those goats where offered as a sacrifice to the Lord.


Where does his mother put the skins? On the back of the neck which is the back of the throat center. That is the same thing. The Hindus and the Buddhists call it the throat center, the Kabbalists call it the neck. I am not quite sure why but it is the same thing, because it goes right through.


He put the goat skin on the back of his throat center, which is a very powerful center. It is the most powerful center when you are still a natural man. He put the goat hair on his throat center, the back of the neck and his hands.


When the Kabbalists talk about the Sefirot, they have a particular configuration of these ten Sefirot appearing. They say it is in the form of a man. They have the center column, a left column, and a right column. If you think of a man, my head and my torso as a center column. I have a left arm and a left leg, and a right arm and a right leg. Right arm and leg and a left arm and leg which are my right and left columns. The two arms by these Kabbalistic terms would be Binah and Hesed. Binah on the left and Hesed on the right.


The goat’s hair was placed on Binah who is known for Judgment. Binah is understanding, she is powerful, she is the female of the upper triad. Binah is the manifestation of the higher realms that communicate with mankind. The hair, the goat’s hair was put on the Sefirot Binah and Hesed, which is pretty much kindness, love and kindness. It never made any sense to me that Isaac would feel goat’s skin. Esau was so hairy that he felt like goat’s skin? I mean that did not sit right with me.


This is what the Lord told me the other day. Jacob did not really, I do not know maybe he put skins on his hand. I will never argue with anyone about what happen in the natural. What we are being told here is that in the sacrifice of these animals, and because it was the purposes of God, when Jacob was obedient, power was poured out upon him. The power of the throat center, that is power in voice, the power of Binah which is judgment, the power of Hesed, which is love and kindness.


Remember, Esau was the one with the power. Jacob had no power. He just had the wisdom. With this power poured out upon him, Jacob had the same level of spiritual power that Esau did. Do you need me to say that again? Do you hear what I am saying? There was an outpouring of power, not just goat’s skins with hair. Jacobs’s power was brought up to the level of Esau’s power.


When Jacob goes in to talk to Isaac we are told Isaac felt him. We have the Scripture in the book of Acts, that says, “If we feel after God we will surely find Him.” How do you feel after God? It is not talking about feeling with your fingers. It is talking about feeling with your mind. It is talking about a spiritual recognition. It is talking about discernment.


I feel after you with my spirit, and I determine whether or not your spirit is of Christ or your spirit is of the carnal mind. I am feeling you with my mind. The mind is a hand. I have known that for years, that the mind is a spiritual hand. The mind grasps things. The mind grasps understanding, the mind grasps knowledge. The mind also grasps people, it forms soul ties, some of them godly some of them ungodly.


When Jacob walked into the room where Isaac is blind and he said, “Who are you?” Jacob said, “I am your son, Esau.” Jacob lied. Isaac said, “You sound like Jacob but you feel like Esau. I can tell you are spiritually powerful.” Whether or not Jacob actually had goat’s hair on his hands or not I do not know. Isaac did not feel his hands, because no man...


Did you ever feel a goat’s skin? That is very thick hair. It is an animal hair. In my very humble but educated opinion, there is no way Isaac physically touched Jacob. He touched Jacob with his mind, and he discerned an anointing on him that he had never seen on Jacob before. Here is another very important point. Even though Isaac said, “This is not Esau’s voice, this is Jacobs voice,” Isaac choose to use this point by which to make his decision based on the spirit.


This is another situation in the church where the people have to be educated to not make their decisions based on the spirit, because spirit Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, comes like an angel of light, and she can do everything that the Holy Spirit can do except direct you to Christ. She counterfeits everything. To base decisions, important life decisions, on a prophesy is deadly, a deadly mistake. It is a deadly, deadly mistake, you have to try the spirit. You have to get your witnesses, you have to pray, you have to seek God, you have to test that spirit until it screams from your pinching it. Isaac knew.


I have lived this in the years of my training. I still, well I do not make that many mistakes anymore, but I am still capable of making these mistakes. My mind is telling me, “That is Jacob’s voice.” I mean that is not something fleeting. “I know that is my son, I know Jacob’s voice, but because there is a spiritual anointing there, that was never there before, I am going to assume its Esau.” What a mistake.


The wisdom would say, “I do not care that the anointing is there, that is Jacob’s voice what is going on here? Isaac was going strictly by the spirit; therefore, he was deceived. We see that Jacob did deceive him, but for God’s purposes. This is a very mature word, and it is a very hard word.


When I was preaching on this chapter, I got as far as the verse..., and I do not know if XXXX read it or not. I think she did. I got as far as the verse where it said Esau came in, Isaac realized that he had made a mistake, and Isaac started to tremble. I could not figure out why Isaac was trembling. I could not get it so I stopped translating it at that time. That had to be more than two years ago, it was before we did Kabbalah. Maybe it was five years ago I did that message, I am not sure. I could not understand with the tools that I had, the level of revelation that I had at that time. I knew that was not getting the truth, so I just dropped it.


Why would Isaac tremble? Then when I started studying Kabbalah I read in someone’s commentary, one Rabbi’s commentary, that Isaac trembled because he perceived the presence of the Shekinah or the Shekinah as they say in the church. The Hebrews say the Shekinah, even then I did not understand it. Today, I understand that Isaac, when he realized that he was deceived, and the focal point of his deception was that he was deceived spirituality on Jacob, he realized that the only way Jacob could have entered into his tent with that level of spirituality was that the Shekinah had joined herself.


The Shekinah is female, the Shekinah had joined herself to Jacob. For the Shekinah to join herself to Jacob, that meant what Jacob did was the will of God and was a correction and a judgment upon Isaac. Remember when I told you that Binah is judgment. Jacob came with power in his voice, he came with judgment, but also came with kindness, because there was no destruction.


Kindness was the right side, Hesed. Jacob came with kindness, judgment, kind judgment, because Hesed was restricting the harsh judgment that could come from Binah. I do not know about harsh, but you can get pretty strong judgment form Binah, and the power to speak in God. Isaac really was not hurt, but he realized for Jacob to do that it had to be God manifesting through Jacob, and he got scared. Did he admit he made a mistake? Did he apologize to Jacob? Did he comfort Esau? And say “Look Esau I am sorry but it was God’s will that your brother get the seed.” No, he cursed Jacob and pronounced him a deceiver. As XXXXX pointed out the other day that when Ham exposed Noah for the purpose of really saving him and saving all of creation, Noah cursed Canaan, Ham’s offspring.


We see that pride arose in Isaac, that he could not admit that he made a mistake, even though he realized what had happened, and he was terrified. He still condemned the vessel that God used to save him, Isaac, from making a much worse mistake. If Isaac had delivered that seed to Esau, there would have been a reaping and sowing consequence for Isaac as well as Esau, as well as the whole of Israel after him.


Instead of coming Jacob for hearing the voice, for actually being able to hear that God would ask him to do that, and to follow through, we read in the Scripture that Jacob had concerns. He said, “What if I get cursed?” He did it anyway, and he paid the price to serve God on the level he was able.


We also see that Jacob reaped what he sowed. He now has a reputation of being a deceiver. He is cursed. Anytime a preacher preaches on Jacob, he is condemned as a deceiver, which is accurate but it is not accurate. He deceived, but his motive was righteous. In my opinion he should not be called a deceiver, he should be called a hero.


He had to leave town, he had to leave the area, because his brother wanted to kill him. He has to leave home for fourteen years, he was away from home. When he finally came back, Esau was waiting to kill him, but we see that God intervened and Esau did not kill him, because the Lord was protecting Jacob even though Jacob had done something that on this realm of our world is called sin. It was very wrong, he lied to his father and stole, he took what really did not belong to him by the rules of this world.


Jacob did it because God said that you are the one that is going to carry the seed and not your brother. This is the same principal that happened when David gave his thrown to Solomon and not to his first born. God can do whatever He wants. He can raise up somebody to preach that does not have a college degree. He can do anything that He wants. He can talk through a donkey if He wants to. As long as it is God, man has nothing to say about it.


The church goes in waves, it gets spiritual it gets carnal, it gets spiritual it gets carnal. These days the church is pretty carnal. We have in positions of power, men who have degrees, granted by institutions that are run by men. They are very influential over a lot of people who do not have the knowledge, or the wisdom, or the guts to follow the anointing rather than a man with a degree. What happens when the church starts going into this mode of carnality, the people are not even taught to recognize the anointing.


Thank God I was raised up in the church where I was taught to recognize the anointing, and people that have been exposed to the real thing, the anointing of God, and teaching under the anointing of God, they are equipped. There is no guarantee you will make the right decision, but at least you are equipped to make the right decision.


When you go into the churches today, I see where the people are not being taught, and there is no really powerful outpouring. The people are taught that you have to get your degree, not that there is anything wrong with getting a degree except that God is not usually in the degree. Either you get it from God, or you go to school. Of course, God can do anything that He wants.


We see a whole generation of Christians being raised up today that are not even equipped to recognize the anointing, and when they perceive the anointing it upsets them. Especially if they perceive it on somebody that does not have a degree, it upsets them very much. We see that God is sovereign. He also changed the order when Jacob was blessing Joseph’s children just before they left Egypt. Remember Jacob crossed his hands, and Joseph said, “No, you are blessing the wrong child.” Jacob was not blessing the wrong child. Jacob was a servant of God. He was not just a spiritual man with spirituality doing whatever it wanted. He was a servant and in submission to the Wisdom of God.


Unfortunately, we do not see that being taught in the church today. Everything goes in waves and has been going in waves for 2000 years, but that will stop when the Son appears, when Christ Jesus appears and becomes the leader of the church. Exactly how that is going to manifest, I do not know. How He is going to get people to believe Him, I do not know. That is not my business, I just have to preach the message.


What is the difference between Christ and Christ Jesus, and the Glorified Jesus Christ. I just said when Christ Jesus appears, not when Christ appears. Christ is the... remember when I told you Able is the dead root of the fallen Adam? When the Seed of the Glorified Jesus Christ comes and grafts to that dead root we read in the Book of Job, that if that stump that is in the ground receives the scent of water it can blossom again. We are talking about the resurrection of Able who becomes one with the seed of Christ that grafts to him. That is the Christ in the individual, Christ in the individual, the beginning of the mind of Christ, the beginning of your new man.


Then the Glorified Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ, the spiritual man who was inside of Jesus of Nazareth, married to the personality of Jesus of Nazareth, having exited from the sheath of the physical body, now ascended on high and is one with Adam Kadmon. He is one with God.


The glorified Jesus Christ is coming down, and this is the whole message. I have not preached it here, but the messages are available on Revelation Chapter 4 and Revelation Chapter 5, two very exciting messages. The Glorified Jesus Christ comes down, and Christ in you is the Throne that the Glorified Jesus Christ comes and sits upon. In that sitting, there is a union and a spiritual marriage. Now that Christ in you is permanently joined to the Glorified Jesus Christ, a new entity appears in you. It is called Christ Jesus. He is the offspring of the union of the two, you are now reconnected to the powers on high.


Christ Jesus is..., first of all, the Lamb of God is Christ Jesus, not Christ. The Lamb of God is Christ Jesus. That message is establishing that. When Christ Jesus is in you, that means you not only have the beginnings of the Mind of Christ within you but you are permanently connected to the Glorified Jesus Christ who is on high, and you are true. That Christ Jesus in you is the true mediator. Christ alone is not the mediator. Christ Jesus is the mediator, because for Christ Jesus to be present in you He has to be in full connection with the Glorified Jesus above and the Christ in you who is below.


Christ Jesus is in your heart center. Christ in you is down, part of Him anyway is down in your belly, part of Him is ascended in your heart center. The Glorified Jesus is reaching down into your heart center and that one, the one sitting on the throne together, is the Lamb that is the true mediator between your flesh man and your spiritual man. In that is the fullness of Salvation, in the Lamb being in the midst of your throne which is Christ in you the hope of Glory. This is the message we have to seek God. We are responsible, responsible to discern between our own carnal mind and our Christ, Christ Jesus within us. If we truly seek Him, and truly, truly desire only His will, we will not be ashamed.


We probably will make mistake, because that is how we will learn to recognize the Christ. I have made a lot of mistake, I still make a lot of mistakes, but that is how He is righteous. When we reap what we sow, something unpleasant, He is there waiting to instruct us. If we get the wrong message it is because our carnal mind or our own carnal emotions messed us up.


He is righteous, and it is our responsibility to seek Him continuously. He will never fail us. Are there any questions? Did I make the point clear that God can override the rules of this natural world if He wants to? His motives are always perfect, His motives are always for the good of the whole of mankind, which He is in the process of extricating or extracting out of Hell. He loves us very much, but He does not baby us. He wants us to be spiritual men, to seek Him all the time, and if we miss Him we will have to pay the consequences for it.


Also, we still reap what we sow, even when He sends us. Jacob did what God told him, but he still had to reap what he sowed. On this level of deceiving his father, he did deceive his father even though his motive was right, his life was spared but he still reaped what he sowed. Of course, if Isaac had not sinned, things may have been different. Things would have been different if Isaac had not sinned against Jacob.


If Isaac had admitted the truth that he made a mistake and sat Esau down and said, “Esau I am sorry but this is the way it is. The Lord can do anything He wants, and for whatever reason He has giving the seed to your brother. You have to be a good sport about this, you have to take it,” and in one of the verses Isaac said to Esau, “The Lord has made him, Jacob your lord, you need to now support Jacob and serve him.” If Isaac had done that and Esau still sought to kill Jacob, things would have been very different. I do not know exactly how they would have played out, but Esau has suffered because Isaac did not judge his sins. Do you hear what I am saying? Isaac the father, did not judge the sins of Esau, he did not rebuke his rage. He did not. He played into it.


He told Esau that Jacob was a deceiver. He strengthened Esau in his sin. Esau and Jacob still exist today in their descendants. In Jacob is appearing..., I know some Christians believe that the ten lost tribes are the European nations. The Jews do not believe that. I have not been too sure until today, I am starting to really go with what the Rabbi’s say. The Rabbi’s say that the European nations are Esau. Not the ten lost tribes. They are Esau.


We see a hatred in Europe for Israel that is unexplainable. Other than by spiritual principles, it is unexplainable. The Hindus do not hate the Jews, the Japanese do not hate the Jews, as far as I know. The Chinese do not hate the Jews, as far as I know. It is the European nations that are anti-Semitic. History will prove that out, there is no logical explanation for it, other than it has a spiritual reason. The Rabbi’s say that the European nations are Esau and that is the reason for the hostility.


I have to ask myself, I ask myself questions, if the European nations where the ten lost tribes..., of course, there was warfare between Israel and Judah too. The real hatred there would be much more hatred coming from Esau than from the ten tribes. The hatred that comes from Europe towards Israel is just not explainable. At this point I am going with the Rabbi’s. I am taking the position that Europe is Esau where the ten lost tribes are. That is interesting, because a couple of years ago, I may even have it on a message, a couple of years ago there was a video made, I do not know if it was on the Discovery channel or something, maybe you gave me the message, XXXX, that the ten lost tribes are in Africa. One of them was in the Middle East.


COMMENT:  Some of them were in Japan.


PASTOR VITALE:  Really, Japan? The person that made this message based it on genetic research that they had gone and taken blood samples, and that they had the same genes. One tribe in Africa had the same genes as the Levites had.


COMMENT:  Genes.


PASTOR VITALE:  It is now fitting together that the ten tribes are in the third world, Africa, Asia, maybe the Middle East. Europe is Esau. Very interesting. Very Interesting.


COMMENT:  Even in the natural we say, “I feel out a situation, or I am feeling him out so I can understand when you say discernment. I always thought that when Isaac trembled that he could foresee what would happen, what is going on now, the Christian and Muslims, so to speak.


PASTOR VITALE:  I believe that there could be more than one answer to questions like these, but I have to disagree with you here because I am thinking he was all caught up in defending himself and denying, in throwing the blame on Jacob. When you are throwing the blame on Jacob and calling him a deceiver, the Spirit of Prediction or the Spirit of Prophesy is not moving on you. I doubt that he was looking into the future when he was busy covering his tail. That is my opinion, you can have a different opinion. That is okay. Anybody else?


COMMENT:  The Christian world does not recognized Christ.


PASTOR VITALE:  No, they do not. They think He is the same as the Holy Spirit. Like the woman that I spoke to last night, she heard me that they were different, but she could not get her mind off of the Holy Spirit. What is happening is the Holy Spirit is fading away, because the Holy Spirit is being merged into the Christ. It is Able the dead root of the fallen Adam, and the Holy Spirit, and the Seed of Christ are all coming together to form our New Man.


For all intents and purposes, the Holy Spirit is disappearing just like the female egg and the sperm disappears. You have a baby, what happened to the egg and the sperm?


The Holy Spirit is disappearing. She is increasing into something greater. What is happening in the church is that the people who cannot or will not accept this revelation, and they are still looking for the Holy Spirit, they are going to find the counterfeit Holy Spirit, which is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. As I have told you, everyone has a natural spirituality which they are born with which is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. When the Holy Spirit comes she is coming to purify us, just as Esther was purified to prepare us for the Seed of Christ. She is coming to prepare us for the King.


The Holy Spirit, being energy, spirit, joins herself to our spiritual part. The Holy Spirit more or less overshadows Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, in us and influences Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, in us. When the Holy Spirit is now joining into the merging Christ, there is nothing overshadowing or influencing our natural spirituality, which is really witchcraft.


For the Christians who refuse to see Christ and have become idolaters of the Holy Spirit which is the female aspect of the Glorified Jesus Christ, they are going to wind up serving Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Then they will be in witchcraft. It is very sad. That is what is happening. As far as God is concerned, this message is out. I have been preaching this message since I came back from Africa in 1993 about the counterfeit Holy Spirit. This message is out. It is in messages, it is on the website, what does that mean?


“Pastor Vitale, you are just one lone voice preaching this message, how can God be justified in letting all of those people out there go into destruction?” The answer is this. Everybody who is truly seeking God, truly seeking His will in every aspect of our life will be lead to the truth. He will lead you to our website. Maybe someone else is preaching the same message. If there is someone else, there are only a few of us that are doing it. He will see to it that you get the message if you really want the truth. Most people do not really want the truth.


Most Christians today, unfortunately, are filled with pride, which is really just spiritual immaturity. Nothing is being done about it, they think they know it all, they think they know everything. They do not want to be taught. They think they are Lone Rangers, they do not want to submit to authority. Therefore, God is righteous for anyone who goes into destruction. He got this message out, and it is on a public website, for anybody that He want to direct it to. Anyone that truly seeks Him will get directed to it. His hands are clean. That is a hard word.


The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. You have to understand what that means. Not the fear that He is going to cast you into Hell, but the fear of God that you better do it His way, or He is going to let you go into the drench. That is a hard word.


I cannot remember what it was that He had asked me to do, and I did not want to do it, but years ago when I was still discipling in the church that I was raised up in, He had asked me to do something, and I did not want to do it. He said to me, “If you do not do it, I am going to leave you for carrion on the banks of Jordan.” I was sitting on my living room couch. That is what He said to me. “If you do not do it, I am going to leave you for carrion on the banks of Jordan.”


I could not believe He talked to me like that. I did do it. He wanted me to give a testimony that I knew my pastor would be very angry at. That is the only thing that I could think of in those days, that my ministry in those days was limited to the church that I was in. I was a prophet in the church. There were two major issues that He had me challenge in a Godly way, and my pastor did not appreciate it. He did not appreciate it at all. It is probably one of those two issues. I did it, and my pastor got very angry at me. I had to deal with that anger.


I had to give a testimony, I was not in rebellion, He opened the floor for testimonies, and I gave a testimony which was true and honest. He just would have preferred that I did not give it. You cannot really call that rebellion. I will tell you what the two issues were. I do not remember which one it was. One issue, I think what this had to do with, my pastor had the same problem that we have here. He preached a cut above any other, his message was a cut above any other church in the area that I know of. He never had anyone in the church preach when he went out of town, he had no one to back him up, he was always struggling. The truth is that he had three anointed women in the church, and he did not want to let women in the pulpit. He wanted a man with a three piece suit and a material prosperity on him to preach while he was away.


There was no such man like that, that was anointed to preach in that church. He would not take the women. Look, nobody is perfect, that was something he was struggling with.


He brought in this preacher who had a three piece suit and was a professional preacher and sounded real good, except that the man did not believe the message of the church, which was a message of deliverance. I, for one, was highly demonized when I came into the church, and I had five years of heavy duty deliverance. Every time the alter opened up, I was rolling on the floor. I spent years getting delivered of the spirit of witchcraft. I had a lot of witchcraft in me. Where did it come from? I do not know. I was born with it, I do not know where it came from.


I was dying, and I was dying because I was filled with spirits of witchcraft among other things. I knew that there is no such thing as one spirit of witchcraft that you can cast out.


This man that our pastor brought into the church was preaching, “You have a problem, you go up you get prayer once, and if you are not delivered it is because you have no faith, and you should not go up for prayer again.” I was going up for prayer and deliverance for months, if not years on end. Who even remembers? Five years? I had heavy deliverance, and most of it was witchcraft.


My pastor and I had a good reputation in the church, we were going to evangelizing in Harlem. My pastor asked me in advance that when he asked for testimony if I would give a testimony. I said, “Sure.” Then I asked the Lord, “What testimony?” The testimony was that you do not get delivered from one shot. I stood up in Harlem, and that is what I said. I said, “Do not let anyone tell you that if you get delivered from a Spirit of Witchcraft, and you are still troubled that you should not come back up for more deliverance, because you keep coming up and get as many spirits cast out of you as you need cast out of you.”


            My pastor turned red, green, and orange. He was enraged at me. What I was saying, my pastor preached what I was saying, but at this time in his life he was so frustrated that the Lord had not provided a man in a three piece suit to preach his message that he was taking a man that was preaching the exact opposite of what he was preaching, and he was grooming him to come in to be his assistant. The man was not spiritually qualified to be his assistant, and the Lord chose to expose my pastor through me giving a testimony, which is not rebellion. Do you all understand that? He was very enraged at me, he was very angry at me.


I was very tough in those days, I do not know what I would do today, but every time he put that man up, I left the church, I went home. The poor guy, he did not know from anything. That was the message that he preached. My pastor was inviting him to preach, then, “Why did I hate him?” I did not hate him, but that is the way it looked to him.


The other issue was head covering. Some spirit of witchcraft came into the church and told all the women that they had to cover their heads. I received it at first. I got this little doily, and I put it on, got a little doily for my daughter, and we were walking around with our religious head covering, and it even made me feel so protected.


Then, one day I went up for deliverance, and I got deliverance every time that alter opened, and the deliverance workers could not get the demon out of me. I started praying and asking the Lord what was wrong. He told me that it was the head covering, that He was my head covering, and that head covering was interfering with me getting delivered, so I took my head covering off and took it off my daughter.


I was persecuted in the church, and the Lord anointed me. I was a troublemaker, but I was a troublemaker in God. The Lord anointed me. In those days, I was very sick and I never fasted, I was very sickly. He put me on a fast for about three days, maybe I was drinking Juices. For me it was radical. I did not feel a thing, it did not hurt at all. He gave me a vision of spiritual warfare. I saw an angel coming into a church and ripping the head coverings off of all the women. It took a whole year for those head coverings to come off. At the end of that year, there was just one or two women who could not get out of the bondage,


I stood up and gave that testimony, and he was so mad at me. I gave the testimony that the demon would not come out until I took the head covering off. The woman who was the last woman to take it off was the women who started the whole thing. It was right after that, that she had some deliverance. She was rolling on the floor for a long time, they were praying for her for hours. That thing finally came out, because her pride was in it. She was the last one to take the head covering off.


COMMENT:  I remember I tried so hard to go along with that, and I would forget continuously. I felt so bad that I was not doing what I should have been doing. I continuously forgot that.


PASTOR VITALE:  That head covering must have represent another spirit, because I would put that head covering on, and I actuality felt all warm and protected, so some spirit was clinging to me because I had that religious behavior. That spirit cleaving to me was stopping the deliverance.


COMMENT:  Was it easier to get into the church, did the people embrace this head covering at the first?


PASTOR VITALE:  It was witchcraft, I know exactly how it happened. We had a visiting preacher from out of state. There was a woman in the church that had a lot of witchcraft, religious spirits go with witchcraft. This visiting preacher had dinner at her house before he preached, and he stood up in the pulpit and said that God changed his message. Then he preached on the head covering, somehow she imparted that to him. The message was preached with power, and the whole church just received it, including me. Then it took a whole year. Who knows what would have happened if the Lord did not have someone in the church who was obedient enough to face the persecution. Even then, it took a year to set the people free.


COMMENT:  In the church with the people not recognizing Christ, they are so caught up with this rapture mentality that they cannot comprehend that Christ is actually coming in the belief, and he is going to restore the earth.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, they do not understand, and you have to start teaching people from the beginning. Remember Dr. XXXXX? He used to say that churches should have desks with pens. Churches are supposed to be schools. You are not supposed to go to another state to go to a Bible college, but you are supposed to be educated in the local church. That is where I was educated, I was raised up in the local church. I thank God for that pastor that taught me all that he taught me. The churches today, I do not know. I am so grateful that I got it. I do not see it any place else, what I have. I do not see it any place except here. I am just carrying on what was put in me.


COMMENT:  They are not recognizing the manner or the purposes for which He is coming.


PASTOR VITALE:  It is because they have never been taught. You have to start teaching at the beginning. They have not been taught properly.


COMMENT:  It is a tradition that has been carried on, and that is all they know.


PASTOR VITALE:  Right. If you have a problem you go to the psychologist. The woman that called me the other day that I told her that Christ was outshining the Holy Spirit, she called because she had spent three years with a Christian counselor, who counseled and prayed for her, and she said that they have helped her, but she feels that she has squeezed everything out of them, and there is nothing more left.


I said, “The Lord is probably bringing you here if you can handle it.” I do not know. I guess I am jaded after all these years. When this ministry started I wanted everyone to come in and partake of this wonderful message. I know now that very few people are going to be able to stand against the traditions of the church. I think that in retrospect, I should repent, that I should have spent more time with her, but I guess in my mind I was thinking that she is not likely to make it. I really did not want to bother.


I talked to her a little. I explained it, and I told her about the bridegroom company. One of her manifestations that she wanted deliverance from was that she was thinking that it was her, was that whenever she is in a group of believers she is invisible, nobody sees her, talks to her, or acknowledges anything that she says. I told her that a lot of the people here go through that, you are in a different place, you are a part of the bridegroom company, and they are part of the bride company. She never heard of this before. She said, “Can I break that curse from them?” I said, “No. That is the envy that crucified Jesus, the envy for the spiritual male.”


I did not say that to her, but that is how it is coming out now. I said that the answer is what you need to do to deal with it is to come under this training so the Christ in you can mature and learn how to deal with it in Christ. I lied to her. She had a nice spirit, but what I told her must have been really shocking to her. When she sees the web page, I really do not expect to hear from her. She really would have stayed on the phone with me longer. I said, “Go to the website, if you have any questions do not hesitate to call me.” I probably will never hear from her. Nothing short of a miracle.


It takes a special dispensation to come here, then there are people who are willing to go over that bridge and listen to what I am saying. Then they come in filled with pride and want to take over the ministry. They get stopped at the door. It is very hard to get into this. This is very special that you are here, that what God is doing here is very special. The way is very narrow, very few are in here now.


There is going to be a catching up, and at that point the church will be in two levels. Either you are going to be caught up, or you are not going to be caught up. If you are not caught up you are going to be mixed with everybody else no matter what your doctrine is. You are going to if you want to go to the teachings of the Apostles. There will be people who will not take the teachings of the Apostles, and they will just go their own way and do what they want.


It is going to be similar to how it was in the Book of Acts, not the same but similar. Once Christ Jesus manifests in a company of people, and the Lord makes it public, you see we are not public yet. We are still veiled, but once He makes it public His anointing will leave every other area of the church.


The Holy Spirit is still moving out there. I do not know of any place around here in Suffolk County where it is moving. There may be a couple of places in Nassau still. In Florida, I see the spirit moving there. God is not doing the same thing in every place, but once He comes to your church where ever your church is, once the Lord makes a judgment that He is introducing the Son to this church, the higher message and the higher way to this church and they refuse it, the Holy Spirit anointing begins to leave that church.


Is it a punishment? Yes, and now it is a reaping of what you have sown, but even more than that, the Holy Spirit begins to leaves the church, and hopefully the pastor and the people are going to start praying, “Why is the anointing leaving the church?” If they pray adequately they will get the answer, “Because I want to take you to the next level, and you could not recognize it at the next level.”


03/12/06 Transcribed by KML

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