592 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord everybody. I will start with giving you a brief overview of what we will be doing here. I am going to read Revelation, Chapter 4, Verses 1-11, in the King James Translation, and then I am going to read the Alternate Translation that we worked up on Part 1 of those same verses.


Actually what happened was, I started to go over that Alternate Translation to format it for insertion into the Alternate Translation Book, at which time the Lord started giving me a deeper revelation. That deeper revelation radically changes the translation, but very excitedly points us to some very interesting Scriptures, and spiritual principles, which us to translate, Zechariah, Chapter 4, the whole chapter.


We have revelation on the whole chapter of the candlestick, and the two olive trees that stand next to them. We will see how much we get done today, but that is the direction that we are going in.


King James Translation - Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to Saint John, Chapter 4, Verses 1- 11.


After this I looked and behold a door was opened in heaven, and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me, which said, “Come up hither, and I will show thee things which must be hereafter.


And immediately I was in the spirit, and behold a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.


And He that sat was to look upon like a jasper, and a sardine stone, and there was a rainbow round about the throne in sight like unto an emerald.


And round about the throne were four and twenty seats, and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothe in white raiment and they had on their heads crowns of gold.


And out of the throne proceeded lightings and thunderings and voices, and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God.


And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal. And in the midst of the throne and round about the throne were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.


And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.


And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him and they were full of eyes within; and they rest not day or night saying, “Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was and is and is to come.”


And when those beasts give glory and, honor, and thanks to Him that sat on the throne, who liveth forever and ever,


The four and twenty elders fall down before Him that sat on the throne, and worship Him that liveth forever and ever and cast their crowns before Him saying,


Thou art worthy O Lord to receive glory and honor and power, for Thou has created all things and for thy pleasure, they are and were created. Praise the Lord.


Alternate Kabbalah Translation of Revelation, Chapter 4, Verses 1 - 11, what was worked up on Part 1.


After this I looked and saw that Christ Jesus, the door to Heaven, had been opened, and I heard the sound of the vibration of the Lord Jesus Christ, the beginning of the creation of God, talking to me, saying, “Ascend up to I Am, and I will show you what must happen to you now that Christ Jesus is in the midst of your Heart Center.


And as soon as I became spiritual, I understood that Christ was a spiritual throne that was laid out in the midst of me, and that the Lord Jesus Christ was sitting upon that throne.


And the married Christ within me; John is saying, was a stumbling stone because he still had impurities, but nevertheless, shined like a gemstone, and when Christ Jesus judged the earthen personality/soul that surrounded Him, the inner aspect of the earthen personality reflected the shining green hue of a healed soul.


And the glorified Jesus Christ circulated through the twenty-four thrones or the twenty four Sefirot that formed Ze’‘ir Anpin or Christ Jesus, and the twenty-four elders or the twenty four energies who were married to the Sefirot were the collective consciousness of Ze’‘r Anpin or Christ Jesus in each of the four worlds, and the twenty-four elders were endowed with righteous authority and power, because the golden energy of Keter the crown Sefirot was their head.


And the completed Spirit of God within the personalities that Christ Jesus is appearing in burned their Carnal Mind with fire, and spiritual communications from Christ Jesus came out of the sons of God in their own voices, which are the final form of the judgments that are about to appear.


And Christ Jesus, the only source of full, unhindered sight into the unconscious, as well as the conscious parts of the Carnal Mind, appeared in the midst of the four sided earthen personalities, who surrounded Christ Jesus, and Satan’s sea of emotional chaos within the personalities turned into transparent ice.


And the first beast was like the Spirit of Christ, and the second beast was like the offspring of Jesus of Nazareth, the first personality of mortal man to be glorified, and the third beast had the personality of the regenerated Adam, and the fourth best was the resurrected Abel, who was flying in the heavenlies like an eagle.


And each of the four beasts was righteous because of the six Sefirot of Christ Jesus, the spiritual Eagle who occupies the five circular worlds, whose righteous image was swelling towards the outer most world, and they did not rest, but continued in both their Christ Mind and their Carnal Mind, to declare the holiness of Christ Jesus, who is the controller of their fallen nature, the holiness of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Omnipotent One who always was, and the holiness of the second generation of Christ, which is to come.


And when the Spirit of Christ, the regenerated Adam, and Abel acknowledged that the Lord Jesus Christ is honorable, and the personality realizes that it is a privilege to turn her worldly power over to Christ Jesus, the throne within herself, who is married to the Lord Jesus Christ, the only source of life throughout all ages and offers Christ Jesus her gevurot, her spiritual valuables or witchcraft power.


At that time when that happens, the glorified Jesus Christ, the One who lives throughout all ages descends into the 24 Sefirot of Christ Jesus’ the throne in the midst of


Those four beasts within a mortal man,


And marries Christ Jesus, and humbles the personality that Christ Jesus lives in, and casts Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind of that personality into the bottomless pit, saying,


You are very worthy, O Lord to control our sin nature, and to be called honorable, and to lay hold of our witchcraft power, because you are Binah, who created everything that the Ayn Sof desired you to create, and you now dwell with us, your daughter, Malkhut, because He has commanded it. Praise the Lord.


Now, we are going to go on with the changes that I have begun to make in this translation. For those of you that have not studied with me, that are reading this message or listening to this message, this is typical that, as we work on a translation, the Lord gives it to us, deeper and deeper, and deeper. The word of God is bottomless. It is infinite in all directions, and is as deep as we can get it right now. If one week from now, I started to look at it again, I would probably would see changes. As our spiritual maturity increases; as our capacity to hear from God, and understand increases; the message goes deeper and deeper.


It is not different message, we are just hearing it on a different level, that can be likened to a first grader learning the beginnings of Algebra, and a math teacher, taking Advanced Algebra, for a PHD.


We just get it deeper, and deeper, and deeper, which is a wonderful thing, because we will never run out of food. We will never run out of stimulation for our mind. Our mind must be fed as we go on with the Lord, and we will be in a continuous state of growth until we are glorified. The Scripture says, that when Jesus was glorified when He appeared in His spiritual body, He quoted all the Scriptures that had to do with Himself. I believe in that condition, there will be no secrets; we will understand everything. We will be infinite.


We will be in an infinite form, and therefore we will be a manifestation of the infinite word. I do not know what that means. I know in this present condition, that we can never capture the word. Can never say we have the final word. There is always additional revelation. That is why it is so unfortunate for the Christians, who teach that there is no more revelation today. How sad, how totally sad.


I do not know what it means to be infinite. I do not know what it means to have an infinite mind, so there is no way that I could even begin to guess what it mean to have an infinite mind approaching the infinite word. I have no idea what that means.


It might mean that we will know everything all at once, because it is my understanding that when we ascend out of the realm of time; time has a forwards and a backwards, and an up, and a down, but the spirit world has no forwards and backwards.


Everything exists simultaneously, which I must admit is sort of difficult for me to understand. I guess I am not spiritually mature enough for me to really understand this. For example, every year of my life exists simultaneously in the spirit. I cannot comprehend how that could be, but that is what I am told.


There is no division in the spirit. Everything is a unity, and I think the Lord is telling me now that everything exists in seed form. I still do not know what that means. I know what it means to say that, when you are one year old, the next 20 years of your life exist in seed form, in a form of potential. I do not know what it means to say if you are 40 years old that the first 39 years of your life exist in seed form.


I do not comprehend it, other than to look at a 40 year old person right now, and say they are the sum total of all their previous 39 years, which now exist in a hidden seed form, manifesting somewhere as characteristics of the 40 year old personality, I could see that.


I cannot comprehend an infinite mind, knowing everything; everything, knowing everything about the Universes; everything about everybody, no secrets. Knowing all the people that exist in the world. I cannot even comprehend it. My mind right now would probably be destroyed if that kind of information was channeled into it. I cannot comprehend it, so we will go on, because I cannot comprehend it. Praise the Lord.


These first, I believe three verses, Revelation, Chapter 4, verses l, 2, and 3, I have given it a category: Christ, Jesus and John. What I did not clarify initially was that these first few verses are about John. The initial vision is about John. He is seeing himself in the spirit. I think, starting with Verse 4, the vision expands to the rest of the members of mortal humanity.


Revelation, Chapter 4, Verses 1 through 3. And after this I looked and saw that Christ Jesus, the door to Heaven, had been opened, and I heard the sound of vibration of the Lord Jesus Christ, the beginning of the creation of God, talking to me, saying, “Ascend up to where I Am is and I will show you what must happen to you, now that Christ Jesus is in the midst of your Heart Center.” Let us take a look at this verse. John is acknowledging that a door had been opened in the midst of him, and that he heard the sound of the vibration of the Lord Jesus Christ.


For years I have been reading in the beginning of the Book of Genesis, that Adam heard the sound of Jehovah walking in the cool of the day. I do not know if that is what it says in the King James, but if you look up the words, that is the intention. He heard the sound of Jehovah.


I never could comprehend what that meant in my carnal days. I knew that Jehovah does not speak language like we do. Spirit is a wave, it vibrates, and vibration causes sound in this realm, but it causes images in other spiritual realms. I am not too sure, but I think that it has to be air for sound to come forth, if I am not mistaken. In the spiritual realms where there is no atmosphere like we have down here, sound is seen in the form of color or images. Vibration in a world where there is no physical sound, like we have here, for lack of a better word, I will say, audible sound, where there is no audible sound.


Sound is recognized by colors. Each color has a particular level or decibel of vibration, and if you know what color is associated with what sound; if you are equipped and educated enough, you can hear with your eyes, if you see in the Spirit. You can tell which level of sound or which energy is sounding, or you could see thought forms, so we can see what people are saying. Sometimes I see what people are saying. I see images in my mind that indicate or reveal the unspoken thoughts of people around me, from time to time, so I see what they are saying. Praise the Lord.


It is very interesting, as we go on with this message, I have a little more to say about this spiritual idea. The Lord started speaking to me about this a day or so ago. Since He started speaking to me about it, I found several times; at least two or three times that I was talking to somebody; and I said something like, I saw your words. The friend that I was talking to corrected me, thinking that I just made a mistake, but something must be happening in my mind. This spiritual principle is happening in my mind that I know that I can see what people are saying. I saw what you said. The person that I said it to, corrected me saying, you mean, you heard what I said. Somehow this revelation is getting in my Spirit. That is what came out of my mouth, two or three times over the next couple of days. Is not that interesting?


We have a couple of foot notes here. We heard the sound and the vibration of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, in Revelation 4:1 it does not say, I saw the sound, it says, I heard the sound of the vibration of the Lord Jesus Christ. We do not know what that sound was. We know that when the glorified Jesus Christ approached Paul, that Paul’s companions heard what they perceived to be thunderings, but Paul heard an audible voice. We see that two different people or one person, and a group of people heard the sound of the Lord Jesus Christ in two different ways. Paul heard it in his language, and his companions heard it as thunder, which means that they were not high enough in the Spirit to distinguish the words from the sounds, or to make sense out of the sounds.


We see that John heard the sound of the vibration of the Lord Jesus Christ. To me that says, he did not hear an audible voice. He heard the sound of the vibration. What did it sound like? I do not know. I do not know what the sound of the vibration of the Lord Jesus Christ sounded like to John, but I know that John received understanding. Let us not assume that John heard an audible voice, we do not know that, but we know whatever that sound sounded like, John comprehended it. That sound said to John, ascend up to where I AM is.


On footnote number 4, I have the wrong Sefirot. I AM, I believe is Keter. It is the name of God associated with Keter, so please correct your notes. I have said, Tiferet, but it is Keter. I am not sure though, it may be Binah, let me check that. Yes, the name of God, I AM, is associated with the Sefirot, Keter, not Sefirot, Keter. The voice that spoke to John said, ascend up to where I AM is. Now, we see that this is the glorified Jesus Christ speaking to him, because that is where the glorified Jesus Christ is. He has ascended up to the Keter of the World of Adam Kadmon, I believe. He has ascended, He is above every other name.


He has ascended up to the Keter of the World of Adam Kadmon of the Linear Sefirot. We see that John was able to comprehend the meaning of the vibration. We do not know what it sounded like to him. As a matter of fact, it may not have had a sound. I have had the Lord speak to me by impression. I have not heard an audible voice, I have not heard any sound of vibration, any twanging, but I just have an understanding in my mind, a thought comes into my mind. That vibration has made a sound that I have comprehended. I have not heard audible words. In other words, if you hear someone speaking a foreign language, and you know what they mean, you may not be able to repeat every word, but you got the gist of what they were saying. That is how it works. John got the gist, and the gist was; “Come on up where I AM.”


In other words this is more than just an invitation; well, it is an invitation, but it is an invitation that contains permission. Jesus was saying to John, not only am I inviting you up here to this high place, but you have permission to come if you want to. This is a closed place; just anybody cannot get in there.


The voice of the glorified Jesus Christ was saying to John, come up to where I AM or to come up to where I AM is. Of course, Jesus is now is, I AM. The personality of Jesus of Nazareth has become the garment that covers the invisible God. In this case, I Am, the name of God called I AM. I got a little excited today at something I discovered a little further along in this message. I have been telling you for years that the whole concept of a garment for God, as it applies to humanity, we are the garment of God down here in the World of Asiyah.


To give you that understanding I have talked to you about the invisible man. How this man was invisible, and he was frightening people, because a voice seem to be coming out of the air, so he put on a suit, and pants, and shoes, and wrapped bandages around his head, and he was seen by the people in that plane of consciousness, which was this world. The bandages did not form the man. The invisible substance of the man formed the bandages and filled out the jacket and the pants. That is hard for people to understand but that is our condition.


We are filled with spiritual entities. I cannot say spiritual life, because the average human being is filled with death. The invisible spiritual entity that forms our flesh, and forms our thoughts, aside from those of us that are moving on in Christ. I am talking about the average man is of the Serpent. That is why the definition of death is, that the Spirit, the indwelling Spirit, departs from the flesh, and the flesh collapses, like a wine skin water bottle, when the water is used up.


The flesh collapses and deteriorates, because the flesh is not the reality. This body is not the reality of who we are. It is the invisible spiritual entity, or entities that inhabit us. That is the reality of who we are. Unless Christ Jesus is the life that is inhabiting us to any degree of substance, as far as the Lord is concerned, that person is nothing. Oh, that is shocking, that is shocking, and that is hurtful, but sometimes the truth hurts.


If the spiritual substance that is giving you existence in this world, is the Serpent’s formation of a human being, based upon the Serpent’s control of a dead Abel, as far as God is concerned, you do not even exist. We are learning this from the Zohar.


That is not meant to be a cruelty, neither by me or God. It is just the truth. We are just dust, we are just dirt.


Now, our minds cannot comprehend that, especially if we have some success in this world, we usually think we are something, but God says, we are nothing, if His life is not expressing Himself through us. It is a hard word, but the truth will set us free. Jesus said, “I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it now.”


We have a whole church world full of preachers, standing up and telling thousands if not millions of people; don’t worry, nothing bad can happen to you. Or if something bad does happen to you; I have to correct that.


What we heard on the TV this morning was a very international famous Ministry, telling its people that God is not responsible for the flooding in New Orleans; Satan did it. Well let me ask you a question. If there were Christians in New Orleans that died, does it really matter who did it? They died. If Satan did it, Jehovah did not deliver them. You tell me what the difference is between the Lord Jesus Christ not delivering somebody and the Lord Jesus Christ killing somebody. Tell me what the difference is. Jesus asked the Pharisees; tell me what is the difference between saying your sins are forgiven or you are healed? What is the difference? You tell me Pharisees; what is the difference between saying your sins are not forgiven and you are dead? Brother preacher, if you are dead, the Lord Jesus did not defend you, and it does not matter who did the deed.


How silly, how silly, may God forgive you, teaching millions of people that lie, and blocking them from a Godly fear of the judgment of the Lord, that might cause them to stand up and fly straight, and seek God for themselves.


May God forgive you, you have done a terrible wrong today to thousands of people, if not millions of people, in these last dangerous days. You have stripped the people who have believed you of their hope of survival. May God have mercy on your soul. Their lives are on your head and on your hands.




For this saith the Lord; I have taken your commission to teach, away from you, saith your God. I have approached you in the morning, and I have approached you in the evening, and I have called you to the truth of my word, and you have turned your back, and denied my presence, because the pride of your mind could not receive my truth. Wherefore you have chosen to worship the Serpent instead of me, and therefore all that has come into your possession as a gift from me, and as blessings from me, saith your God, will this day begin to depart from you.


Jesus, Help us Lord, Help us O God, Help us Lord, Help us, Help us Lord Jesus, Jesus.


We are in Verse 1 of Revelation, Chapter 4 - So the Glorified Jesus Christ is talking to John, but please note that he is communicating with John through the indwelling Christ in John. That is how it goes. The Glorified Jesus Christ speaks to Christ in us, and Christ in us speaks to the personality. If Christ is not established in you, the Lord Jesus Christ is not in you. Oh, you say, I have the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit, let me remind you, is the Nefesh of the Glorified Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is the female aspect of the Glorified Jesus Christ. When the Scripture tells us that the Lord Jesus spoke to John, the Scripture is not talking about Jesus’ Nefesh. He is talking about Jesus’ Keter. He is not even talking about Jesus’ Ruach. He is talking about the whole man, which comes from the high place of the Keter.


Very few in the church hear from the Glorified Jesus Christ who abides in the Keter of the World of Adam Kadmon, from the name that is above every other name. The reason many of the church do not hear from Him is that from this great height our God only speaks to His son. You see, that is why YHVH or Jehovah or YKVK, descended into the Tiferet.


The Tiferet Energy Center which we know to be the Heart Energy Center to talk to Israel, because there are many more that make it to the Heart Center in Israel that could communicate with the name of God that abides in the Keter. In this hour, because of the work of the Glorified Jesus Christ, and His great sacrifice to deposit the seed of His Son in our heart, we no longer have to climb all the way up to the highest mountain, which is the Keter of Adam Kadmon, to speak to the I AM.


The I AM comes down to us. Can you imagine that? He comes down to us, but if a seat for Him is not erected in our house, He does not stay, and there is no mechanism for Him to communicate with the personality. Christ must be established in us, as a throne, as a seat, and then the Glorified Jesus Christ comes into our personal house, our human vessel, and sits on the seat that we have prepared for Him, which is Christ, and the two together, Christ, and the Glorified Jesus Christ become Christ Jesus in your heart, and in my heart, and there is a communication from Christ Jesus to the personality from that place.


The Lord is telling me right now, that the Jewish tradition, which opens the door for Elijah on the first night of Passover, the Jewish tradition, which sets out a glass of wine for Elijah on the first night of Passover, is a type of this reality.


Elijah is coming in through the door of our hearts; the Spirit of Elijah, and we know that Jesus, was, in the days of His flesh, a reincarnation of the Glorified Elijah. Those personalities are ascended up to the high place of the Keter, and they are part of the garment that covers the I AM, so that, that Jewish tradition is really waiting for and hoping for the visitation of a glorified spirit to come through the door of their heart and drink the wine (well I do not know) drink the wine of our spirit? I think it would be an exchange, we want the wine of His Spirit, so that is how the tradition goes. Praise the Lord. Come up to where I AM, and I will show you what must happen to you, now that Christ Jesus is in the midst of your heart center.


Verse 2 - And as soon as I ascended and became spiritual, I understood that Christ was a spiritual throne laid out in the midst of me, and that the Lord Jesus Christ was sitting on that throne. I think I pretty much just explained that to you.


The Greek word translated throne means, “Seat,” so we have a seat in us, in our Heart Center, and He is called Christ, when He is up there. He starts out in our belly. He has to ascend into our Heart Center. We know there is a door in us. We know that Cain is the door that Satan comes through, and Abel is the door that Christ comes through.


We are a house, each one of us, is a spiritual house, and spiritual entities, spiritual life, spiritual death, spiritual dead entities, dwell in us. It is hard, but that is who we are. To receive the blessings of the Lord in their fullness, we have to understand who we are.


The big problem with the church today, is that she thinks she is Christ. She is not. The church today is having the same problem that the female side of Adam had before time began. The female side of Adam thought she was the man, if you remember the teaching.


She was so sure that she was the man, that she was not looking above her for an authority, but she was seeking to exercise authority, and therefore was looking for someone below her, and when she looked down instead of up, she found the Serpent, her earthen nature. The female side of Adam thought that she was the man, and that her earthen nature was the woman. She was blinded to the true spiritual male, the male aspect of Adam, who was above her.


She turned her back on him; she could not hear him; she could not see him; she was deaf to everything he said, and she made herself the man, and married her earthen personality; when she was destined to marry her spiritual bridegroom.


Brethren the church is doing the same thing today. All of us, we are in the same trial that Adam was in before he felI. It is the same exact trial. Do you know who you are? Are you a Christian, who thinks your whole purpose in life is to give out tracts to the people who do not have what you have? Or do you understand that you are the woman, and that your function is to turn behind you and look for your husband, and learn how to recognize him; learn how to recognize his voice; learn how to be obedient to him; let the older women teach the younger women how to love their husband?


Well, that is nice if you want to manifest that, in the natural plane, but the ultimate understanding of that verse is, Paul telling the church, “Let the older Christians, who are still spiritually female, because Christ Jesus is not leading their life; is not in control of their thoughts, and their actions, and behavior; they are still spiritual women, with the ones that are older.


The older spiritual women that have some knowledge and some experience with Christ, let them teach the younger spiritual women; physical males as well as physical females; in the church, how to love their husband, Christ Jesus.


It is the same exact trial that Adam failed from the World of Beriah, when it is the same exact trial that the female Adam failed, when she was planted in the World of Beriah, in a safe place in the Garden, and because of her mistake; because she looked to the World of Yetzirah, which was below her, for someone to be a male too, she did not see, hear, or was not able to obey her husband, who was in the World of Emanation, above her.


She fell down to the lower world, upon which she set her heart. Jesus said, “where her heart is, that is where she shall be.” Her heart was set on being a man, and looking towards that which was lower than her, and she fell down to the lower world. Does not Paul say, “Set your eyes on things above?”


What do you seek in this world? What is your heart of heart reaching for? Is it reaching for things above, or is it reaching for the things of this world? Is there anything wrong with liking the good things of this world? No, as long as that desire is subjected to a primary desire and a primary turning towards, and a primary looking towards, the Lord Jesus Christ, and His world, and His life. What is your priority? If your priority is not Him, you always have the option of confessing it as sin, and asking Him to put your priorities in order. If you try to do it yourself, you will surely fail. Praise the Lord. That was Verse 2, Revelation, Chapter 4, from a Kabbalistic view point.


Verse 3, And I also understood that, when Christ within me was married to the Lord Jesus Christ, I, John speaking, became a stumbling stone to the church, and to the world. We know that Jesus is the stumbling stone. I have a Scripture reference for you on that, if I can find it. I guess I did not put it in. I put in the reference but I did not look up the Scripture. I believe it is in the book of Isaiah. He shall be a stone of stumbling unto the church. Now, we know the reason why Jesus was a stumbling stone, because His inner aspect was surrounded by a flawed personality. I do not know about Jesus in the days of His flesh. Jesus was perfect.


This is John talking, so let me rephrase that. This is true; John, and it is true any one of us in whom Christ Jesus is appearing. John speaking, And I also understood that when Christ within me was married to the Lord Jesus Christ, I became a stumbling stone to the church, and to the world because Christ Jesus, my inner aspect, was surrounded by my flawed personality. Christ Jesus judged my sin nature, and healed me, or healed my soul, and then after that, I reflected the shining emerald green hue of His righteous Spirit. We see that, it is not enough. Once again it is not enough to have Christ formed in you. Your mortal soul must be healed. Our mortal soul is spiritually sick. That is why we die. Everybody born of a woman has a diseased soul. It is diseased, and corrupted, and leprous because of sin.


When Christ Jesus comes to dwell in us, it is a wonderful day, and exciting to know that He is with us, and He loves us, and that maybe we speak in tongues, and we start to appreciate the word, and get revelation in the word of God.


Brethren I am telling you, and I have been preaching this here for years. That is not enough. Christ Jesus is our weapon, and that weapon is to be used to seek and destroy our sin nature. If you have a weapon, and do not use it, you are still going to be suffering for whatever you were suffering from before you obtained the weapon.


The church wants the weapon; they do not want to seek and destroy their enemy, which is themselves. Our enemy is our self. God help us. God help us brethren, the judgments are falling on the church, but Jesus said, “Look up, because your redemption draweth nigh.”


As the judgments fall on the church, Christ Jesus is rising. I prayed that the day that we see Him in the fullness of His glory is very soon. All those in Israel that are waiting, and hoping for healing, and deliverance from death, should have their hopes realized in the very near future.


I have a couple of foot notes here, let us take a look at them. I see that Foot Number 5 is in the wrong place. Foot Number 5, I have it after the words, “my inner aspect,” and it should really be at the end of the sentence, at the end of Verse 3, where it says, “I reflected the shining emerald green hue of His righteous Spirit.” I will read it to you. Shining, green hue is an amplification of the Greek word translated, emerald, the green color of which suggests spiritual and physical well healing. Green, when applied to an animal is usually a very unhealthy color. I would not be eating any meat that looks green, but green in plant life or spiritual life means, healing, and health, and it is a glorious color.


I could not help realizing when I worked on this verse, that the person who wrote the Wizard of Oz, must surely have taken it from the Book of Revelation. Of course, it is an Anti-Christ movie, or it is an Anti-Christ story; the Wizard Of Oz, because, first of all they are calling God a Wizard, and they are putting him in an emerald city, and in an emerald castle, and the Wizard is revealed to be a very weak, foolish, person, who, when discovered, losses his power over the people that he holds in fear the whole time. That wonderful story that you take your children to see, with that singing and dancing, has anti-Christ roots, brethren. Praise the Lord.


What else can I tell you about this verse? Let us just listen to it again. And I, John also understood that when Christ within you is married to the Lord Jesus Christ, I became a stumbling stone to the church, and to the world, because Christ Jesus, my inner aspect; Christ Jesus is the inner aspect of the personality or the inner aspect of the whole man; my inner aspect was surrounded by my flawed personality. That is the translation of impurity. Surrounded by my flawed personality, but Christ Jesus judged my sin nature.


Praise God, bring Your judgment forth, and because my sins were judged, my soul was healed. After I was healed, I reflected the shining, emerald, green hue of His righteous Spirit, or maybe I should even say, the righteous mind of Christ. I am going to have to pray about that, to see what the Lord wants me to put in there. It should be the mind of Christ.


We have another foot note. Number 6 says, the grade of energy that produces healing appears as a green color. Here is what I was talking to you about before. Sound can be seen as color. See Exodus, Chapter 20, Verse 18. I did not print out the verse, but if you go to Exodus, Chapter 20, Verse 18, what it basically says is that they saw the sound of God. They saw in the Spirit.


The Hebrew children saw in the Spirit, the thunderings and lightings, and the trumpet blast, and everything that they heard, it was in the Spirit. They heard in the Spirit. They were caught up to a very high place in the Spirit, where they saw, either thought forms or colors signifying the energy levels of God’s communication. There was a movie; I think the name of it was, The 2001 Odyssey, and they show you in that movie, aliens coming and communicating with music. Every time the alien ship would blast a note of music, it would come up on a computer monitor, in a particular form of vibration that the scientists were able to recognize, when they communicated through mathematics.


I think there is going to be more information coming about this, especially since I told you for the last few days, I have been talking about seeing what people say. I think there is going to be more information coming about it. Actually, I heard about this in one of my studies, probably as far back as two years ago about this particular verse, and how the Hebrew children saw the communications of God. This is the second time the Lord has brought me back to it with a deeper understanding, and I feel that there is some much greater revelation that is to come with this, so we will just go on for now.


Now, we are going to do Verse 4, and there is a new category here. This category is Christ Jesus and the personalities of mortal humanity. Once again John initially was invited to see what must come to pass for himself and then what must come to pass for the rest of the members of humanity. The church first and then the rest of humanity.


This is Verse 4 of Revelation, Chapter 4. And, I John, saw the glorified Jesus Christ marry Christ within the many members of mortal mankind. It already happened to John. He saw it happen to the rest of mankind. And I saw the Spirit of Christ circulate through the 24 Sefirot of Christ within the many members of mortal mankind, and the Spirit of Christ became the 24 energies, and we are translating elders, energies.


Now, this is an interesting concept, because I know, but I really had not emphasized to you over these last couple of years, that the Sefirot are filled with energy. We are the Sefirot on this level on this World of Asiyah, and the energy that we are filled with, hopefully, is Christ Jesus.


We are talking about conscious intelligent energy, inhabiting, and or possessing the Sefirot. Down here on this level, it is Christ Jesus possessing the mortal members of humanity, whichever ones He is now possessing. What form does this take on Yetzirah? What form does this reality take place in the World of Beriah?


How do we distinguish between the vessels which are called Tiferet, and the conscious intelligent energy that possesses those vessels? Do the vessels have a physical form? Do they have a vibrational form? How do we recognize them?


When we get to the place that we can see in the Spirit, or perceive in the Spirit, how do we distinguish between the inner light? Kabbalah says, the inner light, and the surrounding light? Kabbalah says the inner light and the surrounding light.


A more New Age term is the energies that are inside of the vessels. How do we distinguish between the two? I remember when I first started preaching back 18 years ago, it came to my attention that the Lord was talking about our Spirit, and I remember asking Him, Lord, I do not know how to distinguish between my Spirit and my soul.


I had noticed that when I looked in the Lexicon, the writers of the Lexicon did not distinguish between the Spirit and the soul. The Lord answered me saying, “Your Spirit is Christ, your soul is your personality.” The reason you cannot distinguish between the two, is that your Spirit is not developed enough for you to see.


All you see is your mortal soul, your personality, the expression of your animal nature, the expression of your emotions and your passions. Today, 18 years later I can distinguish between Christ and my mortal soul. I can distinguish between the rational mind of Christ and my emotional animal soul, but not many people can.


The reason being, Christ is not developed in you enough for you to distinguish the difference. Now, if you are hearing a message like this, if you have been studying with me or a similar ministry, and you know that the mortal soul is identified or associated with emotional, emotions, sometimes emotional chaos, upset, distress, indecision, confusion, that is your animal soul.


Now, there is a rational aspect of the carnal mind that can rise up, and deal with the emotions. We have a lot of rational people who are not in Christ in this world. There is an aspect of your mind can rise up and be rational about the things of this world. The mind of Christ is rational concerning the things of God, and the Spirit of Truth, and the Spirit of Revelation.


Not only do we need to distinguish between our animal soul, and our rational mind, we need to distinguish between the rational mind that is associated with humanity, with the carnal mind, and the rational mind of God. The way we distinguish between the two is by looking at the subject matter that the mind is communicating about. Praise the Lord.


And I, John, saw the glorified Jesus Christ marry Christ within the many members of mortal mankind, and I saw the Spirit of Christ; that is the Spirit of the glorified Jesus Christ; circulating through the 24 Sefirot of Christ within the many members of mortal mankind. Brethren this is the filling of the vessels with the conscious intelligent energy of God. This is the outpouring of the conscious, intelligent energy of God into the aspects of Christ Jesus, the vessel of Christ that has been formed in us. Christ that has been formed in us is a high spiritual aspect of the vessel which we are. When the glorified Jesus Christ comes to sit on the throne, He brings the conscious intelligent energy with Him.


Now, I am going to put that on the board for you in just a minute. I have been looking at this verse for a couple of weeks now. I cannot get the thought of the Tzlem image. If you recall from our studies in Kabbalah, the Tzlem image has 90 Sefirot. I have been asking the Lord for a while now, to please show me how the 90 Sefirot of the Tzlem Image which is supposed to be I believe, our spiritual body. How we get from 24 to 90; I am missing something somewhere, and I cannot see where it is. Right now maybe the answer will come out in this message.


I am going to do a drawing for you right now to show you, at least one of the purposes, of the glorified Jesus Christ coming to sit on the throne of Christ in you that has ascended to your Heart Center. He does not just come because He is tired and He wants to sit down. Christ in you, we are told, has 24 Sefirot. If I am interpreting the Scripture correctly, has 24 Sefirot.


The Spirit of Christ or the glorified Jesus Christ is coming to Christ in you to fill your vessels with, what Kabbalah calls the brains of Christ. Christ in you needs to get His brains. First Christ in you, then Christ ascends to your Heart Center, then He has to get His brains, and His brains is the outpouring of the higher Sefirot from the higher worlds.


Now, as I put this drawing up on the board, I am just going to take a minute to try and locate my drawing of the 90 Sefirot of the Tzlem Image. I do not get it; 90 is not a multiple of 24 in any way. I would really like it Lord, if you would give me the answer during this message. If not, soon, because it is really bugging me. I would really like to see if I made a mistake here, I would like to correct it preferably in this message.


If not I would simply like to see the connection between the 90 Sefirot of the Tzlem Image which are poised to receive the outpouring of their brains from the higher Sefirot, Binah and Chokhmah, and the in-filling of the 24 Sefirot of Christ Jesus with the brains or the spiritual life blood of the glorified Jesus Christ. It is obvious to me it is the same event, I just cannot reconcile the number 24 to 90. I am going to put this on the board now.


It has taken over an hour, probably closer to two, to create Drawing #1, and I do not know about anyone else, but I am so slain in the Spirit, that we are going to close for tonight, and we will pick up on Part 3, on Thursday, Lord willing, but we will be commenting on Drawing #1. It will become Drawing #1 to Part 3 on Thursday night. God Bless You.


11/03/05 Transcribed by JE


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