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Tonight we are going to be working with a study on a passage in the Zohar. We are going to be working with, I am going to be commenting on an article which actually the commentary on the Ari’zals commentary on the Zohar. This is what the writer says the portion of the Torah read this week opens with the description of the rituals of Yom Kippur practiced in the Holy Temple. Usually God's commandments are prefaced by the introduction and God spoke to Moses saying. In this instance however a time frame is given for this communication, and God spoke to Moses after the death of the two sons of Aaron when they approached God and died. God said to Moses this refers to the incident described in parashat Shemini in which Nadab, and Abihu, the two elder sons of Aaron were killed by a flame of fire. That burst forth from the Holy of Holies and entered their nostrils when they offered incense that God had not commanded them to offer.


In the following passage the Ari’zal discusses why the two sons of Aaron died. Before we go on to that I would like to comment on the commentator. I think this is so interesting from a Kabbalistic point of view, we know the incident as Strange Fire having killed, Nadab and Abihu. According to this Kabbalistic writer he says the fire that killed them came out from the Holy of Holies, which I find very interesting. It burst forth from the Holy of Holies within the physical temple according to this writer. Unless he is talking about the Holy of Holies which is the unconscious part of the Christ mind.


It entered into their nostrils, when they offers incense that had not commanded them to do. I do not know about you but from what I was able to gleam from when I just studied in the King James Version, I did not understand that they were these two sons of Aaron, were offering incense, did you know that they were offering incense? I never realized that it was incense, I thought that it was the fire that continually burns. I did not realize that they were offering incense. I do not think that I ever thought that a physical came out from anywhere, and that they burnt to a crisp. I always thought that it was spiritual fire, and they just died.


Usually when you die from a spiritual judgment or a spiritual attack, you either die from a heart attack or suffocation. That is usually the two ways that you die. We see that the commentator says the flame came out from the Holy of Holies, I do not know it is not clear here whether he means the Holy of Holies which is the unconscious of the Christ mind or that he really believes that a physical fire came out of the inner most part of the temple. I do not know.


Also what I find very interesting is that he says the flames entered into their nostrils. Not to long ago I came into contact with two highly spiritual believers, a husband, and wife who had several very high experiences, spiritual experiences with God. The gentleman had an experience where by some spiritual energy entered into his nostrils. If I am not mistaken he was taken out of his body, and had an experience and when he returned to his body he entered in through his nostrils. I find that very interesting.


I would like to take this opportunity to comment or to distinguish between the female spirituality, and the male spirituality. When somebody has a high spiritual experience like this, an out of body experience, of course it is very hard to judge weather that experience is given to them by the Lord Jesus. It is a very hard thing to judge. Speaking to these two people however, from all that I can see I would think that they did receive this experience from Jesus Christ, the Glorified Jesus Christ.


Why does one person have an outer body experience, and return to their body by entering through their nostrils, and another person never have that experience. My understanding is that we are born with a particular spiritual condition, and some people are born with a very highly spiritual, a spiritual life that is very high. This is the female spirituality it is given without repentance. I do not believe the Holy Spirit gives you that kind of experience. I cannot read anything in the Scripture about the gifts of the spirit including out of body experience.


This is something that happens to someone who was born with a very intense spirituality that they have given over to the Lord Jesus Christ. Somebody who is born like that if they are not committed to the Lord Jesus Christ would be into witchcraft if they were having similar experiences it would be witchcraft.


They are born this way, why? Most likely in previous incarnations they were very highly spiritual people, and they practiced a high level of spirituality. This has nothing to do with righteousness. That is my whole point. Spiritual experiences, or spiritual abilities have nothing to do with righteousness. I for one, and I believe this is the wisdom of God, would rather have zero spiritual experiences, and be righteous before God to the best of my ability because none of us are perfect. I would prefer having the ability to be obedient to God rather than to have these esoteric experiences.


If you are not in submission to God such an experience could stir up your pride which is destruction. Pride goes before a fall and a horde spirit. I may have it backwards. Pride goes before destruction, and a horde spirit before a fall. These spiritual gifts could be dangerous to the uninitiated believer, to the immature believer. I have met so many believers that judge their standing in Christ, their standing before by their spiritual gifts. Brethren, spiritual gifts are just that they are gifts. People that have them have done nothing to receive them, you are better off having no spiritual gifts, and being safe in God’s love. People who are that highly spiritual are fair game for any witch out there seeking to gather followers unto themselves.


If you have that kind of spirituality, and you do not have also along with it the Wisdom of God to help you to judge between righteousness, and unrighteousness or between good and evil, if could be a detriment to you. I am telling you all that because I put on the message that this man had this experience, where he returned to his body, and he entered into his nostrils.


When I first heard it, is was bazaar to me, I believed him because I thought the man was credible, and when I heard the whole story I thought the experience was credible. I had never heard anything like it. Apparently this man had a very high level spiritual experience that is known about by the Kabbalists. Kabbalists know and have a lot of information about spiritual experiences. Hopefully the writers of the sound documents, the Zohar, and the other foundational books of the Zohar. That they have had these spiritual experiences in addition to being in right standing with God. Of course their righteousness before God was the Law at the time they wrote it, is the Law, it is not the Lord Jesus Christ. That is their cover.


That right standing which one receives from being under the law, there is no way that it can get us into immortality, it cannot restore us to immortality. This is a very fine line, I know I am going to be misunderstood, but we have to be some what clean before the Lord, and want experiences with Him. If you are following the Law at least you are behaviorally moral, if following the law. Your heart no less cleansed than the average person in the church who’s under the cover of the Holy Spirit.


That is a covering that keeping of the law, is a covering for the purposes of having spiritual experiences in God. Depending on the person it can be a covering for you. I know I am going to be misunderstood by that, about what I just said. I do not know how to make it any clearer. Unless the Lord gives it to me I do not know how to make it any clearer. Praise the Lord.


I am not saying that you can be saved by works, you cannot. If you seek spiritual experiences, if you are a Jew for example, and you seek spiritual experiences with God and you are keeping His law, and you are also keeping the commandments, and you are before the Lord reading the Scripture and worshiping everyday, that is a cover that can possibility, I am not saying unequivocally but that you can reasonably expect to be safe in a spiritual experience. I am not talking about salvation.


Of course it was Jewish Kabbalists who had intense spiritual experiences, and we received revelation from Heaven. Praise the Lord. I hope I explained that. Is somebody here not understanding me? For some reason I did not think it was going over.


I just wanted to comment on that I think it is so interesting. They were killed by a flame of fire that burst forth from the Holy of Holies, and into their nostrils. Again we do not know whether or not it was the spiritual Holy of Holies or the physical Holy of Holies. We are not really told how they died, just that they died. Actually we are told a little further down. This is so interesting.


I will explain it right now. This is interesting we are told a little further down that their spirit man, their souls left their bodies and their bodies collapsed. I found that so interesting, because this is the revelation that the Lord Jesus gave me concerning Jesus on the cross. That the spirit man, Jesus, the spirit man, the personality who He was married to, His inner spirit man, Christ, departed from the body of Jesus of Nazareth, and that body collapsed. Do you remember me teaching that?


Their situation is different, but the principle is the same, that the spirit man or the soul leaves the body and the body collapses. Once again I find something that the Lord has shown me in the Kabbalistic literature that is exciting to me. Let us read a little further, and see if we can understand a little more.


This is the translation of the work of the Ari’zal. Regarding Nadab, and Abihu, let us note that the letters spelling Nadab the Hebrew letters maybe rearranged to spell four sons. I am not going to read this information about the letters because pretty much the people that study with us are not into the Hebrew letters, so I am going to go past it. Thus his name alludes to the fours sons of which the Torah spoke. What four sons? Adam and his three sons Cain, Abel and Seth.


We are being told here that Nadab, and Abihu were incarnations of the four sons of Adam and his three sons, Adam, Cain, Abel, and Seth. Now the Kabbalists believe that you are not a whole person unless you are married. I will read it for you in a minute. We are told here that because neither Nadab nor Abihu were married that together they made one soul. I am not too sure about this, but I can tell you this, I am convinced that were every these Kabbalists got that information that unless you are married you are not a whole person, that there is a misunderstanding there.


We are not a whole person unless we are married to Christ. The whole human race is female, and we must have a husband. We must be married to Christ in order to be made whole. The Scripture clearly tells us that we are complete in Him.


To be complete means that we have both male, and female aspects within us. You can be a human woman married to a human man, and not be complete. Can two humans be complete if both of them are intensely related to God? I do not think so, I do not think that a human being can complete you. We have in our society a copy cat version of what God offers us, a man and a wife.


They make a life together they have children, it is a good thing in this world but no one is completely fulfilled, nobody. No man can completely fulfill a woman, and no woman can completely fulfill a man. Only Christ can fulfill each of us, and then when we come together we can bless each other.


When two people who are complete in Christ come together they can be a great blessing to each other. If you are looking to someone to completely meet your needs you surely will be disappointed. That is leaning on the arm of flesh, that is leaning on Egypt. The Scripture says if you lean on Egypt He will pierce your hands, it will be like a thorn that will pierce your hand. We are to lean on no one but the Lord Jesus.


In what ever relationship we have with a mate, with our children, with friends with anybody, when we come as a whole person, a person giving to the relationship, and the relationship is blessed. If you come to a relationship to get something out of it, to have your needs met, at some point you will surely be disappointed. No human being can satisfy another human being. Only Jesus satisfies, and that is what the Hebrew word salvation means. Satisfaction.


We are saved when we are completely satisfied by Him Are you saved? Are you completely satisfied by Him? I do not know anybody that is, so that is your proof that you are not saved.


This teaching by the Ari’zal is telling us that Nadab, and Abihu were the incarnations of.... although there were two humans they were the incarnations of four men. I find that more often than not Kabbalists do not agree with me that Adam before the fall was a spiritual being. To the best of my ability to understand from what I read they seam to think that Adam, and his sons where humanoid in animal bodies that is how it sounds to me.


Going on with the comment from the commentator, in the course of its discussion of the commandment to retell the story of the Exodus, the Passover, Haggadah points out that this commandment is phrased in the Torah four different ways. The four ways are seen as responses to four different types of Jewish children.


The story must be retold to each child in accordance with his level of understanding and approach to Judaism. Here the Ari’zal uses the phrase from Haggadah, the Torah spoke of four sons to refer to the four male members of Adam’s immediate family mentioned in the Torah. We are told that Adam had more sons besides these three, but they are not mentioned by name, and therefore are not considered spiritual archetypes. And of the comment, now this is the translation of the writing of the Ari’zal. All four were included, all four Adam, Cain, Abel, and Seth. All four were included in Nadab and Abihu. For the two of them where considered one person in as much as they were not married.


The commentator says, Since Adam, and his sons sinned their souls needed to be reincarnated so their sins can be rectified in their next life time. Nadab, and Abihu where the collective embodiment of these four primordial souls. The stages of the Talmud says that an unmarried individual is only half a person. Since these two were not married they together were counted as one individual.


Also I have to tell you at this point that disagree with the Kabbalistic concept of reincarnation the reason for reincarnation. The Kabbalists believe that we are reincarnated until we redo every error, and practice being a righteous human being. We continue to reincarnate until we get it right. To the best of my knowledge that is the same reason, that is the same foundation of Hindu or Buddhist, and new age reincarnation, I disagree completely. The reason we reincarnated is because it is something that is happening under the curse. Humanity is separating from God, and therefore we are separated from the energy source that would keep us alive indefinitely onto the immortality,


There was a measure of energy that was in the creation at the time it was cut off from God. This measure of energy continues to be recycled through humanity therefore people die, and the energy goes back into the spiritual earth, and the foundation of the individuals, Jesus calls them the worms. The worms of humanity, fallen humanity will reincarnate again. Just like a plant that dies and blooms again in the next season. This is because there is no permanent stream of energy flowing into our universe to keep it alive, and to sustain it.


Everything dies, recycles, is born again, and dies again because we are all feeding off a measure of energy that was in the creation at the time that we were separated from the eternal immortal source of energy. Did I make that clear?


We are saved according to the Doctrine of Christ we are saved through union with the Son of God. When we are joined to life we will live. When we are joined to life it will be impossible for us to die. You cannot kill life it is impossible to kill life, and it is impossible to kill someone who is truly alive. Unless you cut them off of their source of life. Which is what happened to the first Adam. You cannot put a knife in the heart of somebody that is truly alive, and kill them. Jesus clearly said no man can take my life I will take it up or I will lay it down or I will do what ever I want. I will lay it down I will take it up again. Jesus was not subject to the laws of this fallen world. He walked above death. He walked on the water. I personally do not think Jesus walked on the physical water, why would He do that it makes no sense at all that He would walk on the water. He had the power to appear or disappear. He had the power to travel in the spirit why would He go walking on water?


What Jesus did was He walked above the powers of this world, and the seas is the symbol of Satan. He walked above Satan’s power. Jesus did not do anything that there was no reason for. Why would He go walking on the water? Well you say He wanted to get to the boat. I do not believe brethren you will have to pray about it. I do not believe Jesus went walking on the water, I believe He had other means of getting to the boat if He wanted to get there.


Personally I think the whole thing was a spiritual experience. Glory to God. I think that the disciples that were struggling that they were spiritually ascended they were meditating, and they were spiritually ascended. When you are spiritually ascended you are very likely to be confronted by the forces in the higher spiritual realms. I believe the disciples ascended, and they were under attack from the principalities in the astral plane, and Jesus walked towards them not on the physical walked but as He approached them to help them, and Jesus as He approached them had authority over the powers and principalities of this world. They way it is described in a book is that He walked on top of the water. He walked on top of the powers that were attacking the disciples. Praise the Lord.


This is the translation of the Ari’zal. The name Abihu also alludes to Adam since it maybe split into the two words "he is my father" Now I remind you those who have been studying with us those who are new. The Kabbalists engage in a lot in Gemetria, they use number to rearrange the letters or sometimes they just rearrange the letters. There are always playing with the words, and that a very valid thing that they do. This is something that the Lord has given them as a vehicle by which to impart spiritual knowledge to them.


When I first started studying Kabbalah I was having a little trouble remembering the Hebrew letters, and seeing the value of how they move around the letters and rearrange the letters to make new words. I asked the Lord if I would have to be learning the letters because I could not seem to retain them. I knew that if the Lord wanted me to start studying the letters I would able to retain them.


Today, and I may find out that I am wrong tomorrow, but today I believe those of us that are coming from the non Hebrew background that we will not have to learn the Hebrew letter. This whole practice of Gemetria which is the numerology, and the mixing, and matching of the letters, making new words out of the letters that exist in an existing word. This is the method that the Lord God gave the Kabbalists to give them revelation. He has given me a different method. Hebrew is not my language. He has given me a different method He has given me a spirit of revelation. He has given me other points of contact.


You see the Lord can teach you any way He wants to. I have been in touch with Kabbalists who have said to me if you want to really go deep you have to learn Hebrew. I said Lord, do I have to learn Hebrew? I believe that the Lords answer to me is no. When we have the spirit of Christ when the Lord Jesus Christ has a relationship with the Christ in us He can teach us any way that He wants to teach us. It is not really practical for people who are not Hebrew born to start learning Hebrew. Of course if the Lord required it He would enable us to do it. I do not see that happening here especially that I have so much of the revelation that I read in Kabbalah that came right to my heart. It is a witness to me that I do not have to learn this particular method that the Kabbalists use. Although it is a fine method it makes sense to them that is how they do it. I do not believe that we have to do it.


These two committed the same sin, which two? Nadab, and Abihu, the same sin that Adam committed. This blemish was that of strange fire i.e.: a foreign woman. We see that this is the Ari’zal that the strange fire is a foreign woman. Now this is interesting because as I have been studying in the Hebrew for so many years, I do not understand Hebrew but I study it in the interlinear text. I look at the Hebrew, I can read Hebrew. I have been aware for a long time that the Hebrew word for fire and the Hebrew word for woman are very similar. They basically have the same letters. Very similar. We will see the Ari’zal comment on that. He is saying that strange fire is a foreign woman. You will also see a little further along that he is saying that the concept of fire is referring to passion. He is saying that men that are not submitted to the Lord Jesus... the Ari’zal’s saying the control of Jehovah, that they are burning pits of fiery passion.


The mortal man, the fallen man is characterized by emotional passion. The spiritual man is characterized by a rational mind. The rational mind is male, and the fiery emotion is female. Therefore women are associated with fire. The female personality is associated with fire. Today we have a lot of women today moving in a male mind. We have women in the professions today etc. Basically I am not talking about physical bodies. I am telling you that a person who is an emotional person is spiritually female, and the person that has a rational mind, and lives out of that rational mind is spiritually male.


You do not have to look at peoples bodies, you judge them by their minds, and how they live their life. We see that these two Nadab, and Abihu they committed the same sin as Adam. This blemish was that of strange fire i.e.: a foreign woman. This refers to the first Eve, and her name is Lilith. I find this very interesting, years ago we established that there is no such Hebrew word translated Eve. Eve is simply not in the scripture. The Scripture talks about woman the word Eve is not there. The woman has no personal name. We see that even the great Ari’zal talks about Eve, maybe he knows something that I do not. If he knows something that I do not, I pray that the Lord shows me.


As far as I know that name is no where in the Scripture. However he says this refers to the first Eve or the first woman. He gives the first woman the name Lilith. Now Lilith is an evil entity. He says Lilith who copulated with Adam before the real Eve. This is what Adam said about Eve, and he is quoting the Scripture here. This one shall be called women. In other words this one not the other one. We see that the Ari’zal draws the conclusion when the Scripture says this one, he draws the conclusion that there was a previous wife. I am not sure about that I do not have an opinion about that but just as a matter of point this one, could have also meant this one woman as opposed to this one man. That this one not Adam that was just formed was called woman.


The Ari’zal says that Adam had a woman before Eve, and she was evil. That is interesting because we have done several studies on the world of points, and the fall of the world of points, and we know the Nukvah of the world of points was Evil. She overshadowed Adam, and tried to take his man hood we read this further on, and we will see how the Ari’zal has the same revelation.


What he seams to be talking about here is that this first women, is the world of points, and the second woman is the reconstruction of the fallen world of points, which as far as we know is the body of Christ. Let us read on this is the commentator... Instead of rectifying the sin of Adam, and his sons Nadab and Abihu repeated that sin. A sin causes a blemish or imperfection in the spiritual world this imperfections has repercussions through out all creation, and must therefore must be rectified. Now this is a very interesting point what the Ari’zal is saying here is not only sin buy every thing that we do, every thought that we have has repercussion through out all of creation. There is nothing that is hidden, and there is no thought that does not effect everyone else around us. We need to know that.


The Torah refers to the incense, this is the commentator now, the Torah refers to the incense that Nadab and Abihu offered as a Strange Fire. The linguistic and thematic connected between fire and the woman, I guess he means the connection between fire, and women will be explained later. Lilith is a female demon, now I remember studying this years ago, there is no word Lilith in the English translation however the word does appear in Isaiah 33:14. It does not appear as a personal name but the word is there referring to evil. Lilith is a female demon, just as an angel is the personification of some holy emotion a demon is the personification of some evil emotion.


I was very interested in reading this because I did not know that the Kabbalists knew that I thought that they believed that demons where whole entities. I have read other Kabbalistic literature where they referred to a demon as a separate entity that possesses a man. I think what the Lord told me is what they are saying here is that some evil emotion become personified, and then separates from the mind that created it, and it goes off, and lives by itself. They are saying a demon is a separate entity that is not a part of someone’s mind or personality. That entity is born out of someone’s evil mind, and then separates, and departs from it. The kind of demons that we cast out when I was in deliverance I believe were evil emotions or evil thoughts that were still attached to the personality. At what point this evil thought departs, and becomes an entity in its own right or whether it takes a preponderance of evil thought from the same mind to birth an evil entity that will separate from the mind that birth it, I do not know but I am thinking that is the case.


I was in deliverance for five years, and we cast out evil energies that where formed from evil minds or evil thinking in people’s minds, but I have never come up against a whole person, well I did come up against a whole personality. At the time I did not have any power to remove it. It is a whole different ball game. This is what it looks like to me that people are capable of, and of course we all produce evil thoughts, and we continue to produce evil thoughts in a particular area, that evil thought can be formed into an entity in its own rights. Which then the entity can remain as an additional personality or depart from the host and go into the spiritual plane. It is also my understanding that these entities prefer to be incarnated, so they can say right in the body where they are born fighting with the personality for dominion over the whole vessel.


This is a female demon just as an angel is the personification of some holy emotion, a demon is a personification of some evil emotion. In this case Lilith whose name is related to the Hebrew word for night is the personification of mans sexual lust as divorced from any context of true love or desire to increase godliness in the world. I think that is such an excellent definition we see so much of that today. This is what Hollywood is pushing on our young people. Sex complete apart from any context of love, sex strictly for the physical gratification or the physical satisfaction. I guess I must be getting on in years because when I was growing up it was that quality that distinguished between a harlot, and... when I was young we had good girls, and bad girls. I understand there is no such thing as good girls, and bad girls but when I was growing up there was good girls, and bad girls.


A girl who loved a boy and decided to have sex with him although it was wrong was acceptable. A girl who just wanted that physical pleasure she was a harlot and looked down upon and an outcast in society. This is what the commentator is saying that this is evil to desire that kind of self-indulgence is what God considers evil.


What God considers good is activities that tend to bless humanity. We are talking about selfishness as opposed t selflessness. Man is intended to indulge in sexual pleasure as a spiritual pursuit that gives pleasure to his wife, makes him into a more holy person, and increases the divine image on earth ideally by resulting in children. When instead he engages in a sexual release simply for the high he enjoys from it he is said to be copulating with Lilith. Although he does not intend to procreate by this union he does so anyway for every act of man has its repercussions on some level. The semen he expels impregnates Lilith. That word impregnates is in quotes, of course it is not an impregnation as we would know impregnation in this natural realm. Apparently something spiritual happens when a man masturbates or he has sex strictly for pleasure. Something spiritual is released, and that energy is released does result in demon children.


He says here, the semen that he expels impregnates Lilith, and she bears for him demon children I.E. negative abusive, and evil energy which spreads evil through out the word. I just love these studies, because every once in a while I will find something that I did not know, but I also find a strong confirmation of everything that the Lord is teaching me. When we see highly demonized people we should know that this is the fruit of a person, or generations of a people who have indulged themselves in selfish self indulgence, it comes from selfishness. The solution is to become selfless, if you are hearing this message, and you have a problem with negative energy, if you are negative if you are abusive, if you are an angry person, the solution for you is to become sacrificial. Start working to help other people, and you will be healed. It could take quite a few years but you can be healed by becoming selfless.


We are still with the commentary now, according to the Midrash, Lilith was Adams first wife created out of the earth just as he was. She insisted on laying onto of Adam while having intercourse when he refused insisting that is was more proper for him laying on her she left him, and was transmuted into a demon.


This is so interesting because that is a parable. I do not believe that either one of them had physical bodies, but this is what happened in the world of points when the Malkhut of the nukvah wanted to dominate Zeir Anpin or Adam. Do you remember all the studies we had? That is what caused the world of points to fall. That Malkhut would not accept her position. Malkhut is the lowest sefirot and all of the energies from above where supposed to be deposited in her, she was to be or is to be the receptacle. She was to be the receptacle that would take all these energies and bear forth a visible world. She did not want to be a woman she wanted to be a man, there fore she topped Adam or Zeir Anpin which ever you want to call him. Sometimes I am not too sure about these names. This was in absolute of course it was in a very high realm and she caused the fall of the world and the destruction of the world of points.


Now the Kabbalists will tell you that the world of points was destroyed because there was no communication, because of the configuration of the sefirot they could not communicate with each other. Well maybe they could not communicate with each other because Malkhut was trying to be a man or maybe Malkhut was trying to be a man because they could not communicate with each other. I do not agree with the Kabbalists that the fall of the world of points was simply because there was no communication. According to the literature that I have read there was no mention of sin. I believe that the world of points fell because of sin. The sefirot of the world of points, or the sefirot that represented Adam, and the woman, and they did not get along the woman wanted to be on top. The result of her accomplishing her goal destroyed the whole world of points.


Going on with the commentary. We mentioned previously that the dichotomization of mankind into male, and female was God’s way of assuring proper balance between the male drive to retreat into abstract unity with the divine, and the female drive to manifest godliness in this world. The glue that holds these two opposite drives together enabling them to rectify reality properly is the attraction or passion they have for each other. Each one sensing that the other one is its true complement, and completion. Allegorically Lilith insistence on laying on top of Adam would have the tendency for this attraction to seek to become an end in itself. Sexuality, and sexual passion can promote and actualize a man or a women innate divine potential like nothing else can but the fascination with his very power can divert a person’s focus from its true purpose and cause him to focus on the ecstatic experience himself.


This is exactly what the Lord has taught me about the difference between the female spirituality, and the male spirituality. The female spirituality is focusing on the power itself, and not upon the good that it can do in accordance with God’s will. Not focusing on the good that it can do for humanity. This is one of the problems that I have with the Zoharic literature to what ever degree that I am understanding it correctly or its accuracy. I do not see anything in the Kabbalistic literature showing that when power was acquired by Kabbalists that they used it for the good of humanity. My experience has been that I only hear of two uses of the Kabbalistic power when it was acquired. To make a golum which golum was to defend Israel. To which I say where is the God of Israel that is supposed to be defending Israel. Why does Israel need a zombie, a golum type zombie to defend Israel? Why would you use the power to defend Israel? Why would you use the power to defend Israel? Where is God?


The second thing that I have heard, two Rabbi’s who acquired the power crated a calf, and slaughtered it, consumed the calf, and they used up all of their energy to create the calf, and then they had no energy left. I do not see what Jesus did. When Jesus came He used that power to heal the sick, and cast out demons. The Pharisees where horrified at what He was doing. What I see here is a complete lack of understanding as to what the power is for. Praise the Lord.


We are still on the commentary. Although Lilith is not mentioned explicitly in the bible, she is eluded to by the way Adam reacts to Eve when he first sees her calling Eve "this one", implies that there had been another one who had not been worthy of being called a woman. I think that is a pretty far conclusion, but it must be a discernment of course the way it is expressed here is a parable.


Translation from the Ari, our sage is alluded to this when they said that Adam stretched his membrane in order to cover his reproductive organ. This is a euphemism meaning that he copulated with his first eve I.E. Lilith and sired many evil spirits and demon through her. That is interesting. It sounds like it is saying that the Malkhut of the world of point or that all of the evil spirits, and demons that existed in the astral plane are the fruit of the activity of the Malkhut of the world of points that was evil.


Commentary: as we have explained previously the purpose of circumcision is to reduce the raw sensual titillation of intercourse, and increase the sensitivity to the organ to that of the person’s partner. In this way copulation becomes less of an exercise in self-indulgence and more of an expression of true love, and bonding. Which of course serves ultimately to enhance the sensual side of intercourse far beyond what is possible when it is treated as a selfish epicurean thrill. Stretching the membrane over the glands then indicates the individual’s rejection of this higher vision of sexual relations in favor of the base selfish sensual high it can provide. Again this is the sort sexuality symbolized by Lilith, sex for sex sake, I find that very interesting quite a few years ago I saw a young Jewish man on TV waging a campaign to end circumcision. He was claiming that circumcision deadened them or diminished the man’s ability to have ecstatic experience through sexual intercourse. Since then I think I have come to believe that circumcision does deaden the experience. I thought that the Lord introduced it because he was helping men to be able to focus on their spiritual studies rather than be consumed with thoughts of lust.


According to this commentator he says the reason for circumcision is to tone down the high level sexuality that we find in most males so that they can be more sensitive to the wife. In other words they should not be driven for satisfaction they should be able to control themselves, and be concerned with their partner therefore having a thought life concerning sex that would produce good spiritual fruit rather than pure lust.


This is the translation of the Ari. This was Adams strange fire for both man, and women are essentially fire when they lack the divine name Y-ah. That is the divine name associated with Chokmah. He is saying when you put a man, and a woman together ... I will read you this comment. Fire here means desire or passion, this is the commentator now. Fire here means desire or passion. The Hebrew words for man, and woman, and its giving you the Hebrew letters here are grammatically based on the word for fire. The word for man includes, and added yud and the word for woman an added hei the two added word yud, and hey together spell the divine name Y-ah. He is saying when you put a man, and a woman together they become a manifestation of the name Y-ah one of the names of God.


In other words man, and woman are fully man, and woman only when together they manifest the divine presence. Without this they remain nothing but two separate cauldrons of unbridled passion. This is the Ari now, when however the divine name Y-ah is amongst them this is their true union and their true fire. When the God is preset in the couples sexual relation their union is not superficial, ephemeral, and merely physical, But a true spiritual bond that forges them into one complete person. As we said the fire of passion in this proper union between husband and wife enhances their physical passion for each other far beyond what is possible in the lack of this spiritual dimension.


Translation of the Ari: However when the divine name Y-ah is removed all that remains is the strange fire this is what Adam originally preferred. I find that so interesting because based on having spoken to a few men, I have not spoken extensively to men or to their wives. It is my understanding that it is very rare in a marriage for a man to be concerned in satisfying his wife. He usually wants his own release, and that is his motivation for having sex. This is what I am told by married people that I know. According to the scripture this is that strange fire, it is a very rare man that approaches his wife for this primary purpose being to satisfy her. According to this writers understanding of what God requires of married people that is strange fire, and not acceptable to Him. I find this interesting again because of the Catholic Church’s monition is to only have sex if you are planning to have a child. Of course that is an extreme and that is another perversion. You should have sex if you are planning to have a child, I do not know if the Catholic Church still teaches that or not. I know years ago it did and I do not know what the circumstance where but I was riding in a car somewhere with a couple of people and two of them where men. One of them where saying that the priest had told him that he should not have sex with his wife unless they intended to have a child. He was saying I am a married man I am not going to go along with that.


Of course that is another extreme, saying that you should only have sex three of four or ten times in your married life. I see coming from the Catholic Church some attempt to tone down the raw basic lust that will drive a man. Of course I would be much more inclined to go with the Kabbalists saying that you should have a fruitful sex life if you are married, but that you should be concerned with satisfying one another and not satisfying yourself. This seems to be the name of the game of this message. Selfishness versus selflessness. In everything that we do the Lord is challenging us to be selfless. When everyone is selfless then everyone’s needs will be met. When we are selfish some how nothing works, it just does not work you have to spend your life trying to satisfying the other person, and make the other person happy. That is your best opportunity to be happy yourself when you are seeking to make other people happy.


Again in the translation of the Ari: Nadab, and abihu committed this same error, and it was very grave. Since there were none in their generation that can compare to them. I think this is such an interesting statement because Nadab, and Abihu where not married so they committed the same thing? I think that the Lord just told me what is meant here is that Nadab, and Abihu where committed the same sin in that they were not married they were not willing to be selfless. Be married to a woman, and give of themselves to that woman, and to have children. They were selfish, and what they wanted the spiritual experiences they did not want to get married or to share their life with a family they just wanted to spend all of there time having spiritual experiences. I can relate to that because I spent several years of my life locked up in this house bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ. It was difficult when the Lord started sending me out into the community. I know He explained to me that you can not have all that I have received and not give it away. For that reason He was sending me out into the community. I suspect this is what the Ari is talking about. The Lord has not given me a husband or a new family, but He has given me a spiritual family, so I can definitely relate to what he is saying.


It is not healthy for us to want only spiritual experiences that is a form of masturbation, we have to go our, and interact with people that do not have what we have, you have to be a blessing to them, and see how we can help people, and interact with people. We cannot only seek to only... I know I have this tendency if the Lord was not telling me that I have to go out into the community I would spend my whole life just seeking spiritual things. The Lord says it is a form of spiritual masturbation, I am sorry a form of spiritual homosexuality which means you only want to be with people on your high spiritual level. That is the basic principle of homosexuality. Homosexuals do not want the other sex, they do not want the differences between the two sexes. Many women are very different, for a man, and a woman to marry you have to be willing to deal with someone who is very different than you, and live with someone who is very different then you, submit to them, and make it work. Praise the Lord. That is not what the Lord intended, He intended for a man, and a woman to compliment each other not two of the same to be together.


Reading from the commentary now. Witnessing the profound revelations of God that accompany the installation rights of the tabernacle. Nadab, and Abihu like the rest of the Jewish people where over come with emotions of Holy ecstasy. Now we experience that here, at least I experience here lots of times when I preach, it’s wonderful. As it is written and Moses, and Aaron went into the tent of meeting they came out, and blessed the people and the Glory of God appeared before all the people. A fire went out from before God, and devoured the burnt offering, and the fat parts that had been placed on the altar. All the people saw, and they sang in ecstasy, and fell on their faces.


What is being said here? This is an example of what people want. I have experienced this it is so wonderful this ecstasy you do not want anything else. The Ari is saying, and I agree because this is what the Lord has told me you cannot live your whole life for this ecstasy that you get on a high in the spirit you have to come out you have to come down from there you have to go meet the people on the street, and see how you can help them, and live for them. You cannot spend your life doing what makes you feel good that is not God’s plan for us.


This is still the commentary. On a somewhat more refined level this is essentially the same mistake or the same sin that Adam made when he opted originally for Lilith. Self indulgence sexuality has its own ecstasy, and it can even be called a spiritual ecstasy. Because it is ecstasy for its own sake it is ultimately egocentric, and evil. Therefore Nadab, and Abihu where punished just as Adam was punished. Their punishment like all divine punishments was not a near chastisement or vengeance but a direct result, and outcome of their misdeed.


They sought the ecstasy of the soul and shunned the experience of life in the body. Their souls left their bodies to join their divine origin leaving their bodies’ lifeless corpses. What he is saying. At the moment I do not know how to relate this to the strange fire maybe the Lord will give this to me. Strange fire came out of the Holiest of Holies, and the winter, the commentator is saying that Nadab, and Abihu lusting for spiritual experiences followed after that fire to the point that they left their physical bodies, and the physical bodies collapsed. That according to this writer is death. They separated from their physical bodies, and the physical bodies died, translation of the Ari’zal they also sinned by offering sacrifices while drunk. The commentator says immediately after their death God commanded Aaron not to enter into the sanctuary precincts while drunk. This our sages state alludes to the fact that his two sons died because they were performing a sanctuary service while drunk.


My opinion here brethren is that I do not know about the Ari but the commentator here does not get the spiritual application. We know that in the book of Acts Peter referring to the apostles that the Holy Spirit had just poured out upon, said brethren these men are not drunk, it is early in the morning and they are not drunk. We also now that Noah when he made it to the other side of the flood planted a vineyard... actually it was Satan that planted her vineyard within Noah, and Noah drank of Satan’s spirit and became drunk in Satan’s spirit. What this means is high in the spirit. Spiritual ecstasy apart from the purpose and the wisdom of God.


I declare to you that Abihu, and Nadab where not drunk from drinking they were drunk, they were high on spiritual experiences. They were chastised by the Lord because they were priests, and they were lusting for the spiritual experiences and not dedicating themselves in helping the people. They were just lusting for the spiritual experience, and that is the drunkenness being spoken about here. It was not drunk from physical wine.


Immediately after their death God commanded Aaron not to enter the sanctuary precincts drunk. Do not go into spiritual service high in the spirit. I have been saying... or in any way not having your sense grounded. You have to go into the sanctuary in wisdom, and in strength of purpose to do the good works of God not just to feel good. We see in the church today where the Holy spirit is being poured out, and I was there it is a immature level of the church, and I am sorry if anyone is reading this, and it offends you that is just the truth. The Holy spirit ministry is immaturity even Peter says when he was a child he acted like a child, and he did what ever he wanted, but when he got older then Christ directed him.


The Holy Spirit is spiritual youth. I was there, you jump around you dance you sing, and you feel wonderful it is kindergarten. When you grow up you have to take the power of God, and direct it for Gods purposes which involves a warfare you cannot direct the power of God for Gods purposes without being encountered by Satan, and her cohorts. The time for singing and dancing comes to an end, and we become very serious as we enter into the warfare for the souls of humanity.


Translation of the Ari’zal. Adam sinned this way also. For our sages say Eve squeezed grapes, and gave him the juice to drink together with its dregs the Juice and its dregs where the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good, and evil. Again I do not get the impression that either the Ari or the commentary see the deep....at least they do not put it down on paper the deep spiritual significance of what is being said here.


The female squeezed the grapes, and gave him the juice to drink with its dregs. What is this juice with the dregs? The judgment upon Satan is that Satan is being boiled for the specific purpose of separating the liquid from the sediment in the liquid. We now know that the liquid is the energy of Satan’s sea. The energy the pure spiritual experience, and the sediment in our sea is the fallen Adam who died he is the sperm. The boiling of Satan is the separation of the energy from the sperm because fallen Adam is under the power of Satan’s sea, and being used by that entity, and therefore could only produce the offspring of Satan.


Adam has to be liberated from Satan’s energy so that he can be restored to Jehovah or in our disposition restored to the Glorified Jesus Christ, and once again become the sperm that would produce God’s kingdom. We see here the mixing of the juice, and its dregs. Adam sinned this way also he drank the juice together with its dregs. He did not separate the energy from the wisdom that should be in the seed. When you are moving in the wisdom of God, and that lust starts floats you away from the purposes, and intentions of the Lord. That high has to be under the dominion of wisdom the high cannot lead, that is what is being said here. This was Adams sin of course we know from a previous message that it was the female aspect of Adam that sinned. She had within her the seed that was to produce all of the members of the Kingdom of God, and she mixed her seed with the energy of the serpent rather than the energy of the male Adam and that is how we all fell.


The parable here says Adam sinned this way also for our sages says Eve squeezed grapes, she took of the energy of the grapes and gave the juice to drink together with its dregs. Of course that is the parable the principle is the female Adam mixed the energy with the seed, and therefore killed the seed. She mixed the seed that she carried with the energy of the serpent rather than the energy of Jehovah.


Commentary: Primordial sin partaking of the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of good, and evil is seen in the eye of our sage is not as one specific act but a conglomerate of several. The common denominator of these is the aggrandizement of the ego. The transformation of man from a pure channel of divinity into the world into a self orientated agent with its own egocentric agenda. So we see once again what God calls evil is the separation of power from His righteous purposes in the earth. That is what God calls evil. Egocentricity, selfishness having ones own egocentric agenda.


This is still the commentary: there are four opinions as to what the tree of the knowledge of good, and evil was. Interestingly enough there is no opinion that it was an apple although the Garden of Eden is spoken of as being an apple orchid. According to one opinion it was a vine, and Eve squeezed wine out of the grapes to give to Adam. Now my own comment here as I was studying this is that Eve judged the sin before the time, and gave the energy released to Adam.


Do you remember a couple of years ago when we were doing a study on Jacob, and Esau, and we received a revelation that Esau was flying in the high realms of the spirit doing something that was acquiring energy illegally, and giving it to Isaac? Do you remember that at all? I could not understand what he was doing that was acquiring energy illegally. Meaning he was acquiring energy from people by hurting them. He was doing something illegally, and some how he was giving that energy to Isaac, well today I do not fully understand how he was giving that energy to Isaac. Today I do not fully understand how he was giving that energy to Isaac. I understand today that what Esau was doing according to the teaching what Esau was doing was that he was judging people before the time.


You know when you hurt people you take their energy, and when you judge them before the time that is condemnation and accusation, you take their energy. That is what Esau was doing, and this is what we se here in the parable that according to one opinion there was a vine. Of course it is also interesting that Jesus says He is the vine. They are saying that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good, and Evil was a vine. And Eve squeezed wine out of the grapes and gave it to Adam. She squeezed the wine of her own selfish purpose. If we want to apply this to Jesus, I looked up the definition of the vine recently it is like a branch that lies close to the ground. I think the reason Jesus calls Himself a vine is that it is humanity that lies close to the ground. The reason He calls Himself the vine is to say that it is His humanity His personality that was glorified, and He is still very close to the earth. Therefore we can abide in Him because He has that connection; to humanity his personality was glorified.


The squeezing of the wine or the taking the energy of the glorified Jesus Christ, and using it for your own purpose. The parable is that Eve squeezed the grapes, and gave it to her husband for what ever purpose. We are supposed to take energy from the glorified Jesus Christ, and we are supposed to use that energy to judge our own sins so that Christ in us can grow up, and be regenerated, and rule over our vessel we are not to take that energy for our personal gain. This is what the Lord was telling me as I did this study that Esau was doing that he was judging peoples sins before the time or judging sins without the appropriate authority.


Even though Esau was the older brother apparently he did not have the authority to judge sin. Praise the Lord. He did not have the spiritual authority. This is the commentary: the dregs of the wine are the elements of ego within the experience of ecstasy which poisoned the experience, and make it self serving. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the add mixture of the pure experience with that of ego. In everything he does man may choose either to seek his own self gratification or selfless dedication to elevating the world. By choosing self gratification man increases the opaqueness of the world to the godliness by choosing pure experience he renders reality more transparent revealing more of its innate divinity.


We see here an opinion that is different than mine, but it could be right on its own level. We know that there could be many understandings of each scripture. He says the dregs of the wine are the ego mixed with the ecstasy. I would not say that it is wrong but the revelation that I put on this message is more accurate that it was the mixing of the energy with Adams seed which was sustaining, and restraining that seed for the purpose of the serpent’s kingdom. Although if what you need to understand it is what this commentator says that is fine. He says the dregs of the wine are the elements of ego with the experience of ecstasy which asks that spiritual experience self serving. She gave it to her husband. The Tree of the Knowledge of good, and evil is the add mixture of the pure experience with that of ego in everything he does man may choose either to seek his own self gratification or selfless dedication to elevating the world. By choosing self gratification man increases the opaqueness of the world to godliness.


That means the world cannot see Him, cannot see God. By choosing pure experience he renders reality more transparent revealing more of innate divinity. Translation of the Ari: He chose not to drink the good wine which has no dregs and glens God, and man. This wine is spoken of as gladdening God. For the name used here used for God, Elohim signifies severe judgment, and drinking good wine which typifies the spirit of Christ transforms it into gladness. The other impute wine is called a cup of wine fully mixed. The wicked ones of the world will drink, and suck its dregs.


That is interesting. Suck its dregs I have written down here suck on fallen Adam. We are told in the Tree of Life that the lapute suck on us, suck our energy when ever they can. The wicked ones of this world will drink, and suck on Adams energy. Now what came to my mind when I started reading this paragraph was the marriage of Cana, and the master of the feast telling Jesus that most people drink out the good wine first, and then bring out the bad wine when everyone is drunk.


He chose not to drink the good wine which is the spirit of Christ which has no dregs, and gladdens God, and man. The wine spoken of as gladdening God for the name here used Elohim signifies sever judgment. The spirit of Christ transforms it into gladness. The Holy Spirit mixed with the personality brings severe judgment it is judgment without mercy. Usually it is the Holy Spirit influencing the carnal personality, and that judgment is usually harsh but the good one which is the spirit of Christ transforms judgment into gladness. Well that is the best I can get out of that right now. Commentary choosing to relate to reality not through the clouded lens of ego, renders the world more fit to receive Devine blessing it does figuratively transforms Gods attribute of judgment, and limitation to that of benevolence, and happiness.


Choosing to relate to reality not through the clouded lens of ego, that is our own carnal mind, renders the world more fit to receive divine blessings. We have had so much teaching about that here that you cannot judge righteous judgment when you are looking at everything through your carnal mind or when you are looking through everything to justify yourself or to help yourself. In order to be a son of God we have to separate from our own ego, and see things as God sees them. When do that we render the world fit to receive divine blessings. Actually that righteous judgment is a divine blessing because when you judge righteous judgment solutions to the problem will come it does figuratively transforms Gods attributes of judgment, and limitation to that of benevolence, and happiness.


In other words that is saying judgment that is falling when the Sons of God can see it clearly, and see the root of it, and help the people we find out that judgment is really a blessing because it has brought the kind of positive change that we need in our lives. Translation of the Ari, Adams sinned additionally wanting to draw all the nation under the wings of the divine presence that is talking about the Shekinah. This caused all the suffering that befell him, and has befallen us through our exile Moses also erred this way, and therefore had to die in the dessert. King Solomon also erred by encouraging conversion. Of course Kabbalist, and the whole Jewish principle is separation that we see large elements of the church today going towards conversion, and admixture joining with all kinds of denominations that have unscriptural beliefs.


Commentary: as we have explained previously the psychology, and the innate orientation of the non Jew is that of sustaining perfection, and functioning of the world. This is their role in the big picture into making the world into a home for God. The problem is that they too suffered a fall in the wake of the primordial sin, and this altruistic drive is manifest in most people as a drive for a more material, and comfortable standard of living. Again we see the difference between selfishness and selflessness this is a primary issue with God. Moses, Adam and King Solomon erred in thinking that if the non Jews where converted into Judaism.


The Jewish drive for spirituality would continue with the combined the non Jewish drive for physical perfection. This was a thought that had a double effect of objectifying the Jewish spiritual drive keeping it from degenerating into egocentric ecstasy This also I see a major theme in Kabbalah that we have to guard against being so spiritual that it becomes a selfish experience which will end in our death. We must integrate our spirituality with the community, with humanity that is Gods will. However they each erred in their own way not realizing for this to work the non Jew must initiate the process by himself. In other words we cannot have a union with a non Jew who is not willing to work towards Gods purposes. The non Jewish drive for physical perfection would more or less anchor the Jew with his craving for spiritual things to the earth but you can only have that union when the non Jew is willing to be changed by the spiritual aspect of the Jew.


You cannot force people. This is the Ari. Let us return now to our original discussion as we said Adam sinned with his strange fire, and by drinking the wine with the dregs. We see that Adam sinned because he was lusting for spiritual experiences rather than the wisdom of God. He also drank the wine with the dregs which means that the Female Adam mixed her seed with the serpent’s energy. These dregs where personified by the fallen non Jews who sought to cling to him. These dregs were personified by the fallen non Jews who sought to cling to him. Well I would say by the fallen Adam. These dregs where personified. I would have to say by the fallen Adam, and the serpent who sought to cling to him. I do not know if the problem is in the translation here or if the Ari did not get it but the problem may be in the translation.


These dregs where personified by the fallen non Jews by the fallen Adam, and by the serpent who sought to cling to Adam. Commentary: as we said the non Jewish physic suffered a fall with the primordial sin as well becoming overtly egocentric. Being self centered. In this state they were symbolized by the dregs of egocentricity that spoiled the wine of pure experience as well as Lilith the demon of egocentric sexual thrill. Not that this is wrong but we are seeing it a little more deeply. As a result of the fall man became egocentric, that is true, and in this state man was symbolized by the dregs. He is just making his point he is just saying that the dregs of the wine is egocentric men which is really not wrong because fallen Adam is egocentric. It is close enough.


This is the Ari: now Nadab, and Abihu where also drunk these two sins strange fire which means spiritual experience for the experiences sake, and inebriation which means drunkenness which is... now what you see in the brackets that is what the translator put it in, because I am saying this inebriation this drunkenness was the same thing as this strange fire. Seeking being drunk on spiritual experience Nadab, and Abihu where also drunk these two sins strange fire, and inebriation are alluded to in the first verse of this Torah reading. The initials of the words for after the death of the two the initial for the words after the death of the two.. He is playing with Hebrew words here again. They maybe rearranged to spell from fire. The final letters of the three words the two sons of Aaron spell wine.


If the two words death of the two are read backwards they contain the word for they drank. This verse thus alludes to both sins. That is a kabbalistic exercise. This verse then alludes to these two sins of course to me they drank means they drank down the spirit of Satan. What this says to me is that strange fire they sought spiritual experience for the sake of the experiences, and the result of it was that they drank down Satan’s fire. They drank down Satan’s spirit. When you pursue spiritual experiences for the thrill of them alone you are going to wind up drinking down Satan’s spirit because spiritual experiences separated from the wisdom, and the good works, and the righteousness of God is Satan’s spirit. That is the partial tree she is the partial tree.


When you pursue spirituality for the sake of the spiritually, you are pursing the partial tree, and you will wined up drinking down Satan’s spirit if you go after strange fire which is the energy that is separated from the wisdom and the righteousness of God you will find yourself drinking down Satan’s sprit.


Translation of the Ari. It follows that they attempted to rectify the sin of Adam but they instead made the same mistake as he, and therefore died. What mistake? They pursued spirituality for the sake of spirituality alone they wanted the thrill of it they were selfish rather than selfless. They were each half of Adams body so to speak, and they effectively died two deaths their own, and his. They were each half of Adams body so to speak that sounds like Cain, and Abel to be. And they effectively died two deaths their own, and his death. I do not know what to say about that so I will just go on.


This to is alluded to in this verse after the death of the two sons of Aaron this refers to their death in their present incarnation when they approached God that is a four times, and they died in the time of Adam. This is also why Moses comforted Aaron saying that Nadab, and Abihu where greater than either of them for they were incarnations of the Father Adam while Moses and Aaron where incarnations of Abel Adams son. Let’s try those three verse again. It alludes that they attempted to rectify the sin of Adam but they instead made the same mistake as he, the pursued after the spiritual experience, and therefore they died they each where half of Adams body so to speak and they effectively died two deaths their own and his. When they followed after the strange fire they experienced his death, and then they actually died so they experienced death twice. This to alluded to in this verse after the two deaths of the sons of Aaron. This refers to their death in their present incarnation when they approached God four times, and they died in the time of Adam, so he is saying they died twice.


This is also why Moses comforted Aaron by saying that Nadab, and Abihu where greater than either Moses or Aaron for Nadab, and Abihu where incarnations of the Father Adam while Moses, and Aaron where incarnations of Abel, Adams son. I know there is a whole section in the gate of reincarnations where the Ari claims that he could look at somebody, and know who they were the incarnation of going all they way back. I do not have any witness from the Lord that this is accurate it may very well be accurate I have asked the Lord about it I would like to understand it I do not get any witness in my heart, and I am waiting for the Lord to deal with me.


04/10/08 Transcribed by KML 

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