583 - Part 2

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In part one of this message, let me tell you that I am going to start with some comments and additions to what I said in part one of this message, and then we are going to take a very unusual twist into looking at the term flat land in light of string theory on this part two, and that will probably be the end of part two, and part three we will pick up with the balance of the chapter of Genesis 14, praise the Lord. Part one of this message we said that the king of Sodom was burnt in the lake of fire, and I told you that, that was a corrective judgment, what we in the new, in this age known as the white throne judgment, the corrective judgment that is ministered by a man of God, but the Lord showed me a further explanation of the king of Sodom being burnt, and that is that the king of Sodom was a burnt offering, it was a burnt offering.


What my note says, a further explanation is that the king of Sodom was a burnt offering, that is a spiritual lamb who repented before God continually, but I want to suggest to you repented before God continually in accordance with the old order concept. This is old order repentance, that means non-specific repentance, and the reason I say this, is that we found in one of the verses that we translated in part one, that when the specific repentance came forth, the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled and did everything they could to escape from the specific repentance that was exposing the hidden sins of their heart.


We see that the king of Sodom was an old order burnt offering, okay, the new order burnt offering is the complete destruction of your carnal mind, and the way we destroy our carnal mind is by exposing the thought process behind it which is Satan the unconscious part of the carnal mind, sitting there, of course that is allegorical, sitting there and just generating evil thoughts, just whispering evil thoughts into the hearts of fallen men that receive those thoughts because they do not have the power of Christ behind them to resist. The definition, not the definition but the Nelson's illustrated Bible Dictionary says the following concerning sacrificial offering, or concerning burnt offering, - This kind of offering was described as, that which goes up to God, it was termed "whole" in Leviticus 6:22, because the entire offering was to be burnt upon the altar. Brethren, our entire carnal mind is to be burnt, - It was termed "continual" in Exodus 29:38-42, to teach the nation of Israel that their sinfulness required a complete and continual atonement and consecration.


This sacrifice offered every morning and evening, pointed to Christ's atoning death for sinners, and His total consecration to God. This is what Mr. Nelson says, the burnt offering spoke of Christ's passive obedience and His submission to the penalty required by man's sinfulness. Of course we know that this is not true, and it is interesting that the Lord had me reviewing the ministry book, the Living Epistle's book "Not Without Blood" the other day, which I am editing and revising again, that book explains that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, gives humanity access to the tabernacle of God or to the, to access to Jehovah, but we must come with our own sacrifice, there are two sacrifices, Jesus Christ's sacrifice gives us access to Jehovah or grants us reconciliation with Jehovah, but we must come with our carnal mind, with our hedge you might say on a platter, you cannot come to the great God, even though Jesus Christ has open the channel for us and made it legal for us to approach Jehovah, you cannot come with your sinful soul.


We see that this is a principle that the present day church or that the church does not understand, if any of the church fathers have preached this, I am not aware of it, but I know that this is the message that is coming forth today, there are two sacrifices, okay, there is the blood of Jesus Christ sanctifies us to the point that Jehovah will commune with us, but we must be willing to sacrifice our carnal mind, and of course another point that the Lord has made clear in this ministry, is that in this hour the glorified Jesus Christ has ascended higher than every other name and that includes the name of Jehovah, the glorified Jesus Christ has ascended up to the Keter, He is the ancient of days, okay, and the Christ that sanctifies our vessel is the son of the glorified Jesus Christ, the son of the glorified Jesus Christ that is grafted to us, that is growing in the midst of us, the holy child that is saving us, He is the one that sanctifies the vessel, that reconciles us to the Father, our Father is the glorified Jesus Christ, okay, and it is the glorified Jesus Christ who comes down to dwell with us because we are sanctified by His own son, Christ in you the hope of glory, but we must come with a sacrifice, and that sacrifice is our carnal mind. Praise the Lord, wake up church, you are not dying and going to heaven, and riding on cloud, you have got to give up your sin nature, you have got to confess it for what it is and give it up, that is the new covenant.


The new covenant is Christ in you the hope of your glorification which hope of your glorification includes the casting of your carnal mind into the lake of fire which is that Christ in the midst of you. Praise the Lord. Exodus 29:42-44 say, "This shall be a continual burnt offering throughout your generations at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation before the Lord where I will meet you to speak there unto you. Our human vessel becomes the tabernacle of the congregation and the continual burnt offering is the sacrifice of the glorified Jesus Christ, okay, when Christ is in the midst of us, when the son of the glorified Jesus Christ is in the midst of us, when the spark of the glorified life of Jesus Christ is in the midst of us, it sanctifies this tabernacle, and makes us eligible to have the Father, which is the glorified Jesus Christ whose name is higher than Jehovah, which really the glorified Jesus Christ is Jehovah raised to a higher power, the power of the Keter, the son of the glorified Jesus Christ within us, makes us holy enough for the Father to come down and commune with us, but when He comes down and communes with us, a second sacrifice is required, and that second sacrifice is our own blood of our fallen nature.


Verse 43 says, "And there I will meet with the children of Israel, and the tabernacle will be sanctified by my glory." Verse 44, "And I will sanctify the tabernacle of the congregation and the altar, I will sanctify also both Aaron and his sons to minister to me in the priest office." We see that the Father is coming down, He is sanctifying the tabernacle and He is also sanctifying the altar, and the altar is the place where the Spirit of God meets humanity, and that is the mind, the altar is the mind, and we did a lot of work on this in Living Epistles Ministries years ago, the altar is the mind, and in particular the spirit of the mind where the Spirit of the Father meets with the individual.


Hebrews 13:10-11 says, "We have an altar whereof they have no right to eat which serve the tabernacle, for the bodies of those beast whose blood is brought into the sanctuary by the high priest for sin are burned without the camp. We see that our carnal mind is the burnt offering because it says here that it is the beast, the body of the beast is burnt, our carnal mind is the beast that is going to be cast into the lake of fire, and that beast is being burnt outside of the camp, it is not being burnt inside of Atzilut, we are being purified right down here in this fallen world, we are in outer darkness, outside the camp, outer darkness, we are in outer darkness, so our carnal mind is burnt and the sanctification of the tabernacle of the congregation comes from the glorified Spirit of Jesus Christ, but the beast still has to be burnt. Praise the Lord.


Revelation 6:7-11, "And when he had first opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked and behold a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was death and hell followed after him." Death is a person, death is the Serpent and in particular the mind of the Serpent called the carnal mind, and hell is the world, this world of outer darkness that, that mind of death has brought into existence. "And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." This is interesting, I do not really know what I have in our translation of this, which I did many years ago, but we know that Adam was originally a parallelogram and that the Serpent broke off one of his legs and in his fallen state, Adam's geometric expression is the triangle, so we see here that power was given to them over the fourth part of the earth, and that fourth leg that the Serpent broke off in the fallen man is the in the form of Abel, Abel who is standing up and trying to overcome sin.


We see that the carnal mind has completely overpowered Abel, the human potential to be righteous, and we know that Abel is completely overpowered, Abel is the whore of Revelation. He has become Leviathan's homosexual prostitute. "I looked and behold a pale horse and his name that sat on him was death, and hell followed after him", and of course the horse is the human being, the beast part of us, "and his name that sat on him was death", so we are being ridden or we are being controlled by the carnal mind, "and hell followed after him", that is this world and all of the wickedness that afflicts us in this world, "and power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth", that is Abel, "to kill with the sword and with hunger and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held." I am sure that if I were to look into my alternate translation of Revelation which I did fourteen or at least thirteen or fourteen years ago, that it is pretty accurate, but today I know that there is no question in my mind at all, that this fourth and fifth seal is talking about the carnal mind of man, the fourth seal, and the fifth seal, and I know that I prayed about this for a long time, who are these people under the altar?


The altar is the mind of Christ brethren, and the people under the altar are all of the human beings whose carnal mind is still alive but, they are under, their personality is under the blood of Jesus and under the protection of the mind of Christ, because of obedience. All of these seven seals is talking about the warfare that ensues after Christ is grafted to the individual, it is the warfare between the carnal mind, it is the exposure, the revelation of the carnal mind and the Christ warfare against it, that is what these seven seals are, and as we learned in the message that is really a prerequisite for this message called "A Wondrous Edifice", we found out that the opening of the seals means to activate and make useful the particular man in whom these spiritual seals are being revealed. When the Lord exposes your carnal mind, when He exposes sin in you, His purpose is to make active, to make you active and to make you fruitful and productive, because the only productivity that is recognized by God is the productivity of the Christ mind, and for the Christ mind to be all that it is designed to be the carnal mind must die. Praise the Lord.


When he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar, the souls of them that were slain, the souls of them whose carnal mind was slain for the word of God, so that Christ could be born in them and overshadow them, and for the testimony which they held, and the testimony that they held is the spirit of prophecy, because Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy, what does that mean? They are the fulfillment of prophecy. We are the fulfillment of prophecy brethren, we are history in the making, we are the creation of God that the Ayn Sof ordained from the beginning in the making down here in the world of Asiyah. Verse 10, "And they cried with a loud voice saying, How long Oh Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth." How long, how long are we going to be in this condition Lord, when are you going to completely slay our carnal mind. You see, these are the people that have confessed their sins and are under the blood of Jesus and are waiting for the power to fully sway their carnal mind, they are waiting for Christ in them to fully sway their carnal mind.


They are saying, "Dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth." "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord."


Verse 11, "And white robes were given unto everyone of them...", they were made righteous, that means their carnal mind was slain, '...and it was said unto them that they should rest yet for a little season until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were should be fulfilled." Precious is the death of the saints in the eyes of the Lord, this is not physical death brethren, it is the death of their carnal mind. Praise the Lord, are there any questions about that before I go on to the next comment?


The next comment has to do with the word "gazelle", I did tell you that the word gazelle was a spiritual gazelle that had to do with the human being that was expressing the nature of Christ, I did not clarify for you however, that the word gazelle specifically was talking about the personality that was married to Christ, it was not talking about the person with the Holy Ghost that was under the influence, I am sorry, it was not talking about the person who still was in their carnal mind who was under the influence of the Holy Ghost, the term "gazelle" refers to the person that Christ is grafted to, it is the living Christ, okay, the grafted savior, the holy child in the midst of us, living through and largely controlling the individual, that person is a gazelle.


The person who is in their carnal mind but under the influence of the Holy Spirit who prophesies and speaks in tongues, you are not a gazelle, you are not a spiritual gazelle, the spiritual gazelle is the person that is controlled by the indwelling Christ which is the son of the glorified Jesus Christ who is ascended higher than every other name including the name of Jehovah and is one with the ancient of days, he's all the way up there in the Keter, and actually He is Jehovah raised to a higher power, because there is only one God brethren. Praise the Lord, any questions about anything that I have said?


In part one of this message I mentioned to you that according to the definition of the words that I looked up, and this is old, I have it in the alternate Old Testament, it is a phrase that I have known for a long time that this present world, is the world that Leviathan has rolled out, and in one of the words probably either the names of the king, either that, or it was probably a definition, it was probably one of the words out of which the vale of Siddim was derived, I saw he word "flat", and this is the flat land that Leviathan has rolled out, and I know that from years ago, in my studies the Lord told me that Leviathan has rolled out this world, but it clicked in my mind, that I wondered what I would find if I went into my book on string theory and looked for this, and I know that this word exists in String theory, actually a man wrote a book called "Flat land", and it is talking about a two dimensional universe. If you are not going to include space time, we have a three dimensional universe, height, width, and depth, and I thought that was strange that the Scripture would be revealing what sounds like a two dimensional universe, flat land with a height, but no depth.


I did go into my book on String theory today, and I would like to spend a little time with you showing you some interesting points about flat land. This world of ours, this world of outer darkness is flat land, and what we can learn from String theory using the same term. Let me remind you that when we read books on physics, the anointing is so thick I am already passing out, are you all okay, my eyes are closing on me, praise the Lord.


We will try and get this out, when we read books on physics, String theory, Quantum Mechanics, this is talking about the physical components of our world, that is where the term physics comes from, it is talking about the physical components of our world, but the Lord has revealed to us that beginning with Quantum Mechanics, and of course there is quantum mechanics advanced, I should not say it is quantum mechanics, as science advanced after quantum mechanics, we find the study of String theory, and beyond String theory is the study of M-theory.


M-theory is closer to String theory than quantum mechanics is not really close to String theory, it is really very different, but we find that there is an analogy between spiritual principles and the activity of mind and these principles that we are finding in quantum mechanics String theory and M-theory, so what I would like to do this evening is just take a little time to relate the concept of, or the concepts of, a single dimensional, a one dimensional universe which is called line land, and a two dimensional universe which is called flat land, and then we have three dimensional universe, I do not know what that is called, but I said to the Lord, this was my question to the Lord, how, why is the Scripture saying a two dimensional universe, when we have a three dimensional universe, I am not including space time now which would make it four dimensional, and this is what the Lord told me, the one dimensional universe is really a point.


We know that our whole world or universe came into existence initially as a point, actually not this universe because this universe that we dwell in is formed by the Serpent, and it is a universe within a universe, I am talking about the universe which is the creation of God initially appeared as a point.


We know that point to be Adam. At the beginning Adam was a one dimensional universe, and as he began to expand, he next, there began to be rolled out, he became a two dimensional universe, and then he increased into a three dimensional universe, but that these dimensions or at least the dimensions as I see them and as I intend to present them to you tonight will be dimensions of mind. I am relating this to the fallen creation, I am relating this to the big bang, the point that appeared and then exploded and that is the rolling out of this world, which is still expanding.


I hope to show you that there are human being today whose mind are still in the condition of the one dimensional universe, and there are people in this world whose minds are still in the condition of the two dimensional universe, it has to do with the way you think. We also have an explanation on this book on String theory, and the book is called "The Elegant Universe" by the way, by Brian Green. There is also an explanation in here concerning these universes which show why it is so hard to break out of your universe for people who are trying to become spiritual, and cannot, there is an excellent explanation in String theory as to what is working against you. We know that there is a resistance working against us, the Scripture calls it Satan, well that is nice to know that Satan is working against us, this is just a different way of expressing it, and I found it extremely interesting, so I am going to try to present it to you which may be difficult since I am being slain in the spirit before I even start it here, but I am going to try.


I will put the principles on the board for you. Line land, a universe with one spacial dimension. Even an ant would not fit in this universe, we would have to squeeze that ant until it was flat, so flat that it would fit in this one spacial universe, and squeeze it until it had no thickness at all, so the one spacial universe has length only, it has not length and no depth, so everything it has no thickness, what we are talking about is a thin line as I have drawn here on the board, that is all there is. Your eyes as line being are forever locked in position. See, our eyes now, they can go up, to the left, or to the right, or down, your eyes are immovable if you are a line man, and I have drawn a line here with just a red dot at the end of each line which would be your eyes. We see that this is a very limited position to be in, your eyes are forever locked in position staring off into the one dimensional distance, you can only look straight ahead, or you would use your other eye to look behind you.


We have people like that in this world, we call it, people that have this problem, we call that problem tunnel vision, that they can only see right in front of them, cannot see to the left, cannot see to the right, can only see black and white, right? Rigid people who are set in their ways and cannot change, they can only go straight ahead, they cannot adjust, they cannot compromise, that is a bondage, okay, well let me finish what is on the board here. A line man with two eyes would look like this, and as I said, I have drawn a straight line with a red dot at each end for the two eyes, another line man on the other side of you would appear as a dot, I drew that down here. If you were a straight line and with and eye at the end of your line and you saw another person in your universe, all that you would see would be the red dot that is their eye, someone would look to you like a dot, or like a point okay, and that is what Adam was when he first appeared, he was a point, and that was Adam in a one dimensional universe, before he rolled out, or before the Serpent or Leviathan, I have always said Leviathan but I remind you that sometimes I may not get it right, it is either the Serpent or Leviathan, or Satan, as long as I am in that category sometimes I get the character or the member of the family of the Serpent's household incorrect, so from the point when Adam was a point, I do not know whether it was Leviathan or the Serpent rolling him out, okay, because the Adam of the creation of God was a being of light, and he did not exist in this world of appearance.


It is a fallen Adam which we now know is the fallen female side of Adam that was rolled out into this physical universe. Also eyes in line land would have no features, and no emotions. We see that today even though the physical world has indeed been rolled out, we have people whose mind is still in the condition that we could call line land, people that have no emotions, and that have no features on their face, some people never smile. I know one or two people like that, that they smile so infrequently that this one man that I have in mind, the day that I saw him smile, I found myself staring at his face, saying, What is wrong, what happened to his face, this man was so stony faced, that his features never changed, the day that I saw him laugh, I was shocked, okay.


This man at least in that aspect of his life existed in a one dimensional universe, he has a lot of trouble showing his emotions, actually the only emotion I have ever seen him show is anger, I have never seen him show any true affection or any true joy, I hardly ever saw him happy except that one time that he smiled that I was shocked, okay, so eyes in line land would have no features and no emotions, of course in line land you would not have a face or a mouth to smile, but we know that eyes can smile and eyes can dance and eyes can show joy, but in line land, your eyes cannot even, like if you are happy in this world your eyes dance, you know, your eyes cannot even dance, they are locked, they are fixed, staring straight ahead. We have some mentally ill people whose eyes are fixed and stare straight ahead, it is called catatonia, okay, just staring into space like they are hypnotized.


Well what would you do, could you even imagine being a line in a one dimensional universe, there is no movement, well there is movement forward, you could move forward or backward, but if there is someone behind you, you cannot move forward or backwards, you cannot get around them, so you are like stuck in your position. There are a lot of people in this world who in their mind and in their emotions are stuck, they just cannot move forward. You know I was one of those people for years, every time I tried to make an improvement in my life, before I ever came to the Lord, years ago I had a revelation you know, I had started college so many times and I had so many problems going to college, so many things that made me quit so many times, but I kept going back and at this point one event in my life had made me quit, at this particular time, and I had the revelation that there was really, and I did not know about curses, I did not know anything about that, I did not have a relationship with the Lord yet, but I knew that somehow there was some force operating in my life that every time I tried to stand up, I was smacked down, I just could not go forward, and I am going to show you shortly the expression of this spiritual principle, or the expression of this condition of my life in accordance with String theory, I am going to show you the explanation for it with String theory.


Let me finish what is on the board here. I said, eyes in line land would have no features and no emotions, and then I said, You could not pass your neighbor by, she would be fully blocking the road because there is no space to go around her, you are in a universe that has length only, no width or depth, and the order of the line beings is unchanging, you cannot get around anybody. Praise the Lord, so this is a hypothetical one dimensional universe, but we know that it really existed because the whole world as we now know it originated from one single point which is a one dimensional universe. Is everybody okay with this? We are going to take a picture of it, and I am going to then try to draw a diagram which will show you the single dimension universe increasing into a two dimensional universe and we will see what we could learn from that.


I would like to make some further comments on the one dimensional universe applied to our spiritual being, applied to mind, and applied to our society.


We saw a largely one dimensional social society across the world actually until very recently, the position that you were born into was a position that you could not get out of, if you were a poor person, if they had a cast system, if you were an untouchable, there was no way out, that was your position in the universe, you could not get out of being an untouchable. In Europe, if you were the first son of a wealthy family, you inherited all the money, and if you were a second, third, fourth, or fifth son, unless your brother, the first son had mercy on you, you were a pauper, or even if your brother did give you money, you were subject to him, he was the head of the family for your entire life, no matter how old you were, unless your brother died, and you were the next in line, you were always under your brother.


Of course we had extended families, I do not know to what extent it exists today, it may exists to some extent, but I know that the extended family has been largely damaged in these last thirty or fifty years, but I think it is recently, in the thirties or forties, we had dynasties where men and women would have or even ten children, and those children would get married, and they would all live near each other, sometimes live in the same house and the father would be the head of the household and he would be an authority over a married man that had five of his own children, is that not true? I think that was the way it was, I know even I saw a movie not too long ago, that took place in our west which probably was maybe even a hundred years old, we are talking about a time period maybe even a hundred years ago, maybe even not that, where it was James Stewart, he had five sons and they lived on a farm, all five sons, they became men but they were still under their father, the first born got married, he brought his wife into the house, they had their own bedroom and a baby, and they all lived in the house together, and they all submitted to the father, so your position could not be changed, and they not only submitted to their father but they submitted to their older brother, and that is one thing that has impressed me about the Nigerian brethren that are a part of this ministry, an older sibling is significant to them, they recognize an older sister or brother as someone to go to for advice and to respect. I do not know about you all, but I have never seen that here in the United States, what I have witnessed is that once you have become an adult, all of the siblings are equal, but in Nigeria, no matter how old you are, you will respect your older sister or brother as someone that has authority over you. Did you ever see that in this country where siblings that all became adults still recognized which one was the older sister, have you ever seen that? No.


In Nigeria, still older sisters and brothers hold a position of honor, praise the Lord. We see that there is a mental one dimensional universe, and there is a social one dimensional universe, this is one of the great things about America that you could come here and make your fortune, of course I do not, it is probably not this way in Europe anymore, but at the time that our country was born, if your father was a carpenter, you were a carpenter, if your father was a coal miner, you were a coal miner, if your father was a farmer, you were a farmer. Your position was chosen for you from the day that you were born and there was no way that you could get out of it, you were stuck, you were in the one dimensional universe, you could only go forward or backwards, you could not go to the side and choose another career, interesting huh? I think I will just put some of the characteristics of the two dimensional universe on the board, and then I will show you how the increase comes.


Drawing #2, this is something that I did not tell you earlier on the one dimensional universe, if this one dimensional man needed surgery, the only way to penetrate for him or her would be through the eyes, through either end of the line, and the two dimensional universe where we now have length, that person can now, that person now has a surface which can be punctured, that another person, a doctor or another person can enter into the midst of them, and also another person can look at them from another angle, and see their interior. The mental analogy of this is that we become transparent, first if we are mentally or emotionally a one dimensional universe, we are a closed universe, you know some people that they never change their expression, you do not know what is going on inside of them, you do not know whether they are happy or they are sad, they wear a mask, you never know the truth of what is going on inside of their mind, that is a mental or a spiritual one dimensional universe, they are hidden from you, nobody knows what these people really are like inside, but once you become a two dimensional universe, you become transparent, people can now see into your interior, they can tell whether you are happy or sad, or whether you are pleased with them or angry with them, and that rigidity has passed away and you have become a new heaven and a new earth, someone who is willing to reveal your feelings and your emotions and your thoughts to other people.


The way we go from a one dimensional to a two dimensional universe, and from a two dimensional to a three dimensional universe, etc., etc., according to String theory is that, well the foundational principle of String theory is that we have hidden unused atrophy curled up dimensions, we human beings okay, have as many as ten dimensions, and M-theory says that we have eleven dimensions, whereas only four of them are recognized, height, width, depth, and space time. According to String theory, there are six curled up dimensions as I show you on the board, I showed it as a dot, and according to M-theory, we have seven curled up unused dimensions. I have mentioned this to you before, and I found the principle so many times in my alternate translations where the Lord is saying, Beware or Satan will curve will, or Satan will roll you up like a ball, meaning Jehovah speaking to His people Israel and saying, I have rolled out additional dimensions in you, I have made you spiritual beings, I have made you mental giants, I am told that the ancient Hebrews had the whole, what we call the Old Testament in their mind, it was never written down, the teacher would just start talking and they would know exactly where the place was, can you imagine? They were mental giants, additional dimensions had been rolled out, dimensions that had been curled up, were rolled out to give them the ability to retain the entire Scripture in their mind, is that incredible? It is not that it does not happen today, I am told that Stephen Hawking, who was completely paralyzed does all kinds of advanced calculations in his mind because he cannot even use a pencil and paper, now we would call that genius, but that is so far beyond that average person, that I would have to say some curled up dimension, some curled up mental dimension has been rolled out in the mind of someone who could do that, we call it genius, but what it is, is a rolled out dimension, what is a rolled out dimension? It is a rolled out potential, and it all has to do with mind and ability.


I think I got all carried away with what I was saying there, the way we go from a one dimensional world to a two dimensional world is that a curled up dimension that has always existed unfolds, and it comes forth as a circle, these curled up dimensions are all circles, and they, I may not, what I have on drawing #2 may not be completely accurate, but that is the way I have done it, it comes forth out of its curled position and eventually it settles down as a two dimensional universe, so when another curled up dimension comes forth in the same way, we find the three dimensional universe.


Of course as far as String theory, the String theorists are saying right now, Well our world right now consists of four dimensions, what would it be like if a fifth dimension unfolded or uncurled? We who are in Christ, we have a fifth dimension within us. That is what it means to see in the spirit, a fifth dimension of mind, we call it word of knowledge, but it is fifth dimension, we are hearing from a source beyond this world, there is another dimension. In my wildest dreams, I cannot imagine what the sixth or seventh or eighth dimension would be like aside from ascending into genius, okay, and I do not know whether that is a dimension unto itself that you mind becomes so great that you can contain the whole Scripture and everything, you know I have things that I taught that I do not remember, because a lot of what I teach comes out under the anointing and then other things I study for the message and then I do not retain everything that I teach, so I can blessed by my own messages, can you imagine everything that taught? But if I can remember every Scripture, if can remember every word the Lord ever said to me, I pray for that ability.


I do not know whether that would be one dimension being rolled out or that would require many dimensions being rolled out, but I cannot, I do not have any concept of eleven dimensional existence, I know what the fifth dimension is because I see and I hear in the spirit, okay, and then if another dimension is genius okay, well that is only two more, but that is only six dimensions, what will be like with the other dimensions. As far as the two dimensional world is concerned, now all of a sudden, we can see other people, we can into them, we can walk around them, we can no longer restricted to one position in the universe, and we see that from that point of view, the social analogy of the two dimensional universe began in this country, because as far as I know all of the countries of the world were in the system that I described earlier that your career depends on who you were born to and your position in the family, you could not get of it. The two dimensional social universe began with the founding of this country, is that not exciting, with the founding of this country, and also the two dimensional mental universe really largely began with the founding of this country and I could be wrong but it is my understanding that in the world prior to this country, you really were not even allowed to be a free thinker, you were expected to think as the family thought. I know when women got the vote in this country, a lot of men expected their wives to vote as they wanted them to vote. I know my father wanted to tell my mother how to vote, but my mother was a women's libber from way back, yeah. I believe it is my understanding that it was a big struggle if you were a man, you know and you were a part of this dynasty and your father was still the head of it, and you had different ideas than he did, you really did not pursue his ideas. I am talking about the typical family back fifty or a hundred years ago, you just suppressed your own ideas and you submitted to your father's ideas and you went with the whole family, so we see that we have a social ascension into the second dimensional universe and a mental ascension into the second dimensional universe. Today it is very common, if you are born into a family, you are not expected to pursue the same career that your father pursued, in many families, okay, neither are you expected to think like your father thinks, at least in the families that are evolving, we may still find these problems in some families where the father expects you to think like he thinks, but the society is growing, and by in large, young people that are reaching their maturity these days, they have their own ideas about their careers, they have their own ideas about politics, they have their own ideas about religion, and they are no longer following after the trends by the family and actually the society is in chaos because of it, but change always produces chaos, it is time to for us to move from the mental and social second dimensional universe, so the family is being shaken up. The three dimensional universe physically means that we now have a height, width, and depth, but mentally and socially the three dimensional universe has to do with spiritual ascension, it has to do with an expansion into the spiritual world, that is third dimension, we now know God, a knowledge of God.


What I said before about the fifth dimension, that is about having a spiritual relationship with God, the third dimension is merely a knowledge of God, mankind did not know that God always existed, somewhere back in antiquity, they worshiped demons, they found out that demon gods existed, but there was a time that men did not even know that gods existed. That is a part of the third dimensional universe, a recognition that there is something unknown, that there is something beyond us, and it is in this three dimensional universe that our scientists have evolved and they seek knowledge of outer space and of things that are beyond our world. There is one comment in this book that I would like to read to you because I am having trouble recalling it, exactly how it is expressed. It is talking about the two dimensional universe going, increasing into a three dimensional universe, and if, as far as our world goes, this third dimension that has uncurled, we do not know whether it is expanded indefinitely in one direction, or whether, I am going to read to you from this book, we do not know at present whether any of our three spacial dimensions extends outward forever or in fact curls back itself in a shape of a giant circle beyond the range of our most powerful telescopes, if the circular dimension got big enough billions of light years in extent, this three dimensional universe that is appearing in String theory, could very well be our world, in other words, the author of the book is saying, we have this theory about one, two, and three dimensional universes and if it turns out that our universe was expanded far enough, our world could be the three dimensional universe, but of course I have been talking to you this whole evening and with the position that our world is the three dimensional universe, I did not doubt it, but this author is saying maybe it is true, he does not know if it is true.


Again, my principle and my point to you is that the three dimensions that have already unfolded and I am excluding time space for space time, are all signifying the development of Adam from a point one dimensional universe to a flat universe to a three dimensional universe and that these experiences or these stages of development are occurring physically, mentally, and socially, and as we continue to be, as these additional dimensions continue to be unfolded within us, we will be developing spiritually.


I read several books quite a few years ago, several new age books in spiritual philosophy that was not Christian, and what I read was that whoever wrote these books was saying, Mankind has developed as far as he can physically, of course they were believing in evolution, they were saying that man has evolved as far as possible physically and from here on in, all evolution will be spiritual, the evolution of mind and spiritual evolution, which sort of lines up. At the time, I did not know whether to believe it or not, because I knew that I was reading an occult book, and I just listened and waited to see if the Lord would tell me something about it, but now seeing this teaching that is coming forth now, I see that it was probably a valid teaching, although I do not believe that we have evolved according to the theory of Darwin's evolution, which is where they were coming from, but it really does appear, that mankind is really at a point where he is starting to take off spiritually, and of course to ascend and mature spiritually apart from the spirit of Christ apart from an intense saving relationship between the Lord Jesus Christ is very dangerous, you could lose your mind, you could be damaged very severely, you could pierce into Satan's kingdom, and I do not even know what could happen to you, I just know that it is dangerous.


The whole world is in crisis right now, this is the time that Jesus spoke about, He said it was a time of tribulation, actually what is happening is that Satan and the powers and principalities that rule this world are being driven down under the authority of Christ Jesus, and it is happening initially in only a handful of people, and then it will be passed on to the rest of the world.


I have one more thing to show you and that is the String theory principle of what makes it so difficult to move on and what makes it so difficult to ascend into a higher dimensional universe. If there are no questions now I will show you that one more principle, are there any questions here?


Drawing #3, by this drawing I am trying to show you the scientific concept of how we are bound okay. Spiritually we know that we call these bondages curses and that we know that spiritual warfare is done verbally, so we say, I break the curse and we know that when Jesus honors that it is broken in heaven, and then the breaking of the curse enables us to go forward and heal or grow or to mature, well we are told according to String theory that first of all, the reason String theory is called String theory, is that String theory believes and teaches the way the scientific theory is that at the foundation of this whole physical world, when you break it down to the smallest degree that you can, we find that this whole universe is created by trillions and trillions and quadrillions of small vibrating strings, they are at the foundation of everything of the physical universe.


According to String theory, every dimension over every cell actually is wrapped around by a string, okay, so I show you over here the two dimensional universe, and then to the right of that, the two dimensional universe is in black, and I show it wrapped by a string, this red line surrounding the two dimensional universe, it shows you the string that wraps everything, every atom is wrapped by string, everything is a string, okay, and the third section here or the third drawing, I show you a string wrapped around the dimensional universe in one direction around its length, and then a string its width. There is a principle in String theory, I guess all through modern physics, everything has its opposite, so if there is such a thing as a string, there has to be an anti-string, you may have heard of matter, and anti-matter, string, anti-string, the same principle, the thing whatever it may be and its opposite, and when they meet, they annihilate one another, when a positive and a negative of the same thing meet, they annihilate one another.


Nothing in this universe is permanently destroyed. When something is destroyed it just turns into another form.


When these two strings, when the string and the anti-string meet, okay, if the string disappears and the anti-string disappears and what comes out of the ashes is an unwrapped string, a string that is not wrapped around a universe, or a string that is not wrapped around a mind, okay, and the string is like a rubber band you know, wrapped, talking about the mental aspect of it, it is like a rubber band wrapped around your mind.


It is this conflict between the string that surrounds the universe or surrounds your mind, and that which is opposite of it, it is that conflict that sets you free, it is the conflict that sets your mind free any area that we are discussing in any given moment, and I suggest to you that this is exactly what goes on when Christ confronts sin in you. We have this Pharisitical attitude in the church that everybody has to be sweet and nice, well that is good if it is honest, that is not good if it is phony, and if somebody does something wrong and a person has the authority to correct them, that correction must come forth, it cannot be ignored, it cannot be swept under the rug, if it is swept under the rug and ignored your spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth goes into dormancy, you stop growing, and the power of the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ which every level you are at, stops, it does not stop immediately, and if this is your lifestyle that you sweep things under the rug, it grinds to a halt and you cannot grow.


It is possible for Christ to bring a conflict in your life and for you to not grow from it. That is a very sad day. We read in the prophets a lot, the Lord says, I have a controversy with you, the Lord is always having a controversy with us, because we do things wrong all of the time, so the Lord is always having a controversy with us, and it is up to us as to the degree to which this controversy explodes into something unpleasant.


I had somebody who is going to hearing this message, I do not know what the problem is, every time we get together there is a fight, and I said, that is right, I am not fighting with you, you are the one who is starting the fight, I am the one who is in authority, you do something wrong, and I tell you that you do something wrong, all you have to do to avoid a fight is say, okay, okay, I will pray about it, did not know, did not know, thank you for telling me, and I am going to pray about it, then there is no fight. You are the one who is starting the fight, not me. We see that this is the fulfillment or at least the understanding for years, I have wondered what this Scripture meant "The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force", I have heard all kinds of theories of what that means.


Well this is what it means brethren, the kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of God which is the mind of Christ dominating your carnal mind, the true or the accurate expression is the kingdom of the heavens plural, and a mind is a heaven. When you bind the sacrifice to the altar and the altar is the Christ mind, remember we had that in the message earlier tonight, that the altar is the Christ mind, I gave you the Scripture in the book of Revelation about the souls under the altar and I told you that these were the people who were covered by Christ who had confessed their sins so their carnal mind was now covered by Christ, okay, confess their sins and dealt with their sins.


The two heavens is when the two minds abound together with one mind with the Christ mind ruling, and the way, and the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, that means I have the kingdom of heavens within me, my carnal mind is largely bound, and when the Lord sends me into ministry, it is bound and it is Christ in me talking to you and when I bring a correction to anyone of you, and your carnal mind bucks and attacks me, the kingdom of heaven in me suffereth violence, I am violated continuously, out of my service to the Lord Jesus Christ, that is my sacrifice, this is how Paul could say to you, I die for you daily, when I tell you your sins and your carnal mind attacks me, I die for you, so "the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence", that is me, that is the person manifesting the Christ, "and the violent take it by force", that Greek word "violent" means "the energetic", those that are energetic, those that are willing to fight the battle in Christ, those that are willing to fight, those that have the power to fight, those that have the energy to fight, where does this energy come from, Christ in you the hope of glory.


The Christ that is grafted to you that when you confess your sins, is boiling Satan in you and acquiring that energy so that you could use it to fight your own powers and principalities, to fight your own carnal mind, so that you, the violent, the energetic or willing to fight, can take the kingdom by forcing Satan under your feet, and that is the true meaning of the word tribulation, the forcing of Satan to the bottom under the authority of your own Christ mind.


When a string and an anti-string meet, they annihilate each other, and one unwrapped string comes into existence, well it is not exactly like that in our world, when Christ, okay, well, I guess Christ, I do not know which is the anti-string, I guess in this world system, Christ is the anti-string, when I am dealing with any aspect of sin in you, we are going to call that a string, the foundation of your sin is a string, a vibrating string, and Christ, when Christ comes to you and says, that thought you just had, that is wrong, that word that you just said, it is wrong, that attitude that you just had, it is wrong, and this is the right way to do it, that is a string and an anti-string, and there is a conflict because both of them cannot prevail.


We have not really had a lot of rebellion here recently, but I use to tell you in the past when we had a lot of rebellion in this ministry, only one of us is going to be left standing it is going to be me. I hope you all stay in the ministry but if someone has got to go it is not going to be me, it is going to be you. I am the annihilator, I remember years ago, when I first heard that Jesus was the destroyer of the book of Revelation, it was horrifying to me to hear the Lord telling me Jesus was the destroyer, Jesus or Christ Jesus is the destroyer of the carnal mind, He most certainly is a destroyer of everything that is killing you.


When a string and an anti-string meet, they annihilate each other. Well, in string theory they annihilate each other, except that Christ Jesus does not get annihilated, that is just your carnal mind that gets annihilated, and one unwrapped string comes into existence, well the Lord just gave me a better understanding of this. Anyone that is working with me in this program or anyone else who is in my role okay, there has to be a part of you that is in agreement with me, so it is when Christ in you conflicts with, when Christ in you well, I thought I had it and I just lost it, when a string and an anti-string meet, they annihilate each other and one unwrapped string comes into existence.


Well, okay this is how the Lord is telling me to give it to you, when I have a confrontation with you, my role actually is the supporter of Christ in you, you are supposed to be doing it yourself, if Christ in you is not strong enough to overtake your carnal mind in that area, or if Christ in you more specifically is not strong enough to overtake Cain in that area in your being okay, then I strengthen Christ in you, but the string and the anti-string is really Abel and Cain in you or Christ and Cain in you, and both Abel and Cain are annihilated because remember in your fallen condition Abel is the whore of Revelation, Abel is dead, Cain is completely dominating her and Abel has become the homosexual prostitute of Cain and Leviathan, so the two of them are destroyed. Cain and Abel are destroyed, and what comes out of their death is one single string when Abel is dominating Cain, the name changes to Christ and they are no longer a duality, did you understand what I said? When a string and anti-string meet, they annihilate one another and one unwrapped string comes into existence.


Our mind which is a dimensional universe is set free when the string that is binding us, whatever that bondage is, is confronted by its anti-string which is the corresponding thought or attitude of the Christ mind, we are set free by the conflict that arises out of confrontation with Christ, we are set free by the conflict that arises out of confrontation with Christ, and the faster you believe this and the faster you believe if it is true that God has sent you here for this process, okay, the faster you will submit and the faster your bondages will break free, and brethren, whoever is hearing this message or reading this transcript, whether you believe it or not, I am telling you that this is what Ananias and Sapphira and all of the other disciples were going to Peter for.


They were going to assist Christ in them to overthrow their carnal mind, and Peter was exposing sin in them and that is why when Ananias went up to Peter, Peter, well of course the King James translation is a complete parable and accuracy, but the bottom line was that Peter was telling them, you lied to the Holy Ghost, whatever the truth was, whatever the details were, Peter was exposing sin in Ananias, and Ananias specific request for the specific purpose of overthrowing his carnal mind, and the way the parable plays out in the King James translation, if you are going on in God, and you are going to go into the deep things of God, the day is going to have to come that you are going to have to deal with the reality that this is an inaccurate translation, that it has done whatever good it has done, but it is an inaccurate translation, Ananias survived the death of his carnal mind, and became the very same Ananias that laid hands on Paul to give him his sight after Paul was blinded on the road to Emmaus. Any questions or comments?


Lord willing on Sunday we will finish up Genesis 14 and go on from there, we are going to do the account of Lot, or we are going to do the account of Abraham's encounter with Melchezidek, and then the account of Lot escaping from Sodom, so we really have quite a few messages ahead of us. Then once again the message that started off this whole series is "A Wondrous Edifice" and I decided to name all of these subsequent messages with their own name, because there are going to be people looking for messages by these names, so we will have to go into "A Wondrous Edifice" and take the part one off of it. Goodnight, God bless you.


04/09/05 Transcribed by RS


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