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What I want to do tonight is comment I am going to actually I am going to attempt to draw an analogy between some profound extra physical judgments that the famous Steven Hawking has made and the doctrine of Christ. Actually not even the doctrine of Christ but I am going to try to inject of the knowledge that the Lord has given us here of the spiritual realms into Steven Hawking or some of Steven Hawking opinions on the condition of the universe.


What we are working with is called a brief history of time written by Steven Hawking and we will be dealing largely with the chapter 9 called arrows of time. We will also be dealing with some information that I believe from some of the previous chapters just at the background for you to understand to be able to follow the scientific aspect of it when I compare it to the doctrine of Christ and the knowledge that we have here of the spiritual world.


So to start with I just like to tell you that Steven Hawking is an astral physicists who is extremely well known. He my understanding is that he is responsible or at least he plus his colleagues are responsible for the theory of time that was accepted by the scientists for so long which states that our present universe began from a singularity and singularity I think I have a definition, I think I have a dictionary definition for you of singularity let me see what I have here.


A singularity from the astral physical point of view is a hypothetical point in space a hypothetical region in space in which gravitation forces cause matter to be infinitely compressed and space in time to become infinitely distorted. Let me put that on the board for you.


We are looking at drawing number 1. I am really simplifying the science here because it is the science here is physics and it is very difficult and I just want to give you enough of a background so that I can draw this comparison between what this great scientist is saying and what the Lord says and not only what the Lord says but what my personal experience is and whoever else is having the same experience in God.


So looking at drawing number one this is Steven Hawking’s theory which is based on Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity talks about the gravitational or the effect of gravity on space time and Steven Hawking’s picked up on this and came forth with this theory of time.


The basic idea that we need for this message is that according to this theory of time there is a beginning and an end. And this theory of time implies that there is a creator someone who created and there was a time when there was nothing and then there was something then there was a universe that is expanding infinitely.


Now what the scientists are after to put it simply is a way to determine what is going to happen to our universe. And according to their scientific calculation these are brilliant brilliant men according to the way they calculate things is that in order to determine what is going to happen to our universe at the end of time because now if there is a beginning there has to be an end. They need information about what happened at the beginning in order to predict what is going to happen at the end of the universe.


So that is what this is all about it is an exploration of mind and the way scientists perceive this quest is by observation. Their major tool has been observation looking at the planet through telescopes recognising patterns in the heavenlies and a whole series of very involved ways that they investigate our universe.


After they see something with their eyes, after they recognise a pattern they take whatever information they have and they come forth with a theory. So that is what we mean when we said a theoretical point in space. They just made it up they say let us say there is a point in space and from that point time started to expand and as time expanded as you can see it is not expanding at a straight line it is expanding in a V shape and as time expands it distorts space. I am not going into that any more deeply let us just say that it is a .... as time expands it distorts space.


So space is infinitely distorted as time expands infinitely there is an infinitely expansion of time. And Steven Hawking said at sometime in the past the distance between neighbouring galaxies must have been zero. That means all matters we see it now all the planets and all the galaxies everything was in one single point and that is really interesting because that is what the Zohar says that a single point appeared and that that single point was Malkhut. But what is really interesting is I saw a man at Benny Hinn’s show recently a scientist who has written a book. Who was saying that he was so excited that science has finally come around to a place where it is lining up with the scripture but apparently this man either he did know it was ignoring the fact that Steven Hawking no longer believes this. Steven Hawking’s has completely reversed his position and now he is teaching that the universe did not start from one point. He no longer believes that there was a Creator that had anything to do with it and he is imputing to our universe the quality that is a bad word I just do not know what other word to use, we are told that God the infinite one is so indiscernible that He does not even have any qualities.


We are at a loss as to how to describe Him the Kabbalist do not even call the infinite one a He it is an It. We simply cannot comprehend It but we do know that God is at least those of us here that are studying Kabbalah we know that God is infinite that the infinite one is that there is nothing beyond Him because He is unfathomable and He has no end so that everything that exist exist within Him like a foetus exist within a womb and this is the definition that Steven Hawking today is giving to our universe. He is calling it a boundless universe something that always was and that just is that it does not have first cause it just always existed.


So the carnal of this great astral physicist this brilliant man has now imputed the qualities of the Almighty to this universe which is generated by Leviathan. I just find that very interesting. He had it right at first and then he changed.


My understanding of what I can read is he does not perceive that there are two worlds. You see he recognised the first world he recognised the truth about this universe. I maintain that there are two universes if you make universes are the right word okay there are two universes, there is the universe where the infinite one is and that is the true universe that has always existed and always will be and has no end whatsoever. In the midst of this infinite universe there is another universe so there are two universes. And the universes are the mirror images this universe in the midst of the infinite one is the mirror image of the universe which we are calling the infinite one.


So there are two universes he laid hold he had a glimpse of our universe and usually with this singularity and time expanding at an angle and bending in space and then he got a glimpse of the second universe. The universe that our universe is inside of and he thought he made a mistake. This very humble man actually said in print that he made a mistake and he no longer believes that our universe starts with a singularity but that it just is. Which is what we say about the infinite one, but he does not realise that there are two universes and he caught a glimpse of both of them and then he thought that he made a mistake.


This just goes right back to what I have been teaching for years certainly with the Hebrew language every word every concept in the Hebrew language can be expressed in two opposite ways. If you are expressing it or looking at it with your carnal mind you see it one way, if you are looking at it with your Christ mind you see it another way.


So Steven Hawking grasped an incredible truth that there are two mirror image universes that we are part of because God the infinite one He is in the midst of our universe. The universe that began with a similarity the infinite universe is woven together. He is outside of our universe and He is woven through our universe within our universe we are woven together with the substance of God but we do not exist in His universe unless He is filing us with His life and that is what it means that is the born again experience is all about. Are you following me? Any questions on this drawing?


This is the vision of time by the way it is just an aside as you see this drawing here how time is expanding at an angle this is the perfect explanation. It is the perfect illustration to show you that the six days of creation are not equal days as time expands each of these successive days gets longer and longer because time is expanding outward at an angle, day six is all will appear and of course we do not know how long each day is. Each day could be thousands of years. Praise the Lord.


Now general relativity which is the theory that Albert Einstein came up with is a partial theory. It is called a partial theory because and what is this theory I want you to understand that what this theory is all about is understanding the universe that we live in, understanding the laws of the universe, understanding how we came into existence and what is going to happen to us.


The laws of the theory of Einstein’s theory of general relativity break down that means that they no longer apply at the point of the singularity because the singularity is very very small and the physical laws that we use to understand are very small of the science of the very small is called quantum mechanics. So it is just like saying we have to apply a different set of rules to singularities.


We have to apply a different set of rules to the way we existed or to the way the universe existed at the time of the big bang whether was infinite density that means everything all of the matter that you see, all the matter the world everything here the universes, the galaxies they were all crunched into one single point.


Now that is really amazing to comprehend but a good example is a woman’s ovum the egg inside of a woman when it becomes fertilised it multiplies and multiplies and multiplies and turns into a human being which eventually can grow up to be a six foot man so that is the microcosm. The small example of what happened with our universe it started from a seed, from a human female seed that is so small that you cannot see it but you cannot see it without a microscope and turns into a six foot man. That is a small example of what happened with our universe according to the scripture and according to Steven Hawking’s first theory of time.


The point that I am trying to make now the point that I am trying to have you to understand is that we are dealing with scientists who are devising spiritual laws they are observing the universe and they are literally coming forth with an explanation of the laws the physical laws that affect the universe. And there is one set of laws that affect the big stuff like the planets and the galaxies but when they try to apply those laws to the universe at the beginning of time they do not work and this is when the study of quantum mechanics came into existence quite a few years ago. It is the study of subatomic particles and we have had teaching here on quantum mechanics because we found out that the information that is coming forth from the scientist about quantum mechanics lines right up with the information that we have been receiving about this spiritual world and about the operation of mind because spirit is mind.


So what the scientific community is looking for right now they have not found it yet is what they call a unified theory of quantum gravity, a theory of quantum gravity which combines the two theories. They are looking for laws of the universe that will apply both to the big galaxies out there and to the subatomic particles one law so that they can find out all about us where we came from who we are and where we are going without going to God you see.


So the combination of these two great theories is called the quantum theory of gravity. Now just to leave you with this information quantum mechanics in general does not predict a single definite result from an observation it predicts that there could be many possibilities and usually one probability one of those possibilities is most likely to come into existence. The general theory of relativity predicts an event, predicts an end. Is everybody okay?


Drawing number 2 what I have put on the board here are what are called models of the activity of the universe. Once again what this is all about is a trip to discover or a journey to discover what our origins are and what our end will be.


The popular theory until Steven Hawking’s changed his mind and now his opinion does that the universe just is but his theory that really made him popular was that we started from a point of infinite density there was a big bang, there an explosion and two galaxies came forth and the end of these big explosions the end of this circuit will end in a big crunch.


The universe began from nothing it will expand for trillions of years and then at some critical point it will stop expanding and start to turn inward and of course this is trillions and trillions and trillions of years according to the scientific calculations and will eventually come back to a point that is called the big crunch will come back to what is called a singularity. But begin with a singularity and it will end with a singularity.


So there is a scientist I honestly do not know whether he is alive or not his name was Freedman and he brought forth these three modules of the universe, three different theories that the scientists were trying to decide were trying to find out which one is the truth about our universe okay. So I am going to read you the scientific description before I go any further.


 The first kind of Freedman module which expands and recollapses okay is everybody with me? There is a point of infinite density and a galaxy came out of that infinite density and moved through space and hit a point where it started to contract and come down and ended on the big crunch. It began in a singularity and it ended with a singularity a point of infinite density.


And I want to suggest to you that this is the image that Freeman’s module A is what we Kabbalist or Christ centred Kabbalist will say this is the image of the dragon’s universe after Jesus deals with it. It has a beginning and it will be brought to an end by the Lord Jesus Christ.


Now Freedman’s module B is down over here. Maybe I did not read you what it said about A, in the first kind of Freedman’s module which expands and recollapses space is bent in on itself like the surface of the earth. So this line is galaxy coming out it is just like when you throw something into the water, the water parts and you see ripples. Well when this galaxy comes out into space it bends space I am not going to get into any deeper explanation than that. So what we are told here is that the module extends and recollapses and space is bent in on itself over the surface of the earth and we go back into a singularity.


The second Freedman module or the second kind of Freedman module which expands for ever this is another possibility of what is going to happen with our universe. That space is going to expand forever space is bent the other way like the surface of ... so in this case space is infinite and you see that the infinite curve of the galaxy that is coming forth bends space and there is no end and what comes to my mind when I draw this is something that I drew in our quantum mechanics series and I think it was an infinite sound waves if I am not mistaken but it looks just like this. And of course this potential this Freedman’s module that is maybe this is what is going to happen to our universe this lines up with the scripture that says age without end this is God’s universe.


Now this is not the universe of the infinite that is outside of us maybe I did not say that correctly this is the universe that God is building that the infinite one is building within Himself. This is the world that will be in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ because this universe that is within the infinite one is not in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ to the image of the dragon. And this world this universe is coming to an end because the Lord Jesus Christ is bringing a universe that will exist inside the infinite one that will have no end.


Why do we not read that scripture now okay I did not write it down.


Ephesians 3 21 unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages world without end. Amen


Praise the Lord so we see that Freedman the scientist did have an accurate conception of the visible world that will be formed by the Lord Jesus Christ when He brings this visible world which is of the image of the dragon down. And we have one more Freedman module which we see is number C over there and Dr Freedman says finally in the third kind of Freedman module with just the critical rate of expansion space is flat and is therefore also infinite.


Now this critical rate of expansion let me just spend a minute on that this is very interesting because the scientist claim that there is a critical rate of expansion which means that if the galaxies emerging from the singularity had emerged at one fraction if a second slower our universe as we know it will never come into existence. It will self destruct that the emergence of the galaxies are timed so perfectly that if they were just a hair slower or a hair faster we will not exist as we exist today. So how can there not be a creator behind this. That is quite incredible.


So over here on module number 3 we are told that the galaxy that is coming forth from the big infinite point from the singularity is expanding at the exact critical rate. So it is not self destructing but it is just going to be flat and that is really interesting because I remember in one of my alternate translations reading that this world that Leviathan has rolled out is a flat world. I remember reading that it is a flat world it is just going straight. It is going straight you see the word of the Lord is an infinite expansion.


You see brethren as we study the word of God we can never learn it all it is an infinite word and it will expand to meet our needs. If the day will ever come that we will become super genius’ the word of God will expand it will always be ahead of us. It is going forward but the world of the dragon is straight it is flat it is the same it does not grow it just stays that way. And is that not what is happening in our world? Humanity is just staying that way. Well Sheila what are you talking about? Look at all the advances that civilisation has had. What kind of advances? We have discovered ...inventions that make our lives easier. Has the nature of man advanced one little bit?


You see there are a lot of science fiction movies films out today one is my favourite although it is not new it is old the highlander series and the highlander he claims that because he is four hundred years old, he is a better person, that he has had all of these experiences and now he has now become a very sophisticated person that is interested in the good of humanity and helping people. And he has become this good person because he has lived four hundred years and had all these experiences but I want to declare to you the nature of men has not changed and it will not change no matter how long a person lives because men is fallen. So this fallen world exist on a flat mind Leviathan’s world is flat okay praise the Lord.


Now I am talking about drawing number C now or module number C. The dragon’s infinite universe this is an example of an illustration of the dragon’s infinite universe before Jesus interferes with it and bought it over.


Remember module number A is the same as module number C except that Jesus interfered with it and bought it over. He stopped it okay now that is interesting because we are told that the tribulation what that word really means is driving Satan down under. This world that is going on in our minds the minds of people that is going on going on it has got to be bow down under so that Christ can prevail.


Now we do have a scripture on this Luke 13 verse 11.


COMMENTS: Luke 13 11 and behold there was a woman which has a spirit of infirmity eighteen years and was bowed together and could not no wise lift herself up.


PASTOR VITALE: Look I do not deny it for a second that there was a woman who was physically hunch backed but I want to tell you brethren that this is a spiritual principle. And this spiritual principle appears in our alternate translations where they chose ... you better stay above your sins, you better confess your sins because Satan is just there waiting to bow you down or to curve you down. If you want to search in the alternate translations I think the word I used is curved want to curve you around.


You see when Christ comes to dwell in us and we start living out of Christ we transfer over from module number C where we are just going along, we are either module number C or the module number A either is going along in a straight way and our nature is not changing or our nature is getting worse.


Our nature cannot improve only Christ can improve our nature. So once Christ comes to dwell in us and we agree with the Lord and we are walking with Him to have our nature changed you know we become an example of module number B. But Satan is not taking this standing sinner down. So in every way that she can she is watching those of us that are in module B that are the example in module B and she wants to take every opportunity she can to curve us down or to bow us down or to do to us what we see in illustration number A.


So we see that the scientist this witness Dr Freedman, he came up with three possibilities as to the future of our universe and we can relate each one of these three possibilities to our spiritual life. And this just gets so interesting I am jumping ahead of myself a little but I just want to leave you with this thought because we are going to pick this up on Sunday morning again. When we get to the chapter well I am going to read to you the whole chapter and comment on it.


One of the things Steven Hawking has said is he talks about the possibility of an existence where time goes backwards instead of forward. What kind of a life will that be? What kind of experience will that be if a cup falls off of the table and chatters into pieces and you see the pieces come together and jump up and you have a cup back on the table again. And of course he comes to the conclusion that that is not practical and it is not possible. We will go over that a little bit but brethren that is happening but it is happening spiritually. I was broken to the point of death, the Lord has put my pieces back together again, I am not dying anymore my mind was broken my body was broken, I am the pieces that has been put back together again. I have been put back together again and I am sitting on the table. I am sitting at the table with Jesus Christ.


So Steven Hawking and I am in no way no way putting down Steven Hawking he is a brilliant man and he is has done a great thing to write books about astral physics and cosmology on a level that at least some laymen can understand.


These books are very difficult I have been working with them for a while and I believe that I have got a lot of understanding but it has taken a lot of work on my part.


So this is an incredible thing that this brilliant man who deals in high levels of mathematics and science has been able to write several books on what is called the laymen’s level even though it is very difficult for the laymen they are possible.


So he has done a great work for humanity and I am in no way putting him down but it is just that it is just very interesting that this whole element of the mind and spirituality can be seen in the scientific discoveries yet they are not exactly right because my body did not fall off of the table and I did not have broken legs or anything like that but the illness of the entire workings of my body are being corrected and the breaking of my mind is being corrected and I am personally experiencing a curve.


You see I was over here, I was bowled over and I was coming the big crunch means you die.


So I was on my way down to the big crunch and the Lord Jesus got hold of me and He is lifting me up. Now there is no module about that over here.


So what Steven Hawking talks about in a later chapter and I will get to that on Sunday is time going backwards. I have reached the point of contraction it is called the point of contraction. I was going my time was expanding, expanding, expanding well I guess I cannot even say it that way. I was already contracting I was going down, I was headed for the big crunch and time is being reversed in my life and does not the Lord not say that He is going to renew our youth like the eagle?


Now I believe at this point a lot of people have experienced healings and have experienced their lives being turned around like mine has been turned around but it has to be more than that you see we are headed for immortality.


We are headed for module number B where we are not only going to be made whole again but we are going to enter into immortality. We are going to overcome death and that potential Steven Hawking does not see in all of his brilliance he does not see that potential.


So Lord willing on Sunday morning I will complete my scientific background for you which I hope will equip you to follow me as we read through chapter 9 which is called arrows of time and I will show you the analogy between what Steven Hawking is saying and the spiritual reality that he thinks that can even happen but it is happening you see but not exactly like he will think.


This inanimate object are not breaking and coming together again but it is happening to the people. It is happening on the level of mind and on the level of spirit and it is happening on the level of body. And I have been telling you for years Humpty dumpty sat on a wall and Humpty dumpty had a great fall. He broke into pieces and all the kings’ horses and all of Leviathan’s horses and all of Leviathans men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again but the Lord Jesus Christ is putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.


So you see this module number A at some point this big crunch will be the end of these physical bodies but our spirit man and our spiritual bodies will be expanding infinitely according to module B but these physical bodies are not going to go into a big crunch until our spiritual bodies are prepared to sustain us. So this is just so exciting.


These men they are brilliant they have studied for years and they are doing all these calculations and we just have all these information that they do not have. Is this not quite amazing? Okay are there any questions before we close for tonight? Okay God bless you we will pick this up on Sunday.


Praise the Lord this is our Sunday morning meeting we are picking up on the same message in this message and I will like to now read to you from our book which is a brief history of time which is what we are dealing with right now.


The four questions that scientists are seeking to find answers to concerning our universe


First, why was the early universe so hot? Now that is such an interesting question brethren because when I did our study a place teeming with life which is message number 18 so I did that a long time ago, I looked up every single word in the scriptures we were dealing with and I found the information that the earth was very very I do not know whether it was the earth or universe is the correct word but I found out that the arena or the field of creation was very very hot at the beginning. And I remember asking the Lord why it was so hot? And here we find the scientist asking the same question. Why was everything so hot?


I am not sure that I have the answer. The only thing that comes to my mind is that the beginning according to Genesis is after the big bang explosion. And what generated the big bang or the catalyst that started the big bang was the rebellion of malkhut and the separation or the division of the spiritual atom of creation where malkhut separated or I should say nucleus separated, ....separated from Yesod from her brother and her husband and set off to begin her own world so that division of that Adam of creation caused great heat.


So our universe was born in great heat, our universe was born out of the explosion which was the result of this division of the original Adam of creation that is the answer that I have today. This is one of those issues where I am not I think that is the answer but something says well there may be a little more to it than that so if the Lord corrects me I will stand corrected.


The second question that the scientist are asking is this why is the universe so uniform on a large scale? Now this surprises me because I do not see this the universes being uniform I see planets and stars. Oh the Lord just explained that to me I was thinking that the definition of uniform was meaning smooth but this is not what the scientist mean. They are not talking about the universe being smooth they are talking about it being similar from whatever point of the universe you look at it the pattern seems to be the same. Stars and planets and galaxies is uniform it is similar in every aspect of the universe. In order words we do not have circles over here just to make the point maybe I should draw that on the board for you.


Drawing number 3 we have divided the board into A and B and side A both sides show four quadrants of the universe. Side A shows us that all four quadrants of our universe are similar in that they are stars two different kinds of stars and I have shown a galaxy in each one of those quadrants.


The right side of the board I have shown you the four quadrants and each one of those four quadrants being completely different the first quadrant is straight lines consists of straight lines. The second quadrant consists of circles, the third quadrant consists of squares and the fourth quadrant consists of triangles. And this of course is just by way of examples.


We have four sections of the universe completely radically different from one another. But our universe is similar no matter where in the universe you look from our universe sees stars and galaxies and of course different kinds of stars, we are not going to get into the details right now.


So the scientists want to know why is our universe similar? So similar our universe is so large that we cannot even see the end of it and of course today the astral physicists say there is no end to it. Steven Hawking says that we are a finite universe without bounds which we in Christ are going to disagree with when we get to it.


Why is the whole universe so similar? That is the question they are asking and my answer to that at this point is that this whole universe is that expression of the serpent and that is why it is similar. You have to have spiritual eyes to understand that this tremendous universe which is large beyond our ability to comprehend it is the body of the serpent and that is why everything....


Now a second or sub question is asked concerning which explains the first question. The first question is why is the universe so uniform on a large scale? And the second question under this number two is why does our universe look the same at all points of space and in all directions?


 So that second question supports the first question and we have quite a bit written here under numeral two under question two. So we will be talking about question two until I tell you that we have began question three.


In particular Dr Hawking or Professor Hawking is still expounding on question number two why is the universe so uniform on a large scale? In particular he wants to know why is the temperature of the microwave background radiation is so nearly the same when we look in different directions? Now I will like to give you a definition of that microwave radiation background.


Now Professor Hawking in the back of his book in the glossary in the back of this book a brief history of time says that microwave background radiation is the radiation from the growing of the hot early universe now so greatly or the word is red shifted I will explain that later. Let me start again I will explain what red shifted means later.


Well I will explain it to you now since I stopped talking. Red shifted means that when a planet or a sun or a star is headed away from us and we look at it in a telescope it appears to be red. So the astronomy’s know when they are looking at the universe through a telescope and they see planet or a star and it looks red to them there has been experiments that have proven that this will mean that the planet is moving away from us that is what red shifted means.


So let us start with our definition again of microwave background radiation. The radiation from the growing of the hot early universe now so greatly red shifted, moving away from us that it appears not as light but as microwaves. And then he says in .... microwave is a radio wave with a wave length of a few centimetres. So microwave is a very short radio wave. So once again microwave background radiation is the radiation from the growing of the hot early universe that is now so red shifted that it is so obvious that it is now moving away from us that it appears not as light but as microwaves very short radio waves. Okay, his question, does anybody have any question about their definition?


The whole universe is moving away from us. Everything is moving away in particular why is the temperature of the microwave background radiation so nearly the same when we look into different directions so once again he is simply saying why is our universe so similar no matter where we look? It was a bit like asking a number of students ........it is a bit like asking a number of students an exam question if they all gave exactly the same answer you can be pretty sure that they have communicated with each other. So what he is saying is because the universe looks the same from any point of view where you look at it from, there must have been a communication there must have been some intelligence behind the design of the universe that it looks the same wherever it is and there must have been a communication between the different areas of the universe for it to turn out that way that is what he is saying. Yet in the matter described above there will not have been time since the big bang for light to get from one distant region to another even though the regions were close together in the early universe.


So this is what he is saying now remember according to the Einstein’s theory relativity which was the accepted theory of the origins of our universe until more recently when Doctor Hawking or Professor Hawking another scientist now began to embrace a different theory. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity our universe began from a singularity a point where all matter was so condensed to a single point that that point became infinite and what does it mean that a point is infinite? It means it becomes unmeasurable.


So let us look at his question again here. Yet in the matter described above there will not have been time enough since the big bang for light to get from one distant region to another even though the regions were close together in the early universe. So we are saying that all of these regions that were condensed in one point very close to each other so I guess they could have communicated when they were close to one another but at the big bang they spread out all over and it says once they spread out it would not have been possible for them to communicate with each other because radio waves or sound waves do not travel any faster than the speed of light. Nothing travels faster than the speed of light as soon as something travels faster than the speed of light it disappears.


So he is saying in order for the universe to spread out it was travelling at the speed of light but there could not have been any communication before the second quadrant came into existence. It could not have possibly communicated with the other quadrants because no communication could have gone ahead of the light that established the quadrants. The communication could not have gone ahead of the establishment of the universe.


So in other words he is saying if somebody was building something and they wanted the two or the four aspects of their building to be the same they will send in an advance guard and there will be man standing in the four quadrant saying all right bring in the materials and you will build this way and you will that that way and everything will be the same. But our scientist tells us that that could not be done because it is not possible to send in communication before the light which established the universe. Do you understand what I am saying? Do you understand it? Okay.


The people here understand it let me just say it one more time. Professor Hawking is saying that it is impossible for the four quadrants and I am just saying four quadrants this is my way of explaining it of the universe to establish themselves with a similar appearance without some form of communication and the quadrants of the universe came into being at the speed of light with a big bang but it would have been impossible to get the information or the blue print necessary to form all four quadrants in a similar way because nothing travels faster than the speed of light. So it would have been impossible to get the information or the blue print there before the light came out to establish the quadrants of the universe. Okay everybody got that.


So Professor Hawking is wanting to know how did they communicate. How did they all come out the same? And of course what is my answer to it? My answer to it is that the establishment of the universe was the coming into the existence or the margin of the material expression of the serpent and that there was an intelligence behind the whole thing but the intelligence was coming from a world higher than our universe that could not be seen.


You see maybe I am no scientific expert the light maybe the communication could not get ahead of the light that was established in the universe but the serpent was ... the universe not from ahead of it but from a place above it. If you can hear what I am saying from a higher world that looks down on everything, let me put this on the board for you. Let us take a picture of this and then I will put it on the board for you.


Drawing number 4 and I drew this drawing I realise that the Lord was correcting something that I said earlier on this message. I said that the consciousness of the serpent is above not beyond but above the expanding universe and when I put it on the board I see that it is probably not even the consciousness of the serpent that was able to outreach or out run the speed of light for lack of a better way of expressing it but that this whole finite universe is within Adam Kadmon and Adam Kadmon is within the Ayn sof.


So I honestly do not know the reason why the universe is uniform is it because the consciousness of the serpent which is beyond finite time wanted it that way or is the universe uniform because the consciousness of Adam Kadmon wanted it that way which consciousness is even beyond the consciousness of the serpent. Does anyone not understand what I am talking about?


My guess will be that Adam Kadmon is controlling even in our rebellion, in rebellion of humanity and in Adam’s rebellion, Adam Kadmon is still in control all of these our universe, all of the galaxies everything that the scientist can see can recognise and are talking about are in the belly of Adam Kadmon who was pregnant with mankind. That is such a humbling statement.


So did I explain that to you? This is the spiritual answer of Christ Centred Kabbalah as to why the universe is uniform even though it will have been impossible for any form of instructions to get out here when the universe was being formed because nothing travels faster than the speed of light. Okay now let us take a picture.


I am reading under question number two again. Yet in the matter described above there will not have been times since the big bang for light to get from one distant region to another even though the regions were close together in the early universe.


According to the theory of relativity if light cannot get from one region to another no other information can. So there will be no way in which different regions in the early universe could have come to have the same temperature as each other unless for some unexplained reason they happen to start out with the same temperature.


So my position is I do not which is true I believe there is a way for them to have had the same temperature. Okay and what does temperature have to do with the formation of the universe the temperature determines how the universe will form. Take water for example if it was very cold the water is in the form of ice. If the temperature is very hot the water is liquid and boiling so the temperature of the early universe played an integral part in how that universe formed. But I believe Adam Kadmon the one in which all these activity is taking place could have controlled the formation of the universe even though it was the result of rebellion or it could have been they started out with the same temperature. Why will they have started out with the same temperature? Unless for some unexplained reason they happen to start out with the same temperature. Well I do not have any problem believing that they have the same temperature I am looking at this again just in different regions. So he is saying unless the different regions or the genesis or the roots to be scriptural the roots of the different regions of the universe could have started out with the same temperature.


Well they were all in Adam Kadmon’s mouth. The roots of the universe were all in Adam Kadmon’s mouth. So maybe they did start out with the same temperature but either way either explanation is satisfactory for me.


Praise the Lord. This is another night and we are continuing on with the same message. Now the reason that the different regions of space will have started out with the same temperature is that they were all in the same place when the big bang took place. And the atomic vision produced a temperature that affected all of the aspects of the singularity that are today still rapidly expanding into outer space.


You know this book that I am preaching from right now was published in 1988. I am also reading a book on physics that was published in 1994 which is called hyperspace it is a book on ten dimensional space. In this book hyperspace it is absolutely amazing but this author talks about the genesis of the universe about the big bang. You see now the book that I am preaching from tonight Steven Hawking the author of the book Steven Hawking no longer believes in the big bang.


Now the book’s hyper space is coming from the perspective of the big bang and it is talking about everything we are learning in Kabbalah. It is talking about ten dimensional space tearing and ripping apart into two pieces, four dimensions in one place and six dimensions in the other place that is exactly what I teach here the world of points which will be the four dimensions separated from the world of brown lights which will be the six dimensions.


I do not know whether I will get into that book or not I will like to finish what I started here but it is absolutely amazing this book on physics is talking about everything that we have studied about the world of points shattering. So to me it is no problem that the different regions of the universe began in a place where the temperature was the same because they were all in the same place in the world of points that is what they were.


Okay for those of you who do not remember since this is a new night picking up on the same message, I am trying to give you a background of some of the physics in this book so that I can look at the last chapter with you and interpret it for you in light of everything that we studied here. And we are dealing with four questions that the physicist will like answered. This is what science is pursuing the answers to these four questions. The first two questions we pursued earlier on this message and tonight we will pick up with question number three which is why did the universe start out with so newly the critical rate of expansion that separates modules that recollapse from those that go on expanding forever.


Let me explain that to you according to the physicists the rate of expansion of the universe you see there was an explosion and the world of points separated from the world of brown lights which was penetrating it and it separated and an explosion drove the world of points forward. Okay the Sefirot of the world of points has manifested as our expanding universe. And they were and are expanding our universe is expanding at a particular rate of speed which I will not bother quoting to you because it is not ... to this very lay message. We are not scientists here but according to the physicist if the rate of expansion was a millionth of a fraction of less or more that what it was okay we will not exist the way we exist today. If the rate of expansion was I believe a millionth of a fraction of whatever the measurements is faster the whole universe will have recollapsed unto itself.


So this is what the critical rate of expansion is, the specific rate of expansion down to a trillions of I do not even know what the measurement is that which brought forth our universe as human beings as we exist. So here is the question why did the universe start out with so literally the critical rate of expansion that separates modules that modules of the universe that recollapses from those that go on expanding forever?


If the rate of expansion was a millionth or a trillionth of a fraction of we would have expanded and recollapsed but we are not we are expanding infinitely. This universe will expand infinitely although the physicists tell us that trillions and trillions of trillions of years in the future if there is no intervention the universe will come down to the big crunch. Let me show you that on the board.


Dr Hawking continues on telling us that our universe is still expanding at nearly the same critical rate and if the rate of expansion was one second after the big bang has been smaller by even one part in a hundred thousand million million the universe will have recollapsed before it ever reached its present state.


So Doctor Hawking or Professor Hawking is asking this question he is not asking God this question, he is asking this question of science or whatever he thinks he is asking about. Why did the universe start out with so nearly the critical rate of expansion that it did not collapse? And we say the answer is there is an intelligence behind the rate of expansion and the intelligence came from the serpent which stole the substance of God and formed the universe in her own image and she knew apparently knew how to do it. Is that not amazing? Can you imagine having that kind of knowledge?


You know when I first started reading these physics books for lay people I did not always understand what they were talking about but from the very beginning I read about this desire of the physicists for a unified theory and I know we have a general theory of relativity that is a special theory of relativity. There is a theory of super gravity, there is theory of super strings and I could not see the benefit of a unified theory. I did not understand what it meant today I find out what it means it means power.


Each theory that the physicists discover results in power, one theory resulted in electric power, computers off the top of my head I am not prepared to tell you which theories produce what benefit to mankind because I am just very much a lay person myself just reading what the Lord directs me to and seeing spiritual things in it but it was the discovery of the forces in the universe and the physicists somehow I do not understand it but they discover a force in the universe and express it mathematically and somehow they can translate that into discovering electric lights and computer and all of the benefits that we have in modern society.


So they are looking to unify all of the forces power, if the discovery of one force produced electric power which radicalised our whole life, what will the unified force and the discovery of what they call the strong nuclear force resulted in the atom bombs. What will a unified theory produce?


They are hoping who? The physicists are hoping the same level of power that was present at the time of the creation. Do you know what our scientific community is doing today? They are building the tower of Babel, they are rebuilding the tower of Babel. They are looking for the ultimate source of power so that they can manipulate or change our universe into anything that they want it to be. They are looking for creative power they are trying to rebuild the tower of Babel. Is that not interesting? I think that is very interesting. And the Lord is coming down to take a look at it and say and He is saying look at those Christian nations they all started out as Christian nations anyway, look at how I bless them and gave them intelligence and wisdom and the strength to be as great as they are and look at what they are doing. Look at what they are doing they are looking to reproduce the creative power that form the universe. The fallen men the fallen minds. What will they do with it?


And you know what else is said in this book which was really fascinating to me. There are four forces in the universe that are known at this time. The strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force I hope I have this right the electrodynamics force and the force of gravity. And it says that down here looking at these four forces it is hard to believe that they can be so different and fragmented and it looks to the scientists like we are seeing the tail of the dog but not the dog. They did not say dog they said the tail of a tiger, the tail of a lion but you cannot see the lion. Why will these forces look so disjointed and so different from each other?


If we have one universe and there are four forces that make up the universe why will they be so different from one another? When they apply these forces or when they look at these forces in a higher dimension in a ten dimensional frame work they all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.


Brethren I want to tell you this is what the Lord broke up at Babel. He broke up the unified force that was the power of creation of the universe that was what He took away from humanity at the time that He took down the tower of Babel. Our scientists are building it again, it can only mean one thing for us destruction the Lord will come and do it again.


The Lord broke up do you understand what I am saying that there was a force in the universe that had the power to create men to form this world into anything that the person who had the power wanted it to be that is what the serpent got a hold of. That is what the serpent had a hold of that force that unified force that was powerful enough to form the universe and she was doing something very evil with it and the Lord broke it into four pieces four different forces that out here in this realm are so far apart that there is no way anyone could put them together again. But some men or some members of humanity has become so intelligent at this point that they can now look at these four pieces in a higher dimension and say oh look at that that is how we put it together again that is how it fits. Is that not amazing?


Let us go on that should have been a part of our series on the other side of Babel but I could not resist. The fourth question that the physicists are asking is this despite the fact that the universe is so uniform and homogenous on a large scale it contains local irregularities such as stars and galaxies. These are thought to have developed from small differences in the density of the early universe from one region to another. And here is the question what was the origin of these density fluctuations? I do not know that I know the answers to that from a spiritual point of view. What was the origin of the density fluctuations? The only thing that I can think of is that the highest Sefirot have a more powerful source of energy that is the only thing that I can think of. Keter for example will have a much more powerful grade of energy than Yesod.


So these are the four questions that Professor Hawking is asking. Why do we not take a picture of this?


I am commenting now on drawing number five. I have drawn a big circle and I have shown a point at the top of it which is the big bang the beginning and a point at the bottom which the big crunch. The point is that according to the theory of relativity to be honest with you I do not know whether it is the general theory of relativity or the special theory of relativity but according to Einstein’s theory of relativity the universe began at a single point which is called the singularity called the big bang and it is still expanding.


Our universe is rapidly expanding but it will reach a point where it will stop expanding and it will start contracting and it will eventually contract to another singularity called the big crunch which will be the destruction of the universe. And this is pretty much what I show on the board.


Now what is interesting about this is that it sort of lines up with what the Hindus teach about the days and nights of Brahma the Hindus teach that God creates the universes and then they collapse and there is a period of nothingness and then the will of God to create rises again and the universe is coming to existence again.


So that is probably true about the serpent’s universe but I also see this as true of human beings remember everything that is happening in our world is happening on multiple levels smaller than us and multiple levels greater than us. I see a human being starting from a single point which is a cell of an egg in a woman’s womb and that egg is fertilized and it expands until it becomes a human being and a human being continues to grow and there is a point to be honest with you I do not know where the point is but there is a point at which we stop growing up and then we start getting older like when I was a young person when I was twelve or thirteen or fourteen I could not wait to be on my own and to be an adult woman 18, 19, 20, 21 years old.


So everybody is waiting to grow up, grow up, grow up and then you can go out and do anything you want in the world and when you reach that point then you start getting older. I do not know exactly what that point is maybe it is not the same for everybody maybe if you take a young woman the high point in her life is getting married, her whole life is growing up and preparing for marriage and then she gets married and then she starts contracting. She has her family and she starts getting older and eventually the person dies. So this is our fallen world we come forth from a singularity and when we die when we die we go spiritually speaking we go back to being a singularity.


So this truth is happening on many levels not only is it happening on a human level and not only do I believe that it is happening to our universe I have to disagree with professor Hawking that the universe has no beginning and has no end and that it just is that the truth of the Ayn Sof that is not the truth of this universe. So I disagree with professor Hawking but the study of subatomic particles shows this truth is manifesting on the quantum level of subatomic particles. The continuously being born and being destroyed subatomic particles are continuously crashing into one another and ..... one another and having new particles born out their death. It is the same thing on the subatomic levels the same thing that is happening in human life and to our universe as a whole.


Now the universe is going to take, our universe will not collapse for trillions and trillions and trillions of trillions of years in the level of subatomic particles which is the quantum level, subatomic particles are being born and .... but within a fraction of a second they are very fast.


Quantum mechanics is the study of the very small and the very fast and physics is the study especially astral physics is the study of the planets and the stars and the galaxies, the very large the study of the universe, very large and we are somewhere in the middle. Mankind is somewhere in the middle. We are not the smallest that there is and we are not the greatest that there is but the same principles are applying to every aspect of the creation. We are born from a point, we are born from the singularity. We reach a high point called ... and then we start to decline and we die.


Jesus has come to stop reincarnation, Jesus has come to stop death, Jesus has come to stop us from reaching a high point at which we begin to decline, Jesus has come to make us into an infinite light wave that is infinitely expanding if that is the right word. Forgive me if my science is wrong. Praise the Lord.


Once again I do not want to get too technical here so let me say this science is seeking to determine the initial state of the universe at the time of the big bang. The reason they want to do this is because with this information they can predict what will happen in the future but the bottom line behind everything as I have already told you is that the physicists are looking for a quantum theory of everything. Einstein calls it a theory of everything, a unified theory that will combine the four walls of the universe which will put the power of creation into the hands of fallen men that is what our scientists are trying to do that is what this is all about, power. And in order to do that they need information and they are looking for a theory that combines quantum mechanics and gravity.


The theory of gravity that is Einstein’s theory of relativity is the theory that helps us to understand big things and quantum mechanics is the theory that helps us to understand little things. So scientists are looking for a quantum theory of gravity they want to combine the two theories. What they are looking for is creative power that is what they are looking for.


Professor Hawking tells us that it is possible to maybe I should not say it that way, let me say it another way. The issue at hand here was there a design behind the formation of the universe? In other words was there an intelligent force? Did God bring forth the universe? Or did it just come into existence? This is the question.


Now Professor Hawking initially believed that God or at least some intelligence was responsible for the formation of the universe but here in this book he is changing his mind and he expound away to convince himself and to satisfy all of the problems that a physicists will have that I am not going to go into on this message that it is possible for the universe to have always being or to just be. And in order to convince himself of I do not want you to think that this is one man this is the way this scientific theory and there are a lot of scientist that believe it.


In order to prove this that the universe always was and remember scientists use mathematics to express their theories, so in order to satisfy all the laws that already exist that the scientists have developed and to also believe that the universe always was that there is no intelligence behind it the scientists have designed something called imaginary numbers.


Now I need you to understand this because I am going to show you what imaginary numbers are. I will ask you to understand this that all theories are things that are made up. What the scientists do is that they observe, they look at the universe they do experiments they look at the results of the experiments and from observations they draw conclusions and these conclusions are called theories about the physical laws of our universe.


So the theories come from observation and the way they do it is that first they have what they see and then they make a theory and when the theory works even though it sounds bizarre even though the theory sounds bizarre if the physical phenomenon that they are doing in the laboratory works the theory is right, does that make any sense to you at all?


Now if you can hear it this is the same thing that I have told you about the Kabbalist I have told you the same thing about the Kabbalist the same exact thing okay that they get a revelation from God that this is the way it is and they just make it work. Even if they have to say well the letters here add up to the number 12 or ....13 so we will say one more for the number and they make it 13 I have told you that. So this is exactly what the scientists do the theories fit the observations.


So the theories are just made up so they made up the imaginary numbers to make things really work. I cannot get any more technical than that I understand it but I am not really able to teach physics at this point but I will really like to show you what the imaginary numbers are and I will put that on the board for you.


Okay this is drawing number 6 and I am introducing imaginary numbers to you. I tell you up here in the right hand corner that when you see the letter i on my diagram it is referring to imaginary numbers. So we see that there is a vertical line and we have this is a little bit of algebra where the numerical amounts can be signified by a letter. So this is zero in the middle let me do the horizontal first these are real numbers, and this is a ruler, this hard centre line is a ruler and we have 1234 to the right and to the left we have -1, -2, -3, -4, if you have some familiarity with negative numbers that is an algebraic principle.


Now we have imaginary numbers we draw a vertical line that intersects the horizontal line and this horizontal line is time and space. I can work forward or I can work backwards but imaginary numbers intersect or is at right angles with real time. And the way the scientists identify points on this scale is i for imaginary number. Now on our vertical line above the horizontal line we have the positive imaginary numbers 1i 2i 3i and 4i the letter i distinguishes the imaginary number from the normal number.


The difference between the number 2 and 2i is that we know the number 2 is on the horizontal line and 2i is on the vertical line. This is the significance on the horizontal line the positive numbers signify going forward in time and the negative numbers signify going backward in time but on the vertical line if we measure space time with imaginary numbers on the vertical line there is no going backward or forward in time it makes no difference.


I am trying to bless you with this but I just cannot bring I cannot teach you the scientific principles I am just not qualified okay. So you are going to just have to either take what I say or by the book if you can understand the book yourself.


These measurements, you see these are measurements the scientists want to measure space time. Why do they want to measure space time? because the way they have brought forth the knowledge that has produced electric power and atomic bomb and everything that we have in our society today from power they have created this power and given it to us giving it to the world by discovering physical laws of the universe and applying those laws to creating electricity unfortunately bombs and everything else I do not know how they do it but that is how they do it.


And the way they what they do with these laws when they discover them is that they express them mathematically. So that is what this is all about and the result of expressing these laws mathematically is that it puts power in the hands of men. So that is the best that I can do for you.


Now the scientists they are having a problem let us do the problem first number one on this board number 6 science wants to unify the laws of the universe in order to acquire the creative power of the universe. Number 2 in order to do this in order to do what? In order to acquire the creative power of the universe science needs to know the condition of the universe at the beginning of time. Why does science need to know the condition of the universe at the beginning of time? On my simplistic level this is the same thing as saying we have done some very minor maths in this ministry. Let me put this on the board for you. You do not have to put it on hold I have it right here. I am going to write this down but I am probably going to erase them I am going to put it on a separate board after we take this photograph we will copy this on a separate board.


I have done some very basic equations with you if I say to you 2x = 4 then we can solve the equation by saying x = 2. What does that mean? What is an equation? Equation means equal. So whatever you do to the left side you have to do to the right.


Okay we have a problem here 2x = 4 the question on your maths test is what is the value of x? What does x equal, x equals what? How do you discover what x equals you have to do something to both sides of the equation that will result in isolating x because when you have x by itself whatever is on the other side of the equation is what x is equal to.


So let us divide both sides of the equation by 2, 2x divided by 2 equals 4 divided by 2. 2 divided by 2 is 1, 1x equals 2 and x is the same thing as 1x, x is equal to 2. Are you following me at all what we did? This is a very simple algebra equation the scientists use calculus they use long strings of involved mathematics and when they get the equation that works. How does it work? What is on the left side equals what is on the right side. When they find the equation that works that is a law that produces energy and I have to tell you that I do not understand it any better than that myself. In order words Einstein’s theory of relativity is energy E equals m standing for maths c standing for the speed of light squared and that energy produces the atomic bomb.


I do not understand it you know but it did. It produced the atomic bomb it produced nuclear power and either this law or similar laws has produced electricity in all of the wonderful electronic equipment that we have that we benefit from in today’s world.


So the scientist are looking for an equation that is going to give them the creative power of the universe and in order to do that they have an equation you see and there is an unknown in the equation. The X of their equation is the condition that the universe was in at its inception.


So in order to solve the equation they have to get that information and they cannot find the information according to number 4 down here the only way they can find it out is to either ask God which they do not want to do apparently or find a law that works and they have not been able to do that.


Every law known to science every physical law known to science break down when you apply it to singularity the law just does not work when you apply it to a singularity.


So they cannot find this information so they decided to make up an imaginary way to not need that information. They have done away with the need for that information and the way they do it is this they say if we measure the state of the universe with imaginary time there is no such thing as past or future of imaginary time it is just up and down and the past is to the left and the future is to the right. So if we measure it with imaginary time it does not matter whether you are going backwards or forwards.


And I remember standing up here and telling you things just as crazy with kabbalistic reasoning. This is what they did and they came to the conclusion that with this kind of calculation that the earth not that they did not device the condition of earth at the beginning of time they now have a formulae an equation where they could say the behaviour of the boundary or really say the boundary condition of the universe in that there is no boundary. And that is what they needed, with the existing law that is what they need.


The information at hand is the condition of the boundary what is the boundary? A boundary is either a beginning or an end. So the boundary of our universe is the singularity called the big bang from which everything began. So to do it the old way they need to know the condition of the boundary but now I am using imaginary time you see past and present is a boundary. The past is a boundary you cannot go any further than you can go. You cannot go any further back than the beginning.


The one that use imaginary time there is no beginning or future. So it does not matter whether you go up or down and somehow this information has helped them or is helping them to solve their scientific problem which is beyond even me to understand let alone explain to you.


And this information that I am giving you now is all leading up to a couple of pages or a couple of paragraphs that I read in this book called the brief history of time which to me was so obvious talking about spiritual things that we discussed here that I really will like to go over those few paragraphs with you and apply to them to the spiritual principles that we have learnt here. But before I do that I have to give you these scientific background or you will not be able to appreciate what I am talking about so that is what this message is all about.


Let us just read down these notes here on drawing number 6,


  1. Science wants to unify the walls of the universe in order to acquire the creative power of the universe for the benefit of man.

Brethren, the creative powers of the universe is for the benefit of God it is not for the benefit of man.


  1. In order to do this in order to acquire the creative power of the universe they need to know the condition of the universe at the beginning of time and that is the big bang singularity. That is what they need, they need to know the condition at the beginning that is the X in their equation.
  2. All known laws break down that means they do not work at singularities and the big bang is a singularity. They do not have the law it is either they have discover a new law or ask God neither one they want to do or are able to do but they found a new way. This is number 4.
  3. Wherefore science will have to ask God or discover some new law to set the boundary conditions for space time.

Now we have a new theory it is the quantum theory of gravity. You see there is a theory of gravity which is Einstein’s theory of relativity and then there is quantum theory and they put the two together and they got more power. They put two sources of power represented by two theories together and it is called quantum theory, the quantum theory of gravity.


So now the quantum theory of gravity has opened a new possibility in which there will be no boundary to space time. So there will be no need to set the behaviour of the boundary there will be now need for this x in the equation. One can really say the boundary condition of the universe is that there is no boundary now somehow they can use this in their equation I do not understand it but I understand that they can use it in their equation I understand that and of course they can say that when we view the universe in imaginary time. You can only say that that there is a finite universe with on boundary when viewed the universe in imaginary time.


If you look at the universe in real time they do not know the condition of the boundary of the universe in real time. They do not know, this is a made up technique to make this equation work to find the source of power that they are looking for. And over here there is a number 6 the use of imaginary numbers produces a universe that is finite but has no boundaries such universe will be completely self-contained and not affected by anything outside of itself. It will neither be created nor destroyed it will just be if there is a definition of the Ayn Sof. There is no definition of the Ayn Sof. We cannot comprehend the Ayn Sof but we know that it is not created and that it cannot be destroyed and that the Ayn Sof just is.


So I am just flabbergasted that we are in a science of where we are back at Babel. We are back at Babel when the Lord showed this to me my jaw just hung open. I cannot read these books fast enough I am definitely a scientific lay person and I am not reading this book quickly. I am understanding them but I am not reading them quickly. I am very excited though I am trying to find all the time I can to make my way through them.


COMMENTS: I just want to make one comment the imaginary numbers are vertical all of them are vertical and the tower of Babel is vertical pointing towards heaven it is symbolic the same way.


COMMENTS: I just want to say this scientist they go on and they get all these brainy things but they lose all sense of God. My brother became a ceramic engineer and his division had to work on a plane. So the astronauts produced this ... that they finally got to be able to go to outer space. And they worked and they worked and they finally got it they got all kinds of awards. And what they discovered was coral which became the dishes they had to get something that could take the severe heat and severe cold and they cannot with this. And so the whole division was given a set of coral dishes which he had for years and years and years. But now you cannot even talk about God they have no interest in God.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes they had no interest in God because most of them and people scientist who fill these conditions they have become God. It is really quite amazing. I feel I will like to say this as sort of a response to what you are saying although it may not be exactly right. I am now mixing in my studies these two books a brief moment of time and hyperspace and hyperspace is talking about these other dimensions and the power that they are looking for seems to be available when they seek it in the higher dimensions. Now I do not really know what that means to the scientist but that is what they are saying.


So they are looking to open the doors to these higher dimensions and they know that there may be beings other kind of beings living in these dimensions. They are opening the doors to the demons. They are opening the doors that the Lord the Lord has sealed us off from these other worlds. And our scientists are opening the doors for demons to come pouring into this world. That is what was on me as I was studying this afternoon, yes that is what they are doing.


So it looks like we are going to be getting as I continue to read these books I really believe the Lord is going to be answering a lot of questions that I have asked Him. And one of them well I do not want to get into it tonight. I do not want to get into it tonight. But the Lord has answered question that I have asked Him about the spiritual worlds through the discovery or through this lay books that I am reading and that is what was on me today that they are looking to open the doors to these other dimensions and I know what I started to say.


So I think that we are going to be getting more information about why the Lord did what He did at the tower of Babel. It is looking to me mankind always misunderstands God even I myself until the Lord enlightens me misunderstand Him because until the Lord shines the light on an issue we are looking at it with our carnal mind and the carnal mind always inputs wrong motives to God.


Up until now I have said the Lord came down and brought the separation of the tower of Babel because mankind whatever you look like in that hour was seeking to get back into heaven. They were looking to incarnate into their own recognisance in their own power I think that is what I was saying as of the last part of back to Babel. But I also think I said that the Lord did it to save humanity because they would have I think I said that if they got that power God will have had to destroy them because you cannot be fighting against God and survive but now I am seeing a whole new realm.


They Lord stopped them from what they were doing because they were opening the door to all of these demonic entities that were about to pour into the earth realm so God did it. What I am trying to say is in the past, I saw God doing a righteous thing He did not want them to get hurt they were fighting against God He did not want them to get hurt but I never saw it this way that He broke them up because they would have incarnated a satanic creation on the earth evil probably beyond our ability to even comprehend it that is why the Lord broke it up.


And here we are doing it again on the one hand I am so excited on what the Lord is showing us and on the other hand I am concerned but I believe that this hour that we live in the Lord is not going to destroy our society. Our hope is that the sons of God will stand up and bring law and order to the earth so that the Lord will not have to wipe us out.


I just remembered your question that is the whole principle of the covenant that Elohim made with Noah and his sons. He said I will not flood the earth anymore Binah represents the waters of judgment that flood that came on the earth I am not telling you that there was no natural flood. I do not whether they were or there was not but there was a spiritual flood and the beings that were incarnated at the time broke apart and that part of them that was immortal returned to the other planes because they had become so evil that there was no deliverance for them.


And the covenant that Elohim made with Noah and his sons was no more am I going to wipe you out. No more am I going to destroy everything in the earth and let just your immortal part return to the spiritual worlds. This time the world will be judged by fire that is the corrective judgment. I am sorry I think I made a mistake, the judgment of water comes through Chokmah not from Binah, that destructive judgment that broke apart the beings of that time so that it broke apart their incarnation that is what it did that judgment came from Chokmah.


The fire comes from Binah which is corrective judgment. We are not going to be destroyed but we are going to be corrected. Our personalities are going to be corrected and the nature of Christ is going to come forth. It is like the body snatchers a whole new nature, we are going to be a whole new person and it is going to come with fiery judgment without breaking us apart. And that was what Elohim said to Noah and his sons that was the covenant that He made. I am not going to wipe you out anymore I am going to correct you from the inside out.


So our hope now is that we see our scientists and our government spending all these money to open the doors to demons so that we can be completely destroyed but at the same time Christ Jesus is rising and there is going to be a big conflict in the Spirit that the average people will not even know is going on but the Law of the Lord Jesus Christ will rule in this earth in righteousness and that is our hope amen. Did you want to say something?


COMMENT: Sheila I had ... before but as you were talking that ..Babel I think that has already gone out into the liberal democrats, it is like declaring that they have no fear of God.


PASTOR VITALE: That is very interesting,


COMMENTS: And I never thought of that until you were talking.


PASTOR VITALE: That is very interesting, very interesting. Okay praise the Lord, we will pick this up Sunday morning.


Praise the Lord this is another meeting and we are continuing on with our study of the four fundamental forces of the universe which I have put on the board for you but I do not have an illustration of what number if that is 8.


Theory number 1 this is the four fundamental forces of the universe, number I, the electromagnetic force which produces electricity, magnetism, light and ......


Two, the strong nuclear force, the energy that fuels the stars and creates the life giving rays of the sun unleashed in the hydrogen bomb a strong nuclear force could one day end all life on earth. And it is my understanding that the strong nuclear force holds the nucleus of the atom together and so when the nucleus split it is a big explosion.


And then thirdly we have the weak nuclear force which to my understanding holds the electrons in their orbit. And the weak nuclear force provides atomic power for the use of mankind, heat, medical uses and other uses for the benefit of man but there is also a deadly by- product of the weak nuclear force called radioactive waste which can kill and destroy mankind.


Four, the gravitational force keeps the earth and the planet in their orbit and binds the universe keeps the universe together.


If it was not for the gravitational force we will be flung out into space where it will be as icy cold in space because the rays of the sun either do not reach there or reach to various areas of outer space very weakly and not strong enough to give us the warmth that we need for life. So it is really quite amazing that anybody could think that this world just happen to come into existence. Everything that mankind needs to sustain our life is here. How can anybody be naive enough to think that it just accidentally happened?


Well the Lord is telling me right now that on another level we have a world in a church filled with people who are naive enough to think that accidents just happen. And that mishaps just happen and that blessings most Christian will recognise a blessing and give God all the glory. But accidents do not just happen brethren things do not just happen everything, every event in this earth is contrived by some force either it is the force of Christ or the force of Satan and Leviathan and there are all many forces underneath even Christ can be a force that is manifesting out of you or a force that is manifesting out of me. So although I know that the scripture says Christ is not divided, He is manifesting from many different launching pads but He is not divided in His mind or in His purpose.


You see the carnal mind is launching from many different launching pads but the carnal mind is divided in its purposes and its intentions. Christ is not divided in His purpose and His intention that is the difference okay but they are both manifesting from many different people both Christ and Satan and Leviathan launch their activity from the hearts and minds of humanity.


 We are the high place of the earth and last but not least on drawing number 8, we are told that challenge of theoretical physics today is to unify these four forces into a single unified force, which will place the creative power and I put that in quote creative power literally the power that created the universe that is beyond anything way, way, way beyond the hydrogen bomb.


The power to think and have it appear in front of you that is what our scientists are looking for today. To unify the four forces which will bring into existence a single unified power that will be likened unto the creative power that brought the universe into existence and this power will be in the hands of carnally mind men. And I want to remind you that to be carnally minded is death Romans 8 6.


Now reason it ceases to amaze me because when I decided to preach this message sometimes I know the Lord is leading me into messages, sometimes I am not sure, sometimes it is just something that I have studied that I am interested in. I thought this might be an instance where I was just wanted to share with you something that I was studying and found interesting but here we are talking about the tower of Babel which God willing we are going to go back to that study the other side of Babel after we get through He never ceases to amaze me.


Drawing number 9 I have broken the board into two parts A and B. A shows a finite universe with boundaries a singularity at the beginning of time called the big boundary and the end boundary is the big crunch singularity which is the end of time.


So we see that at the beginning of time and the end of time and so far as theoretical physics we talk quite a bit about a finite universe without boundaries at the earlier part of this message so I thought that you really needed to see this and understand what they are talking about.


Now my carnal mind initially said well a circle has boundaries, the circumference of a circle is a boundary but the physicists are talking about four dimensional space height, width, depth and space time now this is very interesting.


Our world when we look at it has three dimensions height, width and depth but the fourth dimension called space time, space and time are two aspects of one dimension the fourth dimension called space time and space time is something that we cannot see. We cannot see time and we cannot see space we may all those patch of space that is right here but we cannot with our natural eye get a vision of what space, the space of the whole universe would look like. But the calculations of the physicists tell us and of course this was discovered many years ago before we had theoretical physics that the earth it was discovered many years ago. And I must confess to you I do not remember the name of the scientists that discovered this I think it was Galileo, I may be mistaken though. He said that the earth is not flat up until that point the people on the earth including the Catholic Church which was very powerful in those days believed that the world was flat. They believed that the world was three dimensional height, width and depth. Which meant if you sailed far enough on the sea you will eventually fall off of the earth but Galileo said if I have the wrong inventor or the wrong scientist please forgive me. Galileo said No that is not true he just said that no the earth is round let me leave it at that. Galileo said the earth is not flat, the earth is round and you can sail until your heart’s content and you will not fall off of the earth and that was conceived as heresy by the Catholic Church at that time.


The Catholic Church at that time and it is probably true today except people do not listen them anymore the Catholic Church sets themselves up as the defender of the scripture and any scientific principle that do not line up with the scripture was punished severely by the Catholic Church to the point of torture and death.


So it was a very difficult thing for Galileo to stand up and say oh the earth is not flat; it is round. Later on and in more modern times, theoretical physicists have calculated and have discovered that this fourth dimension called space time is curved. Our three dimensional world is linear height, width and depth.


So what makes the world round? It is the fourth dimension that we cannot see that is curved, space is curved and therefore the planets around and the stars around and we do not fall off the earth when we sail. You can sail from shore to shore you can sail at sea from shore to shore but you do not fall off the earth. Did I explain that? Okay.


So we have a curve, a curvature in space time and that is what the theoretical physicists are talking about when they talk about a finite universe with no boundaries. Finite means that it will eventually come to an end infinite means no ending.


So they are talking about a finite universe a universe that will eventually come to an end yet it does not have a beginning. It does not begin with a singularity and it does not end with a big crunch and I am sorry to tell you that I cannot explain the scientific principle of how a finite universe with no boundaries okay the Lord just reminded me okay this finite universe with no boundaries only exist on a theoretical physicist on a theoretical physicists calculator. It is not a reality and the reason that this finite universe with no boundaries comes forth out of the use of imaginary time which we talked about earlier on on this message.


They use imaginary time to calculate calculations I have confessed to you I do not know how they do it but they break down the laws of the universe into mathematical equations, mathematical equations to determine the state of the universe and to get one end to the end of being able to harness the laws of the universe which are power, to harness the power of the laws of the universe to make them work for mankind that is what the radical physicists are doing today.


So they at least Professor Hawking has evolved the concept of a finite universe with no boundaries which is not a reality, it exists in his mind and he exists in his calculator and in his computer and he uses it to go forth with his research searching for a unified theory of everything.


The unification of fundamental forces of the universe which will place in the hands, everybody is wicked I do not care how nice you are or how respectable you are and I am not talking about professor Hawking, anybody how smart you are, how much money you have, whether you are a scientist, how brilliant you are, everybody has a carnal mind and look at what is happening in the world today look at the threats of nuclear war because the nations that held nuclear power responsibly United States holds nuclear power responsibly but this nuclear power is now in the hands of nations that do not hold it responsibly.


The whole world may really be blown up some very rogue nations are now dealing with nuclear power can you imagine if the unified theory of all of the forces of the universe became available to unscrupulous men that have the power to create human beings? The power to create, the power to enslave, the power to create human beings that is the problem with cloning, the power to create a slave race to cause people to be born just to serve you. And my mind cannot even fathom whatever evil purposes, creative power can be used for my mind does not work like that.


So after this if I finish my comments here, I am going to be flipping through the book that we are working from and just sharing with you several of the statements of Professor Hawking that I underlined. I know in one place if I come across it I will read it to you I know in one place in the book he says to you that this calculation of a finite universe without any boundaries is really just a figment of his imagination. It is something that he made up for his laboratory purposes and we talked about previously on the message also. But then he goes on to say who is to say what the reality is? Who is to say which is the reality, maybe imaginary time is the reality and what we have here is not the reality so he is saying it could be that there is world that just is. It is just is and you may recall that we said that about the finite universe with no boundaries that we perceive by the use of imaginary numbers that is just is has no beginning has no end and what this kind of a universe it does away with God we do not need God anymore.


We do not need a great mind to figure out how the universe will begin. Now there is such a thing that is called the Ayn Sof. The Ayn Sof it just is and the universes are inside the Ayn Sof or within Ayn Sof. The Ayn Sof who has the Almighty, the mighty one, the infinite one that has no boundaries so and this is the principle this is the main principle that I want to show you everything that I am teaching you about science up until now and up until very soon is to prepare you to understand me when I comment on some statements that Professor Hawking has made that He thinks is fantasy but it is already happening. It is already happening to the people who are in Christ. Is everybody with me? Okay we are going to a picture of this and then I am going to read you a statement from his book. I do have a couple more principles to show you and we will get to that last couple of pages or I will show you, I will compare what he is saying to what is happening in the spirit.


Before we start going through the books and dealing with Professor Hawking’s comments I will like to read three scriptures to you.


The term finite universe without boundaries brought to mind two scriptures in which the Lord talks about lands or villages without walls. And then the third scripture that does not exactly use that term but is really referring to the same thing.


I have been asking the Lord for years what that really means to be a village or a land without walls. And I believe that the Lord is telling me based on this scientific principle of a finite boundary, a finite universe without a boundary is that he is saying the people or the community that are without walls they stop dying. They are the people who have stopped dying. They are no longer expanding or contracting.


You see when someone is born into our worlds they are a singularity, a new born baby is a singularity who begins to expand as soon as he is born and when he reaches adulthood or the peak of his career I think I mentioned this earlier it may be different for each person but when they reach the apex of their lives then their lives starts to contract and eventually everybody dies. So far everybody dies but when Christ comes to dwell in us everything starts to reverse.


I fully, I have all the hope that I am going to ..... and not die but the truth of the matter is that I am stronger and healthier and more youthful than I was ten years ago of course I was dying. I was dying when I came to the Lord I am not dying anymore I am getting healthier all the time, I feel youthful, I look youthful and I believe that very soon and I hope in my lifetime the door of opportunity will open for human beings to enter into immortality in Christ in this age so that we stop dying well then we will become a finite universe without boundaries because this body is still finite. You see Jesus was a finite universe without boundaries that body that he was in was finite yet he had no boundaries because he could have stayed in that condition for ever. Am I making any sense to you at all?


So we are going to read a few scriptures from this contexts and what I believe what the Lord is telling me is that the people who stop dying I can really relate to this myself because you might say I have stopped dying all of the death that was operating in my life is being stopped. It is like a tremendous wall of gravity is opposing the death that was contracting my life.


So death is being opposed in my life but yet if I did not have the Lord to protect me I will be destroyed by the fundamental spiritual forces of this world. When Christ comes into your life and starts opposing the force of death which is the fundamental spiritual force of our world is death everything in this world dies, everything corrupts in this world. To be honest with you I have not sat down or prayed about or asked the Lord about what the fundamental or how many fundamental spiritual forces we have in this world but the scripture talks about powers and principalities that is what it is talking about the fundamental spiritual forces of this world the greatest one of which is death.


So when Christ comes into somebody’s life and starts opposing or pushing back against the force of death all the forces and all the powers of this world line up with the force of death to overthrow the Christ that is pressing against them. And the person becomes very vulnerable if the Lord did not defend me I will never survive because life has entered into me, death is being grounded to a halt yet I have very limited if any power at all to help myself against the forces or the princes, the principalities and powers of Satan’s kingdom.


So life has entered into me a potential for immortality in the flesh if I can live long enough to see that door of opportunity open and pass through I have the hope of entering into immortality, greatness have entered into me but greatness was only a very limited power that is not capable of opposing the forces of this world.


So I am vulnerable, so the people in ... villages may stop dying but the power to overcome the powers of this world has not yet been imparted to them. Do you hear what I am saying?


And I have talked to you about this a lot. We have such greatness here, this word is so awesome it is healing and it is cleansing and it is turning out lives around but yet we are waiting for and have not yet seeing the outpouring of the Spirit of Christ that will come with outstanding miracles of healing and creative miracles of all kinds that will out do anything.


So we are the people without walls life is .... in us but we have no weapons and that is why Satan comes in and attacks, all the forces, all the spiritual forces of this world are lining up to stop what Christ is doing and He is doing it in us.


You see years ago I knew a man who had studied with a particular preacher the man had such a following and he wrote a few books I cannot tell you that I studied his material extensively but I do know a man who studied with him and apparently the friend of mine what he was getting from this preacher was that there were two major forces that were battling out in the universe. Mankind was just a pawn therefore my friend believed there was nothing for mankind to do but Jesus was fully responsible to keep us alive and fed and clothed and happy and fully responsible for meeting all of our needs because we were just a pawn in this tremendous cosmic battle between the two forces. Which of course is not all true it is not scriptural it is not true.


We have an important role we must choose who we will align ourselves with and then when we align ourselves with Christ we have a warfare on our hands and we have a lot to learn and a lot to do and have a great deal of responsibility. It is a very, very great responsibility to be a Christian that is truly walking with the Lord.


Unfortunately this man had a big disappointment his wife died, he backslid and I guess he found out that what he was believing was not true. Why am I telling you this now? Because I am finding out that there is a truth to it but he had misunderstood the truth and I do believe that the preacher misrepresented it but I am not going to get into that right now. I think the preacher was an honest man he just make a mistake. You see everything you read in the bible and every spiritual principle you learn it must be applied to a specific set of circumstances.


Let us take something obvious the pregnancy, a pregnant woman, well the pregnancy of a married woman is a great joy to the whole family that a new life is coming into the family but the pregnancy of a thirteen year old unmarried daughter is not a great joy.


So everything for most Christians this principle of two cosmic forces battling over us is not really true for most Christians just coming to the Lord. They need to be taught that they have to learn the rules, they have to learn what God requires of them, they have to line yourself up with God to tell a new Christian that there is nothing for you to do is deadly but on the other hand when you find a Christian who has lined their life up with God and who has been seeking the kingdom first and living for God and has now become powerful in the beginning realms so that Christ is strongly manifesting through them then the second principle come to pass. Then Christ is powerfully defending that person and powerful manifestations of Satan and Leviathan comes to destroy that person because that person who is now a channel or a doorway for the powerful manifestation of the glory of God that person has become a very great danger to Satan’s kingdom and the forces coming against that person could never be repelled by the person.


So we see this tremendous cosmic conflict of Satan and Leviathan coming to destroy that person and Christ standing up and battling with Satan and Leviathan saying oh you cannot destroy this person.


And this person or these persons is symbolic described as a finite universe without walls life is in them to the point that they stop contracting they stop dying. At least in our case slow down our dying is slowed down as Christ grinds against the force of death. The force of death is being delayed it has not yet being completely stopped but it is being pushed back slowly.


So this tremendous warfare going through somebody that lives like I live or the people in this ministry live you are preaching his word teaching his word whatever you for the ministry just being in the ministry like this is a tremendous warfare that is beyond anything that we could imagine and yes it is beyond us in the heavenlies. So I hope I have defined for you the finite universe without walls and we are going to read these three scriptures concerning that principle.


COMMENTS: The first one is Ezekiel 38 11 And thou shalt say I will go up to the land of unwalled village; I will go to them that are at rest that swell safely all of them dwelling without walls and having neither bars nor gates.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I did not look up the words bars nor gates but I do know in that scripture that they are rest. They are neither expanding nor contracting okay they are threading water. They are threading water. Is this not interesting? Okay, go ahead.


COMMENTS: Zechariah 2 4 And said unto him, run, speak to this young man saying Jerusalem shall be inhabited as towns without walls for the multitude of men and cattle therein.


PASTOR VITALE: What I just spoke to you about that the person that is not dying anymore or in whom death is grinding to a halt that is the person that is occupied by Christ that is the next step before this tremendous battle of the ages rages through that individual.


COMMENTS: Revelations 20:9 And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city and fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them.


PASTOR VITALE: So in this scripture we do not have the words city without walls but we see that this is the power of God coming down in this great cosmic conflict. And I think that the scripture in Zachariah I did comment on the fact that the Lord said that He will be a fire, a wall of fire around them meaning He will be the defence once they stop dying.


They are in this condition where they still do not have the power to fight these principalities why? Because there is still too much sin in their mind, the Lord said it is okay do not worry it is safe to lay down the defences of your carnal mind. I am going to be the wall around you and I am going to fight for you and in the scripture in Revelations we see that lightning came down from heaven and destroyed Satan when he climbed out of the pit to destroy these people that were living at peace. At peace brethren there is only one peace and that is peace with God, rest there is only one rest and that is when you are at peace with God.


So there is one more witness that these scriptures were talking about people who have given up or repented of their sins and their carnal ways and are living the best they can to live at peace and to obey the Lord. Which very frequently leaves you defenceless and the Lord said do not be afraid.


Paul said suffer the loss, when I first heard that scripture I was really offended what do mean suffer the loss. Why should I suffer the loss? Why should I let you rob me in any area? Well the principle is that if you are willing to suffer the loss the Lord will defend you but if you defend yourself the Lord will not defend you.


Abraham suffered the loss he let Lot take the more valuable land and then Abraham prospered. You cannot lose when you do the right thing in God’s eyes because the Lord is there to make it right for you. Amen praise the Lord. Are there any questions or comments before we go on to the next segment? You have something to say? Okay.


COMMENTS: Something very interesting when you were just speaking about peace means one with God and I was thinking in the scriptures it says to pray constantly for peace in Jerusalem. So it is like Jerusalem will be one with God and I have not thought of that.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that is true but also there is more than one Jerusalem you know there is the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven and what that is is our new personality which is in Christ. So yes we should pray for the peace of physical Jerusalem but the Lord is also talking about peace within the individual that we should stop rebelling against God because every mortal man is in rebellion against God on some level and that is shocking to the people who are not deep into the scripture but it is the truth. There has to be a reason why we are sick, aging and dying and that reason is sin. That reason is sin and it is disobedience to God or rebellion against God that is what it is.


We may not know that and we may not understand it and when someone tells us it may be hard for us to believe but brethren no one, no one can dispute the fact that we are dying. We get sick and we are dying so it must be true.


You see we must draw a conclusion our carnal mind cannot believe that we sin, our husband does not believe that we sin, our wife does not believe that we sin that is why over the years I have heard people tell me when I reveal something that is in the unconscious part of their mind they say well my family never said anything to me about that. You Sheila you are the only one I have a problem with, you are the only one who tells me things like this. Well people that are just like you do not see anything wrong in what you are doing. You need the mind of Christ to reveal what God perceives to be sin if you have the hope of overcoming a disease or if you have a greater hope of entering into that great door when it opens of immortality we are waiting for that door to open.


You know the scripture talks a lot about doors and you really have to get a revelation of the latest signs to understand what that door is that door is ... doors opening and doors close in space doors open and doors close all the time. And in the spirit doors open and doors close all the time there is constant movement and doors of opportunity open and close all the time and if you cannot perceive the door opening and run through it can close without you taking advantage of it.


So you see we need the mind of Christ to recognise the open door. I do not know exactly how it will manifest when this door of opportunity for immortality opens. I do not know exactly how it will manifest. I know eventually salvation is for the whole of humanity but it is not going to start out that way. I honestly do not know how it is going to happen everybody will see it. I know that when Jesus appeared after He appeared after He was crucified John was the only one of the disciples that recognised Him.


Now that ability to recognise Jesus was the recognition of an open door it had to have some benefit for John although at this moment I cannot tell you what it was. John had to reap some benefit out of that that the disciples that could not recognise Jesus did not reap.


And those of us that are in Christ or those of us that have the Holy Spirit we miss I am convinced that we miss opportunities every day of our life. Opportunities for great experiences with God, opportunities to manifest the glory of God, opportunities to do right which will glorify God through us, opportunities to speak to Him, to hear through Him, to hear from Him, to experience His life, His wisdom because we cannot see the open door that is something to pray for open doors.


Brethren a very heavy anointing just dropped in here as I started to tell you this, a very heavy anointing. The Lord wants to enter into our lives but He can only come in little by little or He will kill us. He is a consuming fire. He is a vibrating source of energy that is vibrating much faster than we are. Do you know that we vibrate everything in the universe vibrates. It does not appear to us that we are vibrating not only are we vibrating we are spinning on our axis. Each human being is spinning like a sphere we are spinning and we are on a planet spinning on its axis and that spinning in an orbit around the sun. Is that not amazing that we do not feel that we are moving at all but every fibre of our being is vibrating.


So when the Lord enters in He is vibrating in a much faster rate of speed than we are, if He comes in with too great a manifestation we could get hurt that is the whole danger of Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a very high vibration and if your mind does not prepare for it you can get hurt.


You see somebody said to me recently oh I thought that I was not smart enough to come to your meetings. I said no it has nothing to do with being smart enough, the Lord has to witness to me that you are prepared to sit under an anointing like this. Christians cannot imagine they just cannot conceive that you can get hurt. You can get hurt from an outpouring of power that your mind is not ready to receive. You know the martial artist play with the power of the body and they manipulate the energies of their body. They do what we do in the spirit they manipulate the energies and they combine the energies.


The martial artists are looking for a unified force of everything. They want a lot of power and if they go ahead without the proper instruction and do whatever they do that will bring forth an outstanding outburst of energy and they do not know how to control it, they could really hurt their internal organs, they could blow up their hears or their lungs. That is the truth about martial arts. The same thing is true in the spirit. If you come sitting in a meeting like this and you are not prepared for it you could damage your mind. But everybody is so filled with pride they do not want to believe it. It is the truth.


We are now going into the segment of this message whereby I am going to comment briefly on some of Professor Hawking’s statement in areas which I hope will help you to understand what I have told you so far a little more. Here is the sentence that I was talking to you about earlier this is professor Hawking’s thinking. He says imaginary time is simply a mathematically device or a trick to calculate answers about real space time.


The physicists they want answers about space time. They want answers about the fourth dimension, they want answers that will help them to harness the power of the universe. So they made up this trick of imaginary time because it helps them in their calculations. It is very interesting praise the Lord.


I think we have dealt with this earlier, we have dealt with this last week.


In real time the universe has a beginning and an end at singularities. They form a boundary to space time and at which the laws of science break down. Maybe I did not make that clear to you on drawing number 8 where I showed you the beginning of time and the end of time. At those boundaries which are singularities the laws of science break down, the laws of physics do not work anymore that is why we have the laws of quantum mechanics.


The laws of quantum mechanics work at singularities but as Isaac Newton’s theory they do not work anymore. Even the Einstein’s theory of relativity does not work as a singularity anymore we need a different set of rules. So he says maybe what we call imaginary time is really more basic and what we call real is just an idea that we invent to help us describe what we think the universe is like. But according to the approach Professor Hawking’s describes in chapter 1, a scientific theory is just a mathematical model that we make to describe our observations as it exists only in our mind, so it is meaningless to ask which is real or which is imaginary time.


You see if you are using imaginary time you can go back in time. The universe is moving forward, time is moving forward. We cannot go back in time but this whole concept of imaginary numbers is opening the door to potential time travel to go back in time which is very interesting, very interesting.


You know with Jesus we can go back in time. I have had several experiences in the spirit where I have gone back in time not change anything but to see the roots of some of the problems that I have been asking the Lord for deliverance for. But of course the scientist is talking about really leaving this place and appearing in another time I did not have that kind of an experience I was just watching a movie seeing what was going on.


Okay we are back to our text a brief history of time by Steven Hawking and I am looking at a few pages in the chapter called the origin and state of the universe. There is a little bit here let me see I have this check off. In real time the universe has a beginning and a an end as a singularity that form a boundary to space time that is the fourth dimension and in which the laws of science breakdown but in an imaginary time there are no singularities and no boundaries, so what is the significance? The laws of science do not break down. Do you get that? Let me read that again.


In real time the universe has a beginning and an end at singularities that is the big bang and the big crunch and the singularities form the boundaries to space time and .....that the laws of science break down. So an imaginary time where there are no singularities or boundaries there is no breakdown of the laws of science that is what they want. That is what the physicists want they want to avoid the breakdown of the laws of science so they can figure out the forces of the universe and capture the power.


And again he says I think I am just reading the same thing scientific theory is just a mathematical model we make to describe our observations. It exist only in our minds so it is meaningless to ask which is real, real or imaginary time. It is simply a matter of which is the more useful description for their purposes but of course imaginary time for us does not work because with imaginary time you have no problem going back in time and we cannot go back in time we do not know how to do that.


Another statement of professor Hawking the proposed new boundary condition leads to the prediction that it is extremely probable that the present rate of expansion of the universe is almost the same in each direction. Now you know the universe is expanding in two lines outward right and he is saying it is just about the same rate of speed in each direction.


Another statement by professor Hawking I think we will skip that one. In an expanding universe in which the density of matter vary slightly from place to place I am not going to go there either.


The idea that space and time may form a closed surface with outer boundary also have profound implications for the role of God in the affairs of the universe. The laws of the universe do not tell us what the universe should have looked like when it started. It will still be up to God to wind up the clock work and chose how to start it off.


So long as the universe had a beginning we could suppose it had a creator but if the universe is really completely self-contained like in a finite universe without boundaries having no boundary or edge it will have neither beginning nor end it will simply be, what place then for a creator so he says, so he says, so says Professor Hawking. Any question so far?


Okay we are starting the next chapter now and this is the end of this chapter called the arrow of time. Actually in this chapter professor Hawking start saying things that to him are way out but that which we are already experiencing those of us who are in Christ are already experience on a spiritual level. Professor Hawking see these what he calls a realistic event in the natural they are not happening for us in the natural in other words if a cup falls off the table and breaks, I do not see the cup jumping back upon the table but I was broken, I was falling off the table, my health was falling off the table, my mind was falling off the table and it was broken in many pieces and my mind is being put back together again and my health is being put back together again. So the cup of this body is being repaired and the cup of my mind is being repaired but it is not happening in the physical it is happening in the spiritual.


Let us take a look at these statements by professor Hawking. Professor Hawking speaking when the scientists tried to unify gravity, that is the force of gravity, gravitational force with quantum mechanics they had to introduce the idea of imaginary time. Imaginary time is indistinguishable from direction in space.


You see in our world there is a difference between time and space we know the difference between time and space, with imaginary time there is no way to distinguish direction or space.


In order words if one can go north the other can turn around and head south with distance. If you are travelling north you have the option of turning around and going south right? But with time in the real world you can go forward but you cannot go backwards but in imaginary time you can forward or you can go backward. So that is what he means when he said time and space are indistinguishable when you are using imaginary time. It does not matter whether you are going forward or backwards it makes no difference and it is doable.


Professor Hawking says there can be no important difference between the forward and the backward directions of imaginary time, on the other hand when someone looks at the real time there is a very big difference between the forward and the backward directions as we all know. Now we ask the question where does this difference between the past and the future come from? Why do we remember the past and not the future this is very interesting because in Christ we do remember the future. The Lord tells us the future we remember the future in Christ.


Professor Hawking is saying in the natural world why do we remember the past and not the future? Why is the world this way?


The laws of science do not distinguish between the past and the future. He is talking about other worlds here he is talking about anti matter he is saying that it is possible in another world which we will call anti matter which will be the exact opposite of what we are that life will be just the same for the inhabitants of another planet who are both mirror images of us and who are made from anti matter rather than matter. And where does the scripture say that we are the dark shadow of the male Adam who is on high. We are his dark shadow we are the anti-matter he is the matter and when we meet when our carnal mind which is the dark shadow of the mind of Christ mix there is an explosion.


Now according to the laws of science when matter and anti-matter meet everything is destroyed but when the mind of Christ and the carnal mind meet it is just the carnal that is destroyed. So the laws of science are breaking down when it comes to humanity. Here is the easy scientific principle called the principle of disorder or intro.. let me put that on the board for you.


Drawing number 10 we are defining arrow of time. An arrow of time is something that distinguishes that past from the future and gives a direction to time. What does that mean give a direction to time? Time goes from the past to the future time does not run backwards from the future to the past, time is going forward every second tick, tick, tick nothing can stop time. So that is an arrow of time something that distinguishes the past from the future.


And there are at least three arrows of time we talk about three of them here. The thermal dynamic arrow of time is the direction of time in which disorder increases, disorder increases. Now what the physicist are talking about when they are talk about disorder let me define that for you. For example professor gives a cup a china cup is a high state of order, this microphone is a high state of order it is formed it is not about to melt and turned into something else that is what it means by a high form of order. It is not a piece of clay that is going to change its form. So you have a cup it is in a high state of order you drop the cup on the floor and it breaks into five pieces this cup is now in a state of disorder. So we see that the cup can go from a state of high order a completely formed cup to a china cup that is broken into five pieces it can go from a high state of order to a state of disorder. A disorder broken into five pieces to a state of high order the cup is not going to the pieces are not going to jump up on the table and come back together again and that is because of the thermo dynamic arrow of time maybe that is not the right one. I guess that is it the direction of time in which disorder increases okay.


Disorder can only increase as you go forward in other words I cannot have a cup in my hand and say look at this cup everybody five minutes ago it was broken into five pieces and now it is whole. Why? Because the seven dynamic arrow of time said this order the breaking of the cup increases as time goes forward not as time goes backwards. Do you understand what I am telling you? But this is exactly what is happening in Christ. Christ is defying the thermo dynamic arrow of time, order in my life is increasing as time goes forward. I was a very disorderly person, my life was disordered, my mind was disordered, my house was disordered, I was a very disorderly person but as time goes forward my mind is coming into order, my life is coming into order, I have a lot of discipline in my life today and my body is coming into order because my body was all out of disorder.


So we see that in the spirit and also concerning the health of my body which is interesting because the physical body it is a natural state although I do not see the Lord reversing the thermo dynamic arrow of time for a broken cup but He does reverse broken things if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.


I remember praying for a sister once who had come into some hard times I do not remember the circumstances but she and her husband had lost all of the furniture in their house and they had no money to buy new furniture now I remembered praying for her asking for a miracle furniture are very expensive. I remember praying asking for a miracle and then a year later I just happen to have a reason to go to that sister’s house and the Lord showed me the house was filled with furniture not only furniture but they had a piano which is very expensive. And when I question the sister she told me that they had some kind of a miracle that furnished their home for them.


So the Lord violated the thermo dynamic arrow of time those people had no money to buy furniture but furniture appeared in their home any way and I remember at the time thinking about it and even talking to other brethren about it. When I prayed for a miracle in those days I had the hope of the furniture just materialising in their home but it did not happen that way someone gave them the furniture but if you have ears to hear what I am telling you when the Lord does a miracle like this even if it comes through somebody else giving you the furniture the Lord is violating the thermal dynamic arrow of time. He is going against the tide. He is pushing against the prick, He is going against every law that says this is the way it happens in this world.


When the Lord heals a drug addict that every program has failed to heal, when the Lord heals a body that every doctor has failed to heal, the Lord is violating or pushing back the laws of this world. He is pushing back the laws of time He is pushing back the laws of death, the Lord is opposing this world and everything about it but the Lord does not do anything frivolously.


So we are not about to see a broken cup that fell off the table jump back up on the table the Lord will say go out and buy another cup. Or have somebody give you a cup or give you the money to buy the cup but if you can hear what I am telling you the Lord is still violating the law of thermo dynamic arrow of time and I believe the day will come that the Lord will completely violate that law in that the sons of God will have the power to look at a broken cup and see it jump up and repair itself on the table. I believe that, it is coming when we get the power when we become unwalled villages surrounded by or filled by the fire of God.


The second arrow of time is the psychological arrow of time, the direction in which we feel time passes the direction in which we remember the past but not the future and the direction in which we remember the past but not the future. Brethren I suggest to you when the Lord tells somebody like Pat Robertson got up on state national television and said that the Lord told him that president Bush will win the election this year the Lord told Pat Robertson the future. I even heard from the Lord about that but the Lord told me that president Bush will win the first election. The Lord enabled me to remember the future.


Prophesy is remembering the future and Professor Hawking this great professor of physics seems or at least the impression I get by reading his book is that he has no knowledge or he probably does not believe in prophesy. I cannot believe that he has not heard of it a man of his intelligence but he does not believe that it is real. But prophesy is real and prophesy is remembering the future and remembering the future is pushing back the psychological arrow of time. This whole world is being reversed.


The third arrow of time is called the cosmological arrow of time the direction of time in which the universe is expanding and not contracting. The direction of time in which the universe is expanding and not contracting that is interesting because the scientist will tell you that our universe is still expanding and it is not even going to begin to contract for a probably trillions of years in the future but each one of us is a universe we are a cosmos, every human being is a cosmos. And when Christ comes into our lives our universe begin to contract the universe of the carnal mind begins to contract. And the Lord starts pushing back the cosmological arrow of time. And again this is the whole purpose of the message we are approaching that point where the whole purpose of this message is going to come into focus.


Then I am going to show you that everything that professor Hawking says could not really ever come to pass or well I am sorry he is not saying it could not come to pass what he is saying is that it could not come to pass in our world the way it is now but if they calculate the universe with imaginary time all these things might reverse that is what he is saying. What he is telling us for all intends and purpose that these laws cannot be reversed in the real world and I am telling you that they are being reversed in the real world but not necessarily with regards to the external world in regards to the inner world the only exception being the physical body.


When you have a supernatural healing in your body, I had a supernatural healing in my body, an incurable disease disappeared. It pushed back the cosmological arrow of time because my life was contracting and the Lord pushed it back stopped it from contracting in a way that would have killed me but He is stopping our carnal mind from expanding. He is contracting our carnal mind but He is expanding our health. Do you hear what I am talking about? Okay.


I have one more thing on the board and that is the second world of thermo dynamics which says there are many more disordered states than ordered ones therefore disorder always increases with time. All you have to do is look around this world and you know that disorder always increases with time. You dust one day you come back the next day the dust is back. Everything needs to be repaired your furniture is wearing out, your house is wearing out, your dishes are wearing out, your clothes are wearing out, your body is wearing out with time this is with time but once again the Lord Jesus is pushing renewed as the eagle is that not interesting. Okay.


COMMENTS: You know that is really right disorder always increasing with time look at us right now we are worse than we ever were in all the history of time with each generation it seems to be getting more and more violence and disorderly.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that is true but over throughout history society is deteriorating to disorder and if something happens and they pull themselves together into an ordered state but as soon as they attain to that ordered state that order state starts to deteriorate again because natural is like gravity it pulls you down. The natural tendency is towards disorder. That is why you have to have a leader in a meeting because the natural tendency is to disorder.


Even the section of the United States with all those ... ladies and gentlemen they need someone to be in charge to keep the order because the natural tendency is towards disorder. So that is an interesting point we hear a lot in the church today about the body of Christ. You know when that principle first came forth however many years ago it was I found out that a lot of fellowships were trying to bring forth the manifestation of the body of Christ in their own strength and there was no leadership in their meetings and everybody just stood up and said whatever they wanted to say and they thought that that was a manifestation of the body of Christ but it was complete disorder it was complete chaos. But of course the Lord is bringing into existence the reality of the body of Christ we see that in Ezekiel 1 where every man is so completely controlled by the in dwelling Christ that when you are together in a group nobody speaks out of turn, nobody walks talks or thinks or moves out of turn and the whole body is moving as one man that is Ezekiel’s image.


Now it is interesting what is popping into my mind right now. In star trek the bug of star trek that is their testimony but the bug are intelligent beings that are supposed to be likened unto bees or hornets and their ship is like a hive and everybody is controlled every members of the hive is controlled and no man things for himself and it is a horrible enemy which is very hard to overcome because they are so powerful because there is no deviation but of course in Christ it is possible to have no one out of order and still have creativity that is only possible in Christ it is not possible with humanity very interesting.


We are told in the scripture that at the beginning there was chaos. So the universe started in a disordered state but it does not seem to be getting more ordered as XXXX just said. However the plan of God is to end up this process of this fallen world in an ordered state. We stated off in chaos and we are going to end up in an ordered state when Christ brings His law to the earth.


Now Professor Hawking is saying suppose however that God deciding that the universe will finish up in a state of high order which is the truth but that it did not matter what state it started out in. I do not know about that he said at early times the universe will probably be in a disorder state which was and has been, this will mean that disorder will decrease with time. Now I just got through telling you that with all of these laws disorder increases with time but Professor Hawking is saying what will happen if it was the other way round and it was God’s intention that at the end everything will be ordered so that order will not increase but order will decrease with time, what will it be like if all of these orders were reversed? That is what professor Hawking is talking about.


And when we meet again on Thursday we are going to discuss some of the suggestions that he makes as to how that will manifest and I hope to show you that it is already manifested in the level of mind, in the level of emotions and in the level of physical health and sometimes in the level of actual physical wings being restored where the those creative miracles is taking place but I have not yet seen it happen concerning broken pieces of furniture or being restored and I do not know if God will ever do that I do not know. So we will have this discussion Lord willing on Thursday which should end up this message God bless you.


04/30/10 Transcribed by DA


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