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It has been approximately 6 months since I preached part 5 of this message, so we are going to do a brief review. I am going to try to keep it simple without drawings unless the Lord moves on me to do so. Part 5 ends with section 3 of chapter 2, so we should be picking up with section 4. Therefore the review will be of sections 1-3. Praise the Lord. Maybe we should just do a basic review of the parts of the soul. I will do a drawing on that. Let us do a basic review of the parts of the soul. Can anybody tell me what the parts of the soul are that we are dealing with in reincarnations? Does anybody remember?


COMMENT: Nephesh, Ruach, Neshamah, and the last one I cannot remember.


PASTOR VITALE: Actually there are five parts of the soul but we are just dealing with the first three in this study, and the reason for that is that this study, The Gate Of Reincarnations is a work by Rabbi Isaac Luria, and the Judaism which he represents, the kabbalistic school which he represents believes that the higher levels of soul which are Chayyah and Yechidah are not available to mankind at this time, but of course we know that those levels, Chayyah and Yechidah are available to us in Christ Jesus.


I will do a drawing just to remind you, I will put it on the board for you, and I will relate the three parts of the soul that we are dealing with to familiar names in the Scripture. Drawing #1, the Nephesh is the human soul, also called the personality and it is the personality of the animal nature, because we have two of everything, we have a personality and the animal nature, and a personality of the Christ nature. The Nephesh is the personality of the animal nature. The Ruach is the human spirit, and in this study we know that the Ruach, that word Ruach is a Hebrew word that just means spirit, but it is also the word that refers to the Holy Spirit, and then we have the Neshamah which is the third level of soul, it is the higher mind, most mortal men go through their whole life without ever experiencing the higher mind. The higher mind is available in Christ, and it is also available in the Serpent.


There are people who are very spiritual in occult and definitely have a higher mind, but it is on the other side, it is the not the mind of Christ. James clearly tells us that there is something called the devilish wisdom, that is the wisdom of the other side. The higher mind which is the mind of Christ, is the imputed mind of Christ, and that is the ungrafted Christ which is formed form the fruit of the spirit. The Holy Spirit is the female seed of the glorified Jesus Christ. Do not shut off the tape. All higher spiritual beings are male and female and the Holy Spirit is the female seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, and Christ is the male seed of the glorified Jesus Christ.


I think I did not put that down on this board, I will have to add it. The imputed Christ is the ungrafted Christ formed from the fruit of the Spirit, this spiritually female seed will not endure unless it is joined to the male seed which grafts to the personality, the imputed Christ, the female Christ is like the branch of the tree, it is the energy, it is the power, but unless it grafts to the personality, it dies, just like a cut flower, it can only endure for a season. There are two reasons why the female seed does not graft, the first reason is, we read about that in Luke chapter 8, verse 6, let us read that first.


LUKE 8:6


6 And some fell upon a rock, and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away because it lacked moisture. KJV


You know for the longest time, for years I have read this Scripture, and I always believed that moisture was the Holy Spirit but as I put this notation up on the board, I said to the Lord, What does that mean that they received the Holy Spirit, they received the imputed Christ which is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, how could it lack moisture, how could it lack spirit, if the spirit is already there, that is what formed the imputed Christ. The Lord told me that it is the spirit of the word. Whenever you see the word spirit in the Scripture, you have to ask the Lord what spirit.


That Scripture is talking about the spirit of the word. The imputed Christ is formed in someone because they read the Scripture and they love Jesus and they seek to obey His commandments and the fruit of the Spirit is developed in them, but it does not graft because they stay in the letter of the word, and they never get to the spirit of the word. It is the spirit of the word that brings forth the engrafted Christ that grafts the whole tree of Christ to the personality.


Either they never hear the spirit of the word, which is the doctrine of Christ or they hear it and they become frightened and they reject it or their pride rises up and they reject it. The imputed Christ dies, but at the very best dies when the individual dies. The imputed Christ cannot grant you immortality. The second reason that the imputed Christ does not graft, is that the personality refuses to deal with the sins in the unconscious and the subconscious parts of their mind, and that we read about in Luke 8:7, 2 Corinthians 4:2, and 1 John 3:15.


LUKE 8:7


7 Then some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up with it and choked it. KJV


The thorns are sin. The imparted Christ did not graft because that person would not weed their garden; they would not deal with the sins in the unconscious and subconscious part of their mind. The second Scripture is 2 Corinthians 4:2.




2 But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness nor handling the word of God deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth, commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. KJV


The hidden things, the little foxes that spoil the vine, the sins of our motives, wrong motives. The Pharisees had good works, but their motives were pride. Their motives were pride. How do I know their motives were pride? Because you cannot have a motive of Christ unless Christ is grafted to you, and Christ is not going to graft to you unless you are willing to admit that you are unclean in your unconscious and subconscious part of your mind. I was watching a well-known preacher this morning, which I know the man is a young man, a very, very serious young man and he was talking about how his godly mother, the wife of his father an internationally known preacher was this godly woman who still got cancer. How come she got cancer he asked.


His response was, well there must have been something that she should have been doing that she was not doing, but I do not think he had a clue that what she needed to be doing was to be cleansed in the unconscious and the subconscious parts of her mind, I think he meant works, there was something, praying or something she had to be doing to get healed. This is a great mystery that is hidden from the church today. No matter how good our life looks and this woman is blessed, and she is married to a very blessed evangelist, they are blessed by the Spirit of God, they have a beautiful family, the whole family is in the ministry, they are millionaires you know, but she got cancer, why? Because she is unclean in the unconscious part of her mind. This young man talked about his mother, and said, She is not envious; she does not gossip. Brethren, everybody has envy, some more than others.


Envy is one of the foundational sins, pride, rebellion, and envy. How do I say that? Because those qualities are a part of Satan’s nature, and if you have a carnal mind you have Satan’s nature. This is the big lie that the church has been sold. We are unclean, every one of us is unclean. Some of us are more clean, or are clean in our life, no we are not fornicating, we are not committing adultery, we are not stealing, some of us even do not lie, but most of us lie, we just do not know it, but we are still unclean in the unconscious, in our motives, our motives are unclean. How do I know that? Because that is the condition of every mortal man. How do I know that? Because you age and eventually you expect to die, it is so simple.


Show me the man that does not die and I will show you a man that is clean in the unconscious and subconscious part of his mind. It is so simple, except that Leviathan stands up in us, and does not want to believe it and gets offended and turns you away from the message. That is what that Scripture means, the hidden things are killing us. The little foxes are killing us, and you have been trained your whole life on the subconscious level to reject sinful thoughts, you need to understand that you may have cleansed your subconscious part, you may have closed the door to that sin coming into your conscious mind, but the part of you that is generating it, the part of you where that thought is being born, you are unclean, and the only one who can clean you is Christ grafted to you and He cannot do it unless you let Him. This is the message of the hour to the church and to the Jew, who will be brave enough to take the correction of the Lord, especially when it comes from fallen man, who is going to do it, and who is not going to faint when he is rebuked, who is going to do it? Praise the Lord, we have one more Scripture, 1 John 3:15.


1 JOHN 3:15


15 Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer, and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him. KJV


Even when you recognize a thought of hate coming up in your mind and you say, No I am not going to hate my brother. The thought that you heard has made you unclean, it is Satan in the hidden parts of you, who has whispered to you, Hate your brother, and you said, No, I will not do it, but the uncleanness, the beginnings of the uncleanness, the root of that sin lives in you and you are unclean, and that is why you age and that is why you are going to die unless Jesus overthrows your soul and becomes the foundation that gives you life in the flesh. That is just the truth of it.


The bottom half of the board says, Jesus’ glorified life in mortal man as, Jesus’ Nephesh appears as the Holy Spirit in mortal men. The mortal man is Jesus’ Nephesh, brother the Nephesh is female, the Nephesh aspect of the soul is female, Jesus has a female aspect and a male aspect, his female aspect is the Holy Spirit, that is what I said on the board. The Holy Spirit is the female seed of Jesus Christ, and the imputed Christ which comes, which is an accumulation of the powers of the Holy Spirit, is a female Christ, a female manifestation of Christ, and down at the bottom, we see Jesus’ Neshamah, the grafted Christ in mortal man or the imparted Christ we see is the seed of the Lord Jesus, so that is His male seed, Christ is His male seed, the grafted Christ.


This male seed can grow up into a mature spiritual man in Christ. In order for that to happen to you, you have to be immersed or baptized in the spirit of the word, you have to submit to that even though it is hurting your pride to find out, that you have almost everything wrong, and you need to be willing to face and deal with the cleansing of the unconscious part and the subconscious part of your mind. Of course Jesus’ Ruach is the Spirit of Christ in mortal man.


That is what we are dealing with, we are dealing with Kabbalah today, we are doing The Gate of Reincarnations, and you are going to be hearing these words, Nephesh, Ruach, Neshamah. When the text tells us that we have to receive, that we receive a Nephesh, we should know that the Nephesh that we receive is not from Jesus. When we are born, we receive a Nephesh, we receive a soul, we could not be born as a human child if we did not receive a Nephesh, that is our animal soul, and when the text talks about receiving a Ruach, we should know that, that is talking about the Holy Spirit which is Jesus’ glorified Nephesh, the female seed.


When the text talks about receiving a Neshamah, we should know that they are talking about receiving, well that is interesting, I said Jesus’ Ruach is the Spirit of Christ in mortal man and the Neshamah is the grafted Christ, the seed. My understanding is that when we receive the grafted Christ, we receive both Jesus’ Ruach and His Neshamah, we receive the seed of His life and that Spirit of Christ is in that seed. When the text talks about receiving a Ruach, it is talking about, it is separating the Spirit of Christ from the seed of Christ, does anyone not know what I am talking about? This is the text, but in reality our experience because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we receive both Jesus’ Ruach and His Neshamah together in the seed called Christ.


We are going to be reading in the text that you have to receive a Ruach. It tends to get a little confusing, I do not know if I made this clear, let me try this again. When the text says we are going to receive a Ruach, it is talking about the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is Jesus’ Nephesh. The spirit that we receive, the spirit that is added to us after we are born, is Jesus’ Nephesh which is the Holy Spirit, and the Neshamah that the text is talking about that we hope to receive, just not many people receive the Neshamah, which for us is the mind of Christ, that is very, that is not an easy thing to get, when the text talks about receiving a Neshamah, we know that we are receiving a combination of Jesus’ Ruach and Jesus’ Neshamah, the mind of Christ with the Spirit of Christ with the Spirit of Christ within it. Is everybody okay? Any questions on this? Of course I have reference on this, Luke 8:8, let us read it onto the message.


LUKE 8:8


8 And other fell on good ground and sprang up and bear fruit an hundred fold... KJV


That is the imparted Christ, the one that bears fruit, the branch cannot abide alone, the root can abide alone and eventually, if you have the root, it will eventually bring forth the branch, but the branch alone without the root will die, and that is why we see some people who have never experienced Pentecost, I have seen people come out of the Catholic church and they become Bible believing Christians, and I have seen Baptists who have never experienced the Holy Spirit, that do not speak in tongues, they have the faith of the Holy Spirit which is a different grade of the Holy Spirit, but they do not speak in tongues or have any manifestations of the Spirit, and yet the nature of Christ, the righteousness of Christ is appearing in them.


How do I recognize it is the righteousness of Christ? I see the ability to judge righteous judgment appearing in them. They are thinking like God thinks. That is what it means, they are thinking like God thinks. You can speak in tongues and dance around and prophesy and interpret, you can even do miracles, you can lay hands on people and see them healed, and when it comes to judging righteousness in a specific conflicting issue, you cannot do it, your carnal mind is the one that gives you the decision.


This is what the Scripture means when it says the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance, because if you cannot choose it the way God would think in a conflict, that means you are sick in your mind, your mind needs to be healed, there is a disease in your mind, it is leprosy of the mind. You can do all of these miracles by the Holy Ghost and still be diseased in your mind. On the other hand, the people that have that ability to judge righteous judgment in a conflict eventually miracle working power will grow out of that. Righteousness does not grow out of the gifts. Is it bad to have the gifts of the Spirit? No, if God gives it to you great, but if you do not have it, and righteousness is appearing in you and you have asked for the Holy Spirit and you did not get it, do not grieve it. Any questions on this?


When the text of The Gate of Reincarnations chapter 2 talks about a Nephesh, it is talking about the soul we were born with, when it talks about the Ruach, it is talking about the Holy Spirit which is Jesus’ glorified Nephesh, and when the text talks about the Neshamah, which Kabbalah calls the higher mind, we call it the mind of Christ, it is talking about the combination of Jesus’ Ruach and Neshamah, which is the grafted seed of Christ, the very whole life of Christ in seed form, capable of reproducing the full grown man. Everybody okay? We will take a picture.


Just as a reminder to you, those of you who have notes and are following with the notes, the paragraphs that are bolded is the text from The Gate of Reincarnations chapter 2, section 1, and the text that is not bolded is the comment of the translator. First paragraph, when a person is born, his Nephesh enters him, if he is adequately rectified through his actions, you see the Jews believe that you can be rectified or made perfect or made righteous, I do not know about perfect, but they believe you can be made righteous through your actions. If he is adequately rectified through his actions, the Ruach will enter him, that is the Holy Spirit will enter him at the end of his thirteenth year when he becomes a completed person. Just to remind you that there are different grades of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit can manifest as faith, the Holy Spirit does not always manifest as gifts, that is a specific grade of the Holy Spirit that manifests as the gifts of the spirit. The Holy Spirit can be in someone who does not talk in tongues in the form of faith.


The text says that at the end of the thirteenth year, this person becomes a completed person. We are told that we are complete in Him, and that is Colossians 2:10.




10 And ye are complete in Him which is the head of all principality and power. KJV


Christ is the head of your carnal mind, Christ is the head of your carnal mind, that means wherever Christ is appearing in any person where Christ is appearing, your carnal mind is supposed to submit to Him. If Christ is appearing in you, your carnal mind is supposed to submit to Christ in you, if Christ is appearing in me, your carnal mind is supposed to submit to me. It is very hard to recognize Christ in a mortal man, it is very hard. I think it is hard to recognize Christ in a man that is in full stature. The Pharisees did not recognize Christ in Jesus, and He was in full stature, He was full grown, His carnal mind was down in the pit with a seal on it and the Pharisees could not see the anointing on Him.


It is very hard to do, but if you are willing to do it, if you have reason to believe that somebody is a man of God, and that is in Christ, a good deal of the time especially when they are preaching, especially in a service. You can ask the Lord to help you, and if you still cannot recognize Christ, you can follow the law, and that way you do not get into trouble, follow the law, do not strive with the authorities, you do not get in their way; you assist them. We see, I just never cease to be amazed, this whole chapter 2 is just blowing me away at how they are talking about the experience that is available to us today in God, but they cannot put it together with Jesus. They are just missing that crucial point that they cannot let go of that belief that you are made righteous by your works.


There is a righteousness of the law, but it is an imputed righteousness, and the imputed righteousness as I just showed you will not endure if it is not joined to the imparted righteousness. The righteousness of the law can bring great blessings, well it did before Jesus, I do not think the Lord is honoring it anymore, but the righteousness of the law brought great blessings to Israel, but it did not impart the nature of Christ, and the root of the tree is the nature of Christ. You have got to have the nature of Christ, what does that mean? That means in every given situation, you think what Christ would think if He were here, and you do what Jesus would do if He were here, or you do what God would do, or you think what God would think. Your reactions, your automatic reactions are what God’s reactions would be, that is the nature of God, and you only know the truth about yourself when you are tested, when you are crucified, when you are attacked, when you are betrayed, when you are violated.


What is your gut reaction? Does Satan rise up out of the pit and take advantage of the situation to cause you to sin, or does Christ come up and have a godly response that not only forgives the person, but that puts down sin and brings reconciliation. I have that ministration of reconciliation, but not all of the time, sometimes He comes up and sometimes He does not, but one day He is going to come up and He is going to stay up. You all have to examine yourself and ask yourself does He come up once in a while. Only you and the Lord know the answer to that.


His Neshamah will enter him, that is the seed of Christ now, the grafted seed will enter him only when he completes his twentieth year. The Lord told me when I first preached this, that the Lord did honor this, He honored, when He was honoring the works of the law, the young man, I do not know about young women, but certainly young men at their Bar Mitzvah, their thirteenth year they receive the Holy Spirit possibly just in faith, I do not know if they spoke in tongues, or anything like that, I really do not know, but they receive the faith of the Spirit of God, and a female seed, and when they were twenty years old, for whoever received it, they received the mind of Christ. A lot of Jewish people were very, very smart, you know they still, they are still experiencing the benefits of the glory that was upon Israel, even Jews that do not even believe in God anymore frequently are very smart and very wealthy. That is how long the benefits of being attached to God endure. You have to go for a long time for them to wear away, you have to be separated from God for generations, for those blessings to start to fall away.


Here is the comment, this is talking about the ideal situation during the person’s first gilgul as we will soon see. Let me remind you that the word gilgul means reincarnation, and it is referring to the reincarnation of a soul that is born in an infant that is born of a woman, the soul enters into a child and together they are born of a woman. There is a second kind of reincarnation called an ibur, which is what Jesus is doing, in a ibur, although I have not heard this term in Kabbalah but what they are really talking about is an ascended master, a righteous man who is no longer in the flesh can come and enter into a human being and graft to their soul and live in the same body with that person. Is that not what Jesus is doing for us?


That is what Jesus is doing for us. I honestly do not know, I have asked the Lord and asked Him and I honestly do not know if it is possible for a very godly man like Elisha for example who spent almost his whole life close to God, where is Elisha now? Did his personality survive, is he in a condition where he can enter into a human being and share their body with them?


I do not know, my understanding is that Jesus is the only one who can do that, but I have not really heard from the Lord about it yet, so I just want you to know, that this is what Kabbalah says, that a righteous man can incarnate by ibur, can come to you and enter into your body and into your mind and share your body with you, and share your life with you, and that you could be helped by it, and that, that incarnating soul, that ibur can be helped by it, that is what Kabbalah says, I have a problem with it, I believe Jesus does that, I believe He comes and He enters into our body and our mind and shares our body with us and that we receive great benefits from it and that He also receives benefits from it, in that He acquires a body, because right now Jesus is a spiritual man without a vehicle in this world system, and He is acquiring all of the vehicles of this world system, so He is enriched by each human being that He draws into the body of Christ.


Just to remind you, we ask questions in this advanced course of study, we ask questions and we do not always have the answer to the questions right away. This is my stand, I would have to say no, I do not believe that it is possible for a personality, a full personality such as Elisha to survive the death of the physical body and then come back and enter into another human being and share that life with that person, I do not think that is possible, at least it is not possible legally, it is not possible in Christ, it is not possible in God, but they have to be a glorified man to do that, such as Jesus.


When Rabbi Luria wrote this Gate of Reincarnations, I do not know where he got his information from, he may very well have received this information from the Lord, but he did not understand the concept of a glorified man, he confused the concept of a glorified man, with his concept of the righteousness of the law, I do not know, the Lord has not spoken to me about that yet. Let us go on.


Also what this teaching talks about, a first gilgul, a first reincarnation, if you do not get yourself perfected in the first reincarnation, well let me say it this way, it is possible he says to be completed and perfected and get your whole Nephesh, Ruach, and Neshamah, in one incarnation and then no longer have to reincarnate again. This is what I am reading here that you do not have to reincarnate again once you get your Nephesh, your Ruach, and your Neshamah. Again, I cannot go along with that right now.


Let us go on, However, if he does not completely rectify his Ruach, okay I am sorry, I did not finish my thought, so I do not really have much information about souls that the Kabbalistic understanding, I do not have any understanding about souls being born. My understanding according to the doctrine of Christ is that all souls were in Adam before he died, and when he died, Adam which is the name of the collective souls that were formed into a single entity, a single superior entity called Adam, just as our bodies consists of trillions of cells, that Adam consisted of many, many souls, I do not know how many, in his lions waiting to be born when he died, and we died with him and we separated from him, the configuration called Adam broke up, he was a single being, just like we are a single being, and all of the cells that formed Adam became individual beings.


It would be as if our body broke apart and every one of our cells became a separate individual. That is my understanding of a soul. The only, I do not have any understanding of new souls being born, that the Kabbalah talks about. If the Lord has spoken to me about it, I have not heard Him. My only understanding of new souls being born are the new soul that we receive when Christ comes to us. A soul is a personality. We have an old man and we have a new man, we have the soul that we are born with, and the new soul that is formed in the image of God and that happens when Christ comes to live in us and changes us into His image. That is the only understanding that I have of a new soul at this time. The writer is saying, if you can rectify, if you can make righteous, your Nephesh, your Ruach, and your Neshamah, in your first gilgul, to us that would mean, if you entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ in this lifetime and you were able to rectify your Nephesh, your Ruach, and your Neshamah, you would never have to reincarnate again.


The one thing that I learned is that the rectification of the parts of our soul or the correction to the fallen nature of the three parts of our soul are taking place simultaneously. My Nephesh which is my fallen personality, my Ruach which is my spiritual part, and my Neshamah which is the mind of Christ which opposes my carnal mind are all being corrected. My fallen nature, my Nephesh, my human spirit that I was born with, and the mind that I was born with all simultaneously being corrected and replaced with, the personality of my new man in the image of God, the Spirit of Christ rather than my fallen human spirit, and the mind of Christ rather than my fallen mind. That is what rectification is, it is the correction of my mortal nature which causes me to die.


Actually that human spirit that I just talked about, is Satan with me, the unconscious part of my mind, that is my human spirit, Satan, she has to be corrected. All of this is happening simultaneously, according, at least the way it is written, at least the way the Gate of Reincarnations is written, first your rectify your Nephesh, then you rectify your Ruach, and then you get a Neshamah and rectify that, but I already have a Ruach and a Neshamah because I receive them from Jesus, and everything is being corrected at once.


Whether or not this worked before Jesus was born, I really do not know, I honestly do not know, but today Jesus is here, and your Ruach and your Neshamah is available to you right now, right now, which gives you the opportunity to start correcting your fallen nature on all three levels right now, if you will just submit to Jesus Christ and receive His life.


He says, if you can do all of this, in the first, before you die, if you can do all of this, rectify all three parts of yourself before you die, you never have to reincarnate again. I do not have any answer to that right now because I am in the process of having my three parts rectified but they are not completely rectified, however we see Jesus.


Jesus had all three parts of His soul rectified, and He did not have to die if He did not want to, but what would have happened to Jesus if He died without glorification? I do not know. Paul ascended very high but he said, he did not attain yet, he did not attain to glorification, but he said that he was crucified to Christ, and he said that he keeps his body under, so I do not know if he attained to the same place that Jesus attained to in the flesh, I do not know, but can you understand that there is a difference between if Jesus had died without being glorified and Jesus being glorified, are you following me at all? Okay.


Jesus in His glorified state was capable of departing from the body of Jesus of Nazareth, without that body dying, the glorified Jesus withdrew from that physical body and then the body died because the spirit man was no longer in it. Jesus did not withdraw because the body died first, while Jesus was still in the flesh, He was already capable of existing, of His personality surviving and existing without this body. What I believe the author is talking about here is that condition that possibly Paul attained to, that he might have rectified his Nephesh, his Ruach, and his Neshamah, he was very high, Paul, but he had not yet so completely joined to the spiritual man within him, that he could have lived without a physical body. When that physical body died, Paul said he was being offered up. When that physical body died, that personality died with it.


That is the difference, that is the difference, so I do not know, I do not know if you are understanding what I am saying, so I am just going to go on. We are talking about two different kinds of gilgul and the writer says, if you can rectify the three aspects of your soul in one lifetime, if you do not have to reincarnate anymore, I honestly do not know if that is true. I know that Jesus does have, well I know that Jesus does not have to reincarnate anymore, but to be honest with you, He has an existence, He has a life without reincarnating but it is the will of the Father that He does reincarnate.


I guess what the writer is saying is that your personality survives if you complete all of these three aspects of your soul. The whole purpose of completing the three aspects of your soul is to preserve your personality. That is what we are trying to do. We have a worm that does not die, we have a root that goes on eternally and will continue to form a new body and a new soul indefinitely, which is a manifestation of hell. The salvation that is offered to us is the salvation of our soul, that our personality should stop dying, that we do not have to be born again as infants and start all over again, every so many years, that we should be able to live eternally and hold on to and retain all of the information and the knowledge and the experience and everything that we have experienced in multiple lifetimes. Can you imagine how great we would be if we had the wisdom of collective lifetimes in Christ. That is what is being saved, our soul.


According to The Gate Of Reincarnations, if you do not make it, if you do not make it in the first lifetime that you receive the Holy Spirit and you receive Christ, if you do not complete the process, if your fallen soul is not overthrown, if Christ is grafted to you and He does not overthrow your mortal soul before your body dies, then you lose your opportunity to never have to reincarnate again and you may have to reincarnate many, many times in order to rectify or make righteous the three aspects of your soul, that is the teaching of Kabbalah. I do not have anything to say about that right now, because I do not have any information on it.


However, if he does not completely rectify his Ruach, then the Neshamah will not enter him and he will remain only with his Nephesh and Ruach. Likewise, if he does not completely rectify his Nephesh, then he will remain only with his Nephesh, lacking both his Ruach and his Neshamah. The Ruach and the Neshamah will remain in a place known to the Holy One, blessed is He, and there a place will be prepared for each one.


You have to have a Nephesh to be born, if you are given a Ruach and you do not, see even here it is so subtle, it says, the text says you are given a Ruach and you have to rectify it. That is not really accurate. I do not know whether I did this in the other parts or not, but I am going to do it now.


Drawing #2, the board is divided in to two halves, on the left is the Lurianic Kabbalah which says we are given a Ruach which must be rectified after we receive it. We are given a Ruach and we have to perfect it. Before we are given that Ruach, we have no spirit, I do not know whether Kabbalah acknowledges the spirit, the human spirit of the natural man, I do not know what they have to say about that, but they are talking about, Kabbalah talks about giving you a spirit that is capable of being rectified. The goal of Kabbalah and this teaching is so that you no longer have to reincarnate, why?


Because reincarnation is a manifestation of the curse, it is not a good thing, to live a whole life and go to a place where you cannot use what you have learned, or again, I do not know what the teaching is of Kabbalah where you cannot remember what you have learned, and have to be born again as an infant and start all over again, that is not the grace of God. The goal in every spiritual philosophy that I know of, is to overcome reincarnation, the Buddhists want to overcome reincarnation. Everybody wants to overcome reincarnation, it is not a good thing.


Kabbalah says you are given a Ruach because you need a Ruach to stop reincarnating. According to Kabbalah we are born as Nephesh man an incomplete man. The Hebrew word for that is esh, an incomplete man, the complete man is called Adam. There are two words for man in the Greek, or at least two words, one signifying incomplete being and then the word for the complete man in the Greek is anthropos, the man faced creature. The whole suggestion here is that we are born as only a third of a man, only with a Nephesh, and that is the reason, well you know I have never read this in Kabbalah, but this is the reverse inference, if you can follow me, from the whole teaching here, the reason we have to incarnate, is that we are lacking a Ruach and a Neshamah, can you see that, that, that is the reason that we have to incarnate? When we get a Ruach and a Neshamah and we rectify it, we do not have to incarnate anymore.


What about sin, I do not hear anything about sin. I do not hear anything about, although maybe it is there, maybe they are teaching it and I have not heard it, there are a lot of Kabbalistic works that I have not looked at, that have not even been translated. This is what I hear, you are a third of a man, you are a Nephesh man only, I do not hear any explanation as to why you are only a third of a man, but you are given a Ruach and a Neshamah if you fulfill certain behaviors and when you rectify them, and this rectification does have to do with the correction of behavior, and attitudes, it does, then you do not have to reincarnate anymore. You are given a Ruach which you never had a Ruach, you never had a spirit, now you are given a spirit and you have to train it up. That is what Kabbalah says.


Christ Centered Kabbalah says and the doctrine of Christ says, we are born with a spirit. What is the name of the spirit we are born with? The human spirit has a name, what its name? Do you know what the name of the spirit that we are born with is? The name of the spirit that we are born with is Satan. She is the spirit of the fallen man. We have a whole church going around saying, I am in the image of God and our spirit is Satan, and our soul is a Serpent also, called the fiery serpent who is joined to Leviathan, that is why Jesus called the Pharisees serpents.


He was not insulting them, He was saying to them, Look guys, get it together you are not in the image of God, you are a serpent, do you not want to get well? You cannot get well, you cannot get delivered, until you face the truth about who and what you are, we are all serpents. That is what we are, spiritual serpents.


Christ Centered Kabbalah says, we are given a Ruach which corrects, does not rectify, because rectify means to make righteous, Satan is not made righteous, Satan has to be overcome. We are given a Ruach which corrects, it does not rectify, it does not make righteous, but it corrects Satan, the spirit we are born with. What is Satan’s problem? She thinks she is the boss.


Satan is the spiritual female, now remember I am going to tell you in case you have never read one of my transcripts before, I am a female preacher, I am not against women, these are spiritual principles, and a male means authority and female means the one under authority.


Satan was the one under authority, who rose up and overtook her authority and cast him down under her, we humanity, are the descendants of the Adam who died, and we live in a world where we are subject to Satan, and you can scream and yell all you want, but you cannot tell me that God put you in a place where you should be sick, that this is His creation, I mean we are here as a judgment, you cannot tell me that God made a creation where we are subject to sickness, where we are subject to death, where we are subject to poverty, where we are subject to disaster and crippling, and retardation, and death by torture, you cannot tell me that, I rebuke you, everybody that says it, I rebuke you, it is a lie. In this world, humanity is fallen Adam and we are subject to the powers and principalities and rulers that have authority here.


Satan overturned the authority, we are the authority. We are the descendants of the authority and have the potential to be the authority again, she killed her authority, and you do the same thing that your spirit Satan does every day. That is how I know you are fallen men. Satan is unteachable, she is not only not capable of being rectified, she is not only not capable of being made righteous, she is not even capable of being brought into agreement with me, you see. When I bring a correction here, I bring the judgment seat of Christ, I speak to your personality, and I beg you to agree to submit to me.


I do not want to beat you into submission, I want to you to hear the word of God, and pray about it, and agree with me that it is right, that it is the best thing for everybody concerned, for you to submit to me especially in a meeting like this. Satan will never agree to any reasonable thing. The Scripture says I think in the book of Isaiah, the Lord says, Come let us reason together, I do not want to reign destruction on you, says the Lord. I do not want these bad things to happen to you, come let us reason, be reasonable. This is the truth of your condition, if you submit to me you will live, if you continue to rebel you will continue to die and experience destruction, be reasonable.


Satan is not reasonable, she will never agree to submit to the Lord, and she will never agree to submit to you, the personality. Satan is unteachable, and must be forced into submission to the Spirit of Christ with spiritual warfare, and Christ and the personality must wage that warfare together, Christ will not fight if you do not fight with Him.


Here is the contrast between Lurianic Kabbalah and Christ Centered Kabbalah. Lurianic Kabbalah says, you never had a spirit, Satan does not exist, you never had a spirit, there is no, you do not have a spirit that is out of order, you just do not have a spirit, so we are going to give you a spirit, and then you have to train it up. No, so when you receive the Spirit of Christ, it has a twofold ministry, Christ in you is waging a warfare against your human spirit whose name is Satan, and also, the Spirit of Christ is being trained up. You are being trained in spiritual things, you are being trained how to function in the world of the spirit, that same spirit that comes from the Lord, that same Spirit of Christ, is warring against Satan in you and being trained how to rule in the spiritual plane, how to rule benevolently, we are supposed to be righteous rulers over all of the planes of consciousness, we are the head. Any questions about this. Let us read these Scriptures please.




3 And ye shall tread down the wicked, for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet, in the day that I shall do this, saith the Lord of host. KJV


ROMANS 16:20


  1. 20. And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you amen. KJV



3 And cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up, and set a seal upon him that he should deceive the nations no more, til a thousand years should be fulfilled, and after that he must be loosed a little season. KJV


Who is Satan deceiving? She is deceiving us, she is deceiving the personality. How is she deceiving us? She is telling us that she is god. Satan which is the unconscious part of our mind which is the throne of our being, and from her throne or from Satan’s seat, she broadcasts the thoughts that she wants us to think, and she says, I am god. This your fallen nature is god. Most Christians cannot tell the difference between the good side of Satan and the mind of Christ. I mean you know it is not God if she is telling you the murder somebody, but if the Lord tells you to turn right and Satan says, No turn left, you cannot tell who is who.


Praise the Lord, so unless it is a hidden thing because there is a revealed Kabbalah and a concealed Kabbalah, so unless this is hidden knowledge that is only available to a small group of Kabbalists, as far as I can tell, this information is not available. Although I do know from the things I have read, from the Kabbalistic writings that I have read, that there is an understanding in the Kabbalistic community, that Satan has to be overthrown, they understand that Satan has to be overthrown.


I do not believe, I could be wrong, but I do not believe that they understand that Satan is them, and that the mind of God that we receive, the Ruach and the Neshamah that we receive is a new mind, and that we need that new mind to overthrow Satan. I would love to have a conversation with a Kabbalist about this, because I am really not sure what they believe. I do not see concerning Lurianic Kabbalah, I can understand that if they are born with a Nephesh and they study and they immerse themselves in the word of God, I do not know about today, but before Jesus, certainly I can understand that the Spirit of God would come, because He honors His word, anyone who reads His word, He comes to you, you know, and then if you keep on in the word, so maybe by the time you are twenty, you will start thinking with the mind of God, at least that is the way it used to be, I could believe that, but it is only the imputed Christ, you see, it is the only the imputed mind of God, and the imputed Spirit of God, and that will never overthrow Satan, because for Satan to be overthrown, Satan has to be overthrown by the male Christ that is going to graft to you and become your spirit and sustain your life, the imputed Christ cannot do that.


From what I can understand of the Kabbalistic writings, they are just lacking this essential information, or if they have this information, they do not understand how they are supposed to get the mind of God to graft to them, if they have that understanding. Even if they have the understanding, exactly how it is supposed to happen, they surely do not understand that the Messiah that came who was going to be that ability, has been rejected by them, and that another, well He is coming a second time, they will have a second chance. Do you understand what I am saying? Let us take a picture.


Concerning this rectification of the soul in its first lifetime, that implies to Adam. If Adam had not sinned, he would have received his Nephesh, Ruach, and Neshamah without having died. This was an opportunity for Adam, but Adam failed, and we all are the many manifestations of Adam reincarnating over and over again because of sin, not because we failed to rectify what we were given. That I could see being true too, because Adam was not perfect, he was complete but he was not perfect, he had never sinned but he was capable of sin. If he had waited to be perfected, he would never have sinned and we would never have fallen into this world where we learn from our experiences over and over and over again. There is a truth to that. We are the manifestations of Adam who are now reincarnating over and over again because he failed to rectify his soul in the first lifetime, and he died. Everybody okay with that?


However if he does not completely rectify his Ruach, then the Neshamah will not enter him and he will remain with only his Nephesh and Ruach. Likewise if he does not completely rectify his Nephesh, then he will remain with only his Nephesh, lacking both his Ruach and Neshamah. The Ruach and Neshamah will remain in a place known to the Holy One, blessed be He, and there a place will be prepared for each one. That is interesting because Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you, but He was talking about our personality, here we see the Ruach and Neshamah being spoken about.


The translator has a comment that I can relate to, I really cannot relate to the direct translation. The Ruach and Neshamah will remain in a place known to the Holy One blessed is He, and there a place will be prepared for each one. If you could not hold on to your Ruach and your Neshamah, it is in a safe place, and then the translator says, In other words, until a person is able to receive all parts of his soul, the parts he has yet to receive remain hidden away by God until the person is ready for them, and as soon as I read that, all I could think about was M theory which says there are 11 dimensions to our world, and we live in four of them, height, width, depth, and space time, and the remaining dimensions are curled up in balls, and that when we are ready to use them, they are rolled out.


That is what this sentence is saying. Can you follow me? Do you understand what I am saying? That M theory which is the latest theory, latest scientific theory, I think it is the latest says that we live in an 11 dimensional world. I should not say it that way, that there are 11 dimensions available to us but we only live in four dimensions, we only live in four dimensions, and the other dimensions are curled up, rolled up into balls, and when we are ready to live in that dimension, let us say a dimension is the Holy Spirit.


A lot of people that have the Holy Spirit see in the spirit, get visions, hear in the spirit, the Lord talks to us, how come the Lord talks to me and does not talk to the guy down the street? One of the dimensions of the 11 dimensional world has been rolled out for me, but not been rolled out for the other man. That is what this is talking about. When Jesus said, He goes to prepare a place for us, what He meant was that He was going away so that He could come back by His Spirit, which would enable us to ultimately live in an 11 dimensional world.


I have to tell you the other day I was working in the office with my assistant, and I was experiencing something that is not new for me, but usually I am alone when I experience this, but she was doing her work, and I was working on a transcript, and the Lord was talking to me very clearly at the same time that I was working. Now from her point of view, I was typing away and editing my transcript, and I know that I could do two things at once, when the second thing is in the spirit.


I never understood it before, the Lord was talking to me, and I was seeing that there was a problem in the spirit and I was breaking curses and dealing with the problem and praying and right after I rebuked it and prayed appropriately, a phone call came in, and the problem was revealed, I had rebuked the problem, someone was manifesting and they called, and the problem was revealed. I mentioned it to my assistant, saying that the Lord was telling me that, and I rebuked it and broke the curses, and look here it manifested. She said to me, That is really hard to believe, that you were hearing from God and praying and breaking curses when you were just working away on that transcript, how could you do two things at once like that? It was at that moment that what I have taken for granted for all of these years in my mind was applied to this M theory, that when God talks to me and I can pray like that, I am in another dimension and that theses dimensions manifest simultaneously. That got me all excited because years ago, I was present at conversation between a man that teaches Tai Chi, I do not know whether he is Buddhist or not, but he teaches Tai Chi, and one of this students and this Tai Chi teacher was telling his student, that it is possible, now I may have the number wrong, but my recollection is, it is possible to do fourteen or twelve things at the same time.


His student was in doubt and unbelief and said, Oh, no, that is impossible. How could you do twelve things at one time? He was striving with his carnal mind, the carnal mind of the student was striving with the teacher, saying, No, that is impossible, and the teacher was getting annoyed with him and saying, I am telling you that there are masters, Tai Chi masters out there that do twelve things at one time.


I was just listening, did not say anything about it, and then a couple of years ago, I saw a movie, I could not remember that name, but it was about an alien who came to the earth and his experience in the earth, and he would watch twelve televisions at the same time with a different program on each television. The person that was living with him would say to him, How could you do that, how could you watch twelve televisions at the same time? I did not understand it at that time, but apparently he was watching each TV with a different dimensions of mind. Now I understand that when I see in the spirit or when I get a communication from the Lord, He talks to me sometimes while I am preaching, you know, that another, one of those curled up dimensions of mind has rolled out, and the Lord is speaking to me, and I am able to pray and break curses and do all kinds of things, while I am doing something that required complete concentration with my mind. To the best of my knowledge, more than one spiritual dimensions has not opened simultaneously.


I wonder what it would be like to be concentrating on one thing with my mind and praying and breaking curses over here, and then have another spiritual dimension open up, I have never experienced that, can you imagine 11 of them being opened? No, I cannot even imagine.


It is exciting to know that a fifth dimension opened in my mind, and maybe six, maybe one dimension the Lord is speaking to me through, and another dimension I am praying warfare through, I do not know, it is exciting to know. That is what this paragraph is talking about. If you are not ready, if your Nephesh, if your soul, if your personality is not ready to receive the Holy Spirit or if you have the Holy Spirit and your personality is not ready to receive Christ, it abides in a curled up dimension, waiting for you for the day when you are ready for it, at which point it will be rolled out and activated in your life. Praise the Lord.


If a person does not completely rectify his Nephesh the first time and dies, then his Nephesh will have to reincarnate, that is his personality now, his animal soul will have to reincarnate perhaps even many times until it is significantly sufficiently rectified. This is salvation by works. Adam died, Adam was not perfected in the generation where he was born, he sinned and he died and now he is reincarnating many time until the Lord’s salvation can provide a way of escape from this world of multiple incarnations.


Kabbalah is saying his Nephesh will have to reincarnate many times until it is sufficiently rectified, our souls will never be rectified for multiple incarnations, never, our souls will only be rectified, our souls will only be corrected and completed through union with the son of God.


However since he only achieved Tikkun through a gilgul, a reincarnation, even after complete rectification is achieved, that man, in other words a man like you or me, not Adam in his pristine state, a man like you or me, even if his soul is completed or is made righteous through works, he still cannot receive his Ruach, he had to die and reincarnate again on a higher level where now he can receive a Ruach or the Holy Spirit and start working on that. I know we talked about this when we originally did part one, and there is a truth to it because we have people in the church, we have people right here who are trying with all of their strength to be more spiritual, and go on in Christ and it is like pulling teeth, and then we have someone else walk in here and they are just taking off, understanding the message, seeing in the spirit, comprehending correction.


We really do come into this world, with spiritual potential. I have known that for a long time, and I do know this, I do not know if what this teaching is saying is correct or not, but I know there is some mechanism that causes us to be born with a particular spiritual potential. I do know this, that if you are in a spiritual potential where you are not capable of moving in the realm of the grafted Christ, but you get a vision of it, if God lets you see it and you want it and you pursue it, all things are possible with God, and it is possible for that doorway to open to you before you die in Christ.


According to Kabbalah, you have to die first of course, then we read here it says, even after complete rectification, his Ruach will not enter, and here we go, here is the condition, unless there is pressing need, as will be explained, God willing. I do not know what Kabbalah, how Kabbalah defines a pressing need, but the pressing need is, either to save your life, the pressing need is to save your life, and the pressing need to, for the purpose of Jesus who wants to save the whole body of Christ. That is the pressing need. The Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, is in the earth, and He is joining to people with imperfect souls. Not only is the Holy Spirit joining to people with imperfect personalities, He is joining Himself to people with lots of problems in their personalities, and He is the glory of God who is our salvation and our hope, if we receive His correction, and we do not faint. Praise the Lord.


Had it been his first gilgul, this is the translator’s comment now, had it been his first gilgul, then he could have received his Ruach, while still alive in his original body, that is true of Adam. This is not the case if the rectification of the Nephesh is completed during subsequent gilgul. If you are not your, if you are not a part of Adam’s original incarnation and your Nephesh is completed, you have to die before you get your Ruach, but we know that we are complete in Him, that Christ Jesus completes us and we do not have to die to get His Spirit, praise God.


This is the text now, he will have to die and return in order to receive the Ruach, furthermore, once the Ruach is sufficiently rectified, then he will also have to reincarnate before receiving a Neshamah, as was the case with the Ruach. In other words you rectify your Nephesh, you make yourself complete through works, then you die and then you come back, and then in that lifetime, you become a spiritual man, and you rectify your spirit, in other words, you are clean in your spirit, you do not go pursuing occult spirituality like the children, like the Hebrew children in the desert, but you use your spirituality to worship God and serve God, and you complete your spirit to the best of your ability, you still have to die before you get your Neshamah.


This is the teaching of Kabbalah, but that is not the true of the believer in Christ, we get all of this, between the Holy Spirit and the grafted Christ, we have our spirit, we have our Ruach, a Nephesh, a Ruach, and a Neshamah, everything in Christ, in one lifetime. So, this is really truly being born again. Adam had the opportunity to have his full soul in that initial lifetime, but he sinned and died, and now when we receive the Holy Spirit and Christ, we get a second chance, we have the same chance that Adam had before he sinned. Of course it is more difficult for us because Adam’s sin was of a much more serious nature than our sin because we are fallen men, but we have help, the Lord gives us help, we have the internalized Christ, and as far as the Lord is concerned, that is what it means to be born again.


As far as the Lord is concerned, we have the same opportunity to receive our Nephesh, our Ruach, and our Neshamah, and become completely mature spiritual man in Christ in this lifetime without dying, that is the opportunity we have in Christ, and for two thousand years, as far as I know, nobody has attained, but it is out there and it is available to us, this is the translator’s comment. After he finally rectifies his Nephesh and dies, in the next reincarnation he will return with a Nephesh and a Ruach. Once the Ruach is rectified as well, then he will die and come back in another gilgul with a Nephesh, a Ruach, and a Neshamah.


Once again, that is Lurianic Kabbalah. In Christ, we have the opportunity to do in this lifetime in which the Lord apprehends us, we can do that whole thing. If the Ruach is not sufficiently rectified, then the Nephesh and the Ruach will have to come back again perhaps many times until the Ruach is rectified, once rectification is achieved, then the person will die and his Nephesh and Ruach will come back with the proper Neshamah until all three are rectified, once this is done, there is no need for any further gilgul and there is no need for any further reincarnation, but his Neshamah is completed, he has become a complete person.


We are complete in Christ by faith, he has to overthrow our soul, and I sure wish I had access to a Kabbalist who would be willing to tell me what the Kabbalistic view is of existence without reincarnation. What kind of an existence would they have? I know they would tell you, well they abide in a Garden of Eden where they study the word all day. To me that sounds like a metaphor. Perhaps the Lord will make a way for me to find out what they teach.


That was the end of section one. I think we are going to break and I am going to let you eat, I would like to do section two tonight if possible section three, if not Lord willing we will finish section three on Thursday, and then next Sunday we will be ready to go on. Perhaps we can do section two and three tonight, we will see how it goes. Are there any questions or comments? Okay, see you after dinner.


This is section two of chapter two of The Gate Of Reincarnations by Rabbi Isaac Luria. The name of the section is called Different Levels Of Rectification. Reading the text, If a person rectified his Nephesh and came back to receive and complete his Ruach, but during that Gilgul, during that reincarnation he sinned, then his Nephesh will not be affected in such a way that it would be forced to come back by itself to become rectified again. What he is saying is once your Nephesh, once your soul, once your personality is perfected which is a misnomer because we are not perfected, I do not believe we are perfected as long as we are in this body, we are completed by Christ, He completes us, but we are not made perfect until we destroy our carnal mind, our carnal mind must be destroyed, and then when Christ is the only one left in us, and I do not believe we will be in the flesh at that point. That is when we are perfect, Jesus said, I do cures today and I cast out demons and on the third day, I will be perfected.


Jesus was not perfect when He was doing His healing, and casting out demons, He was not perfected yet. I believe at this time that perfection cannot take place in the flesh, that He was perfected when He came out of the body, and His personality existed in a spiritual body, that, that was perfection. This is what Kabbalah, Isaac Luria’s Kabbalah, is telling us, that once your Nephesh is rectified through religious works, it can never sin again. What can I possibly say in response to that, you know?


He says then you die and then you reincarnate, you reincarnate with a perfect Nephesh which is a human personality, and a spirit that needs to be rectified. There is nothing that I could say except that it is simply not true, that nobody in the flesh is perfect, and that this has to be a misunderstanding by Rabbi Luria, or mistranslation, one or the other.


He is saying once his Nephesh is perfected, even if the Ruach sins, it does not affect the Nephesh. That sounds like the doctrine of once saved always saved, infant baptism and then you are saved forever. We know that we are only saved through union with the son of God. We are only completed through union with the son of God, and we are only perfected through union with the son of God. There is no salvation in any other name other than the name of Jesus, and the righteousness of the Kabbalists and the righteousness of the Jew, is the righteousness of the law, it is an imputed righteousness that cannot produce immortality. Praise the Lord.


Here is a commentary from the translator, Once the Nephesh has been completely rectified, and he has returned to work on Ruach, on his spiritual life, the Nephesh is protected against any further damage. Otherwise the rectification process could conceivably go on forever which is exactly what is happening, the rectification process is going on forever, and Jesus has come to interfere with that never ending cycle, with that cycle which is eternal for this age, that eternal cycle of births and deaths, which exists in this age, but it is an eternity because it will come to an end when Jesus rolls it up like a scroll. This world is one of those dimensions, you see, one of the 11 dimensions, or at least the four aspects of this world, height, width, depth, and space time, are going to be rolled up like a scroll.


They are going to become balls that do not play out in our life. Before that happens, the remaining six dimensions have to be opened in our life to sustain us, or we will not have any life at all. Is that not interesting? Quoting the text now, Rather because he now has a Ruach, he now has a spirit and the potential for a spiritual life, the sin will only damage the Ruach and only this will need rectification.


I have a bit of a problem with that, because to me the Nephesh, the soul is the personality, I believe the soul is the personality. How can you have a perfect personality that does not sin, but your spirit sins? If the spirit of man is Satan, then I guess it is possible for Satan to sin, but for the personality to not agree with any sin that Satan channels into that man’s mind, that would be the perfection of the Kabbalist, do you understand what I am saying? But we know that there is no deliverance from death so long as Satan is still sinning, we must be cleansed in the unconscious part of our mind. This whole teaching is missing a major foundational principle that the soul that we are born with is a fallen soul that needs to be overthrown and replaced with the perfect soul of the glorified Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord.


Rather, this is the text now, Rather because he now has a Ruach, the sin will only damage the Ruach, and only this will need rectification. The sin will only damage the Ruach, the Ruach is the spirit, Satan is the Ruach. Sin does not damage our spirit, our spirit is sin. There is a gross misunderstanding here. Reading the text, Therefore if and additional reincarnation is necessary to rectify the Ruach, then both the rectified Nephesh and the blemished Ruach will come back again together. This will continue until the Ruach is rectified, after which he will have to die in order for the rectified Nephesh and Ruach to reincarnate with the Neshamah. If he has accomplished this, and then sins, if he reincarnates with a Nephesh, and Ruach and a Neshamah and then he sins, if he becomes a spiritual man, if he incarnates as a spiritual man with the mind of God, and he still sins, then that sin will only damage the Neshamah, the mind of God, just as we explained with respect to the Tikkun of Ruach.


Once again, this teaching as it is translated here is a linear, it speaks about a linear salvation, first your Nephesh, then your Ruach, and then your Neshamah, but as I have told you many times, I am no expert in Kabbalah, I preach out of the experiences that the Lord has given me, and sometimes the revelation that he gives me and the doctrine of Christ. My experience is that my Nephesh, my Ruach, and my Neshamah are being perfected, are being dealt with, simultaneously, not one at a time, praise the Lord.


Maybe I am one of those people that are special case, so it is all happening in one incarnation, I do not know, but I know that it is, well I do not know. Praise the Lord. However, this is the comment from the translator, However there are different levels of rectification, and the above mentioned procedure would be altered accordingly. Translation of the text, It could also happen that the Nephesh becomes rectified and purified to such a great extent that it need not come back again with the Ruach for the rectification of the Ruach, rather the Nephesh remains above in a place fitting for it, bound up in the bundle of life.


Rabbi Luria is saying it is possible for this aspect of us, the Nephesh which is the human soul which is the animal personality, can be rolled up like a scroll that, that dimension may not be rolled out in this lifetime, and yet we can have a spiritual life. I do not see how, it is possible there is something here that I do not know, I am teaching you by comparing what I read to the doctrine of Christ, and according to the doctrine of Christ, this is not possible, because it is the animal soul that produces this physical body, so how are you going to incarnate without an animal soul. Praise the Lord.


Comment by the translator, One of the different levels of rectification is so complete that the level of soul that has been rectified does not need to ever come back again. In such a case, this is the translation of the text now, In such a case the Ruach would have to come back alone to rectify itself, however this is not possible. That is what I just told you, the Ruach cannot come back alone, you have to have a Nephesh which produces a physical body for the Ruach to abide in, or for the Neshamah to ride in.


The translator says, the Ruach cannot come down into a body without the presence of a Nephesh, that is what I just told you. In this case however, the Nephesh that has undergone such a complete Tikkun will not return to reincarnate. This perfected personality will not have to reincarnate again. Our example is Jesus, He is our example of a perfected personality, and the whole man is perfected, he does not have a perfected personality without a perfected spirit, and without a perfected mind, he is a complete man.


Translation, Therefore, it reincarnates with the Nephesh of a convert as it says in the Zohar. Sabba of Mishpatim, they will reincarnate together, until the Ruach is rectified. What Kabbalah is saying, what Rabbi Luria is saying is that if the Nephesh is perfected and does not have to reincarnate again, the Ruach will reincarnate in someone else’s body and someone else’s soul, and his foundation for believing this is what is says in the Zohar, that they will reincarnate together until the Ruach is rectified. That could mean anything. That could mean I will reincarnate with the glorified Jesus Christ until my spirit which is Satan is put underfoot. Everything is open to interpretation. Spiritual things are always open to interpretation.


The translator’s comment. This Ruach therefore will come down to join the Nephesh of a convert and they will reincarnate together until the Ruach is completely rectified. What that is saying to me is that there could exist in the earth a man who is spiritual, somebody else’s spirit, that he is not really a spiritual man, it is not his Ruach that is making him a spiritual man, but somebody else’s Ruach has incarnated in his body, so that Ruach could be perfected, so it sounds to me like this Ruach who is already perfected is using this other person, and that thought that comes to mind is, well, the host that is hosting this Ruach that is not its Ruach will get some benefit out of it, somehow it will get some benefit out of it, but if that is true the Lord is going to really have to talk to me about it, because the thought of it is offensive to me, that somebody is living through me, so that they can have experiences that will perfect them, and I am just spiritual prostitute being used. That just does not sit right with me at all. Maybe that is true of some ungodly entity, I can believe that, that ungodly entities illegally join themselves to human beings and those human beings have multiple personality disorder or have all kinds of emotional problems, I can believe that, but I cannot believe that it is God. Praise the Lord.


I have to ask myself, if the Lord’s answer is to send Jesus Christ who is now grafting to us and giving us, and we now have a potential to receive a Nephesh, a Ruach and a Neshamah all in one lifetime, why is the Lord doing that if this is true, if Isaac Luria’s doctrine of reincarnation, why did we need Jesus? So something is really wrong with this teaching. Praise the Lord.


Reading the text, once that is achieved, then the person dies and the first Nephesh comes back to join with it, with the Ruach, in order to receive and rectify the Neshamah, or the Ruach may come back by itself with the Neshamah until the Neshamah is rectified after which time the three of them no longer need to return and are instead bound up with the bundle of life as it is fitting for them. I continue to ask the Lord Jesus to show me whatever is true in this, because I cannot receive it, although I do believe that the people in my life, the people that I see, that some people no matter how hard they try, they just cannot become spiritual, so I could believe that there is some sealing in this lifetime and the question is, this is the issue, for somebody who is having trouble becoming spiritual, I believe you have that potential in Christ Jesus, if you submit yourself He will do it for you, but what is the truth if there is no Christ Jesus, what is the truth, do you really die and come back another time and have an opportunity to be spiritual? If that is true, I really have to hear that from the Lord, because I personally I have to reject it. The question is, well why are some people spiritual and other people are not spiritual?


The only answer that I have is that it is our spiritual genetic heritage, it is our spiritual genetic heritage and I do not understand that process of reincarnation. When we come back, when we are born as a human child, I do not have any information at all about what goes into choosing whether we are male or female, whether we are smart or not smart, whether we are spiritual or not spiritual. I do believe that it has something to do with sowing and reaping, that there is a sowing and reaping judgment. Beyond that, I know what I have read, but nothing has sat right with me yet. I do not have any understanding that I would share with you.


This is the translator’s comment. It was said previously that the Ruach does not enter a body without the presence of a Nephesh, in this case however, where the Ruach was completed when it was together with the Nephesh of the convert, then the rectified Ruach may serve as the vehicle and base or the entry of its Neshamah as if it were both Nephesh and Ruach, in this case therefore, the presence of a Nephesh is not absolutely necessary. What this saying to me, it is talking about a spiritual body. He is saying, it was said previously that the Ruach does not enter a body without the presence of a Nephesh but in some cases or in this case, however, when the Ruach was completed when it was together with the Nephesh of the convert, when the Ruach was completed, then the rectified Ruach may serve as the vehicle or may serve as the body and base for the entry of its Neshamah, that is the mind of God, as if it were both Nephesh and Ruach. It is saying that sometimes you do not need a Nephesh because the Ruach acts like a Nephesh and a Ruach. What that says to me is that it is talking about a spiritual body, so I do not know what to do with this, if the Lord does not give me something, I do not know what to tell you.


In this case therefore the presence of a Nephesh is not absolutely necessary, you can incarnate with a spiritual body, and I do not know where when how or who or if that occurs. In any case, once all three levels of soul, Nephesh, Ruach, and Neshamah are rectified, there is no longer any need for gilgul and all three may remain bound up with the bundle of life as is fitting for them.


Comment, the Arizal now returns to consider the fate of the Nephesh of a convert that has been the vehicle for the Ruach that came into the world without its Nephesh, because the latter had undergone such a complete Tikkun.


Rabbi Luria is now going to tell us what the fate is of the host Nephesh that someone else’s Ruach had attached itself to.


Are you following me? Okay. This is what Rabbi Luria says, The Nephesh of the convert that was joined to the Ruach has helped it to perform good deeds in this world, and has been a vehicle for it in this world, through their union, the Ruach was able to achieve its Tikkun, this Nephesh of the convert will also become elevated with the original Nephesh of his particular Ruach.


The two of them will be on the same level in the world to come, like neighbors and they will never part from one another. We see that he is talking about two Nepheshes like siamese twins ascending in the world to come. Is that clear? When a Ruach incarnates in a host, because his Nephesh is already completed, that host Nephesh ascends with him and becomes equal or a twin to the Nephesh that belongs to the Ruach.


That is like, you know what that is like? That is like the Mormon theory of polygamy in heaven. That is what it is like because the Ruach is married to the Nephesh, and he brings a second wife into the next world. I cannot receive it. The Lord could correct me at any time, but I cannot receive this, it just is not sitting right with me, but the Lord correct me if I am wrong. That is the end of section two.


This is section three, The Rectified Nephesh Can Receive an Ibur. Just to remind you Ibur is a rectified soul that grafts itself to you, that what Jesus is doing, He is grafting His life to us. This is a comment by the translator. In this section, the Arizal will disclose new information concerning the concept of Ibur which he has already discussed in chapter one. First however, he will review the important rule that we have been studying in this chapter, namely if a Nephesh achieves Tikkun, only in a subsequent gilgul and not in his first lifetime, then he cannot receive Ruach in the same gilgul. Gilgul is reincarnation. If he does not do it all in the first lifetime which was Adam before he died, then he cannot receive a Ruach in the same lifetime. This is for us now, the descendants of Adam, we cannot receive a Ruach in the same lifetime that we receive a Nephesh. That is like saying you cannot receive the grafted Christ in the same lifetime that you receive the imputed Christ or the Holy Spirit.


The person must first die and then his Nephesh and Ruach will be reincarnated together. If a Nephesh reincarnates and becomes rectified through its actions to a point that it is ready for its Ruach, he cannot receive his Ruach as it has been explained. If a Nephesh reincarnates and becomes rectified through its actions to a point that it is ready for its Ruach, he cannot receive his Ruach because he has to die first, even if you are rectified, even though you are completely prepared to receive the Holy Spirit, you cannot get it, you have to die first, if it is not his first gilgul, and it is not our first gilgul, only Adam, the first gilgul was in Adam before he died.


Two or three levels of soul cannot become unified in one gilgul without great need as we will mention later, rather each one requires his own gilgul. There must be a great need because it is happening here and it is happening now in Christ Jesus. This is the translation. First the Nephesh needs to be rectified, and even when this happens, He will not receive his Ruach until after he dies, then the Nephesh can reincarnate and merit the Ruach. First the Nephesh needs to be rectified, and even when this happens he will not receive his Ruach until after he dies. Then the Nephesh can reincarnate and merit the Ruach, the same is true of the two of them, the Nephesh and the Ruach, if they become rectified to the point that they are ready for their Neshamah, they cannot receive their Neshamah, they have to die and reincarnate again.


Here is the comment of the translator, As we have already learned, only in the first gilgul can the Nephesh, Ruach, and Neshamah be rectified within one body. After that, the person must reincarnate to move from level to level even if he finishes one level early. This is what the kabbalists say, that people like Rabbi Luria died early, and Aryeh Kaplan died early. They say the reason for dying early is because their work is done, and they have been rectified in that area and they have to die to go to the next level, but I do not know about that, I do not know if that is the reason they die early. I wonder if they do not die early because they are ascended spiritually and they are not in Christ. I do not know, that is my question, you know.


Here is the translator text, What happens to the Nephesh that is already rectified but lacks a Ruach? Here is the translator’s comment. We are talking about after the first gilgul, when it is not possible to receive another level of his soul without reincarnation. What happens though in the meantime until reincarnation if the Nephesh is already rectified what happens to that Nephesh after it passes out of the body, I would like to hear what they have to say. Then the next paragraph is, it says, This is the sod, this is the level of understanding on the mysteries, from the same level of purity and extent of Tikkun, attained by this Nephesh, they will reincarnate into the body of this person while he is still alive, the Nephesh of a righteous tzadik.


Let me start again, from the same level of purity and extent of Tikkun, attained by this Nephesh, they will reincarnate into his body, into the body of this person while he is still alive, the Nephesh of a righteous tzadik that has already completed gilgul and rectification, he has already completed reincarnation and rectification, and does not need to reincarnate here. By answering here the Nephesh of this tzadik, that is holy man, takes the place of the Ruach of this person. I do not know, that is what Jesus is doing, by His Holy Spirit, the Nephesh of the glorified Jesus Christ is the Holy Spirit.


We have the Nephesh of a holy man taking the place of the Ruach of this person. Well it is true, well it is not true that the Holy Spirit is taking the place of our spirit, the name of the spirit of mortal man is Satan, and the Holy Spirit is not replacing Satan, the Holy Spirit is the female seed, Chris is swallowing up Satan, so they have a general idea of what is happening here. The way I read this is that the understanding seems to be, that there are many righteous men that can do this for you, but there is no name under heaven by which we can be saved except the name of Jesus. Once again, these Kabbalists and Rabbi Luria, they have a lot of truth, they have a lot of truth, but then it gets corrupted and perverted and carried away.


Let us go to the next page. This is the translator’s comment. Thus from the time that the Nephesh has become rectified, the Nephesh of a righteous person will enter him and fill the role of the Ruach that cannot come down. What they are saying is that the Holy Spirit fills the role of the Ruach that cannot come down because the person did not die yet, but this is saying this can only happen to you if your soul is perfected.


We know that Jesus is joining His Holy Spirit to the deepest of sinners, so this is not true. Translation, sometimes it is even possible for the souls or early tzadikim, such as the Nephesh of our patriarch Abraham, or similar souls to reincarnate. This depends upon the Tikkun, that is the rectification and the purification of the Nephesh of the person. If you are a purified person, it is possible that the soul of Abraham might incarnate in you. I do not any such word from the Lord, if it is true, I cannot accept this unless I hear it from the Lord, I just cannot. Praise the Lord, that is where I am, sorry about that.


Gilgulim, reincarnations of this type, which occur during the lifetimes of a person are called the Rabbis Sod Ibur, and this is the basic difference between regular gilgul and an Ibur. The regular gilgul is the reincarnation that you are joined to the soul that is born in the baby from birth, and an Ibur means that a righteous man comes and joins himself to your soul after you are born, which is what Jesus is doing. There is only one righteous man that is doing it, not many righteous men that are doing it. This is the comment from the translator. According to what we have learned here, a regular gilgul involves reincarnation from one lifetime to another, Ibur on the other hand is the impregnation of a person by the soul of a rectified righteous tzadik because the Nephesh has completed its Tikkun.


When you rectify your Nephesh, your human soul, then Jesus can graft His soul to you, that is what they are saying, this is completely untrue, but it cannot receive Ruach, this rectified Nephesh cannot receive Ruach without reincarnating since the Tikkun, since the rectification did not take place in its very first gilgul. This soul of the righteous man, it is saying, replaces your own spirit. You could be spiritual in this lifetime but when you reincarnate again, then you will get your own spirit.


We have the reality of this teaching and it just, the teaching just does not line up with the reality that we see in Christ and that we experience in Christ. Praise the Lord, that is the end of section three of chapter 2, which covers, I do not know what I preach that it took me five parts of this message to preach those three sections, but I do not think we are going to start section four tonight, I think we will wait until Thursday night. Are there any questions or comments? We will pick up with section four Lord willing on Thursday night. God bless you.


Before we close brethren, I would like to read the alternate translation of 2 Thessalonians 3-15 on to this tape, and it is the truth of the man of sin being revealed in each of us, it is a very exciting encouraging translation, not an intimidating one, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-15;




3 Is there anyone among you whose character cannot be seduced to turn to the other side? Of course not. This is the reason why you shall divorce, or you must divorce the first Adam, the one who the snake ruined after Cain the first Adam’s son the transgressor of God’s spiritual law is revealed in you. KJV


We are all manifestations of Cain, the offspring of the first Adam, and the first Adam is lingering in the unconscious parts of our mind, in the collective unconscious.


Because the first Adam is the one who exalts himself above all of the teachers that God has called rather than worship God through submission to them...


When you submit to a God called teacher, that is the worship of God, you are worshiping God, when you submit to His agents.


Wherefore Cain has married Abel, the temple of God within you, to prove to that last Adam, that is Jesus Christ, the first Adam’s other self that he, Cain is god of mortal humanity, that he Cain is your god.


  1. 7. Wherefore the same power that is working efficiently within you to initiate you alone into the mystery of God, but Cain is not being initiated into the mystery of God, you, your personality in Christ, Abel in you is being initiated into the mystery of God, is already silencing Satan the author of all sinful thoughts, and then the Spirit of Christ, the Lord’s mouthpiece shall reveal the first Adam that law breaker and consume him, and Cain shall be revealed also, and rendered entirely idol and ineffective when the Lord appears near to us.

The Lord must appear close to us, that is within us.


Because Cain is the one who drew you near to the first Adam, by seducing you with Satan’s supernatural signs that did not come from God, and the miracles that Cain performed with Satan’s energy.


So now you can see how everyone who exists within this morally wrong delusional world is destroying themselves because they have not taken the love of God which is the truth into their heart, that they might be saved. And that is the truth about themselves, it is true the truth about the world but we first have to see the truth about ourselves, who we really are and what we are really like in comparison to Jesus Christ, we have to face that if you want to be saved.


And this is the reason that the god of this world, not God Jesus, but the god of this world, has the power to transmit the delusion that causes you to trust Satan’s lie rather than Christ’s truth.


So that everyone who does not trust in Christ who is the truth, Christ is the truth, but believes that immoral behavior is good should be condemned. Wherefore we are obligated to show our appreciation to you brethren on behalf of the Lord who loves you, because God chose you from the beginning to be rescued from this immoral delusional world through the purification of your spirit and your belief in the truth about yourself.


Wherefore God called you by our gospel to be preserved by the same glory that preserved Jesus Christ. Amen.


Jesus Christ is not sending us a delusion. It is the god of this world that sends the delusion. We thank God for this translation. Amen and amen, goodnight.


05/06/09 Transcribed by RR


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