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Praise the Lord, we are going to begin with section three of chapter two tonight, and our notes start off with a comment by the translator, In this section new information concerning the concept of Ibbur which means conjoining, the concept of Ibbur which is conjoining will be elucidated, the concept of Ibbur is the really the concept of grafting the doctrine of Christwould say the grafting of Christ to you in an Ibbur, and Kabbalah calls the conjoining, James calls it the grafted word or the grafted seed. In this section the Ari'zal and that is Rabbi Isaac Luria, the primary stage that is studied these days by students of Kabbalah, in this section the Ari'zal will disclose new information concerning the concept of Ibbur which he has already discussed in chapter one, section five. First however he will review the important rule that we have been studying in this chapter, namely, if a Nephesh that is the lowest level of soul now, if a Nephesh achieves Tikun, that rectification, only in a subsequent Gilgul, that means reincarnation and not in its first lifetime, then that Nephesh cannot receive Ruach, that is the seed of Christ, in the same Gilgul or in the same reincarnation, the person must first die, and then his Nephesh and Ruach will be reincarnated together.


Now I just have a comment to make on that, that I do not think I made on previous tapes, just by way of review, this Nephesh, is referring primarily to the Nephesh of Adam who sinned and died. Adam had a body of light, and he was joined to an earthen woman, okay, with an animal nature, with the nature of an ox, you see, the earth has an animal nature when that animal nature is under the dominion of Adam, that earthen nature is called ox, when that animal nature departs from Adam in thought, in mind, in opinion, it is called a beast, and the beast is a wild raging bull. So, just by way of review, that earthen part that was conjoined to Adam, and why was that earthen part conjoined with him? So that Adamwho had a body of light could become visible, because the body of light against the light background, because the background is the light of God, so a body of light, it is like white on white, you cannot see it. So Adam was joined to an earthen side which the Scripture calls his wife, because the two of them are joined together, we are talking about a spiritual marriage here. Adam sinned and Adam died, and his Nephesh broke down into a many membered company of people that we call fallen Adam or fallen humanity and we are it, okay. Mankind is Adam's Nephesh, we are the wife of Adam, who died and because he died we died also. So that was what we taught when we first dealt with this concept in section two that this account is really not talking about the individual person.


So we see that this teaching about reincarnation applies to the collective Adam who lost his Nephesh, his wife, his earthen side, and that earthen side fell down and became us. So technically, no mortal man is a whole man, we are all a fragment of the one spiritual man called fallen Adam. And then we said also, that it is possible for someone who has a born again experience, someone whose life is renewed through an experience with Jesus Christ that could be considered your first Gilgul or your first reincarnation. So we are told that it is possible that if you have such an experience to acquire all three levels of soul, Nephesh, Ruach, and Neshamah in one lifetime, but it is very rare, that is what we are told here. I do not, I know a lot of people that have had a born again experience, and I am the only one that I know that seems to be having this experience, what experience? That I seem to be acquiring my Nephesh which is my new personality in Christ, my Ruach which is the seed of the Christ of the man or the resurrected Adam, who is Christ in me, and my Neshamah which is the mature, the Neshamah is the mind of Christ, it is an aspect of the matured seed that we call Ruach. I seem to have all the indications that I have acquired, I do not know if I have acquired them fully or not, but I have acquired aspects of these, of all three of these levels of soul, and I am very aware that I am very unique in the church, I do not know anyone else like me at this time, although, we are told that this can happen if there is a great need. Now we have not yet read the chapter or studied the chapter that explains what a great need is, that would cause one human being to acquire all three levels of soul in one lifetime. I expect that the great need does not have to do with the person but it has to do with the Lord's purposes in the church and in the world, but we have not studied that part yet. Okay, so that was just a bit of review if you want to hear more about that you could review the messages from chapter one, Gate of Reincarnations chapter one.


Let us go on with this message. Okay reading the translator's comments again, first however, he will review the important rule that we have been studying in this chapter, namely if a Nephesh, that is the first level of soul, that is personality, achieves Tikun, or achieves rectification, only in a subsequent reincarnation and not in the first lifetime, then it cannot receive a Ruach, the seed of Christ in the same Gilgul. Now I am at a disadvantage here, because I just feel that, I have not yet acquired enough knowledge about personal reincarnation to even comment on this, see. I believe that reincarnation is real, but I believe that it is a part of the curse, I believe that the Serpent rules over it and administers over reincarnation, I believe that people that have experienced Christ intensely enough in their lifetime, may be spared the experience of being forced back into reincarnation which experience is administered by Satan, because that person's soul has so cleaved unto the Lord, that he is now under the Lord's protection, but I just do not have enough information about what happens after death to even comment on reincarnation on this personal level. What I see in this teaching is that it is talking about the fallen Adam's Nephesh, which is humanity, okay. Now Adam had the opportunity to be fully matured through union withJehovah without ever experiencing evil, but before that could happen, Adam sinned and he died. And when he died, we, his Nephesh, fell down into hell. So this is where I am coming from with this teaching, that we, the Nephesh of Adam, we were not perfected in our first incarnation which was before the fall, so now we are all, all of humanity are engaged in multiple incarnations because that is a part of the curse, we are now under the Serpent's power and the Serpent is the one that continues to force us into reincarnation.


So, coming from that point of view, let us look at these notes, if the Nephesh, and that is Adam's Nephesh now, is rectified only in a subsequent reincarnation that is the condition we are in, and not in its first lifetime before Adam fell, then it cannot receive Ruach, that is the seed of Christ or the spirituality in God, in the same Gilgul. See now, this whole thing, I am telling you this whole chapter, I do not know what we are going to find as we go on with this, but it is all confusion, you know because, I find this teaching applying spiritual truth to individual people that just are not valid. Let me take this slowly again. If the Nephesh achieves rectification, only a subsequent Gilgul and not in its first lifetime, then in this lifetime, you and me here right now, we cannot receive both a Nephesh which would be the personality of Christ, that is our new man coming forth, and the Ruach which is our spirituality in Christ, which is the seed of Christ in the same Gilgul, well there seems to be some truth to this, because I look at the church today and I see people that receive the fruit of the spirit, let us say the personality of Christ is the fruit of the spirit, I see a lot of people manifesting some fruit of the spirit, but they have not received the seed of Christ, they are not spiritual, the church is carnal sold under sin, they cannot hear this message, we are so far, we are fifty to a hundred years ahead of our time in this ministry, and I am not bragging about this ministry, I am saying Jesus is doing this for His own purposes and this is not uncommon at all.


I remember reading that A.A. Alan who brought forth some great teaching on deliverance was way ahead of his time, he was severely rejected in his time, God just does things like this, he brings forth, he raises up one person or one ministry to bring forth the next level of ministry and the people fight it and bite and kick and scream and resist it with all of their strength, that is just the way of fallen man. So there seems to be some truth in this, okay that the people that have received the nature of Christ in the form of the Holy Spirit and that has the potential to develop into the fruit of the spirit, they just do not seem to be able to go on, and the next step is to receive the seed of Christ and be spiritual in Christ, they just do not seem to be able to do it. What I do not understand is, and I just have no conviction of it, that when these people pass on, what people? The people that are the believers in Jesus Christ, the people that are in church every week, the people that are reading their Bible every week, what happens after they die? I do not know, does Jesus take over the process of reincarnation in all of the people that read their Bible? And I do not know, but I do know this, or at least I believe this, that this generation of Christians, that have faith in, you know great people of God, they have faith in Jesus, they help the poor, they do good works, they love the Lord as much as they are able, but the majority of them are going to die in the wilderness, unless there is some outstanding miraculous move of God that opens the eyes of the masses, and impregnates them with Christ and helps them to go on, okay, to be able to, to believe that this message is of the Lord and to start to study it, absent that miraculous move of God, this generation is going to die in the wilderness, they are going to die where they are, and there will be a new generation that will rise up in Christ that will be able to receive this message.


So there does seem to be some truth to this, but as I tell you all the time, since the Lord started me teaching from Kabbalah this is my position, this is the position that I take, I bounce everything that I read off of the doctrine of Christ, if I get a witness to what I am reading here, I will say amen, and I will teach it that way, sometimes the Lord corrects me, and corrects the teaching in Kabbalah, but in this particular instance with this reincarnation, I do not have any word from the Lord right now, and I am just very reluctant to preach it. What I started to say and I did not finish was, my position was I am just going to teach whatever I am reading in Kabbalah because the Lord has put me in this study, and if He does not correct me, I am just going to believe that it is true, but I am very reluctant to believe this teaching about reincarnation being true. I am not comfortable with it, and for whatever reason, I do not seem to have any word from the Lord on it, so this is the best that I could do with you, it looks to me like there is some truth to it, that the Christians that get their Nephesh in the form of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the spirit, they cannot seem to be able to acquire a Ruach in the same lifetime, but what I do not know is when they die do they reincarnate as Christian, do they reincarnate as a spiritual Christian, that I do not know. I do not have any proof of it, I do not have any witness in my heart that it is true, so I cannot let you think that I believe it because I am not inclined to believe it for some reason. But I do believe that a lot of people as I said, short of an outstanding move of God, will die without going on to spirituality in Christ, and there will be a new generation that will arise in the church, now maybe that is the fulfillment of this word, not these very same, not that, because we know that the personality does not reincarnate, it is just the spiritual worm that reincarnates okay, will it be the same spiritual people that will come in another generation and be spiritual in Christ or is it the next level of souls that are already incarnated in this world, maybe their babies today, maybe they are teenagers today, are they the ones coming in that are going to be able to be spiritual in Christ? I do not know the answer.


So, I think I have made my position very clear, and we will just go one, I simply do not know the answer and I do not hear the Lord telling me anything about it. I am sure the answer will come eventually, and if he is telling me right now I cannot hear it. Okay, so the person must first die, and then his Nephesh and Ruach will be reincarnated together. Also I told you in previous messages that it is possible to receive both your Nephesh and your Ruach in this lifetime if you die to your carnal mind. See, I have died to my carnal mind, please I am still very carnal in a lot of ways, but I have died to my carnal mind enough to be able to have received the seed of Christ which is my Ruach and to become spiritual in Christ. So either you die to your carnal mind in the same lifetime and go on, or you physically die, and then I do not know what happens when you physically die. Did I make myself clear? I believe that reincarnation is real and is enforced by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, but I do not know that someone who speaks in tongues and is a carnal Christian is going to die and that they are going to be the one that is going to, that they are going to reincarnate as a Christian, as a spiritual Christian, I do not have any witness to that in my heart, did I make that clear? Does anyone not know what I am talking about? Oh boy, the anointing is so heavy here tonight, everybody is drunk, (chuckles).


Okay, if a Nephesh reincarnates, okay now this is the translation now, if a Nephesh reincarnates and becomes rectified through its actions to the point that it is ready for its Ruach, he cannot receive his Ruach as it has been explained. If a Nephesh reincarnates, now and becomes rectified through its actions, well I do not believe that you can become rectified through your actions, you know, I believe that faith without works is dead, but I got where I am through deliverance. I want to tell you brethren, that I wound up spiritual in Christ after I spent five years having demons cast out of me, and the only way I had that many demons cast out of me, was that I was willing to face what was in me, and the majority of Christians and the majority of people are afraid to look inside of themselves and see the depths of their sin nature, because when you look inside or yourself deeply enough, you meet Satan and Leviathan who dwells in the hearts of every mortal man, and most people cannot face that.


I faced it, I was dying, and that was my only choice to face it and get delivered and go on with God or to die, and I wanted to live, so I faced these truths about myself, I spent five years at least three nights a week having demons cast out of me, and the result of that was that I died enough to receive my Ruach. And now my Nephesh which is the personality of Christ and my Ruach which is Christ Himself the new man, are growing in me together, and I have also received my Neshamah. But I do not see this happening, you know we have a couple of people here that I have been working with that I see signs that it is happening but in the church at large?


No, because you see you are just not going to rise up in the personality of Christ with the spirituality of Christ and the mind of Christ if you do not destroy your carnal mind, you see it is not enough to read this doctrine, it is not enough to understand this doctrine, you have got to be facing and destroying your carnal mind to transfer over into your new man, and that is not easy to do, that is a very difficult thing to do. And it is probably true that most people are not up to it in one lifetime, it is just too painful in one lifetime, it is just too painful. I have said for many years before we started this study, Isaid for many years that my life is so strange, that I have lived several lifetimes in this life, my life has changed so radically, several, three, four, or five times, my name has stayed the same, and my physical body has stayed the same, but my lifestyle the people in my life have changed so radically that I might as well have been reincarnated. My experiences have been so radically different, and it is just amazing, I do not know anybody else that has these experiences, where I have been cut off and every friend that I had from that particular lifetime is gone, I never see them or hear from them again. I do not have any friends from before I came to the Lord, and I am not even in touch with the people that I was friends with when I was new in the Lord.


Everything just burned up behind me, and now I have this new life where I am a pastor and I have a ministry, it is quite amazing. So I think that I am one of the people that received all three aspects of my soul in one lifetime because of great need and I think the great need is for the Lord to reach His church and save His church. Everything I do, every minute thatI study, every book that I write, every message that I preach, it is for God's people, it is for the church, it is your food. I do not know how many of you understand this, but spiritual food is a very real thing. Well, I do not really know what the person that has the Holy Spirit needs, but I know once Christ is grafted to you, spiritual food is as real as physical food, and you are carrying a spiritual child that needs to be fed. You will get to a certain point where if you cannot be studying on the level that Christ in you needs, you will start to starve, and have some very negative experiences. I remember reading a lot about food, there is a lot said about food in the occult, and when you read the Kabbalistic literature there is a lot mentioned about food, and there is food mentioned in the Scripture a lot, bread and, but I do not know how obvious it is, I use to read this Bible all the time and it never, I never really realized, I never, I mean I read about this food, you know, but even the angel or the ravens bringing Elijah food, it never really meant anything to me because I could not really make anything out of it, but today I understand that there is such a thing as spiritual food, and there is spiritual entities that are killing to get this food, and the food that the Lord had provided for us is this doctrine, this teaching is spiritual truth. That is what the food is, it is spiritual truth, it is this message.


It is the word of God, that is our food, and the need for it is very real. The Scripture talks about a famine in the book of Revelation, the people of God are starving, I cannot tell you how many people are led to my website by the Lord and when they get there they cannot believe it is God, because it sounds so radically different from what is in the church today. So spiritual food is a very true reality. Okay let us go on. If a Nephesh reincarnates and becomes rectified through its actions which I just told you, you cannot be rectified through your actions, you can only be rectified, and what does rectified mean? It means having your personality corrected. I do not, well once again, in the days that the Lord honored it, if the Lord honors a change of action, I guess he can give you the spiritual reality but I do not see that happening, we change, our personality changes when we confess our sins and we, and the Christ in us changes us. The actions that will produce change are humility, confession of sin, and prayer, but I am under the impression that Rabbi Luria here is talking about the actions of the performing of the Mitzvot. So I do not see how anybody could change by the performing of the Mitzvot, but the Lord did correct me in a recent message, when I said, I did not see how the Kabbalists could say when you are thirteen you become, you receive a certain anointing and when you are twenty you receive another anointing and the Lord did correct me and say, that in the days that the Lord was honoring His law, and I do not know whether He is doing it today or not, I honestly do not know, in those days, if everybody, if a young man did what he was supposed to do and he fulfilled all his requirements, the Lord blessed him for his faithfulness, by giving him that level of spiritual maturity.


It is the same thing as saying if you are obedient and you submit to water baptism, I mean what power does going under the water have? But if you submit to that ritual, the Lord will meet you and baptize you in His spiritual waters. So now since the Lord brought that correction to me, I am reluctant to say, that it is impossible to become rectified through your actions, it all depends upon what those actions are and if God honors your actions and decides to give you the spiritual reality, then it is a possibility. Okay, so if a Nephesh reincarnates and becomes rectified through its actions to the point that it is ready for its Ruach, he cannot receive his Ruach, as been explained. Even if you completely rectify your personality which I do not know anybody that has done that, it is not possible for you to receive your Ruach, you have to die first. And I am saying you have to die to your carnal mind, and this teaching is saying, you have to die physically, because if it is not his very first Gilgul, then two or three levels of soul cannot become unified in one reincarnation without great need, as we will mention later, rather each one requires his own reincarnation. You know when I look at people, I really could see the truth of this, you know, and I know what I have been through, that I have been uprooted from so many lifetimes, everybody could not bear it because to die to your carnal mind means to die to your whole lifestyle as it exists and go into a whole completely different life, which is what happened to me. A lot of people could not bear it. So most people would have to die physically in order to make that radical, radical change, going from one lifestyle to a completely opposite lifestyle. For example, to go from living in a family situation to becoming isolated, I am isolated. I am alone a lot because when you are alone, that is when you commune with the Lord. You cannot have a family life and an intense relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, the two are diametrically opposite to one another. You have to be away from people, alone with God.


So most people could not bear the isolation that leads to the intense relationship with the Lord that I have developed. So maybe that person would have to pass out of this world. See I can really see, as I just told you, I can see the truth of some of these statements concerning the people in this world, what I have no witness to at all is that the spiritual root of that individual that dies to this life, comes back and picks up the life that he experienced here, I have no witness to that at all. Praise the Lord, so let us go on. Now I am not saying it is not true, I am saying I have no witness to it. First the Nephesh needs to be rectified, and even when this happens, he will not receive his Ruach until after he dies. Then the Nephesh can reincarnate and merit the Ruach. Well we just talked about that. The same is true of the two of them, true of what? The Nephesh and the Ruach, if they become rectified to the point that they are ready for their Neshamah, that is the mind of Christ, they cannot receive that mind of Christ until they reincarnate again and then they can merit their Neshamah. Now when I first started reading this teaching, I said, Wow, that just sounds so way out to me, but now I see the wisdom of it that when you go the next level of soul, your lifestyle changes so radically that the average person could not make the shift, the average person simply could not do it.


Okay. Now we have a comment by the translator, We are talking about after the first Gilgul, now all of humanity is after he first Gilgul, because the first Gilgul or the first reincarnation was with Adam before he fell, when it is not possible to receive another level of his soul without reincarnation. What happens though, in the meantime until reincarnation, if the Nephesh is already rectified? So they are saying if you are in this life, well, what happens though in the meantime, well I believe this is saying, if in this lifetime your Nephesh is rectified which nobody's Nephesh is rectified, so maybe from a Kabbalistic point of view, if you do all the Mitzvot you complete the Mitzvot, you are rectified, but in reality nobody's soul is perfected, we are all fallen sinners incapable of being perfected, we have to get a new soul, we have to get a new personality and a new mind and a whole new man. Christ is already perfected and is growing up in us, but our old man is dead unto sin. So there is just a lot of problems with this teaching, but let us go on, this is the translation now, this is the Sod, meaning this is the deep and mysterious meaning. From the same level of purity and extent of Tikun, that is rectification, attained by this Nephesh, they will reincarnate into the body of this person while he is still alive, the Nephesh of a righteous Tsaddik, that is a holy man, that has already completed Gilgulim, reincarnation and rectification, perfection and does not need to reincarnate here by entering here, the Nephesh of this Tsaddik takes the place of the Ruach of this person.


Listen to what this is saying brethren, it is saying, if somebody in this lifetime has completely rectified their Nephesh which is their personality in Christ, but the law says, they cannot get a Ruach in this lifetime, rather than waste twenty or forty years of this lifetime, some righteous soul that is already out of the body who is so perfect that he does not have to reincarnate anymore, according to the Kabbalist by good works, but we know that you do not defeat and escape reincarnation by good works, this righteous Tsaddik will graft himself to you, that is not the word that they are using here, this righteous person will enter you, and the Nephesh of this Tsaddik takes the place of the Ruach that you are eligible to acquire. Now this is very interesting because on an earlier message where we were reading about receiving the Ruach, we did an alternate translation of a statement where I showed you that it was not the Ruach of the Lord Jesus Christ that was reincarnating, it was the Nephesh of the Lord Jesus Christ that is reincarnating, this chapter is about the Lord Jesus, and it is in fact His Nephesh that is reincarnating. Let me just finish this idea and then I would like to get that statement and compare it, let me just give you this again. From the same level of purity and extent of rectification attained by this Nephesh in this man, whoever you are, there will reincarnate into your body while you are still alive the Nephesh of a righteous Tsaddik, that is the Lord Jesus, that already completed reincarnation and rectification and does not need to reincarnate anymore, but by entering into your life, the Nephesh of this holy man, that is the Lord Jesus, He will take the place of the Ruach of this person, and that is exactly what is happening.


I told you that the Ruach is the seed of Christ, except that, this is so interesting, this is so interesting, let us get out that other statement that we wrote up, put that on hold, please. Drawing #1, as I was reading our notes in the message for tonight, it called to mind something that we did in message #570 part 10, what we have on the board for drawing #1 in sections A and B, are illustration #3 from message #570 part 10, and section C, is the comment from our message tonight, and then I will comment on all three of them and pull them together. So message #570 part 10 says, the Ruachot, that is the plural of Ruach, of many righteous but not perfected men, well what is a righteous but not perfected man? That is like saying the saints, that the church of the saints of God, it is imputed righteousness, God receives you into a relationship with Himself and therefore you are righteous because God, you cannot have a relationship with the Lord unless you are righteous, so the Lord by allowing you a relationship with Him has given you a cover of righteousness even though you are not truly righteous.


So that is what Israel had, that is what we have in Jesus Christ and Israel had that cover through their covenant with Jehovah. So that is how you could be righteous and not perfected. So the Ruachot, that is the second level of soul the potential to be spiritual in Christ, now remember there is a difference between being spiritual in the Holy Spirit, there is a difference between being spiritual in your Nephesh, which is your personality, and being spiritual in Christ. Being spiritual in your personality involves speaking in tongues and prophesying and dancing in the spirit, it has to do with the personality, the level of soul which is emotional, the soul is emotional, it is spirituality of the emotional soul, okay. The spirituality of your Ruach which is the seed of Christ, is the spirituality of wisdom, it comes through a word through knowledge through an intense relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that imparts His thinking to you, His ability to think, your ability to think as He thinks. And then comes the Neshamah which is in fact His mind, you know, but the spirituality of the Nephesh of the Holy Spirit is radically 180 degrees different than the spirituality of Christ. And I had a big crisis moving from one to the other, of course I did not understand any of this, but I sorely missed all the jumping and singing and the dancing and the prophesying and experienced a terrible loss when the Lord started to move me into the spirituality of Christ, I was very unhappy until, I do not know how long it took, the relationship with Christ which manifest as understanding and a form of knowledge that is very different than the word of knowledge that comes with the Holy Spirit, knowledge and understanding of the ways of God.


And then the Neshamah brings the wisdom of God, if and you have to choose, because you cannot be a baby and an adult at the same time, I would take adulthood in Christ at any time. When your spirituality is in the Holy Spirit, you pretty much need to be in a group outpouring, well I guess you could have your own party speaking in tongues at home and all that, but from what I could see the Holy Spirit usually manifests in group meetings with exciting music and a collective outpouring of joy, you know of the joy of the soul, but the spirituality of Christ, no one can take that away from you, it is in your mind, it is in your mind, it is in your thoughts, you know, it is in your memory, it is in your understanding, it is direct communication with God that could arise in you, if you God forbid, if you are completely paralyzed and cannot move, He could rise in your mind, and have a whole conversation with you, and you could have a whole spiritual experience in Christ while your paralyzed. You do not have anything like that in the Holy Spirit.


So the spirituality in Christ is highly preferable but it is painful to your soul to give up that spirituality of the soul. So, we are talking about the Ruachot, the Christ of many righteous but not perfected men, descend into and indwell normal people who are seeking to purify themselves. The Ruachot of righteous men are sent to other righteous men who already have a relationship with God. Now I see something here, now that I did not see when I was preaching this in message #570 part 10, what this is speaking about, is Christ in one imperfect man being given to another imperfect man, that is what I am doing to you. Christ Jesus in me, I am righteous but I am not perfect, I am, I have penetrated your soul, I have told you that before, Christ Jesus in me has penetrated your soul and is joined to Christ in you, and I am assisting Him to help you to stand. So this is now according to Lurianic Kabbalah, you see, I told you before, they have a lot of truth, but their understanding of the truth, I am very sorry, I do not mean to hurt anyone's feelings but, it is completely confused, you know, and it is possible to get truth from God, you get a kernel of truth from God and that is called wisdom, but if you do not have the understanding of God, your carnal mind gives you the understanding and it gets all messed up.


So, well at least the translation, what Lurianic Kabbalah is saying, is that, righteous but imperfect men that are no longer in the flesh, if you recall this teaching, that as they ascend from level to level, they leave the Ruach of that level behind them. We had a whole message on that, and it is all these Ruach that these righteous men are no longer using that are given to men to help them, but the reality of it is, no it is not a man who has physically died, maybe it is a man who has died to his soul life, I have died to a large, I mean, I have really died to my soul life, if I had my choice, if I had, I was just talking to the Lord about this today, if I did not have the human needs of this physical body, I would just spend my whole life just studying and communing with God, you know, that is my heart's desire, you know. So I have died to my soul life, but yet I still exist in my soul life, because I have a body that needs to be fed and washed and it needs a house to sleep in, and I have all of these needs because I still have a body, but as far as my mind is concerned, all I want is to be with the Lord, studying and communing with God, and I would be in ecstasy. So, Rabbi Luria or the translator, got a revelation that righteous but not perfected men will indwell normal people who are seeking to purify themselves. Are you thinking to purify yourself? Right, that is why you are here, and Christ Jesus in me is indwelling you, okay. But I died to my carnal mind but I did not die physically, you see. So this is my comment for today down at the bottom in black, we are in section A right now, Lurianic Kabbalah says that these discarded Ruachs of imperfect men assist those trying to purify themselves, but the only true assistance that Jehovah promised Adam in Genesis is that Christ, the seed of promise that is given as the Ruach level of soul, Christ is the help that is meet for us, Christ is the help that is sufficient.


So even though I am an imperfect man, the Christ in me is perfect, you see, it would be illegal for me in my imperfection to penetrate your mind, that is called witchcraft, it is not allowed, you see, but Christ Jesus in me has joined with Christ in you, and the fulfillment of this teaching of Lurianic Kabbalah, you know, you see, I am not really all that smart, the only reason I know all this, is because I am teaching you out of my own experience you see, if I got this seed of revelation without the experience that I have, I do not know what my carnal mind would have come up with, you see. But that is what is stabilizing this whole teaching, it is happening to me, it has happened and it is happening to me, and I recognize what is happening in my life in these teachings, and that is how I am pulling the truth out of it, that plus what the Lord has taught me from the doctrine of Christ. So the only true help, the only true assistance is not the discarded Ruachs that are left over by people who have ascended higher, you know, unless you want to say that Christ in me, well Christ in me is not discarded, you see, I am an aspect of the Lord Jesus Christ that He left behind, you could say that, although He really did not leave me behind, He impregnated me after He ascended, but if you really want to push it, you could say that Christ in an individual that is ministering on a mature level is an aspect of the Lord Jesus that is still in the earth, or left behind, but it is certainly not a discarded aspect of Christ, Christ in me is precious, He is the son of the Lord Jesus Christ, you see.


This is so interesting, well at the time that we did message #570 part 10, my response to this Lurianic teaching was this, and I am reading in section B, now, the Shekinah, the perfected Nephesh of the glorified Jesus Christ is descending into many people but not all are seeking to purify themselves, most are looking for deliverance from destruction for general improvement in their lives, the Holy Spirit is sent to people who are separated from God or at least are separated from God on that level, see. We are told that Lurianic Kabbalah says, the righteous men are sent to other righteous men who already have a relationship with God, I do not think many people get the Holy Spirit because they are seeking to purify themselves, usually they are just looking for help you know, there is a difference between being in God and wanting to be more holy, I am in God right now and I pray all the time for deliverance from my character flaws, but that is not the same thing as somebody who is crying out to God and saying, Lord you have just got to do something for me or I am finished and boom, you get the Holy Spirit, it is not the same thing, you see the difference? Okay, so my comment tonight is the Nephesh of the perfected Jesus Christ is given to help men who do not know God, it is not given to the men that are seeking to purify themselves, you see. When you already know God and you are seeking to purify yourself, you are getting Christ from another man, this is interesting, you are getting Christ from another man.


When you are in trouble and you are crying out for help, most often you get the Holy Spirit from another man, but you do not have to, but most of the time someone lays hands on you and you receive the Holy Spirit but Christ indwells you, you see, Christ in me is joined to Christ in you, when someone has the Holy Spirit, passes the Holy Spirit on to you, I do not believe you stay joined, some people get the Holy Spirit and they never see those people again, you see. So what the Holy Spirit is it is a transference of spirit. But when Christ in one man is assisting Christ in another man, we have a relationship, an ongoing relationship, and tonight in our message tonight, it says, there will reincarnate into the body of this person while he is still alive, the Nephesh of a righteous Tsaddik that has already completed reincarnation and rectification and does not need to reincarnate here. Now that is the Lord Jesus Christ, you see, I just have a problem with this teaching because what it is saying is, that the suggestion here is that there are many righteous men who are perfected to the point that they no longer have to be in the body, and I have got a problem with that, Elijah you know left his body but he was not born of a woman.


Moses you know, I do not know, Moses, they never found his body, I just do not have all the answers, there may be, to me the suggestion here is that there are many righteous men from many generations that no longer have to reincarnate, if that is true then the Lord has to help me with it because I do not have any witness to it, I do not have any witness against it, but I am not comfortable going with it without hearing from the Lord, and I have not heard from the Lord.


Now for the Lord to not talk to me about that, or of course He may have spoken to me and I have not heard Him, but for me to have not heard the Lord in these areas when I am teaching this teaching most likely means that I am not able to understand it yet, there is something that I have not learned yet that is going to help me to understand this. But I have not heard from the Lord on this. So I cannot have any more to say, but there is something that I have to learn that I am not ready to learn. Because the Lord, He answers your questions immediately, He answers my questions immediately, if I do not have the answer, I cannot, I am not capable of understanding at this time. Praise the Lord.


So then we are told in the teaching from tonight, and by entering here, the Nephesh of this righteous man takes the place of the Ruach of this person. So you see, this is all mixed up, it is not the Nephesh of the glorified Jesus that takes the place of the Ruach of the person that has sinned, it is the, I say down here it is the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ which contains the roots of the whole ten Sefirot of the glorified Jesus Christ. It is not just His Ruach coming down, and becoming my Ruach, it is the seed you know, just like if you have a seed of an apple tree, you can grow a whole apple tree, it is the seed of the whole man that has overcome this world, is in me in seed form and his name is Christ. So that is a far cry from what this is way greater than what Kabbalah is even teaching at this level, much more than the Ruach, it is the whole man. The man spoken about here has rectified his Nephesh and is ineligible to receive his Ruach because of the rule that he says he must die before he receives his Ruach, and of course the reason that Lurianic Kabbalah is giving you for the Ibbur, for the infusing of a living man with the seed of a glorified man, is that well, we are going to speed things up a little and we are going to save this man the trouble of dying and coming back and getting his Ruach, but brethren to the best of my knowledge, you could die a million times and you are not going to come back and get your Ruach, you know.


This is the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, the savior of the world, why would the process that we are talking about in the doctrine of Christ even exists if it is possible to just rectify your Nephesh and then die and come back and rectify your Ruach? And yet, there is an element to this that is true, in that Jesus is the only begotten son of God, He is the only one born of the direct seed of the Father, we are all getting a cutting of Jesus which is speeding the process up. So there is an element in the spirit that says, let us speed up this process okay, and let us do it with a cutting of Jesus, rather than making everybody go through what Jesus went through, but that is not the primary reason for this glorified man giving us a Ruach which is His whole life, the reason for it is, we would just never get it without Him, we would never get that Ruach, we would never get that ability to be spiritual in Christ without that seed. You see, the promised seed was given to Isaac, okay the promise was made to Abraham, and the seed was given to Isaac, brethren that seed died, when Israel went under judgment, when they rejected Messiah, that seed died. Now the seed did not die as a punishment for Israel rejecting Messiah, okay. Israel went as far as they could go, in their heyday, they had an outstanding supernatural presence of a Christ of a tree that had no root. They had the branch of the tree, they were a supernatural people in their heyday. No one even got wounded in battle let alone got killed, they had supernatural healing, they were spiritual giants, but brethren you cannot stay that way without having the root of the tree grafted to you to hold up the branch, and the reason that Israel fell was because they never got the root of the tree, and why did they never get the root of the tree? Does anybody know? Why was the root of the tree never grafted to Israel?


Brethren the only way the root of the tree is going to graft to you and become your immortal foundation is if you overthrow the mortal foundation that sustains you, and the mortal foundation that sustains you is the Serpent, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, Leviathan and the Devil. The way you overthrow your mortal foundation is by turning inward and looking at what is in there and finding out who you really are, and who I really am. We are formed in the image of the Serpent, we are the offspring of the seed of Adam, the son of God, of the female seed of Adam the son of God, because he had a female side and a male side, and the Serpent, that is who we are, that is who humanity is, and the Serpent is our mortal foundation, the Serpent is the one that brings us into incarnation, this is the Serpent's world. I will never understand aside from the fact that everyone is under a delusion how anybody that has any knowledge of God at all can believe that this world was made by God, where we die and we get sick and we suffer loss and torment, how could anybody believe this is Jehovah's world, is beyond me, but I do understand it, they do not know any better, and that is what they believe.


So Israel reached its Zenith, and then they declined because they did not do what needed to be done to cause them to be sustained at that high place, and just look around you brethren, that is the pattern of this whole world, you see. The carnal mind even under the influence of the Holy Spirit, you learn, you become great and you become more wealthy, you become more healthy, you become more sophisticated, you become more educated and then you reach that Zenith and you start to decline, that is why empire after empire in this world has reached a point of greatness and fallen.


Even in this country today, our medical, the medical community, they reached a place where they are doing the most incredible things to help people, but these procedures are so expensive that nobody can afford them and it is breaking the back of the insurance companies and there are very strong forces seeking to bring in one form or another of socialized medicine which will give mediocre medical care to everybody. So even though we have these great inventions and this great technology in the medical community, who can afford to reach all the people with it. So, this is typical of the Serpent's world, and this is the proof that even though Israel reached greatness, that they were carnal men under the influence of the Spirit of Christ, and they could not sustain themselves at that height and even the imputed Spirit of Christ could not sustain them because Israel had a foundation that was built in the Serpent, spiritual gravity that pulled them down, they refused to look at the hidden sins of their heart, they thought they were righteous because of the works of the law, and therefore the greatness that they ascended to receded. That is what happened to Israel. So we see that the Ruach that is being given to us, it has the seed of the whole ten Sefirot of the man that overcame the world, which gives us the potential to do what He did.


These other teachings of Kabbalah, it is just, they are just wrong, they are just simply wrong, okay, that you are given your Ruach because you cannot get your Ruach until you die and get it the next time, you know. It is just wrong, it is just wrong, there is no way to get around it. So I thought this was an interesting comparison to show you, to compare this to what the Lord showed us in part 10 of the Gate of Reincarnations chapter 1. I think I covered it pretty completely, we see here in section B, and C, we are talking about the Nephesh of the Lord Jesus, and the seed of the Lord Jesus, I cannot say the Ruach of the Lord Jesus, it is not His Ruach, it is the seed of His whole ten Sefirot, but the Holy Spirit is the Malkhut of Jesus' Malkhut, that is not, she does not have the whole ten Sefirot, well she has ten subjective Sefirot, she is the Malkhut of the Malkhut, Christ is the whole shebang. That is why having the Holy Spirit is no enough, that is why the Holy Spirit must pass away, the Holy Spirit cannot produce immortality, only the seed of Christ which has the whole ten Sefirot of the glorified man, has the potential to produce immortality, see.


So, I have learned so much from Kabbalah, and I am so grateful for the Zohar and the Volume I of the Tree of Life, that has been translated so that I could have an opportunity to learn something, and the revelation in so many areas of the Scripture is so intense, but the Lord has put us in this study of the Gate of Reincarnations and I am just really sorry if I am hurting anyone's feelings, but so far, I found out that it is just, there is truth here but it is just corrupt and it is very dangerous teaching for people that do not have the ability to put it in its perspective, and again I am very grateful to the teaching on reincarnation that I found out what an Ibbur is, that I had this, well that I know that Jesus is an Ibbur, but also that I have this experience of, well that is not even the Gate of Reincarnations, that is another teaching. So once again, we have a great man of God, Isaac Luria who received the revelation of the Sefirot and of Adam Kadmon, that revelation has been such a blessing to me, when I read the King James, I see it in the King James, I see it, you know, it was a revelation of great genius, but yet he has other works that, they are just not right, unless it is in the translation, I do not know what to tell you, but that is what happens to people, you know they get a revelation from God and they keep on going and sometimes God stops and they keep on going, and they doing things in their flesh.


Praise the Lord, that is why we have to die to this carnal mind, because only the nature of Christ and our new man, Christ Jesus is perfect, He is the only one that can give us the whole truth that will set us free, but I am very grateful to the Kabbalists and to the Jews and for the sacrifices that they have made, but the Lord has assigned me to teach the truth on this Gate of Reincarnations and I am sorry but it is just tainted, this particular teaching, it is just tainted. But I just bless God for them and we will see, you know, we are only on chapter two, there are forty two chapters, if the translator, the translator, I go to his website and he says that he intends to continue to translate, but I do not know, they have a new website and they seem to be all bound up over there, which does not surprise me because if the Lord is teaching us through their teachings, there is total confusing, that means Satan is trying to stop us from getting the whole translation. So it is in God's hands, we have through chapter five, and if at the end of chapter five, the man does not continue to translate, the Lord will give something else to do. Are there any questions or comments? God bless you all.


041503 Transcribed by RR


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