569 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord, what we are doing in this message is we're going through the Zohar, of the Soncino Zohar which is on CD ROM, and we have done a search under the name Balaam and we are commenting, we are reading into this message the reference to the name Balaam in the Soncino Zohar, and I am commenting on it as the Lord leads me.


Now there's not a clear record of where we left off on Part One, so we're going to start with the Zohar, Volume Two, Page 69a. Now I remind you, those of you that have a copy of the hard copy of the Soncino Zohar, at some point these references fail. I don't really understand why, the why, who, what, or where about it, but these numbers that I'm giving you, they're not the regular page numbers. They are the references to an old publication of the Zohar, and these numbers appear on the top of the page on the left-hand side of the book. The reference is all the way on the right side, and on the right-hand side of the book, the reference is all the way in the left-hand corner.


So to whatever degree they work for you, fine. Aside from that, I'm sorry that I cannot give you more accurate references. Of course, if anyone listening to this message or reading this transcript, if you have a copy of the software, all you have to do is do a search on Balaam, and you could follow the references with us. So right now the reference is Volume Two, Zohar Volume Two, Page 69a. We have three references under 69a, so I will just read right through.


Pharaoh had as his counselor’s three sages, Jethro, Balaam, and Job. Now that is so interesting to me. Jethro is Moses' father-in-law. I had no idea that Jethro was a counselor to Pharaoh. Did anybody ever hear of it before? And Job was a counselor to Pharaoh. You know, to me that's fascinating. I never heard of any such thing, and it says here in the Zohar, as already set forth, oh, Jethro, as already set forth, was the minister of worship for Pharaoh.


Now you know what that sounds like to me? That sounds a lot like the Scripture, I believe it's in Ezekiel, where it talks about Lucifer being a minister of music. Isn't that what it says in Ezekiel? Does anybody remember? Lucifer was supposed to walk in the high realms of the spirit. I don't know if those exact words are in the King James or not, but he....I remember hearing that Lucifer had something to do with music in the high realms of the spirit. I think this is speaking about the spiritual aspect of Jethro, and the Pharaoh that is being mentioned here, for the....I believe is the Serpent.


For those of us that have followed the Doctrine of Christ and studied the Doctrine of Christ in detail, you may remember that Pharaoh is the name of a spiritual entity. It's the name of the....does anybody remember what this spiritual entity comprises? What form is Pharaoh in a human being? Pharaoh, this is an aspect of mind. We're talking about an aspect of mind, what form is Pharaoh in the mind of a human being? Does anybody remember? Nobody remembers?


Okay, Pharaoh is formed in the mind of a human being when that man's Fiery Serpent ascends all the way up to the high energy centers and meets with Leviathan and marries Leviathan, and the Serpent comes into existence. It's the same principle as Christ Jesus in the individual marrying the glorified Jesus Christ and that person receives great power in the kingdom of God.


When ones Fiery Serpent ascends all the way up and marries Leviathan, that person becomes a spiritually powerful person in the power of the Serpent, and I believe that the bondage of the Jews in Egypt was more spiritual than anything else. They immigrated to Egypt, and they acquired the gods of the Egyptians, you know, and they turned away from the living God.


So when the Zohar says Pharaoh had as his counselors three sages, Jethro, Balaam, and Job, I think what this is saying....now remember the Zohar's a very high spiritual book, and what it's saying is that these three men, Jethro, Balaam, and Job, they all had this spiritual experience. They were spiritually ascended in the other timeline.


Now I have no problem believing that about Jethro. He was a high priest of Midian, and I have no problem believing that he had the spiritual power represented by Pharaoh working through him and Balaam, I have no problem believing that, that he had the spiritual power of Pharaoh, but Job, I'm a little surprised to hear about Job, but I don't have any problem believing it, but I'm surprised.


Jethro, as already set forth, was the minister of worship and there was no celestial chieftain or star of which he did not know the appropriate cult. So, apparently, Jethro was very, very high, and the Zohar is speaking about Jethro in some high spiritual plane. Balaam was an arch sorcerer in word and in act. Balaam had power in his mouth, and he also had power in his deeds. Some witches just have power in their mouth. Other witches just have power in the things that they do. They do evil, but Balaam had both. He could speak things into existence and also had the power to do evil deeds.


Job displayed preeminently the sense of religious awe and fear for the sphere of supra-mundane relationship. Now mundane means worldly and supra, the prefix supra, it means beyond, beyond the norm, beyond mundane. Is everybody okay? Beyond mundane, beyond the world, beyond the typical. For in the sphere of supra-mundane relationships, whether in the region of holiness or of unholiness....now remember, there's two universes. There's Christ and there's the other side, okay, and for Kabbalah, the Kabbalists are not calling it Christ, they're calling it the universe of Adam Kadmon, you know. But we call it Christ. We can call it either one here in Christ-Centered Kabbalah.


So the reason I'm making a point of this, is that somebody asked me a question the other day, and they didn't seem to remember that there are parallel universes, that each....our mind is a universe, and if the Christ mind is functioning in you, you are a double-minded person and you have two universes operating through you.


So here we see the Zohar talking about the region of holiness and of unholiness. That's just another way of saying your carnal mind or your Christ mind. So we're talking about Job. Job displayed preeminently the sense of religious awe and fear, for in the sphere of the supra-mundane relationships.


That's talking about spiritual relationships, whether in the region of holiness, whether in Christ, or of unholiness, unGodly soul ties, or unGodly relationships, sometimes unholiness, sometimes called the other side. Man cannot draw down the spirit from above and unite himself with it without a sense of fear and awe, the concentration of heart and mind and self-effacement, but it is the same.


Let's take a look at what this is saying. The Zohar is saying that each of these three men, Jethro, Balaam, and Job, they all served Pharaoh, they were ascended with spiritual power in the carnal mind, but they all represented a different manifestation of Pharaoh, okay.


Jethro was the minister of worship. He was the high priest of Midian so he must have lead thousands of people to worship. He must have demonstrated and taught them how to worship Pharaoh.


Balaam, we're told, was an arch sorcerer. You see, Jethro wasn't necessarily evil from man's point of view. He just taught a false religion. Balaam was evil, he was an arch sorcerer, and the word sorcerer has to do with the evil use of witchcraft, and Balaam was a sorcerer in word and in act. He both spoke and did evil deeds.


Now Job sort of....Job was closer to Jethro than to Balaam, because Job was not an evil doer or an evil speaker, but Job displayed....he was a type of the sense of religious awe and fear. Job typified the religious person that feared God, that didn't have a personal love relationship with the Lord, but feared him, and you may recall that Job did all of his service to God out of fear, that his children shouldn't be destroyed, but, of course, they were destroyed anyway.


And we're told, for in this sphere of supra-mundane relationships, in spiritual relationships whether in the mind of Christ or in the carnal mind....see it's the same principle, the only spiritual is spiritual, the only thing that changes is the mind that you're in or the spirit that you're in. So we're being told that concerning spiritual relationships, man's object in a spiritual relationship....the object of man is to draw down the spirit from above.


The spirit, the higher spirit, that's what worship is all about, it's a reaching out of the spirit of man to a more powerful spirit in a higher spiritual plane, seeking spiritual union, which we call spiritual marriage for the purpose of producing spiritual power in the life of the person that's reaching up for help. That's what this is talking about.


So now we have a comment, in the sphere of supra-mundane relationships, in the sphere of spiritual relationships whether in the region of holiness or of unholiness, whether in the Christ mind or in the carnal mind, man cannot draw down the spirit from above and unite himself with it without a sense of fear and awe, see.


So what the Zohar is telling us is whether you're seeking the true Christ, whether you're seeking the Lord Jesus Christ, whether you're seeking Jehovah, or whether you're seeking the Serpent, the only way you're going to draw down that spiritual power is by humbling yourself, and this sphere doesn't necessarily mean that you're afraid but that you honor, revere, and respect, and acknowledge that the entity that you're calling down is greater than you are, you see.


So whether you're in your carnal mind or you're in your Christ mind, if you want to connect to the spiritual world, you have got to humble yourself, and this is what Job represented according to the Zohar. Although Job was filled with pride and was blaming God rather than himself, he was still crying out to God. He was still saying, he was still petitioning Jehovah to help him, even though he was doing it out of pride.


So that's who Job represents, all of the people that are like that, all of the people who knowing or unknowingly, however subtly, blamed God for all their problems. See, this is who Job represents. So if you have problems in your life that are similar to Job's problems, you might want to petition the Lord to find out if you are not having a Job experience in this lifetime and ask the Lord what he would have you to do and how he would help you to change those attitudes and those thoughts of your mind that produce illness in your life. Job was sick right? That produces destruction in your life, loss of family, and loss of material wealth, you see. We're being told to arise out of the sin of pride, because....well, Job had several sins, but pride was the primary sin.


He wasn't rebelling against God, but he was just blaming God for all of his misfortune. Many people in the church do that, and many people do it and don't even realize that, that's what they're doing.


Okay, so we're told that you cannot draw down the spirit from above and unite with it, without a sense of fear and awe, the concentration of heart and mind. I've been telling you that for years. We have all received direction from the Lord in this ministry as to how to develop our ability to concentrate. Concentration is an essential element in spiritual union, and salvation is in spiritual union. So you have to unite yourself with a sense of fear and awe, a reverence of God, acknowledging that he's greater than you are, concentration of heart and mind, and heart is your emotions as well as your mind. And self-abasement, that means making yourself nothing, and that doesn't mean that you put yourself down. It means that you recognize that in contrast to God, you are absolutely nothing, you have nothing, you possess nothing, and he is all that there is. Those are the requirements for connecting to God.


So if you have been trying for ten years to hear from God, and you don't hear from him, you would be doing yourself a service if you would consider that you are lacking in one of these attributes. That's just another way of saying, if you've been looking for God for years and you can't hear from him, you've got a pride problem, see. So start attacking your pride.


So without this fear, the worship, even if that worshiper be an idolater, we're told that without this fear this worshiper cannot probably link his will to the power above. He will only be able to attain to some small sparks of that power, and even these require concentration of will and a sense of fear.


Okay, I'm not going to go on because we're really just talking about Balaam here. Let's go to the next reference, which is also in 69a, so I'm going to jump to that place. I've already told you that when Balaam was an arch sorcerer....and there's one more, there's two more in 69a, let's see, Balaam clung to his mediums of sorcery as we have stated, and Job because of that overpowering sense of awe which was in him when he saw the mighty works of God of Israel and Egypt, turned to worship him with the same amount of fear and awe.


I see. So the Zohar is saying that Job worshiped Pharaoh until he saw the great works of God in Egypt and then Job converted. But Balaam clung to his sorcery even after seeing the mighty works of Jehovah, you see. And I think that we're going to be seeing something similar to that. There are many people that will just never convert without seeing the great works of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I don't know that those works are going to be healing and deliverance. They're going to be greater than that. I think the great works that people are going to be seeing are the sons of God standing up in full power, because we're told that Jethro converted when he saw the works that the Lord did through Moses. Moses didn't do healing and deliverance. Moses defeated Pharaoh, and brought the Hebrew children into spiritual power.


So when the sons of God manifest, there will be many people, a lot of them, very high-level spiritual people that are going to convert and serve the Lord Jesus, but we see that Balaam clung to his sorcery. So everybody's not going to convert even when they see the outstanding miracles of the sons of God. Everybody's not going to convert, it's not going to be everybody.


Okay, one more in paragraph 69a. Balaam again was not converted at all, for the impurity of the other side, clung to him. His carnal mind would not let go, and this is what the Lord has been telling us for a very long time here, okay, that Christ Jesus in us can be ascended into the left side of our heart center, he could even have a union with the Lord Jesus Christ, but you're still not delivered from your sin nature until Cain within you is cut away, is circumcised from Leviathan. Do you remember that teaching?


Let me put that on the board for you. Drawing #1, this is from the Doctrine of Christ, I've just adapted it for Kabbalah. On the left side of the board, this is a spiritual description of a man, a man in whom Christ has been grafted to Abel, and Christ has ascended to the left side of the heart center where he becomes Christ Jesus, and this Christ Jesus in this man has ascended high enough to be joined to the Lord Jesus Christ. And this man, one would hope, would have put his sin nature so far under that he would be sinless but he has not, because Cain who is under Abel is still married to Leviathan who is dominated by Satan.


And this is the diagram of the double-minded man, this is the epitome of the double-minded man, where the Christ mind is fully formed but the personality, because Abel and Cain together are the personality of the man, is also still married to the carnal mind. Sin is alive and well, and Satan is still whispering into the mind of this individual who is completely sold out to Jesus Christ, even connected to the glorified Jesus Christ, that other voice is still in there whispering evil. And I believe that this is most likely my condition, but the revelation that's coming forth here and everything that's happening in this ministry, that's my opinion, that Christ Jesus in me has already joined with the Lord Jesus Christ, but I have not been circumcised yet because, let me tell you, I get some pretty wicked thoughts in my mind.


I cast, hopefully, all of them, if not most of them, down. Those that get by, I'm forgiven for, but who needs this, who needs hearing this filth come into your mind, seductions, and lies, and evil towards other people? Where is this stuff coming from? There's an aspect of my personality called Cain that still has an unGodly liaison with the Kabbalistic other side. I'm waiting for my circumcision. How does that come? I honestly don't know, I just serve God to the best of my ability, and I'm waiting for the separation.


At the moment, I can't think of any other information that I have as to how this is going to happen, other than that the power is going to come down from Christ Jesus within me at some point, and he's going to separate me, but I don't have any of the details.


Now on the right side of the board, I've given you a diagram of the spiritual man who has been circumcised from Satan and Leviathan see, and you could see that what happens, and I've related it to Kabbalah, I've told you, I called this post-circumcision man. Post is a prefix that means after. Pre means before, and post means after. This is the post-circumcision man.


So we have the Lord Jesus Christ who is Adam Kadmon, we have Christ Jesus who is Ze'ir Anpin, and we have Christ which is Nukva, and these entities all exist in the invisible world. In the visible world, we have Abel and Cain. That's the personality that's appearing in the visible world, and Satan and Leviathan have become or have been forced into an ox, a spiritual ox that is actually in the form of a cart, which carries the spiritual man, and that's just the personality and the physical body that Elohim, the magnificent man, dwells in.


The cart is the physical body that carries Adam, the magnificent man, in the flesh, and underneath that is the bottomless pit.


So this is....I don't even know if this is salvation. I don't even know if you're saved so long as you're in the flesh. I'm not really sure whether you're saved when you're in the flesh or not, but you're certainly very close, if it's not already salvation. I don't know. I don't think you're fully saved until you come out of the flesh. As long as you're in this flesh, there's always a danger of corruption, see.


So you might say that you're saved, but it's not completely finalized yet. Until I get more information, that's what I'll say. You are saved because you're cut off, the sin nature has been completely silenced, you're completely under the dominion of the Lord Jesus Christ and his proper channel, the Lord Jesus speaks to Christ Jesus, speaks to Nukva, speaks to the personality. That's the proper chain of command, and the Lord never breaks it, you see.


So your personality is saved because it's joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, and it's circumcised away from Satan and Leviathan, so I would have to say that you're saved, but there's another step to go to make sure that it's completely permanent. Does anybody have any questions or comments on this? Do you remember this from the Doctrine of Christ? Remember this?


Well, to be honest with you, I had forgotten it, and I petitioned the Lord not too long ago, asking him what my condition was, how could I not be joined to the Lord Jesus Christ with everything that's coming forth in this ministry both in the messages and off of the messages. We have some awesome things happening here that never get on tape. How could I not be joined to the Lord Jesus Christ and yet, sin is alive and well in me? There's no question about that, and the Lord had to remind me of this aspect of the Doctrine of Christ. I didn't remember it. So I probably am joined to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm waiting for my circumcision, I'm waiting to be cut free, and as soon as Leviathan is cut away from Cain, then Leviathan and Satan go down under, and the wild bull becomes the domesticated ox.


Pharaoh, the entity that comes into existence when Cain is joined to Leviathan and Satan. Pharaoh is that wild bull that we see is one of the faces in Ezekiel's spiritual man, and this wild bull is castrated you see. When Leviathan is circumcised away from Cain, that is a castration. That cutting is not only a circumcision of the foreskin like in a human male, it is a spiritual castration. Satan is cut off from her source. Satan is cut off from her source.


Satan's source, Satan's open door to speak to and thereby control a human being is through Cain. Cain is the door that Satan enters into our mind through, and Satan enters into our mind through a thought. She comes in through Cain, and that's what I've been telling you all, that the next step in your warfare is that Christ or Abel in you, strengthened by Christ, must be strong enough to bar that door, because Cain is letting every thought of Satan into your mind, and you all, you just speak out whatever comes into your mind. That means Christ is not functioning in this basic aspect of his ministry in you yet.


He's supposed to not let Satan through that door. That means that you hear the thought. I still hear lots of evil thoughts, but Christ in me says, get out of here, I will not agree with you, I will not speak it to anyone else, and I will not agree with you, and I curse the thought, you see. That is Christ in me not letting Satan in. See she's knocking at the door whispering all kinds of evil suggestions into my mind, but I won't let her in, see.


So that's the castration. That cutting is a castration as well as just a removal of the foreskin. As in the case of the human male, circumcision is the removal of a dead foreskin, but, spiritually speaking, Satan and Leviathan are the foreskin. They are the spiritual foreskin, Satan and Leviathan, and that cutting, when that foreskin is cut away it's not discarded. You see, in the human male that skin is discarded. Of course, skin that separated from the whole body would just dry up and become nothing anyway in a human person, but, spiritually speaking, Satan and Leviathan are still conscious. They're forced down under the authority of the magnificent man, and forced to serve him, as a physical body that goes where Christ Jesus wants it to go, and as a personality that thinks and speaks the thoughts of Christ Jesus.


So we see the spiritual foreskin is not discarded, but it is brought into servitude. The wild bull is castrated and becomes an ox that serves humanity. That's the Doctrine of Christ. Any questions or comments?


Okay, we'll take a picture and we'll go on with Balaam.


Talking about Balaam once again, and this is still 69a, Balaam, again, was not converted at all because the impurity of the other side clung to him, as I've just demonstrated to you, yet even he, Balaam, saw something of the divine and the holy, although from a distance, through the mist of his impurity and attachment to the other side. So that's just saying that Balaam heard from Christ because Christ existed in the Old Testament. It's not called Christ in the King James. Christ is the anointing, okay. Christ is Abel under the authority of the mind of God.


So Balaam heard from both, Balaam was a double-minded man. We have a lot of Christians around today that hear from both sides, and it's the same energy, you see. I've been telling you that for years. When your heart becomes evil, if you're a double-minded man and your heart turns evil towards anybody, you have all the power of Christ directed towards that person in a witchcraft attack.


I'm telling you the truth. Some of the biggest witches and some of the most serious spiritual damages are done by Christians using the power of God incorrectly. So we see that according to the Zohar that.... now this I have a question about. According to the Zohar, if you're double-minded like this you're not converted, but my opinion of myself is that I've been converted. The Christ mind is on top of the carnal mind, but I don't know what a definition of complete conversion may be according to the Zohar. Perhaps conversion means that you become sinless. I am certainly not sinless, but I do operate out of my Christ mind most of the time.


But according to the Zohar, if you're in this condition as to the left side of the board, and, of course, our artist will make this an "a" and a "b," so if you're in the condition of the left side of the board or the "a" side of number 1, if you are in that condition, according to the Zohar, you're not converted. You're not converted until you come into the condition of the "b" part of Drawing #1. And this is the reason why. Because in the other side, this is the other side, your carnal mind.... because on the other side there is a mixture of an outer ring of light which surrounds the darkness, as it is written a whirlwind came out of the north.


The Zohar says there's an outer ring of light which surrounds the darkness. Well, you know, remember the Zohar is a metaphor. I would have no problem saying what the Zohar calls an outer ring of light, simply means Abel. You know that by Leviathan being attached to Cain, Pharaoh has access to some of the light that is in Abel through Abel's union with Christ. Is anybody having a problem with that? You have to roll with the punches, you see.


Okay, this is really good stuff, but we're just doing Balaam today, so let's get the next one here. Praise the Lord. 69b is next. Well I guess this is really just continuing on. I guess I might as well read you the whole thing since it's just continuing on. Let me get that back.


Okay, a whirlwind came from the north, that's just quoting Ezekiel 1:4. That's interesting, this is quoting Ezekiel 1:4, "And he saw the brightness from a distance, but as it were through a partition, therefore...." You see, Balaam was Cain. You see, he was really primarily attached to Leviathan and Satan, but the veil that he saw the brightness through was Abel.


You see, that's the exact opposite. I've been teaching you here for years that Cain is the veil that covers Abel, Cain is the maidenhead. Kabbalistically speaking, Cain is the Kilpot that covers Abel and stops Abel from having spiritual intercourse with Christ Jesus, you see. A man, like me that's manifesting a spiritual male, like me that's manifesting Christ Jesus comes to a Christian, and Christ Jesus in me wants to contact Abel in you and graft the seed of Christ.


Everybody here must have it, but any new Christian that the Lord would bring me in contact with, Christ Jesus in me wants to graft his seed to Abel in that man, but Cain covers Abel like a veil, a Kilpot, a shell. And how does that manifest in the natural? The person who is being sought after will probably just take a dislike for the person who is carrying Christ Jesus. Either take a dislike for that person, or mistrust that person, or fear that person, and they won't go close to them. They won't come close to them.


They just have a quiet uneasiness about that person, and they don't even know why, you see, but they won't get close. That's how Cain manifests. Now in this aspect of the Zohar, we're reading it the exact opposite way. We're being told that Balaam has both the Christ mind and the carnal mind, and that when Balaam looks to the light, Balaam can see the light of what would be Adam Kadmon at the top there. Balaam can see the light, but it's as if he's looking through a veil. It's the exact opposite. Can you see what I'm saying? Balaam is Cain.


So now when it comes to the side of righteousness, Abel is a veil to Christ. I'm sorry, Abel is a veil to Cain, see. When Christ is coming to make contact, when Christ Jesus in a man is coming to make contact with Abel in a believer, Cain is the veil or Kilpot, the shell, see, but when a man is double- minded and that man who is a carnal man, which means he's Cain, if he wants to look towards the light and consider that light, he is covered by Abel, because you can't look at the light when your heart is sold out to Leviathan. You're not allowed to see the light and the mysteries of God when you're still in agreement with evil over here. So you just look through a veil, you see.


Everybody okay? Praise the Lord. So, okay, once again Balaam was not converted because the impurity of the other clung to him, and he saw this brightness from a distance but, as it were, through a partition. Therefore, although Balaam prophesied, he didn't know what he was talking about. He knew not what he prophesied. He looked at the light with a closed eye, for there is no sphere of the other side, I have to go to the next page. There is no sphere of the other side, there is no sphere of the carnal mind, there is no sphere of the other side that entirely lacks some streak of light from the side of holiness.


Now every aspect of the side of unholiness has some aspect of the side of holiness in it. That's what it's saying. This is the same principle as saying, a man has female attributes, and a woman has male attributes. What makes a man a man, spiritually speaking, is that he has both female and male attributes, but the male attributes are predominant. Just like we say that every Sefirot has all the other ten Sefirot within it, in the same way the Zohar is saying that every aspect of the other side has at least one spark of the mind of Christ in it.


And that shouldn't be so hard to understand when you consider that the other side represents that term....the other side represents the circles in the void of creation, and that the Christ mind or holiness, as Kabbalah would say, represents the Sefirot of straightness that penetrates into the circular aspects of the Sefirot.


And even if we're dealing with a person in whom the Sefirot of straightness doesn't exist, at some time the Sefirot existed, and there was a mixture. There had to be at least some spark of the Sefirot of straightness even if the person is a completely carnal person. It's just another way of saying there has to be some spark of goodness, at least something in there that you could find if you look hard enough. We're all a mixture, it's just different degrees and measurements of mixture.


For in the other side there is a mixture or outer ring of light which surrounds the darkness. Okay, I'm sorry that's not where we are.


For there is no sphere of the other side that entirely lacks some streak of light from the side of holiness, or even in a field of straw, there are some grains of wheat, and nothing is a hundred percent anything. Everything is a mixture, even if you take a Sefirot. Let's say you take Tiferet, you take Tiferet as a Sefirah. Within Tiferet there are ten other....let me give you a better example. Okay take Chokhmah. Okay, Chokhmah which is a male Sefirot, okay, within Chokhmah are ten more Sefirot: Keter, Chokhmah, Binah of Chokhmah, Keter of Chokhmah, Chokhmah of Chokhmah, Binah of Chokhmah and Binah is female.


So there's a female aspect in Chokhmah right there. There is a Binah of Chokhmah, and there is also a Malkhut of Chokhmah which is another female Sefirot. So everything is a mixture, nothing is a hundred percent anything. Praise the Lord.


Let's see if I can find my place here. And it is this little spot of light which Balaam saw. Okay, so that's our explanation that Balaam, according to the Zohar, really was primarily a carnal man because he never converted, okay, but yet he has that little spark of light in him, and because he was spiritually high he was able to access that little spark of light which he saw. Like Paul says, we look through a glass darkly, because, you know, a lot of us are Balaam.


It depends on how wicked we all are, but there's a lot of human beings out there today that are of the Balaam company. They would have no problem cursing Israel for money. There are people doing that today. There are people that are involved in this conflict between the Arab world and Israel today that would curse Israel for money. They don't really care who wins. There are always people like that in every war, they just want to be safe, and they want to make money. There always have been gun runners and soldiers of fortune that go to the side that pays them the most. That's just human nature, and that's what the Bible is all about, human nature. If you have eyes to see, the Scripture is the most incredible study in human nature I, personally, have ever seen.


Okay. Let's see if we can find the next place here. We saw this already, we read this already. Balaam saw from a distance, okay here's a little more. Well let me go back here. We're still in 69b, by the way.


So Balaam saw through a partition. That partition was Abel, and so Moses saw through the great light as through a wall, a streak of darkness at it's edge. So we're seeing Balaam compared to Moses. As Balaam saw from a distance a small light from within the other side as though it were a partition, in the same manner, Moses saw the great light as through a wall, a streak of darkness at its edge.


So we're contrasting the two men. Balaam was primarily carnal, Moses was on the side of holiness. Balaam, when he looked from a distance, he saw a tiny bit of light, because he was mostly carnal. Moses, when he looked, he saw a great light.


And I didn't know this. According to the Zohar, when Moses saw this great light, it was as though he was looking through a wall. What he saw was a streak, what he saw was a great light with a streak of darkness at its edge. And that's very interesting to me to say that Moses looked through a wall. It just says through a wall.


What comes to mind is that account in Ezekiel, I think it's chapter 9, but I could be mistaken, where the Lord says to the prophet Ezekiel, look, you look through the hole in the wall and see what my people do.


I always wondered about that, what does that mean, Jehovah saying to Ezekiel, look through the hole in a wall? And here we find that mystery unlocked. That's just another way of saying, "here, look over here and I'll let you see into the spiritual realm, I'll let you see what my people are doing, how it looks to me from this spiritual realm." And the way they express that is to say that he looked through a hole in the wall, he looked into another realm of consciousness.


All these people, even today, that they think they're serving God, they're not. Look at the hole in the wall, you'll know the truth about them. They're not serving God. And this is nothing new, this happened to Israel time and time and time again.


When Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, those prophets of Baal were the men of Israel that were serving Baal. Israel has a proven history, and this includes spiritual Israel, a proven history of continuously falling into idolatry. Jehovah raises them up, and they fall down, Jehovah raises them up, and Israel falls down, and spiritual Israel, which is the church, is following the same.


And we will continue to have that experience until Christ is formed in us and becomes attached to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the one who anchors us in the spiritual planes of God.


So long as you have the Holy Spirit alone, the church will continue to be deceived, to be tripped up, to backslide, and to fall. It's only the man that's anchored in heaven that's connected to our anchor that is going to stand against Satan's seduction, and that's what we're trying to do for you here, because the way you get anchored is that you have to be able to recognize the Serpent in your mind. That's how you get anchored, you have to choose the right person.


Without the proper instruction, every human being defaults to the Serpent. They run from the person of God and cleaves unto the Serpent because they have everything backwards. Their carnal mind is all backwards. I say that to some of you frequently. You've got it all backwards, what you think is right is wrong, and what you think is wrong is right. You've got it all backwards.


So Moses saw through a great light as through a wall, and the reason they're saying it's through a wall, it's because the light that Moses saw had a streak of darkness at its edge. That even sounds to me like Moses was looking right up through the Sefirot of straightness, and the darkness that he saw at the edge was that aspect of the circular Sefirot or the circular aspect of the Sefirot. And then we read, but even as he, Moses, did not see it always, did not see the great light always, just as Balaam did not always see the streak of light.


Happy was the lot of the faithful prophet Moses, for what is it that we read concerning him? Quoting Ex.3:2, and an angel of the Lord appeared to him, to Moses, in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush, the bush was indeed in that region of holiness and clave to it, for all things cleave to one another.


That's what I'm showing you on the board. All things cleave to one another both of the pure and the impure. All these Sefirot are cleaving to one another. There is no purity except through impurity, a mystery which is expressed in the words, a clean thing will come out of an unclean. Well this is not Balaam but it's interesting, so I'll keep on reading. The brain is contained in a shell, a shell which will not be broken until that time when the dead shall rise again. That's the Kilpot covering. Well, covering more than your brain, covering your spiritual brain which is your Christ mind.


Then will the shell be broken and the light will shine out into the world from the brain without any covering on it. Oh well, what that might be saying is that the Christ that's being formed in our brain, the world can't see it you know, the world can't see it. Every once in a while someone looks at me, and I could tell they see there's something about me, but they don't know what it is, but we're all waiting for that shell to be broken, whatever. Well first of all, you all have to get to this place where you're attached to the Lord Jesus, and then the brain, it's saying here the brain has to be broken.


Well, you know, remember this is a metaphor. Do you really think your physical brain is going to be crushed? You die if your physical brain is crushed. No, it's your carnal mind that has to be broken. Your carnal mind has to be broken, I'm telling you. I've told you this when we were not on a tape. I am a crushed person, just defeated in every area of my life for me to learn that my only strength is in Christ Jesus. That is what had to happen to me for me to submit to the Lord to the point that I'm bringing all this revelation forth. It's not your physical brain that has to be broken, your carnal mind has to be broken. That's the way it's coming up in the Zohar, that it's your brain, but I'm sure that you don't have any trouble believing that your physical brain doesn't have to be broken, because you die if that happens.


So what it's saying here is that at the time that Christ Jesus in us is revealed, the whole world will be blessed, and that has not happened yet. Christ Jesus is still hidden in this ministry, only visible to the few people who have eyes to see, but we know that the day is coming that Christ Jesus is going to be pouring out of us in great power and all of the people, and it says here, blessed are the righteous in this world and in the world to come, and, of course, we are righteous because Jesus Christ is in us. He is our righteousness.


Okay, moving on, Volume 2, Page 96a, And Elohim came to Balaam by night, that's Numbers 22, Verse 20. Now also please be aware that when I give you these King James Scripture references that they may not be exact because, actually, the Zohar is not referring to the King James. It's referring to a translation that the Jewish people use which is very, very similar to the King James, but if I give you a reference like Numbers 22:20, and you do not....and you look in the King James and it's a different Scripture, look at the verse before or the verse after. It's probably off just one or two verses.


And Elohim came to Abimelech in the dream of the night, that's Gen.20:3. So we're doing a comparison of two Scriptures. The first Scripture is Num.22:20, which says, And Elohim came to Balaam by night, and Gen.20:3 says, And Elohim came to Abimelech in the dream of the night.


And now we're going to see a commentary on this, and the same is true of all the principalities and powers appointed over the nations, all are included in this name, yea even their objects of worship, find a place therein. Well, I think that's beyond the scope of our understanding without reading the whole paragraph before it, so we're going to just let it go. We're going to just let this go. Let me see what the sentence before it is, well we're going to let it go, okay.


This is a study in Balaam. Moving on to Volume 2, Page 172b, which reads, let me get to the beginning of our sentence here, Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun. That's a quote of Isa.30:26, and, of course, you all know that this is a prophecy for a new world that's coming. Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and this will this cause the seventh window to open to the whole world, whose star is the star of Jacob, concerning which Balaam spoke about.


Well, let's just try and understand this statement then. The light of the moon shall be the light of the sun. First of all, this is not talking about the physical sun and moon in the sky. Every human being has a sun, every one of us is a world, okay. Actually, we're a universe unto ourselves, and we, every one of us, has a moon and a sun within us, and most of us have two moons and two suns because each mind is a world or a universe unto itself, and each world has its own sun and its own moon.


So if Christ is in you, you have the Lord Jesus Christ who is the sun, and Christ Jesus who is the moon, and if your carnal mind is still alive and well in you, which it is in most of us, Satan is your sun, is the sun of the carnal mind and Leviathan is the moon. So back again to the Scripture, Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun. Christ Jesus shall be the same as the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus is the Christ in you, the Christ in me, the hope of glory.


Now I don't know about you all, but right now Christ Jesus in me is not as powerful as the glorified Jesus Christ. The glorified Jesus Christ has to come down and help Christ Jesus in me. Christ Jesus is the son, he is the offspring of the glorified Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus is being trained up on how to be a son of God. He's not nearly as powerful as his Father, but the light of the moon will the same as the light of the sun, you see. Now Kabbalah will tell you that the moon is Malkhut. That's what Kabbalah will tell you, that the moon is Malkhut.


Well, according to our diagram, Malkhut is the Sefirotic name of Nukva, the Partzufim. Malkhut is Christ, and I'm saying Christ Jesus is the moon. Well who is Christ? Christ is Abel see, they're all attached together. Christ Jesus is the aspect that is attached to the Lord Jesus Christ. So I am translating this, Christ Jesus, the person, God in the person, will be as shining as brightly as the glorified Jesus Christ, see. So what I'm saying is a little different than Kabbalah but it's the same in its essence, if you can hear it.


And this is what Balaam said concerning, I left something out, I'm sorry, and then when the moon becomes as the light of the sun, then will this cause the seventh window to open to the whole world. Who can tell us who the seventh window is? Take a guess. What is the seventh window which will open to the whole world?


COMMENT: Would that be Keter?


SHEILA: I don't....well, how do you get Keter being the seventh, where are you counting from?


COMMENT: Actually that's the tenth.


SHEILA: Well actually Keter is the first, but if you do it backwards he's he tenth. There's no way he could be the seventh.


COMMENT: Okay, so then it's Ze'ir Anpin.


SHEILA: Well Ze'ir Anpin is a Partzuf.


See, we're talking about the seventh window. Ze'ir Anpin has six Sefirot to himself, so I don't think we're talking about Partzuf here when it says the seventh window. I think we're talking about the Sefirot, not the Partzufim. Okay, does anyone else have the answer, who's the seventh, who's the seventh Sefirot?


COMMENT: I'm not sure, I want to say Netzach?


SHEILA: Oh Netzach, where are you counting from that Netzach is the seventh?


COMMENT: It would be Hod.


SHEILA: If you're counting from the Keter, okay, so you may.... that's a good try, and you may not know this but what the Kabbalists do is they start counting from Chesed, because they do not include....in certain expressions they do not include the upper triad.


They're just talking about the Sefirot that are available to men. So the upper triad does not communicate. Well, Binah will communicate, but, basically, Binah is a part of the upper triad, and when it's talking about men, the Kabbalists will speak about the Sefirot starting with Chesed, so the seventh from Chesed is?


COMMENT: Malkhut.


SHEILA: Yes, the seventh from Chesed is Malkhut, and according to Kabbalah, that's what we're waiting for.


We're waiting for Malkhut who is the Shekinah. It's the Malkhut of Atzilut, which is the Shekinah, the Malkhut of Atzilut, okay, and to us Christians, Atzilut is the world where the Lord Jesus Christ is. That's the World of Emanation, you see. So for Kabbalah, this is just saying they're waiting for the lowest element of the World of Emanation to appear in this world, see.


And we have it, the Christians have it, the Jews don't know it's here. It's already arrived, and what's really interesting here is the next sentences, for this, and then will this cause, when the moon becomes as bright as the sun, this will cause the seventh window to open, when Christ Jesus shines as brightly as the Lord Jesus okay, this will....well, it doesn't tell you here, but it will cause this union and then Malkhut, the seventh window, will open, because Malkhut is supposed to be a complete exact reflection of Binah, okay.


So what's going to cause this? And I'm expounding here, it doesn't say it here, but what is going to cause the moon to be as bright as the sun, and what is going to cause the seventh window to open is that Binah is going to join with Malkhut, and then the light of the whole upper triad will be seen in this world through Malkhut. And the Zohar says, the seventh window will open to the whole world, whose star is the star of Jacob.


Isn't that so interesting that the New Testament talks about these astrologers in the field, and it says, and they saw the star. They must have been talking about this star of Jacob. But it was a spiritual star. I'm sure it was a spiritual star that they saw. I don't have any revelation on it, but what interests me is how much Kabbalah is in the New Testament that the average person would never know. You have to study Kabbalah. There is so much Kabbalah in that New Testament. It was written to the Jew, and, not only to the Jew, but the Jew who knows Kabbalah.


So we see here that Malkhut, this seventh window that is about to open to the whole world, that is about to reveal herself to the whole world, is represented by a star that's called Jacob. What is the star of Jacob? Maybe it means the spirit of Jacob, the spirit of the one that generated the twelve tribes. The star of Jacob, that's just another way of saying, the spirit of the descendants of Jacob, and that's more than the Jew. That's all of the Israelites.


I really believe that the church today, that the majority of people that form the church today, are of the lost tribes of Israel that are just being gathered back in. There may be a few strangers in the midst, but that is my opinion, that everyone that has a true calling, a strong calling on their life, you know, that somewhere in their ancestry, they came from one of the tribes of Israel that is not functioning as a tribe anymore.


See, it's interesting to know that there are elements in the Christian church that are very interested in locating these lost tribes, and they'll tell you, well England may be a lost tribe and the Europeans are the lost tribes, and I asked a Rabbi about this, I said, where do you think the lost tribes are? And the Rabbi had a very spiritual answer for me. He said to me, they're lost. So, very profound answer.


So I said to the Lord after I spoke to this Rabbi, I said, why is it that all these Christians have ideas about where the lost tribes are, and the Jews just accept the fact that they're lost? What is the significance of that, and the Lord said to me, the significance is that from a Jewish point of view, even if the descendants of the lost tribes are in Europe, even if that's true, according to the Jew, they are not living and functioning as a Jew, so they're still lost, because what we're talking about is the physical descendants.


If it's true that the Europeans are the physical descendants of the tribes of Israel, to the Jew that means nothing that you are a physical descendant, it means nothing. You're not living like or practicing, you're not living like a Jew. You're not a Jew, you know.


So as far as the Jews are concerned they're lost. It's so interesting to see how different people think. It's really very stimulating, it's very healthy for me. I love it to be able to hear other people's ideas and not be threatened by it. It just really challenges me to hear what other people think, and then to think it through and come and decide whether or not I'm going to stick to my original conclusion or whether I'm going to be changed by what they think, you know. Most people don't want to listen to other opinions because they're afraid that they'll be changed against their will.


That is a spiritual weakness. They should be able to listen to everybody, and consider what they say, and try it, and judge it, and either accept it or reject it. Praise God.


So now this is what Balaam said, there shall come a star out of Jacob. So Balaam is expounding on this now, there shall come a star out of Jacob. So we know that a star....well, a star would mean a physical man in a physical body. We know Jesus was that star that came out of Jacob. This star will shine for forty days and forty nights, and when the Messiah shall be revealed and all of the nations of the world shall gather around him, then will this verse of Scripture be fulfilled which says, And in that day the root of Jesse which stands for an ensign of the peoples, to it shall the Gentiles seek, and his rest shall be glorious.


And it's begun to happen. The Jews just can't see it, it's amazing. What is this root of Jesse? Can anybody tell us that from the Doctrine of Christ, what is the root? What does that word root refer to? The root of, anybody? Anybody remember? Okay.


COMMENT: I would say Abel.


SHEILA: Yes, Abel is the root system of Adam. Abel is that, what's left. Abel is that part in the human being which is capable of regenerating Adam, the magnificent man, you know. Yes, that's very good, congratulations.


So that was....Balaam prophesied the coming of the Messiah, but, you see, according to the Zohar he didn't know what he was saying. He was just under the influence of the anointing, you see. He was under the influence of Christ that rose up in him, but he, the man, didn't know what he was saying.


That's the kind of prophecy we have in the church today. It's not really prophecy. It's the gift of prophecy. See, it's channeling. The person, a true....well, that's really hard to say because you know the prophets of old, Ezekiel and Isaiah, they didn't know what they were prophesying either, but my understanding....and they're called prophets, you see. But my understanding of what the Lord told me is that the true prophet, well, okay, the Lord's helping me again. Please bear with me, the Lord's bringing forth a correction here.


To prophesy and not know what you're saying, there are two different levels in that. There is the gift of prophecy which we see in the church today, which usually is, God is going to bless you and everything's going to be good. You don't see any of the profound messages that came through from the Hebrew prophets. You don't see any serious prophecy coming forth in the churches today that would be.... how do I describe it in the Doctrine of Christ? That would be like a higher level imputed anointing, a higher level imputed anointing. I'm talking about what the prophets of Israel had, okay. They were channeled.


The spirit of revelation channeled through them. They didn't know what they were saying, but it was a much more powerful anointing than we see in the church today. But they were both the same thing. Both of these, men or women in the church, or the prophets, they channeled what Jehovah had to say, you know. They didn't even understand it. We're told that in the New Testament. I think it was Peter who said it. They didn't even understand it, you see.


But there is an office that is higher than prophet, and in the Hebrew they're called the Sage, but in the Christian church they're called the Son. The son is higher than the prophet. The son speaks the word of God and understands what he's saying, see.


So Balaam, the Lord just corrected me, Balaam was a prophet, you know, but he was a prophet, and he prophesied the coming of Messiah, so he was a prophet on the level, not of what we see in the church today, but of the Hebrew prophets. There shall come a star out of Jacob, a spiritual person shall arise out of natural Jacob, out of the physical Jacob, and this star will shine for forty days and forty nights.


Now I studied something in the Zohar about the meaning of this forty days and forty nights which is eluding me at the moment, but it's a symbolic amount of time.


And, of course, we know that Noah's flood waters lasted, or at least it rained for forty days and forty nights, which is a symbolic amount of time. And when the Messiah shall be revealed, and all the nations of the world shall gather around him, then will this verse of Scripture be fulfilled which says, and in that day the root of Jesse, Abel, the potential for the resurrection of the glorious Adam within Jesse, which stands for an ensign of the people. We know that, that root came forth in the person of David, that root of Jesse manifesting as Jesse's son David, which stands for an ensign of the peoples to which shall the Gentiles seek. And, of course, that's not even talking about David. That's talking about David's offspring which is the Christ. It's going to come out of Jesse.


The Hebrew name Jesse, it means Yishay, and it's from the Hebrew root, the Hebrew verb "to be," and the Hebrew verb "to be" is Jehovah. The name Jehovah comes out of the Hebrew root "to be." So we see that Jesse is a type of Jehovah, see. So the root of Jehovah will appear in a physical manifestation of Jesse which was Jesus of Nazareth who became The Christ. Praise the Lord, that's such an exciting thing to hear about, Messiah.


Okay, why are you closing on me? Okay, the next reference is 192a. This is a study in Balaam now. The secret of it was that these wicked sorcerers, sons of Balaam, grandsons of the wicked Laban, perceived that the cup of benediction must be in the right hand. I'm going to have to read a sentence before this to make any sense out of this. Let's see if we can get the sentence before this.


As soon as he took the gold from their hand a voice proclaimed.... we're talking about Aaron. Okay, we're talking about Aaron taking the gold from the people to make the golden calf, and he received them at their hand. There were, thus, only two from whom he received them. As soon as Aaron took the gold from their hand a voice proclaimed, when the hand joins hand, evil shall not be unpunished. As soon as you make that league, as soon as that deed is completed, a punishment for that evil is already written in the heavenlies.


As Aaron said, quoting Aaron, You know the people that they are set upon evil, and that's Ex.32:22. Aaron says, You know the people that they are determined to do evil, that is they brought evil into the world. So Aaron's trying to get away from his responsibility and say, well the people, they were determined to do evil, I didn't make them do evil and I didn't help them. They were going to do evil anyway. That's what Aaron is saying, that's why I took the money, because they were going to do it anyway. So why shouldn't I take the money?


You know that the people are set on evil, that is they brought evil into the world. The secret of it was that these wicked sorcerers, the sons of wicked Balaam, grandsons of the wicked Laban, perceived that the cup of benediction must be in the right hand, and that energy and power always emanate from the right side. So thought in their hearts. If the representative of the right, namely the high priest, should be on our side, then the power will properly and completely be ours. If we could just control the priest we'll have the power. As soon as the seventh hour of the day was arrived, they gave the gold instantly to Aaron.


Now had he but said to them, put the gold first on the ground and I will pick it up, their witchcraft would have had no effect whatever, but, alas, Aaron took the gold directly from their hand. Well that's interesting, unGodly communication. Put the gold first on the ground, and I will pick it up, their witchcraft would have had no effect whatever, but, alas, he took it from their hand, wherefore the Scripture complains, this is quoting now, after he received them at their hand, talking about Aaron taking the money. See now, the unhappy fate of Aaron, a prophet he, a sage, a holy man of God, and yet he was not able to protect himself.


For had he only taken the gold from the ground, all the magicians of the world would not have succeeded in their designs. This does not mean, as people are apt to think, well, they're going on to the next verse already. This is very interesting. I wonder what the significance of this is. The ground would be the person. To be honest with you, I don't know what to make out of this. We may just have to move on since this is a study in Balaam.


Let me see here if I can go back a couple of sentences. Well, I had to scroll back several pages in the Zohar. I'm going to try and skip through it, but it's a very interesting study. We're told here that the mixed multitude was in the Hebrew children, was with the Hebrew children when they came out of Egypt. I believe the mixed multitude is talking about the carnal mind, and Zohar is saying, until this time, and they ate manna in the wilderness and until this time, the mixed multitude was kept down, the carnal mind was kept under, but now that Moses was disappeared up in Mount Sinai, now they sought the performance of some act. This is the carnal mind, the powers and principalities. Satan and Leviathan were seeking some act whereby they might strengthen the other side in all of these people who had come out of Egypt.


Now this is particularly interesting if we're believing that this exodus was really not a physical exodus into the desert, but that this exodus was taking dominion over Pharaoh, the ascended carnal mind, and turning the minds of the Hebrew children back towards the service of God, okay.


So it says the carnal mind was looking for an act whereby they might strengthen the other side, see. That's the weapon, okay. If the carnal mind which was now under the dominion of Christ could get the people of Israel to sin, they would be able to break free of Christ's restraints. So the Zohar says that this was the beginning of this abomination of the golden calf. So they were looking for an opportunity to seduce the Hebrew children, and they said, now this is Leviathan and Satan. They said, either we become all of us one people, this is Leviathan and Satan speaking through other people, either we become one people so that we are included in you, or let us have one walk before us, even as your God walks before you.


Well, it's written down in the Zohar as if it were a group of people that were the mixed multitude that were like second class citizens, and they were saying, we have to be one people. You see, this is a Scriptural principle, you know. You cannot serve God and mix with people that do not serve God. You can't mix with them on any deep level. You can work with them, you can honor them if they're your neighbors, you want to be kind to them, but to actually enter into a friendship with people that are not serving God will ultimately corrupt the Christ mind in you. You will not influence the other people, they will corrupt the Christ mind in you. And that's the way it's coming forth in the Zohar, but I believe it also can be taken in the individual. Your carnal mind is always looking to break the restraints that Christ has put on it.


So going on with this concept, and then Aaron said to them....see the mixed multitude wanted to be treated equally with the true Jews. They want to be mixed in with them, and they didn't want to be segregated. And Aaron said, it is not to be thought of that these should join with the holy people to become one of them. So I guess they were just Egyptians they came....if it did happen in the natural, they were Egyptians that came out and mixed with the Hebrews, and they wanted to be one with them, and that would have been the destruction of the Jews.


So Aaron is saying, no, this concept should not be. It would be better to separate entirely the mixed multitude from the holy people until Moses comes back. And Aaron verily meant to do all things for the best, but, alas, there were many in Israel who did associate themselves with the mixed multitude, even if not an action in their hearts. Therefore, when Moses finally arrived, he had to purify the holy people from that sin, and he gave them the water to drink until they were all purified, until there was no dregs of unholiness left in them. Did they have no other gold....I guess I didn't even go back to the beginning of this. Aaron's idea, however, was that while they were arguing with their wives and children, time would be gained and Moses might return before harm would be done. I guess they were fighting over whether or not to do this thing.


Observe how true the saying is. Proselytes, that means young Christians, cause as much pain to Israel as a sore does to the flesh. Well, that's true about young carnal Christians, they cause a lot of trouble.


So, in this case, they were not even genuine proselytes. I think what the Zohar is saying here is that the seduction that came forth in the desert was that it came forth from either the Egyptians that left with the Hebrew children, or the carnal mind of the individual was seeking to....for an excuse to corrupt the people, and, according to this, Aaron was seduced by their witchcraft. The Zohar says that it's plainly to be seen that Aaron did not guard himself against the two magicians who were the head of the mixed multitude, that's Satan and Leviathan.


One of these stood in front of him and the other busied himself with his witchcraft. After the two sorcerers had hatched their plan, they took the gold, one two-thirds and the other one-third, this being the method of that kind of magic.


So, basically, we're being told that Aaron was seduced. Well, that shouldn't be any surprise that he was seduced by the mixed multitude. The Zohar makes them human beings, and the Sod explanation would be that it was the carnal minds within the people. I don't think I'm going to do any more than this tonight, I just got a little interested in that reference to Balaam.


These Hebrews in the wilderness, they're called sons of Balaam. Okay, this is....as far as I could see, I don't have time to study the whole thing out, it's really just a parable, and it's saying that Satan and Leviathan, these wicked emissaries, they wanted the power that was present in the wilderness, and they felt that if they could seduce Aaron and get him to take the gold and build that golden calf that they would be able to acquire his power, and that Aaron came under the power of the witchcraft of these two. But I'm saying these two are Satan and Leviathan.


So anybody have any question or comment on this? I know I didn't go into it in depth, but we just don't have the time. Anybody want to say anything? Okay.


COMMENT: I was wondering what, symbolically, it was that he stood because he put his hand out to receive the money and it went on the ground? Does that mean if it went on the ground, the ground took the responsibility?


SHEILA: I don't know.


I've taken five or ten minutes to scroll back the text and see if I could get an answer to that, but I would really have to just study this out. I don't know the answer. It has to be a symbolic meaning when the day, when the seventh hour of the day arrived, they gave the gold to Aaron, and now had Aaron but said to them, put the gold first on the ground then I will pick it up, the witchcraft would have had no effect on them, but Aaron took it from their hand directly, and a prophet, a sage, a holy man of God, he was not able to guard himself. But had he only taken the gold from the ground, all the magicians of the world could not have succeeded in their designs. So I don't....there has to be a spiritual explanation for that. I do not know what it is.


COMMENT: This is Job that's with Balaam and Jethro. I wasn't certain that Job was a real man, I thought it was a story, a parable.


SHEILA: Well, I think the Zohar is talking about the Job company, but I personally believe Job existed.


I think Job, although Job himself might be a fictional character, I believe he represents Noah, I had that revelation a long time ago, that Job was Noah who had descended into the flesh, you know. But even if he didn't exist, the man, we're talking about spiritual principles and, of course, you're referring back to something that we discussed earlier, and it's just talking about people who have this aspect of character which is Job.


Okay, this is Volume 2, Page 224a. Observe that all is predisposed and revealed before the holy one, blessed be he, even so was it with Balak and Balaam, although the motive of their action was not the glory of heaven, yet was all they did duly recorded before the Lord, who did not diminish anything of their reward in this world. Thus the power of the forty-two offerings which Balaam and Balak brought on the seven altars, Balak and Balaam obtained for the time being dominion over Israel, so that twenty and four Israelites, twenty and four thousand Israelites died by the plague beside those who were slain. Observe that the forty-two offerings brought by Balaam and Balak were offerings diverted from the other side towards the holy one, blessed be he. And so the other side which is called curse had to be repaid, these offerings from Israel....this is the inner implication of the verse, and he, Elisha, looked behind them and saw them, that is to say, he saw the other side which stands behind the Shekinah. He turned and saw them, the children, as being meat for punishment. He saw the Hebrew children, the Shekinah in the Hebrew children, as being ready for punishment, and he cursed them. In other words, he saw their sins, Balak and Balaam. See, he could not have hurt Israel at all if there was not a legal ground.


Balaam saw the sins of Israel and he, therefore....and cursed them in the name of the Lord, inducing the divine name as it were to discharge the debt going to the other side, for the offerings which had been diverted to him. Well, that's a little complicated. but what it's saying, you know Balaam did curse the Hebrew children because immediately after the account of Balaam, the very next chapter, we're told that, I believe it was the Midianites, sent their women in to seduce the Hebrew men, and they were seduced. Did you know that?


Yes, that was how the curse manifested because legal ground was found, and I don't have time....the last couple of accounts that we've picked up here has been very deep, and I really don't want to take the time to study it in depth. We're really just doing a study on Balaam.


So what it's saying here is that Balaam and Balak gave all of these offerings, these forty-two thousand offerings and just to put it in my own words, they had the legal ground to curse the Hebrew children because sin was found in the Hebrew children.


See, sin is our only problem. Satan can do nothing to us except where we sin. See, couldn't make us sick, couldn't make us die, couldn't hurt us in any way. Our problem is sin, we are the problem, we are the problem. If you are sick, you are the problem. If I am sick, I am the problem. Satan found legal ground to do this to me. No matter what your problem is, if you don't have enough money, if you're losing your job, if you're having trouble with your children, no matter what, you are the problem.


You have got to get before God and find out, if you don't already know, what you need to repent of, and then hope for the best depending on the nature of the problem. Some problems when they involved another person, it may take a long time for the Lord to repair, but he is faithful, he's faithful when you confess your part in it.


Praise the Lord. So I think we're going to stop here tonight. Let me just look at the next one. If it's complicated, I won't do it. We're going to close tonight. We will pick up, Lord willing, with a Part 3. God bless you.


02/10/03 Transcribed by RS

02/14/03 1st Edit ACB


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