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Praise the Lord. In Part 1 of this message, we found out that the Serpent was present in the creation from the beginning. Actually, the Serpent was there even before the light came in. The darkness was there before the light came in. You can understand that by reading Gen.1.


For God to say, Let there be light, that meant the darkness was there before the light came in. In Part 1 of this message, the Lord gave us an understanding of how the darkness came to be in the void, that the darkness is a grade of light. It is actually a degraded level of light. It was never intended to do evil. The darkness was intended to be ruled over by the light, and that situation was reversed, and the creation was birthed in the image of the darkness.


Now today in this Part 2, I just want to share a revelation with you that the Lord gave me. I always wondered about Jesus saying to the Pharisees, the only sign that you will receive is that Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale. I understood it, but I never really understood it. It never sat right with me why that would be the one sign that Jesus was talking about, and then I realized that the Lord told me that what Jesus was really saying to the Pharisees was....the spiritual truth, brethren, is that all of humanity is inside the belly of the whale, and the only sign that you'll receive is that I will be delivered, I will be spat out. The Lord is speaking to the fish, and I'm going to migrate out of this body, and I will survive.


I'm going to leave this body. That is the sign that you will see, that I'm going to ascend out of this body, I'm going to rise out of this world of death. So I don't know whether you all had that revelation, but this is a new revelation for me that, that's what Jesus was telling the Pharisees, that the only sign that you're going to get is when I rise from the dead, and I come out of this physical body which is a grave and a jail house.


So the Lord started telling me that, and he went from there to relating this principle to Kabbalah, and this is what he said to me. He said, the vessels of fallen humanity have failed to hold the light. That's us. We have failed to hold the light because of sin. So Adam Kadmon inhaled us, see. The big fish that we're in the belly of, we're really in Adam Kadmon's belly, see.


We were birthed in the image of the Serpent instead of in the image of God, and Adam Kadmon inhaled us, and all of humanity is inside of the belly of this big fish. Isn't that interesting, see. And the Lord also told me that, well first of all let me remind you that Isaac Luria's Kabbalah says that the reason that Adam Kadmon inhaled the vessels, after first he breathed the vessels out, the vessels of the....or at least the lights of the mouth or the breath of the mouth came out, and then Adam Kadmon inhaled the breath of the mouth. And also Adam Kadmon inhaled the lights of the World of Points that came out in the wrong order, okay.


And according to Lurianic Kabbalah, the problem was that the Sefirot came out in a straight line instead of three columns, and they couldn't interact with each other, and the vessels shattered. If this is your first message, you may have to read some other messages to get up on the facts of Lurianic Kabbalah as to how come the vessels shattered and the lights separated from the vessels. So Adam Kadmon breathed in the light to save them, to marry them, to save them, okay. But the Lord told me today that he has a different opinion than Lurianic Kabbalah, that the reason that Adam Kadmon breathed the lights in was because they came out of his mouth malformed, see. They came out of his mouth in the image of the Serpent.


So he breathed them back into his belly. We're in the belly of Adam Kadmon, see. It even says in the Book of Acts, In him we live and move and have our being. We're inside of him, but according to the study of Lurianic Kabbalah, the lights came out of him and the World of Points is both on the inside of Adam Kadmon and outside of him. Let me just put a quick drawing on the board to remind you of that.


Okay, to remind you of what Lurianic Kabbalah says about the World of Points, okay. The World of Points is formed from the light of Adam Kadmon's eyes, the light comes out of Adam Kadmon's eyes. There is an inside to the World of Points, and there is an outside to the World of Points. The light from Adam Kadmon's eyes forms the outside of the World of Points. The inside of the World of Points is Adam Kadmon's abdomen, the place from which all of the light originally emanated before they came out. They came out of his ears, the lights came out of his ears, they came out of his nose, and they came out of his mouth, and then the lights came out of his eyes. All of these lights originated in Adam Kadmon's belly or in Adam Kadmon's womb you might say.


Now Chayyim Vital, Rabbi Vital, in his book The Tree Of Life, says that when the inner elements arose, the inner elements that would ultimately come out of Adam Kadmon's eyes arose from Adam Kadmon's belly, they ascended up into Adam Kadmon's head, behind his eyes in his head up here, and some of those lights went back down. Now the elements that ascended were basic.... the SaG of Adam Kadmon's SaG, and they merged, they had a jihud, a union, a spiritual sexual union, with the AB, of Adam Kadmon which is up here behind his skull, and then the product of that union is the light that poured out of Adam Kadmon's eyes. But the element of MaH and BaN that ascended, they went back down into Adam Kadmon's belly, okay.


Now this is....I'm telling you this right out of the book The Tree of Life, and the lights, according to Chayyim Vital, the lights of the World of Points shined from both the inside and the outside. Now that's as far as I got from my....that was all the understanding I could glean, and the volume one of the gates of...... I'm sorry, The Tree of Life, of Chayyim Vital's The Tree Of Life. Does anybody not understand this, because I'm going to tell you what Christ centered Kabbalah says which is different than this, is everybody okay with this?


Okay, now the World of Points according to Isaac Luria came out in a perverted form. The Sefirot came out in a straight line, you may remember, a straight vertical line, and, therefore, Lurianic Kabbalah tells the Sefirot could not interact with one another, and they all shattered. You may recall the light for all of the ten Sefirot was poured into the first Keter. Keter took what he needed and passed the lights for the nine Sefirot on to Chokhmah. Chokhmah took what he needed and passed enough lights for all ten Sefirot underneath him, and passed that on to Binah. And Binah took what she needed and passed the lights, the ten lights Da'at through Malkhut, on to Da'at, and Da'at shattered, and all of the vessels underneath Da'at shattered, okay.


And the light that was in the vessels separated. The light no longer had a vessel, so Lurianic Kabbalah says that Adam Kadmon inhaled that light, okay, inhaled it to marry it, okay, to marry it, and to rectify it, or to save it. We would say to save it, okay.


And when Adam Kadmon breathed that light back out again, he was now married to those lights, and they were breathed out as the World of Emanation, okay. But the Lord told me that the reason that Adam Kadmon breathed the lights back in was because they were born, they came out of him in a perverted form. You may recall that the Serpent fertilized the seed of Adam Kadmon's Garden, and that the World of Points was born in a female image.


So Adam Kadmon breathed them back in, breathed the beings or the entities of that World of Points back into his abdomen. You see, I don't know about you, but I don't know what it's like beyond this world, you see. Now my understanding is that immediately surrounding this physical world is a world called Yetzirah. The occult calls it the astral plane, and it's a spiritual world that's filled with evil entities and demons, but on the other side of the astral plane is the world of Yetzirah, and the world of Beriah, and the world of Atzilut, and those were supposed to be worlds filled with the entities that are in the image of him serving the living God.


Now I don't know what those worlds are like. I can't relate to them, I don't have any basis to relate to them, see, but we have been breathed back inside of Adam Kadmon's belly.


You see, it was illegal for perverted beings to exist in these realms of Yetzirah, Beriah, and Atzilut. That's the World of Formation, and the World of Creation, and the World of Emanation. It's illegal for perverted or evilly- inclined beings to exist in those worlds, and the human race today is a race that manifests good and evil. So we are not allowed into those spiritually clean worlds. We are, therefore, in jail inside of Adam Kadmon's belly, and we're waiting to be rebirthed in the image of God back out into the spiritual planes.


And this was what Jesus was talking about when he said to the Pharisees, the only sign you're going to get is Jonah, three days and three nights in the belly of the whale. I am going to ascend out of Adam Kadmon's belly, and I'm going to return to the World of Emanation outside, which is where Jesus is today. He's in the World of Emanation and above.


So just to relate, does anybody need me to say that again, does anybody not know what I'm talking about? We are this whole world. The whole physical world, the whole universe is Adam Kadmon's belly. We are the elements of MaH and BaN that are in Adam Kadmon's belly, MaH and BaN, Cain and Abel.


So this is the revelation the Lord gave me. The vessels of fallen humanity have failed to hold the light because of sin. So Adam Kadmon inhaled us, the vessels were formed, and now we are waiting for the out-breath, we're waiting for the out-breath, because Jesus said that he goes to prepare a place for us, and the place that he's preparing for us is Atzilut or the World of Emanation, and the new vessels are right inside of us. Christ Jesus is our vessel. We had this revelation that came forth in the Doctrine of Christ a couple of years ago when we studied Jonah, and that we had to have a space suit to pass through the astral plane.


But, at that time, I didn't really understand that there were worlds beyond the astral planes. But we do have this revelation recorded in our study of Jonah, that you have to be in your ship or your space suit, which is Christ Jesus or you will never make it through. The seas are very dangerous, they're filled with man-eating creatures, and it's impossible to make it through if you're not locked safely inside of Christ Jesus. So we have to make it through the astral plane, and we're taking this journey right now. We're taking it in our minds, or passing through these dangerous waters in our mind.


And I don't know how to tell you what to expect. I know that we're sitting in heavenly places with Jesus Christ, I know he's in the World of Emanation, I know we have access to the World of Emanation through the Lord Jesus Christ, but, by and large, my life is here. I just don't have any explanation of it. I know that the Lord ministers to me by vision and I know that, that kind of ministry when God moves creatively to change the direction, or to change the plans, or to change the assignment of this world, he does it in a very high place, and I'm not sure whether it's the World of Creation or the World of Atzilut.


I did read it somewhere once and, I'm sorry I don't remember what I read, it's either the World of Creation or the world of Atzilut. When the Lord ministers through you with visions, in other words, when the Lord wants to accomplish something supernatural through me, through this vessel....well, let me put it this way. If I was in Pentecost, you know, he would have me lay hands on somebody or bring forth a word of knowledge, and it would be spoken, it would be verbal, Thus saith the Lord, you know, your power is broken, or you're healed, or you're poverty is broken. And I do pray that way sometimes, but, frequently, I pray through visions. The Lord will show me a vision, he will actually show me things happening.


Now I know that, that is just a vision that is specific to what the Lord is telling me because there are no forms up in the World of Creation, and the World of Emanation there. There are no forms beyond the World of Formation, so the Lord just shows me a form so that I can understand what's happening. I don't know what existence is like in those high planes, you see.


Someday I hope to find out, because there's supposed to be perfect peace there. That's where the perfect peace is. That's where the lion lies down with the lamb, that's where Satan comes under the complete dominion of Christ Jesus to the point that she's lying down and she's harmless, see.


So we've all been inhaled into Adam Kadmon's belly where we're being reformed, and we're waiting for the out-breath. Remember, Lurianic Kabbalah says that the lights of the World of Points were breathed back into Adam Kadmon, and they came back out of his forehead. After they were breathed into Adam Kadmon, the lights that came out of the eyes of Adam Kadmon were breathed back in, and the second time they were born out of his forehead, and that's what we're waiting for. We're waiting to be born a second time. Our spiritual elements are waiting to be born a second time.


Everyone's mortal foundation is Cain and Abel. We're waiting to be born a second time into the world beyond the astral plane, at least to the World of Formation. My understanding now is that we will exist in all of the worlds. All of the worlds are within us.


Ecclesiastes says the worlds are within us. But right now we exist....well the average person just exists in the World of Action. Some people exist in the world of Yetzirah, which is the astral plane. I am so drunk tonight, please forgive me. This is the World of Asiyah, it's the physical world, and the World of Yetzirah is the astral plane, okay, and beyond that is the World of Beriah and the World of Emanation. So we're waiting to be breathed out. We cannot take our criminal soul or our criminal mind into those holy realms, okay, and these worlds are inside of us.


So the position, our change of position is not physical. Our change of position is taking place inside of us. It is a change of position of mind. Now when you read about people being on the operating room table, and suddenly they're floating above their body and looking down, and then suddenly they think they come back to life. What's happened to them is that they've had a change of position of mind. Their physical body's lying on the operating room table, but something happened that caused their mind to ascend into a higher place, and from that position of ascension of their mind, it appears to them that they were outside of their body.


We're waiting for a change of position of mind. It's not a physical change of position, see. We've been breathed back into Adam Kadmon, and this is an event that has taken place in our mind, inside of us. The Lord went on to say to me, okay, talking about Jesus hanging on the cross. Now I had the revelation years ago that Jesus was not moaning and groaning saying, Oh Lord why have you forsaken me? But that Jesus was saying, Now that you have forsaken me, I can die. And I've also preached years ago that the Greek word that said that he gave up the ghost, or he gave a sign and he gave up the ghost, I'm not sure which Greek word it was, but it says, it indicates that Jesus breathed out of his body, that in our mortal condition our body dies and then the spirit is forced out because the body dies, but Jesus willfully breathed out of his body, and then his body died.


The powers of this world did not kill Jesus Christ. I preached that years ago, and now the Lord says to me, no it wasn't Jesus who breathed out of his body. It was Adam Kadmon who breathed Jesus out, it was Adam Kadmon who breathed Jesus out. Jesus said, now forsake me, you know, forsake me, get me out of here, you know. There are other translations of that word, not to forsake me, is to leave. Jesus was saying, Get me out of this place, let me leave this place, and Adam Kadmon breathed him out. Isn't that exciting? Yeah, Jesus was breathed out of this world.


Okay, now I just have all these sketchy notes that the Lord gave me here. >From the point of view of the Doctrine of Christ, this is what it sounds like. Adam was having trouble holding all the many Abels together in a righteous configuration, so Adam Kadmon breathed him back in. Remember that teaching from the Doctrine of Christ that Adam comprised all of the Abels, all of the seeds of all the human beings of humanity. Kabbalah says, Adam contained all of the souls of humanity. The same revelation.


And I told you that Adam, not Adam Kadmon, but the lower Adam who was appearing in a righteous configuration because he was holding together....Just like the gravity of the sun holds all the planets in orbit around it, Adam was holding all the Abels together so that the whole of them, the collective Abel had a name called Adam, and he was the righteous man of the kingdom. It's the same principle of the body of Christ see, and Abel was becoming....Adam was becoming too weak. He could not stand up against the Serpent's witchcraft, and he was losing control. He was losing his power to hold all of the Abels together in a righteous configuration, so Adam Kadmon breathed them all back to the inside.


See, it's just another way of saying, and the potter marred the clay, and reformed it. Adam Kadmon is the creator.


Also let's see what the Lord said to me here. We fell back inside of Adam Kadmon, the big fish that Jonah fell into, on the inside of Adam Kadmon, okay, that's why Jesus said in the Book of Revelation, be hot or be cold, not be hot or cold or I will....threatening you, spue you out of my mouth. Jesus said, be hot or be cold, so that I can spue you out of my mouth, and what that is referring to, and I could not find that in the Greek text, but that is what the Lord told me. This is referring to alternating forms of consciousness.


I talked about this somewhat about a year ago. If you talk to the Kabbalists about....well, let me tell you this first. You know, the main thing that Kabbalists are after are the ability to meditate to a degree that they enter into these invisible planes that I'm telling you about. That's what their goal is, to go into a trance through meditation that will catapult them into a higher spiritual realm where they meet and speak to angels, and get revelation, and get knowledge and information that they need that will help them get out of this world. That's what they're seeking, see.


And one of the techniques, one of the most common techniques that is taught for Kabbalistic meditation is this alternating levels of consciousness. You go back and forth into....and you have to forgive me because I can't remember exactly, I am so drunk tonight. I believe they say they go back and forth between Binah consciousness and human consciousness. You go back and forth between the two levels of consciousness, and then, hopefully, you kick into a trance that catapults you into a place where you'll meet an angel and get some revelation and some information on how to solve your problems and hear whatever you need to know about this world. It's called oscillating consciousness. I preached a message on it over a year ago. I think it's called Permanent Meditative Consciousness, something like that.


So that's what Jesus is saying in the Book of Revelation, be hot and cold, alternate your consciousness so that I can spue you out of my mouth.


He's saying, ascend into higher realms of consciousness, so that I can get you to the outside of this physical world and talk to you and help you and give you the assistance that you need. That's what he's telling people in the Book of Revelation.


I always wondered about that, why is Jesus trying to spit us out of his mouth? What a crazy thing to say, because we're inside of his belly and he wants us to come out, and he's saying....now this message is not encouraging anybody to go into any kind of Kabbalistic meditation. The Lord hasn't really done that with me yet, but the principle is, get spiritual, that's the principle. Use oscillating methods of consciousness so that you can catapult yourself into the higher realms so that you can come to the outside world, but you have to let him do it for you. Don't anybody go doing it themselves by entering into any kind of meditation.


The Lord hasn't shown me yet what he really requires of us. We want to wind up....when we get spat out of Adam Kadmon's mouth, we want to be in the World of Emanation, the plane of God, we don't want to be in the worlds of the other side, so please don't anybody take this message as authority to go and do something foolish. Praise the Lord. Let me see what else I have down for you.


Okay, fluctuate, oh, here it is. Fluctuate between Binah consciousness and your fallen mentality and Binah, she's the fire. So he said, I wish you were hot, I wish you were in Binah consciousness or cold, your fallen consciousness, go back and forth between the two. It's just like when you're getting ready to jump or to pitch a baseball, you just wind up, and you just wind up, and you just wind up, and then you just throw the ball. The whole principle around this oscillating consciousness he's saying, be hot, be cold, be hot be cold, and jump over the wall, and let me spue you out of my mouth. Praise the Lord.


We've been inhaled, and the Lord Jesus is waiting for our cooperation to exhale us. We have to be in the right condition for him to exhale us. We are not getting into these higher realms where we have no sickness and no death and all provision....we are not taking our evil side, or disobedient good side into those planes. Our evil side has to come under the dominion of our good side, our good side has to be developed and disciplined, and then we have to enter into the life of Jesus Christ. That's the stages and that's the steps, and nobody is going to jump over any step. It is a rigorous period of training, but all things are possible in Christ Jesus. Any questions about this? Okay.


The Lord gave me a witness for you in the Zohar concerning this principle of the Serpent being a degraded aspect of the light of the Ayn Sof, so we're going back to the subject matter of Part 1 of this message. And let me tell you again, the Lord revealed to us that the Serpent was in the field of creation from the beginning because the Serpent is the name of the light of the Ayn Sof after that light has been dimmed. Is everybody okay with that? Okay.


And here's the witness the Lord gave me in the Zohar, I'm looking at the first ever unabridged, English translation with commentary. That's the version of the Zohar we have here. It's Volume 19, and I'm on page 265, paragraph #419, and this is what he says, it's talking about Uzza and Azael. These are the two angels, according to Kabbalah, that were cast down to the earth, and it seems to me that those are just the names for Cain and Abel. But let me read this to you. Okay, reading in paragraph 419, "After the dropping of Uzza and Azael from their holy level by the holy one...." Let me see if I should read you the whole thing to get you up on it. Well okay, I'll read you the whole story, going back to paragraph 417, page 264. "As soon as Adam was created and sinned and left his presence with his judgment sentence, Uzza and Azael approached. They said to him, "We have a redress to complain about to you." This is talking to Adam Kadmon,"here is a man that you created and he's sinned against you."


"And he replied to them," that's the creator replied to them, "if you would have been with them, you would have been worse than him." In other words, if you, now this is something that could be said to a lot of Pharisees in the church that have a spirit of condemnation towards people who are not doing too well. You don't know how you would have held up if you were in the same circumstances as they were. This is what the Lord answered to them, "if you had been with them, you would have been worse than them." What did the holy one blessed be he, do? He dropped Uzza and Azael from heaven by reducing their level of holiness. Okay, this is the principle of a light being degraded without being destroyed.


Paragraph 419, "After the dropping of Uzza and Azael from their holy level by the holy one, blessed be he, they erred after the women of the world and misled the whole world." So we see the same thing happens time and time again, there's nothing new under the sun, and it happens on all the levels of consciousness. I want to tell you again that what I'm showing you here is this Scriptural and spiritual principle of the degrading, or the dimming, or the lowering, or the dropping of a light, or the dropping, or the lowering of an angel. It's the same thing.


That's who the Serpent is. The Serpent was there from the beginning in the field of creation. That is the personal name given to the light that was dimmed in the field of creation. And then, after that dimmed light filled the void, then a stream of the bright light of the Ayn Sof entered in, and here we have the two great lights, and the greater light was to rule the lesser light.


So here's this principle working out in the form of two fallen angels, Uzza and Azael. Okay, "after they fell from their holy level, they erred after the women of the world and misled the world. Here we need to study and observe as we find written, who makes the winds his messengers. Here these angels were messengers, how could they exist on the earth? And he replies, Come and see. All the angels above do not stay above, and are incapable of enduring only through the higher light that illuminates them and sustains them. If that light of the above is cut off from them, they cannot exist. Most certainly these angels blessed be he, dropped lower and from whom he removed that high light from above would have their glow changed."


Do you hear this? They were dropped from above and their glow changed by....talking about the degrading or the dimming of the light. This is what happened in the field of creation, and it's happening again in the lower worlds, angels having their light dimmed. Their glow changed. "Consequently when they dropped lower and were under the dominance of the worldly air," that's the air of the World of Asiyah where we live, "they transformed to another level," and this is how the Serpent came into existence. The light was lowered, and it transformed into another level.


So this is how the Serpent came into existence. This is the Serpent in the void of creation, and as we're told in Revelation, Chapter 20, Satan is being forced back down into the pit, and, of course that....I've been preaching for years that, that Greek word, even the Greek word for tribulation means to be forced down under. This degraded form of light that transforms to another level came out from under the authority of the stream of bright light that was sent into the field of creation to rule over it.


Now this is an interesting idea here. Paragraph 420, "Come and see manna that came down for Israel in the wilderness, that manna was from the dew above that filtered from the most concealed Atik, which is the Keter." You know I've known for a long time that the Hebrew word translated "manna" is "Elohim." It's Elohim, and I could never understand that, but here's an understanding. Do you understand what I told you?


The Hebrew word, talking about the manna in the wilderness, it really means Elohim. I don't know whether you knew that or not, I've know it for a long time, and I thought that meant that well, Elohim was feeding them. But I still didn't get it, and what I'm reading to you here, what I now get is that what fed the Hebrew children in the wilderness was Elohim himself lowered his light, lowered it down, and when it came into the realm of appearance, it became some form of physical food. Elohim, himself, lowered some of his light into this world, and it transformed....when it came into the air of this world, that light transformed and it became some form of edible food.


I continue reading with paragraph 420, "when it came down, its light was illuminating the whole universe and from it was sustained and fed the field of apples which is Malkhut, and the higher angels." When the manna came down, and the air of the world affected it, it gelled and its glow changed. It was not glowing anymore. And the Scripture only says, "And the manna was like coriander seed." The atmosphere had even more of an effect on the angels that were dropped lower by the holy one, blessed be he." As soon as they descended, they were transformed from that earlier level in which they were.


So what have I been reading to you about, this whole principle of spirit and spiritual beings, when they descend into the air of the lower world, they become transformed. And that is how the Serpent came into existence. That is how spiritual beings take form when they enter into this world. That is how the aliens which are evil angels, take form when they enter into this world, and the way I described it in the Doctrine of Christ is that they have to pass through the matter stream to get here, and the matter stream is the world of Yetzirah, the astral plane. When they passed through the astral plane, the particles of material earth cleave unto them and they take form. Is that amazing?


There's two ways to take form and enter into this world. You can be born as a human baby, in which event you take on....the matter stream for you is the body of the mother that you're being formed in. And then there's a high spiritual way of appearing in this world, where you come directly, you pass directly through the astral plane, and you appear in this world in a material form. It takes a very high-powered entity to do that. Angels can do it, we saw the three men appear to Abraham. They did it.


The angel that appeared to Samson's mother did it, and sometimes demons have the power to do it. The entities that have the spiritual strength to pass through the astral plane and materialize in this world as a full adult with their full consciousness and memory. Of course, this is illegal outside of the Lord Jesus Christ, of the powers there. Praise the Lord.


We saw a movie about that called "Beloved." We did a commentary on that. Okay, so this is all about Uzza and Azael. Let me see if I want to put anything else about them on this tape, or maybe I'll just make it a short message. Okay, I don't think I'm going to go on with the Zohar because it's really a different message here about Uzza and Azael, who I am convinced are Cain and Abel.


So since there are no questions or comments, I think I will close this message The Serpent In The Void Of Creation, although if the Lord lets me, I will preach another part, because we really do have to talk about my previous definitions of the Serpent. You may recall my previous definition of the.... actually, the Serpent's seed was Malkhut ruling over Yesod. So as the Lord gives me that message which I hope that he does, there will be a Part 3 of this message, and we will have to reconcile this message with everything that's been taught previously about the Serpent seducing the seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary, etc, etc.


Okay, everybody know what I'm talking about? I'd like to clarify one thing. In the Scripture, the word for manna is not Elohim. The word for manna is "what," the Hebrew word translated "what," and we have had the deep revelation in this ministry for years that "what" is Elohim and MaH is Jehovah, and, of course, that was what taught me....that was a Kabbalistic principle that the Lord showed me over ten years ago. It was the....I had picked up a copy of the Zohar over....well, more than ten years ago.


Well, the ministry is 14 years old, so I picked up a copy of the Zohar maybe twenty years ago, and that was the one thing I got out of the introduction that MaH is...."what" is Elohim and "who" is Jehovah, and beyond that I couldn't get anything out of Kabbalah, and I didn't pick up books on Kabbalah for another ten or fifteen years after that.


So in the King James, in the Interlinear Text of the Scripture, where it's talking about manna that fell down in the wilderness, the Hebrew word is "what," and what is a cognomen for Elohim. That's how I came to that conclusion that the manna is Elohim, the light of the Elohim that descended into this world and took edible form. God bless you, goodnight.


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