563 - Part 4

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Praise the Lord we have drawing #1 on the board. Now this is a very, very important spiritual principle because the Lord is telling us that it was never his intention for there to be an empty space in the field of creation. Now this is a radical statement that I'm making because, at least modern Kabbalism at least in our generation, Kabbalism in our generation is following the teaching of Isaac Luria, and Chayyim Vital which state that, that the creator deliberately formed an empty space in the midst of himself, a place in which to bring forth creation an empty field, okay. And the Lord is telling us that this is not true. What we see happening here which I've seen so many times in the church and in the teachers is that and it's happened to me, you know, I have transcribers transcribing the messages that I preached years ago, and every once in while one of the transcribers will send me an email with a paragraph of the transcript of an old message saying do you still believe this? I have to put a link with a correction next to the transcript because I don't believe that anymore, and I realize that what happened was that my carnal mind looked at that particular spiritual principle and I understood at that time with my carnal mind. And today I'm seeing that particular spiritual principle with my Christ mind, and I realize that I had it completely backwards initially because when you see a spiritual principle, when you see anything with your carnal mind, you are seeing it backwards, you see.


And at the risk of getting a lot of people angry at me, this is the truth as the Lord is showing it to me, Rabbi Isaac Luria, who I'm sure was an incredibly brilliant man brought forth this concept or this system for understanding the spiritual principles of God. He brought forth the system known as Adam Kadmon, and the Sefirot, and he did a great work, he brought forth a great body of knowledge on behalf of the word of the Lord, but then at some point he started seeing things or he saw certain areas with his carnal mind and it came out backwards. This is what happened Rabbi Luria saw the empty space, saw an empty space in the midst of creation, that empty space did indeed come into existence but only after the fall, you see. When you look at something with the Christ mind, the Christ mind doesn't show you things that happen after the fall, the Christ mind shows you the way it was before the fall, and the way it was after the rectification. The Christ mind doesn't as initial fact what happened after the fall, that's what the Serpent does, that's what the carnal mind does, because as far as the carnal mind is concerned, the world began with the fall, that was when the Serpent came into existence.


So we're preaching a radical message here, but all I want is the truth, may the spirit of truth prevail, if this is not correct, may the Lord correct me, and If I am speaking on behalf of the Lord, both the God of the Jews and the God of the Christians, let the truth be made known that we may all be set free because we are told that it is the truth that will set us free. Well Sheila, how does bringing a correction like this set you free? How does it make you feel to correct a Kabbalist that has been honored for hundreds of years in whose teachings are still paramount in the world of Kabbalah, how does that set you free? Brethren thinking with the Christ mind will ultimately result in your liberation, and every lie that you believe, every lie that you believe and every lie that you repeat must come out of your carnal mind, and there's only one fruit of the carnal mind and that is death. The truth sets you free because the only way you can experience the genuine truth is by perceiving whatever it is that you're looking at with the Christ mind and immortality is in the Christ mind.


If you abide in the Christ mind long enough and hard enough, eventually you will bond to that Christ mind and you will die to the mortal world. Praise the Lord, looking at drawing #1, first of all the Lord has shown me that there is only one seed in Adam Kadmon's ovary, one seed, not many seeds, like I have shown you on previous drawings, and the Scripture that the Lord gave me to back that up is in the book of Galatians where Paul is telling the Galatians that God was never talking about many seeds. He said there would be one seed and that, that seed is Christ.


So we see that Adam Kadmon's ovary contained only one seed. Now this one seed eventually divided and became a many membered seed after the fall, but God's creation is unified, and initially there was just one seed. So looking at drawing #1, at the top I've more or less repeated what I've shown you on part 3 of this message. If you can recognize it, Chesed, Gevurah, Netzach, and Hod have shattered and Malkhut has exalted herself over Yesod, and I really should stop saying herself, because at the beginning before the fall, Malkhut was male. Malkhut was male before the fall, and the way the Scripture describes that is by saying that the moon which is Malkhut was just as bright as the sun was, the two of them were equally bright, but as the Zohar says it, I don't have any revelation on this yet, Malkhut complained to God, and at the moment I don't know what she complained about, she wasn't satisfied with her position, and therefore God diminished the light of the moon and she became female. But that's not today's message, so at this point, and I always wondered why in Dan.8 it said a he goat attacked the ram. I wondered that even when I was reading it on the message on part three of this message, why does Daniel say a he goat?


Because Malkhut was initially male, and as I told you she was the reservoir, she was the accumulation and still is, she was the accumulation of all of the energies of the nine Sefirot above her to whatever degree she can cause them to flow into her, she is the holding tank of all of the accumulative power.


So she Malkhut at certainly at the world of points, was a he goat that turned around and attacked Yesod the ram and pierced that ram through with her horns, placing Yesod, actually the male organ of Ze'ir Anpin, underneath her, and we now see the definition of the Serpent. I struggled trying to find a definition of the Serpent when we preached the world of points and I may have had some guesses or some hypotheses when I was preaching that message, I don't even recall, but I now know that the definition of the Serpent is Malkhut in the male position and Yesod in the female position. Ze'ir Anpin is Yesod in the male position, and Malkhut in the female position. So we have the heavens, Ze'ir Anpin and Malkhut are the heavens, and Malkhut and Yesod and the rest of Ze'ir Anpin is dead, we have darkened heavens or the negative heavens.


So once Malkhut completes her acquisition of the male seed, oh I was supposed to show you that at the beginning of this message. Okay we're do that next. I wanted to show a drawing of the corruption of the seed, how the corrupted seed looked. We'll do that as drawing #2. So we see that Malkhut having acquired Yesod because Malkhut needs Yesod to impregnate Adam Kadmon's, the seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary, and this is something else that I preached on previous messages, that there is a seed of the woman, because we know that the Scripture talks about the seed of the woman, but I didn't know where the woman got that seed from, okay, but here we see where the woman got that seed from. She acquired Yesod. Remember Yesod is the reproductive gland that holds the sperm of Ze'ir Anpin.


And when Malkhut acquired it and put it under her authority, the seed became perverted, which as I said I will show on drawing #2. So Malkhut indeed has a seed but is incapable of producing a male offspring, it can only produce a female offspring because Yesod that is acquired or underneath Malkhut is cut off from the rest of his body and he's cut off from the brains of Ze'ir Anpin, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah are the brains of Ze'ir Anpin. So it's a stunted seed, it's an incomplete seed, it's a stunted seed and it can only produce a retarded spiritual offspring, a retarded female spiritual offspring. Now please understand that we are talking about spiritual principles, God is not against women, I am not against women, we are talking about the weak part and the strong part of the creation, and the way the Scripture describes these two parts is male and female, the weak part is female and the strong part or the hard part is male. And we do have these types in our society, and we do have certain weaknesses in our characters because we are the descendants of the energy forces that engaged in the events that we're describing, but in Christ Jesus there is no male or female. That means it is possible to develop your intellectual and your spiritual abilities for a woman to develop her intellectual and spiritual abilities to the same degree as any man could, and then even beyond that in Christ Jesus.


But for the sake of finding out what happened to cause the fall, we must deal with the reality that there was a weak part of the creation and that God has chosen to call that weak part woman. So don't get your nose all out of joint over that, and don't, if you're a woman, don't think you have to be repressed, and if you're a man don't think that this gives you the right to repress women, because it doesn't. Now in marriage, the woman subject to her husband, but outside of marriage the woman can become all that she can be, or she could still be married, but apart from the marital relationship, she can become all that she can be as long as the Lord is leading her in that direction. And to stop the woman from becoming all that she could be in Christ Jesus is to oppose the will of the Lord, and it does not glorify God.


Okay let's go on, so in the second section of the board, the top section of the board is the outside of the world of points and we talked about that in part 3. The second section down, and you could make this when you do these illustrations, you could make them all separate, I'll talk to you about that tomorrow, okay. The second section down is the inside of the world of points, and as I told you the Lord tells me now that there's only one seed, not many seeds at the onset. So we see that Malkhut clinging to Yesod or laying hold of Yesod descends or not descends but penetrates into the interior of Adam Kadmon where his ovary is, and that ovary contains one seed, and we see that the seed has a nucleus which is male, and a shell which is female. We see that the Malkhut who is legally taken the male role penetrate only into the female shell aspect of the seed, she doesn't have the power or she doesn't have the energy to penetrate into the center, which is the male nucleus.


Now all of the riches, all of the reproductive energy is in the center, it's not in the shell, it's in the center, but the Malkhut, this he goat that has become Malkhut with Yesod bound underneath, does not have the strength to penetrate into the center, but what she does is, she if you look down, well if you look down into the next world, you'll see that the world of creation is a wilderness, that's where the image of the glorious man will be. So we see that the image is appearing in the female world of formation and in that female world of formation, we see that the Serpent has sucked all of the reproductive energy out of the nucleus, and sucked it into the shell of the egg, and she has built a creation, in the exterior, in the outskirts, in the shell of the seed instead of in the center of the seed where all of the rich reproductive energy is.


The Lord tells me we could liken it, it's not exactly the same, but we could liken it to a tubal pregnancy, see. The creation cannot survive in that condition, it's being formed in the wrong part, see. It's being formed in the outer and not in the rich inner place where all the provision is made to take care of that creation and to bring it in to fruition as the Lord intended it to be. Now this is very interesting because I have gone ahead in the book the tree of life, I don't know whether we'll ever get back to those message or not, but I have gone ahead with those studies, and I see that Isaac Luria and Chayyim Vital use the term that the shells will suck on you. And when I first heard that I thought it was such a, actually a vulgar term, but I haven't put that away because that's the term they're using, so you can't get your pride in it. I wondered why they would use a term like that, that the shells will suck on you, and now I understand why. Because as the Serpent penetrated in to the shell of seed of creation, the Serpent became one with the shell of the seed of creation, the shell of the seed of creation is the woman that the Serpent talked to in the Garden, see.


So the Serpent joined with the woman and then sucked all that rich marrow, you might say out of the center of the seed and drew it into a place where it was never intended to be. And today in our condition today, there are still shells that suck on us, well what does that mean. Those of us who have Christ Jesus growing in us, where is he growing, he's in our center, Christ Jesus that's in us, he's become our center, because we're not supposed to have an empty place in us. he's filling us up, there's not supposed to be any empty place at all, and these shells, they come from the etheric and the astral plane, and they try to attach themselves to us, and to suck that which is Christ, they suck on Christ in us to take our energy, and how do they do that. They do that by tempting us to sin. When we sin, we give them our energy. When we get angry, when we yield to any kind of sin.


You see, we are still in a place where we cannot completely stop sin from coming into our mind, the Lord knows that, but we are required to resist, we are required to recognize that these thoughts in my mind are wrong, these emotions that I'm feeling are wrong, and we're required to fight, to resist, to cry out to God, to ask people for prayer, to talk about it, we are required to deal with it, to not yield to it. Now some people just bury it and the sin exists in their subconscious mind, that doesn't help you any, but these shells come and they take our energy when they succeed in getting us to think unGodly thoughts or engage in unGodly activities. So we see in the world of formation that creation takes form in the outer female shell instead of in the center male nucleus. The reproductive energy of the male nucleus is then sucked outward in to the shell leaving an empty space in the midst of the field of creation, because this very seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary is the field of creation. Then down at the bottom we have the world of action is born as a mortal world with an empty center. And I just tried to show you all a world, I see I drew a tree and the sun is shining that's supposed to be a funeral caravan and a cemetery, because death is a big part of our existence down here.


And you may have even heard in our pop culture today, we have a pop psychology culture today, they talk about that emptiness or that hole inside of you, people that take drugs, people that drink, people that overeat, people that have any kind of compulsive problem, if you read the pop psychology on the issue they'll tell you well you have that empty hole inside of you, and that's why you keep eating or that's why you keep drinking, because you can't fill up, because the problem is not in your physical body, the problem is in your spirit. You've heard of that, that is the hole. We are existing in the shell. See life is in the center, and this just goes along with everything I've been teaching you for years. As much as you love your families, if you want the full satisfaction or if you want the full inheritance that Jesus has promised you, this is only available to you in an inward life where you're married to Christ. It's a world of mind, where your mind goes inward, and that is a real problem for people because most people have a mind that goes outward towards their husbands, towards their wives, towards their children, towards all the things that they love of this world, but the hard cold fact is that deliverance or any rapture that you're looking for, is a transference to the world within, it's a world of thought, it's a world of the mind.


And in order to enter into these different levels of consciousness in mind, you have to spend a lot of time apart from people, and what looks like being alone, but you're not really alone, you're with the Lord. It's an activity of mind, salvation is an activity of mind. We are saved when our mind cleaves to the mind of Christ. When our personality cleaves to the mind of Christ, that is our salvation. We're not going anywhere physically, the body will heal and the body will stop dying when your inner world is completely filled up. Because you see creation as I've told you many times, creation is just beginning for us. We are the Adam that's in the Garden, and it we'll go over these Scriptures in Gen.3, and I hope to show it to you. What happened in the Garden is happening in us today. If Christ is in you, then you have what's on the top row there, you have the Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, and all of the Sefirot through Malkhut if you have the male in you. If you don't have the male in you, you're just Malkhut, and if you're under a teacher, your teacher is the male to you until Christ Jesus is formed in you. Then you also have the Garden in you which is Abel, down below in your navel energy center, in your belly energy center. You've got the whole thing, you see, it's happening in you today, and the Serpent is seducing you today, and there's an empty hole in you today, and the question is, is the spiritual creation that you are carrying as a woman carries a child, is it being formed in your shell, or is it being formed in the nucleus of your being. If the creation that you're bringing forth in God, you have the Holy Spirit, you maybe have Christ, where are you reproducing, if you're reproducing in the shell of your being, you will not inherit eternal life, you will be blessed by the Lord, you'll reap what you sow, and you'll have some good times, but eternal life is only in the creation that's formed in the midst of you.


That's just another way of saying you will be saved by childbearing. You've got to bear the child, you've got to get into the inward parts, if Christ Jesus is in there, you have to get together with him and bring forth a child, and you all will exist in this nuclear center of your spiritual being, and that's a very difficult thing to do when you have a family in this world. But the Lord tells us that all things are possible in Christ. But you have to want it badly enough, you have to want the Lord badly enough to not let go of him, until he makes a way for you to have both. I have never seen a young woman with children get very deep into this, I don't know she may get into the message, but I've never seen a young woman with children get into the program, because it's just too hard, you have to wait until your children are grown up.


But you could follow the message and you could do whatever God gives you to do. So there it is in a nutshell, the story of the truth about the empty space in the center, the truth about shells sucking on us, what are they sucking out? They're sucking out Christ, just as we would suck the marrow out from a soup bone. Did you ever do that? I use to do that when I was a little girl, my mother would buy bones to cook in the soup, marrow bones, and after the bones are boiled long enough, and the soup is done, the marrow is soft, we would suck the marrow out of the bones, it's a delicacy.


Praise the Lord, okay let's do one more drawing, I'll try to show you how the seed was perverted, and then we'll start commenting and doing an alternate translation of Genesis 3, starting with verse 7. The Lord tells me that what happened here is a tubal ligation if a form of female sterilization which takes place by the tying off or the cutting off of the fallopian tubes, but remember everything that happens in this world is the reverse of what happens in the spirit. What happened in the spirit, was that Yesod and I said this earlier, Yesod was cut off from the rest of Ze'ir Anpin, and from Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah. So Yesod was cut off from receiving a fresh flow of sperm you might say, it wasn't the female egg that was cut off as in human tubal ligation, it was the flow of reproductive energy in to Yesod that was cut off, and the creation was therefore sterilized, we became sterile, we became incapable of reproducing this spiritual child that will connect us to the eternal world.


This is how the Scripture can say, they shall be saved in childbearing, that Scripture is not speaking about physical women only, it's speaking about the whole spiritual woman which is all of present day mortal humanity. We will be saved when we bear the Christ child in the empty space in the midst of us, see. Okay I'll do drawing #2 now. Drawing #2 is on the board, I've entitled two seeds, and you may recognize that the Lord has added something to what I've been telling you previously. This is an unfolding revelation coming forth here, and it's very likely that any particular message you're listening to will have some changes when compared to the previous message, and right here we have from drawing #1 to drawing #2, we have additional information.


The male seed, every seed is male and female, and actually I've told you this, I've just never expressed it this way before, I told you that Malkhut put Yesod under her, okay, and stole his seed, and the purpose of this drawing is to show you how the seed of creation became perverted. So in order to understand that you have to see that each, every seed is both male and female. I've drawn the male as a rectangle, and the female as a circle. So part a of this board shows that Adam Kadmon's male sperm in it's healthy condition, the exterior is male and it's represented by a rectangle and it has a female within it, the inner aspect of the sperm is a circle. The male outer aspect of Adam Kadmon's sperm is hard and strong enough to pass through the outer shell of the female seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary, well it's not a female seed I'm sorry, to pass through the outer shell of the seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary and penetrate the male nucleus to fertilize Adam Kadmon's seed and produce a male immortal offspring, in the midst of the seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary. I don't have that written down. The idea is to produce the offspring, to produce the creation in the midst of the seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary. Now please note that the sperm is male on the outside and female on the inside, and the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary is female on the outside and male on the inside. So if you just, well I'll just take as the board shows it, okay section #b is the Serpent's perverted sperm, we see that Malkhut has forced Yesod to the center. So the sperm of the female is circular on the outside and square on the outside, it's a complete opposite of the healthy sperm, can you see that, okay that's comparing section a with section b. The inner male aspect of the Serpent's sperm is cut off from the body that's Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, and Hod, that's the body of Ze'ir Anpin, Yesod is cut off, his body has been shattered, and besides is under Malkhut so Malkhut is standing, even if the body wasn't shattered, Malkhut is standing between Yesod and his body, she got in the middle, okay.


I'll start from the beginning, the inner male aspect of the Serpent's sperm is cut off from the body, Chesed, Gevurah Tiferet, Netzach, and Hod of Ze'ir Anpin, and also cut off from the brains of Ze'ir Anpin, and Ze'ir Anpin's brains are Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, and is thus, the Serpent's sperm is thus emasculated and too weak to penetrate the inner male aspect of the egg, this is a spiritual tubal ligation, that is the sterilization of the sperm of creation, which can now only produce a female mortal human race. So we see the two sperms, this is what happened, when you look at section b, that is what happened to the sperm of creation when Malkhut shattered Ze'ir Anpin's body and put Yesod under her. The actual sperm went inside out. So if you look down at the c, section, this is a drawing of male fertilization, and you could see how the male sperm which is a rectangle with a circle in the midst of it, penetrates the shell of the egg, and penetrates right into the nucleus of the egg, and therefore creation forms in the nucleus of the egg because the male sperm has penetrated fully in to the nucleus of the egg, and creation forms in the nucleus of the egg in the very center of the egg. The edge of the male sperm penetrates into the nucleus of the egg. Looking at section d, we see the Serpent's sperm which is circular on the outside, has descended upon the egg, and penetrated into the egg, but when the male part of the Serpent's seed which is the inner portion of the Serpent's seed, connects with the nucleus of the egg, the male portion of the Serpent's sperm is not strong enough to penetrate the nucleus of the egg, it stops right at the external border of the nucleus, and therefore creation is formed in the shell.


Creation cannot be formed in the nucleus because the male aspect of the Serpent's seed could not get inside the nucleus of the egg, so creation is formed on the outer perimeter, and the nucleus of the egg is an empty space or a wilderness, it becomes a desert. So we see that it is not God's will that an empty space came into existence, this empty space came into existence because of the sin of rebellion, which killed the ram, which killed the male creation that was coming forth. So we see the edge of the male aspect of the Serpent's sperm cannot penetrate the nucleus of the seed, and therefore creation forms in the outer shell of the egg, and the place where the creation is supposed to be left to be a waste land. Is everyone okay?


Now as I was speaking a few minutes ago when I talked about Malkhut, getting in between Yesod and Ze'ir Anpin's body and Ze'ir Anpin's brains, the Lord brought to my memory, a teaching that I haven't talked to you about it lately, but I've talked to you about it a great deal over the years, how unGodly it is for any person to get in between a relationship between two other people, it's very wrong to get in the middle and here is the Genesis of it, you should never carry messages for anybody else, unless you're specifically assigned for a Godly reason, unless your boss, it would be a very rare case that it would legitimate to carry a message, everybody should deliver their own communication, okay, I guess an acceptable example would be in the office work that we do here, if I speak to the office manager and ask her to have somebody do something, that's acceptable because it's a legitimate chain of authority, but aside from a legitimate chain of authority, you should never ask people to deliver a message for you, and if someone asks you, you should tell them that you do not engage in third party information, that they should pick up the phone and call the person themselves. We live in an age of phones and cell phones and faxes and emails, there is no possible reason for you asking to give someone else the message, it is unGodly. It's unGodly burden on the person that you're asking, because now they have to do something that you should be doing yourself, and it is dangerous because people very frequently do not understand what you're telling them to repeat, or they understand it in a manner that you didn't intend, and the message can be delivered in a corrupt manner, and all kinds of problems arise out of that.


You should deal one on one with the person that you need to communicate with, and everybody should get out of the middle, that was a problem in this ministry for a while, it hasn't been lately, here we see the Genesis of it. The male doesn't get the middle, the male mind, Christ doesn't do that, you see. If you find yourself getting in the middle or someone is trying to put you in the middle, you should know that is what the carnal mind does. The carnal mind doesn't do that, the Christ mind all for excellent communication, clear and concise communication, the female mind is the author of confusion. God is not the author of confusion, Christ is not the author of confusion, the female mind is the author of all confusion. She's confused okay, any questions on board #2. Alright we're going to go out and have dinner and Lord willing we will get to these translations tonight. God bless you.


Drawing #3, I've given you some definitions in preparation for the translations that we are about to do. The Serpent is Malkhut, with Yesod bound under her, Adam, now there are two Strong's ## that are translated Adam, I've known this for years, and can never understand the difference between Strong's #120, and Strong's #121. The difference is now revealed to us. In the King James translation, Strong's #120 is usually translated, if you look up in the Strong's lexicon, it says Strong's #120 is mankind, and that's referring to the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary, okay that single egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary, I hope I made that point this morning that the Lord told me there's only one egg in Adam Kadmon's ovary, but that egg is designed to divide into a many membered creation. So these Strong's #120 translated mankind is referring to the egg which is destined to be the many members of humanity, and Strong's #121 is referring to the whole man, so let's go down the list and I will clarify what the whole man is for you.


Adam Strong's #120 is the whole egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary that is the male and female egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary, also called the seed in the Garden, because Adam Kadmon's ovary is the Garden, the word man also Strong's #120, and we will see that, let me see if I could tell what verse that's in, we're in Genesis 3, we're going to be doing some translations in Genesis 3, in verse 12, it says, and the man said, that's Strong's #120, that is the male aspect of the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary, that's Strong's #120 is the male aspect of the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary. Now the woman, the term the woman is the female aspect of the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary, or the seed in the Garden, and the word Adam again, this time Strong's #121, is referring to the whole man, Adam, okay. See Adam Strong's #120 is referring only to the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary, Strong's #121 can be referring to the whole man in right standing or to the fallen man, so when Strong's #121 is used to refer to the whole man, it's referring to Ze'ir Anpin which is Chesed through Yesod, and also Ze'ir Anpin's brains are Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, it's referring to the whole nine Sefirot, the whole ten Sefirot joined to the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary, that's the whole man.


That's the whole creation, okay, and the second time that we see Strong's #121 translated Adam is when Jehovah is speaking to the fallen Adam, but you have to understand that when Jehovah is speaking to the fallen Adam that means at that moment Jehovah is holding the fallen Adam up, you see. So Malkhut Yesod which we know to be the Serpent, Malkhut Yesod joined to the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary, that's the male and female seed in the Garden is, the fallen castrated Adam sustained by Jehovah. Now as soon as Jehovah lets go of the fallen Adam, he's no longer called Adam, the creation is no longer called Adam, he's called esh, which simply means man, and I translate that in the Hebrew mortal man, half a man, you see.


As soon as Jehovah lets go of the castrated Adam, we now have an entity that is no longer male and female. You see, let's go back to the last one, Adam Strong's #121, the letter a is Ze'ir Anpin, and his female Nok, that's male and female, that's the whole ten Sefirot, that's the male, that's the male and the female joined to the egg in the Garden, but after the fall, we see there's Malkhut Yesod joined to the egg, so we're lacking the Sefirot from Keter through Hod, we're lacking all of those Sefirot you see, which would be the male aspect, I'll have to put this on the board for you. Let's take a picture of this and I'll put this last issue on the board for you.


Drawing #4, I've repeated what one of the last entries of drawing #3, Adam Strong's #121, a, the whole man is Keter through Malkhut, all ten Sefirot joined to Adam Kadmon's egg, b, the castrated Adam but he's still Adam is Malkhut Yesod only, okay, 8 Sefirot missing, joined to Adam Kadmon's egg, but sustained by Jehovah. You need to know that when Jehovah is talking to you he sustaining you because there's no way whether it's Adam on this high plane of consciousness or whether it's a man you or me, there's no way that we could hear or comprehend Jehovah if he does not join himself to us. That's why you read in the prophet Daniel that the angel came and took a lock of his hair, and then he heard the voice of the angel, that angel connected to his mind, and it's expressed as he took a lock of his hair. For the Scripture to say in verse 12 here of Genesis 3, okay I don't have the exact verse where Adam was speaking, but when we see Adam speaking to Jehovah, and we know that it's the castrated Adam, you need to know that the only reason the entity is being called Adam is because Jehovah is talking to him because for Jehovah to be talking to him, he has to be joined to Jehovah. As soon as Malkhut Yesod joined to the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary, is completely separated from the other 8 Sefirot, that entity, the creation, becomes Leviathan.


You see, this is the great mystery of creation. Malkhut is a chamaeleon, she changes, she could be good or she could be evil, she could be mortal or she could be immortal. She could be a man of God or she can be Philistine. See when did the series on Samson, we did three separate series on Samson, I knew that the message that the Lord was giving me was that there was a spiritual Philistine inside of the Hebrew, but I didn't understand it the way I understand it today, the true Philistines are the Hebrew children, the Philistines are the Hebrew children. This is the mystery, the physical Philistines had within them to become God's people, and God's people have within them the ability to become a Philistine. When a Hebrew, when an Israelite departs or when a Christian departs from God in his mind, and goes out and serves other gods and lives in the world, he becomes like Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuchadnezzar when his nails grew long and his hair grew. He becomes a Philistine, this is the secret of the creation that we can flip back and forth, see you and I, one day we could be a man of God or a son of God, and then we can backslide and become a Philistine.


Who is a Philistine, a spiritual Philistine is as far away from God as you can get. It's a man who is a full blown manifestation of the female opinion which is the carnal mind.


So the Philistines, the physical Philistines that the Hebrew children fought about 4,000 years or so ago, they were just a physical manifestation of what the Hebrew children were capable of becoming, and therefore we found when we did the alternate translations of Samson that Samson was sent to help the Hebrew children who was spiritual Philistine. They had departed from God. They had the physical genetic seed of Israel, but in their heart, they had departed from God, so for all intents and purposes they were Philistines, the enemy of God and the enemies of God's people. So we see that when Adam is castrated, when he's fallen and he consists only of Malkhut Yesod joined to the egg of the Garden, he's Adam as long as Jehovah is talking to him and therefore attached to him. We might call it an imputed anointing, you see, but as soon as Jehovah withdraws and all that we have is Malkhut Yesod, and the egg of Adam Kadmon's Garden, what we have is Leviathan, Adam's name changes to Leviathan.


So you see all of the teaching that we did when we studied the doctrine of Christ, all of the teaching that we did about the conflict between Leviathan and Adam, and I told you that Leviathan is Adam's counterpart. Satan fights with the Spirit of Christ Leviathan fights with Adam or with Christ Jesus, okay. It's really the same person, this conflict is the inner conflict that every double minded man experiences. Who are you going to be, now the way I heard it expressed in Kabbalah recently in a Kabbalistic writing that I read was, well mankind must decide whether he's going to become a full man, whether he's going to become an animal. See right now the way humanity is today is that we are a mixture, those of us who are pursuing God, we're pursuing God so part of us is a spiritual man, but part of us is still an animal, part of us is still thinking with an animalistic mind, loving the things of the flesh, and as I keep telling you all the time, in the kingdom of God there is no marriage or giving in marriage, we're in a middle ground here, to become a full man of God you have to give up the family life, and be truly married to God.


That doesn't mean you have no friends, but you will be married to God and you will be friends with other people who are married to God. But this is a hard word, but raising children is not compatible with being a powerful son of God, you don't have time for it, you don't have time for anything except serving the Lord, and being his expression, that's when you fully arrive. So mankind has to decide, and each individual has to decide what you want to be, do you want to be in this world and in this world there's good and evil, or do you want to be a spiritual man.


We cannot continue indefinitely in this dual condition where we are both. See I am both today, I don't have immediate family living with me, but I am both because I know that I still desire some of the things of this world, that the Lord hasn't called on me to give up, maybe he'll never call on me to give them up, I don't know, but I know that I've given up the day to day family life, my family lives in, well my daughter, and my grandchildren live in Florida, and I do have relatives here, but they're an hour or 2 hours ride away, I don't see them every day, I see God every day, I serve God every day, but I'm still half and half, well maybe not half and half, but I'm still a mixture.


Mankind in each individual has to decide what you want to be. Are you going to be Adam, or are you going to be Leviathan, are you going to yield to the pride of your mind, or are you going to react as Christ reacts. We have a choice, no matter what our emotions are doing, our mind has the power to say, no, I will not respond like that. You have to get a grip of what Christ would do in the circumstance, and no matter what you're feeling, you do what Christ would do, and you're a man, and you do what Leviathan would do in that instance, you're an animal, and that's the truth of our condition.


We go both ways, see, but the moment of truth is approaching rapidly, it's called the ascension, you're going to be one or the other, you're going to ascend in the ascension of damnation or you're going to ascend into the ascension where you'll be a glorified man. We're at the doors, the human race will not continue in this condition any longer. I don't know how much longer it's going to take, but the point of no return is rapidly approaching us. We're expecting to enter into the new age of Jesus Christ at any moment. Actually we have already entered into it, but what we're waiting for is to see at least the first man move on into immortality. Once you enter into immortality you stop reproducing.


How can you say that Sheila? Once you enter into immortality, you stop having sex, you can't have both, you can only have both when you're not fully a spiritual man and you're not fully an animal, then you have both, but when you enter into immortality, which is the fulfillment of your spiritual potential, you cannot do what the animals do anymore, so all of your spiritual energy is gathering to your brain, and there's no spiritual energy left to give to a husband or a wife, you have to give it all to Jesus Christ, in your brain and in your mind. Is marriage bad? No it's the old age, it's part of the old age, it's part of the curse, it's not bad, but you have to give up the old so that you can go on to the new, that's just the way it is. So does anybody not understand these definitions that I've given you as we one more time try to do these translations?


Okay let's get going Genesis 3, we're starting well I'll read you through verse 6, we're going to start translating, I'll read you from the King James 1-6, and we start translating with verse 7, chapter 3 of Genesis, "Now the Serpent was more subtle of any beast of the field which the Lord God had made, and he said unto the woman, yea hath God said ye shall not eat of the whole tree of the Garden." Now who did I say the woman was? The woman is the female aspect of the seed in the Garden, okay, so we know that the Serpent didn't speak to the whole seed, the Serpent didn't speak to the male nucleus. The Serpent spoke to the outer shell to the female shell of the seed in the Garden which is Adam Kadmon's ovary.


Verse 2, "and the woman said unto the Serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the Garden", in other words they can eat of the whole tree, the tree of life joined to the tree of knowledge, the whole tree, that is the tree of life, Ze'ir Anpin whose brains are Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, and is married to the female Malkhut or Nok. So what is the female in the Garden in Adam Kadmon's ovary saying, she is saying it's okay to have a relationship with the whole Adam, Keter through Malkhut joined to me, the female in the Garden. It's okay for me to join with all ten Sefirot in the right moral order, but it's not okay to join or have communication or have communion with the partial tree, Malkhut Yesod only. It's not okay to have communion with Malkhut Yesod only, and who is the Serpent, Malkhut Yesod only, can you see this, do you understand?


So here we see Malkhut Yesod only talking to the woman and saying, "but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the Garden, God hath said ye shall not eat of it neither shall ye touch it lest ye die. I'm sorry that's still the woman talking, "And the woman said unto the Serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the Garden of the whole tree, as long as all ten Sefirot are there, but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the Garden, God hath said, ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it lest ye die." The tree that's in the midst okay, that's the partial tree, verse 4, "And the Serpent said unto the woman, and the partial tree that's in the midst, that's Malkhut alone, that's the tree in the midst that's the female. Ze'ir Anpin is Chesed through Yesod, okay that's the tree of life, and joined to the partial tree Malkhut. You shall not talk to Malkhut alone, you shall not have communication with Malkhut alone, Malkhut is the tree of knowledge.


"And the Serpent said unto the woman, ye shall not surely die, for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as gods knowing good from evil." Now what's interesting is here's the female talking to the partial tree, and she doesn't seem to know that she's talking to the partial tree. You see, I don't know about you but this has happened to me lots of times, the Lord has given me an instruction, he's warned me about something, the best example I can think of is I had a dream one morning as I was waking up that I was going to be receiving an offer, or being confronted with some opportunity, and I was to refuse it. And I got up out of bed and I said, "oh my goodness I wonder what this means?" And then a week went by and I forgot all about it, and I got a phone call, what happens when you get a phone call, there was no warning the phone rang, ring, and I picked it up and it was someone visiting from another country, and I was invited to go by myself into a high crime area, and I was about to do it, I was being pressured and I was about to say okay, and thank God Christ Jesus within me said, brought that dream to my memory and said, this is opportunity, don't go. You see. So I was talking to the Serpent who was making me this offer that the Lord had warned me about and I didn't know who I was talking to. So this is what happened to the woman in the Garden, and if you do not have Christ grafted to you, you are the woman in the Garden.


Creation is being performed in human beings today. We're at the beginning when you have the male grafted to you, when Christ Jesus is grafted to you, before that you're the woman, and the Serpent comes in other people to tempt you to do things that you know you're not supposed to do, but you do them anyway, and after it's all over, you say, why did I do that. Because you were weak in your conscience. So we see the woman heard the warning and she could not apply the warning to the Serpent when the Serpent was approaching her. Verse 6, "And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food", what does that mean? She saw that the one that she was talking to had wisdom, seemed to know what it was talking about, good for food, good for spiritual food, food of the mind, and that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her and he did eat.


Okay here we're going to start translating now with verse 7, "And the eyes of them both were opened and they knew that they were naked and they sowed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons." Now our alternate translation, "And there eyes were opened and they knew that they had become a helpless two fold mortal man who were sown together with the armor of the female side, that belonged to the fig tree that had sprouted forth from Adam Kadmon's ovary." Now let's take that, break that down a little. The word "become" is a translation of "made", the word "helpless" is a translation of "naked". The Hebrew word translated "both of them" can also be translated two fold, I've amplified in the words mortal man.


And the Hebrew word translated "aprons" is a feminine word and it means armor, feminine armor, that's the armor of the Serpent, and the words "belong to" is a translation of the Hebrew word that we see translated "themselves" in the King James translation.


The word "leaves" can be translated "to sprout forth", and I've amplified the words "from Adam Kadmon's ovary". Let me read you verse 7 again, "And their eyes were opened and they knew that they had become a helpless two fold mortal man, who are sown together with the armor of the female side that belonged to the fig tree that had sprouted forth from Adam Kadmon's ovary. Let's do a drawing of this. Drawing #5, this is an illustration of Genesis 3:7, as the Lord has revealed it to us. And what I have attempted to draw for you is the Serpent's seed which remember is Malkhut with Yesod nailed underneath her. So the Serpent's seed has a circular exterior because that's female, and the male aspect of the seed which is a rectangle has been forced inside, okay.


In the natural order, the male seed, okay that's Ze'ir Anpin and his mate come forth as a rectangle with a circular female aspect in the midst, and we've done this on drawings for this message, so just look back at the previous drawings. The male seed is rectangular with the female circular aspect in the midst, and the egg, Adam Kadmon's egg is circular, has a circular exterior with the square nucleus in the center. Okay but remember the Serpent's seed pulled the seed, pulled the male seed inside out. So we have a male seed that has a circular exterior which is the female on the outside and the rectangular male center, approaching the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary, which is in the same configuration, a female shell, a female exterior, and a male nucleus in the center, they're supposed to be opposites, does anybody not understand this? It's supposed to be well you're going to have to look at your previous drawings, it's supposed to be the rectangular male seed penetrating into the circular egg, but we have a circular male seed penetrating in to a circular egg, it's called homosexuality, it's called spiritual homosexuality, and we see that the male seed overshadows the male egg for the purposes of fertilization, but the male nucleus of the Serpent's seed cannot penetrate the male nucleus of the egg to bring forth creation in the center where Adam Kadmon intended for it to be.


Let me just point this out to you on the board. Here in blue we see the Serpent's seed, the circular exterior of the Serpent's seed, and here is the male center, and in black we have the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary with the male nucleus at the center, and the areas where the two seeds overlap, I've shown with dashes so you can identify it because as I put this on the board, I realized that I left a couple of words out of this translation. It should say "And their eyes were opened and they knew that they had become a helpless naked two fold mortal man. And when the eyes of Cain and Abel were opened, they knew that they had become a helpless naked, a helpless two fold mortal man, who were sown together with the armor of the female side, and what's the armor of the female side? Malkhut the shell exterior of the Serpent's seed is the armor of the female side, and you can see that Cain and Abel over here, they're nailed to the area where the two shells are overlapping, the shell of the male seed, and the shell of the egg. And Cain and Abel are nailed to the exterior of creation rather than to the center where they were supposed to be nailed.


So there's another change here too, to the female side that belonged to the fig tree that had sprouted forth from, I had previously said Adam Kadmon's ovary, but the Lord tells me that the fig tree sprouted forth from the male nucleus of the Serpent's female seed. The fig tree sprouted forth from the male nucleus of the female Serpent's seed. And what is significant of a fig, a fig has many seeds okay, the male nucleus of Adam Kadmon's egg is the tree of life which is an olive tree, but the male nucleus of the Serpent's seed is the tree of knowledge which is the fig tree. So we see that the tree of knowledge produces a many membered creation, but the tree of life produces a unified creation, and Cain and Abel, the two fold symbiotic entity born in the female shell of the egg of Adam Kadmon's Garden, born in the shell instead of the nucleus. The male nucleus of the Serpent's seed cannot penetrate the male nucleus of the egg to bring forth creation in the center where Adam Kadmon intended it to be formed.


Okay I think I'm going to have to quit tonight because we've had a very hard day here, Satan has really opposed this message, but I'm losing the whole congregation so, I think we'll just stop here, we'll have another short message, okay we'll pick this up on Thursday. Praise God.




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