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Praise the Lord everybody, we're continuing on with this message the bread of shame, but the message has taken a turn in the road, and this is what happens when the message comes forth by revelation. Just to remind you this message started out as a commentary on the commentary of the Zohar, and the Lord is began by revealing an error in the understanding that was coming forth, and what happened was that the revelation here just jumped off into a revelation, and that's the only word, I've never heard anything like this preached anywhere, but of course that didn't mean it's not out there, a revelation of the reality of the fall, and I know that I have been asking the Lord questions about this for a long time, but let me make my point here first. The issue of the bread of shame, the doctrine of the bread of shame is the doctrine that we're told is coming forth from Isaac Luria, unless there's a problem with the translation, this doctrine is coming forth from Isaac Luria, probably the most respected Kabbalist in the world today, and the Lord is revealing that there is an error in his doctrine, now that does not mean I'm putting Rabbi Isaac Luria down, I'm sure that I have error in my doctrine, I don't I do, because the Lord keeps correcting me.


So we are to be rejoicing that the Lord is refining and refining and refining the doctrine available to the Jews and to the church until the truth, the pure truth that is able to deliver us from this world, comes forth that will set us free, okay. And of course our part of cooperation with the truth is to apply the truth to our own person which means we have to look at our own personality and our own heart, and apply that spirit of truth to ourselves, and that combination of the pure spirit of truth plus our submission to the spirit of truth at some point is going to result in at least one person going over the wall, and entering into immortality and after that first person enters in, there will be many following after him. This is our great hope, the promise of the Scripture, okay, immortality, the end of death, okay. So, in exposing, the Lord gave me one message, I think it was part one of the bread of shame, where he laid out the error in the doctrine and starting with part two and now continuing with part three, he's bringing forth the truth. So I'm going to keep the name of this series The Bread Of Shame because you know it gets so confusing, this is happened so many times that I would start preaching one thing and something else came forth and I changed the name of the message, but this time, I think it's important that I stay with the message the bread of shame because at some point we're probably going to go back to the bread of shame and continue to bring forth the truth, and merge it together with the doctrine that is in there. I hope you know what I'm talking about.


Now I have been asking the Lord for years okay questions about a couple of Scriptures in Gen.3 for example the Lord walking in the cool of the Garden, okay, I knew that had to mean something mysterious, but I couldn't figure out what it meant, and now I know what it means and we'll get to it, Lord willing on this message, and as the Lord brought me into Kabbalah, after the Lord brought me into Kabbalah, and I started studying the world of points and the fall, and especially with the recent message of the bread of shame part 2, I had questions for the Lord, such as, you know, what was Adam's sin you know, the whole church and from what I read in the Zohar, the Jews seem to believe that the whole creation fell because of Adam's sin. The Zohar acknowledges that the Serpent was the source of Adam's sin, but I found myself today asking the Lord what was Adam's sin. You see the problem that I've been having is this, since the Lord gave us the revelation of Adam Kadmon's ovary okay, and how the female, the male organ without the reproductive gland came forth and seduced the immature eggs in Adam Kadmon's ovary, I couldn't figure out what Adam's sin was, because I now know that there are two Adams you see. There's the Adam in the ovary of Adam Kadmon which is the potential of future generations of Adam, and they, we know that they were a simple seed, simple as opposed to the daughter and the son who were born of Abba and Imma, which is wisdom and understanding.


The daughter was born of the union of wisdom and understanding, and on her evil side became the Serpent, that's how the Serpent had all this wisdom, the Serpent is the offspring of Abba and Imma, wisdom and understanding. And then the son came forth and he is Da'at, I have that word of knowledge be revelation back in the world of points, that the son who was born of Abba and Imma also is a high spiritual person. So now I have the Serpent who is the female alone seducing the immature eggs of the Garden, well how could you blame Adam, an egg in the Garden, how could you blame a sperm you might say, or an ovum, how could you blame an infant that isn't even born yet for the fall? So then I go back to the son who is born of Abba and Imma, and I'm trying to figure out how he sinned, first I preached that well he came forth after the daughter came forth. You may remember the daughter came forth from the eyes of Adam Kadmon, and formed the world of points, and then the son came forth as the new light from the forehead of Adam Kadmon, why couldn't the son stop the daughter from turning to her evil side and incesting the eggs of the Garden? First I thought well it wasn't Adam's sin, he came out too late, he was born after the daughter was born, and then I just went back and forth and I bounced back and forth and recently, I've been saying to the Lord I don't get it you know. I cannot see where Adam sinned, and I was remembering the Scripture in the New Testament in the King James translation where Paul is talking about the man and the woman, and I know that I looked up all of those words, so I can't remember what the word in the King James is, but I know that the alternate translation was, well the woman was wholly seduced, but the man was tricked, Adam was tricked.


And I'm trying to fit that in to all of my information, trying to figure out what happened there that brought forth this fall that brought this utter disaster and destruction and pain and trouble upon trillions of people. What happened okay, and then as of these last couple of messages, the revelation that's coming forth is that the rebellion came from Malkhut, the rebellion came from the female, that's what we've preached here in the message, this doctrine of the bread of shame. That the rebellion came from the woman, and in part two of this message I showed you how that lined up with Daniel where it shows the goat appearing and utterly ripping the ram to pieces and I showed it to you with the ten Sefirot how Malkhut would not agree to be recipient of all the emanations from above, but she turned all of that energy back upon Yesod, and I was saying, well how could the man have been tricked, you know, here I'm reading the woman was wholly seduced, and the man was tricked.


Well when the Lord took me into my studies today, I wound up looking up the definitions of that word tricked, both in the Interlinear Text and in the English dictionary, because I now realize that I had a wrong thought in my mind concerning the man being tricked, see. To me the word tricked means, well I really know the right thing to do, but you have tricked me into doing the wrong thing, that was what I believed for years. Now as I got that revelation or I got that alternate translation of the woman being wholly seduced, and the man being tricked at least five years ago. So I've believed this for five years that Adam really knew the right thing but the Serpent just put one over on him, you know. So now I'm trying to fit that into the revelation that's coming forth also, and I'm realizing that it's not cutting it. Something's wrong here. So first of all the part that says the woman was wholly seduced, I believe that refers to the woman in the Garden.


Now for those of you who have not listened to the world of points, or read the transcript on the world of points, let me remind you that the world of points has an inside and an outside and the inside of the world of points is Adam Kadmon's ovary, which is filled with the seeds of the future humanity, and these seeds are different than human seeds in that the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary are both male and female, and the male is on the inside and the female is on the outside. And these were simple seeds in that they were not born, like the son and the daughter were born of wisdom and knowledge, the seeds in the Garden were simple naive, uneducated, undeveloped, very immature, certainly incapable of defending themselves against anyone born of wisdom and knowledge. Now the woman being on the outside of the male, being the center of the nucleus of the seed, the woman was the outer aspect of the seed, this woman in the Garden was wholly seduced by the daughter that was born of wisdom and knowledge, and I can't repeat that whole teaching, but you could review the messages on the world of points. The lights that came out of Adam Kadmon's eyes surrounded Adam Kadmon all around just below the navel, and if you look at illustrations of the other messages of the World Of Points, you will see that the inside and the outside of the world of points together appears to be the planet Saturn, we see a sphere which is the Garden that contains all the eggs and the light of eyes surrounding that sphere from the outside.


So the issue is you know what was Adam's problem, where was he the one that sinned, and now we see recent messages that the rebellion came forth from Malkhut, and Adam was supposedly tricked, and Adam sinned. Well I looked up the definitions of the word tricked today and I found out that I had a wrong definition in my mind, okay. Adam was completely, let me get the definition for you. The American Heritage dictionary of the English language says that a trick was an act or a procedure intended to achieve an end by a deceptive or fraudulent means. Fraud is a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure an unfair or unlawful gain. So I see that my understanding of, oh here's one more, trickery is a subtle but base deception, a base deception.


I believe that Adam was so caught off guard by the wickedness of Malkhut's rebellion as described in part 2 of this message, that he didn't stand a chance. So my belief over these past five years that Adam really had the power to not be tricked, but he was lax, so he was tricked. That is not true, the Lord is giving me an analogy what has happened at the world trade center, that the thought of someone flying an airplane filled with passengers into the world trade center was so beyond anybody's imagination, that I think we really did, our law enforcement really did to some degree fall down on the job of protecting us. It was so beyond the ability to conceive of it happening that, that was what gave the impetus to pull it off on us, and this is what happened to Adam. This is what happened to the mature Adam okay.


The baby Adam in the Garden didn't stand a chance because he was the nucleus of the seed, and the woman was outside of him. So when the woman was seduced in the Garden, when the outer shell of the seed was seduced, her husband automatically partook of what she partook of, okay. But the mature Adam, who we see in the drawings of part 2 of this message, who was Yesod, who was the actual Shabbat to Malkhut, remember Yesod is the Sefirot that delivered the emanations of all nine Sefirot to Malkhut, he is giving her the world, he's giving her everything, but she had to receive it in the female role, and that wasn't good enough for her to receive everything, she didn't want to be in the female role. So Malkhut took all of this glory that Yesod had given to her, and she turned it around and used it against him, shot him full of holes. Malkhut, Yesod was so shocked in a million years he would have never expected that kind of base betrayal to be perpetrated upon him. He was so shocked that he was just completely knocked out, and as we found out last week, he survived only because Keter sent down an aspect of itself to cover him, therefore making Yesod into Da'at, knowledge, but Da'at also fell down, and became joined to Malkhut in the wrong moral order. Do you remember that from last week.


Okay now the Shabbat is the union, the spiritual Shabbat is the union of Malkhut and Yesod, with Yesod in the male role and Malkhut in the female role, and when this union takes place, all of the glory from the eternal planes are channeled into Malkhut and she becomes the land of the living, and this world of action becomes immortal and eternal, you see. And new souls are created, and those new souls are talking about the Neshamah souls, the mind of God in the inhabitants of the world of the living. But Malkhut, she wanted the Shabbat, but she wanted to be in charge. So you may recall from part two of this message, she nailed herself to Yesod, but she put herself in the male position and put Yesod under her, and they manifested in the lower worlds as Cain and Abel.


This act of rebellion against God's ordained order manifested in the lower worlds as Cain and Abel, and you may recall when Cain and Abel were born in the world of formation and in the world of action, Cain was born first and thought that she had the authority, but Jehovah said no, Abel still has the authority over you even though he was born second, and Cain went into such a rage that she killed Abel, not realizing that by killing Abel she also killed herself and the whole creation fell.


So what was Adam's sin? I went into the King James translation, and I searched under Adam and sin, and could find no reference in the King James translation relating the sin to Adam period. There was no Scripture in the whole King James translation where Adam and sin appeared in the same verse. I looked in my software for the Zohar, for the, we know there are two translations of the Zohar today, and only the five volumes that, that is available on software today, and I only found two Scriptures in the Zohar referring to Adam's sin and neither one of them described his sin to me.


They talked about his sin, and these passages in the Zohar said that they knew that the Serpent was behind Adam's sin, but there was no explanation as to what Adam's sin was. So I prayed to the Lord and this is how I get all my revelation, if anybody out there wants to know how I get my revelation, this is how I get it. I ask questions, I said Lord I don't get it, I don't get it, I just cannot see what Adam's sin was. I see that he was violated, I see that he was overcome, and here you're giving me this analogy of the world trade center. What is the answer here, and before I knew what was happening the Lord was giving me an alternate translation of Gen.3:7, I didn't have time to finish all of the verses that I would have liked to have finished, but I will read from verse 7 through verse, through the pronunciation of what church world calls is a curse, but this is not God through verse 16, verse 17, I'm not going to go through the whole pronunciation of the curse, this was not God pronouncing a curse on Adam and Eve, and the Serpent, this was God merely speaking to the Serpent to Adam and to the woman and telling them what the consequences of what happened would be. God did not curse anybody.


This is a creation of order, the Lord has created a creation of order, and there are spiritual laws here, every action has a reaction, everything we do has a reaction, and depending on the seriousness of what we do if it's a very serious thing, you can, something is unleashed that can really not be stopped until it plays itself out. It's just like when you throw a ball in baseball or in football, you can't stop the ball if you see that, or in basketball if you see that you're going to miss the basket you can't stop the ball in midair, that throw, that ball that's under the impetus of the that throw has to complete itself and then you pick it up and you try again.


So we see that this act of rebellion was perpetrated by the female in the creation, and this act of rebellion unleashed this incredible experience that I believe is called hell, that has resulted in the torment of many human beings, over God only knows how many years, however long this is going on, and the impetus is still moving forward, it was so powerful, the violence of the act of rebellion which is witchcraft was so violent and so powerful that it's impetus is still going forward. Now I understand that the scientist of our world have already documented their opinion that our universe is designated to come to an end like trillions of years in the future, but that our universe will come to an end, they see an end, it's not an infinite universe, it's infinite as far as we're concerned because it's trillions and trillions of years that it will come to an end, but the curse that was unleashed, the reaction that was unleashed when Malkhut attacked Yesod is demonstrated by the goat attacking the ram in Daniel 8. It was so powerful that it brought a world into existence that under the impetus would continue on for trillions and trillions of years, but the Lord God has sent Jesus Christ to bring a premature end to the action or to the reaction to Malkhut's rebellion.


But even so it has taken thousands of years our time, but as I understand it as far as God is concerned, it's only the third day since the tragedy happened, but we're the ones that are trapped down here in the mess, okay.


So I would like to go over these alternate translations with you, so as to reveal what really happened concerning the fall, and my understanding at this point is that there is no condemnation on Adam whatsoever, there is no condemnation on him whatsoever, the woman was seduced, the woman that ate of the tree was immature and ignorant and seduced, and the only reason she could do it, the only reason the Serpent could seduce the woman in the Garden, was because the Serpent first killed the male, that was what happened. Let me say this more clearly. I asked the Lord how come the female was able to become the Serpent and seduce the seeds or corrupt the seeds of the Garden?


Where was the son, was it because he was born later than the female was born, why didn't he stop her, and we now know the answer because the female killed the male, she killed the male and then she turned around and corrupted the seed, and brethren this is a spiritual reality that all, that many religions acknowledge, although you see a lot of people they have religion, but they don't even understand what it means, and I heard years ago concerning pagan images of the mother and child, I learned this years ago, that the reason there is only a mother and child is because legend says and this is Greek legend and Roman legend, says that the woman killed her husband, so that she could have an incestuous relationship with the child, and that's why there's no husband. Wherever you see the image of the mother and child, and this image appears all over in the pagan religions all over the world, and also appears in the Catholic church, but there are books you can read about this, this mother with an infant in her arms is a symbol that is seen in many ancient religions, and I heard years ago, that, that was the mythology behind it, that the mother had killed the father, so that she could possess the son, and here it is coming forth through Kabbalah, with an understanding that I can really relate to.


I think I have a drawing for you, and then we will translate some of these verses. I said I was going to read them on, maybe I should read them for you, I have only translated through verse 12. I think I had hoped to go through verse 13, but I'll read you verses 7-13 in the King James, and I'll read you the alternate translation that I have, and then we're going to do some drawings. Okay Gen.3:7, And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked, and they sowed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons, and they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the Garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and the wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the Garden. And the Lord God called unto Adam and said unto him, where art thou, and he said, now please note, verse 10 does not name the subject, it says, "and he said", that means you figure out who said it, and he said, I heard thy voice in the Garden, and I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself." Verse 11, "and He said", no subject you figure out who is talking in verse 11, and he said, who told thee that thou wast naked, has thou eaten of the tree where I have commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat? "And the man said", so now we know it's Adam, "and the man said, and Adam said, the woman whom you gave me to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I did eat."


"And the Lord God said unto the woman, "What is this that you have done?" And the woman said, "the Serpent beguiled me and I did eat." So I've only done an alternate translation I didn't have time to do the last verse, through verses 7 and 12, and this is what the Lord is showing me, verse 7, and their eyes were opened and they knew that they had become a helpless two fold mortal man, that's Cain and Abel, symbiotic dual entity. They had become a helpless two fold mortal man, who were sown together with the armor of the female side that belonged to the fig tree that had sprouted forth from Adam Kadmon's ovary, and they heard the voice of Jehovah God, moving in the Garden in the spirit of the day, Adam and his wife were hidden from the personality of Jehovah God, because the trees of the Garden had been bisected." That means the tree of knowledge was separated from the tree of life. And Jehovah God said to Adam who belongs to him, what happened to you, not where are you, what happened to you? And she said, I submitted to the voice in the Garden, and Malkhut covered me and became afraid and helpless. And Malkhut the Serpent said that we were helpless because we were no longer a part of the tree that manifested us, and set us in the correct moral order, but that we now belong to the partial tree, that we ate from and would continue to eat from." "And then Adam said, the woman that you fastened me to, she gave to belong to the partial tree, and I ate."


Now every time I've ever read these Scriptures in the church, they say oh yeah, look at Adam blaming it on the woman, well Adam was just telling the truth. I'm going to put some reminder drawings on the board for you now. Adam was the nucleus of the seed. When the woman surrounding Adam, when the female aspect of the seed surrounding Adam, partook of the tree of knowledge, Adam automatically partook of it. Look brethren if the husband or the man or the father of the family sins, the whole family pays the price, the sin bleeds down to the wife and children. This is just a fact of life. If the pastor sins, it bleeds down to the whole church. I've heard so many stories of adultery in the pulpit, adultery through the whole congregation. Homosexuality in the pulpit, homosexuality through the whole congregation. Well the woman was out front, the female aspect of the seed was out front, and it bled into the nucleus of the seed which was the infantile male. So Adam was telling the truth, the woman she gave me to eat of the tree and I ate, had no choice, it was the truth, see.


So let's get some of this on the board to sort of bring it home. We're looking at drawing #1, and it's really in three sections, all the way over to the right is a reproduction of something or similar drawing to what I drew on part one of The Bread of Shame, and part 2 of the Bread of Shame. It shows the six Sefirot from Chesed through Yesod, passing the emanations downward, and Malkhut instead of receiving them. Receiving the emanations from the nine Sefirot and using them to produce a visible world in and image of the Ayn Sof, laid hold of that collective energy, it's must have been like a hydrogen bomb or much stronger than that, she had all of the emanations, all of the power that came down from Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, and Chesed through Yesod. She had that collective energy that was given to her to produce a visible world and to give eternal life to that world, and instead of doing what she was supposed to do, she lay hold of that energy, she stole it and she used it as a weapon against Yesod.


And I would like to read you a couple of verses of Dan.8 just to emphasize or support what I have told you here, and I believe I read these Scriptures on to either part 1 or part 2 of the Bread of Shame. And I saw him, that's the he goat, come close to the ram, the ram is Yesod, and he was moved with choler and smote the ram and break his two horns, and there was no power in the lamb to stand before him. Yesod didn't stand a chance, but he cast the he goat cast the ram down to the ground and stamped upon him, so Malkhut cast Yesod down and stamped on him, that means she put him under her, and she took the male role, and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand. The Yesod didn't stand a chance. How could he ascend, how could the fall be imputed to Adam, he didn't stand a chance.


So I don't, I guess well it's hard for me to say where this false doctrine came from that Adam is responsible for the fall. I know Kabbalah teaches it, so maybe that's where it came from. Since I've been reading Kabbalah I've been amazed at the influence that Kabbalah has had on the world, and I had no idea that it was Kabbalah. For years I was looking at the little Cherubim in Italy and all of the paintings that Michelangelo did, another artist, and I said, where did they get this image of the Cherubim as little chubby babies. Well they got it out of Kabbalah, it's in Kabbalah. So Kabbalah has had an incredible influence on the Christian world, and I never knew it, because when I was in the church, I was always told don't read Kabbalah, stay away from Kabbalah, it's Jewish witchcraft, it's dangerous, you'll get hurt, stay away from it, that's what I was taught, that it was dangerous.


But apparently a lot of people have not been afraid of Kabbalah, and they've done a great deal of reading about it, and Kabbalah is influencing the whole western world, and I don't know about the eastern world, I don't about them, because Kabbalists say that the Genesis of Hindu doctrine is Kabbalah. And why would this word be so powerful, because it's the truth you see, and there's nothing like it, I don't believe there's anything like it. It's just an incredible, incredible material.


So we're looking at drawing #1, and we're seeing how Malkhut killed Yesod her consort. Now remember Yesod is really the male organ of Ze'ir Anpin, from Chesed through Yesod is one spiritual man, Ze'ir Anpin. Malkhut killed him. And we also see in this drawing and in this teaching, where and how she acquired the power to kill him. All of the power that was given her to bring forth an immortal creation was abused. The power that Malkhut had to do the destruction that she did was given to her. All the spiritual authority from Keter through Yesod was all agreed that Malkhut would receive this power.


So we see the ultimate abuse of power here, and she turned around and she used what was given to her to kill the giver you see. But as has previously been explained, she had no intention of killing the giver, she didn't desire to kill the giver, she just wanted to get on top, and we see this quality in human nature, don't forget, that this abstract doctrine is revealing the human nature of mortal man. Some people more than others they are so competitive and greedy that they will step on anyone to get on top. They don't particularly want to hurt the people, but they'll do whatever they have to do to make that money or to be successful and get that power, they'll do whatever they have to do. And here's the Genesis of it right here, this is where our fallen human nature comes from. So in the sort of central part of the picture of drawing #1, we see that Malkhut has ascended, Malkhut has Yesod under her, she's nailed Yesod under her because she stamped on him and she separated from Keter, Binah, and Chokhmah by an empty space because Malkhut cannot connect directly to Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, she cannot, there must be a mediator, and as I said on part 2 of this message I don't know how certain Rabbis can teach that the concept of a mediator is not Jewish, I don't know how they could say that when Moses was a mediator, and Ze'ir Anpin is the ultimate mediator that connects the Ayn Sof, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah to Malkhut, the visible world, I don't know how they could say that, that there's no mediator.


So we see that Malkhut killed the mediator. Now you know we have that going on in certain churches today, they're killing the mediator and they really think they're still going to connect to the Lord Jesus Christ, they're still going to meet him in the air and enter into immortality, but they will find out that they cannot, because they have destroyed their own mechanism to join with the Lord Jesus. Brethren, you cannot give birth to a man's child if you do not have a womb for that child to grow in. There has to be a mediator. So I've done the best to show you how the ascended Malkhut who now possesses all of this power which was given to produce a world has taken that energy and abused it by approaching the seeds of Adam Kadmon's Garden, and she's using that power to reproduce herself with the seeds that were designed to be reproduced, you see what's confusing here these seeds, and what really confused the woman in the Garden is that the Serpent is Malkhut joined to Yesod, but upside down. You see, to whatever knowledge the seeds of the Garden have, I don't know what knowledge they had, but what was supposed to approach the seeds of the Garden to fertilize them was the union of Yesod and Malkhut, the reproductive gland in the male organ, and what did ultimately approach the seeds of the Garden was just that, Yesod and Malkhut, except that their positions have been reversed.


So it's really easy to understand how the simple seeds of the Garden would have been confused by that. Yesod and Malkhut approached her, they were just in the wrong moral order. So I really see how the woman made a mistake. Now I just want to read my notes to you, Malkhut forces under her, and ascends to the position of Chesed from where she proceeds to incest the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, and why is it incest, because it's a female to a female. Now the male, well female to female wouldn't make it incest, why am I saying that it's incest? Well let's just go on, the male is completely castrated and the female possesses the energy from above. So we see that the Genesis of the seed of the woman because I always knew that the woman had a seed, but I didn't fully understand it, we now understand what the seed of the woman is. The Genesis or the place from which the seed of the woman comes forth is that it arises out of the captured and enslaved male reproductive gland.


So we see that the seed of the woman is the same as the seed of the man except it's turned inside out. The seed of the woman is the seed of Yesod because Malkhut has captured him, but she's corrupted that seed you see. This is very similar to what I have told you, I've talked a lot about this to you all here in the past, that human nature frequently manifests as Jezebel in a fellowship, and that Jezebel goes in and wants to control, whether she knows she's doing it or not, and sometimes it can be a man, whether they know that they are doing it or not, they want to control the pastor, and they want their ideas to be implemented, and they don't understand that if they are unfortunate enough to succeed which happens sometimes to join to that pastor in the wrong moral order which would mean Jezebel on top of the pastor spiritually speaking, if Jezebel succeeds, she brings down the whole ministry, it cannot continue on when the God...


So we see that Jezebel never intends to kill the pastor that she tries to dominate, she never intends to destroy the ministry, all that she wants is to ascend all the way to the top, but you cannot, when you reverse God's moral order you bring destruction on the whole family or the whole organization, and that's what happened over here, Malkhut laid hold of the seed, she lay hold of the virile seed. The very same seed that would have been channeled to the seeds in the Garden to join with them and bring forth an immortal man in the image of the Ayn Sof, but somehow when Malkhut put the man under her, the seed was corrupted, and I don't have any more information, okay the Lord just told me, okay, the way the seed, well I don't know how to explain this. Let me just leave this at this point, we'll talk about it more later if the Lord lets me. When Malkhut got on top of Yesod and dominated him, it affected the nature of the seed, and the seed produced, okay I know how to show it to you, but I'll have to do another drawing, it's getting very late, I may not be able to do this tonight, I'll see, but I will have to give you another drawing if not tonight, Sunday to show you how the seed of the woman is really the same seed as the seed of the man, except that it's corrupted, it's the same seed turned inside out.


So we'll talk about that on Sunday, let me just finish commenting on the drawing and I'm going to let you go home because we started very late tonight and it's very late, and I know you're tired. So all the way to the left of the board is something that's very similar to drawings I've done in the past, I'm showing you Adam Kadmon, the male light coming from the forehead, and the female light coming from the eyes, and the world of points is the sphere underneath Adam Kadmon's navel, the infantile Adam is the seeds in the Garden, and the female, the rings surrounding or the outer manifestation of the world of points is the female, Malkhut. And my commentary on the board says, Adam is the collective name for the many whole eggs in the Garden.


Each egg has a male nucleus, and a female shell surrounding it. The Scripture only distinguishes between Adam and the woman when the woman departs from Adam in her thoughts and behavior. The Scripture is saying that the woman alone spoke to the Serpent signifies that the male nucleus was not in agreement, if he were the Scripture said that Adam spoke to the Serpent. Do you understand that? See each seed, all of the collective seeds of the Garden are called Adam, each individual seed would be called Adam, because the whole seed takes the name of the male. So it's very significant that the Scripture says the Serpent spoke to the woman. That means that Adam even his infantile condition was faithful to the Lord, see. But the woman the outer shell, she responded to the Serpent, she departed from the nucleus, and if you know anything about eggs, whether chicken eggs or human eggs, all of the guts, all of the power is in the nucleus. Take a chicken egg for example, all of the nutrition is in the nucleus, all of the richness, all of the fat is in the nucleus. So we see that the substance of the egg was Adam, the nucleus, and the female was not supposed to depart from him, but she did.


I don't know whether or not the Lord will give us more information about that or not. Apparently the witchcraft of the Serpent had the power to draw that outer shell towards herself. But the nucleus Adam at the center, even in his infantile stage remained faithful to the Lord. So we see that Malkhut betrayed Yesod on the right side of the board, and even in the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, the woman, the outer shell betrayed the inner nucleus. So we see that the female of the creation is the weak point of the creation. Now I should have said this sooner but let me remind all of you women who are listening to these messages or reading these transcripts, I am not talking about human women, I am an emancipated woman, I am running this ministry, I am receiving incredible revelation from the Lord, this is a spiritual principle, male and female are spiritual principles, and I am in no way implying that all women are evil. All of these wrong thoughts have gone out into human society over the years from people misinterpreting the Scripture. The reality is that all of humanity is female in relationship to God, and that it is true that some of these female characteristics are found in human women, but it's also true that today many human women are maturing, there is no male or female in Christ Jesus, as long as the Spirit of Christ is leading you, you have every right to preach or teach or do anything that the Lord is doing through you in the church. And we have more and more women becoming educated and professional women, and not manifesting the weaknesses of, the weaknesses our inherent genetic weaknesses that have come forth from the very foundations of the creation.


So I'm definitely not putting human women in our world in a box, we're talking about spiritual principles. The reality is that the male is the strong one and the female is the weaker vessel, and we see how the creation fell. Praise the Lord, if anyone wants to, if anyone has any problem with this, just talk to me about it in a letter or an email or something, I'll try to help you understand it. I lost an old friend over this issue, she couldn't believe it, the relationship just fell apart, she called me up one year, and ranked me out, thought I was against women, and then apologized and then the relationship just fell apart. So I am not against women, I am a woman, I am an emancipated woman. And I believe you can do all things in Christ, if you're a female, a physical female or physical male, you could do all things in Christ. Praise the Lord, and of course as I said, human women today are filling male roles on every and in every profession. The only thing I don't agree with is the fornication and adultery that's going on. Praise the Lord. Okay any questions or comments on this board?


COMMENT: Am I to understand that the woman is the shell, you know wrapping, she doesn't become the Serpent?


SHEILA: The woman that's the shell, the female in the Garden, remember there's two Adams, okay there's infantile Adam in the Garden, and then there's Adam who is the male that's born of wisdom and understanding, right? Okay, it's the eggs that are designated to manifest as human beings in the lower planes of consciousness, the shells are only in the lower planes of consciousness. They only come forth from the eggs, okay. Did I make that clear? Okay. I could do some more drawings but it's just too late, so we're just going to have to believe God to pick up where we left off here, and I'll have to make myself a note, I wanted to explain to you at the beginning of part 4, how the seed of the male was corrupted, when those seeds were forced under Malkhut. Okay? Everybody okay?


COMMENT: The Serpent was a separate entity and the female became the Serpent?


SHEILA: what part of the board are you looking at when you say the female became the Serpent, show me where you're coming from so I can answer you. Where is the female?


COMMENT: The female is on the left, on the left as Malkhut.


SHEILA: Please go show me.


COMMENT: she's over here on the left, and the Serpent is on the right.


SHEILA: This shows you the Serpent descending to the Garden and she becomes this circle over here, okay. Actually that's a very good question. Maybe when you do the drawing, you should make it more clear that this Serpent becomes the circles around the Garden. Okay did I answer your question here? Okay, these circles around the Garden are the form that the Serpent takes after she descends.


COMMENT: Sheila, I see how the, you were saying that you get corrected, well I see how the messages have been changing, and I'm listening to one at home in the bedroom and at that point Malkhut was considered good, and now it's evil, this came out a couple of weeks ago, so I was like wow that's a big difference.


SHEILA: Malkhut is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, she is good and evil, do you understand what I said? Okay, because the way you put it I thought you were saying, well she was good and now she's evil that she's not good anymore, okay. Malkhut is the chamaeleon, she changes, she is whatever is filling her up. Malkhut of herself has no power, she has no power of herself okay. It depends on the forces that possess her that determines whether she is good or evil. Do you understand what I'm saying? So she goes both ways. See when she's all when the emanations of the left side are filling her she's evil, when the middle column is possessing her she's good, and the middle column of course the balance between the right and the left side. So she goes both ways.


COMMENT: But at the point where the explosion came, she took the energy, she had the energy, and that's when she pushed it back to Yesod. She did have you know at one point she did have the energy.


SHEILA: she's has all the energy today. You can be good and have the energy too. To say that she's good doesn't mean that she doesn't have the energy. What determines whether she's good or evil is how she uses the energy, and isn't that exactly what I've been teaching here for years that everybody that the Lord has brought in to this ministry is a highly spiritual person, and when you first get here, everybody whoever you are when you first get here, the energy that you have is being used for Satan's kingdom, because the default because we're fallen, we default to Satan's kingdom. You may not be actually drinking blood and doing that kind of witchcraft, but there's social witchcraft, envy and competition, which is all a form of the illegal use of the energy that was given to us when we were born. But we can only use that energy for the kingdom of God after we're trained how to use it for God.


If we remain untrained and you're a highly spiritual person, you will be misusing the energy that has been given to you, and that's exactly the condition of Malkhut, okay. She misused the energy that was given to her, the left side at that moment was stronger than the right side. So the correction had to come and the correction is Jesus Christ. The correction is Christ in you the hope of glory joined to the glorified Jesus Christ, is stronger than the whole left side. Malkhut is the chamaeleon, she is good or evil depending on who is controlling her. Okay you understand that? When the left side controls her she's evil, when the middle column controls her she's the beloved Shekinah. That's amazing, and this is see we are Malkhut, humanity today is Malkhut, and that's how we can go from evil to good, when the Lord gets a hold of us, when Christ gets grafted to us, the seed of Christ that gets grafted to us is for intents and purposes the Shekinah, the good seed is grafted to the dead Abel within us, and then we have the power to overcome the evil side, and Christ is the Shekinah to us, because the Malkhut, we are Malkhut, humanity is Malkhut that has become evil. And before you come to the Lord, everyone is one hundred percent the left side, why? Because the right side was destroyed.


So when Christ is grafted to you, that's the Shekinah that is grafted to you, and the beginning of the rebuilding of the right column, and as soon as the right column is built up in you, and the right column can struggle with the left column, and eventually bring you in to balance, because salvation is in the middle column, Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus has to be in the middle column in the heart center to connect to the glorified Lord Jesus Christ to bring you into immortality. You have to be in the center column to enter into immortality, see. And everybody has the left column and you don't have the right column until you get the seed, the right column has to be built in you. Then the war starts, the war between the left and the right column, and eventually you stabilize as the central column, and then you become eligible for eternal life. Why? Because Keter, well I won't say that now. Do you understand what I said? Because you're looking at me, everybody understands what I said? We are Malkhut, remember everything that we're being taught in Kabbalah applies to fallen humanity.


Okay remember the teaching as this abstract way of the Lord teaching it to us by passes the resistance of our self-conscious mind that doesn't want to receive the truth about herself. So to whatever degree you're receiving it in your conscious mind fine, but to whatever degree your conscious mind is refusing to believe this, the fact that it's being taught on this abstract level is getting past your resistance, okay this is all about us, this is all about human nature. Every human being born of a woman is a manifestation of Malkhut who killed Yesod. So you see the whole thing being played out over and over again, the whole scenario, the whole fall, everything that happened, that's what Solomon said, there's nothing new under the sun, it's all being played out. And women today need to know especially in this liberal society that when you rise up against your husband, that you're going to destroy him, and destroy the marriage, you're going to destroy his manhood, you see.


There's a way to get your needs met if your husband is not reasonable, and that way is to go through the mediator Jesus Christ, whether it's your husband or whether it's your pastor, if you rise up against an authority to get your needs met, if you succeed in overcoming that authority, you're going to ruin the whole family or the whole marriage or the however it would affect, well you can bring down a ministry, if it happens at work, I don't know but it's not likely you would overtake the, well if you overtake the boss at work, the business will be ruined, it just doesn't work you see. It just doesn't work and it doesn't matter that the person in the female position, now you don't have to be a physical female. You could be physical male in the female position, you could be female to your boss, you see. See it doesn't matter that you're right, you see, it's pride, it's high pride that says well I'm right and I can't live with this because I'm right and you're wrong, no unless it's a moral issue, you are the weaker vessel, and that guy is the boss, he's the one that owns the business, and well maybe you are smarter than him, but he's the one that's got the business and you're the worker, and if the issue is really disturbing you, if it's really a personal thing and you're being mistreated, you have to give it to Jesus Christ and see what God will do for you, maybe he'll touch the man's heart, or maybe he'll give you a new job.


If you're a wife that's complaining about your husband, you must submit, you must honor your husband, unless he's beating you or incesting your children of course, then you have to Jesus Christ to deliver you from a man who is being unreasonable and mistreating you. And if you're a physical man and your mother is mistreating you, let's say your mother is an elderly and you have to take care of her and she's mistreating you, you have to pray it through because that woman has authority over you, or your father is mistreating you. A lot of people in this country, they don't realize how far we've fallen, you know. I remember years ago talking to an Italian man that owned a deli my neighborhood, I don't know why he was telling me this, but I remember him telling me, he was in his forties, and a successful business man and he said to me, you know if my father walked in here today and slapped me across the face, I would just stand here, a rough Italian, I would just stand here, I wouldn't ever say a word to him, or raise my hand to him.


And it's really a disgrace the way we hear children talking to their parents today. It would have never even be tolerated even fifty years ago. It's not good for the whole nation, it's not good for the child, it's not good for the family, it's not good for the nation. What's happening is that Jezebel is rising up and overturning the God ordained authority, and the family won't stand, the child won't stand, the family won't stand, and the nation won't stand, when Jezebel rises up and puts Yesod under her, it won't stand you see.


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