563 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord, the issue of this series is to reveal the carnal mind, the thinking of the carnal mind as opposed to the thinking of the Christ mind. Most people think it's very simple to distinguish between good and evil. The Scripture exhorts us to distinguish between good and evil or between okay between good and evil. I remember years ago someone in this ministry said to me, well what's so hard about that? And now ten years later and that person has just begun to learn how to distinguish between good and evil. Everything that comes out of the carnal mind in comparison to the goodness of God is evil. You see there is the good and evil of the carnal mind, and then the goodness of God, and the goodness of God is perfect, and it is not sin. The goodness of the tree of knowledge of good and evil is good as far as this world is concerned, but it is sin, we know that it is sin because those of us who live out of the carnal mind which is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, get sick, age and die. The inheritance of the goodness of God also known as righteousness is eternal life.


So no matter how good a life you live in this world, if you are existing because of your carnal mind, because the carnal mind supports the existence of the physical life, if it is the carnal mind that has given your existence, you age and you die, and you have problems along the path, that's the testimony of all of humanity. We are mortal, and we are physically mortal because we are generated by a mortal mind called the carnal mind, or the mind of the flesh.


The Lord Jesus Christ has come to deliver us from this existence of mortality, and many of the aspects, the many other aspects, the many other unpleasant aspects of this existence. Now the method by which the Lord Jesus has come to deliver us appears to be a great secret to the large majority of the church and the Jews who day and night study the Scriptures. The method by which we will be delivered from hell or from this is hell or from this mortal existence, okay, this existence of many births and many deaths, there is a continuous cycle of birth and death in this existence, we will be delivered by the impartation of a new mind, of a mind that is without sin. The only mind, well first of all as I said earlier, the mind supports the physical body and the physical existence, and the only mind that produces immortality is the perfect mind of God.


Now there is an immortality of this world, but it is an imperfect immortality, in that, the immortality of this world will come to an end when the immortality of Jesus Christ swallows up this imperfect world. And there are very few people who attain to the immortality of this world, so we will not address it in this message because it is not our topic. My point is, it is the mind that generates and sustains the physical body, and we must get a new mind to enter into the promises that Jesus Christ has made to us. Now the problem is that by in large the church believes that the promises are after the death of this physical body. This is not true, the promises of God are here in the visible world. the intention of God in so far as creation is concerned, is to have a visible expression of himself. The visible world is designed to be a visible expression of the invisible God, therefore all judgement and all correction is in the flesh, that we should learn how to live after the spirit, so that there should come into existence a visible world, a spiritual visible world that will be the mirror image of the almighty God, called in Kabbalah the Ayn Sof, the endless one, okay.


This is how Jesus Christ or if you happen to reading this transcript or listening to this tape, and you are Jewish and you do not believe that Jesus is Messiah, that's okay, this message is for you, you don't have to believe that Jesus is Messiah, I'm here to tell you that Messiah whoever you believe he might be will deliver this mortal creation by converting us into an immortal creation by the impartation of a new mind perfect sinless mind. And the message that this mind is delivering to humanity today is the instructions as to how to pursue the path that will lead us into immortality. Now there is a problem in the study of Kabbalah and there is a study, there is a problem in the kingdom church today, the doctrine of the kingdom church, a corrupted message has seeped into these two areas, the two areas that are called to be the witnesses to the existence of God. The Jews and I believe, you don't have to agree with me, the Christians are called to be the witnesses that God exists, and the way we will witness to the existence of God is that we will manifest the nature of God and in the nature of God we will manifest the power of God to people who cannot comprehend the things that we're talking about here today and even greater things than we're talking about right now.


The message from God that is designed to impart his mind and through his mind his nature, to the Jews and the Christians, if you're a Jew and you don't believe it's for the Christians, that's okay, don't put down this message because it's for you. The message is corrupt, is the message coming from Isaac Luria corrupt, or is it the translation that's corrupt, I don't know, but since Isaac Luria has such a great reputation amongst the Kabbalist, I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he has heard from God, that his message is true, and that the error is coming forth in the translation. Now I know and a lot of you who study with me know that a translator can only translate in accordance with his own revelation. How you perceive the words of a particular language will be how you translate them into another language.


So if you are misunderstanding or misinterpreting the document that you're translating, there is no way that you can translate it accurately, although the words you may be translating it word for word accurately, but you may be inadvertently completely revising the intention of the words that you're speaking. And this is what's happening with a lot of the Kabbalistic doctrine that is available in English today, it's been perverted by the carnal mind, it's been perverted by unknowing teachers, and unknowing translators. I'm not against anybody and I'm not condemning anybody, but the translations and the teachings of Kabbalistic doctrine today, have a serious error in their foundation. There is a lot of truth but the underlying foundation of this truth is corrupt. Now if I'm wrong this message won't hurt you, if I'm right this message can save your life.


So I did write up some notes today, and well I'm not going to look through the notes right now, look what we're doing is we're looking at a commentary on Isaac Luria's commentary of the Zohar. I'm going to believe that the writer of the Zohar received that word from God, I'm going to believe that Isaac Luria, that his commentary is from God, but somehow by the time it got into English, the underlying intention of this message from God has been corrupted to the point that it will never in its present condition produce a supernatural man who will be the exact mirror image of almighty God. The creation will be spinning its wheels indefinitely until somehow the spirit of truth and the true doctrine penetrates into the church and into Kabbalistic doctrine.


This is the assignment that the Lord has given us. Now don't be deceived because of the fact that what you read on our pages or you hear on our tapes might not be as erudite as some of the greatest Kabbalists, as I've explained on the past message, I have been studying with the Lord for over 24 years and for the past 16, 17, or ever 18 years, he has had me bring forth a doctrine which I call the doctrine of Christ, which I now understand is an intermediate doctrine, it is less difficult than Kabbalah, but it is much more difficult than the doctrine in the church, even the doctrine in the kingdom church. So the doctrine of Christ is an intermediary doctrine which when understood through much study and prayer by the Christian, prepares the Christian's mind to begin to understand Kabbalah. And when the Lord brought this ministry into the study of Kabbalah, I realized that a lot of what the doctrine of Christ teaches is a part of Kabbalah, but the Lord is using the doctrine of Christ as a measuring stick to expose that part of Kabbalistic doctrine which is corrupt, and I'm sorry if that word offends you, but there is an underlying premise in the teachings of Kabbalah today that is polluting the entire intention of the whole work.


The intention of the work is to liberate God's people, the intention of the work is to increase the mind of the Jew, the intention of the work is to liberate the Jew from Pharaoh, the Jewish people are back in Egypt, they're in spiritual Egypt, and it is the intention of the Lord to deliver them once again by imparting his ascended glorified mind to them, and you need the true doctrine to ascend, you need the true doctrine to ascend and become the Jew that God intended you to be, and if you're a Christian reading this message, I believe and you don't have to agree with me, that we're of the same tree, we're of the same tree that produced Israel, that same tree has produced the church, and that we are called all of us Christians and Jews, to be branches on this tree. So this message is for Jews and Christians. If you are one and it offends you that I say this message is for the other also, then just take it for yourself, because we are going to deal with this commentary which is by Rabbi Ashlag in his book called the, well he has a series of books I think 14 volumes called the Ten Luminous Emanations, in which he translates and comments on Isaac Luria's commentary to the Zohar.


So we are dealing with Rabbi Ashlag's translation, and Rabbi Ashlag's understanding of Isaac Luria's commentary to the Zohar, and I'm telling you that as well meaning and as intelligent and bright as Rabbi Ashlag is, his carnal mind got, well either his carnal mind got in here, somebody's carnal mind got in there somewhere, because the final product that we're dealing with in English draws conclusions that are direct, that are the conclusions of the carnal mind, they're not the conclusions of God. So we are going to deal with these principles and I'm going to do the best I can, to show you what the Lord is really saying here, so that we can use these translations of Rabbi Ashlag with a true understanding that will produce the life of God in us. I'm not here to condemn anybody or put anybody down, but I am here to help the body of Christ, and the Kabbalists, and the students of the Kabbalists to understand the message that God has for us, that is what my intention is.


So I want to review, basically want to review part one in which I describe to you, the four phases of development of the creation, which are designed to produce an immortal creation. Although I don't see that word immortality what I do see is that the desired result is the creation to which God can pour out his blessings infinitely, a creation which can be so blessed by God that we will be lacking nothing, absolutely nothing, and that the only way, now this is the doctrine, it's called the doctrine of the bread of shame, okay, and that the only way that humanity can come to this place where we can receive the complete fullness of God which is infinite okay, is to become a cup with no bottom, and this arises out of the understanding which is the truth that when we hold on to what we receive, we become a cup that fills up and therefore we can no longer receive what God has for us, because we are already full. Therefore to become a vessel that can receive the infinite life and blessings of God, we must become a vessel that can give away, that can give as well as receive, therefore if in our heart we're willing to give away everything that we receive, we become an unending, an unending circuit is established, an unending circle, an eternal circle of the blessings of God that come out of infinity that cycle through us. That is the premise. Now this is true, that's what we're supposed to be, we're supposed to be a bottomless cup, we're supposed to be, and what is a bottomless cup, it's a channel.


If you take the bottom out it's not a cup anymore, if you take the bottom out what you've got is a channel. We're supposed to be a channel through which the circuit of the power of God or through which the power of God circulates infinitely and a circle or a circuit is established of the energy of God that just flows continuously through us, and we become a blessing. Now please bear with me because I'm really struggling with this message today. Now I'd like to go over those four principles again today, and relate each one of those four principles to the reality that the Lord has shown me, and then I would like to go back to what we talked about on part one where I showed you how Malkhut rebelled, how the female rebelled and forced all of the energy that was being poured into her back up into the six Sefirot above her, and caused the shattering of the vessels of the world of points, which manifested in our physical universe as the big bang. Okay, and I will have some more comments on that once we get through these four phases.


So I will turn to the notes that I made up right now, and I will remind you, I know I said this last week, that I was very offended when I first heard Isaac Luria's doctrine of the will to receive, because the way it is in this book, volume one of the Ten Luminous Emanations is that God gave the creature a will to receive. In other words I have to be willing to take your blessings, I think that I have a fair command of the English, I believe that I have comprehended what is in this book and that is the spirit of the word.


The spirit of the word is saying the creation was given by God, the will to receive or is being given by God, or the ultimate end of creation is that we should be willing to receive God's blessings. Now to me that's a spirit of pride. If you have nothing and God has everything, you should be grateful to receive God's blessings, or even if you have some and even if it's not God, if someone wants to give you something, you should be grateful to receive it, okay. The only time I have ever used the words here of willing to receive, this is very interesting, is when someone has tried to force their gift on me, is when someone has given for example something to wear or something to put in my home, and is giving me a gift with the string attached to it, that they want me to use what they're giving me in a certain way. Then I've instructed that you have to ask the person if they're willing to receive your gift.


Well why would you be asking them if they're willing to receive your gift? Because you are giving them something that is really pleasing you to give them, you're giving them something with a string, you're giving them something with an instruction attached to it. So you have to ask them if they want it you see, but generally speaking if you're giving them something that they truly need, they should be grateful to you. So what we see in this doctrine is the reversal of human attitudes, see, one of the things that we do in this ministry is that we talk about social propriety, how to behave in the correct manner socially, how to relate to one another properly, how to relate to other human beings under different circumstances properly, we teach all that here because we teach the whole man, in this ministry, we teach your spirit, we teach your personality and we teach your emotions, and we teach your mind, we teach you on every level, this is a holistic ministry, it's a spiritual holistic ministry, we're raising up and healing the whole man to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.


And what I see in this doctrine is the truth or truths of human nature but applied to the wrong place, applied to the wrong person, if a particular attitude for example should properly be manifested in the recipient, we may see that attitude manifested in the giver, and the attitude that should be in the giver we're told should be manifested in the recipient. So this is what anti-Christ does brethren, this is what the carnal mind does, it takes the truth and it mixes it up so badly that the truth is no longer the truth, and we're told in the Scripture in the last days good will be called evil and evil will be called good. So God is not the author of confusion, the carnal mind and the pride of man, and the carnal mind is the author of confusion. So what we've got here, I don't know that I've made it clearly, what we've got here is a doctrine that did come down from God, but by the time it got into the English translation, it's been reversed in so many areas that it's lost all its power, it's lost its power because of the confusion in the doctrine. The doctrine is still good, what does this doctrine do, it's a revelation of human nature, this doctrine is a revelation of human nature, you see, the Lord wants to deliver us from death, he wants to deliver us from hell.


Now he's not going to physically rapture us, he's going to deliver us from death and hell by giving us a new mind, because death and hell are generated in our lives by the way we think. So he's working on all of us, this is a good doctrine, but it has taking some twists and turns which has destroyed any power that the doctrine might have to help you. So I was initially, when I first read this book, I was very offended by the very term that the creation will have the will to receive, by the very term of the will to receive, I was offended by that term, to say that I am willing to receive from God. If anyone came to me as a pastor as a teacher as a prophet and said that to me, my response to them would be if you don't change your attitude you're not going to be getting anything from God, because you have to humble yourself before God, you have to admit that you can't do it yourself, that you can't provide what you need for yourself, and that you will be grateful to God to meet your need, that's how you get from God. You don't come to God and say well I'm willing to receive if you want to give it to me. And of course I don't even read in this book, if you want to give it to me, what this doctrine says, the doctrine of the bread of shame, what it's saying in this form that it's in, this corrupt form, it's saying that the reason that God created the world, is because that he wants the pleasure of showering his greatness, his benevolence and all of his good things that he would give us, he wants that pleasure of giving that to us.


Now let me tell you at this point that I do not witness to that, but the Lord has not spoken to me about it, I've asked the Lord if it's true, the Kabbalistic books tell me that all the Rabbis agree, all the great Rabbis that have studied and taught Kabbalah agree that this is the reason that God created the worlds, that he would have somebody, or this is why he created man, so that there would be somebody for God to shower his benevolence upon. Now that just doesn't sit right with me, but I don't have an alternative. And I would never tell you to not believe something if I don't have an alternative which I believe to be the truth. I do believe that at some time, I really believe that the Lord right now for the first time actually is witnessing to me that this is not the truth of his reason for creating, for bringing forth the creation, you see. And I do believe that at some point, I don't know when, the Lord will reveal to us his true motive for making this creation. All I know is that Paul says, eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard what God has in store for us. Now that's very interesting because that's the, I know that the Jews say that there is no New Testament or Old Testament there's only Scripture and I can agree with that, the Messianic Jews call the New Testament a codicil, they have some name for it, some kind of codicil. But as far as I'm concerned this is all semantics I'm dealing with Christians and with Jews, and to me it's most convenient to say Old Testament and New Testament, so if that offends you please forgive me, or if you have a better suggestion, you can me know, but I don't know if the Lord will let me use your words or not. So we'll say Old Testament and New Testament, now that's New Testament when Paul says "eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard what God has in store for us", well on its surface, I've never really prayed about that Scripture, on its surface what it says to me is wow what God has in store for us once we're truly in his image, we can't even imagine you know, man doesn't know about it, no one has seen it or no one has ever heard of it, so it's a new thing what God has in store for us, but in view of Kabbalah okay, the eyes are the world of points, and the ears you know are the they signify the ears are SaG which is Binah, okay, signifies the understanding of God, so that would be saying neither the world of points which shattered okay, nor Binah who is the world to come, she's eternal life, even Binah doesn't know what the Lord has in store for us, after we're in his image.


And I fully believe at this point that the whole New Testament is written in view of Kabbalah, that to really understand what's being said there, you have to have a knowledge of Kabbalah. The New Testament was written to the Jew of that day, and apparently the majority of Jews, or at least the Jews that would be pursuing Messiah were versed enough in Kabbalah for Paul to talk this way and we found things that Jesus said, that are revealing Kabbalistic principles, the whole New Testament is written to the Jew.


So even Binah which is eternal life, the world to come doesn't understand, Binah who is understanding doesn't know the purpose of the creation, does that shock you. Well even Jesus Christ in the days of his flesh said, only the father knows the hour that judgement's coming on the world, only the father knows the hour. So there are things that only the father knows. And who is the father? The father is Chokhmah, Chokhmah is higher than Binah.


So even Binah does not know the purpose of the creation. Now the problem that I have with this belief that all of the Rabbis seem to agree on that the reason for the creation is that God wanted to manifest his benevolence, so he needed somebody to pour out his benevolence upon, what bothers me about that is that I see a human quality in it, you see, I see a human quality in it. And one of the points that I'm hoping to develop here is that the place at which this doctrine goes off is that it imputes human qualities to the creator, and let me tell you this first, this doctrine it doesn't talk at least the translation that I'm working from, it doesn't talk about God, it talks about the creator, you see, they're not the same. God is the endless and according to Kabbalah we know nothing about the endless and he is impossible to know, he is unknowable, but the endless sent forth a light from himself and this light we have some hope of understanding, see this light that went forth. And this light that went forth is Adam Kadmon.


See Adam Kadmon is the creator, Adam Kadmon is the creator. So if I say God I really should be saying creator, okay. We see in this doctrine, the attributes of fallen man, attributed to the creator who is perfect, Adam Kadmon is in the image of the Ayn Sof, see I have a problem with that you see, to think that the creator who is perfect who is complete in whom nothing is lacking, nothing whatsoever is lacking in the creator himself he has a desire to shower his benevolence upon a creation, I have a problem with that you see, that the one who lacks nothing, the one who is completely filled by the Ayn Sof has any kind of need whatsoever. I have a problem with that, but until the Lord reveals to me what his purpose for creation is, I can't really say much more about it other than that that sounds like a very human quality to me, as a matter of fact I mention that right on this tape just a few minutes ago, when I was talking about this concept of the will to receive, and I'm saying that just doesn't sound right to me that somebody who is about to be the recipient of a gift should be the willing, should look at the gift giver and decide whether or not they're willing to receive that gift, and then as I told that was a wrong attitude, the attitude should be gratitude. Now remember I am instructed by the Lord as I teach, I learn as I preach and as I teach okay, and when I said that to you just a little while ago, that the correct attitude of the recipient is gratitude not a willingness to receive, the Lord reminded me that I did have that issue with some people in this ministry, saying that you shouldn't be giving people things unless they're willing to receive it, you see.


But as I explained earlier the only time this incident arises that you have to ask the person if they're willing to receive it, is when the giver has a motive that is really benefitting himself. You see if there's a starving person on the street and you come with food, are you going to say to that starving person, are you willing to receive this food. No, you say here here and the starving person says God bless you, thank you. So when would you ask the person if they're willing to receive your gift? When it's something that they really don't need, something that you are taking pleasure in giving them, you have a dress that doesn't fit you anymore and it's in excellent condition, you say to the person, are you willing to receive this dress, I would like to give it to you, I don't believe in throwing out clothing that is still good and I think it would look good on you, are you willing to receive it. The person says, "Oh thank you, that's very kind of you, but the person, the recipient did not need your gift, you see. So the only time somebody has to be willing to receive your gift, and the only time you should be asking the person, may I give you this gift, is if they don't need it, but it's your desire to give it to them, it is your desire to give them something that they do not need, you see. And I don't believe that that is the truth of the relationship between man and God, or between man and the creator, see.


So we're going to pursue this, this concept that the Lord has given me, of this great doctrine which reveals human nature in an excellent way, but reveals human nature by imputing that human nature to the immortal creator, okay did I make that clear. I believe this doctrine is great because it reveals human nature very accurately, but I believe that it is corrupt because it imputes that human or fallen nature to the creator, okay. Now I guess before I go any further, I have to jump ahead to that board, I'm going to do a drawing, well let's see maybe I'll, I don't know whether I'll use the drawing from last week or I'll do a new one, but I want to show you that concept of Malkhut turning around and forcing the energy back up and shattering the world of points, and I want to talk to you about that.


Praise the Lord, we're looking at drawing #1, I have divided the board into two sides, a and b, and looking at the left side of the board, you may notice that there's a change between drawing 1a and the drawing that I showed you from part one of this message. If you look at drawings 3a and 3b, from part one of this message, you will see that I drew the ten Sefirot in a straight line, in one vertical line from Keter down to Malkhut, and in drawing 1a and 1b of this message, I change that, I put Keter in the center, Binah on the left, and Chokhmah on the right. This is a correction. The principles that I demonstrated in drawings 3a and b of part one of this message are correct, I just drew the ten Sefirot in a straight line instead of showing Keter Binah and Chokhmah in their respectably correct columns, center, left, and right, and then the seven Sefirot beneath them in a straight line, does anyone not understand what I just said. Do you want me to say it again? Okay, in part one of this message in drawing 3a, I drew the ten Sefirot as one straight vertical line, in today's message on drawing 1a and b, I made a correction, Keter is in the center column, Binah is in the left column, Chokhmah is the right column, then the remaining seven Sefirot from Chesed through Malkhut are in the center, and this is correct, but I'm just assuring you that the principles that I taught you on part one are correct, I just didn't have the first three Sefirot in the right position, that's all.


Okay, drawing 1a, this is sort of a review of part one, I'm showing you the six Sefirot from Chesed through Yesod are all passing the energy downward, Keter passed it's energy to Chokhmah, Chokhmah passed it to Binah, Binah passes its energy to Chesed, and then if you recall the seven Sefirot from Chesed through Malkhut according to Isaac Luria's teaching did not have enough understanding to place themselves in the appropriate column whereby they could interact with one another, they're all lined up in a straight line from Chesed downward, which according to Kabbalistic doctrine is the error that caused the vessels to shatter, because their position in this straight vertical line, because of its position in a straight vertical line, the Sefirot were unable to interact with one another and the total energy from that was to be distributed from Chesed through Malkhut dumped into Malkhut, and Malkhut was supposed to take its portion and pass the rest on and then Gevurah was to take its portion and to pass the rest on, and according to Kabbalah, the vessels shattered because Chesed collapsed under the weight of the energy, she was not able to take her position and pass the rest on, and so it happened also with all the Sefirot underneath Chesed, and therefore the vessels shattered, that's according to as I understand it, that's Isaac Luria's Kabbalistic doctrine, but the Lord has shown us here that that is not what happened okay. What happened is that each of the Sefirot from Chesed through Yesod did their job, they passed on the energy just like they were supposed to, but Malkhut, Malkhut rebelled against her God ordained role in the creation.



Malkhut is the visible world, Malkhut is the essential female, okay, there is no one below her to pass the energy onto, Malkhut is called the glory of God we're told in Kabbalistic doctrine, she's the glory of God, all of the invisible glory that's pouring through the other nine Sefirot are to be manifested and made visible in her, see. And now that's sounds to me like not such a bad deal, see but if you look at human nature today, you see that this rebellion that rose up in Malkhut at being the ultimate or the essential recipient is very evident in human nature. I see it in this ministry all the time, I see it in people everywhere. Some people have it a little more and others a little less, but this manifestation of pride manifests everywhere, everyone wants to be a boss. You can ask anybody that knows about human nature and they'll tell you everybody wants to be a boss. As a matter of fact, I even heard a preacher say once, that in the Bible college that he went to where they were training him to be a pastor, they told him that he should keep the people happy by giving everybody some measure of authority, and that way they'll keep their tithes in his church. So he was taught to feed the ego of the people, to keep the people in his church, because people are fallen and fallen people are laced with pride, and out of the pride results rebellion. When you yield to your pride that you're unhappy with your position, that you're not exalted enough in your position, you're not high enough in your position, that you don't have anybody that you're supposed to be passing the instructions on to, then the result is the rebellion, you do something to change your position, you do something, you take some action apart from God's will to change your position, and that is exactly what Malkhut did.


Instead of retaining all of the glory that was poured in to her, and learning how to deal with it to the glory of God, she used it as a weapon and she turned it back up against Yesod, and thus caused the shattering of the Sefirot from Chesed to well Kabbalah says all of the vessels shattered from Chesed through Malkhut, well they all shattered, that's correct. She caused the shattering or the disfigurement of the seven Sefirot from Chesed through Malkhut which are called the seven days of creation. These seven Sefirot are called the seven days of creation because they are, and because of their shattering the seven days of creation manifested in a disfigured image, the world as we know it, which is disfigured by sin, it's disfigured in relation to what, we are disfigured in relation to the image and the nature of almighty God. We don't look like him you see, we're of his substance, therefore we're in his likeness, but we don't look like him. The image was shattered, it was marred, it was disfigured, and that's why rectification or salvation is necessary.


So the text that I have written in at the bottom of drawing 1a says, Malkhut rebels against her God ordained role a recipient of the glory of God. Because Malkhut has no one under her to pass the glory on to, so she gives it to the one above her and causes a short circuit and an explosion in the high spiritual plane called the world of points, which ultimately manifested, and manifested in and produced this visible material world. Praise the Lord, so we see that the shattering of the vessels of the world of points was due to Malkhut's rebellion, and not due to any inability to pass on the glory because of a lack of understanding, as to how the Sefirot should have positioned themselves. Brethren the creation fell because of sin.


I don't know how anyone could read the Bible and study Kabbalah and not see the contradiction, but I guess when your mind is blinded, either you don't see it, or you justify it. It is important that we read the Bible, I read the King James translation, it's important that we read the Bible as well as study Kabbalah, I had not read the King James translation for years while I was bringing forth the doctrine of Christ, but I was teaching out of the doctrine of Christ, I was doing deep translations in the Interlinear Text, but I didn't sit down and actually read the King James translation for all of those years, but we were in the King James translation doing the translations, and when the Lord put us in Kabbalah shortly thereafter I started reading the King James translation again, and now I understand why, it is very important that we read the King James translation because Kabbalah right now, as I told you earlier on this tape, there's just some excellent revelation and some excellent material in it, but the foundational principles of Kabbalah at least in the English translations are corrupt, okay, and their position is that there was no fall, #1, there was no fall, and that all of the misery that is being experienced by human beings or by mankind at this time is God's will, and it is God's method of perfecting us and making us like him. Okay this is the doctrine of the bread of shame, which is an outright lie, there was a fall, and the misery that's in the world today is not the will of God, it is the fruit of the sin of rebellion, you see.


So we're going to go forward with these drawings because I'm very excited personally, because I see questions that I've been asking the Lord for quite a while being answered. Now all of you people listening to the tape, the anointing is so thick here right now, that I'm almost being slain in the spirit, we have one person over there completely out, okay, so just please bear with me as I try to preach this, because my eyes are closing on me, and we're just going to do the best that we can, praise the Lord. Hallelujah, okay drawing 1b, what I show you in drawing 1b is the Kabbalistic teaching of the formation of DaT okay. Now according, and I don't know which Rabbi taught this, I see this in information from an online course, and the Rabbi the modern Rabbi who's alive today who's teaching this online course, tells us that he gathers his information from several Kabbalistic sources, and he doesn't tell us which source teaches what. I don't know if this is from Isaac Luria, or from Rabbi Sarug, or anybody else that he may be studying with, I don't know, but our online course teaches, and this Rabbi seems to be pretty educated in Kabbalistic doctrine, teaches that DaT which is knowledge okay comes into existence when the outer layer of Keter wraps itself around Yesod. Okay and there's a whole teaching on this, which I believe I pointed out for you, and I put it forth to you on part one of this message, so I'm not going to repeat it, but I didn't demonstrate it in part one like I'm demonstrating it here. You can see Keter, Binah, and Chokhmah in their correct columns and I show you, Chesed through Hod shattering as a result of Malkhut's reversal of the energy flow.


Now I drew Chesed through Hod off to the side because that was the only way I could think of drawing it and at the same time showing you that the outer layer of Keter came down and surrounded the Yesod to defend it, okay, but actually there is no time or space in these spiritual planes, so somehow the outer layer of the Keter came down and covered Yesod but didn't cover any of the other Sefirot inbetween, that would be Chesed through Hod. Now according to Kabbalah this covering was not to defend Yesod, okay, according to Kabbalah that the outer layer of Keter came down and covered Yesod because the world below is attached to the world above by overlapping the Sefirot, and in this process there was no Sefirot from the world above, to overlap the, I'm sorry there was no Sefirot from the world below to overlap the Yesod of the world above, so the outer layer of Keter came down and covered over Yesod. You see, sin is just diminished, it's diminished, it's really denied in this doctrine, yet I've read other passages of Kabbalistic works and they do talk about sin, but they from what I could gather, they believe that sin can, that you can be sinless if you keep the law and do the Mitzvah, you know. So what they're talking about is imputed sinlessness, you know. You can't be without sin and die, you just can't be without sin and age, it's just not true, you know, but there is an imputed sinlessness, if you follow after the Lord and he outlines your program for you, you have an imputed righteousness or righteousness by faith, you see. So boy I'm really drunk in the spirit, so this Kabbalistic doctrine, it just doesn't seem to deal with sin at all everything is justified you know, here we're finding out through Christ centered Kabbalah the reason DaT came into existence is that the outer layer of Keter descended to defend Yesod against Malkhut. I mean that's a far cry from saying the outer layer of Keter covered Yesod, because there was no corresponding Sefirot to overlap it, you know. Everything's justified, every evil thing that has happened is justified in this particular doctrine that is so popular, this Kabbalastic doctrine that is so popular in modern Jewry and in the church today. You know there are other Kabbalistic writers I'm told that have different opinions but the Lord has not brought me to their writings yet, I don't know if they are translated. The Lord has brought me to the translated writings of Isaac Luria, as penned by Chayyim Vital, and I'm asking you to understand that the Lord has a different agenda than we would have. I would like to know everything, this knowledge just fascinates me, and sometimes you may wonder why I start a series and I don't finish it, like Gog and Magog, we will not be going back to that. Brethren I do what God tells me to do, and the agenda of the Lord is to correct the error that his people are swallowing down today. So therefore we don't always go along the path that one would expect us to go along. Our job is to set the captive free by imparting the spirit of truth and applying it to the erroneous doctrine, I'm not telling anybody what to do, I'm just giving you another choice, I'm giving you another thought, I'm giving you something to pray about, if you dare, and see what the Lord has to say about it, and maybe you'll be set free, and I challenge you to recognize that the doctrine that is coming forth which the Lord is calling Christ into doctrine is much more exciting than the English translation at least of the present Kabbalistic principles. So on drawing 1b, I've already talked to you about the shattered vessels, I've shown you Keter descending to surround Yesod supposedly just so that he should have a cover, but we know it's to defend them against Malkhut, and let me read you my note here, if I could read my hand writing. The outer layer of Keter covers Yesod and the fortified Yesod is called DaT, this means knowledge. This fortification prevented the creation from being wiped out completely but they did die to their immortality, you see.


If they were wiped out completely, the Lord would have had to start all over again, it's not the Lord's intention to start all over again, the Lord perfects what he has, the Lord perfects what he has, he doesn't have to start all over again. So the Lord did preserve Yesod in this shattering, and as we go on to the following drawings, I will show you what Christ centered Kabbalah tells us happened, which is a very different story then the present teachings, then the present Kabbalistic teachings, these teachings line up, Christ centered Kabbalah lines up with the doctrine of Christ which I believe is closer to the Scripture or the Tanach, as you would say in the Hebrew. Okay drawing #2, also the board is divided into a and b, and this is what the Lord told me today, I show you Chesed through Hod are shattered again, and Malkhut rams her, turns around with the energy, with all of the energy of the nine Sefirot above her, everything has fallen into Malkhut, her guns are loaded with the full power of the nine Sefirot above her and she turns that power on Yesod.


Now it's true that Yesod is shattered because the definition of being shattered is that your form changes to something other than what you're supposed to be, but the reality of what happened here is that Malkhut joined with Yesod in a reverse marital union, okay. Now let me remind you of the doctrine of the Shabbat, okay remember the Sefirot the six Sefirot from Chesed through Yesod have another name, does anybody know what their name is? What is the single name that expresses the six Sefirot from Chesed through Yesod? Yes.


COMMENT: Ze'ir Anpin?


SHEILA: Yes, that's Ze'ir Anpin, and Yesod is Ze'ir Anpin's, it's his male organ okay, actually it's not his, I'm trying to use the right word, I'm going to say it's Ze'ir Anpin's male organ okay. So Yesod, the function of Yesod is to join Ze'ir Anpin to Malkhut, and in that joining all of the glory of the upper nine Sefirot is to be poured into Malkhut giving all of that power to create a visible world in the image of almighty God, you see. And according to the Kabbalistic doctrine, this joining of Malkhut and Yesod is a perennial affair, it's not a permanent affair, you see Abba and Imma are permanently joined, they're a permanent married couple, they never separate, but Malkhut and Yesod come together on weekends and separate on week days, that's the Kabbalistic doctrine. So now we, that's not true for us today because once Christ joins with us here in the new covenant, he's permanently joined to us, okay, but according to Kabbalah, and this is the way it was with natural Israel, there were periods of union between Yesod and Malkhut, and Israel is Malkhut, and then periods of separation okay. And this is what is signified by the physical Shabbat, the physical day Saturday. That physical day Saturday is supposed to represent the coming together of Yesod and Malkhut, and that's a holy joining, and then there's a separation for a period.


So we see that what Malkhut did was that she made herself the male, and she turned around and she shot all that energy back up into Yesod and that was an expression of the male role because it is the male that ejaculates into the female, but Malkhut used everything that she had as a male and she made Yesod because she brought him into the that female position and she joined with him, she nailed herself to him in a reverse unholy Shabbat, if you can hear what I'm saying. So does anyone not understand what I said, do you understand what I just said?


So we see that the Sefirot from Chesed through Hod were shattered, they were destroyed, they fell down into the world of formation which is the female world that precedes the physical world that we're in today. But Yesod was taken captive by Malkhut, and this Malkhut and Yesod which were now joined together fell down into the world of formation which is Yetzirah, and they appeared in that world as Cain and Abel. So as the story goes, even though Cain appeared first and you would wonder why Cain would appear first, because Malkhut became Cain, and Malkhut if you just look at your drawing, Malkhut was underneath Yesod, so Malkhut appeared in the world of formation first as Cain, and she thought she had the authority because she was the first one born into that world, but after Yesod who came into the world of formation as Abel, after Yesod was born into that world, Jehovah made an appearance and said, Abel still has authority over you Malkhut, Abel still has authority over you Cain, Yesod still has authority over you Malkhut. And as we know Cain went into a rage, and killed Abel, and all that that means is that Cain overthrew what Jehovah did, because as you could see Malkhut when she came down, she was still under Yesod, and Jehovah by saying the words to Cain, Abel is the male, what that means is Jehovah gave his strength to Yesod, to sustain Yesod on top of Cain, you see. But Cain went in to a rage and with Abel to overthrow Abel and Cain put Abel underneath her and the rest is history, we all know about that.


So I don't know about you but I just find this so interesting, such an interesting addendum to the parable of where Cain and Abel came from. Now and we just have a lot of interesting stuff here. Now looking again at drawing #2a, did I get ahead of myself? I got ahead of myself, I think I was giving you an exhortation on, I got so drunk in the spirit there, I was giving you an exhortation on the wrong drawing, oh my goodness, okay, let me see what drawing I was giving you an exhortation on. Okay, everybody I got drunk in the spirit and I told you all to look at drawing 2a and I was giving an exhortation on 3a, so please if I confused you, that's what happened, that last exhortation was for drawing 3a, and we will get back there again. So for right now let's go back to drawing 2a, and what I'm showing you in 2a is that after Malkhut nailed herself to Yesod, and I also would like to bring in the Scripture here in Daniel which is not, I don't have it written on this drawing, but there's a Scripture in Daniel which says there was a ram standing there, and then suddenly there was a goat, and that he goat rammed his horns into the ram with all of his strength.


Okay, Daniel 8, I'll be reading verses 1-6, now this is what's happening in drawing #2a, this is Daniel 8:1, "In the third year of the reign of King Belshazzar, a vision appeared unto me, even unto me Daniel, after that which appeared unto me at the first. And I saw in a vision and it came to pass when I saw, that I was at Shushan in the palace which is the province of Elam, and I saw in a vision and I was by the river of Ulai. Then I lifted mine eyes and saw and behold there stood before the river a ram which had two horns, and the two horns were high but one was higher than the other, and the higher came up last. I saw the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward, so that no beast might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand. This is Ze'ir Anpin by the way, but he did according to his will and became great and as I was considering behold, an he goat came from the west, now the west is the visible world, that's Malkhut, on the face of the whole earth, and the earth is Malkhut too, and as I was considering behold an he goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth and touched not the ground and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes, and he came to the ram that had two horns which I had seen standing before the river and ran unto him in the fury of his power. And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, that's rage, and smote the ram and break his two horns, and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, the goat, but he the goat cast him down the ram to the ground, and stamped upon him and there was none that could deliver the ram out of the goat's hand. Therefore the he goat waxed very great, and when he was strong, the great horn was broken;" well we're not up to that, so I just read through verse 7.


Brethren this is what's happening in our drawing #2a, it's Daniel 8:1-6, Malkhut is the he goat, and she turned on Ze'ir Anpin and in particular through Ze'ir Anpin's Yesod, and she rammed into him with a great rage, and pushed him upward you see, and if you look at the drawing you'll see that Malkhut desired, Malkhut desired to be in the male position, not just in the position of Yesod, she wanted to be in the position of Ze'ir Anpin, and Ze'ir Anpin is the heaven you see, Ze'ir Anpin is the heaven, and Malkhut is his mate, so together Ze'ir Anpin and Malkhut are the heavens, plural, but Malkhut was not satisfied in being the earth, she wanted to be above in the heavens, next to Binah and Chokhmah. So if you look at drawing 2a, you see that Malkhut is pushing Yesod up. Now the Chesed through Hod are shattering and being pushed out of the way and falling down into Yetzirah which is the world of formation, and Malkhut keeps pushing until she gets into the position of Chesed, but she leaves below her or underneath her an empty space, you see. Malkhut was at the bottom of a column of Sefirot, but as she pushes upward, she, when she first started to push upward, she didn't realize that she would kill all of the Sefirot between herself and the position of Chesed, and that when she arrived at Chesed, there would be no Sefirot underneath her to connect her to the earth.


Now if you stop to think about it, this is the same principle that we recently had in our messages about Cain and Abel, and we, this principle also came up in the Martyrdom of Stephen, that the Zohar says that Cain was surprised that Abel died, when she bit his neck, we're told in the Zohar that Cain bit Abel's neck, that's how she killed him, and she was surprised that she died, all that she wanted was his position, you see. And here's another outplaying of that principle. Malkhut had no intention of killing Chesed through Yesod, she was even surprised that they died, when Malkhut got all the way to the top in Chesed's position, she was shocked when she looked down and she saw that there was nothing underneath her, that she had killed everybody who got in her way. Did you ever watch a cartoon where there's Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse and they're having one of their fights, and Donald Duck is at the top part of a ladder and someone knocks the ladder out from under him and just stays up there for a few seconds and then he looks down and he sees the ladder's gone and then he falls, did you ever see a cartoon like that, did you? Yeah, well that's what happened here. Malkhut in the rage of her rebellion of her pride and her rejection and her rebellion, she just pushed all the way up into Chesed's position, and then when she looked down she saw that there was nobody underneath her, there was just a big empty space.


Let me read my notes to you as they appear on the board if I could read my handwriting, Malkhut cleaves to Yesod in the wrong moral order and drives the two of them upward to take her position as the head of the seven days of creation, rather than the lowest on the ladder, and so she wants to get to be the head of the seven days of creation where they become the darkened heavens, and Malkhut is in Chesed's position, the heavens are dark and that's how the world became darkened. But when they arrive at the top, Malkhut realizes that her ascension killed Chesed through Hod, and that there were no Sefirot under her, to support her, and Malkhut and Yesod fell down into Yetzirah, the world of formation where they appeared as Cain and Abel. And we see the formation of an empty space. Now I want to tell you something that's going to be radical to you Kabbalists, this empty space that we're told is the place that creation is being formed, this empty space in the midst of the Ayn Sof, it was never the will of the Ayn Sof for there to be an empty space. The empty space is the result of the fall, and here it is right here on drawing 2a. It was always the will of the Ayn Sof to bring forth a creation in the midst of himself without an empty space.


That's all that I have to say about that today, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Lord develops that principle more in future messages, but I have other principles to talk to you about today, I just couldn't resist telling you that because as I put this drawing on the board and I wrote the words empty space, I didn't realize what I was writing until after I looked at it, which is what happens to me with these drawings, these drawings are incredibly prophetic, I put them up there with what information I know and what comes out of it is mind boggling, you see. So we do have the Scripture Isa.14:13-14 on this drawing, I'd like somebody in the congregation to read that?


Isa.14:13-14, "For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north, I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the most high." Okay let's take that again, give it to me a phrase at a time and I'll comment on it. Verse 13, For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven...", heaven is Ze'ir Anpin, that is Malkhut's desire to ascend to the top of Ze'ir Anpin which is Chesed, okay. ".. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God...". The stars are the Sefirot, Malkhut exalted herself above all the Sefirot from Chesed through Yesod. "...I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north...", okay the mount of the congregation, I will comment on that a little further on because if you look at for a minute at drawing #3, on drawing #3b, you'll see that I have the mount of the congregation mentioned there, well actually what the mount of the congregation is, that word means meeting place, congregation means meeting place, and to be honest with you, when I pulled out this Scripture Isa.14:13-14, for drawing #2a, I asked the Lord what the mount of the congregation was because I didn't know, at drawing #2a I didn't know, by the time I got to drawing 3b the Lord had revealed to me what the mount of the congregation is, it's the meeting place where Christ Jesus or the resurrected Adam in the heart center meets the descending Keter, and of course I will explain that further when we get to drawing 3b. So let's finish up here with drawing 2a, and what's the rest of the Scriptures?


"I will ascend above the heights of the clouds...", what was the phrase before that with the congregation? "I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north." The sides of the north, now the sides of the north, the north is where Satan is, and the Hebrew word translated "sides" is referring to the reproductive parts. In other words Malkhut is saying I'm going to do it in the negative power, in the reproductive, I'm going to join with Yesod in the wrong moral order, I'm going to bring forth a reverse reproduction of spiritual power and that's how I'm going to ascend to the meeting place. I'm going to meet Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah without the mediator, I'm going to get rid of that mediator. See I don't know, I've read in some Kabbalistic circles that Kabbalah doesn't believe that there's a mediator, I don't know how the people that study Kabbalah could say there's no mediator. Moses was clearly a mediator, all you have to do is read the Scripture okay, Tiferet is clearly the mediator okay, that connects and Ze'ir Anpin himself is the mediator that connects Malkhut to Keter, I don't know how anyone could say there's no mediator, just open your eyes and look.


So here we see Malkhut saying I'm going to make it to that meeting place in the sky you see, if you look at drawing 3b, and that meeting place in the sky where the mediator, where Ze'ir Anpin meets or connects with Keter, I'm going to get up there and I'm going to do it without Ze'ir Anpin, that's what she's saying. Okay go ahead, "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds...", now I'm not sure about that but I think I read somewhere that Binah is the clouds, but I'm not really sure, okay. "I will like the most high", I will be like the most high, I'm not sure who that is, perhaps it's Keter, perhaps Malkhut is saying I'm going to be Keter or something like that, I may not have it exactly right. I don't know about you but I'm very excited to get the understanding of that verse, everything that God's doing here is very exciting to me. So now I will try to read these notes, if I can read my handwriting, oh I read that already, I am absolutely drunk in the spirit, please forgive me and bear with me here. Okay, drawing 1b, we have Keter, Binah, and Chokhmah again, and this is showing you how the outer layer of Keter sends to cover over Yesod, to fortify Yesod against Malkhut's vicious attack.


Now you see you might say to yourself, well if malkhut is the female, where did she get the power, such a vicious power to overthrow the male above her. I said it before but in case you didn't get it, I'm going to say it again, all of the emanations of the whole ten Sefirot had dumped into Malkhut, she was the possessor of the whole thing, one of her names is reservoir, she had a reservoir of incredible power, and when she turned on Yesod, and all these other Sefirot, they were open channels, so they had the energy that belonged to them, but they were really not holding on to any accumulation of energy, they were letting everything pass through them, like they were supposed to be doing. Malkhut had the accumulated energy of the nine Sefirot above her which made her more powerful than Yesod and Chesed through Hod. She was more powerful, she had all of their accumulated energy together and she turned it on them with a viciousness.


So we see that Keter sent, if that's correct, you see, I go with Kabbalah until the Lord corrects me, okay, so Kabbalah says Keter sent for its outer shell to cover Yesod, to fortify Yesod. Now Keter, Keter is Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon is the power of the Ayn Sof in a border. Keter is the essence of the Ayn Sof, but in a border, the Ayn sof is unlimited, Keter is the Ayn Sof placed in a border or in a Sefirah. So Keter is all powerful, he sent down a part of himself to fortify Yesod. Now try to understand this spiritual principle here, which is a little, might be considered a little racy for us fallen humans with our fallen minds, but just as when a new fetus is being formed, I understand the first thing that's formed is the heart, and the baby is formed around the heart. Spiritually speaking the first part of the fetus that formed is the genitals, Yesod, you see Ze'ir Anpin is Yesod, he is his male organ, that's what identifies him, that's where his power is, that's where his reproductive force is, so Keter sent down assistance to the reproductive gland of the creation. Keter preserved the ability of the creation to reproduce a visible man in the earth, protected his male organ, or he protected Ze'ir Anpin's male organ. That's what he did, praise the Lord, and by protecting Yesod, Ze'ir Anpin's male organ, for all intents and purposes, Keter protected Ze'ir Anpin, you see.


It's just like we could say as a human being you can get your legs cut off, you can get your arms cut off, you can get your ears cut off, you can get your nose cut off, and you could still live, you know, all you need is your internal organs, your spinal column and your head, and you can get your ears and your nose cut off, you can get your tongue cut out, you need your brain. So really all that you need is your nervous system. You don't need your eyes, you can get your eyes cut out you know. So Ze'ir Anpin spiritually speaking is Yesod, his male organ, that's who he is, praise the Lord.


So, and we see we're told by Kabbalah that this Keter laying over Yesod takes on a new name, and that name is DaT which means knowledge, so according to Kabbalah now there's drawing 2b is according to Kabbalah, Malkhut cannot overtake DaT, Malkhut when she turns on DaT will fail. Now my notes at the bottom of 2b, are this, this principle that I show you here is a part of the rectification, it is not a part of the shattering of the vessels. The Rabbi who received this revelation, and I don't know who he is, the Rabbi who received this revelation placed this happening in the wrong world. What we see in this drawing is the seed of Christ that is fortifying the dead Abel when or after Abel is buried under Cain's ground. The correct configuration where this is really happening in the world of action is Malkhut which is Cain is on top of Yesod which is Abel and then Keter comes in, and Keter is the Lord Jesus Christ grafting to the dead Abel in a fallen man, imparting knowledge to that fallen man.


Let me tell you again, we're told we have to receive the grafted word with humility, we've preaching here for a long time this is the seed of Christ, it has to graft to Abel and when that seed of Christ grafts to Abel, the warfare begins to put Cain down under Abel, and as that warfare ensues there is an ascension in to the heart center. As the grafted word overcomes Satan, Christ Jesus or the resurrected Adam appears in the heart center from where we wait for our salvation. We wait for the Lord Jesus to descend towards the heart center from where Christ Jesus will raise up and meet him. This is the doctrine of Christ you see, so this Rabbi who got this revelation okay, that Keter comes down to enclothe Yesod, he had a revelation of God's plan of salvation, that God was going to take the fallen Yesod which we call Abel, which doesn't stand a chance of getting up from under the ground and overthrowing Cain, that Keter was going to come down, Keter was coming down to strengthen that fallen Yesod, so that the whole creation, so that the marital union between Yesod and Malkhut could be placed in the right moral order, and the creation could be raised from the dead.


This was a prophesy of salvation that this Rabbi got, and he didn't understand what it was, either he didn't understand what it was, or he didn't put it down on paper or the translator, the Rabbi, the present day modern Rabbi that's teaching this, either he didn't understand it, or the Rabbi who got the understanding didn't understand it, it's not really important. The only thing that matters is that God wants the truth to get out to the Jewish people. But this Rabbi that says that DaT is the outer layer of Keter covering over Yesod for no particular important reason, he had a vision of the plan of salvation and he didn't even know what he had in his hands, you see. This is a prophesy of what has been revealed to us in the doctrine of Christ, is the road map for the deliverance of man from the powers and principalities that hold us captive. Isn't that exciting, this is exciting, this has been a good day.


Okay we're moving on to drawing #3, okay now I've already given you an explanation on 3a in the wrong place, but we'll go over it again, again we see Keter, Binah, and Chokhmah in their place, and we see that Chesed through Hod have been destroyed, they're not there anymore, and we see that the holy seed of Christ grafts to Yesod which is Abel, the Holy seed of Christ grafts to Yesod which is Abel, okay we're talking about the same revelation. Keter who is the Lord Jesus, Keter appeared in the earth as the Lord Jesus, and it's his seed that is grafting to Abel in the individual, that's why Jesus died brethren, he could have lived forever in his flesh body, but he died so that he could ascend into an exalted glorified state from which ascended condition from which ascended location, from which ascended world he is pouring out of his spirit upon all flesh, in his ascended glorified form, Jesus Christ is able to send forth a seed of himself and he's able to send forth enough seeds to make them available to all of humanity, whoever calls on his name shall be saved, see. And that seed, that spiritual seed when it comes to us, it grafts to Abel in us and it acts like Keter wrapped around Yesod, and it fortifies and strengthens Yesod or Abel which ever you want to call it, both are correct.


And then Abel, the fortified Abel or the fortified Yesod starts resisting Cain, see you've got to fight brethren, you're not going to be delivered from hell by saying Jesus help me. Jesus is helping you, he has helped you, he is helping you, he's giving you the power and he's giving you the instruction, now you have to do it, you have to fight the warfare, you have to resist, because if you resist in Christ Jesus, you must prevail, but if you don't resist, you won't prevail. See. The Lord is not treating you like you're a little infant and wrapping you up and running away with you. He's given you the power and the weapons to fight. Now remember that Keter wrapped around Yesod, is called DaT knowledge, when that grafted seed, when that grafted word joins to your Abel, you will receive knowledge, that is your ability to understand this deep teaching, and you're supposed to lay hold of this knowledge and implement it in your life, because escaping from hell is a warfare. You need power and you need knowledge and in DaT is both.


I'm showing you on drawing #3a, again the empty space before Malkhut ascended, see Malkhut is on top of Yesod in drawing 3a, okay I guess, and they're in hell, you see, and you could see that, now this fortified Yesod has to overcome Malkhut and rise into the empty space. Remember Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you, that's what he was talking about. Jesus went to prepare a way for the six Sefirot to be grafted, to appear in us through the grafting of the seed of Christ, we now have what the Kabbalah would call the Shekinah, and we now have the potential for the mediator, Chesed through Hod is the mediator. Ze'ir Anpin is the mediator.


Ze'ir Anpin is also called Adam in another plane of consciousness, he's also called Christ Jesus to us that have studied the doctrine of Christ. That's what Jesus did for us, he made a way for the mediator to be restored so that we can be connected to Binah because Binah is eternal life.


John 14:3, If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am, there you may be also. So this we see is the place that Jesus went to prepare for us, he went to make a way for Chesed through Hod to be restored, he went to make a place for us to ascend into, that we might have a highway that would connect us to Keter, that's the place he went to prepare for us. Now I looked for a Scripture about the fall, and I found this one, Isa. 3:8, and I've done an alternate translation on that, because it struck me so deeply.


"For Jerusalem is ruined and Judah is fallen in their mind," and mind is a translation of "tongue", you can't speak something unless it's first in your mind, they've fallen in their mind and in their behavior, and behavior is a translation of "doings", and they fell because the daughter, and that's a translation of "eyes", after I finish reading the verse I have an explanation for you, see that little asterisk next to eyes, the way I came to the conclusion that I could translate "eyes" "daughter" is down at the bottom, well I guess since I stopped, I'll tell you right now. Eyes, that's the light of Adam Kadmon's eyes which is female, and also called the daughter. So we see that Judah is fallen in their mind and behavior because the daughter of Zion, I've not added that in, the daughter of Zion who is the glory of God has rebelled, and "rebelled" is an alternate translation of "provoked", has rebelled against the Lord. "Jerusalem is ruined and Judah is fallen in their mind and their behavior because the daughter of Zion who is the glory of God has rebelled against the Lord." God have mercy on our souls this is happening in the United States today, you can only fall when you rebel against God you see. If you hide behind him you can't fall.


Drawing 3b, okay in drawing 3b I'm really showing you what was revealed to us in the doctrine of Christ, I'm just applying Kabbalistic names to it. We see Keter Chokhmah and Binah in their correct positions, Keter is the Lord Jesus, Keter manifested in the flesh, Keter came down to earth and took on the flesh in the person of the Lord Jesus. And we see at the bottom of the column, Malkhut on top of Yesod, that's Cain on top of Abel in the human being, and we see that the seed of Christ has been grafted to Yesod, and fortified Yesod, another way to say that is that knowledge has been imparted to this man, knowledge is imparted to the man who receives the grafted word, knowledge of what? Knowledge of how to escape from hell, you see.


And I think I didn't tell you on drawing 3a, that Malkhut on top of Yesod down there, they're in hell you see, they're in hell, and they are cut off, why are they in hell? Because they're cut off from Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, that big empty space, that desert separates Malkhut and Yesod or Cain and Abel from eternal life. Going back to 3b now, we see Keter as the Lord Jesus, we see Malkhut which is Cain on top of Abel which is Yesod, but Yesod is now fortified with knowledge, as to wage warfare against his captor who keeps him buried under the ground. So if your warfare hasn't started yet, you have to start waging this warfare. See we talked about that this morning, you can pray all you want Jesus help me, help me to not sin, but Jesus has done all he's going to do, he's given you the power and he's given you the instruction, you have to fight against that old man within yourself that is making you sin, you have to bind up his tongue, you have to rebuke him and bind him up and put him in the pit, you have to kill him. And you're still, I don't know you're still suffering, we have people suffering from passivity in this ministry, you would after listening to me beat this into your head for years, you still believe that all you have to do is say Jesus help me, and you think he's going to do it for you. No you have to do it, you have to stand up and fight. You have to find out what your sins are and then you have to find out how to resist them and how to stop them from manifesting through you, you have to fight, the Lord's not going to do that for you, you see. He's not going to bring crippled son into the world, you have to fight, he's equipped you, you see. He has promised to equip you, he has not promised to fight your battles for you. And I just hear somebody saying, Oh yeah the Scripture says stand still and see the power of God. That is when the battle is impossible for you to win, the Lord is overdrive, when the battle is impossible for you to win, when you do all that you could do, he kicks in and fights for you, but he's not going to fight for you when it's something that you can do for yourself, trust me he is not, don't misuse that Scripture. Stand still and see the glory of God, that's when it's an unfair match, that's when you can't win unless he moves in, you see. Okay, let's finish this up. So if you look at this drawing #3b, I have arrows going up showing you the ascension of that Yesod, you see, that Yesod which is really Abel, he stays where he is, now this is in the rectification, that Abel which is Yesod he doesn't come out from under Malkhut which is Cain, but he extends himself, just goes right past Malkhut, and ascends, and the whole way he's fighting against Satan, he ascends into the heart center where he appears as Christ Jesus, the spiritual man, the whole man, not just the seed, but the whole man.


Christ Jesus also called Ze'ir Anpin, also called Tiferet, also called Adam, whatever you need to call him, he's the mediator. Don't tell me there's no mediator in Judaism, Ze'ir Anpin is the mediator between Malkhut the earth and Binah eternal life, don't tell me there's no mediator because it's not true, and if you believe it you're deceived. I remember the day it was my own mother when she heard I received Jesus, she said to me, in a mocking tone, whoever heard of a Holy Spirit? And I said, "Mom, I'll show it to you in the Old Testament", but she wouldn't look you see, so don't be a fool, okay, don't believe there's no mediator in Judaism because there is. At least check it out, don't be a fool, check it out and pray about it. So you see arrows going up, that's Yesod going right past Malkhut's strength, now remember from the doctrine of Christ that Malkhut is strengthened by Leviathan and Satan, so Yesod is passing right through her arriving at the heart center and taking that hill. You know in the army you hear about soldiers taking the hill, the heart center is that hill that the ascended Christ takes where he becomes Christ Jesus the full grown man, and then if you look at that drawing right in the center there's two lines showing the ascent of Malkhut and in the center there's a line going down showing the descent of Christ Jesus, once Christ occupies the heart center. And Jesus said, "occupy til I come", what he meant was occupy the heart center until he descends from Keter to grant you full immortality, that's what that Scripture means.


So Christ Jesus or Ze'ir Anpin is in the heart center, and he reaches back downward to Yesod or to Abel, and marries the personality of the person, and Christ Jesus also ascends upward where he meets the Lord Jesus or the descending Keter in the air, and we see the full reconstruction of the circuit of eternal life that will now flow through the earth, the full channel is established, Christ Jesus is joined to the earth and at the bottom and he joined the Lord Jesus at the top and the channel is in place for the free flowing, the free unhindered flowing of the energy of God, which imparts eternal life to the earth. Now we see that this place in the air where Christ meets the Lord Jesus is called the meeting place which is the mount of congregation as I told you earlier, that's the place that Malkhut said she's going to ascend to, she said she's going to make it up to that meeting place without all the Sefirot inbetween, that's what she was saying, she was going to ascend up to that meeting place with Yesod under her authority and there was no Chesed through Hod, she was going to get up high enough to meet with Binah, who's the doorway to Keter, but she couldn't do it you see, she was deceived. So over on the left we see Christ Jesus also called Adam meets the Lord Jesus who is Keter in the air, and that's I Thess.4:17, we'll meet him in the air, Christ Jesus is Adam, the only mediator between God that's the Lord Jesus and mortal man, Christ Jesus, praise the Lord. Down at the bottom of 3b, we ascend to the heart center when we utilize our ability to acquire knowledge and that ability is in the grafted Christ, and that is James 1:21, "receive ye with meekness the engrafted word", see. That is our potential, our ability, that means when we start studying, everything that you didn't understand when you had the Holy Spirit, if you just submit yourself as God leads you, you will begin to understand once Christ is grafted to you because he is your ability to acquire knowledge, you see.


See this is, there is no ability to learn in the Holy Ghost, if you happen to have intelligence when you come to the Lord, see there's all different kinds of people that have, that are reconciled to God and receive the Holy Spirit. If you are person that's intelligent that is good at studying well maybe you become a Bible scholar. Because you had that ability all along you transferred it over into your walk with the Holy Spirit, but you take somebody that's not all that smart or that has a learning disability or concentration problem which is a learning disability and they've never been good at school, they're not going to become great scholars, they're going to stay right where they are, and they're going to say oh, that's not for me, I'm just interested in clapping and singing and going out and witnessing because I'm not good at learning you see, but ascension brethren, and restoration to our immortality comes through knowledge, but if you're listening to this message, this is a deep message, I don't know if anyone is going to be hearing this that has a learning disability but maybe if you're hearing this tape or reading this transcript you know somebody who has a learning disability, brethren Christ is your ability to become a genius. Once Christ is grafted to you if you will just make the effort once he's grafted to you, see, your intelligence will increase, you will be able to understand things that you have never understood before, and the more you confess your sins and repent and ask the Lord Jesus and the Christ within you to run your life, the more intelligent and wise you will become. Christ is your potential to go through the sky. Nothing's stopping you if you're willing to apply what he's given you.


Now it may be harder for you if you have a learning disability than it is for someone like me, I was always good at reading, but I want to tell you that all of this stuff that I preach, I was not capable of this years ago, and as intelligent as I may appear to be, it's all in Christ, it's all in Christ. I wasn't all that smart, I was really average, average on the bright side, I really was not all that smart in school, average on the bright side, high average, or at the very bottom of, they give you grades when they take an IQ test you know and the category that was above average, I was like right at the bottom of above average, and I'm teaching this incredible message, it's all in Christ brethren, it's all in Christ, believe me it's all in Christ.


So you could become anything that he calls you to be once Christ is grafted to you, if you make the effort, you see. If Christ is not grafted to you, if you make the effort when all that you have is the Holy Spirit, you will fail if you truly have a learning disability because the Holy Spirit is not equipped to make you more intelligent, Christ is equipped to make you more intelligent, he's equipped to make you a genius if you have, if you go far enough with him. I haven't seen that yet, but I have a promise that I will speak other languages fluently without studying the way that people have to study languages, that it will be a natural outgrowth of my ascension.


I also find the ability I understand to learn physics and math that we could never touch before, this is all intelligence that is imparted to us through our new man and our new husband Christ Jesus, but you've got to work him, you know you have to do your part, you have to try, you see. And you'll be amazed when you find yourself more intelligent than you've been in the past you know. I had somebody say to me once that wasn't aware of this, I don't know whether I'm imagining this or not but I keep thinking I'm more intelligent since I'm studying Kabbalah. I said to her, you are, the study of Kabbalah makes you more intelligent. So if you hear something on these tapes or you read something on these transcripts that just blows your mind, just keep on going, just keep on going, because the mind of Christ can break through every barrier and give you understanding in every area, if you just won't give up until you get the answer. The answers will come.


Okay so drawing 3b is the true rectification, now according to Kabbalah as far as the English translations that I read which is basically Isaac Luria, rectification comes through the keeping of the law, and the doing of the Mitzvahs, and a Mitzvah is a good deed, brethren there is no salvation by works, okay, and after 2,000 years no one from the Jewish community has ascended, because you can't get there by good works, you see. And the Lord wants nothing more than to see his Jewish people that are faithfully keeping a law that's outdated, that are reading his word and pursuing him with all the strength that they have , they're spinning their wheels and they're getting nowhere, nothing would make him happier than to see them come to a knowledge of the truth, and I'm not in any way putting down Jews, I am Jewish, I am Jewish, I'm not in any way putting down the Jews, my heart breaks for you all and for all of them, that you should have all of this knowledge, much more knowledge than I have, it would take me ten lifetimes to acquire this knowledge, and the Rabbi that I'm studying under, he's a young man, I don't even think he's forty, and what he knows is incredible, it would take me, I'm not as smart as he is, you know he has all the physics, and all the science, and all of the math, I'm not that smart, you know, believe it or not I have a bad memory, I was dying, God took me off death row, you see. I was in such bad physical shape that my memory was completely shot, and now it's just starting to come back twenty four years in God you know, of course I continued to die little by little for thirteen years after I came to the Lord, it's about twelve years since that process of me dying stopped, as the Lord started to rebuild me. So my memory is coming back, but I still don't have a good memory, and I'm telling you all I am not a sharp person, you know, outside of what I'm preaching, when it comes to worldly things, I am not a sharp person, I'm getting sharper. My problem is, I was starving to death, it affected my brain, it affected my whole personality.


Everything that I do here, I do out of Christ you see. I believe that I'll be restored in the other areas, see, but this man that I'm studying from, I mean I could never do what he did, I couldn't, I don't have the memory, if I had the time to go learn physics in college right now, I would have a problem remembering all of the lessons, see. So what I have, everything that I have I have in Christ, but I believe that he has the ability to restore everything that was stolen from me from my illnesses, and the promise is if we could just get past death you see, if we could just get past this hurdle where we die you know, and everybody that studies with me we all have this hope that this doorway to immortality is going to be opened in our lifetime, and we certainly see the signs of the time, we're just waiting for one person to go over the wall, and they could help the rest of us up, if we just have enough time, we're supposed to become geniuses.


Do you know that Chayyim Vital, who was Isaac Luria's student, he learned Isaac Luria's whole system in eighteen months, I want to tell you that I'm working on the first book, Chayyim Vital wrote up Isaac Luria's teachings and he did a seven volume work called the seven palaces of Adam Kadmon, you know, and I'm on the first palace, I'm on the first volume, I'm working on that book for close to two years, and I just had a big break through the other day, you know, and I'm real close to a point where I would be able to tell you yeah I really understand that whole book you know, two years on palace number one. Chayyim Vital learned the whole system in eighteen months, I want you to know that I'm incapable of that, see. But I know that in Christ Jesus if I just don't die, if I just hang in there, that in due season I will be able to do some more things, I will get smarter and smarter and more intelligent and more intelligent, my memory will come back, in the areas where I'm not sharp because of all the things that have happened to me in my life, I will become sharp and I'll become completely restored, even beyond where I was before I got sick. And all of you that have learning disabilities that were never sharp in your life, you have the same potential but your carnal mind has to die, you see, your carnal mind has to die, and you have to have enough time, and the promise is yours also, you see.


We're a new creature in Christ Jesus, but the old guy has to die you see, you have to live out of Christ Jesus, to acquire the promise, so all that I do here, as smart as I appear to be, trust me it doesn't line up with my natural life, and when the Lord first started me, it really didn't line up with my natural life, but my natural life will catch up with Christ Jesus and be absorbed by him, and I'll be all things because we are supposed to be an example to the world of the supernal man. You know in ancient Greece when they had ancient Greek city states, and they use to compete, there was a big physical competition in Athletics on those days, they were trying to put forth the ideal man you see, Hitler was trying to put forth the ideal man, you see. They all got so far and then they fell down, but Christ Jesus will produce the supernal man, we have the potential to grow into that image if we're willing to die to self and turn our life over to the Lord. We will be everything that he is because we will be nothing and he will be living through us. We will be everything that he is.


So my dear brethren, I am so drunk in the spirit, I have more material for you tonight, but I simply cannot go on. So I thank God for this outpouring, I've experienced this before, I know that I'm going to sleep like a rock tonight, and I'm going to wake up tomorrow morning having, finding all the little problems I've had have been healed in my body, and who knows what the Lord is doing with this anointing it's not just here, because there's no time or space in the spirit. I pray that he's healing people who trust in his presence in this ministry, I pray that he's healing problems, healing physical ailments, helping people to repent who can't repent, that they should live and not die. I just pray that everybody's needs are met, I rebuke pride wherever you're appearing, I curse that pride, and rebellion and idolatry and envy, all the foundational sins that are common to all men, I rebuke you and I pray that you should all rise up and kill your old man, that Christ should be exalted in you, that we should all go on and be examples of what Christ Jesus can do for the fallen man. I'm going to say goodnight before I pass out completely. Are there any questions or comments? Okay God bless you goodnight.




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