559 - Part 3

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Praise the Lord we're doing this study out of a translation of the Zohar called the first ever unabridged English translation with commentary, and we're going to, we are going to, we had one more paragraph in Volume Two, parts one and two have been preached from Volume Two of this 22 volume series. And tonight we are still in Volume Two, on paragraph 350, and after this we are going to a couple of paragraphs in Volume One, which also deal with either Cain or Abel. So paragraph 350 says, and Rabbi Yossi brings further proof to strengthen the case that Abel was not complete. Now you might remember from part Two, the last part that we preached, it was revealed that Abel was incomplete because he was lacking the middle column, there was no central column, Cain and Abel technically were both female because only the middle column is male, okay. And once again, relating spiritual principles to the human body, the reproductive organs of the female are two ovaries, one on the left and one on the right, but the male organ of the organ of the male is in the center okay. So the center column is the male, and the configuration of a left and a right column is female. So going on with that principle, that both Cain, that even though Abel had a goodness about him, Cain was evil, Abel had a goodness about him, he was incomplete which makes him weak, which makes him spiritually female. Although Jehovah gave Abel the authority over Cain, Jehovah imputed male authority to Abel. Spiritually speaking Abel was incomplete, and you know this is our condition today, the whole human race, once again I'm sure I touched on this on the previous parts, the whole human race is the expression of Cain and Abel, and the whole human race is Cain except for those people who are influenced or living out of Christ, there are many people living out of Christ today, okay but there are people who are under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and this is the collective Abel in today's world.


But the church is weak, this is why the church is weak because we're Abel and we are not Adam. All strength is in Adam, see. And Adam is appearing to us today as Christ Jesus. The Lord Jesus Christ in the days of his flesh was a manifestation of Adam, and I've preached this for years, with the doctrine of Christ, it's clear both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament there is more than one word for man, and I shouldn't even say, there's more than one word translated man. So the man in the Hebrew is Adam and in the Greek the word man is I think it's anthropos if I'm not mistaken, and there's another word that is translated man, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, but it really does not imply the man, it really means a male you know, or sometimes the word translated means that certain one, a certain person, so then the translators look at the rest of the paragraph and decide well it's really talking about Peter or it's talking about so and so that they know, that the translator knows to be male, so they put the word he in or put the word man in, but the Greek or the Hebrew does not say man you know, it's a different word. Because to be a man, you have to have both the male and the female within you, and the human race is female.


So we must have the male added to us, Christ Jesus must be added to us for us to be called Adam. See to be a spiritual man you can be called Elohim, not a spiritual man, but if you're spiritual, you could be called Elohim because Elohim according to the Zohar is an angel, and everyone that is spiritual is in the image of the angel. So you're in Elohim, do you remember I think it was Peter who said to Jesus, isn't John the one who's Elohim? Why are you asking me to feed your sheep? John over there he's the one that's Elohim, he's the spiritual one, why are you asking me to do that? See but to be a man, you have to have the male and the female. If you're a male then you could be just male, but to be a man you have to have both and to be a woman, you have to have both male and female with the female predominating. To be a man you have to have both the male and the female with the male characteristics predominating. So the human race is not whole. The whole human race is incomplete. The whole human race is incomplete.


So Rabbi Yossi brings further proof to strengthen the case that Abel was not complete, he was not born a man. He says, it is written Adam knew his wife Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to Cain, that's Genesis 4:1, but the commentary in the Zohar says, it is not written that Adam begot Cain, we're not told that Adam begot Cain, it says Adam knew his wife Eve, and she conceived and gave birth to Cain. Now look I've been teaching you this for years, you have to watch every word in this Scripture, see it's possible for a man to know his wife, and for his wife to know a second man and to conceive by the second man. The only proof that the child is the husband's is that the Scripture says not that the husband knew her but that the offspring was begotten by the husband, that's the only way we know who the husband is from a Scriptural point of view. When the Scripture says and so and so begot so and so. Isn't that interesting, you have to watch every word.


This is the aspect of Scripture that is referred to by the group of well there are four groups of Rabbis or students that study Kabbalah, there is one group, I'm not sure what the name is so I don't want to put the wrong name here, but there's one group that that group is involved in illusions or that aspect of studying the Scripture is hints and illusions. The first aspect of the Scripture, the first of the four, is that you take the Scripture literally, the second aspect of the Scripture is and I really may not have this exactly straight, it's sermonic, which means someone looks at the Scripture and preaches a message teaching the people morals, and then another aspect of teaching the Scripture is called hints and allusions, not illusions allusions, hints and suggestions.


And the times previous to this that I've mentioned that, I've read it out of some of the literature and I haven't really understood what it meant myself. So the Lord is telling me to tell you now that this is what it's talking about, this particular group that studies Kabbalah is anointed to recognize the hints and allusions in the Scripture, this kind of recognition that the Scripture says that Cain was conceived, but it does not say that Adam begot Cain, that the hint is not clear, it's not spelled out, you have to have understanding to pick out the truth, and of course the fourth aspect of the study of Scriptures in Kabbalah is the Sod which is the studying of the mysteries. Okay so we discover a mystery. So Eve conceived and she gave birth to Cain but we're not told that Adam begot Cain. This was not written of Abel either instead it is written and she, meaning Eve further gave birth to his brother, Abel Genesis 4:2, and we're told in the Zohar, here lies the concealed truth that even Abel was not in the image or likeness of Adam, and we prove that at the end of message part two. Even Abel was not in the image or likeness of Adam, Abel did not have the middle column either. Cain did not have a middle column and Abel did not have a middle column.


Adam had a middle column, brethren this is a parable, let's get earthy down here, Adam had a male organ and Cain and Abel didn't, that's what we're being told. Now remember that Scripture occurs on all planes of consciousness. I struggled with this a little, at the beginning but the Kabbalists seemed at least the ones that I read seem to take the position that there was an Adam and there was a Cain and an Abel, and an Eve that it existed in the physical or the physical plane or in the world of action. So I know that the Lord has dealt with us in Sod, in the mysteries, for all of the years we were in the doctrine of Christ, we were always looking at the spiritual understanding of the Scripture, and at one point I said, I don't really know that everything that happen, that everything I find in the Scripture happens in the natural, or in the world of action, but I know that everything in the spiritual planes, and then at one point I switched and I said, no now I believe everything happens on every plane of consciousness, we may not be able to recognize it in the world of action, but somehow there has to be an expression of everything that happens in the higher planes, in this world, okay. And sometimes I have trouble believing that myself because the spiritual truth on the higher planes, just, I don't see how it could be expressed in this world, but I think I have to stick with that position that everything that happens in the higher planes must be expressed in every plane of consciousness, but if sounds way out to me then that means that I just do not have a revelation of how that spiritual truth could be expressed in the physical world, now the Lord just told me concerning Cain and Abel that in the plane of action, in the world of action there was a physical Cain and Abel and they were not two males that were lacking a physical male organ, see. They were spiritually female. I don't know what they looked like, because we have a secret in this ministry, the Lord has revealed a secret through the doctrine of Christ that at least the Kabbalists that I read don't seem to know and that we're going to get to another paragraph in the Zohar which is going to reveal that we know that Cain was female.


You see the Scripture says, Cain and Abel were two brothers, but the truth is that if you look up the Hebrew word that's translated brother, it's a Hebrew word that can be translated brother or sister or cousin, you can translate that word any way you want, you see. And it says Cain and Abel have been translated to be males, and maybe they were both males, but Cain was in the female role. Remember the doctrine of Christ teaching changing spiritual sexual roles, everybody has a spiritual sexual role in every relationship. No one, no two people are ever completely equal, and this is why equal partnerships are not acceptable to the Lord in business or anywhere else, because that just leads to confusion, there has to be a head.


No matter how liberated your marriage is, and I believe in liberated marriages, not sexually liberated, but I believe the woman should be free to develop herself completely, but there has to be a head in the case of a deadlock, someone has to have the authority to make the decision, and in the physical marriage, that is the man. But when you have two men you know in a business partnership for example, for the relationship to be Scriptural, there has to be a senior partner and a junior partner. So maybe Cain and Abel were physical males, but Cain was in the role of wife, because Abel was given the headship by Jehovah.


Okay, so how, now remember when I say how did this manifest in the world of action, this event of Cain and Abel being, of Cain being the wife and Abel being the husband, it was not, the manifestation of it was not a one time event, it's still manifesting today, this whole world, the whole of human race today, is a manifestation of a many membered Cain and Abel, it's still happening today. So we see that, well the point that I'm trying to make is that this event that Cain and Abel appeared is, did manifest and is manifesting in the plane of action, maybe they were two physical males and each of them having a male organ but Abel was the one that was given the headship, or maybe they appeared as eunuchs, maybe they, I don't know, I don't want to get, I don't know, let's say this happened 6,000 years ago, that the Scripture began to appear in a physical world, or at least we say recorded history goes back 6,000 years, if it's that's true, see. So it doesn't have to mean that Cain and Abel had no genitals, it could be a spiritual relationship, Cain was angry because he was the wife.


You know that's very interesting because I never quite thought of it that way before, that Cain was angry because he was the wife, if Cain was a female, I think the way I preached it in the doctrine of Christ was that Cain was really female and that the translation is wrong, that Cain was the female and Abel was the male, but looking at it this way that Cain really was a male, who Jehovah forced into the female role, that makes it to me even more understandable why he was in such a rage, because he really was a man that was forced into the female role. And why would Cain be forced into the female role, because he was the evil one.


Now if you're listening to this tape or reading this transcript, I am not against women, I am a woman myself, this is a spiritual principle, and every human being on the face of the earth male and female, physical male and female, we all have male and female within us, and the female is our evil side, and the male is our good side. So we have some women who are evil and we some men who are evil, and we have some women who are good and we have some men who are good, what does that mean, that in the individual that's evil, they have good and evil and evil is prevailing whether they are a physical female or a physical male, and the people who come under the category of good in this world, which is an imperfect good, and imperfect goodness okay, they have good and evil in them too but the good is ruling over the evil.


So of course it makes no sense at all to say that all physical women are evil, which some people would get into. That's not what I'm saying here, please don't manifest, I have had women manifest against me and because they don't understand me, I'm all for women's lib in its place, I'm very much for women becoming all they could be and I am a liberated woman, but I am in submission to the righteousness of God in my liberation. Praise the Lord, and I think the Lord wants me to say this to you, yes I am sexually liberated and in my sexual liberation, I choose to obey the law of God, and I am celibate, that is a choice.


Do you know in this world today, it's very hard to make that choice, it's very hard to choose to not be married and to lead a moral life in this country today, it's very, very hard, that's my choice, that is my liberated choice to not be married so I can serve the Lord in this ministry with all of my strength and to be celibate, that's my choice, or I can get married and have a active sex life and not have this amount of time for the Lord and not have this position with the Lord. Those are my two choices and made the choice, and that makes me liberated, see.


So if you're hearing this tape or reading this transcript, and you think that that is crazy to spend the best years of your life without sex, you need to know that you're not liberated because you don't have the choice, you think it's an impossible thing to do. Think about that one, whoever that was for. Praise the Lord.


Okay, so Abel was not in the image or likeness of Adam, Abel didn't have a middle column, Abel was not spiritually male, he may very well of appeared in the physical plane of consciousness with a physical male organ but he was not spiritually male, and brethren we have probably thousands if not millions of physical males on the earth today that are not spiritually male, maybe trillions, because the only way you can be spiritually male is to have the only spiritual man dwelling in you. And the spiritual male that comes from the other side is not really a spiritual man, he's really a spiritual woman acting like a man, so therefore as far as God is concerned, even if you're a spiritual person and there is a spiritual being that you have a relationship with and who lives through you which there are people who have this, don't be deceived, that spiritual man that you think is your spiritual husband is really a spiritual woman. And as far as the Lord is concerned that man is a eunuch, your spiritual husband is a eunuch, he cannot give you that child that will save your life.


The only child that can save your life is Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord. But of Seth it is written, And he begot in his own likeness after his image, thus Seth is related to Adam because he's in the likeness of Adam. So here we go one more time brethren, and I know that I preached this over the years, we are the church is suppose to be the sons of God, you are not a son of God unless you are in the image of Christ Jesus. You can be a Christian by faith without being in the image of the Lord, but that means you're a Christian infant where you're not yet expected to be acting like your father, but you cannot be a Christian Adult, you can not be a Christian elder and be living out of your carnal mind because that makes you a lie. If you're not Christ Jesus, I don't care how many schools you go to, I don't care how many degrees that you have, I don't care what kind of a ministry you have, and even if the Holy Ghost is powerful in your life, if you do not think like Christ Jesus or you're not in the process of learning how to think like Christ Jesus and doing that most of the time, you are a spiritual female. Now I'm not insulting you because you have the opportunity to mature into a spiritual male, but you have to get there to be a man, you can't be a man unless you're a man, you can't be a man unless you have the middle column, and the middle column for us today is the mind of Christ, and in order to have the mind of Christ or the proof that you have the mind of Christ is that you think like Christ with the wisdom, the mature wisdom of Christ, and that you function as a spiritual man, in multiple planes of consciousness.


Praise the Lord, okay I think we're going to stop in Volume Two over here, even it's not the end of the chapter, this goes on to really a different subject. I think okay we're going to back to chapter one, there are two paragraphs that we're going to do in chapter one. We are now in Volume One of the Zohar.


I think this name the name of the Zohar is so long I have to repeat it every time, the first ever unabridged English translation with commentary, I think I'm just going to call it Rabbi Ashlag's commentary, I'll call the Ashlag Zohar, and we're in Volume One, paragraph 258, it's under another chapter which is called Abel and Moses. So paragraph 258 reads, and of course the first sentence doesn't have to do with our study but I don't want to pick up in the middle of the paragraph, Of the next multitude it is written. Now the Serpent was craftier than any beast of the field, here in this verse and that's Genesis 3:1, here crafty or the word craftier means to do evil, more than all the other animals, which are the idolatrous nations of the world. So the Zohar says that when we read about all the animals in the King James translation or any of the English translations the animals are talking about the nations of the world, and the suggestion here is that humanity, is, well we know we're mammals okay, but only those who have the indwelling Christ becomes a man and everyone else is an animal, according to the Scripture.


Even though we're a cut above the animals in the forest the people who are just in the carnal minds are a cut above the animals in the forest, as far as God is concerned unless you have the spiritual man, which is in the image of Adam Kadmon, or the image of the father, you're just an animal. Now the Zohar says, Kabbalah says that the spiritual man is Zeir Anpin, we say Christ Jesus and Adam is the manifestation of Zeir Anpin, or the manifestation of Christ Jesus that appears in the world of creation, the world below the world of emanation where Zeir Anpin is. But the carnal mind of man appears in the world below that, which is the world of formation the female world. That's where we are brethren, we're in the female world. Do you remember that Jehovah put Cain out of the garden and Cain went to the east, he went to the east side or the eastern side of the garden, he went to the female side of the garden, and that's something that I taught years ago in the doctrine of Christ. When Cain was put out of the garden, Cain was in an immortal condition, and when he was put out, and how could Cain be immortal, because even though Cain and Abel were born mortal, they were not male, they did not have the middle column, okay, when they came under submission to Jehovah, okay, when Cain went under Abel and Abel was under Jehovah, they were under the protection of the immortal world and they remained in that immortal condition, see, but then when Cain killed Abel, the mediator, Abel was the mediator between Jehovah and Cain who was evil, the Lord will not have a direct relationship with someone who is evil, it has to be a mediator that has righteousness inbetween.


So when Cain killed Abel, she literally committed suicide, he killed himself and the result was that Jehovah forced Cain out of the garden to the place called east of Eden. What does that mean? It means that Cain went out into the mortal side of the garden, and that's this world, it's the world of formation, the mortal side of the garden, and that's where we are today, in the mortal side of the garden with all of the demons. We can't see them they're in the invisible plane right next to us in the astral plane, filled with demons and evil characters that prey on we humans.


So now we know that when the Scripture talks about animals it's talking about the nations that don't Jehovah. The members of the mixed multitude are the children of the primordial Serpent that seduced Eve by the tree of knowledge. So the mixed multitude is indeed the impurity that the Serpent injected into Eve. Now the Zohar talks a lot about the mixed multitude and those or the way we would understand it is that those are the people that have the carnal mind and live out of their carnal mind, and we're told in the Zohar that everyone that lives out of their carnal mind, or maybe that even has a carnal mind is the offspring of the Serpent.


See Eve or the woman, the Zohar talks about Eve as if she were a physical woman, maybe in the world of action she appeared as a physical woman, we know from the doctrine of Christ that we proved from the Scripture that there was no physical woman, that Eve just means life if I'm not mistaken, I preached it so long ago I don't even remember, it was just the female side of Adam. But according to the Zohar, and it really hit me that it makes sense. The woman which we know from our studies in Kabbalah and our recent studies in Kabbalah was the daughter that was born from Adam Kadmon's eyes, for those of us that are following the deeper studies, she is the woman okay that impregnated the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary and that this event, and that was in the world of points, and that this event reproduced itself on the lower planes of consciousness as possibly a physical woman and a physical man being seduced by a physical Serpent, I don't know exactly what happened what happened in the world of action, but I know that somehow this event had to manifest in the world of action, okay.


How do I know that it had to happen? Because the creation fell and here I am a part of that fallen creation, so I know that it had to happen. But we're told in the Zohar that the woman had spiritual sexual intercourse with both the Serpent and with Adam, and that Cain is the offspring of the Serpent and that Abel is the offspring of Adam, that's what I read in another place in the Zohar. Now remember I wanted to tell you this earlier, because I'm just going to leave this on the tape, that you had said something to me off the tape this morning, well I read in this book, I know I read in this book that the Sefirot have no personality, and I had to think about that for a while and I remember I had the same conflict when I read that book. And we all have to understand that there are many different opinions in the Kabbalistic literature and that was that man's opinion, the author of that book. But the position that I'm taking when I have contradictory views is that I'm staying with the classic writers because the author of the book that you were reading is a relatively modern writer, and I've read other things that he has written and he's very interesting in some areas but very off, as far as I'm concerned very off in other areas. So at least the instruction that I had from the Lord is to stay with the classic writers, that I know are under a heavy anointing such as Chayyim Vital and Isaac Luria, unless the Lord shows me otherwise.


So that's what he says but other teachers have other opinions and based on all that I have read, I'm going with the opinion that the sefirot have personalities, and that they're if you want to call them angels, they are beings, they're entities, whatever that's the position I'm taking, but there are people who have another opinion, see. Okay, so this name of this message is the Secret of Cain and Abel. So we're told here once again that the members of the mixed multitude, that's the human, the fallen race that came forth, there are a mixed multitude because they're the fruit of the woman's intercourse with the Serpent, they're mixed, good and evil, mixed. The members of the mixed multitude are the children of the primordial Serpent that seduced Eve by the Tree of knowledge. So the mixed multitude is indeed the impurity that the Serpent injected into Eve, the impure seed, the Serpent injected its impure seed into Eve and she conceived. From this impurity which is considered the mixed multitude, Cain came forth and slew Abel the shepherd of whom it is written for that he also is flesh, Genesis 6:3.


And it says here that Abel and Moses, the names Abel and Moses have the same numerical value, and then the reason that I put this paragraph in is because it says, And Moses is the reincarnated soul of Abel, he was the first born of Adam. In this rendition of the Zohar this is Rabbi Ashlag's commentary, that Adam reincarnated in Abel. 


So here we see this principle that has been to a fault in other religions where we see images of the mother and child, the whole principle of the image behind the mother and child where there is no father, and there are many religions that show that mother and child, the Catholic religion and there are other, I really don't know whether it's Buddhists or Hindu, but I know a lot of pagan religions we see that mother and child in the ancient literature, and the whole principle behind it, behind it being no father there just the mother and infant, is that the infant is the reincarnation of the father, that's the whole principle.


Now I find this interesting to find in the Zohar that Abel is the reincarnated Adam, because we know in this ministry through the doctrine of Christ that the Lord has given us the revelation that Cain and Abel is in all of us, that means if Cain and Abel is in all of us, that means within all of us is the reincarnation of Adam, and is that not what the doctrine of Christ teaches it is. It is, we have the potential to be Adam, which is in this dispensation we're calling Christ Jesus, Adam is the whole man. Abel is the half man and when Christ comes and joins with Abel in us, we will mature into Christ Jesus which is the name of Adam in this dispensation, Jesus said he was Adam, he said he was the last Adam. Is everybody following me. I feel like you're not following me, maybe it's just me. So I'm comparing the doctrine of Christ with the Zohar, that's what I'm doing, the Zohar says that Abel was the incarnation of Adam, and I'm saying I can see that that's true. The whole human race is Cain and Abel, that means we're the reincarnation of Adam, that means we should be in Adam's image but we're not, but we have the potential to be in Adam's image, that's why we have the potential to be in Adam's image and the animals don't.


We have something that the animals don't have, I got into a debate with somebody once in a chat room about that, and this woman she was very verbal and very, you know she spoke very well and she was determined that there was no difference, that we were made from the same dna and from the same chemicals and etc., etc., but there is a spiritual dimension that we have that the animals don't have, and it is that spiritual dimension that makes us eligible to be restored back to that which Cain and Abel fell, to that which Adam fell from. It's that spiritual potential within us, it is our potential to be restored to the upper garden of Eden, which is eternal life. So we have one more, are there any questions of comments on what I just said? Anybody, this looks like it's going to be a short tape, I have one more paragraph that I want to put on this message, The Secret Of Cain & Abel, and it's in Volume One it's in paragraph 458, and this paragraph is entitled, And HaShem set a mark upon Cain, or Jehovah set a mark upon Cain. And I'm going to go down into the middle of the paragraph. Well I'll read you the introductory sentence. And HaShem set a mark upon Cain, lest anyone finding him should kill him. This mark is one of the twenty two letters of the Torah, which is the letter Vav, that he placed upon him for his protection. So we're being told that the mark that Jehovah put upon Cain, was the letter Vav.


I find that very interesting, because Vav, that's the letter that signifies the male, MaH45. That's one of the specific Tetragrammatons, and the Zohar, and we're told that Cain was the female. So why would the Lord put the mark of the male upon him, I just had a thought, but let me read this next sentence. The letter Vav is related to Yesod, that's what I just said, that makes him the male, it's a male mark. The letter Vav is related to Yesod which is related to the sign of the covenant. This he merited, this Cain merited the mark of the male, which is the sign of the covenant, when he repented and agreed to keep the covenant, and that's an amplification of Rabbi Ashlag, that's what he thinks this mark meant. See, because the question is, if Cain was in the female role, why would the Lord give him the mark of a male, and I didn't know the answer to that.


I didn't even have a suggestion until just now, and the thought that comes in to my mind is that the reason Cain was about to be killed, was because he was a spiritual female and he was being driven out into the world of formation where all the demons are, they would have killed, they would have swallowed up and utterly consumed this being, who was a spiritual female, so Jehovah put the mark of the male on him, which must mean or which seems to me as I preach this message, that Jehovah gave Cain male strength, and this is so interesting, because as I'm going to read on in the rest of this paragraph, it's a witness that Cain was the female in the relationship between Cain and Abel, he was the female, Abel was the mediator between Cain and Jehovah which was the protection for the female Cain. But then Cain killed Abel which removed him from his relationship with Jehovah so therefore Jehovah gave him the mark of the Vav, Jehovah said alright Cain, I'm going to make you a male, because if I don't make you a male you're surely going to be destroyed.


So for all intents and purposes Cain got what he wanted, he went forth with a mark saying that he was a male but that is the price that he paid to get that maleness was that he went from the immortal world into the mortal world, he had to fall down into the mortal world to get that authority that said no you're not the woman Cain, you're the male. Does anyone not understand what I said? Any questions or comments, that's very interesting. So let me say it again for those of you who didn't follow me. We're discovering now that the mark that Jehovah put on Cain was the mark of the spiritual male, because the female would surely have been destroyed, by all of demons and evil entities that had come into existence because of the fall. And you know what's coming to me now is that that mark could very well be the spiritual strength that we have in this world. You know the spiritual strength that people have apart from the Lord is really Satan.


See there is spiritual strength in this world that does not come from the Lord. There are some people that have spiritual strength, some people use it for evil, and some people use it to just be successful in this world. You know the people who are being destroyed because they're drug addicts or alcoholics, or people who fall down spiritually, those are spiritually weak people, that's what happens to you when you're spiritually weak, when you fall down in to poverty and you don't lead a life that is a self respecting life. See you're overcome in this world, and you're very spiritually female without any spiritual male protecting you. For that to happen to you, for you to be destroyed that way. See I saw a movie tonight between services, I watched a movie and it was about a middle class family with the mother, both the mother and the father were professionals, but they were both working, they had one child, they got divorced and the child, she was seventeen years old, her boyfriend rejected her, she became very vulnerable she went out and she met a twenty three year old man, which is probably too old for a seventeen year old young lady, and the guy completely seduced her, convinced her he was madly in love with her, took her virginity, then turned her out to be a strip dancer, and then ultimately turned her out as a prostitute. And there was nothing the parents could do about it, she turned eighteen, she completely rejected her home, she a brother too, apparently they weren't the family wasn't close, and the mother said to the policeman, I don't understand this, how my daughter could have fallen like that, she was a beautiful woman with her whole life ahead of her, living in a beautiful home with an upper middle class family. There was a spiritual weakness there that she fell down into, you see. So the people in this world that are overcome are spiritually female. 


So we see that even though Jehovah put the mark of the male upon Cain, when Jehovah drove Cain into the immortal aspect of the world, even though Jehovah gave him that mark of maleness, the human race of this world reflects the reality that Cain is really a spiritually female, and spiritually male. I don't know if I made that clear, Cain is really spiritually female, but Jehovah gave him the mark of maleness so that he wouldn't be completely destroyed. So therefore the human beings that are born, some of them are born in Cain to reveal Cain's true condition of female, the spiritually weak people, and then other aspects of the human race, other members of the human race are born with spiritual strength we're told for the specific purpose to stop the human race from being completely destroyed. I don't know about you but I'm all excited that the Lord has revealed to us what this mark that he put on Cain was all about. You see, the entities in the astral plane that caused what happened to that young girl, okay, or that certainly contributed to her down fall, there are many aspects okay, the entities in the astral plane would surely destroy the human race, they are stronger than those of us in the flesh, and we would be wiped out completely if Jehovah didn't put that mark of the male on Cain, so that there are enough human beings that come forth with spiritual strength so that the human race isn't wiped out until the time that we're redeemed. Does anybody want to ask me a question about that?


So tonight we found out what that mark on Cain was all about, I'm all excited anyway, I guess you're all being slain in the spirit because you're all just looking at me, you'll get it when you listen to the tape, but I'm all excited about what the Lord revealed here today. So let's go on with this paragraph 458, Rabbi Yehuda asked, Why is it written and came to pass when they were in the field? And he answered, a field signifies the woman, thus because of a woman, he meaning Cain rose and killed Abel because it is from the side of the woman who is the left side, the woman is the left side, that's the harsh side, the harsh judgmental side, because it is from the side of the woman who is the left side that Cain inherited his murderous tendency. I have no problem with that, because we know that the Serpent was the female, BaN52, we know the Serpent was the daughter, okay. So I have no problem believing that Cain inherited his murderous tendency from the woman who is the left side, and we're told, well let me read you the whole sentence again, for it is from the side of the woman who is the left side that Cain inherited his murderous tendency, which is the aspect of Samael, and I believe that's Satan which is the aspect of Samael, that brought death to the whole world when he seduced Adam and Eve with the tree of knowledge. Similarly Cain was jealous of Abel because of his wife, and Abel had a second wife.


Now remember this Zohar is a dialogue between two Rabbis. Now remember the King James translation says that Cain killed Abel because he was angry that Jehovah received Abel's offering and did not receive Cain's offering, and yet we have a Rabbi here saying that Cain was jealous of Abel because of his wife, and then Rabbi Ashlag adds in as Abel had a second wife.


Now there's another English translation of the Zohar, the Soncino Zohar which translates this as Abel's sister, that Abel had a sister, that Cain was angry enough to kill Abel because of Abel's sister. So it certainly makes more sense that Cain was angry enough to kill Abel because he was jealous for his wife, than he was jealous for his sister, but either one of those translations was completely different than what we read in the actual literal Scripture. So the second Rabbi challenges the first Rabbi and says to him, the reason Cain killed Abel was as it is written in the Scripture that Cain was very angry, and his face fell. It was because his offering was not accepted and not because of a woman. So the two Rabbis have a disagreement.


Then the first Rabbi, Rabbi Yehuda says, Cain was angry that his offering was not accepted, and all the reasons were before him, when he killed Abel including jealousy because of the extra woman, well Rabbi Yehuda, where in the world are you getting this from? And that's the end of the paragraph. So when I looked and I've looked at this several times, and I didn't know what to make out of it, but tonight the Lord gave me revelation, and I saw it right here, that Cain was very angry and his face fell, it was because his offering was not... Now remember we're dealing with the actual Scripture and we're dealing with a strong spirit of revelation that wrote this Zohar, and as far as I'm concerned, if the Lord did not have me bringing forth the doctrine of Christ for about thirteen years, I don't think I would have ever been able to accept this Zohar.


See in my case with the doctrine of Christ for those of you who don't know me, I spent thirteen years, looking up every single word of the Interlinear Text, mostly in the Hebrew Scripture and then I would take that word, and go into lexicons, not only Strong's but an expanded lexicon, Gesengus, Hebrew Chaldee lexicon, which gave me more translations or more definitions of the Hebrew words, and by the Spirit of Christ on me, I would choose a different legitimate meaning of the Hebrew word in the Scripture and I came forth with an esoteric doctrine called, that the Lord told me to call the doctrine of Christ, a great deal of which I have already found in the Zohar. It is a mystery, it is a hidden message, it's one of the mysteries of the Sod level of the Scripture.


Now if I didn't have thirteen years of experience seeing the Lord do this, giving me the proof that I needed, that it was a legitimate alternate translation of each particular word, I would have a real problem with the Zohar, see, but the Lord has, those of us that are with me, me and those that are with me, the Lord prepared us to believe the Zohar, by spending all of these years in the doctrine of Christ, with the proof that we needed to give us the confidence that it was God. But here in the Zohar I read something that I don't know where this guy is coming from, that Abel had a wife. Now this sentence that says, similarly Cain was jealous of Abel because of his wife, that is not Rabbi Ashlag's amplification, that is the part of the Zohar that comes from the original writer. Rabbi Ben Jochai back in 1200 I believe the year 1200 the anointed him to write the whole Zohar, so where in the world did he get that from? And tonight the Lord gave me the key. Just as I found in the Scripture that Cain was the female, Rabbi Ben Jochai, somehow in his studies got the revelation that there was a female there. He didn't get the revelation that Cain was the female in relation to Abel, but as he communicated with the Lord, he received that understanding that Cain was very angry because of the woman, that's what Rabbi Ben Jochai heard, but the Lord, in my head said to me just tonight, no Cain was very angry because he was the woman. Do you hear this? Rabbi Ben Jochai who wrote this whole Zohar by revelation, did he do the same thing that I did, did he take the Scripture and look up every single word and look for an alternate translation, I don't know maybe he did, I have no idea, you know, but somehow he heard from the Lord, Cain Abel and woman and he put it together as Cain was angry because Abel had another, had a woman or a second wife, how did they phrase it, was it a woman or a second wife? Because of his wife, Cain was jealous of Abel because of his wife.


No, Cain was jealous of Abel because Cain was the wife, and he didn't want to be the wife, that's what the Lord said to me tonight. Praise the Lord, and then again, don't forget this is a translation, maybe Rabbi Ben Jochai maybe the had the real understanding maybe the writer of the Zohar knew that Cain was the wife and it's the translator that had the problem understanding that Cain was the female. As a matter of fact I think this is a correction of the Lord, because Rabbi Ben Jochai the writer of the Zohar, he had to be very anointed to bring forth a work like this.


So if I had my choice of saying well Rabbi Ben Jochai didn't quite get it right or the translator didn't quite get it right, I have to choose that the translator didn't get it quite right. So the Lord made up that difference, he showed us what he was really saying here. Praise the Lord, and that is the end of the chapter, so that's all I have for you on Cain and Abel, I didn't intend this to be a short message tonight but that's all that I have let's put it on hold and see if the Lord will give us something else.


COMMENT: In the doctrine of Christ we've been taught that the mark of Cain was the carnal mind, how does that fit in.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I don't think that it does fit in, you know, I know that when I was teaching the doctrine of Christ I really did not have any understanding, oh okay the Lord just gave it to me, I know that I didn't fully understand what that was all about, and the Lord just said to me, because I don't even remember saying that, but I'm sure that you're right that I did say it, that probably when I was asked what the mark was, I preached it was the carnal mind meaning that the carnal mind is the strength of the unsaved man to survive in this world. The carnal mind is the strength of the man that doesn't have Christ to survive in this world. And that really is the same thing that I just said, that Cain received the mark of the male, he received the strength to survive in this world. Okay did that satisfy you? Okay that's what the Lord just told me because I didn't have the answer when you first asked me. God bless you all and goodnight.



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