559 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord, part 1 of this message was one 90 minute tape, and the end of the tape cut me off, I got cut off right in the middle of my sentence, so we're going to try and pick up with that thought, and once again we're preaching a message from the Zohar, and the version of the Zohar that I'm preaching from in case anyone is interested is the first ever unabridged English translation with commentary, and we are in Volume Two Bereshith B article 62 called Cain killed Abel, paragraph #346 on page 219, and we're at the bottom of 219, where I had read the amplification of Rabbi Ashlag which says, the reason there were two spirits, well let me read you from the beginning of paragraph 346, Rabbi Yitzchak said, from the time that Cain killed Abel, Adam separated from his wife, two female spirits use to come and mate with him and bore from them spirits and demons that roam around the world. The reason there were two spirits is because prostitution is a Klipah of the right, that's a shell or demon from the right on which side they laugh and are joyful, yet eventually the spirits punish people and make them suffer, which is the jurisdiction of the left, and at the close of part 1 I was saying yes, sin is always pleasurable and then after we enjoy it, Satan who gives us the pleasure comes and punishes us.


Satan tempts us, gives us the pleasure and then punishes us, it is a vicious cycle a wicked vicious cycle that if you have eyes to see you can see manifesting in some human beings, and there is a category of mental illness called, I believe it's a psychiatric diagnosis of manipulation, if you are a manipulator, I know I read a book on it once by a psychologist called the manipulator, that personality type, and that's how they survive, they pit people against one another, they tempt them and then they punish them.


I have met people like this in my life, and this is just one more witness that Satan manifests through people, just as the Lord Jesus manifests through his Holy Spirit or through Christ Jesus through human beings, Satan and Leviathan manifest through people. People the human beings of this world, we are Malkhut, and Malkhut is the chameleon. She changes, sometimes she's good sometimes she's evil, she's capable of being righteous when she's filled with righteousness. We are spiritually speaking an empty shell that will manifest or reflect the nature of the spirit that fills us. Another way to say that, is that we will manifest or reflect the nature of the spirit that penetrates us. And another way to say that or yet another way, is we Malkhut are female, we're spiritually female, whether you're a physical male or a physical female, if you're a human being you're a manifestation of Malkhut and you are spiritually female and you will be a reflection of the spiritual male that has spiritual sexual intercourse with you, and the act of spiritual sexual intercourse is a permanent occupation, it's an occupation, the male enters in and resides within the female.


All we have to do if we have eyes to see is to really look at people to listen to what they say, and to see what they do and of course watch what they do even more than listen to what they say, and we will find out who they are married to because it is impossible to be, to have the existence of this world and be unmarried. The human beings of this world are the wineskins Jesus was talking about, and unless we are filled with a male spirit we are, we just simply collapse, and that collapse of the human vessel which occurs when the male spirit departs is known in this plane of consciousness as death. The wineskin collapses when the male withdraws. Praise the Lord.


Let's go on with our study. So, we were talking about this sentence, the reason there were two spirits is because prostitution is a Klipah of the right, on which side they laugh and are joyful, yet eventually the spirits punish people and make them suffer, which is the jurisdiction of the left. There were two spirits, one was a Klipah or a shell of the right and the other was a Klipah or a shell of the left. So we see that mortal man or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is just that good and evil. Because when we're receiving pleasure when we're experiencing pleasure it appears to be good, but we know that the goodness of this world, well there are different categories of goodness of this world, the only thing that is good is what comes from God. The goodness of this world is that which arises out of obedience to the spiritual laws of God. Respect and honor and love and healthy godly children and honorable marriage, all of this is good, and the pleasure that you get from it is good, but there is a pleasure that comes from the other side, the goodness from the other side, which seems good, which feels good, which tastes good, but which ends in disaster.


So we see that this world that we live in, it's a very complicated place, and in order to survive this world or and in order to have the very best possible experience for ourselves and for our progeny we need wisdom, we cannot do well in this without the wisdom of God. And the test of a man must be generational, it must be generational. There are so many families in this country, I just heard of another one, but the name of the family is eluding me at the moment, the family appears to prosper the members of the family arise to prominent positions in society, they're in politics or they become very wealthy and bestow great amounts of money on, they build hospitals, they bestow great amounts of money on society, and then they die young you see, or there's some kind of tragedy in their family, they die young, well the most obvious family is the Kennedy family which became very wealthy through Joe Kennedy, it produced the greatness of President John Kennedy and then the family just fizzled out and disintegrated because God didn't raise that family up.


So there was one point in the history of that family where greatness came forth, not only money but spiritual and intellectual greatness, and then the rest of the members of the family paid the price tragedy racked that family. But the promise of God is great prosperity in every area of your life, without sorrow. Prosperity without sorrow, it's a prosperity that comes from God. The promise of God is the removal of sorrow from our lives, where do you read that Sheila, the book of Revelation says no more tears. In the end of all things there will be no more tears. The Lord has promised us spiritual prosperity, physical prosperity, emotional prosperity, and material prosperity, when everything is in order.


So when you see somebody with material prosperity whose life is not spiritually in order in accordance with the wisdom of the Lord Jesus, you know that the Lord Jesus did not give them that prosperity, and if the Lord Jesus did not give them that prosperity, they are in danger everyday of their life, and their children are in danger and their grandchildren are in danger everyday of their life. Praise the Lord. Let's go on.


Paragraph 347, This need not be difficult to accept because even when a man is dreaming, what need not be difficult to accept? That there are two spirits, one from the right and one from the left, that bring pleasure to us in this world and then punish us. So it goes on to say, This need not be difficult to accept because even when a man is dreaming, female spirits often come seduce him conceive from him and eventually give birth. Now what does that mean? To the best of my knowledge a spirit does not give birth to a physical human being, see but it gives birth to entities on its own plane of consciousness, and we're talking about something that's birthed from the mind, see.


Now every human being is a world, each one of us is a world, and we exist on multiple planes of consciousness. Our mind is continuously giving birth, and I believe, well even when I say Kabbalah there are many teachers in Kabbalah. So according to one book that I read in Kabbalah, and I don't know if there is any difference of opinion here and the name of the entity that the mind gives birth to is angel, see. There are difference kinds of angels, personally I prefer to call the entities that the mind gives birth to thought forms, although I don't think that word is anywhere in Kabbalah, but I think as soon as you apply such as angel to several different categories of beings then we have confusion just waiting to happen. So I would like to call the entities born from the mind thought forms. They are they have existence, I don't want to say they have life, because they don't have the life of the Lord Jesus, unless they're born of the Spirit of the Lord Jesus but that's not what the Zohar is talking about here. They have existence and they emanate out of the spiritual plane of consciousness that is associated with the man's mind, that's correct, the brain is organic, but mind is spiritual, and when these thought forms are born, by in large they stay, they hover around the man whose mind their born from, and when I say man, I'm speaking about human beings, men and women.


There is an energy field that surrounds people, we know the occult or the new age people call it an aura, I don't really know what the Zohar calls it, I really don't know but I know there is an energy field that surrounds people, it's been proven. Why would there be an energy field that surrounds people? There is an energy field that surrounds people because human beings are the manifestation of energy. We are born with a measure of energy that enlivens us, and once again this is not the life of Jesus Christ, but it gives us animation it gives us the life of this world. We walk we talk we breath, we eat, the body functions because energy is flowing through us.


So this energy that's flowing through us penetrates, it's within us, and it penetrates through our skin and through our physical body to the outside of us. Now this lines up with the deeper teachings that we've had in Kabbalah, which we will be getting back to shortly, Lord willing, we learned about the inner light and the surrounding light. Do you remember the teaching of Etz Chayyim, okay the Tree of Life and our series of "A Look At Kabbalah", and our series "Kabbalah Study", we learned about the vessel made of light and the inner light and the surrounding light, and as we teach those deeper messages, I am always careful to remind you that all of the abstract teaching of Kabbalah can be applied to humanity, human beings are the vessels of light that Kabbalah talks about, these physical bodies it has already been proven in scientific laboratories that the blood, I don't know about the flesh, but the blood at least is slowed down to such a degree that it becomes I wouldn't call it solid, but it become material. We are the vessels of light, and the light within us is called the inner light, and the light that penetrates and surrounds us penetrates out of us and surrounds us on the outside is called the surrounding light. So that's what it's called in Kabbalah. There is an energy field that surrounds every human being. And the thought forms or the angels that our mind produces penetrates out from our inner recesses and surrounds us externally, and clings to us and live, and literally live in our aura, and they influence us.


So for example as we're talking about here in the Zohar, if a man is visited in his sleep by an unclean female spirit, who engages in some form of sex play, an unclean thought form is born that will exist and abide in his aura, that will tempt him possibly to masturbate in the night or will tempt him towards unclean practices. In the same manner if we put our mind upon the things of God, Godly thought forms are born that surround us or abide in our aura, and cause to desire the things of God. See the thought forms that surround us determine what we desire. Why would we have to be in a condition where our mind knows it's good to read the Bible but it's loathsome to us, we don't want to do it, we may force ourselves to do it. Well the same fruit cannot come forth, but when you force yourself to read the Bible, as to when you cannot wait to get your hands on the Bible. A different thought form comes forth from your mind.


So you can tell what's in your aura, okay, by the way you feel about certain activities, and by looking within and seeing what it is that you truly desire to do. So if you have unclean thought forms abiding in your aura, then you need to be cleansed, it's needs to be cast out. I always wondered where those demons were coming from when we cast them out, where are they coming from. They were entities born of our mind, abiding in our aura. But why do they come out of your Sheila? When you have a demon cast out of your mouth, the most common form of exodus is through a yawn or a belch, sometimes there's vomiting, usually there is some kind of emission from within the body, so how can it be that the entity is outside of your body? Yes the entity is outside of our body in our electric field, okay, but its roots are in the spiritual plane, I don't really, it's most likely the astral plane, I'm not really sure so I'll say the astral plane, the roots of the demon that abides in our surrounding light is in the astral plane, and the astral plane is within us, you see all of the spiritual worlds are within us, Malkhut, which we are is the outer most layer of all the spiritual worlds, and the entity that came to this man in the night and engaged practice with him that produced an unclean thought form, that entity exists in one of the spiritual planes inside of Malkhut within the man.


And his spiritual birth, the offspring always remains attached to the parent. That umbilical cord is never severed in the spirit. Unless someone intervenes with spiritual power to severe it.


Now in the church if it's if there's a birth of an ungodly thought form, it's called or if we share an ungodly thought with another human being, it's called an ungodly soul tie, and that tie will not be broken unless spiritual power brought to bear upon it. It's the same thing as the entity that's born of the mind, it's attached to its parents, just like most children who are born, who are nurtured by their parents, they maintain a spiritual tie with their parents for the rest of their life. So it is with the spiritual entities, and that is why when the entity is cast out, it's root is cast out, and it's root comes from inside the human being, and that angel which is in your electric field or your aura is released like balloon, it just dissolves.


Praise the Lord you see, here is the best explanation I have ever heard of why someone can be relieved of an oppression when a Christian prays for them, and yet the oppression comes back, it's because the root was not cast out, and the root of the, the oppression is a thought form that is in the person's aura, you see, in their electric field, but the root exists in a spiritual plane that's inside the man. So prayer can cleanse the entity from your aura, and then the root will just produce another one, and that's the difference between healing or cleansing and a superficial cleansing, and actual deliverance and is that not what Jesus was talking about, when he said the Pharisees clean the surface of the cup and saucer but inside they're dead men's bones. Shall we go on.


These offspring are called the plagues of mankind, and take only the shape of humans. Now this is so interesting listen to this, now it doesn't say they are human, it says they take the shape of humans, okay. they have no hair on their head, because their offspring come from the Klipah of the right, and hair is connected to the left. I don't know what to make of that. These offspring come from the Klipah of the right and hair is connected to the left. I always thought that hair meant spirit, and well this is the amplification of Rabbi Ashlag, and he says hair comes from the left, the left is judgment, so to say someone has a thick head of hair, that means they have power to bring judgment, okay, I could receive that.


But I think it's so interesting that these Klipah or these beings have the shape of humans with no hair on their heads, and all I could think about is the aliens, the pictures of the aliens because you see they never have hair and they are humanoid, they're humanoid in that they have a head and two eyes, and a mouth and two arms, and a body and two legs, that's humanoid, they're thought forms, they come from the inner planes, I've been saying that for years. Out of these Solomon said, of these Klipot or of these thought forms Solomon said, And I shall chastise them with the whip of men, and with the plagues of the sons of men. I will chastise then with the whip of men that means men can be whips. How is a man a whip? With his mouth. How are you a whip to thought forms or to demons? With your mouth. You have to punish them with your mouth. Spiritual warfare is with the words that you speak and with the plagues of the sons of men and who is the son of man? The son of man is Christ. Christ will plague these demons, the human being will whip them with his tongue, and the Christ within will plague them.


And you know this is so interesting because I was just speaking to someone yesterday who pursues a form of Buddhists meditation and they were telling me that the form of meditation that engage in means that you never close your eyes, you go into any kind of a trance, but you allow anything that wants to come into your mind in, and you just look at it and you're just aware that it's there and you just deal with it, and that is so amazing to me, but of course this, this could never be, this could never exist when Christ is in the person, because to say that you're going to open your mind and let anything that wants to come in come in.


When you have Christ in you, evil entities come in, and cause chaos when they see Christ, they cause chaos, but apparently, this is a form of Chinese meditation, somehow they survive with letting everything that means all evil entities, they don't fight because you see, this form of, it's a form of Buddhism, they do not believe in resistance, they believe in non-resistance. So if I see an evil thought coming into my mind, I'm at war with it and casting it out, see. But this form of Buddhist thought says no don't fight, no resistance, let it in, let it in know that it's there, don't let it influence you if it's evil but just leave it alone. To me that's utter disaster, and yet there's a whole school of Buddhists that live and their lives are not in destruction. So some how it works for them but it does not work for Christians, and I hope everybody listening to this tape knows that Christians are not subject to the laws of this world. This is even demonstrated by the dietary laws, that we read about in the Old Testament. Jehovah says to the Jew, you cannot eat certain foods, it's okay for the nations to eat those foods, but you cannot eat those foods, why not? Because certain things that the Jew ate affected the Christ that was imparted to them on Mount Sinai.


See the Christ or the anointing that was imparted to the Jew on Mount Sinai dwells not only that, but even the Christ in us, wherever Christ is, he dwells in a human vessel, and we the personality, who pretty much are responsible for the human vessel, we are responsible to take care of this body so that it remains in a condition through which Christ in us can manifest to his fullest extent, that means we should be in good health, we should have a healthy diet, we should exercise, we should do everything that we need to do to have a healthy body because the healthier our body is, the more Christ will be able to manifest through us, and the unhealthier our body is, the harder it will be for him to come forth in us, and this is the truth. The healthier the body, the more powerful he shines through.


Let us go on. Out of these Solomon said, I shall chastise them with the whip of men, and with the plague of the sons of men, similarly there are male spirits that visit women in their dreams, those women conceive from them, give birth to spirits, and all are called the plagues of mankind, that's very interesting. The offspring that come from the men are called the plagues of mankind and takes the shape of humans, the women give birth to spirits and all of them are called the plagues of mankind, it doesn't say that they take the shape of humans. So we don't know what my I would say the inference is, they, these entities that come from the women do not take the shape of humans. That's very interesting because, that's very interesting. Praise the Lord.


And of course those of us who have been in deliverance are familiar with the spirits of incubus and succubus and we know that there are spirits that will molest women in their sleep and spirits that will molest men in their sleep. This is very real. Those who are vulnerable, can be visited by entities that dwell in other planes of consciousness. They see us but we don't see them, or most of us don't see them, unless our spiritual sight is opened and we see in the spirit. Paragraph 348, after 130 years, Adam felt jealousy for his wife, had intercourse with her and begot a son, whom he called Seth. See I don't know what to say about this, I'm reading it, maybe there's a mystery in these words, I find it very hard to take it literally that Adam separated from his wife, why did he separated from his wife. It says when Cain killed Abel, Adam separated from his wife, and these two female spirits came into this world and this mischief went on for 130 years and then Adam felt jealousy for his wife. There has to be a deep spiritual meaning for this, and at the moment I do not know what it is, whether or not there was actually 130 years, that transpired. I don't know, remember everything that we're reading about takes place on multiple planes of consciousness, and this Adam that fell, this is not the Adam that existed in the world of emanation.


The Adam that existed in the world of emanation, the Adam that existed in the world of emanation is the Zeir Anpin okay, and to us in this dispensation he's Christ Jesus, the Adam that fell fell into the world of formation. And I don't have anymore revelation on this right now so I'm not even going to try to comment on it, but this is what we're told. We know that the King James says that Adam knew Eve again, knew the woman again and the woman said that the Lord has given me another seed which is Seth. So we read about that in the Zohar. And of course the Zohar is a commentary on the what we call the Scripture of King James translation for most of us.


And now there's a commentary on the, well I'll read it to you, it's about the letters, it's about the letters and I won't be able to comment on it, but I'll read it on to the tape. This is the secret, after the son Seth was begotten, the Zohar says, this is the secret of the ordering of the last two letters, within the twenty two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, this is unique and different from all other orderings of the alphabet, which did not end with these same two letters namely Shin and Tow, and I cannot comment on that so I'm just going to go on, I don't understand it myself. Rabbi Yehuda said, that the name Seth symbolizes the secret of the lost spirit, namely that of Abel. Now that is so interesting, because that is what I preached in the doctrine of Christ that when Cain killed Abel, Abel died to his authority, Abel didn't cease to exist, he died to his authority over Cain, and the creation fell, and that rebirth of Seth was merely the resurrection of Abel in this new entity, because whenever Abel is restored he rules over Cain and the creation prospers and the descendants of Seth prospered, I don't know for how long they prospered, I don't if it could even be counted in years, but then eventually well here let me finish reading this sentence to you here. Seth symbolizes the secret of the lost spirit, namely that of Abel which was clothed in the earthly body of Seth, and that's what I teach, that Cain and Abel exists in the earthly human body, and you know if in fact there was a physical manifestation of a body at this time, the birth of Seth merely means that in a particular individual Abel arose in strength and dominated Cain once again, and brought forth a whole race of people that existed, they were the offspring of Adam that existed before the flood and they were righteous because Abel was resurrected in them. But in that generation in that race of Seth, that I have no idea how long they existed, at some point after Abel was raised in them and ruling over Cain, once again Cain rose to the surface and killed Abel, and that righteous race of beings called Seth became evil, the sons of God became evil, and that is why Jehovah wiped them out.


Noah was the only survivor of that race. This was all of these beings that were wiped out on the other side of the flood, they were the descendants of Seth that were righteous at the beginning, but became evil. And this has been the pattern for the whole history of man, we become righteous, and then we become evil, man cannot sustain the righteousness, and that's why we need a savior. And this savior is that help that was promised to Adam in the early parts of Genesis, that Christ Jesus should be rooted and grounded in our inward parts to stop us from falling every time we're raised up, and of course this whole principle that we see here in the Zohar, came forth by revelation and the doctrine of Christ, I had not read this in the Zohar, that was the revelation the Lord brought forth. So this is a great blessing to me to see it in the Zohar. Going on, here it is written Elohim has replaced Seth from me another seed of Abel, that's quoting Genesis 4:25, Elohim gave the woman another seed, it says here instead of Abel. Well that's interesting to say another seed instead of Abel, because we know that what's happening today, is that we are being given another seed instead of Abel, Christ is being grafted to Abel, and taking Abel's place and rising up in strength, so I can see that translation.


And remember Elohim has replaced for me another seed instead of Abel, that's happening today, Christ is being grafted to Abel and joining with Abel and rising up under the name of Christ. So this happened eons ago, if you can measure it in terms of time in the spiritual planes of consciousness and today it is manifesting in this world of action. Praise the Lord.


Paragraph 349, Rabbi Yehuda continued by saying, And he begot in his own likeness after his own image, that's quoting Genesis 5:3, this indicates that his other sons Cain and Abel were not after his likeness, so obviously we're talking about Adam here. Let me read that again, quoting Genesis 5:3, and he Adam begat in his own likeness after his own image, and then the Zohar says, this must indicate that his other sons Cain and Abel were not after his likeness, but Seth was in his own likeness and after his image, both physically and spiritually. That's interesting, that's interesting, I want to read that again. And Rabbi Yehuda continued by saying, and he meaning Adam, begot in his own likeness and his own image. Now remember Adam was in the image and likeness of God. This indicates that his other sons Cain and Abel were not after his likeness, but Seth was in his own likeness and after his image, both physically and spiritually, well that might be so you know in the different planes of consciousness, Seth existed in the physical, but you see I have no problem believing that Cain and Abel were not in the likeness and image of Adam, because Cain and Abel were a dual being. Adam was not a dual being, and Seth apparently was not a dual being. Cain and Abel are a dual being. They're symbiotic twins, they're the twins, see.


And they were mortal, a dual being that was mortal. So we see that when Seth was raised up, he was not raised up as duality, he was raised up in the image and the likeness of Adam who is in the image and likeness of Elohim, but nevertheless we read in the Scripture that eventually, see what does that mean, let me explain this to you, what does that mean? When Seth without a duality what that means is that Cain bound so completely under Abel within Seth that Seth was a singularity, and this is what we are exhorted to do, by Paul, that we should be singular, okay, that our carnal mind should be fully and completely bound under our Christ mind so that we should think with a single mind, with a single thought and a single mind, that there should be no wavering, that we should not be double minded. In the case of Cain and Abel, God gave authority, Jehovah gave the authority to Abel but Cain was not bound securely underneath Abel, and in fact Cain did over turn him. Therefore the Scripture says, Cain and Abel were not in the image of Adam or Elohim because Adam was a singularity. In Adam, his weaker side, his female side was bound firmly underneath him. Adam's fall was a decision, we're told in another place that Adam was tricked, but nevertheless it was his decision to obey the Serpent and not to obey Jehovah, but in the case of Cain and Abel, Abel was really overcome. In the case of Seth, Seth was given the power, was a similarity. So like Adam when the race of Seth that came forth from Seth turned evil, requiring the Lord to bring a flood, and destroy that whole race, it was a much greater sin than the sin of Abel falling under Cain, does anyone not understand what I'm talking about? This is what we're called to, this is what we are fighting for now. Those of us who are exposing our carnal mind and fighting it with all of our strength, we are fighting to put our carnal mind underneath Christ in us, and bind that carnal mind there so firmly that we become a singularity, and we're doing that by the power of Christ. And when that happens we will no longer waver between right and wrong, we will be righteous, we will not, that's when we become sinless, that's the condition that Jesus was in, in the days of his flesh.


Jesus had a carnal mind that he received from his mother which was bound so securely under Christ Jesus within him, or the anointing within the man Jesus, that he was sinless and he was able to call himself God, because he was in submission to his father, who was Elijah, and he was the Christ because his carnal mind was inoperable. Praise the Lord. As Rabbi Shimon in the name of Rabbi Yeba Saba, which means the elder, Adam's other sons had been produced in defilement through attachment to the Serpent and it's writer who is Samael, and Samael I believe that's the word in the Zohar for Satan. Now this is interesting because the Zohar teaches that Cain and Abel came forth after the woman's fornication with the Serpent, that's what the Zohar teaches. Let me go on reading here. Adam's other sons had been produced in defilement because the woman had intercourse with the Serpent. And what it says here in the Zohar was Adam's sons had been produced in defilement, through attachment to the Serpent and it's rider who is Samael. So how is Cain and Abel attached to the Serpent and it's rider Samael? Because it was the Serpent that impregnated the woman, and the offspring that she produced was Cain and Abel.


Now I taught years ago in the doctrine of Christ that the woman produced an illegitimate offspring which is the human race as we see it today, and the human race as we see it today is Cain and Abel, we are Cain and Abel, spiritually inside of us in the spiritual realms Cain and Abel is called the Fiery Serpent , and physically we are the expression of Cain, our physical body and our personality is the expression of Cain, and the spiritual aspect of Cain and Abel with Abel dead, is on the inside of all human beings.


If Christ is manifesting in you, not the Holy Spirit now, if Christ... that means that Christ has been grafted to Abel and for all intents and purposes Abel is resurrected, and the Fiery Serpent is no longer called the Fiery Serpent but the Cain and Abel within you is called Christ. Let me tell you that again. Cain and Abel is a symbiotic dual entity which is the mortal foundation of all human beings, when Cain is ruling over Abel which is the case of all human beings except those to whom Christ is grafted, that dual entity Cain and Abel, is called the Fiery Serpent. But when Christ is grafted to Abel and Christ rises and takes dominion over Cain, in the individual, or I shouldn't even say that, once Christ is grafted to Abel, this dual entity is no longer called the Fiery Serpent, it called Christ, and Christ must and will rule over Cain in that individual. Praise the Lord.


Going on with the Zohar, Hence, they Cain and Abel were no resemblance to Adam, they were the offspring of the Serpent, even though Abel unlike Cain was from the side of purity and not from the side of the Serpent, neither have the form of the image of Adam, and the reason for this, is that they both lack the central column which is the form of man. We're reading in paragraph 349 that Cain came from the side of purity, and not from the side of the Serpent, okay well before that, let me read you the sentence before that, Adam's other sons meaning Cain and Abel, had been produced in defilement through the attachment to the Serpent. We're looking at drawing number one, and the top of the board shows the or explains this phrase through the attachment of the Serpent, they were produced in defilement through the attachment of the Serpent. So we see in drawing number one, the origin of Cain and Abel, which is in Adam Kadmon's ovaries, and this doctrine as far as I know came forth in our series called "The World Of Points", as far as I know, I have not seen this anywhere in the Kabbalistic literature that I have read, but of course I'm still very much a beginner is so far as plotting through the volumes of Kabbalistic material, this is a revelation that the Lord gave me, that the world of points has an inside and an outside, that's Kabbalah, the inside is Adam Kadmon's ovary, and the outside is the Serpent.


If anyone would like to pursue this doctrine further, we refer you to our series "The World Of Points And The Fall".


For those of you who have already studied that series, I remind you that the eggs of Adam Kadmon's ovaries were both male and female, that the center or the nucleus of the egg is MaH, which is the male and the outer part of the egg is BaN which is called female, and the female surrounds the male and in our series "The World Of Points And The Fall" we translated the Scripture I believe there's one in Jeremiah that says the Lord will do a new thing, the woman will surround a man, and we found out that that's not an accurate translation, the female always surrounds the male, in the spiritual plane okay, the human body is female, the human being is female, Christ Jesus is inside of us, he is the male, the female always surrounds the male when we're talking about spiritual things. So that particular translation, behold the Lord will do a new thing, a woman will surround a man, that's not an accurate translation, okay, and I think I put the accurate translation, no it wasn't on part one of this message, I'm sorry you'll have to look for it yourself, if this is the first message that you're reading or listening to, that Scripture we have an alternate translation of that Scripture written right on to an illustration.


If you want to go into the web page and just go through the illustrations of the world of points, you will find that, if you look thoroughly enough you will find the illustration that gives you that translation. So we see that as I just said, the eggs of Adam Kadmon's ovary are male and female, I remind you from our study in "The World Of Points and the Fall", that the Serpent penetrated only as far as the outer shell, the Serpent only penetrated the woman. We're told in the King James translation that the Serpent had her conversation with the woman, that the woman ate of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and that she gave to her husband with her and what that phrase means that she gave to her husband with her, is that the male aspect of the seed partook of the woman's sin, because they were just one seed, okay. So the female aspect of the seed conceived and the whole seed fell down into the female world of, the whole entity that was born which is Cain and Abel fell down into the female world of formation. Instead of being formed in the male world of Beriah as the male Adam, the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, let me say that again, the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary should have been formed in the male world of Beriah as a singular male, such as Adam was, and such as Seth was, but because of the pollution of the Serpent, the whole, all of the eggs, each whole egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary fell down into the female world of formation, where they were born as a dual symbiotic entity called Cain and Abel, they were not singular, they were dual, see.


And I explained that just previously on this tape. So let me read to you what I have on the board here. The World Of Points is the Serpent, okay, you have to go and study the series called the world of points, if you need more explanation of that. The seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary are male, the male is on the inside called MaH, and female, and the female is on the outside called BaN, the light of Adam Kadmon's eyes, descends below Adam Kadmon's navel and forms the world of points which encircles Adam Kadmon's ovary, and actually Adam Kadmon's ovary is the inside of the world of points, okay. The Serpent penetrates only the outside or the female BaN aspect of the seed, but the whole seed, male and female is born in the female world of formation called Yetzirah.


The male just went along for the ride, and I've attempted to tell you the female world of Yetzirah down here, with Cain and Abel male and female, although the King James and the Zohar says that Cain and Abel are both male, but we know by revelation that Cain is female, and Abel is male, they were not born two males, they were born male and female, and this is the whole Genesis for a lot of prejudice against women, that the woman is the evil one.


I don't think human women are any more evil than human men, but spiritually speaking the female is the one that manifest the evil, but we are, remember the human race is all female, and therefore the whole human race is evil. So physical women are no more evil than physical men you see. Praise the Lord. The lower half of the board, I've drawn three circles with Cain and Abel inside each of the circle, each circle representing a dual entity, dual entity produced by one egg, Cain and Abel. And the next sentence in the Zohar, well let me read it right out of the Zohar for you. Okay what I just did was explain that Adam's other sons had been produced by defilement, okay I showed you that because they were fertilized by the Serpent, through attachment to the Serpent and it's rider, and well I showed you how the Adam's sons were attached to the Serpent, I didn't show you how Adam's sons were attached to its rider and I don't think I'll go into that tonight, we're talking about Satan and Leviathan.


All of humanity are in, we all have a Fiery Serpent and we're all in bondage to Satan and Leviathan because we are attached to them through our defilement by the Serpent. Hence they bore no resemblance to Adam, even though Abel unlike Cain was from the side of purity, I explained that to you too, how Abel was from the side of purity, because he being on the inside of the seed was not polluted through personal or through any kind of contact, through actual contact with the Serpent and was born as Cain. Abel the male nucleus just fell with the woman, but he did not have personal contact with the Serpent and therefore we're told he came from the side of purity, not from the side of the Serpent, but neither one of them had the form or the image of Adam, why, because what is the form or the image of Adam. The form or image of Adam is the central column. To be in the image of Adam you have to have a central column, and Cain was the left side and Abel was the right side, neither one of them had a central column, actually they were one entity, which did not contain a central column, and that's how we can tell that they were not in the form of Adam.


Now Seth when he was born was a singularity, okay, and I'll do a drawing number two, I'll show you the singularity. We're told in the Zohar, they both lacked the central column which is the form of man, Abel was from the right side, and Cain from the left, hence they were not created in the likeness of Adam. So that covers the whole board. Okay, I'll do another drawing now and I'll show you the singularity of Seth. We're looking at drawing number two which shows you Seth as a singularity, I've divided the board in two, the left side of the board is Seth at his birth, and the right side of the board is Seth at the time of the flood. Remember now Seth increased into a whole race of men, okay, Seth was born as a singularity, at his inception he was a singularity which means that Cain was bound under Abel from the beginning.


Seth was born with a I think the word is with a handicap, although I hope I don't have that backwards, he was born with an extra power in his hands, okay he was born with sin bound under him. In the case of Abel, Abel was not bound with Cain under him, not only was a, I don't even think they were equal, I think Cain was more powerful, but that were just left and right you see, they were just standing left and right, Cain on the left and Abel on the right, okay, and Cain was more powerful, and Abel got killed. Seth was a singularity, Seth had a central column, he was a central column, he wasn't left or right. Cain and Abel were not left and right, they were bound together with Cain underneath Abel, in the central column. And on the right side of the board we see that Seth was seduced, Seth has the same testimony that his father Adam has. Adam, Seth we're told was born in Adam's image and Seth has the same testimony, and we're looking at the right side of the board, we see Seth at the time of the flood.


And I've drawn Cain, I'm trying to make her look witchy, Cain exercises witchcraft authority over Abel at the time of the flood. There was a complete role reversal. Seth's sin was greater than Abel's sin of falling under Cain's power because Seth had the strength to resist Cain, why because when he was born Cain was already bound under his authority, it was not an equal fight, but Abel did not have Cain born under his authority. Abel was completely overcome because it was a struggle of two equals, one on the left and one on the right, not one on top and one on the bottom, that's not the same kind of a fight, see. And our alternate translation of I Tim. 2:14 is the man was tricked, both Adam and Seth were tricked by the woman within them, but the woman who is Abel was completely overcome. Seth has Adam's testimony and Abel has the woman's testimony.


So we see that Abel was from the side of purity but he was still female, only the central column is male, only the central column is male. Is everybody okay with this. The Lord wants me to comment on this phrase in the Zohar of the Serpent and it's rider, and the Zohar tells you right here, that its rider is Samael which I believe the Zohar identifies as Satan in another place if I'm not mistaken. And all that means is that the Serpent has a spirit, the Serpent is more material than Satan. The way we have taught it in the doctrine of Christ basically is Leviathan and Satan, and Leviathan is the pride of man okay, and Satan is the spirit of this world. So therefore Leviathan or in this case the Serpent is more material, then the spiritual aspect of man, that's all that, the way the Zohar is very poetic, it says the Serpent and its rider, what this means is that the spirit has nothing tangible through which to manifest, therefore the Zohar says, the Serpent, Satan or Samael rides on the Serpent because the Serpent has a form, and Satan, or Samael, the spirit has no form you see.


That's just another way of saying for example, an expression that I've been using lately is that we carry the Christ, those of us who serve him, we carry the Christ, we carry him wherever he wants to go, and in the same manner the human beings that are gateways for the expression of Satan, they carry Satan. See, now we know that all human beings manifest Satan every time we manifests some ungodly behavior, but I'm talking about someone who'd be a serial killer, someone who is really a carrier for Satan, someone who will do whatever Satan wants them to do, someone who will follow Satan anywhere she leads them. Just like we are virgins that follow the Lord Jesus anywhere he leads us, okay. They are the, such a person is a carrier for Satan, and the virgins that will follow Christ anywhere, that means those are the people that will go anywhere the spirit of Christ tells them to go.


So the spirit rides on the human being that carries that spirit. And Leviathan or the Serpent being the pride of man, as far as I can understand signifies the proud man, and the rider of that proud man is the spirit that rides in that man. Did I explain that? Okay, are there any questions tonight? I know the tape isn't full but it's taken me some time to do these drawings and it's 11:15pm, so well let me take a look at the next sentence here. Let me just read you this again. Adam's other sons had been produced in defilement, we explained that, through attachment to the Serpent and its rider who is Samael, I just explained that, hence they, Cain and Abel bore no resemblance to Adam, even though Abel unlike Cain was from the side of purity, we explained that, and not from the side of the Serpent, neither had the form of the image, neither Cain nor Abel had the form of the image of Adam, because neither one was the central column, they both lacked the central column which is the form of man.


Abel was from the right side and Cain was from the left side, but they were not created in the image of Adam, which is the image of man. So none of the human beings today, as far as I know there is no one on the earth who is truly Adam, we are all Cain and Abel, we all have a left side and a right side, we're all good and evil. Jesus Christ when he walked the earth in the days of his flesh, he was Adam because Jesus Christ was a singularity, he was not good and evil, the evil of his carnal mind was bound under his Christ mind, and he was fully and completely and 100% obedient to his father in heaven, and this is the promise that we will be in that condition, that the power to be obedient will be imparted to us, because we're incapable of being obedient 100% of the time in our present Cain and Abel condition. It's a total impossibility, and this is why when we see Jehovah putting Adam to sleep in Genesis, he says I'm going to send a help for you, that Adam that was being put to sleep it was the fallen Adam who was as he went to sleep, the word sleep means to descend, you know to become more and more material, that means Adam was descending from the world of creation which is male, into the world of formation which is female, he was becoming Cain and Abel. The Scripture says that Cain and Abel was born with the progeny of Adam, but actually what happened was that Adam went to sleep for all intents and purposes he died to his manhood in the world of creation, and he lived in the form of his offspring Cain and Abel, in the world of formation. So as Adam was dying to his male identity, and being born in his female identity in a lower world, Jehovah promised a help for him, a help that would bring forth or restore the middle column to him and that help is Christ.


Christ Jesus is our middle column. See, we are left and right, we are Cain and Abel, but Christ Jesus the man within us, is our middle column, and he is our potential to become a singularity. Christ Jesus within us, is bringing our carnal mind under his authority, and we will be brought into the condition of Seth Lord willing except that Christ Jesus is much more powerful then Abel was, at Seth's birth, because Christ Jesus in us, is strengthened by the Lord Jesus our anchor in heaven, so once we drive our carnal mind under, we will be strengthened from above and Lord willing we will never fall again. And this is what we read about in Revelation 20, with Satan being put down in the bottomless pit, this is the definition of the Greek word translated tribulation, it means to drive down under, and it is Satan in us that is being driven down under the authority of Christ Jesus in us, so that we may become a singularity, and enter into sinlessness, and all of the blessings and glory of God, that reward those who walk in that plane of consciousness which Kabbalah would call the world of emanation. I think that we will call it quits, it's just little too late. I'm not going to start something new, okay we'll pick this up on part 3, Lord willing on Sunday. God bless you.




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