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I divided the board into four parts, and in section number A, the first section we see that fallen man has only three Sefirot of the holy constellation. Gevurah, Hod which pretty signifies mind, and Malkhut. We would not exist if we did not have a Malkhut, Malkhut is our existence. Now there is another side, the Zohar calls it another side that fallen man has which covers the Sefirot of God like a shell okay, and that other side has a full ten Sefirot on the other side, on the negative side, but I'm telling you, what I'm trying to say is that concerning the ten Sefirot of God, okay, all that fallen man has is Malkhut which is our existence, Hod, and Gevurah. We're devastated spiritually.


When Christ comes in, you know this is a reversal, I don't know if it's a reversal, to me it's a deeper understanding which you may perceive as a reversal but as God gives us revelation, it's a continuous dividing, dividing, just understanding things more clearly. Now I have always thought and I'm sure that I conveyed that thought to you that the seed of Christ that is grafted to us is the seed of Christ Jesus.


And the Lord has told me that that is not correct, and I should have known this but I guess I didn't. The seed that's grafted to us is the sperma of Jesus Christ and I know that because I know the Greek word in the New Testament for the seed that's grafted is sperma. So it's the sperm of Jesus Christ which is come to fertilize the female.


See now I have told you that this sperm of Jesus Christ it's both male and female because Jesus Christ is both male and female, you see. In our humanity the human male and he produces a male seed the sperm, but Jesus Christ is both male and female and the sperm of Jesus Christ is both male and female but nevertheless it is come to fertilize the female which is us, see. We are the female, we are Malkhut who needs to be fertilized. So the fact that the sperma of Jesus Christ has both male and female I was perceiving it in an incorrect way, I was perceiving this sperma that comes from Jesus Christ as the actual entity called Christ Jesus because the sperma has both male and female, but I was missing a whole step you see, and the whole step is that the sperm that comes into the fallen man is there to fertilize the fallen man. And yet I have said those words, but the way the Lord teaches me, I mean I have said those words that we have to be fertilized in the doctrine of Christ okay. Now we're teaching Kabbalah, and look this happens to me a lot so I'm going one more time to explain it and I'm just going to go on.


I get a revelation over here point a, and then I get another revelation at point b, and they're both right but they have to be reconciled, they have to come together and on a third occasion, I just weave them together. So just try and follow me, this is what's happening. It's not true that the seed of Christ that's grafted to us is the whole man which is called our new man, that's not true. That is the male seed, it is going to fertilize our spiritual female potential, and then there must be birthed within us of the man Christ Jesus. Does anyone want me to say that again? Okay, you have to ask me if you want me to say that again. So the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ is grafted to our brain, the man Christ Jesus is in our heart. Okay now I'm not talking about the Holy Spirit, the seed of Christ goes to the brain and takes the position of Keter, and Keter is always in the brain, Keter is the most high okay.


So the seed of Christ is grafted to the brain and becomes Keter in the fallen man. So here we are in square A, all we have is Gevurah and Hod, we're in desperate condition, and then suddenly Keter is grafted to our spiritual body, and Keter is never alone, Keter is always with Chokhmah and Binah. So suddenly we have become very rich, we were very poor and we have become very rich, we now have Keter, Binah and Chokhmah added to Gevurah and Hod and Malkhut. We now sit in heavenly places we're Christ Jesus you see. We went right to the head of the class. And as soon as this royalty as soon as this royal triad is grafted to us, it starts to bring the whole vessel, the existing sefirot and the personality, the whole vessel into the correct moral order, because as you see over here in square A, Malkhut is manifesting as Satan. Let me remind you that the doctrine of Christ has revealed to us that Malkhut is the chamaeleon, she expresses whatever the emanations of which ever Sefirot are filling her, and if the only thing that we have to fill Malkhut is Gevurah and Hod we are going to be a manifestation of Satan.


In every human being on this planet is a manifestation of Satan, you could be the good side of Satan, but that's what you are. Satan is good and evil, see. Now as soon as the seed of Christ is grafted, and the spiritual royalty is now a part of your spiritual being, Keter, Binah and Chokhmah start to exert their influence over Gevurah and Hod. Now Binah remember is on the left side, and Binah is a part of the triad that executes judgment. Binah, Gevurah, and Hod are the triad that execute judgment, but Gevurah and Hod alone, see Hod is the aspect of judgment that comes out of the mind. We might call it conscience, where Gevurah is the only Sefirah that's ruling over the mind that's Satan the only source of righteousness in the individual, and I guess righteousness is a wrong word, the only source of judgment, of any hope of an honest judgment comes from the good side of Satan. That's not a very good place to be.


As soon as the seed of Christ is grafted Binah takes her place on top of Gevurah. Binah has righteous judgment, Binah is immortal, she has the righteousness of the Ayn Sof. We also have Chokhmah who comes into its place which is wisdom, and Chokhmah influences Binah, Binah is understanding, Binah is judgment with understanding, and when she's influenced by Chokhmah, Binah is judgment with understanding. The understanding that Binah brings is to the person that she's judging, this is the white throne judgment as opposed to the sowing and reaping judgment. We've been teaching that here for years. The sowing and reaping judgment comes with no explanation, the sowing and reaping judgment is the law. You are guilty, I don't care what the circumstances were, you did the act and you will experience the recompense, that comes in square A and that's the judgment of Gevurah, the sowing and reaping judgment. In square B, as soon as Binah comes in, we now see the perpetrator being giving understanding as to why what you did was wrong, why you would do such a thing, this understanding gives the perpetrator the opportunity to not repeat the crime, thereby avoiding the judgment, and along with Binah comes wisdom. Now the wisdom is for the person manifesting the judgment. Now remember all of this takes place in the flesh.


We experience it in this ministry all the time. The person revealing the sin is the person that receives the wisdom, the wisdom to understand the person's motives so that they can explain to the person who's doing the crime, so that that person can have the opportunity to not do it anymore, the wisdom to have compassion on the sinner instead of being angry at the sinner. So the wisdom is for the one executing the judgment, and the understanding is for the person who is being judged. And we see that Satan's judgment is starting to be, it's starting to be changed from the strict sowing and reaping judgment into the white throne judgment. And this is the will of God, and the purpose of Jesus Christ in the life of believers who are on the road to immortality, to convert Satan's sowing and reaping judgment into the white throne judgment, because as long as you're under the sowing and reaping judgment your end will be death, there is no life in sowing and reaping judgment. The sowing and reaping judgment is designed to preserve the species. The white throne is designed to preserve the individual.


But we see that the man, that Satan, that Malkhut in that man is still a manifestation of Satan, but righteous judgment and mercy has come into his life, he's in the process of change. Square c, we see that, what's different about c, I don't really see that I made any difference oh okay, in square c, we see that Netzach is being formed, okay. Netzach is overcoming power, overcoming power and it's Netzach that is exerting influence on Hod.


Remember Hod is the mind and it's Hod that's being converted from the carnal mind to the Christ mind. So we see the exertion of overcoming power in this man who's having this experience, it's the power to change one's thoughts and to start thinking with wisdom and understanding rather than raw animal passion, the raw animal passion that comes out of Gevurah. Over here in the lower right hand corner in square b, we see the formation of the new man. Christ Jesus represented by the Sefirah Tiferet has come into existence because of the interaction of all of the Sefirot. And of course also we see that Chesed is added. So in square d, all ten Sefirot are present. We see the whole, let me put it this way the whole left column is in existence an the whole right column has now come into existence. Chesed and Netzach have been developed because of the influenced of Keter Chokhmah and Binah. So we might say that Chesed and Netzach have been born in this person and all of the Sefirot are interacting with one another and Christ Jesus has come into existence.


So you see Christ Jesus is not grafted to us, the sperm of Jesus Christ is grafted to us, and Christ Jesus is the child that we will bear by which we shall be saved. And please note that Christ is Yesod, which is Christ Jesus' Yesod, it's Christ Jesus is Tiferet, Christ or Zeir Apin the man is Tiferet, and the Yesod of the man is Christ. So we see that Christ Jesus has to be formed in the individual, and is that not what Paul said, he said let Christ be formed in you, and when that Christ is formed in us he stands up eventually in the heart center. See I've always known that there had to be a manifestation of the Lord Jesus in me to help me with all of this teaching, that it had to be more than Christ Jesus in my heart center, and I've known for a while now that the Lord Jesus is in my brain, but I still couldn't see how they were working together, and this is what the Lord told me the other day, are there any questions about this revelation, does anybody not understand what I'm showing you here, does anyone not understand the difference between what I have been teaching, that the seed that's grafted is the new man that we see in square d? That's what I have been teaching but now I'm saying the seed that's grafted is the sperma which has to bring forth the new man. Is everybody okay with that?


Okay so we're going to take a picture and I have another drawing for you. Let me point out to you that the Spirit of Christ or the seed of Christ is grafted to the brain and the method of grafting is through preaching or through teaching, it is not through the signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit. The seed of Christ is not grafted through signs and wonders. The seed of Christ is grafted through teaching, through preaching, through studying the word of God, because the seed of Christ is the very word of God, and that's why it's grafted to the brain. See the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit comes into the heart, I believe the Holy Spirit comes into the heart. The Holy Spirit is the gift that's given without repentance you see. The Spirit of Christ is directly associated with teaching preaching knowledge and understanding, it is the mature anointing. So the phenomenon that we have in the church today is a spirit calling itself the holy spirit, that keeps dismissing the word, this false holy spirit in the church, keeps canceling the message, and says now let us just sit in silence, or let us just dance and sing, or let us just have deliverance, but don't bring in the word, see. And many in the church are deceived saying, oh how wonderful the holy spirit wants to express itself, see. The holy spirit is subject to the word of God. In the Pentecostal church the Holy Spirit is suppose to witness to the word, and the word is suppose to witness to the spirit see.


You can have teaching without signs and wonders but should not be having signs and wonders without teaching. Now the church that I was raised up in, which was a deliverance church, every once in a while the Lord would cancel the, if it was the Lord, the word would be canceled and we would do deliverance for the whole session, but it was only once in a while, and only God knows why that happened, maybe God did do it once in while, but we had some really deep teachings in that deliverance church. If you belong to a ministry where the norm is that the word is canceled or the word is only 5 minutes or 10 minutes and spend two hours just dancing around, or sitting there laughing, as we experienced in that other church when we went to investigate the laughing phenomenon, the members of the congregation just sat there giggling for like two hours, and they were all passed out in the spirit. No teaching, no instruction, this is not God, you see. You can have the instruction without the dancing and singing without healing and without deliverance, okay, but it doesn't go the other way around, but of course I shouldn't say without healing and deliverance, because there's always healing and deliverance under any true anointing, but I mean the show of the Holy Spirit where you stand up and people get called out and you lay hands on them, that is something that doesn't seem to happen under the spirit of Christ.


We're suppose to get healed as we serve him, the healing comes forth as we serve him. Now that doesn't mean that the can't call somebody out to lay hands on them and heal them, he can, but it is not the norm, the more mature the ministry the more emphasis there is on the teaching, and the signs and wonders take second place to the teaching. Any questions about this, okay. Drawing 2a, I'm showing you the birth of the son, in mortal man, now all of this is going on inside of us, those of us who have the seed of Christ grafted to us, there is a as I showed you in drawing number 1, there is an interaction or there are many interactions or there is an ongoing interaction between Binah and Chokhmah which restrict each other okay, remember Chokhmah is influencing Binah with wisdom therefore restricting the judgment of Binah and Binah is affecting Chokhmah and they are striving together okay left and right, and eventually they come together, in the middle column, and the form that that coming together in the middle column takes is the birth of the son, Zeir Anpin, known to us as Christ Jesus, this the birth of the son in us, and as Christ Jesus appears his Yesod, his male organ appears with him, and that is what we call Christ, but there is still a separation between the son and the whole heavenly constellation and Malkhut.


Now see a lot of us we're wanting to know why we're having experiences with God why were into deep doctrine, but our physical body is still getting sick and we're still having problems in our life. Our physical body is Malkhut, see. Our physical bodies are expressions of Malkhut. So unless there's a marriage between the son that's born in you, and your own Malkhut, his presence within you is going to have a very very limited effect on your physical body, see. The birth of we're told we shall be saved in childbearing, that Scripture doesn't tell us that we're saved because we have to marry the child after we bear it, see. So the birth of Christ Jesus in us is a very valuable experience having the seed of Christ grafted to us is very valuable, we now have wisdom and understanding and the power of Keter operating in us, but we're not connected. See I remember preaching this, saying all of these things are in us but we're not connected yet, but this is, do you remember me preaching that kind of thing. Well there it is, there's your example that's on the board. So there are benefits that come with every step of the program of God within us, we receive benefits okay, but to get the ultimate benefit, we have to go over to the right side of the board, and Christ Jesus has to marry Malkhut, or the way we preached that in the doctrine of Christ is Jesus has to marry our personality, that's how I preached in the doctrine of Christ.


So marriage of mortal man to Christ Jesus, who is the bridegroom as we read about in Matt. 25:6, Behold the bridegroom cometh, the marriage of mortal man to Christ Jesus, the bridegroom is called the Sabbath, and when that union takes place, that whole world because each of us is a world, okay, that whole world which we are enters into the spiritual Sabbath day, a permanent spiritual Sabbath day.


And this is the time Kabbalah tells us or the Zohar tells us, when new souls are formed, and all kinds of miracles prevail, and the new soul that's formed is the soul of Christ or the personality of Christ in you. So we see that this is an ongoing process. I have to believe that everybody here has the seed of Christ grafted to them, and we're all in various stages of the birth of the son in us.


I believe that in my case that he is born in me and that he is in the process of marrying me, I don't know, I know I was talking to the Lord about this when he was giving me this revelation yesterday, because sometimes it's so confusing, I know the Lord told me years ago that I was a married woman, he told me this years ago.


And I think I even shared with you recently that more than ten years ago, I was visiting with some believers one who happened to be very spiritual, and I saw her staring at me, and when I asked her what was wrong, she said, Sheila I see a man sitting next to you, so I asked her what he looked like and all she could tell me was that he a three piece suit on. So at the time I thought it was a prophesy of my physical husband, I was still hoping for a physical husband in those days, and I was already, I don't know whether I was married or I was betrothed, but apparently Christ Jesus revealed himself to that woman, through me, I don't know why he did it, you know, and it wasn't too much longer after that the Lord told me that I was a married woman.


So where I am right now, I don't know because I'm still waiting for the union with my husband to heal my body, you see. Now I'm going against the tide, I get healthier every year, see, I'm getting older every year, so one expects one's strength to wain a little bit every year, I'm getting stronger every year. So am I fully married to Christ Jesus? Or is this Gehud, this process of union, is it just taking years and years and years. See I see the signs that it's in progress, is it complete? I don't know I would like to believe that if it was complete that I'd be fully healed of every weakness that I have, so maybe it's not fully complete. There so much I don't understand, I just know the little bit that he gives me.


And this is the process that must happen in all of us for us to be fully saved, because remember it's our personality that is being saved, and once we are fully merged with the Christ Jesus in the midst of us, wherever he goes we go with him, so when he goes over the wall into immortality, we go with him, see.


So I guess I cannot be completely married to him, or my body would be in a much better condition than it's in, although as I said, it's getting better every year, but it's so slow, see. And yet I do believe that I have entered into this condition called the Sabbath, I'm in this condition all the time. I rise and I fall, this condition of this union with my husband, sometimes it's more intense than others, but to the best of my knowledge I have not fallen out of this union in a couple of years. It's been a very long time, and I hope I never fall out of it again. So I don't know what to tell you, if the union is complete, why am I not fully healed? And maybe you just go over a certain point of union that although the union is not complete, you're still considered in the Sabbath day because you're over the fifty percent mark let's say. I don't know, oh, well the next set of drawings I'm going to give you will show you Malkhut's ascension and I think the Lord just said to me if I understood him correctly is that our marriage is complete but after the completion, Malkhut has to ascend, so I'm not ascended yet, I'm married but I'm not ascended yet.


So if there are not any questions on this board, I'll give you the next set of drawings showing our ascension. Okay. Is everybody okay? Okay.


COMMENT: In this drawing you talked about the marriage of mortal man to Christ Jesus, we regard it as the Sabbath, could you please relate that Sabbath to the Sabbath that the Jews observe, the significance of the Sabbath day.


PASTOR VITALE: Well the observation of the Jews of the physical Sabbath day is just a type of the true Sabbath to come, okay. The observance of the physical Sabbath day is under the law, and the law of ordinances which was swallowed up in Christ Jesus, but you also asked me how this is related to Jesus breaking the laws of the Sabbath day.


Well what Jesus was saying was, this physical observance which is just a precursor of the reality which is to come is finished because the reality is here, and as a matter of fact in our alternate translation, one of the last translations that I did on the doctrine of Christ I think it's in Luke, but I'm not sure, I could find it if anyone wanted it, we see the Pharisees rebuking Jesus for working on the Sabbath day and Jesus' response to them was, I am the Sabbath day, and when the Lord gave me that translation I didn't have a clue as to what it meant, I just sort of guessed, you know he was saying that the Sabbath day was now here, and it's spiritual, but when we started studying Kabbalah, and saw this concept of the Sabbath day, I got very excited because Jesus and the Pharisees knew Kabbalah.


So he knew exactly what he was saying to them, I am the Sabbath day, and what he meant was, Christ Jesus, the anointed one or Zeir Anpin has been born in me and he has married Malkhut and therefore I am a walking living expression of the Sabbath day, and all of the miracles of the Sabbath day are being expressed through me, the miracles that you see, these are the miracles of the Sabbath day. And they knew exactly what he was saying, so that was why they tried to kill him. As I tell everybody here, we really cannot appreciate the full impact of the New Testament without a knowledge of Kabbalah, especially the verbal encounters that Jesus had with the Pharisees, they all knew Kabbalah. He was talking to them in terms of Kabbalah, and I see the same problem with the Kabbalists today, they don't at least to the best of my knowledge you know, the Kabbalists do not want to believe that this lofty doctrine will manifest through a human being. They don't want to believe it you know, that Keter could come to earth and manifest as a man, they can't they just cant get it. I don't understand why, because to me it's so obvious the teaching is there's going to be a vessel and it's going to be filled with the life of God.


Well the Kabbalists will tell you we're the vessels, you know, and they know the Sefirot are in us, but they can't believe that Keter himself or that Adam Kadmon himself is coming down and manifesting in a man. I think they believe that yes the ten Sefirot are within us on this lower in this lower world, what they call the world of action, but to believe that the Keter from the world of emanation or even higher than that has come down into the world of action, that's what they don't believe. Okay that was what Jesus was telling them, and they crucified him.


So they have chosen to not believe that, and I've seen the same attitude in the church years ago, when I was first learning about the sons of God, I had a good friend of mine look me right in the eye and say, I don't believe we could be the sons of God, I think that's a high manifestation of pride and I refuse to believe it. That same false pride, wherever it's arising out of. Did I answer your question? Okay.


Drawing number 3, shows the birth of the new creature which is the, well I'm sorry, the birth of the son, Zeir Anpin, and which is Christ Jesus for us, and his Yesod which is Christ to us, married to Malkhut, and after the marriage, the married woman starts to ascend, and ultimately she is called ascend all the way up to the Keter. Now when the married woman is joined to Binah, that is what Shekinah is, okay the Malkhut from below and actually these are the two women, Binah and Malkhut represented by the two Heys of the tetragrammaton, Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey, the first Hey, that's the Binah and the last Hey is Malkhut, and when the two of them are joined together, that's where Shekinah is. Okay, and the Shekinah is to ascend ultimately all the way up to Keter it becomes the crown on Keter's head.


And the concept here is found in Ezekiel 1:27 where it says the fire of the spiritual being burnt all the way down as far as it could go and burnt all the way up as high as it could go. Now this is happening inside of a man you see. This is the glory of God fully expressed inside of a man, when the energy of all of the ten Sefirot or let me say it this way, when the energy of the six Sefirot, the three on the right and three on the left are pulled into the middle column, so the pathway of ascension to Keter is now established, that's what is happening here. And the whole earth Ps. 72:19, let the whole earth be filled with his glory. Let all of our earth be filled with his glory. So this is why, I've been asking the Lord for years, you told me I'm a married woman why do I still have all these problems. I thank God for all the healing that I've had but I'm sick too often, and now I have my answer, I'm a married woman, but apparently I am not ascended to the point that the glory of the Lord is filling all of my earth.


See as Christ Jesus in me, I'm sorry as Malkhut in me who is really one with Christ Jesus they're the Sabbath within me. So it's really the two of them ascending together, as I ascend, and that may not be correct, let me just leave it Malkhut, as Malkhut the married woman ascends, she's drawing all the energy of Hod and Gevurah and Chesed and Netzach into her midst, into that middle column and it's all that energy that will produce the healing that we're all waiting for and ultimately preserve the personality and our physical body. So this was Jesus' condition, Jesus was spiritually female, he was a mortal man, he was spiritually female, the son was born in him, okay, his Malkhut ascended all the way up to Keter, and that's why he's shown in the book of Revelation with so many crowns on his head, he ascended all the way up and the glory of the Lord filled his earth so completely, that he said, "No man can take my life".


And in case any of you are wondering, how the Holy Spirit gets inside of you, because what I've shown you tonight is a Genesis of the birth of the son in you, the marriage of the son to our personality, and now the Lord is revealing the ascension of the queen, Malkhut is the queen or Shekinah is the queen, and as I was looking at my own drawing, I saw this whole pathway up to Keter as a long marital isle, the isle that the bride walks down, as she goes to meet her husband. See so all of this is born in us after the seed of Christ is grafted to us. This is an experience that the believer will have. So this has to be born in us, how does the Holy Spirit get inside of us, how does the Holy Spirit get started. The Holy Spirit is not grafted by the foolishness of preaching, it's the seed of Christ that's grafted by the foolishness of preaching. How does the Holy Spirit get inside, everybody your heads are all in the clouds, you have to know this. You're just thinking on too high a level. How did you, well you had a special experience, how do most people get the Holy Spirit?


COMMENT: Through the experience of speaking in tongues.


PASTOR VITALE: That's how you got the Holy Spirit by speaking in tongues?


COMMENT: You get the Holy Spirit by having hands laid on you.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, you get the Holy Spirit from another man by having hands laid on you. Now it is possible to get the Holy Spirit another way, both I and another person in this congregation received the Holy Spirit without hands being laid on us. I was in a room where the Holy Spirit was fully, It was a church, where the Holy Spirit was fully manifested, and I received the Holy Spirit without anyone physically laying hands on me. Were you in a room where the Holy Spirit was poured out and that happened to you, okay.


So somehow it got on us, the Holy Spirit was manifested in the room and we were so sensitive to the Holy Spirit, it wasn't necessary for someone to lay hands on us, but the Holy Spirit was manifested in the room from other people who already had it. And in case nobody knows the Holy Spirit came into the earth originally on the day of Pentecost, when it arose when it descended upon the disciples, which was a supernatural act of Jesus Christ. So there it is we have the whole picture of the experience of the believer, into immortality. Praise the Lord any questions or comments on this? The significance of the definition of Shekinah as Malkhut joined to Binah is that to say that Shekinah exists in the human being means that that personality is no longer a manifestation of Satan you see.


Up until the point that the person's Malkhut is joined to Binah, I am a mixture, sometimes I'm Satan and sometimes I'm Christ Jesus. I'm Christ Jesus a lot but sometimes I'm Satan to you. How does that happen, the Lord just explained this to me the other night, that like in my case, Gevurah is highly manifested to bring forth judgment, okay, I have Binah bringing forth judgment, Gevurah bringing forth judgment, and Chesed and Chokhmah are suppose to be tempering that judgment so that it's fully in Christ Jesus.


You see the reconciliation of Chokhmah and Binah when they come into the middle column and Chesed and Gevurah has to come into the middle column, that judgment that comes forth from me would be with the perfect measure of correction and mercy, but I'm not perfected yet you see, and sometimes my balance gets off and my balance being who I am, my balance never gets off too much on the Chesed side, on the mercy side, when I get off, my balance is always on the hard side, I'm always too hard when I get off, see. And that's why, because I said to the Lord how does that happen to me, what is it that sometimes I come off too hard, it's because I'm not perfectly balanced yet, and judgment is flowing through me it's reigning through me, you see, and sometimes Chesed is just not strong enough to pull that Gevurah into the center.


See when Malkhut in me ascends and joins with Binah, Binah, the kindness that is in Binah will assist Chesed to neutralize the harshness of Gevurah. See I've been praying for a long time now for the Lord to pour his Chesed into me because I have known and I am aware that I have a tendency to be too hard. So based on what knowledge I did have at the time, for at least a year now I'm asking the Lord to fill me with Chesed, but things are better, but I know that I'm not where I would like to be and now I see the answer why. I've been waiting to be filled up with Chesed, but that is not the complete answer. The answer is for Malkhut in me to ascend to Binah, which is even, you see look, when Malkhut in you ascends to Binah, she is now above Gevurah. When the person who's manifesting the judgment is below Gevurah, Gevurah which is the harshness has the power to manifest through that vessel. To defeat the harshness in oneself, now remember you are all sons and you're all called to judge righteous judgment.


You don't know what you're going to be like when you first start judging righteous judgment you see. If you're too soft at the beginning, then you go to the other side and you become too hard, it just takes time to get that middle ground, so you're all going to be making the same mistakes that I made, okay. So as long as in my spiritual being I'm underneath the level of Gevurah, Gevurah will always be manifesting through me every once in a while to a degree that is too hard, but as Malkhut ascends, once Malkhut gets above Gevurah and joins with Binah it will be impossible for Gevurah to manifest through that person with an unbalanced harshness.


So you see what I'm saying, I've been praying, "Lord fill me with Chesed, fill me with your mercy, fill me with your mercy that this harshness shouldn't appear in me, but Chesed is on the same level as Gevurah. So asking the Lord to give me Chesed, to give me more mercy, will never completely stop me slipping into being too hard every once in a while. Chesed alone will never do it, I have to ascend up here to Binah, above the authority of Gevurah, to come to that place where no matter how much I'm provoked, I am never too hard. See where I am right now, it's just like a human reaction, if I'm provoked to a certain point, as much as I prayed, as much as I tried that harshness comes forth in me because it's where I am spiritually. It's not just an issue of pouring more mercy into me, I've got to ascend into a higher place where I'm above the power of Gevurah to manifest that way through me. Remember we are all manifestations of Malkhut, we are the chamaeleon, we are an expression of the forces that fill us.


We're really an empty vessel that is made to contain the emanations of all of these different Sefirot. Our perfection in kindness and love can only come when we're up here in this high place where the lower Serfirot are completely controlled by the higher emanations of Keter Chokhmah, and Binah. When we're down here, there will always be some strains of the old man manifesting through us. Any questions or comments? The word to this ministry is prepare for ascension, and now we know what that means, very, very, very exciting. I believe it says in the book of Revelation that the Holy Jerusalem is descending from heaven, and Jerusalem is Malkhut, she's the new woman, the woman of Proverbs, who is completely faithful to her husband.


Drawing number 4, I have written out the steps to perfection. Number 1, the seed of Christ is grafted to your brain. Now most likely this is the brain of your etheric body, most likely, and remember the etheric body is really a part of the physical body, the etheric body is the spiritual aspect of the physical body, the spiritual aspect of the physical body. So the seed of Christ is grafted to your brain. Number 2, all ten Sefirot are developed in you, and remember that seed of Christ brings with it Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, okay that's what's grafted to you, Keter, Chokhmah and Binah. When Chesed and Netzach are developed in you. Okay and then when you have your all ten Sefirot, number 3 Zeir Anpin, that's Christ Jesus is born in your heart, and Christ Jesus is the third column, you have Binah, Gevurah, and Hod on the left and Chokhmah, Chesed, Netzach on the right, and when these Sefirot come to together in a compromise, I don't know if that's the right word, when they come together in balance okay, that in these areas you're neither completely on the left or more strongly on the right, when these forces because that's what the Sefirot are, they're forces of your personality, that's what they are, the Sefirot within you are the spiritual forces which collectively are called your personality, and when they become balanced, the way we say that these ten powerful forces within you are balanced, we say they move from the left to the center, and from the right to the center and when your mind and your personality is coming out of this middle column okay Zeir Anpin has come into existence or been born, and of course the Christians say Christ Jesus has been born in you. And we're told in the New Testament that we are complete in him, and what that means by definition of completion is down at the bottom. The definition is that you're no longer just a female, you have the male with in you, you are both male and female.


See Elohim said let us make man in our image and let them be male and female. So if you are a being that is only female, you are not considered a man, Elohim said let us make man in our image, let us make them male and female.


Technically speaking, we are not man if we're only female, we're less than a man. So once Christ Jesus is added to us, we are now complete in him, because he is added to us, we are now complete and we could be man or Adam. See technically we are not Adam unless Christ Jesus is in us, and that's why we see through the whole Old Testament Jehovah addresses the prophets as son of Adam. What he's saying is you are not a mortal man, you are not a fallen man, that is only female, because I have put an imputed Christ Jesus in you so that I could talk to you, that's what it means. So we are complete in him, you're not complete in the Holy Spirit brethren, you have to have the manchild born in you.


Now remember the Dragon's waiting to devour that manchild before he's born, that means warfare. So if there's no warfare in your life you don't have the manchild. Don't be deceived, you're the only one who will be hurt if you think that you're a stage that you haven't arrived at yet. If you want to be in a stage that you haven't arrived at yet, just confess that you don't have it and ask the Lord. If you're in deception if you're denying the truth about yourself, you'll never get that growth. The truth will set you free.


Step number 4, Zeir Anpin's Yesod which we call Christ marries your Malkhut, that's your personality, marries your personality. So Malkhut is now married to Christ, that means the Sabbath Day has come into existence, the new soul has been born in you, the soul of Christ, and miracles are happening in your life is changing, you're overcoming the curses, you're suppose to die but you're alive, those kinds of miracles, not necessarily miracles with signs and wonders where people will go ooh ah, the miracle of your life being saved, the miracle of deliverance deep seated curses, those kinds of miracles start occuring in your life, when you are completed because Christ is born in you.


Number 5, you are now a married woman, and Malkhut in you, your personality that is now a married woman, ascends to Gevurah, she starts executing judgment with mercy, Chesed, that's the level of the center Sefirot, the middle sefirot on the left is Gevurah, and the middle Sefirot on the right is mercy Chesed, and these two Sefirot are constantly struggling with each other, Gevurah wants to be the chief hauncho, Gevurah wants to be the big shot and judge judgment with harshness, and Chesed is much too soft, wants to let everybody go. We've struggled with these personality qualities right here in this ministry. Some of you are very reluctant to face the truth about people because that truth of sin in that person is the first step that leads to judgment, and some of you here have struggled with that, your mind has resisted facing the truth about people, because you are unbalanced and you were coming out of the right side which is Chesed, and you get some people that say, "Oh let's get them" you know, you're imbalanced, you're too much on the left side, you have to come to the middle column and judge righteous judgment which glorifies God.


Step number 6, once you've accomplished that ability to judge merciful judgment, the next step up is to Binah, and when you ascend up to Binah, you become a living expression of the Shekinah, and the Shekinah is the name for Malkhut who has ascended to Binah. It's the union of the two heys of the tetragrammaton.


Step number 7, Shekinah ascends to Keter and becomes the crown above Keter, and at this point... okay I made a correction here on 6 which is merciful judgment, merciful judgment ascends to Binah becomes Shekinah, that's the point that the physical body is preserved.


It means no one can take your life unless you lay it down. Number 7, Shekinah ascends to Keter and becomes the crown above Keter. At this point this is perfection, and you come out of the physical body and your condition is that the glory of God which comes from the crown shines down upon the whole earth of the man having this experience and you're out of your body. So even Jesus was capable of sin the whole time he was in the flesh, and you hear the religious crowd screaming, he was capable of sin the whole time he was in the flesh, and that's why he said, I do only what my father does, and I say only what my father says, that's how he remained in his sinless condition through obedience.


Now he had ascended to a place where he had the power to be obedient, we in our present condition do not have the power to be obedient, you see. So Jesus had ascended to number 6, to Binah where his physical body was preserved and he had the power of choice that Adam had before the fall, you see. That number 6, ascension to the Shekinah, that's restoration at least spiritually speaking, to the same place where Adam was at, where we have the power of choice. See we really don't have free will, our free will has been stolen. When we fell we lost our free will. So if ever you hear somebody in the church telling you you have free will, you don't have free will. Now some of us have a little more free will than others you know, but we don't have the ultimate free will, what is the ultimate free will? The ability to choose to not sin. We have the ability to choose to not engage in sinful behavior, in most instances we have the ability to choose to not engage in sinful verbal behavior, acting out. Sometimes we do have that power and sometimes we don't, but the best of us, who are completely controlled in these areas, do not have the power to stop sin from generating in our mind.


For that to happen, Satan has to be forced into the bottomless pit and a seal put on her. So Jesus ascended to that place. Number 6, he was still capable of sin, he didn't do it but he was capable of it, and he did tell us in the Scripture, he said today and tomorrow I do cures and on the third day, I shall be perfected. So Jesus was not perfect when he was in the flesh. Perfection means that you have to come out of the body. Perfection means you are incapable of sin, and that condition only exists apart from the body, okay.


So we're going to go around the room here and everybody is going to tell me what number they're up to. Okay.


COMMENT: Number 1, the seed of Christ is grafted to my brain.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, praise the Lord.


COMMENT: I'm going to say 2 only because I know everything's warring inside of me, and that's all ten Sefirot are developed in you and you are in war, they war against each other.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay I agree, I agree.


COMMENT: Number 1, the seed of Christ is grafted to my brain. I don't see where the ten Sefirot are developed.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay I agree would you please pass that microphone to the lady behind you.


COMMENT: One or maybe one and a half, (chuckle), all ten Sefirot are not fully developed, and I know there's some warring, maybe some of them are developed.


PASTOR VITALE: Do you know where you are young lady?


COMMENT: The 7th, (laughing).


PASTOR VITALE: Where are you?




PASTOR VITALE: Oh you said seven before, number 3, well (laughing), okay. Praise the Lord. Before we close I wanted to give you an idea of the comparison of what is called pretty much in the new age the crown experience and the experience that I demonstrated for you on drawing number 3. Now the experience demonstrated in drawing number 3 is the true ascension into immortality of the married woman, the Shekinah, and I would just like to point to you at this point how this drawing lines up with the doctrine of Christ. I have always been teaching that first Christ Jesus must marry the personality and then Christ Jesus, the way I've taught it in the doctrine of Christ, is that and then Christ Jesus marries the glorified Jesus Christ and the personality goes with you. Well look at drawing number 3, look at the descent of Christ Jesus how he's born, how initially Christ Jesus is born of Chokhmah and Binah and how he descends and how the Yesod of Christ Jesus, which is also Zeir Anpin, Kabbalah would call him Zeir Anpin, how the Yesod of Christ Jesus or Zeir Anpin, marries the Malkhut, and the Malkhut in the individual is our personality, we are expressions of Malkhut, okay.


And then you can see, I move to the left, and I show you the ascent of the married woman all the way up to Binah, until the, and when I say the married woman, that means, it is the Shekinah who is joined fully joined to Christ Jesus or Zeir Anpin, and that married woman ascends all the way up to Binah at which point the union of the married woman which is the married Malkhut, which is really Malkhut and Christ Jesus, ascends all the way to Binah, and joins with Binah and this is what Shekinah is, Shekinah is the union of the married Malkhut to the Binah. And some Kabbalaistic texts, you'll see them writing about the lower Shekinah or the upper Shekinah. The lower Shekinah is Malkhut, and the upper Shekinah is Binah. When they are engaged in this union which really encompasses Zeir Anpin which is Christ Jesus, Malkhut and Binah. And of course wherever Binah is Chokhmah is, so you might look at this drawing and see that Christ Jesus or Zeir Anpin has made a full circle, he has emanated out from Chokamah and Binah as the son as the new light and his Genesis is the union of Chokhmah and Binah, then the son is born from the forehead of Adam Kadmon, and he vibrates forth as the son and he goes all the way down to the tenth sefirot, marries Malkhut, then Malkhut starts to ascend and goes all the way back to where her husband generated from and actually ultimately goes even higher.


Malkhut eventually does ascend into Keter and that experience is the shedding of the body. So I didn't have it exactly right with the doctrine of Christ, I always had the image in my mind of Christ Jesus being established in the heart center, marrying the personality, and then Christ Jesus reaching up and marrying the Lord Jesus, I had a vision of Christ Jesus, maybe I should just put this on the board for you, I show you what my vision was. This is drawing number 5, and you may recall the teaching of the doctrine of Christ on the left side of the board, I always showed the energy centers as a straight line.


I didn't have the revelation at that time that the energy centers appeared in a circle, except towards the end of my teaching of the doctrine of Christ I showed the Serpent's energy centers in a circle and the energy centers in Christ as a straight line penetrating the circle, even that is not correct, everything's a circle within a circle. But this was the teaching of the doctrine of Christ, I have energy centers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, I see I'm missing an energy center here somewhere, okay, the heart center I showed you as having two sides, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, the heart center having two energy centers, the heart center being two energy centers, one of the Serpent and one of Christ, and I perceived it as us ascending out of the Serpent's energy centers out of the belly okay, and then Adam would appear on the left side of the heart center which was dry land, Adam was signified by a ram if you recall, and that Adam would wait in the left side of the heart center for the Lord Jesus who was in the crown center, and for the Lord Jesus to descend into the 5th energy center. I think I have my numbers all mixed up here that would be 4, 5, 6, 7, well I'm not going to do this board over, I may not have drawn this exactly correctly, but I know that there was one energy center, I think between where Adam was, and the Lord Jesus was, the Lord Jesus would descend and Adam would ascend and they would meet each other in the air and that union of Christ Jesus and the Lord Jesus, was what we called at the time full stature, or we thought it was perfection, certainly above death.


And I'm just so excited to see an improvement of that explanation through Kabbalah because I had no explanation for you as to where the Lord Jesus was coming from, I was teaching that Adam was grafted to the belly, Christ was grafted to the belly, then he started to wage war against Satan, and as he grew stronger he ascended to the right side of the heart center, and then the left side of the heart center which was beyond Satan's grasp, remember that beyond Satan's grasp, but I really didn't have any explanation as to where the Lord Jesus was coming from see, but in Kabbalah that question is answered through a completion of the explanation, look at the right side of the board, the right side of the board, I divided into two parts because when I first drew it, I thought there was just a lot of writing and it was confusing. So I redid it, on the lower half of the right side in a very skeletal way, just to show you the progression. Let's look down at the board first. There's a full circle here, and even that isn't all that clear, but what we have here is well it's not a full circle, it's close to a full circle. Remember Christ Jesus or Zeir Anpin is born from the union of Binah and Chokhmah, remember that and you could see that on drawing number 3.


The union of Binah and Chokhmah, produced the new light that came out of Adam Kadmon's forehead, called Zeir Anpin the son, and the son came down, the son is associated with the Sefirot Tiferet, Kabbalah calls him Zeir Anpin, we call him Christ Jesus, and the son stretches from Tiferet all the way down to his Yesod. There are six limbs to the son. So Yesod is the male organ of Zeir Anpin, and it's the Yesod that joins with the female Malkhut. So we now have a union of male and female which completes Malkhut, who now is a married woman and starts to ascend. Now Malkhut never leaves her position of tenth sefirot because she is the earth, but an aspect of herself starts to ascend ,and to make that personal, we never leave the earth but we ascend in our mind. When Christ comes to us we begin to ascend in our mind, we mature emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. And this is an ascension, that's the kind of ascension I'm talking about. Because at the end of Malkhut's ascension, she goes all the way up to Keter, Malkhut exists, both in Keter, both in heaven and in earth, and that was Jesus' condition, see. So the married woman starts to ascend and this ascension is representing spiritual growth, spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth.


And she comes to a place where the mind of Christ signified by the Sefirah Hod takes over her carnal mind. And of course this is a warfare, this ascension for Shekinah is a warfare, but she's fully equipped to fight the warfare because she's now a married woman and her husband is with her. So the whole time Satan and Leviathan are bombing her and tormenting her, I'm talking about an individual human being now, this is a human experience, and you're being attacked in your mind and you're being attacked in your body, you're being attacked every way you can, to stop you from ascending. So the married woman finally acquires the mind of Christ at this level of Hod and Netzach, and that comes as the result of judging her own carnal mind, you can only come into the Christ mind as the result of judging your own carnal mind, recognizing the thoughts of the carnal mind to be sin, rejecting those thoughts, and by a force of will acquiring the thoughts of Christ in their place, will cause you to arrive at this first level of Netzach and Hod on the ascent, okay.


And of course everything is a continuous process, you don't jump from Hod to Gevurah, you just continue to ascend until at some point you arrive at the level of Gevurah and Chesed. Now Gevurah is already judgment beyond the carnal mind. See, we are called to be judges, in Christ Jesus we are judges, there is no two ways about it, or any question about it. If you want to be a spiritual man, you are a judge, if you are not a judge, you are not a spiritual man. Okay now at the very least you have to be judging yourself, if you're not judging yourself, you're still a spiritual woman, don't feel bad now, I'm just telling you the truth because the truth is going to set you free, because everybody that's reading this transcript or listening to this tape, you have the same opportunity, as I did, as I do, and as anybody else does. You need to know that a spiritual man judges sin, not only judges sin, but judges situations and divides between truth and error and between righteousness and unrighteousness.


That's what it means to be a man, you see, even in our human households, that is the job of the husband, although in this country not many men are moving in that role, but that role of being a judge is associated with the title of husband and father. You're suppose to be negotiating between problems in your family, problems amongst your children, problems with your wife and her mother, or your wife and your mother. You're suppose to be mediating righteous judgment in the family if you're a man. So we have a lot of males today in this country that are not men, they're not moving in their office that is their heritage. Okay. So the next stop is Gevurah, now remember the first stop is the level of Hod and Netzach, that's judging yourself. The next stop is the level of Gevurah and Chesed, you're starting to judge righteous judgment.


Now when I say righteous judgment it doesn't always mean that you have to go to people and tell them, at some point the Lord will bring you into that, but before you get to that, you're suppose to be judging in your own mind, you're suppose to look at situations and talk to the Lord, or in a ministry like this you could talk to me if you want to, but you develop your own relationship with God, I'm just here to help you where you're not connecting fully enough with the Lord. Say now Lord look at what just happened here, I don't think that's right, I'm I wrong Lord, I'm I looking at this with your eyes, have I made a proper judgment in this situation, I didn't go looking for this situation, it came to me it's an incident between my mother and my husband, it's my mother treated me in such and such a manner, I don't think it was right, am I wrong or am I right, I'm right? She didn't treat me right, what should I do about it, how would Christ deal with this?



So this is moving into righteous judgment and you have to come to a level and only God could, well I could make the judgment if the Lord anoints me to do it, you come to a place where you are recognizing inappropriate behavior, where you're recognizing sin, and where you have some understanding of what you need to do, what kind of behavior you need to engage in to deal with this inappropriate behavior without you yourself falling into sin, and that's the level that you're at with Gevurah and Chesed, and Chesed is mercy now, see now people a lot of people that aren't trained this way, if their husband treats them wrong or their mother treats them wrong or there's a problem, it turns in to a screaming and yelling fight, there's no Chesed there, there's no mercy there. Listen brethren people have wronged me all of my life, people who didn't know what they were doing have tried to dominate me, have tried to control me, have tried to steal from me, and there was a time, spiritually steal from me, you know. And there was a time that I could not cope with life on this level, I could not cope with the sin in people. And when I tried to cope with it, I coped with it in a manner that was sin, I'd get into a fight with them, I just didn't know how to handle aggressive people who were eating me alive, and I handled it all incorrectly.


So I had to receive this instruction from the Lord, you cannot always say something to the person, sometimes you have to just pray silently, you can rebuke powers and principalities, as long as, see you have to get this training, you have to know that you're being retaliatory, your not suppose to use spiritual power to defend yourself, or to retaliate or to punish, but in my case I was just trying to survive what it's like to have relationships in this world, without being destroyed and neither sinning against the other person, and I therefore have a whole series of possibilities that I could teach you if I hear the situation that you're in, I have some very good counsel as to how you can deal with it without being in sin yourself, and neither be victimized or abused. Now the world has a way of dealing with misbehavior which is sin, either ignoring the person or giving the person a jab you know subtly from around the corner. See there are people in this world that can survive in our society, it was killing me. There are people who know how to survive but the way they survive is not acceptable to God.


So we're being challenged to survive in this sea of sin, in a manner that is acceptable to God, and that of course is another message, but that's pretty much the level you're at when you come to Gevurah and Chesed, and somewhere in there, depending on how accomplished you are at judging righteous judgment and having learned how to deal with sin in other people and of course in yourself okay, at some point the Lord will bring you to a place where he'll have to start telling people with mercy, you know that really wasn't right. You know when I was a young married woman, I was just literally begging for my husband to tell me what I was doing wrong, I didn't know what I was, I knew something was really wrong, I would have taken the instruction from him, but he couldn't bring himself to tell me. See my husband was able to at least a pretty large degree, he knew he recognized a lot of the wrong things that I was doing, and he just couldn't bring himself to tell me, maybe I was just too much of a terror at that time, but I really think that the once or twice he said something to me, I really stopped and listened.


So I believe I would have listened to him, he just didn't want to deal with it, so he wouldn't tell me. We went to a marriage counselor once, just before I left him, and he did something in the waiting room that really upset me, he didn't like what I was saying, and he just turned away from me and changed the subject, and I'm too sensitive for you to do that to me, and I asked him, he would not tell me why he changed the subject.


We went into the marriage counselor, and I brought it up and I told her, I'm all upset because he just cut me off, he didn't want to hear what I had to say, he changed the subject and I don't know what I did wrong. So the marriage counselor said to him, she wants to know why you changed the subject, will you tell her? And he wouldn't tell me, even in front of the marriage counselor, he wouldn't tell me. So I had to eventually I left him, and I had to come to the Lord, because the Lord my spiritual husband, he told me, he told me what I was doing wrong, you see, and he taught me and he instructed me and now I'm pretty accomplished at getting along with other people, I'm not perfected, but at least I'm in the main stream. Somebody's got to tell you you see, you just have to make sure that you're in Christ and that even if you're in Christ, see you could have the right judgment in your mind, but the Lord might not be saying tell that person now. This is all practice, this is all learned you can learn it if you want to. If you're learning to judge your own sins, and you learn these lessons, I can teach you, to whatever degree you can get it from God directly, praise God, this is learned behavior.


You can learn how to talk to people without condemnation, you can learn how to do this aspect of the ministry. There are people out there dying, they don't know what is wrong with their lives, and they're sick and they have all kinds of diseases and pains and there's no communication between husband and wife, because no one will or can tell anybody. The truth will set you free, but first you have to deal with the truth about yourself, that is your qualification to tell other people the truth. So that happens somewhere around the level of Gevurah and Chesed, judgment with mercy, see. And then from there the married woman continues to ascend until she comes to Binah, and there's a union between Binah and Shekinah, the two females, the two heys of the tetragrammaton, YHVH, the first H, and the second H, the first higher H, Binah, and the lower H, Malkhut.


Now remember that although Kabbalah takes the position that Shekinah is the two females, Zeir Anpin is in there, the male is in there. There is no Shekinah without the male, and I find this so interesting because the Rabbi who's online course we're studying recently wrote a whole treatise on how the female at the end of all things is higher than the male, and I struggled with that you know and here it is. What he didn't say at least in that, I'm not telling you that he didn't know that, but the point that he didn't make in that treatise, was that yes it's true at the end of all things the male is higher than the female, but the male is a part of the female. There is no man unless that man is male and female. There is no Shekinah unless that Shekinah is male and female. There is no mature being unless it's male and female, and Shekinah is the one that at the end of all things, we're talking about Shekinah and Malkhut which is female, the reason for that is that Shekinah is the earth, we're talking about the reconciliation of the earth, and the perfecting of the earth, the earth, the visible expression of the Ayn Sof. That's why the earth is so important than the male, but the earth is the female in relationship to the Ayn Sof, and the whole purpose of the creation is a visible earth bound expression of the Any Sof, the Ayn Sof is at the Zenith as high as you can get, and the earth is as low as you can get.


So the male is hidden, it doesn't mean he's not there, you see, the male is hidden. The male is the driving righteousness behind the female. She could never be what she is except for the fact that Zeir Anpin or Christ Jesus as we would say, is very really present in the concealed midst of her, does everyone understand what I just said?


Kabbalah talks about the Shekinah has a very important role in Kabbalah, and when she ascends she ascends all the way up to Keter, as high as you can get and then she rains down on the whole visible creation and provides everything that the visible creation needs, everything on the physical plane, everything on the emotional plane, everything on the spiritual plane. So I heard one Rabbi was teaching that when the whole creation is in right order, the female is higher than the male, you understand that particular treatise, is that there is no such thing as an ascended Shekinah, as an ascended female without the male being apart, the male is with her but hidden you see.


So when I heard the female is higher than the male, I was having a problem with that, you see, but the truth of the mystery of Shekinah is that the male is hidden with her. See the Shekinah has spiritual power, Malkhut has spiritual power, Binah has spiritual power, but it's the male that brings forth the righteousness. Christ Jesus or Zeir Anpin, he is our righteousness. We can have spiritual power without righteousness see but we cannot, but you can't have Godly spiritual power without righteousness. So to say that at the end of all things the female ascends higher than the male, it's not really accurate because the male is right there with her but he's concealed, and this is the Scriptural blueprint that the woman surrounds the man. Well the King James says, "Behold I do a new thing a woman shall surround a man", but we translated that verse and we found out that it's not saying that, and off the top of my head I can't give you the translation but it's not behold I'm doing a new thing, okay, the woman has always surrounded the man in God's kingdom. The woman surrounds the man, even when Jacob was coming home and he was ready to confront Esau and Esau's armies, it tells you in the King James, he put all the women out in front of him. Jacob put all the women out in front of him. It makes him sound like a coward, but it was really, I don't know what happened in the natural, but spiritually speaking the woman was put out in front because that's God's right order, and look at us, we are the woman and we are out front, Christ Jesus is hidden in me, see you don't know he's in there unless you're educated to that effect or you have spiritual eyes, do you know Christ Jesus is in me.


If you walked in off the street and you didn't know anything about what we were doing here, would you think God was speaking through me, no you would never think God was speaking through me, and sometimes we have people in the church that can't believe that God is speaking through me. (End Of Tape One)


Tape 2


I have an ascended position in the church why? Because righteousness is in my inwards parts, see. I was ascended in witchcraft before I was ascended in Christ, I was a rageaholic screaming and yelling and fighting with people all the time, that was the level of my witchcraft, I had to come down out of that, I had to be cast down and cleansed, Shekinah has to be cleansed, Shekinah in you, and Shekinah in you and Shekinah in everybody has to be cleansed, joined to the male and raised with righteousness.


So Malkhut, I shouldn't even say Shekinah, Malkhut has spiritual power. The female has spiritual power, the female is strong, the question is, is that power righteous spiritual power or unrighteous spiritual power, but it's always the female in front. That doesn't mean that there's no man, because you can't see the male, it doesn't mean he's not there, but you can tell the difference between righteous spiritual power and unrighteous spiritual power, if you have the ability to judge righteous judgment, just listen to what's coming out of that person's mouth.


And remember the female is both the physical male and the physical female. All of humanity is female. So you listen to what's coming out of that person's mouth and if you have developed in you an ability to judge righteous judgment, you listen to the decisions they're making, you listen to their opinions, and you know what kind of power is operating in them, spiritual power without righteousness and without mercy is never God. However if you have not yet learned how to judge righteous judgment you're in no position to judge anybody manifesting spiritual power. See. So back to the board, I'm just showing you the circle, the circuit as compared to the doctrine of Christ which I explained as a straight ascent of Christ Jesus, and descent of the Lord Jesus, I didn't know where the Lord Jesus came from, see. Now the Lord Jesus on the Kabbalah side of the board, the Lord Jesus is in Keter. So we see that Christ Jesus is born in you in the individual, Christ is grafted to you and that child that's going to save us in childbearing is born in you, he descends and he marries your humanity which is your personality, your personality becomes the married Malkhut through all these three levels, when she arrives at Binah, there is a line, when she goes over that line, you become immortal.


But you have to understand that you're judging sin the whole time. The whole ascent of Malkhut is an experience of judging sin, starting with yourself, and starting with others but keeping it to yourself, and then as the Lord leads you telling others to save their life. And immortality enters in at the point that the married Malkhut joins with Binah and this is what Shekinah is, this union brings Shekinah into existence, and Binah is the upper Shekinah and Malkhut is the lower Shekinah, because Malkhut never leaves the earth, she just stretches out her anointing upward, because Malkhut is the earth. We are the earth, we are the place where the nature of the Ayn Sof is being revealed.


So we see we have almost a complete circle, Christ Jesus or Zeir Anpin comes forth from this level here, Binah Chokhmah, he descends, he marries your earth, right there's a Scripture that says your earth shall be married, one of the Old Testament prophets. The married woman, which means she has the man with her, you can't be a married woman without having the man with you, only we don't talk about the man. The married woman she rises all the way up, all the way up, she becomes immortal, that's the condition that Jesus was in, immortal and still in the flesh at the point that she joins with Binah, and then there is a continuation and ultimately the married woman comes out of the body and becomes one with Keter, and that's what happened to Lord Jesus. So the Lord Jesus is up here in Keter you see. And how does this whole cycle happen in us, where is the Lord Jesus in all of us? He is in the seed that is grafted to you, that humble seed that James talks about, that is grafted to you, that seed contains Keter Chokhmah, and Binah, all that is needed to bring forth or to give birth to a manchild within you, the man child is Christ Jesus who comes down and marries your earth, and that Malkhut in you ascends all the way back up to Keter, so we do see a full cycle there. The full cycle of evolution, spiritual evolution in the individual. So can anyone not see the explanation of Kabbalah is more complete than the explanation that I had of the doctrine of Christ? Any questions on this, anything that you want me to explain on this here?


You know I told you all this, in preparation to give you some explanation of what the New Age calls the crown experience, a crown experience which is an experience where energy rises to the crown center on top of the head and the person experiences a sense of euphoria, and well being. I had somebody write to me through the web pages recently saying, "Is there any other purpose for this other than I keep having these experiences of euphoria? And this is what the Lord told me, okay, he said that experience occurs when the unmarried Malkhut ascends.


I don't know if you have to get up to Keter or not, you may have it at Binah, I'm not sure, but that experience results from the ascension of your unmarried Malkhut, ascension without righteousness, just a spiritual experience. Now where would Malkhut get the power to ascend if she's not married to Christ Jesus, does anyone know? Now remember Malkhut can be very powerfully spiritual without Christ Jesus, which event she's a witch, where does she get her power from?




PASTOR VITALE: And where is Satan in this board, where is Satan?


COMMENT: Malkhut.


PASTOR VITALE: No, now Malkhut is just an empty shell, she manifests whatever is filling her, so in this event Satan is filling her, where is Satan coming from that he's filling her? Satan is coming from Gevurah, in the fallen man, in the fallen man, there is no Keter Binah or Chokhmah, and there is no Chesed, which is mercy, and there is no Netzach, which is overcoming power. What you have is Gevurah and Hod and Malkhut in the fallen man. And I hear someone saying, "oh you're telling me mortal man has no mercy?" There is a mercy that comes out of the right side of Satan, Satan is good and evil, but I'm talking about the mercy of God, the mercy of God is not present, all you've got is Gevurah, which is might and judgment, and Hod which is mind, so there's no Binah there, all you have is Gevurah over Hod, that means you've got a carnal mind manifesting in a personality Malkhut. And spiritual power coming out of Gevurah that is not under the authority of Binah Keter and Chokhmah is witchcraft power. Spiritual power without Zeir Anpin or Christ Jesus is witchcraft power. Spiritual power without righteousness is witchcraft, and our righteousness is Christ Jesus, doesn't it say that in the New Testament he is our righteousness, and according to Kabbalah Zeir Anpin is righteousness, that's what he is, that's one of the titles.


So this person that's having a crown experience without being married to righteousness, is very filled up and overflowing with spiritual power coming from Gevurah, which is the manifesting as the sowing and reaping judgment as Satan in the fallen individual. Now remember Satan is good and evil, if you're reading this transcript don't panic, it's just the truth of who we are. So I said to the Lord, well where is the crown experience for those of who have Christ Jesus, I really couldn't put it together, and this is what the Lord told me, I've known for a long time, that we in this ministry, although it hasn't happened to me for a while, get so sleepy and knocked out from the anointing that comes in here when I'm teaching, that it's almost like being slain in the spirit. And I know there are occasions that I've been preaching and I couldn't even keep my eyes open, when the preacher is passing out, I didn't understand the purpose and the intention of it. And the Lord is telling me that this crown experience occurs as the result of a union of Malkhut, well if it's a true experience in Christ which is what the Lord is telling me we were having when that heavy anointing was pouring out, okay, it's a union of the married Malkhut and Binah, and this crown experience this euphoria, is coming forth. I mean there were times that I would go to sleep after I preached, and I just slept like a baby, I just felt like a millions bucks, and I use to say to the Lord, it just happens when I preach, you know I want to feel this way all the time, that was a crown experience in me in order to bring forth the revelation, the married Malkhut in me apparently was ascending all the way up, maybe to Keter, I'm not really sure because the Lord Jesus is Keter so let's say, I was able, Christ Jesus ascended all the way up into Keter which is the Lord Jesus, and I was having that crown experience, but every time you have a crown experience something is born because that's a union, and every time you have a union, and what was being born when I would have those experiences while I was preaching was the revelation of the word, that was coming forth, and also I believe I must have been spuing forth seed, because you're all seeded every time I preach, you don't just get one little seed of Christ, you're seeded everytime you sit under this, just like a woman may not conceive everytime a woman lies with her husband. Some women are very fertile and other women aren't, other women could lie with their husbands every night for a year until they finally conceive, is that not so. That's so. So you're sitting here being seeded continuously everytime you sit under this kind of teaching, and are open to it. So on those nights that that intense euphoria came forth, and it always came forth in my head and in my eyes you know, there was a union between the married woman in me and the Lord Jesus and his seed was being poured out, and revelation was being born and recorded for the masses, see.


So this is what the Lord is telling me at this point, the reality of the crown experience only comes forth for a purpose, and this is interesting and I'm not telling you, I'm not passing any judgment on any married sexual union, I just want to show you the connection here, a lot of well mostly the catholic church, but some religious Jews also say you should only lie with your wife if you want to impregnate her, which personally I don't think that's very practical, but that's what they teach you know, and here we see the Lord telling us that this crown experience or this jihud takes place in a person in me for example only when it's his intention to pour out his seed upon you. So this may be true in the spirit, I don't think it's very practical for a married couple, but once again we see possibly a law coming forth from one church from the catholic church based on some spiritual reality that's not particularly practical in the natural. Does anyone not know what I'm saying?


Okay, so that was crown experience, now why isn't it happening to me anymore? I can only guess why it's not happening to me, it hasn't happened to me in a long time. I could actually feel like the puffs of cloud coming out of my head, it was the most incredible experience, except it was simultaneously frustrating because I was trying to teach, and I was passing out under the anointing, but Oh I slept so well, and I woke up the next morning, and my whole body, I know there was a healing through my whole body. So why isn't it happening anymore, I'm not really sure, but I'm not really sure. My guess would be, I can't believe the Lord isn't seeding you anymore, my guess would be this, and this is just my guess, that I've ascended to a place where I stay permanently now, now I know that I'm not up in Keter, and I know that I'm not in Binah, because I still, that's immortality, and I still get sick, as you can hear me coughing, but I don't know maybe that happened when I ascended from a very low place. Maybe the union had to be more intense because I ascended from all the way down here by Hod and Netzach, so when I did ascend up there that union was that much more powerful, and now I think I'm very close to Binah and Chokhmah, I'm very close to going over the line into immortality, so I don't have to go up that high for that jihud, so maybe there isn't that much intensity coming forth, I'm just guessing I don't know what else to say, and I may be completely wrong.


I just know that at one time, It was happening almost every time I preached and it's not happening, it's not happened in a long time. So does anyone not understand what I said here, does anyone have any questions, this whole exhortation was to record actually for anyone that the Lord might lead to our web site an explanation of what this so called New Age crown experience is. If you are having crown experiences, it's for the purpose of spreading seed, and if your crown experience is coming forth from an unmarried Malkhut, you should know that your union is not with Binah or Keter, but your union is with Gevurah, and the seed that you're producing is Satan's seed.


So you think you're feeling good, most people feel good without having sex, you're feeling good, and you've been seeded, you should know that that you've been seeded. So you have to ask yourself what conditions prevailed just before you had this experience. My experience is that everytime I have ever had that experience, a crown experience is that I've been teaching the word of God. I've been in a holy meeting teaching the word of God, you see. So what were you doing before you had that experience, what were you doing, ask yourself were you engaged in the things of God, if you were not, the chances that you have had, first of all the chances that you're married and that you're married to Christ Jesus and you've had a union with Keter are very slim, and of course you can test yourself and ask yourself if you're married to Christ Jesus. Our righteous, are you more righteous today than you were a year ago, are you seeking righteousness, do you pursue righteousness, do you chase after it? Are you asking the Lord to show you where you thinking is not righteous and you didn't know it.


We're all innocence from that point of view, of course that's just justification, I didn't know it, I did the best that I could, well you're still guilty, therefore it's the mercy of God to show you where you're thinking is unrighteous, because you will pay the consequences whether you know you were doing it or not, see. Are you moving, are you concerned with righteousness, test yourself and you will get your answer as to who gave you this so called crown experience, which is spiritual orgasm, who gave it to you, did the Lord Jesus give it to you or did Satan satisfy you. See. Don't be afraid the truth will set you free, the truth will set you free. No matter what you've done or what's happened to you or what you've been involved in, the Lord Jesus wants you and he wants to take your spiritual energy and purify it and use it for his kingdom.


There's intention of condemning you, he's telling you the truth so that you can come over to his side before it's too late for you to get away from Satan. Because I want to tell you something, if you're having these crown experiences, and Satan is making you feel good, and nothing productive has come out of it, the day is going to come that she's going to call in her marker, you see. She's not making you feel good for no reason, there's something she wants back from you, and the human race in general is maturing, and we are at the age, we are becoming of marriageable age, and there are two males, one is a pseudo male, Satan, but acting like a male, and the Lord Jesus both seeking to marry the individual members of the human race. And if you are highly spiritual because you were born that way, you are the more mature members of the human race, and you're being sought after, you need to know you're being pursued for marital union with a spiritual man, and it would behoove you to marry the Lord Jesus rather than the pseudo male called Satan, and that's the truth, and may you all be set free.


I found that Scripture I was talking about concerning the Lord doing a new thing in the earth, it's Jer.31:22, the King James says, "How long wilt thou go about oh thou backsliding daughter, for the Lord has created a new thing in the earth, a woman shall compass a man."


And of course there are several Scriptures like that in the King James which makes it sound like the woman compassing a man is a new thing, but that is not what the Scripture says, our alternate translation is, Jehovah will turn you around you backsliding daughter who surrounds the man, who already surrounds the man, and Malkhut, that's a translation of the earth, will be recreated in Jehovah's image, Jehovah will turn you around you backsliding daughter who surrounds the man, and the earth will be recreated in Jehovah's image.


So the woman has always surrounded and the man is concealed, but the man is the driving force behind the woman, because it's righteousness drives the spiritual power. And I find that so interesting because you hear in a lot of circles that the woman is the driving force behind the man, did you ever that? That there's always a woman behind a successful man, so we see that it's backwards in this world system, the man is invisible the female is up front, that means if you're a physical male or a physical woman, you're the spiritual female, and the spiritual being that your married to is hidden inside of you. So Paul says we no longer know any man after the flesh because once humanity is married one person at a time. Once you become a married woman, spiritually speaking your true identity is in your husband, so we are required to judge the individual by the spiritual being that's invisible and inside of them, and nothing else matters anymore, not whether your male or female, whether you're a Jew or Greek, whether you're a slave or a bond, the only thing that matters is your spiritual husband because you are and will be an expression of your spiritual husband. That's the only judgment, is it Satan in that person or is it Christ, and remember Satan can be either good or evil. So that's the judgment we have to make that's the primary judgment until we can learn to do that, we can't really judge righteous judgment in any area. Who is that person are they an expression of Christ, or are they an expression of the carnal mind which is really Satan, that would be either good or evil. But people get all upset when I say they're an expression of Satan so I don't press that. That person who you meet are they Christ or are they carnal mind.


And even if you come to a judgment that they are Christ, they may not be Christ every minute, from communication to communication you have to judge is that Christ or the carnal mind. And Paul says, Paul talking about mature Christians, he describes mature Christians as those who have their senses exercised to discern between good and evil, that's what he's talking about? Do you know who you're talking to, are you assuming that because someone is sitting in the church that they're in Christ? You're immature, do I insult you? No, get mature.


Okay God bless you all.


06/13/02 rs


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