554 - Part 3

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Drawing number one, this is a review of a very difficult principle that I may not have gotten exactly right on the earlier messages but I hope that I have it right this time. And number one the principle is that each of the four worlds, there are four worlds, actually there a five worlds, Adam Kadmon is the first world, then we have Atzilut, which is the world of emanation, that's the world directly under Adam Kadmon, under Atzilut comes Beriah, that's the world of creation, that's where the angels are. Under Beriah comes Yetzirah, that's the world of formation, that's where the energy or the light of God first begins to take form, and underneath that is Asiyah, that's where we are, the world of action where the forms take totally solid form. Or I shouldn't even say that, where the forms become completed, full forms. Now this is the mystery, in each world all of the other worlds exists. This is the world of Asiyah, here is in Asiyah, we also Yetzirah of Asiyah, Beriah of Asiyah, Atzilut of Asiyah. Then you go up to the next world the world of Yetzirah, there's an Asiyah of Yetzirah, a Yetzirah of Yetzirah, and world of Beriah, on each of the level of the worlds except Adam Kadmon, each of the levels of the four worlds, each of those worlds has all of the worlds within them, okay. And what are these worlds? We're talking about mind. These worlds represent levels of soul or Kabbalah says level of soul, the doctrine of Christ says personality or mind, okay. So we're associating the Nefesh level of soul with Asiyah of Asiyah that's where we are as carnal as you can get outer darkness, Asiyah of Asiyah. Asiyah of Asiyah is associated with the Sefirah Malkhut, and Malkhut is the earth or the land.


Malkhut is associated with the Nefesh level of soul, that's the animal level of soul. We all have animal bodies down here, and the partzuf that's associated with the Asiyah of the Asiyah is Nok or Nukvah. And above Yetzirah of Asiyah is associated with Chesed through Yesod or MaH, and associated with the Ruach or spirit level of soul and the partzuf is Zeir Anpin. Above that is Beriah of Asiyah. Now probably if you wanted to go back to the doctrine of Christ, we'd be saying probably Yetzirah of Asiyah is either the etheric plane or the astral plane, I'm not sure, I'm not sure which it is, and then we have Beriah of Asiyah, is associated with the Seifirah Binah, on the Neshamah level of soul.


Now remember the Neshamah level of soul is what, does anybody know what the Neshamah level of soul is? The Neshamah level of soul is special. Nefesh is your animal nature, Ruach is spirit, Kabbalah calls it spirit or personality, I would call it personality probably. What is special about the Neshamah soul, does anybody remember? The Neshamah level of soul is what we would call the mind of Christ.


Everybody that's born of a woman has a Nefesh level of soul and the Ruach is according to Kabbalah is imparted to the baby during the first few months of life. I'm not going to get into that, I still struggle with that, but that's what they say, at least that is what the books say. My inclination is to believe, it's not so much that the Ruach is imparted during the first few months of life, but that is developed. You know our psychologists in this world tell you that a child's personality is fully developed by a couple of years old, and I think that's what Kabbalah is saying, depending upon the relationship that the infant has with its mother, while it's suckling, I think there's an impartation of soul, of spirit, Ruach, from the mother who is suckling the child, just like the mother's body, gives the child it's flesh and blood body in the womb, when the mother suckles the child and holds him and even if you use a bottle if you just hold the child close, and develop that relationship with the child, the child receives the personality during the first few months, that's what I think it probably means.


And then we have Beriah of Asiyah, which is associated with the Sefirah Binah, okay and that is the Neshamah soul, and that's very important, the Neshamah soul is associated with the partzuf Imma, and we're told by Kabbalah that Moses who is called the first Messiah by Kabbalah, had a mind or ascended in his mind to this place. Moses acquired the mind of Christ, which is associated with the Sefirah Imma. And the Lord just gave me, gave me this as I was writing on the board that we're told that Paul ascended to the third heaven, now does anyone know who the heaven is? Who is heaven?




PASTOR VITALE: We're doing Kabbalah now they've never heard of Jesus. This is Kabbalah, who is the heaven does anybody know? Okay Zeir Anpin is the heaven. So Paul said he ascended to the third heaven, Paul ascended to the third aspect or the third appearance of Zeir Anpin. Remember each of these partzufs have another five partzuf underneath them, just like each Sefirah has another ten Sefirot underneath it at infinitum, do you remember that? Each partzuf has a full five partzuf underneath it, at infinitum, it just keeps subdividing and subdividing. So Paul must have ascended to Zeir Anpin of Imma because the first Zeir Anpin would be the Zeir Anpin of Malkut, which is Nok, the second Zeir Anpin would be the Zeir Anpin of Zeir Anpin on the level of Yetzirah, and third Zeir Anpin, the third heaven would have to be the Zeir Anpin that is a subdivision of Imma.


Is everybody okay, okay. So Moses, Kabbalah tells us, the Lord told me that Paul ascended to Zeir Anpin of Imma, which is a pretty high mind, you see any aspect of Imma is the mind of Christ, any aspect of the mind of Christ. I believe that when we have the mind of Christ grafted to us we are catapulted all the way up to Chayyah. We're all the way up, here we have Atzilut of Asiyah, it's associated with Chokhmah, and the level of soul is Chayyah, remember the level of soul that is Chayyah has to do with the morality and the moral integrity of the glorified Jesus Christ. And the partzuf that is associated with it is Abba.


Now I had a problem when I was putting this on the board because I'm taking this study from two different articles, one article is a translation of a writing by Chayyim Vital, and the other article is written by a Rabbi that's still alive. One of these articles said, that Messiah who they don't believe is Jesus, but we believe is Jesus, Messiah would ascend to the Neshamah of the Neshamah, and I'm going to go over that later, but right now what that means is that Asiyah would ascend to the Chayyah level which is Abba. And then the other writing says that Messiah is Keter. So there's a contradiction, okay. Remember we have different Rabbis giving different opinions and we have to either find out what the Lord has to say about it, or just role with the fact that there are two opinions, okay. It's not going to break you, it's not going to make you or break you to not know whether Messiah ascends up to Abba or Messiah ascends up to Atik, you're not going to lose your salvation over it, you know, and you're only going to get confused if you let it confuse you. So as I asked the Lord what to put on the board, this is what he gave me. He showed me that the Lord Jesus who is Messiah, ascended all the way up higher than all the heavens, higher than the highest Zeir Anpin, okay, he went all the way up to Keter which is associated with the Yechidah level of soul, which has to do with oneness. The Lord Jesus Christ was completely integrated.


I have Christ Jesus in me, my body is separate from Christ Jesus, my soul is integrating but still separate from Christ Jesus. Okay, the Lord Jesus Christ was completely integrated, he became, was completely mingled, all of his elements were completely mingled and he no longer has a physical body, that's what Yechidah is, and it's the sons of God, the offspring of the Lord Jesus that will ascend as high as Chayyah, the Chayyah level of soul, the moral integrity of God, and the level of Abba, the supernal father. Now as I read these writings in Kabbalah, I see at least based on the writings that I'm reading, okay, there doesn't seem to be any revelation at all, understanding at all of the offspring of Asiyah, that there is going to be another generation, I don't see any revelation at all that is going to be a many membered Messiah, they think it's going to be one man, according to, based on what I've read. They think it's going to be one man, and the Kabbalists cannot based on my studies, they just cannot seem to get over that hump of understanding that Messiah when he gets there will be God. They believe that he becomes an angel, but they can't seem to understand this concept of God in the flesh of a man.


And I've asked the Lord what the answer is, so that when the day comes, I can minister on this issue, and I don't know what the answer is yet, I don't how to convince them you know. I know what to tell them, that Messiah will have two souls and the soul of God, this Neshamah will put down their Nefesh nature, but what the Kabbalists would then say to me is, but even Messiah with the Neshamah mind he's still just an angel, that's what they would say to me. So I don't know what the answer is, but I'm sure the Lord will tell me in due season. So what we're talking about here today is levels of mind, and this is personal for us, because what an ascended son is what a son of God in full stature is, is a son of God that has a multi-dimensional mind, a multi dimensional mind.


Now I've talked to you a lot over the years about some of my experiences, how I have another mind in me, I have my carnal mind still functions for the daily every day things of life, and aside from that, I have Christ in me, who has grown up to be, I have a young Christ Jesus in me, and he's being instructed and trained. So young Christ Jesus in me, he has a lot of knowledge, he has enough knowledge for me to be a student teacher. See I'm a student teacher, but when Christ Jesus in falls short, when he exhausts all of his ability, and doesn't know the answer, there is a higher mind, higher than Christ Jesus in me, that will kick in and help Christ Jesus in me, and that higher mind is the Lord Jesus Christ.


So I am multi-dimensional, and you are called to be multi-dimensional see. I don't know what it would be like to be walking in the fullness of a multi-dimensional mind, but I think it's going to be a very unique experience and I would like to try and put it on the board for you after I get this drawing off, so maybe I'm jumping ahead of myself. Okay this concept of the Neshamah of the Neshamah, it's sort of important because Jesus ascended to the Neshamah of the Neshamah. I'll try to explain it if you can't get it don't worry about it. Okay. This is the general idea, all of these levels of mind, Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah, Chayyah, and Yechidah, they all exists in the world of Asiyah, and each level of mind that, has another level of mind underneath it, is a god to the level of mind underneath it. Ruach for example the level of Ruach, if you have the level of Ruach in you, that level of mind in you, Ruach is Nefesh to itself, but it's Ruach to Nefesh.


That's just like saying I have my animal nature, that wants to overeat or lusts for things, and then I have a conscience that says no you can't do that. See, then I have a higher level of mind which is Christ Jesus which helps me make decisions on moral issues. So as the levels of mind climb in me, they become an authority to all the levels of mind underneath them. Okay. Now the Neshamah level of soul is very important because that's the mind of Christ, that's the first level of mind that's supernatural, that's the first level of mind that's beyond anything, a human being born of a woman, could manifest out of themselves. The Neshamah is added to us, it comes from God and it brings with it a wisdom that we are incapable of. So the Neshamah is a very important level of mind, we call it the mind of Christ. Okay the Keter up there which is the Yechidah level of soul, that in this world of Asiyah, it is Nefesh to itself, it is Ruach to Chokhmah, and it is Neshamah to Binah. This level of soul right up here where Jesus ascended to, it plays a higher level to Chayyah underneath it and it becomes to this, to the person that's on this level of soul, Binah, Neshamah, okay, it has, I'm not getting this across, I guess I'm just going to have to go on, you're all confused, I can perceive that nobody understands me so, since I'm barely understanding it myself I'm just going to go on, and we'll just leave it at this, that Moses ascended to the Neshamah level of soul, and Messiah according to the Kabbalists, will ascend to Yechidah, which is an authority over Neshamah, can you hear that?


The okay, so what we're saying is Messiah is predicted to ascend to a much higher level of soul. Now in preparation for this message I read the transcripts of part one and part two of this message, and I think I've really been struggling with this message and at one point, I thought I said something, I don't like to go back and change transcripts you know, but I did say something that Jesus didn't ascend all the way up. So of course that was wrong, as I'm struggling to find the correct place. I'm not going to go back and change the message, you should just know that that was that it's not true, Jesus ascended all the way up to Keter. Jesus is Keter and he is God.


Okay, each level of soul is Nefesh to itself, but higher levels of soul to the world underneath it. Chayyah is the Neshamah level of soul to Binah which herself is Neshamah. Binah is always Neshamah, Binah is always the mind of Christ. So if you have the mind of Christ grafted to you, you have access to everything that Binah is, as Binah is never without Chayyah, she's never without Abba, or she's never without Chokhmah and Keter, the three are joined together permanently. Now don't everyone reading this transcript you have to be very careful that you don't take this out of context. If you have the seed of Christ grafted to you, this is your inheritance, this is your potential, but don't think that you're walking in it. It has to grow up in you, it has to be trained, it has to be strengthened and it has to defeat your carnal mind. So we cannot have a church walking thinking that they're moving in this kind of wisdom when it's Satan directing them, which actually is happening in the church. This is our potential. I read some books on what the Hebrews had to do to get up into this level of Neshamah. They had to meditate and do all, and they're doing it today, doing all kinds of exercises, and mental, I don't think they do physical exercises or thought maybe they do, mental exercises, it could take them hours until they ascend into the Neshamah level of mind.


Brethren we're there, or we have the potential to be there, because the Neshamah level of mind is inside of us. I'm there all the time, I wasn't always there all the time, those of you that know me for years, or that listen to all my tapes as you go along, I use to fall down all the time, I would get up there and I would fall down. It was a period here where you all thought I was crazy, don't do this, don't make noise, I'm going to fall down out that high mind, remember that, remember that, you thought I was nuts right? Well I don't fall down anymore. I hope I never fall down again. Praise God. So your inheritance is grafted to you, the Scripture talks about an inheritance, do you really know what it is, does the church really know what that is. They think it's something they get after they die. No, your inheritance is a genetic inheritance, it's a spiritual genetic inheritance that is grafted to you because of your faith in Jesus Christ, and it's not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the beginning of the process that can result in your inheritance being grafted to you, and you don't have to die to get, well your carnal mind has to die to get your inheritance, your physical body doesn't have to die.


So are there any questions on this, on this Neshamah of the Neshamah. All that means is that Jesus went higher than Moses did. See the Kabbalists say that Moses was the first Messiah and that Messiah Ben David, the son of David, will be the last Messiah, that's why when Jesus came into Jerusalem, they would call him the son of David, that meant they recognized him as the Messiah. Now we're also told by the Kabbalists that Binah has fifty gates, that just means fifty levels, in other words I'm in Christ Jesus, I'm a totally different place than I was last year or five years ago, but it was still Christ Jesus in me, there's different levels as we ascend, as we ascend.


I don't know if I made my point, once you get to this place that Christ Jesus in you has matured enough to turn your world over and put your carnal mind when you start defaulting to Christ Jesus, the minute you turn towards the Lord, you're up here, you're up here in Binah, you're up there in Beriah. You don't have to sit down and meditate and go through all kinds of prayers and machinations or fasting or anything, I'm there all the time, and I'm getting higher everyday. I don't know what gate I'm at, but I know I'm up here in Binah, I know that. And I know that I have the potential to go all the way up to the Chayyah level of soul in Christ Jesus, that's my inheritance, I didn't do anything to deserve it. You get it out of, you have to love God to get this. You have to have a pure motive, you have to want God. You can't be wanting power, you can't be wanting prestige, you can't be wanting escapism, you can't be using him.


This is what you get when you love him so much that you become like him. So Imma has fifty gates we're told. Well that means when Christ starts maturing in you, he may just flicker in you, maybe you're at gate one, and as you continue to study and go on, he will mature in you and he will have more wisdom, he will have more knowledge of the spiritual world, more knowledge of human nature, he just continues to grow, but the Kabbalists tell us that Moses attained to the forty ninth gate of Binah, and that I haven't read anywhere what the fiftieth gate is, but as I study and the Lord told me that Binah, he reminded me that Binah is inseparable from Chokhmah and Keter, therefore the fiftieth and the ultimate gate of Binah is going to be called Keter. Therefore, well see we're told that Moses ascended to the forty ninth gate, so I believe that might mean that Moses ascended up to Chayyah, the sons of God, I'm sort of stuck on what I'm saying here myself now. This was what I thought I had, as I was preparing for this message.


Binah herself is the forty eighth gate, and Chokhmah is the forty ninth gate, and Keter is the fiftieth gate, so if this is correct and Moses ascended to the forty ninth gate, that means in some aspect, he did ascend as high as Chayyah. Now we know that Moses gave the law, so I have no problem believing that at least on some level, he attained to the Chayyah level of soul to give the law, that was a righteous law that he gave. But I'm going to leave that, because, that may not be exactly correct, we'll find out some day and if we don't find out that's okay too. Is everybody okay with what I just said here? Okay so this is drawing number one, we're going take it, are there any questions or comments on this.


COMMENT: When you first wrote on the board and you got to Moses ascended on high, and you didn't do Jesus ascended on high yet, then when I saw you doing that, and then you said the sons of God, and then Moses, and I said to the Lord, I said, "Lord, where is Paul in all this", and then I said, "Why are you asking that?", because Paul is never written up on the board. And then I was just flabbergasted when I saw you put Paul ascended up into the seventh heaven, and it was written up on the board. Paul ascended up into the seventh heaven.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that's very exciting because I didn't know where that came from it just came out of the blue and it was an answer to your question, you know, so this is a perfect witness to what I've been trying to teach you for years that the thing to do if you have a question is not to interfere with the flow of the spirit that's on me, but you speak directly to God right in this meeting and he will answer you through me, he is the mediator between the congregation and the teacher. Because when you came at directly and I'm not asking for questions or comments, you break the flow of the spirit between the flow of the spirit and myself, the way to go is up and he will talk to me, and you're starting to do, that's very exciting, I'm very happy to hear that. Thank you for sharing that.


COMMENT: I'm thinking about all of the joy about the number fifty in Scriptures Jubilee, the ultimate deliverance, and that you're free of all debts, everything's clear.


PASTOR VITALE: Remember that Binah Chokhmah and Keter are immortal, they're not only inseparable, they're indestructible, everything beneath Binah can die. Zeir Anpin can die. Christ Jesus, I'm teaching you that for years, Christ Jesus in the individual can die, up until the time that Christ Jesus is married to the Lord Jesus who anchors him in heaven, if the human body dies, Christ Jesus will die with you, okay, and if Christ Jesus in you is anchored or married to the Lord Jesus who anchors him in heaven then he will keep your personality alive, see. But Christ Jesus has to get out of this body, before it dies.


Somehow when Christ Jesus is in the body and dies, he dies too, and that's why Jesus breathed out of his body before the body died. Jesus of Nazareth body died because his spiritual man Christ Jesus breathed out of his body. That's why his body died prematurely, he died much sooner than he was expected to die from crucifixion. He didn't die from the crucifixion. Now remember this is for us, this represents the mind that we have inherited, but this mind has to be built in us, and it's just such a blessing to me when I read these Kabbalistic studies, I see the language of the Scripture they're talking about the stature of Messiah, and we know that we read about, those of us who will attain to the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ, that whole New Testament it's written in Kabbalistic terms, it's just so exciting to me that God has brought us into these studies, I never cease to be grateful for him.


But the main issue of this message brethren is that everything that's on this board is talking about the new mind that is being imparted to us. The carnal mind is outside of this mind, the carnal mind is as a shell. Kabbalah likens this multi-dimensional, actually it's a five dimensional mind of Christ, as the meat of a nut, and the carnal mind is the shell that covers over the nut, that's the analogy that the Zohar gives us actually. Praise the Lord, everybody okay. Okay we're going to take a picture and I'm going to try and demonstrate this multi-dimensional mind, and tell you what little bit I know about it's function, I have some knowledge of the mind of Christ, but this concept of a five dimensional mind working on all dimensions simultaneously, initially sounds very confusing, and we'll see maybe some information will come forth as I preach it.


Praise the Lord drawing number two, on the left side of the board I'm showing you the four levels of soul in the mind, literally actually in the mind of Christ, there are four levels of soul in the mind of Christ, and on the right side of the board, show you the four levels of soul with the carnal mind around it. Now these circles, these words that I've drawn, they're inside, they're inside of us, they're our mind you see, and please note on the right side of the board which is, I'll have to add an A and a B there, that the closest level of mind to us is the carnal mind and that circle, that I drew which says carnal mind, there are just as many layers in the carnal mind as there are in the Holy mind. See I have four layers of soul in the holy mind, there are four levels of soul in the carnal mind. So for us to start communicating with or receiving communication from the mind of Christ in us, we have to pierce through all of the layers of our carnal mind. That is the warfare, we have to get them out of the way, we have to pierce through, and contact Christ Jesus in the midst of us. Now I'm not really sure up here, but I was saying maybe one of the, maybe the mind of God that's closest to the carnal mind, maybe that's the Holy Spirit, I'm not sure, but I know that we have the potential to go right to the throne, right up to Christ Jesus, see. But there, we have to go through the other levels first, maybe one of those levels is the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit talks to people. So I think that's a good guess that the closest level to the mind of God to the man which is called the Onafim, and if I'm pronouncing it correctly, Kabbalah says that it was the Onafim that Ezekiel saw in his famous, that he called them wheels turning, that Ezekiel had pierced through into the level, into the lowest or the level of the soul of God that is closest to the carnal mind, whatever he did to enter into that meditative state, Ezekiel pierced in that far.


If you could just get a vision of this, it is very exciting that you all have the potential and I don't think I'm in the fullness of the potential, but I know that I'm hearing from the Lord Jesus which is in the highest level of the soul of God, and he's there. I don't have to go into meditation or at least for the level that I'm receiving from him right now I don't have to go into meditation, I don't know if I ever will have to or not, I don't know what's coming tomorrow.


But we're jumping, see we're broad jumping a lot of what was necessary for the Jew, of course including the keeping of the law. They had to keep the law and do the six hundred and thirteen Mitzvahs before they even tried to meditate. So this is the journey that Caleb and Joshua took, this is the land that they went into, it was the land of their mind, and all of the power to heal and deliver, and to become sinless is in that seed of Christ that's in the midst of us, but when he is mature enough and he has defeated all the enemies in the midst of us, we'll join with his father in heaven and we will be completed.


So this whole message, this whole, I hope to finish it tonight I don't know if I will, this whole message of studying the Messiah of Kabbalah is to tell you that Messiah, the whole study of Messiah is talking about a multi-dimensional ascended mind, and the Kabbalists seem to believe that it's going to be in one man only, but we know different. We know that it is for everybody that has faith in Jesus Christ and does his part, ultimately it's for everybody, it's not for everybody, everybody is not capable at this moment, but our capability is in Christ Jesus and ultimately everybody will be restored to immortality through the impartation of this mind of Christ which will overcome our carnal mind, and utterly defeat it, literally defeat death in the midst of us. Is everybody okay with that? Okay we'll take a picture and them I'm going to read some sentences from the two writings on this issue and makes some comments.


Just by way of review I did mention this on previous parts of this message that the numerical value of the word Shiloh is equal to the numerical value of the name Moses, and I also told you on past parts of this message that I was told somewhere along the line in the church that Shiloh referred to Messiah, but it never made any sense to me, what does the word Shiloh have to do with Messiah, and now we see that question answered by the numerical, by them having an equivalent numerical value. And another point that's made here very strongly that's radical, it will be a radical message in the church is that one's higher mind is one's teacher.


You see Christ Jesus in us is our higher mind, he is a spiritual man, but we are his body, see he doesn't have a body, he doesn't have a physical body anyway, and this spiritual man, who I believe that Jesus is my angel, is my teacher. So I have a spirit guide you see, but his name is Christ Jesus, and as I've told you many times spiritual is spiritual, and as the church or as Christians start to become spiritual, we find that our experiences are parallel to many occult experiences, to all of the, well most of the occult experiences, but we have a different spirit, you see. And once again this is why Jesus said there's no marrying or giving in marriage in heaven because you develop a relationship with your higher mind which is Christ in you the hope of glory, and that becomes your husband.


And if you're a physical man, you're still this is hard for the men, but if you're a physical man, you're a spiritual female, all human beings are spiritual females in relationship to Christ Jesus. See the human race is divided right now, and we're being called back into oneness where we're both male and female, inside of one body, and we are the shells see, human beings, we are the shells, and this it sounds bazaar to us but what's happening if you think of us in the form of a nut. Remember the Song of Solomon says that he went down into his nut garden, okay. We are the garden of nuts, humanity is the garden of nuts, and we are the nuts, but we have come forth as shells without fruit, and what's happening is the shells have come forth first and the fruit is being born into the shell. And the fruit is our husband, see, and we are called to be much more alone than people members of humanity have been for generations.


Humanity has been tribal for generations and as the call closer to the Lord we're called into the more and more solitude, but at least it looks like we're in solitude, but we're communing with our higher mind and our husband is now in the midst of us. I know years ago, years ago, cause I've been physically alone for a long time, I was visiting a Christian couple, and the woman who apparently was very spiritual, she looked up at me and she had this funny look on her face, and I said what is it, and she said, "I just saw a man sitting next to you". Now at the time I was still hoping for a physical husband, and I said, what does he look like you know. She said, "Oh he had a three piece business suit on." So what that meant was in that conversation the Lord Jesus was present with me, or it must have been Christ Jesus, it was my husband, was sitting right there with me, see. I'm never alone, it's just that people think I'm alone, I'm never alone.


And this is what we're all called to, it's a new world, you see. This is the existence of the world to come. So there's no marriage or giving in marriage as we now know it, but there most definitely is marriage, but it's a radically different lifestyle. So Messiah will be in the midst of us, but the warfare is, to get to the shells and meet our husband and live out of his provision for us, because he wants to provide for us, he wants to be a husband to us in all things, but the shells of our carnal mind also want to be a husband to us, and they're living off of us. I read in the Zohar today that the shells can only be satisfied with human beings, but we take it even further, we know they feed off of us, we know they literally drink our spiritual blood.


Okay, so let's see if I could find some points in this writing that I could comment on to you. Kabbalah says that Moses was our first redeemer and Messiah will be our last. See this there's something here that I'm going to tell you about it, I don't know what to say about it, this writer, this Rabbi who is alive today, who we're taking this on line course, he says that Enoch ascended to, well we know that Enoch ascended to heaven alive, just like Elijah did, and he claims that Enoch became and angel and was Moses' higher mind. And that you see, your higher mind is your teacher, your higher mind is your teacher. I have a teacher, I have a guide, the Hebrew word is Magid. See this teaching would make the average Christian hysterical, but this is spiritual Christianity, you just have to make sure that your teacher is Christ Jesus, and as we know, those of us here in this fellowship, we know of one person who calls himself a Christian teacher for years, and taught by a spirit guide, and it even had a personal name. I mean I'm telling you my guide is Christ Jesus, you know, and we just read an article in the newsletter of a pretty well known ministry, who claims that his spirit guide teaches him all the time and it's not Christ Jesus you know.


You can have an alien spirit guide calling himself Christ Jesus. If you have a demon that's making himself your guide, he could tell you any name he wants, you have to get your witnesses as to who is teaching you, and your best bet is to get that witness from an established teacher in Christ Jesus, that's your best bet. Right now there are not many of us around. Okay so I'm not saying yes or no, I have no word from the Lord about this concept of Enoch going to heaven and becoming an angel and being Moses' higher mind or Moses' teacher. I remind you of the doctrine of Christ which teaches that it was Michael that incarnated Moses, remember that teaching, and that it was Michael that incarnated Elijah, and we see both Elijah and Moses on the Mount of transfiguration with Jesus, and I also was told by the Lord and preached years ago, that the significance of Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration is that Jesus was the most recent generation of the incarnation of Michael, and that Jesus was the sum total of all of the experiences that Michael had had with Elijah and Moses.


So this man may be right, he may be right saying that it's Enoch, and maybe Michael is just another name for Enoch, I don't know, I don't know, but what I do know is that what the doctrine of Christ says, which doctrine of Christ came forth by revelation, is lining right up with Kabbalah, this concept is a multi-dimensional mind okay, and this concept of this spiritual lifetime, and but I have to admit that when I taught this spiritual lifetime, I didn't see it in terms of the other incarnations being actually present in your present mind in the form of a teacher. I have to admit that I didn't see it that way, but I do know that Christ Jesus talks to me, and I do know that when Christ Jesus has exhausted his resources that wisdom comes from a higher place which is the Lord Jesus Christ. So the basic principle of what we're reading here is true. And I did, I had forgotten, but the Lord just reminded me, I did want to give you a short testimony upon my recent experiences with this multi-dimensional mind.


I myself would really like understand more about it, I've told you all here, that ever since I started reading in the Zohar, and studying in Etz Chayyim, on occasion when I get into these deep studies, I hear voices, I hear conversations, and I have been asking the Lord what I have been tapping in to, one time it happened to me that I heard a very authoritative voice prophesying and it was saying the whole man will emerge. Now I believe now that what I heard was the level of the world of Beriah, which is where the angels are, I heard that level of my mind, I heard that angel prophesying the whole man will emerge, and other times, that only happened once, other times what happens frequently is I'll be reading in the Zohar or in some deep book and I'll find my eyes closing and as my eyes close I hear just little snips of conversations, and I think that what I'm hearing is an aspect of my higher mind that somehow is, I don't know what it's doing but all of these aspects of my mind are functioning simultaneously. What I heard today, one of the things I heard today was, I think it was, I thank God, I thank God, and that gave me a clue that that was an aspect of my multi-dimensional mind that praises God and is grateful to God without ceasing. There is an aspect of my multi-dimensional mind just like we have intercessors in the church, some churches we don't have it here because we don't have those kinds of numbers, but some churches they have intercessors around the clock, they come in teams into the church and there's always prayer going forth.


Well there's an aspect of my multi-dimensional mind which is in Christ Jesus that intercedes for me continuously, doesn't the Scripture say that? He intercedes before the father continuously, thanking God for all that he's done. See I can't do all this in the flesh. So that's one level, I don't know which level it was, then I heard the level with the angel prophesying the whole man will emerge, and I believe that was a prophesy for me, but definitely it was a prophesy for the whole world, but I think it was for me, if it wasn't and it turns out that I'm wrong, that's okay, just let it happen in the world.


Now on these other occasions when I just hear little clips of conversation that don't have any particular significance to me, I'm waiting to hear what that means. There's an aspect of my multi-dimensional mind, oh I think the Lord just told me, that's carrying on a conversation that is beyond what's happening to me right here, and the Lord just told me what it is. I have known for a long time, that Christ Jesus was in me and I'm just giving you myself as an example, this is true for you too, Christ Jesus in me will minister through me, he's ministering through me right now, I'm preaching, sometimes I minister directly to people and I know it's Christ Jesus in me speaking. I've known for a long time that Christ Jesus ministers beyond my consciousness. I have had people give me all kinds of testimonies, and I've also heard testimonies from other people.


There was one testimony I saw on the 700 club of a man, a man appeared, a preacher appeared in a car next to a man who had been blaspheming the Lord and that man repented and came to the Lord, and when that man saw that preacher again, the preacher had no idea what he was talking about. The preacher had no idea that an aspect of Christ in that preacher had manifested itself on the seat of the car of this man and brought him to repentance.


So the Lord just told me that these snips of conversation that I cannot relate to at all is that aspect of Christ in me that is speaking to other people, and ministering to other people, and I've known that for a long time, that he's in me and that he goes forth from me, and he ministers to other people, and it's beyond my consciousness. So that's what I'm hearing and it's never more than a few words, not even enough to get the whole context of what he's saying.


Now I cannot imagine being consciously aware of all five aspects of my multi-dimensional mind at once, it seems to me it would be total chaos. It seems to my carnal mind it would be total chaos, but something tells me that in Christ it is possible to consciously aware of your whole multi-dimensional mind and that it will not be chaos, but it will make sense, and that is the condition that you walk in where you have all knowledge, where you look through walls, where you see what's going on behind you, where you are totally indestructible, and completely protected. We have to grow into that.


So I had a feeling that if I gave you that testimony that the Lord was going to answer my questions as to what's going on and that's exactly what he just did? Any questions or comments about that? Okay, so let's see if we can find some comments to work on here, okay.


He says here is a profound secret that comes from the Sefer Yetzirah, which sheds great insight on the relationship between a man and his Neshamah soul. The Neshamah soul, remember the Neshamah soul is the level of Binah in you, and for us it is Christ Jesus. The Neshamah soul is the mind of a man that teaches him knowledge, you see. Yes the Scripture says you have no need of anyone teaching you, the Lord will teach you okay, but the Lord could teach you from within you or he could teach you from within another man. A lot in the church have stumbled over that Scripture and the issue is that Christ Jesus is not equally developed in every human being, and if he truly is teaching you directly, if you're not under a teacher, you should be a teacher, there's a lot of people that need to be raised up. Praise the Lord.


Okay, so the Neshamah of the soul is the mind of a man that teaches him knowledge, it is a man's mazzal, you know, I've always known that word to mean luck, and I could never understand the word luck in the Jewish vocabulary, you know but this writer says, he translates this word mazzal guiding destiny, your guiding destiny, your higher soul. Brethren we make very few decisions out of our conscious mind, very very few decisions out of our conscious mind. I printed something off of the Internet, I was really had you in mind because I know that you struggle with this, it really makes that point, almost every decision we make comes out of the sub or the unconscious part of our mind, we're very deceived if we think we run our own life, spiritual forces are driving this whole world. The question is is it the spiritual forces of Satan's world of the shells or is it the spiritual forces of the Spirit of Christ driving us. And in Christ Jesus we have the option to switch over from being driven by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind to having our life being driven by the Spirit of Christ, or directed by the Spirit of Christ, but you cannot switch over without a war, Satan's not letting go. That's why it's taking so long.


So we see that if we have the mind of Christ, we have a guiding destiny which is also our angel, which is just another way of saying our spiritual teacher. The Neshamah soul exists in heaven and only sparks of it descend to a man to guide him and to enlighten him. Well that's because Christ Jesus is in heaven, and sparks of him are in each, he sends down sparks and seeds of himself and joins them to the people and is reproducing himself in us, because we are all his bodies, we're all his bride, he's polygamit, Christ Jesus is legally polygamit. For you see Christ Jesus can take care of hundreds of thousands of wives, a human man cannot.


Praise the Lord. Let's see what else we have here. We're being told that one's angelic teacher, or a magid or a guide is none other than one's own higher soul. As for Moses, his Neshamah was actually the Neshamah of his Neshamah, okay which this teacher is saying is Enoch. The angelic teacher who taught Moses Torah in heaven was none other than Moses' own Neshamah of his Neshamah. In other words the angel who taught Moses was none other than Enoch. Now our writer goes on to say, apparently therefore Messiah must be an angel. Well Christ Jesus in you and me, he is my angel. Did not the woman who answered the door when Peter was freed from jail, remember in the upper room they were praying and praying because Peter was in Jail, he was freed and he came to knock on the door, and the woman disciple who answered the door couldn't believe even though they were praying she couldn't believe he actually was free, and she said it must be his angel, his spiritual man.


So I have no problem believing that Messiah is an angel. Yet what type of man is an angel? Angels by definition are on a lower level than the Neshamah of men, therefore for this angel to be an angel and at the same time being Moses' higher mind, he must be very special indeed, and this man this man, who was a spiritual man which is also an angel is also called the prince of Torah. Remember the Torah is the word of God, he is the prince of the word, and we know Jesus is the word.


Now he goes on, this writer goes on to say that this prince of the Torah is none other than the angel of God's presence, and I have no problem with that, Christ Jesus is the angel of God's presence, but then this writer goes on to say it's Enoch. Now I've heard this, I've read this from this writer over several months, and I've kept this open mind to him, saying well what do I know, but my problem is, is fitting Elijah into all this, you know where is Elijah in all this, I would be more inclined to say it's Elijah than it's Enoch, and we'll get to, there's one sentence in here that sort of makes me believe that it's possible that this may be an error, that it's Enoch, but it may not be an error, remember we're open minded right, so let's just go on and see what else is said to us here. Okay, he calls, this writer calls this angel of God's presence Memtet. Now I don't know what that means. Memtet is two Hebrew letters, but Mem I believe is forty, and I meant to look it up and I didn't, I believe the tet is four hundred, I should look that up, let me look that up. Now what comes to my mind is that the Memtet might represent the letters Mem and Tow, or Tav, and that letter, I don't know how to pronounce it, it's the letter of the Hebrew Alphabet that has the T sound, that letter has a value of four hundred, but I don't see it in the literature that I have, I don't see that letter pronounced Tet, but what came to my mind is that if this could be the meaning of this writer, that he's taken a numerical value, which represents this angel which is what Kabbalists do, and that that numerical value is four hundred and forty, what comes to mind is the four hundred and forty four, the thousands of four hundred and forty four. In the New Testament it reads one hundred and forty four thousand, but when I looked that up in the Interlinear Text, I saw that it meant thousands of one hundred and forty fours, not thousands of four hundred.


Do I just don't know what it means, I don't know where that comes from and my lead that was in my mind is wrong, Memtet he calls the highest angel, the prince of Torah, the angel of God's presence, Memtet, and then this writer says that Enoch, as is well know ascended to heaven alive and was transformed into the angel Memtet, the chief archangel whose name is the same as his master's, and like Hashem, he's saying Hashem is his master, and like his master has seventy names. See in Kabbalah, they have many many names of angels. The Lord just hasn't witnessed to me yet you know, and what they say is each, what it sounds like to me is Hashem, for example has many different functions and each different function, he takes a different name, and what the Kabbalist do is they pray to these, they pray to, well I don't know if they pray to them, but they name these different names to get different levels of power. And I have no desire to pursue it, I just say Jesus whatever I need, I just say Jesus to help me. So that's where I am right now, I can't see going into all these different names. But what they are are different functions of a high archangel, each one taking a different name.


So going on, pursuing this concept of Enoch being the higher mind of Moses, we're told here that Rabbi Chayym Vitale, who's pretty much of an authority, he says that Enoch was on a higher level than Moses because Enoch was Moses' teacher, he was the angel, he was the angel who was achieved the Chayyah level of soul, remember I have that on board number one, the Chayyah level of soul, which is higher than Neshamah, okay, and Moses the Neshamah soul, the Messiah will achieve the Yechidah level of soul, and that's what I had on the board. He said for he achieved, let me read this again, Enoch was on a higher level than Moses, because Enoch was Moses' teacher, Enoch was the angel Zag, something or other, for he achieved the Chokhamh soul, Moses achieved the Neshamah soul, but Messiah will achieve the Yechidah soul. Now when I put that drawing number one on the board, I didn't put down that Enoch achieved tot he Chayyah level of soul, I put down the sons of God, and I'm just calling that to your attention because I'm really plodding through this teaching, I don't, there's a lot here that I really don't know anything about. All I know is that I put on the board what the Lord showed me, and I really think I'm not getting a witness to this Enoch.


I think that Enoch is being put in the place of Elijah, but we'll just go on. So we're told that this Zag, this angel Zag which is really, and he doesn't write the whole name it's Zag something or other, was which was Enoch, was Moses' teacher in heaven, thus Moses teacher was none other than Enoch Memtet, okay. And he's one step higher on the ladder of soul than Moses was, yet Messiah is still one step higher. You see, you know the problem that I have with this, let me put this on the board for you. Now this is really interesting. What he says here is that three individuals can share the same soul, so I received this that when we saw Jesus, Moses, and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration, they were three personalities sharing the same soul, that's the same thing as me saying Michael incarnated Moses and Michael incarnated Elijah, well actually the way it went was Michael incarnated Moses, Moses incarnated Elijah and Elijah incarnated Jesus, and these three personalities that are garments that cover the angel Michael, that's what I said in the doctrine of Christ. And also where this fits in with the doctrine of Christ was that I didn't have an understanding, not a complete understanding of how one Fiery Serpent can manifest through several personalities, remember me telling you that. I don't have the full understanding of this yet, but I just felt in my spirit that it was true.


Because now remember each Fiery Serpent represents a seed that was a part of Adam at the beginning of time.


And there was a finite number of seeds in Adam Kadmon, so how could humanity increasing to the degree that it's increasing, the clay is increasing you see. The shells are increasing, but the number of seeds are not increasing, they're finite. Therefore one Fiery Serpent must be possessing more than one personality, you see. So there's so much we don't know, and when we read a study like this, we just get whatever we can out of it, I don't understand the whole thing, but we will grow if we could just keep our minds open, you don't have to know everything, I don't have to know everything, and we'll see what the Lord brings forth here. So I think that is just, I guess I knew it all along, but I never quite saw it that way, that three individuals share the same soul, very interesting. It's just another way of saying the spiritual lifetime that I've been teaching for a long time. But I think what's different about it and I said this earlier on the message, maybe I have to hear this myself, what's different about my doctrine of the spiritual lifetime and this principle of three personalities sharing one soul is this Kabbalistic principle of three personalities sharing one soul is really saying that the three souls exists consciously inside the one individual. I was saying a spiritual lifetime, well the angel Michael at one time he was Michael, and then at another time, or he was Moses and then the next time he was Elijah, and then the next time he was Jesus and Jesus had all of the wisdom and experiences that Moses and Elijah had, but Kabbalah is saying no, he's saying three personalities are separate and distinct, they're just bodiless and all three of these personalities are sharing, the same person, they're all part of the soul of the same person.


So this is the knowledge that's coming forth tonight, there's multi-dimensionalism of mind. I think that over the days and weeks and months to come that the Lord has a lot to teach us about this. I know that I'm just scratching the surface, and that he has just introduced us to this concept tonight, we'll see what comes forth, I personally am fascinated with this whole concept of multi-dimensionalism, and I keep seeing an image that I saw in Star Trek, it was the original Star Trek with Spock playing three dimensional chess, the image that I have in my mind, multi-dimensionalism in the mind. Multi-dimensionalism woven together so completely that it's a feasible reality, to function in mind on all of these levels at the same time without chaos. See look at it this way, we see with our eyes, we hear with our ears, and we speak with our mouth, all the same time, as I speak I hear you and I could hear any noise that would go on in the background or any person that spoke while I was speaking.


So I'm functioning on three levels right now and I'm comfortable with it, because I've been doing this my whole life. So even though it seems strange to us, the thought of having a mind function on these multi-dimensional levels may seem strange, but we will get use to it. You see, I function on that level to some degree, I see visions all the time, while I'm working concentrating on some administrative work, I'll see a vision in my mind and it doesn't confuse me, it doesn't distract me from what I'm doing. So I've been functioning on two levels that I'm aware of for a very long time, but the thought of functioning on five levels of mind, I can't even conceive of it right now, but I do believe it, and I do believe that the height of that mind as I said earlier is the place that we come to where we can see through walls, see behind us, see behind ourselves, see around corners, we will full revelation, full sight, very exciting prospect, no one will be able to surprise us.


Okay let's see what else we have here, okay he says, these individuals will all share the same soul each at his own level. So these three levels of soul are not interfering with each other you see. In each man for example, Moses the level of soul which is Moses in me or in you is doing one thing, the level of soul that's Enoch, or Elijah he's doing something else, the level of soul that's Christ Jesus he's doing something else.


Just as I explained to you earlier, one level of soul is ministering to other people, another level of soul is prophesying. You see, this mind that's in us, when Christ Jesus is in us on a mature level, he's suppose to be influencing the entire world, and since we are finite, we need a mind that is infinite to do all that we're called to do. Okay let's see what else we have here. Okay one must understand something here about the relationships of all souls, all souls of Israel are interconnected, and in sense one great super soul. Now that's the same doctrine that I preached to you in the doctrine of Christ is the doctrine of the body of Christ, and it's the doctrine that says Adam before the fall was all of the collective Abels, do you remember that teaching? That's what he's saying here.


This was the nature of the soul of Adam before the fall, according to a teaching in a particular book certain souls left Adam before the fall and did not descend with the others. Remember all of the Abels were together, all of the Abels were being held in the configuration called Adam by Adam's energy, just like the sun holds all of the planets in orbit, as the planets circulate around the sun, Adam is the name of the collective seeds okay, and he was holding all of those seeds before time began in a righteous configuration with his energy. And now we're being told here that before the fall the souls that were on the level of Keter Chokhmah and Binah departed from Adam and didn't fall. Now when I was preparing for this message I asked the Lord about that and the Lord gave me a Scripture on it. Now the Lord did not give me a King James Scripture on it, but he referred me to the studies that he had given me years ago when I was looking up every word in the beginning of Genesis, and the revelation that came forth which I believe is in the Alternate Translation of the Old Testament is that as Adam began to slip, Jehovah let go of him because Jehovah would not descend into sin. And also Elohim let go of him, because Elohim would not descend into sin.


So the names aren't the same but it's the same principle, the doctrine of Christ, the Lord taught me through the doctrine of Christ that Jehovah and Elohim did not fall, Adam went down by himself. Because there are elements of the Godhead that will not fall. Praise the Lord. Okay let's see what else we have here, and then he just goes to say that these souls that didn't go down with him basically were Binah Chokhmah and Keter, and that oh, okay here we have a definition of MemTet. These souls collectively, that's Binah, Chokhmah, and Keter, these souls collectively that emanated from the, the souls that emanated or came forth from the supernal Binah Chokhmah and Keter that didn't go down, these souls collectively became known as MemTet.


The three Sefirot of Binah Chokhmah and Keter are forever joined, and they're called MemTet, and we know that Jesus is Keter Chokhmah, and Binah. So I'm just holding this open with this Enoch and this MemTet, I don't particularly get a witness to it, but that doesn't mean anything, I'm, there is a lot that I don't know, you know, so I'm just holding it open.


So he goes on to say, therefore Moses, Enoch, and Messiah are all the same soul, you see. But we know that the New Testament does not say Moses Enoch and Jesus, the New Testament clearly says, what does the New Testament say? Moses Jesus and who?


COMMENT: Elijah.


PASTOR VITALE: Elijah, you see. So I have to believe you know that this is an error. Look everybody has error, the best teacher has error, as long as we're not as long as we're still in an incomplete mind there has to be error.


So I have to reject this Enoch, unless you know maybe Enoch has something to do with Elijah, you know, remember what the rule is if something doesn't make sense it could be an error or you could be lacking a piece of information. So it could be there could be some pieces of information that would connect Enoch to Elijah, I don't know who Elijah is, the doctrine of Christ says that Elijah is Michael who incarnated without being born of a woman, that's the revelation that came forth from the doctrine of Christ. But I never know when a correction is coming forth you see. But right now, based on what I have now, I have to reject Enoch unless or until the Lord imparts some reconciling piece of information that makes both of them correct. Is everybody okay? Okay.


Praise the Lord, we're very mature here. We can live with this right, we don't have to get all nervous about it that we don't have the exact answer. Okay, so for the time being we're going to put Elijah in the place of MemTet, and going back to drawing number one, I'm going to do it over, but I had Jesus at the highest, and then I had the sons of God, and then I had Moses, so maybe Elijah should have been in there instead of the sons of God. That was what came to me when I asked the Lord what to put in there, so don't get all hung up on it, don't worry about it, if it's wrong it's wrong, you know, if you get anything out of this message at all it's worthwhile.


We're really in virgin ground here, there's a lot of information coming forth here that I really have no knowledge of yet, I'm just riding with it because the Lord told me to preach this message. Okay so Messiah is one step higher, Elijah is one step higher than Moses, and Messiah is even one step higher than that. And then he goes on to say, Enoch, or we say Elijah and Messiah thus share a unique bond. These three individuals all share the same soul, each at his own level. This is so exciting to me, because can you imagine a Kabbalist reading the New Testament and seeing that up there, Elijah and Moses appearing on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus, you know, they should get all excited you know, but I guess they don't you know, but it really excites me, it just really excites me to see all this witness in the New Testament.


Okay we're going on, now the writer says, now these three individuals all share the same soul, each at their own level which means they're functioning simultaneously, it's not one absorbed into the other which is what I thought, this is not a unique occurrence because Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob also shared the same soul, each at their own level. Now that's just a very interesting thought, that means Jacob had Abraham and Isaac within him all the time, you know and doesn't the doctrine of Christ teach that when Jesus rebuked the Pharisees he said to them before Abraham was I am and is not the teaching of the doctrine of Christ that that was Adam speaking out, it was Adam speaking through Jesus, so that means Adam was in him, Abraham was in him, all these people were in him.


See we lead a very flat dimensionally speaking, we lead a very flat life, you know, but I know that I lead a life where Christ speaks out of me whenever he wants to, he just rises up and speaks out of me whenever he wants to, I have no warning at all. Well maybe some day I'll find out, Abraham's in me too, and he'll rise up and speak out of me whenever he wants to. I'm open to anything as long as it's God, that's my only prayer Lord keep me safe, I'm forging into unknown territory, and I'm very excited about the whole spiritual life but you have to protect from falling into error. I know Christ speaks out of me whenever he feels like it. And I found that principle in Kabbalah, through the mouth the Gevurot of the married woman are in the mouth, and that's when I study this in one of Kabbalistic books it says, this is the secret of and he was dumb silent, now isn't that the Scripture that's applied to Jesus, he was dumb silent.


What that means is that Christ didn't speak through him, and of course Jesus' higher mind was Elijah, he was dumb silent because Elijah wasn't speaking, and I know I've had experiences not so much now, but years ago when the Lord was training me to be obedient to his life in me, and I've stood up in front of people and said if the Lord doesn't preach, I'm not preaching you can go home, you were there when I said that one night. If he doesn't preach I'm going home, I know he's not preaching and I'm not going to fill in, and right after that he broke through in a tremendous, as a matter of fact he said that the night that you got your witness, you had one foot out the door and the other foot on a banana peel, you were all upset with that poor Paul wasn't being done right by, and that was the night that tremendous power poured forth and convinced you that the message was of God. Wow, praise the Lord.


Praise the Lord, okay, so we're looking for another statement here that we can deal with, okay we talked about this, that certain souls left Adam before the fall, we talked about that, and he says MemTet rules over God's entire universe. Well MemTet, that would be Elijah according to what he said, MemTet is the chief archangel. Well we know that Jesus rules over God's entire universe. He says as such he will serve as God's regent over the entire universe and not just king here on the earth, and that message came forth through the doctrine of Christ too, that there are beings on the many planes of consciousness and that Christ Jesus is in the earth to rule over the beings of all the planes of consciousness. As a matter of fact the doctrine of Christ has taught us that Adam came forth last, after all these other beings, and these other beings were very upset when Jehovah gave authority over all of them to Adam, and a big rebellion arose, which it was a factor in the fall, see. And Adam is learning to rule, Adam was suppose to be instructed as to how to rule in righteousness over all of the inhabitants of the earth on every plane of consciousness, he was suppose to learn through union with Jehovah, he was not suppose to learn from experiences with the inhabitants of the earth having authority over him.


Do you remember that teaching? What is happening right now, everyone who is being trained to be a son of God, you are being trained how to rule righteously that's just another way of saying how to exercise authority, you're all being trained to exercise righteous authority without abusing the people under you, but you have to rule in righteousness, if they're wrong you have to correct them, okay. Now the way I started out because I'm a fallen man, I started out in a ministry where everyone was stronger than me and everybody was trying to control me, that's what Adam fell down under, you see we a fallen Adam, we will never climb out of this pit, but because Christ Jesus is joined to us, now we can have the experiences and grow from the experiences and overcome in the experiences and climb out of the pit, but that's only because we have a savior, you see. It was never suppose to be this way, that you have to learn how to rule and you start from a position underneath the people that you're ruling, that's from the fallen world, does anyone not know what I'm talking about? Adam was suppose to learn how to rule from a position of leadership. Just like a young prince is instructed all of his life and then when his father dies he takes over the kingdom, you don't go under your subjects and let them put you under their feet and then try to rule them from there, but that's the position that we're in.


So every son that's coming up must have an anti-Christ in their life, is that not the message? You have to have somebody that's exercising authority over you, that you have to learn how to deal with and that somebody, if you you're a woman and that somebody is your physical husband, who is manifesting an anti-Christ spirit towards you, you have to learn how to deal with that anti-Christ spirit, in the spirit, because your husband does have a legitimate physical authority over you.


So you have to learn to rule by the spirit, by going through Jesus Christ. But everyone, every son that's up and coming is being instructed on how to rule from a passive position, boy I haven't taught, I haven't used that phrase in years, you're being taught to rule from a passive position, and part of your training for years, and even today, the Lord sends me out to help people to do things for people that will, that do not and will not recognize who I am, or do not or will not recognize my authority, and I have to deal with them from a passive position and fulfill the assignment that the Lord has given me. So we are the fallen Adam, the sons of God are the fallen Adam, and we have received what we need, that will help us to overcome and return to our position of authority, but the Lord didn't want it this way.


Praise the Lord, okay let's see what else we have here. So he says the highest of the three, the soul of Messiah is the Keter, he is called the source soul of Adam and of Israel. (End of Tape One)


Tape 2


So our writer says that MemTet talking about Enoch, which we believe to be Elijah rules over God's universe not just here on the planet earth, then when Messiah comes, he will be MemTet incarnate, and of course we know in the New Testament that Jesus is who incarnate?


COMMENT: Elijah.


PASTOR VITALE: Elijah, yes, Jesus is Elijah incarnate, yes. I know that most readers of the New Testament think that Jesus was talking about John, there was a time that I preached that Jesus was talking about himself, I now believe he was talking about both of them, Jesus had the imparted anointing and John had the imputed anointing, two aspects of Elijah and they both came together in Jesus at the time that John laid hands on him, on Jesus to baptize him. So our writer says that Messiah is MemTet incarnate. So we see that MemTet is not Enoch, it's Elijah, and I had searched this writer's web site for information on Elijah as to who this writer thinks Elijah, and I haven't been able to find anything. He mentions it once or twice, but maybe he just either he doesn't have the information or he's just never studied it. See the one thing that I like about this writer is that he is a Rabbi and he has, first of all, he can translate the Hebrew books or Hebrew passages and second of all he knows where to go to look for all of this information, so maybe he has just never been directed to whatever information is available on Elijah in the Kabbalistic literature, I have no access to this literature at all, you know, it's a different language, so if I spoke the language, I wouldn't even know where to find it.


So this MemTet I would love to know where that name comes from. I really believe in my heart it has to be a numerical value. I don't understand it. MemTet or Elijah will serve as God's regent over the entire universe and not just king here on earth. Now MemTet incarnate, this is talking about Christ in the flesh, this is talking about the sons of God, this is not talking about the glorified Jesus Christ, we will be God's regent over the entire universe and not just the earth, okay, and that's the teaching that's coming down here.


We're called to rule over the inhabitants of all of the planes of consciousness, on the etheric plane, on the astral plane, through all of the four planes of the earth. So being a son of God, let me say this to you again, being a son of God requires being spiritual, you cannot be a son of God and not be spiritual. 


You can not rule over the inhabitants of the other planes of consciousness if you cannot see the other planes of consciousness. And you have to see the other planes of consciousness in yourself and then you see them in other people because the other planes of consciousness are inside people, and you have to see them inside of yourself first. Let's go on, so he will serve as God's regent over the entire universe and not just here on earth, Messiah will be to Hashem what Joseph was to Pharaoh in Egypt, God's representative, that's what he means. Thus we see that the role and authority of Messiah is not merely limited to this world. He says there's a lot more revealed about Messiah in the mystical writings but he doesn't have time to do the work here.


Okay let's go on, he says, there's a practical lesson to be learned from knowing the true identity of Messiah, understanding that he is the source soul of all Israel, each one of us must realize that we have a spark of Messiah within us that's the seed of Christ you know. Okay. The Ba'al Shem Tov, that's one of the famous teachers, Kabbalist teachers writes, "Everyone of Israel needs to rectify and prepare that part of the stature of the Messiah that is related to the soul. Well this is really talking about Abel I think even more than Christ, this is really talking about Abel, Christ grafted to Abel, everyone has to rectify Abel. What does that mean? You have to rescue Abel from Cain, as it is known, okay now this is interesting, as it is known the three letters that spell that name Adam and the three letters are A,D, and M, stand for Adam David, and Messiah, but I don't think so, I think the A stands for Elijah, because in Hebrew the A represents both an A or an E. Elijah, David and Messiah.


So what this is saying is that the restored Adam, the fully restored Adam has, it is a multi-dimensional soul which contains Messiah and Elijah. We are called, brethren do you hear this, we are called to have a mind, a multi-dimensional mind that is Moses, is Elijah, and is Jesus the Christ. We are called to walk in this earth with a multi-dimensional mind manifesting these three great men, but we must overcome our carnal mind and mature into what we are called to be. See, this world is an illusion and everyone of us is wearing a spiritual mask. The truth of your reality is that you're Christ Jesus, but you don't believe it, because if you believed it you wouldn't be in the condition that you're in, you see. And you can't start believing it overnight it just comes little by little, but you have to believe it. You can't look at yourself and say I'm not smart, you can't look at yourself and say I failed in school, you can't look at yourself and see your age, you can't look at yourself and see any of your limitations, you need to look at your true reality, that Christ is in you and he wants to fully express himself through you in the form of a multi-dimensional mind, but you must die to everything that you are in your carnality for this to happen.


Now it's little by little, but you should know that the more you become him, the more you will die to your other life, the more he's going want your resources, the more he's going to want your time, the more he's going to want your energy, and as he brings you in, he will have to make a way, but he wants to fully possess you, he wants to fully express his life through you, so you should be nothing except an outward layer. That's what you're called to, that's what your potential is.


Okay the original stature of Adam before the fall was from one end of the world to the other, he was enormous, and of course we're talking about the restored body of Christ, the souls of all Israel were included and united within Adam after the sin his stature was lessened, thus Messiah will become the complete stature of all the souls of Israel. It's just tickling me pink you know that I hear the phraseology of the New Testament, the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ, it's right out of Kabbalah, see.


All the souls of spiritual Israel will be in the body of Christ, as Adam was before the fall. Therefore everyone of Israel and I say spiritual Israel, needs to prepare that part of the stature of the Messiah that is related to his soul, that's Abel in you, until the entire image is rectified and complete, and what he's talking about here is facing your sin nature and destroying it, that's what our part is you see. When will Messiah come and what can do to shorten his way, we must first look within before we look without, you're waiting for Messiah to come look for him inside of yourself, by reading the RamBan, that's another well respected teacher, we might draw the conclusion that to bring the Messiah we must wage war. While this is true we must remember that the first war that we need to wage and win is the war against the blemishes within our own soul. We must bring Messiah to ourselves psychologically before we can expect to bring him politically.


The coming of Messiah is no mere political event, when Messiah comes it will change the course of human events and evolution forever. Listen to this, the incarnation of archangels among us is no small matter. Now is that any different than me telling you the prophets of Israel are incarnating again. It's no different because these archangels were incarnated as a prophet, see. Praise the Lord, Messiah is no mere man no is he a mere angel, although he will be born a normal human being of a flesh and blood father and mother as were Enoch and Moses, but you see Elijah, he's got Enoch in Elijah's place, and Elijah was not born of a woman. The soul of Messiah will include within it all of our souls, he's talking about the body of Christ, he will be a real superman as were Enoch and Moses before him, and I say Elijah and Moses, yet each of us has this spark of this superman or this superwoman within us, that's Abel with Christ, Christ is grafted to Abel within us. When we observe or, this is the Old Testament, he says when we observe Torah and Mitzvah, we are strengthening the aspect of Messiah within us. So the Jew says when we observe Torah and Mitzvah, we strengthen the aspect of Messiah within ourselves. What do we say in the New Testament, what will strengthen, first of all who is the aspect of Messiah within ourselves, that's Abel, we have to strengthen Abel. So we don't keep the law or keep the Mitzvah, what will strengthen Abel in us? What or who is going to strengthen Abel in us? I just told you it's been a long night, Christ, Christ grafted to Abel will strengthen Abel in us.


Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. Messiah is the father soul of Israel and that is the Lord Jesus Christ, he's the father soul of Christ in me and Christ in you, and he can and will transform the world. Okay that's the end of that article, are there any questions or comments? I have another two pages of another article that I'd like to go from. Everybody okay, okay. Now what we just read was written by an author that's alive today, a student of Kabbalah, a Rabbi who is a student of Kabbalah.


This is a translation of a work by Chayyim Vital, who is pretty much one of the if not the most popular Kabbalists, and of course he's been dead for many centuries. Okay let's see if we have anything here. A lot of this is repeated, he says, well remember that Adam, the Adam that fell or Adam the first man is called Adam HaRishon, and all souls were included within him, he had a Nefesh, a Ruach, and a Neshamah. Remember I had that on the board earlier? Adam had a three level soul, Nefesh, animal nature, Ruach, spirit personality and Neshamah, what we would call the mind of God, see. So if you have Christ grafted to you, you have what Adam had only he may not be developed in you, but that's your potential. And he had this on all three worlds, he had a Nefesh, a Ruach, and Neshamah on the level of Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah. Now if Christ isn't developed in you you don't have that yet, and he also had a Nefesh, a Ruach and a Neshamah, from the Chayyah level of soul.


We'll just take these last few paragraphs here, this is Chayyim Vital's vision of what it will be like in the day that Messiah comes. He says, in the day that King Messiah will come with the ingathering of the exiles of the land of Israel, now remember he's thinking that this is going to be physical, there will found in the land only 7,000 of the children of Israel. Now who is the land, the land is Malkhut, so taking this spiritually, he's saying there will be found in Malkhut, because remember the average, well the average Christian and most of the Jews today have fallen down in to their carnal minds, they're not living in Malkhut of the mind of God okay, and he's saying there will only be 7,000 that will be in the land, now I don't believe that that's a literal number of 7,000, I didn't pray about this as I was reading, as I was preparing this message and from a point of view of numerology, the number 7, has to do with Chesed through Malkhut, and the number 1,000 has to do with Chokhmah, so I really think that that number has to do with the mind of God concerning the people who are in Christ, but I'm not going to spend much more time on that because I'm just guessing. On the same day the dead of the land of Israel shall be restored to life. So we know there's a resurrection coming, and we know that the restoration of life is Christ in you the hope of glory, but that we are not truly alive until Christ in us is fully joined to the Lord Jesus. Life is in us, and as long as life is in us, we have that reason to hope that that life that's in us will be reconnected to the eternal life, from which he descended.


If life isn't in you there's nothing for the Lord Jesus to connect to. So your life is in you praise God. And on that same day also the walls of Jerusalem shall be removed and be rebuilt with precious stones and pearls. I asked the Lord what that meant and this is what came to me, Jerusalem is the heavenly constellation in us, okay, that's that Jerusalem that's coming down from heaven, it's the whole world of Christ called the heavenly constellation that's in us, that's what Jerusalem is, the Holy city, and the walls that are around the holy city is the carnal mind, that's the wall that's around the holy city, and it's going to be replaced with jewels and pearls, it's going to be replaced with a heavenly body, it's going to be replaced with a spiritual body, instead of this dead body that torments us with disease and death. Praise the Lord. Then at that time, the dead of the land of Israel shall be restored to life, they shall be new spiritual creations, and aren't we told you are new creatures in Christ, that's the new man that's growing inside the old man, see.


I don't see that understanding here, that's it's the new man growing inside the old man though, but again, look at the relationship between what we're reading and what's in the New Testament. Also the 7,000 who shall be left alive at that time, they too shall be new creations. So, I don't know what the difference is between the dead of the land of Israel and those who are left alive, I'm not going to get into that now. All of them shall have spiritual bodies, similar to the body of Adam prior to his sin. That's true, that's the new man inside of us, and the body of Enoch, Moses our teacher and Elijah, now he has Elijah here. Let me read that sentence from the beginning. Also the 7,000 who shall be left alive at that time, they too shall be new creations, all of them with spiritual bodies similar to the body of Adam prior to his sin, and the body of Enoch, Moses our teacher and Elijah. They shall all float in the air soaring like eagles, you see. Now this sounds to me like he's taking this naturally, floating in the air, it says to me that they will be, we will be able to travel in the spirit, but I believe that we will be inside this physical body until the whole world is reconciled, at which point, the Lord Jesus will offer up the whole creation to the father and we will all come out of the flesh. But I think we're all coming out of the flesh at the same time, I think you know. I think the sons of God, I think we're going to be around for thousands of years, teaching and helping humanity to ascend. So the sons of God are going to be around for a long time.


That's my opinion, I could be wrong, and we will be floating in the air and we will be soaring like eagles, but it's going to be in the spirit. This shall be seen by all the people ingathered from the exile. Everybody's going to see us, so we have to go public, see we have to go public, but what we're going to go public with is going to be supernatural power, that's what we're going to go public with. Because we're public with the message now and people that, not that they don't want it, but they can't understand it, they look at it and their eyes cross and they just go away, you know. And looking at the message doesn't tell them well these are the sons of God look at the wisdom that's coming out of their mouth. So there has to be supernatural power coming and as I told you the word of the Lord to me is, is the ministry of Christ Jesus includes the ministry of Moses and the ministry of Elijah, and the ministry of Moses is pretty much manifesting today, what we're waiting for is the supernatural ministry of Elijah, which is something that the people will be able to relate to, they cannot relate to us in this present aspect of the ministry.


When these their brothers are made a new creation, soaring through the air going to dwell in the lower garden of Eden, to dwell in Torah from the mouth of the holy one, blessed be he, then he, then altogether the children of the ingathered exiles with worry in their hearts and anguish in their souls cry out to King Messiah, they ask, we also are the nation of the children of Israel like them, why have they merited to be spiritual beings, in body and soul and not us?


Isn't there something just like that in the New Testament in the book of Revelation, the people are going to be crying, why are we locked out. Why have they merited to be spiritual beings in body and soul and not us? Why are we left? The Messiah shall answer them saying, the character of the holy one, not the gifts, not the miracles, not the healings, not speaking in tongues, not prophesying, but the character of the holy one, blessed be he is already known, he gives to each one measure for measure, these also dwelled outside of the land and the land is Malkhut now, these people that have spiritual bodies, they too were in their carnal mind at one time, and after a great effort, they succeeded to come to the land of Israel. He's saying it's natural Israel, no, it's Malkhut, it's breaking through your carnal mind into the mind of Christ in the midst of you, with great effort, it's not going to be easy. These also dwelled outside of the land of their carnal mind and after great effort they succeeded to come to the land of Israel, that's the mind of God, in order to merit a purified soul, a purified soul, a purified soul. They cared not for their physical or material well being, they came by sea, that's the astral plane, those who were involved in the occult, they came by land, those who were carnal, and were not put off by the dangers of the sea or of being robbed along their journey, they suffered under cruel regime, cruel rulers, this natural and spiritual, for all the sake of the essence of their spirit and soul, therefore they have become complete spiritual beings measure for measure.


Now let me explain to you what a complete spiritual being is, brethren humanity is female, we really do not have the right to call ourselves man, either a physical man or a physical woman, and if you have eyes to see in the New Testament I know I've preached this over the years, there is a difference between the word that's used to describe a common man or a mortal man and certainly in the Hebrew, the difference is ish, the common man or the mortal man is ish, and the completed man is called Adam. To be Adam which means man, Adam means man, to be a man you must have both the male and the female within you. We are the female, we must be married to Christ Jesus to have both male and female in the midst of us, and that makes us a man you see. Christ Jesus has to marry a personality, Christ Jesus is the mediator who marries the personality underneath him and marries the Lord Jesus above him, and the personality receives eternal life.


So to be a man, you have to be male and female because Genesis tells us Genesis 1 tells us that the Lord, Elohim made Adam, and he made man, Adam and he made him male and female, Adam is male and female. You cannot be lacking Christ Jesus and be spiritual man. The Holy Spirit will not cut it, you have the Holy Spirit, it does not make you a spiritual man, and the Holy Spirit is female, she's the godly woman of Proverbs. Praise the Lord.


However all of you who has the ability to come to the land of Israel as they did were discouraged over concern for your finances, you're worried about your physical safety and your money, these you made to be the principle things in your life, and not your spirit and soul, therefore you have remained physical beings. Is this a punishment? No it's not a punishment, you just reap what you sow, what you put in, that's what you get out. Praise the Lord, so this is the Kabbalistic view of Messiah, and it's very similar to the doctrine in the church and certainly the doctrine of Christ, and that it should be.


Now in this whole series I pretty much have taught you that according to our understanding of Kabbalah, Moses is the first Messiah, and they're waiting for the second Messiah who they don't have a name for, who we know is Jesus. And I also told you that I thought it was so interesting that if Moses is the first Messiah, because as a teacher of the doctrine of Christ, it never occurred to me that Moses was the first Messiah. I thought Jesus was Messiah, and the second generation of sons, it was the second coming or the second Messiah, and I told you at some place in this series, well now we have an interesting situation, if we integrate the doctrine of Christ with Kabbalah, we now have three Messiahs, or three comings, Moses, okay, and what the Kabbalists call the Messiah Ben David, who we believe to be Jesus Christ, and now we believe in the second coming, so that makes three Messiahs, Moses, Messiah Ben David which is Jesus, and Ben means son, so when I say Messiah Ben David, I'm saying Messiah son of David, okay, so Kabbalah says Moses is Messiah number one, Messiah Ben David which we know to be Jesus is number two, and then we have a third Messiah or a third coming in the second generation of Christ, and I just left that information with you because I didn't know what to do with it, thinking that there was a discrepancy between what the doctrine of Christ teaches and what Kabbalah teaches.


But as I tell many times there are different, there are many different schools of thought within Kabbalah. Now the Rabbi that I'm taking his on line course, I don't know what he believes, all I know is that in this particular writing that I was preaching this message from, he only talks about two Messiahs, but as soon as I finished preaching this message, I open the Zohar, and by reference it's the first ever unabridged English translation with commentary of the Zohar, volume one, paragraph 234, talks about three Messiahs. It talks about Moses, okay, and then it talks about Messiah son of David, and Messiah son of Joseph. So it's really, I'm going to go over this whole paragraph with you and comment on it, and I just thought that I wanted to add this information to this message because here I find the three Messiah's in Kabbalah except Kabbalah is not expressing it as three Messiahs, I'm sorry this Zohar is saying Moses and the two Messiahs okay.


Now the writing that I base this whole teaching on that came before what I'm saying now, I based it on a modern day Kabbalist, who told me there are two Messiahs, Moses, and Messiah son of David. So now I find a different opinion in the Zohar, is anybody not following what I'm saying? This paragraph of the Zohar is not really calling Moses Messiah, okay, I'm not sure what they're calling him, I'll just read the paragraph together, but this paragraph is saying there are two Messiahs, the Messiah the son of David, and Messiah the son of Joseph.


So let's try and put this together with the doctrine of Christ and see what we get out of this. Paragraph 234, and this is talking about a phrase in Genesis, probably Genesis, well I don't have the exact verse probably 2:4, but I'm not sure. Another explanation of the phrase plant of the field is that it eludes to the first Messiah, Messiah the son of David, who is not yet on earth, whereas the herb of the field is the second Messiah, Messiah son of Joseph. He asked, why were they not in the earth talking about the plant, where Genesis says all the plants were prepared are not in the earth yet, and he replied, because Moses was not there with them to serve the Shekinah, and what does it mean that Moses would serve the Shekinah. It means that the Shekinah is manifestation of a high spiritual power, we just got this information from another message called the emergence of Shekinah, Shekinah is a married Malkhut joined to Binah, okay and in her hay day ascended all the way up to Keter, that means Shekinah is the manifestation in the earth of the full power of the Godhead coming down from Keter. So Shekinah is very powerful emanation.


Now when I first started studying Kabbalah I thought Shekinah was just Malkhut, you know the manifestation of God in the earth, but no Shekinah she is the holding tank, she is the receiving tank of the fullness of the emanations of all of the ten Sefirot are designed to dump into Malkhut, and then the married Malkhut, and then the married Malkhut ascends to Binah and becomes Shekinah. She is the final, Malkhut is the final recipient of all of the power of God, and in that condition she's called Shekinah. So Shekinah is not just the tenth Sefirot down on the earth, she's the whole ball of wax. Just like I tell you I've as far as the doctrine of Christ goes, and the Lord hasn't corrected me yet. Michael incarnated as Moses, then Michael incarnated as Elijah, and took on the name, the angel takes on the name of the latest garment that he's wearing. So Michael is clothed with Moses, and then he's also clothed with Elijah, in that condition he's called Elijah, and then that angel incarnated in the man Jesus so we're talking about Michael clothed with Moses, clothed with Elijah, and clothed the mortal man Jesus, and that man is called Jesus, that's who Jesus is, he's Michael, Moses, and Elijah, taken to the next power. So Shekinah is the last name is the name that is on the outside of all of the power of God, does anyone not know what I'm talking about?


Okay so let's go on with this paragraph. So we're told that Moses was not yet in the earth to serve Shekinah, what do you mean serve the Shekinah. Brethren any man who is a physical spiritual and mental expression of Shekinah serves the Shekinah, the physical man whether he's male or female, the physical human being is the servant of the spiritual man that is resident in him. See and this is what Jesus meant when he said you can be as good as your master but you cannot be better than your master, because Jesus, when he lives his life through us he gives us equal authority to himself, you see, but you can't make yourself higher than him, see. So Moses was a servant to Shekinah, that means he was a human being that carries the power of Shekinah in the earth. Now of him it is written speaking about Moses, of him it is written, and there was not a man to till the ground, the secret is given in the verse, the staff shall not depart from Judah, and this is Genesis 49:10, "The Staff shall not depart from Judah", which refers to Messiah Ben David, that's Judah, Messiah Ben David, came out of Judah, "...nor the scepter from his feet." And we're told this refers to Messiah son of Joseph. Now I looked, now this Scripture has always been a mystery to me, now the King James translation reads it a little different, the King James translation says, the staff depart, it doesn't say staff, it says and the scepter shall not depart from Judah or a lawmaker between, from between his feet.


Okay now there's no word staff translated in the King James, and I well maybe I can tell by looking at this Hebrew.


I checked out the Hebrew text and the word Hebrew word that's translated scepter in the Hebrew in the King James is translated staff, okay. The Hebrew translates it staff, the King James translates it scepter, the word that's translated scepter in the Zohar is translated lawgiver in the King James. So the Hebrew text says, well let me give you the definition of scepter according to my lexicons, well I just want to straighten this out here, I didn't make it clear. The Zohar says, the staff shall not depart from Judah, the King James says the scepter shall not depart from Judah, staff, scepter, same Hebrew word, Strong's #7626 and it means branch off, a scion. Now to my point of view that's talking about the seed that's grafted, because the seed that's grafted to us is a branch, literally a branch of the tree of life. Remember Paul said that the Jews were the branches of the original tree of life that were cut off. Paul called the individual Jew branch of the tree of life, okay, so when we say, when we talk about being grafted into the tree of life, the reality is that the tree of life is being grafted to us, okay that's how we're being grafted into the tree of life, the seed of Christ which is a branch of that tree is grafted to us, and from that point forward, we are suppose to grow into the tree, see.


So this Scripture is saying, the King James says the scepter, the branch the scion, and stick for punishing, stick for rulership, stick for fighting, listen brethren your authority and your power to rule over to fight with the powers and principalities that rule you, okay, the branch of the tree of life that's grafted to you, which is your power to fight and prevail over Satan and Leviathan the powers and principalities that own you, okay, shall not depart from Judah, shall not depart from Judah. That power in Judah and that's Jesus Christ came out of the tribe of Judah. That power came out of Judah, and shall not depart from Messiah, son of David, Jesus is the son of David, he came out of David, who is out of the tribe of Judah, nor shall the scepter from between his feet, and the Hebrew word translated scepter in the Zohar is translated lawgiver in the King James, it's Strong's #2710, and it means to hack, to engrave, to cut in stone.


Now listen to me brethren, I don't know where, I really try to have respect for these Kabbalistic, because every time I think that they don't know something that I know, I find out that they do know it, I just haven't read it in any of their writings yet. So I'm trying not to be arrogant here okay, but to the best of my knowledge from this point of view, this second Messiah is not coming out of, okay the Lord just explained it to me. According to this teaching, the first Messiah that's coming out of Judah, Jesus Christ from whom we get the seed, the seed or the branch of the tree of life, that's grafted to you, okay, that's the first Messiah. The second Messiah are the sons of God, the second generation of Christ which is coming out of Joseph the ten tribes through the grafting of the seed which really makes you Judah, do you follow this, the seed is grafted to you and it really makes you Judah, but it's being grafted through the members of the ten tribes, it doesn't say anything about the Gentiles here.


First Messiah comes out of Judah, that's the seed Jesus Christ, the second Messiah comes out of Joseph, and Joseph is basically from the tribe of Ephraim and Manasseh. So according to the Zohar, these sons, the second generation of sons is not even coming out of all of the ten tribes of Israel, it's coming out of Ephraim and Manasseh, whatever that means for us. My understanding up until now has been no matter what your heritage is, once the seed of Christ grafts to you, you become the Israel of God, that's my understanding. So we might be able to say, trying to reconcile this doctrine, we might be able to say that whoever rises up, whatever Christian rises up, receives the seed and engages in the overcoming warfare, and becomes a son, which is the second generation of Christ, you are spiritual members of the tribe of Joseph.


It could mean that or it could mean that everybody that's coming up is either from the lost tribe of Manasseh or the lost tribe of Ephraim. I don't know take your pick until we find out, does anyone not know what I'm talking about? Do you know what I'm talking about? Okay, because we know at this time that everybody in the church is not responding to this call, we know that at this time it's really just a select group of people that will be the first ones to enter in. This salvation is for the whole world, it's for everybody, but the Lord's taking us in groups, don't we even find that principle in the Scripture, at the moment a particular Scripture is eluding me, but I know that there are Scriptures that the Lord says, maybe it's even in the New Testament, take them in groups take them in groups of fifty, take them in groups of a hundred, the people have to come in in order.


The whole world is not going to be reconciled to Jesus Christ simultaneously, we're coming in stages, we're coming in groups and the people who are coming in in this first wave, are people who are called, these are not haphazard people who just happen to say Lord take me. It's too hard, it's just too hard. The people that have a special call on their life, not the people that choose Jesus, but the people who are chosen are coming in this hour, and then the next wave is going to come in, and then the next wave is going to come in. Jesus is not a respecter of persons, he loves everybody and if there is anybody out there that hears this message that is not being called to be a part of this wave, and they want it bad enough to pay the price, I believe if you bang on the door of heaven hard enough, Jesus will take you if you're willing to pay this horrendous price. But by in large the people coming in in this wave are the people called by Jesus for this specific purpose, and who are anointed by Jesus for the specific purpose to bear the hardship, it's not everybody. So the people that are coming in in this hour are out of either the physical, either the descendants of the physical tribe of or they are the spiritual tribe Joseph, which is a divided tribe, Joseph divided into Manasseh and Ephraim, and I think Ephraim is, (End of Tape Two)


Tape 3


Now we're not told that the whole tribe of Joseph is coming in, we're told that Messiah the second Messiah, son of Joseph will be the son of Joseph, okay but what I read up until now, Kabbalah or the Zohar doesn't have the revelation that the second Messiah is a many-membered Messiah, if that knowledge is in Judah, I haven't heard of it, but there is so much material that I haven't read yet that has not even been translated, that it is very possible that that knowledge is in Israel, I just haven't seen it. Okay, so when does Moses fit into all this, we're being told the first Messiah is the son of David, which we know to be Jesus Christ, the second Messiah is the son of Joseph which we know to be the offspring of Jesus Christ, okay which are not necessarily from the tribe of Judah, okay. So where does Moses fit into this? Let's finish this verse here. "..nor the scepter from between his feet, nor a lawmaker from between his feet. Now remember the lawmaker that's the second generation of sons, they're the ones that are going to engrave the nature of Jesus Christ on your mind. Remember this first Messiah gives you the seed which seed is Keter Chokhmah and Binah grafted to you, which three Sefirot give birth to the son in you, give birth to Christ Jesus in you, Kabbalah would say Zeir Anpin, and then it's Zeir Anpin that has the authority to engrave others with the nature of the first Messiah, and that's what we're doing in this ministry, see.


We're not bringing forth the seed in this ministry, that work was already done by Jesus Christ, and when I talk about this ministry I'm not talking about Living Epistles, I'm talking about the spiritual ministry that is coming forth here. This is our job, this what's going on here, this is all of you are writhing in pain, that's what's happening to you, you being hacked, your stone, and I and whoever is assisting me, we are the chisel that is engraving you, that is engraving your stony heart with the nature of Jesus Christ, that is what is happening to you. This is the ministry of the second Messiah, that we know to be the sons of God. Jesus said you shall do greater works, and what he was referring to is, that the sons of God are going forth and actually by sheer force of will converting the hard hearts of human beings into the fleshly hearts of Jesus Christ or of Christ Jesus in the individual, that's the greater work, it's the impartation of the new nature. The impartation of the new nature that is our call, and it's not give by the laying on of hands.


Okay so what does the rest of the verse say, "...nor the scepter nor the lawmaker from between his feet..", and remember the word feet refers to the carnal mind, you know and also the word from between one's feet has to do with reproduction, so there's the clue right there, I don't if there's any Kabbalist anywhere that understands this, but to say that the lawmaker is coming forth from between the feet, a first Messiah is to say that the second Messiah is the offspring of the first Messiah. So if there's any Kabbalist anywhere that has this revelation I don't know about it, but like I said there's a whole unending amount of material that I don't even know exists. All I know is what I see and I haven't read it anywhere, that there is an understanding that the second Messiah is the offspring of the first Messiah, but that does mean the knowledge is not in Israel. So the staff shall not depart from Judah, which refers to Messiah Ben David, okay that's the ability to graft the branch, nor the scepter, nor the lawmaker, or the ability to engrave the nature from between his feet, which refers to Messiah Ben Joseph, until Shiloh comes, and this is an illusion to Moses because the numerical value of Moses is the same as the numerical value of Shiloh.


So we're told the first Messiah is going to come, and the second Messiah is going to come, but not until Shiloh comes, Shiloh has to come first. Well what in the world is this talking about? So according to the Zohar, Moses is not even called Messiah, now do you understand it's from the beginning of this message I was teaching you from a writing, I believe that writing or that aspect of the teaching came from Chayyim Vital, a highly respected Kabbalist of the 16thcentury, and I don't know whether he was saying it or the present day Rabbi that was writing the article was saying it, but the article that I taught you from was saying Moses is first Messiah and the son of David was second Messiah. The Zohar says no the first Messiah is the son of David, the second Messiah is the son of Joseph, and they're not going to come until Moses shows up.


So this is obviously talking about the reincarnation of Moses. Well how and where is Moses going to reincarnate and once again here is Moses placed on the Mount of Transfiguration. For years I asked the Lord, I have information about Elijah, but what is Moses doing on the Mount of Transfiguration? And here we read in the Zohar that Moses has to come before the first or the second Messiah shows up. Isn't that interesting, and then he says, and then the verse says, "..and the obedience of the people now this is quoting right out of the Scripture, and the obedience of the people be his, whose? Moses'. So the first and second Messiah are not going to show up until Moses shows up and when Moses shows up the obedience of the people have to be his. Well what in the world does that mean? So in the very last sentence of this paragraph 234 says, this means that the correction shall reach from Moses and from Levi, his ancestors.


Well let me expound on this and I'll tell you what the Lord told me. As I have mentioned to you from time to time in various messages, Jesus is a combination, Jesus' ministry was a combination of Moses' ministry and Elijah's ministry, and the ministry of the second generation of sons must reflect Moses' ministry, Elijah's ministry, and Jesus' ministry.


Moses' ministry was in this paragraph anyway identified by bringing the people into obedience. Do you hear this, Moses ministry is being characterized in this paragraph of the Zohar as bringing the people into obedience and remember Moses failed, he hit the rock instead of speaking to it, the rock that stony heart that's suppose to be engraved with the nature of Christ, he lost his patience with the people, and not only did he lose his patience with the people, but as he sought to change their nature from Satan's nature to the nature of actually it would be Elijah that was in Moses, no it would be Michael, it would be the nature of God that was in Moses, which is Michael as far as the doctrine of Christ goes, the Lord hasn't cleared that up for me yet, because there's a discrepancy there between what Kabbalah says and the doctrine of Christ says.


Moses was trying to engrave the nature of God on the hearts of the rebels in the wilderness, and they were attacking him, because brethren when you are the son that's trying to change the nature of a man from Satan to God, Satan who is the God of that individual rises up and attacks you, whether the person is in agreement with it or not, whether the person knows that it's happening or not, that is what is happening. So Moses had thousands of people there in the wilderness, I mean I can't even imagine trying to bring that number of people under correction, I know I'd be dead for sure, because I have been attacked by Satan in people that I'm trying to help, that's the way it is, that's what happens. The truth of the matter is, that each of us human beings, we're empty vessels, we are just vessels, and we're filled, either we're filled with Satan or we're filled with God.


We in and of ourselves are empty vessels, and the spirit that fills us is the God of that person. So when Jesus came to the Pharisees and said you're vipers, he was not insulting them, he was telling them you are engraved with the nature of the Serpent, and I have come to give you life, but that life comes in the form of the nature of God, the life that I come to give you is imparted to you through a change of nature, and the way we change your nature is to identify the wrong thinking of the god of this world that is in your mind. So Moses must have been telling the people that they were doing something wrong, that they were thinking wrong or they were talking wrong, or they were praying wrong, or they were trying to get their needs met in the wrong way, and the people, Satan in the people rose up and attacked him, and he did not take the victory, he did not stay in Christ under that assault of all those people rising up and coming against him, accusing him of evil and making the him the evil one, he fell down under the attack and he rebuked Satan and tried to correct the people out of his carnal mind. And that is expressed in the Scripture as Moses hit the rock, instead of talking to the rock.


So we're told in this paragraph of the Zohar that Messiah Ben David and Messiah Ben Joseph are not going to come in the individual until Moses brings the people into obedience. Look brethren that's happening right here in this ministry, Messiah Ben David comes to you when the seed is grafted to you, oh but I have the Holy Spirit, you have the Holy Spirit when you first came here, you had the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ who is sent to direct you to Christ, and Christ is Messiah, the Holy Spirit is not Messiah, the Holy Spirit is not the mediator. So came here and as you came under obedience, Christ was grafted to you, Messiah Ben David, and did into your personal life, and as you continued to come under obedience, Messiah Ben Joseph is manifested to you, as the nature of God is engraved on your stony heart.


But for you to have the fullness of the experience of the two Messiahs dwelling within you, you have to come under obedience, and it's a step at a time, you come a little bit more under obedience, Messiah is manifested in you that much more.


You come a little more under obedience, Messiah is manifested in you a little more, and the end of the whole thing is, that you yourself become a full blown manifestation of Messiah. You become a manifestation of Moses himself because you too will be bringing others under obedience, you become a manifestation of Messiah Ben David, because you yourself will be an expression of the branch of the tree of life, with the ability to impart that seed to others, and you become an expression of Messiah Ben Joseph because you yourself will be engraving the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ on the stony hearts of the people that you are sent to minister to.


So we see that all three Messiahs are within your spiritual being, and this is the message of the Mount of Transfiguration. Now to be honest with you, I don't know where to fit Elijah into all this, the only thing that I know to say, and what I'm trying to do is reconcile the doctrine of Christ and Kabbalah, and I do not see Elijah associated with Messiah in Kabbalah but I know that Elijah was on the Mount of Transfiguration and I know that Jesus said, I am the incarnation of Elijah, so Elijah has to be in there. So either it's something that the Kabbalists don't have or it's a secret that the Kabbalists do have that is not written in the books that have been translated into English. I don't know which it is okay, but I believe that the ministry of Elijah, is the supernatural aspect of the ministry of Messiah, Jesus had a supernatural aspect of his ministry, he walked on water, now of course we see supernatural miracles in the ministry of Moses, but we see a different kind of supernatural ministry in Jesus Christ. Moses we see parting the red sea, we see Moses in the crisis making a way of escape where there was no way of escape, okay, but in Jesus we see him healing the sick, and casting out evil spirits.


So this is two different aspects of supernatural ministry. I think that it requires supernatural power to bring someone under obedience in Christ, and I'm what I mean there is not beating you into obedience, not forcing you into obedience. To persuade someone to come under obedience through teaching, takes an awesome supernatural power of Jesus Christ. So I see that power I relate that power to the miracle of Moses parting the red sea because literally each and everyone of you is coming out of Egypt, and Pharaoh is within you, and Pharaoh is chasing you and doing everything that Pharaoh can to stop you from escaping from the bondage of this world which is manifested as your physical body, and as your carnal mind, the bondage is really in your mind, see.


And whatever healing or deliverance you're getting, that's the ministry that's coming forth from the ministry of Jesus Christ. What did Elijah do, what was the supernatural ministry of Elijah? Elijah had the power to withhold rain, he had the power to withhold spiritual ministry, he had power over kings to bring forth repentance. So we see three different kinds of supernatural ministry here. Moses opening a way where there is no way of escape from Pharaoh, Elijah punishing the powers and principalities until they came into submission, and Jesus healing the sick and casting out demons, and all three of these ministries are to appear in the individual son, that's what happened on the Mount of Transfiguration. When we saw Moses and Elijah, that message was that Moses and Elijah were within Jesus, that was what the message was to the three disciples and whoever else would read about it in the Scripture, that Jesus was not there alone.


Didn't Jesus say that in the gospel of John, I'm not alone, see my father he's with me. And who was Jesus' father, Elijah was Jesus' father, and Moses was within Elijah, Jesus was not alone, you see. And none of you are alone, and none of us are alone, your father is in the midst of you, your father is now Jesus Christ and within Jesus Christ is Elijah, Moses and Michael. None of us is alone.


Now sometimes it feels like we're alone, sometimes I go before the Lord and I say Lord you have just got to help me because I believe this message, I believe what I just preached to you, I believe what I just put on this tape, and yet I have days that I feel so alone, and I'm saying lonely, I'm not lonely, but sometimes I feel so alone because I don't have the things of this world that usually give people confidence, I have the things of the world to come that give people confidence. And I have to say to the Lord this is sin that I feel so alone, everyone that you put around me, they have their natural families, if God forbid I ever went into a crisis and they had to choose between me and their natural families, they would probably choose their natural family, and from that point of view sometimes I feel so alone, but I know it has to be a lie in my mind, because I'm less alone than anyone who has the supports of this world, I have the supports of the world to come, and I have to believe and I do believe that any need that I have, the Lord would have somebody here to meet my need, but I don't see it now. It's not somebody that I know now, it's not somebody that I could look at now and say if I ever have a need you are the one who will help me. And the truth is that people have families, men have wives, women have husbands, people have children that fail you all the time, husbands that aren't there when their wives need them, wives that aren't there when their husbands need them, children who turn around and walk away when their parents need them. It's a plague in our society today senior citizens with no one to take care of them. So this is a complete lie in my mind. I am provided for more fully than any human being on the face of this planet today.


So why do I feel this way? Why do I feel this way? Because I'm still in the flesh and Satan is still alive and well and she's lying to me, see, and it's up to me to fight this war in my mind, and say Satan you are just lying to me, I am not of this world, I'm of the world to come, I am a being from another age dwelling in this age, I'm not of this world, my needs are being met in a different way, yet there is enough of me, enough of my flesh in this world that Satan can put these thoughts in my mind, if they're my thoughts, they may be even somebody else's thoughts for all I know, that's a real possibility you know that it's somebody else's thoughts, my sister's thoughts for example, or some people that I know who really are alone, who don't have Christ, who don't have Jesus in them, who don't have Moses and Elijah in them, and are sitting there thinking there's nobody here to help me when I get older, it's probably somebody else's thoughts, but when it comes into my mind, it comes in as my thoughts, and I have a war on my hands, and I have to fight it off because it's a lie you see, I have to know that it's a lie. So we're called to have all three Messiahs within us, and Christ in you is all three of these things.


So we're called to have all three Messiahs within us. And Christ in you is all three of these things, Christ in you is called to bring your carnal mind under obedience. If you're having trouble doing it, I'm here to help you. I'm here to get you started, some people need me to help them a little more then other people, but my whole job is to get Christ Jesus in you functioning, because it's Christ Jesus in you that is suppose to bring your carnal mind into obedience, and that is the aspect of Moses, manifesting through you.


Then you have Messiah Ben David in you, that's Keter, Binah, and Chokhmah, they're in you if you have the seed grafted to you they're in you, Messiah Ben David, and Chokhmah and Binah, those two Sefirot, have to give birth to the son in you, who will engrave your stony heart with the nature of Christ, and to the fullest extent that you can do it yourself, you don't need help, you don't need a nurse maid, you see. Until you could do it yourself, I'm here to assist you, and don't feel bad the majority of people can't do it themselves. 


Moses was in the wilderness with thousands of people, I can't even imagine showing thousands of people their sins or simply correcting the behavior that arises out of the carnal mind. The way you're doing it, it's not the right way to do it, here let me show you to do it this way. Pride rises up and tries to kill the man. So here's the message for tonight, one can say there are three Messiahs if you want to phrase it that way, there's Moses, there's Jesus and there's the second generation of sons and all three of them, or you're called to be all three of them, Messiah is in the midst of you, your savior is in the midst of you, your God is in the midst of you, your husband is in the midst of you, the life of the world is in the midst of you, eternal life is in the midst of you, he has to fully weave him together with himself for you to receive eternal life, but he's in the midst of you, that's your hope, Christ in you the hope of glory, and the warfare is in your mind. But number one, you have to come under obedience, your carnal mind must bend its knee to Christ in the smallest little nitty gritty detail. And the more you do it yourself the less you need me, but if you need me it's not the worse thing in the world.


So, I just want to add this little exhortation to this message because the three Messiahs in the Zohar. Any questions or comments. I just feel the Lord wants me to say another few words on the world to come, you see, Christ Jesus, Kabbalah calls him Zeir Anpin, he's called the life of the worlds, Malkhut she is the world, Malkhut in us the world, she is the earth, she's our physical body, she's our personality, she's the empty shell that we are, that is fully equipped and prepared to be filled. See Jesus talked about getting a new wineskin, he said if you put the new wine in the old wineskin, the old wineskin will break, what he was talking about was that he could not pour his life into a Malkhut that's filled with the spiritual filth of the carnal man.


So we don't necessarily need a new wineskin but our wineskin needs to be renewed through a cleansing with the washing of the water of the word and renewal of our mind, the way we think, the way we get things done, the way we get our needs met, that wineskin, is the Sefirot Malkhut in you, she has to be cleansed before the Lord can fill you with the power because if you're filled with the power with your carnal mind you'll break, and the spiritual word breaking, what it means in spiritual terms is that you have a mental breakdown, it's not a physical breakdown, it's a mental breakdown. If you pour spiritual power in to a mind that's not reasoning properly. It just seems so easy, you say well why doesn't the Lord just pour the power in and that will cleanse my mind, but it won't cleanse your mind it will break your mind. So the reason for doing it the hard way, the reason for cleansing your mind and straightening out your mind the hard way is that the hard way is the safe way, you won't break this way, you're going to be in pain it's going to hurt you, but you won't have a mental breakdown, and you'll straighten out little by little, and he'll pour the power into you proportionately. So that's what it's all about, Messiah in the midst of us, Christ Jesus the only mediator between God and man.


He brings with him everything. That name represents everything, that name Christ Jesus. If Christ Jesus is present in you, you have Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah cause he couldn't be present in you if you didn't have Chokhmah and Binah to give birth to him in you. And this is what the Scripture means when it says you have everything that you need, you are fully equipped to cross over this desert which is a spiritual desert in your mind, and that journey is from the carnal mind to the Christ mind. It's from the carnal mind which is the desert into the land of milk and honey which is the Christ mind. The desert is Malkhut, your personality which is all dry and dusty, and the land of milk and honey is Malkhut filled, and Malkhut becomes Shekinah filled with the glory of God.


So Christ Jesus or Zeir Anpin he is the life of the world, the world is Malkhut, Christ Jesus must join or marry with Malkhut to give his life to her, that's our personality, and once she receives his life and his light, she becomes the land of the living, Malkhut becomes the land of the living. See right now we're the land of the dead. Malkhut becomes the land of the living and she begins her ascent and when she ascends to the point where she joins with Binah, she becomes Shekinah, we enter into eternal life, and then ultimately she ascends to Keter, at which point we come out of the body and we become permanently sinless, and this is called the circuit of the son, the cycle of the son in the individual, and it all begins with the grafting of the seed. You can seed grafted without having the Holy Spirit, however the Lord does it in your life. Any questions or comments? God bless you all, Messiah is in training, the Savior is coming forth from Mount Zion, Be brave says the Lord and be bold, and cease not, but go forward saith your God, and you shall surely prevail.


COMMENT: Before you had the meeting, the song that I picked was all about Moses, and well the first song I picked was prepare the way of the Lord, and that he was going to come to his sons, and then the song was I said that it was about Moses in Exodus when he was speaking to the people, and they were afraid because Pharaoh was coming after them, and I said he parted the waters, and so the second song was stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, this is what Moses said, Fear not stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. And then well I explained that first before I sang the song, and then the second song was How Great is our God, and goes into he rolled back the waters of the mighty red sea, and as you were just talking about that, it thrilled me because the Lord gave me that, all that music and then I ended up with sing unto the Lord a new song. It was just such a confirmation.


PASTOR VITALE: That's wonderful xxxx, that's really wonderful, I'm glad to hear that, that God is moving that way in your life. Anybody else? God bless you.




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