554 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord. Towards the end of Part 1, I gave you an illustration and an explanation as to the levels of soul as they related to one another. This is drawing #1 of Part 1 where I related the levels of soul to the partzuf and we talked about Moses and the level that he had attained to. As I told you on that message, there was an excellent chance that the Lord would have to correct me, which He is. This is the way He teaches me and my assignment is to teach you as He teaches me. He does not wait for Him to perfect the teaching in me before He teaches you. So I now know, actually as soon as I finished preaching it at the end of Part 1, that it is incorrect to say that Moses ascended to the highest level available in this World of Action. I think I told you that he ascended to the 100 level down here in the World of Action. I'm going to have to make a correction on that. As always I'm going to leave Part 1. You have to roll with the punches. We're all learning on the hoof in this ministry. So we have drawing #1 on the board, which is the first of a series of drawings in which I will elect to show you the condition of Moses' mind and compare it to the condition of Jesus' mind and then compare that to the condition of our mind, which turns out to be, to me, a very exciting explanation of the 30 fold, the 60 fold, and the 100 fold.


If I'm not mistaken, in Part 1 of this message, when we realized that Moses had attained to the 100 fold, I was not able to relate that reality to the 60 fold and the 30 fold that Jesus had spoken about. I will do that today, Lord willing. That's just very exciting to me. Once again, we find out that we really need an understanding of Kabbalah to fully understand the New Testament. You don't need an understanding of Kabbalah to comprehend that Jesus was born of a woman, just like we were, and that He ascended above the highest heavens. He lived a life on the earth. He lived a life of perfection on the earth and He healed people and He delivered people and He gave up this life on this earth which could have continued indefinitely, so that He could ascend into the next higher level of Yechidah, which is beyond the flesh, so that He could pour out of His Spirit and save all of humanity from death. You can understand that from the King James Translation of the New Testament, but there is a great deal of the message as it gets deeper, right in the New Testament, that you simply cannot understand it in its fullness. I had a revelation of Jesus saying, well some have the 30 fold and some have the 60 fold and some have the 100 fold. I understood that there were three levels of ascension, but to really understand what that's talking about, you need a knowledge of Kabbalah.


So we thank the Lord Jesus that He has found us worthy to go on with deep studies. But I remind you all that our worthiness to go on. What is our worthiness to go on? What makes us worthy to go on and the other people, who are not going on, not worthy?


COMMENT: We are worthy because Christ is being formed in us.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Christ is our righteousness and He is our worthiness. Well, I hear somebody saying , well, I have Christ being formed in me too. That's right. You, too, are worthy. But of everyone who is worthy, everyone is not coming. Come, let everyone come. Submit yourself to the teaching. Submit yourself to the program of discipleship and come. You have your passport. Listen, I have a passport. I haven't been overseas in almost ten years, but I have a passport. As a matter of fact, the Lord just told me to renew it a couple of months ago. So I now have a renewed passport, but I'm not using it at this time. So everyone that has Christ grafted to them is worthy to pursue this course of study. But you do not acquire this knowledge by the laying on of hands.


You have to sit in the meeting. You have to listen to the tapes and you have to study. But even more than that, yo have to be in right order. You have to be obeying what God requires of you to the best of your ability and that means you have to be in a course of study that explains what God requires of you because how could we ever know if we're not taught? So you could read all these transcripts and listen to all these tapes, but if you are not going forward in your understanding, what you need to do is say, Lord Jesus, what do I need to do? Why can I not understand this? Now He might tell you to go back to message #1 of the Doctrine of Christ. I don't know. I honestly don't know what He will tell you? But your privilege is satisfied when Christ is grafted to you. That is your privilege. So if your privilege isn't getting you through the door, if your passport is not getting you into the new country, you have to humble yourself and ask the Lord what you need to be doing that you are not doing or what you are doing incorrectly. You see, you don't condemn the teacher who won't let you into the meeting because you're not prepared. We always have to look at ourself first.


Okay, let's go on. I have a good message for you tonight. Drawing #1 is pretty much a review. It is merely a point of reference for you comparing or showing you the five worlds, the partzuf of each world and the level of soul that each world is related to. Adam Kadmon is the highest world and the level of soul that is associated with Adam Kadmon is Yechidah. Yechidah means oneness, unity. That is the condition that the Lord Jesus Christ is in today. He is a unity. He is on such a high level that every aspect of God is unified within Him. He has become one with the Ayn Sof. He is every aspect of God. The next world is Atzilut or in English it's called the World of Emanation. You see, I study with different teachers and read different books. As far as that is concerned, if you see a word spelled differently from time to time, I don't know why I spell anything the way I do when I put it on the board. Don't be concerned if I spell it differently. If you're doing the transcribing, please just make sure I spell it the same way consistently throughout the whole transcript. Otherwise, don't worry about it, unless it's spelled two different ways on the same drawing, then please say something to me. Now technically, I have read that there are five partzufs in each world, Atik, Abba, Imma, Ze'ir Anpin and Nok. The teacher that we're studying with now says Nok. The book that I was teaching from in the series A Look At Kabbalah says Nukva. I believe they're the same partzuf. I am not one hundred percent sure.


But since lately we have been studying from the online Kabbalah course, I might as well go with the words that that teacher uses and he says Nok. Nok, Ze'ir Anpin, Imma, Abba and Atik are the five partzuf of each world. Yet for this study in the online lesson that I'm taking it from, the teacher says that there are only four faces. I'm just going to let it go for now. Apparently, he's not including Atik and I cannot explain to you why. So for our level that we're learning at right now, even at my level that I'm learning at, I don't consider it all that important. So I just want you to know where I'm coming from. This online teacher says that Atik is not a partzuf. What I do know about Atik is that Atik is pretty much the essence of the world above that has come down to be the brains of the world below. Let me say that again. There is an Atik in every world. Let's say Atik in the World of Beriyah would be the essence of the World of Atzilut that has descended into the World of Beriyah to become the brains of the World of Beriyah. Does anyone not understand what I just said? This teacher says that Atik is not a partzuf. So I'm just going to let it go at that because I don't have any more information and it's not even pertinent to this message. So we see the second world is Atzilut or the World of Emanation. We're told Abba of the World of Atzilut is the supernal father. What does that mean, the supernal father? Abba of the World of Atzilut is the highest father. Now Abba is the partzuf of Chokhmah, who is wisdom. We are told in the Scripture that the world was founded with wisdom.


This Chokhmah or Abba of Atzilut is the beginning of what eventually became the world as we know it. Therefore Abba of Atzilut is the supernal father. Then we have Imma and Ze'ir Anpin. In case you don't recall, Ze'ir Anpin has six sefirot; Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod and Yesod. They are collectively called Ze'ir Anpin, the son. Abba is the Hebrew word for father. Imma is the Hebrew word for mother. Ze'ir Anpin is the personal name of the son. I think the Hebrew word for son is Ben, if I'm not mistaken. Ze'ir Anpin is the son and Nok is the daughter or the female. We see these four partzuf appearing in every world. The best example that I could give you is to look at a natural family in this world. I know this is true in June's family that there's a "young June." Some families would say June, Jr. There's a Bernie, who's the father and there's a young Bernie or Bernie, Jr. In some families it goes on to Bernie the 3rd or Bernie the 4th if each generation keeps giving their son that name. This is what we're talking about, except in spiritual matters, all of these generations can and do exist collectively in the mind of the lowest generation. Brethren, this is reality in our world. Let me give you another explanation. Part of the reason, if not the whole reason, that humanity is so much more advanced than the animal world is because of our ability to record knowledge and to carry that knowledge from one generation to the next. So today in our generation, should a scientific genius be born, he would go to school and having a photographic memory, he would learn everything about physics.


He would learn all the knowledge about physics that has been acquired ever since the science came into existence, which goes back to Isaac Newton and Thomas Jefferson. This young scientist would be able, in one lifetime, to acquire all of the knowledge that all of these physicists spent their whole lifetime developing. Then based upon all of this knowledge that this young genius has, he would go forward and bring forth the next level of brilliance in the field of physics. This is one of the things that distinguishes us from the animals. Animals can't do this. Mankind has the ability to accumulate knowledge and experience. We also accumulate experience when we raise a child. Let me say it this way first. Everything that we are as a young adult pretty much comes out of who raised us. The people who raised us are everything that they are primarily because of who raised them. You can just look at two or three generations together and see the evolution of knowledge, of wisdom, of understanding, of tolerance in whatever way we are growing. You can see the evolution from generation to generation in the family. Well in the spiritual world, all of this accumulated knowledge, wisdom and experience resides in the youngest generation just like in the natural world. The child born today in the United States in this year, 2002, with all of the electronic advancements that we have, with all the knowledge that we have, with all the computers, a child born today with the mental aptitude has the greatest possibility of soaring way beyond his father who could be the top physicists of the day.


So we see that the youngest child has the greatest potential. Did not Jesus say, you shall do greater works than I did. The youngest child has the greatest potential because in that child is all of the accumulated potential of his ancestors. Well you might say, he's a young child, so how can he know what his physicists father knows? He doesn't. He has to go to school just like we, who are young Christ. Everybody studying with this ministry is young Christ. I don't know what Jesus knows or what Jesus knew, but I have the potential and you have the potential to know everything that Jesus, in the days of His flesh, knew and more. We are His offspring and His mind is in us. His mind is in us. As a part of Jesus' mind, because of His ancestors, is the mind of Elijah and the mind of Moses. These are our spiritual ancestors, Moses, Elijah and Jesus. When Christ is grafted to you, if you are willing to apply yourself and submit to the spiritual cleansing and if the Lord gives you permission, you can go on. The Lord has to give you permission. Hebrews 1:6; If the Lord permit, let us go on in the Lord. We all have everything that we need to go on to completion in the flesh, but we cannot go on without the permission from the Lord. Why? Is He against us? No! The Lord has a plan and that plan is to save all of humanity and that plan includes each man in his order. Now remember, we come into this world before Christ is grafted to us, with all kinds of deficits. Different people have different deficits and the Lord based on His wisdom and His knowledge is calling the people who are most likely to ascend, He's calling them first.


But nevertheless, if you're reading this transcript or hearing this tape, do not be discouraged. I am convinced with all of my heart that when the Lord said to Moses, in His Law, He said do not despise the stranger in the midst of you, but treat him as if he were a man of Israel. I am fully convinced that the person that hears this message and has a burning desire to go on to completion and is willing to pay the price that if you start banging on Jesus' door and you do not stop knocking, that He will let you in. I cannot promise you, but I am convinced of it. If you don't faint, He will give you that opportunity. You know, I had a married couple here a few years ago. The woman was called and the man was very carnal. He loved the Lord as much as he was able, but he wasn't very intellectually gifted and he was very good at casting out demons. He was very good at the ministry of the Holy ghost and he was very jealous of his wife's call. Although he wouldn't admit it, that was the case. He really did everything he could to hold her back. They came here one day and I has a word of knowledge for him and the word was to him, that if you would do your part, the Lord would receive you along with your wife. You know that man couldn't believe it. He walked out of here not believing it and two years later he died and his wife is now going forward. But the Lord said that to him, I'll receive you and I'll bring you in if you just lend yourself towards me and stop opposing your wife. I asked his wife at one point, why didn't he say amen and she said, he didn't believe that was the Lord speaking to him.


He didn't believe it was possible for him to go on with doctrine or the whole advanced walk. His wife was very spiritual, way beyond anything that he could be. He didn't believe God said that to him. That's what she told me. But I sit here wondering. That's what he told her, but perhaps he just wasn't willing to make the effort. Maybe he couldn't make the effort. You see, the Lord is righteous. You have to hear this. When the Lord made that offer, He probably knew that this man was unwilling or maybe even incapable of making the effort. But the Lord still offered, you see. Who knows what would have happened if the man would have made the effort. I don't know. But I do know this, at the very least, God would have given him a peace about the path that his wife had to walk and would have given him something to satisfy himself. But he wouldn't give it up and he died too young. He died in his sixties. He died a painless death and just keeled over one day. He didn't have any long sickness. Do you hear it? Okay, back to the message.


So what we're looking at here is the five worlds. Okay, let me finish here. The World of Emanation is liken to the chayyah level of soul, which according to my reading has to do with the morality of Christ that arises in you. Beriyah, the World of Creation, is associated with the neshamah level of soul. That is Christ. That is the beginning of the mind of Christ. If you don't have neshamah, you don't have the mind of Christ. If you don't have neshamah, the best you could hope for is a high level of integrity that comes out of the carnal mind and that is possible. There is integrity that comes out of the carnal mind. The World of Yetsirah is associated with the ruach level of soul and the World Yetsirah is the World of Formation. The World of Asyiah, the World of Action, is associated with the nefesh level of soul. Every man born of a woman has a nefesh. According to Kabbalah, every man born of a woman has a ruach. According to Kabbalah, you're born with the nefesh and the ruach is the personality which develops in the first year or so. I haven't really reconciled that with the Doctrine of Christ yet. I will, I'm sure, when the Lord brings me to that teaching. My understanding, from the definition of ruach according to Kabbalah, is that it is the spirit of man that we, in the Doctrine of Christ, call the personality. It's the reality of the man, the Fiery Serpent in your midst, your personality. So when the Doctrine of Christ says personality, that includes the human spirit. Kabbalah calls it ruach, the spirit, the personality. It's the same thing as far as I can see.


Any questions about that? So this is pretty much a review from Part 1. We're going to take this picture. Are there any questions on this board? Well, let me go over one more thing with you. What I'm suggesting to you is that all of these levels of soul and all of these worlds can overlap one another and exist as one mind in a man. I will show you how they overlap. You also may recall from Part 1 that I told you that the level of nefesh is the animal level of soul. It is nefesh to itself. But the world above, ruach, is the ruach to the nefesh level of soul and that each world above, you might say, is the god to the world beneath it or the higher mind to the world beneath it. Is everybody okay with that? I'd rather not re-teach that whole teaching. So we see that if we're down here in the World of Action and we have the ability to communicate or if we have developed within us the mind of Christ, what we really have is the next level of soul built into us, which in our case, is Christ Jesus. When Christ Jesus is added to us, we receive our neshamah and this neshamah is God to our mind that's down here in the nefesh level, just like Christ in the midst of us is God to our personality. Christ is God to the personality and the personality is God to the animal level of soul. What does that mean? Well, my animal soul wants to do all kinds of things that my ruach says, no, you can't do it. We're talking about conscience here. Neshamah or my Christ Jesus within me says no to some things that my conscience says is okay.


Didn't Paul say all things are lawful unto us, but everything is not expedient. All things are lawful unto us, but we can't do everything and some things are not right for us because we're serving Christ. I, with all of my heart, wanted to receive a musical gift. I am totally lacking when it comes to musical gifts, singing or playing an instrument. I wanted this so badly and I had the faith to believe I could receive it supernaturally. This was years ago. There was even a young man in our church who played the organ for us whose testimony was that he was so lacking talent that the music teacher said to his parents, I cannot take your money. Take your son home. This young man received a gift by the laying on of hands and at that time was playing three or four instruments and he was a delight. So every time I heard a testimony like that, I ran up to ask the person to pray for me. I wanted it so bad. You know what the Lord did for me. He raised up a family in the church to actually trust me to be alone in their home. They had a beautiful home with a piano. They left me alone in their house and I sat down at that piano and I played. I was there for about three or four hours and I had a wonderful time with the Lord. He had me playing some chords and it was very anointed and I walked out of that house and He said, Sheila, that's it. You're called to study and to teach. So I gave you your one night of anointed music and all things are lawful unto you. There is no reason why you can't play music, but you can't do everything and I want all of your time directed towards your studies.


I was always amazed at how many preachers can sing. So I could have said to the Lord, well, why can't I just sing? I've been to so many ministries where the preacher just sings a song at the beginning, but He didn't give it to me. The only thing that I will be known for in the Kingdom of God is that I am a teacher of the Doctrine of Christ. I guess I have to say I'm a Kabbalist at this point. That's the Lord's decision. Why couldn't He give me a singing voice? I don't know. He didn't. So the mind of Christ said to my ruach, to my conscience, well there's nothing wrong with your desire to sing or to play an instrument, but it's not expedient for you, so the answer is no. Then when we get up to the level of chayyah, this is the Lord Jesus. The level of chayyah or the World of Emanation is the Lord Jesus who communicates with Christ Jesus is me, who is on the level of Beriyah. Christ Jesus in me and in you is the student. He is the son that has the potential to be everything that His Father was in the days of His flesh plus more. Jesus said you will do greater works. But Christ Jesus in me is still a young man and that young man has a lot to learn and sometimes He makes mistakes. So if Christ Jesus in me makes a decision, even after much prayer, even if it's the most valid decision that Christ Jesus in me can come up with based on all of the experiences He has had in this incarnation in me, this expression of Himself in me, it could be wrong.


Let's say I and Christ Jesus make the very best decision that's possible considering who I am, where I am and what I've experienced so far. The Lord Jesus Christ, who is in Absolute, who is the level of chayyah, ethics and morality, can say to Christ Jesus in me, well, I know you did the best you could, son, but you made the wrong decision, so I don't want you to do it. Now sometimes I'm in that role to you. Whether I am neshamah to your ruach or whether I am chayyah to your neshamah, I don't know. But on occasions I'll come to you and I've told you (I don't remember who, but I know it has happened) that's really not the right decision. The answer that pops into my mind right now and I won't name the person's Husband. I'm going to change the name of the person's husband. Their answer to me was, well John said it was a good idea. My husband said it was a good idea. Your husband is not in Christ. So when you do that, what are you doing? Your husband is a very good man, but he has no idea where I'm coming from. So you have put your ruach, your personality or the personality of your husband above the mind of Christ, which is the sin of idolatry. The best thing we can all do is put a bridle on our tongue because these kinds of answers come out as a knee jerk reaction. If we would just stop and think, we wouldn't say a lot of things. Actually, the lady said it was pride before I said idolatry. It originates with pride and rebellion. All that mess is there. First you resent the correction. Pride resents the correction. Rebellion comes up with an answer and idolatry makes the answer a carnal authority. It puts the carnal authority over Christ. So you've got pride, rebellion and idolatry in an unholy league.


See, in the book of Proverbs, it talks about and it makes it sound in the book of Proverbs like it's individual people saying, come let us make a league against him. But no, it's talking about all these aspects of our carnal mind conspiring to overthrow Christ in you. All this goes on inside of our mind. Your carnal mind wants to overthrow Christ. Your carnal mind wants to break off the bands that Christ puts on it. What bands? Your ruach, which is under your neshamah. Your neshamah is Christ Jesus. So your neshamah strength is your ruach, your personality, who strengthens your nefesh, your animal nature. Those are the bands. This animal nature has the bands of the conscience of your personality, has the authority of Christ Jesus and if you're walking that way, has the bands of the Lord Jesus Christ. Your animal is all bound up, but never ceases to try to break free. So if we could pray for anything, ask the Lord to help you and me too, to help us to not have instant verbal reactions. Don't say anything, be quiet. Be quiet, so that you have time to think or pray. Do not yield to instantaneous reactions because they are always sin, always, when you're getting a correction in Christ, anyway. Even if it's an ungodly person, even if it's a person that's not in Christ, you should not give an instant response. It's a good thing to pray for, to not have an instantaneous response. You know I've seen people like that over the years. You could see it in their eyes. They don't say anything, but you could see it in their eyes that they're holding it back. I always wondered about that because I always had a big mouth. But now I see the wisdom of it. Don't say anything because you can't ever take it back. Once it comes out of your mouth, it's never forgotten. You can't ever take it back. Even if the person forgives you, it's just hanging there in heaven unless the Lord Jesus wipes it out, which is not an easy thing to do. It can be done, but it's not an easy thing to do. Okay, any comments before we go to drawing #2?


Drawing #2. This is the condition that the mind or the soul of Adam, the first man was in before he fell. I'm going to start with this little drawing to the right. He had a four fold mind. Please note that Jesus only speaks about the three fold. The King James doesn't say mind. It just speaks about three fold, thirty fold, sixty fold and a hundred fold. So Jesus speaks about three options that we, who are fallen at this time, can hope to attain to. But we are told that Adam, before the fall, was even higher than the hundred fold. He had the thousand fold. I've drawn this little man showing you the four layers of the mind of Adam before the fall or the four aspects of soul. Kabbalah teaches us that actually there are five aspects of soul. We will see that the Lord Jesus Christ, or if you're studying with us and you still don't believe that Jesus is Messiah, we'll just say the prophesied Messiah of the Jew, will have the five fold soul or the five fold mind which includes Yechidah, the level of Adam Kadmon. So what does that mean? It means Adam or the whole creation in its restitution will be higher than Adam was when he fell. Doesn't that make sense? Because for the very fact that Adam fell meant that there was something lacking in him. This is why we see in Genesis 2, Jehovah saying to Adam as he fell asleep, I will find a help that is meet or that is sufficient for you.


I hope that anyone reading this transcript or listening to this tape is far beyond believing that that help is a human woman who is suppose to cook and clean and provide sexual favors for a physical man. The help that Adam needed was what he was lacking spiritually that would have prevented him from falling under the seduction of the serpent. I've been preaching here for years, brethren, the only thing that you need is the completed mind of Christ. What is the completed mind of Christ? It means Christ grafted to you, matured into a full grown man and joined to the Glorified Jesus Christ. That is the completed mind of Christ in you. Now the Lord Jesus knows that we're not in that condition. Our help has not been fully added to us yet. So He has mercy on us. He heals our diseases. He provides our financial needs. He makes sure we have food. He's very faithful to those who pursue Him in Spirit and in Truth. But that's only emergency room treatment. Jesus' ultimate provision for us is a completed mind so that we can take care of ourselves, in Him. Of course, we have to be grafted into His mind. This is not His goal that we should be crying out for help day and night. He wants us to be strong and independent and powerful in Him, at least temporarily, to provide assistance to the rest of the world and when the whole world is reconciled, I don't know what we'll be doing. But we're suppose to be powerful, undefeatable, immortal, and we are suppose to rule over the other creatures or the other inhabitants of the creation. I do know that. The Lord just reminded me of that.


There are creatures that live in the other planes of consciousness that are not human. Humanity or mankind is just another way of saying Adam. Adam is the creature that is designed to be the house of Ayn Sof. For that reason, humanity is called to be higher than all of the other creatures in the other planes of consciousness. The Lord just reminded me that I do know that, but that's just a blanket statement. We're called to rule over the other creatures of the creation. We have an idea of who the evil creatures are, but I think that there are creatures that are not evil. I don't know. We have so much to learn. But we are called to rule over the entire creation, whatever that is. Whatever that entails, I don't know, but it is an immense responsibility that we must be prepared to do. Number one (numeral uno) that we must have in order to rule over all of the creatures of creation is that we must be spiritually superior to them. Why is that? To Lord it over them? No! It is out of order to have the weaker rule over the stronger. It is out of order to have the weaker rule over the stronger. This is why it is illegal for the woman to rule over the man. This is why in this fallen creation it is not uncommon to find the wife really stronger or wiser than the husband, but that does not give you license to rule over your husband. It's very hard to be a woman in a human marriage. It is hardest when you are really wiser, at least in some areas, than your husband. That does not give you license to take authority over him.


You have to go through a mediator when you have a problem with authority, whether it's your husband or your boss or a policeman or a fireman or a Pastor or any kind of person with any kind of authority even if it's the teller at the bank. Whenever you want something from somebody else, when somebody has the power to say yea or nay to what you want, they have authority over you. It is wrong for you to try to exercise authority over them. You have to humble yourself and ask the Lord Jesus to intervene, to mediate with the authority on your behalf. That's the bottom line. So this creation is fallen and it is out of order, but in the reconciled or in the rectified creation, everything will be in order. So the king of the earth must be stronger than all the inhabitants of the earth because, among other reasons, when we're weak we have a tendency towards violence. When we have the authority in our hands and we know that the people that we are ruling over are stronger than us, we are subject to fear. When you're afraid you have a tendency to become violent or aggressive or cruel. We just heard that off the tape this morning. So we need to be a strong ruler that we might rule in kindness and love and mercy and compassion. When you rule out of weakness, the tendency to be abusive is very great because you fear the person you're ruling over. You fear them because they really have the ability to overtake you, if that is the case.


I was saying in the restitution, Adam will be greater than he was before the fall. As we could see from this drawing #2, Adam was quite great before the fall. He had the thousand fold. So let's go over this. This is the four levels of Adam's mind before the fall. I'll start with the lowest level. He had the nefesh, the World of Asyiah, the lowest level. This level is called nefesh and it's associated with the partzuf Nok or Nukva. Nukva is associated with Malkhut. Nukva is the partzuf of Malkhut and Malkhut is the World of Action. This whole world is Malkhut. The world in its entirety is called Malkhut and each one of us in ourselves is a world that is Malkhut. Everything that we could see is Malkhut including the universes and the planets. So this is the nefesh level of soul and this is the primitive man. Now Freud talked about this. I don't think he used that name. All of the famous psychiatrists that brought forth the philosophy of psychiatry or psychology that we read about today, acknowledged a primitive man in all of us. Sometimes it's called the libido. Every man that's born of a woman has a libido or an id. Sometimes it's called an id, depending on who the philosopher is who wrote this up. Sometimes it's called a super ego. What it is, it's the unconscious part of your mind. That's what it is. Every psychiatrist or philosopher that has written about this aspect of man has known that it is wild, unrestrained and totally selfish. It is the animal nature that hunts for food, that will kill, if necessary, rather than be killed. Every man has this animal nature, unconscious part of the mind, id, super ego, libido. Those human qualities that are associated with this libido are the unyielding and un-relentless drive to provide food, shelter and sex for oneself.


There are human beings that have lived on this level. Maybe today in some parts of the world there are others. I don't know, but I know at some time in human history, we had primitive aspects of mankind. Their whole life was consumed with hunting for food. They lived in caves. There was a time when they didn't even have fire, just looking for shelter in caves, killing animals for food, eating raw meat and looking for a female to have sex with. Now this may come as a shock to you today, but in our enlightened society there are people who live on this level. They may live in a nice house and they may speak human language, but if you look at their life, their primary goal in life is to feed themselves, shelter themselves and provide themselves with sex and they don't want anything more than that. They don't want a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. They just want their needs met. Now in our society, that's called mental illness. If that's your condition, you're mentally ill by our society's standard, and what you are is a primitive man. So according to the level of spiritual maturity that our society has attained to, you're retarded, because the average man in our society is at least up to the level of Yetsirah. The average man exists on the level of Yetsirah, which is the level of ruach, which is spirit or personality. You have ruach if you're living on the level of man. If you're primitive, you're living on the level of animal. See, I don't care if you're a millionaire, if your mind is in the condition where all you want is food, shelter and sex, you're living on the level of an animal. This is all written up down here.


A civilized man pursues positive relationships with people. Food, shelter and sex is not enough to satisfy you. You need human interaction. You need society in your life. You need to have people like you. You need to like people. You need to have human interaction. That's what makes you a civilized man and you're living on the level of Yetsirah, which is the World of Formation. That means the man has begun to be formed in you. But of course this civilized man is not a spiritual man. He's civilized compared to the primitive man, to the level below you. That would be the second level of soul or mind that existed in Adam before the fall. The third level, we associate with the World of Beriyah. What I didn't tell you was that the number thirty is associated with the primitive man and we see that number doubles when you become a civilized man. You become a sixty when you go up to the next level, which makes you an enlightened man. Here the next level up, you're on the level of soul, neshamah, which to us is the mind of Christ. That is the grafting of Christ to you and you start to look out beyond yourself because even when you're desiring society and relationships with other people, you're still thinking about yourself. This is a hard word. No matter how nice you are to somebody and no matter what you do, if your true motive is to satisfy your own need, you're not doing anything for the other person. It's for you, you see, and you're still considered a civilized man.


But when you start doing things for other people because Christ tells you to do it, not because there's anything in it for you, you start to become an enlightened man. Of course, there's much more to being an enlightened man and doing for other people selflessly. Being an enlightened man is the grafting of Christ to you. Your eyes start to open to the rest of the world. Even if there's nothing you can do about it, you may become interested in politics. I remember a woman who used to come to this fellowship. She was very sad. She only had two children and she certainly was interested in God. She pursued God and she eventually went back to school and graduated college, so she's an intelligent woman. But her two sons were really serious drug addicts. She came in one day very sad and said to me, there was something political going on at the time. I don't remember what, but it was a big issue. This was more than ten years ago, before Clinton, so I don't know what was going on. She came in and was very sad and said, you know they're not interested in anything. They're not interested in politics or what's going on in the world. All they do is shoot up and have sex. That's all they do. She was very sad about it, but she recognized that her sons were primitive. So when you become an enlightened man, you become aware that there's a world besides you. You start coming out of your narcissism, even if there's nothing you can do about it. It's been a very good thing to really help me to appreciate everything that I have that God has given me.


There are people right in this great country sleeping on the streets and people who can't read. Aside from the fact that God has given me this glorious word, there are people who can't read and people who read but cannot understand. There are people who have three serious diseases at the same time. I've heard all kinds of stories. I look at other countries and I see that there are people that are living in a totally different world. I lead a very enlightened life and there are people that are still living the way we lived here fifty or a hundred years ago in the United States and in Europe. So being enlightened helps you to appreciate what you have. Sometimes you hear families that can afford it when their child graduates college, to send them on a trip around the world to enlighten them, that they should realize what they have here, that they should take advantage of it. Do you know how many young people don't take advantage of what we have in this country? The opportunities for education, to learn, to do, to be. So we want to be enlightened. We want to be aware of the world around us. We want to ascend out of narcissism and become involved as a world partner, as somebody who can influence the world with prayer or anything else that the Lord leads us to do. It's important to know that we are not "it." There are other people. There are other things. There's so much going on in the world today.


So when you start to become enlightened, it means you're ascending to the level of neshamah, which is sometimes called the higher mind. There is that level of soul in the carnal mind and you can ascend in the carnal mind. There are a lot of people in the world today who are enlightened and they are not in Christ. But no matter how people may choose to deny it, the truth is that the western world and the degree and the extent of civilization that has emerged from the western world, both education, knowledge, arts, music and society has come out of the society that is influenced by the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. That cannot be denied. I guess some people can deny it, but I cannot deny it. But there is an ascended mind that is outside of Christ. Now the Holy Spirit can influence that ascended mind. It doesn't have to be Christ grafted to you. But to go above neshamah in the carnal mind, the next level up, you become a spiritual man. So if you keep on ascending outside of Christ, you're in trouble. You're into witchcraft. So better for you to not be enlightened beyond this level that you just have a consciousness of other people in the world. It's better to not be enlightened spiritually than to be enlightened spiritually in the wrong spirit.


So the fourth level of mind that Adam had was the level of mind that's associated with the World of Atzilut, which is the highest world below Adam Kadmon. Remember Adam Kadmon is the light of the Ayn Sof inside of a border. Adam Kadmon is all that the Ayn Sof is, restricted to a border, the border of the sefirah. So essentially, he's everything that the Ayn Sof is. So Adam, the first man, was not on the level of Adam Kadmon, but he was on the level of Adam Kadmon's body, the World of Atzilut. He attained to the thousand fold and he had the chayyah level of mind in addition to neshamah, ruach and nefesh. So if you want to look at it, I wrote it down over here. Adam had a four fold soul or a four fold mind before the fall. His father was within him. Didn't Jesus say my Father is within me? What did He mean? This is what He meant. When Jesus said, my Father is within me, He said that He was connected to the World of Atzilut. That's what He was saying. When He said my Father and I are one, He was saying I have a mind that ascends all the way up to Atzilut. That's what He was saying.


He was saying that He is a spiritual man. He went all the way up to being a spiritual man. Adam had a four fold mind before the fall. His father was in Atzilut. His mother was in Beriyah. That's neshamah. He, Himself, appeared in Yetsirah (that's the World of Formation) as the son and Adam's immortal permanent image (that means he didn't die) was appearing in Asyiah, the visible World of Action. All of these four worlds were within Adam before the fall. You see, he was not in the four worlds. The four worlds were in him and they were not linear like this. I've drawn this in a linear fashion so that you could understand, but actually they were within one another. All of these worlds were inside one another, each world as a sphere, and this whole collective sphere was inside of the image. That's why the etheric plane is within us and the astral plane is within us. If we have Christ, the world of Christ Jesus is within us because we are the image and the worlds are within the image. Any questions? We'll go on then.


Drawing #3. I'm not a very good artist. I have attempted to show you that each of the four worlds is a sphere within a sphere. You should think of each world as a hollow sphere and inside of each hollow sphere is another hollow sphere. The most outermost sphere is the visible world which appears as the physical body because each human being is a world and that is Asyiah. Your physical body is your personal Asyiah. Within this physical body, that we cannot see because the three worlds within are invisible, is the etheric plane which is Yetsirah, your personal Yetsirah within your body. Some teachers call it the health aura. I don't know how true it is, but I just read that this is where all diseases originate and are rooted because the etheric plane is the invisible earthen plane within us. We have two garments to our spiritual life, this outer physical body and the inner etheric body and both are earthen. The disease appears in the physical body as a plant appears above ground, but is planted, rooted and grounded in the etheric body. This is the explanation for some people having pain after a limb has been amputated. There is still some unattended aspect in the etheric plane that is causing the pain. So some day, perhaps, the Lord will give us the understanding of how to heal in the etheric plane.


See, some Christians say, well, I'm not the healer. Jesus is the healer and I just pray. But you know, that's not completely true because I know that there are certain minor diseases that I have authority over. I know there are certain minor diseases that if I know that you have it and you're a person of faith, I will pray for you and you will be healed. Of course, an exception could happen, but like there is a ninety nine percent chance you will be healed with certain minor ailments. So I do have the power to heal. My power to heal, what little bit I have, does originate and arise out of Christ Jesus within me. When I'm doing the works of Christ Jesus, I am Christ Jesus, but we have to know our limits. When I first came into the church there were people who were saying I can heal you of cancer. Throw all your medicine away. I can heal you of diabetes. Throw all your medicine away. That's foolishness. I look forward to the day that I could say to you, I have authority over diabetes and cancer, but I know today that I don't. Therefore, in accordance with the exhortation that has come forth before this, on the prior drawing, I have to go to my higher mind. You see, I'm the young Christ Jesus. I have to go to the Lord Jesus Christ and say, are you willing to heal this person of cancer? Are you willing to heal my own infection? What do you want me to do? Are you going to heal me or should I go to a doctor? What do you want me to do? So we have to know our limits.


So therefore I can say to you, I do have some power to heal minor conditions. I know that when I cut my finger I have never had an infection. I just pray over my finger and I curse the bacteria and it heals. I have power over little conditions. If I burn myself on the stove, I just touch my hand and rebuke it and I've never blistered yet. But of course that's a minor burn. I'm a young lad, a young Christ Jesus with power, but I do have my own power to heal in limited areas. See, I don't see Jesus going before the Father and saying, Father, should I pray for that man or woman. He didn't. Jesus had the power to heal, resident within Him. Jesus was a man with the hundred fold or with the thousand fold. I'm not sure at this point. I know that the resurrected Jesus went even higher. Jesus was either the hundred fold or the thousand fold. I have to hear from God about that. But He had His own power to heal. Praise the Lord. We have to know what we can do and what we have to petition the Lord for. Do you remember that Peter went to see Dorcas? The saints called him to see Dorcas and he sat down and he prayed for her. He checked with heaven to see if he had the permission to raise her from the dead. If he didn't have permission to raise her from the dead and he said arise and she didn't get up, he would have made a fool out of himself.


But Jesus, when He raised Lazarus from the dead, He said, I know that I have the power to raise him from the dead. But I'm just praying to you for these carnal people out here that need to hear me. Depending on the condition of your mind or your soul, however you want to say it, depending on what is built up in you, whether you're built up to the third or fourth layer of mind, you can do certain feats. Once the Lord Jesus Christ builds you up to the fourth level of mind, that healing power is yours. It belongs to you. But you see, I was like a lot of people in the church today. I was in old order deliverance casting out demons. I had all kinds of power over demons. Then one day it didn't work anymore. I was mortified. I didn't understand what happened to me. I thought I lost my power with God. But the truth is that I never had any power to cast out any demon. It wasn't my power. The Lord had loaned me that power and He took it back when He had something else for me to do. That was Jesus' power to cast out demons. He had power to heal and to raise the dead and it was His power. His Father gave it to Him, but it wasn't loaned. It was His. That is the difference between the imputed and the imparted anointing.


This is a simple drawing. I was just hoping to show you that the innermost mind is wisdom. That is the super conscious, your higher mind, wisdom that comes without learning. Wisdom and knowledge that comes to you without instruction. You just know the answer. I have had tremendous victory over problems with my computer. Not only do I not know what's wrong with it, but any really qualified technician that comes in doesn't know. Sometimes you just don't know what's wrong with any kind of mechanical equipment. Sometimes you just can't find out what's wrong and the Lord has told me what's wrong on several occasions. You know it's just like a doctor trying to diagnose a disease. Sometimes doctors just don't know, but the Lord tells me. This is the level of wisdom, knowledge that comes without experience or without studying. That's what Adam had before he fell. Let me get it on this tape once again. This is the crux of the error of the kingdom doctrine in the church today. They have a problem believing that God could have perfected Adam without experience because down here in this fallen world, nobody can be completed or go on and mature as a human being without experiences. But we are already fallen. You see, I cannot lay hands on you and impart everything that I have acquired from all of my studies and all of my overcoming experiences with God. I cannot give it to you by laying hands on you. I can give it to you if you're willing to hang out with me and submit to me for long periods of time so you can get what I have.


It literally has to be impressed upon you after spending long periods of time with me. Adam Kadmon had the ability. See, I don't have it. None of the great men of God had it. John Lake didn't have it. But Adam Kadmon had and has the ability to impart everything that Adam Kadmon had to Adam the first man, without Adam, the first man, having experiences. That ability can be manifested and is manifested to the people of God on the level of wisdom. I could have a technician come and look at my computer and he could say, oh I had that problem before and I remember what the answer is. I have some knowledge on that basis of having solved it before. See, the first time I have the problem and I don't know what it is and I get the answer by wisdom, without knowledge, without study, without experience, it comes out of the blue and deposits in my mind. That comes from the higher mind of wisdom, but after that if I have the problem again, I don't get the answer from wisdom. Now I have the answer because I experienced hearing from my higher mind and doing it and finding out that I had heard the truth. So even in this hour, we are not being perfected by experiences. We're having a double education in this hour. It is our carnal self. The way we preached it in the Doctrine of Christ was that Cain has to be educated as well as Abel. Cain is learning by experience, but Abel is still getting knowledge imparted to him by his higher mind without study or experience.


The more carnal you are (and that's not an indictment) if you're carnal, you're carnal. The more carnal you are, the more you're learning through this kind of human instruction, preaching and teaching and explanations. As you ascend, the more spiritual you get, the more spiritual wisdom you're going to get. See that's the difference between wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge is acquired through learning. Wisdom just comes out of the blue. It comes out of the higher mind that lives in you. His Name is Christ Jesus. Wisdom is your super conscious. Christ Jesus in you is your super conscious. Super means high. Sub means low. Super is a prefix that means high and sub is a prefix that means low. So your Asyiah, your outer world, is your conscious part of your mind. The etheric plane or Yetsirah is the subconscious part of your mind. Then as you go deeper, your unconscious part of your mind comes from the astral plane and even deeper inside of that, is the wisdom of the mind of Christ, if He's in there. Everybody doesn't have Him. He is your super conscious. Now of course, this all exists in the serpent's timeline also. Of course, the unconscious part of the mind of all of us fallen people is Satan. See, we have communications coming from the astral plane, the unconscious part of the mind, which is Satan coming out and talking to us, coming out as a thought into our conscious mind. Then we have thoughts coming out of wisdom, which is Christ Jesus, our super conscious, coming out and giving us thoughts into the conscious part of our mind also.


So we have thoughts right here in this conscious part of our mind, which is our personal Asyiah, our personal World of Action. We have the thoughts from the super conscious, which is Christ Jesus and we have thoughts from the unconscious, which is Satan and they both come into this conscious part of our mind. This is the foundational message that I have been preaching for years. We must learn to distinguish where every thought that comes into our mind has originated from. To think that every thought that comes into our conscious mind comes from Christ Jesus (I don't mean to insult you) but that makes you a scriptural fool. Now don't get insulted. Just ask the Lord to help you to change. Ask the Lord to help you to get this revelation that every thought that comes into your conscious mind is not from God. As a matter of fact, if you really believe that, if you still believe that, the chances are that ninety nine percent of your thoughts are not God. So how could you believe that? If more and more of your thoughts are God, if at least fifty percent of your thoughts are God, then you wouldn't have any problem believing that you've got both thoughts in your mind. Now this applies to different situations. Don't be deceived because you hear from God concerning revelation. The fact that you hear from God, that you get revelation, that is a gift. What I'm talking about is everyday occurrences. Of course, you could get revelation that's not from God. I'm not putting revelation from God down. That's a good thing.


But because you get a revelation of the understanding of the Scripture, even if you're advanced enough that you hear God every once in awhile telling you to go here or go there, don't assume that every thought that comes into your mind is God because it's not. That's where some very believing people in God stumble. I'm talking about the nitty gritty everyday situations where you're talking to your employer, where you're talking to a stranger on the train. So you can have this aspect of God manifesting through you. You can spontaneously witness. God could send you places. You could be very anointed and yet you're still hearing two voices in other situations. This is the same principle as I just said earlier. You have to know what diseases you're capable of healing and what you can't heal. I know I can heal a minor infection and even with that I could mess up, but basically speaking, if you cut your finger, I've got it. But I'm not going to tell you I can heal your cancer, you see. So in some areas you may hear from God, but in other areas you may not hear from God. Each man has to learn for himself where the line is. Once you get that understanding of where that line is, then you have the opportunity to really be diligent in the areas where you're still being deceived. We know that the biggest issue in this ministry is people speaking out during these high spiritual meetings and giving input that comes from their carnal mind. It's the thing that we're dealing with in this hour.


People here have found out that even though they're highly spiritual and have all kinds of spiritual experiences under other circumstances, in this high spiritual meeting, Satan speaks through them and they don't know that it's Satan. That's what we're working on right now, revealing the difference between the two thoughts. See, you have to know where the line is in your life. You need to know that no matter how anointed you are and this is true of me also, Satan can still get into the conscious part of your mind. In a second, boom, the thought is there. That's why Paul said, lay hold of every imagination. You must examine every thought. If it's a thought that wants you to speak and say something, if it's a thought that wants you to do something, you have to say, Lord, what in the world is that? Was it you? Do you want me to say it? Do you want me to do it? Now don't be condemned if you're not doing that. I'm giving you a goal. This is the sign of a highly spiritual person. I am not putting anybody down. Every gift you have is good. What I'm saying to you is don't think that you're something that you're not. Because if you think that you're something that you're not, you're going to get into trouble. That's all that I'm saying to you. So if you prophesy on the floor of the church, don't think that you're a great one because you don't even have to know how to do anything to do that. You just have to open your mouth and speak.


But even if you're moving in other areas that are mature, if God sends you to other people and you have a mature ministry, you still can mess up. It could happen to me. It does happen to me, only I have a unique gift from God that when I mess up, I know it immediately. There's no condemnation in messing up because we're all fallen. The problem is that if you don't know that you messed up and you build on your mess up, it gets more and more serious and eventually you have to go all the way back to the point that you messed up at and straighten it out. This is the mentality behind me coming to you and saying, what you just said was out of order. I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm trying to help you deal with it right now when it's new, when the mark that just went on your soul is not deep because every time we speak out of our carnal mind we get a mark in our soul. Eventually all these marks are going to be erased and they're much easier to erase when you catch it as soon as you said it. Don't let it get old. See, if you don't catch it right away, it starts immediately on a simple level to bring chaos into your life. If you don't have this revelation, a week or a month or a year down the line, chaos might come into your life. You could go before the Lord and say, where in the world did this come from? Where did this hardship come from into my life? Now you can do that. I have done that. Then the Lord will tell you, oh do you remember what you said or did back three years ago? Oh my God, forgive me Father. But if you can catch it right away, the chaos won't come into your life.


So that's what we're trying to do here. I'm here to help you to overcome all of these stumbling stones that Satan is throwing in your path to stop you from overcoming your carnal mind. These thoughts of Satan and the thoughts of Christ, the thoughts of the unconscious and the thoughts of your super conscious come into the same place and frequently they sound exactly the same. Now sometimes I can recognize the Lord's voice as the Lord, but sometimes Satan is just a very good imposter. So you have to rely on more than the sound of the voice. Jesus said my sheep will know my voice. He wasn't talking about an audible voice. He was saying my sheep shall understand my communication and everything has to line up.


This is drawing #4. I'm showing you Adam, the first man after the fall. We see that Adam fell from the one thousand fold to the one hundred fold. Now at this point, I want to make it clear to you that what I've told you previously, that Ze'ir Anpin appears on the level of the sixty fold, is talking about Ze'ir Anpin in the heavenly constellation. It is not talking about the fallen man. I really have not clearly distinguished between the two different ascensions of the two different minds of Christ and of the fallen carnal mind that mortal man has. Now I've woven them together, so I hope I haven't confused you. All I can do is try to straighten it out now. I'm telling you that Ze'ir Anpin is appearing on this level of the sixty fold. Ze'ir Anpin is Christ Jesus to us. You're a pretty powerful person if you're walking around with Christ Jesus as your mind, but we are fallen. I may have to do another drawing to explain this.


This is drawing #5. This does get a little confusing, but I hope to help you to understand that the five levels of soul that we read about in Kabbalah are the five levels of soul of the Jew. Now the belief of the Jew is that they are different and I believe that the Scripture says that the Jew is different than the rest of humanity. It says the rest of humanity can eat pork, but you, the Jew, cannot eat pork. There are several other laws including the dietary laws. I don't know about the whole law, but I know there are many aspects of the law that Jehovah says to the Jew, you cannot do what other men do. It's okay for the heathen to do it, but it's not okay for the Jew to do it. I know it was a long time ago that the Lord explained to me that when Christ is grafted to you, things that the heathen does with impunity will damage the Christ that's grafted to you. When Christ is grafted to us, we become midwives or nurses who are very much responsible to the Christ child that is grafted to us. We are responsible to feed Him the Doctrine of Christ or Kabbalah. We are responsible to walk as holy a life as we can, which will give this spiritual child that is grafted to us every opportunity to be fully born because once the seed is grafted to us, there is no guarantee that He will be fully born. There is definitely something that we have to do, just like a human woman has to take care of herself. She takes vitamins, rests and watches her weight. It's the same thing. We have a responsibility. For that reason the heathen and the idol worshipers and even the church aren't made accountable. Although it doesn't say this in the Scripture, I believe this is the truth. The people that do not have Christ grafted to them can do things, with impunity, that the Christian that Christ is grafted to cannot do.


At the moment I can't think of any example. Let's just say study. You know, we have this deep deep study here. The Christian that just has the Holy Spirit is not suffering. The Christian who has the Holy Spirit and is just interested in the gifts and dancing and singing are not doing any harm if they don't have Christ grafted to them. Once Christ is grafted to you, if you choose to remain in a place where all you do is sing and dance and verbally praise God, this child that's grafted to you will ultimately die. So once Christ is grafted to you, you really have to go on to a deeper teaching ministry. That's not putting you under the law. The child in you will be craving deeper teaching, you see. So in that sense it is true that the Jew is different than the rest of humanity. But when we, the gentile, have Christ grafted to us, that makes the gentile equal in potential, equal in spiritual potential to the Jew. See, we talked earlier on this message about spiritual heritage and how we inherit all of the genes of our parents. (End of tape 1)Tape 2


If we come from a spiritual line of people, the child born of that marriage has in his genes a potential to study Scripture that another child doesn't have. These talents definitely are passed on through the genes. I don't know about the secular Jew, but a Jewish child is born in an ultra orthodox home where his father and his grandfather and the women worship and study the Word. His parents and his grandparents and his great grandparents and his great great grandparents all have spent their whole lifetime in the presence of the Spirit of God and His Word. That child that's born into the 11th generation is going to receive something in his genes that will manifest as a very great potential to be drawn to the Spirit of God and the Word of God and to pursue after that drawing.


So from that point of view, the Jew is different than the rest of the world. Especially the ultra orthodox Jews, who all know their genealogies going back a couple of thousand years. They have actually kept records of their genealogies going all the way back. They have all of that genetic heritage of all these ancestors that have served the Living God. When that child is born, especially a male child for the Jew, who are still to some degree under the law, that child will be born with a physical, mental and spiritual potential to serve God that is greater than the man who walks in off the street and answers an altar call. This is the truth, you see. But in Christ Jesus, when that seed is grafted to the gentile, when Christ is grafted to you, if you submit yourself to the discipleship of the Spirit and to the deep study of the Word, as is going on here, you have the genetic potential that is equal to the Jewish male that is born of a thousand generations of people serving the Living God. You see, that Spirit drenches into the family line. But those of us that are gentiles, that don't have that heritage, when Christ is grafted to you, your heritage is Jesus Christ, Elijah and Moses. But what it is, is a potential. That means every Christian that has Christ grafted to him, has the potential to understand what we're doing here. But a lot of people pick up our transcripts of the latest tapes and they want to go right in at the end and they haven't the vaguest idea of what I'm talking about. Some people move in and they understand enough of what I'm talking about to pick up at this point, but if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you have to go back and start at the beginning or wherever the Lord leads you to start.


So my whole point is that when Kabbalah talks about the five levels of soul, it is not talking about the fallen man. It is not talking about the Gentile. It is talking about the five levels of soul of the Jew. I can't get into a treatise of where the Jew is today that rejects Jesus. I can only tell you this. I'm taking an on-line course with a rabbi who does not believe Jesus is Messiah and he is definitely anointed. So somehow the Lord is honoring this rabbi's service, despite his error of rejecting Jesus as Messiah. Look, every ministry has error. I'm not going to defend it or try to explain it. I know that when I met the Lord Jesus in an orthodox synagogue when I was ten years old, I didn't know what had happened to me. Twenty or more years later, when I found that Spirit again in a church, I was told by some very well meaning Baptist that I could not possibly have met Jesus in a synagogue. But I did, you see. I did and you can't take my experience away from me. You see, no one can take your experience away from you.


So I know for a fact that there are some Jews today who have a heart that pants after God and that they're worshiping Him to the best of their ability with the knowledge that they have, which excludes Jesus as Messiah. Can they enter into eternal life without receiving Jesus as Messiah? I don't think so. But the Lord is receiving them right where they are up to that point. What point? The point of having an anointing and revelation and understanding of the Word. Whether or not they have any power to heal, I honestly don't know. So there is a truth to this, that the five levels of soul spoken about in Kabbalah, is talking about the Jewish soul, the soul that pants after God. But if Christ is grafted to you and you're panting after God, you too, can put yourself in that category. But for the purpose of this study, I have to clarify that the gentile that does not have Christ grafted to him, is in a level that is beneath the thirty fold. See, this one hundred, sixty fold, thirty fold, is for the Jew or for the Christian who's panting after Jesus Christ. Then there's a category underneath that, which is the fallen man. Does anyone not understand what I'm saying? Any questions about what I'm saying?


So this is drawing #5. On the left side of the board, I have the rectified soul. That means the soul (if you're a gentile) that Christ is grafted to and is building you up in Himself. If you're a Jew, I don't know exactly what word would be used, but the anointing is grafted to you. You're a Jew who is pursuing God with all of your heart and the anointing is developed in you. That's the best I could do. Now of course, we're talking about the one hundred fold. This is very high. Moses had the one hundred fold. We're told that Moses had the one hundred fold. Moses went up as high as the neshamah, which is the Imma level of soul. I had all the levels on the board in an earlier drawing. Moses ascended as high as Imma, in his mind, you see. When I get through all these drawings, I have a lot of comments to make. One of them is that this is the tower that's being built in our mind. Jesus is our strong tower and there's also the tower of Babel. There is a tower that is built in a man and his mind is the tower. See, each level of soul that's added to you, it means your tower has another level of height on it. But I'll get into that after I get through the last of these drawings here.


So this was Moses. He went up as high as the neshamah, which is the Imma level of soul, which is the World of Beriyah, the World of Creation. Moses' mind did not ascend into the World of Atzilut, which is Emanation. Moses' mind went as high as Binah or Imma (that's the same) and we're told that Moses did not even go to the fullest height of Imma. We're told that Imma has fifty gates, fifty levels of consciousness of understanding, and that Moses attained to only forty nine of those levels and that the fiftieth gate is greater than all of the forty nine that precede it. So what we're looking at here now is the ascended mind in Christ. Our example is Moses, both Moses and the fallen Adam. I'll get into that later. Adam, who had the thousand fold, did not fall down to be like us overnight. It was a series of steps that he declined by. The last step of descension was the flood. The descendants of Adam that existed on the other side of the flood were a different category of human being than we are now. The most obvious evidence of that is that they lived hundreds of years. So that flood that came in was the next step down. Adam, through his descendants, descended in steps because we are told that Adam died, you see. But he continued to live in his descendants. The beings that lived on the other side of the flood were the descendants of Seth.


So once again, what we have on the left side of the board is the ascended mind that we saw in Moses. That's our best example, Moses. He went as high as Imma, but not all the way to the top. He only went to the forty ninth gate. Some of the indications that you are in that height, that your mind has ascended to that height, is that you have eternal life. Jesus said, no man can take my life. If you have any reason to believe that in due season, if Jesus does not intervene, you will die (which as far as I know, everybody has that including me) then you have not ascended to the hundred fold. That is eternal life. It is preservation of your body. The only reason your body gets sick, ages or dies, is because your mind is so fallen that it cannot keep your body alive. That's the truth, you see. So you may think I have a lot of revelation here, but I've got something wrong in my lungs right now that I'm waiting on a healing for and it's lasted much too long as far as I'm concerned. So I've got a lot of revelation, but my mind (wherever or however, whatever the details are that I'm getting this revelation) the tower that's built in me is not yet high enough to heal me instantly. Although, I was dying twenty years ago and I'm not dying anymore. So something right is going on inside of my mind. But it's taking a very long time to build me up and I'm not up there or I wouldn't even get sick in the first place and if I did it wouldn't take this long to heal me. So I'm not where I would like to be, but I'm getting there. Jesus had the same testimony that Moses had. No man could take his life.


See, there was no way that Pharaoh could have killed Moses. Moses' body was never found and he didn't die. He did leave this world. He died to this world, but he didn't die. Paul also said, now I'm offered up. He didn't die. His body was too preserved for him to die. He was just taken from this world. I explained this on another message. When anybody dies (where a human being like you and me die) what that word means is that the mind of that person was not strong enough to keep that body alive. The body died and the spirit was forced out of it and the personality that was attached to the body dies with it. But that's not what happened to Moses. That's not what happened to Enoch. That's not what happened to Elijah and that's not what happened to Jesus. I believe that's not what happened to Jacob. That came forth in a message not too long ago. The Scripture says that Jacob pulled his feet up into his bed and he breathed out of his body in Genesis Chapter 49:33. See, this world didn't kill them. The body didn't die because the mind couldn't keep it alive. The body died because God said, breathe out by your spirit and take your personality with you and that's why the body died. Does anyone not see the difference? There's a difference. But even in that, there are different degrees because we're told that the bones of Jacob were buried, yet Moses' body was not found. Enoch's body was not found. Elijah's body was not found and Jesus' body was not found when they opened the tomb. It was gone. So there's different levels of breathing out of your body before it dies.


But I want to tell you something without getting into too much of a diversion right now. This concerns that scripture that says Jacob drew his feet up into his bed and he died and he said take my bones with you into the promised land. The revelation that came down, even before we found out that Jacob pulled his feet up into the bed, meant that Jacob breathed out of his body, that this world didn't kill him, you see. That's what it means when you breathe out of the body. It means this world didn't kill him. The body did not die because this world overtook it. The body died because the spiritual man left the house. Death did not prevail over those men. Well, we had some revelation come down even before that. Who was it that said, take my bones into the promised land? Was it Joseph or was it Jacob? Joseph said to his brethren in Genesis 50:25 ye shall carry up my bones from hence. In Genesis 47:29-30 Joseph swore to Jacob that he would not bury him in Egypt. Well a couple of years ago we got the revelation of what that meant. It did not mean that Jacob was commissioning Joseph to carry his physical bones in a coffin to the promised land.


As I looked up the scripture in the Interlinear Text, the suggestion clearly was that Jacob was saying, take the seed of my life. Take that which I give you, which is capable of being regenerated in you. Take the holy seed that was imparted to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Take that seed that was given to you by genetic heritage. Take it up into the promised land. Cause it to sprout again and become great in the anointing again. That's what it meant. When you go into the promised land, don't forget that you have the Christ child in you that must be exalted in you. I have my doubts that the Hebrew children took a bunch of bones with them into the promised land. Now maybe they did. I know that everything that happens, happens on every level including the physical level. But that doesn't mean that it happens in the natural the way we think it happened, you see. I don't know how it happened.


So we're talking about the signs that someone is ascended into the neshamah level of soul of the Jew and that includes every gentile that has Christ grafted to him, the spiritual Jew. If you have Christ grafted to you, you are a spiritual Jew. So what I'm saying is, that I don't know that Jacob died and his body was left. I don't know that his body was left. I know I found a scripture that says he pulled his carnal mind up into him under the protection of his Christ mind and that he left his body and took his personality with him. So maybe his body did just disappear like Moses's body disappeared and like Elijah's body disappeared and like Enoch's body disappeared. Don't think because the command to take his bones up exist, that Jacob's body didn't disappear. It very well may have. We're just lacking some reconciliatory information that would explain that. So I'm talking about one of the most evident signs of a spiritual man. Of course when I say a man, I'm talking about a spiritual man. You could be a male or a female. Now we don't have any sign in the Scripture of physical females having any exalted experience, but in Christ Jesus, there is no male or female. So if you have the seed of Christ grafted to you, you are a spiritual man because the spiritual man is living through you. The overriding sign of that is that your body cannot be destroyed. Now if you happen to be a person that is just very healthy, that's a blessing on your life. Some people never get sick. My father never had a cold. He never missed a day's work until he got on in years.


But some people are never sick and when their time comes, they just go to sleep. That's how they die. That is a blessing on your family line. But don't be deceived, if you know somebody who is never sick, to assume that they have eternal life or to think that they have attained to the neshamah level of soul because I don't think your body ages. Now this I'm not sure about, but I would think that if you can't die anymore, that your body doesn't change. I could be wrong, but that's what I think. It makes sense to my carnal mind anyway. Another sign that you have ascended to the neshamah level of soul is that you have great wisdom. It means that you have the wisdom of Abba and Keter, who are joined to Imma. Another sign that you have ascended to that level is that you have the ability to execute righteous judgment. That's what Solomon did. He judged the people in the gate. Do you know what that means? He judged the disputes between people. Listen brethren, what goes on in this country today, in the family and in the church, is totally unacceptable to God. People have incidents where they don't get along, even if they push it behind them and they make believe that they're making up and they go their own way. This is not acceptable to God. As you all know, it's not acceptable in this ministry. If there's a conflict or a controversy between anyone (not just with me) if I hear it, there's going to be a discussion about it and each person is going to be shown where their thinking is right and where their thinking is wrong. The solution of Jesus Christ for the problem will be manifested and prayer and reconciliation will come forth.


This is the way the whole country, this is the way the whole church is suppose to be living, brethren. The church is not living like this, brethren. From what I could see, very few families are living like this because the patriarchy is just about dead in this country. It used to be there was a head of the family. It's a tremendous responsibility to be the head of a family. You have to minister to the people, deal with the problems, teach them the Word of God and require everybody to do what is right to his brother and his elders. The head of a family is really a war lord, a tribal head. I don't see it happening in the families that I know of and I certainly don't see it happening in the church. What I see is people that don't even want to hear the problem making just nice nice. Everybody calm down and go away nice nice. The person who is offended, who is really wounded, walks away bleeding because they think if they're not satisfied with somebody saying nice nice, that they're not forgiving their brother or that they're a trouble maker. But the truth is that they were wounded by somebody's sin and they were not given the reconciliation that we are entitled to in Christ Jesus. But you see, that can only come when there is a leadership that has the ability to manifest the Spirit of Reconciliation. Every pastor does not have it. This ministry of reconciliation is not in the Holy Ghost. It is in Christ, you see.


This is what it means in the Scripture to judge or to sit in the gate and judge the people. You sit in the gate between the carnal mind and the Christ mind and you give the small man, the man in the street, you give the youngest child in your family their day in court, if you can hear it. That's the way it's suppose to be. See, you don't turn your back because your two sons are having a fight. You mediate that argument and if you can't because you don't know how, what you need to be doing is to confess it as sin and ask God to give you that grace because there's really something wrong in a family where two brothers grow up and they don't like each other. There's something wrong with that. They have to be taught to like each other. They have to be taught to treat each other properly, to tolerate each other's weaknesses and you have to pray for them. So there's a lot out of order today, but the Lord is restoring. So that is the sign that someone has ascended to the neshamah level of soul. Now it's possible that I have aspects of the neshamah level of soul, but not the whole thing, because I judge righteous judgment. I have that grace upon me and I have a lot of wisdom. I have that grace upon me, but I certainly do not have eternal life. There are areas in which my wisdom falls short, so I'm in that ballpark, but I'm probably in one of the lower gates of Binah. Remember there are fifty gates of Binah. Moses attained to the forty ninth gate. Maybe I'm in gate one. I don't know how to measure it, you see.


But I know that righteous judgment is the sign of God, confrontation in a Godly Spirit and reconciliation after all parties admit to their wrong, whatever they're contributing that's wrong. There has to be a solution and closure. So we're talking about the hundred fold soul. Underneath the neshamah is the ruach level of soul which is Ze'ir Anpin. Ze'ir Anpin, which is Christ Jesus, also has many levels to Him. At what point? If you go from Christ being grafted to you to being a full grown man in Christ Jesus, I don't know how to describe it to you. I just know that we're growing up, just like we grow up in the natural. It's a growth process and it has to do with spiritual maturity. This growth of Christ Jesus into a full grown man in you is not separate from you the personality. You cannot expect to be a full grown man in Christ when you cannot confess to your brother that you wronged him because there's no separation between the person who you are in this world and the spiritual ministry of Christ Jesus in you. You can't separate the two. So you could be a very gifted person, but your spiritual growth will be hindered until your personality catches up with it. See, you can't be going around breaking your word, saying you're going to do something and not do it or lying and not being willing to admit that you're lying and expect that Christ Jesus should soar in you. It's not possible because Christ Jesus is joined to your human personality and this kind of immaturity that I just described, of not being willing to admit when you do something wrong or not being willing to face up to the sin that's revealed in you, will hold back Christ Jesus who is joined to that other part of you.


You see, there's an error in the church today and I believe that it's preached in Kabbalistic circles too, that one man cannot ascend alone and that the whole body has to go up together. No, this is not true. I don't know about the Jew in the Old Testament, but I know that Jesus was a single man and He ascended without the whole body. I know that I'm ascending and that I'm way ahead of most of the people in the church and that, if God is willing, I'm going all the way through, whether the others come or not. You see, this error arises out of teachings in Kabbalah such as this, that Christ Jesus or Ze'ir Anpin cannot ascend alone. The way that I preached it in the Doctrine of Christ is Cain and Abel; Abel, who is maturing into Christ Jesus cannot ascend without Cain. They're joined together. They're one spiritual being. I was preaching this a years ago that Cain must be educated. I don't care what kind of background you had or what kind of a home you grew up in. I don't care, as long as the Lord Jesus is willing to teach you how to behave in society and how to relate to other people. You are expected to have good manners, to treat your brother fairly, to keep your word and to not lie and to confess your sin when it's exposed. That's Cain in you that has to do these things if you want Abel to ascend. So Abel cannot ascend without Cain, in you, in one person. But you can't tell me that I can't go forward because you have no faith. Don't tell me that lie and if you're preaching that to God's people, that's exactly what it is, a lie.


You may think it's the truth, but you're wrong and that is a dangerous message. If you get someone who's not right in their mind, they're going to try and force people to go along with them, which is happening today to some degree or another. So the ruach level of soul (that's Ze'ir Anpin or Christ Jesus) in the Jewish soul or the spiritual Jewish soul to arise to the ruach level of soul, which is sixty fold (that's the imparted Christ Jesus) the sign of it is a change of nature. The sign of it is change; spiritual, emotional and mental growth because you're becoming a new creature. Then the thirty fold in the spiritual Jewish soul is the nefesh level of soul which is Nok the female. That's the female that dwells in this world, also called the shekinah. See, the fallen man doesn't have shekinah. The fallen man is below the shekinah. The shekinah is as low as you can get when you're in this world, if you're in God. But there are many levels underneath the shekinah. These levels are completely separated from the household of God. So if you have the thirty fold and you're in spiritual Israel, you are the Godly woman of Proverbs. You're the Godly woman of Proverbs who labors day and night weaving the clothes for her family. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about when I say the Godly woman of Proverbs? The ones she's laboring for is the church. It's for Jesus. It's for the body of Christ. It's for the Christ child that's grafted to her. She's taking care of Him. She's living holy. She's studying. She's serving.


That's as low as you can get in the household of God or as Kabbalah would say, in the heavenly constellation. But this Godly woman of Proverbs, her old man, the one that she used to be before she became a Godly woman is still present, bound underneath her. What we're talking about here is Cain and Abel. Well, I thought Abel was the male, Sheila, and Cain was the female. Yes, Abel is the female in relationship to Ze'ir Anpin or Christ Jesus who is above him and all of these levels and layers of soul are being built one upon the other in the mind of a man and that's the strong tower that's being built in you. When the tower is built high enough in you, you will be permanently joined to Keter and you'll be glorified with Jesus. Now Jesus said we could be equal to Him, but we could never be greater than Him. The day is coming that the creation will be glorified out of the body or at least out of this physical body. So we're building a tower in our mind back up to heaven, which is Adam Kadmon. So this is the Godly woman of the book of Proverbs whose fallen nature is bound under her or her old man. Her fallen nature or her old man consists of everything that I have on the right side of the board, the imputed neshamah which is the enlightened fallen man, the ruach which is the civilized fallen man and the nefesh level, which is the primitive aspect of the fallen man. Now the whole fallen man that you see on the right side of the board here is bound under this Godly woman,


Let me read from the beginning. The whole fallen man is the primitive aspect of the rectified nefesh. The rectified nefesh (this woman Nok, this Godly woman of Proverbs) she has a primitive aspect to herself that's bound under her and cannot manifest because she would never be the Godly woman of Proverbs if that old man was out and functioning. So she's got an evil potential within her, a potential that will curse God within her, that she has all bound up. That evil potential is the primitive aspect of the soul that is ascended in God, that primitive aspect of this holy woman of Proverbs, that is never seen because it's buried underneath her and all of these that protect her. Nok is protected by Christ Jesus or Ze'ir Anpin who is protected by Imma. I have preached this in the Doctrine of Christ. Abel is Christ, is joined to Christ Jesus, is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ. So the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus are strengthening Abel to keep Cain under. It's the same message that I preached in the Doctrine of Christ. So this primitive nature that the Godly woman has is neither the one hundred, the sixty or the thirty fold in the spiritual Jew. This old man is separated from the household of God and I have that on the right side of the board, three levels of the fallen soul, which is lower than the thirty fold. There are people, there are gentiles, that worship pagan gods that lead honorable lives. Ghandi is one of the best examples. He was a great man. He did great things for his nation and he was a heathen. He worshiped idols. He was a Hindu.


He would fall under the category of imputed neshamah. He was an enlightened man. Ghandi was an enlightened man apart from Christ. So there are three categories that you could be in, that would make you an enlightened man apart from Christ. You could have an imputed Christ which means in your heart. Paul talked about this man. He said there are some people that have the law of God written on their heart. They don't know anything about Christ. They just know what's right and they know what's wrong and they do what's right. Paul said that that man is a greater man than the Christian who can't tell the difference between right and wrong. Now that doesn't mean you have to stay that way. The whole world, and especially the church, has the potential to have Christ grafted to you. If you really, really, really, want to be the very best you could be, you had better believe that Jesus Christ will lead you to another Christian or another believer who will train you and teach you how to be a fine person, an enlightened person, a person who could go forth as an ambassador of Christ and know how to talk and know how to act in polite society. He will send you to someone who could do that for you, if you really are willing to change and you desire it. So that's what I mean by an imputed Christ.


The second sign that you have an imputed neshamah is that you're a man who is influenced by the Holy Spirit. Number 1, where I say imputed Christ, it doesn't have to be the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. Ghandi did not have the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, but he was a sacrifice for millions of people because the law of God was written in his heart. Now there are some people that are enlightened people because they're influenced by the Holy Spirit. Then there are some people that don't know Christ at all, but they are taught moral and ethical training in their childhood. The Japanese, for example, are very respectful honorable people, but they're idol worshipers. Their society raises up their children in moral and ethnical training. Of course, I'm talking about the Japanese that are not Christian. The Chinese do that, too. There are many societies that are idol worshipers and their societies are in order. There's respect and honor of parents. There's laws against murder and thievery. That's what I'm talking about here when I say imputed neshamah. I'm talking about a great man apart from Christ, Ghandi and all of the heroes of the non Christian world. There are heroes of the non Christian world.


So you could call that the one hundred fold if you want to, but it wouldn't be accurate because all of these three levels, imputed neshamah, ruach and nefesh are underneath. They are less than the thirty fold. This is the three level primitive man. So what am I saying? Was Ghandi a primitive man? Yes, compared to the man who has Christ. Ghandi was a primitive man, if you can hear that. Now you have to be very careful there. You don't want to be taking some young Christian that has Christ grafted to them, that knows absolutely nothing or just a little bit, going around and thinking that he is a greater man than Ghandi because that would be a complete travesty and a complete perversion of the point that I'm trying to make. When Christ is grafted to you, you have the potential to be greater than Ghandi, but everybody does not arise into his potential. Remember, Paul was slapped by the High Priest and rebuked him and when he heard that it was the High Priest that slapped him, Paul apologized. Paul, who was in the stead of Jesus Christ, apologized to the established authority. So if you have Christ grafted to you, you have to humble yourself before enlightened men who are greater than you are at that moment, even though your potential is greater in Christ. Does anyone not understand what I'm saying here? If I were to meet Ghandi at the moment (of course he's dead) if I were over in India and I were to meet Ghandi, I would humble myself before his office and the great works that he has done for so many people, if you can hear what I'm saying. If you can't, pray about it. Remember, the greatest among you will be the teachers of men. You have to humble yourself.


So we're talking about the primitive soul. The Gentile that does not have Christ grafted has the primitive soul. Now it's my opinion that the Jewish nation, as a whole, is deteriorating since they rejected Jesus Christ. A lot of Jews are secularized and we're finding Jews having the same problems as the common man, alcoholism, adultery, divorce, because they have departed from their God. So the nation as a whole is deteriorating in so far as their God given anointing. There are just a handful of Jews today and even among those who are ultra orthodox, a lot of them (I was shocked to find out) have a lot of spiritual problems, like incest and rape. It's going on in the ultra orthodox communities because the anointing is still departing. You see, when Adam died, the Scripture says, and dying, Adam shall die. When you die in God, when you die spiritually, you die over a long period of time. So the nation of Israel is still dying. But there are people in Israel, natural Jews, who are still panting after God like the rabbi that I'm taking this course from. But even this rabbi sent out an e-mail recently on the condition of Judah, on the condition of the Jew. There are very very very few (and this is what the rabbi said) that are really following after God today. That's because the anointing left Israel when Jesus said I won't come back until you receive me for who I am. The anointing departed from Israel. The nation of Israel, as a whole, is spiritually deteriorating because to keep the law without the anointing is a fruitless endeavor.


You see, when I came to the Lord I was dying and He didn't begin to heal me for thirteen years. For thirteen years I survived on carrot juice and brewers yeast and lecithin. A woman of God said to me once, Sheila, that stuff is not keeping you alive. What's keeping you alive is your obedience to God in that you're taking all of that horrible tasting stuff until He heals you. It's the anointing that breaks the yoke. So the Jew kept the law and prospered because the anointing was upon them because they kept the law out of obedience. I kept the law out of obedience and eventually God healed me. So what's happening to the Jew is they're still keeping the law, but the anointing is gone. The anointing is not completely gone, but it is draining. Every year more and more Jews are lost because to keep the law, without God being in it, is fruitless.


The ruach level of soul in the primitive soul is the civilized man. Society exists in the animal kingdom. Just watch the Discovery Channel and see all the animals taking care of their young. Society exists in the animal kingdom as well as in humanity and society is a higher level of primitive consciousness. Ultimately, the man who truly ascends in God is not a very social man. Look at the prophets of God. Elijah was just hanging out with Elisha. John the Baptist just hung out with a small group of Essenes. Jesus just had His twelve disciples. But the civilized man in society, the well adjusted civilized man, has many friends, goes to many parties and many events and affairs and that's the sign of a well adjusted person in the primitive soul. But by the time you get over to the soul and spiritual Israel, the higher you get, the more isolated you become. The higher you get, the closer you get to the Lord, the more you leave the society of the civilized man behind you. The lowest level of the primitive soul is the nefesh of the primitive soul, which is the primitive man, who exists only to satisfy his own needs and desires and puts himself above all other men and society. He's not even interested in obeying the laws of society. Sometimes a man like this is called a sociopath in an enlightened society. If this is you, if you think you're higher than all of the men and all of the rules and you live in a society where most people obey the rules, and you don't, you're a sociopath.


If you live in a society where nobody obeys the rules, then you're one of the crowd and you're living in a hedonistic society where each man pursues his own satisfaction and his own pleasure and doesn't care much about how it hurts anyone else. In case you haven't picked it up, this is the direction that our society is going in. Just do what makes you feel good. Do whatever you want and they call it freedom. They call it liberty. That's not liberty. That's bondage. So you could see that our society right here in the United States, which at least at some point, was on the thirty fold level of the soul of Israel because of their Christianity, has changed. This was a Godly nation who took, as its secular laws, the laws of the Bible. So we're going down. We're heading down. Are there any questions about this board? This is really all background material for what I have to say to you. Let's see how far we can get tonight. If there are no questions, we'll take a picture.


Drawing #6 shows the four worlds and the level of soul associated with each world. Nefesh is associated with Asyiah, ruach is associated with Yetsirah, neshamah is associated with Beriyah and Chayyah is associated with Atzilut. Now within each world we have multiple levels of soul. In Yetsirah, we have both Ze'ir Anpin and Nok. We have both ruach and we have a nefesh of the ruach. Nok that is in Yetsirah is the nefesh of Yetsirah. Go up to the next world of Beriyah. We have a nefesh of Beriyah, Nok. We have a ruach of Beriyah. So instead of Beriyah, we could say neshamah. Nok is the nefesh of the neshamah and Ze'ir Anpin is the ruach of the neshamah. Is everybody following me? Now up here at the top, I have the World of Atzilut, which is the level of soul called chayyah. Now just like each sefirah has ten sefirot underneath it, so it is with the partzufim. Abba has underneath him another set of partzufim, Abba, Imma, Ze'ir Anpin and Nok, ad infinitum. It just goes on and on and on. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about? So according to Kabbalah, Moses ascended to the Imma of Atzilut. So the level of soul of Imma is called neshamah. So Imma of Atzilut is the neshamah of Atzilut. The level of soul associated with Atzilut is chayyah. So Imma is the neshamah of the chayyah. Ze'ir Anpin is the ruach of the chayyah. Nok of Atzilut is the nefesh of the chayyah. Is everybody okay? Any questions?


So we're told by Rabbi Chayyim Vital who was the student of Rabbi Isaac Luria, who is the most acknowledged authority of Kabbalah in most of the Kabbalistic community today, that the mind of Moses climbed up to the point of the Imma of the World of Atzilut. The level of Imma is associated with the level of soul called neshamah. So we could say that Moses' mind ascended to the place of the neshamah of the chayyah or the neshamah of Atzilut. But Messiah Ben David (Ben means son of). That's the way the Kabbalists talk about the Messiah that they believe is to come. They don't believe Jesus fulfilled that prophesy of Messiah. They say Messiah who's going to be the son of David. See, that's why when Jesus walked into Jerusalem, all the people were calling Him the son of David, son of David. That was their acknowledgment that He was Messiah. How did they know He was Messiah? These were spiritual people that recognized that this man, Jesus, had an ascended mind. Paul says that no one can recognize Christ in you except someone who has Christ. Everyone else will surely misunderstand you. Well apparently, there were a significant amount of spiritual people in Jerusalem in the day that Jesus entered into Jerusalem and they knew who He was. They saw the anointing on Him. The common people recognized the anointing on Him. The educated men, the pharisees, they didn't see the anointing on Him because they weren't spiritual.


They were blinded with their book learning that told them Messiah had to look thus and thus. If they saw the anointing on Him, they didn't get it. If they did see the anointing on Him, they gave what they believed they saw in the written word more credence than the anointing on Him. The common people who weren't educated, they received the anointing on Him. So we're told by Rabbi Chayyim Vital that Messiah Ben David, who we know is the Lord Jesus Christ, ascended to the Imma of the Abba of the World of Atzilut. Moses attained to the Imma of Atzilut and Messiah Ben David (according to Kabbalah) will attain to the Imma of the Abba of Atzilut. I'm saying the Imma of the Abba because I think that's what you need to hear, but the way the Kabbalists express it is the neshamah of the neshamah. Messiah Ben David, according to Kabbalah, will attain to the chayyah of Abba, the chayyah of the Atzilut and more specifically, Rabbi Chayyim Vital says, Messiah Ben David will attain to the neshamah of the neshamah because Imma is the neshamah level of soul. Messiah Ben David will attain to the chayyah. That's Abba of Atzilut and more specifically, the Imma that's under Abba (laughter) which is the neshamah of the neshamah of Atzilut. Please remember the teaching that each level of soul is, you might say, the higher mind to the level of soul underneath it. For example, the Nok, she is nefesh to herself. Each level of soul is the higher mind to the level of soul underneath it. This does get very confusing.


I don't really want to make an issue out of it because I just want you to understand the basic principle which is every level of soul is the higher mind to the level of soul underneath it. Each of these levels of soul have within them their own partzuf, Imma, Ze'ir Anpin, Nok, and Abba may even be in there. I may not have this exactly right because I'm taking this from an article that Rabbi Chayyim Vital wrote and there's no drawings like I do, so I could be off here or there. Someone asked me, did you want Abba underneath Abba and I said yes, but it may not be exactly right. Okay, so we're dealing in basic principles here. The ruach is God or the higher mind to the nefesh underneath. The neshamah is the higher mind to the ruach underneath. I think I explained this earlier today. The chayyah level of soul is God to the neshamah to the ruach into the nefesh. Every aspect of soul is God or the higher mind to the aspect underneath it. We're told that Moses attained to the neshamah of Atzilut. That means within the World of Atzilut we have all four levels of soul. Within the World of Atzilut we have Abba, Imma, Ze'ir Anpin and Nok. Within Atzilut we have Abba which is chayyah, Imma which is neshamah, Ze'ir Anpin which is ruach and Nok which is nefesh. So we have the Nok or the nefesh of Atzilut and we have Ze'ir Anpin or the ruach of Atzilut and then we have Imma who is the nefesh of Atzilut and we have Abba who is the chayyah of Atzilut. Is everybody okay? If you review Part 1, you'll see that we went over this.


Do you have a question?


COMMENT: Did you say Imma was in nefesh of Atzilut?


PASTOR VITALE: No, Imma, wherever she's appearing, whichever world she is appearing in, is the neshamah. If I said nefesh, I made a mistake. Imma is always the neshamah whether she's appearing in Atzilut, Beriyah, Yetsirah or Asyiah. Imma is always the neshamah. So she's either the neshamah of the chayyah or the neshamah of the neshamah or the neshamah of the ruach or the neshamah of the nefesh. I don't want to get into this any deeper because I don't want to say the wrong thing in it. It's just getting confusing. So I just said something that's confusing and now I have to clarify it. I said Imma, who is the neshamah, she is the neshamah to herself on the level of soul called neshamah. Imma in the World of Beriyah, she is neshamah to herself and she is also neshamah to all of the partzuf underneath her in that World of Beriyah.


But when Rabbi Chayyim Vital says that the Messiah, son of Ben David ascended to or attained to the neshamah of the neshamah, that's the way it's expressed in Kabbalah. At least that's the translation of it. To me that's confusing, so I have to show you the difference between Imma, the neshamah in Beriyah, who is the neshamah of the neshamah. Can you see this? Imma is always the neshamah and in the World of Beriyah, which can be likened to the neshamah level of soul, Imma of Beriyah is Imma of neshamah. Now underneath or within Atzilut, we have four faces or four partzuf, Abba, Imma, Ze'ir Anpin and Nok. But remember what I told you about there being fifty gates of Binah? There are also sub levels of Abba. There are sub levels of Abba (that for this study) we are being told are four partzuf or four sub faces underneath Abba. Abba, itself, has its own Abba, Imma, Ze'ir Anpin and Nok. So between Abba of Atzilut and Imma of Atzilut, we have another four faces which are sub faces under Abba. Does anybody need help understanding that? Does everybody have that?


So this is what we're told, that Messiah Ben David (and of course, it's the future in Kabbalah because they don't believe Jesus was Messiah) his mind will ascend to the neshamah, which is the Imma, which is the sub partzuf under Abba. Is everybody okay? This neshamah, this Imma, this sub partzuf under Abba is higher than Imma of Atzilut. Let me say it again for the people on the tape that can't see me pointing to the board. Imma of Abba of Atzilut, that Imma, that sub partzuf under Abba, she's neshamah. She's neshamah that's under Abba. This neshamah which is a part of Abba is higher than the Imma which is the neshamah of the World of Atzilut. Imma of Abba is higher. Imma of Abba of Atzilut is higher than Imma of Atzilut. Is everybody okay?


So this is what we're told, that Moses ascended to Imma of Atzilut and that's pretty high. Atzilut, that's the World of Emanation that's pretty high. The energy or the light that is in the World of Emanation is the original light that poured into the empty space. The light that's in the three worlds beneath Emanation is just a reflection of the true light. So the World of Emanation is high. It's an exalted world. Moses ascended to neshamah of the chayyah because chayyah is the level of soul that's associated with Atzilut. But Messiah Ben David, he ascended to the neshamah of the Abba of Atzilut. So if you want to simplify it, let's get rid of the sub categories. Moses ascended to Imma of Atzilut and Lord Jesus ascended to Abba of Atzilut. That's what happened. So Messiah Ben David will be more exalted than Moses. Now we're told in Ephesians 4:10 that Jesus ascended above all heavens for the purpose of filling all. I always wondered what that meant. Now I know from my studies in Kabbalah that the heavens refers to Ze'ir Anpin and his female, Nok. See, I have it written down here. The reason the word, heavens, is plural is because heavens refers to two. It refers to Ze'ir Anpin and his female, Nok.


So Jesus ascended above the highest heaven. Jesus ascended above Ze'ir Anpin of Atzilut, which is the highest heavens. If Ze'ir Anpin and Nok are the heavens, the highest heavens is in Atzilut. There is no Ze'ir Anpin in Adam Kadmon, in the highest world. There is no Ze'ir Anpin. It's just Adam Kadmon. So Jesus ascended above the highest Ze'ir Anpin and Nok for the purpose of pouring out of His Spirit and filling all levels, all heavens. That means Ze'ir Anpin and Nok is in every world, in Atzilut, in Beriyah, in Yetsirah and in Asyiah. The Lord Jesus Christ ascended above all of them for the purpose of pouring out of His Spirit on all levels of Ze'ir Anpin for the purpose of filling them with His life. Now remember, each of these names represents a sphere, a sphere that's suppose to be containing the energy of God. Now just bear with me. This is not easy getting my thoughts together. Okay, I think I've made the point that's on the board here.


There is one more point I have to make, one more thing I have to emphasize. The way Kabbalah expresses it is that Messiah Ben David will ascend to the neshamah of the neshamah. That's the translation in my studies, the neshamah of the neshamah. That really confused me, but I now understand what that really means is that the Lord Jesus ascended to a level of neshamah which is the Imma of the Abba of Atzilut. He ascended to a level of neshamah that was higher than the neshamah of Atzilut. So He ascended to the level of neshamah that was the higher mind to the neshamah of Atzilut. Jesus ascended to a place that was higher. Jesus ascended to a level of neshamah that was higher than the neshamah of Atzilut. Yet Jesus still ascended only to Atzilut, but He ascended to a level of neshamah within Abba that is higher than the neshamah of Atzilut. It's expressed in the translations as the neshamah of the neshamah, as the higher mind of the neshamah. That's what it means. When you hear the phrase or if you read an article that comes into your hands, the neshamah of the neshamah, that's what it means. Jesus Christ, Messiah Ben David, ascended to a place where He was neshamah, the higher mind to the neshamah where Moses ascended to, of Atzilut. Is everybody okay?


Now, these are the last of my drawings and I have several comments to make on them. Why don't you take this picture while I get my thoughts together here. First of all I have to tell you that I was mistaken. Based on this scripture, Ephesians 4:10 that I mentioned in a couple of recent messages, maybe even on this message earlier, that Jesus is now one with the Ayn Sof because He ascended above all heavens. But the Lord has brought a correction. When I said that to you, I forgot that the heavens is Ze'ir Anpin. So according to this teaching, which Kabbalah seems to witness to in the New Testament, I will stand corrected that Jesus is not one with the Ayn Sof, that He is still underneath Adam Kadmon because Adam Kadmon is the Yechidah level of soul, which is above the World of Atzilut. So the Lord Jesus Christ glorified is still underneath Adam Kadmon. Does anybody have a question about that? Also I have a question to ask. It's a rhetorical question. That means I'm giving you something to think about because I don't know the answer to the question either. One of the things we're doing here is training you all to think critically, to think in a manner that will result in the Lord giving you revelation. If you want to develop the Spirit of Revelation in you, it helps to think in a certain manner. So that's one of the things that I'm trying to teach you here. Now first of all this is my observation. Moses ascended to Imma of Atzilut and Lord Jesus ascended to Abba, to one of the sub levels of Abba of Atzilut. Where is Elijah in all this?


I have a second rhetorical question and that is why do the Kabbalists not deal with Elijah? Of course, I've just tapped the beginning of Kabbalistic writings. I'm very much of a beginner. But the only thing that I have read about Elijah is that he is a spiritual teacher. Elijah is a spiritual teacher. That's all that I have heard about him. I believe it was Elijah that taught Isaac Luria, if I'm not mistaken. So I have a question looking at this board and drawing #6. Of course, we know that Moses and Elijah were within Jesus and that was revealed when Jesus was transfigured in front of Peter, James and John. Moses and Elijah were a part of Jesus' spiritual being. They were His higher mind. So where is Elijah in all this? I wonder if Jesus ascended to the Imma of the Abba of Atzilut, could Elijah have been the Ze'ir Anpin of Atzilut? What are our possibilities? I believe Elijah is higher than Moses. That's the premise that I'm going on, that Elijah is higher than Moses. So if that's the case and Moses ascended to Imma of Atzilut and Jesus ascended to Imma of Abba of Atzilut, Moses has to be somewhere here in the middle. Elijah has to be somewhere in the middle between where Moses was and where Elijah was. What does that leave us? What are the possibilities? The only possibility that I could see is Ze'ir Anpin of Abba of Atzilut. Now it could be that there's a possibility that I can't see. Based on all the knowledge that I have now, Elijah would be Ze'ir Anpin of Abba of Atzilut.


But I may not have all the facts, you see. But for the time being, that's what it looks like to me, that Elijah was the Ze'ir Anpin of Abba of Atzilut. Isn't that interesting? I think that's interesting. I think Elijah is higher than Moses. I could be wrong about that. But I've always felt Elijah was higher than Moses. According to our knowledge of the New Testament, at least according to the knowledge that I have of the New Testament, Elijah played a much more critical role in the incarnation of Messiah than Moses did. I don't have any information that I have found in the New Testament (which doesn't mean it's not there) but I haven't found anything in the New Testament that indicates that Moses was intimately involved in the incarnation of the Lord Jesus. We're told that an angel came and announced to Mary that she was pregnant. I believe that she would bear the Messiah. I believe that that announcement of that angel to Mary imparted the seed to her. At the moment that the angel announced it, the seed went in. Now we're not told the name of the angel, but I always have preached here that the angel was Elijah. Why do I preach that the angel was Elijah? Because we're told that both Jesus and John, both of them I believe at this point, had the Spirit of Elijah, two parts of Elijah. Jesus had the root, the seed grafted to Him, from the time of conception and John had the imputed, a true very high imputed anointing. John had the branch of the tree and Jesus had the root of the tree.


Did you ever wonder why there were two holy men incarnated at a similar time, Jesus and John? The Scripture makes it very clear. When the mothers of the two babes came near to one another, the babe jumped in his mother's womb. So there was a distinct relationship between the two. Did you ever wonder what was that relationship beyond the fact that John baptized Jesus? The fact is that they both were incarnated by the Spirit of Elijah. The root of the tree was in Jesus and the branch of the tree was in John. When John baptized Jesus, the one with the root, received the branch and received the whole tree. That was what they had in common. So I see Elijah is very active concerning the incarnation of Jesus Christ. I don't see anything about Moses incarnating or having anything to do with the incarnation of Jesus Christ. I believe the reason for that is that Moses is resident in Elijah. I believe that Elijah incarnated with Moses' soul and then Elijah incarnated Jesus and Jesus now has Moses' and Elijah's soul and everyone of us that has Christ grafted to us, we have Moses, Elijah and Jesus' soul in seed form inside of us. Do you hear this? Do you hear this, of what your potential is? All things are possible with God and you've got the potential. You do your part and we'll see what Jesus will do for you. Remember that there are other factors. The season is a factor, the time is a factor. Paul was taken. He was taken from the earth because it wasn't time. So I can't promise you anything, but I'm telling you that you have the potential for everything and it sure looks like the season is at the door; planes flying into office buildings, etc.


I had a word coming back from dinner tonight, that this is a physical manifestation of the destruction of the Tower of Babel. Aside from what happened at the World Trade Center, for those of you hearing the tape, a 15 year old boy took off in a plane and crashed into an office building. It was not a terrorist act. Some 15 year old boy took a plane up and crashed into an office building. That's twice now. I'm telling you that the word in my heart about these levels of mind that we're talking about today, that this is the tower. Jesus is our strong tower. He is our potential to build a tower that will ascend all the way up to Adam Kadmon or at least all the way up to where Jesus is and He's connected to Adam Kadmon. That's the tower. But there's also a tower that the carnal mind builds and that's the tower of babel, the tower of confusion. Why is it the tower of confusion? Because the people who ascend in the tower of babel, they think that they're in God, but they're confused. They think it's Christ Jesus, but they're confused. It's not, it's the woman. Okay, that is one of the points that I wanted to make. I should have written them down and I didn't, but that is one of the points that I wanted to make. Now I'm going back to the early drawings where I showed you Adam after the fall. Adam after the fall had the hundred fold. I think it's very significant that we're told in our Kabbalistic studies that the World of Points fell. I don't think I really emphasized this in my teaching to you but I have read it in my studies, that when the World of Points fell, she fell down to the World of Beriyah.


Now remember, that the World of Points is the primordial Atzilut or the immature Atzilut. Remember, the World of Points is the female world, BaN, who is the male organ, the male organ without the reproductive gland. The World of Emanation is the man, MaH. He's the whole genitalia, the male organ plus the reproductive gland. So we see that the World of Emanation is replacing the World of Points because the World of Points is a eunuch. She could never produce a man and eternal life is only in the man. So I find it very interesting that the World of Points, which originally was in Atzilut, fell down to Beriyah. Okay, I read that in one Kabbalistic study. Then in another Kabbalistic study, which we're doing today, which is written by Rabbi Chayyim Vital, he says that the first man, Adam, when he fell, he fell from the one thousand fold down to the one hundred fold. Now I always wondered about that up until this point. I could not reconcile this statement that Adam was the one who fell with the knowledge that we now have, that it was the World of Points that fell, which was the woman. I couldn't reconcile those two facts, but the thought was in my mind.


I just checked out my data base and indeed it was the angel Gabriel that appeared to Mary. But I do believe it's a possibility that Elijah just came under another name. I think the same angel can take multiple names because names designate function and it's very possible that Elijah came under the name of Gabriel as a messenger, but it may not have been Elijah, but that's a thought in my mind. In any event, we do know that Jesus said, if you can receive it, this is the Spirit of Elias and the whole church thinks He's talking about John. At one point, I was teaching that Jesus was talking about Himself and now I realize that the two men both have the Spirit of Elias. One had the root and one had the branch. So we're talking about the incarnation of Elijah between the two men. If it was not Elijah that came to Mary, then it wasn't. It could be either way. Any further questions on that?


So this is the issue we're dealing with. Let me put it on the board for you. Drawing #7 is on the board. I'm trying to show you the comparison between the World of Points and the first man, Adam. Now we know that the World of Points is the female and we're told by Kabbalah that she fell from Atzilut to Beriyah. Beriyah signifies the number 100. The World of Beriyah is on the level of Imma which is neshamah, which is Binah, which is the number 100. We're told that the first man, Adam, fell from 1,000 fold, which is the World of Atzilut to the 100 fold, which is Beriyah. I had this thought in my mind for awhile now. How can we say that the man fell. It was the woman who fell down and I was thinking it was the male's seed that fell, but I couldn't really put it together in my head. I think the Lord is showing us here that the male, the reproductive gland, fell down with his female and the explanation in Kabbalah is that Da'at, the rectifier, fell down with the World of Points. I think I read in Isaac Luria's teachings that Da'at went down willingly to be a savior in the lower world where his female had fallen to. But I have a problem with that teaching, that Adam didn't have to fall, but he went after his bride. I also have a struggle with this concept of Adam falling. I know that God is righteous and that Adam had to fail somewhere.


So at one point I was teaching that the male aspect of the seeds, that was the Adam that fell, the male seeds of the garden, which are also called Adam, that was surrounded by the female and that's why we're told that the woman spoke to the serpent. She ate of the tree and she gave to her husband with her. The poison that the woman took of, the man automatically received because he was a seed within the outer husk of the female. I've also preached that God's provision for the male seeds was that He gave instruction to these seeds not to have anything to do with the serpent and not to eat. The instruction was not to eat of the tree. The instruction didn't have anything to do with the serpent, it was to not eat of the tree. I preached that God's protection was the law, you shall not eat of the tree. But I just have a real problem with this, that Da'at the rectifier, went down willingly to go after his bride. I'm starting to think that yes, Jehovah gave an instruction to the seeds of the garden. The seeds of the garden were both male and female (let me remind you) the male nucleus and the female surrounding them and it was the World of Points, the daughter BaN, who was born before the son, who communicated with the female aspect of the seeds. The union was suppose to be between the whole genitalia and the male nucleus of the seed. But the daughter could only join with the female aspect of the seed and therefore brought forth a female, which is a mortal creation.


So what's coming to me now is that perhaps there's been an error in my doctrine. What I have preached is that the daughter, the male organ which is the daughter, was born first and this is classical Kabbalah. The daughter was born first and then the son, the reproductive gland was born. I have preached that before the reproductive gland could be born, the daughter went ahead and behaved like a male organ and fertilized the female aspect of the seeds. But the thought that's coming to me now is that that may not be correct. It could be that the son was born immediately after the daughter in plenty of time to stop her, but that he couldn't control his wife and that the reproductive gland, which is the son, was trying to join to his wife, which was the daughter, which is the male organ. In that attempt to join to her, even though he was close enough to be attempting to join to her, she still went ahead and was able to copulate with the female aspect of the seeds. He couldn't stop her and therefore when the World of Points fell, he fell down with her.


Now that's what's coming to me now. We're at the end of this message and I'm not going to go to another tape, so if the Lord gives me another word on this by next Thursday, I'll tell you about it and we'll try to put this whole concept of the fall together in view of what the Lord is teaching us today. I don't have any room on the tape to ask you for questions or comments, but if you do have any questions about what I said, try and write it down and save it for next week. These are just thoughts that I'm putting before the Lord. Exactly what was Adam's responsibility? You have to remember that there were two Adams. I think we pick up on Part 3 of this message talking about this very issue. I have a lot more to talk to you about because (although it's not on a tape) I sent a teaching around by e-mail that Binah is 100 and we're going to have to make some corrections in that teaching right now because I said Binah was 100 and Chokhmah was 10 and Keter was 1 and now I see that that's wrong. I see that Binah is 100 and Chokhmah is 1,000 and Keter is 10,000. So I increased my numbers going down instead of going up. Goodnight and God bless you all.




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