550 - Part 14

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Praise the Lord, this is the beginning of lesson 6, which begins with a review okay, we have learned that in order for God to create his universe, he first had to create a place for the universe to exist, and this place is in the midst of the creator, what is the name of the creator? Can anyone tell us the name of the creator?


COMMENT: The Ayn Sof?


PASTOR VITALE: The Ayn Sof, yes, and the Ayn Sof is infinite, he has no borders, he has no beginning, he has no end, so the only place for him to make a creation was in the midst of him, because it's impossible to have anything beyond him, because he is infinite, and as I've told you many times, I still have a problem conceptualizing this myself, I still have a problem conceptualizing a being that is infinite, that there is nothing beyond it, that there is no end, it just goes on and on and on. My finite mind has a problem dealing with that, but I believe it by faith, and for the time being I'm content with that. Therefore in order to make a creation, the only place for that creation to be would be in the midst of the endless one. The endless one, what did he do to create a place in the midst of itself? What did it do?


COMMENT: He contracted himself, and...


PASTOR VITALE: And what came into existence?


COMMENT: A place called TzimTzum?


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, the TzimTzum is the contraction, and because he contracted, and it's really not a him, because the Ayn Sof contracted itself, an empty space called in Hebrew the Halal, came into existence. Now everything that we see in this world is a counterpart of what happened initially. So we see that in a woman, there is an empty space in the midst of a woman, it's called a womb, and that womb is where her child is formed when she becomes pregnant.


So we see that the human female has some analogy to the or is a message or a picture or an idea which helps us somewhat to understand how creation began. Now when I first heard it said to me that Genesis 1 was not the beginning even though Genesis 1 says, in the beginning, I got a little distressed, when I first heard that because to me it was a direct contradiction of the Scripture. Now this is a perfect example of how we really have to seek God to explain everything to us. Through my studies of Kabbalah which I am so grateful to the Lord for, I now understand that the TzimTzum, was called the beginning and Adam Kadmon, actually Adam Kadmon is the beginning, well the TzimTzum is the beginning, I don't know what the Kabbalists would say, I could say the TzimTzum was the beginning, I could say that.


The reason we can call that the beginning, is that we are totally incapable of comprehending what was before that, see, because the TzimTzum, the contraction that brought the empty space into existence, was the beginning of existence, and the Ayn Sof is said to be non-existent. He is said to be nothingness, because we are so completely incapable of comprehending what the Ayn Sof is on the other side of Adam Kadmon, that to us he's nothingness, and non-existent, therefore, the TzimTzum and the empty space and all of creation that is taking place within that empty space for us is the beginning. Can anybody not understand that?


It's a beginning because before that is so incomprehensible to us there was nothing. How interesting, how interesting to experience spiritual thought, very very maturing. Okay, so God is omnipresent and we know that we're told that in the book of Acts that in him and through him we live and move and have our being, the essence of God is everywhere in us, in the creation, in the earth and in the animals, and some people hearing me say that would say, Sheila you're talking about Pantheism, Pantheism teaches that God is in everything, in the grass and in the trees and in the flowers. I am not preaching Pantheism, it is true that the essence of God is in everything, because without God there would be nothing, he is the ultimate foundation of everything that there is, okay, but the consciousness of God, the nature of God is not in the trees and the grass and the sea.


The nature or the potential for the nature of God to appear is only in man. There is no potential for God to appear in a tree. There is no potential for God to appears in an animal. Man about whom it was said, Let us make man in our image, is the potential to manifest a creation in the earth in the nature or with the character of God.


Today we are in his likeness because we are made from his substance, and we are also in his likeness in that we have the ability to manifest him or it. Okay, but we are not in the image of the Lord today, we are not in the image of the Ayn Sof, we are not in the image of Adam Kadmon, because the image of Adam Kadmon, who is the representative of the Ayn Sof to us, the image of Adam Kadmon is in the mind, it's in the way we think. And if we thought like Adam Kadmon, we would not die.



It's very simple, you want the proof that a woman had sex, she has a baby, a woman has a baby, she cannot tell you that she's a virgin, except in some supernatural cases, yes cases, I believe that happened to Mary, and I believe it has happened to other women who were impregnated by demonic sources, but it's very rare, you see. We die, that means that our mind is not in the image of Adam Kadmon. Very simple, no justification, no excuses, no it's ands, and buts, you're aging and if the Lord doesn't intervene you expect to die, that's it, you're not in God's image, it's very simple.


So God is omnipresent, he's everywhere, and we told you for that reason the creation had to take place in the midst of the Ayn Sof, so he created an empty space or a womb within himself, I don't know I'm just having such a problem calling the Ayn Sof it, I'm just going to continue to call him, him. I don't know whether it's me or the Lord's telling me to call the Ayn Sof him, but I'm going to go with it. So this empty space, this creator within the Ayn Sof, the place the womb in which the womb in which creation would take place, and it was in to this empty space that the Ayn Sof could project an aspect of his infinity into the now creation finite universe.


The Ayn Sof is infinite, he created an empty space within him, within himself, he created a border within himself, and within that border is the finite world, let me put that on the board for you. I've drawn it on the board for you # 1, drawing # 1, showing you infinity outside of the empty space, infinity, nothingness, Ayn Sof, non-being, the Ayn Sof is called all of these, and the empty space is a circle. Can anyone tell us why the empty space is a circle and not a square or a triangle, or a rectangle? Nobody? Okay, the reason the empty space is a circle is that the Ayn Sof, the point in the center of the circle has to be equally distance from the whole circumference of the circle, okay. If the empty space were a triangle, the center of the triangle would not be, let me put this on the board for you. For the empty space to be a triangle, the Ayn Sof could not have contracted himself equally on all sides, you see. When you have the center point of a triangle, there are different distances from that point to the border of the triangle, and the Ayn Sof in the midst of nothingness contracted himself and everything the empty space formed around him equally on all sides, therefore there was no left or right, north, south, east or west, and there was no above or below, because the Ayn Sof contracted itself equally, all around itself.


At the beginning there was no north south east or west above or below, those other six directions, north south east or west above and below. So we see that the empty space is a circle, because the Ayn Sof contracted itself equally on all sides, we're also taught that the term empty space is a misnomer, the space is not really empty, as far as we humans are concerned, the space was empty, as far as I am concerned, aside from the few pieces of furniture and the people in this room, this room is empty, I'm waving my arm through the air there's nothing here in the midst of the room, yet there is something in the midst of the room, there is light in the midst of the room, there is air in the midst of the room, there are particles of dust in the midst of the room, it wouldn't surprise me if there are bacteria, or all kinds of microorganisms in the midst of the room, but they are so far beyond my comprehension that as far as I am concerned, the midst of the room is empty, you see.


So we're told that the empty space was empty, but it was really not empty, a residue of the light of the Ayn Sof remained in it, any residue, a shadow of the intensity of the light that existed within that circle was left, a shadow of it, and echo of it. But the light of the Ayn Sof is so great that merely that shadow of it was enough to form the worlds that were to come into existence. Now we're told that the first thing that formed in the empty space, does anybody remember, do you remember? Okay.


COMMENT: A point?


PASTOR VITALE: Well the point was the first thing that appeared but it was not the first thing that formed, but that was a good answer. The point was the first thing that appeared okay.


COMMENT: Adam Kadmon?


PASTOR VITALE: Well not quite, you skipped a step but that was two very good answers, you have the answer?


COMMENT: The Alef bet.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the Alef bet, yes, the 22 Hebrew letters were the first forms in the empty space. And the first word that they spelled, what is the first word that the Hebrew letters spelled, okay, do you know the answer?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the tetragrammaton, yes, now that sounds foolish to the carnal mind, how do 22 letters spell four letters, because I cannot put it on the board for you right now because I don't have enough information, but those four letters properly expanded form the rest of the alphabet. Because all of the Hebrew letters are combinations of the other letters. All of the Hebrew letters are combinations of the other Hebrew letters. Praise the Lord. What a blessing. I love this message. Okay. The first aspect of God to be revealed in the creation is his divine will. Now that's the first thing to be revealed, I said the first thing to appear was the point and the first thing formed was the tetragrammaton, and the first thing to be revealed was the will of the Ayn Sof, and the will of the Ayn Sof is called Adam Kadmon.


Adam Kadmon represents the will of the Ayn Sof and the name of God's will, well I shouldn't have said Adam Kadmon at this point, but the name of God's will is Keter, and Keter means "crown", which means the first or the top or that which covers everything beneath it, a crown covers the head and everything beneath it, and the name of that crown is Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon the personal name of the crown which represents the will of the Ayn Sof. And we're told now the will, the divine will, the Keter as this level, at the very beginning in the empty space is still only manifested raw unrealized potential of that which is to come.


The unmanifested unrealized potential of that which is to come, and as mind boggling as this might be to some very well meaning Rabbis, that will of God that raw unrealized potential manifested in the form or in the vessel of the human being named Jesus of Nazareth 2,000 years ago, see.


This will of God, this raw unrealized potential had as one of its earliest purposes to separate the light that would come into the empty space, remember, there was a residue left in the empty space, but then the light of Ayn Sof, entered into the empty space, I'm not making that clear, let me say that again.


Initially there was light, the light of the Ayn Sof filled what we now call the empty space, and then the Ayn Sof withdrew that light, because there was the same measure or the same intensity of light on the inside as it was on the outside.



There was just a very thin border separating the light inside from the light outside, and if the Ayn Sof did not do something to distinguish between the light inside and the light outside, the light inside and the light outside would have flowed together, and there would have been no more separation. Is everybody okay? So what the Ayn Sof did, was that he contracted himself, he removed the light of himself that was inside the circle, for the specific purpose of creating a distinction between inside the circle and outside the circle, otherwise there would have been no creation.


So after the Ayn Sof did this, he then entered back into the empty space, in a very very thin flow of his light. He entered back into the empty space, in a very measured amount, and that distinction between the inside and the outside remained. Is everybody okay? Okay, so the message of Kabbalah is very clear, that a thin stream of light entered into the empty space, and filled Adam Kadmon, it entered into Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon is the filter which quantifies and restricts the light that would enter into the empty space because too much light would destroy the creation, and not enough light, and the creation would not come into existence.


So the Ayn Sof withdrew from the empty space, then Adam Kadmon was formed, Adam Kadmon who is the filter or, if you want to think of him as a dam, you know that would hold the waters, that would come flowing into him, because when the light of the Ayn Sof enters into the empty space, that light turns into water. Now it's not the water that we see in this world, but spiritual water. The light of the Ayn Sof, once it empties into the border of the empty space, is degraded, it goes down a grade, and that grade below light is called water, and that's how we come to Genesis 1:1, that says "And the spirit of God was upon the waters of the deep". Years ago I said to the Lord, "where did the water come from?" I'm so excited that the Lord has permitted us to study Kabbalah you see.


So, Adam Kadmon is the dam that holds the waters because the Ayn Sof withdrew from the empty space, formed Adam Kadmon and then came back into the empty space, into Adam Kadmon, who would only let so much measured amounts of the light seep out into the rest of the empty space, so as to perform the will of the Ayn Sof, which is to have a creation inside the empty space. And this awesome being that existed, that was you know the first being to exist in the midst of the empty space, whose greatness I cannot even comprehend, I can't comprehend his greatness. That awesome unrealized potential whose job it was to lay hold of the light that poured into him from the Ayn Sof, and separate that light into two different aspects and to form vessels out of the one aspect, and then see to it that the other aspect of light filled the vessels.


The light of the Ayn Sof that came into the empty space that filtered through Adam Kadmon, okay was to be broken down like you would put light through a prism and you get all the difference colors, the light of the Ayn Sof was to be broken into two streams. One stream of light would form vessels, and the other stream of light would be the inner light that would fill the vessels. The vessels would be called soul and the inner light would be called spirit.


This is the plan and the prototype for the creation, from the highest plane all the way down to this plane, the world of action, where we are, and the world of action, we are the vessels, and we are made of light, this flesh is made of light that is very slowed down, very very very slow, and we became solid. Most of the world is an empty vessel. Some of the world have the Holy Spirit today, and who is the Holy Spirit in relation to creation, can anyone tell us? She is the male organ of Zeir Anpin, of Atzilut who is the offspring of Adam Kadmon. Are you okay?


COMMENT: I am a little confused, I thought at one time you had said, it was the female part.


PASTOR VITALE: It is the female part, the male organ if female, the male organ is female, and the male organ, the whole genitalia of Zeir Anpin is male, but the whole genitalia has two parts the male organ, and the reproductive gland, when you take the whole genitalia as one, it's male, when you separate the male organ from the testicles, the male organ if female and the testicles are male, okay. So since I think I just confused you a little bit, let me put this on the board for you also. Okay we're looking at drawing # 2, and this, the first couple of paragraphs of lesson 6 are a review, so this drawing is a review, and I've added some things into this drawing that are not mentioned right here in lesson 6.


We have the circle, which is creation, and in the midst of creation I've drawn a crown representing Keter, the divine will, or the will of the Ayn Sof, and the Keter is the undifferentiated raw power to manifest the creation, okay. And we're told that the Keter can be likened to a sea, because everything is in him. All the elements that he needs or that are needed to produce a creation exists in the Keter, in an undifferentiated form, okay. I think it was on the last part or the part before that, we talked about spiritual stem cells, what are so, well not necessarily stem cells in general, what are so valuable about stem cells embryonic stem cells is that if a scientist can extract a stem cell from an embryo, it can be stimulated to grow into any organ, that any adult human being might need. It's a generic, stem cells are generic. Adam Kadmon is generic. The essence within Adam Kadmon, or the essence that Adam Kadmon consists of is generic, it's an unknown quality that has the potential to mature into the different aspects of this creation.


If let's just make it very carnal so you can understand what I'm talking about, let's make it very carnal now, I have a ball of substance in my hand, and out of this substance, I can grow a tree, I can birth a human being, I can manifest a house, I can manifest a sky with a moon and a sun and stars in it, it's generic basic generic substance that can manifest into anything that the holder desires it to be. That is Adam Kadmon on a very high spiritual level, you see. Adam Kadmon is so perfect that the power that he holds would never be used for anything other than to bring forth the will of the Ayn Sof. Okay. So therefore he is called a sea, because the sea is filled with minerals, see and of course it's so interesting that evolution says that we originally came out of the sea, you see. But I don't believe our spiritual nature came out of the sea, we had a whole discussion on this last week, but we didn't get it taped, the spiritual man, our spiritual man has not evolved from the sea, our spiritual man has devolved from the highest realms where Adam Kadmon is, all the way down here to the fallen aspect of the world of action.


But the physical body that we dwell in probably did evolve out of the sea, along the lines that Darwin suggests, but at some point somewhere, the spiritual man that was devolving or coming down from heaven, not on this physical plane, on some spiritual plane. The spiritual man that was devolving met up with, the animal life of this world that was evolving and the two joined together, which joining was a judgment of death upon the spiritual man, if you can hear what I'm saying, I'm not going to go into a whole big thing on that, okay. And of course this is the whole principle behind Jonah and the whale, you see. I'm not telling you that an already formed animal swallowed up a formed human being, no, on the higher spiritual planes, before the animal or the spiritual man took any kind of tangible form, there was a meeting, it became a right triangle, the man from heaven came down, a vertical line, the animal was evolving along the horizontal line, and the man fell into the animal world, you see.


The devolving man fell into the animal world and got caught up in the matter stream, in the same matter stream that forms the animals. The animals have not fallen down, they've always been on this plane, and can go no higher, but the man who fell down from heaven into the matter stream and took the form of an animal, the one who came down, he can go back up again, you see. Praise the Lord, okay, so in the midst of the empty space is Keter, the raw spiritual creative potential, the spiritual, a mass of spiritual stem cells, you see. And I'm not going to go into his head, but the first thing that formed of Adam Kadmon was his head, his ears, his brains, his ears, his nose, and his mouth, and that's another lesson of course, but this whole explanation is to explain his Zeir Anpin's genitalia, okay, because I just got a little confused as to whether it was Adam Kadmon's genitalia or Zeir Anpin's genitalia, it is Zeir Anpin's genitalia, Zeir Anpin is the offspring of Adam Kadmon, Zeir Anpin is the son, who is the offspring of Abba and Imma, which are aspects of the Keter, and Adam Kadmon is the Keter, Keter meaning crown, see.


So, we see that Adam Kadmon, I showed you his head, and I've shown you his ovary which is a circular area, underneath Adam Kadmon's heart is his ovary called which is the garden of Eden, okay. If this is the first message you're reading, please go back to previous messages because we go into this in detail, and in the garden, which is Adam Kadmon's ovary, we have the seeds of the next generation. See there are three spiritual generations, the son who is Zeir Anpin, the son of Adam Kadmon, Zeir Anpin, is the second generation, Adam Kadmon is the first generation, Adam Kadmon, and within Adam Kadmon is Abba and Imma, that's the first generation, and Abba and Imma give birth to Zeir Anpin, the second generation, and Zeir Anpin brings forth the third spiritual generation which is the second generation of sons, and in order to bring forth the second generation of sons Zeir Anpin, the son has to fertilize the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, because Adam Kadmon has both male and female reproductive organs, see.


And the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary are male and female, which means they have a potential to be born as male, or as female, but Adam Kadmon's son Zeir Anpin, is born two parts, and for all intents and purposes, I can't explain it to you any better at this time, but Zeir Anpin is Adam Kadmon's son who initially appears as spiritual male genitalia, that's all we hear about, we don't hear about Zeir Anpin's face or his eyes or his hair, we just initially, all we hear about is his genitalia, his manhood, see. Zeir Anpin's manhood appears in two stages, Zeir Anpin's manhood has to aspects to it, a male organ and a reproductive gland, which is his testicles.


The male organ came forth first, and the testicles came forth secondly, and the two had to be joined, whether or not this is what happens to a male child in utero I don't know but this is how it happens spiritually. So the man, as I said earlier before I started this drawing, and Zeir Anpin's whole genitalia is male, but when the two parts are separate, the male organ is female in relationship to the testicles. Listen every time there's more than one of anything, there has to be a head. There is no such thing as a partnership in God, if you have two or more of anything, there's going to be one head that's going to manifest, and the head is male in relationship to every one that he has authority over.


So the power of Zeir Anpin's genitalia, is the power to reproduce the nature of Adam Kadmon who is the Ayn Sof within the empty space. The seed that has the power to produce the creation is the head over the male organ which is the channel that the seed flows through, can anybody not see this? See, if you have the male seed, I guess you can improvise if you don't have the male organ, even down here in the world of action, we have artificial insemination, see.


But if you have the male organ without the seed, the Scripture says you're a eunuch. You cannot reproduce yourself. So the initial function of the male organ, is cut off. Therefore the male organ is female in relation to the testicles which contain the seed. See there's nothing sexual in this, it's really very practical if you can get past the vocabulary that I'm using but this is not my story, this is the story of the Lord to us, you see. So when the male organ is joined to the testicles the female is not seen, she's a part of the male whole, but the male organ was born first. The male organ came forth from the light of Adam Kadmon's eyes, and descended down to the area that circles around Adam Kadmon's ovary and when I draw it, it looks just like the planet Saturn for example, that has rings around it.


So the male organ circulating or orbited around the garden. Now remember everything that we're talking about here is spheres, everything is revolving spheres, everything is always moving. So the world of points came down and surrounded the garden, and this what I see in the spirit, as the rings that surround the planet Saturn, and you know that is so interesting that I would even say that because, I think someone that's associated with this ministry had a dream, it was either about the planet Venus or the planet Saturn, I'm going to have to ask them, I wonder if it wasn't the planet Saturn because they asked me Sheila, what does that mean? And I said I really don't know, I'm going to have to find out because this is what's coming to me, that the world of points surrounds the garden like the rings around the planet Saturn.


And the male organ again unlike, unlike this physical world, the male organ does have its own seed, see. And the male organ is the seed of the woman which we read about in Genesis what is it chapter 3, we read about the seed of the woman, or Genesis 2, it's at the end of Genesis 2 or Genesis 3, where Jehovah says and the seed of the woman will crush the seed of the Serpent. So the woman does have her own seed, and the seed is female. So this female seed had the potential and did in fact fertilize the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, and when the female seed move to have an illegal intercourse with the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, the female seed joined with the female aspect of the seeds in the garden.


Remember the seeds in the garden are male and female. So the female seed joined with the female aspect of the seeds in the garden and the result was that the creation fell. Okay, in the mean time the second part of Zeir Anpin's genitalia came forth, the reproductive gland, the testicles containing the seed that aspect was born from the forehead of Adam Kadmon and is called the new light, because actually I think I just told you something wrong, the light that came out of the eyes was not born, well I better stop there cause I'm not sure, I'm not sure.


But the light from the, well I'm sorry the light from the eyes was born, the light from the eyes was born, I'm sorry about that, it was born. But the light from the forehead, was a higher light, came forth from a higher place, which is, and came forth covered all of the areas below the forehead, covered the light of the eyes, covered the light of the mouth, covered the beard, Adam Kadmon's beard covered the heart, Adam Kadmon's heart and came down and covered over the world of points, which is the male organ and the whole garden, the light of the forehead, the new light, the sun, okay, came forth and covered over everything. So we read about the sun being covered over, and the moon being covered over, that's what we're reading about. The sun is coming in our case it's Christ Jesus, is coming and he's going to cover over all of the spiritually female aspects of the human race.


We're waiting to be overshadowed by Christ Jesus our righteousness, because as long as we're spiritually female, we're dying because we're in sin everyday, every second of every minute of every hour of everyday, because we're incapable of doing anything else, without our husband, you see. So the new light that comes from Adam Kadmon's forehead is coming down and overshadowing all, and of course that is the reproductive gland which will joining with his own male organ and marrying it, that means the union of the male organ, and the reproductive gland producing the whole complete genitalia of the son Zeir Anpin and I call that son the son of wisdom because the new light that comes out of Adam Kadmon's forehead, is the son. The reproductive gland is the son, the one with the seed is the son, you see. So the light that comes forth from the forehead of Adam Kadmon is the son, but when that son marries his own male organ and becomes whole, he becomes the man, Adam, either the man Adam, or the son of wisdom, he's a high, he's higher and more mature and more powerful than he was when he was just a reproductive gland, because now he's joined to his male organ, the channel of dispersion of the seed, you see.


And of course that is the salvation, this marriage is the salvation of the female, who seduced the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, and all of this that I'm talking about now is the doctrine of Christ. If you know anything about Kabbalah and you're reading this transcript, you're saying where in the world is she getting this stuff from? Well I don't know that any Kabbalist ever taught this, if they did I don't know about it, but I know that this is the doctrine of Christ that the Lord has taught us here. You see there is a union taking place, there is a marriage taking place between Kabbalah and the doctrine of Christ, isn't that interesting.


At the moment I don't know which one is the male and which one is the female, but I know that what's happening here, is that the organ of God, who to us is Christ Jesus at this time, okay, the organ of the total whole male genitalia of Christ Jesus is coming into existence, you see. And my inclination is to say that the doctrine of Christ is representing the testicles and Kabbalah as it exists today is representing the male organ. I don't think that would be appreciated by existing Kabbalists but I believe that is the case, why would I say that? Because Kabbalah has been around in printed form since the 1500s, and it's been around by word of mouth probably for 5,000 years, Moses probably was teaching this, and it wasn't written down.


So it hasn't well produced Jesus Christ, but it hasn't, let me talk about for that last 1500 years since it was in print, let me just talk from that point. I think from that point on, or at least from the time that the Jews rejected Jesus Christ, from that point on, they became the female organ alone, see. Because they have not produced immortality, they have just gone into deeper and deeper destruction. So from that point of view, I say the doctrine of Christ is the seed that is coming to complete the male organ. Praise the Lord.


Okay, so we see, I've drawn this up for you here, the world of points or the seed of the woman that comes from the light of Adam Kadmon's eyes and the seed of the man, the male seed comes from the forehead, Zeir Anpin is Adam Kadmon's son, initially Zeir Anpin appears as spiritual male genitalia, the reproductive gland is male, the male organ is female, the whole genitalia, which is the reproductive gland joined to the male organ, is called the man, or Adam, and the man is predominately male, with female aspects.


The man is male and female, see. So we can call him the man, we can call him Adam or we can call him Zeir Anpin, see.



We can call him the son, but I try not to call him the son because, I like to differentiate or to distinguish between the new light that came forth from Adam Kadmon's forehead which is the testicle alone, the testicle alone is the son, you see. So it's true that Adam or man or Zeir Anpin, he's still the son of Abba and Imma, but I'd like to distinguish between the married son, and the single son, and God willing I'm working on writing this whole teaching up, actually at this point for months, it has to come forth at some point, and I will present it to you as a part of the glossary, but it's a whole teaching that has come forth.


The light of Adam Kadmon's eyes Zeir Anpin's male organ, before she is joined to Adam Kadmon's reproductive gland, that's the light of the eyes, surrounds Adam Kadmon's ovary, which contains the male and female seeds of the next generation of sons. I may, I'm going to rewrite that before you take the picture because I'm not saying there are male seeds, and there are female seeds in the garden, each of the seeds in the garden is male and female, see. And when the male organ alone tries to fertilize those seeds, she joins with the female aspect of every seed, but when the man, when the whole man goes to fertilize those seeds, he joins with the male aspect of every seed, see. And just to remind you, the name, the collective name, who can tell us the collective name of the seeds in the garden? Who are they called, what's their name? Okay.




PASTOR VITALE: No, no, each seed is Cain and Abel, in each seed the female aspect is Cain, and the male aspect is Abel, but the collective name of all of the seeds is Adam. See there are two Adams, I've known from the day I started studying the Bible that there were two Adams in the garden, but I thought it was the same Adam, I couldn't figure out what it meant, but I knew that Adam was mentioned twice, with a different verb, okay, Adam was in the garden twice with a different verb. I now know that there are two Adams, that this garden, Adam Kadmon's ovary, which holds the potential second generation of sons, okay, they're Adam, okay, look if my name is John Smith and I have a son, his name is Smith too, as a matter of fact his could be John Smith also, if I decide to name him that.


So that shouldn't be so hard, John Smith, and John Smith, John Smith Jr. So the collective, the name of the collective seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary is Adam Jr. you see, or just Adam, the Bible doesn't say Adam Jr. but that's who they are, Adam Jr. And their father, is the man Adam, the man Adam, and has a whole bunch of sons named Adam. See, that's why if you read the prophets, if you look at it in Hebrew or in the English, let me tell you this first. The Lord is always saying to the prophet, Oh son of man, but if you look it up in the Hebrew he's saying son of Adam, he's calling the prophets son of Adam, and he's saying to the prophet, you are not a spiritual female in this world, you are a son of Adam, and Adam the man, you are not manifesting your spiritual female aspect, you are not Cain, you are Abel, and the reason you're Abel, is that you're serving the living God, and you have stretched forth your spiritual manhood towards me and I have laid hold of you says Jehovah, and therefore you are a son of Adam, you are not a daughter of Adam. That's what that means.


Why is Jehovah always saying son of man? That's what that means, it's not, Jehovah is not merely addressing that prophet, he's pronouncing over him, I know who you are, you're not of this world, you are a son of Adam, and there are very few of you in this world. What does that mean, you've got your father's nature.


Now you have a fallen nature also, but you've got enough of your father's nature because you've got Christ in you to have a relationship with me. That's why Jehovah is always saying to the prophet, son of man. You're a son of Adam, you're not a daughter of the Serpent. Adam doesn't have any daughters, if you're a spiritual female, you're the offspring of the Serpent. So you're either the offspring of the female, offspring of the Serpent, or the son of God, you're one or the other.


So the light of Adam Kadmon's eyes surrounds Adam Kadmon's ovary, which contains the male and female seeds of the next generation of sons, that's us you see. Those male and female seeds, which the doctrine of Christ calls Cain and Abel, you know, are us, inside that's our spiritual foundation inside of this flesh, this animal flesh, we have spiritual foundation, that is just like the seeds of this garden, of course this was on a very high spiritual plane, this was on the plane of Atzilut, very high, the world of emanation, you see.


We're down here in the fallen world of action with the same thing, there's nothing new under sun, the same thing is happening on every plane of action, but in a different form, so there has to a garden down here, see. And the garden is inside of humanity. Now the physical expression of that is that we have well the seeds are inside physical women, but we're talking spiritually, so both physical men and physical women have a spiritual ovary inside of them, and they're one seed, each physical man and each physical woman of humanity is one of the seeds of this spiritual garden.


So every human being can be either a spiritual male or a spiritual female, we're all born spiritually female, you see, except Jesus of Nazareth was born with the Spirit of God. So we're all born with that, you're are born spiritually female with a dead potential to be a spiritual male, and this is what distinguishes us from the animals. The animals do not have a spiritual potential to be a son of God. The animals of this world do not carry within them one of the kidnaped seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, see, that's how we differ from the animals, and the trees and everything else in this world. Humanity is the species that carries this kidnaped seeds. Praise the Lord.


So, Adam Kadmon's ovary contains the male and female seeds of the next generation of sons, I think I was saying something else and I forgot the point that I was making, but I'm just going to go on. The new light of Adam Kadmon's forehead, that's Zeir Anpin's reproductive gland, overlays the world of points, did I do that right, Zeir Anpin's reproductive, new light of Adam Kadmon's forehead that is Zeir Anpin's reproductive gland, overlays the world of points, and that is Zeir Anpin's male organ, which is female so long as is alone. The world of points is Zeir Anpin's male organ, which is female so long as she is alone, so this should read the new light of Adam Kadmon's forehead, that is Zeir Anpin's reproductive gland, overlays the world of points, Zeir Anpin's male organ, which is female, so long as she is alone.


The marriage of Zeir Anpin's male organ which is female so long as she is alone, and the marriage of this male organ to his reproductive glands produces the man Zeir Anpin, the son of Abba and Imma.


Today Keter and Zeir Anpin are filling human vessels in the world of action, Keter is appearing as the Lord Jesus Christ, and Zeir Anpin is appearing, I have to change that, we are the sons of Zeir Anpin, as appearing as Christ Jesus within mortal men.



Drawing # 3, I've shown you the parallel universes of the five worlds, the Keter, Adam Kadmon is always at the top because everything that exist came out from him, even the perversion that came forth came out from him, see, but this perversion cannot continue, it must be in Kabbalistic terms, rectified. A correction has to come to pass. You see, up here in the world of points, the Serpent, the single female, she was suppose to come forth, but she was suppose to be covered over by the son before she could reproduce herself in the four worlds below her, but she moved quickly, okay because it wasn't even that she moved quickly, the doctrine of Christ tells us that Adam Kadmon knew that the male organ that was coming forth would seek to fertilize the seeds of the garden, and for whatever his wisdom, Adam Kadmon did not move to restrain the female organ, what did he do? What did Adam Kadmon do to prevent these worlds from coming forth? Nobody?


Adam Kadmon warned the seeds of the garden, he warned the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, he warned the woman, you see. The seeds, the collective seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, although they were Adam because they were destined to grow into, to mature into, to be fertilized by the male, and mature into the second generation of sons, okay, they were still female because they were infantile in their egg form. And he warned the eggs of the garden of Adam Kadmon's ovary, see, don't fornicate with the female that's coming before she's married, don't fornicate with the male organ alone, don't fornicate with the eunuch, wait for your husband, wait for the whole genitalia. But the female aspect of the seeds of the garden which surrounded the male aspect were right up front and received the penetration of the woman, and the Scripture says and the woman ate and she gave to her husband, who was with her.


And the truth of the matter is that, the Adam the nucleus of the seeds of the garden was a nucleus of a seed, and really did not have the power to control the woman, that is why the commandment was given to the woman. The woman said to the Serpent, but Elohim said, we should not. The collective woman was the female, the BaN that surrounded the male. I don't know maybe there was a male consciousness that was yelling no, no, no, I don't know, but my understanding of the doctrine of Christ right now is that we're talking about a seed, and the nucleus of a seed didn't have the power to stop the shell of the seed from doing what Elohim told the two of them not to do. Elohim told all the seeds of the garden, the male aspect of the seeds, and the female aspect of the seeds.


He said, don't fornicate or don't commit adultery with that Serpent that's coming in because the female alone when she turns to her evil side is the Serpent, and how does she turn to her evil side? When she does something that her husband would never do, she becomes the Serpent. So Adam Kadmon warned the seeds of the garden, he told both of them, but we read in the King James translation that the one who had the conversation with the Serpent was the external part of the seed, it was the shell, it was the female, it wasn't the male that had the conversation with the Serpent.


So Adam Kadmon's protection, his prophylaxes to the whole creation was abstinence, and the burden was placed upon the woman as it still is in most cases today, don't do it, it doesn't work out when you do it, fornication, and certainly adultery is wrong.


And it sounded so good when women's lib came in in the 60s, well we're engaged anyway, well I love him anyway, it's just one man I'm with, it sounds good, it really sounds good, it sounds like it makes sense except 40 years later we have nine year old girls having sex, see.



So disobedience on the part on the parts of Adam, disobedience from Adam Kadmon's own parts, broke down the plan and the woman had an illegitimate child. She had illegitimate offspring, the seeds of the garden headed up by the woman, because she was closest, the female aspect was closest to the Serpent, produced three worlds that should have never come into existence. Well didn't God know that that would happen? Yes, he knew it was going to happen, so why didn't he stop it? Because he's not building a creation of robots, he's building a creation of sons, where responsibility is expected.


So the seeds of the garden had illegitimate offspring, the female aspect was fertilized and brought forth Rahab who is the, and I'm, this is new revelation here, a new aspect to the revelation, Rahab is the female Serpent, the female, the male organ on her evil side, joined to the seeds of the garden, you see the female organ joined to the outer shell of all of the seeds, there was a marriage. The female organ was suppose to marry the reproductive gland. See the woman can't be alone, she was suppose to the son, but didn't marry, well she did marry the son, but she married, she didn't marry the man, she married the baby, and she married his male aspect, isn't that interesting?


You see, as our nation departs more and more from God, and we see perversion manifesting more and more, if you have eyes to see it, all of the perversions of our society line up with what happened at the beginning. I mean I just heard of a second case of a mature woman school teacher having an affair with a 14 year old boy, I think almost everybody heard about the first one, the woman's in jail and she had two children, by this young man student of hers, and now there's another one. What is going on here. The female and of course if you were to say to me, Well Sheila, it's just two incidences, what are you talking about? Well if the Lord doesn't intervene, hang around for a 100 years and we'll see what happens. That's how it starts, the whole Christendom is falling into perversion, because we're departing from God and as we fall into perversion, the manifestations that happened at the beginning are repeating themselves down here in the world of action, there is nothing new under the sun.


Either we're the world of points or we're the world of emanation, and this country was an imputed world of emanation because of our honor of Jesus Christ, and as we depart from him we are seeing the manifestations of the garden. A mature woman, remember the male organ called the daughter was born of the union of SaG and AB, so she had wisdom, she was a mature woman seducing an innocent.


You know the seeds of the garden are like a little boy and girl, and apparently the girl was more mature than the boy, and isn't that the way it is all you who have had children aren't boys usually, don't boys usually mature faster than girls, that's what everybody tells you, I got it backwards I'm sorry, the girls mature more quickly than the boys. Everybody knows that.


So here we go again, the girls mature more quickly than the boys, the little girl, Cain was right up front, telling the sophisticated teacher, because she had wisdom, she had what it takes to be a teacher, who the Serpent, and as the little girls say, My mommy told me not to let you touch me. And there's the Serpent teacher saying, Oh your mother didn't really say that, you know. Isn't that interesting? There's nothing new under the son you see.


So we see that the woman of the garden, and of course the Hebrew doesn't really say woman, it says female, so we now know that that female was a very very young naive infantile female.


And the protection provided by the creator was obedience, and the child disobeyed. You know when I hear this I have no problem believing that Jesus Christ wants to forgive the whole world, the worst of us, because we are the offspring of spiritual infants, and that is just the truth of it. We have to, you know there has to be a recompense for what we did with God, save Hitler, you know this issue came up oh, years ago before this ministry started 15 years ago at least, in another ministry, and I couldn't see it, I could not see God forgiving Hitler, although I really couldn't see it, but you want to know I could see it now. I believe that Hitler if he were alive today, he would have to reap what he sowed, I don't believe he would get off scot free, he would have to reap what he sowed, I don't believe he would get off scot free. I don't know how that would manifest, his reaping what he sowed, because he did such evil things to so many people, my mind is not capable of even suggesting how he would reap what he sowed, but I do believe that every human being born of a woman can be saved, but their heart has to be changed for them to be saved.


Now maybe a man such as Hitler, maybe the judgment, the reaping and sowing judgment would be so powerful that it would kill him, so maybe it's not possible for him to be saved in that same lifetime because he did such vile deeds, that is a possibility, maybe this is the Lord speaking through me, I think this is the Lord answering my statement that the issue is not that God would not want this wicked man, see because the Lord Jesus has said that all men, that it's a free gift, and all men, God wants the whole world to be saved even Hitler, when you do such evil deeds as Hitler did, the sowing and reaping judgment, or even if he were to go under the white throne judgment, the deeds are too evil you see, the deeds are just to evil, the recompense for what he did, would cause his death in this world.


But that doesn't mean that the Lord Jesus Christ didn't have a heart towards his salvation. Can you understand what I'm saying? Can you hear the difference? You can or you can't, you can hear the difference. See the judgment has to fall, as soon as you're reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ, the judgment comes, see. And it can be the sowing and reaping judgment or it could be the white throne judgment, I went into hell after I came to the Lord, my life wasn't good to start with, but what happened to me after I came to the Lord was unbelievable, I couldn't understand what was happening to me, because I had very heavy witchcraft, that I had to be judged for. And it's not, you see the difference between the sowing and reaping judgment and the white throne judgment, is that the sowing and reaping judgment destroys you because of your sins, and the white throne judgment is designed to cleanse you of your sins, so that you can receive eternal life, but it's not easy, something has to break your pride, something has to break your witchcraft, and it's just a miracle that I survived.


Now a man like Hitler, the Lord just told us that even the white throne judgment you know, would be so severe because of such wicked sins that he wouldn't survive it, or that the white throne judgment would not be able to overshadow the sowing and reaping judgment, I don't think I explained that, let me say it again. The white throne judgment is designed to intervene with the sowing and reaping judgment. The sowing and reaping judgment is unto destruction, the sowing and reaping judgment is punishment, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. The white throne judgment comes in and helps you to understand what you did and what you are doing wrong, so that you can choose to repent and change your ways, and then you still have to have some difficulties in your life because the white throne judgment does not completely dispel the sowing and reaping judgment, but the white throne judgment changes the end result.


The sowing and reaping judgment ends in destruction, the white throne judgment ends in a chance at eternal life, but you have to have judgment, because that part of you, of your soul that has done the wicked deed, has to come against a force that's going to change it, and that correction is painful, it's just the way it is. So even if Hitler were to go under the white throne judgment, the force that would come forward to change that kind of wicked in his heart, he wouldn't be able to survive that, did I make that clear, everyone understand what I'm saying?


But that doesn't mean that the promise is not true, that God so loved the world, that he wants, wanted and wants every single man to be saved, but in some cases the correction is so severe that we mortals couldn't bear it, we would die from it. Very interesting.


Okay, so we're looking at drawing # 3, I'm showing you the parallel universes, Adam Kadmon is always the first universe the Serpent came into existence, and she seduced the children. Isn't it interesting that we're having such a degree of child abuse in this nation, sexual abuse, torture, beating of children, all forms, mental abuse, physical abuse, what is this? Where is this coming from? It's simply the world of points coming to existence in our nation. It's simply the Serpent hurting the children, just like she did at the beginning.


So the Serpent seduced the children, it was definitely not an equal fight, we might say, I can just hear it, well didn't God know the kids didn't stand a chance, surely he would have done something else? You tell your children not to talk to strangers and one day a stranger comes along and they don't obey you, and they're gone, I get notices in my mail box all the time, if you see this child. Every time I see it, my heart turns over.


Children young adults, what happened to them, were they not warned not to talk to strangers? So the Serpent seduced the children, the King James says a woman, it wasn't a woman who seduced the female, who is more mature than the male child, and she got pregnant, well we see that the world of creation, Rahab comes into existence which is the female joined with the seeds of the garden and Rahab is the primaeval Dragon, Satan's sea, and the next generation or the next world, the female world of formation Rahab breathed Satan and the Dragon and we know the book of revelation talks about that old Serpent, that Dragon who is appearing to us now as that old Serpent who is appearing to us now, that Dragon who is appearing as Satan and the devil.


So here we have the Serpent in the world of points and then we have the Dragon, Rahab, in the world of creation, and Satan and the, I didn't know what the name was down here, so I just wrote Dragon again, which is really the offspring of Rahab, on the world of formation level. Satan and the Dragon are the offspring of the union of the Serpent in the seeds of the garden, and then in this physical world of action, we have mortal spiritually female humanity, which are Cain and Abel. Human beings are Cain and Abel, we are the physical manifestation of Cain and Abel, this double or two fold seed that existed in the garden, male and female. Okay, and of course the world of points, or the world of emanation also came into existence the son was born, even though all of this was going on, and this perversion came into existence, and this is this perversion, the world on right, this is the source of all the evil in our world. Then the son was born, and he brought his world forth, or his world is coming forth, under Keter is the son, in the world of emanation, and the world of creation, we have Zeir Anpin, because here the son married the female, and this is already happened in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, you see.


It happened in the higher worlds, and it's happened down here in the world of action. Zeir Anpin, is come into existence, we called him Christ Jesus in this dispensation, it happened in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, and then in the world of formation, Zeir Anpin came into existence, the second generation of Adam, and this, I just put it down the second generation of Adam, it's the body of Christ on the subconscious level, it's the collective body of Christ, and then in the physical world, we have the immortal sons of God, only one son of God has manifested in immortality to date, that was Jesus Christ. Well that's not really true, I have to correct myself on that, there have been several men that have manifested immortality but Jesus Christ is the only one who has poured out of his spirit as seed upon the rest of the world.


Elijah appeared on the earth in immortality, and we have found through our deep studies that some of the prophets appeared in immortality but they didn't stay the Lord took them. Enoch walked with God and he was not, and God took him, you know. So and Moses, now we found out that Moses didn't die, you know, that was a big revelation for me, to find out that Moses didn't die, and my first reaction was, well the Scripture clearly says that Jehovah said to Joshua, Moses is dead. See you have to pray about everything no matter how strange it sounds to you, and this is what the Lord told me, as far as Joshua was concerned Moses was dead, Moses was no longer their leader, and he was gone, he was taken from the world of action, the Lord took him, okay, so as far as Joshua was concerned he was gone, Jehovah said, Moses is dead, his whole, the whole purpose of Jehovah's communication to Joshua was, hey you've got the responsibility, you are now the captain.


So what is Jehovah going to start explaining to him well Moses didn't really die, but I took him you know, and this whole story, and now you're in charge, no, God doesn't do things like that, God is a man of few words, he's a spiritual man of few words, and of course that was Jehovah at the time, it wasn't, who is not even a spiritual man. So he simply said to Joshua, as far as you're concerned Moses is dead, you're in charge.


Well they never found Moses' body, and he appeared again on the mount of transfiguration, I could never figure out, if Moses died what was he doing on the mount of transfiguration? Because he never died. But he was taken from the world of action, and in fact the man Jesus of Nazareth is the next generation, he's the third generation. That's very interesting, I'm telling you here there's three generations here. The son, first generation, Zeir Anpin the second generation, and Zeir Anpin Jr, the third generation. Jesus of Nazareth was Zeir Anpin Jr. And then we saw Elijah and Moses with him, so it fits, I don't know which is which the son or the son married to the female, Elijah and Moses, I would say Moses was the son married to the female, Moses was Zeir Anpin, and Elijah must represent the son, the single male, isn't that interesting, Jesus of Nazareth was the third generation, he was the collective, he was the collective spiritual being, a spiritual light, spiritual generation, he was Elijah and Moses, manifested through the man Jesus, he was the third generation, so Moses didn't die, he was taken and the others were left, he was taken and Joshua and Israel were left.


And following this train of thought, I would be inclined to say that Paul didn't die either, because that has bothered me for a long time, it says Paul said, "It's time for me to be offered up". See Paul never, and the Scripture doesn't say anywhere that Paul died, he was taken from his body, so what's the difference between being offered up and taken from your body?


Boy we've got a spirit of revelation going here tonight, I've been asking this question for years, and this is the difference says the Lord, to die means they kill your body. So if you breathe if you're a spiritual man and you have the authority to breathe out of your body, before they kill your body they didn't kill you, you were offered up. Do you need me to say that again? Do you need me to say that again, do you understand what I just said? You're sure? Okay, I'll say it again anyway.


To die, if you have the spiritual authority to breathe out of your body which is what Jesus did, and which is what Paul apparently did, and which is Moses apparently did, if you breathe out of your body before men kill your body, they didn't kill you because you left before they killed your house. I don't think the Scripture ever says that Jesus died, it says that he was crucified, well it does say he was raised from the dead, I'm not going to get into that now, I'm all over the place tonight.


This body is just a house that we live in, our problem is that our spiritual being is so interwoven with it, and we're so spiritually weak if we're not completely dead, that we think that we're the house, but were not the house, and some day the Lord will teach me about what happened to Paul and Elijah after they left their body. I remember my first teacher, I really only had one teacher before I started preaching, I remember him telling the congregation that he found this Scripture that said Elijah sent a letter to one of the kings, after Elijah was taken up in a chariot of fire, and I remember my teacher saying from the pulpit, he had this smile on his face and he said what does that mean, you know, it means that Elijah wasn't dead, he just left the flesh, he left the body, he left his house, he left his earthy tabernacle, isn't that what Paul said. See the problem with man is that all they all is the house, and then when you come to the church, and you meet people that have the Holy Spirit or an imputed Christ, the truth is, that the Christ in those men are so weak and I include myself in this, the Christ in me is so, well that's not true, the Christ in them is so weak that they can't even tell the difference between themselves and the Christ, I can tell the difference between myself and this house, you see.


I could tell the difference between Christ in me and the house, I know that I'm Christ, but most Christians can't tell the difference between their spiritual being and the house that they're in. I'm convinced that to separate from this house, without experiencing, let me say that again, apparently there seems to be a difference, I don't have the answer unless it comes forth by revelation tonight, if the between the incident of the body being killed when the spiritual man is in the body, if your body is killed when the spiritual man is still in the body, something happens to the spiritual man, that's not good. If you have the spiritual authority to breathe out of the house to breathe out of the body before the body is killed, then is seems to me at this time that the personality survives, but if the spiritual man is still in the body when the body is killed, the personality dies with it, that's what it sounds like to me now.


So Jesus breathed out on the cross before his physical body died, that's why he died so much sooner than the Romans expected him to die because he breathed out of his body and the body died as soon as he breathed out of it, he didn't die from the crucifixion, you see. So that seems to be the key to the preservation of the personality, if you're mature enough to breathe out of this body before it dies the personality survives. Praise the Lord, a good spirit moving here tonight.


Okay so let's finish this up here, so we see the parallel universes and as I look at them, what came to my mind was the teaching in the Scripture that the both the moon and the sun will be covered over.


And I went in to look up a few Scriptures, one says the sun will be covered over with a cloud, the other says the sun will be covered over with darkness, and the sun and the moon are Satan and the Dragon, the sun and the moon of this world, we now know that darkness does not necessarily mean evil.


See I always thought that darkness meant evil, but we now have learned that darkness can mean that which is concealed, that which is unknown. So the darkness that's covering over the sun is the unknown Spirit of Christ. That's just another way of Jesus saying, I come as a thief in the night, why does he say he's coming as a thief in the night? Because so many people don't even understand what was happening to them. So when there's no understanding, the truth is concealed, and that darkness is not evil, it's ignorance, it's ignorance on the part of the one that's having the experience, that they're not enlightened enough to recognize that which is happening to them, or that one which is covering them over.


So we see that the world of points was not destined or the manifestation of the world of points below the level of Atzilut is illegal. The world of points was not suppose to appear on the level of Beriah the world of creation, or the Yetzirah, the level of formation, or in world of action. And those worlds, well the whole line will be covered over, because even the world of points which was suppose to come into existence will be covered over by the whole time line of the son. This world on the right will definitely be covered over, overlaid. I think I reversed it, I think this line on the right should really be on the left, I don't know I'll have to think about that, I'll think about that before you do the illustration, okay. And over here on the right, I show you the fertilization of the seeds of the female penetration which is the Serpent penetrates only as far as the female shell of the seed, and the Lord is telling me right now, that the Serpent's penetration did not have the power to penetrate into the nucleus where the male is.


You know what the Lord's telling me, if that female daughter who, her evil side is called the Serpent, if she had the power to penetrate all the way into the male cell, It would have destroyed the whole seed, see. Somehow it would have destroyed Abel, what we have now, we have Cain and Abel, and Abel is dead, but he's in a condition where he can be resurrected by having Christ grafted to him, the Lord's telling me that if this female penetration had the strength to penetrate into the nucleus, it would have permanently destroyed the seed, there would have been no hope of resurrection. And again, I can't get that picture out of my mind of that laboratory instrument penetrating the embryo to get the stem cell out of it.


Some how if the Serpent succeeded in penetrating into the male nucleus, she would have been able to acquire the energy of the male nucleus in a form that would have totally destroyed that seed, it would have never been able to be resurrected. And down below we have the whole genitalia the male organ and the testicle has the strength to penetrate all the way into the male nucleus and produce a male offspring.


The female penetration produced Rahab, Satan, the Dragon and mortal humanity which is the devil, and the male penetration produces the second generation of sons which is Adam Jr. or Zeir Anpin Jr. or Christ Jesus and in the physical world or in the visible world the sons of God. I just love this message.Tape 2


Well Adam Kadmon desired to prevent the birth of Rahab or the coming forth of Rahab, and all the worlds below her. So his prophylaxes was to warn the seeds of the garden, there's a seducer coming, don't even talk to her, that was his preventative method, that was his provision to protect the children in the garden, he told them not to do it, see he didn't give them a big explanation about who the Serpent was or what could happen, he simply said, don't do it, don't eat of that tree, that partial tree, that was his provision, that was his prophylaxes, that was his prevention, his method of preventing what happened.


So God did all that he, the creator did all that was required of him, it was the disobedience of the children that brought forth a very destructive consequence, you see. Even in Genesis 3, where Jehovah was pronouncing the curse. Jehovah was not, I just contradicted myself, where it appears that Jehovah was pronouncing the curse, Jehovah was not cursing Adam and the woman and the Serpent, he was merely telling them this will be the consequences of what you have done, because there are spiritual laws, and you committed adultery, you were disobedient, you committed adultery and now you're pregnant. You see and we, all of humanity, we are the children of the garden, we are the little boy and the little girl who was in the garden, actually the little boy is dead, we're the little girl who was in the garden, who of course we're in a subsequent generation, where we're no simple little girl anymore, we're now evil, I mean mankind is really evil. Those of us who are taught by our parents to be civilized, are not quite as evil as some other people but the root of the nature of mankind is evil.


We have to work at being good, we have to be given a revelation of what's right and what's wrong, we have to live in a society where we put people who can't control themselves in jail, we have be taught if you do this or if you do that, you're going to wind up in jail, or you'll wind up with this evil consequence, we have to educated to be good, because we're born with a nature that will just become more and more evil if there is no interference with our natural inclination. That little kid, that 1 year old, or that 18 month old baby that's beating its brother or sister over the head with a toy, if it's not taught will turn out to be a murderer. And what comes to mind is the Lord of the flies. And I was surfing the tv the other, about a week or so ago, and I caught that movie, I didn't watch it through, I didn't feel like watching it but I recognized immediately that it was the Lord of the flies because the plot of that story is that a group of young boys, like maybe twelve or thirteen year old, maybe younger, boys were abandoned on an island without any adult supervision, some accident happened, and they reverted, their nature reverted to a very primitive state, and they became like natives of past generations, and they started hunting each other, and they were, the group of them, was hunting one of the boys, and about, I think about to kill him, when the marines came to rescue them, just as they were about to attack this one boy, and I think they had war paint on and everything, they reverted to primitive stages without adult supervision at that young age, they became pagan is not the word, pagan has to do with religion, but they reverted to a form of humanity that existed a long time ago, or that may still exist in parts of the world, but it's not a part of civilized, they became uncivilized, that's what happened to them, they became uncivilized.


And it shows you, I tuned in just at the end of the movie where the marines came in a helicopter to get them, and this marine real macho type officer gets out of the helicopter just as this bunch of kids is about to really hurt this other boy, and you know he just took a very adult attitude towards these kids who were acting like, they weren't acting like kids, they were acting like cannibals, and cannibals is the wrong word too, cannibal means that you eat someone else's flesh, but they were acting like primitive people, and he just said what's going on here boys?


You know, and the truth was that they had reverted in their minds, to a primitive stage that they had never witnessed in their whole young life. So we have to be trained to be civilized and righteousness has to be developed in us, morality has to be developed in us, or we revert or we go on the evil path.


So we are the little girl of the garden who has been seduced and become a whole new evil creature from her evil experience. And the only hope of humanity in this world is civilization which is given by Jesus Christ, the whole world changed after Christ was born, and we still have a lot of problems here, but the world is a much better place, with all of our problems. I know I saw a historical drama once that had to do with, it must have taken place in the 1600s, it was in England, I think it was in England, and someone was part of a group that was opposing the king, and he was punished by having his tongue cut out and his ears cut off, and it showed you that man, the look of shock and horror, cause you live you know, it didn't kill him, but the experience utterly traumatized him. Now that happened back in the 1500s or 1600s and that's the same thing just happened today in the year 2001 in Afghanistan, because some men cut their beard, they had their nose and their ears cut off.


So we are no longer the innocent little girl of the garden that was seduced or that was disobedient, see we have become like our mother, we have become like the one who we submitted to, and our only hope in this world is to teach ourselves and to teach children righteousness so that we could have some decency for our years on the earth, you know. But we have the nature of the one that we submitted to, and the evil is stronger than the good in this world, and that is the truth, the evil is stronger than good, and that's why we need a savior, because the evil in us is stronger than the good, it's very simple, you see, it's very simple, that's why we need a savior.


So now Jesus Christ the son you know he's not coming to save some little girl and boy in the garden anymore. The little girl killed the little boy before the marines got there, you see, they killed the kid before the marines got there and this little girl some primitive animal, like a wild animal that needs to be tamed before she could be brought home. Do you all remember seeing that movie that was based on a true story where a little boy was kidnaped, he must have been about 8 or 9 years old, and he was kidnaped, and by a homosexual man who kept him as his son, and lived with this little boy in a homosexual relationship for years, until, maybe five years, I think when he was 16 or so, he ran away, and he went home, he went to a police station and they got him home to his parents, and his parents were so happy to have him back, but he didn't fit, he was changed, he was not their boy who was kidnaped, and he was now troubled, and he was making a problem in the household, he had a brother or a sister, I think he had a brother, there was now trouble in the household, he was rebellious, his behavior was bizarre, eventually he had to move out and get his own place, he recognized himself that it just wasn't working.


So you see the boy that came back was not the boy that was taken. So we are not the little girl that was taken. Humanity, we humanity we have a lot of problems, that young man that came home, was a very troubled psychologically disturbed young man, and humanity is a very troubled psychologically disturbed little girl who has killed her brother, which brother is being raised from the dead. Our brother is the good side or the potential for righteousness. So our husband you see, in India I hear they have child marriage, you know a little girl can be sent to live with a man at 8 or 9 years old, see.


And then in other countries I hear that little girls are promised at that early age, that the marriage take place is the girl matures, but you see we were promised, we were promised in marriage to the son of Abba and Imma, and he's our husband, you see, and we did something wrong in another plane of consciousness in a world that we can't even remember, we were disobedient. We're the same little boy and girl that were disobedient, or the little girl that was disobedient and our brother died as a result of it. See we were told to watch our brother, we're those same beings, in another generation in another plane of consciousness and we've lost our memory, but we have a husband, we are promised in marriage, and he's coming to get us and he has to clean us up before he marries us, because we're just filled with spiritual disease, and that's the truth of our existence, that's who we are the children of the garden.


Thank God our husband has the spiritual authority to change us back, that young man that I just told you about, he was just a hopeless case, no psychiatrist would have ever helped him, and he died a young age, he found a woman to marry and I think he had a baby and he died, he was in an automobile accident, what a tragic life, see. I say all the time, thank you Jesus that the ultimate authority is benevolent, can you imagine if the ultimate authority was Satan, thank God he's come to take us back he's going to fix us and we're going to scream and yell and complain, but he's doing surgery on us, and he's going to fix us up and he's going to take us back because we're his wife, such a simple message. Any more questions or comments on what I have just taught here?


COMMENT: I was just thinking in the world the counterfeit thing is with young people are giving these prophylactics to go out and do whatever they want as a form of protection.


PASTOR VITALE: Right it's, that's interesting because the Serpent is doing what Adam Kadmon did Adam Kadmon dispensed prophylaxes or he made a prophylaxes provision, he didn't give prophylactic, but he made a prophylaxes provision for the children through instruction, he said don't do it, you see, and now we see the Serpent imitating Adam Kadmon saying he can do it, he has a prophylactic, he can do it, so it's the complete reverse, very interesting.


COMMENT: Each and every seed was penetrated, it was like a plague or virus that just came in the air, well I know that...


PASTOR VITALE: Well I believe as far as my revelation goes now, every seed of the garden was penetrated, which is a very interesting concept if you think about it, because what it says is that there is a limited number of people you see, there is a limited number of beings that could come into existence because there was a finite number of seeds in Adam Kadmon's garden. So the question is is this, does every human being, is every human being on the face of the earth a product of one seed? And the answer may be no, because I know at one point the revelation came down that one Fiery Serpent could be manifesting through several human beings, but like I said, I don't have any information, you know I'm not going to pursue that right now, I know that I've taught about it from time to time, saying it's the same, I think I said it was the same spirit in family, you know, and then what happens if somebody doesn't have any children, you see, I know the Scripture says if you don't have any children you're dead, because our children are us in a future generation, see. So if it's true that each Fiery Serpent can be expressed through more than one human being, then we don't really know how many real beings there are, because in one Fiery Serpent is being expressed through five human beings, there is really only one true being, one true spiritual being operating there. So there's so much we don't know, you know, so much we don't know, yes?


COMMENT: I'm reminded of when you were talking about breathing out of the body, it made me think of what you were teaching us a good while back about the Gurus that they would have their servants wash their body when they were out of the body.


COMMENT: Well they breathed out of their body, but they were still attached to it, yes a counterfeit example but their body still lives because they were still attached to it, but in Paul's case I believe his body must have died you know and in Elijah's case his body must have died. And Jesus' case, the body was never found the body disappeared, you know. Well this has been interesting study, it hasn't had much, well yes it has had to do with Kabbalah but it hasn't had much to do with lesson 6, but let's see what else we have here.


This whole conversation and this whole aspect of the message came forth because I was trying to deal with the issue of how the Jews cannot seem to understand, they have such a grasp of this message and they cannot seem to comprehend that, that Adam Kadmon can appear in the world of action in a vessel. We are the vessels of the world, the vessels are appearing as human beings down here in the world of action, and I believe I made the point at the beginning of this message that one of the highest manifestations of this creation is the simple concept that the light that came into the empty space is to be divided, part of the light used to form a vessel and the other part of the light to fill the vessel. The vessel being the level of soul, and the inner light being the level of spirit, and the two together being a created being.


Well the vessels are appearing, here in this world of action as human beings, and we are designed to be filled with the inner light of Adam Kadmon's spirit. So what is the problem? I don't get it, you know, I mean I don't get it that they don't get it, because it's so obvious to me, but the position that the Kabbalist take and that the Rabbis take is that believing that Jesus Christ was Adam Kadmon in the days of his flesh, is idolatry that can be likened to the sin of the golden calf, you see. But my position on this is, that these very well meaning teachers of Kabbalah, these Rabbis they don't comprehend that Jesus of Nazareth was merely the vessel that was filled by a measure of the essence of Adam Kadmon. I don't know whether the Rabbis that opposed this belief, I don't know whether they think it's being preached that Jesus of Nazareth was all of Adam Kadmon. Obviously not, Adam Kadmon is too great for us to even comprehend, he's way beyond one human being.


So it's just a drop of Adam Kadmon's essence that appeared in this man Jesus of Nazareth, and then it's just a drop of Adam Kadmon's essence that became the inner light, of the man Adam Kadmon, I'm sorry of the man Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus of Nazareth was a human vessel that was filled with the inner light, which is the whole purpose of the creation as it's taught by Kabbalah, to produce vessels that could hold the inner light without the destruction of the vessel. Does anybody not understand that, that that's a major principle of Kabbalah? The recreation of vessels that can hold the light of the Ayn Sof without being destroyed.


Now a though has just come into my mind, and I'll answer it, maybe perhaps the Lord is telling me this would be an objection of the Kabbalist, as you know from recent teachings, in order for the vessel to not be destroyed, the light that came into the vessel had to be degraded, do you remember that? We taught that in two parts ago in this message, that in the, if the vessel had ten Sefirot, and the level of Keter in the vessel, the light that was in the Keter level had to be Chokhmah, and the level, and so each level of the Sefirot of the vessel contained light that was one grade weaker, so that the vessel would not be dissolved.


Therefore according to that theory without any intervention, any spiritual light that would come into a human being would be weaker than the vessel. Perhaps, I think that we may hearing from God that this is an argument that the Kabbalists would give us, so what's your answer to this Sheila? My answer to this is that the inner light that was in the man Jesus of Nazareth, was not alone, it was joined to the light from the world above, which we know as the spirit of Elijah or Elijah, he was sustained from above, he wasn't alone, he said I'm not here alone, the father is with me always. You see, we the human vessels without Jesus, okay, we are a vessel with a spirit, and I'm talking about the people with the Holy Spirit, I'm talking about humanity in general, we are a people we are the human beings the vessels that contain a spirit, well I don't know if that's right, I was going to say a spirit that's weaker than we are, but that's not true either, because Satan is stronger than us. See I think the whole principle is, the whole principle is that whoever appears in the world of action never disengages from all the worlds above him.


You see the son of God, whose down here in the world of action, you just see a man, but he has in him, he is connected to Zeir Anpin Jr. in the spiritual plane which is Christ Jesus, you see we're Christ down here in the world of action, we're connected to Christ, whose connected or we're connected to the Christ in the world of formation, which is Zeir Anpin Jr. I'm sorry we're connected to Christ Jesus in the world of action which is Zeir Anpin Jr., and then we're connected to Christ Jesus or Zeir Anpin in the world of creation, which is our father, okay, and then our father is connected to the son, which is in a higher world, and then the son is connected to Keter, we're on a string down here, it's not us alone.


So we're completely strengthened by everything in all of the worlds, we're penetrated by all of the worlds, and if we're not in Christ, if we're an average human being, then we're penetrated by all of the worlds of the female going all the way up to the world of points, but of course we're cut off from Keter, there's a separation there because sin has separated us. We came out of Keter, but we're cut off from Keter. So the Kabbalist say this is a blasphemy to say that Keter appeared in a man, and I would just love to have a conversation with one of these Kabbalists, I'm just itching for this conversation, and maybe some day the Lord will let me have it, I don't know, he hasn't made a way yet. But I would love to ask them some of these questions, what do you have to say about this? Isn't that the whole purpose of the creation? A vessel filled with light, what is your problem? Because they teach as far as I know the Kabbalists teach that Messiah is a human being, he's just a human being like you and me and they deny the glorification.


I think that from what I've read so far, they believe that Messiah will be a supernatural man, that will do miracles, but they do not have a revelation of the glorification, and they do not have a revelation that he is God, they have a revelation according to what I read, of Messiah being anointed of the spirit, but a man who still has a sin nature, but is anointed of the spirit to be a carrier and expression of the spirit, and to do miracles, but who will still have a sin nature, and they stop short of that sin nature being so restrained that that man could be called God.


That's where they stop short. Yet they have a revelation of Elijah, oh I have so many questions I would ask, but I guess I could just ask the Lord what they would say to me, yet they have a revelation of Elijah, you see, Elijah being a spiritual being, they have revelation that Elijah appears to Jews, and teaches them. They have a revelation that man who wrote the Zohar received that whole teaching from Elijah.



So they separate Elijah from Messiah, they see Elijah as a supernatural man who is not in the physical plane, he comes as an angel, and then they have Messiah who is a human being, a supernatural human being but who still has a sin nature, and they cannot see the union of the two. And of course we know that Malachi tells us that Elijah is coming again, but they don't aside from Jesus of Nazareth, they don't seem to have a revelation that he's coming again in a mortal man, they don't seem to have that revelation. Can you imagine this you know, reading the gospel understanding that Jesus was saying all these things to the Jews who knew Kabbalah, that he said to them I am the spirit of Elijah.


You know at one point I preached a message saying Jesus wasn't talking about John having the spirit of Elijah, he was talking about himself, you know but they both had the spirit of Elijah, both John and Jesus had the spirit of Elijah. Can you imagine him going to these Pharisees that knew Kabbalah and said, it's Malachi, that promise that Elijah is going to appear again, he's in John and he's in me. See he was in John in a different way than he was in Jesus. Elijah, the spirit of Elijah was in John with a high imputed anointing that had been seen on the prophets and that had been seen on Israel in their early days. John was a powerful man of God with a powerful anointing, he had the branch of the tree, he had a lot of power, but he didn't have the root. Jesus had the root because he was born with it, but he didn't have the power. And when John baptized Jesus, Jesus received the power, that anointing that was on John attached itself to the man Jesus, and then he had, that man Jesus had the root and the branch, you see.


Isn't that interesting listen, when we're talking about the beginning, when the man came forth, his manhood came forth in two stages, first the male organ and then the reproductive gland, well it happened again. The man came forth in two men, in Jesus of Nazareth and in John, came forth in two parts and the two parts had to get together, and when John baptized Jesus, the two anointings joined in the man Jesus. So that would make John a carrier of the reproductive gland, and Jesus the male organ. The male organ who was in submission to God, who didn't go off and do what he wasn't suppose to do, and that was the whole issue of the temptation, to do what the daughter did at the beginning of time, isn't that interesting? That was Jesus' temptation, he was the physical manifestation of the male organ the wife of the son who was to come forth, and Satan in him was saying do what your ancestor did, seduce the children of the world, but Jesus said no and the marriage came to pass, and the whole male organ came into existence and now his seed is being poured out upon all flesh, and the children are about to be brought home.


Isn't that interesting, I think that's so interesting. So we see from what I can understand now that the Jews that know Kabbalah, they separate the spiritual man Elijah from Messiah, that's where they seem to be stuck, they can't take that next step that that spiritual man could so fully manifest in a human being, that that man's humanity will be suspended just like a bird's feet are suspended when that bird takes to flying, once that bird is off the ground, it's feet just hang there. So they're cut off at that point, very interesting. Well praise the Lord, does anyone have anything to say, any comments any questions? We have a taker.


COMMENT: When you were talking about the light I got a quick image of that Star Trek Scottie beam me up, a light beam, and the word light beam is what really got to me, and then too I was thinking when you were talking about being connected, and how the president has that red phone that's connected all over the world all that, it made me think of the bloodline and that we're connected to Keter by Jesus Christ, I remember the red phone, I though of bloodline.


PASTOR VITALE: Well it's very exciting to know that this exalted heritage is in us through that humble seed, Christ that is grafted to us, and that in him, we have the potential to be everything that Jesus Christ was, and is, not to be greater than him, he will always have the preeminence but we have the potential to be everything that he was in the flesh, but our carnal mind has to die and our sin nature has to be dispersed. It has to be dealt with broken down and destroyed so that we can live out of his nature, it's as simple as that.


You have to give up the thoughts of your carnal mind and the reasoning of your carnal mind, and adopt his thoughts and his reasoning and he's going to help us to do it and we are going to see this glory in our generation, we're very very blessed. Well praise the Lord, the Lord willing we will continue with lesson 6 at another time, God bless you all.




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