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We are still on lesson 4, and we're picking up at the bottom of, if you have the notes we're picking up at the bottom of page 4 of lesson 4, the next to the last paragraph. And we have on the board, this is basically a review, can anybody tell us why I have only the Yod and the Hey of the tetragrammaton on the board, we're talking about the world of Adam Kadmon, why is there only the Yod and the Hey up there, can anybody tell us, does anyone remember? Okay.


COMMENT: Because those the only two letters that signify Adam Kadmon.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that's true, in the world of Adam Kadmon, in the world of Adam Kadmon, we have only the Yod and the Hey, and the reason for that is, that the Vav which represents the son, Zeir Anpin, has not yet come forth, has not yet been born of Abba and Imma. So the world of Adam Kadmon has only two letters, the Yod and the Hey. The Yod is so concealed that we are told that we cannot even attempt to understand it. So the Yod which represents the, the holy name AB(72), is concealed where, does anybody know where? Yes, okay.


COMMENT: In the Ayn Sof.


PASTOR VITALE: No, the AB, which is the Yod that's the same thing as Adam Kadmon, is concealed in his head, in his metaphorical head behind the forehead underneath the, it was in the skull behind the forehead and we are told that we are forbidden, now this is Kabbalah, we are forbidden to study this high realm.


You know when I first heard that expression in Kabbalah that it is forbidden, I have to admit that my pride got up, it offended me, maybe my rebellion, but I know understand that the phraseology means that it is dangerous for us to study. See you have to realize that dealing with spiritual realms is dealing with energy. It's like playing with an electric outlet, if we go before the time, if we're not adequately prepared, we could really damage our mind and possibly physically too, but I think we're dealing mostly with our mind, you know. So at one point I was saying, well we do have a revelation of the AB, in the Lord Jesus Christ, but we do not as far as I know, we do not have any ability, I do not have any ability to study the detailed understanding of who the glorified Jesus Christ is at this time. I know him as my Lord, okay, because my savior is his son, my savior is Christ Jesus in the midst of me who was placed there by the glorified Jesus Christ, you know.


So he is my Lord, he is my father the glorified Jesus Christ, you know, he's higher than Christ Jesus in me, and he helps me, and he teaches me and he's giving me some exciting spiritual experiences, but I really don't know any of the details of his level of consciousness. So maybe it's true, that at this stage of our development we're not suppose to be studying that high, I don't know. There is just so much to learn in Kabbalah, I'm just trying to take it a step at a time and go with what the Lord gives me.


So this is what we're told, we don't study the realm or the world that is associated with the Yod of Adam Kadmon, it is too high for us, either at this time, or in this condition. Maybe it would damage our mind. See I am very aware that when I talk about these things to people who are not a part of the group that study with us, they frequently cannot, they cannot look at my eyes, they cannot bear the sound of my words, my words burn them. See spirit comes out through the mouth. So we have to be fully insulated before ascend into the higher realms or it could damage our mind. We are allowed, so we are going with the rules laid down with the Kabbalah that we're studying unless the Lord Jesus intervenes and tells me otherwise, I'm following the rules. Okay.


So we are allowed to study the world associated with the second letter of the name that we find in the world of Adam Kadmon, that is the Hey, and it represents the holy name SaG(63). Okay, now this is all review. So I have extended that holy name SaG(63) down below for you, and we know that this means, each of these letters, the Yod and the Hey, represent the whole tetragrammaton, which is subject to the general tetragrammaton Adam Kadmon. So we have Yod Hey Vav Hey, these are the SaG of Adam Kadmon. We have now expanded the SaG of Adam Kadmon, we've expanded it out into its own YHVH tetragrammaton. Is everybody okay? Okay and we have some abbreviations, don't get all hung up on these abbreviations, use the glossary that I've given you that's what I've given it to you for. There are abbreviations that I have not mastered myself yet, that's why I have the glossary right out here while I'm teaching you, don't hesitate to use this glossary, okay.


So we have the A'S'Ma'B, A'S'Ma'B is referring to the Yod Hey Vav Hey, it's the abbreviation of the AB, SaG, MaH, and BaN, that's what it stands for, AB, SaG, MaH, and BaN. So when you see the phrase or there's a name for it that slips my mind at the moment. When you take the first letter of every word of a phrase and you make it its own phrase, there's a name for it, and I at the moment forgot what it is, does anybody know what I'm talking about? If you say Sheila walks the cat, you would take the swc would stand for Sheila walks the cat. And there is a particular name for doing this, it may be acronym and I'm not sure. Okay is everybody following me?


So A'S'Ma'B refers to the totally of Yod Hey Vav Hey. And this is the A'S'Ma'B of the SaG which is the Hey of the world of Adam Kadmon. Now the A'S'Ma'B of the SaG of Adam Kadmon are broken down even further, the Yod, now talking about the A'S'Ma'B of the SaG of Adam Kadmon, we're not talking about the world of Adam Kadmon, we're talking about the worlds that are under the general Adam Kadmon, or the general tetragrammaton. The Yod represents or consists of the Ta'amim, and the Ta'amim is the Hebrew word for cantellations. The cantellation marks are the marks that go above in the middle of and underneath the Hebrew letters indicating the tone that that letter should be pronounced as, when you're singing or chanting the Scriptures.


There are cantellation marks, if you could find where to bind them, there are cantellation marks assigned to every letter of every word of the five books of Moses, I don't know about the prophets, and the history, but the five books of Moses, the Torah, that whole Torah can be sung, and that's what the cantellation mark is, it indicates the tone. And when you read all of the cantellations together, I don't know whether a tone and a note is the same thing as a tone and note, the same thing. What did you say, you don't think so? Okay, maybe a series of tones makes up a note, I'm not sure, okay. But you need that information, the cantellations to be able to chant the Scripture. Now remember that our vocal chords vibrate, both voice and music is very powerful concerning spiritual matters, both voice and music is very powerful because it's sending out vibrations which are spiritual communications. See.


That's why music could be so Satanic it could stir up the demons of hell or it could bring, it could invoke the Holy Spirit to come in, because of the level of vibration that's going forth. And now does everybody understand that, does everybody understand that? Okay now what is not quite as easy to understand which still is odd to me but I believe it, is that depending on the words that we speak, okay, I'm having trouble explaining this, hold on a second, okay. Now I'm now talking about the tone, my tone of voice you know, I'm not saying that my tone of voice, will either bring in the Spirit of God or bring in a demon from hell, it's not my tone of voice, although I must admit anger, anger coming out of a human being, does chase the Spirit of God, and invite demon spirits, that is true. I have never understood this principle to the degree that I understand it now. How absolutely important it is to not get angry.


It is very important, anger chases the Spirit of God, and opens you up to at least at that moment to have your carnal mind speak through you. So we are to resist anger at all costs, I pray frequently these days for the Lord to give me this ability, that I should be at the same note or at the same tone always. I don't want to be a dull person where I'm a monotone, but there has to be a realm within which you can rise and fall where you're not angry and you're not depressed and you can go up and down between that realm, but the minute you get angry, your carnal mind has risen to the surface, and Christ has gone down and you are out of control. What do I mean you are out of control? Christ is no longer the Lord of your life at that moment, you better get a grip, and you better get a grip on yourself quickly, because another mind has come up and covered Christ.


So we have to recognize all the circumstances which bring us to anger and confess them as sin and ask the Lord to teach us and equip us and anoint us to deal with these provocative situations and stay in Christ, and everybody has them, we're provoked continuously. Someone is pushing our buttons continuously. Our goal should be to stay in Christ no matter which buttons are pushed, and the buttons that usually do the most damage to us are the hang ups that we have from when we were children, that we developed years and years ago.


There are certain things that get us angry and we don't even know why, there's something wrong in there, you know, the Lord has to turn that screw and fix it, and in order for him to turn that screw and fix it, we have to recognize that anger is absolutely wrong. You know the Quakers of years ago, I've seen movies about the Quakers of years ago, any sign of anger coming from somebody, you were severely chastised by the leader of the group, and when I first saw that, I said myself that is just horrible, what kind of a bondage that is to live in that you can't express your emotions, see. But you can express your emotions, but we must learn to express them in a godly manner. We can express how we feel verbally without a spirit of anger, that should be our goal, that anger covers Christ, and for all intents and purposes until you recover yourself, you're dead, you're spiritually dead, you're spiritually dead.


I don't care who did what to you, if this anger rises in you, as long as it's up, you have died. And I'm telling you this as a recovering rageaholic, I have never been as aware as I am now, of how wrong and dangerous it is for a son to yield to anger. So I praise God for every situation that he puts me in where I still have buttons that are clickable, that's a computer, buttons that are clickable, that means there are buttons in me that someone who right has the right mouse can come and click my button and I go off, I'm still in that condition. So I praise God for revealing that so that I could confess it as sin and seriously pray that these character defects be removed from me, because in that split second that I'm in anger, Satan can kill me.


See at this level what's happening to me now is I come out of it, nothing terrible is happening to me, I'm just embarrassed that I hold this office that I hold and I could still lose my temper and get angry, I'm just embarrassed but I'm telling you the day is coming, I know the day is coming that I am going to be in the middle of an assignment for the Lord or in some very high spiritual place, and if I still have a button that's clickable and Satan figures out how to click it, it could mean my physical life. I fully believe that, I fully believe that its true. Now this does not just go for anger, it goes for envy, it goes for self pity, it goes for moaning over your children, and I've got my own problems with my daughter, I'm telling you you can't yield to that, because Satan will not miss any opportunity to hurt you, you could not yield to that.


The fact that you are moaning and groaning and all upset, that is not proof that you love your children, that is not proof that you love your children. I tell you that of a truth, it is not. The proof that you love your children is that when you see a crisis you lend yourself to prayer, and you ask the Lord what he's willing to do for them, and then you go on serving God, and that is the truth. I don't know where that came from, whatever I'm teaching, I was teaching about, I was teaching about music and how I was trying to explain to you how the words that I speak carry their own spiritual cantellation. It is not my tone of voice, now I'm not talking about being angry and starting to scream, I'm talking about, when I'm talking in a normal conversational tone like I am right now, I could say Jack and Jill walked up the hill to fetch a pail of water, and then I could say death has been annulled in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, and your carnal ear and my carnal ear would say well Sheila, you said those two phrases in the same vibration, the same level of vibration, your tone didn't change at all, your voice didn't get louder, your voice didn't get softer.


What I'm trying to tell you is that there is, and that is true, my voice didn't get louder and my voice didn't get softer, but we're talking about the physical vibration that we're hearing in this physical world. But there is a spiritual vibration that resinates in other worlds. My voice is being heard in worlds beyond this world that we can see with these eyes.


See we all exists on many planes of consciousness. We all know that we have a spiritual body, we have several layers of spiritual bodies. We have several spiritual bodies, and when I speak, what I a saying is resounding in each of the worlds that I have the ability to be heard in, I don't even have the answer as to whether or not it's all of them, okay. And the word, the vibration that comes from me, I'm having trouble explaining this. In the plane of consciousness, my voice sounds the same, as I spoke the two phrases but in other planes of consciousness, those two phrases sounded completely different.


Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, is harmless, but death has been annulled in the person of the Jesus Christ is deadly to opposing negative entities on another plane. So there is a difference in the vibration of my voice dependent upon the words that I speak. And this difference is not noticable in this plane of consciousness. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about, do you understand what I'm talking about? My words are being or least the vibration that's being produced as I speak, is being experienced on several planes of consciousness, and even though my tone remains the same, what I'm saying will result in a different vibration in the spiritual plane, not in this world, but in the spiritual planes.


So cantellation marks are very important because the chanting of the Scripture has an effect on our lives, or at least in the lives of the Jews who keep the law. It has the effect of chasing negativity from us and bringing down the protection of God. Of course in the church today, we do have anointed music, and I'm not equipped to compare the anointed music of the church today to the chanting of the Scriptures, I just know that the Lord revealed himself to me in synagogue at ten years old, and the chanting of the Saturday morning hymns were so beautiful, I have never sense heard anything so beautiful in all my life, and I must have had a spiritual experience, that's why it was so beautiful to me. The melodies were just exquisite.


Cantellations, Ta'amim, associated with the Yod of the A'S'Ma'B, very very important. The Hey of the SaG of Adam Kadmon is associated with the Nekudot, the vowels, underneath the letters. The Vav are associated with the Tagin, that has to do with the crowns, we don't really know very much about them, I just know that the Hebrew Scribes write little crowns at the top of the letters, I haven't read anything yet, that gives me any instructions as to the purpose of the crowns at this time, and the Hey, the last Hey, the second Hey is the Otiyot, and that has to do with the Hebrew letters. Now the letters are the vessels. The letters represent, the Hebrew letters represent the vessels that hold the light, that would make each one of us a Hebrew letter, or at least a part of a Hebrew letter, because we are the vessels that hold the light.


So we could say when we gather together, and we are complete as God has called us to be, you could have two people in a room or you could have fifteen hundred people in a room, when that group is complete because that is the group that the Lord has called together, we represent a series of letters, we represent the name.


When we gather together and the Lord Jesus Christ is manifesting himself, if one person is speaking but everyone else is listening, we are all in sync, we are all in agreement, and we are manifesting the name of God, and we now know that there is a new name that is higher than every other name, and that name if Jesus you see. And that name is higher than every other name, that includes Keter.



He has ascended above all heavens, he's ascended beyond the first Sefirot. So as far as I know, as far I've instructed to date, that means he's one with the Ayn Sof, that means he's outside of the ten Sefirot, he's beyond the ten Sefirot. He's ascended above all heavens, that's very comforting.


Okay, now all of these together, the Ta'amim, the Nekudot, the Tagin, and Otiyot are called TaN'T'a, Ta, for Ta'amim, N, for Nekudot, T, for Tagin, and A, or Alef for Otiyot, TaN'T'a, these are the TaN'T'a of the SaG of Adam Kadmon. Now don't get all upset if you can't remember this stuff, as I told you, I'm having my own problems remembering it, but I have the glossary and if I find myself reading a lesson or reading some Kabbalistic lesson or teaching, and I don't know it means, I just take the glossary and look it up, that's what the purpose of the glossary is, that's why I'm spending hours digesting these lessons for you, and breaking down the terms and making them as simple as I can.


So we see that this is the TaN'T'a of the SaG of Adam Kadmon, and although I don't have it on the board just by way of review, the light of the ears, nose, and mouth of Adam Kadmon, where do they emanate from? Can anyone tell us? The light of the ears nose and mouth of Adam Kadmon, do they come from the Otiyot, where do they come from?


COMMENT: I think they came from the Vav.


PASTOR VITALE: No, that's a good try, they come from the SaG of the cantellations. You may recall of the drawing that we've had, we've extended out the cantellations, the cantellations of the SaG of Adam Kadmon, we've extended that out and from the cantellations we have another YHVH, okay, and the light of the ears come from that SaG, and the light of the nose comes from that Vav, and the light of the Hey comes from that mouth, from that, the light of the mouth comes from that Hey, are you following me because I don't have it written down. The Ta'amim, the cantellations of the SaG of Adam Kadmon, get extended out, and there's another YHVH that comes down from the Ta'amim. So the light of the ears of Adam Kadmon are the SaG of the cantellations of the SaG of Adam Kadmon. And the light of the eyes of Adam Kadmon, does anybody remember where the light of his eyes come from, the light of the eyes?


The light of the eyes of Adam Kadmon come from the Nekudot of the SaG of Adam Kadmon. Okay, now when I first looked at this, I thought well the light of the eyes is suppose to be higher than the light of the ears, and here we have the light of the eyes coming from the Hey, and the light of the ears coming from the Yod, how could that be? Because the light of the ears are not coming directly from the Yod, they're coming from the next layer down, the SaG of the SaG of the Yod, and the light of the eyes are coming from this level here, the level of the A'S'Ma'B. Don't get too hung up on this, I'm just going through the lesson and pointing it out to you, I'm forgetting a lot of this myself, just do the best you can. These are the hard lessons, the lessons about the world of points, they're all exciting and filled with revelation, this is the theory that we have to get back to. So we have to plod through it, just do the best that you can.


Drawing # 2, talking about the light that comes out of Adam Kadmon's ears, there is a right ear and there is a left ear, the right is always higher than the left in Kabbalah, the right is higher than the left. The name of the light that emanates from the right ear is Ohr Makif, that is called the surrounding light, and the light that emanates from the left ear, is called Ohr Penimi, and this is the inner light, it comes from Adam Kadmon's left ear.


Now we are studying, I am studying from several different sources, unless I misunderstood something that I read, there is a discrepancy here which is very possible, you know there are different opinions all through Kabbalah, although both sources that I am reading from, supposedly are teaching the teaching the teaching of Isaac Luria. So perhaps I misunderstood, I don't know but since we're doing the lessons from this particular Rabbi, I'm going to go along with what he says, and he tells us that the Ohr Makif, the light from the right ear, eventually congeals to become the outer vessel and form of a thing as well as its aura or halo. Now my understanding from the book the Tree of Life, which the Lord has been leading me through, is that the surrounding light comes from an over abundance of light that fills the vessel, which is the inner light and when the vessel can contain no more, it spills over.


This was my understanding from reading the Tree of Life, but the teacher of these notes says otherwise, it doesn't make any sense to my carnal mind but what else is new, you know, so just flow with it, just keep an open mind, the Lord will straighten everything out eventually. He's says the Ohr Makif, eventually, that's the light from the right ear of Adam Kadmon, eventually congeals and becomes the outer vessel, and the form of a thing, that's talking about us, okay. Remember this high lofty doctrine is talking about real things, and we are the vessel, and the light that's in us is our soul, and that's why Jesus says if the light within you is darkness, you've a problem, if your soul is not a soul with comes according to Kabbalah, they would say a soul given by God, there are five levels of soul, and the teaching of Kabbalah would be the light, it is the Neshamah, the soul that's given from God. We would say the mind of Christ.


So Jesus said if your light is darkness okay, if you think you have the mind of Christ but it's really the carnal mind, I don't remember the rest of the Scripture but it's not positive, you see, or if you have the light, if you have the mind of Christ but you're living out of your carnal mind, you're in just as much trouble as if you don't have the mind of Christ. So the light that, we are the vessels and the light is the mind of Christ or the Christ in us. This high doctrine relates to mind and to people, and to time and to space, it relates to everything that we are. I know on recent messages, especially that series called the World Of Points, I told you several times that from the readings that I had done so far, it appeared to me that the belief of the Kabbalist was that the light of the fallen world of points had been rectified into the world of emanation and that the world of points didn't exist anymore, that was the conclusion I drew from the writings that I've read, you know.


And I know the Lord told me that that's not true, that we are the world of points, and that the rectification has come forth in its completion in the Lord Jesus Christ. The first stage of the rectification came forth on Mount Sinai when Jehovah made his covenant with the Jews, but it only came to fruition that covenant that Jehovah made with the Jews, only came to fruition in the man Jesus of Nazareth. The Jews as a nation have loss that high calling. See, even in the teacher, the Rabbi that we're studying with, he doesn't deny it, you know, that the Jews today, even the Rabbis that study Jews, are not where the leaders of the Jews were years ago, their mind is not in the same condition. And I just read in another writing tonight that as of the destruction of the temple, the last temple, the high level of spiritual experience between the Jew and Jehovah ceased.


So the Kabbalists are recognizing this, but they're blaming it on the destruction of a physical temple. I didn't see any acknowledgment in what I was reading in that this access to this high spiritual experience with God has ceased to exist because of sin, or that the temple was destroyed because of sin.


I don't, but maybe you know, I am coming to the point now that I'm starting to believe that the Kabbalist that are really into this, that they know a lot more than is apparent in the beginners books that I'm reading. So I have to give them the benefit of the doubt but I don't know where to draw the line because obviously they don't know that Jesus Christ is Messiah. So at some point we have a revelation that they don't have. Where that point is, I don't know. But apparently they do know that this is the world of points, because I read something today, where the Rabbi was comparing Kabbalah to Hindu doctrine, and he was saying that in his words, Hindu doctrine in the philosophy coming forth from the world of points and it's evil, that's what he said. And his reasoning is that the Chakrahs, the seven Chakrahs are in a straight line and they're not in the three columns. So that's how he gets his answer.


I would say to you the doctrine of the Hindus is of the carnal mind, you see, but apparently, there's a lot more knowledge in the higher circles than is being giving out into the beginning lessons that I have been studying. So praise the Lord, how did that get into this message here. Okay, so we're told that the light from the right ear forms the vessel and the aura of the thing. Every human being has a, is a vessel and has an aura, every animal is a vessel and has an aura, every plant and every tree has an aura, see. Oh Sheila you're teaching pantheism. No I'm not, that is the truth, but I don't worship nature, pantheism is the worship of nature.


This whole world and every aspect of it, the earth the trees the ocean, the human beings, we all exist on multiple planes of consciousness. Everything, so if we have an aura, the animals have an aura, the ocean has an aura, what is an aura? It's simply another plane of consciousness that's surrounding us. But what man has that the animals don't have or that the oceans or the plants or the trees don't have is that we have a, well Kabbalah says a soul, or Kabbalah says an aspect of soul, we have something of the mind of God that no other species on the earth has. If you want to call it soul, Neshamah soul, I don't care what you call it. Mankind has the likeness of God, and we are called to be in the image of God. We fell down, we will once again be in the image of God. And if you have Christ in your life, you have the image of God within you.


We are made to be the image of God, and even though we have fallen down, we still have the seed of that potential to be in the image of God, and the animals don't have that. So you can call it soul, you can call it spirit, you can call it anything you want. See, the pantheist say to you, well animals have a soul, they have an aura, they have a soul, animals have personality, they have a soul, and from my point of view they have a spirit also, they have a breath of life in them, if you want to call that a spirit, but they do not have a higher nature, and I don't care whether you call the higher nature spirit or soul, I don't care what you call it, animals do not have a higher nature, and that is why they don't have language, and that is why they don't have the intellect of man.


Well you say, what about the days gone by when we were the neanderthal man? Well that is the whole error of Darwin's evolution. Mankind has not evolved from an animal state, we have descended from our higher state, we have come down from our higher state, so who was the neanderthal man? Well I've read several opinions, you know, and I don't want to get into that tonight, but man in our present condition, I'm not prepared to answer that question tonight, I know the answer it's not coming out of my mouth, okay, I've read a lot about it. See, mankind in his present condition, mankind with an intellect, with an ability to think, we are not the present descendants of animalistic man, we are descendants of very high spiritual beings that fallen down. The carnal mind has it backwards. And the neanderthal man was some other strain.


I mean the Lord hasn't spoken about it to me directly, I've just read other people's opinions about it, and in general, I have received it, I have received that teaching. Praise the Lord, okay. Now the light of Adam Kadmon's ears descends, the light of the left ear descend and meet each other at Adam Kadmon's beard. The light of the ears descend as far as Adam Kadmon's beard. Now the lights of, well let me finish this up here, the light of the Ohr Penimi, the left ear, that's the inner light, and the Ohr Penimi eventually congeals within the Ohr Makif that means the inner light eventually congeals within the vessel and becomes the source of life within each form, the breath of life, the breath of life, within each form, it's talking about human beings, it's talking about animals, it's talking about the beings on other planes of consciousness.


There are beings on other planes of consciousness. The lights of the right and left ear are not joined at this level, at the level of the ears, this means that light and vessel, soul and body, are not able to join together to form a tangible creation at this level. Do you know what tangible means? Something that you could see, touch relate to. This is all invisible, nothing that you could lay hold of, it's called very subtle or sublime or rare, it's so spiritually high, we really can't even comprehend it, that's why we're given metaphors of Adam Kadmon, ears, eyes, nose, these don't really exist, they're metaphors. Otherwise it would be impossible for us to comprehend what happened at this level. So, it's impossible to join the light of the left and right ears, at this high level, because the light is still too close in nature to the Ayn Sof, to form forms. The light must descend further away from the Ayn Sof before forms can begin to congeal, in order for this to occur, the lights from Adam Kadmon's nose and mouth must come forth.


Now the lights of Adam Kadmon's nose go down to his heart, which you can't see on this drawing, and the light from Adam Kadmon's mouth go down to his navel. And the lights from Adam Kadmon's eyes, go down below his navel, and that is the first beginning of a tangible creation below Adam Kadmon's navel, which is the world of points. And when reconfigured the world of emanation. Are there any questions about this? This teaching is so radically different than the kind of teaching that came forth in the message The World Of Points, this is, it's difficult, we're going to have to get our minds geared up again for these difficult studies, but remember this is stretching our minds, this wasn't too difficult tonight, but what's happening is that our mind is stretching, Christ Jesus is growing in us, this is the food that he needs to mature, and our ability, our intellect is being developed, and stretched.


Beware of your pride, you're not, I mean I don't, I am not remembering everything that I teach. Right now I'm looking for... However much I forgotten, I know I have not remembered everything especially these complicated abbreviations, but I remember quite a bit of it, and whatever you can remember, that's just fine, just hang in there and stay with it, do the best you can, remember no pain, no gain, the way you learn is by being oversaturated and whatever you retain you retain. Are there any questions on this issue? Okay. It's too late to start lesson 5, but Lord willing unless the Lord gives me another message, we will start lessson 5 on Thursday night, I'm trying to catch you up, and at some point we will have to back our textbook the Tree Of Life, which is our series called "A Look At Kabbalah", I would like to, I'm sure the Lord wants us to finish that book.


So we're just chugging along, I think that we're making a lot of progress to tell you the truth. I think that the Lord's really doing quite a bit here. So if no one has any questions or comments, we'll just say Goodnight, God bless you.




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