550 - Part 8

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Praise the Lord. We're going to start with a drawing, drawing # 1, which is similar to the drawing from part 7, because I would like to make a correction to something that I said on part 7, and I'll just enhance it a little bit, I'm talking about the relationship between the Sefirot, the restrictive relationship between the Sefirot and if you heard part 7 of this message, of this series of messages, then you know that I initially had it backwards, I could not understand how Chokhmah/wisdom, would be restricting Binah/understanding. So I thought the Sefirot on the right were restricting the Sefirot on the left, and then in the midst of my message to you as so often happens the Lord brought the correction, and he explained to me that it's the Sefirot on the left, that restrict the Sefirot on the right, and the teaching was that Chokhmah wisdom needs to be restricted because too much wisdom without action, it's the same thing as Paul saying faith without works is dead, what good is the wisdom if it doesn't have a manifestation.


So the restriction of wisdom is understanding. Wisdom has to descend, the energy force that is known as wisdom must cease to exist on its own level, and descend to a lower level where it becomes understanding, so that it could be of some practical value to the creation. So the end of wisdom is understanding. And of course that is not the end of wisdom period, it's the end of a particular aspect of wisdom or a thought that comes out of wisdom. If it stays in that high exalted state where nobody could comprehend it, what good is it?


Let's have a practical application of it, let's bring forth some understanding, and let's use it to help human beings, let's use it to help mankind. Wisdom in it's state where it is the Chokhmah, where it is the Sefirot Chokhmah is called potential wisdom, it's of no practical value. It is the thought when it's in the unconscious part of the mind. Now please understand, if you don't understand this already, that spiritual studies are very psychological, whether it's Kabbalah or whether it's the doctrine of Christ, we are talking about the mind of man. All of this goes on in the mind. The first nine Sefirot from Chokhmah through Yesod, all exists in the mind. It is only the tenth Sefirot Malkhut, that is the visible world, and Malkhut in her fallen condition is the world that lieth in darkness, that lieth in wickedness and is covered with darkness.


We await on marriage to Christ who is Yesod, who is the male organ of Zeir Anpin, who is Christ Jesus to us the whole man, so that the enlightenment or the light or the glory of the whole nine Sefirot above can be deposited into our vessels. We are Malkhut and we are in darkness, waiting for the light of the balanced nine Sefirot above us, through the Lord Jesus Christ who is now glorified and likened to Keter, and Christ Jesus who is likened to Tiferet, both Keter and Tiferet are the middle column, and Christ who is likened to Yesod. And Christ is grafted to Abel within us, who is either unconscious or dead, and that is the connection in Malkhut. Yesod connects to this world of darkness, in which Abel is the breath of life.


So wisdom must be restricted for it to have a practical application. I know that I've told you all that I have experienced receiving communications from that high level of Chokhmah, it comes as a flash, it's not words, it's not a sentence, it's not an audible voice, it is just a flash, a second, a one second flash, and then I receive the understanding, without hearing any verbalized message. Well the understanding, the flash is Keter manifesting in me, the communication from the Lord Jesus, and then the understanding comes from Binah. If I didn't have the understanding, I would have the flash, but I wouldn't know what it meant. It would be as if I saw a flash of light, but I wouldn't know what it meant. So understanding restricts wisdom and judgment, we see that Binah which is understanding is judgment, is also judgment, yeah I guess I did, white throne judgment.


Binah is also judgment, why would we have to apply judgment to wisdom? Why would we have to apply judgment to wisdom? Does anybody know? Well you have to know how to use that wisdom because wisdom even after it's understood, if that understanding is misapplied, it will do evil. That which is meant for good, can end up doing evil if it is misapplied. I'm trying to think of an example, I know what's coming to my mind, is how many people receive prophesies about a call to ministry and they ran ahead of the anointing and sold their house or thought they were suppose to give away all of their money and wound up in poverty in dire straights. So understanding failed them. See, they didn't distinguish between the good and the evil, they couldn't distinguish between the good understanding of God, and the good and evil understanding of their carnal mind, they couldn't distinguish between the two and they went into destruction.


So in that sense, that is the understanding that restricts wisdom. The aspect of Binah which is the white throne judgment goes way beyond that, but I'm not going to get into that right now. Then on the next level down, we have Chesed, which is lovingkindness and Chesed is the only Sefirot that has no border, or no, or that is not a sealed circle. Because Sefirot, what these Sefirot are is that they're borders, they're circles, they're spheres that contain the energy forces of God, because the Ayn Sof is unlimited.


So it's like you have a sea and you take one drop out of that sea and put it in a glass. You separate that one drop from the whole sea and you have a Sefirot, that's what a Sefirot is. And all of these Sefirot are closed spheres except for Chesed, Chesed has an open border and it just gives and gives and gives and gives and never closes that opening. All of the other spheres both give and take. Chesed, and when they're taking, they stop giving because it's the same opening, but Chesed never stops giving. And Chesed is lovingkindness, there is no law against love. See, there is no reason or desire on God's part to restrict lovingkindness and mercy. That can never hurt you, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that. There is no law restricting it, it is the only Sefirot that is unlimited, yet nevertheless Gevurah, which is might, which is the sowing and reaping judgment comes in and restricts Chesed, why? Because lovingkindness even though there is no law against lovingkindness, can be misused by the carnal mind. It can make the person, if the person does not have a mixture of lovingkindness and might, they will be abused and victimized by the evil forces of this world.


To be all lovingkindness and no Gevurah is the condition of a child. A child just loves anybody that's kind to them. Children even love people who aren't kind to them, children just love, they love and they love and they love, and eventually they have to reach decisions, we have to grow up in our life and reach decisions that certain kinds of love are destructive, and we will not engage in them, and that is called maturity. And then the third level down, and this is where I made the error on part 7 of this message, Netzach is of overcoming, the power to overcome adversity, also called victory. Now Netzach is very powerful and capable of being very vicious.


Now I have read about this in the Zohar. So you would say to yourself, why does the Sefirot that produces overcoming power have to be vicious? Does anybody know? She has the capability of being vicious? Does anybody know why? Why?


COMMENT: You have to brutal against your carnal mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly, exactly that which she is trying to overcome are the powers and principalities of this world, which are pure evil. Netzach is fighting against Satan and the Dragon and the devil. So did you ever see, now I have seen this, did you ever see somebody who has been brutalized and beaten, and they finally rise up and fight back? And they're punching and punching and punching and punching, and their opponent who truly tried to kill them is now down on the floor and very beaten, and you see that that man can't get up, but the one that would represent Netzach is kicking him and punching him and all the other men come running over and say stop it you'll kill him, you'll kill him, stop it! That's Netzach, see, there is power in Netzach to destroy the carnal mind, but I keep saying she, I'm not really sure whether she's female or not but I keep saying she.


But Netzach needs help in knowing when to stop, see. Any kind of overcoming power manifesting in your life, let's say for example you have had a problem, you had a food problem and you were overweight for many years, you finally find the strength to start restricting your food and you take off all the weight you need to take off and you're the right weight and you're still starving yourself, and you're getting thinner and thinner and all your friends and relatives are telling you stop it stop it it's enough already, it's going to affect your health, you see.


It took all of those years to get up that energy to fight that weight problem and now that that person is victorious, they can't stop.


And what happens you see, Hod, I'm seeing that as mind, I haven't read this anywhere in Kabbalah, Kabbalah tells you that Binah is mind, that Chokhmah is spirit, Ab, is spirit, and Binah is mind. But there's a higher mind and there's a lower mind.


The Lord told me that Hod is the mind down here on this level. See the mind which is Binah, that's the high manifestation of the mind of Christ, very high up, that's not the mind of Christ that we have down here. Why? Why do I say that? Because Binah is the world to come, in Binah is eternal life. The mind that's in Binah is the mind that cannot die, the mind that's in Binah is the mind, when that mind is in you you can't die anymore. That's the mind that was in Jesus in the days of his flesh. But the mind of Christ that we have down here in this world is Hod, see.


And Kabbalah does tell us that Netzach and Hod are the two Sefirot that are manifesting through the prophets. So that's the only Kabbalistic witness that I have to what the Lord has told me, that Hod is mind, and it is either the mind of Christ or the carnal mind, depending upon its warfare with Netzach.


Netzach is continuously fighting with that Sefirot to keep it formed into the mind of Christ. But because the creation is fallen, the natural tendency of the mind is to revert back to the carnal mind. Remember I talk to you in terms of one mind being under the other mind, but that's not really the truth of it. I say that because it's easier for you to understand, but the true reality of the difference between the carnal mind and Christ mind is that there is just one substance of mind, and it's either formed into the Christ mind or it's formed into the carnal mind.


It's as if you had a lump of clay and you keep sculpting it into a bird and then smashing it and sculpting into an animal and you can't make up your mind. That clay keeps going back and forth between being an image of an animal and an image of a bird, that is the reality of the difference between our carnal mind and our Christ mind. It's the same substance, we're talking about the form of it. So Hod is that substance, and we see the practical application of the victory manifested in Hod. If there is no victory Hod is the carnal mind.


If Netzach is completely victorious over Hod, we become the Christ mind, but in our case we're still in the midst of battle. So sometimes we're Christ and sometimes we're the carnal mind, and this battle is going on to mold our mind in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.


So on part 7 of this message I could not see the relationship between Hod and Netzach, I could not see that Hod restricted Netzach's victory, that victory is a vicious war machine, as demonstrated particularly in the part of the Zohar called Pinhas. So are there any questions on this at all.


Okay, praise the Lord we are going to pick up with our study of the Agulim and the Yosher. The Agulim are the spheres of the Sefirot, and the Yosher are the columns, referring to both the circular and the linear aspect of the Sefirot. Now remember there are not ten circular Sefirot and ten linear Sefirot, there are only ten Sefirot and each Sefirot has a linear and a circular aspect.


Praise the Lord, and we're also going to be talking about the difference between passive and active. The two primordial forces of existence, one of them is passive and the other is active. The passive aspect of the creation, were of existence seeks stillness, that's the peace that Jesus promised us, and the active aspect of creation seeks action or activity.


So the more active we are in this creation, the more male we are, talking about our mind now, yet the ultimate promise of the Scripture is perfect peace, okay.


Now the notes that we're studying, the author of the notes that we're studying claims that the initial condition of the Ayn Sof is stillness, and therefore the Ayn Sof is female, and the author and now I don't think he says the Ayn Sof is female because we've already been taught that the Ayn Sof is neither male or female, but he's saying that by examining the Ayn Sof which we know is stillness okay, we can see that this condition of non-existence is passive. Now let me go back and let me tell you the difference between existence and non-existence. Sometimes this is called being or non-being, and the first time I heard these terms, they were very confusing to me, being and non-being, I know that being means to be, it comes from the verb to be, which means to exist, but I could not comprehend non-being.


Another way of saying this is, reality or non-reality existence or non-existence, being or non-being, and the difference between the two states is simply this, non-being means to not appear, it comes from the word to be, existence also comes from the word to be, and it means to appear, to have some tangible substance so that people can comprehend you, or so that you can be comprehended. Non-being or non-existence means that you are totally incomprehensible, you exist, we acknowledge that you exist, but you are not appearing in any manner that we can comprehend therefore I shouldn't even say you exist, I do stumble on these terms in this high philosophy, so please bear with me. We have to say, we acknowledge that you have substance, we acknowledge that the Ayn Sof has substance, but the Ayn Sof does not exist.


Now if you don't understand this kind of philosophical talk that's very confusing. What do you mean the Ayn Sof the creator does not exist? To exist means to be, to be means to have some identifiable attribute, and the Ayn Sof has no identifiable attributes. Therefore we say it is non-existent. And I think I've explained this principle to you before. We know that this room, that the air in this room is filled with organisms. All kinds of bacteria and cells of airborne spores, but I can't see them, to me the room aside from that which is on the floor is empty.


So whatever is in this room, whether it be bacteria or microbes, or whether it be other spiritual beings, some people say spiritual beings fill these meetings. I don't know whether it's true or not, I haven't heard from the Lord about that, maybe it's true, but whatever is in this room that we cannot see, whether conscious beings or bacteria or the like, as far as I'm concerned they do not have being, they're non-being, they don't exist. I don't know they're here, there's no way that I could prove that they're here or they're not here.


My five senses, my eyes, ears, nose, and my sense of smell and taste, they cannot discern whether or not a spiritual being is in this room or whether bacteria is in this room, or some kind of airborne existence. So as far as I'm concerned, they're not existent. Therefore the Ayn Sof is so great and so beyond my ability to comprehend it, that I say, it has non-being, it doesn't appear to me, the Ayn Sof does not appear to me.


Does anybody not understand that? Another way to describe non-existence or non-being is to say something is potential, okay. We can take a human woman and say, this woman doesn't have any children, this woman's children are non-existent. Well what are you talking about Sheila, she doesn't have any children.



This woman has two ovaries filled with either hundreds or thousands of eggs. All of these eggs are your children. If you are a woman and you have ovaries, and you have normal ovaries that are filled with eggs, these are all your children. Now if they don't manifest and come into existence before you die, they will die with you, but they're all your children. They're your children who are not in creation, your children who are not in existence. Can you hear that? That's really mind boggling, to think that all of we women have thousands of children, but because of the condition of the human race right now, only a few of them will come into existence. They will become real to us. So these ovum in our ovaries are potential children, see.


I said that wrong, they are our children with the potential to come into existence, and I don't know whether the number is hundreds or thousands, I'll say hundreds. So we are the potential mother of hundreds of children. Every woman is a potential mother of hundreds of children, potential mother, but we only have so many real children, the eggs that mature and departed from us. And this is the same principle concerning what the doctrine of Christ teaches about Christ Jesus. Those of us that have Christ grafted to us, all have the potential to bring forth, to actually give birth to the Christ child. And he begins to be born again in us the minute he's grafted to our spiritual being which is Abel, which is a part of the Fiery Serpent which is our mortal foundation, but he is not fully born again until he departs alive from the physical body, just like our human child, see.


Christ Jesus is our spiritual pregnancy, and if we the host, you could be a physical male or a physical female, if you're carrying Christ Jesus. If we the host die before Christ Jesus is fully born, and what does it mean to be fully born, it means to come out of the body in a condition that you can survive outside of the body. So if Christ Jesus is not fully born before the host dies, Christ Jesus in that individual dies. Christ Jesus the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ. The glorified Jesus Christ doesn't die, but his seed in that host dies with the mother, if the mother dies before Christ Jesus is able to exist outside of the human body, just like a human child.


So this is the principle of reality versus non-reality, and being versus non-being. So the author of the notes that we're studying says, that sense the Ayn Sof is passive, the Ayn Sof is at perfect rest, we've had other messages explaining this. All of attributes that we see in humanity today, all of the attributes of the ten Sefirot, they all exist in the Ayn Sof, but they're also completely woven together and balanced, so completely balanced that there is no conflict whatsoever in the Ayn Sof. He is perfect stillness, he is a simple light. Everything you see in the world has come out of the Ayn Sof, there is no other place it could have come out of.


If the Ayn Sof is in perfect peace because it has the strength to keep all of those potential attributes so completely balanced that you cannot identify in separate attribute, they're all completely woven together, therefore passivity is the, and I don't even know what word to use, because we're told that the Ayn Sof has no attributes. So I'll just say passivity is attributed, well then that's an attribute. Let me see how he says it. These words are difficult. Creation on the other hand in dynamic and ever changing. The Ayn Sof is the never changing ultimate anti-reality.


So I don't really understand this completely because to me to say that something is never changing is to give it an attribute, but you know maybe I don't know, I'm a new comer at this aspect of the teaching, and I'm not going to get stuck on it. So what we're dealing with is the Agulim, the circular aspect of the Sefirot, which are suppose to be passive and the Yosher, the linear aspect of the Sefirot, which are suppose to be active.


Now my one complaint about Kabbalah and I tell you this frequently, is that I read Kabbalistic writings, and they're not at least to my understanding, they're not dealing with the fallen creation. I agree that there the circular aspects of the Sefirot are designed to be passive, but they're not passive, they became active. The circular aspect of the Sefirot became activated, and that which was passive is now active, and the doctrine of Christ teaches that, that which was female is now behaving like the male. So I don't read that in these notes but I know that that's true, so I have to put that in.


So the linear aspect of the Sefirot, well our author thinks that the linear aspect of the Sefirot manifesting or developed form of the Sefirot, well I would say, well we know that in the fallen creation the doctrine of Christ teaches that the linear Sefirot are virtually non-existent. What form is the linear Sefirot in in this fallen condition, in this fallen creation? Can anyone tell us? What form is the linear Sefirot taking? Okay, the linear Sefirot was killed. The linear Sefirot is signifying the male, okay, the male was killed by the female aspect of the creation and only his seed remains. Who is the seed of the linear Sefirot in this present creation? Okay.




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Abel, and Abel as far as I know he's dead in the world, he may be unconscious in some Jews. The Jews, Abel in the Jewish nation was vivified on mount Sinai when the covenant was made between Jehovah and the Jewish nation. So I don't know whether it is true of every Jew or some Jews that Abel is at least conscious or semiconscious I don't know but at least in some Jews he's semiconscious. It's my understanding that he's pretty much dead in all of the non-Jews, okay, the only reason being that the Jewish that he was vivified, Abel was vivified in the members of the Jewish nation only five thousand years ago, I think it may be even less than that. I know three or four thousand years ago, at the moment I've forgotten when the covenant was made, please forgive me. I know it's at least three thousand years ago.


Okay. So we see that there are two forces, active and passive, and that these two forces in the creation active and passive are a reflection of the relationship between the light of the Ayn Sof and the creation itself. So right from the gitgo, we see that the relationship between the creation and the creator is a male female relationship, one is passive and the other is active. But this is confusing to my mind because we're told that the Ayn Sof is in the passive role, the female role, and the creation is in the male role, the active role. Well that doesn't sound right to me, that doesn't sound right to me. Active, well creation is dynamic and ever changing, and the Ayn Sof is passive. So we're told that metaphorically speaking the passive elements are called female and the active elements are called male.


So in light of this information we see the first manifestation of the light, you see what happened was, let me make this clear to you, the Ayn Sof sent forth an emanation of himself. It's as if to say the see sends forth a drop of its water. The Ayn Sof is simple light and he sent forth a beam from himself, and he sent forth that beam into the empty space, and the name of that beam is Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon is male because Adam Kadmon is active, Adam Kadmon went forth and is going forth to bring forth this creation into existence.


Our author is trying to make a point, and the point that he's trying to make is that, first of all, he is attributing passivity to the female and activity to the male without distinguishing between being and non-being.


So if you look at drawing # 2, you will see the law of non-being, in the negative world called nothingness. Now when I first heard this, it was very distressing to me when I heard the world beyond time which is the world of the great endless light which is the creator of the Ayn Sof called nothingness. It was very distressing to me, but the Lord had to enlighten me, and I now understand that nothingness is not the same thing as nothing. Nothingness does not mean worthlessness. Nothingness in a spiritual context means that there's nothing tangible. I know that the world beyond this world exist, I know the creator exist, I know that there's a world beyond time, but I cannot grasp it, I cannot relate to it, I cannot describe it, I cannot access it, I cannot lay hold of it.


Well I'm talking beyond my relationship with the glorified Jesus Christ right now, in him we have access to the great world of the creator, but I'm coming from a point of view of Kabbalah right now. So aside from the glorified Jesus Christ, in spiritual philosophy the world where the creator is, and it's not even a world, see I fail in my ability to find the right words to express the Ayn Sof. There is nothing that can describe him because the word world means a boundary. A world means either you are in this world or you are not in this world. The Ayn Sof is everywhere, outside of the world, inside of the worlds, it has no end, you see.


So the reason it's called nothingness is that it's incomprehensible, we cannot label it, we cannot examine it, see. And outside of Jesus Christ, that's like, Jesus Christ is this new age that Kabbalah is not touching upon. See so in spiritual philosophy this world or this state of non-being, it's not even a world, this state of non-being is totally impossible to comprehend, and it is therefore called nothingness. To us it is nothing. As I explained earlier in this message, the air in this room is filled with microorganisms, but I can't see them, I can't feel them, I can't taste them, as far as I know they're not affecting me, they probably are affecting me, but as far as I know they're not. So as far as I'm concerned they don't exist, and that is the principle of spiritual nothingness, and that is the principle of the negative world, it doesn't mean lacking, it doesn't mean evil, it doesn't mean negative the way, according to what negative would mean in this world, you see.


It means unknown, hidden, mysterious, see. So that's the negative world, and then we have the positive world which is the visible world from our point of view. I'm sure that if we had the ability which some day we will in Jesus Christ to actually experience non-being, for us that would be the positive world, and this would be the negative world. See, everything is determined from your present position, you see.


If I'm standing right here, I could tell you which way is, well I don't know if that's a good example or not, okay from where your sitting what is on your left is not what is on my left. Xxxxx is on your right, she' on my left, everything depends on the perspective that you're coming from, and we must always keep this in mind because this is a stumbling stone for a lot of people. We have to understand that what is true for me sitting here in this chair is not true for xxxx sitting in that chair.


And this fits in with a lot of the work we've been doing off the tape about our personal relationships with other people and how we look at other people and how we think towards other people, and I'm telling you all the time what's good for you what you do for yourself is legitimate and acceptable to God, but if you try to do the same thing for me, you're overshadowing me and it's witchcraft. And we must learn if we want to function in Christ, and overcome death by overcoming the activity of our carnal mind, which is sin, we must be instructed in these nuances.



You see, the mind of Christ can deal with this, maybe what I'm saying to you now is blowing your mind, but the mind of Christ can deal with it, so we must strip and peel that carnal mind off of your Christ mind, for you to go on to become a spiritual person in Christ Jesus. So do the best you can to understand this right now, and just don't worry about it, if you're not following me, we're on drawing # 2, in the world of non-being, which is called anti-reality, you see, but the truth is that anti-reality is the true reality, you see if you can hear this. It's anti-reality because our reality is this visible world where you can see things feel things, smell things taste things, this is our reality, but the truth of this world is that it is an illusion, and the definition of illusion is something that is not permanent. This world is not permanent. People are born into this world, people die. Buildings are constructed, buildings come down. This world is not permanent, nations rise, nations fall. But it's our reality.


So from our perspective the world that we cannot, not even the world, that which we cannot comprehend, the Ayn Sof is anti-reality it's non-being, it's negative and it's nothingness, but for the glorified Jesus Christ who abides in nothingness, he knows that he is the reality, and we are the illusion. See it all depends on which side of the tracks you're on.


So in the essence of non-being, which is Ayn Sof, also called anti-reality or non-being, meaning not appearing, not tangible, you see. It's a substance, there is an essence, the Ayn Sof has an essence that is incomprehensible to us.


In that, speaking about that essence, male is passive, male is passive, that is the peace that passeth all understanding that Jesus Christ has promised us. That peace whereby the female activity, or the female activator, or the female action is completely put to rest by the power of the male.


The Ayn Sof is complete passivity, there's no movement there, everything's reconciled, see, and that is the masculinity of the Ayn Sof. Now the author of the notes that we're reading or that we're studying, he does not distinguish between non-being and being, and being is the mirror image of non-being, it's backwards you see.


So that which is passive in non-being is male, and that which is active in non-being if female, and the male is the Ayn Sof and the female is Malkhut. Malkhut is the light that shines out from the Ayn Sof that came forth to do the work of the creation, and that which came forth first is the lowest Sefirot.


She came all the way down and constructed as she descended, she constructed. It's just like in our world you would build steps up to reach to heaven, she builds steps down. She came out first and she's the lowest one, she built layers as she came down you see. So the Malkhut went in the essence of non-being is the act of force of creation.


But as she passed over, as she passed over the line and entered into creation or entered into reality, her ultimate role is passivity because in creation, in reality the female is passive.


Now it's the same force Malkhut, it's just like saying when I'm in the water I swim, and when I'm on the land I walk, it's me, it's the same person it's the same body, to travel in the air I have to fly, use my arms as wings. If I'm on the ground I use my legs to walk. If I'm in the water I use my arms and legs in a different movement depending on what medium I am in.



So Malkhut in nothingness is the active female, and in creation, is in the finished creation, in the finished kingdom is the female that is passive who is the recipient of all the necessities of life from Adam Kadmon. Now where our author, what it's seems to me that he doesn't see is this, he says, metaphorically speaking the passive elements in creation are called female and the active elements are called male, and the reason that he's saying this is that the first manifestation of the Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, the Nefesh level was in the female form, and that's true, and he says this corresponds to the initial act of the TzimTzum, the withdrawal of the light of the Ayn Sof, this also was a feminine act, and then he draws a conclusion you see, he draws a conclusion and he says learn from this that in creation, the place of the female is always one step higher than that of the male. Because he's saying female is passive. He's actually saying that the Ayn Sof is passive, and that the Ayn sof is female, that's what he's saying.


But our author is not recognizing that that which is a female on the one side is still female on the other side. Okay let me try it again, I didn't make that clear. Listen, the female is active in the nothingness and when she comes into this world, she must experience a transition, she's the active one in the Ayn Sof, she comes forth with great power to bring forth the creation, to carve out the creation. What is it on this side of the mirror that makes her change into the passive one, something has to make her change, are you following me? When I go from the land into the water and I stop walking on land and I start swimming with my arms, something affected me that made me stop walking with my feet and start swimming. Something affected me, something interfered with the way that I was that caused a change.


There was a cause and an effect, and what I am going to suggest to you is that the cause that resulted in the Malkhut becoming passive in this world, the Malkhut it was active in the nothingness, what made her become passive in this world was that the plan of creation was that the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon would bring her into submission. The plan of creation calls for the woman to have the strong ability to be aggressive and therefore the need for the male to bring her into passivity. You're all looking at me, I'm going to try it again.


That which comes forth to bring forth the creation out of passivity is a powerful force, okay, and she comes forth as sort of what we talked about earlier, talking about Netzach, saying Netzach is the overcoming force that goes forth to conquer the carnal mind, and that that aggressive force once it serves its function must be stopped or that function which is positive to start with, will become a negative destructive force, is anybody following at all? Okay.


So when Malkhut who is active in the Ayn Sof came forth into creation, it's true. The first aspect of Adam Kadmon that was formed was the Nefesh soul level which is the female level because Malkhut was still active. Now I guess I'm having trouble explaining this myself because I believe in my opinion, in my respectful opinion that our author has got it backwards and I get it backwards all the time, I think that he's got it backwards.


He's coming from the position that the female in creation is the passive one. And I'm suggesting to you this, that the female on this side of the mirror is called to be passive, but when she first entered into the creation, she was like Netzach, I'm not saying she was Netzach, she was like Netzach, she came charging in with great power, because it took power to bring the worlds into existence, and then when she got on this side of the mirror, the laws of being are, that the female has to be passive.


So something had to stop her aggressive charge into this world, into this universe, can you hear what I'm saying, that's exactly what we talked about earlier with Netzach and Hod and the whole concept of the restriction and the interaction between the Sefirot you see. So our author it appears to me is assuming that because the Nefesh level of soul came forth first and because the law is, and on this side of the mirror in reality female is passive, he it seems to me is assuming, okay, that the Nefesh level of soul came forth passive. But I suggest to you no, not so. I suggest to you that the Nefesh level of soul came in charging like a wild ravenous beast. And then when the linear aspect of soul came forth, the instruction was to the man, bring the woman into submission because Malkhut who is active in non-being was constructive force in non-being, her activity, her turmoil, her power brought forth creation, and had a positive function and a positive effect in non-being. But Malkhut is crossed over into the other side into creation and she's still charging forwards with this great powerful creative, I don't know about creative but this great powerful source of energy, and the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon was raised up to restrict her.


That's enough, you're now here in creation, you've done your job, thank you, you've done it well and on this side of the mirror, you are not the, you're still female, but you're not the creative force. On this side of the mirror, you become the passive recipient. So slow down, and come in submission to the one who has given the power to slow you down. I believe with all respect that our author does not see that.


And you see when we don't, when we don't get our facts right, or if we don't see all of the facts, we draw incorrect conclusions. Now brethren everything I teach you here is for all of us in our lives, it's not just for high doctrine. We are called in this ministry to be amongst the first to have Christ mature in us and to overcome our carnal mind, that we should be living, walking, talking, thinking expressions of the perfection which is in Jesus Christ. And the only way it's going to happen to us is if we the personality join in the fight to shut down our carnal mind. We must cooperate, if our personality does not cooperate, it will never happen to us.


So everything that we learn is assisting the personality in us to do what we need to do, to understand so that we can do what we need to do to assist Christ Jesus in overcoming our own carnal mind.


So what I just told you is true of me, it's true of the individual, it's true of the mind, and I think everybody knows that a lot of women, a lot of women have the potential to be very aggressive, I have the potential to be very aggressive, I know that. But for generations women were held down, they were taught to be ladies and to be passive and to submit to their husbands, I'm not saying that was wrong, I'm saying that is an example of the reality of this creation. And it's known, there's all kinds of sayings, hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn, all the hurricanes use to be named after women, until women's libs got all offended by that, but it's true that women have the potential to be very volatile.


That doesn't mean that there are no men that can be volatile, but the aggressiveness that comes out of women, and I'm generalizing, I'm always generalizing. The aggression that comes out of women is a different kind of aggression than comes out of men, and this is a psychological established fact. Men will get mad, if two men get mad maybe they're have a fist fight, they're punch each other out and it will all over. Women hold it forever, they're subtle, they hold a grudge, they backbite, I'm not saying men don't do this, I'm talking about general principles, in general.



So it's these qualities which are found mostly in women, although, see in our modern society, it's changing to some degree because a lot of women have had the opportunity to become professionals and to express their aggression in another way. You see, for centuries men have been very warlike, they have been the warlike ones, and in our modern society men have had to cease from this kind of warlike activity. It's illegal to dual, you can't go out and kill somebody if they insult you and it's against the law to get into a fist fight, it's against the law to hurt somebody physically. So men in our society have had to learn another way to express their aggression, and one way that's acceptable is to become successful, to be very aggressive in the business world, go out and make a lot of money.


You know another way that men express their aggression is through sports, either through playing sports or spectator sports. Well in the same manner women, now have an opportunity to express their aggression in a more positive way. When women were held back and they had no choice but to the be the bearers of children and housekeepers, the tendency was because women were in such a passive role, for their aggression to be passive, backbiting, gossiping, you know, cruelty with words. But now that women, more and more women have an opportunity to acquire a profession, a lot of women are not fulfilling these generalities, because they now have an opportunity to express their aggression in their creativity, you see.


So I'm suggesting to you that Malkhut, the active essence of the Ayn Sof that is responsible for the creation came hurdling into the Halal, you know she came hurdling into the empty space like a meteorite hurdling into our atmosphere, and you know when a meteorite hurdles into our atmosphere and it hits the earth, it can be buried, the force of the impact, can cause it to be buried way deep down in the earth. So that which was positive, the force necessary to bring forth creation, once she entered into the Halal, needed to be stopped, the breaks had to get put on or she was going to blow up the whole plan.


Could anybody not see what I'm talking about? See, now with all due respect, I believe that our author does not see this, and then the next aspect of creation, the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon came in and that is the Ruach level of soul which is acknowledged by Kabbalah to be higher than Nefesh, the intellect came in, and the instruction came forth to restrain the aggression, and we're talking about the human personality and the human mind. When we're young, young children are very aggressive hitting each other, bopping each other over the head, scratching each other, bitting each other sometimes. As we mature, we learn that it's wrong to do this, and we learn to restrain ourselves and to get our needs met through communication.


There are other healthy ways to get your needs met you can ask, and when you get older you can go out and get a job, and go get your own needs met yourself. Well brethren our life is just, the lives of human beings is just an expression of what happened, and this is before the beginning, it's before time began. It's the same thing just happening on a lower plane. So what we have just done is respectfully but what the author of these notes says, and what he's saying is that, that in creation the place of the female is always one step higher than that of the male, and I say to you, the reason that he draws this conclusion, let me make this clear is that the Ayn Sof is passive, okay. And he's saying therefore passivity on this side of the mirror, passivity in creation is higher than the action. Because over in the non-being, passive is male and action is female, he's carrying that law over to this side and saying that the female is higher than the male, that the passive one is higher than the active one.


And I respectfully say this is not true, that it is the responsibility of the male who is on the Ruach level of soul, it is his responsibility to restrict and restrain and to bring to a halt, the aggression of the female and make her passive, he has to make her passive. And what's interesting is that this very same author in lesson # 8, which I'm condensing for you right now, from a different point of view, does talk about the male, he talks about the man, MaH, having to sift the female, and make her passive, but he doesn't relate to this situation. So he's got the revelation but he's seeing it from a different point of view which happens all the time, it happens to me all the time.


Is everybody okay with what I'm saying here, okay. It makes sense to you? Okay. And at one point, on one of the messages that I preach, I had talked about this man's belief that the female has really more authority than the male and I had received that teaching briefly, I thought it explained a couple of questions that I've had over the years, but I now see that the Lord has told me that it is not accurate, the female is never higher than the male.


Jesus said clearly you can become equal to me but you cannot become higher than me, you see. So what's happening is that the male is higher than the female and the female has the opportunity to become as the male but not higher than the male. We will become equal, I believe at the beginning that the female was equal to the male, I believe before the fall, the male toned down the woman's aggression. See the female and the male are equal in the Ayn Sof. The male and the female are so equal in the Ayn Sof that you cannot even tell that there's a male and female, until Malkhut emanated out, you see.


So it's not true in my opinion that the female is higher, okay, everybody okay with this? Okay. And then our author says the order was reversed due to the breaking of the vessels, and the corresponding sin of Adam, but he doesn't go into any details. I have read other articles by him, professing this doctrine, but I respectfully disagree. Okay, now we're told here that Rabbi Chayyim Vital who is one of the actually the most respected authority in Kabbalah today as Isaac Luria and Rabbi Chayyim Vital is his student, who has written down all of his works, and we're told that the Rabbi Vital doesn't spend much time talking about the circular aspect of the Sefirot, and of course we know that that revelation was given to the doctrine of Christ which has come forth in this century, praise the Lord.


Okay, so we're told that in order to understand Adam Kadmon, we must first understand the Sefirot Keter. Now Keter is Adam Kadmon, Keter is Adam Kadmon, they are one and the same. And Adam Kadmon comes forth with what is called the kernel of life, the kernel of life. And I want to suggest to you that this kernel of life is both male and female. I have mentioned to you on other messages that the Lord told me years ago, if you want to understand spiritual things and in particular spiritual reproduction, look at plants.


Spiritual life does not reproduce like animals but spiritual life reproduce, well the closest example of the reproduction or processes of spiritual life can be found in plants, and plants are both male and female.


So we see this kernel of life came forth in Adam Kadmon. I suggest to you that that kernel of life was male and female and that it was necessary for that kernel to separate or for the female and male aspects of that kernel of life to separate, in order for them come together and reproduce the creation of God.


Okay, now we're told here that, and I have no, you see when I read things in these notes that I have no revelation on, I'm going to believe them, and I'm going, as long as they don't directly contradict something that I'm perceiving, I'm going to believe them unless the Lord corrects me, and once again this is the attitude that you should all take towards what I teach you. Unless I really have, and I'm not talking about emotional reaction, unless I have reason to believe based on something else that the Lord has taught me, that I cannot go along with something that is being said, I tend to believe it, believing that the Lord will correct me, and indeed he did correct me when I received that revelation that the woman was higher, the Lord came back and corrected me.


Now this is the attitude that you should be taking towards what I teach okay, and if something does offend you emotionally, sometimes we have emotional reactions to certain truths, the thing to do is to go before the Lord and say Lord don't let me be ignorant, please I want to know the truth. Don't assume that I'm wrong because that could be a big mistake and you're the one that's going to be hurt not me. And I do practice. Okay, so we're told here that the Ayn Sof, that like the Ayn sof, Keter is incognizant of anything beneath it, is not aware of anything beneath it. Now, that's possible because I know that I'm not aware of the ants that craw on the ground, they really don't mean anything to me at all, you know, and the other lower aspects of life in this world, I'm so absorbed in my studies with the Lord, that sometimes, and I'm not saying this is a good thing, but I'm not even aware of other people. It takes me a long time to remember people's names, or to remember aspects of their lives, because my mind is so absorbed in the things of God, which is a higher world, I live in two worlds, I'm not of this world you see.


My thoughts are consistently in a place where really not many other people's thoughts are. So sometimes I don't see and recognize the things of this world, and people look at me and wonder what's with me, what's wrong with me is that I'm in another world, that's what's wrong with me. Okay. So he says that the Keter is not cognizant of anything underneath it, but of course in this hour we know that this is not true because the Keter is manifested to us as the Lord Jesus Christ, so we know that this is not true today. I don't know whether it was true before time began, but we know that it's not true today. Today we know that the Keter is not only cognizant of us, cognizant means aware, he's not only cognizant of us, he desires to be fully involved in our lives. And it never ceases to amaze me how the Lord will become involved in the smallest little details of our lives that if you're a married woman, the chances are that your husband wouldn't want to hear anything about it.


It's usually the woman that feels that her husband doesn't want to listen to her, its' not typically the male who says my wife won't listen to me. The smallest little detail of helping you decide how to do your hair or what to wear. And I've heard people laugh at that, but I'm telling you if you ask the Lord, he will help you with the smallest what may be considered by others insignificant aspects of your life. The Lord Jesus is a woman's dream, because most husbands won't talk to you about these things. Praise the Lord.


So, today in any event, Keter is very cognizant of everything beneath him. And of course he says, to build his position he says, that Keter is not cognizant, because all aspects of mind and consciousness come forth from the Keter, therefore Keter is above them. Keter is the raw force of life, where everything exist in it's most basic rudimentary aspects. So he draws the conclusion that Keter is not aware of us, and maybe this was true before Jesus Christ and maybe not, I don't know.


Okay, so as, another way we could put what's on the board here is that the Ayn Sof is, and I think we talked about this earlier, the Ayn Sof is unmanifest potential. The Ayn Sof in nothingness is the unmanifest potential, unlimited power, he is the unmanifest unrevealed potential to do or be anything, unlimited source of energy, and unlike that Keter is manifest. Keter, that energy which is in Ayn Sof is manifest, it is revealed. Yet as it is revealed it just the beginning, it is the kernel of that which everything that we know to exist will flow forth.


Keter is the first and he is the essence of unity. He is the unity of the Ayn Sof inside a border, inside the empty space, and out of this unity is the potential to unfold all of creation in the form of nine Sefirot underneath him. All the worlds will come forth from Adam Kadmon, and each of these elements that come forth will develop independent identities. So Adam Kadmon is the universal pattern who first manifests himself as the circular aspect of the Sefirot, the Nefesh level of soul, he is the life force of all creation. And Adam Kadmon also is a what is called a partzuf, a Sefirotic face, which we're going to go into in future lessons, so I'm following along these notes, if he says he's going to discuss it in future lessons, we're just going to go on.


Okay, Adam Kadmon is the metaphorical name given to the general Sefirot Keter. Now what does that mean the general Sefirot Keter, it means that every world has a Keter. There is a Keter in the world of action, there is a Keter in the world of formation, there's a Keter in the world of creation, and there's a Keter in the world of Atzilut. But Keter of Adam Kadmon, he is called the general Keter, and he is the highest. So I think that before we go any further though, I should finish up this board, I don't think I finished the board, I'll just read what's on the board. The law of non-being. Male equals passive, which is peace, that is the Ayn Sof, female equals active, which means creative, that is Malkhut, and that's the negative world from our point of view, we cannot comprehend it. All the worlds below, all the worlds in the empty space, are a mirror image, or a manifestation of what is unmanifest.


In the creation, the law of being is, male is activity which bestows the necessities of life and that is Adam Kadmon, and the female is passivity, the receiver, the recipient of the necessities of life that is Malkhut. So we see that passivity is male and non-being, and female in creation, which is being, and action is female in non-being, and male in creation. Creation is being, see. Malkhut is the creative female force that's shown forth from the Ayn Sof, non-being and became the passive earthen kingdom, female of creation, which is being.


And that is what is going on here today, the Lord Jesus Christ, the manifestation of the linear Sefirot is here and the world of action to bring forth, we might even say Netzach, that raging overly aggressive for this world, she has become overly aggressive for this world, see. In other words you may need, I'm not really good at this, let's say a hundred amps of power, a thousands amps of power to run a certain kind of electrical, something that's electrical, and another object might need only a hundred amps.


So the thousand amps of power will do the job of activating the unit that requires it, but you put that thousand amps of power in the unit that requires a hundred and you're going to blow the unit. So that which is constructive with one appliance is destructive with another appliance. So for ourself remember you can't just look at one thing and draw a conclusion, you have to look at the whole series of facts concerning that item.


Look at the people involved, look at their position, where are they in relation to authority, you have to look at the whole ball of wax to decide what you're dealing with, and if you don't do this, if you're one of these people, and I'm not putting you down, I'm just trying to enlighten you because I was one of these people, if you're one of these people that just look for one second and respond, you need to know that you're under the curse of the fool. And I was under the curse of the fool, I'm not condemning you, I'm making you aware so that you will have the opportunity to change, if you choose to do so, because Jesus Christ is here giving you the power. That's foolish to look at one element of a whole situation, and respond to the whole situation based on that one element.


It shows that you have not stopped to think, it show that you have come forth with a gut emotional reaction without thinking and that is foolishness, and you don't have to stay that way, you see, you don't have to stay that way. Okay let's go on, okay so we're talking about the world of Adam Kadmon, Adam Kadmon is a metaphorical name to the general Sefirot Keter. At this highest of levels, both the world that the partzuf of Adam Kadmon are identical and you may recall of course that there are five worlds, and Adam Kadmon is the highest world.


But of course this is not true in the lower worlds, let me repeat what I said, the worlds and the partzuf of Adam Kadmon are identical. This is the not the same in the lower worlds, which we'll discuss at another time. Okay in the realm of Atzilut and that's what we call the world of emanation, Keter consists of two parzufim, Atik Yomin, and Arik Anpin. Remember a partzuf is a Sefirot face. The Sefirot face is the way is how God is perceived at this level which is beneath it. Now look that's exactly what I've been talking about. A partzuf is a way of identifying how God is perceived by that which is underneath it.


See now the way I perceive God is not the way, I'm sure my next door perceives God. How can you say that Sheila? I have an enlightened revelation of God. Do I have the final word on God? Absolutely not, I'm not even capable of fully comprehending him, but my comprehension of God is higher than the average man in the street.


Why? Because I have spent years of my life in his word, and if you want to get to know the Lord, this is how you do it, you have to read his word, but you have to, you have to read his word and know him in your heart. You see, a lot of people have read the King James translation of the Bible, and their perception of God is that he is a vengeful killer, because they have connected with the translation, the written word, and they have not connected with the actual person of the Lord Jesus Christ.


You have to have a personal relationship with somebody to get to know them. You can read about that person all that you want, but not until you experience their reactions to you, and especially in our case, in our cases, they're reaction to our faults and their reactions to our mistakes, and they're reaction to our weaknesses and character flaws, that's how you get to know somebody, you see. I was saying to you at dinner, to a couple of you at dinner, that I saw a tv movie called Victoria and Albert, and it was just amazing to me to see the ethics that existed at the time that Queen Victoria lived, and it was almost refreshing to me.


I wonder if anyone in our world has any where near some of those ethics that I saw exhibited in the British court, of course it wasn't the whole population it was in the high level of royalty.


And the then that really impressed me, of course was not acceptable in those days, the prime minister was a fine man, his wife had run of with another man and left him, and many years later, that man left his wife and she became ill, and the husband, I don't know if they ever got divorced or not, the husband went and took care of her until she died. Now I have never heard of anyone in this day and age doing anything like that, and I remember another movie that I saw, the name which I can't remember me, but I never forgot it, and it was with some very fine actor, I'm sorry I can't remember his name, he married a woman who was unstable, and she made his life a living hell, and he dedicated his whole life to helping her, she would run away and he would go after her. His parents tried to speak to him because he was being ripped apart, and he said to his parents, "Don't you understand, she is my wife."


I don't hear anything like that today, I don't hear it from men and I don't hear it from women. I don't hear it, maybe I'm just in the wrong circles I don't know, but all I hear today is me, me, what about me, that's all that I hear. It was just very very refreshing to see people that actually, actually have commitment and actually care and take their responsibilities seriously, and think that's it's wrong to lie. It's just very refreshing. Our society is very fallen.


Okay let's go with this message. So we're told that in the realm of Atzilut, Keter has two partzufim, Atik Yomin, and Arik Anpin, and remember that a partzuf is a Sefirotic face, it is how God is perceived at the level by that which is beneath it you see. So that's what I was telling you, we're all beneath God, but we're all not at the same level. So different people will perceive God differently depending on how far beneath him they are. And what does it mean to be beneath God? I'm going to translate to mean levels of knowing God. The more you know him the higher you are. The closer you are to him, the higher you are and the more you know him. And the closer you are to him, the more cleansed you have to be because our God is consuming fire that burns up and consumes all sin.


So if you want to draw near, you should expect to be confronted by the lake of fire. And in your case that's usually me. That's usually Christ Jesus in me, because you can't go on with this message and stay in Christ if you're not going to deal with your sin nature, what are you talking about Sheila? Brethren this message, this message raises up your Fiery Serpent. Remember the doctrine of Christ, our Fiery Serpent is our spiritual potential, this message raises up the Fiery Serpent, and in mortal fallen man, Cain is on top of Abel, and if you don't strip that Cain off of Abel, because Christ is grafted to Abel, if you don't strip off Cain from Abel, you are going to ascend towards Leviathan, because Cain ascends towards Leviathan.


You've got to get Abel and Christ who is grafted to Abel to the surface, so that Christ in Abel will direct your ascension towards Christ Jesus and the glorified Jesus Christ. So you can't stay in a message like this and not deal with your sins, it's damaging for you. Therefore exposure of sin is coincidental with studying of Kabbalah, you can't have one and not the other and stay safe. You see, studying Kabbalah develops your mind. We're in the process of having our, our intellect enhanced and increased, and when your intellect is, or your ability to understand high spiritual philosophy is increased, it isn't, your intellect is not just increased in this area of Kabbalah. You're not just enlightened in this area of Kabbalah, you're enlightened overall. You have to be enlightened overall, in every aspect and that means that you have to be enlightened in your ability to discern the intents of men's hearts, and that includes the intents of your own heart and the intents of the hearts of other men.


You cannot have your intellect expanded to understand partzufim and Adam Kadmon, and all this high glorious stuff and continue to be blind to Satan and the devil in your own mind, you see. That's a perversion, it's a perversion, it's like saying your right arm is going to grow and not your left arm, it can't be. See, it does happen outside of Christ and thereof is destruction. And I am convinced that a lot of people who study Kabbalah, and a lot of Jews who study Kabbalah got into trouble because they ascended and they were not adequately covered. Praise the Lord.


Arik Anpin is the face of the Keter that looks down upon the lower Sefirot, and radiates his light upon them from above. Arik Anpin is the aspect of the partzuf and this is true of whatever world we're on, Arik Anpin is the aspect of that world that looks down on the world below and shares and passes down the glory of that world, to the world below. So in that vain, Keter from Atzilut, which is the world of emanation, and below is usually referred to as Arik. Atik is the face of the Keter that looks above to receive life. Now I know that I've told you this on other messages, each Sefirot except for the Keter, rotates on its axis and sometimes is looking down to share what it has and sometimes is looking up to receive from the Keter above it. But Keter is always looking down because Keter really is the Ayn Sof inside of a border. So the Keter does not receive from any other Sefirot, receives from the Ayn Sof, but doesn't receive from any other Sefirot.


Okay, we're told her that according to Isaac Luria, Adam Kadmon was a crown upon his head, and I just want to put this in, because we all know that, in the New Testament Christ Jesus is wearing a crown, he's wearing many crowns actually. So we're told that Adam Kadmon, and so that is just another witness that the Lord Jesus Christ is Adam Kadmon, he's wearing crowns in the book of Revelation, and we're told that by this author, that this crown is the source of Atik Yomin, it means it's a very high revelation of power.


Okay, so as we said earlier, only ten Sefirot emanated and these ten Sefirot are the ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, who is the general Sefirot Keter. Everything else that comes afterwards is only a manifestation of them. I want to put this on the board for you because I had a lot of trouble understanding this when I first started A Study In Kabbalah. Adam Kadmon is Keter, he is the beginning of life, he is the essentials of all existence, and the first aspect of the Keter to manifesting creation in its basic form is called Nefesh. Yet even within this rudimentary form exists the personality the Ruach. Let me put this on the board for you.


This is drawing # 3, the board is divided into two parts. On the left I have shown you all five worlds with the ten Sefirot within each world. Now this I didn't understand at the beginning. What we are learning about and we're discussing is all up here in Adam Kadmon.


These ten Sefirot are all up here in Adam Kadmon, and we're doing two Kabbalah studies simultaneously, one is called A Look At Kabbablah, where we're teaching from the book called a Tree of Life, by Chayyim Vital, and this study, Kabbalah Study, we're taking from the notes of another teacher, okay, a modern day teacher.


So in our study, A Look At Kabbalah, we talk about the descent of Tevunah into Zeir Anpin, into the nose, and I just struggled with that for so long, I kept thinking he was descending into the world of emanation, the world creation, and finally I got the understanding that everything we were being taught took place in Adam Kadmon.



It was the Tevunah of Adam Kadmon that was descending into the Zeir Anpin of Adam Kadmon, talking about the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon, and the reason for this is that the Adam Kadmon is the genuine article, he is the light that emanates forth from the endless one. And every other aspect of creation the word of emanation, the world of creation, the world of formation, the world of action. All of these other four worlds come forth out of Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon is called the general Keter, okay, because we see there's Keter in the world of emanation, there's a Keter in each world, but Adam Kadmon is the general Keter, and all of his ten Sefirot are called Keter, also the general Keter.


This is the only aspect of the worlds that came forth directly from the Ayn Sof. So he's the genuine article, he's the real thing, and it was out of him that all these other worlds have formed. And we have not really received any instruction yet on any of these lower worlds, okay, we're all involved in being instructed in Adam Kadmon. Well we've had some instruction about the lower worlds. We know that the world of emanation is his body, Adam Kadmon is the head, and the world of emanation is his body, and the other three worlds are his clothing, we've learned that. But we haven't learned any of the details. We still have so much to learn about Adam Kadmon. And on the right side of the board, I've just shown you Adam Kadmon, this is not all of the worlds, I've drawn a series of circles and there are just ten circles within the circle, because I'm just depicting Adam Kadmon for you the Keter to show that when he came forth, he brought forth the Nefesh level of himself which is the circular and female aspect of Keter.


And also in the midst the linear aspect, which is the Ruach, the spirit level of Keter. This is what came forth, the circular and the linear. So this world on the left side of the board, Adam Kadmon, Keter, I've depicted it for you on the right, and all these other four worlds came forth in the midst of all these circles, but there is no reason to draw them all now. Adam Kadmon, the circular aspect of Adam Kadmon is the outer most circle of all of the worlds, of all the circular worlds. And the Nefesh is female. So once again I disagree with the basic premise of the author here that passivity is the natural condition of the female in this world. I believe that passivity is the ordained position of the female in this world, the female is called to be passive as opposed to the man's aggression, but that is not her natural state, and over hundreds of years we have seen so many women to be passive because they were trained that way since they were babies, they were forced into that role.


But left to everyone's own discretion, to develop as a human being we are seeing more and more aggression in women today.


Tape 2


So once again my position is that the females of creation are destined to be passive for the creation to be in balance, but left to their own devices will not be passive, she will be very aggressive and even more aggressive than the male. According to the rules of creation the woman is destined to be passive and it is the male's role to bring her into passivity.


Now if you're listening to this tape or you're reading this transcript, don't put it down, I'm talking about spiritual principles, and male and female exist in each human being. You see we've seen women forced into passivity throughout the generations because this principle exist in the natural as well as in the spiritual. And all of mankind is in transition now.



Male and female exist in each individual, that means that as creation matures and we see human women come out from this passive role, we're seeing more and more human women having the opportunity to find out who and what they are, and emancipated women are required by God and spiritual law to have their own male elements bring their own female elements into submission. And we're talking about elements of the mind, you see. In the natural, when society was such, that the physical male brought the physical female into submission, the physical female did not have any opportunity to manifest anything other than the nature that was engraved upon her by her male authority.


So she was forced into this female role, but as mankind matures, women are finding more and more opportunity to determine their own life. But women are not being educated, they're not hearing what we're teaching here tonight and women are becoming more and more aggressive and their male elements within themselves are not rising up in many cases to bring the female into passivity. Now you have to hear what I'm saying, listen to what I'm saying. Every human being physically male or physically female is called to be a spiritual male. That means you are called to be an independent entity, answering only to God, but this has to be the one true God, you have to be in right order. You can't be killing people saying God told you to kill them. I'm talking about a perfect principle here, this is what we're called to be, answerable only to God with male and female elements in each of us, and male element in us controlling the female element in us, because the female element in creation, is destined to be passive.


But the male that controls her is in us, in our mind. That means women today are called to live out of their intellect as physical men have done for years. Now our society today is in trouble, we're seeing a lot of males who are emotional, we're seeing a lot of role reversal in this society. So I'm talking about past societies where the roles are established where men were men and women were women. Today all those rules are coming down, and the physical woman is being elevated to where the physical male is, some women are making it and some women are going into confusion. Some women now that they're not be restrained by a physical patriarchy are having a problem dealing with their own aggression, and I was one of those women.


My female side was on the left side of the Sefirot, I was very aggressive, destructively aggressive, not physically, but with my mouth and with my mind. So when the Lord found me laying along the trail decided to help me, he had to restrict my aggression, he had to restrict Malkhut in me, and he's still in the process of strengthening my right side, wisdom, and lovingkindness, and the mind of Christ is tempering the aggression that was almost unrestrained in me, it was killing me, I was physically dying because my female aggression was manifesting as this intense form of social witchcraft.


For this reason today, and I'm generalizing now, we're seeing a lot of women aggressively destructive, much more so than men in many cases. I mentioned this over, a man will have a fist fight he'll get over it, and he'll walk away. In many cases the women are much more dangerous when they develop this aspect of their potential. The woman is much, the physical woman is much more likely to develop and be overcome by the spiritual female aspects, then the physical male. But then again everything is I believe we're strongly influenced by the society that we're raised in, and as I said, we're seeing more and more feminine males in this nation and more and more aggressive women, not necessarily homosexual, I don't want to say masculine women, because they're not masculine sexually but they're aggressive. Does anyone not know what I just said?


The emancipation of the physical female requires the physical female to deal with her spiritually male and female elements and the male element is the mind and the intellect and the ability to reason has to be stronger than and bring into submission the female tendency within the physical female to be aggressive in an ungodly manner, which is really Netzach out of control. And this true for physical men too, but try to understand what I'm saying, this is such an emotionally charged issue. Okay, physical men for centuries have been defined by society, they've been taught how to be a man, they've been taught how to rule, they've been taught how to be heads over their family. So in this society where all the rules are being broken down, and people have the ability to become spiritual males, both the males and the females are in crisis but the males are in more crisis than the females. In general the females are charging forward and making their mark on this world, and many cases the male are just shriveling up.


Because the truth of what's happening is, that until perfection comes, until Christ Jesus, not perfection, but completion, until we're completed in Christ Jesus while this change is taking place under the carnal mind, women will never be equal to men, and men will never be equal to women, it will never happen, one will always be stronger than the other, and there are spiritual forces that have been unleashed in the western world today that are charging forth in physical women, and in many instances crushing the males that are not that strong.


The stronger males are still standing, I'm not saying it's happening to everybody, but it's happening in this society, that many males are getting weaker and weaker, and being crushed in their relationships with women. I mean it use to be, I remember it use to be women sitting home waiting for that phone to ring, that oh that man should just call them, oh, I've got to get married, there's just no life is if you don't get married, women just not even having an existence in their minds without a man, and today I hear more and more, and in those days going back, I use to hear so much about men even loving women, and refusing to marry them, saying I'm not ready, I didn't graduate school yet, I have to make my mark on life, I'm not ready to settle down, that was the image. The woman at home just waiting and pining away for this man who was going out and preparing himself for life, well not today. I don't see that today, in a lot of cases, I see the men devastated by relationships with women.


I was sitting in the bagel store having a bagel the other day, and on one side of me were two women talking about the trouble they were having with their adult children, being very irresponsible, and at the table behind me was a woman saying how her son was completely devastated that this woman walked out on him and how so many women are walking out on their husbands, that they don't need marriage.


So what we see happening across the board in this society is that the female element in creation is coming out of her restriction, she's been let out of jail, it's just another way saying Satan is let out of the pit, because Satan is the female in this fallen world, and she's coming out with great force, she's like a cyclone let loose in society and the male element in the Christian world is really is not holding her back, except in a few hidden pockets, I know it's happening here. But believe me the collective Satan is trying to kill the spiritual male where ever he's appearing because Christ Jesus is the only spiritual male, Christ Jesus is the only one that will restrict and restrain this outflowing of Satan, which specifically are the floods that we read about, concerning Noah, it's Satan's floods, just flowing forth, gushing forth, and it's like a power hose, or a tidal wave, and Christ Jesus is the only one, the spiritual male that can stop it, no physical male is going to stop this, its too strong. Praise the Lord. Okay any questions on this board? Alright let's finish this up, we've been trying to get through lesson 3 for a couple months here, I don't know what happened but Lord willing, we will finish it tonight. Praise the Lord, okay. Okay, our author talks somewhat about the birth of a human child and he's talking about the Ruach being the personality, and the Nefesh being the soulish emotions and he's just talking about psychology. See psychology goes hand in hand with Kabbalah, saying that some schools of psychology believe that a child is born with its full personality in a potential form, and it had to just come out as we mature, the child is born with unrealized potential and as it matures that potential is realized, and that's easy to believe when you could see two people that have several children that are completely different in their nature. You see that there really is a truth to that. And that helps if you're having any trouble with your children at all it helps a little bit.


Praise the Lord. Okay, so what he's saying that, that in the womb and at birth the human child is born with the Agulim which is the Nefesh level of the Adam Kadmon consciousness, and that this is the rudimentary life force pregnant with a latent personality that has to unfold over the months and the years that get ahead, okay. These active and passive aspects of life and consciousness exists prior to the infant ever developing a sense of self, because as some of us may know when an infant is born it has not sense of self. You could see the baby looking at its feet, and it's hand and it doesn't, the baby doesn't realize that those feet and hands are a part of himself. Yet once the sense of self develops one of the two forces remains dominant, either the human soul embraces the stillness and the silence of the Agulim, the circular Sefirot, or it embraces the movement and the vibrations of the Yosher column Sefirot.


Now our author says in his opinion that this choice, whether this child will be male or female is made by the soul before it incarnates, and I have a question mark next to that. I have a lot of questions before the Lord concerning a lot of issues and I am not fully convinced that the soul makes this choice. I know that there are many teachings of reincarnation in the world today that portray reincarnation as a process of salvation by works, where you work your way into salvation and that teaching says, well yes the soul chooses to come back again, because it wants to have the experiences that it needs to be delivered from reincarnation, it's just like someone wanting to graduate college and saying, Well I need five more credits and I need an English course, and this is what I need to graduate, but that is not the understanding that I have at this time of reincarnation.


The understanding that I have at this time of reincarnation, is that well number one so far, I know that we are not saved by works, we are saved by grace, we are saved by a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, we are saved when our personality is completely woven together with Christ Jesus who then completely weaves together with the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is our salvation.


We can never be saved by works. So my understanding of reincarnation is that it is forced up on us, the doctrine of Christ teaches number one, you see as I've told you so many times and on this tape if you're foundational premise is wrong, then the conclusions that you draw from that point on have to be wrong.


So if you believe that salvation is by works, then you have no problem believing that the soul chooses to come back, because it wants to do its penance so that it can ultimately delivered from reincarnation. But I know and we know that there is no salvation by works.



So if there is no salvation by works, why would the soul want to come back again? See. This is all called logical thinking, let's exercise our brain, let's ask some questions, why does the soul want to come back, if it can't be saved by works, why would the soul want to come back to this painful world if there's not going to be a reward from coming back to this world. So we see that we have a basic foundational error believing that the soul wants to come back to this world to work its way out of reincarnation, that's a lie.


Now the doctrine of Christ teaches that the reason souls incarnate, and we know here that the word here is soul, but we know the part of us that reincarnates is the Fiery Serpent, and if you want to call that your human soul, that's okay, it's the Cain and Abel in us with Abel predominating that is our mortal foundation that reincarnates and the doctrine of Christ says that they are forced to reincarnate by Satan, and that the souls who have merged with Christ Jesus to whatever degree, I don't know what the criteria is, I have no idea, but the souls that have merged with Christ Jesus to a certain level. And how do you merge with Christ Jesus? By abiding in his word.


That means in his mind you see, here once again you could be a wonderful person spending your whole life on your knees crying out for other people, and that's not going to weave you together with Jesus Christ. It's the study of his word, and your willingness to relinquish the aspects of your thinking that are not his. It's living out of the mind of Christ, that joins you to Christ. And we're told that there is a place after death for the Fiery Serpents that will protect them from forced reincarnation. Does anyone know what the name of that place is? It's Abraham's bosom, that's the safe place for that part of us, Abraham's bosom is that safe house, it's that safe place for whatever part of it, of us it is that reincarnates, I'm not going to get into a hassle with you right now over whether it's our soul, or it's our Fiery Serpent, that part of us that reincarnates, that part of us this is immortal.


There's a safe place for it where Satan cannot force it to reincarnate, and it's called Abraham's bosom. And when you're in Abraham's bosom, you only reincarnate when the Lord Jesus Christ tells you to reincarnate, for his glory you see. So then why do all these souls reincarnate, the population keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger, what' the reason? Does anybody remember what the reason is? The doctrine of Christ teaches a very hard word. The reason we are forced to incarnate is the same, now remember everything that's happening in this world is happening on all of the worlds okay, and we're the lowest world. So what's happening on the worlds above us is happening on a higher and higher level. So the beings on the world above us are on a higher level, and they're forcing reincarnation in the same manner that we raise herds of cattle and plants fields of food so that we can eat.


The whole creation on every level of consciousness has been cut off from God and is now seeking their own food. And the whole creation on every level of consciousness is consuming itself. We consume animals, we consume plants, animals consume grass or animal feed, even when we plant plants you have to put nutrients in the soil, this whole creation is in a recycle mode. So you eat your plants and you take the waste and you put the waste back into the field to fertilize the soil, and you put the seeds in and more plants grow. Do you get it, we're being grown. We're being grown like plants or raised like cattle, and when we appear in this world, we're being consumed, on the spiritual plane, our energy force is being consumed, that's a hard word, but I believe it's the truth, I believe the Lord told it to me, and I believe it's the truth.


And we found it in the Scripture, of course not in the King James, but in the deeper more spiritual levels of the translation, we found it, the whole world is seeking food, you have problem believing that? Everything is seeking food. All the birds are seeking food, all the animals are seeking food, all the ants are seeking food, all the insects are seeking food, all the flies and biting insects are biting us but they're so small that the little bit of blood that they draw can't hurt us.


But on the spiritual planes there are bigger entities that have stingers in us, and that live in us and off of us and through us, and feed on us until we die. Then they recycle that part of us that goes on, the Fiery Serpent, they force reincarnation and the new plant appears or the new head of cattle appears in this world and they feed off of us.


Doesn't it sound wonderful that reincarnation is so great and we're going to reincarnate so that we can have experiences and we choose and decide whether or not we'll be a boy or a girl and we choose who our parents will be, all because we're working out our own salvation. Well that sounds really appetizing, does it not? Only it's a lie. It's a lie. So I have a problem with this, I have a strong opinion opposing this opinion that the soul of the Fiery Serpent decides whether or not it's going to be a boy or a girl, I don't know, the Lord has not spoken to me directly about that, but my opinion is that if you are enslaved and you are forced to reincarnate so that some spiritual entities can feed off of you, I really don't see that Fiery Serpent being given a choice as to whether or not it's a boy or a girl.


Can anybody not see where I'm coming from? Or choosing your parents, or finding out what kind of, or choosing what kind of life you're going to have. Some spiritual Egyptian is just forcing you into the ground and saying get in there because we're hungry. You're not having an choice of anything, you're a slave. We're slaves. There's truth to that movie the Matrix, its' true the principles behind it are all true. We're all kept, we're raised, we're domestic animals, we exist for the benefit of entities that we cannot even see.


They give us a nice grazing land to stay in and they feed us well, and they fatten us up and then the slaughter comes, and when we die, if we die young, then they get the whole measure of energy all at once, they don't have to feed off of us slowly.


Are there any comments or questions before we go on? Okay so now you know what I think about reincarnation. Okay the Agulim aspect of the Sefirot of Adam Kadmon are the origins of the female formed throughout creation, and then our author says, we are not taught much about the Agulim because it is their nature to be concealed. I have to disagree with that. The Agulim is the circular Sefirot, we're talking about the Fiery Serpent here.


The Fiery Serpent is not concealed, if you cannot see her it's because the god of this world has blinded you, this whole world is the Fiery Serpent, her evil works are evident everywhere, she's not concealed, the one who is concealed today is Christ. The one who is concealed is your potential for resurrection which is in Abel who is probably dead in you, if not dead, unconscious, he's the one that's concealed, he's buried under the ground.


So once again, we see Kabbalah being taught from the perspective of the regeneration, it's being taught as the creation was before the fall or how it will be after the fall, and then we see little bits, not in this particular message, but little bits of information that maybe accurate concerning the fall. But the message is just not, there's information missing and I'm not just talking about this author, I'm talking about this author, I'm talking about what I believe to be available in Kabbalah today, that the message is incomplete, that Kabbalah will be completed by the doctrine of Christ, and that there are a lot of assumptions drawn a lot of conclusions drawn that are based on false premises. But I repeat there's a lot of good in Kabbalah. I thank God for Kabbalah and for the privilege of doing this study, but to study Kabbalah without a working knowledge of the doctrine of Christ, to correct the error in Kabbalah is deadly, is deadly to your salvation.


And this study is not for everybody, the average Christian should not pursue it, you have to be walking very closely with God to pursue this course, and be safe. Okay so he's saying that it's the nature of the female to be concealed. No it's the nature of the female to be violent, to be violent. Okay, and he's again talking about social roles, manifesting this spiritual truth and once again I say no it's the nature of the female to be violent, she came out of the negative world as a violent force, but in this world she is designed to be restricted and restrained by the male. Praise the Lord, and we're talking about the spiritual female now. We're not talking about physical females, we see that happening, we see it happening right now, in some Moslem countries and in Afghanistan, the women are completely restrained and covered, you can't even see their fingers, they are completely covered and in bondage because the men of that society, from whatever they draw their authority to do this to the women, they feel they read or understand somewhere that the female has to be concealed.


Yes the spiritual female has to be concealed but any man that would do that to a woman who would totally, put a woman in total bondage because he thinks that's the way it's suppose to be, that man himself is a manifestation of the spiritual female. His aggression has gone awry. To put another human being in slavery makes you a manifestation of the spiritual female unrestrained. Praise the Lord.


Okay he says, therefore modern secular attempts to change the role of men and women you know is not a good idea because we are what we are, that's what he's saying. You see, this whole principle, what just hit me now it's just an extension of this commonly taught principle in Kabbalah of the ten Sefirot established in three columns, and that the reason, this is basic Kabbalah, you could find this in any book anywhere that the ten Sefirot are established in three columns, for the specific purpose of restricting and restraining one another, yet our author does not relate that teaching to the concept of male and female, that the male is designed to restrict the female, male and female are designed to restrict one another.


To say that someone by nature is passive denies the necessity of their being restrained. And yet from another point of view, this very same Kabbalist will say, Oh yes, look at the ten Sefirot, they're set up that way to restrict and restrain one another. Opposites are set up to restrict and restrain one another until they come into a well balanced whole. Well the same applies for the male and the female in this society too. They design to restrict and restrain one another, and come into one balanced whole. It is not the nature of the female to be passive, not so, not so. Praise the Lord.


Okay, and then he says as is man below, so is man above and man above is Adam Kadmon, and he says know this great rule, well we were talking about this earlier that everything down here is a reflection of the world above it.


Okay he says, therefore one can learn by biology and psychology and from the lessons learned therein extrapolate those lessons about the nature and operation of the entire universe and yet he's failing to do that concerning men and women. I'm telling you I'm not against this man, I've been in the same place, and I've been teaching for a long time, and God corrects me right on these tapes, these tapes are not edited and you will hear God correct me right on these tapes, because if you're blind in an area, you're just blind in an area. As enlightened as you are, when you reach an area where you're not enlightened, you're just as blind as everybody else, and I tell you that all the time.


And now he says, for even though the level of Adam Kadmon is far beyond human cognition, it is still not beyond human experience, but we know that it is not, it is not now beyond human cognition because in Jesus Christ we can have access to Adam Kadmon. Well we can never understand Adam Kadmon, because he is above mind, nonetheless he is the source of mind of intuition and of life itself. I don't know what to say about that, he says we could never understand Adam Kadmon because he is beyond mind, and that has to do with what I was teaching earlier, saying that Chokhmah wisdom is just a kernel and you can't really comprehend it until it comes down to the level of understanding, but I do believe that it will be possible for us and it is possible for us now, for the Lord Jesus to draw us up to that high place where he is, but I cannot explain it to you any further.


He says that Adam Kadmon is above mind, Binah is mind, you see, understanding is mind, and I think he includes intuition in that. He is the source of mind, he is the source of mind and of intuition and of life itself. I better let it go because I don't have any authority to teach about that. And then he says that we can touch this level of Adam Kadmon through meditation.


Now as I've taught you many times, the Christian is not encouraged to meditate, I do not encourage any Christian to meditate, I do encourage Christians to contemplate the word of God, which is a form, a lesser form of meditation, you focus on the word of God, you keep it in your mind, you pray about it, you read it over and over again, until you get understanding. There's a lesser form of meditation but he's talking about the meditation where you go into a trance and that is not for the average Christian, it can be for the mature Christian who is moving out of the mind of Christ, which is very rare today.


Whoever is going to be reading this transcript, I'm telling you it's very rare today to find someone living out of the mind of Christ. We have Christians living under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and we have some Christians that have an imputed mind of Christ that means is given to them, with you know the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance, they can have manifestations of Christ in their life, but they're still living out of their carnal mind.


And when you go into meditation, you meet the entities within yourself. I just said to somebody this morning, you need to establish a relationship with Satan and the devil inside of yourself, and that person seemed surprised that I said that.


We have to know the powers and principalities inside of us, so that we can deal with them. And that is what meditation does, you go in, and you could meet Satan, you could meet the Dragon, you could meet an angel, you could meet Christ, or whatever beings serve God, I don't have much information on that realm.



But when you go in like that, you could meet any of the spiritual beings that live on the other planes of consciousness and if you go into that kind of meditation where you have this experience, and Christ Jesus the mind of Christ and Christ Jesus is not functioning in you, you can have a negative experience. And I know a couple of years ago, the Lord sent me to take tai chi lessons and I was really shocked, I prayed about it a long time before I went, I was actually frightened because I knew that the martial arts are not for Christians, but I didn't know why, and when I was sure that it was the Lord I went, and I eventually preached a message on it, I found out that tai chi like any martial art stirs up the Fiery Serpent in you.


But in my case my world had been turned upside down. Christ is on top in me. I have passed through some heavy spiritual experiences, and I couldn't even have all of this revelation if Christ was not ascended in me. See Christ is ascended in me. Christ has dominion over Cain in me, I'm not perfect but Christ is up, and therefore I could benefit from the benefits of tai chi which I need because of my health, it's for my immune system, for my physical health, it is very good for me, but I'm not in any spiritual danger because I'm spiritually ascended.


And the truth is that I've meditated one or two times the Lord has, I've never initiated it myself, the Lord has taken me in to meditation one or two times, and I was very shocked to find that happening because I thought Christians don't meditate, and I now know that it is an experience for the mature Christian and mature means that you're living out of the mind of Christ. Don't be deceived, and get hurt by the Fiery Serpent, don't get lifted up in pride and don't get deceived. Your world has to have been turned upside down. You have to be living out of the mind of Christ and the overriding sign that that's where you are, is that you are actively judging your sin nature yourself, that you confront your sin nature on a daily basis, that you see Satan in your own mind, and you're warring with her on a regular basis. And I don't know very many Christians that are doing that, I know very very few that are doing that.


So our author says that you could only touch Adam Kadmon through meditation, but we know that is not true, that in Jesus Christ we can touch him through contemplation of his word. Thank God for that.


Okay, we're almost finished here we have another couple of paragraphs. At present only the rare few ever succeed in touching the level of Adam Kadmon even in meditation, we are so graced and blessed that we can touch him without even meditating, he has come down to us, see, he comes down to where we are, and touches us here.


And this is interesting our author says, however we are taught that the lowest aspect of Adam Kadmon that is his Malkhut, is destined to be revealed to everyone in this physical world as Messiah. And of course the Jew rejects that Jesus Christ is Messiah.


So it's the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon that is appearing as the sons today, that appeared as Jesus, as Christ Jesus in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth, I'm sorry it is the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon okay, that appeared through the man Jesus of Nazareth, and that's why Jesus said, I am, that the kingdom of God is at hand.


Because at the time that Jesus said the kingdom of God is at hand, the kingdom of the Dragon was present in Israel, and in the world.


Jesus said to all the Jews, all you Jews that are keeping the law, even those of you that have had high spiritual experiences in God, and all of your studies and all that you know and all that you learn, the kingdom of God, the mind of Christ is at hand, you've done all that, under an imputed anointing, and I am here to tell you and to show you that I am an expression of what you are suppose to be. I am the fulfillment of the law that you keep, and I am the fulfillment of all of the rituals and meditations that you do. Adam Kadmon lives in me, moves and breathes in me, and motivates me in every thought that I think and every action that I take. I am the fulfillment of the law. That's what he said to them, and they knew what he was talking about, see, and they killed him.


So, it's going to be interesting to see what God does for this man, I just really like this teacher, I think he's a sincere honest man, really seeking God, I continue to pray that Jesus Christ should be revealed to him, and that all of his knowledge should go to the manifestation of Christ Jesus in him, that the mind of Christ should result from everything, from all of his devotion to God, and all of his studies.


So he says what this means that Messiah is coming is that the vibrant force, vibrant life force that underlies all subatomic structures, you see, in another place you said, a certain scientists have been able to break down the atom to its lowest level and they're trying to find out what supports the atom, and the answer is nothing, there's nothing there. But he says of course what is there is the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon, which is invisible to the scientists of this world.


So he says that what this means is that the vibrant force that underlies all subatomic structures, and thus forms everything in our physical universe, will be exposed and subject to human examination and interaction, and this is what we are experiencing. Today it's talking about Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ will be exposed to human examination and interaction, see, interaction with him, examination of his mind.


I pray all the time, how do you think Lord? What would your reaction be to this circumstance, what would your reaction be to this person, I just had an interaction with this person and I'm upset, what would your reaction be? How would you handle this, how would you pray, what would you do in this circumstance? I want to tell you that the answer to a prayer like that comes very quickly, very very quickly, if not immediately, within twenty four hours. Prayers like that are very very welcome by the Lord Jesus Christ. They're a sign of true humility, and he'll meet you more than half way every time. The more you, when you desire to be like him, he's right there bringing it to pass.


Okay, he says the results of this will hardly be negative because the pure unadulterated light of Adam Kadmon is so strong that when it appears in the earth, it will cause the nullification of all evil. So once again we see that our author just skips over a couple of steps, he's saying that merely the appearance of the light will nullify all evil, and I think this issue came up in our meeting this morning too. This is not true, you see. This is, this kind of thinking comes from the personality type called, a Pharisee, you see, that really is having a problem dealing with the truth that Satan and Leviathan live inside of us and generate our thoughts and our motives.


It's very hard for people that have been serving God all their lives to believe that. That belief is going to kill you if you can't get past it because it's a lie.


So the writer of these notes is saying just the appearance of Christ will nullify all evil, and this is one of the strong objections that Jews have to Jesus being Messiah. They say the Scripture says that when Messiah appears all evil will be nullified, and there will be peace in the earth, and the whole world is exploding so they don't believe that Jesus is Messiah, they don't understand that there are two comings or to expressions of the coming...


First Jesus Christ who was glorified so that his seed could come forth, and that Christ Jesus could be grafted to and reproduced in every human being on the face of the earth which is the second phase of his coming, two phases, one coming, two phases of that one coming. Jesus Christ and his offspring, Jesus Christ and his sons, you see.


So it is not true that merely the appearance of the light will nullify the evil, there must be a warfare you see, there must be a warfare and it is a spiritual warfare, the light comes to you, the light penetrates you, the personality and you must lay hold of that light and use it as a weapon against the one that you are married to, you are married to Satan and Leviathan in your mind. Just like that movie that I told you about, I think, I don't know whether I put it on the tape or not, we were praying this morning and some good word came forth about victory, and I had a memory of a movie that I had seen, where a woman in England during world war II had had a sexual liaison with a man and then found out that he was a German spy who had killed her husband and another person, and when she found out the truth she took a pistol and she emptied all six shells into him and he died, she killed him. This is what we have to do.


We have to become enlightened to understand that we commit adultery every time the carnal mind thinks through us, which is all the time. The carnal mind thinks through us much more than the Christ mind in most cases. We must rise up and recognize that this bedfellow that is in our mind is our enemy, the source of all disease and death. And when we really believe that, in Christ Jesus we will have the power to kill them. But the one that we're suppose to kill uses mind control and witchcraft on us and blocks us from believing that that kind of evil one could actually be dwelling in our mind.


So we spend our whole life doing good deeds, praying for other people, driving people to church, tithing faithfully, church attendance faithfully. All of these are good things but there is no eternal life in them. When you do all these good works, the Lord wants to bless you with the real thing, but you have to stop looking outward and turn inward, your ministry has to be to yourself. All of you people that spent hours casting demons out of other people dedicated devoted people, you must now turn your minds upon the enemy within your own mind. Now fight for yourself. You fought for other people all of your life, now fight for yourself, if you can do it, if you can't confess that you can't and ask the Lord to help you, because it's the only way you'll enter into eternal life which the Lord is offering you today, to turn against the enemy in your own mind, and stop protecting her.


Okay, so we know that this is not true that the light is going to be so profoundly strong that it's mere presence will nullify all evil, not true. The presence of Messiah is the power to wage a warfare, his mere presence alone will not nullify evil, and of course repentance is necessary. He says, even death will cease to exist because the light of Adam Kadmon is too strong for it to assimilate. Well it's true that death will cease to exist, because we're going to kill it. He says evil therefore will completely nullified along with ignorance, hardships, sufferings, and pain.


This is all true, but not by the laying on of hands, not by walking into a room where this spirit is manifest. Ignorance, hardships, sufferings, and pain will depart from us as we wage a warfare against our carnal mind, and cast it down into the bottomless pit. Every hardship and suffering and pain that manifest in our life is some reaping of some ungodly thought, or some ungodly act that arose out of some ungodly thought. Now you may not recognize that that thought is ungodly, but Satan does you see. Satan who watches every thought, Satan gives you the thought, and then punishes you for the thoughts, so you could spend your whole life saying well I don't believe that's sin, and Satan who is the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment is happily executing her judgments on you and on your family.


So you're not fooling anyone except yourself. Our author does say there is a secret as to how all of this ignorance and hardship will disappear but he's going to leave that for another time, so I'm looking forward to hearing what he has to say. And finally the last paragraph of lesson 3, is this that Rabbi Vital tells us that the lights within Adam Kadmon are two sublime for us to understand, to hard for us to understand, to high, to difficult, but the truth of the matter is that we have already had three messages on the world of points and the fall, and the Lord has revealed to us that the lights inside of Adam Kadmon, that the inside of Adam Kadmon is the garden, and that it's the world of points which surrounds Adam Kadmon below the navel is interacting with the garden which is inside of Adam Kadmon, and we know that inside of Adam Kadmon is his ovary, his female organ which is internal, as it is in human women, is inside of him, and his male organ which is external as it is in human men, is outside of him.


And we've had three messages, or did we do four already, I can't remember, I know that I have one more message for you on that issue as the Lord leads me to preach it. The lights inside of Adam Kadmon, are the simple MaH, and BaN, the simple male and female which are literally the male eggs which have the potential to grow up into human beings in the image of Adam Kadmon. Those are with the lights inside of Adam Kadmon, his ovary. Do you realize what we've got here, it's just really hard to believe what we've got here, because our lives stay the same, we have all the same problems. If you have a sickness that you're waiting to be healed from, you still have that, if you have problems in your family you still have that. You have so many unresolved problems in your life that it's really hard to stay in touch with the reality that the revelation that's coming down here is absolutely mind boggling, and very rare, very very rare, and that it only happens a couple, once every couple of thousand years.


Do you realize that, the kind of the revelation that's coming down here only comes forth every couple of thousand years? I have trouble myself, I have to pray all the time, Lord keep my mind straight. How could this greatness and this glory be happening here and I still have the all the problems in my life, yet so it is, it's true that this glory is pouring out and I still have problems in my life, and I could focus on the problems in my life, or I could focus on the fact that we are the recipients of the outpouring of glory, that hasn't happened to this degree in two thousand years. So it says however, we cannot understand the lights inside of Adam Kadmon, however the light did not stay within Adam Kadmon, it emanated outside of him, from his ears, his nose, his mouth, and eventually from his eyes, and of course all of this is metaphorical language.


And now he's talking about future lessons, so of course we in other messages are way ahead of lesson 3. The Lord is jumping around all over the place, I had to preach the revelation as it came forth, and I myself am working digesting lesson 8, I'm all the way up to lesson 8.


So and of course we've had lessons in the Tree Of Life, and I read many other teachings, so what's in my mind frequently bleeds forth into these other messages, but I'm doing the best that I can to stay in the lesson, otherwise it doesn't work out. So we've completed lesson 3, and Lord willing we'll be going on to lesson 4, hopefully on Thursday, because I would really like to catch you up on these lessons to whatever degree I can, and eventually we'll have to go back to the book the Tree of Life also, as the Lord leads me, I just feel that we've fallen so far behind on this series I want to catch you up. Okay are there any questions or comments on anything tonight?


Praise the Lord, okay, God bless you.




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