550 - Part 7

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We are still working on lesson 3 of our notes and we're picking up on page four, with the study of the 3rd Sefirot, we're in the middle of a study of the ten Sefirot, and we're now going to discuss the 3rd Sefirot. Binah is the cognitive form where the flash of thought that was emanated from the Keter and received in Chokhmah can become congealed, comprehended and prepared to be put in action. Binah receives the intuitive insight from Chokhmah and dwells on it in the same way that a mother receives the seed from the father, keeps within her until it's time to give birth to that which comes forth from the union of the two of them.


So let's go over that. Binah is the cognitive form, that means the thought, the form of thought, it has to do with thought, Binah is the cognitive form where the flash of thought was emanated from the Keter, and received, now remember the Keter is for all intents and purposes the Ayn Sof in a border. A Sefirot is a border. The light of the Ayn sof entered into the empty space, and that was Adam Kadmon. The very same light, only what makes Keter different from the Ayn Sof is that Keter has a limit.


Keter has a border, the Ayn Sof has no border, however compared to us, the Keter is infinite, compared to, he is so great that we cannot even comprehend his border, and all thought comes from Keter. Keter can be likened to the unconscious part of the mind, and to us today the Lord Jesus Christ is the Keter is manifesting to us today as the Lord Jesus Christ.


The glorified Jesus Christ who through his son in us, has become the unconscious part of our Christ mind. If Christ is grafted to you, you have a whole new mind and the glorified Jesus Christ is the unconscious part of that mind. Now if you have the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit can speak to you, but the Holy Spirit is not a mind, you see. The Holy Spirit can speak to you, can encourage you, can comfort you, can give you information, okay, but is not a mind, and the reason we're looking for the Christ mind to be grafted to us, is so that we can cease from being servants and become sons, because the Holy Spirit gives you instructions, gives you advice, you see, and tells you, you know can tell you what to do, can help you to get healed, can suggest to you to go to a particular church or whatever, but you are the servant, you are being told what to do.


To be a son means that you inherit the life and the wisdom of father and learn to function as he would function in the same circumstances. It's the same difference as being a child or an adult in this world.


So Keter is the unconscious part of the Christ mind, and it is the place from which thought comes forth, and the thought, now remember the, whatever comes forth from Keter is going from Sefirot to Sefirot, going from Sefirot to Sefirot and ultimately will arrive at the lowest Sefirot which is Malkhut, which we are. Malkhut is the only visible Sefirot, and this whole world, actually this whole universe, the whole physical universes is Malkhut, and the whole idea is to get the thoughts and the power of God from Keter down to this world, so that we can be raised from the dead, and that power comes by way of thought, but is not coming from the outside, it's coming from the inside. The outside is too far away, it is not even comprehensible, by out limited minds.


So thought comes from Keter, who is the Lord Jesus Christ today, and it's received in the second Sefirot called Chokhmah, where it becomes comprehended, it becomes congealed and comprehended and prepared to be put into action. That is wisdom, wisdom is something that comes to us without thinking, you see. Knowledge that comes to us after we study and get understanding, that comes from Binah, but Chokhmah is what would be called a word of knowledge in the church, you get information, you have no idea where it came from, that thought was never in your mind before, it just is there, that's Chokhmah. Then the next Sefirot underneath that is Binah.


Binah gives us understanding of knowledge or wisdom that we apply ourselves to. Binah is also known as intuition, she receives intuition from Chokhmah and dwells on it in the same way that a mother receives the seed from the father. The whole point is that the glory or the seed or the thought is passed down from Sefirot to the next. In the language of the partzufim, which we will discuss later, Chokhmah is traditionally called Abba father, and Binah is called Imma mother for just this reason. It is said that Chokhmah which is intuition impregnates Binah, which is defined as perception, which can be defined as perception, thus intuition once received and contemplated with perception leads to the birth or further creation of the universe.


Let's break that down. Well it's interesting we read about Abba father in the New Testament, we're told that the sons of God are calling Abba father, but I don't recall reading anywhere about mother in the New Testament, and to me it's very interesting to know that we have a father and a mother. Binah is called Imma, mother, and it is said that Chokhmah which is intuition, that's that knowing without studying, you see there it is right there. I've told you that it was possible for Adam to be perfected without experiences. In our fallen condition it's impossible to be perfected without experiences.


I can teach you from now until kingdom come, and you'll never be functioning on your own until you apply what you learn and have experiences with it. But you see on the higher realms of the spirit where Chokhmah and Keter are, it would have been possible to transfer the ability to function out of wisdom and intuition without experience. It is possible in that high place, you see. And it comes out of Keter and Chokhmah. Wisdom, when we talk about wisdom, we're talking about just knowing, see you didn't need the experience, you didn't have to learn it anywhere. See. You just woke up one morning and you knew how to do it.


Now that's different from a word of knowledge. A word of knowledge which is a gift of the Holy Spirit will give you a piece of information, but wisdom gives you an ability to do something that you were just never instructed in, you had no way of doing it. How did I bring forth the doctrine of Christ, I mean it's just a miracle, what came forth, because it came forth from wisdom that was imparted to me. And then the wisdom was translated into understanding and then into knowledge, but if I didn't have the seed of wisdom, I could have never brought forth the doctrine of Christ or any revelation, okay.


Binah the level of pure mind, is pure consciousness, and she is thus the mother, am I in the right place here. I don't think I read that yet. The Sefirot Binah is the level of pure cognitive mind. The essence of Keter first takes on form in Chokhmah, though this form is completely spiritual and abstract. Without Binah the received aspect of essence becomes clearly understood, conscious and cognizant. Binah is the level of pure mind, pure consciousness, and she is thus the mother of invention. It is from within the womb that the rest of creation is born. Abba and Imma have spiritual coupling and they bring forth the son, who is Zeir Anpin, and the daughter. And of course we have already had a great deal of teaching on that. For some reason we're way behind on these lessons, and we have had much more advanced teaching on this, but I'm not going to inject it into this lesson, let's just go on.


The motivation that Binah manifest is the power of emotion. This manifests itself in the formation of the next 6 Sefirot, although these 6 are unique and independent of one another, they act together as one. So what we're being told here is the Binah copulates with Chokhmah and she brings forth the son, and the son consists of the 6 Sefirot, Chesed through Yesod. There are 6 of them, but they act in unison. And we're told here that Binah manifests the power of emotion. Well that must be emotion that's under the control of the Lord, I believe that there is an emotion in Christ. I am not very emotional these days outside of Christ, it's very hard to get me emotional, but when the spirit moves upon me, I can cry like a baby.


So remember the spirit that controls us controls our thinking and our emotions as well. Listen the spirit of Christ is trying to get to our brain. Satan is trying to get to our brain, because the spirit that accesses our brain will have complete control of us. Praise the Lord, when the Lord Jesus completely controls us, and Satan has no control over us whatsoever, we'll stop dying. The race is to get to the brain. The first triad of Sefirot is called KaHaB, which is the capitol letters of the Sefirot, Keter Chokhmah, and Binah.


Writing names out all the time is very redundant and unnecessary. Kabbalists always abbreviate by using letters to refer to terms, thus Adam Kadmon is a K, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah is KaHaB, and so on.


Okay let's go on, the 6th Sefirot, the 4th through the 9th . The next six Sefirot are the primordial forces that underline the creation of the physical universe, corresponding to these six, where there are six days to creation. So we see that these Sefirot, each of these Sefirot is a primordial force, just like the Hebrew letters, they represent powerful primordial forces of energy that mix and match together to produce complex energies that have produced this world. Anything that exists within the mind be it in the primordial mind or in the mind of man must be charged with almost electric type of force in order to move it from the realm of non-corporeal thought, corporeal means solid, so non-corporeal thought means not solid, to move it from the realm of non-corporeal thought into the realm of corporeal being, you see. A tremendous amount of power is required to manifest the will of the Ayn Sof.


You see the Ayn Sof wills this creation. Keter's thought or his thinking this creation, and it takes an inordinate amount of power to manifest physical forms, an inordinate amount of power. Power is the name of the game. And we see that what's happening in our world today is copycatting God. Power is the name of the game. Everybody wants power, everybody wants the oil in the mideast, it's very important. Can you imagine what our life would be like if we didn't have power. Before power came into being, people spent their whole life twenty hour days, just working to have food and shelter and clothing. No one had time to do anything else. What a horrible thought to go back to that.


Anything that exist within the mind be it in the primordial mind or in the mind of man must be charged with an almost electric type of force in order to move it, to move that thought from the realm of the non-corporeal thought into the realm of corporeal being, therefore did God form the "midot", the six Sefirot that are the primordial source of emotion. So I find that very interesting because in our world the woman is the emotional one and here we're being told that the six Sefirot which is the Zeir Anpin, which is the son, which is sometimes called Adam, depending on what plane of consciousness we're talking, he is the man and we're being told that the man is the source of emotion. Emotions charge that which one thinks and gives the thought emphasis, emotions give energy to our thoughts and give the thought emphasis, passion, and flavor.


This is something that mind alone cannot do. Essence manifests within spirit. Spirit is perceived within the mind, you see. I have many times tell you things, and I get a response back from you, well I didn't see that, or she didn't say that, or I didn't hear that, and I'm trying to get you all to understand that spiritual things are perceived within the mind, and it's possible to speak to somebody and hear them say something but you can have a perception of their thoughts, which are the exact opposite of what they're saying. Spirit doesn't lie, men lie, and words lie. That's why the sons of God don't make their judgments based on what people say or what people do. We base our judgment on the discernment upon our ability to recognize the thoughts and intents of that person's heart, and if you are depending on what people say or do to form your opinions of them, you are severely limited in your ability to cope on any kind of spiritual plane, because this whole world is a lie.


The way people look is a lie, the way they sound is lie, the things they say is a lie, and they could mean it when they say it. Someone could say, didn't Jesus say, there were two servants, and one of them said, I'm not going to do what you ask me to do Lord, I'm just not going to do it, and then he went away but he changed his mind and he came back and he did it.


That's the faithful servant. Then there was another servant who said, "Yes I'll do it Lord," and he went away and he never did it, and Jesus said, which one is the faithful servant? And you know that's a big thing in our society today, our society is backsliding severely in it's social mores. It is so common to say you will do something and then not do it, and even know that you're lying when you say it, because it's too difficult to confront the person and say, Thank you but I won't be able to take you up on that offer. So people just say, okay, I'll do it, and naive people wait for the liar to fulfill his promise and then one day they realize that they were made a fool out of, that the person who said it never intended to visit them, never intended to help them, never intended to do what he said he was going to do, that he just said it to get them off of his back.


This does not honor God. He said, Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. The mind, okay essence manifest within spirit, spirit is perceived with the mind, not with your eyes, not with your ears, with your mind. The mind then forms ideas that motivate and steer the emotional tides. All emotions are based upon preconceived mental notions. Well I have to disagree with this fine teacher. I know that I, first of all I have two sets of emotions, I have the emotion, well I have one set of emotions, but either Satan can manipulate them, or Christ Jesus can manipulate them. And I know that when Christ Jesus moves upon my emotion, good comes out of it, because that is the true compassion which brings forth healing, when Christ Jesus cries through me, that person is delivered, but when Satan lays hold of my emotions there's a storm inside of me which is very destructive, and I have to exercise all of the power that I have in Christ Jesus to not restrain that storm, and not let it blow me over. And the one problem, I think one of the major problems that I have with Kabbalah, is that in the midst of all of the fine teaching that comes out of it, at least maybe I'm still at the beginner levels, but at least from what I've studied there is no recognition of the negative aspect.


If I didn't know anything and I was reading this, and I said, all emotions are based upon preconceived notions, I know that is not true. I know that I can be afflicted by someone else's emotions. I know that there are days that my mind is saying, this is wrong, these emotions are wrong, I don't want them, and I won't have them, and I won't act on them, why am I feeling this way, and then sometimes I find out that another person was having those exact feelings, you see. But of course this message was on a very basic level.


All emotions are based upon preconceived mental notions. I have a problem with that. One feels a certain way about a thing, because one has certain ideas and preconceived notions about that thing. Change the way one thinks about a thing, and the way he feels about it will also change. Well and from that point of view I can agree. The six Sefirot here therefore are the powers that transform thought into action. The six Sefirot, that's Zeir Anpin transform thought into action.


There are six in number for this double triad reflects the dual nature of Keter's manifestation in Chokhmah and Binah. In other words, as the upper triad, that's Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, is made up of three Sefirot, so must there be three traids, each one reflecting and congealing the light from that which is above it. These then are the six Sefirot. To congeal means to make solid, or to make thicker, to come together, and become thicker. So what our author is saying is that there are three triads, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, and Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, and that each triad is thicker and coarser and more visible, more solid and more visible than the one above it, Chesed.


This is the first, we're talking about the Sefirot Chesed now, this is the first attribute to come forth from the mohin, that's the brains, in the form of columns, Chesed is directly below Chokhmah, for although Chesed comes forth from Binah, which is on the left column, Chesed's place is really on the right, just as Keter's first manifestation was to the right, so was Binah's. The zigzag descent of energy is also clear within the relationship of the human brain to the human body. The left globe of he brain controls the right side of the body. This method of descent was established by God so that all polarities would be able to interact with their opposites, thus giving rise to the multiple forms of diverse creation. Let me put that on the board for you.


I have drawing # 1 on the board and I would just like to remind you because I've already taught you this, the situation concerning a continuous striving of the elements, or the continuous striving of the Sefirot as they are on opposite poles. The left side or the left column, we have Binah which is judgment with understanding, now that should sound familiar, judgment with understanding, the doctrine of Christ teaches that to be the white throne judgment. Satan's sowing and reaping, the sowing and reaping judgment, which is enforced by Satan gives you no explanation, doesn't help you to understand why evil things are happening to you, and gives you no information that would help you to change your behavior or your thinking or your attitude, so that Satan would lose her ability to enforce the judgments upon you, you just have no way out.


But with Binah, which is judgment with understanding, you receive an explanation as to what you are doing wrong, and why it is wrong, but even more than that, given an alternative. So you now have a choice with the white throne judgment or with the judgment that comes from Binah. You can continue to stay as you are, but if you would choose to change, you receive instruction as how to take on the attitude or the exact opposite of whatever your problem is. All problems originate in the mind, okay.


You receive instruction in the opposite thinking, and you also receive the power to choose the opposite thinking from the thought that's bringing judgment upon you. And choosing the opposite thought delivers you out of Satan's grasp because she can only continue to bomb you and torment you when you are engaging in the destructive thoughts and behavior to give her ground to punish you. So the white throne judgment says, Look here's what you're doing wrong, okay, and here's your choice, you can do it this way, here's another option, if you choose the other option, if you choose the thought that will deliver you from Satan's grasp, the power to make the change is present in Christ Jesus, when repentance comes forth.


You have to admit that wrong thinking is sin, everything that is not of faith is sin. Everything that comes from the carnal mind is sin. Well Sheila, is loving my husband sin? In this world loving your husband is not a sin, but if you die at the end of your lifetime, loving your husband was amongst the thoughts that produced death. Well Sheila what are you talking about? There is no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven.


So we all have to have our thoughts enlightened you see. And everything depends on how much you desire to be enlightened. In this hour the Lord is not forcing enlightenment on anybody. In this hour the Lord is offering enlightenment as a gift, if you're willing to pay the price. It's not easy to be enlightened, it's painful to be enlightened. So you would say well why would wisdom strive with the judgment of understanding, why would wisdom strive with that, I don't understand what you're talking about.


Well, Binah is on the left side, that means she is aligned with Gevurah which is strength and might and Gevurah, Gevurah really is the power that Satan uses, Gevurah is the sowing and reaping judgment. So we see Binah and Gevurah right next to each other. The question is which judgment is going to fall on the person, and the wisdom that comes from Chokhmah fights continuously with Binah who wants to execute judgment, even judgment with understanding.


See the wisdom comes in and strives with Binah to restrict that aspect of her, that would reign down the judgment. The wisdom strengthens the understanding. The wisdom goes to the person that's being judged, and strengthens them to understand, so that they can make the right choice. But Binah without Chokhmah very possibly would fall down into the sowing and reaping judgment. The judgment of understanding, you see, I could come to you with all of the understanding in the world, but if wisdom is not present, okay, if the wisdom is not present with me, as to how to deliver that understanding to you, as how to explain it to you, there's a good chance that you're going to resist me, and the next thing you know is that you fall down under the next lower judgment, which is Gevurah.


So wisdom is in there restricting Binah, wisdom is always restricting Binah, holding back that judgment as much as possible through the impartation of wisdom.


Now the next two Sefirot that strive with each other continuously are Chesed, which is unlimited kindness, and Gevurah, which is the sowing and reaping judgment. Those are two severe extremes. I have a little problem myself with the differences between Binah judgment and Chokhmah, I have a little problem with that myself. You know there are different teachers in Kabbalah, and I have read different opinions. One teacher that I read said that there is very little judgment coming forth from Binah, another teacher that I read from said Binah is capable of severe judgment and I'm sort of inclined to believe with the second teacher. Binah is capable of severe judgment.


Remember Binah is Imma, Binah is Imma. So if you have Christ in you, see I believe I had Christ in me from a very young child, okay, I believe Christ was in me from a very young child, and the judgments that fell on me without understanding were devastating, they almost killed me, and I have read in other books that Binah's judgment can kill you, that that's the fear. But wisdom comes in, and restricts these judgments. So I know that I'm not, if I were in your shoes, I would not be satisfied with what I'm seeing here. I don't really have it myself, that Binah could be judgment and understanding at the same time, I just know that the wisdom of Jesus Christ saved me. I was under a severe judgment and I believe it was coming from a very high realm of the spirit, and it was a judgment unto death. But the wisdom of Jesus Christ saved me.


I had the judgment, I was under the judgment but I had no understanding at all. So I have not give you a satisfactory explanation but it's the best that I could do, at the moments. Apparently this is, unless the Lord gives it to me before I close out this meeting, this is suppose to be a severe conflict between the wisdom and the judgment, and I guess this wisdom is controlling how the judgment comes down, and this wisdom controls how the judgment comes down.


I guess you can impart understanding to people or try to teach them, in a harsh way, maybe that's what it means, I'm really not sure, so I'm going to go on. If the Lord gives me it before we close this message I'll come back to it.


Now this I can understand, this striving between Chesed, and Gevurah, that I can understand. I'm told in another place that Chesed is the only Sefirot that is unlimited. All of the other Sefirot have limitations, they can only go so far and no further. But Chesed, unlimited kindness has no restrictions, it just keeps on pouring out and pouring out and pouring out and pouring out, and you know that is not good for people. You can't give your children everything they want, you have to put some restraints on them, you have to show some force against their negative qualities. So there's a conflict between being too severe and having unlimited kindness, and the two strive with each other and hopefully come to a balance in Tiferet.


Hopefully we come to a balance, also the wisdom in Chokhmah and binah, they're suppose to come to a balance, they struggle with each other so that they come to a balanced expression, and then Netzach and Hod, I'm told have the most vicious battles going on between them. Netzach is a victory, but it's aggressive victory, it's talking about, now I use to have a very aggressive spirit, okay, I would go out I would get things done, I would overcome, I'm very stubborn, I won't give up, I will stay up all night, I won't give up, and Hod, the Kabbalah, the books that I've read, tell me that Hod is the expression of that victory. In other words, I've heard it related to the very aggressive man who goes out and makes a lot of money because he's an aggressive business man and Hod is his wife who takes the riches that he brings home and uses them wisely, that's what I have read in this book. But the Lord has told me that what this all about is this Netzach Hod relationship is the battle between the Christ mind and the carnal mind.


In Kabbalistic terms it's the battle between the Heavenly constellation, and the unheavenly constellation, I don't know what to call it yet. There is another constellation, there are two constellations, there are two worlds, there are two minds there are two time lines coexisting here, and the power, the aggressive power of Netzach fights against the carnal mind that is manifesting as Hod, and over, and when Netzach overcomes the carnal mind, Hod manifests the Christ mind, and when Netzach is defeated, Hod is manifesting the carnal mind, because there is a connection between the two time lines. So this is what we read about is a conflict between the left and the right column, judgment is on the left side, and the right side is more positive, but what we really want is the middle column, because eternal life is up here in Keter.


This is sort of similar to what I was telling you off the tape before, if you are standing on the left side you can only get as high as Binah, you see. And Binah is the world to come. Well Sheila isn't that heaven? No, Binah is where Jesus was in the days of his flesh, there is eternal life in Binah in the flesh, you see. And you could have the wisdom of God in the flesh, but if you want to be glorified, if you want to be, what is glorification, what is glorification? Who can tell us what glorification is?


What does that mean to us, to we mere mortals down here in hell, what does glorification mean to us anybody? Okay.


COMMENT: Marriage, complete union to Keter?


PASTOR VITALE: Well it does mean complete union, but more than, well what does that mean? What it means is deliverance from the flesh you see. Brethren these bodies are not a gift from God. These bodies are the source of much pain and trouble and ultimately the source of death. So Keter being here in the this middle line, we have the opportunity for glorification.


On the left side we have the opportunity to live in the world to come in the flesh. Jesus said, the testimony of Jesus Christ is that no man can take my life. Praise the Lord. You see, why isn't the right column the world to come Sheila? Why if you're on the right side, why are you not eligible for the world to come if you're on the right side? You'll never be eligible for the world to come without the judgment of your carnal mind.


See the right side is wisdom, unlimited kindness, and overcoming power. Well that's a lot of stuff, the wisdom of God, unlimited kindness and overcoming power, but if you don't use it to overcome your carnal mind, see if you don't take what's on the right side of this board and use it to influence what's on the left side of the board, you'll never enter into the world to come, because you're going to have the carnal mind over here instead of the Christ mind. It's just what I've been telling you all along, you can have the Christ mind, if you're not living out of it, it's not doing you any good. The world to come is in Binah. You can have eternal life in the flesh if you can get up this high. But deliverance from the flesh, eternal life for your personality is in Keter.


Deliverance from all chance of falling down again is in Keter. I wonder what it's like, what existence is like I have no idea. I just know it's complete freedom, you can be anything you want, go anywhere you want, no outside of God's will, but I mean we don't have any of the restrictions of this world. It's got to be good. Any comments or questions about this? If not we'll go on. Let's try to finish this up. Praise the Lord.


Okay, so I just want to point out the zigzag we're talking about the zigzag form here. The zigzag descent of energy, let me just point that out to you. Keter is the 1st Sefirot, Chokhmah is the 2nd, on Chokhmah on the right, Binah on the left is the 3rd, Chesed on the right is the 4th, Gevurah on the left is the 5th, Netzach on the right is the 6th, is not the 6th, it's the 7th, Tiferet is in the middle. So we see that the Sefirot, when they descend and take their position in the left or right column, are moving in a zigzag fashion, one to the right, the next to the left, the next to the right, the next to the left, the next to the right, the next to the left. And whatever that, and the reason for it is so that they can oppose one another and thereby restrict one another, and thereby bring a balance in the mind of the person where this constellation is appearing.


Chesed is the force of expansion, of free and complete giving. Chesed is defined as mercy. I choose to call Chesed freedom, for this word more properly expresses Chesed's function. Chesed is always outgoing, always accepting, always forgiving. Chesed is the creative force that is always expanding outward, formless, boundaryless without any contraction, constriction, discipline, or limitation. Chesed is simply pure unadulterated abundance. Yes Chesed by itself cannot create and support a world.


You know children are like that. There was a time that I was like that, I was very immature, I was very immature, that quality in me needed to be restricted, I would befriend anybody, even people who were bad for me. You have to wind up in the middle. You have to have some strength to control your own inner self, to decide what relationships are good for you and what relationships are not good for you.


See that's childishness and children go in either of the two directions, either they trust everybody, or they could be having a temper tantrum which is pure Gevurah. See children are unbalanced. We're suppose to have a balance in our heart, Tiferet is in the heart.


A balance of unlimited kindness and the strength to control our own lives, to control ourselves and to control how we react to other people, because this is a spiritual jungle and there are always people trying to control you and some people are very unscrupulous, want to control you for some very evil reasons. In case I haven't made it clear to you, these Sefirot are talking about mind you see, and what I find so interesting is that if you look in the alternate translation of the Old Testament, the alternate translation at the very beginning, I think it is in Genesis 1, I'm not sure what verse it is, it says the first thing that Elohim did, was to carve a mind, was to create a mind, or carve out a mind, and that's what this ten Sefirot are. They're talking about the mind of man, they're talking about character, aspects of character of human character.


All human beings have these qualities in different proportions in different measures, in different combinations. So if you have an anger problem, you should know that you don't enough Chesed, you don't have enough lovingkindness, ask God to add lovingkindness into you. If you're filled with lovingkindness and you're completely being manipulated by other people and you can't speak up for yourself, okay, this is talking about human characteristics, if you have unlimited kindness and you have trouble exercising strength or might against people that exercise authority over you that have no right to be exercising authority over you, you need to pray for more Gevurah.


We're hoping to be balanced in our heart center in Tiferet. You shouldn't be too strong that you're harsh, but you can't be too weak either, you have to get that exact balance. Gevurah this Sefirot emanates the force of restrictions, severity, discipline, and judgment. You see, when I was younger, I had no judgment. That's interesting, because I was very aggressive, but I was very severe. See it's really a great blessing to understand this, if you have a child or someone that you have a legal legitimate authority to pray over in these manners, if you could recognize their problems, you could know how to pray, ask God to give them more Chesed, or ask God to give them more Gevurah, or for yourself, it's an educated prayer, very powerful. Where the force Chesed shines outward without a boundary or end, Gevurah describes the boundary and the end, Gevurah says that is enough, that's enough of a very good thing, because if you keep on going you're going to get into trouble. Gevurah says when enough is enough.


As such Gevurah is the source of judgment. Gevurah is also referred to as zechut, which means merit. For Gevurah will only give forth that which is absolutely deserved. In other words Gevurah is under the law, you don't get anything unless you deserve it. For us in the physical plane, we completely rely upon God's mercies, we are unable to stand before the unadulterated power of Gevurah, she gives a just recompense to every action, and our minds are so filled with sin, we would be surely destroyed if Chesed was not restricting Gevurah. We would be destroyed almost out of the womb. Oh Sheila, what can an infant do wrong?


Brethren infants can sin. Oh you don't what you're talking about. Brethren a temper tantrum is a sin. Look, the carnal mind is sin, every infant is born with a carnal mind. But Sheila the book of Romans says, an infant can't sin. No it doesn't say that, it says the selection was made before any sin was acted out upon which a judgment could be made. The carnal mind is sin brethren. A baby starts to die the minute after it's born. The baby starts to die immediately, that is the proof that the sin nature is present in the baby, it is an inherited sin nature. That's a hard word. The whole world is dead and dying because we have inherited Adam's sin, but there's good news. We now have a will written that is granting us the inheritance of Jesus Christ, but you have to die to get it.


Well Sheila, what are you talking about? You have to die to the nature you're born with, because the inheritance that Jesus Christ is leaving us is his righteous mind, and when we think only with his righteous mind, we will stop dying. So there is an inheritance for us, but we must lay hold of it, and we must transplant it, you see. It's like being given a heart transplant. People's lives, someone's life can be saved today with a heart transplant. Well someone could give you the heart, someone could sign a paper that says if I die you can have the heart, and the person can have a car accident and that heart can be right next to you, it could be sitting on my lap, but you need to the surgery that is going to cut out the diseased heart and install the new heart in you.


So the inheritance that Jesus Christ gives you is his righteous mind, only it's a little different in the spiritual world than in this world. I know that it's taught in a lot of churches that Jesus died so that you can get his inheritance but that's not exactly accurate. It is true, he died to his flesh so that he could be glorified so that he could pour out of his spirit, and a seed of Christ could graft to you, but that's the inheritance. You see Jesus Christ died to his flesh, so that the inheritance would be available to you, but for you to collect your legacy, you have to die to your carnal mind, because you can't have two hearts, or if you have two hearts, only one heart is keeping you alive. So then we do have do have two spiritual hearts. But if you have any reason that you will still die, that you are going to die after a season, your inheritance which is surely prepared for you and given to you with your name on it, it's yours, but if you don't get it installed in your spiritual being, you will die you see.


That's the truth of the Scripture, you have to lay hold of it, you have to appropriate it. Gevurah stands on the left column underneath Binah, as Binah restricts the expansive force of intuitive Chokhmah, so Gevurah restricts the expansive force of all giving Chesed. I think I had it backwards, I was trying to figure out why wisdom would restrict judgment with understanding, and I had it backwards, my carnal mind was operating. It's Binah that restricts Chokhmah, because brethren, if wisdom was unrestrained in us, we would know every thought that everybody was thinking, that would be unbearable. Can you imagine? Not only would it be painful because our minds, the unconscious part of our mind is a cess pool brethren, we don't even know the depths of what's in there. But even more than that, how could we stay sane with everybody's thoughts invading our mind? See, I am open to the spirit, I have thoughts all kinds of thoughts all the day long, okay, but they don't harass me, at least at this point, they don't harass me, you know.


Well can you imagine if you were open, if you were intuitive, if you had knowledge of every thought of every human being in the world, you would be crazy, you would go insane. So Binah comes in with understanding, and this is so interesting because that is the problem that spiritual face. They don't know how to deal with their spiritual lives. I went through that for years, being intuitive, knowing what people were thinking in some instances, and getting mad at them when they didn't even know they were thinking it. I had to be instructed at how to deal with intuition that I have because I know frequently, when it concerns me, I don't know the private details of your life, I'm not in your bedroom, I'm not in your house, but if you're hating me I know it. If you're planning on cheating me I know it. If you're being insincere or dishonest with me, I know it, I am very intuitive, and I have knowledge concerning myself, and concerning the people that I pray for and the people that I am responsible for. I won't say I'm a hundred percent but I have an intense knowledge of your sin nature more so than you know yourself, and that is the truth.


So I needed the judgment and the understanding of Binah. I needed Binah to come in and explain this to me, and to judge and restrict, that judgment restricts the wisdom. The judgment, I know sometimes I get thoughts, I feel people's feelings and for absolutely no reason in the middle of the day I'll start to get upset, and now I know what I'm suppose to do. In the past I would just yield to it and within an hour, I would be a total emotional disaster. Today I say, Oh no you don't. I don't know where you're coming from but you are not welcome here, I don't know whose feelings you are, or if someone is having an evil thought about me, I don't care, I will not be upset, and in this hour I have the strength to force it away.


Well thank you Lord that that just didn't make any sense to me at all, but it does now. So we see concerning the first couple Chokhmah and Binah, the judgment goes from the left to the right, but on the second couple Chesed and Gevurah, the judgment goes well the judgment goes from the left to the right also, because unlimited kindness will make you vulnerable to wicked people. We need to have discernment and discipline, and we have to know when to say enough is enough.


Now on the third, Netzach and Hod, my understanding is that it's right to left, at this point my understanding is that it's right to left, that Netzach has aggressive victory over the carnal mind and in that case when that happens, the Christ mind appears in us. See that's the work, that's the lab work that we're doing here. I am trying to expose your carnal mind to you, so that Christ can rise up in the Sefirot Netzach, and push your, defeat your carnal mind and push it down under so that Christ can appear in you, that's what I'm trying to do for you. Gevurah stands on the left column underneath Binah. As Binah constricts the expansive force of intuitive Chokhmah, so Gevurah restricts the expansive force of all giving Chesed. Gevurah and Chesed function as opposites, constantly tugging on one another. But results from this constance tug of war is the balance and harmony of the next Sefirot Tiferet.


See, we, our goal should not be to be on the left or on the right but to be in the middle column, not only because the middle column is the only path to glorification, but that is where our peace is, and I know that I'm finding out these days that, if not the most important, one of the most important things in life is peace, you have got to have peace. Tiferet, this is the attribute called the heart. As such Tiferet is the specific revelation of God to his creation in time and space, and Tiferet is associated with the name Jehovah, and to us in this hour, the name Christ Jesus. Tiferet is the balance created by the proper alignment of Chesed and Gevurah. Tiferet is also called justice. For here in are the basic forces underlying the universe, harmonized and brought together into a form where from justice manifests. So you see, if you hope to have justice in your life, or if you hope to minister justice, Tiferet must come into existence in your mind, you see.


That's just another way of my saying to you or of the Scripture saying, don't judge before the time, and or just before the time. Don't judge before Tiferet comes out into existence in your mind and Tiferet is Christ Jesus. If you judge with your carnal mind it's impossible for you to justice.


Well Sheila isn't there any possibility of justice in our court systems? There is, but it's on a very, very low scale compared to what we're talking about here. The justice that we're talking about here is perfect justice that is done every time. It is the measure of justice that is impossible to find in courts that are run by fallen men. See, it's perfect justice. Tiferet embodies and unites these six Sefirot which are called the attributes. The six are many times referred to as the six appendages of Tiferet. For everything revolves around justice. Justice is the heart of the universe. This is why God's holy name, Jehovah, is associated specifically with this Sefirot.


The justice that is Tiferet manifests itself as the written Torah, we need to know that. The word, we know that Jesus is the word, that's just another way of saying he's Tiferet. The laws of the Torah are the laws of Tiferet. See, Jehovah is the expression of God to this humanity. That's why when we first started learning Kabbalah, I think all of you or certainly I was a little leery when I was told that there are, that names of God that are higher than Jehovah, it really was very challenging to me.


But I now understand that first of all, all the names are one, there is only one God, and that there's a different expressions of the same God, and I know understand that we're not capable of even comprehending Keter, well we, well Keter is now appearing to us as the Lord Jesus. So what little bit we can comprehend and you think you know Jesus, you don't know Jesus, I don't know Jesus. One of my favorite prayers is Lord what do you think about this, and how would you handle this? And how would you react to this, what would you do? And he never ceases to amaze me, which proves how carnal I still am. It's a good thing to not try and show what you know but say, "Lord what would you do, teach me Oh God." That's a good thing.


The laws of the Torah are the laws of Tiferet. They are the universal laws of the universe and the source of primordial justice. This is why it is paramount for a Jew to observe the commandments of the Torah. Only in this way is the Jew in alignment with the universal force of balance and justice. But of course we know that in Christ Jesus we are in alignment with the universal force of balance and justice. But, but, but, but, but, as I told you off the tape earlier, that universal force of balance has a competitor, and as I had on the board off the tape.


You and I and all of us, if we want to be in that alignment, we have to line up with the thoughts of Christ Jesus, we have to be willing to admit that thoughts that we think and have thought for years are harmless bring us outside of that alignment, you see. For this world that we live in, you're not, what are you saying that's so terrible? For this world that you live in? Nothing, you want to think like that, think like that, you know, but if you are looking for the true justice of this universe, and if you are looking for the marriage, you must align yourself with the thoughts of Christ Jesus because he is the perfect balance, and you cannot do that, you could never align yourself with his perfect thoughts if you're not willing to admit that anything other than his perfect thoughts is sin.


You have to give up your old ways, you see. You have to admit that he's right and you're wrong, even in areas that are very fine lines. The question is, would Jesus have said that, would Jesus have done that, would Jesus have thought that, and if the answer is no, you're aligned on the other side, it's as simple as that. You're not in the middle column, you're either on the left or you're on the right, and eternal, and if you're either on the left or the right, glorification is not an option. Tiferet is the embodiment of justice must execute its judgments, you see.


Have Tiferet formed in you is not a free gift, having Tiferet formed in you requires you to sit in judgment. See, if you're judged before the time, if you're judge with your carnal mind, it's sin, but once justice comes to dwell in you, you are required to judge as Tiferet who is Christ Jesus in us, as he calls us to the judgment seat. You see if you have the Christ mind and you're still following after your carnal mind that wants the glory, it's sin. You have to wait for Christ Jesus to convene the court, and if you can't tell when he's convening the court, then you have to be silent when it comes to judgment until you learn how to recognize that. And maybe he's not holding court in your yet, but he wants to hold court in you.


See are we not told that we will judge angels? What does that mean? Who are the angels? There are good angels and there are evil angels. Remember the Dragon and his angels, and Michael and his angels, they fought. What that means that we will judge angels is that we will judge the hearts of men and we will make a judgment, as to whether or not it is Christ speaking through them, or it is Leviathan's angel, your carnal mind, that's what it means.


See it says in the book of Ezekiel that these men will go walking across the land, and every time they see a bone sticking out, they will mark it and bury it. Once justice comes to dwell in you, we have an assignment to expose the carnal mind, or to recognize the exposed carnal mind and to bury it. But you have to be instructed as to how to first of all recognize that the Lord is calling you to this ministry, you have to be able to recognize from minute to minute day to day week to week, moment to moment when he's calling you to execute judgment, or you're going to be judging before the time with your carnal mind.


See, it's the same thing as what I said earlier, I've been a spiritual person for years, I had to be instructed as to how to deal with my intuition because I was just being bombarded with knowledge concerning other people, and I was being destroyed, I didn't know how to cope with my life. So if you've been following and panting after the Lord for years and now Christ Jesus is being formed in you, you have to be instructed as to how to serve him.


You will not know instinctively how to serve him. So Tiferet as the embodiment of justice must execute its judgments, must, must, must execute its judgments, must.


You start with your own carnal mind, with yourself, you start with yourself. This gives rise to the next two Sefirot, Netzach and Hod, which while they are two in number act as the unified executors of the judgment of Tiferet.


Well that goes right in line with what I'm saying, the warfare between Netzach and Hod determines whether or not the carnal mind will go down and the Christ mind will appear or not. The second triad of Sefirot, Chesed, Gevurah, and Tiferet are abbreviated as HaGaT. Netzach, this manifestation of Tiferet comes forth on the right column of the Sefirot underneath Chesed and Chokhmah. As such Netzach concludes the right column by carrying forth and congealing the expansiveness function of the right, let me read that again.


This manifestation of Tiferet comes forth on the right column, that's Netzach we're talking about now, underneath Chesed and Chokhmah, as such Netzach concludes the right column by carrying forth and congealing, that means making more solid the expansiveness function of the right.


So we see what that's really saying is that Netzach restricts Chokhmah and Chesed, wisdom, there's no, wisdom just flows out, Chesed is unlimited kindness, but then we get down to Netzach, and Netzach says you better pull in here, you better pull in, you're going to swept away with that. Netzach means victory but can also mean conquering.


Netzach is the outgoing force that is focused specifically into bringing order and organization. See, you can be filled with lovingkindness and wisdom, but Netzach says come on let's get organized.



Now I was just thinking today about what my life was like five and ten years ago, in this ministry, I was just so caught up in my translating, and the spiritual aspects of the ministry, I didn't do any office work, I couldn't find anything because I never filed anything, I just threw it.


Everything was buried, didn't know where anything was, and today unfortunately, I spend hours and hours on office work, but Netzach must have come to dwell with me, because I don't think I could ever go back to the way I was, not being able to find anything, I just sacrificed everything for the sake of my spiritual studies, and there was a great a great reward for that, I brought forth great fruit, I brought forth you know by the power of God, all of the work that came forth here, but it was time to grow up, the time came that it was time to grow up, and I couldn't live in that chaos anymore. So now I have to pray continuously for God to make a way for me to do my spiritual studies because there's so much office work here, but it has to be done because you can't live in confusion, it's not God to live in confusion. Netzach is the product of Tiferet, for it is the nature of justice to want to impose order.


Now hear this, it is the nature of Tiferet, it is the nature of Christ Jesus to want to compose order. Now I've heard not here anymore, but I've heard a lot of people say, this is control composing order is control, and we have fellowships in the church that think that they're manifesting body ministry where anybody who wants to can talk and say anything that they want out of their carnal mind or their Christ mind if the Christ mind is present, but this is not acceptable to Christ Jesus. The woman should be silent in the church. Spiritual meetings are for the Christ mind to speak. If Christ speaks through you, may he speak through you, but if you are still in the warfare to put Satan down underneath Christ, then be silent. Netzach is the force that imposes the justice of Tiferet.


Hod, this Sefirot compliments Netzach in that Hod meaning glory, brings home the benefits of what is conquered. For a while Netzach conquers all for the sake of the collective good, Hod benefits from the conquering for its own personal good. Hod means glory, it is an attribute of the left column unto Gevurah. For like Gevurah, Hod restricts and confines the expansiveness of the right column. Hod takes the outgoing benefits of Netzach and focuses those rewards for its own personal benefit, thus the justice of Tiferet is imposed through Netzach and enjoyed through Hod. So I guess this is the writing that I wrote, that told me that. I can't disagree with it, but I'm just telling you what the Lord told me earlier on in these studies that Hod is the Sefirot that either manifest the carnal mind or the Christ mind depending the interaction, its interaction with Netzach. The relationship of Netzach and Hod can best be compared to the traditional role of husband and wife. The husband goes out and makes a living, he expands his energy outward to create, maintain and expand his business enterprises. The wife on the other hand benefits from his work by using the proceeds to fashion and build a beautiful home for her husband, herself and their children.


She translate the outwardness of Netzach into an inward form. Well to me that's just saying in translating the Holy Spirit into the mind of Christ. I just know I have this revelation in my heart that the Lord has told me that this is what it means. The domestic spirit therefore is Hod, it is glory the fruits of justice, Tiferet. When Netzach and Hod are properly aligned there comes forth the ninth Sefirot Yesod, which balances out the entire Sefirotic pattern that is called the Etz Chayyim, meaning the Sefirotic tree of life, Yesod. It is here that all the upper Sefirot converge and meet. Yesod is the foundation of the Sefirotic tree, it corresponds to the genitals, but not to denote sexuality, but rather to denote the creative energy, that is the libido energy that causes both creativity and creation.


Well what we're being told here is what I've been teaching for a long time that spiritual energy is the same energy as sexual energy. We have a measure of spiritual energy. Everyone is born with a measure of spiritual energy. If it goes up to your mind it's used as spiritual energy, if it goes down to your genitals, it's discharged as sexual energy, it is the same energy, it is the same energy, and that is why you can only go so far in a spiritual pursuit and continue to engage in marital sex, because you're using, you see you need your energy to ascend.


You see, it is not the natural state of man to abide in the heights of his mind. The natural state of mortal man, who is fallen man, is to go down, to descend, to go lower and lower and lower and lower. So we have to use that energy that we are born with to go upward. Just like when you see a spaceship trying to take off, look at all that energy that's being fired at the earth so that the spaceship can take off. That's why it's so easy to fall into sin, because that's the natural direction that mortal man is going in, down, see.


Praise the Lord. Yesod is born of the union between Netzach and Hod, when the forces of justice, that's Tiferet rule Netzach, and its benefits Hod, it's felt throughout, the resulting order leads to the release of the creative spirit. You see, your creative spirit is not going to be released without proper discipline and order. You've got to come under discipline, and actually it's your carnal mind coming under discipline, and according to the doctrine of Christ more specifically, it's Cain within you, the conscious part of your carnal mind that must come under discipline if you are expecting to have spiritual experiences in Christ Jesus.


And we have a unique problem in this country today, because most of us in this country are not disciplined. We're in a very permissive society, so we weren't raised that way, therefore we Americans are having more of a problem coming under discipline than people from other countries, to whom it's natural. They're raised in a households where there's a patriarch and you have to submit to authority. But in this country, in many cases it's not the case anymore.


So let me read this again. Yesod is born of the union between Netzach and Hod, okay, and I'm going to say that when Netzach beats down your carnal mind and Christ appears, Yesod, well Yesod is Christ. Tiferet is Christ Jesus, Yesod is Christ. When the forces of justice Tiferet rule Netzach, when Christ Jesus rules over Christ, and it's benefit Hod, which I'm not sure how to translate that here, it's benefit is felt throughout, and the resulting order, when Christ Jesus is over Christ and Christ is over Abel, and Cain, the resulting order leads to the release of the creative spirit. The resulting order leads to the release of the creative spirit.


When Christ Jesus is under the Lord Jesus, and Christ is under Christ Jesus, and Abel is under Christ and Cain is under Abel, this order leads to the release of the creative spirit. Because if you're not in order, you're manifesting a spirit of rebellion, and it's another spirit. Yesod is also referred to as Tzadik, which means righteousness.


For only when there is a complete harmony, and balance in those spheres or in those Sefirot, which motivate human action, can one behave in the proper and correct manner. If you want your behavior to be proper and correct, you have to be in right order in your mind. See what comes out of your mouth, and your behavior is only the final stage in what starts as a thought that comes through your unconscious mind.


See there's no such thing as I didn't mean it, or I wasn't thinking. There's no such thing as that. You don't say something that didn't start in the unconscious part of your mind and migrate into the subconscious part of your mind, and enter into the conscious part of your mind, and then you spoke it out, or you did it. You said it or you did it.


You may be blinded to the forces that generated what you said or did, but the fact that you're blinded doesn't mean they don't exist. Everything we do and everything we think and everything we say either comes from the Lord Jesus or it comes from Satan. You are not an independent entity. You can't, we the personality cannot exist without one or the other. We're the chamaeleon, we're the skin. As a matter of fact the Hebrew word for correct, that's Tzadik, is the same root as the word righteous, Tzadik. For only one whose actions and motivations are correct before God can be called Tzakik, that's righteous you see. You could only be called righteous if your motivations are correct before God, motivations. What motive generated what you said? The Lord tries the intents of the heart.


He tries the motives, he's not testing your words. What made you say that, I know you thought it was innocent. What made you say it, was it Satan or was it the Lord Jesus? If it was Satan it's sin, no matter how harmless those words appear to you. This is the one who embodies Yesod, not only does such a one think the right way, he is also charged with Netzach to bring the right way to others. Therefore the prophet and Sage were always the head of outreach movements, always seeking to impose, that's Netzach, the proper order that's Tiferet, so that people would benefit that's Hod, thereby. So we see that there is a Godly imposition of authority and order, especially in a spiritual meeting. The third triad of Sefirot, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, are abbreviated as NaHiY. I'm sure I'm pronouncing these abbreviations wrong.


When all the Sefirot are in proper alignment and thus all manifest creation in harmony, and thus all manifest creation as in harmony, the result is the final Sefirot, Malkhut. Malkhut, this is the final stage of creation, the lowest of the Sefirot and the worlds, that who we are, outer darkness, Jesus said. In Malkhut, all of the above worlds merge in perfect union and harmony. This is possible because the laws of the universe of Malkhut are different from those laws of the worlds above her. Malkhut is the realm of the corporeal, the physical world around us, as such, Malkhut enables all the supernal forces of will mind heart and motivation to become united and manifest in the realm of action, this physical world.


Okay, let's pick that apart. Malkhut, this is our world, this is the final stage of creation, it is the lowest of the Sefirot, and the lowest of all the worlds. In Malkhut, all of the above worlds merge in perfect union and harmony, you see, here's my problem with a lot of Kabbalistic teaching, Malkhut is the chamaeleon in the regeneration, in the perfect world, this is true.


All of the above worlds merge in perfect union and harmony when they are in union and harmony, which they are not, that's why this world is a world of death, because this is not happening. It is happening in Jesus Christ who is the reconfigured world of emanation, but it is not happening down here at this time. This is possible for all worlds to merge in perfect union and harmony. This is possible because the laws of the universe of Malkhut are different from those laws of the world above her. See, Malkhut stands opposite of the invisible world, they're invisible, she's visible. We stand opposite each other.


When the Lord first called me, like twenty four years ago, he gave me a dream, that I only recently started to understand. I was standing in front of a pool very much like the pool that exists between the Washington, and the Lincoln Memorial, that rectangular pool, and I was at one end and this man I didn't know it was Jesus at the time, was at the other end, and we were facing each other across the pool, and big Ben was there in the dream striking like two minutes or three minutes to midnight. I now know and I learned from Kabbalah that three minutes til midnight means, well midnight means that that's the time that the Lord enters into his garden, and of course we now know from Kabbalah that our mind, we are his garden, and the mind in particular, and I now understand that what that dream meant was that I was Malkhut, and I was standing opposite across from the Lord Jesus who was glorified, in the glorified realm, but we were completely opposite one another, that means we were aligned, and there was a communication.


You see, Yesod must communicate with Malkhut for us to receive all of these blessings. Malkhut is in the realm of the corporeal, we're solid, the physical world around us. As such Malkhut enables all the supernal forces of will, mind, heart, and motivation to becomes united and manifest in the realm of action, this physical world. I repeat this is the doctrine of Christ, Malkhut is the chamaeleon, she could manifest the kingdom of God and all of the glory of the kingdom of God, or she could manifest the carnal mind and all of the death of the carnal mind.


Malkhut being the final stage of creation, completes the filling of the void. As such, Malkhut is the farthest away from the surrounding light of God's ultimate essence, she's the farthest away, this is outer darkness Jesus said. However as far as she is from the Ayn Sof, which is God's essence, Malkhut is still the most important of the Sefirot. She is the icing on the cake of creation. When God began to create his universe, he contracted his ultimate essence from a point that was said to be the expression of his will to create. This center became the focal point from where the original contraction of God's light began.


And this is all, you know we've discussed this in other messages, I'm not going to be putting this on the board for you. This center point became Malkhut, the very center, the very center point in the empty space, and Malkhut is the most important because it is the will of the Ayn Sof to have a visible creation. It is impossible to have a visible creation without her. She is the skins. Although she was the last level of creation, Malkhut was the original intent in the will of the creator. We refer to this reality in the Friday night Shabat song, and he names the song, Come my beloved, in the second stanza we sing, well there's no point in me reading these words, they're not translated. The Shabat which embodies Malkhut was the last creation, but was the first thought in the mind of God.


In other words, God had this thought, he had a thought of a finished visible creation, it was the first thought and then the first step came forward. Let's say God thought of a sky scraper building, that was the first thought and then after that, the plans, the drawings came forth to build the building. So Malkhut was the first thought, she's the finished product, but she was the last, and she hasn't even appeared, well she has appeared in Jesus Christ. Malkhut as to what she is suppose to be appeared in Jesus Christ in the days of his flesh.


Now the rest of the world, first the church, the Jews and the church have to come into right order, and then the whole world, it's going to take a couple of thousand years, in my opinion. Of all the worlds, only Malkhut is corporeal. She is the only visible world.


All the other higher realms are non-corporeal, they're invisible. Well some of them are visible, but they're like the astral plane, they're invisible to us, let me leave it that way. This becomes extremely significant when we come to understand how the worlds interact and what laws of physics govern them. In the non-corporeal realms, time and space are different from how they are here in the corporeal...


Tape 2


Let me start again, of all the worlds, only Malkhut is corporeal, the non-corporeal world, okay there is no space as we understand it. I don't know about you but I still do not really comprehend that, I accept it, that there's no space in the invisible worlds, I accept it as a fact that the skin and the flesh of my body is the outer most realm of all the spiritual worlds, and that there are worlds inside of me and entities inside of me that take up no space. I don't comprehend it fully, it's mind boggling to me, but I do believe it.


There was a very interesting Star Trek episode concerning this issue in Star Trek The Next Generation, it was Data who manifested all of these entities, hundreds of entities dwelling in him, and each one them manifesting at will, you see. In our society if that happened the person would be diagnosed as Schizophrenic and locked up, and this is the foundation of Schizophrenia. There is a bleeding through of the unconscious and subconscious parts of the mind into the conscious parts of the mind, the wall breaks down, and the conscious mind cannot keep out the thoughts. And a lot of these evil, most of them are evil, when that happens you don't reach the Lord Jesus, you're reaching the evil entities, and the person becomes unstable. Jesus.


In the non-corporeal world there is no space as we understand it, therefore in order to define how close two things are to one another, we must redefine proximity. What does proximity mean? It means nearness you see. In this world, if my body is close to yours, I am close to you, but this is not true of the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, if we are thinking the same thoughts, we are close, or if we are thinking two different thoughts but our thoughts are in agreement and flow together, we are close. See there's no space in the spirit. What brings closeness or distance in the spirit has to do with form.


So either we're thinking in the same form or we're thinking in different forms, either we're thinking with the mind of Christ, or we're thinking with the carnal mind. And the carnal mind separates. So you see when we're having a meeting here and I'm trying to lead you in the Christ mind, what I'm trying to do, I'm reaching down underneath the earth, you see Cain is still covering Abel in you and Christ is grafted to Abel. So when I attempt to hold your attention, I'm actually penetrating the earth of your carnal mind and touching Christ in you.


I'm not interested in speaking to your carnal mind, I want to get Christ up above your carnal mind. So, if you interject a thought from your carnal mind into this spiritual meeting, you are reversing what I'm trying to do, and you are assisting Cain in resisting me from touching Christ in you, and that is the truth.


Here in the physical world, when two things are in physical proximity, we say that these two things are close to one another, this is most definitely not true in the non-corporeal planes, non-corporeal spiritual planes, not solid.


Without corporeal space, solid space, physical proximity cannot exist, therefore non-corporeal closeness is defined as similarity. When your thoughts are similar you're close in the spirit. When two things are similar to one another, we say that they are close to one another. I'm close with so and so because we really are in agreement on a lot of our opinions about life, that makes us close. This is not a foreign definition to us. I am sure we can think of a number of examples to demonstrate this, for example, a husband and wife or parent and child are very intimately close to one another, whether they are standing next to one another or living in different cities, they are closeness is not diminished by distance, or for that matter by time, true love last forever. The bond of love which is a non-corporeal entity, love is not solid, it's not something you can touch or examine, love draws two people together regardless of physical space.


Therefore the two lovers are always together from a certain point of view. There could be a negative manifestation of that, which I have experienced, it's called an ungodly soul tie. You have to use the power of God to bring the separation. We can use as another example two people of diametrically opposing points of view. Now we're talking about ideas. Another non-corporeal entity, an idea is a non-solid entity. Two people who are completely different from one another, ideologically can be placed in a single room, and can even be physically touching one another, nonetheless their physical proximity does not in any way make them any closer to one another. Although their bodies touch, the viewpoints make them to be millions of miles away from one another. This then is where the benefit of Malkhut comes into play.


Well we just had an interesting lesson about human nature. So husbands and wives can be very, very far apart. They can live in the same house, but if they cannot come into agreement on at least basic issues, they're very, very far apart. The laws of physics in Malkhut are different from the other realms. Unlike the other realms, Malkhut can serve to bring opposites into proximity with one another. These opposites can then be exposed to one another, and communicate with one another. The potential herein is that the opposites can find common ground and thus merge within this aspect of unity, that is right for each and every joining. Let me read that again. Unlike the other realms, Malkhut can serve to bring opposites into proximity with one another, why? Because everything's dumping into Malkhut. Netzach and Hod through Yesod are dumping in to Malkhut.


These opposites can then be exposed to one another and communicate with one another. The potential herein is that the opposites can find common ground. See this is the basis of reconciliation and negotiation, to find common ground. When you're disagreeing with someone or not getting along with someone, don't, and this is true in spiritual philosophy, when you come up against Christians that want to tell you that you're wrong, don't argue with them, find what you can agree upon. The potential herein is that the opposites can find common ground and thus merge within that aspect of unity that is right for each and every joining. Malkhut can thus unite all worlds, which is something that none of the supernal worlds can do, although in the upper realms of Keter and Chokhmah all realms are united, the unity of that place is still only expresses potential. The higher realms of the spirit are united but they only express potential.


It is in Malkhut that all of the potential of the higher Sefirot are played out. That's just another way of saying Christ Jesus wants to live through you, he wants to live through you, but right now you see, he's coming to the land. Keter is manifesting in the form of Christ Jesus the highest realm of the Sefirot and he wants to be an actor that will express himself through our worlds, not only the earth, but our physical mind and body.


But when he got here he found a squatter was here in its place. And he has to throw out the squatter, because we are his property and he wants to think through us, and live through us and breathe though us and have experiences through us, and it's just like saying we want to get into a bathtub that's filled with mud. This carnal mind has got to be cleaned out or Christ Jesus will not live through us, and if he does not live through us we will not enter into eternal life.


Although in the upper realms of Keter and Chokhmah, all realms are united, the unity of that place still only expresses potential. It is not until Malkhut, that potential becomes actuality, it means potential becomes real, and thus fulfills the purpose of creation. So we see that the whole purpose of creation is to be expressed through humanity. The whole purpose of creation, I don't know what it is, I don't know what the purpose of creation is, right now I have to concentrate on doing my part in raising creation from the dead, so that we can find out what we're suppose to be doing.


The Sefirot therefore serve as the complete pattern that underlies everything in the universe, God reveals an aspect of himself into creation. This is his will, Keter, and insight Chokhmah of his will manifest and is perceived or recognized that's Binah, or understood, this expanse, that's Chesed, expands outward to a point when it then starts to contract Gevurah. The result is a state of balance which is Tiferet, which ordains the order of the universe, the state of balance, order needs to be imposed, that's Netzach, see it needs to be imposed upon your carnal mind, see. It's not something that's going to happen naturally, there needs to be a force that is going to impose the mind of Christ on your carnal mind. It needs to be imposed upon the universe and each one of us is a world or a universe, so that the benefit Hod of creation can be revealed, so that Christ can be revealed in you.


When this occurs there is harmony, that's Yesod, in the universe, and everything is complete, that is Malkhut. So we read about completion in the New Testament, we who are Malkhut will be complete when Christ Jesus completely fills us and then, when Christ Jesus joins to his father, the glorified Jesus Christ. This is a very concise understanding of the operation of the Sefirot. Well that was very interesting, I think we're going to have to stop here, I was hoping to finish this tonight, but it's too late. So Lord willing we'll have one more message on this lesson 3. We'll see if the Lord let's me do it on Sunday or not, I really would like to catch you up here. Are there any questions or comments on this message? Okay.




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