550 - Part 5

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Praise the Lord, okay we are in the middle of lesson 3, and we're picking up with the paragraph that reads, The universal pattern of Adam Kadmon from which would come all creation, first manifests in its rudimentary form as Agulim. Does anybody remember what Agulim means?


COMMENT: Spheres.


PASTOR VITALE: Right the spheres, excellent. So we're talking about the circular Sefirot or the circular aspect of the Sefirot. Let me remind you that there are only ten Sefirot, there are not ten circular Sefirot, and ten linear Sefirot. There are only ten Sefirot, and each Sefirot has a linear and a circular aspect. Is everybody okay with that? Okay. We're also told that the universal pattern that Adam Kadmon is the universal pattern, what does that mean? It means that everything that came after him, and everything that came after him came out from him, okay, is made in the same pattern. For example let me relate this statement to science.


We're told that the atom is the basic element of this world, everything consists of atoms, and the atoms have a formation of a nucleus with orbits around them and subparticles circulating or orbiting in that orbit, and everything that's made, human beings, stones, rocks, the earth, everything if you can get strong enough microscope, you will see that everything is made from atoms after the same pattern with the nucleus, and other subparticles orbiting around the nucleus.


So in that manner, Adam Kadmon is the pattern for everything that came out from him. What does that mean? Everything that came out from him is based upon the ten Sefirot, because Adam Kadmon consists of ten Sefirot from Keter through Malkhut, and each one of those Sefirot has within it another ten Sefirot at infinitum, okay. Adam Kadmon is made in the pattern of the ten Sefirot, okay. So that is what this statement is, that Adam Kadmon is the pattern, and the Scripture that comes to me, which I find so interesting is that what Jehovah said to Moses, make sure that everything is made according to the pattern in the mount. And we know that the mount is referring to well I say the energy centers, Kabbalah doesn't use that term, I still seem to prefer that term, but there are definitely points, spiritual points that can be likened to the Hindu energy centers.


And so Jehovah said to Moses, make sure that you make it according to the pattern in the mount. Well what would that mean? That would mean make sure that all of the, that the whole architecture of the temple and the cherubim, and everything that was formed, for which Moses received instruction when he was visited by Jehovah, Jehovah was saying, Make sure you're not doing it the way your carnal mind told you to do it, but make sure you are constructing everything that I told you to construct out of the Christ mind, which has been given to you, that everything should be in the order of Adam Kadmon, what does that mean? Out of the ten Sefirot.


So if we're going to believe that the temple that was constructed, or the tabernacle not the temple, that was constructed by Moses, is in the order of the ten Sefirot from that point of view, what would you have to say about the cherubim?


If the cherubim are following the pattern in the mount which is Adam Kadmon, who would the cherubim represent? Who are the lovers of the ten Sefirot? Are they not facing each other, are the two cherubim not facing each other, face to face, who are the two lovers of the ten Sefirot, okay.


COMMENT: Binah and Chokhmah?


PASTOR VITALE: Well Binah and Chokhmah, they are Abba and Imma, but I guess I can't say that you're, I can't explain to you why that's not the right answer, but actually the answer is the other married couple. I don't call Abba and Imma the lovers, because they're like the grandparents you know, who are the young lovers?


COMMENT: Yesod, and Zeir Anpin?


PASTOR VITALE: Well no, the first part was right, Yesod is the male, Yesod is the male organ of Zeir Anpin, who is the man, so who is he?


COMMENT: Malkhut.


PASTOR VITALE: Malkhut yeah, yeah. I finally for the first time got some clue as to the difference between Malkhut and Nukvah, just the other night from my extensive reading, and this is what I know so far okay, that Malkhut is the name of the tenth Sefirot, and she exists in Adam Kadmon, Adam Kadmon has ten Sefirot right from Keter to Malkhut.


It is only when Malkhut becomes the bride of Zeir Anpin that her name changes to Nukvah, you see.



Let me put it on the board for you. We're on drawing # 1, the first thing that I want to point out to you is that I have written the partzuf Nukvah as Nukvah/Nok, and I want you to know that I have no idea what the difference between Nukvah and Nok is, I just have put this on the board so that you should be aware that in some Sefirotic or Kabbalistic writings, I should say in some Kabbalistic writings, Nukvah is referred to as Nok. So if ever you should see the word Nok, you should know that it's Nukvah and Lord willing at some point in my studies I will find out the difference between Nukvah and Nok.


But the reason I put this whole drawing on the board is to show you the difference between Nukvah and Malkhut, okay, and that's where we were, we probably forgot all that since I did all these drawings, but that was the purpose of doing this drawing. So primarily what I have on the board here, drawing # 1, despite all the writings, what I have on the board is the world of Adam Kadmon, and underneath it, the world of emanation, the Hebrew of which is Atzilut, just one word Atzilut, and also the holy name MaH(45), these are all the same interchangeably used, well I shouldn't say interchangeably, they all mean the same depending upon the point that you're trying to make, you would either say, well the world of emanation is just the English of Atzilut, and the Atzilut is just a general language name of the world. MaH(45) signifies the world of Atzilut, but MaH(45) also signifies Zeir Anpin, and MaH(45) is also one of the holy names or one of the expressions of the holy names.


So to say MaH(45), let me say the term MaH(45) depending on the context on which it's spoken can mean many many things, Atzilut is just general name for the world of emanation, which is MaH(45). Is everybody okay with what I just said?


Okay. Now Adam Kadmon came forth first, and Adam Kadmon came forth, he was all bound up, just like a fertilized embryo in a human woman, it's microscopic, you can't see it, that embryo has the potential to produce a fully formed adult human being with fully formed organs in that microscopic embryo are the roots. I don't believe that a heart and lungs exist in the embryo, but the roots, the genetic roots that will produce every organ that a human being needs, including arms, legs, toes, and fingers, is present in that embryo.


So we could say that there is a potential heart in that embryo, or we can say the root of the heart is in the embryo, both means the same thing, okay. So when Adam Kadmon first came forth he was all bound up, everything that we see, all of creation, all that we see and the worlds that we cannot see, have all unfolded from Adam Kadmon, they all existed in him, in a potential form, when he came forth, and the roots, the spiritual roots of everything that you see and that you cannot see were present in Adam Kadmon when he first came forth, see.


Now one of the first messages that the Lord gave me, in the first three months of this ministry, if you go back to the early messages, was the subject of spiritual roots, if I have the time, I will be interested in taking out my early tapes to hear what I had to say thirteen years ago on roots, because now what I know about roots, I realize I must have, I don't know what I, I'm sure that the Lord made it valid because he's just supernatural enough to bring a valid message out of me when I had no idea what a spiritual root was, you see.


And on occasion I have had the opportunity to listen to one of the very early tapes and I am amazed at the depth of the word that I was preaching from the very beginning, and as the years went by, I preached that same word in more and more details.


So the first aspects of the message of the doctrine of Christ that came forth from me were roots, you see. The potential for everything that, for all the knowledge that I would grow into and I'm still growing in to, you see. But in those days, I know I didn't know what spiritual roots were, you know, at least I didn't know what they are now. Now I understand that everything that we see with our eyes exists behind a veil, we exist behind a spiritual veil, or in front of a spiritual veil, just like puppets around the front of the curtain, and the man's arm is behind moving the puppets. Every human being, every organ of our body, everything that you see is attached by an invisible string to something that exists on the other side of the veil, and that invisible thing that we're attached to is the root out of which we are growing. This visible world is the plant, you see.


So we're growing out of a spiritual earth, and we have spiritual root, and either we're rooted and grounded in the Dragon or we're rooted and grounded in Christ, and everybody that comes into this world is rooted and grounded in the Dragon, we're switching trees you see. Each one of us is an expression of an entity that lives in another world. If you live for Christ, and I don't know mean, that you're somebody who just says, I love Jesus, if you're lifestyle, if the things you do, if your mind is truly stayed on him, then you are an expression of an aspect of Christ that's in the invisible world. Now everybody is a mixture today, but even though we're a mixture, if you take a scale of one to ten, you have to decide whether you're on the one to five side, or the five to ten side, you see. Now I know that I am an expression of Christ, I know that every time there's nobody around, every time I'm not concentrating that is necessary, my mind immediately defaults to Christ, you see.


So I know on the other side of this visible veil, Christ is present and he's living through me, now sometimes other entities get through, they get into my mind, sometimes there's a war on the other side of the veil, and it afflicts me over here on this side of he veil, see. But my whole point is that every thought that we have comes from something on the other side of the veil. You have to understand what we are. We're the puppets that are out front that can be seen, but the forces that are speaking through us are invisible and they arise up out of the unconscious part of our mind, and for those of us who are seeking Christ to whatever degree that we can, you need to know that there is a war going on behind your veil, for every single thought that you think.


Okay back to our lesson for today. So I don't even know why I started telling you that, maybe because I was going to speak about this curtain here. Well we're looking at the world of, or I was telling you about Adam Kadmon, that he came forth, and within him were the roots for all, were the roots that were fully equipped to produce the creation and every aspect of it, that the creator desired to be created. See the creation was not within him but the roots or the potential to produce it were within him. See this is what the Scripture means that says, I can do all things in Christ which strengtheneth me because in Christ, if Christ is in you, you have the potential or you have the roots to do anything that the Lord Jesus determines to do through you. Where most Christians stumble is that they think, well if I can do all things in Christ, I'm just going to go out and hop, skip, and jump, and do it, but it doesn't work that way.


When the Lord determines to do something great through you, or something, I mean everything he does is great, no matter how small it may seem in human eyes, everything the Lord does is great, we have to be prepared, we have to be a prepared vessel, and that could take a long time, with much training, frequently much painful training because we have to be broken and our will has to be broken so that we can be what he wants us to be. So we can do all things in Christ which strengtheneth us if we don't faint, and if we don't give up, and if we don't fail to do our part.


And I remind you, ten months ago, I couldn't understand this Kabbalah for beans, it's just a miracle that I'm standing up here actually teaching this stuff. But once I got the revelation that he wanted me to press in, it was painful but I pressed in and I pierced through, and you can all do it too. So our ability is not in ourselves, it is Christ, and that why it is sin to say to the Lord, someone else could do this job better than me, because that's denying his potential to do anything he wants to through us, and it is a spirit of control that is limiting the Lord, therefore it is the sin of pride, absolutely. What isn't pride, either pride or rebellion or envy right?


Okay, so in the world of Adam Kadmon we have the first thing that unfolds with Adam Kadmon are ten Sefirot, the spheres containing limited amounts of energy. See Adam Kadmon is connected to the Ayn Sof, and Adam Kadmon, in the higher levels of, the higher grades of Adam Kadmon's Keter, cause Keter has within it another ten Sefirot, Adam Kadmon flows unhindered into the Ayn Sof. So he has unlimited energy, Adam Kadmon has unlimited energy at the highest level of his Keter. But as we descend into the lower Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, the energy which is Adam Kadmon, becomes restricted, and this is the whole purpose of creation. If we had unrestricted energy within Adam Kadmon, that energy would just flow out and meet with the energy of the Ayn Sof, and there would be no distinction between the Ayn Sof and that which is created.


So there has to be a distinction, although we are made out of the essence of the Ayn Sof, there has to be something to distinguishing us, making us different from the Ayn Sof, otherwise all there would be would be the Ayn Sof. See if you pour water into the ocean you can't distinguish the water that was outside of the ocean that is now inside of the ocean, and for that reason Adam Kadmon came forth as a series of ten spheres which has borders, circular borders, and there had to be something that distinguished the light which was inside the border from the light that was outside of the border, and that which distinguished the light which was inside from the light which was outside, were these ten spheres, Keter through Malkhut, and each sphere had a lesser measure of energy, why? Because the creation was moving away from Adam Kadmon, why? Does anybody know why the creation, now the highest element of Adam Kadmon flows in to the Ayn Sof, okay, the ultimate energy the ultimate level of power. So why would the energy flowing out from Adam Kadmon be getting weaker and weaker, the further away we get from the Ayn Sof the weaker the light is, or the weaker the energy is, why would that be?


Does anybody know? Because Adam Kadmon is building for the Ayn Sof a visible world, and for something to be visible, okay we must have a congealing or solidification of the light. If everything is light, we can't really see anything. Okay, so certain measures, specific measures of the energy of the Ayn Sof had been filtered into Adam Kadmon's ten Sefirot, and they are passing down a line, going lower and lower and lower, or further and further away from the Ayn Sof, and the farther this light, which is the light of the Ayn Sof, the farther it moves away from the Ayn Sof, the thicker it gets, and ultimately we will have a visible creation, that is in the likeness of the creator.


To be in the likeness of the Ayn Sof, means to be made from his essence you see, but to be in the image of the Ayn Sof means to have his nature. So this world even in his fallen condition is in the likeness of God, the father the creator. But to hear it preached that we in the image of God is not true. Our mind is in the image of the animal, who are the animals?


COMMENT: Leviathan?


PASTOR VITALE: Well actually the Dragon but Leviathan is good enough, yeah, that's the animal. So we have an expanding creation which is moving further and further and further away from the creator see. And what's interesting is that it's the very principle of the congealing of the light into a visible or a formed creation that Kabbalah or at least, you see, I think the majority of opinion of Kabbalah today, or at least I've read this in the works of Isaac Luria, his position is that therefore God the creator ordained the fall, because it's because of the fall, because shattering of the first ten vessels that came forth. Does anybody remember the name of the world that shattered and died? Okay.


COMMENT: The world of points.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the world of points yes, that was the first attempt to bring forth the world of Atzilut. You see Adam Kadmon is immortal, he cannot die, okay, but the first attempt to bring forth the Atzilut originally it was called the world of points and all those vessels shattered, and those beings, whatever they were like, died you see. So Isaac Luria's teaching through Chayyim Vital says, well God ordained this, God specifically ordained that the vessels would shatter, that those beings, remember those vessels were not containers with no consciousness, they were high level spiritual beings, I don't know what they looked like, and they died. So Isaac Luria says to us through his student Rabbi Chayyim Vital, well the whole purpose of the creator was to make a visible creation. Therefore it was necessary for these vessels to break and fall down into the lower worlds, ultimately in to the world of action where we have a visible world, God did it on purpose.


You see, with no disrespect to these great teachers, this is the thinking of the carnal mind, and it's the same thinking that I was confronted with in the account that I told you off the tape about someone who was telling me about what I believe to be Hindu doctrine, saying that this great tragedy at the world trade center had to happen to produce change.


God does not produce change by killing people, see the Dragon's doctrine was around then, and it's around now, you see. And although I may not have the exact details, I can boldly tell you okay, that well the Adam who fell, the Adam who fell was not Adam Kadmon, the Adam Kadmon who fell was Zeir Anpin of the world of points, which is now reconfigured as the world of emanation. Adam Kadmon cannot die, just as we're told the Lord Jesus, he can never die again, he is now one with Adam Kadmon, you see.


The Adam who died was the Adam or the Zeir Anpin, the son who came forth in the world of emanation, he did not have to die you see. Adam Kadmon, or sometimes I get mixed up with the names okay. Let's say Adam Kadmon who bringing forth, or maybe Chokhmah and Binah, Abba and Imma who were bringing forth this world of emanation, I guess it's Adam Kadmon who was bringing it forth, he was full well able to kill the weakness in the Zeir Anpin of the world of Atzilut, that was his potential to fall, and to lower the creation into the lower realms where they would become visible, without death and destruction, and that is why, and he would do this by the power of the creator is God, because he doesn't have to kill people to accomplish his purposes, and the human mind or the carnal mind has this tendency, and I brought it out to all of you at one time or another, and me too.


Look I'm no different than you are. When I get to the edge of my knowledge, I'm just as naive as you and the rest of the world, and I'll give you a testimony about that in a minute.


So this is the carnal mind that has trouble believing that a being greater than them, it's not even that they don't believe in the being, it's that their own mind can't comprehend the possibility of doing this great work, of taking an imperfect vessel, taking a vessel that is righteous because of imputed righteousness, taking Zeir Anpin the son Adam, who is righteous because he had the righteousness of Adam Kadmon, but yet Zeir Anpin or Adam who fell was not yet proven, the Adam who fell, he had the potential to be evil, Adam Kadmon never had the potential to be evil.


See as the ten Sefirot reproduce themselves in the lower plane, as the light of the Ayn Sof lowered for the purpose of making a visible creation. There was a division or an unraveling if you remember the teaching, there was an unraveling of the homogeneous attributes of the Ayn Sof and good and evil appeared. I'm not going to teach that whole thing again, you have to listen to the other tape if you don't remember it. So Adam in the level of the world of emanation, he was unraveled to the point where evil appeared, and he was unraveled for the purpose of becoming visible. But that doesn't mean that almighty God ordained that the evil that appeared should overtake the good.


Yes almighty God ordained that good and evil would appear, for the purpose of the creation thickening and becoming visible, but he never ordained that the evil would overtake the good, you see. And there was a plan, and there still is a plan to deal with that kernel of evil potential by making the righteous, about making the good part, or by joining the good part, okay.


Look, Zeir Anpin, that is the level of the Adam who fell in the world of Atzilut. The light of the Ayn Sof unraveled and good and evil appeared and it was the plan of the Ayn sof through Adam Kadmon to join the kernel of goodness within the son to the righteousness of Adam Kadmon, therefore the goodness of the son, of the world of Atzilut, would be more powerful than the evil, but before this union or marriage could take place between the son Zeir Anpin, and Adam Kadmon in the higher eternal world, before that marriage could take place, the evil kernel that had unraveled within Zeir Anpin, tricked Adam into being disobedient to Adam Kadmon, and the good within Adam fell under the power of the evil.


It's the same message of the doctrine of Christ. You see with Adam of the world of Atzilut, with his evil, with his good potential securely married to Adam Kadmon above, the Adam of the world of Atzilut would have safely descended into the lower worlds, the world of creation, the world of formation, and I don't know if there would have been a world of action. I know this physical world is not suppose to exist, but I think the Lord is saying yes, there would always be a world of action, but it wouldn't be a thick as this, you see. We fell lower than we were suppose to fall you see. And this is the fulfillment of the Scripture that Jesus Christ is our anchor, you see. If the good, if the unraveled good in the world of emanation had fully strongly joined with Adam Kadmon, Adam or Zeir Anpin of Atzilut, would have descended into the three lower worlds without dying.


He was not suppose to die. It's a lie. God doesn't kill us, or arrange for us to be tortured to accomplish his purposes, it's a lie, you see, you have to know the very nature of God, well nobody could know it completely, but I want to learn as much as I can about the nature of God, because the more I know about his nature, the more I know about what he would never do, you see. And once I know that he would never do it, only he could change my mind you see, and my God would never be responsible for people being tortured, its' a lie, and he's capable of doing anything, including perfecting this creation without killing people or making drug addicts so that they could find God. Take that you devil, that doctrine gets me so mad, and the people have no problem believing it. So we see that the Zeir Anpin of the world of emanation, actually it was the world of points that fell, that Adam that fell. Okay. But that's not really the message for today. I'm trying to show you that Adam Kadmon unfolded into ten Sefirot. And you know what's interesting, I did have a testimony I wanted to give you too, I'm all over the place today. Dealing with computers, frequently, if you buy a program or you download a program from the Internet, it will come in a compressed file, and you have to unpack or unfold that file, you'll download one file, and then you double click on it, and it unfolds into three or four different files. It's the same principle, it's the same principle.


Well I'm torn about whether I want to give you this testimony or not, I guess I'll just make it quickly. I read something in my studies in Kabbalah recently which says there is a commandment given down by the Rabbis that it is forbidden for someone to expound on the work of the chariot, the work of the chariot meaning what you find out from deep meditation which is pretty much what we're doing here, it is forbidden for one to do that when they're alone. And my carnal mind actually bought it that they were saying that you have to have at least two people in the room to study this deep doctrine. I really believed it, and then I just found that that's not what is meant at all, but what the Rabbis meant is, you should not be expounding on deep spiritual principles unless you are married to Christ Jesus. And in their words, unless the Yesod of the world above, is joined to your Malkhut.


In other words, however you express it, what they're really saying is, nobody should be expounding on deep doctrine on spiritual matters, unless you have a union with God above, that's what they're saying, you shouldn't be doing it alone, you see I don't teach alone, I'm not alone. Some people try to say to me, who is your pastor, who's under you, you know. Jesus is my pastor, he tells me where to get to this doctrine from, Jesus gave it to me, I'm not alone. So I was just as carnal as anybody else when I read that, and I was so grateful to find out that I was wrong, you see. So we're all carnal, we go as far as our knowledge gives us, as far as our enlightenment takes us, and beyond that point, everyone, the greatest intellect is just as carnal and ignorant as the next person, when you get to your border, that's as far as you can go, see.


So don't ever lift yourself up because the next day you're going to hear something that you don't understand and you'll be in danger of misusing it. See I knew when I read that that I knew it couldn't be true, that you had to have at least two people studying spiritual matters, but I thought that the Rabbis were just being ignorant, but I was the ignorant one you see. Okay, so I hope I learned a lesson, I think the next time I read something that I think is really wrong, I have to say to the Lord, do they really believe that, or am I not understanding it, you know, which actually I have done with other subjects, but with this particular incident I didn't.


Okay, now remember we're told that the Rabbis have deliberately written down all of this knowledge in a parable form to hide the real truth that only the people with the spirit of revelation should be able to understand it.


All of this spiritual knowledge, Kabbalah, the Zohar, it's all point of contact, but it's a closed book to you, unless you have the spirit of revelation. So that means anything that we read in there that sounds wrong to us, we really have, and you know the same thing is true about me and writings you know, anything that you read, you have to ask the Lord, if is it possible you don't understand.


Don't, because to assume that the writer is wrong exalts yourself, you're saying, Well I must be right. Be very careful about that, be very careful. Okay this is slow moving today. Adam Kadmon unfolded into ten Sefirot, and his assignment was to build the world underneath him. We've already told you the world of points was Adam's first attempt, Adam Kadmon's first attempt to build the world, actually outside of him, okay. These initial ten Sefirot, Keter through Malkhut are inside of Adam Kadmon. They are inside of Adam Kadmon, the four worlds, emanation, creation, formation and action are outside of Adam Kadmon and they surround him, in the form of the circular Sefirot. So our main point here is the difference between Malkhut and Nukvah. Malkhut is one of the ten Sefirot, the last one, she is the female Sefirot, and as Adam Kadmon continued to extend himself, he formed a curtain underneath Malkhut, and we've talked about curtains before, but I have never really told you what they are, and there's a curtain between each world, there's a curtain between Adam Kadmon and Atzilut, there's a curtain between Atzilut and Beriah, a curtain between Beriah and Yetzirah, and a curtain between Yetzirah and Asiyah, which is the world of action. What are these curtains?


These curtains are contractions. We all learned what he the TzimTzum is, how the Ayn Sof created an empty space by contracting his light, does anybody not remember that, what the TzimTzum is, okay. Well Adam Kadmon created a series of smaller TzimTzums, empty spaces, very narrow empty space to delineate between the worlds and he did it, Adam Kadmon did it, by inhaling the lights that have already come out of his ears, his nose and his mouth, they were already present outside of him. Adam Kadmon inhaled those lights, and therefore created TzimTzum, a border, an empty space, okay that would separate the world of Adam Kadmon from the world of emanation. In other words Adam Kadmon did the same thing that the Ayn Sof, he did what he saw his father do.


Is everybody okay with this? Okay. And the Hebrew name for this contraction, it's not TzimTzum, because TzimTzum is the specific name of the contraction that formed the empty space, that the worlds are formed in, and that TzimTzum was performed by the Ayn Sof, okay, but the contractions that the Adam Kadmon formed are called Masakh. The curtain that separates worlds is called Masakh. Masakh is a contraction like the TzimTzum only smaller. Masakh is an empty space between two worlds. Is everybody okay? Okay.


So we see now that that part of Adam Kadmon that is sent to reproduce himself in the lower world or to build the lower world is Adam Kadmon's Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. Malkhut is not considered, she's the female and she's really not considered as having anything to give to the world below because remember Malkhut is the chamaeleon, Malkhut is empty. She contains only what is given to her, if she is in union with Yesod and Yesod is in right order with the eight Sefirot above, then Malkhut has the whole glory of God in her.


Now we're talking about people. Malkhut represents people, you see, but what happen to the worlds is that Malkhut was cut off from Yesod and all that is above, and now the worlds that we're in right now, they're in darkness, each human being is a world, then we have the whole world, then we have a country is a world, these are all worlds within worlds, and we're all in darkness because we were cut off from Yesod.


So, the power to form a world below, cannot come from Malkhut because she has nothing of her own to give, she only reflects what's given to her, she's like the moon, she has no light of her own. Therefore the light of Adam Kadmon that's given to form the lower worlds comes from Adam Kadmon's Netzach, Hod, Yesod. Adam Kadmon's ten Sefirot are broken up into three triads, Malkhut doesn't count, so we have three triads, Keter, Chokhmah and Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, and Tiferet, and Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. And Netzach, Hod, and Yesod is called the bottom third, or the third third of Adam Kadmon, okay. And it is this third third of Adam Kadmon or his lower part, okay that go down into the lower world, and as soon as they pass through, now of course it's not the whole Netzach, Hod, Yesod, no part of Adam Kadmon leaves his world, he's eternal, but Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, put forth an emanation of themselves, they send forth an aspect of themselves.


Just like a woman who has a baby uses her flesh and blood to form the child, and the child is born and goes forth but the woman, her body just reproduces what was lost. Okay so, it's the Netzach, Hod, and Yesod of Adam Kadmon that pierces through this Masakh, and when that aspect or that emanation of the Netzach, Hod, Yesod, appears on the other side of the Masakh, it takes a different name, because it's in another world, and the name that that emanation, it's just like when you're having a baby, the baby doesn't usually have a name when it's in your womb, when the baby comes out of your womb, you give it a name.


So Adam Kadmon's Netzach, Hod, Yesod, on the other side of the Masakh is called Atik Yomin, and Atik Yomin becomes a part of the world of emanation, and he is the aspect, is really in a mediatorship roll. It is Atik Yomin that looks up towards the ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, looking up for what reason? To receive the glory and emanations and the power that need to be channeled into the lower world for the lower world to exist.


So we see that Atik Yomin is in the role of priest, he's looking upward to the eternal world to receive the life sustaining spiritual energy that comes from Adam Kadmon, and in this Atik Yomin, are the seeds or the roots of five partzuf. Now at this point there are no Sefirot in the lower world, but the roots of five partzuf that come forth, Arik Anpin, Abba, Imma, they come forth first, Arik Anpin, Abba, and Imma, and then Abba and Imma couple, Abba and Imma of the world of Atzilut, not Abba and Imma of Adam Kadmon, see, but Abba and Imma of the world of Atzilut produce Zeir Anpin, the son, and then produce the daughter Nukvah. Is everybody okay? So we see that the difference between Malkhut and Nukvah, which is the purpose of this whole teaching which is turning into a whole message in itself, is that Malkhut is a Sefirot which is a sphere of energy. Nukvah, sometimes called Nok, is a Sefirotic face, also called personality.


Is everybody okay? Okay let's go back up here now, I have put a lot of information on here for you, let me read this one to you first. Netzach, Hod, Yesod of Adam Kadmon passes through the curtain or the Masakh, to become the head of Zeir Anpin. So this Atik Yomin is called the brains, he is the mediator between the two worlds. So Netzach, Hod, Yesod of Adam Kadmon passes through the curtain to become the head of Zeir Anpin, the roots of five partzufim come down from Adam Kadmon's Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and they have a collective name, you don't have to say Netzach, Hod, Yesod, you can say one word Akhorayim. When you hear that word, and I will have it in the glossary for you, it's from lesson 8, so it's not in the glossary yet, but Lord willing I'll complete that this week.


As talking about the Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, not necessarily of Adam Kadmon, because every world has a Netzach, Hod, Yesod, okay.


The five partzufim of Atzilut, that's the world of emanation, contain the roots of the ten Sefirot. See in these five partzuf, there are roots for Arik Anpin, or for Atik Yomin, for each one of these partzufs to unfold in to ten Sefirot of each, of their own, that potential or the roots of it is in each and every one of them, but when they first come out, there are not ten Sefirot, all that we have are the faces, five faces. Okay, now over here I gave you an extra bit of information, and I'm telling you that this world of Atzilut which is the world of emanation, which is MaH(45), technically, or more technically comes into existence when the Binah of Adam Kadmon, see whenever you hear Binah or Chokhmah, you have to ask what world are you talking about, okay. When the Binah of Adam Kadmon ascends up, which is like an unnatural direction, the natural direction is down because the creation is going forward, going downward, getting thicker, becoming more visible.


So for Binah to go up is not natural, okay, but Binah of Adam Kadmon goes up and marries the Chokhmah of Adam Kadmon. And of course Binah and Chokhmah are Imma and Abba of Adam Kadmon. So we see that Kabbalah calls this a coupling, a coupling, okay, sometimes I say union or joining, but the Kabbalistic term is a coupling, the coupling of Abba and Imma of Adam Kadmon produce what is called new light. They produce MaH(45), which is the name of the whole world of emanation which includes all of the Sefirot. They produce a new light which appears as the Sefirot. Actually I think the, I'm not sure about this now, but this is what's coming to me, because really there is six partzuf here, Atik Yomin, Arik Anpin, Abba, Imma, Zeir Anpin, and Nukvah, and I do recall reading that initially Nukvah is not present, that the five partzufim that come out are Atik Yomin, Arik Anpin, Abba, Imma, and Zeir Anpin.


And I'm not sure where Nukvah comes from so I'm going to be quiet, although it's possible that there is a union between, I'm not going to go into what I don't know what I'm talking about. Okay. Just two more things on this board, are there any questions at this point? Okay. Malkhut is one of the original ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, but of course Malkhut can exist in any world, I think I'm going to have to change that, Malkhut is the tenth Sefirot, wherever these ten Sefirot are appearing, Malkhut is the tenth Sefirot. She's not born, she's one of the tenth Sefirot. But Zeir Anpin and Nukvah are the Sefirotic or personality offspring of Abba and Imma of Atzilut, see, well I'm going to leave that, because we just have on the board Adam Kadmon and the world of Atzilut.


So Malkhut is the tenth Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, she's one of the ten and Nukvah is the female that is born from the union of Abba, and Imma, that's right, that's what I'm saying before. They give, Abba and Imma give birth to Zeir Anpin, and I'm not exactly sure of the process that gives rise to Nukvah, that's what I'm not, I don't want to talk about right now, because I'm not equipped to do it. Zeir Anpin is the son and Nukvah is the daughter of Abba and Imma of Atzilut.


Nukvah is the bride as well as the sister of Zeir Anpin. So here we see spiritual incest which is legal on these high planes of spirit, why? Why is it legal up there and not down here? Does anybody know? Does anybody know why it's illegal down here and it's legal up there on the higher planes?


Because incest of the flesh is illegal, incest of the physical bodies that produce physical offspring is destructive, but incest on the higher planes where it's of spiritual entities, apparently it produces good fruit, it's acceptable, it's just not acceptable down here in the animal world. The rules are different down here in the animal world.


Down here we have intimacy through the union of physical sexual parts, and in the higher planes, it's the union of mind, and of course those of us in the animal body, we can have, we can be, well the way Kabbalah would express it, would be that we could be living in the world to come while we're in this flesh, when we live out of our mind and have spiritual intercourse with God, we're not living in this world, because that's not what happens in this world, you see. What we're doing here, the studies that we have, and the relationship that we have with God okay, that's not of this world. In this world you get married and you have kids and live the family life, and you labor and you earn your living by labor, see.


But to have the relationship with Jesus Christ that we must have, to be studying all this, we're not of this world. This is Neshamah level of soul, it's pretty high. You're in the world to come, you're experiencing the world to come right now, and you may never know unless God specifically tells you the degree to which you being in this world to come, you live in the world to come. You may never know unless the Lord specifically tells you how living in the world to come has affected your life, even those of you that have, still have strong family obligations, whatever time you're putting in here, you know, unless God tells you, you just don't know what your life would be like, or would have been like if you weren't doing what you're doing now, and have been doing for all of these years. You don't know.


So whatever time you put in has to be effecting your natural life, and I put a lot of time in, and look at what's happened to me. I've been saved from death first of all, and I exist on a very high spiritual plane brethren, I really do. You can think that's pride if you want to but it's not, it's just the truth. And of course, no matter how much time I put in Jesus had to bring me to this place, it wasn't the time alone that did it, it was that the Lord received me, I just did my part. I'm not of this world brethren, I'm definitely not.


Okay, so one more thing, I think there's just one thing I didn't comment on. Yes, this thought occurred to me as I was looking, you know when I draw on these boards for you, if you don't already know it, you should know that it's the hand of the Lord guiding me, and sometimes revelation comes forth just as I write on the board, just as I see what's on the board.


So I noticed that we can now say that Malkhut is, she's really the tenth Sefirot, I'm going to change that before you take the picture, Malkhut is ten. So dealing with numerology, if ever we see the number ten, we can at least try it and see if it fits, ten is Malkhut, and Nukvah is the fifth, I think she's the fifth, I don't understand at the moment what to do with Atik Yomin in here unless if he's not counted as one of the five, I don't know what the answer is to that. I think Atik Yomin is not counted as one of the five. So we, when we see the number five, I've known for a long time, that the number of five means ministry that came out of the church you know, but now I'm seeing, well the number five, I wonder if it doesn't mean Nukvah, Nukvah the fifth Sefirot, well what would that mean to me.


If I'm trying to interpret a verse and the number five is there, or a multiple of five is there, and it's a positive verse, I would be inclined to say well this must be Nukvah who is married to Zeir Anpin, which means that this Nukvah is an expression of everything above her. Now get this, it's important, this Nukvah in the world of emanation who's married to Zeir Anpin, is receiving all of the power and glory and emanations of everything above her right up to Adam Kadmon's Keter.


Because remember that the head of the world of emanation is a Atik Yomin, which is the Netzach, Hod and Yesod of Adam Kadmon, and the Netzach, Hod, and Yesod of Adam Kadmon contain within it all of the higher Sefirot of Adam Kadmon. It's all descending down into Nukvah who is the cup that contains all of this glory. So the number five, in a positive context means to have it all, see. And when you walk around with this kind of spiritual power on you, the physical world must line up.


Now depending on how mature we are, you could take a little longer than I would like you to take, but you have to know this, the physical world has to line up with a degree of righteousness that dwells in you, see. Now Zeir Anpin, he's the righteous one, for us it's Christ Jesus, he's the righteous one, and when he's joined with Nukvah, she becomes righteousness, and that's us, that's us, the personality okay. When Christ Jesus joins with us, we become righteousness, whenever his mind is flowing through us. The problem is we're split, you know we're two minds. But through this relationship with Christ Jesus, we have a potential every second that we breathe to be the righteousness of God. And the more time that that righteous mind is manifesting through us on any level, talking to somebody else, studying, submitting to me if I bring a correction, every second that that righteous mind is manifesting through you, that glory is pouring into. What glory? The glory of everything, from Adam Kadmon's Keter on down, it's flowing through you.


And this world, your life in this world, and your body has got to line up with the glory that's pouring in you that's called righteousness, everything has to come into right order. That's important that we believe it, our health has to come into right order, our relationships have to come into right order, our finances have to come into right order, and I have to believe whatever happens in this country, I am going to survive because I have to much work to do to die, and I don't care if they're threatening that the terrorists are going to do germ warfare or whatever.


I believe that Jesus will do whatever necessary to keep my alive, and I do believe that he works within the system, that depending on what's going on, he might work through another man, but if the day should ever come that they should fly over this area with poison gas, and the only things that's going to save my life is a supernatural move, it will happen. I am not going to die, I have too much to do for the Lord, see.


The world has to line up with us so long as we're moving in that righteousness, and you will be moving in that righteousness so long as your mentality is truly destruction towards your carnal mind, you know.


The Lord will meet you wherever you are, if you're really moving in that mentality, that you really want to give up this stuff, this junk that's in you, at the moment that you can't do it for yourself, he'll be there to cover you. You have to believe it, if you don't believe it, what are we doing here, what are we doing here if you don't believe this? You have to believe it. Praise the Lord. Are there any questions about this drawing # 1. Okay.


COMMENT: I'm thinking of the men in the military and just recently the people were doing the rescue and the world trade center, one of their favorite expressions was, let's suck it up, and all I could think of was sucking up all the how you speak about Adam Kadmon breathing in, inhaling and then handling it and bringing it out, at different forms so that it can be handled.


And the Scriptures about the household of God, and where Jesus said, you are my mother, my sister, my brother, I'm comprehending that more and more as you go on with these studies.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that's interesting what you just said xxxx, sometimes you say such interesting things, what that says to me is, Jesus said who is my mother and my brother, those that do the work of my father. So he was saying the only true mother and brother are the spiritual forces that are known to us as the five partzuf, so therefore if this mother and father and brother and sister is living through you, then you are his mother and his brother and his sister. Do you understand what I'm saying? That's very interesting. Okay we'll take a picture.


So what Jesus was saying was don't know me by the flesh, okay, I am not recognizing relatives of the flesh, you are my relative only if you have the same spiritual, if you are of the same spiritual genesis that I am. He was completely denying the relatives of the flesh. Now this is a tough word you know, we all have relatives and children and husbands and wives, but brethren this is the word of the Scripture you know. This is not a cult here, you do not abandon your families, but in the hour that Jesus calls you, he has to take president. Now that doesn't mean going to war, it could simply mean in any given situation, if he's calling you to study, and your husband or your wife wants to go shopping, the Lord requires you to say no, you know, and you can't even understand that unless you offer up every aspect of your life to him as a sacrifice.


When you wake up in the morning, ask him what he wants you to do today, otherwise it won't even occur to you, you know, that maybe like, I've heard a woman say to me, well my husband asked me to do it. Well I know your husband asked you to do it, your daughter asked you to do it, your friend asked you to do it, what does Jesus want you to do? And this is a hard word, I preached it to you over the years, and the only reason I'm saying it now is because it came forth really by a word of knowledge, by what xxxx said, which was her comment on this drawing.


So the Lord is telling you once again, he's not telling you to give up your blood family, but what he is telling us is that in the world to come, the people who live for Christ are more your family than your natural family. Okay, now just like when Jesus said to the rich man, if you want to inherit eternal life, he said, sell everything that you have and follow me, you see. And a lot of people think Jesus was telling the man to give up all his material wealth. Jesus wasn't telling the man to give up his material wealth, he was telling him, make me the most important thing in your life. So you don't have to give up all your material wealth, and you don't have to abandon your family, it's an attitude, it's a condition of mind that makes Jesus more important than anything else in the world, and that's what he requires of you, and I believe personally that the more you would achieve to that attitude, the more he will bless your family. Because he doesn't want to separate you from your family, but he will not share you with anyone else.


They can only get the part of you that he's letting them have. And that is a radical word but it is the truth. If you want all that God has to offer, he has to come first, and unfortunately most of the time it causes conflicts with family members, but all things can be reconciled through Christ Jesus. Some how he'll work it out, you may have some tension in your family, but he said it, I didn't say it, if you want to go all the way up, I want to go all the way up, you know. Of course it's harder for you than for me, because my family was broken up years ago, you know, and I have family but I don't have immediate family, there's no husband or there's really no one in my family today that would be putting any kind of pressure on me.


My parents are dead, and my daughter is in Florida, but I know that there was a time you know, that members of my family put pressure on me, and before I even understood this, I was immovable, I was absolutely immovable by the grace of God you know. So if you feel that you can't do it, what do you do, if you feel that this is too hard, that you can't live this, what do you do?


COMMENT: You pray and you ask the Lord to help you.


PASTOR VITALE: And what do you do before that?


COMMENT: You confess it that that's what you can't do.


PASTOR VITALE: You have to confess that you can't do it, you can't do it. You don't know how to deal with your family members, you don't know how to deal with your mother who is telling you not to do what God tells you to do. You can't deal with your husband, you can't deal with your wife, that you've tried and it has turned into a big fight and disaster every time, but that you want to follow him, he will work it out, he will work it out if you truly desire him above all things, but even more important than that, now listen to this, I just rebuke all guilt of anybody who is in the sound of voice, live or on this tape, I rebuke all guilt that you're not putting your children or your grandchildren or your mate first, I rebuke all guilt, it's just Satan's lie, that's all it is. It's Satan complete lie, and I pray that you should all be able to follow Jesus unhindered on a straight line, never wavering, knowing that he's going to take care of your family and that you are not leaving them for him to the extent that they will not be cared for or ministered to. I pray that prayer for you in the name of Jesus.


COMMENT: Before when I was reading the on the right hand side and it says five partzufim, I can't say the word Ati.. Contained roots of the ten Sefirot, I was so confused, cause I'm saying how could five each have ten, then I realized Oh no, that's the ten from up above, going all the way up to Keter.


PASTOR VITALE: No, each partzuf has ten Sefirot within it, I'm pretty sure. Well I don't know we haven't gotten up to that yet. What do you mean which would that be?


COMMENT: I mean if each one of them, each of the five have ten, I don't see that anywhere on this.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh I see what you're saying, here let me show you.


COMMENT: Where it says Malkhut is the woman that the beast carries, is the physical being the beast?


PASTOR VITALE: Well the beast manifests through men, okay. Malkhut is appearing as the physical world, Malkhut, every human being is a manifestation of Malkhut, this whole world is a manifestation of Malkhut. Remember she is the chamaeleon, she expresses whatever she is filled up with, does everybody got that?


Okay. So what 666 is, it's talking about men who are built up in spiritual power who have, who are manifesting the Sefirot, Chesed through Yesod, on three levels of consciousness, conscious, probably subconscious and an unconscious okay, and they've completely filled up their vessel which is Malkhut, with this evil, because they have no head you see.


To have this kind of spiritual power without coming under the righteousness that comes from which to us it's the Lord Jesus, but if you want talk it in Kabbalistic terms, if you want to say it in Kabbalistic terms, without the righteousness that comes from Adam Kadmon, to have this kind of spiritual power is a perversion, because the worlds are suppose to be unfolding from the head down, Adam Kadmon, the world of emanation, the world of creation, the world of formation, the world of action. So to have this kind of power, to have a man that has the three worlds in him, conscious, subconscious and unconscious, with these six Sefirot, not being attached to the head, you're a perversion, your power has built up, upward from the lower levels, instead of coming downward from the righteous levels. And Malkhut is the woman who is filled up with this spiritual perversion, spiritual power from the negative side, or spiritual power from the side of the circular Sefirot, with no righteousness attached to it. Deadly, it's deadly to have any kind of power without being under a righteous head, even the medieval kings you know, they always humbled themselves before a deity.


England was great in her day, Great Britain, and the kings always humbled themselves before God, you see. It's deadly for a fallen man to have power and to think that there's nobody over him, nothing good could ever come out of that. So this is what the beast is human beings that have built up in spiritual power but the head is not present in their life, and they carry the woman, the give the human being that these you might say 6x3, 18 levels of energy are pouring through these beings, the human being that is being manifested through, is completely overtaken by their wickedness, and these are people with true spiritual power, they probably have more spiritual power than we do today.


I don't know what it's like when you're filled up with the first three worlds with spiritual power like that, I don't have any measuring rod to test it, I just know there are people in the world today with spiritual power that are much stronger than me, I know that. So that's who the beast is, it's men, it's definitely men.


COMMENT: I'm just thinking of a saying of the world, absolute power corrupts.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it does. Yes it does, absolutely, absolute power corrupts absolutely that is the saying. So that is what the 666 is, count the number of the beast, or calculate the power of the beast, or figure out who the beast is, the man or the men, it's a many membered man that has spiritual power who are not in submission to the Lord Jesus Christ. That is who the beast is. Anybody else, can you see what I said up there xxxxxx?. See the son, the number of the son is 6, okay, so I should it to you with the partzufim, five partzufim and ten Sefirot and I showed you the ten Sefirot with the holy name, YHVH, it's the v that signifies the son that represents 6 Sefirot, and as far as the Yod goes, does anybody remember how I could say Keter and that the Yod equals both Keter and Chokhmah, does anybody remember that? Okay, I'll tell you. You have the answer? Oh wow we have a scholar here.


COMMENT: The Yod has usually a mark as Keter and it's also Chokhmah. I don't know what you call it again, it's not a cantellation.


PASTOR VITALE: No, you're close but it's the tip of the Yod, they say the tip of the Yod is the Keter, so Keter doesn't exist alone.


Yod signifies Chokhmah, and Keter is the tip of the Yod, so the two are one, Keter and Chokhmah are inseparable, and then Chokhmah is married to Binah and those three are inseparable. But the son can be separated and it's that union between Binah and Chokhmah that produces the son or we could say produces the vav, and then the hey, the second hey, Malkhut comes forth later. Do you have a question? Okay. Everybody okay? Okay, we'll try to end this session again, see you after dinner.


In some instances as we follow the notes that I'm preaching from, I will not read directly from the notes, I'm just going to put a drawing on the board and explain to you what I have read, as I'm lead, I may read to you from the notes, but I may not, okay. Drawing # 3, this is the five worlds, a drawing of the five worlds. Adam Kadmon, the world of emanation, the world of creation, the world formation, and the world of action. Please note that the Hebrew word, if you can familiarize yourself with it, it's a good idea, just do the best you can, okay. The world of emanation is Atzilut, the world of creation is Beriah, the world of formation is Yetzirah, and the world of action is Asiyah. And please note that the world of action, we are in the innermost world, we are in the innermost world okay. And our world is called outer darkness, even though we're in the center, does anybody know why? Because our world, the world of action is the farthest away that you can get from the Ayn Sof. The Ayn Sof is all the way out here, outside of Adam Kadmon, we are inside and as the worlds are created, we go further, the creation goes further and further away from the Ayn Sof. So we are in the center of the five worlds, okay, at least our spiritual being is in the center of the five worlds.


And of course all of the five worlds exist within us, so I know that's a little confusing but that's the best I can do right now, the world of action is the farthest away from the Ayn Sof as you can get, that world is in the center, and all of these five worlds are in the midst of us and our physical body is the sac that contains the whole creation, you know. There's a couple of loose ends there, but that's the best that I can do at this time. Our physical body is Malkhut, we are a manifestation of Malkhut, Oh the Lord just reminded me, at the time of the fall, everything turned inside out, you see. We Malkhut, the world of action we're suppose to be, in the innermost portion, okay, ruled by the Adam Kadmon who is suppose to be outside of us, okay, but everything flipped inside out, and we are Malkhut, and we become the sacs and all the other worlds are now inside of us, everything's backwards. Everybody okay with that, you okay with that.


Okay, I've numbered the worlds for you, 1,2,3,4,5, and I also have aligned each world with a, well I've aligned each world with an aspect of the ten Sefirot. I've told you that Adam Kadmon, the world of Adam Kadmon, is Keter. The world of emanation is Chokhmah, the world of creation is Binah, the world of formation is Zeir Anpin. Remember we had that on the board with drawing # 2, the world of formation is Zeir Anpin, which means Zeir Anpin is, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, okay. And the 5th world Malkhut, is Malkhut. So here we see the ten Sefirot related to the circular aspect of the creation.


Is everybody okay. now this is the female aspect of the creation, it's called, these circles are called Agulim and there not just circles, there not just plain circles, they're spheres, and they're spheres one inside of the other, but they're multidimensional spheres, they're more than three dimensional, they're multidimensional spheres, how could they be more than three dimensional? I don't know I'm not ready for that yet, I just know that they're not linear, they're not flat, they're not flat lines, they're spheres, and they're spheres inside, a sphere inside of a sphere inside of a sphere.


Okay, this a the female aspect of the creation, and it's the rudimentary form of the creation, rudimentary basic raw rough sketch. The first aspect of the creation that came forth. The Agulim are the Nefesh or the animal level of soul. Now in the doctrine of Christ we would be calling this the Fiery Serpent, and Leviathan. I saw a movie I was watching the other day, I saw a rattle snake and it was just totally curled up with its head standing high, it's tail rattling and its tongued shooting out but the whole body of the snake was a complete spiral, you see.


So relating Kabbalah to the doctrine of Christ, the Agulim is talking about the Fiery Serpent, and Leviathan, in a circular pattern of the universe. Now remember the Lord told us that before we got into Kabbalah. We know that Christ moves in a straight line, and the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan and I'm sure Satan also, I don't think we ever got into it with Satan, but the Fiery Serpent moves in a circular pattern. So the Agulim or the Nefesh level of soul, we're talking about the Fiery Serpent, which is the life force of the creation. Now brethren, every person born of a woman has a Fiery Serpent. The Fiery Serpent let me remind you, does anyone remember our definition of the Fiery Serpent, related to this deep doctrine, let me tell you. The Fiery Serpent is Cain and Abel, with Cain having dominion over Abel, Cain being the earth, Abel being buried under the earth, Cain being married to Leviathan, which puts Abel under Cain, Leviathan, Satan and the Dragon, that's what the Fiery Serpent is. As soon as Christ comes in and interferes with the relationship between Abel, and Abel starts manifesting some independence, the doctrine of Christ no longer calls the Fiery Serpent the Fiery Serpent, because to be the Fiery Serpent, there has to be an Abel under the dominion of Cain, Leviathan, Satan, and the Dragon.


As soon as Christ joins to Abel, and Abel starts fighting back, from God's point of view, the Fiery Serpent doesn't exist anymore. From that point of view, we're then talking about Abel and Christ, and Cain and Leviathan and the Dragon. But before, while Abel is in complete submission, there's no mention of Abel, there is just a Fiery Serpent. Is everybody okay? And that's what we're talking about when we study the circular aspect of the ten Sefirot. Kabbalah tells us, the respected teachers tell us that there is very, very little knowledge that they teach about the circular aspect. Kabbalah teaches about the linear aspect of the Sefirot, and the doctrine of Christ is the doctrine of the circular aspect. The doctrine of the Nefesh, the doctrine of the animal level of soul, which is the life force of the creation.


You see, we have a mortal foundation. But Sheila, I thought Jesus was the foundation. If Jesus was the foundation we would have eternal life. Jesus will be our foundation, he's working on it right now, but if you're aging and you're dying, your foundation is the Agulim, the Nefesh animal level of soul, which we know from the doctrine of Christ to be the Fiery Serpent.


And that's why the Scripture says, we shall receive a new foundation, a foundation of gold, an eternal foundation, that will never be taken away. See, but in order to receive that foundation, the old foundation has to be destroyed, see.


Okay, now Adam Kadmon in his circular aspect because Adam Kadmon has a linear aspect also. Adam Kadmon, the world of Adam Kadmon, Adam Kadmon and his circular aspect, he is Keter, the two words are used interchangeably, Adam Kadmon is Keter, Keter is Adam Kadmon, but when you come down to the lower worlds, emanation, creation, formation, or action, each of those worlds has a Keter, but the Keter of the lower worlds is not Adam Kadmon, okay.


Keter and Adam Kadmon are interchangeable, only in the highest world of Adam Kadmon. When you come down to the lower worlds, Keter is called Atik Yomin, which means the ancient of days. Keter is not called Adam Kadmon in the lower worlds, Keter is called Atik Yomin which means the ancient of days, in each of the lower worlds. Each of the lower worlds has five partzuf, five partzufim, and ten Sefirot, and the Keter of the lower worlds is called Atik Yomin. The Keter of the highest world, Adam Kadmon is called just Keter, Keter or Adam Kadmon, they're interchangeable. Does anybody not understand that?


Now before we went out to dinner on drawing number one, I believe, I told you that I saw six partzufim, I saw Atik Yomin, Arik Anpin, Abba, Imma, Zeir Anpin, and Nukvah, and I said that was six, but knew that there were only five partzufim and I couldn't figure it out, do remember that before dinner? Okay I now remember or the Lord is reminding me, that Arik Anpin, or let me put it this way, Keter is the tip of the Yod, okay, so the tip of the Yod and the Yod are one letter. The tip of the Yod Keter, and the Yod Chokhmah is one letter. So Keter, Chokhmah is one letter, the Yod. Does everybody understand what I'm saying, are you following me?


So there are not really six partzufim, the Atik Yomin is a part of Abba, Abba is the Yod, and Atik Yomin is the tip of the Yod. So there are only five partzufim, Atik Yomin and Arik Anpin, are Keter. Do you understand me? Atik Yomin and Arik Anpin equal one partzuf, Atik Yomin is the tip of the Yod, and Arik Anpin is the Yod. Are you okay? Are you okay? Okay. I think in the next drawing I'll be able to show that to you on the board. So I think we covered everything on this board, except one more thing, I've shown each world separated from the next world by a very narrow circle. So we have five circles within the circles, because these very narrow circles separate the worlds, and the most outermost narrow circle, separates Adam Kadmon from the Ayn Sof.


Now remember in these worlds, all these worlds are filled with light, they're filled with light. If there isn't some kind of barrier to separate the worlds, the light from one world will flow into the light of another world, or the light of the Ayn Sof will flow into Adam Kadmon. So in order to have structure, in the emtpy space, the Halal, these smaller empty spaces, these narrow empty spaces, were constructed because each descending world has a thicker level of light, you see. So the world of emanation has a light that is thicker or coarser than the level of light in Adam Kadmon.


So if we don't have something separating Adam Kadmon from the world of emanation, the higher grade of light that's from Adam Kadmon will seep into the world of emanation and enlighten the world of emanation and then we'll have bright light all the way down to the world of action, and how can we have a visible world if everything is bright light? Is everybody okay, are you okay?


So the main empty space that is formed by the Ayn Sof contracting itself is called the TzimTzum, and the narrow empty spaces that separate the worlds which are formed by, at least the first one is formed by Adam Kadmon, I believe they are all formed by Adam Kadmon, are called Masakhs, and we're told that a Masakh is a small TzimTzum, it's an empty space between the worlds, but we know that the empty space is not really empty. Does anybody remember what's in the empty space, in the Halal, after the Ayn Sof contracted and withdrew itself?




PASTOR VITALE: An echo, yes, an echo. So there has to be something in these Masakhs but we're not up to that yet, I don't know what's in there. Remember that we're talking about conscious beings, these spheres are conscious beings, and there are conscious beings that exist in every aspect of creation. I don't know what they're like, I cannot go by what Hollywood tells or by what the occult tells me, as I feel that I've heard from the Lord I will share it with you, but there are beings in every aspect of creation. And of course that means that they are all inside of us because all of these five worlds are inside of us.


Brethren if you stop to think about it it's not so shocking, we're filled with cells that have some consciousness on a cellular level, they're all active, they're all moving, if you look at them under the microscope. The liver cells know that they're liver and the heart cells know that they're heart, and the blood knows that they are blood, it does what it's suppose to do. So there are conscious beings inside of us on every level, and they're not all lesser than us, okay, I don't want to get into that now, okay. This is just the beginning.


There are conscious beings in the invisible planes that are higher than we are, that's why we need a savior.


Tape 2


Some of them are evil and they are feeding off of us, just as we feed off of the cattle and the plants of this world, there are spiritual conscious beings that are feeding off of us. The whole creation is fallen, it is separated from the life force of the Ayn Sof, because we're cut off from the head and therefore we're devouring ourselves.


When we are reconnected to the head, everybody, every entity, every life form will be fed by the Ayn Sof, and nobody will be feeding off the animals if they exist, won't be feeding off the other animals. The other entities will not feeding off of us, we will not be feeding off of anything or anyone other than the light of the Ayn Sof. And life will be everywhere, this is a planet and a world, and a universe of death. Okay any questions about drawing # 3.


COMMENT: Am I understanding that this physical world of action was intended to come into being?


PASTOR VITALE: It's my understanding right now that it was intended that there would be world of action, but it was not suppose to be of this coarse grade, this physical world, we're not suppose to be physical like this, we're suppose to be visible and spiritual, which what we've been calling the etheric body in the doctrine of Christ. This physical world is not of God.


I don't really have all the answers but I think what perhaps what we call the etheric plane, the etheric plane, this physical world is a shadow of the etheric plane, see. To produce a healing, to come to a spiritual place where the person that we pray for is healed every time without exception, we have to pray from a higher plane you see. All disease is rooted in the etheric plane, this world is just the plant that grows out of the root, you see. So perhaps the etheric plane, and even in the occult, they were, you see Kabbalah doesn't talk about this, I don't have any reference to this out of Kabbalah, at least where I am right now, but from the studies that the Lord lead me into in the occult, I know that the etheric plane and this physical plane are not considered two different planes, they are one plane, two different sides of that interfront of each other. Are you following me? Okay. So my guess would be that it's this physical side that will be done away with, but the etheric plane which is spiritual is the true world of action. That's the way it looks to me right now, okay? Drawing # 4, what we have here is an oversized world of Adam Kadmon, I just drew the circle very wide so that I could show you that ten Sefirot came forth from Adam Kadmon, and that the next world which is within him, because all of the worlds that came forth, came forth within Adam Kadmon, everything is a sphere coming forth within a sphere, coming forth within a sphere, just like a human baby comes forth within you, everything comes forth, except in spiritual things, that which comes forth stays within you, see.


And we have infinite layers within us, which boggles the mind, the only reason we can have infinite layers within us, is because these layers are beyond space, they don't take up space. Okay now, I can't fully understand that, okay. I believe it in principle, but my mind cannot comprehend it, how you could have infinite layers inside of infinite layers, because to my way of thinking, well you have a point, you have to get to a small enough point that nothing else could get inside of it, see. But that's my carnal mind, and some day I will have a better understanding of how you could have infinite layers within each other. Because there's no concept of space there. I understand it intellectually, but my mind cannot envision it. Everybody okay?


Okay, so I've drawn the world of Adam Kadmon, with the next world, Atzilut, the world of Atzilut which is the world of emanation, that's the first thing that Adam Kadmon brought forth or I shouldn't say that, that's the next world that Adam Kadmon brought forth within him, okay.


Now these ten Sefirot, Adam Kadmon came forth, I think I told you earlier on this message, he came forth with ten Sefirot all packed together, all bundled together, and they slowly unfolded okay, and these ten Sefirot that emanated into the Halal, that's the empty space that was formed by the TzimTzum, by the contraction of the Ayn Sof. These ten Sefirot that emanated into the Halal, the ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, who is the general Sefirot Keter. Let me talk about that first. Adam Kadmon is the general Sefirot Keter, what does that mean? If you look at drawing # 3, it means that the whole world of Adam Kadmon is Keter.


When you're looking at the five worlds as a whole, Adam Kadmon is Keter, okay the world of emanation or Atzilut is Chokhmah, right, remember that? Drawing # 3. So that is what it means, the general Keter, the general Sefirot, the general Sefirot Keter. Everything came forth out of that general Sefirot Keter. Everything that exists, everything that came forth emanated forth from that initial ten, the ten Sefirot of the world of Adam Kadmon. See the Ayn Sof poured his or shined his light into Adam Kadmon, but everything after that, comes forth, it's the same thing as me okay. God gives me revelation, okay, I have the revelation of God, it abides in my mind and then I give it to you. That's the way it is with Jesus, you see, he gave his disciples the bread and then they passed out the bread, so the disciples they didn't pass out their own bread, they passed out the bread that was given to them.


So the world of Adam Kadmon, we might say that's the bread that was given to him, and everything that comes after that is just the bread being broken up into little pieces and being passed out. Everything comes forth from that initial outpouring of the Ayn Sof. So that's why we call Adam Kadmon the general Sefirot Keter. I'm not talking about one Keter that's a part of ten partzuf that's all the way down in the world of action, we're talking about the general Keter, that which everything came forth from. Everybody okay? Okay.


In the same manner sometimes we're told that the Holy name YHVH, that's inside of Adam Kadmon is the general YHVH, and then four other YHVH's came out, four other tetragrammatons came out, ab72, sag63, MaH45, and Ban52. So the tetragrammaton inside of Adam Kadmon is the general tetragrammaton, same principle. So only ten Sefirot emanated into the Halal, that's the empty space, the ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon who is the general Sefirot Keter. Everything that appears after Adam Kadmon, is only a manifestation of the first ten Sefirot. You see we have this problem in the church today you see. It's amazing but every part of this high doctrine can be related to the human mind and the human experience if you just know how to do it you see.


We have this problem in the church today. There's a whole bunch of lone rangers running around the church that are insisting that God give them deep revelation directly, and they're not willing to take the revelation from a teacher, who is anointed by the Lord to break the bread for them. So there are a lot of people out there, they may get one, you see, everybody has their personal relationship with Jesus, so they may get a little revelation here and they may get a little revelation there, but to really go galloping forwards in God, you have to have all the revelation that you, you have to have so much revelation being poured out on you that it overflows, that you can't contain it. Is that not what you are getting here, is that not what is happening to you here.


That's how you grow, you see. So if all you're getting is one little bit, if you get one idea from Jesus everyday it's not enough, you have to have more revelation pouring on you then you can contain, and it's that pressure that is forcing the growth of Christ in you. Now if you're not having that experience with Jesus directly, you are suppose to be under a teacher who is doing this for you, you see. And if you are hearing from Jesus with such an overflowing of revelation, you should have people who are getting what's overflowing from you, you see.


So if you're just home in your house and listening to a tape or reading this message on the Internet, you should start praying, if you have an overflowing of abundance, you should be praying for a congregation, and if you don't have more than you can digest, you should be asking to be under a teacher. Praise the Lord. How did I get into that? I was over here somewhere. Okay I was applying this principle to you that everything that appears after Adam Kadmon, the original revelation that comes down, the worlds underneath Adam Kadmon are not getting original light from the Ayn Sof, they have to get their light Adam Kadmon, the first recipient of the light.


So if you want the measure of revelation that has to pour on you to catapult you into eternal life, either you're a teacher that's getting it directly from God and you're going through all of the pain and grief and aggravation of having loving disciples under you, I love you all. I'm telling you I love you all, but I go crazy sometimes, there's a price to pay, either that, or you have to be under a teacher. If you're just out there by yourself, you are not having the abundance of light pouring on you that is going to force this spiritual growth. Everybody is struggling. Either you're putting up with your teacher and biting your lip and submitting, or you're the teacher who is putting up with the disciples. Everybody is rolling and writhing in pain, and If you're not in a situation like that, you're not going up. Did anybody not understand what I just said? It's hard for everybody, it's like a woman having a baby, it's hard on the baby, and it's hard on the mother. It's hard on the baby, the baby comes out all beaten up, black and blue sometimes right?


So we're all in this together, just at different ends of the stick. We're all writhing together, so that Christ could be born in the earth.


The teachers are writhing with their problems, and the disciples, the teachers are putting up with the disciples and the disciples are putting up with the teacher, and we're all doing everything we can to get it straight, and to be in right relationship with one another, so that Jesus Christ continues to pour out this over abundant flow which is forcing spiritual growth upon all of us, the teachers as well as the disciples. And in order to have this, we have to be in right relationship, the disciples have to be in right relationship with each other, and they have to be in right relationship with the teacher and the teacher has to be in right relationship with the disciples. And all of this is manifested, everything that I just said, that is one of the basic aspects of our life together, because we're in this together, is manifested by this high doctrine that says that everything that appears after Adam Kadmon is only a manifestation of the first ten Sefirot.


So everything that you're getting from me, is everything that I'm getting from the Lord. I'm delivering it to you in a form that you can deal with. But you're not getting your own light, God's only pouring out light in this one direction. Now someone is going to misunderstand me, I'm going to say it again, everyone has their own personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. We are talking about an abundant overflow of revelation, which will produce the spiritual growth of Christ Jesus in you, that will raise him up to a place where we, the personality will receive eternal life. That's different than your personal relationship with him. It's not the same thing, and also, to relate what I'm saying to you, we can also relate it to Kabbalah.


Do you remember the teaching that there is two kinds of light that come out of Adam Kadmon? The light that forms the vessel, and then the light that fills the vessel, okay. And when the vessel is filled, it's always filled to overflowing, and the light that overflows the vessel is called what?


COMMENT: Surrounding light.


PASTOR VITALE: Surrounding light. Didn't I just apply that high principle to our personal lives, yes. So if you just have the eyes to see it, every aspect of this high doctrine is manifesting in the life of the person who is pregnant with Christ, isn't that exciting? I think that's exciting. All this is happening within us. The five worlds are being built within us, you see. Everything that we're studying is happening to us, or will be happening to us, everything in it's right order, we are Malkhut, we are Malkhut.


Okay, Adam Kadmon is the beginning of life, the essentials of existence are in him, everything we need for existence and for true life is present in Adam Kadmon, he just has to get them to us. This is a dead world because we're cut off from Adam Kadmon, he has everything that will produce eternal life in us, we have to get reconnected. We are in the process of being reconnected. Apparently from my own experience I will tell you this reconnection takes a very long time. I'm being reconnected to the Lord for years, I know because I didn't die. You see I was suppose to die, so I was reconnected to him enough that I didn't die, three times I didn't die, maybe four, I keep losing count. But I'm not reconnected to him and I am reconnected enough to get this glorious revelation and this anointing to teach, but I'm not connected to him enough to not get sick, and I know that if you put a knife in my heart today I would die. So I'm not fully connected to him.


This connecting to him is a slow process. Now will it always be slow, I don't know what happen once the sons of God stand up, I don't know, but I do know that this connection to the Lord is terribly painful to the carnal mind.


So a factor is how much the individual, how much pain, and discomfort the individual can tolerate because it's a penetrating which is destroying your carnal mind. Wow, I just had a flash in my mind of the image that I saw on tv, of the lab technician penetrating the embryo, the fertilized human embryo to get this stem cell out. Did you see that on tv, they show you the stem cell, it's like a circle and they show the lab technicians just penetrating it with a needle, because that stem cell is the nucleus, there's a nucleus in the cell, and they have to kill the cell, they have to penetrate into the cell to get the nucleus out, and in that nucleus is this stem cell, that a lot of people think has the ability to regenerate into a heart or a lung or a liver.


That is what the benefit of these stem cells are, they're wild cards, they're generic, they can grow into any organ, that's what, did you know that's what the value of them is? And the scientists who believe in this, there seems to be a lot of them are saying, well the very best vital vibrant, most likely to do what we want them to do. Stem cells come from fertilized human embryos, but you have to kill the cell, because the stem cell is in the center. You have to kill the whole cell to get at that stem cell.


So the Lord Jesus, he has to kill our carnal mind you see, he has to kill our carnal mind to get at the spirit of our mind, and renew that spirit. So what's taking so long is that human beings, most of us can't tolerate it. And I went through hell to get where I am now, I didn't die, but let me tell you I went through hell for years to get to the place where I can tolerate the degree to which I could tolerate this. So that is the problem, Jesus is not the problem. He's full well able to convert us, we are fragile, so what is the point if we physically die or we go insane, no that's not the point, but what we don't know is what is going to happen once the sons stand up. We don't know to what degree we will be able to support people who are average people so that they could tolerate this. I can't believe it's going to take this long for everybody, but we'll find out. Okay let's go on with this lesson.


Adam Kadmon is the beginning of life, the essentials of existence are in him, everything that is needed to produce a creation exactly as the Ayn Sof wills it to be, the Ayn Sof is in the present. Okay so we have the world of Adam Kadmon, he has ten Sefirot, and Isaac Luria had a word by revelation that there is a crown that exists on top of Adam Kadmon, there's a crown and that the light that comes from this crown probably filters down through all of the ten Sefirot, and infuses light upon the Atik Yomin of the world beneath it, and the world beneath Adam Kadmon is Atzilut, the world of emanation.


See this is the whole principle of the ten Sefirot, the light comes from the Ayn Sof which is outside of the empty space, and enters in to the highest of high within the empty space, which is the highest levels of Adam Kadmon, and each of these Sefirot, in Adam Kadmon and in the worlds below, have to move, you see you have to move in a certain pattern which will enable them to collect the light from above, and then rotate and deposit it on the world underneath them. All of these worlds are spheres that are constantly spinning.


So there has to be a communication, see we talk a lot about communication here, there has to be a communication between the Sefirot above and the Sefirot below, they have to line up so that the Sefirot above can transmit the light and the Sefirot below can receive it and then continue to spin on its axis, and then line up with the world beneath it, and transfer the light to the one beneath it.


We're dead because we're not getting the light, we were cut off. Is everybody okay? So I find this so interesting that Isaac Luria says that Adam Kadmon wears a crown, and of course we know in the book of Revelation, I think it's chapter 20 or 22, Jesus has many crowns, we see Jesus with many crowns. And to me that means he's reproduced his life in many people, he's become a many membered crown. It's so beautiful, you want all these great Kabbalists to see everything that they're teaching is manifested in a man. May their eyes open Lord, may their eyes open.


So we have over here the world of Atzilut has only two partzufim. Okay, now I don't know why that is at this time, but eventually we will study the world of Atzilut, and we'll get more information as to why only two partzufim manifested and what that means. And as I told you earlier Atik Yomin is the tip of the Yod, Arik Anpin is the Yod. So the two are together, they're two sides of one whole, and as we see over here, okay, Atik Yomin plus Arik Anpin, is the Yod of Atzilut. Now a partzuf is a Sefirotic face, a personality associated with the Sefirot. It is how, the partzufim, or how God is perceived at this level by that beneath it.


In other words, let's say there's an ant crawling along the floor, I'm manifesting Christ, I'm teaching with the mind of Christ tonight, you see, and that ant looks at me, well let's not say an ant let's say people, now who is going to believe this one, all you people in the church, who would believe that I am the face of God to you tonight. I am the face of God to you tonight. If I am preaching, not so much the word, but if I'm preaching under the anointing, and this is Christ Jesus in me preaching to you, which if you don't believe it is, you really should pray about whether or not you should be here. If this is Christ Jesus preaching to you, I am a partzuf, me Sheila, I am the face of God to you.


Anyone that the Lord sends to me to receive the wisdom of Christ Jesus through my mouth, I am a partzuf to you. The Lord lately been sending me out to a lot of people, they don't even know who I am, but I know I'm giving them a word that is going to change their whole life. I am a partzuf, I am the face of God to everybody that the Lord specifically sends me to, not to someone I send myself to. I could send myself to someone with this same word, and that's no go, it has to be Christ Jesus in me setting up the meeting, and speaking to that person through me, in that event, I am a partzuf.


I am what God looks like to the person below, because if God sent me to you, not that you a low person, but in levels of authority, you are below me, because if you weren't below me, God would be sending you to me. God sends me to you, that means that you are below me in levels of authority, not as a human being, we're all equal as human beings, and we all deserve decent treatment, and fair treatment, but this we're talking about authority, and levels of knowledge and wisdom, and levels at which Christ Jesus manifests through us.


So I'm a partzuf, look, Jesus is the partzuf, I've been teaching that here for the last couple of weeks. Jesus in the days of his flesh, and even today in his glorification, he is a partzuf, he is a Sefirotic face. He's not an idol, he's not a human being that's being worshiped. This is the fulfillment of the whole principle of Kabbalah, that it should manifest in Malkhut, and Malkhut in this hour is us. Jesus Christ in the days of his flesh and today was and is, the fulfillment, the ultimate fulfillment of this whole Kabbalistic doctrine. He is the ultimate partzuf. May everyone who studies Kabbalah see it, may their eyes open Lord Jesus, may they see.


So, a partzuf is a Sefirotic face, it is how God is perceived at the level where I'm at by the people who were lower than me, you see. How do you perceive God Sheila? Who is over you? Right now, I don't know anybody that's higher than me, that doesn't mean there isn't anybody, but there is nobody in my life that's higher than me. So I perceive God in the spirit, and I'm still looking at the partzuf Jesus, see. I'm looking at the spiritual man Jesus. So Arik Anpin is the face that looks down upon the lower Sefirot and he shines the light from above, upon them, you see. I'm looking up to Jesus, the spiritual partzuf, I'm getting light and revelation, he's anointed me to teach this great message, okay, and at that point I am, I got this mixed up myself, I am Atik Yomin, I'm looking up to Jesus to receive revelation, wisdom, sometimes I give you counsel, I'm getting everything Jesus wants to give me, and then I become, I turn around, and I become Arik Anpin, and I look down on you, and I share and I give out to you everything that the Lord has given to me.


So we see that I'm both, it depends on what I'm doing, and aren't we told that we are kings and priests? So you see. We are kings and priests and we're prophets also, you know. The prophet gets the word from the Lord and gives it to the people. The king rules over people, so if you're a teacher, if you have a congregation, we're all kings here, we ruling over the land of our own, if Christ is in us, Christ in you is the king of your land, of your person, you see.


So both Arik Anpin and Atik Yomin is in Christ Jesus, and when Christ Jesus in us is looking up the Lord Jesus, he's Atik Yomin, and then when he's giving what he receives to you, he is Arik Anpin. Hope I got that right, is everybody okay? We're everything in Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus is the whole ball of wax, you see, he's everything, but he has to get reconnected to the Lord Jesus who is now one with the Ayn Sof, Christ Jesus in you and Christ Jesus in me, he is everything that we need for eternal life, but he has to be reconnected to the source you see.


Okay, I think we got it all, I'm showing you the ten Sefirot that came forth in Adam Kadmon, and we saw on an earlier drawing today that the world of Atzilut is brought forth from Adam Kadmon's Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, and at this stage of the creation, the other three worlds don't exist. We're looking at pre-Genesis here, pre-Genesis, or Genesis, I'm not really sure at the moment. We're looking at pre-Genesis probably, I'm not going to make an issue out of that because I have to think about that. Is there anybody that doesn't understand or has a question about this drawing? We're talking about the formation of the five worlds. See there are people, there are human beings walking around today that are missing everything, all they have is Malkhut. See, they have a physical body, and carnal mind, and they don't have anything else of God, they're completely cut off from God, they're just Malkhut, they're empty.


So these worlds have to be built into us. Every human being is a manifestation of Malkut, and the goal of the Lord Jesus, or the assignment of the Lord Jesus is to build the whole of the five worlds in every human being, that we all might be restored to the eternal life in the worlds above, and he has to do it even though we're kicking and screaming and yelling and hating him, because we're in pain. The best of us is spiritually insane. Who would not be begging for eternal life? Some of us are more insane than others. So what's the measure of that Sheila? Some of us are more self destructive than others, but we're all insane.


Okay, we'll take a picture of this. I'm going to read you a few paragraphs from these notes, and after about two or three paragraphs, I will have some comments, but these first paragraphs I have no comments on, they're just very edifying.


Okay, we're told, and I just showed you how, the circular Sefirot, Adam Kadmon and his ten Sefirot, were the beginnings of life, and our author says the first aspect of the Keter to manifest in creation in its basic form is called Nefesh, now I showed you that. Yet even within this rudimentary form, exists the personality Ruach. I'm on page 8, okay it's the third paragraph. This can be compared to the birth of a human child, is everybody okay, you got it? This can be compared to the birth of a human child. When born apparently a child has no personality whatsoever, yet is any parent knows this is most untrue, for as soon as an infant can do anything, it manifests likes and dislikes, preferences and yes, personality. In some psychological schools it is taught that a human being is born with his or her complete personality. Growing up in their eyes does not develop one's personality but rather manifests that which is already there.


So did you understand that, what's being said here, I happen to agree with that, that children are born with everything, they're born with many potentials, okay, but that personality is there, and the parents can, they know, it's possible to reinforce certain personality traits, and sort of restrict other personality is what the child is. I know someone was telling us at dinner tonight about her twin grandchildren, how different the two of them are, and each child has its very own personality. So this is the point that's being made here. Growing up does not develop one's personality, but rather manifests that which is already there. In other words, the maturation process is one of manifestation of already existent yet unrealized potential, as opposed to the creation of something new.


So this is talking about the old nature nurture theory. You know when I was in college, it was very in, the aspect of psychology that was very in was saying a child was born with a clean slate, and everything that that child becomes the parents are responsible for, but this is not true, you know, the child is born with a very real personality, and with many potentials, with many talents, talents for good, and potential for good and a potential for evil, if you see unhealthy or ungodly qualities in your child, you as a parent, you have the opportunity to discourage them, and to pray for the child, and pray about them, but that root is there, see.


So we can make the, we can, when we look at the child, we can help them to grow up to be the best that they could be by discouraging ungodly tendencies, but we cannot make them in our image, and we are not fully responsible for what they become. Maybe we could look back and say, well maybe I could have done this, or maybe I could have done that, but we're not responsible for the whole thing, each child is born with a personality.


Now of course they're born with sins on the family line, you know, but so are you, so I am born with sins on the family line, the parents were born with sins of the family line too.


So all that we can do brethren, if we have a problem with our children, is to serve God to the best of our ability, there is true reaping and sowing that our grandchildren will inherit, you can give your grandchildren to whatever degree it will work for your children, when your grandchildren or great grandchildren, you can give them a great inheritance by living a life for God, and our families will inherit, depending on how severe the problem is in this lifetime. Your children could benefit in this lifetime, but certainly your grandchildren and your great grandchildren will benefit.


And you never know, you see, if you have a problem with one of your children, and you think it's severe, you just never know how severe it would have been if you weren't serving God.


You just never know, and who would want to know, you know. So you have to believe that no matter how severe the problems your child has, it would be much, much, much worse if you were not serving God. So we cannot take the whole responsibility. If you have a problem with one of your children or more than one of your children, you know you just have to know that you cannot take the full responsibility, that if you're a mother hearing this, you have to know that the father has responsibility too. If you're a father hearing this you have to know that the mother has responsibility too, and then you also have to know that the child is who he or she is, and maybe you could have worked a little harder if you had more information, but there's nothing that you could have done that would have changed that child because only God can change the roots that the child is born with.


Praise the Lord, okay, I'll read that sentence again. Growing up in their eyes does not develop one's personality but rather manifests that which is already there. In other words the maturation process is one of manifestation of already existent yet unrealized potential as opposed to the creation of something that was never there in the first place, see. We don't create our children, we can influence the way they grow, but we don't create them. We can say then that in the womb, and at birth the human child is born with the Agulim of Adam Kadmon, level of consciousness. This is the rudimentary life force, energy pregnant with a latent personality. The Agulim is the life force energy that is pregnant with a latent personality.


What that means is, is that when the infant is born, it's all animal, it's all Nefesh, but yet the roots of the personality are present and they're called potential, because the child has not really expressed itself yet, although it expresses itself pretty soon when it starts screaming, but it's called a latent personality because the child has its whole life to develop into what it's going to be.


This is the rudimentary life force energy pregnant with a latent personality, yet within moments of being born, an infant begins to manifest diversity and behavior. Yet still being an infant, the mental process of intuition and understanding have not yet come into play. When a child is in these early months, he or she is manifesting the Yosher of Adam Kadmon level of human consciousness, and the Yosher is the personality that's the Ruach, that can be likened to the linear Sefirot. The animal personality which is the life force, we are animals, our foundation is the animal nature, that's the Agulim, the spheres, and the linear Sefirot or the Ruach is the personality. Now this is according to Kabbalah, the doctrine of Christ I think has a little different definition of personality, but this is what Kabbalah says, and remember we're mature here and we can tolerate variations between doctrines without getting our nose all out of joint.


These active and passive aspects of life and consciousness exist prior to the infant ever developing a sense of self, passive aspects of life and consciousness develop before the child ever develops a sense of self. The child is born with these traits. We are what we are at birth. We have opportunities to develop in different ways, but we are what we are. Yet once a sense of self develops, one of the two forces remains dominant, that's either the Agulim or the Yosher, either the circular Sefirot or the linear Sefirot. Either the animal nature or the Ruach, the spiritual personality nature. One of the two forces remains dominant in the developing personality. That's the same thing as me saying everybody is good and evil, everybody is good and evil, but everybody has to place themselves on one end of the scale, either you're more, if you have a scale of ten, either you exist in the one to five range, which is evil, or you exist in the five to ten range, which is good.


So if you're an evil person, you have some good in you but you're still an evil person, and if you're a good person, you have some evil in you but you're still a good person. But of course good is not righteous as we know. Yet once a sense of self develops, one of the two forces remains dominant in the developing personality. Either the human soul embraces the stillness and silence of the Agulim, or it embraces the movement and vibrations of the Yosher, in actuality, the preference chosen by the infant was made much earlier than its physical birth. This choice was made at conception by the soul itself. This is when the soul chose to incarnate as either a boy or a girl.


I will tell you that I don't have an opinion on this, this concept that I hear it a lot, I hear in Kabbalah and I hear it from the occult that the incarnating soul choose whether it's a boy or a girl, chooses what family it's going to manifest in, chooses what kind of a life it's going to have. I am not convinced of that, I just, my inclination is that I have my doubts, but I'm open to correction, I have been wrong before. I've been wrong before, God only knows, that I have heard things that I didn't like and the Lord had to tell me that I was wrong and they were true. So don't read into me, I don't know whether this is true or not, I don't like the sound of it, but I really haven't heard from the Lord on that issue, and I don't have anything in its place.


You see, I don't have anything that I could say to you, well that doesn't sit right with me and this is how I believe incarnation comes to pass, I don't have any revelation on how incarnation takes place. So I have to be very quiet because you really shouldn't be, well we shouldn't be criticizing at all, but we can be critiquing and I do critique. If I believe something that I'm reading conflicts with the doctrine of Christ, I will give a critique, I will say I disagree, and I will tell you why. But if we don't have an alternative doctrine, we should not be critiquing.


The very, very best that we should do, or the very most that we should do, is what I'm doing here, and saying it doesn't sit right with me, but I'm telling you honestly, I don't have an alternative doctrine, and I've been wrong before, so I'm just going to stay neutral until such time as the Lord speaks to me about this issue. And those of us that are mature can do that. We don't have to be right okay, and we don't have to know, we don't have to get our answer immediately. We have enough knowledge and wisdom where the Lord has spoken to us clearly, you know, that we should be able to just roll with the doctrine that we don't have answers to.


The Lord wants to answer every question that we have. If the answer doesn't come right away, this is my personal revelation, if the answer does not come right away, either I am not capable of understanding it at this time, or I need information that I don't have to understand it, and either the Lord has not gotten that information into my hands or the level of study that I'm at makes me unqualified to receive the information that I need to understand the truth. In other words I have to learn something else, I have to have other lessons before I can understand the lessons that I need to understand the Lord's doctrine, or the doctrine of truth on this particular issue.


Now I've had this before the Lord for a while and he hasn't said anything to me, you know. So I have to believe that I don't have the information, because the Lord is not holding anything back from me. I have other things to learn before I can understand this particular spiritual principle. Is there anybody that's not okay with what I just said. It's okay to not know, you don't have to, well I don't want to say you don't have to know, we have to know everything, but everything in its place. As long as we're going forward, you just have to wait for that lesson to come to you.


Okay, and he says that it's natural for the girl to be passive and the male to be aggressive, and that is true in this fallen world, it is true in this fallen world with humans, but it's not always true, it's not always true in the animal world. We know that the lions or the female lions are the huntresses, a lot of females are very violent, and we know that Satan the spiritual female is very violent. So I think in most instances the human female is more passive and the human male is more aggressive, but there are all kinds of currants flowing. Some girls are very aggressive, and some men are very passive. And as I just said earlier, we can strengthen and discourage good and bad qualities, and for years, at least when I was growing up, a boy could not play with a doll, you know, there were things a boy could not do, and girls were not allowed to do things that were considered what boys could do, and it's very in in our society today to let our children do whatever they want, to let the boys wear the nail polish, if their sister has nail polish, and they want nail polish, you put it on the boys too. Years ago, you would have told your son, "no boys don't wear nail polish son".


In our society today, that's all done away with, but look at the fruit that we're bearing, look at the increase in the homosexuality, look at the problems in the marriage because of weak men and aggressive women, you see. So boys and girls, yes it's true the boys are more aggressive and the girls are more passive, but we have to reinforce a boy's manhood and a girls femininity, and that doesn't mean, I am certainly not against women going out and doing whatever they're qualified to do. You raise your children that they should be secure in their sexual role, and if your daughter wants to grow up and be a policeman, well if she can pass the test and do the job, God bless her, you know. But this blurring of the sexual roles, when the children are very young, I mean surely you know you don't want your children growing up to be a homosexual, which would be an overly aggressive woman, or an underly aggressive male. So sometimes it's necessary, this is my opinion, you don't have to agree with me, if you want to put nail polish on your boys, you go ahead and do it, but this is my opinion, that I don't think it was such a bad thing, in the days when we raised boys by saying, "No, son, nail polish is not for boys."


You know that is my opinion, you can disagree with me if you want to, that's okay. But what I do know is that I see the blurring of sexual roles in this nation, and that it's weakening our people. The Agulim aspect of the Sefirot, of Adam Kadmon, are the origins of the female form throughout creation. We are not taught much about the Agulim because it was their nature to be concealed. Well I don't think that's why Kabbalists don't know much about the Agulim, I honestly don't know, now remember the Agulim are the circular aspect of the Sefirot, and the knowledge of the circular aspect of the Sefirot is in the doctrine of Christ, see.


Now I don't know why the Kabbalists don't have a knowledge of the doctrine of Christ, it could be that they were blinded to it, but even more likely than that, I would be, well I don't know, but the second possibility is that the Lord has given them this great doctrine of the linear Sefirot and he's just bringing the doctrine of the circular Sefirot forth, in another time, from another generation. See, we as human beings, no matter how brilliant we are, we're so finite, the knowledge of God is infinite, you know, what human being could possibly contain it all?


So the doctrine of the linear Sefirot came forth as Kabbalah in its time, and the doctrine of Christ has come forth in its time, and now it's time for the weaving together of the two of them, and who knows how long this is going to take. Praise the Lord. The Agulim aspect of the Sefirot of Adam Kadmon are the origins of the female form throughout creation. We are not taught much about the Agulim because it is their nature to be concealed.


I do not believe that's the reason why the Kabbalists don't know much about it. From this we learn that it is the natural way of the female throughout creation to be more still. But you know that is not really true, you know, many animal species as I said earlier, the female is the active one, what about the queen bee, I think she just stays in the hive and drones go out and do everything. It's true in some aspects of society, but not all. What about the black widow spider that kills her mate. Well anyway, I'm not going to argue about this, from this we learn that it is the natural way of the female throughout creation to be more still, silent, and concealed form, more so than her male counterpart. Indeed all social roles and positions ascribed to men and women have their source in the higher worlds.


The roles of men and women reflect the spiritual origins of their soul. But we also know that in Christ Jesus there is no male and female, and that in Christ Jesus women have an opportunity to develop a male mind, and to develop as a spiritual male. Now for a woman to develop as a spiritual male, her female humanity and sexuality has to atrophy, you cannot, you can only go so far with a spiritual male mind and still be functioning as a sexual female. You cannot go on okay. So if you're a physical woman, and you are called to be a spiritual man, at some point, your human sexuality will have to atrophy. If you're a physical male, and you're called to be a spiritual male, well you go much further with a wife and a family if you're a physical male.


But we know, see, in our world today, we have a big issue of gender, we have women who are acting like men physically, they're lesbians. We have men who are acting like women physically, they are homosexuals, this is not of God, it's a perversion of what God is doing. It is possible for a female to have a male mind in Christ Jesus, but it's not ever acceptable to God for a physical male to have a female mind, that is never acceptable to God under any circumstances ever.


So we see that there is provision for the woman to become a man, but there is no provision in Christ for the man to go down to be a woman under any circumstances. It's considered an abomination to the Lord, and that exists on every level, even if you're a strong woman, to see anybody's strength broken, and to see them become weaker than they were, unless it's God doing it for the purpose of building Christ in you of course, it's an abomination to the Lord, to see authority broken on any level, it's a deadly thing to everybody that's affected by it.


Therefore modern secular attempts to change the rules of men and women in society, undermine the entire order of creation. While the conscious mind of men and women can become confused, our underlying spiritual pattern can never be changed. When people follow that which is modern and forget that which is latent, within they create all kinds of psychological problems that inevitably manifest as physical ailments and disease. I believe that, that a lot of disease comes repressed emotions, and mental conflicts. You want to be something, your parents are pressuring you, you want to be an artist, your parents are pressuring you to go to business school, you know. I do believe that conflicts, spiritual conflicts result in disease. But of course we see that in Christ Jesus, you can be a spiritual male, but it's not easy, it's not being easily accepted today in our society, but we know that it's a reality.


Only by one staying true to supernal patterns can one maintain a perfect state of balance and health. So of course the person writing this most likely would have a problem with my life. I'm a spiritual male, and the more male I get in my mind, the more my life as a woman atrophies.


I'm a human being, okay, I'm a human being, but my life as a woman, I don't have a husband or a family, or and my feelings, and my thoughts are all more male everyday, you see, but no one else is, how do I say this, okay, it's not a perversion, I'm not a physical woman trying to act like a man as a lesbian would, but I am in a position of male authority, but I'm still, I look like a woman, I dress like a woman, but I don't have a physical woman's life, if you can hear what I'm saying.


As it is in man below, so it is in man, which is Adam Kadmon above. Know then that this great rule, everything in one world is merely a reflection of the world above it. Everything in one world is a reflection of the world above it, and I just mentioned that tonight, that this physical world is a reflection of the etheric plane of consciousness which is above us. Therefore one can learn human biology and psychology and from the lessons learned therein extrapolate lessons about the nature and operations of the entire universe. The same holds true from our lectures about Adam Kadmon. For even though the level of Adam Kadmon is far beyond human cognition, it is still not beyond human experience.


Well we know now that in Jesus Christ, the realm of Adam Kadmon can be cognized to some degree through Jesus, our Lord and savior. While we can never understand Adam Kadmon because he is above mind, so what that means, Adam Kadmon is above mind, the Lord Jesus is above mind, we cannot understand him with our mind, we can only understand him through the spiritual experiences that he gives us, see. So we today have an opportunity to have a relationship with the unattainable, Adam Kadmon, through his partzuf, the Lord Jesus, and through experiences with the Lord Jesus. While we can never understand Adam Kadmon because he is above mind, nonetheless he is the source of mind, he is the source of intuition and of life itself.


And intuition is knowledge without the workings of your mind, knowledge that just comes to you without learning, without experience, knowledge that just seeps into your mind, that's what intuition is. Touching this level through meditation, this level of intuition, therefore essentially enables one to touch God. So that's what I was saying, the Lord Jesus, he is above mind, we cannot comprehend him with our mind, but I have learned about him a little bit over the years. I desire to learn his ways, and how he would react in every situation, and I've had the opportunity to learn a little bit and seeing how Jesus would react in certain situations has changed my whole life, because usually the way he would react, I would never even think of reacting, you see. So I'm so grateful for his being willing to give me his thoughts on a problem that I have.


I'm so grateful to be able to say to the Lord Jesus, what do you think Lord, what is your opinion, what would you do if you were down here having to face this. I'm so grateful for the privilege of being able to ask that question and for hearing an answer. I've become a much better person and my life has become much better, because he is perfect in all his ways. So we see that Jesus of Nazareth because of the sacrifice that he made of giving up his life here in the flesh, now we have the opportunity to get to know, to be able to cognize the highest realm of Keter through to whatever little baby degrees we're able to understand it, we can touch God.


You see, this writer is saying you can only touch God through meditation, but through Jesus, we don't have to go into, you see meditation is very hard, at least the kind of meditation that the Jews do, it's pretty similar to Hindu meditation, you have to empty out your mind and do exercises to get into a different realm of consciousness, everybody cannot do that. But everybody can have a relationship with Jesus.


I mean maybe one person in ten million would fail, but most people could have a relationship with Jesus. If you can get an answer to their problems, if they're really thick and carnal and they can't hear from him, but they have faith in him, the Lord will send a prophet to deliver the message to them. So we have access to the highest realms through the partzuf Jesus Christ. Now if you think I'm offending the Lord because I'm calling him a partzuf, please pray about it because I am not offending him. It is the truth, Moses we're told from what we see in the Scripture about the mount of transfiguration. Moses was a partzuf, and Elijah was a partzuf of the glory of God, or as we know it of Michael, and now Jesus, the Christ is the partzuf that's covering over the partzuf of Elijah, and the partzuf of Moses. And Jesus now, he is the chamaeleon that is fully manifesting the fullness of the glory of God of the highest realm.


So if you think that insults him, please pray about it, because it doesn't. Everything that the Lord Jesus was in the flesh has disappeared, all that there is of him is the fullness of the glory of God behind this partzuf which makes him recognizable to us, mere mortals who could never recognize God without this point of contact called Jesus the Christ.


At present, only the rare few ever succeed in touching the level of Adam Kadmon and meditation. Well that's probably true but he's come out of meditation, he's come down to the earth in the form of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ. You don't have to go into deep meditation to touch him anymore. Jesus said somebody touched me and the woman was healed, and he was just in the crowd, she touched him with her spirit brethren. Actually it wasn't even Jesus who said that, I'm not sure whether the Scripture says Jesus or not, but he said, she touched the hem of my garment. Does anybody remember what the garment of Adam Kadmon is?


Does anybody remember the clothing of Adam Kadmon? Do you remember that? Okay. The three worlds of creation, formation, and action, are the collective clothing of Adam Kadmon. So the hem of his garment would be the lowest aspect of his clothing, would be the world of action. Now I haven't looked up that Scripture, and I'm not getting up to look it up right now, but I'm telling you this by word of knowledge that that was the Adam within Jesus speaking and he was saying somebody touched the hem of my garment. The hem of his garment being the world of action. So who is the world of action? The world of action is Malkhut, Jesus the man, Jesus the physical man was the hem of the garment of Adam Kadmon who was appearing through this man.


So it was a higher source, it was Adam within the man Jesus saying, someone has touched the hem of my garment, maybe Jesus the man, felt compassion for this woman, and then the higher Adam Kadmon said, the hem of my garment, Jesus of Nazareth felt compassion for this woman, this woman touched the hem of my garment, I'm going to heal her, you see. Brethren I don't have any power to heal you, my whole power is intercessory. I see Jesus what will you do for that person, are you willing to heal them.


So for me to pray a prayer like that for you, you have touched me and I am the hem of the garment of the Lord Jesus Christ, and sometimes the Lord Jesus Christ hears me, and he says somebody touched the hem of my garment, they produced compassion in her and I'm going to heal them, and virtue will go out of me, and that person will be healed you see, the King James translation makes it sound like, someone touched the hem of Jesus' clothing or whatever you believe, maybe you believe they touched him spiritually, and virtue went out of him and Jesus was drained. No that's not what's happening.


Jesus the man had compassion on this woman, and his head Adam Kadmon, sent forth virtue that came out of Jesus of Nazareth to heal the woman. See the King James makes it sound like, well the woman touched him and she laid hold and she had the power to lay hold of his virtue and take it on her own. No that makes you a thief brethren, no that's not what happened. Jesus had mercy on her and his head sent forth virtue. Can you hear it, can you hear it, the carnal mind gets it backwards. Look at that, the King James translation gives the woman the power, puts the power in her hands to lay hold of that man and take his virtue. You can't take virtue from God, you cannot steal from God. You have to humble yourself, and ask him to give it to you, and brethren we see these same character flaws in people, we were just talking about it at dinner today, people do the same thing, they don't want to humble themselves and admit that they need help, or they don't want to humble themselves and admit that they need information, or they don't want to humble themselves and admit that they don't understand what you're talking about, so their mind tries to manipulate you into giving them what they need without them humbling themselves.


They literally, their mind, these people in this category, and some people do it some of the time but not all of the time, their mind will literally try to trick the person into giving them the information that they need without admitting that they need it. See that is the carnal mind and that's this translation of the King James. No, that's not the way it happened, you can't lay hold of Jesus and take what belongs to him. You have to, to get something from God you have to humble yourself and ask for it. You have to become powerless, you have to say, Lord Jesus I need something from you, if you don't give it to me I won't get it, and I have to humble myself, not knowing whether you'll give it to me or not, that means you have to give up your control you see, you have to give up your control and have faith that if you're asking for something decent and righteous and good, that he will refuse you no good thing, you see. You have to give up your power.


Okay. At present only the rare few ever succeed in touching the level of Adam Kadmon in meditation. Well maybe that's true, but we have Jesus, we see Jesus, you see, outside of meditation. However we are taught that the lowest aspect of Adam Kadmon, that is his Malkhut, is destined to be revealed to everyone in this our physical world, and isn't that what I just told you? That Jesus of Nazareth was Adam Kadmon's Malkhut, the hem of his garment, and he was revealed, well it's not to everyone in the physical world, but to those who saw him. Now in this next generation of Christ Jesus, Adam Kadmon will be revealed to everyone in the physical world through many sons. This is to occur with the coming of Messiah. What this means is that the vibrant force that underlies all subatomic structures, and thus forms everything in our physical universe will be exposed and subject to human examination and interaction.


What this means is that the vibrant force that underlies all subatomic structure, and thus forms everything in our physical universe will become exposed and subject to human examination and interaction, but he doesn't seem to understand, well I don't know what he understands but I don't read, there's nothing that I read here that would make me think that this teacher is telling me that this force is going to manifest in a man. Does anybody read this differently, does anybody see it? That way that this teacher is saying that this force is going to manifest in a man? It doesn't sound like that to me. The results of this, and that's interesting that he says, that this force will be subject to human examination and interaction, because I just saw a vision of Jesus standing in the midst of his disciples saying come and handle me, you know put your hands in the holes of my arms where the nails were, and he said, Come and examine me you see.


And Jesus says, Come and reason with me, come and examine me, come and hear my doctrine, come and hear my truth. We were talking about this off the tape also, that the people that the sons of God will be going to, are the people who are spiritually educated. See the people, the ministers that have the Holy Spirit, they're going to the people that are completely ignorant of God, ignorant of spiritual things, they're just going with a manifestation of the Holy Ghost of healing and deliverance. Well you don't have to know anything to come and get it, you can be illiterate and come and get it. Of course you can also be educated and come and get it, the whole point is, the only thing that you need to get the Holy Spirit is a willingness to have faith in Jesus Christ, but that's not the ministry of the sons, the ministry of the sons are going to the spiritually sophisticated.


We have to know Kabbalah, we have to know the doctrine of Christ, we have to know enough about Hinduism to be able to have an intelligent discussion with them, that will help them to choose the truth over the lie. The results of this will hardly be negative because the pure unadulterated light of Adam Kadmon is so profoundly strong that it's mere presence on earth will cause the nullification of all evil. Again there's nothing that he's saying that would make one understand that it's coming in a man, but yet I believe that he believes in Messiah. It will be the nullification of all evil.


But remember brethren it is not enough for the sons of God to use their mind to put down the manifestation of all evil. You see, he says here the nullification of all evil. I believe the sons of God, if they were manifested would have stopped what happened at the world trade center, and would bring this whole country into order. You see we wouldn't need a tragedy for the nation to become united if the sons of God were manifesting, but the problem is, once the sons of God use their mind power to nullify evil in the world, each individual still has to make their own choice. You see, we're not going back to the way it was in the garden of Eden, you see. Adam had to choose between obedience to his higher authority, and obedience to the Serpent. Of course he didn't know he was being disobedient you see. Do you understand what I'm saying? Messiah, the sons of God are not just going to come into the world and put an end to evil because then people would still be ignorant. Do you hear what I'm saying, they would still be ignorant or they would still be innocent, which ever word you want to use.


We have to learn to discern between righteousness and good and evil so that we'll never be tricked again. See, humanity is called to be a society of spiritual men with all of the wisdom of God. We are called to rule over all of the worlds. God only knows how many worlds there are or what kinds of beings are in them, we're called to be rulers of the universe, of the universes. So we cannot go back to being the naive innocence of the garden of Eden. So the sons of God may manifest and put an end to danger, maybe they will maybe they won't, I don't know that what I do know, is that when the sons of God come that they are going to individual people to strengthen the goodness and impart righteousness to the individual person so that each individual person will be able to overcome their evil inclination. And the sons of God will not be doing it for these people. I cannot do it for you.


I can counsel you, I can teach you, I can warn you, but you are the only one who can overcome the evil inclination in you. So to say that Messiah is coming to nullify all evil, I don't think I could agree with that. Because to me nullify means to just dismantle it, but I know that Messiah is not dismantling evil in me, I must dismantle it with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, he gives me the weapons, he gives me the power, he gives me the knowledge to overcome my own evil inclination. Otherwise we'll be right back where we started from, a naive person in the garden of Eden, it cannot be, it cannot be brethren, it cannot be. We're the rulers of the universe, it cannot be. Even death will cease to exist, well that's true, because the light of Adam Kadmon is too strong for it to assimilate, death will not be able to swallow up the light of Adam Kadmon. Well that's true, but there's more to it than that. Death must be overcome, see, and when every enemy is overcome, even the last enemy which is death, he will give up the creation to the father. Death has to be put underfoot.


See, you can't be someone coming out of the sky, or as the Kabbalists say, just a man coming to lay hands on you and nullify evil, because it is not enough to nullify evil, your good side must be built up in righteousness and you must be educated as to the knowledge of the beings and the things of this world and what is right and wrong, it's not enough to nullify evil.


You see, I was in old order deliverance for five years, and there were people who wanted to cast out the spirit of death and enter into eternal life. No, something has to be added to you, you see. The righteousness of Jesus Christ must be added to you, and you must become strong in him, you must become a manifestation of the righteousness of God, so that evil if it were present cannot overtake you. No, no, there has to be a change you see, there has to be a change. Evil therefore will be completely nullified along with ignorance, hardships, sufferings, and pain.


There is a secret here as to how this will happen, but I will leave that for another time, so I don't know what his position is on that. Maybe he's going to say the same thing that I just said, I don't know. Rabbi Chayyim states that the lights within Adam Kadmon are too sublime for us to understand, now those are the lights inside. We cannot understand that which is within Adam Kadmon, however the light did not stay inside of him, it emanated outside of him, from ears, his nose, his mouth, and eventually from his eyes.


Of course all of this is metaphorical language, okay, and he's saying in future lessons, we're going to study about the light of the ears, nose, mouth, and eyes of Adam Kadmon. So he's saying, we cannot understand the light or the tetragrammaton that's inside Adam Kadmon, but it is possible through metaphorical language to understand that light when it comes outside. And what is metaphorical language? Adam Kadmon does not, he's not in an animal form, he doesn't have eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, like we do, but we impute those qualities to him so that our pea brain can have a general comprehension of what we're talking about.


You see we can only relate to that which we know, we cannot relate to that which we do not know. So a metaphor is drawn, certain aspects of Adam Kadmon have been imputed to be called the ears, or the nose or the mouth, so that we can relate to the process that brought forth creation. Are there any questions or comments? We have a comment.


COMMENT: I was just thinking about a Halloween pumpkin being a counterfeit representation for lack of a better word, of the nose and the eyes, the lights coming out from Adam Kadmon.


PASTOR VITALE: That's interesting. Anybody else? Okay, I guess that's it for tonight, God bless you.




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Christ-Centered Kabbalah is a part of Living Epistles Ministries, a not for profit corporation. As such, we do not: 1. Endorse or oppose either directly or indirectly any candidate for public office. 2. Donate or contribute to any candidate's campaign. 3. Participate or engage in political fundraising events, or otherwise solicit contributions for any candidate's campaign. 4. Distribute statements for or against a particular candidate. 5. Engage in any other activity that may favor or oppose a candidate.