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Praise the Lord.  We have an unusual title to this message, so let me explain the title to you, and then I am going to read you some verses from Ezekiel 1.   I always though that the Scripture that I quoted, "and He shall not go out anymore," did I say it right from the King James translation, "and He shall go no more out."


From the King James translation, I had drawn the conclusion years ago that this Scripture meant no more incarnation, that we would live forever on the earth, but I now have a different opinion and what I believe that means at this time is that, those of us who are entering into Christ Jesus will enter into a permanent meditative state.  What does this mean?


Brethren, the Jew meditates, and the purpose of their meditation is to get closer to God and specifically to receive prophecy.  If you look at drawing #1, I have tried to draw something that will help you to understand what the Jew or the person, how am I going to explain this, because it is not just the Jew? 


Let me go back to my explanation for a minute.  I just will not finish that sentence right now.


In the past, anyone who wanted to contact God had to go in to find Him, God is within , but what is happening in Christ Jesus is that the Lord Jesus Christ who is Adam Kadmon who is at the most inner center of our being is coming out here to us, and there is going to be an open highway. 


There is one verse in the Psalms that always caught my imagination, our Alternate Translation is, "and there shall be, and a great highway shall open, there shall be a great expansion," and it just caught my spirit, but I really never knew what it meant.  Brethren, there is going to he a highway opened,  and it is no longer going to be difficult to get to the innermost place within our heart, where the Lord Jesus is, because Adam Kadmon is appearing to us as the Lord Jesus,  and it is very hard to get to Him. 


If we could get to the Lord Jesus and make a permanent connection we would stop dying,  because we are all the way out here in the World of Action, and the Lord Jesus is all the way at the most center place.  He is deeper than all of the worlds.


There are four worlds between us and the Lord Jesus.  That is why most Christians are so carnal, and the Christians who fast, the reason that they fast and pray, brethren, is to get closer to the Lord, to hear the word of the Lord.  The Christians do the same thing that the Jews do. The Jews do it because they want prophecy, they want revelation and Christians do it, I think most Christians do it, because they want a personal word for their life, or their ministry, or their family.


I do not think many Christians today are praying for prophecy or revelation, although some may be, but my understanding is that when the Jew meditates, he meditates because he wants revelation, at least the Jew that is into Kabbalah.  I do not think the secular Jew meditates.


The Jews that are into Kabbalah are specifically piercing into the depth of their being in the hopes of having an Ezekiel experience.  Ezekiel's vision in Ezekiel 1 is called the "chariot," and, according to Kabbalah, that is what you see when you get into the inner depths of your being.  The vision that Ezekiel saw represented the angelic world, the angelic world where the angels speak to the Jew who enters into that place and gives them revelation.  It is my understanding right now that all of the prophets that brought forth the great revelation, they were not just dancing around their house and one day a prophecy hit them. 


I do not know about you, but I did not know this, that for a Jew either 500 years ago or a spiritual orthodox Jew of today, because all orthodox Jews are not spiritual, but the spiritual orthodox Jew of today, to hear from God, they meditate, they have an active designed program where they sit down, and they do this, and they do that, and they do that.  It is almost a ritual, they used techniques to get in the spirit.


They use techniques to experience what we would call "being in the spirit," and according to my understanding it is very difficult for someone who is not entering in through Jesus Christ to get in the spirit, and this is what Ezekiel or at least the initial verses of Ezekiel 1 is all about.


There are barriers that you have to pierce to get into the spirit.  First, Ezekiel saw a storm, then he saw a cloud, then he saw a fire, then he saw a glow, four levels that he had to pierce through, and we see this same principle with Elijah. 


After Elijah had an encounter with Jezebel, and he was knocked down, the angle appeared to Elijah and strengthened him, and after the angel strengthened him, Elijah saw the storm, and then I think it was an earthquake, and then he saw the fire, and eventually he heard this still small voice. 


I never understood that the angel strengthened Elijah, and Elijah received the strength to pierce into the higher planes of consciousness.  The highest plane of consciousness is where the still small voice is, and that is where the Lord Jesus is or Adam Kadmon is.  You do not hear the term "meditation" in the church.   Even when a Christian fasts and prays, I do not believe they go in very deeply.  Why?  Because they are contacting the Holy Spirit.  In the Holy Spirit we have something that the Jew does not have. 


According to the books of Kabbalah, the Jews do have a Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is, according to the books that I read, the spirit of revelation.  They do not experience the Holy Spirit like the Christian experiences the Holy Spirit, and it is not the same Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit that the Christians experience is the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit that the Jew experiences is the spirit of revelation, and it is not the same thing.  The spirit of revelation is the spirit of revelation.  The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is that which was given to us without repentance, that we should have a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit.


The Jew has to train for years to be able to enter into a meditative state whereby he is close enough to God to get revelation, but I will tell you something, brethren.  There are not really many Christians around, I cannot say there are not any because I do not know, but I do not know of any Christians, well that is not true, there are Christians who receive revelation, little bits of revelation, a little bit here, a little bit there, a little bit there, but I have to tell you that  the only place that I see it coming together as a whole message is in the doctrine of Christ. 


What does it mean that Christians are getting a little bit of revelation, a little bit here and a little bit there, and a little bit there?  It means that they are not entering into the depths of the spiritual plane where revelation flows freely.  God would withhold nothing from us.  Revelation hangs in the realm of the spirit.  The only thing that is hiding it from us is the darkness of this world, and the darkness of this world is in our carnal mind.  Revelation is like fruit on a tree, there for the picking for those who get into the garden.


Let me put this to you up front because I am going around in circles here.  The whole purpose of the Jew in meditation is to get into their innermost part, to get into the linear Adam Kadmon.  Let me remind you that we out here, the personality, we are of the circular Sefirot, we are of the negative elements of the creation.  The Ayn Sof is both outside of us and inside of us.  If you recall the teaching, the Ayn Sof that is outside of us is beyond the edge of the universes.  


I do not know that much about physics, but from what I hear is that, if it were possible for a human being to make a spaceship that would travel to the edge of the universes, he could never come back home.  It is that far away, that if he came back home, it would probably be hundreds of years gone by on the earth, if he could even find the edge of the universes.  It is that far out there, and it may not even possible for a human being in a spaceship to find the edge of the universes in one lifetime. 


It is not practical for us to try to communicate with God outside of us.  The more practical way is to communicate with the God inside of us, and you may recall that the Ayn Sof, because He desires to communicate with us, penetrated the circular Sefirot in the form of a being called Adam Kadmon.  The light of the Ayn Sof pours into Adam Kadmon, and Adam Kadmon is in the midst of every human being, in his very, very center.


I have to take that back, I am sorry, Adam Kadmon is not in the midst of every human being.  He is in the midst of the Jew because of the Shekinah that was imparted to the Jew through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and He is in the midst of the Christian that Christ is grafted to.  If you meditate, and you are not a Jew that has the Shekinah still alive in you, or you are not a Christian that has Christ grafted to you, and if you go all the way into the depths of your being, who will you find?  Who will you meet up with?  Yes?




PASTOR VITALE: You meet up with nothing, which is Satan.  There is nothing there and Satan is nothing, so it is dangerous to meditate if you are not a Jew.  At this point, I am thinking that the Shekinah is not even alive in every Jew, I am thinking that.  I am not really a hundred percent sure, and if you are a Jew it is dangerous for you to meditate if you are not keeping the law, because  when you go into the spiritual realms within you, you are confronting and mixing with the negative forces.  You need a cover, you need a safety net, so if you are a natural Jew you need to be keeping the law scrupulously, or it is dangerous for you to meditate, and if you are a Christian, you better make sure that you have Christ grafted to you because the Holy Spirit is not Christ, and Christ being grafted to you is not enough. 


You have to be identifying your carnal mind, Satan and Leviathan, warring with them continuously and prevailing over them.  If you are a Christian, and you are not engaged in exposing your sin nature and warring with it to put it under Christ, if you do not have good reason to believe that your sin nature is securely under Christ, you are in danger meditating.


"Pastor Vitale, what are you talking about?  Christians do not meditate."  Brethren, when you concentrate strongly on the word of God, that is meditation.  It is a specific mediation called contemplation.  If you are staring at your Bible and looking at it and praying and saying, "Lord what does that mean?"  It is a form of meditation called contemplation or contemplating the word but, in general, Christians should not be engaging any of the meditative techniques that are associated with Hinduism.  The meditative techniques that the Jew uses is very similar to Hindu mediation. 


I still have not made my point.  What is happening in Jesus Christ today is that an end is coming to the necessity of any form of meditation.  Jesus Christ is putting an end to the necessity to go into the depths of one's spiritual being to find God.  I have heard many Christians say, "I am going to lock myself up in a room, and I am going to fast and pray until I get an answer."  That is the Christian's way of going into the depths of his being.  That is how the Christian does it.  This is being put to an end by the Lord Jesus Christ, because the Lord Jesus Christ is opening up a highway whereby He is going to be present in our minds all the time. 


Revelation 3:12, "And He shall go no more out."  Christians are invited to go into the deepest spiritual realms with safety, which Christ Jesus who is our safety net, and never depart from that state of mind.  What state of mind?  Where God speaks to you continuously.  You do not have to fast and pray to get an answer from Him.  If you are a Christian, you do not have to meditate like the Jews meditate.  The Lord talks to me in the shower, He talks to me in the road, when I am on the road, talks to me everywhere, and I talk to him everywhere.  As soon as my mind is not occupied with some necessary duty, physical or material duty in this world, He is right there talking to me, helping me, giving me revelation.


What is happening is that the church is called to become spiritual.  The New Testament talks about Peter in an open eye trance, seeing a big sheet come down from heaven, an open eye trance.  That means he was not meditating.   Meditation brings you into a trance.  You have to get into a trance.  Getting you into a trance is catapulting you into another spiritual realm. 


When David used to play his instrument when Saul was murderous towards David, and David would play his instrument, that would put Saul in a trance.  It would get him out of his carnal mind. 


Some Jews play music to get into a trance, but they know that they have to get into a trance to go inward to get this revelation.   There has been no prophecy, I think it is more than 2,000-2,500 years that there has been no prophecy.  We have a lot of Jews that are very knowledgeable spiritual men writing all kinds of wonderful books that are blessing me, and they are meditating but no new revelation.  According to the books that I have read, the reason they think, at least the authors that I have read, they think that there has been no revelation because they believe that all of Israel, that the majority of the Jews of the world have to be in the physical land of Israel for the Lord to give prophecy.  That is what they think.


As I have told you many times with the greatness of the revelation that I see in Kabbalah, there is a major element missing.  From what I have read so far anyway, and this major element is that there does not seem to be any connection between the fall and the dispersing of the Jews from their homeland, with the sins of Israel, with the sins of Adam and the sins of Israel.  They do not connect the diaspora with the sins of Israel.  If they do not connect the sins of Israel with the diaspora, that means there is no confession of sin, and with no confession of sin, there can be no repentance, and without repentance, there is no restoration. 


There is still a lot of glory in Israel, but they are missing the keys.  They lost the keys, and they cannot get them back, but my message tonight is one of good news, because they will come back.  The Scripture says that they will be grafted into their own tree, but my message to you tonight and to the church tonight, is that we are delivered from meditation, and we are called to enter into a realm of consciousness that the occult world calls, "being asleep and awake at the same time." 


We do not have to go in to the depths of our being, we do not have to put ourselves in a room and shut everybody else out and empty out our mind.  We are in a continuous place where the Lord can speak to us, or we can speak to the Lord at any moment.


This is our inheritance, a part of our inheritance in Christ Jesus, but you do not receive it automatically.  Ezekiel, in Chapter 1, experienced four barriers before he heard the voice of the Lord.  He experienced four barriers, the wind storm or the hurricane, the cloud, the fire, and the glow, and I have that on the board for you here.  I want to suggest to you tonight that each of these four barriers that Ezekiel had to pierce into before he could hear the voice of the Lord is still being taught today to Jews who desire to meditate, that they have to sit in their place, empty out their mind and expect to pierce through these four barriers before they can hear the voice of the Lord. 


I believe there is a similar teaching in Hinduism, but what is happening to the Christian today is that we are experiencing each one of these barriers over a period of time, and I can tell you this because it is happening to me.  I am having a little trouble getting this message out, please bear with me, I am going to try it again. 


Let us take the first realm.  The meditating Jew trying to pierce through from the World of Action  has to deal with the stormy wind from the north.   This World of Action that we live in is a physical world that has a shadow.  Satan is in the shadowy part of this world.  We have called it in our past studies the etheric body.  You might say we have to pass through the etheric part of our being.  The spiritual part of the physical world is the first barrier that you have to pass through. 


If you are sitting in your seat with your eyes closed trying to empty out your mind and have an experience that would last if you are really successful maybe a couple of hours, are penetrating into the spiritual plane.  The World of Action, the stormy wind from the north, and we read about that, let me just read you the Scripture from Ezekiel, it is Ezekiel 1:4, "I saw and behold a stormy wind came from the north, a great cloud and flashing fire, and a glow round about and from in the midst was the likes of the speaking silence...", that is the voice of the Lord, that is Elijah's still small voice, "In the midst of the fire." 


The term "north" always has to do with the negative forces, so the first realm or first barrier or as Kabbalah says, the first shell, that Ezekiel had to pass through, was the stormy wind that came from the north, and we are going to call that stormy wind Satan.  The meditating person only meditates sometimes for five minutes.  An hour is considered a lot, a couple of hours, you have to be a real pro to go in for a couple of hours.  I fought this stormy wind for over a year, I do not even remember how long because I did not know what was happening to me. I pierced through this first realm at least ten, more than eleven, twelve years ago, the ministry is thirteen years old.


I used to sit at my computer doing translations, because this is the means that the Lord has used to bring me into the deep realms of the spirit, doing these translations, and I would just stare at my Interlinear Text and pray and ask God for understanding, I would be contemplating on that word, and I would be tormented.


At the time, there were several people that I would call for prayer, four or five times in a night saying, "Satan is surely attacking me, because I am bringing forth this revelation," and it was Satan, but I did not realize that because I was doing this translation.  I was penetrating the stormy wind from the north and I was going inward towards the linear Sefirot where the Lord Jesus Christ was waiting to give me revelation.   In my case, the Lord Jesus was penetrating out towards me at the same time that I was penetrating in, because I started to receive revelation even before the ministry started.


You have to be fighting Satan to get revelation, but my whole point is, brethren, I do not know whether you are just under a heavy anointing, or you are not understanding this but I am  struggling here.  Listen, the way it used to be, the way it still is with the Jew, they have to go through this, they have to pierce in every time they want to hear from God.  I went through this fighting this stormy wind, being in torment every time I studied probably for a couple of years, but then once I got past this stormy wind, I am in, and I am not going out anymore.  I do not have to go through this every time I sit down and want to talk to the Lord.


Although, for years every time I sat at my computer, I would get attacked in my mind, or if I wanted to do something for the Lord, a hindrance would come my way, a disaster would come my way.  Most Christians are familiar with that, that Satan will hinder you every time you want to do something, but I am talking about revelation knowledge, deep experience, deep spiritual experience with God.  It must have been a couple of years, every time I studied I was tormented.  Actually, it went on for several years, but it does not happen to me anymore.  I do not have to deal with Satan anymore when I want to get some deep revelation.


I just sit down with my books or my study material, and I just go right in there.  Brethren the door is open.  With the meditating Jew, the door closes every time they come out.  Let us say they give it everything they got.  Let us talk about Ezekiel, we do not know how long he was meditating before he saw the chariot.  That is what the Kabbalists call it, the chariot.  I think the church calls it "Ezekiel's glorified man." 


We do not know, he may have been meditating for hours before he saw that vision.  I do not have to do that anymore.  I did not meditate for hours, I meditated for years and now I am in, and I am not going to go out anymore. 


The next barrier that Ezekiel had to pierce through was the cloud, a great cloud of fear. The fear is also associated with this great cloud.  Let me remind you that everything that we hear about and read about concerning spiritual things has both a negative and positive connotation.  Binah is the cloud, the Sefirot Binah, who is eternal life,  but in this case we are talking about barriers. 


We are not talking about Binah.  We are talking about the clouds of the negative energy.  We are talking about the clouds of the circular Sefirot that want to keep us from getting to the linear Sefirot, because when we get to the linear Sefirot we are going to marry the Lord and forever we are going to be with the Lord.


When the Jew got into the linear Sefirot, it was only temporary, however long he stayed in there.  He then withdrew, and the next time the prophet wanted revelation, he had to go through the whole meditative process again.  The Jew's meditation is a couple of hours, the Christian's meditation in my case has been years, but once I got in, I am not going out anymore.  The cloud is associated, I am told, with a lack of sensory stimuli.  What does that mean?  This cloud is the second barrier that Ezekiel had to pass through.  This is not the cloud that was with Moses in the wilderness.  The cloud that was with Moses in the wilderness was Binah.  This is Satan's cloud, all clouds are not positive. 


Every spiritual concept exists in the negative plane and in the positive plane.  What is really interesting here is that I am preaching out of my personal experience; otherwise, there would be no way that I could know this or preach this to you except that the Lord has related it to my personal experience. In my personal experience, the barriers are not in the same order that they are according to the books that I am reading. 


According to the books that I am reading, I believe they are written by Rabbis who experience meditation, but the order is different than my experience, and the Lord just told me tonight, which is the third time I have read the material for this message, but I did not realize it until tonight, that I have been experiencing this great cloud for the last ten months or so, maybe a year.  I do not even know if it is a year, for no more than a year and maybe less.


I have been before the Lord, on my face before God, asking what is wrong with me and repenting, because what I have received spiritually has no price.  You cannot put a price on what I have received spiritually, and yet I have been suffering in my emotions and in my humanity, and the problem that I have had for this last eight or ten months, maybe a year or so, is that I feel that I am cut off from all intimacy.  These are the exact words that I have given to God, that I feel that I have been cut off from being touched. 


Of course, the brethren here kiss me, and so it is not that no one is touching me physically, for years, and it is not that I am not married, because for years I was very content with the relationships that the Lord gave me, and I had intimacy in my life in relationships, not physically intimacy as a man and a woman, but there was intimacy in my relationships and in my life, and this last year or so I feel that I am just cut off from everybody, and I am not cut off from everybody.  I have rich relationships in my life, I have brethren here, I have a physical family, and God has given me friends. 


I went for five years without having anybody close by, if God forbid I was sick, I needed something.  Now I have people close by.  He has just brought everything I need into my life, but I have been walking around feeling cut off, isolated and deprived of sensory stimuli, deprived of being touched, but I am being touched.  You kiss me every time you come here, so it does not even make any sense.


I know that if I was talking to a counselor in the world, they would tell me, "Sheila, you need a man."  That would be what they would tell me, and I have had this before the Lord, crying out for months now saying, ALord, I am so sorry that this is the way I feel, after what you have done for me and after what you have given me, and I would not trade it or turn it in for anything, but yet I have this problem.  What is your answer for me?  I am hanging between heaven and earth.  I have given up the worldly intimacy. I have one child, she is in Florida.  I do not even get to see my grandchild.  The only time I feel any relief is when I am hugging and kissing my grandchild, which I see once or twice a year.


I have been dealing with a lot of condemnation for this past year, and now in response to my prayers, the Lord is explaining to me that I am passing through this great cloud where there is a lack of tactile stimulation, but it is in the spirit.  I feel like I am cut off from everybody, to the degree, I do not want anyone to misunderstand me, of course I am not cut off from you all, but the degree of intimacy that has existed in my life over the years does not exist today. 


I have never been without a certain level of, I do not know how to say this, I really do not want to get myself into any trouble here, I am lacking the level of intimacy, spiritual intimacy that I have had with people over the years.  In all my entire life, I have never been so alone, but do not take that the wrong way.  It is not that I am lonely.  I am not lonely, I am alone, it is just me and the Lord. 


In all of these years, it has never been to this degree, and it is painful, although I am doing better these last few months.  I just accepted it, because I know that I am going on with the Lord, but what a relief for me to read about it in a book that what is happening to me is that I am going through the great cloud, and I have even told you that in all my life...I have more fear, and I do not have a lot of fear, but I have more fear in my life today than I have ever had at any time in my life, which is not a lot of fear, because I used to be fearless.


I also have had a revelation that this fear that I have which, do not misunderstand me, is not severe.  It is just that I was a fearless person, now I have some fear.  I have been aware that it has definitely been associated with this isolation that I have been feeling.  I have been feeling isolated, and I know that the fear is associated with it, and here the Lord tells me tonight...I have read this account in preparation for this message three times.  I did not get it until the Lord told me tonight that I am passing through the cloud, and I want to tell you that I am very excited, because what this means to me is that when I pass through all four barriers, I am going to be fully joined to the Lord, and I am never going to come out.


This is the experience that every Christian is going to have to go through to get married to the Lord.  It is going to take a miracle.  I am very tough, but I do not know how the average person is going to do this.  That is not my problem, but my problem is to go through, my problem is to answer the call of the Lord, because He has called me now, and that is my challenge to go through now, but I want to tell you that it is a great blessing to me to find out that this is what my problem is. 


I am passing through the cloud, and I am having a lack of spiritual stimulation that I have called intimacy, a lack of a certain level of camaraderie, and that probably is because there is nobody that I know that is where I am.  I can relate to people on a variety of levels, but I do not know anybody else that is where I am, and that puts me in sort of an isolated place which is, at least, a part of the problem. 


I went through the stormy wind from the north years ago.  I mean I have not been bothered by that first barrier for a long time, and we are told, I have on the board there, that this barrier, the great cloud that is associated with fear, that is where Leviathan is joined to the Fiery Serpent.   What does that mean?  It means that as I go through that barrier, I am overcoming my marriage to Leviathan, and you know the Lord told me about ten months ago.


First He prophesied it to me that He was going to divorce me from Leviathan, and I have been in this condition since the Lord divorced me from Leviathan, so it lines right up with what I am learning from the books that the Lord has led me to.  I am cut off from Leviathan, but I am not fully married to the Lord yet, and I am feeling all of this isolation.  Also, I have on the board there, that this level of barrier is associated with the speech of Jesus Christ, and I hear the speech of Jesus Christ.  


I have also lately been hearing the thoughts of Jesus Christ.  That is the next level,  and the book that I am getting this information from is called Inner Space by Aryeh Kaplan.  The third barrier is called the flashing fire.  Oh, I did not tell you that the stormy winds associated with this world, the World of Action, Asiyah, and the great cloud is associated with Yetzirah, that is the World of Formation.  When you pierce into this world where the great cloud is, the World of Yetzirah, you will begin to hear the speech of Jesus Christ.


What is the difference between speech and thought?  The difference between speech and thought is that speech is verbalized thoughts.  I have also told you, I am having these experiences before I read about them.  I know I mentioned to you that it has been happening to me for a while now, probably since I am in this isolated place.  I am in the cloud, and you know this has been happening to me, although thoughts are associated with the next level. 


It is different for me, I am having a different experience.  It is not exactly lining up with this, but I feel, I perceive the Lord impulsing a thought towards me, but it is not words. I know that I have told you that, and it is amazing that I understand it.  It is like something right out of a science fiction magazine.  I know it is an impulse, I know it is not verbal. Do you know what verbal is?  It is not in words, but I know what He is talking about.


That is the thoughts of God.  The speech of God is when He talks in words, and He does that sometimes too.  Why, and under what circumstances does He do one and under what circumstances does He do the other?  I could not tell you at this time, but I have been hearing the speech of the Lord for a long time, and if you ask me, I would tell you I am hearing the speech of the Lord a lot longer than I have been in the fearful cloud, but hearing the thoughts of Jesus Christ is relatively new for me. 


According to Kabbalah, you hear the thoughts of Jesus Christ as you pierce into Beriah which is the World of Creation, so I guess I am pressing into the World of Creation, and we are told that the barrier that rises up as you try to press into that flashing fire, which is the barrier of the World of Creation, is that you come under conviction of sin that is a condemnation.


There have many occasions that I have been studying late at night trying to bring forth the translations of the Doctrine of Christ, and I would just stop dead in my tracks right at my desk and just start repenting, and I never understood it until now.  I would say, "Lord, why now?  Why is this spirit of repentance on me now?"  I never realized that if the Lord did not bring forth that repentance on me, I would not have been able to get the revelation, that, that repentance cleansed me to the point that I passed through barrier. 


I never related the repentance to getting the revelation of the verse.  The Lord just told me the reason my experiences are not lining up with the order of Kabbalah is that I am the example for all of you who are coming after me.


I do not know any other Christian who has had this experience.  If there is someone out there, I have not heard about them or read about their experience, that as a Christian I am experiencing all of these barriers simultaneously.   I am sorry, not all of them. Well, that is true because I was getting revelation when I pierced into the stormy wind, and I was already hearing the speech of the Lord when I pierced into the stormy wind, but as far as I know I am just experiencing the great cloud now,  and the fear now, and the conviction of sin.


I have been crying out in repentance for years, so pretty much it is all happening to me all simultaneously, or as the Lord calls each experience forth, as He gets me through in His own path.


The fourth barrier and, of course, the positive side of the condemnation is the conviction of sin.   As you press into Beriah which is the World of Creation, as you press in, Satan will try to condemn you, because what happens is that all your sins come up before you, and to get through that barrier, you have to repent.  If you do not repent, you go under condemnation.  The barrier is showing you your sins.   It is how you react to it that is either going to get you through or not get you through.


Just for the minute, getting back to the stormy wind, I was tormented in my mind and in my emotions, but I kept on going.  The torment could not stop me from going through the great cloud, and the fear has not stopped me. I have laid it all on the Lord, and I am going through. Actually, I am doing much better this last month or so than I have before, and I am going to do a lot better now after this revelation. 


Then the revelation of sin comes.  That is harder.  Most people, well especially for me, because I have always been tough, I can deal with the torment of the storm, I can deal with the isolation of the great cloud, but now sin is coming my way.  Am I going to take condemnation or am I going to repent? 


A lot of Christians when they are confronted with this level of barrier to intimacy with the Lord, their pride will choose condemnation rather than conviction.  If someone tells them in a Spirit of Christ that something that they are doing is wrong, pride will rise up.  If I am the one who is telling them, pride will rise up and say, "Sheila you just accused me of that."  Accusation is sin.  I have not accused you of anything.  If you feel condemned when sin is revealed, it is because your pride has refused to repent.  When sin is revealed, you have two choices, to be condemned or to repent.  We are all experiencing these levels simultaneously and to different degrees of intensity.


Then the fourth barrier is what Kabbalah calls the "glow," and this barrier, when we pierce through it, we enter into the World of Atzilut which is the World of Emanation, and the World of Emanation is the mind of Christ.  The Mind of Christ is identified by an ability to judge righteous judgment, to get above your emotional soul ties and desires, to protect the people that you love.   "Sheila, are you against protecting the people that you love?"  No, I am not against protecting the people that you love, but as a son of God I know that the best way you can protect the people that you love is to tell them the truth.  It is to tell them the truth.


I have been telling you for years, and I have just found... almost everything I have been teaching you, I have been finding in these books on Kabbalah which is absolutely amazing, because I never saw a book on Kabbalah until a couple of months ago.   When I expose your sins, now I just read this, well maybe a different book, because I am reading five books at the same time, that when the truth about something is exposed, you then can raise that thing up higher. I just read it in a book, this is what I am doing for you.


When I expose a hidden sin in your heart that you cannot see, if you are willing to hear the truth, that character flaw in you can be raised up and used for God's glory.  That is what this is all about.  You cannot raise somebody up to a higher spiritual realm based on lie. Eeven if you are not lying, maybe you are just blind, if you want to ascend spiritually, the path that takes you up is truth.  


If one of your children, or your husband, or your wife did something wrong, if you can come out of the mind of Christ without condemnation, just in the truth, "Yes they did something wrong," then we pray for them, and God brings the victory.


If it is you, you did something wrong, if you could just admit it, do not make excuses for yourself, just face it, I will pray for you.  We will pray together, and God will heal you, and you will ascend spiritually.  We ascend on the wings of the truth.  Lies take us downward.  You cannot mature into Christ Jesus on a lie.


The Mind of Christ is the ability to judge righteous judgment, to find the truth in every circumstance, including the truth, we have to start with the truth about you, and then the truth about the people that you love.  It gets to the point where the truth is just the truth, and because there is no condemnation in it, I do not feel any guilt telling the truth about the problems in my family or the problems of myself, because I know there is no condemnation in it, and as far as I am concerned, I am going all the way.  If I do not go all the way, it is not because I did not try, because I did not do the best that I could do.


We tell the truth and God heals and delivers and things just get better and better and better, and this is the overriding characteristic of the Mind of Christ.  He sees the truth in every given situation.  There is a truth in every conflict.  The truth might be that both parties are contributing, but there is a truth in every conflict, and frequently people relate to one another, and there is no conflict because the operation of sin is so subtle that many human beings do not even recognize that they are being sinned against, or the person that is sinning does not even know that they are doing it, but there is still a truth of that interaction. That simple word that you said, it sounded harmless, but to the man that does not judge by what he hears or sees, but the man that judges by the spirit, knows that what you said arose out of a spirit of envy, and it does not matter that you do not feel envious.


The Son of God does not judge out of what he feels, what he sees,  what he hears, or what his conscious mind thinks.  The Son of God judges on one of these inner planes.  The Son of God, his mind dwells in the World of Emanation.  If I tell you something, a truth that comes out of the World of Emanation, and you speak to me from here out of the World of Action, and say, "This cannot be because I have no awareness of it," you might as well put a knife in your own heart.  You are completely undoing what the Lord is trying to do for you with the Spirit of Truth. 


The question that you have to ask yourself is, you have a choice, do you want to believe what you carnal mind is telling you from out here in the World of Action, out here in the world that is outer darkness, it is far away from God as you can get, or do you want the truth of the Mind of Christ, where you are just one layer away from immortality? 


What do you want?  You have a choice.  Out here in the World of Action, you have the Holy Spirit, you definitely have the Holy Spirit, and you could have the spirit of revelation, but there is no eternal life out here in the World of Action.  Eternal life is in here with Adam Kadmon who is appearing to us as the Lord Jesus, and there is no way that you are going to get through the stormy wind from the north, the great cloud of fear, and the flashing fire, and this glow which I will talk to you about in a minute, with a lie.  You are not going through.  The fact that you are holding on to the lie is legal ground for Satan to lock you out of immortality.


In many instances, it is legal ground for Satan to lock you out of a physical healing, because in here with the Lord Jesus there is full healing and immortality.  It is not in the Holy Spirit.  It is not Jesus Christ out here in the World of Action.  It is His Holy Spirit, it is like He sent His finger out to help you.  It is not the whole man. 


Immortality and healing and the answer to every problem that you have, including your kids, the problems of your children  is not out here with the Holy Spirit, because if it was, your family would not have the problems that they have, and you would not have the problems that you have, and I would not have the problems that I have.  It is in here.  It is in the world that is even closer to God than the World of Emanation.  Adam Kadmon appearing to us as Jesus Christ is in direct contact with the light of the Ayn Sof, and that is where it is.  That is where your healing is, that is where immortality is, and that is where the power to get your children out of sin is. That is where it is. 


You get into this spot, and any righteous thought that you have will come to pass. Your son is in trouble, you want to get him out, it is impossible for it not to happen,  but that is not happening with the Holy Spirit out here.  It may happen with the Holy Spirit, but it is really not.  It is rare.   The truth is very important in attaining all of the promises, but this message is about meditation. 


Just in case I did not make it clear, any Christians listening to this message and manifesting, I am relating meditation to prayer and fasting in the church.  A Christian prays and fasts to get closer to God to get an answer from God, to get a miracle.  The Jew meditates. Both the Jew and the Christian are trying to get to that holy place, Adam Kadmon, the Lord Jesus, the place where the light of the Ayn Sof flows in with unlimited power, with infinite power.


There is infinite power in the inner recesses of our being.  If you are a Jew, and you have the Shekinah, or if you are a Christian and you have Christ, if you are Christian, and you do not have Christ, what you have to do is get Christ.  How do you get Christ?   You get Him through the foolishness of preaching, but you have to humble yourself, James says, receive with meekness the engrafted word.  Why would he tell you that?  Because the pride of the Christian with the Holy Spirit does not want to believe that there is something more than the Holy Spirit.  The seed which is Christ enters into your brain through anointed teaching like this, and then it has to work its way down to implant itself, just like in human reproduction.  Does the ovum not get fertilized and then has to implant itself in the lining of the womb?  The seed of life goes into your brain, it has to travel down into your belly and graft itself to Abel.


Praise the Lord. I did want to tell you one other thing about this flashing fire. The flashing fire is the exact opposite of the great cloud.  The great cloud is sensory deprivation. That means you feel emotionally dead.  That is exactly what I was going through.  I was feeling emotionally dead, isolated, cut off from all emotions. 


The flashing fire which works with condemnation is the exact opposite.  It is an overload of sensory stimuli.  You are all emotional, you are feeling condemned, you are crying, you are very sensitive, and your feelings get hurt.


Based on my experience, which is the only thing I have to teach you from, you can go in and out of all of these barriers, Satan causing you torment in your mind and your emotions, isolation, lack of sensory stimulation, fear, overload of sensory stimulation, condemnation, over sensitivity to sin.  It is in here also in the World of Creation where you are sensitive to other people's sin.  


I have had that problem for years that I am over sensitive to other people's sin.  I have had to learn how to deal with it, because it causes me pain.  Someone sins, they do not even know what they are doing, and it like there is a knife in my heart, and I have to deal with it, because what do you say to people that do not even know what they are doing?


Again, I have received relief from these studies in Kabbalah where I have read that when you are in a meditative state...the book on Kabbalah is talking about the way the Jew meditates, sitting there in a trance.  They say the slightest noise is perceived by the person in the meditative state as a million times louder than it is.  I am relating that to my sensitivity to sin.  You do not even know you are doing it, and I am in total agony, and the way...I am still completely human, believe me, the way I react to that kind of pain, the way I used to is changing.  I am forcing it to change by the power of God.  My reaction would be to lash out.


It is just as if someone comes over and knifes you, and most people would have a reaction to strike back.   If someone comes along and punches you, most people would hit back, and everything rises up in me to attack when I feel that sin.


The Lord is delivering with understanding.  It has really helped me to understand that people do not even know what they are doing, and they are not feeling what I am feeling.  I used to think they were feeling what I was feeling, but they are not.  My biggest weapon in this area is forgiveness, and compassion, because they do not know what they are doing, or even if they know what they are doing, the answer to the problem is forgiveness and compassion, because even if they know what they are doing, they are just ignorant.


You have to be crazy to sin against someone like me, or anyone walking with God. You have to be out of your mind.  When someone sins against you, or when someone sins against me, we are supposed to be on our face praying for them.  There has to be a very not good recompense for anyone doing evil to anyone of us, and it may not happen the next day.  It may happen a year later.


Going back years ago when I did not who I was, I knew I was in God, but I did not know who I was, I went through some very bad times in employment.  I lost a lot of jobs, because wicked people were coming out of the woodwork, and at the time I was without a husband and supporting a child.  It was a very painful experience for me, and over the years I would hear about the firms that I worked for and the destruction that came upon those people.  At one point, it was really frightening me.  One man's wife got a brain tumor, his marriage was wrecked, his wife was a vegetable, he was a young man, and another woman got a spot on her lung.  I do not know whether she died or not.  Someone else died, and their only two children died.  I went through a period where I said, "Lord, is this a spirit of witchcraft on me, what is going on?"  I never prayed evil against these people.


It is not enough to pray evil against them.  You have to pray for their life, because just the fact that they are trying to hurt you is going to bring this kind of destruction on their life, so everyone that you know has evil thoughts towards you conscious or unconscious.  If you want to be a son of God, you are supposed to be forgiving their sins and praying for their life.  I tell you the truth, you have to know who you are, and if you know who you are, it makes it much more tolerable. 


It is all how you look at it.  Are you being persecuted, or are these ignorant people, is Satan rising up in these ignorant people trying to hurt you, is the glass half full, or is the glass half empty?  Who are you?  Are you a victim or are you the son of God?  Brethren, you are a walking weapon, we are walking weapons.  People that come against us get hurt, do not be deceived because it does not happen the next day.  Pray for your enemies that you might be a son of God.


We are talking about the meditative state.  The inheritance of the Christian is to be continuously in a meditative state, a highway is being opened, a great expansion between outer darkness, the World of Action, and the innermost realm, which is beyond the four worlds.


There are four worlds, the World of Action, the World of Formation, the World of Creation and the World of Emanation, and even deeper than that is where the Lord Jesus is, Adam Kadmon.


A highway is being opened between the Lord Jesus and those of us out here in the World of Action.  Jesus was in heaven and earth at the same time, that is what this means.  He was in a continuous meditative state.   I did not know who I was, I did not do anything to get this way.   All I did was study.  The Lord told me to study, and I studied.  I had no idea who I was or what was happening to me, and I heard about people fasting and praying and locking themselves behind doors for two weeks before they heard from God.  I could not figure it out. I just said, "Hey Lord," and He said, "Yes." 


I could not figure this out, what people were doing locking themselves behind closed doors trying to hear from God.  The Lord moved me into the New Order very soon, very early.  Does that mean I am better than you?  No, it is for everybody.  This privilege is for the whole world.  What is a free gift is the power to achieve it, but you have to work it.  The power, and the privilege, and the opportunity to achieve is the free gift.  It is like a scholarship. 


If you get a scholarship into Harvard, that means you are accepted into the university, your tuition is paid, and maybe even have some spending money and room and board, but if you do not go to class and pass your exams, you are not going to get that degree, because the reason you are going to Harvard is to get the degree which will get you a job, which will give you an opportunity to express your creative potential, and perhaps make a lot of money also. 


This is the inheritance of every Christian, the privilege to pursue this experience, the power to pursue it, and the instruction is free, no tuition, but you better not be taking this course and not tithing.  I do not recommend that at all.  The course is free, but whether you have the course or you do not have the course, you have to gives tithes and free will offerings as the Lord leads you, each man according to his ability as the Lord sees it.   


Praise the Lord.  The permanent meditative state.  Do you remember in Isaiah, I think it was the Syrians, I could have the wrong people, came to the men of Judah that were sitting on the wall, and said, "We are going to huff, and we are going to puff, and we are going to blow your house down," and they went to the king, and the kind went to the prophet, Isaiah, and the prophet Isaiah went into a meditative state and heard from God, and then the prophet Isaiah went back to the king, and said, "Do not worry, the Lord is going to take care of it."  I wonder how long that all took.  I wonder how many days that all took. 


Just on the basis that the men on the wall had to go the king, who had to go to the prophet, who had to go back to the king, if you are a Christian, you have the privilege of having Christ grafted to you and to have a highway erected in you, a permanent highway that will override all of the four barriers to the ear of the Lord Jesus Christ.   Esther went in to see the king, and if he did not hold out the scepter to her she would have died. 


If we try to pass through these four barriers without the permission of the Lord, we will die spiritually.  What does it mean to try to pass through these barriers without the permission of the Lord?  What is the permission of the Lord? 


How do we know we have the permission of the Lord to attempt this?  What represents the permission of the Lord to us?  Are we under the law?  The Jew has to be under the law, that is the permission of the Lord.  You better have Christ grafted to you, and you better be sure Christ is grafted to you, or you could have some problems.  There are a lot of people, mostly men, a lot of people in the church today getting revelation that is not from God mostly with regard to the book of Revelation.  They are hurting a lot of people.  They went in and they went in without Christ.


I think I am making my point.  I have to tell you what this glow is.  We did not get up to that yet.  Revelation knowledge is in Adam Kadmon which is the Lord Jesus Christ, so that means anyone, any Christian, who has truly received revelation knowledge has connected with the Lord Jesus Christ on some level.  It does not mean he is completely connected with the Lord Jesus, because if he was completely connected with the Lord Jesus, he would have entered into immortality.


 With all of my revelation, I still have a problem with my immune system.  Revelation is much stronger in me than the rest of my being, that part of me that receives revelation has charged way ahead of the rest of me.  That is your condition also.


This ability to receive revelation is way ahead of the rest of me.  Let us just do a little review here before I give you the last element.  The barriers to union with God, the World of Action called Asiyah is the stormy wind, Satan, the World of Formation, Yetzirah, is the great cloud.  Oh, we want to do that, I have a revelation on this great cloud of Hebrews 12:1. Let us do that right now, do you have your Bible handy? 


COMMENT:   Hebrews 12:1, "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us."


PASTOR VITALE:    The King James translation makes it sound like this cloud of witnesses is a good thing, but I looked in the Interlinear Text.  It does not mean that at all. The word "witness" is the Greek word translated...I am sorry, I went into the Hebrew, and I looked up the Hebrew word that means witnesses, and there is a second Hebrew word with the same consonance, just one vowel off, one dot, one little dot off, one word has three dots for a vowel and the other word has two dots for a vowel.  It could have easily been a mistake from the scribe, or whoever was doing the translation, just drew the conclusion that in this translation the word had to be witnesses, but I say, "No, the other word applies."  The word that means "within."


Paul was talking about the cloud within, and he is saying, "Let us pierce through this great cloud within, let us put aside every weight of sin, because you cannot pass through with sin, put your sin away, and let us pass through the cloud, and get on with getting closer to God, let us run this race."  The race is from the World of Action into Adam Kadmon, who is appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus Christ.  "Let us go on to immortality." That is what Paul was saying.


This King James translation, I am going to put it on every tape that it is good to bring you to the Holy Spirit, it is good for reconciliation, it talks about faith in Jesus Christ, but I have been telling you for years, Satan will let you go as far as she knows she cannot stop you.  If you are going to take that step into faith in Jesus Christ, she cannot stop you. 


She will say, "Okay, but I will stop you at the next step.  You got as far as being reconciled, okay, but I will stop you right here."


That New Testament is completely emasculated, it is completely castrated, any spiritual growth beyond the basic reconciliation.  Praise the Lord.


The second barrier is the World of Formation, Yetzirah, that is the great cloud representing Leviathan's union with the Fiery Serpent.  Remember the Fiery Serpent, every man born of a woman has a Fiery Serpent.  That is the core of our being.  Leviathan exists on a deeper plane.  Leviathan exists here in the World of Formation and is connected to us.   The Fiery Serpent is out here in the World of Action in the individual.  Leviathan is in the World of Formation attached to all of the Fiery Serpents in the World of Action.  We have to be divorced from Leviathan, and when we are divorced from Leviathan, we will experience a lack of sensory stimuli.  That is why I have been feeling so isolated.  Fear is associated with that isolation. 


The third barrier is the World of Creation, Beriah, and that is associated with flashing fire or lightning and condemnation, and this, the power to...and, of course, the flashing fire is an overload of sensual stimulation, an overload.  You will be over sensitive, you will be feeling other people's sins, and as I told you off the tape... let me put this on the tape, it is really important, when you get this sensitive, you start feeling other people's,  not only feeling it but experiencing in your mind and in your emotions other people's sin. 


Listen brethren, condemnation is sin, so if someone is feeling condemnation that is sin and it will register in your heart center.  I want to put this testimony on the tape that I gave you earlier that was not recorded.   I stopped off to say hello to somebody a couple of days ago, and they were talking to another person.  I interfered, I said, "Excuse me," and I just wanted to say hello to the person and I left, and for two days I was being attacked with condemnation in my mind and in my emotions that I should not have interfered with that other conversation. 


I rebuked the condemnation, I would not receive it, but it would not go away. Then today I ran into the woman that I had said hello to, the woman that I interfered with her conversation to say hello to her, and she came to me and said, "Sheila I am so sorry that I did not talk to you longer because I was talking to that other person, did I hurt your feelings?"  It was her condemnation, and it was not even true.  She did not hurt me, she talked to me for a long time while that poor guy was just standing there.  She was feeling condemnation that she had mistreated me, and it was registering in my mind and my heart as condemnation that I should not have interfered in that conversation.


You become very spiritually sensitive when you pierce through into the World of Creation.  Also, remember that the Ayn Sof is absolute unity, absolute unity, He is one, and everyone that passes, He is not even a He, it is the Ayn Sof..  "It" is absolute unity, and everyone that attains to that level...Jesus Christ has attained to that level, Jesus Christ is flowing in absolute unity with the Ayn Sof.  There is no longer any difference.  That means as we ascend spiritually, it is not really an ascension, it is a piercing inward.  We are becoming one with the whole human race.  The more we pierce in, the closer we get to the Ayn Sof, the more we enter into unity.  The division is out here in the World of Action.  This is the age, this is the divided age out here in the World of Action.  As we go in, we go closer and closer to absolute unity. 


I just experience the feelings and the thoughts of people that I have contact with.  I think if I experienced the thoughts and feelings of the whole world, it will kill me, I would go insane at least at this level.  Did Jesus experience the thoughts and feelings of the whole world at one time?  I do not know. 


In my experience, I have to know the person, but we are going inward, we are headed  towards absolute unity.  The division decreases as we go in.  This is why I have knowledge of you frequently.  I do not know everything that is in your thoughts, but I know a lot of your thoughts and sometimes I know things about you that you do not even know, because I, you might say, I am in there in your mind.  I am on the level of mind where we are one, and I may be on a level of mind with you where we are one and you are not even in there, because you are all living out here in the World of Action, but that does not mean that you do not exist on an inner level.


Everyone exists on the subconscious level, and on the unconscious level.  If you never look in, if all of the time you are looking out, and you are not looking in towards the subconscious and the unconscious level, it does not mean you do not have a subconscious and unconscious level, but if I am hanging out here in the World of Creation, I can know what is going on, on your subconscious and unconscious level when you do not, because I am in but you are out.


That is just like saying, God forbid, you have got some disease in your body, and you do not know what is in there so long as it does not bother you, but you put an x-ray machine on you, and that will show you that it is there. 


The fourth barrier, the World of Emanation called Atzilut.  Ezekiel calls it a glow, and I am told in the books of Kabbalah that this glow is a semi-permeable barrier.  I am suggesting to you that it is Cain and Abel, what we have called a maidenhead when we did the study in Jonah. 


That is this last barrier over here, just before you get to the Lord Jesus, Adam Kadmon, and that is the barrier that will keep you out of the mind of Christ.  You may remember the teachings that Cain lays over Abel, and Cain is the maidenhead that stops Abel in us, Abel in the person who is going inward.  I am connecting with Adam Kadmon or the Lord Jesus. 


It is interesting, the Kabbalistic view of the function of this semi-permeable barrier, I must strongly disagree with.  No matter how much revelation knowledge that you have, when you hit a point that you have no revelation, you are as ignorant as the next person, and I see that the... unless you know it is just not in the books.  Maybe there are Kabbalists that have this revelation, maybe it is all oral, it has not been written down, I do not know, but what I read in the books is that there is a total lack of revelation that relates the present condition of the world and of Israel to sin.


The explanation in the book, Inner Space, of this glow is that the...what does this mean, a semi-permeable barrier?  It means that light goes both in and comes out, goes both ways, and it is like a filter.  Certain filtered amounts of light go in and come out, so that means the light from Adam Kadmon which is the Lord Jesus is coming into this World of Emanation, and also we who are meditating are pressing into this World of Emanation, and the Kabbalistic explanation of Aryeh Kaplan is that...(End of Tape 1)


Tape 2


I see that Aryeh Kaplan is really quoting Isaac Luria who they call the great Ari.  Ari means lion. The great Isaac Luria teaches that this barrier, this semi-permeable barrier, is the means of nourishing the realm of evil.  It is also the means through which the sparks of holiness embedded  down here are set free and are allowed to return to their source.  It is really talking about Cain and Abel.  Abel is the spark of holiness, remember?  He is the holy seed. 


Abel is the spark of holiness that is trapped down here, and Abel has to go through that barrier to join with the Lord Jesus to be restored, but I do not believe that, that barrier is the means of nourishing the world of evil.  That barrier is there to stop the spark of holiness from going back to its first estate.


The great Isaac Luria, I am telling you, this is true of every great teacher, of every teacher great and small.  Where your mind is illuminated by the Spirit of Christ, you can have great revelation, and if the Spirit of Christ is not illuminating you, you are off, you are off.  Praise the Lord.


Down on the bottom of the board, this is drawing #1, I just have, what did I do here?  The World of Action is associated with the Holy Spirit, the World of Formation is Yetzirah and is associated with the speech of God.  Some Christians hear audible voices.  It does not have to be an audible voice.  The speech of God does not have to be an audible voice.  The speech of God could be thoughts in your mind, speech is thoughts.  We are running into a problem here because, I am telling you that the World of Creation is the thoughts of God, but according to...you have to understand that we have one definition, the vernacular here on the way we speak English, and Kabbalah has another definition. 


To me, until I learned this, that a thought is a unity...let me explain that to you. Maybe I did not explain that before.  According to Kabbalah, thought is a unity, it is non-verbalized, it is non-verbal, thought is non-verbal.   How could you learn from a non-verbal thought?  I personally do not know how to have a non-verbal thought.  


Non-verbal thought can only come to us through the channel of understanding, and understanding takes that non-verbal thought and breaks it down into individual ideas.  You are all looking at me, hold on, let me try again.  It is as if you had a package, a box came in the mail today, or the other day, it was a box that had three volumes, the books that I ordered, but when I looked at the box, it was just one box, and I did not know what was in there, although I suspected what was in there. I did not know what the books looked like, I did not know what the books said, but I knew that it was three volumes of books, but all I could see was the one box, and I had no more knowledge than that. 


That is what thought is, and for us to understand it, it has to be broken down into individual ideas, so I opened up that box and I found three books, three books that I was able to open and to read, so that unity of thought, I could not do anything with it until I broke it down into what Kabbalah calls speech.  Speech is the thought broken down into separate ideas.   According to Kabbalah, that is the definition of speech and thought. 


Speech is the idea that the thought is broken down into... but now let us come back to English, let us use the English definitions here. 


I want to say to you that the speech of God is not necessarily an audible voice. It is possible to hear somebody's thoughts.  There is a difference between hearing an audible voice in the spirit and hearing thoughts.  Sometimes one word or several words mean different things in different...they could be the same language in different areas of the country.  It is called the vernacular or the idiom.  In other words, I think in Australia, the name "Sheila" is just a general name for woman.  If you go to the ladies room in Australia, on the ladies room door it says "Sheila."  It is called the vernacular or the idiom. 


We see we are talking right now about the words thought and speech, and I have on the board with drawing #2 what these two words mean in Kabbalah, what these two words mean in the English idiom, and what these two words mean spiritually speaking as we study spiritual things.


According to Kabbalah, thought is a unified non-verbal whole unfolded. That box that I told you about, it exists but you really do not know what is in it.  Example: the Doctrine of Christ, thought,  what does that mean?  We preached the Doctrine of Christ here for years. The Doctrine of Christ is a unified, non-verbal whole.  Of course, the Doctrine of Christ is verbal, this is just my example.  I do not know how to give you an example of a non-verbal thought, but I will give you an example of a unified whole which is the Doctrine of Christ. 


Speech concerning the Doctrine of Christ, speech is thoughts or thought unfolded into ideas.  The Doctrine of Christ unfolds into many sub-doctrines.  Jesus will end reincarnation.  I could preach for an hour on that.  Cain must divorce Leviathan.  Satan will be boiled.  Christ Jesus is the high priest that will consume Leviathan.  All of these ideas unfold from the unified whole called the Doctrine of Christ.  Is there anybody who does not understand this?  Do you understand?


The same two words in the English idiom, if I talk to you in conversational English, to me the word "thought" means ideas.  These are my thoughts, let me tell you what my thoughts are on this issue.  Thought means ideas.  Speech is spoken language.  I am going to speak out my thoughts to you, that is the English idiom, but coming from a spiritual point of view, thought means motive, the thoughts or the intents of your heart, motives. 


Speech, unspoken verbal ideas, how could it be verbal if it is unspoken?  Because it is spoken in the spirit.  Spiritual speech is what you hear coming out of my mouth now, verbal speech, spiritual speech, you can hear that in the spirit.  Spiritual speech which is the verbal idea, that means a pronounced idea, an idea that is pronounced in words can be heard by someone whose consciousness abides in the World of Creation. 


That is why I hear thoughts, not all the time, but I hear a lot of thoughts.  I usually hear the thoughts under two circumstances, if sin is manifesting in someone that I am near, or if they are in some kind of distress.  I can hear the thoughts or the motives or the intents of your heart, when the Lord opens my ears. I do not have any control over it.


Spiritual thought, that was spiritual speech can be heard by someone whose consciousness is in the World of Creation, spiritual thought which its motives are not heard.  Motives are discerned.  Motives are non-verbal.   Motives can be discerned by someone whose consciousness is in the World of Emanation.


I can discern sin in your hearts.  I do not hear any words, I do not hear any audible speech, it is a knowing, a knowing.   Thoughts or intents of your heart are discerned from the World of Emanation where the mind of Christ is.  I was running into a little problem with my exhortation before I put this on the board, because the word "thought and speech" mean one thing in Kabbalah, and they mean something else in my everyday conversation with you, and when I talk to you about spiritual things.  Therefore, I put this in the board for you.  Are there any questions about this? 


After this I am just going to read the last couple of lines from drawing #1, and we are going to close because it is pretty late here, and I am losing you all anyway, so are there any questions on this board?  No? 


I was telling you, or I was reading from the lower left-hand corner of drawing #1, and I was saying that the World of Creation, Beriah, is the thoughts of God, and that I just explained to you is the non-verbal.  It does not come forth in the thoughts that sound like words. It is just an impulse, the thoughts of God, and the World of Emanation, Atzilut, is the mind of Christ which discerns the intents and the motives of your heart and judges righteous judgment.


The fifth world, which is sometimes called the fifth world, is Adam Kadmon, where the speaking silence is and, of course, Adam Kadmon is appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus in that innermost place where Elijah heard that still small voice.  It is called the "speaking silence" which is the Word of God, the speaking silence.


The Hebrew word for speaking silence is Chashmal, and that is the word that is translated as "amber" in Ezekiel 1.   We are told that this Hebrew word was chosen because it seemed to have something to do with a power that radiates.  It is also associated with the color amber, but in reality that is not why the word Chashmal was chosen.  When you break down this Hebrew Chashmal in a deeper level, it really says, "the speaking silence," and this is very interesting, because we are told that when you get into this really deep meditative state, you can hear color, and see sound. 


Does anybody know how you could hear color and see sound?  Both color and sound are vibrations.  They vibrate, and every level of vibration has associated with it a sound and a color.  Technically speaking, you can see sound if you can see a sound wave.  If you have a machine that can identify a sound wave for you, you can see sound, and if you know how to recognize a particular color associated with a certain level of vibration, and every level of vibration has a sound, so let us say, you are in a laboratory, and you have the ability to flash the color yellow. In order for a color yellow to appear, there has to be a vibration. 


Everything is vibrating in this world. There is a particular level of vibration that is associated with the color yellow, and if you have the right equipment, you can hear the sound that is associated with that vibration, because every vibration has a sound.  You may not be able to hear it with a human ear, but every level of vibration has a sound. 


Once you identify a particular level of vibration with a color, if ever you should be able, let us say you could not see, you were blindfolded, but you heard that sound, you would know that it was the color yellow.  We are told that when you get into this deepest place, the place where Adam Kadmon is or the Lord Jesus Christ is, you are so aware of vibration and sound waves and colors that you can identify all of these things.


The place that the person who is meditating wants to attain to, that innermost section where the Lord Jesus is, or Adam Kadmon is, is the place called "nothingness," and remember there is a difference between nothing and nothingness.  Nothing means "of no value."  Satan is nothing, she has no value.  Nothingness is the term we use to describe the Ayn Sof, because the Ayn Sof is so high.  It is so high that it is so beyond anything that we relate to, we cannot comprehend it on any level; therefore, to us it is nothing.


There are, I am told, and I had a salesman come into my house once and show me all the bugs in my mattress, scared me half to death,  but I am told that there are entities, or whatever they are, insects, I do not even know how to describe them, everywhere.  If you have a strong enough magnifying glass, there are just, there is life everywhere, there are bugs in the carpet, there is bacteria on our flesh.  There are these bugs everywhere, but we cannot see them, so as far as we are concerned, they do not exist.  That means they are nothingness, they are there, but they are so beyond our comprehension that they are called nothingness, so the Ayn Sof is called nothingness.


The goal of meditation is to get into that deepest place where the Lord Jesus is, and where the Lord Jesus is, that is where the Ayn Sof is, and the Ayn Sof is nothingness.  We are trying to get into a place, or the person who is meditating is trying to get into a place where the only thing that he is aware of is the nothingness.  That means he wants to lock out of his mind everything to do with this world, and the question is, what does nothingness look like?  What does that mean?    The Hebrew person who is meditating, they focus on the Hebrew letter, they want to get to the point where everything is so locked out of their mind that their whole field of vision is only the Hebrew letter that they are meditating on.  Nothing else comes in.


I want to give you a very exciting testimony.  Remember, this is very hard, very few Jews that meditate can do this and, of course, the Hindus meditate in a similar way, but I am trying to keep this a Judeo-Christian message.  Can you imagine how hard that would be to close your eyes, lock out every sound, every thought, you have to go through all these four barriers, so that there is nothing that you are aware of, nothing that you are hearing, seeing?  You are aware of nothing except this one Hebrew letter which is filling up the whole plane of your mind.  This takes a tremendous discipline of mind, and we are told that when the Jew gets to that point,  he receives revelation.  


Several years ago, I was having a problem that I could not identify. The manifestations in my life were very distressing to me, and I cried out to God to help me, somebody prayed for me, I asked someone to pray for me, and at the end of that prayer I saw, in the spirit, this Hebrew letter come into my whole spiritual vision, my whole spiritual vision filled up with the Hebrew letter resh, and I knew that the Hebrew resh was the letter that signifies the captain of the host. I knew it meant Jesus, because resh means head, and that Hebrew letter filled up my whole spiritual vision, and I knew that it meant that He was coming to save me from this very difficult situation.


It happened to me one time, and now years later I read about it in this book, and I realized what happened to me.  What happened to me is because I have Christ, because I have the privilege of having Christ grafted to me, and I do not have to do what the Jew does.  I do not have to spend hours getting into this meditative state, if I could possibly achieve it.  Personally, I do not think I could achieve it, but the Lord Jesus Christ did it for me.


I cried out to Jesus for help, and I reached that place where everything was blocked out of my mind except the Hebrew letter resh, and Jesus did all the work.  I did not even know what had happened.


I remember saying, "Oh look at that, I see the Hebrew letter resh, I wonder what that means?"  In all of my naivety, I experienced something that probably most Jews would give their eye teeth to experience.  I went all the way into the deepest place, because Jesus Christ took me there in response to my heart-felt prayer and deliver me, He did.  The deliverance fell the next day.  What am I telling you?  Again, that is the whole intent of this message.  We are going to have the experiences that the meditative Jew who is keeping the law in every way that he can, is seeking with all of his heart, we are going to have these experiences without all of that work, without all of that difficulty, that so few people could even attain.  This is available to us in Christ Jesus.  This is an outright miracle access to the most inner place where the Ayn Sof dwells because of our relationship with Jesus Christ. 


We are talking about Ezekiel's experience.  He is trying to get to a level of nothingness where everything is tuned out but the image he wants to see.  I did not have to do anything to do that.  Ezekiel  had to pass through the four distinct barriers in order to do that, and now he finally gets in there, and the experience that he is having is that he is experiencing speech and silence at the same time.  What does that mean?  The verbal and the non-verbal parts of his mind are experiencing different things simultaneously.  The verbal and the non-verbal parts of his mind, that is the unconscious and the subconscious part of his mind, are experiencing different things simultaneously.


That is no small feat. In addition, he is seeing something that looks like a speaking silence. What looks like a speaking silence is that he is experiencing something, but it is not with his eyes.


It is my understanding from my studies that this amber color, xxxasgill, is the color of silence, and what that really means is that Ezekiel had an experience, a spiritual experience which was a very advanced level of what is called synesthesia.  This is one of the common phenomena in a very deep meditative state where a person will actually smell or hear colors, smell colors or hear colors or see sounds, and it is interesting because we were talking about this the other day. 


I do not know whether I had it on a tape or not, but we were talking about the Word of Knowledge that comes through smell.  I told you that once I was praying for a woman, and I got this strong whiff of alcohol, and I knew that her problem was alcoholism.  She could not tell me. She came up and asked for deliverance from witchcraft, I do not know...she just could not tell me what was wrong, and I got this strong whiff of alcohol.  I said to her, "Is your problem alcoholism?"  Her whole face fell.


That means, and I have heard of other Christians having that kind of a Word of Knowledge, and I knew that it came from the brain, and it came from the highest Sefirah, Keter, but now when we get some more information to experience this, you have to pass into the deepest meditative state.  Once again, I was having an experience with my eyes wide open when I was praying for this woman, that the Jew has to go through hours of meditation to get to.  Not only does he have to go through hours of meditation, but when he experiences this, he is sitting in his chair, or wherever he is meditating, he is not out there talking, consciously communicating with people. 


We are receiving, those of us that pass through the barriers and join with the Lord Jesus Christ, we are receiving the benefits of the deep meditative state while our eyes are open, and we are walking around and talking to people and praying for people.  We are going way beyond in our spiritual experiences.  We are invited to go way beyond the experience of the meditating Jew, because the meditating Jew goes in and goes out, and he has to go inward to have his experiences, and all of his experiences are in this small little place within his mind. 


Jesus Christ was the first one to have these experiences in an outward expression, and He used it to heal people, and deliver people, and break the chains of bondage on the people.


The permanent meditative state, "And he shall no more go out,"  does not say "you." The King James translation says, "And he shall no more go out."  Christ Jesus in you shall no more go out, He is going to stay in that meditative state.  This experience of hearing what is usually seen was experienced by the Hebrew people in Exodus 20:15.  The people actually saw what it normally heard, and that suggests the high spiritual...that they entered into a deep meditative state through their communication with the Lord. 


XXXXX is going to read Exodus 20, I think it is maybe 16 in the King James, XXXXX.  That was Exodus 20:18, XXXXX will read it now.  "And all of the people saw the thunderings and the lightnings and the noise of the trumpet...," so they saw the thunderings, and they saw the noise.  "And the mountains smoking, and when the people saw it, they removed and stood afar off."  


I am not going to do the whole verse.  The whole point here is that when you get into this deep, deep place of communion with Adam Kadmon or the Lord Jesus,  you see sound.  That is the sign that you are so high up, and this is called "the vision of nothingness."  Remember, not "nothing," but "nothingness," that which cannot be perceived by the common man.  When we enter into the depths of our spirituality, there is nothingness which is the Ayn Sof, which is then perceived in the color of silence.


Once again, the color of silence is talking about a vibration, a level of vibration that can appear as a color.  I want to say that one more time, because I do not think you got it.  The goal of deep meditation is to get into the place where the Ayn Sof is, because that is where the miracles are,  and when you get in there, the question is, what do you see?  When you get into this deep place where the miracles take place, what do you see?  You see the nothingness, you see what you cannot comprehend, what you cannot comprehend when you are out here, so when you get in there, what does the nothingness look like?  It appears as a color or a vibration.


You experience things that you do not experience out here.  Even the angels, and I believe there are angels.  I still am not fully satisfied with all of this talk about angels, but we did have a message, The Archangels and the Family of God, and I do believe that each of the Sefirot is an angel, or an archangel in its own right, and that is as far as I have gotten so far. 


As far as the angels of God, I believe there are many entities that exist in the different planes of consciousness, but the angels, even the angels, brethren, people who see angels, are seeing an illusion.  Each of the Sefirot, being an angel or an archangel, does not have wings and a white gown and blonde hair.  They may appear to some people in that form, because our finite mind needs to see heavenly beings in our own image, but the truth is they do not have any form in the World of Emanation and in the World of Creation.  They do not have any form, they are breath.  They do not take up any time or space, they do not have any form. 


As they get closer and closer to the World of Action, they take on form because we humans cannot cope with anything else.  They are pure consciousness, the Sefirot are pure consciousness.  They do not have any form.  They take on a form because we need it to relate to them, and their whole goal is to relate to man.  They want to bring heaven down to earth.  They want what goes on in this planet and the individual human being to be an exact replica or reflection on what goes on in the higher realms. 


The household of God, the family of God, is seeking to communicate with us, to join with us, and to form us into the image of the heavenly beings.  They want a relationship with us. The problem is that the evil inclination that is in mankind has taken over humanity in the best of people.  How do I know that?  We die.  


I guess that is really it for tonight, are there any questions or comments?  This is a very exciting message, let us just hope I got it across to you. 


You are all just sitting there looking stunned.  I accept the fact more and more everyday that the depth of the messages that come forth just really stuns the minds of the people that I am talking to.  Even at your lawn party the other day, one of the visitors said to me that her mind was just... her head was just throbbing from, and I was just talking for about ten or fifteen minutes.  I guess these words are the sting of the locust that is killing your carnal mind.  I am going to let you go, it is very late.  Are there any questions or comments here? 


I just want to thank you Lord for this excellent message.  I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to enter into a permanent meditative state which means all of the power that is available in the innermost recesses of our being where the Ayn Sof is, there is power to receive revelation, power to receive healing, power to enter into eternal life, power to do creative miracles on the flesh of human beings.  All of that power that is in the innermost recesses is coming here to the World of Action through this great highway that you are opening through the Lord Jesus Christ, that we should have the power to do good works, to do cures and cast out devils, and creative miracles and alleviate and relieve the poor and suffering of this world.  I thank you for that Lord, and I look forward to the day that, that ministry comes here, because we have been involved in deep teaching for thirteen years now Lord, and we are waiting.  We have been pushing in for thirteen years, we have been pushing into the nothingness, and when we get to the nothingness, then we have to turn around and come back out.


One of the prophets said something along those lines. He said, saviors will rise up on Mount Zion or come forth from Mount Zion.  You have to get to Mount Zion before you come back and help the people.  We have been working very hard, pressing into that eternal place, and when we get there, we are going to fill ourselves up with what is there, and we are going to come back out to help the rest of the people, and this honor has been given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  For that, we thank you Lord. 


This is a subsequent meeting to everything that was previously preached on this tape. I felt that I had not adequately dealt with the issue of the glow, so I made some notes to add to this message, and I think while I am at it I just want to make a couple of further comments concerning the fire. 


Remember, Ezekiel had four barriers to pass through before he attained unto the ultimate meditative state.  He had to pass through the storm of which we said is Satan, and all of the interferences and the what some call "the reveries," just the thoughts of this world.  The second barrier was the great cloud which the Lord has revealed to be a lack of sensation, and I have personally experienced it to be a lack of emotional stimulus, and the third wall or barrier that Ezekiel had to pass through was the fire.  The Hebrew word indicates a fire that enfolds itself, a fire that keeps coming back, coming back to the source in a circular motion.  The fourth barrier is this glow coming forth from the fire.


I did indicate that the fire had to do with the repentance that came forth, and I did experience that.  I have experienced that over the years when I studied to do the translations which I am not really doing these days, now that we are studying Kabbalah, but for years I brought forth translations concerning the Doctrine of Christ where I spent hours studying the Interlinear Text, just peering into the text and asking the Lord to help me to understand it. 


Many times when I was engaged in that activity, a repentance would just come upon me that would cause me to stop from my studies and just turn to the side and just cry out to God in repentance.  This is the fire.  I do not think I made that clear on the earlier parts of this message, that this is the fruit of the fire.  This repentance that comes forth is the fruit of the spiritual fire of Almighty God.


Most of us are familiar with the Scripture in the New Testament that says, "Our God is a consuming fire," and that statement is found in the Old Testament also.  What we are dealing with here is, and I would like to make this point, that there are two aspects of fire.  Fire can be judgment.  In other words, the Gehenna which is translated "hell" in the New Testament, or it is one of the words translated hell, Gehenna, that signifies fire, the fires of hell. 


We see that fire coming from God can serve two purposes.  It can be a fire that will convict us and bring us to repentance, and that could be known as the Gehenna, or some Kabbalists refer to Gehenna as purgatory.  I do believe there is a purgatory, but it is in the flesh.  When we engage in that or experience that transition from a worldly sinful life into a life that is cleansed before God, all of our sins have to be dealt with. 


This is a major problem in the church today to think that you answer an altar call and say, "I am sorry Lord," and that is the end of it. That is not the end of it.  Repentance is not because God is exacting a price. 


Repentance and the judgment that follows it is the cleansing from sin, because if you want to migrate from a worldly sinful life into a spiritual life of closeness to God, you must be cleansed, so when you answer the altar call and you say, "Lord I repent," that is repentance by faith.  You have to come forward and experience the spiritual cleansing so that you can get close to God, and that spiritual cleansing is a cleansing of your mind.


Of course, it is a cleansing of your behavior if you are engaged in ungodly behavior, but that is...for God anyway, that is the easy part.  I am sure if you are a drug addict or an alcoholic, it is not such an easy thing for you, but it is easy in that you can see the sin, you can see that you are engaged in some destructive behavior that must stop. 


The difficult part of the cleansing is the cleansing of your mind, the hidden sins of your heart where you cannot see anything wrong with what you are thinking, or what you are doing, or the way you are relating to other people.  That is the hard part.  It is the fires of Gehenna that purify us, that bring forth repentance and purify us.  Also, we know that God is a positive fire, because we read in the book of Exodus that when the Lord revealed Himself to Israel, the whole mountain was wholly on fire. That is what the Scripture says. 


The mountain that God appeared in was wholly on fire, yet right after that, I am paraphrasing here, right after we read in the Scripture that the mountain was wholly on fire, we read, "And the Lord spoke out of the darkness."   If the mountain was on fire, how could there be darkness?  This is the point that I am trying to bring to you that there is a bright fire, there is a white fire, and there is a black fire.  There is black fire, that is the point that I am trying to make to you right now, and fire is just a particular expression, an expression of God's light on a particular level. It is not the fire that we see on our cooking stove.  We are talking about spiritual fire, and there is a spiritual white fire and a spiritual black fire.


You all may recall the concept of the Tzimtzum, that God is everywhere and everything, and there is nothing that He is infinite, so there is nothing that is beyond Him; therefore, in order to bring forth this creation, He had to bring it forth in the midst of Himself, and He had to bring forth an empty space in the midst of Himself, because He has no edge.  He had no end, so it is impossible to get outside of Him. 


When this empty space, this so-called empty space, was brought forth in the midst of Him, we found out that this space was not really empty.  It was just apparently empty, because there can be no area or space without God in it.  Some aspect of God has to be in it.  If God contracted Himself and withdrew Himself from this small area called the empty space, what remained in this space was a negative energy. 


You may recall on the earlier messages of "A Look At Kabbalah," when I first read in the book that there was an empty space in the midst of God, I told you that I could not receive it, that there had to be some rarified substance of God, and sure enough that was what I did read as I read on further in the books, and this is the explanation that the author is now giving. 


I am getting into this explanation because Ezekiel said he had to pass through the fire, so we are talking about fire, and we are talking about the negative and positive aspects of fire, meaning that God who was a consuming fire, depending on our present condition, can relate to us as a purifying judgmental fire, not that He can relate to us but that we can perceive Him as a black fire of negative energy. 


It is the black fire of negative energy that we have to pass through to get into the meditative state.  That is what this message is all about, we are trying to get into the meditative state.  I am going to have to put this on the board for you, because you are all looking at me.  Let me put this on the board for you.


Drawing #3 is on the board, and it is really a double drawing.  I started out by just drawing infinite Ayn Sof in four corners of our white board, and I drew a circle in the midst which is the TzimTzum, the empty space.  Remember, everything outside of the empty space is infinite, and everything within the empty space is finite in comparison to that which is outside of it, because there is nothing greater or equal to the Ayn Sof, who we call God. 


The substance inside the empty space which is called empty, because we cannot comprehend it, it is called empty because we cannot comprehend what is in it, and it is empty compared to that which is outside of it.  It can be called black fire, it can be called negative energy.  The Zohar calls it the lamp of darkness, and Isaac Luria calls this empty space the Tzimtzum.  We see that the empty space is not really empty, but it is empty from our point of view.  We cannot comprehend what is in it. 


Over here on the right, I have drawn our classic drawing at this point of the circular Sefirot being penetrated by the Adam Kadmon's circular Sefirot being penetrated by Adam Kadmon's linear Sefirot.  The circular Sefirot, that is the empty space, so this is the black light or the negative energy, and the circular Sefirot, and the light that is coming in through Adam Kadmon's linear aspect is the white light of the infinite Ayn Sof. 


We have white light.  Let me put it to you this way at first. All that we have is the white light of the Ayn Sof, and this lamp of darkness or this negative energy that came forth from within the Ayn Sof, because the Ayn Sof is not a he. It, the Ayn Sof, has no sexual connotation, neither he or she but "It."  There was nothing else but the Ayn Sof.  It brought forth from within itself a negative energy or a lamp of darkness, and that negative energy that came forth from within the Ayn Sof carved out this empty space. 


It is the exact opposite of, as if you were to shut off every light in this room, and it was pitch black, and all of a sudden we turn on a flash light, that would be white light suddenly appearing in the blackness of this room, and if you looked at the flash light, you would see the circumference of the head of the flash light. 


This is the exact opposite.  If all that there was, was the Ayn Sof, and It was white light, how could you delineate something other than the Ayn Sof in the midst of everything that is all light?  It has to come forth with a dark light.  Is anybody not following me? 


The Ayn Sof brought forth from within Itself a lamp of darkness, a negative energy and, therefore, the TzimTzum was carved out or the Tzimtzum came into existence with this negative energy, because if the energy used his white light on white light, there would not be any empty space.  There would be no difference between what was outside the circle and what was inside the circle.  Is everybody okay with that?


Over here on the right, again we see Adam Kadmon, the white light of the Ayn Sof coming into Adam Kadmon's linear aspect and as that white light penetrated into the depths in the midst of the black light which is the TzimTzum, the white light that entered into Adam Kadmon, you may recall, penetrated out into the circular Sefirot, because Adam Kadmon is a filter. 


Adam Kadmon's function is to take in the white light of the Ayn Sof, and only disperse limited quantitative. That means specifically measured amounts of white light into the empty space.  Why?  Because if too much white light poured into the empty space, it would completely consume the black light, and then we would have all white light again.  The whole purpose of the TzimTzum was that the Ayn Sof wanted to carve out an area where he could bring forth something opposite from himself, a reflection of himself. 


The Ayn Sof is infinite, and he carved out an area with the specific intention of bringing forth a finite creation that would reveal all of its attributes, mercy, glory, greatness, and peace.


As Adam Kadmon released quantified measures of the white light into the TzimTzum, we went from darkness because that black light inside the TzimTzum is night as I told you over here, and the white light coming from the Ayn Sof is day, and as Adam Kadmon released quantified amounts of white light into the black light, a mixture of black and white light came forth called evening and morning. 


Is everybody okay with this?  What Ezekiel was confronted with was the negative black light.  I just want to make it very clear. I have some definitions that I will read onto the tape.  Black light is invisible radiation, and although this is hard for the rational mind to comprehend, I think the rational mind cannot comprehend it because,  that black light can be blazing and glaringly bright. I cannot comprehend it.  The books that I am studying tell me that, in the natural, this is impossible to have a black light that is as blazing and bright as the brightest white light. 


We read in the Scripture about Jesus, that His garment shone as...I cannot really recall at the moment the word used in the Scripture, but His garments shone like bright whiteness, glittering from the brightness of His garments. 


I cannot imagine a black white being bright, so the book that I am studying from tells me that it is not possible to see a blazing and bright black light in this world, but that we can see it in meditation. The expression to describe what we see in meditation is, "to see what is behind your head."  The way I would say it, and the way I have been saying it for years is to look into the unconscious part of your mind.  That is not what is behind your physical head, because if I turn around, if I am standing facing one wall and I want to see what is behind my head, all I have to do is turn around to look at it. We are talking about inside the back, the back inside of our head, the unconscious part of our mind. 


Let me remind you that the purpose of meditation for the Jew and for everyone, there are a lot of spiritual disciplines in this world that practice meditation, we who are Christians do not practice this kind of meditation.  The whole purpose of this message is to tell you that in Christ Jesus we have access to the fruit that all of these people who are meditating are seeking, that the fruit that all of these people who are meditating are seeking for.  That is the whole point of this message.  I am not telling you to meditate. I am telling you that in Christ Jesus we are eligible to have experiences that people who meditate for years are still seeking to attain to.  Is everybody okay with that? 


I am not telling you to mediate.  I do not meditate, not by the definition of the word in our society today, or by the definition of the word in Kabbalah or Hinduism.  I do not sit down and empty out my mind.  The most that I do or have every done is to concentrate on the Word of God, on the Doctrine of Christ.


I read in this book just this morning where it says, you do not just enter into a meditative state, you do not just get prophecy. This is what I am reading in the book, the prophet does not just get prophecy.  You have to prepare yourself, you have to do exercises, you have to enter into the meditative state, it is very hard. I talk to people who meditate today, and they cannot do it for more than a couple of minutes, they cannot sit still. 


I do not do anything like that, I am active all of the time, my mind is active continuously, reading the word, thinking about the word, asking Jesus about the word, but now this is the truth of the word, this is not the parable of the word.  This is the deep spiritual meaning of the word, and I do not have to enter into a meditative state to get revelation.  Remember, the goal of the one who is meditating is to get revelation. 


Sometimes I am just walking down the street, and the Lord gives me a revelation.  I do not have to get into any particular preparation or position or place or empty out my mind to get revelation, because there is a highway that has been opened between the deepest recesses of the Christ mind.  Although, I also see into the carnal mind.  The unconscious part of the mind, and my conscious mind are now connected.  It is like a long tunnel.  I can look in the back of my mind, and I could see Satan in there, and I can also the see the Spirit of Christ in there, that is the Lord Jesus who gives me revelation. 


All you people who cannot see in the back of your mind, if you want to grow, stop arguing with me when I tell you what is in the back of your mind, because once you can see in the back of your own mind, you can see in the back of other people's minds too.  If you want to be spiritual, before you can become spiritual, you have to come to the place where you believe this, that spiritual people see past the conscious mind. 


If you cannot believe that, or you are not willing to believe that, you really cannot be spiritual, because that is what spirituality is.  The spirit is in the back of your mind, it is not in your conscious mind.


You have to decide what you want, and after you decide what you want, then you have to find out whether or not you have got it, and if you come to the conclusion that you do not have it, and the Lord has put you with someone who has it, it does not make any sense to argue with them, but you listen to what they say, you say "amen," and you go before the Lord, and you say, "Lord if it is not true, I am believing you are going to correct me, but if I do not hear from you, it is true," because you are blind, you are still blind. 


Meditation, the purpose of meditation is to get to that place in the back of your mind where the Spirit of Christ is, the one who gives revelation, but in Christ Jesus that is a doorway that is permanently open.  Some areas of the occult call it being asleep and awake at the same time.  They would call having access to the unconscious part of your mind the dream world.  There are people who are open all the time in witchcraft, they are open all the time. 


I am open all the time in Christ, and this is the heritage for every serious Christian that would seek to pursue it.  This is what the Lord wants to give you, because revelation is not only a knowledge that you could puff yourself up over. 


I have the explanation to this.  I found out that it is black, invisible light in the Tzimtzum, revelation, that open highway, that open connection between the conscious and the unconscious part of your mind means protection.  It means knowledge and wisdom for the every day applications of your life, that will save your life and ultimately lead to eternal life, to have an unbroken unhindered dialogue with God twenty-four hours a day.  How can you fail, how can you not prosper from this?


Those of us in Christ do not have to meditate like the Jew meditates, but we do have to engage in a series of studies which will open up that hallway, that connection, that highway, and a series of instructions and classes and learning principles that can go on for years that will prepare us for dealing with what we will see, and what we will experience when that door is open and permanently set ajar.  You have to learn how to deal with it, and that is what we as Christians are doing today. 


Ezekiel has these four barriers that he has to pass through, and I told you earlier on this message which I preached Thursday night, that although these four barriers that the Jew has to pass through are only very short barriers in terms of time, because the average Jew that meditates, I mean how long can he meditate? He has a life, he has a family, he has to go to work, he has a job, so maybe it will take him an hour or two or three hours to pass through these barriers, but those of us who are eligible to have this highway opened up permanently, we experience these barriers in our life. 


The meditating Jew sits still, closes his eyes and tries to get every carnal thought out of his mind and get into his unconscious part of his mind. Those of us who are eligible to have that door opened permanently, these four barriers are played out as experiences in our every day life.


In my case, each one of these barriers is lasting for years. I am facing these barriers in some cases simultaneously.  The first barrier, the storm which was Satan's chatter in my mind and emotions which attack me as I began my studies, I went through that for years, and I think at that time that was the only barrier.  I face all four barriers simultaneously.  As we get in deeper, eventually we are facing all of the barriers simultaneously on a daily basis through our life's experience, because when we penetrate, when we, the Christian, penetrate, it is a permanent penetration.  When the Jew penetrates it is a temporary penetration.


The Jew or the Hindu or whoever it is that is trying to get to the unconscious part of their mind, they get there and they come out, and we put that on the message Thursday night. That is the name of this message, "And He shall no more go out."


The fire, I am making extra comments on the fire, that is what this is all about today. The fire that Ezekiel had to pass through was not a fire as we see fire on the stove, and in particular it was a black fire.  It was a negative fire, it was a negative energy that, we are told, brought forth repentance, and I gave you a whole exhortation on how I experienced that. 


This could be very painful having to face the things that we have done wrong in every situation.  It is very painful, but once we pass through abiding in the fire, once our sins are burned away, abiding in that same fire that is causing us all this pain is the ultimate bliss and glory.  It is the same fire.  It is us, we are the ones. It is our condition that determines whether that fire hurts us or blesses us.  It is the fire of God. 


If there is sin in us, it hurts us. If you will submit to the correction, it will burn it away, and you will be in the glory. 


I did want to read you these definitions of light.  I want to point out to you that this black light, although it is finite in relationship to the Ayn Sof, it is infinite in relation to us.  Brethren, it is this black light that we know as Satan today.  This is just another way of saying the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was joined to the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil rebelled and departed from the Tree of Life.  The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the partial tree, and she is the female part of the creation. The Tree of Life is the male part of the creation.


The male part survives without the female and is whole without the female, it is whole in its righteousness, but the female is not whole, she is the partial tree.  The Tree of Life is a whole tree, whether he has his female with him or not.  The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil when she departs is a partial tree, and we preached this years ago.


This negative energy has a place in the creation.  It is a part of the evening and morning, as long as it is under the dominion of Adam Kadmon, but when that dark light departed, it became negative energy uncontrolled, known to us today as Satan.  This is where the negative energy came from.  Praise the Lord.


Let me read you some definitions here on black light. This is from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. Black light, invisible, ultraviolet and infrared radiation.  Black light is radiation.  Black light causes flourescent materials to emit visible light and is used to take pictures in the dark.  The black light itself is invisible.  It is radiation, infrared. 


Just for your information, because I said that invisible black light is invisible ultraviolet or infrared radiation, infrared is of or relating to the range of invisible radiation wavelengths from about seven and fifteen nanometers, just longer than red in the visible spectrum.  This is all technical, I am not going to go on with that, since I do not know what I am reading myself.


Radiation - the act or process of radiating, the radiation of heat and light from a burning body, from a burning body. Ultraviolet - of or relating to the range of invisible radiation wavelengths.  It has to do with the x-ray region. 


Of course light is invisible, black light that is.  Black light is invisible, because to us black is...I do not know whether it would be formally called a color or not, but it is certainly visible and more visible than white, but spiritual black light, and actually physical black light, I got this out of our dictionary, black light is invisible, so its name is misleading.  To hear the name black light is misleading.  Invisible means it has no appearance, it is imperceptible, indistinct, vague, indefinite. 


I thought you might find this very interesting. I found this in the dictionary, it is called black light trap - an insect trap that attracts a wide variety of insects by the use of a form of black light.


The negative energy of the black light attracts the insects, it attracts insects.  I found that very interesting that insects are attracted to negative energy, very, very interesting. Let me see if there is anything here I forgot to tell you.  I just mentioned again that, and I said this earlier on Thursday night, that the barrier called "fire" is in the overload of sensation.  The black light is an absence of sensation or sensory deprivation.  Black fire that glows and radiates and becomes blinding bright cannot exist in this world.  It is only in the other world, the world behind your mind.


Oh, this is interesting I wanted to tell you this.  I read in a book that I am studying that there is an ancient Hebrew saying that says, "In the ultimate future, there will be no more Gehenna, that is the fires of hell.  Rather, God will remove the sun from it's sheath, whereby the righteous will be healed and the wicked burned."  Can anyone relate that to the Doctrine of Christ?  There will be no more fires of hell but instead of that, the Lord will reveal the sun from it's sheath.  Who is the sun of this world? 




PASTOR VITALE: Satan is the sun of this negative world, but from the Lord's point of view, because the Lord does not acknowledge Satan as the sun of this world, who is the sun of this world?  In our fallen condition, who is the sun of this world?  You want to try? 


COMMENT: Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: That is true but talking about the average person, what part of the fallen human being has the potential?




PASTOR VITALE: Abel, yes, so what that said to me is that the Lord will remove the sun from it's sheath.  Does anyone not know what sheath means?  Who is Abel's sheath?  What sheath is Abel in, what is covering over Abel? 




PASTOR VITALE: Cain is Abel's sheath, absolutely, yes.  Did you want to say something?


COMMENT:   I was thinking of that Scripture, "The sun of righteousness shall arise."


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Then, of course, once that happens, when Abel, Abel will not be removed from his sheath unless and until Christ is grafted to him.  Abel in and of himself will never have...this is my understanding of the Doctrine of Christ, will never have the power to come up from under Cain's ground, under the ground that Cain buried him under.  Therefore, now this is a legitimate conclusion to draw that when Christ is grafted to Abel, Abel will rise up above Cain, he will come out of his sheath, and at that time, the wicked will be burned.  The righteous will be healed, and the wicked will be burned.


That Scripture that you just had was, "The sun of righteousness will arise with healing in his wings."  That is the rest of the Scripture.


It is when Christ in Abel, now they are one, they are going to become one, overcome Cain, the wicked will be burned.  Who is going to burned?  Who is going to burned?  Is it your next door neighbor who you do not like?  Who is going to be burned?


COMMENT: Leviathan.


PASTOR VITALE: And, the two of them.


COMMENT: The carnal mind?


PASTOR VITALE: Leviathan and Satan.  They are both going to be burned. When Satan is burned, Satan is likened to what substance? 




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, so when fire touches water, what happens, what is going to happen to Satan? 


COMMENT: Boiled.


PASTOR VITALE: He is going to be boiled and evaporated, and when the fire touches Leviathan, what is going to happen to her?  Do you want to try?


COMMENT: She is going to be cooked.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, she is going to be cooked and then what happens to her?


COMMENT: Consumed?


PASTOR VITALE: By whom         


COMMENT: The Lord Jesus Christ?                    


PASTOR VITALE: By Christ Jesus. Actually, it is the Christ Jesus in the individual where Leviathan is being cooked.  Christ Jesus in me is presently consuming Leviathan in me. The Lord Jesus Christ is doing the boiling, and this honor has Christ Jesus in me to consume the flesh of the sacrifice.  Amen.  That is so exciting, it is so exciting to see the Doctrine of Christ in Kabbalah.  Are there any questions on this issue of the fire as a barrier that Ezekiel had to penetrate?  It is a spiritual black fire in his mind. 


The Jewish prophets would sit in an isolated place trying to empty out their mind of every thought, because the ultimate goal of the prophet, or the ultimate goal of the mediator whether it is a Hebrew or a Hindu or any other disciplined person who is meditating, their goal is to see only what is in their unconscious part of their mind. That is the reason they are doing all of this, and you have to understand that when you are looking at what is out here with your visible eyes as you are looking at this room that we are in, as you are looking at your loved ones, as you are looking at your hobby that  your eyes are focused outward. 


If you want to see what is in the back of your head which is a valuable thing, why would anyone want to see what is in the back of their head?  Because the Hebrew wants revelation.  It is my understanding that a lot of people who meditate today, it may be this is true of the Hebrew too, they know that the answer to every problem of your everyday life is truly in the unconscious part of your mind.  That is the truth, whether you get it from the Spirit of Christ or whether you get if from Satan.


There is truth in this thought, or this mentality that, that which is on the level of spirit is much wiser and has much more knowledge than the smartest person down here on the earth.  Why would we not want Satan's counsel?  If Satan really is smarter than we are, and we have a problem down here, why would we not want Satan's counsel?


COMMENT:   Because it comes with sorrow?


PASTOR VITALE:   Yes, it comes with sorrow and, in particular, that sorrow comes to us because when we take Satan's counsel, whether we mean to do it or not. Whether we are aware of it or not, every time we take Satan's counsel, we are killing Christ in us.  You can only have one God in here.  Satan has many gods. There are all different kinds of names, but they are all the same spirit, so you can have hundreds and thousands and millions. 


I understand that the Hindus have thousands of gods, and that is okay, but if you are taking counsel from any one of those gods, it is going to be killing the Christ in you, and when you take your counsel from Christ, it is killing all of those other gods.


The sorrow that you experience is that which comes upon you as Christ is taken from your life.  We have a lot of people in this world seeking to meditate to eliminate, to cast out of their mind no matter how temporarily, every thought of what is called the mundane, what we call the natural life, for the specific purpose of locking out, so they meditate with their eyes closed. 


They want to lock out everything that they could see with their eyes, or hear with their ears.  They do not want to be distracted by any noise or any kind of external stimuli so that they can get into the depths of the unconscious part of their mind and hear the voice of wisdom. I hear the voice of wisdom in the shower in the morning.


I open my eyes waking up, and I hear the voice of wisdom. 


How sad, all of these   Christians that think that all that Jesus means to them is that they will be prosperous materially and maybe have some good health in this world and then die.  They do not even know what they are missing, but there is a price to pay to hear from God all the time.  You have to really die to this other stuff, and the more you die to the blessings of this world, the more that hallway or that channel is open to the unconscious part of your mind continuously.


As I have been preaching here for many years, yes you can have the good things of this life and a relationship with Christ Jesus to a certain point.  If you want to mature into Christ Jesus beyond that certain point, you have to start to die to the blessings of this world, because you cannot be in two places at once, from that point of view anyway. 


Of course, Quantum Mechanics says you can be in two places at once, but with God and from this point of view, you cannot be in two places at once, because Quantum Mechanics has to do with your spirit, and we are talking about personality.  The personality is not spirit, the personality is of the earth.  It can only be in one place at a time. 


I hope I have made this clear.  I think I may have hit it this time.  Praise the Lord.


I did want to make some further comments also on the glow, the fourth barrier which is the glow here.  I wanted to comment on that also.  The fourth barrier I told you on Thursday is, I believe to be, Cain and Abel.  The Kabbalists just call it a glow that comes out of the fire, and the Kabbalists say...at least Isaac Luria says, at least the book that I am reading quotes Isaac Luria as saying that there is a double purpose to this semi-permeable glow.  That means it can be penetrated, but it is like a filter, only so much can get through. 


On the first half, actually it was the second half, the way I have read it in this book, I agree with Isaac Luria, that is it through this cheesecloth that the sparks of life that are trapped in this world will return to their first estate, and now I know what the Book of Revelation means when Jesus warns some, I do not know what, which church He was warning, but He said, "You have fallen from your first estate."


Our first estate was union with God.  We have many, many falls in our lifetime. We all go backwards and forwards, and backwards and forwards and, hopefully, we wind up...we take five steps forward and only one step backwards, but when Jesus was talking about His first estate, He was talking about perfect union with God, which union brings us into a place of sinlessness.  That is what Jesus was talking about with His first estate.


Jesus could use that Scripture to apply it to your present situation, but the depth of the meaning of the Scripture is to be fully joined to God and out of the pains of this world.  We are talking about the glow, it is semi-permeable.  I am telling you that I am relating it to the Doctrine of Christ and saying it is Cain and Abel, and I agree that Abel has to pass through Cain and be restored to his first estate.  Isaac Luria who I have the upmost respect for, obviously we are studying his material, apparently he did not understand the side of this glow, He knows that it is negative. 


I may not have said this, the first three barriers, the storm, the great cloud are all negative, 100% negative barriers that both the one who meditates in the physical, who sits there and empties out their mind, and the one who meditates in the spiritual, that is us who are facing these barriers as an everyday part of our life. I have been going through this for years.  Those three barriers are completely negative, there is nothing good you could say about them.


The glow is both good and evil, and the good part of it is that Abel escapes, and according to the Doctrine of Christ, the bad part of it is the maidenhead over Abel that will not let him out.  We have seen Cain described in the Doctrine of Christ as the maidenhead that lays over Abel, that will not let Abel out, and also will not let the person who comes with the Doctrine of Christ through. 


Cain is the darkness on your carnal mind that will not let Christ in you understand spiritual principles. Cain, remember, is married to Leviathan.  Cain is Leviathan's agent in your mind blocking you from understanding spiritual truth, manifesting as pride and rebellion, and all forms of sin, because the truth will surely set you free.


How will the truth set you free?  Abel who is now joined to Christ will penetrate that veil of Cain, and you will have that open highway between your conscious and unconscious part of your mind, and once that happens you will never be deceived again, not by the lie in your own mind, because Satan in your own mind lies to you, or by any lie that any man would ever tell you.


Once this connection is open, Satan is finished.  She cannot lie to us anymore about anything.


Cain's function, actually Isaac Luria does not say, at least in the book that I am reading who was just quoting Isaac Luria, he does not say, what the evil's function is. All he says is that this glow is both good and evil, and as far as the evil goes, he says that it is a pathway by which the Lord can nourish the wicked.  I have to tell you that I do not agree with that.  Unless the Lord corrects me, I will stand with the Doctrine of Christ.  I believe that Isaac Luria just did not have, with all of the great revelation he had, he just did not have that revelation.


The books that I read, more and more I am reading more authors, it seems to me that the... and, of course, this may not apply to all Jews, but the Kabbalists that write up these...that study these ancient works and write up commentaries on them, at least I read in a recent book, in so many words, they do not believe a Jew has a carnal mind. They believe that the nations, and I am putting this in our own terms, have a carnal mind, but the Jew does not have a carnal mind. 


They do not see the double mindedness. They think that they are righteous because of the law, and that they do not have a carnal mind, and that is why they are stuck!  They were supposed to have what we have two thousand years ago. This is why they do not have it, because they do not think they have a carnal mind, and the church is filled with Pharisees that do not think they have a carnal mind.  They think they are going to heaven because they answered an altar call.


Even Moses was afraid to look. I read that in a commentary, Moses was afraid to look.  He did not enter in, because he was afraid to look, afraid to look at what?  The unconscious part of his mind.  He was afraid to face what was inside of him.


Once we get through these four barriers, the first three evil, and the fourth one good and evil, what we get to, Elijah called the still small voice and Ezekiel...I do not know if it is Ezekiel, but the commentaries on Ezekiel called the speaking silence a contradiction of terms, and what that means is that the two aspects of the mind, one verbal, and the other non-verbal, thought and speech, and we went through that earlier on this message also.  Thought is undifferentiated ideas, undifferentiated, and you cannot understand it until it becomes speech.  I am sorry, I am being attacked in my mind here. 


The speaking silence, the two parts of the mind, or two parts of the brain, I am not sure which it is, thought and speech, operating simultaneously.  If you have thought only, it is silence, because thought, we are told, you cannot understand it until it is rolled out and explained in speech, but I have told you that I am experiencing the thoughts of God without it being rolled out. 


I cannot explain to you exactly how it is happening, but I just know that what I experience I can only describe to you as an impulse.  It is just like an impulse, and then all of a sudden I have understanding. It is like a stimulation, it is like a shot, and then the understanding opens up in my mind, but the actual communication was undifferentiated.


I receive it when that drop touches me, it blossoms forth into understanding, but the actual communication from the Lord was just thought.  We see that this is what Ezekiel experienced, verbal and non-verbal speech, thought and speech simultaneously, and he called it "the speaking silence," and this is a contradiction in terms.  What it means is to get into that unconscious place, that unconscious part of your mind, you have to experience total and complete silence which means, not that the world around stops...(end of tape 2)


Tape 3


We were talking about the speaking silence, and I was reminding you that the ultimate goal of meditation whether it is meditation with your eyes closed which is what we call Old Order meditation, or whether you are talking about open eye meditation, which is what I have been introduced to by the Lord Jesus, and we read about that in the New Testament.  Peter saw a vision with his eyes open, and a sheet came down, and he heard a word from the Lord without...all I know is that the Scripture says that Peter went up to the roof of the house and saw a vision with his eyes open, so to me what that means is that Peter went up to the top of the house.  All that it means is that he ascended spiritually. 


Peter may very well have attempted meditation, I do not know, but what I do know is that he heard from the Lord when his eyes were open, so even if he sat down to expose himself to Old Order meditation, he had an experience that was not the typical meditative experience of the Jew, because his eyes were open. 


From that Scripture that I read in the Greek in the Book of Acts, I do not know whether Peter actually sat down and presented himself to the Lord and started to do his meditative techniques and had the new experience, or whether Peter was just talking to the Lord and had the New Order experience, because I know that I get visions, and words, and conversations, and all kinds of experiences, and I do nothing to prepare myself at all.  The only requirement in most cases for me to enter into an active conversation with the Lord through the meditative state and my meditation is with my eyes open, I am asleep and awake at the same time.  The only thing necessary is that I am not focusing on something else. 


It is not likely that I am going to get something from the Lord now, because I am teaching you; although, sometimes He speaks to me right in the midst of my teaching you if He wants me to tell you something in particular, or if I am making a mistake, He will correct me.  At the time that I had a secular job, He did not talk to me while I was on my bosses time and being paid to do a different kind of work, but I will tell you those years that I had a secular job, as soon as I closed the office door behind me, and got on the elevator, as soon as I was away from other people, if I was on the elevator alone, He started talking to me immediately. 


If there were other people on the elevator, as I entered into the parking lot, I had not even gotten to my car yet, He was talking to me all the way to my car, as soon as my mind was not occupied with some other activity.


My highway is open, is unhindered, and I do know that if He wants to override a conversation with somebody else, it is not unheard of for Him to speak to me or show me a vision while I am speaking to someone else and, of course, my famous testimony is, when I was speaking to a woman, I was at a meeting, not one of our meetings, and it was not a Christian meeting, and this woman, everyone was fellowshiping, and this woman was talking to me very animatedly, and I kept hearing a voice in my head.


It was a very loud thought, it was too loud to just be one of my own thoughts, and I kept hearing, "She is gay, she is gay," and after I separated from the woman, at which time I did not understand what I understand now, I said, "Lord, why would I think such a thing about this woman, she looked fine to me, why would I be thinking such an evil thought towards someone to think that they are gay?" 


The Lord said to me, "That was not your thoughts, that was me telling you that she was gay."  The Lord will speak to me when I am engaged in a conversation with someone else on a carnal issue if He wants to, but the second that I am alone, the second I get in my car, I mean I could be doing secular work here in the office and then I have to go shopping, I get in my car, He talks to me all the way to the supermarket.  Then it stops in the supermarket, usually because I have to concentrate on what I am purchasing.  Every second that my mind is not occupied, He is talking to me or I am talking to Him.  That door is permanently open, praise be to the Lord, thank God for Jesus. 


We are up to the last stage after we pass through the four barriers.  The fourth barrier is a glow that shines around, or a glow that appears around the black fire, the negative energy.  I do not really know that I gave you any definition of this.   Yes, the negative energy, the fire, sure, that is what brought repentance and brings forth all of your sins.  This exposure of the carnal mind that we are engaged in, in this ministry, that is the fire you are passing through, the fire that is a barrier to entering into the unconscious part of your mind where the Lord desires to speak to you unhindered. 


As I told you earlier on this message, it is not necessary for anyone of us to be facing the four barriers in the order that Ezekiel faced them.  We all have different life experiences.  It is sort of hard to experience lack of emotional and tactile sensation if you have a big family; although, I think you might be able to say that, I am not going to name any name here, but you can be married and have a big family and be very isolated and feel that you are lacking if you feel that you are not loved.  That could be a lack of emotional and tactile stimulation, so you can experience if you are married, but all I know is that what the people in this ministry, especially those of you here in New York are experiencing with intensity right now, is the fire which Ezekiel says is the third barrier.  That is the fire that is causing you pain, because I am attacking the conscious part of your carnal mind who does not want that door to open.


I am the fire to you, and I have known for a long time that Christ Jesus is the fire. I have known that I am the Lake of Fire to you, but I have never really seen the fire in this sense before that.  I guess what it really must be, I am the positive fire that is attacking the negative fire in you, because I tell you all the time, I show you your sins and something in you, even though you do not want to, something in you rises up and bites me. 


I have said, "It is the serpent, it is the Fiery Serpent that rises up and bites me," and that is true, but in view of this teaching, it is the black fire in you that rises up and bites me, so we could say the Fiery Serpent is the black fire, she is negative energy.  We see both the black fire and the white fire in your life, and Lord willing the white fire will prevail.  The black fire has to bow to the white fire.  Why?  Because you, the personality, you are passing through, and will pass through. 


That is very interesting.  Another way of looking at this judgment of your sins is that the Lord is coming to get you and you, from your point of view, have to pass through your own resistance.  Your own resistance is the black fire, your pride and your rebellion and your fear and basically all pride, even more than rebellion, it is all pride, that is the black fire. 


The Lord is coming to open that hallway, He wants to pave that highway of permanent communication with you on every level, and it is up to you to overcome that black fire within you. Very interesting, thank you Lord for that little extra.


There are four barriers that we have to pass through, and we spend years passing through them.  The reason why we spend years passing through this barrier is, does anybody know?  Why is it taking so much longer than the man who just sits down and says, "Today I am going to contact God, and I am going to do these exercises, and I will get to the point where I can experience the unconscious part of my mind," and he meditates for an hour or two or three hours, and he pierces through and he has his experience with God? 


Why do we have to experience it for long periods of time?  We are experiencing that same physical experience that the one meditating is experiencing, we are experiencing it on a spiritual level where it is literally being acted out in our lives.  The one who meditates and sits down and tries to empty out his mind, he is having a limited experience of mind, emptying out his mind.  This very same experience we are experiencing spiritually in a manner that is affecting our entire life, and it lasts for...it could last for years; whereas, the Old Order mediation only lasts for an hour or two. 


Why are we having such a different experience, does anybody remember?  Because the door is being opened for us permanently, that is the name of this message, Permanent Meditative Consciousness. In the Old Order meditation, he meditates, he blocks everything out for an hour or two, and he has an experience with God that lasts anywhere from a minute to an hour or two.  We are experiencing the meditative techniques or the meditative barriers on a level that affects our entire life that is going on for years, because once that door opens for us, it will be a permanently opened door, and no more He shall go out.  Everybody okay?  


 After we pass the four barriers, and remember everything is happening simultaneously like a hologram, everything is happening at once; therefore, the ultimate goal of meditation, which is to enter into that place in the back of our mind which we call the unconscious part of the mind, we can be partially in there.  Now you are partially experiencing the fire, because I am the fire to you all the time, and maybe some of you are partially experiencing the dark cloud because your emotional needs are not being met even in the midst of a family life. 


I think pretty much everybody experiences the storm, because Satan is always running interference between what God has to say to us, and that would also mean a lack of understanding.  Though this storm would be confusion, even from what I am teaching you, Satan is in the way, static, talking, putting other thoughts and ideas in your mind preventing you from understanding. 


If we are experiencing all three of the barriers simultaneously, all four of the barriers simultaneously, it is not unreasonable to think that we might simultaneously experiencing contact with the unconscious part of our mind, and all of us do, I do not doubt that for a second.  Every time you get a word of knowledge, or any communication with the Lord at all, you have made contact with that holy place. 


That is the holy place, the unconscious part of the Christ mind is the holy place, the deepest place that there is, and there is a curtain between that unconscious part of your mind and the subconscious part of your mind, and the conscious part of your mind is the outer court.  Everybody can see that, but the subconscious and the unconscious part of your mind is the secret place, and the only person who can get into the subconscious and unconscious part of your Christ mind is someone who is also into the subconscious and unconscious part of their Christ mind.  Because once you get into the unconscious part of the Christ mind, it is no longer just yours, it is big whole. 


Out here in the conscious realm, we are all individuals, but if we all had the ability to do it right now, if the Lord were to take all of us here into the unconscious part of our mind right now, we would find ourselves all in the same place, and if I were in a different country, if three of us were in different countries, I guess that is a better example, if the three of us or four of us or all of us here were in different countries so that we could not even see each other, but the Lord brought all of us into unconscious part of our mind, we would find ourselves in the same place.  This is the principle of traveling in the spirit. 


There are different kinds of traveling in the spirit. There is one kind of traveling in the spirit called, "Going into the city."  If we all go into the city of God, no matter where you are in the physical plane, you will meet whoever else is in the city of God. That is one form of traveling in the spirit.  Another form of traveling in the spirit is that your whole personality goes to another geographical location while you are in a trance, and your body stays in the place that you are praying.  The third form of spiritual transportation that I know of, as far as I know there is only three, is called flying, where all of you, your personality and your body, in full consciousness, transports to another location through a spiritual translation.


I believe that we have to...or, of course, the Lord is not restricted to any order, but I think He is telling me right now that the first experience that we as young Christians will have, as far as traveling in the spirit, is to go to this place in the back of our mind.  That is the first experience, where we enter into the holy city and meet whoever else is in that city.  I think that is what happened to Jesus when He met the woman at the well.  I think it was in a meditative state, and I do not think He even spoke to anybody.  I do not know, it might have been both.  You cannot completely spiritualize everything, but even if he did meet a physical person face-to-face, it was a deep spiritual communication.  Are there any questions about what I have just said here? 


Ezekiel has penetrated the four barriers, and now he has attained to the holy place.  That is his goal, that is the goal of the person who meditates, to block out every influence of this world, and hear and see and experience nothing except what is in the back of your mind. 


I have to tell you I had an experience a couple of days ago that sort of alarmed me.  I know the Lord is going to have to teach me a lot of things here, because as I told you, as soon as I get in the car I am talking to Him, and I cannot even control, I cannot stop it. 


Most of you have heard my testimony that when I worked in Manhattan and had a substantial walk from my commuter bus to my office, and when I am not doing anything with my mind, when I am just physically walking, immediately I am talking to Him, and I cannot stop it, and I was so concerned that people would think I was crazy walking along the streets talking to myself, and I prayed and I prayed, and I could not stop it up, and finally the Lord said to me, "Sheila you are in Manhattan, there are crazy people walking up and down the streets, nobody is even going to look at you twice if you are talking to yourself," and I stopped worrying about it.,


I would have these full conversations speaking out loud, walking down the street, nobody even looked at me. 


That is the goal.  I was telling you about what happened to me the other day that really alarmed me.  I got in the car, I was going to a meeting, which is like a ten to fifteen minute ride tops, and I completely blacked out.  I am telling you, I have to admit that it really alarmed me.  I was talking to the Lord, and all of sudden I came to, and I did not know where I was.  I had completely blanked out, I was in another place driving my car. 


I said, "Lord, this is scary, I was not even here."  I got my senses back, and I realized where I was, but the experience, I was in another place, long enough to know that I do not know how I was driving that car.  I have to believe that the Lord was with me driving that car, because I could have killed somebody or killed myself, obviously.  I had gone into an inward place and had lost all perception of my external stimuli. Does anyone not understand what I am talking about? 


I was in so deep with the Lord that I was not aware of my physical surroundings while I was driving a car.  This is not the first time this has happened to me, but it just has not happened in a long time.  It used to happen to me a lot, it used to happen to me years ago.  I do not know about a lot but years ago several times, and I thought it was because I had a lot of spiritual problems in those days.  I thought it was a negative experience.


It has not happened to me in a long time.  I remember once, I blacked out for a long time, maybe ten or fifteen minutes.  I was coming from my sister's house on a two and a half hour ride, and by the last memory that I had of where I was and when my consciousness came to the outer world again, I must have been driving a half an hour with no...I did not know what I was.  I have to believe some part of me was driving the car, because I have never been in an accident or been hurt from an experience like that. 


Another time I was coming down from my sister's house, and I had to be here for a Sunday morning meeting and I was late, so I asked the Lord to get me home, and I was not sure of what road to take at that time.  I had asked Him to help me to get home on time and to take the quickest route, and I completely blanked out again. 


I do not even remember the crossroads, because I had to decide which highway to take, and I got home.  I was amazed at how fast I got home.  The point is that there were, in all of these experiences, there were periods of time that I was not consciously focusing on the road.  That was years ago, and I thought it was because I had a problem, and here it happened to me again the other day.


I just have to believe that the Lord takes care of us if we are talking with Him to such an intensity that our whole focus...do you understand what I am saying?  That the whole focus of my concentration was inward talking to the Lord, so that I literally penetrated into another world?  Everything outside of me became dark to me, so I have to believe that when that happens, that I am still functioning and driving the car. 


The Lord has to know that I am having these spiritual experiences, and for years I have been trying to stop this, it is impossible, I cannot stop it, and you know what that says to me that I cannot stop it, or at least the Lord is saying it to me now, because I never thought of it before?  The reason I cannot stop the conversations is that they are not me.  It is Christ Jesus in me having these conversations. 


I remember years ago, especially on the long trip back from my sister's house which is an hour and a half to two hours, as I started home I was saying, "Lord, it is really strange that I drive these highways, and I just talk to myself all the way home and you never answer me.  I was frustrated with the Lord, saying, "I talk to you all the way home and you never answer me," and that one day He answered me and He said, "Of course, I answer you.  I do answer you, I answer you with your mouth, with your voice and with your thoughts, that is me talking through you," and that revelation just set me free, because I really thought that I asked the Lord all these questions and either He answered me years later, or one of my biggest frustrations was that He did not answer me on the spot like another person. 


Now I know that He speaks to me through my own thoughts, my own vocal chords, that He is me, the two of are one. We have a symbiotic relationship, He is inside of me, and we work simultaneously.  We work in unison, and for me to acquire the comfort that is promised to me from the Lord, I have to understand that He is with me in my isolation, and that He is the best company I could ever hope for, because He does not talk to me when I am talking to other people.


I have to believe that...what He just told me right now is that the reason I cannot stop these conversations which have been going on for years, like twenty or more years, is because it is not me talking, it is Him talking through me, it is Him talking to me.  I have to believe He is going to save me from cracking up the car, that was  shocking.  It was like I came out of trance, and I had been in a trance, driving my car. Help me Lord. 


Of course, this is the precursor.  This is the beginning of entering into this secret place, entering into the depths of the meditative state.  Everything that I have been preaching on this message is that I am asleep and awake at the same time, I am in that meditative state with my eyes open but, apparently, the Lord is telling me right now, this is coming forth for the first time as I teach it, I am telling you as He tells it to me, there are degrees of the meditative state and, yes, everything that I have said on this message is true. 


That highway is open, and I hear from God, but there is a deeper experience, and in order to have that deeper experience, you have to completely shut out this world and go in which is called a trance, which has really only happened to me a couple of times.


Does everybody understand what the Lord just said to us?  There are degrees of entering into that meditative state, and that is what happened to Jesus. That is how He went up from the earth, He went into that meditative state to such a degree that His body dissolved, He took His body with Him.  I am sorry, I do not think He took His body with Him, but His spiritual being so completely went in, that He disappeared from this world. 


Can you hear what I am saying?  That when you go into this, when I went into these trances, this whole physical external world disappeared from my plane of vision. When you go in deep enough and long enough, you disappear from everyone else's plane of vision.  Does anyone not know what I am talking about?  This is getting very deep, and I am being instructed as the Lord tells me, and what this means is there are some new experiences coming, there are some new experiences coming.   


Remember, it is from these deep, deep places that the miracles come forth.  Remember, miracles are the fruit of our experience with God, miracles for ourselves and for other people, mostly for other people, are the fruit of our relationship and experience with God.


Let us finish this message up.  The Hebrew word for the speaking silence is called, if I am pronouncing it right, the "Chashmal."  You might say to yourself, you who have read the Book of Ezekiel, especially Chapter 1, you might say, "I do not remember reading anything in that book about a speaking silence, I read about the storm and I read about the cloud, and I read about the fire, and I read about the glow, but I do not read anything about the speaking silence, are you sure you do not have this mixed up with Elijah, what are you talking about? 


I would like to read you this explanation, the author of this book, his translation of Ezekiel 1:4 is, "From its midst was the like of the Chashmal, in the midst of the fire...," and I am pretty sure that is amber.  The King James translation says, "The color of amber, from the midst was the like of the Chashmal or the color of amber in the midst of the fire." 


I would like to read what Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan has to say about this Chashmal.  He says the Hebrew word Chashmal is usually translated as "electron" or "electra" in the Septuagint. That is the Latin translation, the Septuagint.  This has led to a certain confusion about this word.  In other words, the Catholic priest, the Jesuit priests that translated the Scripture into Latin, translated this Hebrew word Chashmal as electron, and Aryeh Kaplan is saying, this translation is not wrong, but it is wrong in this context, and has, therefore, led to a lot of confusion. 


Of course, the whole New Testament is filled with confusion, because the translators that translated from the Latin Septuagint into English, chose legitimate translations of that word, but in the context it is all wrong.  Is this not the exact reverse of what I have done in bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ?  I have chosen other legitimate translations of the word and have a whole, totally different translation.


This has led to a certain confusion about this word, because electron was an alloy of gold and silver in the ancient world, so it does not even mean what we would think electron means.  In the ancient world it was an alloy, and an alloy is a metal made of more than two or more metals.  Gold and silver was smelted together to make a new metal, and they call metal "electron."  It was also an old world word for amber, and amber is the color yellow that we have in the King James translation, a brownish yellow. 


As an interesting aside, electricity was discovered long before Benjamin Franklin.  I did not know that by rubbing amber against cloth or wool, that means this metal alloy made from gold and silver, when you rubbed it against cloth or wool, you got electric sparks.  Amber is a fossilized resin of trees.  I am sorry, by rubbing amber against cloth or wool, I said that wrong. 


Electricity was discovered long before Benjamin Franklin by rubbing amber against cloth or wool, not that metal alloy.  Amber is a fossilized resin of trees.  People would rub it against cloth and since it would produce a charge, they thought they had discovered a force.  Since it was made from electron...I guess I had it right the first time, since it was from electron, namely amber, they called it electric, and that is where our English electricity comes from.  That does not make any sense to me, let me read it again. 


Electricity was discovered long before Benjamin Franklin by rubbing amber against cloth or wool.  Amber is a fossilized resin of trees, and people would rub it against cloth, and since it would produce a charge, they though they had discovered a force, and since it was made from electron, since what was made from electron? Electron is the alloy of gold and silver, I do not understand it, does anyone here understand this? 


Namely amber, they called it...maybe this cloth, let me just look at this one more time here.  People would rub amber, a fossilized resin of trees, oh I see what he is saying, I see what he is saying.  This word Chashmal translated electron or electra, electron was an alloy of gold and silver, and it was also an old world word for amber.  I got it, let me make sure that you have it now. 


This word amber has two meanings, and in the old world it had two meanings. It was the fossilized resin of trees, and it was also an alloy of gold and silver.  You okay with that?  Before Benjamin Franklin, people used to rub an amber cloth, not a yellow cloth, but a cloth that was made from the fossilized resin of trees, they would rub it against cloth, this fossilized...amber had three meanings.  It was the color yellow, it was the fossilized resin of trees, and it was an alloy of gold and silver called electron.  The people would rub this fossilized resin of trees against a cloth, and it would produce a charge, and they thought they had discovered a force since it was made from electron, namely amber.


This Hebrew word Chashmal was translated three ways in the old world, electron meaning an alloy of gold and silver, the color amber, and also a fossilized resin of trees.  The people would rub the cloth against this fossilized resin of trees, and it would produce a charge, so they thought that they had discovered a force.  The word that they used was amber, because the cloth was made from the resin from trees, and they  mixed it up with that same word meaning electron.  They called it electric. 


For whatever it is worth, you are all looking at me.  For whatever it is worth, this is where our English word "electricity" comes from.  Similarly, when searching Israel for some Hebrew equivalent for modern electricity...listen, all languages that existed before this modern time even in the Romance languages, in Spanish, there were certain words that there is no translation for, like computer, Spanish translates computer, computerdora.  There was no word "computer" existing originally in the Spanish language.


In modern Hebrew, when they wanted a word that would mean modern electricity, they looked through all of the Hebrew language and someone who was in charge of this decision chose the word Chashmal. They translated it, because it seemed to have something to do with a power that radiates.  Chashmal was translated electricity in the old world, so they took that Hebrew word to mean electricity in modern Hebrew. 


When people reading the Bible see the word Chashmal, they know that the modern Hebrew translation means electricity, and that also means the color amber.  This word Chashmal was translated amber, and nobody knows what I am talking about here.  The King James translation of Chashmal was translated amber because of this confusion about the diffrent meanings of that Hebrew word.  That Hebrew word Chashmal could be electron, electricity, this resin cloth.  It could mean any one of those three things, so the translators got confused with the meaning of the word.  It could mean the fossilized resin of trees, the color yellow, or electron, electricity or an alloy of gold and silver. 


The King James translators, the scholars translating that word Chashmal, got all confused because they could not understand the vision of Ezekiel. They had no idea what it meant, so they chose a wrong translation, but Rabbi Kaplan says that we have to look deeper into this word Chashmal.  He says that according to the Talmud, Chashmal comes from two words, Chash, meaning silent and mal, meaning to speak. Chashmal is the speaking silence Rabbi Kaplan says, despite the fact that the old world translated this same word as electron, as resin from a plant or as the color yellow.


When we try to fit the word into a spiritual translation, and I have been doing this with the Doctrine of Christ for years. I have said to you, "Here is the word in the Interlinear Text, it does not make any sense, I have gone back into the roots of the word, I have looked it up in dictionaries, I have prayed about it, and this is the meaning that the Lord has given me for this word."  Does anybody not remember me doing things like that? 


That is what Rabbi Kaplan is doing, and he says, "I do not think the color amber fits into this translation accurately.  It does not tell us anything.  To understand what the color yellow means, we have to pick apart this word Chashmal and break it down, and find out that it means the speaking silence, and that is where we get speaking silence from."


What happened to Ezekiel as he entered into the ultimate place, the place behind his mind, he experienced and I mentioned this earlier, a phenomena called "synesthesia," where you smell what you should be seeing, and you see what you should be smelling.  I explained that to you earlier that everything has a vibration,  what you should be hearing and you smell what you should be seeing, everything comes out mixed up, because when you get deep enough into the spirit, compared to this physical plane, everything gets backwards. 


I explained it to you earlier on this message that everything has a vibration, every color has a vibration; therefore, you can recognize a color without actually seeing the color.  If you know that a particular vibration and you can experience vibration by hearing it or in a variety of ways.  If you know that, that particular vibration will manifest as that color under the right circumstances, you can hear the color.  If you can hear that vibration, you will know that when that color finally appears, it is going to be yellow.  This is what Ezekiel experienced. 


I just have one more point to make and I, hopefully, will have explained this to you. 


Why did Ezekiel see the color yellow?  He saw the speaking silence.  What does that mean?  How do you see the speaking silence?  He perceived it as a form of vibration.  He saw what he could not hear.  What is in this place?  When you get into the back of your mind, into the unconscious part of your mind, what is there, what is there, does anybody know? 


Nothingness is there.  Remember, there is a difference between nothing and nothingness. "Nothing" means "without value," Satan is nothing.  "Nothingness" is the Ayn Sof.  He is called nothingness because we have no way to relate to Him, He has no attributes, He has no attributes in the infinite.  He is the simple undifferentiated whole, he is undifferentiated.  When He rolls Himself out in the empty space, we find out His attributes are that He is great, and He is glorious, and He is merciful, but all of the attributes of God exists in the empty space. 


Outside of the empty space, I am having trouble calling the Ayn Sof "It," it is undifferentiated, you cannot see any of its attributes.  It is something that is indescribable. The Ayn Sof is indescribable.  There are no words to describe It, and that is why it is called an "It," and that is why it is called "nothingness," because to us, what we cannot comprehend is nothing. 


How many times have you heard a story where someone came in contact with something very valuable, maybe worth a million dollars, an antique, or a pin or something, and they threw it out because it was nothing to them.  It was a piece of junk to them, they had no concept of the value.  I want to tell you that this happens all the time with this word today, that the Doctrine of Christ goes to people and they either set it aside, or malign it, because it is nothing to them.  It is so far beyond them, they cannot make any sense out it, and they behave like fools, frequently.


Because we cannot relate to or comprehend the Ayn Sof in any way, It is called nothingness to us.  It is nothing to us.  If the Ayn Sof appeared to us right now apart from Jesus Christ, of course, we would not even know it was Him, it would be nothing to us.  When we get into that empty space in the back of our mind, it is filled with the nothingness, it is filled with the infinite Ayn Sof, and where is that place?  Here it is right here, right here, even within where Adam Kadmon is.  For us, it is the Lord Jesus in that innermost place, appearing to us, the Lord Jesus Christ appearing to us or His presence, I should not even say appearing to us, the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ is in the innermost place where Adam Kadmon is with no attributes. 


When Jesus appeared to the disciples, He appeared as Jesus of Nazareth and He said, "Here, look at the holes in my hands."  He appeared on the way to Emmaus, He appeared as a human being so that the human beings on the road to Emmaus could relate to Him.


He appears to us through His word so that we can relate to Him.  How do we relate to the Lord Jesus Christ?  We cannot see Him, He has to communicate with us through His word.  All we can do is pray and say, "Lord, reveal yourself to us."  He is nothingness to us, we cannot find Him, we cannot see Him, we cannot pursue Him, we can cry all day and all night, and unless He answers, we have no way to lay hold of Him, so He is nothingness to us.  Can you understand this? 


That is what is waiting for us in the unconscious part of our mind, the undifferentiated Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ without attributes, without a physical body, without a physical appearance, without a verbal voice, without a voice that comes from the vocal chords.  How can you see nothingness?  He is only in thought, and the undifferentiated thought, and by Ezekiel saying he saw the color of amber, what he is saying is that he perceived the nothingness by recognizing its vibration.  This is very difficult.  I am going spend some time on it and try and help you to understand this. 


The Lord Jesus Christ without attributes, with no attributes, do you understand what I mean when I say no attributes?  Do you understand what I am talking about?  No attributes, you cannot see Him, the invisible Lord Jesus Christ is present here in the back of our mind, He is invisible, you cannot recognize Him because of His physical body, like Mary saw an angel, no angels, no visible appearance,  no voice like my voice, and even if you could hear His voice, would you recognize His voice?  How do you recognize the Lord Jesus, in His spirit form?  How do you recognize Him? 


That is why He appears in men, we cannot recognize Him.  Spirit is light, right?  Spirit is light, can you say amen to that?  Spirit is light, and light is vibration, can you say amen to that?  The only way for Ezekiel to recognize the Ayn Sof and where Adam Kadmon was in the back of his mind, the Ayn Sof in the midst of Adam Kadmon, the only way he could recognize the Ayn Sof was to perceive the vibration of His light. Can you hear this?  It was nothing, he could not see anything with his eyes, could not hear anything, nothing, only this undifferentiated light of the Ayn Sof was there, simple undifferentiated light, but yet it had a vibration, because light is a wave, light is a vibration.  It is a light wave.  Are you following me? 


We are told that Ezekiel has an experience of synesthesia, he experienced this vibration as a color.  How do you experience a vibration?  Either it makes your body shake, right?  He was not dealing with a physical experience.  Vibration makes your body shake if you are out here in this world, but Ezekiel was in the back of his mind, he was in a trance, so even if his body were shaking, he is not dealing with what is going on out here.  He is dealing with what is going on in the back of his mind.  How do you recognize a vibration when you are not having any physical stimuli, not seeing, not hearing, not tasting?  How do you experience a vibration?  He had a synesthetic experience, there was a vibration in the back of his mind, and it registered to him as the color amber. 


For Ezekiel to say he saw the color amber means that he was in there, that means that he got into the back of his mind, he got into the unconscious part of his mind.  He got in there with Adam Kadmon, and the light of the Ayn Sof is in there with Adam Kadmon, and that he knew that the Ayn Sof was there, and that he made contact with the Ayn Sof, because he saw the color amber. 


This is a very difficult concept, but this is what the Lord is telling me to give you right now.  He just gave me a memory.  I know quite a while ago, fifteen or twenty years ago, it was my first spiritual experience with spiritual color.  I had read a lot about it, I was concerned that colors were occult at the time. 


I was very young in Christ, but my pastor was having a heart attack, and he asked the whole church to stay and pray for him.  The anointing fell upon me that I was the channel through which the Lord brought forth the healing, and the Lord told me to go up and lay hands on him.


It was not a formal announcement that I had the anointing, or that I was a channel for the anointing at that moment.  I made my way up to the front and when I laid hands on him and prayed for him.  My eyes were closed, because most of us pray with our eyes closed, and my whole field of vision when my eyes were closed, usually if you close your eyes, usually your vision is black, my vision is black when I close my eyes.  My whole field of vision turned into a bright green, and I had a knowing, it was a word of knowledge, I just knew that he was healed, and from that day forward, I knew that the color green in the spirit and he was, in fact, healed. 


From that day forward, I knew that the color green in the spirit, when I saw, my whole field of vision turned green, that a healing was taking place, and even to this day, sometimes when I pray for people, I will see the color green, and I know for sure that it has never over all of these years meant anything other than healing. 


What does that mean?  It means that the invisible Lord Jesus Christ  manifested Himself through me when I pray for this person, and He manifested Himself on a particular level of vibration that brought forth healing to that person.  Can you understand this at all? 


I know two things from personal experience, I know that when the color green fills up the vision of my mind's eye, there is a healing or a deliverance taking place, and I do not have any conscious awareness right now of ever seeing the color amber, but I do know that if the Lord gives me a spiritual experience after preaching this message, and I am in any kind of trance or a semi-trance, if I see the color amber, I will know that it means that it is the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in the highest, undifferentiated state, speaking silence.  He is total silence, but He is speaking to me by His very presence and I know that He is there because I am seeing the color amber.  When He speaks it will be pure thought.


Is that not interesting?  Any questions or comments on this exciting message? 


COMMENT: When you mentioned gold and silver, I was thinking of Peter in the Book of Acts saying, "Gold and silver have I none."


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is very interesting.  Peter might have been saying, "At this moment, I am not in the deepest recesses of the unconscious mind." Unless we can translate that not postively, maybe he is saying, "Here is the gold and silver of the I am," because "not" can be translated "I am," and I could tell in the Hebrew, I could tell you there is a particular word, Hebrew word translated "not" that is Satan, and another Hebrew word that is translated the Ayn Sof, Ayin is the Ayn Sof. 


In the Greek there is only one word, I cannot tell the difference, but when that text was originally written in Aramaic, it could really be that Peter was saying, "I have the gold and silver of the Ayin, of the great I am, I have His gold and silver, and that which I have, I am giving it to you, I am giving you the gold and silver, here it is, the vibration of God, the power of God."


It is just one thing after the other.  I was studying the other day, and I read in the Zohar that Shekinah, one of the cognomens for Shekinah is "bed," and it was a whole exhortation on the sick.  I am reading a section of the Zohar that has to do with healing and sickness, and it says that when someone who, in terms of the Zohar, has different terms, I am using our terms, if you are close to the Lord, and you are sick in bed, the Shekinah with us would be Christ.  He is with us right there in the bed and completely envelopes us in herself, except for our feet.  Of course, I do not know how much to take this in the physical or not, but it says, "The angel of death is at your feet." 


If you are really close to God, you could have the privilege of pulling your feet up and bringing your feet under that protection of the Shekinah, and the Zohar quoted a Scripture, something to the effect, I think it was Jacob, I may not have it right, "And He gathered his feet up into his bed."  In other words, he gathered his feet, and we know the feet signify the carnal mind.  He gathered his feet up under the protection of the Shekinah so that he was completely covered, even his carnal mind was covered.


When I read that, all I could think about was Jesus saying to that man, "Pick up your bed and walk," and it came to me that he was not telling the man to pick up his bed and walk.  He was telling the man to be gathered up into the Shekinah, something like that. I would have to look at it again, but something like that, that his carnal mind, just like he was putting a blessing on him.  He was saying, "Let your carnal mind be gathered into your Shekinah that you might walk in the walk with God." 


I always questioned that, that He told the man to pick up his bed, and I have heard all kinds of explanations that people slept on just a small pallet, so he picked this little mattress type thing and carried it away.  It never really sat right with me, but I did not know what to make of it, and I really received this that Jesus said to him, "Gather yourself up into the Shekinah," or however it would be translated.  To that Jew, it would have to be Shekinah.  "Here is the power, here is the power to gather your carnal mind up into Shekinah, and now you could walk straight with God."


You cannot understand the New Testament without Kabbalah.  It just gets more and more evident to me everyday.  It is a great blessing, I just wish that I could retain more of it, that my memory would hold on to it, and as time allows, I am going to be writing up notes just with these simple definitions, getting them down on paper so that I could search for them if I want to. 


I even came across something about the books, saying there were three books and I thought about the Book of Revelation, "And the books will be opened at that time," and I never was really quite sure what those books were.  The church will tell you it is all the sins you committed,  and I am not really sure.  I do this reading, and I just remember fragments of what I read, so I have to go back and do it again, but if the thought crosses your mind, pray that I should find the time to put these notes down, just these simple definitions, just get them down on paper so that I could look for them.  If you get a chance, please pray for me to be able to do that. Thanks a lot and God bless you.


Just one more thing.  There was some manifestations here in New York the first time that I used the initial ak, to represent Adam Kadmon,  but I now see that this is very common amongst Kabbalists and, therefore, I want you all to be on notice that if while I am writing on the board, I feel led to abbreviate Adam Kadmon or anything, a  Sefirot, that it is your responsibility to find out what that means. 


The Lord has given me a further revelation of Ezekiel's glow, the fourth barrier that we have to pass through. I have already told you that it is a semi-permeable barrier that I perceive to be Cain and Abel, and I told you earlier that I could not agree with Isaac Luria's teaching that this barrier was used to nourish the evil or to nourish the wicked.  Isaac Luria teaches that this semi-permeable barrier is both good and evil.  The first three barriers are all evil. 


This fourth barrier...let me remind you the first barrier is the storm, the second is the great cloud, and the third is the fire that is enfolding itself. These are all evil.  The fourth barrier, the glow, is both good and evil, and I have related that to Cain and Abel, the evil and the good.  Cain evil, and Abel good.  Isaac Luria says that this barrier has two purposes.  On the one hand, the sparks of life that are trapped down here in the World of Action can escape through this barrier and return to their first estate, and that is Abel's restoration. 


Then, Isaac Luria says, but the other side is the other purpose of this semi-permeable barrier.  That means something can pass through it, so the sparks of life can pass through it to escape and return to their first estate, and also the Lord uses it to nourish the wicked.  My reaction, I am going to have to be really more careful when I disagree with these renowned teachers, because I should really do what I tell you to do when you disagree with me, and I repent of not doing it today.


I did pray, actually I did pray, and I have to give myself that. I said, "Lord, I do not believe that, that Cain and Abel, that semi-permeable barrier is used for the Lord to nourish the wicked, but I do put it before you for correction," and He corrected me the same day.  Actually, I preached that in the morning service, and this is what I am talking about now.  After we finished preaching the evening service, the Lord corrected me within a couple of hours.  I do practice what I preach, and this is what the Lord told me.


My first reaction was, "God is not nourishing the wicked, God is not nourishing the evil, he just said that, because he does not have this revelation of Cain and Abel," but remember what I told you this morning that the evil part of this glow is the black light, it is the negative energy coming from your carnal mind that is opposing the white light of Christ that is coming at me.  Remember, these are barriers that you have to pass through to get into the unconscious part of your mind where you hear the pure word of God. 


Cain is the last barrier that you have to get through, and he is standing in front of this communication with God like a maidenhead.  That is how we have preached it here, and the Lord told me, the Lord said to me, "Who are the wicked?"  Who are the wicked that is on the other side of this black light that the Lord wants to penetrate His light through this barrier, and He said, "That is us, humanity, His church," we are the wicked that cannot come to God because Cain who was really our conscious mind, Cain if you recall is our conscious mind, is standing...this is the teaching of the Doctrine of Christ, the conscious mind, Cain, is standing in front of the sub and unconscious parts of our mind causing us to remain carnal.  It is Cain who is our conscious mind, who is refusing.


Let us say it is one of you here.  Cain is standing, if you are having a problem believing what I am teaching, Cain, your carnal mind, the conscious part, your carnal mind is standing up as a maidenhead.  I am trying to penetrate your mind, Christ Jesus in me is trying to penetrate your mind, and help you, help Christ Jesus in you connect to the Lord Jesus and become spiritual in your own right.  Maybe you will need a teacher forever.  It does not matter.


I am trying to improve your relationship with the Lord, and your conscious mind, the conscious part of your carnal mind, Cain, is standing right up there, not letting me through, and that is the problem. You all have that problem.  Cain is a semi-permeable barrier, and that means that no matter how strong Cain resists, the Spirit of Christ in me, some of the light of Christ in me is penetrating that barrier, because it is a semi-permeable barrier, small bits of light can get through.  Cain can stand up as strong as she wants, and she is like cheesecloth. 


I know that we had a teaching on the eye of the needle here a year or two ago, and it was revealed that, that is a poor translation in the King James, that what that verse is really saying where Jesus talked about the eye of a needle, He was really saying that the Spirit of Christ is the needle and that only a needle could pass through all of the very small holes in the cheesecloth. I know when I preached that message, I preached it in camels, "Moses, Camels, and Water in the Desert."


I preached it on that message, and we have an illustration showing that Jesus is the needle that is passing through the eye, and the eye is the very small hole in the cheesecloth, and now we see that Cain is the cheesecloth.  That is what a semi-permeable barrier means.  It is possible to permeate it, but the holes are so teeny tiny, only the Spirit of Christ can get through  Your conscious part of your carnal mind can stand up as strong and as rigid as she has it within her to stand up, but as you submit yourself, as you at least put yourself in a place where you are going to hear what I am saying, the light of Christ is penetrating and is going through, so that you, the wicked, can be fed.  Can you hear this? 


Our personality is made of the earth, and the earth is evil.  Spirit is good, and the earth is evil, so the Lord is penetrating Cain, this glow, the fourth barrier to the depths of meditation, this fourth barrier to communication with the unconscious part of your Christ mind.  As strong as Cain is standing up, the Spirit of Christ is penetrating her little by little for the purpose of nourishing the personality.  The Lord forgives you and has mercy on your personality and continues to work with you, and when enough of this light of the Spirit of Christ passes through that cheesecloth which is Cain, there will be enough light on the other side to just tear her down. You are getting this light in very small doses because Cain, the conscious part of your carnal mind, does not want this knowledge or information or spirit to get through, but because Cain is cheesecloth, semi-permeable, the Spirit of Christ like a needle is penetrating and, eventually, all of the light that penetrates to the other side will accumulate to the point that the barrier will not even mean anything anymore.  Do you understand what I am talking about?  This is really for you, do you understand what I am talking about? 


I am going to put it on the board for you then.  This is drawing #4, and I am trying to show you how the conscious part of our mind, which is Cain, is a veil that blocks the Spirit of Christ in another man from touching the subconscious and the unconscious part of the student's mind.  We have seen this from many different points of view in our studies of the Doctrine of Christ.  We saw this in the study that we did with the woman in the well where Jesus was talking to a disciple, which at the time I preached it I believed it was John, that He was trying to reach behind the conscious mind, because his conscious mind is carnal. 


The conscious mind is the eye of this physical world that stands in front of and blocks our spiritual potential which is the sub and unconscious parts of our mind. 


We have called Cain the maidenhead.  That came forth in Jonah, and also Cain has been revealed to be the turtle, who is the eunuch that guards Cain from having spiritual sexual intercourse with the Spirit of Christ in a man that has come to impart Christ to that Abel to save his life. This is not a new concept. 


I have written on the board for you that the conscious part of the carnal mind is a veil that prevents the Spirit of Christ in a teacher, or a prophet, or a priest, whoever God is speaking through, from opening a path of communication between the conscious part of that person's mind which is Cain, and the Lord Jesus in that person, both in the person and in the teacher, and the unconscious part of the Christ mind.  I am sorry, the Lord Jesus who is the unconscious part of the Christ mind in the student, and also to open a path of communication and to open the vision of the student between the conscious part of the mind which is Cain and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. 


We must see both Satan and the Lord Jesus to enter into eternal life.  Satan must be boiled unto death, and we cannot kill her until we see her.  You cannot kill a shadow, you have to see her.  You have to look at her, and that means you have to see what is going on in the unconscious part of your mind.  Simultaneously, a path of communication is open between you and the Lord Jesus who is the one who executes the judgment of boiling on Satan.  Both your sin nature is revealed, plus the one who is full well able to destroy her is revealed simultaneously as the conscious part of your mind which the veil, that maidenhead, is penetrated and dissolved. 


To the left the board says, drawing #4, the Spirit of Christ in the teacher is the needle that penetrates the unconscious part of the eye which is the carnal mind, because it is the mind that gives us spiritual sight.  Someone with the Christ mind, and someone with the carnal mind can be looking at the same thing and have two completely different opinions.  Your mind is your eye.  The Spirit of Christ in the teacher is the needle that penetrates the unconscious part of the eye of the carnal mind of the student.  When enough light, now remember Cain is a semi-permeable barrier that could be likened to cheesecloth or some piece of cloth with very, very, very small holes in it.  It is a filter, but the light of the Spirit of Christ can pass through it. When enough light accumulates behind the veil, and how would that light accumulate behind the veil? 


If, in spite of your inability to understand, you continue to submit yourself to this kind of a spiritual discipline, enough light will penetrate Cain, your veil, and when enough light accumulates behind the veil, the maidenhead Cain will dissolve, and there will be a free flow of communication between the conscious and the unconscious parts of both the Christ and the carnal mind.  We will see Satan and overcome her. 


We see the Spirit of Christ is our hope, because we really cannot overcome Cain ourselves.  We are Abel buried under Cain's ground. Cain is the ground, that is the veil that is over us. 


I went inside just to put a couple of Scripture references on the board for you about the eye of the needle because, of course, the way it reads in the King James is backwards, and Matthew 19:24 and Mark 10:5 are the two verse where Jesus is talking about the eye of the needle, and I would like to just make a couple of comments on it, and I am going to let you go, I know it is very late, but the spirit is moving.


I am in Matthew 19:24, and the King James says, "And again I say unto, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."  I have good news for you tonight, because this is a totally incorrect translation, and it follows after Verse 23, where Jesus is supposed to have said, according to the King James, "Verily I say unto you that a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven." 


It is that word "hardly" that is the negative word in that verse, and I looked up that word "hardly." It only appears three times in the Scripture, and each of those three times it is associated with this concept of passing through the eye of a needle and the camel cannot get through.  The Greek word that this comes from is  a word that means, "one who scrupulously keeps the law."


Brethren, what Jesus is saying is, "Verily, verily I say unto you, that a rich man who scrupulously keeps the law, can enter into the kingdom of heaven."  "And again I say to you," it is a good thing because this Greek word translated "easier" comes from two words that mean "to cut" and "to be good."  It is a good thing to cut into the eye, which is the carnal mind or the personality.  I think I am going to have to make that the carnal mind, of the one who bears the burden. The camel is a burden bearer, and I have amplified, "There is the burden of restraining their carnal mind, so that the spiritually rich man can enter into the kingdom of God," because we are told clearly in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, that the rich man was spiritually rich. 


He had the kingdom of God.  We do not even know if he was materially rich or not, but he was rich according to our exposition on the parable, because he had the keys to the kingdom, he was prospering in the world.  Jesus is saying, "You are already rich because you have the law, you are already rich in spiritual things, and it is a good thing to cut into the carnal mind, the carnal mind of the Jew who scrupulously keeps the law." 


It is the blessing of the Lord Jesus to take you to the next step if you scrupulously keep the law.  If you are a Jew who scrupulously keeps the law, Jesus is saying, "It is a good thing for me to cut into your carnal mind." Why would Jesus say that?  Because in the verses before that, the young man came to Jesus and said, "And behold one came and said unto Him, Good master, what good thing shall I do that I might have eternal life?"  I am in Verse 16 now, "And Jesus said to Him, Why callest me good?"  That is like me saying, "What do you think when you ask me a question?"  Sometimes I say, "What do you think?"  Why?  Because I am digging at you, I am cutting at your carnal mind.


Here is this man, in his mind he said something nice to Jesus, he called him master, he said, "What do I have to do to get eternal life?"  Jesus says to him, "Why are you calling me good?"  What an insult to the carnal mind.  "There is none good but one, that is God, but if you would enter into life, keep the commandments."   Here is this young man who in all sincerity went to Jesus, and said, "What do I have to do?," and Jesus is cutting him to ribbons, saying, "Why are you calling me good, and all you have to do is keep the commandments." 


He is telling this to a Jew who scrupulously keeps the law, and the young man says to him, "Which commandments?"  Jesus says, "Thou shalt do no murder, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not be a false witness, honor thy father and thy mother, and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."  This is an orthodox Jew Jesus is talking to. 


The carnal mind is insulted from this, but the young man is still not disrespectful and says to him, "All of these things have I kept from my youth, what do I lack yet?"   Jesus is trying to get him to be spiritual, Jesus is trying to tell him you are doing all of this stuff in the flesh, and if you want to enter into eternal life, you have to give up your carnal mind, because eternal life is in the spirit which is in the unconscious part of your mind.  This is what Jesus is telling him, and I am sure that, that young man was very upset at Jesus' response to his humble approach to the master. 


"And Jesus said to him, If you would be perfect, go and sell what you have and give to the poor and you shall have treasure in heaven, and come and follow me."  Brethren, Jesus never told him to give away all of his money.  He said, "Go and sell that which you have."  He was talking about his carnal mind, get rid of your carnal mind, and then Verse 22 says, ABut when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions."  He heard everything that Jesus said with his carnal mind and thought Jesus was telling him to get rid of all of this wealth, when Jesus was saying, "Get rid of your carnal mind."


The man was totally carnal.  "And after this, Jesus says to his disciples, >Verily I say unto you that the rich man who scrupulously keeps the law shall enter into the kingdom of God."  He cut him to ribbons, Jesus cut him to ribbons, and I know the Lord comforts me because it is very hard, saying things to people that hurt them. It hurts me to do it, but I do it because it is my job, and Jesus comforts me by telling me, AEven though they reject you at the moment, and sometimes get very angry at you and turn away from you, you have cut into their carnal mind, and they will never be the same."


Verse 24, Jesus speaking,  will start with 23, "Verily I say unto you, that a rich man that scrupulously keeps the law shall enter into the kingdom of God."  "And again I say unto you, it is a good thing to cut into the carnal mind of the one who bears the burden of restraining their carnal mind so that the spiritually rich man can enter into the kingdom of God. It is a good thing to cut into the personality of the one who bears the burden."  I think that is not right, I think it should be saying, "It is a good thing for the...I am going to have to work on that translation, but I think Jesus is talking to His disciples, and He was telling them, "It is a good thing for you to cut into the mind, and therefore bear the burden of the spiritually rich man, it is a good thing for you to bear this burden, and cut into the man's carnal mind so that this man who scrupulously keeps the law can enter into the kingdom of God," and it says, His disciples were amazed, saying, "Who can be saved?" 


Brethren, His disciples were as carnal as the rich man that came to talk to Him. As a matter of fact, I bet you the rich man that came to talk to Him was one of His disciples.  First, He talked to the rich man who came to Him and He said, "If you want to be perfect you have got to destroy your carnal mind, you have got to sell it, get rid of it, and then he turned around and taught His disciples," because Jesus was an example to them as to what they were supposed to do, or would shortly be doing, and He said, "I did not hurt that man, I did not do a bad thing, it is a good thing to cut into the man of someone who is scrupulously follows the law so that I can bear the burden of that persona and help them to enter into the kingdom of God."


He taught the young man who came to Him, whether it was one of His disciples or not, and then He taught his disciples who were completely amazed at what He says, and when you are a spiritual person, I am a spiritual person, when I talk to a carnally minded person, they frequently get very upset with me, because I look right in to the heart of their motives that they are blind to, and when I do that, I hurt you, but what I am hurting is your carnal mind.  May it die quickly that the truth might rise in you. 


Brethren, it has been a very fruitful day.  It is midnight, which we do not usually go this late, and I would ask you if there are any questions or comments but you are all passing out on me, so I am going to just say goodnight, God bless you all.





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