543 - Part 2

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We have a drawing on the board which represents the aspects of the soul in man. Of course, this is the lower soul. You may recall that there are two more aspects of soul that are higher than the Neshamah. Does anybody remember what they are? Those two higher levels of soul are Chayyah and Yechidah. Chayyah is specifically associated with moral fiber, and Yechidah is specifically associated with the Glorified Jesus Christ, that supernatural aspect that we all hope will be added to us which will make us supernatural man, but this diagram right here is pretty much us today because at the top we have the Neshamah which is the spiritual or intellectual soul.


You cannot understand Kabbalah, you cannot understand spiritual studies without this aspect of soul, Neshamah. We are not born with this. It is acquired, and, in our case, we have been studying for years. I have been studying the Scripture for 23 years, and I had been studying the Scripture for 23 years at least, 22 ½ years, when the Lord brought us into Kabbalistic studies. So it is not just a knowledge of the Scripture. It is a development of our ability to comprehend spiritual principles. That is found in Neshamah.


Now we have a left side and a right side, but looking at this board I see the left side and the right side. OK, it is the left side when you are facing the board because we see that we have Michael, the good angel, but Michael is a manifestation of Elohim which is the name of God that is associated with the attribute Gevurah which is the attribute concerned with righteous judgment. Elohim is concerned with judgment. Michael is concerned with judgment, Revelation 12, "And Michael fought and his angels, and the Dragon fought and his angels."


So, on the left side we see that we have spirit and the good angel, Michael. On the right side we have Nefesh, the animal soul. It is the sentient principle of our flesh. We dwell in an animal body, and this Nefesh is what gives life to our physical body. The life of the flesh is in the blood. The life of the Nefesh is in the blood. It flows through the blood of the animal body. Underneath the Nefesh, we have the evil angel called in Kabbalah, Samael (if I'm pronouncing it correctly).


Now I believe Samael is the devil. I've read in some Kabbalistic books that Samael can be likened to Satan, but I do not agree with that because, according to the chart that we have on Part 1 of this message, you will see that Satan is at least on the negative level of Keter. Satan is very spiritually high on the negative side of the spectrum.


On the right side we have Nefesh, the animal soul, the soul of the flesh. Underneath that we have Samael, the evil angel. Now, I have added in the words "the devil." I have been teaching you all here for years that the devil is the personality, that's what we know ourselves as, the personality. We really should be knowing ourselves as Christ, but we are fallen. So we know ourselves as the personality. The personality in full agreement with the carnal mind which is Satan and Leviathan, is the devil.


So I hear preachers talking on TV, some very good preachers saying, "Stop acting like the devil." Talking to Christians, "Stop acting like the devil." Well, we are the devil. Every thought that we have, good or evil, that is in agreement with the carnal mind is a thought of the devil within us, and who is the devil? It is the evil angel in men. See, years ago that used to be very common, teaching that we had a good angel and an evil angel, one on one shoulder and the other one on the other shoulder, each with their respective ears.


Well, there is a truth to it, because James 1:8 and James 4:8 says that we are double minded. So let's get these Scriptures on the tape. Can you read James 1:8 for us please?


COMMENT: James 1:8: A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.


COMMENT: James 4:8: Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you, cleanses your hands ye sinners, and purify your hearts ye double-minded.


So we see that the soul has a good angel that appears out of the spirit, and the soul also has an evil angel that arises out of the animal nature. The good angel is on the left side because left signifies judgment, and the evil angels on the right side, which may sound a little confusing because traditionally the right side signifies good things, but you see the bottom line is that we need a middle line.


Now I'm jumping ahead a little, but I have written over here that Cain is overshadowing Abel because there is no middle line. So if you look further down on the image, you see that the only thing in the middle....see this is the middle line, the middle line would descend from Neshamah right down half way between Michael and the devil, but the whole middle line is missing. The only thing that we have in the middle are two spheres indicating the image.


What I'm doing right now in this message is that I am integrating the Doctrine of Christ with Kabbalistic principles. As I have told you recently when I first started teaching this message I thought the Doctrine of Christ was an increase over Kabbalah, then I was just getting so blessed over the things I'm learning from Kabbalah that I said, "No, Kabbalah is higher than the Doctrine of Christ," and for a while I could not figure it out, and now I am of the opinion that Kabbalah is much higher than the Doctrine of Christ, but the Doctrine of Christ is the key to releasing the power of Kabbalah. It is the same principle if you can hear it, as saying, "Yes, the man has a higher office than the woman, but the man came out of the woman so you have to honor the woman." Can you hear what I'm saying?


The Doctrine of Christ is the key that unlocks the Kabbalah. I do not believe at this point that the Doctrine of Christ has the power to cause someone to ascend into supernatural power, but that power is resident in Kabbalah, but you need the key to release the power, so what we are really saying is that we need both the Doctrine of Christ and the knowledge and wisdom and understanding that comes from Kabbalah, and the two together gives us the potential to ascend into supernatural power.


Of course, only as we cleanse ourselves, as we purify ourselves. He who has this hope purifies himself from spiritual filth. If anyone is teaching you Kabbalah, or if anyone is teaching you that you have the hope of ascending into supernatural power without spiritual purification from the carnal mind, from the pollution of the carnal mind, you are talking to a false teacher. I will tell you that openly, you are talking to a false teacher, and you are in danger of ascending in the Dragon's timeline.


Our message this morning, and further to our message this morning which has to do with the configuration of the soul, we are looking at a fallen man here. There is no middle line. Now I took the basic principle of the this drawing, I viewed it in a book called Kabbalah Unveiled, and I have added my own comments on to it. I have said that Samael is the devil. That's not in the book, and I have said that the two spheres that both say "the image" in the book are Cain and Abel. You may recall that Cain and Abel cannot be separated. They are one being. They are a double being. As we have just read in James, they are a double being. The issue is which side is on top, Cain or Abel?


Now, when Samael, the devil or the evil angel, is ruling through a person it is Cain who is on top because Samael is directly strengthening Cain. When Abel is appearing through a human being, it is Michael who is strengthening Abel to overcome Cain. So we see there is a line between Michael and Samael, and this line, brethren, is a horizontal line from left to right. It is the same line that I have preached to you about so much from the Doctrine of Christ, where I have said that in the warfare it is Christ Jesus who opposes Leviathan, and it is the Spirit of Christ that opposes Satan. Do you remember those teachings, specifically from the Samson series? I think we did three different messages on Samson.


When we viewed that movie, Merlin, and when we identified the spiritual principles in it, there was one scene with Merlin who took the good side, although he wasn't in Christ...all witchcraft founded movies will be good against evil, but the good is not Christ. We saw Merlin who represented the good side standing on one mountain peak and Queen Mav who represented evil standing on another mountain peak, and the sea was between them. Well, this is the same principle.


Michael directly opposes Samael, the devil. In our teachings, we said "Leviathan." Depending on the results of this power play between Michael and Samael, either Cain or Abel is appearing through the individual. So we see that both Michael and Samael, the devil, are connected to Abel and to Cain. So we have two powerful angels, archangels you might say, two powerful archangels. The name of this message is The Archangels and the Family of God.


Now we have a bit of a contradiction here. This book, Kabbalah Unveiled, at least we are working in the introduction right now, as I explained to you on Part 1, and the lady who is a female translator....at first I thought she was a male because of her name, but I found out she is a female, she has taken drawings, and she has references to other spiritual works that she incorporates into her introduction. So this drawing that we have in the board today contradicts a drawing that we took from the very same introduction on Part 1.


This drawing shows Michael directly equal to Samael, the devil, on the negative and positive sides. According to the drawing that we saw on Part 1, Michael is an archangel, but he is on the level of the sixth Sefirot, and Samael is not an arch-devil, but listed as a demon on the level of Hod which is two levels below Michael. So please don't let these discrepancies hang you up. This is one of the major differences between studying Kabbalah and studying in the church. People who study Kabbalah, the rabbis or the scholars who study Kabbalah, they accept the fact that different people have different revelations within a certain acceptable realm.


In other words, and I'm not going to go into telling you who drew these drawings because I don't even think it is pertinent to us, so one person studying Kabbalah sees these two entities on the same plane, and another one sees them not on the same plane, but they are both in agreement that Samael is evil, and that Michael is a good guy so that's all that matters. We have to be able to flow with this and not get all upset over these minor contradictions.


Now the chart that I gave you on Part 1, I told you that I did not have a witness to everything on the chart, but I'm open for the Lord to teach me. The Lord teaches us through points of contact, but for today's message the Lord has sent me to this diagram, and with this diagram I have a witness because I have been preaching for years that Christ Jesus, and I liken Michael to Christ Jesus, is on the same level as Leviathan, and I have no problem calling Leviathan the devil. The devil is our personality plus Satan on the unconscious plane, and Leviathan on the subconscious plane so I have no problem believing that Samael is the devil, and the aspect of the devil that exists on the same plane as Michael.


You see, I'm not making this clear. Listen, if the devil is our personality in agreement with our carnal mind, that means that we as an individual....let's say we are the devil just for the sake of this argument, we are all the devil, we can manifest the satanic aspect of the devil or we can manifest the Leviathan aspect of the devil. How? We can manifest envy, the satanic aspect of the devil, or we can manifest pride which is the Leviathan aspect of the devil. It is just like saying, "Are you using your left hand or your right hand?"


So to see the devil, Samael, the evil angel on the same level as Michael says to me....well, actually I have to change that because Michael. OK, the Lord just gave me the answer for you. The Lord reminded me that the ten Sefirot operate as a system, and the higher Sefirot, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah (Crown, Wisdom, and Understanding) they never come all the way down where we are. They manifest themselves to us through a mediator.


So when we see Michael opposing the devil who is the personality, Satan and Leviathan, we know that the higher Sefirot which represent spirit, Keter....Keter manifests Himself to us as wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The head of the Sefirot are manifesting themselves through Michael, the good angel, and the primary manifestation through Michael is judgment; therefore, they reveal themselves from a position that can be likened to Gevurah to a position associated with Elohim, the name of God that operates on the level of Gevurah, because when any manifestation of the Godhead stands in opposition to the devil which is the personality, Satan and Leviathan, it is the whole power of the Godhead manifesting as judgment specifically designed to control the evil angel, and the evil angel is controlled through righteous judgment, and this is the warfare, and this is the struggle in everyone of us.


We pull between the devil in us and Christ Jesus in us, and if you don't have Christ Jesus in you, you've got a problem. If you don't have Christ Jesus in you, your devilish side is much too strong, and you are engaged in some kind of destructive behavior. You may be in jail. If you are not in jail, you may be a nice grandmother who likes to gossip or who is envious, who backbites, or who brings division between her daughters-in-law, socially accepted sin.


So for the purpose of this chart, we see the evil angel, Samael, the devil, representing the whole ball of wax, the personality, Satan, Leviathan, and Michael representing Christ Jesus and the Glorified Jesus Christ where did He come from Sheila? The Glorified Jesus Christ, to us today, is the head of the Sefirot, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. All of the Sefirot have gathered together in the position of Gevurah which is associated with the Holy Name, Elohim, to stand in consolidated power against the evil angel, Samael, and this line represents the subconscious part of the mind of the individual human being. This is going on in the subconscious level.


So we see the spirit on the left and the soul on the right, but there is no conflict between the spirit and the soul, and there is no conflict from the Neshamah, the intellectual soul. What we see is that these qualities, the spiritual intellectual soul, the spirit and the animal nature are connected to one another, and they are also connected. I'm sorry. They are not connected to one another. The spiritual intellectual soul is connected to both the spirit and the animal soul, and these three qualities, the spiritual intellectual soul, the spirit, and the animal soul, are both connected to Michael, the good angel, and Samael, the devil, and that both Michael and Samael are influencing Cain and Abel, influencing and strengthening Cain and Abel for the specific intention of forming the individual that this is going on inside into the image of either Cain and Abel, and Abel is the image of Michael, or Christ Jesus, and Cain is the image of the devil; therefore, James said, "We are a double minded man."


In some of the books, they call Cain and Abel the plastic soul or the plastic image, the part of the individual that is changeable. Plastic can be remolded. Plastic clay.


Now one thing that I find very interesting is....well, let me tell you this first. Abel, I believe, who we call Abel when we are studying the Doctrine of Christ is called Metatron, and Metatron is listed in the chart that I gave you on Part 1 as an archangel associated with Malkhut, Malkhut being the Sefirot that indwells man. Malkhut being the female that receives the emanations and the power of all of the other nine Sefirot. Malkhut being the reservoir that can be filled with the powers and the glory and the waters of eternal life or can be completely cut off from the powers of God and filled with snakes and scorpions and the powers of Satan's world. That's who we are, that's who we are, human beings, that's spiritually speaking.


We can be one or we can be the other and, therefore, it is essential for us to have an intense relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ to assure, with a pure heart of course, that we will be filled with the love and the glory and the power and the full nature of the Lord Jesus Christ because there is nothing in between. Either you are filled with the glory of God or you are filled with Satan.


Right now, humanity at this time is in between, but it is only temporary. We are both. We are double-minded, but the hour of the marriage is at hand, and you can only marry one man. See, the reason man is good and evil is because this is our condition. Christ Jesus is trying to influence us, and the evil angel, Samael, the evil angel or the devil, and Satan is within Samael, is trying to influence us. So we go back and forth. Sometimes we are good, sometimes we are evil, and to be completely evil where you murder or torture people, that is not common in our society, but we all have that potential. And this is what is coming upon the earth.


A new species is being born in the earth, but that species is coming forth two-fold. There are going to be supernatural men in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, and there are also going to be supernatural men that are going to be very like a previous race that existed on this earth in a past age. The only thing that I know about them is that they were called round men, and I believe they were called round because they were completely filled because Satan and Leviathan were connected....bear with me, the Fiery Serpent and Leviathan were connected and Satan and the Dragon were flowing through them freely so they were circular men, and the attribute that identify them was cruelty.


I talk to you about cruelty here, and I talk to you about insensitivity being cruel, but, brethren, there are degrees of cruelty. Just look at whatever you can find out about satanic cults, and that is cruelty, skinning people alive, killing people, drinking their blood, human sacrifice. This is the kind of society that is about to rise up in the world. Now that may sound strange to you, how could this come to pass? Brethren, it was just 100 years or so ago that we had tribes living in South America, the Aztec had human sacrifices, they put someone on an alter, cut their heart opened and pulled this still-pumping heart out and offered it up to their god. This is what we are going back to except that Jesus is going to win the war, but I have no problem believing that these kinds of societies will appear again in this world before Jesus wins the war.


There are powerful spiritual forces in play right now designed to throw us back, cast us back to where Christianity has raised us out of. Cruelty, brethren. The sacrifice of children, cruelty, brethren.


So I think I made this clear, Metatron. the archangel that appears through men when Christ Jesus or Michael, the good angel, is influencing Abel with enough power to force Cain underneath Him, Metatron, the archangel. Now, I have a few more things to say, and we are going to look at some clips from the Zohar because I have been preaching for quite a while here that the word "lad" or "youth" or "boy" in the Scripture in most instances means Abel. I've been preaching that in the Doctrine of Christ for a long time, and I think there are many witnesses in the Zohar to show that Metatron, at least the Zohar says Metatron, the archangel, is identified in the Zohar as "boy" or "youth," which I believe is a witness to what I've been preaching through the Doctrine of Christ that, that term "youth" or "lad" or "boy" signifies Abel. Are there any questions about what I've said here today? Everybody got this? OK. This is all going on inside of us.


Now I would like to point out that this name Samael, I just find it so fascinating that it is so close to the name Samuel. Samuel was a prophet, he was a great prophet of God. The Scripture says, "Not one of his words fell to the ground." Whatever he prayed it came to pass. Well how could his name be so close to Samael? And according to Kabbalistic principles, this is a very legitimate question because in Kabbalistic studies they really don't even deal with the vowels that much. They would look at this word, Samael, and they would say, "well the letters are Samach and Mem and there is an Aleph in there and a Lamed, so there is just one vowel difference, the a to the v, an Aleph to a Vav, which means that the numerical values of the two words will be very close.


Now one of the practices of people that have been studying Kabbalah for years is that they have a knowledge, I don't know if it is down on paper anywhere, but they have a list, maybe it is in their mind, of the numerical value of a lot of words. So they could look at two words and say, "well, these two words are equal." But I don't have that information at this time. However, my guess, and I haven't heard from the Lord on this, my guess is that Samuel is the positive expression of the devil. Either one of us could be the devil or we could be an angel. Everyone has the potential to manifest either nature, and I would say, my guess would be that Samuel was a fallen man who had the potential to be Samael but was so influenced by the spirit of God that his name was changed to Samuel, and he was a great prophet of God.


Also, the Levite priests, for example, if you look in the lexicon Levite is just one or two words away from Leviathan, the sea monster. Well, how could the Hebrew priests have a name so close to Leviathan? Does anybody know? Because they were Leviathan. See, when God gives power to people their pride just comes to the surface. Don't you see this in the Pentecostal Church? "I am a preacher, I'm a musician, I'm a deacon." Everybody thinks they are who they are. To me, the significance of the Levite priests, the intermediator between man and God, that their name is so close to Leviathan says to me that the Lord knows that "you are my priestly tribe, but that you are filled with pride so stay before me in humility because every time you look at your name, you are going to know how great your potential is to rise up in pride and abuse your office." Just the Lord's way of saying, "the people who serve me are filled with pride."


It is a pitfall, a great danger, pride is a great danger for everyone, in the ministry, in the service of God, and anyone who professes to be a Christian. Pride is the destruction of the church, and it is everywhere. I've never yet met a Christian without it, I've never met a human being without it, but I've met some very humble people that aren't Christians, and I've met some Christians that are absolutely obnoxious with their pride, and we, the Scripture tells us, are kings and priests. Now we are not Levites because we are priests after another order, the order of Melchizedek, but just in principle, brethren, watch out for pride because it will strip you and rob you of everything or, at least, a part of what God wants to give you.


Any questions on this? This is our condition, this is the struggle. Also we see this in Revelation 12:7, "And the Dragon fought and his angels." That's Samael, the devil, and all the people that the devil is appearing through, fought against Michael and His angels. So this is appearing on two levels. It is appearing, this battle between Michael and the devil (in the Book of Revelation it says "the Dragon."). This is going on inside the individual. We are both fighting to permanently establish our identity. Are we Christ or are we Leviathan? Every thought that we think and every word that we say witnesses to who and what we are, and if the majority of the time we are manifesting Leviathan it is a blessing to hear that because we know that we have work to do, because if you are listening to this message I assume you are desiring to manifest the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ and His miracle working power for the good of humanity.


On another level, we do see two groups of people evolving in the world today, people who are either predominately the devil or predominately Michael or Christ Jesus. I read something in a book the other day which really touched me. It is not a Christian book, but a lot of spiritual principles are true, and I believe the Lord was telling me that this is true. It is called the law of retardation, the law of retardation. It is an aspect of the principle of karma, and we do have karma in the Bible, what you sow, you will reap. That is what karma is, and the law of retardation says that sowing and reaping is used to retard the development of the existing race as soon as the new race begins to appear on the face of the earth. Not race, I'm sorry, it is species. There is a difference. The law of karma will be used to retard the progression of humanity as we now know it as soon as the new species, as soon as the new creation man appears on the earth. Everyone that has sown into Christ Jesus will be headed for a genetic change that will convert him into a supernatural man in the image of Christ Jesus which will work to the retardation of the propagation of humanity as it exists today. Can you hear that? Understand what I said?


What I would like to do now is read over some of these verses that I took out of The Zohar just to witness who Metatron is. Remember, according to our information, Metatron is the archangel associated with Malkhut, and Malkhut is the attribute of God that exists here in the earth in the people. Does anybody know the name of God that's associated with Malkhut? The name of God associated with Malkhut is Adonay, and the personification or the Partzuf of Malkhut is called Nukva. She is the female, she is the reservoir that is capable of containing, of capturing, and maintaining the full flow of the emanations of the whole of the consolidated 9 Sefirot above her. The 10th Sefirot, well actually it is the 1st Sefirot all the way at the top, Keter, the highest levels of Keter which manifest itself to us as knowledge is connected to the Eyn Sof, the Almighty, the Unlimited One.


So when the 9 Sefirot above us are unified, and, brethren, this has taken place and exists today in the Glorified Jesus Christ. He has unified the 9 Sefirot so all we have to do is get in touch with Jesus Christ. He's done it. He's brought them all together, and He's brought them all together in the middle line.


Let's do this Metatron, and I will show you another drawing of the soul with the middle line on it , because this is an unbalanced soul. This is a soul in the midst of a warfare. This is a soul with the positive and the negative forces both influencing the plastic soul, Cain and Abel within us, the changeable soul. So the war never stops until Michael who is Christ Jesus brings the devil under His authority, and I will show you that after we do Metatron.


I just printed out a few verses from The Zohar so we are not dealing with context here. I picked up in the middle of the study. We have Drawing #2 on the board in which drawing I hope to convey to you the concept of the balance of power. This drawing following directly after Drawing #1 which showed you how Michael and Samael are in a constant power play, tug-of-war, within the individual and also among groups of people, but I think this message has primarily to do with the conflict within the individual, that we have this continuous conflict in the midst of our own being until Jehovah descends from heaven.


You may recall that Jehovah is the Holy Name associated with Binah, understanding. Binah has a personality called mother, Imma in the Hebrew, and she is the one that gives birth to all the Sefirot beneath her. Binah is never separated from her husband, Chokhmah which is wisdom, and neither is she separated from Keter which manifests Himself to us fallen humans as knowledge. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Wisdom and knowledge never descend down to our low level, but they are inextricably joined to understanding, and it is understanding who does descend.


So when she descends down to our level, she brings with her the elements of wisdom and knowledge. Even though they stay up there, she is joined to them. We have had a lot of teaching how Binah, understanding, extends herself down to us. Does anybody remember? She extends her lowest part, Malkhut, she sends forth another runner you might say or another extension of herself called...well, her Malkhut has its own name. It is called Tevunah, and Tevunah sends forth emanations called Leah and Rachel, and these emanations are all a part of Binah, understanding, and it is by these emanations of glory of the power of God that she extends herself downward lower and lower to where we are.


So what this drawing is showing you is that the tug-of-war between Michael and Samael is put to an end when wisdom, knowledge, and understanding which are associated with the higher soul, Neshamah, and in the Book of Revelation called an angel, descends from heaven and comes down right in the middle of the power play between Michael and Samael and sits right between them acting like a son and exercising a magnetic field and containing Samael's negative power, breaking Samael's influence over Cain and Abel, and joining and increasing Michael's spiritual power and his influence over Abel. I guess I want to show this on the drawing. The influence from Samael to Cain is broken, but the influence from Michael to Abel is enhanced. The glory of God joins with Michael's influence and strengthening Abel to put Cain under foot.


We are going to read Revelation 20:1-3 in just a minute, and Cain goes down into what is called the bottomless pit which is the lower energy centers outside of the heavenly constellation formed by the 10 Sefirot. Spiritually speaking, it is possible to have a conscious existence, a human conscious existence completely apart from the heavenly constellation which is Jesus Christ. We know that there are millions of people in the world that exist without a relationship with Jesus Christ. No matter how good their life is, they exist down here in the bottomless pit. They exist outside of the heavenly constellation. I don't care if they have money or intelligence or education, spiritually speaking they are partaking of the goodness of Satan's world because they are outside.


Today, through the Lord Jesus Christ, access to the heavenly constellation is available to whosoever will, but you have to come to God with a humble spirit. I would like to point out to you, this is very interesting, as you see Jehovah, the Holy Name associated with Binah, understanding, has descended, and we know that this descent takes the form of Binah's Malkhut who has its own name called Tevunah, is stretching downward. All of this is going on inside of men. And coming forth from Tevunah is Leah and Rachel, all the power of the triad Godhead, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding which is Chokhmah, Keter, and Binah.


That's who this angel is. This angel is the Holy Name, Jehovah, representing these three high aspects of the Godhead, and descends, comes down in a straight line. So we see we have an angle here. Jehovah is on the horizontal plane right across from Michael, and on the vertical plane coming down from above, and we see Jehovah is the head of the corner. There is a right angle formed over here between Jehovah and Michael, and there is a right angle formed between Jehovah and Samael, and He is the head of the corner. Jehovah comes in, and Jehovah is appearing to us today as Christ Jesus, and the higher emanations above are the Lord Jesus Christ.


So we see that Jehovah in this position as the focal point or the sun of the middle line is the union of the Glorified Jesus Christ, who is wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to us plus Christ Jesus in the individual. He is a sun, and the magnetic field of that sun binds up, interferes with, and controls the power of Samael, and the Book of Revelation, Chapter 20 tells us that Samael is the Dragon, that old Serpent which is the devil and Satan.


Now I told you when I commended on Drawing #1 that Samael was the devil, and that present in that name devil was also Satan, because the devil is the personality plus the carnal mind which is Satan and Leviathan, and it says here also the Dragon. We know that the Dragon is also present in sending her manifestations through Satan and Leviathan, and that old Serpent, going all the way back to the Primordial Serpent. What's the name of the Primordial Serpent? Anybody know? Rahab.


So we see that Samael is just one name for all these principles. It is the same thing as saying that Adam Kadmon represents Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkhut, but that's sort of burdensome, so we say Adam Kadmon. Well, that is the same principle as Samael. All under that one name is Rahab, that ancient Serpent, who today is the Dragon and Satan and Leviathan.


That old Dragon, Rahab, in this era, in this age, is the Dragon, Satan and Leviathan, all under the one name, Samael. Samael is bound by Jehovah's magnetic field, stopped. But Jehovah strengthens Michael to overcome Cain. Cain has lost all of her power, and this is just another way of saying because I've presented this to you in another way, that the circumcising of Cain away from Leviathan, the breaking up of the marriage between Cain and Leviathan. It is just another way of saying the same thing.


Cain's relationship with Samael has been severed. Can you see it? Cut off, cut off, and now Abel is the recipient of Jehovah's power through Michael and directly through Jehovah. So we have an angle that comes down right here into Abel also. This is the diagram of the soul who is perfected or completed in Christ Jesus, and that is one of the promises of the Scripture. The King James says that we are complete in Him, but that's by faith. We are not complete in Him. We would not be sick if we were complete in Him. We would not have any problems if we were truly completed by Christ Jesus, and what does it mean to be completed by Christ Jesus? It means that Christ has to be grafted to us, and Christ is the equivalent of Malkhut. We have to have the lowest of the ten Sefirot dwelling in us which is the reservoir, who is our potential to capture and contain all of the power that's coming down from the other nine Sefirot.


What good is it if God pours out this power on us, and it flows over us and goes off into the sewer? So we have to have Christ, the reservoir that contains it, and then after we have Christ grafted to us we have to get married to Christ Jesus who is Yesod, the ninth Sefirot who is called foundation, Christ Jesus who is the funnel, the foundation, the channel that can connect with Christ in us which will channel all of the emanations from the highest planes of Almighty God into little old us. Then we are complete, and you are not sick and you don't die, and you don't age, and you don't have any problems, and you don't get these promises after you die. These promises are to be imparted in the flesh. Heaven is coming down to earth.


See, that message that you get the promises fulfilled when you go to heaven tells you that the promises will be fulfilled in heaven. No. Heaven is coming down to earth. We are not running away. We are going to change. The individual is going to change, the earth is going to change, we are going to change because it is the original plan of the Creator that His creation in the earth will accurately reflect the family of God in heaven. If we run away and the promises are after death, what happens to the earth? What happens to the earth? This creation is heaven and earth. The earth isn't going away. The earth must accurately reflect the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. According to Kabbalah, the image of Jehovah. We must, there is no choice, there is no possibility of this world ending up in any other way. We must, MUST, and we shall reflect the image of the Lord Jesus Christ however many thousands or millions of years it takes, the end of the story is that we shall reflect the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Now, the occult, Hindu and Buddhism and Theosophy tell you that there is no end, that things are just going to go on forever, that there are going to be ages consisting of trillions of years that will come to an end, and what they call a prolia (if I'm pronouncing it right) which means that every aspect of the visible creation just collapses and comes to dust, and there is a period of rest and then after a couple of trillion years, 18 trillion years or so, the will to incarnate comes forth from deity, this is Hinduism, Buddhism now, and all of the dust, all of the cosmic dust comes together and forms a new creation. But we know that the Scripture teaches that Jesus Christ has come to put an end to reincarnation.


So I honestly do not know how many thousands, millions, billions or trillions of years this creation has truly been going on, possibly for trillions of years, but we are told in the Scripture that we are those upon whom the ends of the ages has come. Reincarnation is coming to an end in this age, and only God knows what He has in store for us. "Eye hath not seen, and ear hath not heard what God has in store for us." Well, we know what He has in store for us. It is perfect, complete, unending, and uninterrupted union with the family of God in heaven. What we don't know is what kind of an experience that will be, and reincarnation is a series of separations. Reincarnation is coming to an end. I declare to you, finished, over, and defeated on the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Just to finish up this chart, the reason that I'm not showing you Keter above wisdom is that each one of these Sefirot has many divisions within it. What I've told you, for example, is that right under Binah she has another 10 Sefirot right under her. We know that the 10th Sefirot called Malkhut in Binah has its own name called Tevunah. So each of these Sefirot have many levels within them. The higher levels of Keter are joined to and are one with the Eyn Sof, the Almighty, which we cannot even comprehend on any level. The lower aspects of Keter appear to us humans as knowledge. Now my carnal mind would say that well then it should say knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, but the teachers of Kabbalah say, "No, it is wisdom, knowledge, and understanding." The day that I find out why, I will tell you, but until then I am accepting their judgment.


Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Binah, Jehovah, the Holy Name associated with Binah, understanding, descends, and the reason that He descends is to extend the middle line of balanced power to Nefesh, the animal nature and the associated powers and principality. Binah descends to extend the balanced power that exists in the indestructible world above. Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah are indestructible, and their union cannot be severed. They are a balanced, integrated power. So Binah, the upper mother or the higher mother, she descends down to the lower planes of consciousness to bring the same balance to the powers beneath and to put an end to the power struggle between Michael or Christ Jesus to us and Samael, Satan and Leviathan or the devil to us.


The fruit of the descent of this balanced power and the ending of the power play between Michael, Christ Jesus, and Samael, Leviathan, the fruit of this is that the individual human being ceases to be an expression of the devil through Cain, and the individual human being becomes the image of Jehovah through Michael and Abel, through Christ Jesus and Abel. Our change is from within, and it is a direct result of a change of mind which is the true definition of repentance. Repentance is not a change of opinion. It is a change of mind, from the carnal mind to the Christ mind which cannot be accomplished without the assistance of the archangels and the family of God in heaven, above, descending into our world to reproduce their balanced power in our war-torn world, because this is a war-torn world. Whether you know it or not, we war every day. We war against each other every day, because in our minds we are animals, and this is a jungle. We fight against each other every day.


Metatron appears when Jehovah descends from heaven, and heaven is Adam Kadmon. When Jehovah descends from Adam Kadmon's first three Sefirot, and those three Sefirot are Keter, knowledge; Chokhmah, wisdom; Binah, understanding. Jehovah, Christ Jesus, marries Nukva or Christ. That is the personification of Malkhut which union is called "Shabbat," the Sabbath Day. That is just another way of saying that when Christ is grafted to you, Christ Jesus, which is the balanced combination of all of the upper nine Sefirot, comes down and marries us. We get the whole thing, and we become the Sabbath day, we become a great blessing with the ability to pray for people and bring all kinds of deliverance and regeneration and rejuvenation to the world.


Are there any questions about this? Let's get these Scriptures on the tape: Revelation 20, Verses 1, 2, and a part of 3.


COMMENT: Verse 1: And I saw an angel come down from heaven having the key to the bottomless pit, and a great chain in his hand.


COMMENT: Verse 2: And he laid hold on the Dragon, that old Serpent, which is the devil and Satan and bound him a thousand years.


COMMENT: Part of Verse 3: And cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him that he should deceive the nations no more until the thousand years should be fulfilled.


So what we are doing is we are relating this Kabbalah teaching to Revelation, Chapter 20, Verses 1, 2, and a part of 3. Any questions or comments?


Lord willing, after dinner, we are going to look at those Scriptures from The Zohar which talk about Metatron in the hopes of convincing you or who ever is listening to this tape that Metatron, which is a Kabbalistic name for the word "lad" or "youth." It appears in the King James Translation as "lad" or "youth." Kabbalah says that this is Metatron, the archangel associated with Malkhut, Malkhut being Christ that's grafted to us. Christ grafted to us becomes a great archangel when Christ Jesus from above joins with Him. Kabbalah says that Malkhut becomes a great archangel when Yesod comes down and marries her. The Doctrine of Christ says that Christ when He is grafted to us becomes a powerful, spiritual being. The New Testament doesn't say archangel, but a powerful spiritual being in us when the heavenly Christ Jesus comes down, and we receive all of the power of the Glorified Jesus Christ.


After dinner we will look at those Scriptures and what is happening in this message is that we are becoming familiar with the name Metatron, and I also hope that you are becoming familiar with the phrase "middle line." This center line, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, Chokhmah, Keter, Binah, Jehovah, this is called the middle line, the balance of power between the judgment on the left side and whatever is on the right side. One book teaches that it is good stuff on the right side. This book that we are looking at today says that it is the powers and principalities on the right side, the diagram of the soul.


OK, the Lord just cleared that up for me. When we are talking about the ten Sefirot, it is judgment on the left side, and goodness on the right side. But what we are talking about here is the diagram of the soul, so it is judgment in the left side and the animal nature on the right side. Praise the Lord.


I think this has been a very rich teaching. Let me tell you one more time, after dinner we are going to look at some Scriptures from The Zohar talking about Metatron, associating him with the word "lad" or "youth" or "boy," in the King James Translation, and I remind you I've been preaching here for years that those terms "lad," "youth," or "boy" is referring to Christ, but Metatron, in particular, talks about Christ after He's grown up into....after He's joined to the glorified Jesus and become a powerful archangel. Any questions or comments? Praise the Lord.


Praise the Lord, we have decided to make our study on Metatron a separate series so if you would like to follow though on what we were teaching before we went out to dinner, please request Message #544, Metatron. God bless you.




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