543 - Part 1

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I've taken some information from a third book. Pretty much, we have been working from Etz Chayyim which is The Tree of Life. Those messages are under the name, as of today anyway, are under the name A Look at Kabbalah. We are also looking at The Gates of Light which is also giving us an esoteric understanding of the names of God. We have done a little bit in The Zohar under the title "Bereshith," the beginning.


Well, I have been asking the Lord about angels for a while now, and I have openly confessed to Him and to you that I just have a problem with the concept of angels that's in the church. I have a problem with the concept of another plane of consciousness with angels just floating around, because first of all they can't be physical. They would have to at least be in astral bodies or etheric bodies. I just have a problem with it. Aside from the fact that I have a problem with the wings, because I think that they are spiritual beings, I doubt that they have the kind of wings that you see in the pictures of the angels. Probably that concept came from Ezekiel, Chapter 1 where Ezekiel said, "And I saw them, and they had wings." These are spiritual wings.


So ever since we started preaching and teaching on Kabbalah, I told the Lord that I really want the truth, but I'm just having a real problem comprehending this concept of a multitude of angels, and yesterday He gave me some understanding which is rather exciting. The point of contact that He used is a third book which we touched on at the very beginning of our endeavor, and the name of that book is Kabbalah Unveiled.


Now the problem that I have with this book is that it is a Hebrew Kabbalistic work which was first translated into Latin and from the Latin translated into English by Christian Kabbalists. Christian Kabbalists, as far as I know, and certainly it is true of this translator, are usually Catholics, and they believe in the trinity. I don't believe in the trinity, and I do not believe in pretty much the Catholic doctrine. So, what am I trying to say? That although this book, Kabbalah Unveiled, in its original state is a highly respected Kabbalistic work, it was translated by somebody who has a spirit that is different than the spirit of the Kabbalists, if you can hear what I'm saying.


So far, I've looked The Zohar which was translated by two Jews, and I witness to the spirit on the work. I've looked at the book, Bahir, and I witness to the spirit on the work. I look at The Tree of Life, and I witness to the spirit on the work. Kabbalah Unveiled, I guess I really haven't gotten into the meat of the book yet because the introduction is so rich that I'm still in the introduction, and the information that I'm giving you tonight from Kabbalah Unveiled is from the introduction.


So the information I'm giving you tonight is really not part of the translation. It is not part of the Kabbalistic work called Kabbalah Unveiled. It is an introduction that is written by a theosophist, and I personally believe that the theosophist has an anti-Christ spirit. That's my opinion, that the spirit upon Theosophy is anti-Christ. Theosophy, to the best of my knowledge, is a cross between Hindu doctrine and Catholic doctrine, and I do not witness to the spirit on it; although, I do believe that there could be some information for us.


As you all know, I have read Hindu books under the guidance of the Lord, and He has taught me some things. You see, you have to understand that when you are studying under a spiritual teacher, and I study under the Lord Jesus Christ, He uses a point of contact, and this is true for everyone in the church. The Bible, the written Word of God is a point of contact. The Scripture says, Jehovah speaking, "I will meet you at the mercy seat where the two cherubim are. I will meet you in the midst of the two cherubim at the mercy seat." Well, that is simply symbolic language for our mind. It is talking about our mind. The Lord meets us at a common place. He descends, we go up, and He meets us. You see, to commune with the Lord or to commune with any spiritual being, you start by putting your mind on that person, or you start thinking about the things that person thinks about. You have to have a point of contact, a point of coming together if you are going to meet with a spiritual being.


Of course, the same thing is true in the physical. To have any kind of friendship with anybody, you have to have something in common. If you are a mother, well maybe you have your children in common, maybe you make some friends at your child's kindergarten class. If you work, you have the kind of work that you do in common with friends that you might make at the work place. Well, it is sort of hard to get into a friendship with the Lord if you are talking about the things of this world.


Now He does have mercy on us when we put our needs before Him, when we ask for a healing for our child or an increase in pay, or help with some problem that we have. That is an act of complete mercy. It is the act of a master toward a servant, but the Lord wants more of a relationship with us than that of a Master toward a servant. He wants the relationship of a father to a son with us. Now, when a father talks to a son the point of contact for that relationship is to train that son to take over the headship of the household. That point of contact is, especially if it is a prince, the discussion is of the kingdom, and the government of the kingdom, and the political problems of the kingdom. In this case, the wars that the kingdom is involved in, because there have been spiritual wars raging ever since the fall.


So if you are a spiritual female, and there is no shame in that, this designation whether or not you are a spiritual female or a spiritual male has nothing whatsoever to do with your physical body. It has to do with your mind, and largely by the things that your mind focuses on. Now, if you are an intercessor and you are praying for people's healings all the time, there is a place for that, and that is a good thing, but that is not what the Son of God does. That's what the female does, and if that's what you are, if you are a female in the church, Praise the Lord, we need the females in the church too. But the Son of God talks to His father about the political situation of the kingdom, about the enemies of the kingdom, and about the warfare that the kingdom is engaged in, and about the long-range outcome, and, of course, the long range winning of that war.


So when you have your conversations with the Lord, now, if you have heard this message, you have some guideline by which to determine where you are or who you are in relationship to the Lord Jesus. At one time, I worked for a law firm, and there were lawyers there, there were paralegal there, and there were secretaries there, and the firm would have a fellowship once a month for lawyers and paralegal. Secretaries were not invited. Then on occasion, there would be a fellowship that included the secretaries, and the secretaries were very offended, but the Lord showed me that the reason the lawyers fellowshiped with the paralegal and not with the secretaries on this regular basis was because they were talking business. They were talking about law and about the procedures of law that went on at the law firm. If they wanted to fellowship with the secretaries, they had a different kind of fellowship.


Brethren, it is the same thing as saying concerning the human family that there is one kind of fellowship where you invite everybody, the men and the women and the children and the dogs and everybody, all the members of the family, and you have a bar-b-que, and you have wonderful time, but when it comes to the weightier matters, at least in the past, the men would go off and discuss it. Today, if there is a mature woman around, she is usually involved in the discussion too, but the children are not around. The teenagers are not around. Sometimes, even the young adults are not around. It all depends on what the problem is, and who is involved.


So the young son establishes his relationship with his father by stretching his mind to deal with some of the issues that the Lord Jesus deals with, and I say "stretching his mind" because we could never deal with the highest issues that the Lord Jesus deals with. We are just not there yet. We are still fallen and mortal, but where ever we are, if we just look in the direction of what Jesus is most concerned about (I didn't say the ones He loves the most), I said the issue He is most concerned about, the war, Satan, Leviathan, the Dragon, the seduction that's upon the church that is moving rapidly to make Christianity something that no one even remembers. When you become interested in the higher things, the Lord Jesus will meet with you more and more often.


When you are interested in the higher things, you are a party to every kind of fellowship, the male fellowship, the female fellowship, the children's fellowship, and the fellowship of the whole family including the dogs and the pets. I don't even know how I got started on that.


I was talking to you about this book, Kabbalah Unveiled. I was telling you that we are taking some information today from the introduction. It is a very rich introduction, and that this book that I am working with was translated by a theosophist, and I believe that the spirit on the theosophist is a different spirit than the spirit that's on the true Kabbalist or on the Christian that is studying the Doctrine of Christ and manifesting Christ Jesus; therefore, I have some questions about what certain aspects I may reject, and there were some differences between the translations.


For example, I have written on the board, this is Drawing #1, and I have written on the board that Chesed through Yesod is signified by the Vav of the Holy Name, Jehovah, YHVH, the Vav is signifies the 6th Sefirot of Chesed to Yesod, but the translator of Kabbalah Unveiled says that she lumps together 7 Sefirot. She starts with Binah, and she says Binah through Yesod is signified by the Vav, and I reject that because we have been studying with The Tree of Life, Isaac Luria's teaching as set down by Chayyim Vital, and not only does Chayyim Vital and Isaac Luria say "No, Binah is not a part of the Vav." And who is the Vav? The Vav is Ze'ir Anpin. We might say that Ze'ir Anpin is the common man. I don't know if other Kabbalists would agree with me, but that is the word in my heart right now.


See, we are talking about 10 Sefirot that signify the primordial man, Adam Kadmon, and I fully witness to the teaching of Etz Chayyim that the first three Sefirot, Keter, Chokhmah and Binah, which are appearing to men as wisdom, knowledge and understanding, are the head of the supernal man, and that understanding which is associated with Binah is a part of the head which is the supernatural glory and not a part of the body which is much more likely to be found in the common man, the body, Chesed through Yesod, the body of Ze'ir Anpin. Binah is a part of the headship, the supernatural headship. She is one with Keter and Chokhmah.


I believe that Binah is also one with Chesed through Yesod because Binah is the female Sefirot that gives birth to Chesed through Yesod, but I know that a human woman gives birth to a child, and she is still married to her husband. She is still Mrs. So and So. She is joined to the child, but her identity remains with her husband. So, I disagree with the translator who locates Binah with Chesed through Yesod, associating her with Ze'ir Anpin.


Now this is certainly not anything to argue over. I would never argue over doctrine with anyone. I am just telling you this by way of example because I'm trying to show you that there will be discrepancies. Now we have been working with different books, and when I get a witness from the Lord to the information of various books...we have been doing something very difficult. We have been interpolating the information on some of the tapes, A Look at Kaballah. We have taken information from different writers which was written at different periods of time, and we've made them match. We have interpolated them, we matched them up. When it comes to discrepancies with Kabbalah Unveiled, I'm not really looking to interpolate, and I am more cautions than I would be because of the reasons that I just told you. I believe it is a different spirit on this lady, and I'm sure she is a very fine lady. I just feel she has a different spirit upon her.


If you look at Drawing #1, you see that it is a chart that associates with each of the ten Sefirot, a name of God which we already know, and actually I've already a couple of changes there. For example, the translator says that the name of God associated with Chokhmah is Jehovah, but we have two witnesses, both in Etz Chayyim, and The Gates of Light that the Holy Name associated with Chokhmah is Yah, and Yah is the first two letters of the Holy Name. YHVH. The "a" is added just to make the name pronounceable.


We did have a whole message on that under A Look at Kabbalah if you feel led to go back and study it. The significance is that the first two letters of the Holy Name or the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, signifying Jehovah, the first two letters can exist by themselves, and the second two letters, the Vav and the second Hey, cannot exist by themselves. When the Holy Name is separated, YH survives and VH is associated with Ze'ir Anpin and Malkhut, and they die spiritually.


I told you on that other message, don't remember which part number it is off hand, that this is the same message that I have taught you concerning the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. When the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is joined to the Tree of Life the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil lives. When the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil departed from the Tree of Life, the Tree of Life did not die, but the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil died because the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the partial tree.


I taught that a couple of years ago in the Doctrine of Christ, and here is Kabbalah saying that the Holy Name Jehovah, YHVH, signifying the whole of the creation...see it is all symbols, referring to the letters of this Holy Name, if you cut off theV and the H, the YH becomes Yah, and not only survives but exists on a high level of God with Chokhmah which is wisdom, a part of the headship of Adam Kadmon, the primordial human, but the Vav and the Hey falls down into The World of Action which is where we are. The Vav and the Hey is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. I'm not going to re-preach that whole message now.


I did not copy on this chart the same name as the translator put the in the book, Kabbalah Unveiled. I put in the Holy Name that I believe that the Lord has witnessed to me is the correct Holy Name. There has to be a deep reason why both Rabbi Gikatilla in The Gates of Light and Isaac Luria say that the Holy Name associated with Chokhmah is Yah and not Jehovah. They are not the same. Yah is missing something that Binah has. Binah is the Sefirot that is associated with Jehovah, and the Lord just told me what the difference is.


Binah is understanding, and, as I told you earlier, Binah is the mother. She is the higher mother or the supernal mother, Imma, and Chokhmah is the father, Abba, and Keter which is a part of the Eyn Sof, the Unlimited One, Keter you might say is a mediator between the Eyn Sof and Chokhmah. He is so high that He doesn't even have His own letter. He's so high. These three, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, Keter called the crown, Chokhmah father and Binah mother, they are all part of the head. They are eternal. They cannot die, but it is possible for all of the Sefirot beneath Binah to die, to separate from the head and to die.


So Binah, the Holy Name associated with Binah...well, let me say something else first. Chokhmah, wisdom, is father, and Binah, understanding, is mother, and these two, wisdom and understanding, couple, or they have a spiritual sexual union and Binah, understanding, gives birth to the next seven Sefirot, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkhut. So I just mentioned that a human woman who has a baby, she is still the wife of her husband, and that is her primary identity, but she has a very strong tie with her children so, therefore, Binah, understanding, the Holy Name associated with Binah takes on the letters that signify the seven Sefirot that she gives birth to. Can you hear that? Do you want me to say that again.


Look, Chokhmah, wisdom, father, the Holy Name associated with Him are the letters YH, the first two letters of the Holy Name. They can never die. They are inextricably tied to Keter who is inextricably tired to Eyn Sof. They cannot be destroyed. Now Chokhmah, wisdom, who is the father is married to Binah so everything He is, She is. If wisdom is Y and H, the Yod and the Heh, the letters that cannot be destroyed, He gives everything He has to His wife, Binah, so she has the Holy letters Y and H. He has given her His eternal life that cannot be taken from her. Can you hear that? OK with that? But then she gives birth to seven children, the seven Sefirot beneath her, and these seven Sefirot beneath her are signified by the Vav and the Heh.


So Binah, the mother, she has the letters of her husband, Y and H, and she has the Hebrew letters that signify her children, the V and the H. She is both, but, on occasion, her children depart from her. She loses her children, but the only thing that Binah, understanding, can lose is the V and the H. She can never lose the Y and the first H because that she receives from her husband, and they are never separated, but her children can separate from her so it is possible for that Vav and that lower H to fall away.


I believe that this the secret of the Scripture in one of the prophets, I think it is Isaiah but I'm not sure, saying, "And Rachel crying for her children." You may recall from our studies in A Look at Kabbalah that Rachel arises out of Tevunah which is the Malkhut of Binah. Binah, understanding, the supernal mother, sends out tendrils like a plant sends out tendrils. Binah has underneath her 10 Sefirot, and the Malkhut of Binah has its own personification. It is called Tevunah which means "discernment." And out of Tevunah comes an emanation of the grace or the power of God called Rachel, and Rachel is the part of mother, understanding, that descends into and penetrates Ze'ir Anpin who consists of the six Sefirot from Chesed to Yesod.


So "Rachel crying for her children," what does that mean? It means...see, Binah cannot die. If the children pull away from the mother, everything that belongs to Binah stays with her. The tendrils that Binah puts out, and I say tendrils because spiritual life can be likened to plants. So Binah trying to extend herself into her children sends out tendrils or extensions of herself, and one of those extensions of Binah, understanding is a part of her, is her lowest part. The lowest part of Binah, understanding is called Tevunah, and out of Tevunah, out of the lowest part of Binah, another tendril comes forth that goes down and penetrates into the children of mother and father, but when the children fall away and die that most distant tendril called Rachel cries for the children, cries out for them to come home, if you can hear that, and that's not really tonight's message.


I hope I have made my point that what you see on the board is not an exact duplicate of what you will find in the introduction to Kabbalah Unveiled, and I will tell you openly that a lot of the names that are on the board I am not familiar with. We have a chart consisting of five columns. One is the Sefirot, two is the names of God, three is the archangels, four is the order of angels, five is the planets, six is the demons, and seven is the arch-devils, and we go across the board. Each Sefirot is a row, and we see, for example, the Sefirot Keter is associated with the name of God, I AM, and the archangel associated with Keter and I AM is Metatron. The order of angels is Chaioth Ha-Qadesh. The planet associated with Keter is Primma Mobile, and I am not even sure what that means. The category of demons associated with this high level where Keter is, is Thamiel which I never heard of, and the arch-devil on this high level, we have two, are Satan and Moloch.


Now the reason I put this up on the board for you is that the Lord has given me a revelation as to what these archangels are, and this is what He has told me. We know about the Partzufim, we know about the personifications of the Sefirot, we know that Chokhmah is father, Binah is mother, and that from Chesed through Yesod contain a personality called the spiritual man, Ze'ir Anpin, and that Malkhut is personified in the female Nukva. Do you remember that? These are all personifications that exist within Adam Kadmon, within the sisytem. See, Adam Kadmon is a system. We might say, "Sheila Vitale is a system." I have a heart, and I have lungs, and I have a spleen, I have all kinds of organs, I have legs, I have arms. Now I might tell you that this is an arm over here or this is a heart, but it is my heart. It is a part of me, Sheila.


Now to talk about the archangel associated with any particular Sefirot would be given a separate existence to that organ. It would be as if I said to you, "I have a heart, and that heart is a part of Sheila Vitale made up of all these parts," but it is possible, now this is not possible in the physical plane down here, but it is possible for my physical heart to have an existence apart from me. OK, the Lord gave me a better example. We have a family. Xxxxx has a big family, she has all kinds of people, three or four generations coming in and out of her house all of the time. They are Xxxxx's family, and you have four generations don't you? They are known as a family so we will take her daughter Xxxxx, for example, Xxxxx is a member of Xxxxx's collective family, but Xxxxx also has a husband and a couple of kids. They are a part of the Xxxxx family, but they are also something of their own. There is a relationship over there. Yes it is true that Xxxx is the grandmother, but there is something special and unique about that individual family. Can you say amen to that? Do you understanding what I'm saying?


You can't say that about my heart, but this is what the Lord told me the archangels are. The Partzufim that I just named, father, mother, Ze'ir Anpin, and Nukva, they are all a part of Adam Kadmon's family, but yet each one of them has a life outside of that family, has a consciousness, has a reality outside of that family, just like Xxxxx's daughter, Xxxxx and her family. So Metatron on the level of Keter and I AM is Keter, who we know to be Keter, a part of Adam Kadmon, has another existence apart from His family, Adam Kadmon, primordial human, and when we talk about Keter on His own, not as a part of Adam Kadmon, His name is Metratron. He has a ministry of His own. Xxxxx's family gets together all the time, they fellowship all the time, they share all kinds of things, but I am sure that everyone of her children and her grandchildren except for the babies have some aspect of their life that's unique, their job, their business, their career. So Metatron is Keter in His aspect of consciousness, in His reality apart from the family of Adam Kadmon, primordial human. Can you see that? OK.


Now that I can live with. I've been having a problem with this concept of angels as long as I'm in the church which is 23 years, and for the longest time I was saying, "well the only angel there is, is Christ Jesus. He's a many-membered angel, and that's the only angel that there is, and there is an evil angel which is the old man in all of us which is really the devil. That's what the devil is." I've been saying that for a long time, and then when we started studying Kabbalah I said, "Well Lord, they talk about all these angels, you are just going to have to help me with this because I just cannot go along with this thought of all these angels flying around in heaven playing on their harps all day." Now this I can live with. I thank God for this revelation, I can live with this.


I went into The Zohar because The Zohar is the only Kabbalistic work that I have on CD-ROM where I could search, and I looked up everyone of these names, and I could not find several of them, but I think that there is a problem with the spelling. For example, I did take the spelling of the translator of Kabbalah Unveiled, Mikhael. That spelling is not in my English translation of The Zohar, but the English spelling of Michael, M-i-c-h-a-e-l, is there, and I found the names of angels that are not listed either under archangels or under orders of angels. I found the name Uriel, for example. So I don't know. I found Metatron, I found Michael, I found Raphael, and I found Gabriel. We all know Michael and Gabriel.


I've heard about Raphael for years, and I said, "where do they get these names from?" For years, I did not know where these names came from. So in The Zohar I found Metatron, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael. I don't think I could find Haniel, but I did find a Uriel, and a couple of others. My guess is that all of these names are there. Either they are spelled differently or there is a difference in the pronunciation. One of these names must also be Uriel. That's my opinion for whatever it is worth. So does everybody understand what an archangel is?


The next column that we have is orders of angels, and, again, these names, except for Elohim, are alien to me. I'm sorry, Seraphim, we know about the Seraphim. At least we read about them in the King James Translation. I did not have time to search for all of these names, but I was led to one verse in The Zohar that named a lot of names. It did not tell you much about them, but it just named the classes of angels, and I saw....I'm looking under orders of angels now and I did see Aralim, and I think I saw Malachim, and I saw Boni Elohim, and I saw Ishim. Kerubim I believe are the cherubim, it is just spelled with a "K" instead of a "Ch."


Now the Boni Elohim, I read in The Zohar, means the sons of Elohim, and that's who we are. We are the sons of Elohim. That is interesting to see the sons of Elohim listed on the level of the eighth Sefirot. I also saw in that verse Ishim with the indication that this word means "supernal men." The word in The Zohar is supernal men, spiritual men. So we have sons parallel with the eighth Sefirot, and men parallel with the tenth Sefirot.


Let me tell you what I think the orders of the angels are. I believe that each of these archangels just as I gave you the example of Xxxxx's family, I think each one of them has a family of their own just like the adult children of this large extended family. Of course, Xxxxx has four generations also in your family? You don't have four generations yet? OK. So I believe that the orders of angels are the families of the archangels. So we have the whole Xxxxx family that everybody is a part of, and then each adult has his own individual family, and that is what the orders of the angels are. You might say the children or the offspring of the archangels. I can live with that.


Who are the offspring of the archangels? See, everything is us. Let me finish with the chart, and I will get to that later.


It is just like saying that we are the sons of God. See, everything that we see here is all us. That's what the Lord told me. I know science says that we have seven layers of skin. Right now, I'm not ready to deal with the discrepancy between seven layers of skin and ten Sefirot. I'm not ready to deal with that yet, but this is what the Lord told me, and I have another drawing in mind, but I would like to get through with this first.


The Lord told me that if you can hear this, we are a holographic people. We exist on many more planes of reality or planes of consciousness than the three planes that we are familiar with. We are familiar with width, height and depth. We are a three dimensional existence here. Here in outer darkness, we have a three dimensional existence. Even our mind is unconscious, subconscious, and conscious, but there is much more to us than we are aware of. We just can't see it, and if you can hear this, it is as if we exist on every layer of our skin. The scientists say we have seven layers of skin. It is as if we have a different reality or a different identity on every layer, and as we go deeper and deeper inward we have a different reality and a different name and a different level of consciousness on every level. But all of these levels are a part of us.


So we see on the far left of the board where we have the Sefirot listed and on the far right we have the arch-devils listed, and we are all of these things from the first layer to the tenth layer. It is all us. It is just a question which end we live out of, and the two ends are constantly warring against each other for dominance. So you might say that...let's take the fourth to the ninth Sefirot, Ze'ir Anpin who is Christ Jesus to us, He's our New Man, Christ Jesus. If you go all the way across the board to the right there is an arch-devil that lines up with Christ Jesus - Asmodeus, Belphegor, Baal...now I recognize the name of Baal, and Adrammelech, I don't know about that. We will just say that these six levels of arch-devils collectively are called the devil. Our old man is the devil, and they are just at the other end of ourselves, and the Lord wants us to be educated to find out that, that enemy that we have is just another part of us.


I remember the man that I studied under, the pastor that I studied under, he said one day, he told the congregation one day that he had asked the Lord, "Why don't you just kill Satan?" And the Lord told him, "If I killed Satan, you would die." The Lord just answered his question without understanding because you can't just kill Satan because she is a part of us. She has to be apprehended and brought into a positive relationship with the rest of the whole. Of course, she must die to everything that she is in order to do that, but the substance of which Satan is made cannot be cut off from us or we will be destroyed. It is simply a reformation of the substance that we are made of, and we know that the creation is both positive and negative. Positive Sefirot, negative corresponding arch-devil, and all of these five layers in between, names of God, names of demons, archangels, planets, and order of angels in the middle.


Now the next column, the fourth column is planets. Now I am convinced that the Lord has told me that these names of the planets are not talking about the planets out in the sky, that each one of these ten Sefirot is a planet. We have taught this in A Look at Kabbalah. They are all spheres. They are not just circles, they are spheres, they are multi-dimensional spheres. We literally have a universe inside of us. Kabbalah calls the ten Sefirot inside of us the constellation or the heavenly constellation.


So maybe the astrologist today, maybe they look at those planets out there....I don't know what it is yet, but I believe there is a reality to astrology dealing with the spiritual planets, but I only want it if it is of God, and I feel like I am in a candy store since the Lord let me into Kabbalah. I have to really rebuke myself because I want to go in and eat it all at once, and I cannot eat it all at once. I cannot understand it. I don't even have time to read it all at once, and I'm just going to have to slow down and take it a little bit at a time. We have enough work to last us here for years just in the few books in English that I have. So unless the Lord does some kind of a miracle and really speeds this up, we are going to be studying here for years.


Although I am convinced that the Doctrine of Christ is the key to activating the Kabbalah. What do I mean activating the Kabbalah? Brethren, the Kabbalah is power. Now let me remind you just in case this is the first tape or the first message that somebody is listening to or reading. There are three kinds of Kabbalah, at least three kinds of Kabbalah. We are studying here classic Kabbalah, Hebrew Kabbalah, the esoteric meaning of the Holy Scripture which include a deep honor of Jehovah who is appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus Christ and is rooted and grounded in the Holy Scripture. The Kabbalah that you hear about today in the United States, in the modern United States, is not. It has nothing to do with the Holy Scripture. It is New Age, and it is frequently magic. It has nothing to do with....they don't even talk about God, let alone the Scripture.


So we are talking about classic Kabbalah here, and this message, the message of Kabbalah contains within it the power to enter into eternal life. I read about it in the books. Rabbi Gikatilla talks about it, overcoming death and entering into eternal life. Well, why don't the Jews have it today? Why aren't the Jews overcoming death? There are Jewish men who study Kabbalah, they are deep students of Kabbalah today. It is all over the Internet. There are schools, Yeshivas, people study Kabbalah. Why have they not entered into eternal life? Have they overcome sickness and disease? Even if they die, do they live to 90 or 100 years without ever suffering from a disease and then just go to sleep? I don't know for sure, but I don't think so. I think that these men that study Kabbalah, and I say men because in Orthodox Judaism...if you hear that a woman is studying or teaching Kabbalah, well this is true of her and anyone, you have to find out what kind of Kabbalah they are teaching.


And I will tell you right now that if there are no prerequisites to study Kabbalah, if there is no requirement that you know the Scripture or that you have a relationship with God, they, or whoever the teacher is, are not teaching classic Kabbalah, and as far as I'm concerned classic Kabbalah is the only true Kabbalah. The only Kabbalah where the presence of the living God is. There may be a spirit in other aspects of Kabbalah, but I doubt very much if the spirit of the Holy God that gave this word is present when Kabbalah is being taught to people that don't have a relationship with the Lord and don't study His word. I personally do not believe that could be the true spirit of God. I will tell you something else, that the people who are teaching true and classic Kabbalah are not advertising for students. They are not advertising for students because this is a Holy word that is designed to impart power.


I told you that I've written to several rabbis over the Internet, just asking questions about classic Kabbalah and only one of them answered. Now the question is, do they not know? Or do they not want to tell someone who is not....they don't even want to find out if I'm proven. The one that did answer me was not encouraging me to study Etz Chayyim at all so I wrote him a little synopsis of my life. I told him my story, that I am a natural Jew who was not raised with any religion, that I came to the church when I was dying, started reading the King James Translation in church, and after a year or so started getting a message that completely deviated from the message in the Christian church today, that I was persecuted for it, but decided after much prayer that it was of God and followed through with it. Thirteen years I've been preaching this message publicly, calling it the Doctrine of Christ, and after 13 years, and I've been studying it for 20 or 21, after 13 years of public teaching, the Lord lead me to Kabbalah and there is, in principle, the whole message that I have been teaching.


I told this rabbi this, and I told him what I was up to in my private studies of Etz Chayyim, and I asked him if he had a course of study that was appropriate for me. Well he wrote back to me, and I discern spirits on e-mails and on letters. He was not happy. I'm not sure what he wasn't happy about, but he did say to me that he recommended that I read two books that he has for sale, and then he said there are teachers here which means he would be willing to give me a teacher, but I don't know what kind of a teacher. I don't know what the story is of the rabbis today, either they don't know, the ones on the Internet anyway, either they don't know...but this particular rabbi has translated The Zohar so he has to know Kabbalah, and they are out there pushing it to people that have no Scriptural background at all, but if you show that you really know something they are not running to take you as a student. So the question is why? I am not sure what the answer is.


Getting back to the message for today, I don't know how I got on to that. We were saying that the human race is a holographic race. We exist, according to Kabbalah, on ten levels, not on three levels, on ten levels, and the average person is completely blind to the upper nine levels. The average person is down here at #10 or even below #10. I've had on the board for you in other messages that the average human being does not even have Malkhut. The average human being exists outside of the heavenly constellation which is hell. But all of this, everything that's on this chart here, see the arch-devils and the demons are outside of the heavenly constellation of the...look, I'm lacking a lot of details, but that is what outer darkness is. It is the people who live outside the heavenly constellation, but I was talking about the planets. That's what I was talking about.


I believe that the ten Sefirot are the ten planets listed here, and I believe that highly spiritual people know this. I have come to the conclusion that the number of people that are really....the word is initiated, that's the word that I see used over and over again, the people that are initiated, the rabbis that are initiated, and the people who are not Jewish initiated, the people who really are deeply spiritual people and operating in the depth of spirituality which imparts spiritual power, there are very few of these people. Very, very few of them. Not only Jews, very few rabbis that are initiated, and then there are other people in the world today in different spiritual philosophies that are initiated. What does that mean?


It means that they have contact with the spiritual world. I have an intimate relationship with Christ Jesus, the son of the Lord Jesus Christ. I honestly don't know what percentage of my relationship is with Christ Jesus and what percentage is with the Lord Jesus, but they are both there, and we are closer than ever since I'm studying Kabbalah. Why would that be? I mentioned that at the beginning of the message, because I'm talking to Him more and more on His level, and we definitely have drawn closer. So I am initiated in a measure. I don't know how to measure myself. I know that my power is very limited so I would not dare to say that I was initiated because my power is very limited. I do have some spiritual power, but I'm very limited.


So I am probably in the process of being initiated. To be initiated, you have a spiritual teacher. My spiritual teacher is Christ Jesus. There are a lot of people in the world today that have spirit guides for their teacher, but this is how you become spiritual, brethren, you establish a relationship with a spirit or with a spiritual man. That's how you become anything. You want to become a good carpenter? Establish a good relationship with a good carpenter.


For years, for centuries, young men and women didn't go to school to learn how to sew, to learn how to be a carpenter, or for any kind of trade. They just...I forget the particular word they used. No, not mentor. They would go, if he was a man, and actually live with a man who was a carpenter or a blacksmith. They would literally go live with that man, and they would be servants in his house for 5-10 years. They would do anything he told them to do. It would be a go-for, but they would watch him and have the opportunity to talk to him and learn whatever he could teach them, and then eventually they would go out on their own. Nobody went to school. You learned from the master. Not protege. I would know it if I heard it, but it is not protege.


So this is what we are talking about here. I believe that the planets are the ten Sefirot, and that they exist within us, and I have heard accounts of experiences of people having spiritual experiences where they are in outer space or they are on other planets. I believe what happens in those instances is that particular person goes inward and enters into another level of the ten levels of reality within him, and finds himself experiencing being out in space of whatever experience he has.


Believe me, there is more that I don't know than I do know, but I do know that I've heard in occult circles, because all of my information is in occult circles. I don't have any information about the Kabbalists except what I'm reading, that they actually have meetings on Venus. I hear a lot about Venus, I'm pretty sure it is Venus, it is either Venus or Saturn, and I think it is Venus. You hear a lot about Venus in occult circles, and people having meetings on Venus, going to Venus for meetings.


When I first heart it I thought it was bizarre, but, apparently, Venus is a place within. It is not a place out there. It is a place within. It is a level of reality or a level of consciousness within us that's associated with Netzach, the seventh Sefirot. Or since we are down here in Malkhut, it is the fourth level in, and this level of reality called Netzach is associated with Venus. It is the same principle as what I've taught you about the body of Christ. We all have Christ within us. If you have Christ within you, if you have Christ Jesus within you and you have the ability to go inward and commune with Christ Jesus, you will find yourself in a spiritual city, and everyone else who has Christ Jesus within them who has gone inward and is communing with Christ Jesus at that same moment you will be able to communicate with them.


Brethren, I speak to people in the spirit as the Lord leads me, and there have been witnesses that they have heard me. Now they did not know that it was me, but the word that the Lord had me to say to them came into their mind as a thought. It has come back to me. I have proof of it.


For the level of reality that I am on these days, it is not a city. I do not enter into a city that I can see with my eyes. My surroundings remain the same, but Christ in me enters into the city. I am blinded to that city. I just speak as the Lord Jesus leads me to speak. Actually, it is Christ in me that enters in. That is the only part of me that enters in so I am still blind, but I do believe that the day will come that more of me, if not all of me, will be able to enter into that spiritual city and have full experiences there, but we have got a long way to go, and it is very important, it is essential that we are cleaned up of our sin nature, because, brethren, when we receive the power to have these high spiritual experiences, the temptation to use that power to enrich ourselves or, God forbid, to take vengeance on somebody could be absolutely overwhelming. I pray that I do not go anywhere near that kind of power unless I am fully prepared to use it only for God.


I got a revelation of this power today, and I want to tell you that it frightened me. I was reading this book, Kabbalah Unveiled, translated by a Theosophist. I haven't read anything of the sort that I'm going to tell you about in any of the translations by the Hebrew rabbis yet. I haven't read anything yet. On the cover of her book, she says...actually it is not on the cover, it is on the sleeve that folds over on the back of the book. She says, "The ignorant fools who study occult science and claims modestly to profess to them, that means people who claim that they have the ability in occult sciences, these people are generally prey to elemental spirits from the astral plane. We call them demons.


She is saying that the average ignorant fool, that's what she is calling people who study lightly. Brethren, to wield spiritual power requires a lifetime of commitment, and she is saying that the people who just dabble in it lightly and find themselves able to...she goes on to say they imagine that magic consists of moving tables and visiting a mistress in an astral body. This is the extent of what they believe magic to be. She quotes Eliphas Levi as saying, "If you are engaged in that, and you think that's what magic is, you most likely have fallen prey." That means you have become a victim to demons. "That's not the true spiritual power," and then she goes on to say, "The phenomenon of magical realization which are produced by he who is deeply ingrained with traditional initiation, who has found his place in the invisible, are less showy and all the more serious." Did you understand what I said there?


There are different kinds of people engaged in magic. It is just the fools who are being victimized by demons that show themselves off and move tables and visit their mistress in an astral body. We are talking about third level marriage which we have a book on here in this ministry. She is saying, "No, no, that is not the real thing, and they will get hurt eventually because they are victimized by demons, but the phenomena of magical realization..." She calls it magical realization. That means the ability to realize magic. That means to use magic. "I have a word for you, the one who is deeply ingrained with this ability who has found his place in the invisible..." She believes it is in the Lord. Personally, I don't believe that this woman is in the Lord. That's my opinion. She says, "For a person who in ingrained with traditional initiation, who has found his place in the invisible are less showy." They are not showing off their power, and they are very serious.


Now listen to this, this really shook me up today. "Any intense desire, ANY intense desire in the initiated person becomes a certain reality within a few days for the true occultist." Within a few days, any intense desire materializes within a few days. I don't know what year she did this translation, but, apparently, there are a lot of people in an underground spiritual world. I don't believe they have the Spirit of Christ. They are practicing magic, brethren. 1888 is the first edition of the book. I don't know when she did the translation. That's what is going on in the world today, brethren, but they are hidden, and they don't advertise themselves. This is what is promised to us in Christ Jesus.


I put this before the Lord. It really alarmed me, it alarmed me, the thought of having the power to materialize your deepest desire within three days. It alarmed me, but the Lord reminded me that Jesus said, "He said and He did only what His Father told Him to do." I pray for that ability. I doubt very much that...well, I'm certainly not 100% now, I don't think I have abused the Lord's power. To the best of my knowledge, I have not abused the Lord's power. My mind, my thoughts may get away from me sometimes, but I do not believe that I have cursed anyone or prayed against anyone or used the Lord's power to try to acquire riches or any such thing, but it did alarm me reading that.


Can you imagine people with that kind of power that within three days anything they put their mind to would materialize in three days. I don't believe she is lying. I believe she is speaking out of experience. We are called to this kind of power, but we are called to use it only for the Father and for His Kingdom, and that includes even helping someone that needs help. We can only do what the Lord wants us to do. If we start going off into our own will, we become witches, and that is the bottom line. But I believe I got on this whole exhortation because I was telling you that we are called to this kind of power. We are called to the same kind of power that Jesus wielded, but we must be cleansed and cleaned out from our carnal mind and all of the unconscious thoughts of Satan. We cannot have this kind of power and not be policing the unconscious part of our mind because if we acquire this power, we could be doing great works during the day and murdering people at night.


For this reason, this power is only given as we take authority over our carnal mind and our negative principles. What negative principles? The principles down at the right end of the chart. We have to look in and see all the way through to the other side. We are in Malkhut, if you have Christ, Malkhut is Christ. That is my revelation at this time. Malkhut is Christ. All the way at the other end of you on your negative side is an arch-devil called Nehama. Sounds a lot to me like Behemoth. I don't know what to make out of it. There is a lot on this chart that I don't understand so I am going to stay with what I know tonight.


I do have another diagram of the soul that I would like to show you and something else that really caught my attention. It is the name Gamaliel, listed under the demons that's associated with Yesod. Now Yesod is the male organ of Ze'ir Anpin, the part of Christ Jesus that joins with Christ in us, and He's associated with Gamaliel? Does anybody remember that name? Gamaliel? You want to put it on the tape? Who is Gamaliel? He was not the high priest, but he was supposedly, at least the way it sounds in the King James Translation, the renowned teacher that Paul studied under, but, of course, the phrase in the King James is, "He studied at Gamaliel's feet." Now what do the feet signify in the Scripture? Which mind? The Christ mind? No, the carnal mind. The feet signify the carnal mind.


So to say that Paul studied at Gamaliel's feet, that means that he studied at Gamaliel's carnal mind. It means he was not instructed in Christ, and now that I see Gamaliel is listed under the demons, I'm really going to have to take a look at that Scripture in the Greek, but you can't get these fine understandings in the Greek. I did look up in the King James Interlinear Text, and I saw that there were a couple of men named Gamaliel in the Old Testament. I did not have time to see if there was any information given about them, but the fact that Gamaliel is both a demon and associated with the carnal mind, that is really something to pray about, and I will look at the Interlinear Text and see if I can find any witness that, that Scripture was not positive, but saying something negative about Paul.


Let me clarify that. I don't think it would be saying anything negative about Paul. It would simply be saying that he was not educated by the Christ mind, that he was educated by a teacher who had a spirit guide. Off the top of my head, that would be what I would say that it means. That Paul...I believe Paul was a spiritual giant when the Lord Jesus called him, I believe that. He was a powerful, spiritual man, and listen, are we not talking here and have we not been talking here for months now this danger of having our Fiery Serpent ascend in Leviathan's timeline, ascend in the wrong timeline? When we study Kabbalah, that is the biggest danger of Kabbalah, that you will ascend in the wrong timeline if you are not simultaneously looking all the way through to the other side of yourself and using the power you acquiring in Kabbalah to control the arch-devils and the demons within you and to destroy them. And if you are not doing that, you are going to ascend on the side of the arch-devils and not on the side of the ten Sefirot.


So, off the top of my head, without looking this up, I am preaching under the anointing, I would say that Scripture that said Paul studied at the feed of Gamaliel means that Paul was a high spiritual man who had ascended in the wrong timeline. He did not ascend in Christ. Do you need a witness to that, brethren? "And as they stoned Stephen, a young man named Saul lay down his cloak and watched the whole thing and said amen." And Paul said, "I was the worst of sinners," and he was trained up, he was a high level spiritual man trained up under Gamaliel, the demon. I don't know whether Paul had a physical teacher that was training him under a spirit guide or maybe Paul was under the spirit guide, Gamaliel.


Look brethren, I tell you all the time, I tell everyone here all the time, and I say this to anyone who's listening to this tape or reading this transcript. The Lord Jesus is primarily reaching for highly spiritual people in this hour for two reasons. One, He is building His own army, and there is no time to make people who are born with very small spiritual potential spiritual. He is going for the people that have the natural equipment, and two, thank God He is going for you because there are a lot of people that are highly spiritual and they are not practicing witches. They are just everyday people, and their high spirituality is manifesting as pride and envy and other socially acceptable sin, and if these people do not get into the training that the Lord Jesus Christ is offering them, Satan is going to draft them into the Dragon's army, "and the Dragon fought and his angels and Michael fought and his angels". That's just another way of saying they ascended in the Dragon's timeline.


Brethren, there are probably thousands of people if not millions of people, large numbers of them Christians with the Holy Spirit in the world today that if they don't start studying and coming into initiation which means the Doctrine of Christ and the exposure of and dealing with sin, they are going to be drafted into the Dragon's army. So the Lord is reaching out to the highly spiritual people first. If you hear this message, and you are not a highly spiritual person, and you understand what's being said and you want to come, then come. But the bulk of the effort is going towards the highly spiritual people to save them, and their salvation is their induction into the army of the Lord. They are not going to be saved and then go live in a mansion and sit there and eat spaghetti. The war of the ages is revving up. If you are delivered from the Dragon's army, you are not in the Lord's army. You don't rest until the war is over.


Remember the Hebrew children crossing Jordan? There were two tribes that didn't want to cross to the other side, and I honestly can't remember whether it was Moses or Joshua, I am not a history man, I keep telling you that, whoever it was at the time said to them, "Well, you can stay on the near side of the Jordan if you want, but you have to cross over and fight for your brethren on the other side, and then you go back to your land on the other side of the Jordan. Everybody is in this war because it is a war of the mind. If you are crippled you are in this war, if you are physically crippled you are in this war.


As soon as you start to appear in the heavenlies, in the heavenly constellation, as soon as you start to appear you are a target, and you may not know that you are appearing. You may just think, "well, I'm praising Jesus, isn't that nice." "I praise you Jesus." And as you praise Him, all of the witches outside the heavenly constellation see you appearing, and they are shooting at you, and you saying, "what's wrong in my life? Why do I have all this trouble?" Well you had better learn how to fight because the trouble is not going away. Your old man is waging war against you, and Paul was a highly ascended spiritual man in a wrong timeline. Isn't that amazing? I love it, I just love this revelation.


Please note that Metatron is the archangel associated with Keter as well as with Malkhut, Malkhut being the tenth Sefirot and Keter being the first Sefirot. Now how could you explain that, Sheila? Well, the explanation is, brethren, that it is the will and the plan of the Lord that the tenth Sefirot which is down her on earth....that's why we say Adonay, King, see David was King, and he manifested the whole ten Sefirot. It was an imputed manifestation of the whole ten Sefirot because David had sin. Jesus had an imparted manifestation of the whole Sefirot, and He was sinless. But the Scripture says that we are kings, not that we will be, we ARE kings and priests.


As soon as Christ, Malkhut, is grafted to you, you are a king. You are the king over the land of yourself. You are not a king over your brother or your pastor or your mother or your father or your wife or your husband. You are a king over the personality. Christ in you becomes a king over the land that you are. You might have some natural authority over your wife if you are a man or whatever, but that this not this message. So it is the plan of the Lord that the level of glory that exists at the first Sefirot should be fully and completely and accurately reproduced in the tenth Sefirot; therefore, Metatron is the archangel associated with the first Sefirot, and Metatron is the archangel associated with the tenth Sefirot. In the man who is fully balanced in Christ Jesus, or in Kabbalah they would say in Jehovah, fully balanced and joined. The heaven is completely, accurately reproduced in the earth. That's what we are talking about. That is the Lord's intention for you, that all of the glory that He is should be fully and accurately represented and reproduced in you and in me.


They should think His thoughts, they should speak His words, they should be His deeds, that you should have divine health and you should have divine life and that you should lack nothing because all that He is in heaven is reproduced in you in the earth. He will always have the preeminence over you, because for everything that He is to be reproduced in the earth He, the Lord Jesus, comes down to the earth and lives through you. That's how you become and receive everything that He is. He comes and He dwells in you, and He chases out all of the evil inclinations. We have an evil inclination. Every man has an evil inclination called the old man. Praise the Lord.


As far as these planets go, Primamobile, that's probably Latin, probably means....prima must mean first, and mobile...I'm not really sure what it means. Mobile means movement, the first movement so Keter is associated with the first movement. I don't believe there is any movement in the Eyn Sof. There is no movement in eternity, I think. In any event, if this is incorrect I have no way of knowing it so I'm just telling you what the translator said.


Remember, this is her introduction. This information is not a part of the Kabbalistic work, Kabbalah Unveiled. This is the theosophical translator's introduction, and I believe that she has a lot of information, but mixed in with the truth she has got some occult information. Now I want whatever God witnesses to me from what she has to say.


Chokhmah known as wisdom, she associates with the zodiac so that is just another way of saying that on this level of the second Sefirot the whole zodiac is present. I have no problem with that because Chokhmah...the earth was founded in wisdom. Chokhmah, wisdom, is inseparable from Keter who is the crown, who is inseparable from the Eyn Sof. So wisdom has everything associated with her. Wisdom is female.


Then we see Binah which is understanding is associated with Saturn. I really don't know what any of this means. I would love to know, and I am sure in due season the Lord will teach us, but I don't know. I do understand the sun, Tiferet being associated with the sun. I know that every man has a spiritual sun and a spiritual moon, and I've known for a long time that Christ Jesus is the spiritual sun, and that the moon is Yesod. The sun is lined up with Tiferet. If you recall the diagram of Adam Kadmon configured as a human, in the middle line we have Keter and Jehovah, Malkhut and Yesod coming down the middle line, if you can remember that. Yesod is the male organ that has spiritual sexual intercourse with Malkhut. Yesod is called "foundation." Yesod receives everything from the eight Sefirot above, contains it, and gives it to the female.


So the sun is Christ Jesus, where ever He exists in the spiritual plane, and He reproduces Himself through His male organ so the moon is a reflection of the sun, and it is the room that passes. I don't know if I made that clear. The sun is eternal life, and He passes that eternal life down to Venus. Venus gives it to Mercury, Mercury gives it to the moon. The moon really means that this is a reproduction of everything that exists in the sun on this higher spiritual plane. There aren't that many people manifesting this high spiritual plane of Tiferet of the middle line of Jehovah. So where ever this middle line of Jehovah is appearing as a sun, Christ Jesus to us, has the power to channel all that glory and power in delivering power to us through His own male organ which has the authority to join with Malkhut.


Can anyone tell us what the union of Yesod and Malkhut is called? What are they called when they are joined and married? They are called the Sabbath Day. The Sabbath Day means that the person that has Malkhut which is Christ to us receives all of the glory and the miracle working power that comes from Keter, the whole mess comes right down into Him, and Malkhut is Christ to us. The average person lives outside the holy constellation. I could probably draw this as circles, but the Sefirot in the most inner circle and the arch-devils are the most outer circle, and as soon as we start....I don't know about the planets, but as soon as we start getting to the demons and the arch-devils they are outer darkness, and they are circulating around the heavenly constellation.


I'm not sure what she means, but the elements are lined up with Malkhut, and I expect those are the elementals that are really like pesky demons. In the demon column, I think these are major demons, but we have something called elementals that I read to you from the jacket of Kabbalah Unveiled. They are like just pesky demons. I don't know what else to call them at the moment, and they can harass people and give them power to move books and move tables and hear knocking and things like that. It is these elementals that people who have seances are involved in or if you have a Ouija board and you move the marker around the board, it is an elemental mischievous spirit, but I could be wrong because that is listed under the planets so I'm flying here by the seat of my pants.


Now one more thing, the ten Sefirot and the name of God that are associated with them are The World of Emanation, and the Hebrew word is Atziloth. The archangels are The World of Creation, and they are called Briah. The order of angels are The World of Formation, and they are called Yetzirah, and then the planets, the demons, and the arch-devils....well, here is my answer right here. The planets, the demons, and the arch-devils are all The World of Action, that's this world here, called Asiah.


So that exhortation I just gave on elements was probably correct because I see that this column of the planets is associated with our world, The World of Action.


I'm having second thoughts about these planets though. If these planets are associated with The World of Action, they cannot be the heavenly constellations, and what I'm thinking now is that the ten Sefirot....they are the ten plants, the ten Sefirot are the ten planets, and that what's listed under the column of planets must be the negative counterpart sphere-wise. The ten Sefirot are spheres, and they rotate just like a galaxy in the spirit. So now it looks to me like this planet column must be the negative counterparts of the heavenly constellation, the heavenly constellation in fallen man. So I would say the sun would more likely be Belphegor. I don't know these names. If you ask me, I would tell you the sun of the fallen man, the sun of the fallen man, is Leviathan. I would tell you that, and that the moon...or the sun is the Dragon and the moon is Leviathan. I don't know. I would have to work it out, but according to the way this is broken down, these are the negative counterparts of the ten Sefirot.


I've heard a lot about Lilith, there is a lot of talk about Lilith, but I haven't had time to study her. I did read that she is considered an arch-devil that's associated with Yesod. So what does that mean? Yesod is the Sefirot that marries Malkhut. Malkhut is in us, Malkhut is the part of us that is in humans. So Lilith, the arch-devil is seeking to marry Christ in us, and that's what is going on with this counterfeit revival today. There is a false Christ, a false Holy Spirit, and Lilith is the one that's seeking to marry Christ in us. Very interesting.


I am reminding you that Keter is typified by the tip of the Yod. Chokhmah is typified by the Yod of the Holy Name. We are talking about Jehovah, the Tetragrammaton, YHVH. Binah, understanding, is the supernal Heh, the first Heh, and Chesed through Yesod, the fourth through the ninth Sefirot is signified by the Vav, and Malkhut is called the inferior Heh or the inferior mother, the second Heh. The two hehs are the two mothers, the supernal mother and the inferior mother.


Well, I hope this blessed you. I am just really excited. I can't wait to see what else the Lord is going to talk to us about. What I see that's interesting is the first three columns, the Sefirot, the names of God, and the archangels are definitely positive, and the planets, the demons, and the arch-devils are negative. That's our world down here. The World of Formation seems to be the world of the mediator. It is like right in the middle, but I don't really understand what role they play; although, we see the sons of Elohim here, and the spiritual men so they must be positive. Four levels. Very interesting.


Are there any questions or comments before we close. Praise the Lord. God bless you.




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Christ-Centered Kabbalah is a part of Living Epistles Ministries, a not for profit corporation. As such, we do not: 1. Endorse or oppose either directly or indirectly any candidate for public office. 2. Donate or contribute to any candidate's campaign. 3. Participate or engage in political fundraising events, or otherwise solicit contributions for any candidate's campaign. 4. Distribute statements for or against a particular candidate. 5. Engage in any other activity that may favor or oppose a candidate.