538 - Part 1

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          Drawing # 1. I have written on the board some cognomens and cognomens means nickname. Some cognomens of three of the names of God; Ehyeh, which translates as I Am and Ehyeh is the name of God that dwells with the highest or the first Sefirot called Keter. Also we will deal with cognomens for YHVH, (yahava) that is how you pronounce it. This is the Tetragrammaton YHVH. The Jews do not pronounce the name, but the King James Translation and   the Christians, as far as I know, call Him Jehovah. I do not have any problem with that. See YHVH is really Jehovah without the vowels. The Y sounds like a J, JHVH.  Jehovah is just the Tetragrammaton with vowels added. Is everybody okay with that? We have some cognomens for him and also some cognomens for Adonay, which is a female aspect of God. Adonay is what I relate to Christ. Once again, in the future, I may have to change these opinions, but I am thinking right now that Christ relates to Adonay and you will see and you probably have read it in your notes already that as we are dealing with certain issues, I felt it was necessary to deal with Abel. I related Abel to Malkhut, which is the name of the tenth Sefirot. Adonay is the name of God that is associated with the tenth Sefirot.   That is what we will do for now anyway.


            Three of these cognomens of Ehyeh known as I Am are “he,” “the beginning” and “not.” Now we have known for a long time that "what" is a cognomen for Elohim and "who" is a cognomen for Jehovah. I did get those two cognomens from the Zohar, so I do know that they are used in Kabbalah. However, I am studying basically from two books right now. I am really not in the Zohar right now. I am studying from Isaac Luria's Tree of Life and Rabbi Gikatilla's Gates of Light. From these two books, I have not seen the cognomen of "who" associated to Jehovah, yet.  This teaching right now is just coming forth out of the chapters that I have been studying and there will be some variations from book to book. If you see a variation, you can ask me about it, but do not get upset over it. Two of the cognomens for Jehovah are you and the middle. We see, I Am is he and the beginning and Jehovah is you and the middle and Adonay, who is female, is I and the end. Now of course, I is not associated to end. You is not associated to middle. These are just cognomens of that name. We shouldn't really have a problem with that since we have been translating the word "what" as Elohim for a long time now. It is my understanding that rabbis from many generations, who probably know the Old Testament way better than I do, know this. I understand that even before the Scriptures were written down, that rabbinical students had to memorize the whole Old Testament. That is mind boggling to me, that the teacher would come into the class and would just start talking and the students were suppose to be able to find that place in the Bible without even being told what verse it was.


            I am submitting myself to the knowledge of these great teachers unless or until Jesus tells me otherwise. I know that when I applied that knowledge that "what" is a nickname for Elohim, it really helped us to find some really interesting deep teaching through the Scripture. I will therefore follow that counsel and when it is appropriate, translate he as I Am and you as Jehovah. Now frequently I have seen a single word that means I and I have spoken to you about it in our translations. I have always translated I as Jehovah. I was unusual because the pronoun goes with the verb. If you are going to say, I walk, you do not have to put a separate word that says I.  I always knew that it was an emphasis having something to do with the Godhead. Only I thought it was Jehovah and I now find out that it stands for Adonay. Lord willing, we will translate some verses from Exodus. I do not know if we will get to it this morning or not. I hope we get to it by this evening. We will apply all of these cognomens. You've all read it in your notes. I have got a very interesting translation. See, the Scripture is fluid. I have been telling you this for years. It could be translated on an infinite number of levels depending on what God wants to say to us at the moment. Now that may sound mind boggling to your carnal mind, but the truth of the matter is that our mind is like the mind of a mouse compared to the Lord Jesus. I mean our mind is a pea compared to the mind of the Lord Jesus. 


            He has all kinds of things that He wants to say to us. You must know that there are people in the world that could have a whole conversation with us and we would have no idea what they were talking about. Physicists and geologists, and experts on a multiplicity of subjects that exist in this world today, could be speaking English, could talk to us and we would have no idea what they are talking about. The Scripture is a supernatural word that can be used to transmit the message of the Lord Jesus to us concerning any aspect of His word or concerning any message that He desires to give us, depending on where He has raised our consciousness to at that moment. The big problem in the church today is that they are stuck on the surface level and they are afraid to go beyond. Of course, it is understandable that they have fear because there is deception in this world. Either you go forward or you die in your fear. Either you go forward praying and believing Jesus or you spiritually die in your fear, which is what's happening to the church today. I had somebody say to me recently, show it to me in the Word of God. It has to be in the Word of God. Well, it is in the Word of God, but it is not in the written King James Translation. The Word of God is a being, a living being. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. You've got to go before the Lord Jesus Christ, The Word, and say is this understanding of your word what you are saying? If you trust a man, you are going to die in your sin. That is the truth.         


            I have just put a few tidbits up here on the board to get you started. We will be using these principles in our translation. I remind you of the Hebrew practice called gematria, if I am pronouncing that correctly. That has to do with the numerical value of letters to discover deep truths in the Scripture. One aspect of gematria that I personally find so fascinating and I can really see the value of it, except that I cannot use it unless someone helps me because I do not speak Hebrew. Of course, the Lord could direct me if the Lord wanted me to use this method. He could tell me to do it with any two words. In other words, if we have two words that look completely different, but we total the value of the letters of each word and they come to the same numerical value even though each word consists of different letters, according to gematria, those two words are related somehow in meaning. Either they mean the same or they mean the exact opposite, but there's a relationship between the two. Here we see that one of the cognomens of Ehyeh, I Am, is not. Now that was a big problem for me when I first started studying Kabbalah and heard the Ayn Sof called "nothing" and heard that it was one of the cognomens of I Am, the highest level of the Godhead.


          We have now found out that He is higher, that they do not even call I Am, he. They call Him "it." He is neither male nor female. God is neither male nor female at this height called I Am. To call the great I Am a "not" especially after we have been translating the word "not" as Satan for so long, my reaction was offense. We have got to get past this offense. You have got to hear what God has to say because we are wrong most of the time. I am not going to go into some occult book and say I am wrong most of the time, but God has shown me that this is genuine Kabbalah. There is an occult Kabbalah, but this is genuine Kabbalah. There are certain books that He has led me to that are genuine Kabbalah. They are an outstanding spiritual understanding of the Scripture. I am going for what they tell me unless the Lord corrects me because I feel in my spirit that all these rabbis, who wrote these books and are now dead, know what they are talking about.            


            Also, I have been aware for a long time that there are several words that are negative. The most common negative word that I usually translate Satan is Strong's #3808 but I have been aware that there are other negatives. Therefore there must be a difference between these words. I thought the difference was from Satan to Leviathan or some such thing.  I am now finding out there is a negative word and I did not write down the number. I think it is #369 but I may be mistaken. In any event, the Hebrew word is ayin, transliterated as Ayn. Transliterated means spelled in Arabic letters. The English language uses Arabic letters in case you did not know that. They are called Arabic letters. To translate the Hebrew word, ayin, which is spelled with Hebrew letters into English letters, what is the benefit of this? The benefit of transliterating the Hebrew word, ayin, or any Hebrew word is that we can at least read it and have an idea of how it may be pronounced. If you do not know Hebrew letters, you have absolutely no idea how to even identify it. Ayin means "not." The principle behind calling the great I Am "not" is that He is according to Kabbalah, indiscernible, but of course, the Great I Am is now appearing to us as the Lord Jesus Christ, who is discernible. We have the privilege of being able to, in accordance with the words of Kabbalah, contemplate or meditate or try to get closer to it, or try to comprehend or to try to understand the Great I Am through the Lord Jesus Christ, who comes to us and talks to us and has a relationship with us and teaches us. What does He teach us? What does the Great I Am, who is appearing to us as the Lord Jesus Christ teach us? He teaches us to be like Him because we are sick and weary and dying because we are not like Him.         


            We are not like the one who has eternal life. It is His desire, His heartfelt desire, to impart all goodness and grace and truth and absolute mercy and eternal life and every positive thing to us. That is the desire of the Lord Jesus Christ. He thinks only good towards us. He does not have evil thoughts towards us. Brethren, if you have an evil thought towards somebody, if you are honest enough to admit it, because every fallen person has evil thoughts at some time, probably some every day; envy, resentment, anger. These thoughts do not come from God. If you are seeking to recognize your sin nature, this is where you begin. God is all goodness. He wants only good for the worst human being on the face of the earth. He wants the best for them. He wants to help them. He wants to see them rise up. He wants to see them improve. He wants to see you get ahead in your business. He wants to see your marriage improve. He wants to see your children be healthy and prosperous and ascend to the best of their ability. He is not competing with you. He is not envious of anybody. He is never ever holding anybody back for a wrong motive. He may hold you back because you are going before the time. He may hold you back because the direction you are going in is destructive for you, but His motives are always good towards you, although because of the sin nature in fallen man, His behavior towards us may be punitive or restrictive. His reasoning, His motives for being punitive or restrictive is because He wants good for us.


          Getting on with this gematria, we see that the Hebrew word, Ehyeh, translated I Am, is the Arabic letters Ayn. Of course, Ehyeh, I Am, is up here. He is the first Sefirot. Then we see Adonay, who's down here below, the tenth Sefirot. Her cognomen is Any, which means "I." Ayn means not and any means I. Can you see that each one of these words has the same three letters in them? A Y N; that means both words have the same numerical value. The significance in this particular case of the cognomen of the tenth Sephirah and a cognomen of the first Sephirah having the same numerical value means that they are reciprocal. It means that under certain circumstances, whoever this is applying to, will be associated with the first Sephirah and whoever this word is applying to under other circumstances will be all the way down here at the bottom.  My notes say both words have the same numerical value and are therefore interchangeable as modified by their adjectives or the context of the verse. Now this is an example of what it means. The absolute mercy of ayin, Ehyeh, I Am, cognomen Ayn, is absolute mercy without any judgment, absolute unequivocal, no strings attached mercy. Nothing is expected from you at all. In what form do we see that mercy in the church today? Absolute mercy, nothing expected from you at all, just the greatness and the good ness of God. What's His Name? What form of God comes to us requiring absolutely nothing from us in the church today? Yes, the Holy Spirit.


            The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. That is correct, but just to divide it a little more, the actual true gift is the Spirit of Christ. Pentecostalist would jump down my throat and say it is not true, but I have studied this out and the free gift is really the Spirit of Christ. The Holy Spirit is given without repentance. The gifts and the calling of God is given without repentance. You could be the worst sinner and if you just present yourself to the Lord, you are as qualified as anyone else to receive speaking in tongues, to be able to prophesy, to be able to heal people, to be able to do miracles, to receive the calling of an evangelist, prophet, teacher or pastor or apostle. You can receive the calling for free, but brethren, as soon as you take the first step on the path, judgment falls. Why? Because you cannot go in that condition. The free gift that you get is the Spirit of Christ, which comes to you when Christ is grafted to you. You see, the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance, but the free gift is really Christ. Listen, the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance, but they are really just temporary. In the long run, in the eternal scheme of things, the gifts and the calling of God can do you no good. They are given to you for the purpose of drawing you to the things of God so that the free gift, Christ, Christ in you, the hope of glory, will be grafted to you. Did I make that clear? Let me say that again. The gifts and the calling of God which come in the Holy Spirit are given as an incentive to draw you to come closer to God, to investigate, to taste of Him, so that He might give you the free gift which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Christ, your seed potential for eternal life, is given to you for free.


            The absolute mercy of God is Ayn, I Am. Did I say He is "not?" I do not know if I finished my point here; I am sorry. He is called "not" because according to Kabbalah, He is incognizable. You cannot recognize Him. The word in Kabbalah is that you cannot contemplate on Him. You see, contemplation means to focus on something and think about it. To be honest, I think there is a minor difference between contemplation and meditation, but I am not sure what it is, so I do not want to say. I believe contemplation means to envision something. Maybe that is what the difference is. You can meditate on a word, but contemplation means to actually think about an image of something where you just think and think and think on it. You see, the Hindus are all into contemplation. In the Hindu books they give you a description of what each energy center looks like. If you are a practicing Hindu, you can contemplate and conjure up a vision of what that energy center looks like and when you are practiced enough that contemplation will catapult you into a spiritual plane of consciousness which is represented by those images that you read about in the book. Then you sketch the image in your mind.


          All spiritual things are the same, whether you are doing it by the true Spirit or another spirit. Chokhmah (wisdom) and Binah (understanding); we can comprehend that. We have some comprehension of what the wisdom of God is. The wisdom of God, at least in some aspects, is prophesy. We can contemplate on that prophesy and say, wow Lord, what does that mean? The Garden of Eden, what is it like and what does it really mean? We can ask for that kind of wisdom from God and that is what we are suppose to do. We have a whole church just reading the Word and memorizing the written word. We are suppose to be saying, what does that really mean? Do I have it right? This is what I think it means. Do I have it right? Is that what you want this word to mean to me right now? The word "not" for Ehyeh means you cannot contemplate Him. We have no idea what He is like. How can you contemplate something, how could you focus on something and try to understand it believing God will expand your understanding if you do not even have a starting point? What is Hua (he) I Am, like? In the Old Testament I do not know, but today I know, because today, I Am is the Lord Jesus Christ. I have a starting point, you see. I Am is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a glorified Spiritual man. I know He does not die anymore. I know He is not restricted to this visible plane. I know that He is above every heaven.


            That means He is even higher than the Sefirot. That means He is with Ayn Sof. He is higher than all the heavens. I have an idea of what He is. I could just sit down for an hour just thinking about what that means and ask the Lord about it. Who knows what God will tell me? That is what contemplation is. Before Jesus Christ, there was no point of contact to relate the Hebrew mind to I Am. Therefore they called Him "not." Ayn Sof, they call "nothingness." Nothingness to us means nothing to us. We cannot relate to it. I want to tell you that there's a truth to that. It is happening more and more frequently, unfortunately, that I just hear things and I see things and I just go before the Lord and I say, Lord, I cannot relate to this. I cannot spend my time on it. I bless that person and I pray that you help them, but I cannot relate to this problem. I never experienced it and I am glad I never experienced it and I never knew a problem like that ever existed before and to be honest with you, I cannot deal with it and I walk away. I am not even all that distressed over it because I do not really understand it and neither do I want to. Once you recognize that somebody has a problem that you have lived through and you know what they are going through, it is not so easy to walk away from that. The first situation which I cannot relate to means nothing to me. There is nothing I could do about it and it does not mean a thing to me. When it happens to me, then I will be all concerned about that same problem, you see. The Hebrew rabbis called Him "not". You cannot comprehend Him. There is no point of contact to latch on to.        


            The absolute mercy of Ayn lasts only for so long. It is absolute unconditional mercy, but it is not eternal mercy. It has a beginning and it has an end and it has a purpose. The absolute mercy of I Am has a purpose and that purpose is that the nature of the people should change to become like Him. Why does I Am want our nature to change? Why does He want our nature to change? Anybody? COMMENT: To bring us into His image.


            PASTOR VITALE: What does that mean to someone who has no idea what you are talking about? If you were talking to a stranger, they would laugh at you and say what good is it going to do me? I am just here on the street and I am a prostitute or a drug addict. You do not know what you are taking about. Why would I want to be like God?


            COMMENT: To get out of the hell that you are in. (Laughter)


            PASTOR VITALE: You are hitting all around it.


            Look, we have to have these answers for the people. This is something I have been telling you all for years, especially in the on-line meetings. You cannot give out abstract answers like that to people. Do you know why? The average person in the world is going to hear an abstract answer like that and it is going to mean nothing to them. That whole exhortation about "nothing" that I just gave you, is going to mean nothing to them and they are going to walk away. They are going to walk away laughing at you because they are not even going to believe it. God wants us to come into His nature because the man who is in the nature of God does not take "dope." The man who is engraved with God's nature has the power to lead a lifestyle that does not include drugging yourself up. The man that has the nature of God has a nature that brings forth a lifestyle that does not include prostitution. The man that has the nature of God has a lifestyle which offers opportunities to be at peace, to be content, to have good things in life, to have a roof over our head, heat in the winter, clothing, transportation and a life of positive activity with all of our needs met. That is why you should want to get into the nature of God. He will get you off the street corner.


            The absolute mercy of Ayn has a beginning and it has an end. The reason it comes to an end is because it has a purpose. Now if His purpose is fulfilled, if the absolute mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ in your life, who is the I Am, if His absolute mercy produces a change of nature in you, then you do not need His mercy anymore because the law is not made for a righteous man. If you have entered into eternal life, that means you are without sin and if you are without sin, what would you need mercy for? When you are without sin, you are now the dispenser of mercy to those who are sick and dying in this world. If the absolute mercy of I Am, who is the Lord Jesus Christ to us today, does not produce the nature of Jesus Christ in you, why must it come to an end? Cannot you go on receiving His gifts forever and ever? Why must it come to an end? Because you will die. If His absolute mercy produces the change of nature which produces eternal life in you, that is good. If the absolute mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ does not produce eternal life in you, you will die and your children will die and your grandchildren will die and your great grandchildren will die and your great great, great grandchildren will die. The Lord Jesus Christ was sent by I Am to put an end to death.


            If the absolute mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the Holy Spirit, who leads us to the Spirit of Christ, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory, does not produce eternal life in you, His absolute mercy must be withdrawn and replaced with a more earthy or a more down to earth form of judgment. The only reason that the absolute mercy of Jesus Christ, which is Christ grafted to you, your hope of glorification, the only reason that once you have Christ grafted to you that you do not enter into eternal life is what? What is the only reason that is stopping you from entering into eternal life? You've got the tree. You are grafted into the Tree of Life, so what's stopping you from entering into eternal life? Yes, sin. Why do not you stop sinning? What's the matter with you? Why do not you stop sinning? Why do not you stop sinning? Because you cannot!!! All of you say I am powerless to stop sinning. Am I powerless to stop sinning.


          Therefore, the absolute mercy of I Am in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ has failed to produce the change of nature that will catapult us into eternal life. Therefore, He has provided for us a form of judgment which will deal with our sin nature because the problem is our sin nature. You see, the absolute mercy gave us the seed of eternal life. The next step is to get rid of the stumbling block. The absolute mercy of Ayn lasts only for so long as I Am grants it. If this mercy does not produce a change of nature, Ayn "not' signifying I Am becomes "Any" the one who then manifests Elohim's harsh judgment. Although that is not exactly accurate, I am going to leave it on the board like that. There are two judgments. Elohim's harsh judgment is really the sowing and reaping judgment and then we also have the opportunity to enter into the white throne judgment, which we have done a lot of teaching on here. There are many Christians under the sowing and reaping judgment. Brethren, there are Christians who are under the white throne judgment, who are also under the sowing and reaping judgment. The White Throne Judgment, just by way of review is when the Lord places you under a teacher who has the authority in Christ Jesus to disciple you to expose the hidden motives of your heart, of the subconscious and unconscious part of your mind.          


            Then if the grace of God is upon you to hear and take the correction and at least pray about it, you are taking it seriously. You do not have to believe it instantly, but you should be predisposed to believe what I tell you about the subconscious and unconscious part of your mind. Your prayer should be I am going to believe that it is true and please help me to see if it is true. In the event that it is not, please do not let Pastor Vitale or I believe a lie. You should be predisposed to believe that I am probably right. Then if the Lord does not speak to you, that does not mean I am wrong, that means I am right. If you cannot hear anything, it is because your pride is in the way. That is the white throne judgment. Well, lots of people who are under the white throne judgment are also under the sowing and reaping judgment. Whether you are conscious of it or whether you are not conscious of it, from time to time, what I tell you is going to be so offensive to you that you are going to just blank it out of your mind and then you go under the sowing and reaping judgment. Does that mean you die? No! You just receive a like response to whatever that sin in your mind is. You reap what you sow. It depends on how serious what it is you are sowing. If you are in fornication and I tell you that you had better stop, well, you may wind up pregnant or with a disease. If I tell you that is envy and you cannot believe it, well then, maybe somebody will be envious of you and you have a little rift with them. Every response will be in like kind.  


            We see that the name of Adonay, the name of God that manifests in the tenth Sefirot called Malkhut, is the aspect of God that is closest to us, the fallen man. Adonay is, as we have said in other messages, she is the chameleon. She is the cup, she is the receiver, she is female. She is like an empty cup. She manifests whatever these other aspects and attributes of God of the other nine Sefirot pour into her. That is why she is called the chameleon. Malkhut is the chameleon. What we have on drawing #1here is Adam Kadmon configured as a human. In the right hand corner of this board, we have Adam Kadmon configured as a human. We have Binah (understanding) Gevurah (force) and Hod (identifying with God) on the left. On the right we have Chokhmah (wisdom) Chesed (kindness) and Netzach (victory). Down the middle, we have the path of judgment. We have four Sefirot. I Am, the Lord Jesus Christ to us today, is absolute mercy. Underneath I Am is Tiferet, and the name of God associated with his Sefirot is Jehovah and Jehovah is judgment.


           Jehovah manifests all of the various kinds of judgments depending on the combination of Sefirot. These Sefirot all mix and match. Remember our message on spiritual alchemy. They all mix and match and operate with one another in different combinations. When Tiferet is in combination, when she is unified with I Am, that is a very high level of merciful judgment that is associated with imparting wisdom to the people being judged so that they can receive the understanding that will help them to work with the judgment and apply it in their life. You see, with mortal human beings, as far as I know, the absolute mercy has no judgment at all. It really just does not cut it. Have you ever met anybody that has received the Holy Spirit and had Christ grafted to them who has had their nature changed? Have you met anybody who has had their nature changed from that? I have not. Have you? What does that mean? Is God not able? No, we are too fallen. We are too fallen for the absolute mercy of God to help us. Now remember, God's whole purpose is to raise us up to where He is, to have His nature and live on His level with Him. That is what He wants for us. He is the enemy of any and every quality that we have that will stand in the way of His purposes.


            On the board, the next judgment down is Jehovah without absolute mercy. Now Jehovah's judgment can be good. Jehovah's judgment is pretty much known as the good and evil judgment. Some of the things are good, some of the things are bad. What does that mean? Well it is good that you are finding out that you have ungodly motives in your heart. That is good, isn't it? It hurts. That is bad. That is what we have in the Scripture where the angel ate the roll and it was sweet in his mouth, but then when it judged his sins, it was bitter. I believe Christ Jesus is Jehovah to us today. The Lord Jesus is I Am. Christ Jesus, to us, is judgment, but He can manifest in good and evil judgment. There is bitter and sweet judgment or He can join up with Elohim, Gevurah (force) and bring forth a harsh judgment which is what we teach here as the sowing and reaping judgment. It has no instruction, no understanding. You just get beaten. You do not understand why. The sowing and reaping judgment takes a long time to manifest. You could be experiencing trouble, experiencing what you sowed thirty or forty years before. You can be reaping what an ancestor of yours sowed in a troublesome situation, with no understanding or explanation, no mercy and no kindness whatsoever.


            Jehovah works with Chesed and it is known as the kind judgment, the judgment of kindness. It is good and evil, sweet and bitter. If that does not work, even with explanation and teaching and kindness and you still cannot overcome your sin nature, God is not mad at you. He is not mad at you. He wants to give you His life. It is two thousand years since Jesus rose from the dead and God only knows how many thousands of years since we fell, since mankind has existed. He wants us to come home. All judgment, no matter how bitter at the moment, is for the purpose of restoring us to eternal life and this is true of the worst of us. When it comes to criminals, if they are a danger to society, they have to be restrained or incarcerated, but that does not mean that the Lord Jesus' ultimate motive for them is not to restore them to eternal life. It does not mean that. All that it means is that while you are being restored to eternal life, if you are a danger to society, you have to be incarcerated. If you have two children and your four year old is biting your one year old and you separate the two, does that mean you do not love your four year old? Of course not. He cannot be chomping on his one year old brother. Everybody knows that. The problem is that we mortals are so filled with pride, we have a real problem perceiving ourselves as spiritual children, you see.


            Does anybody know the main and most prominent reason that we fail to perceive ourself as spiritual children? What is the most outstanding obvious reason that we fail to perceive ourselves realistically from a spiritual standpoint? We do not have a mature spiritual example. We do not have anyone to compare ourselves to. We do not have a mature spiritual man here in the flesh to compare ourselves to. That is a part of the Lord Jesus' program to deliver humanity in the very near future. I believe and I hope we will see the beginnings of a company of mature spiritual men in the flesh. All sin is immaturity. Now I have heard spiritual people say, well all sin is spiritual immaturity, so it is no big deal. No, it is a big deal! Your four year old biting his one year old brother is immaturity, but that is a big deal. Right? That is a pretty serious deal.


            We know that the absolute mercy does not work. We have been trying it for two thousand years and no one has matured from the absolute mercy of I Am through the Lord Jesus Christ. We have had a mixture of the white throne judgment and the sowing and reaping judgment and that has not worked either. We are waiting for the miracle. This is just my introduction right now. The church and the world needs a miracle because none of these judgments are working. On the board now we see Adam Kadmon set up as a human and it is also called a constellation. It is a spiritual constellation because there is a spiritual universe that exists right here with us in the same space, but in a different time, in a different reality, in a different realm of consciousness. It is right here. These Sefirot are spheres. They are globes. They are like our sun, our moon and the planets. They all revolve. They revolve in their own orbit and I believe the whole constellation revolves. I am still very unknowledgeable in this area, but I believe that our natural example is our own universe. I have trouble believing that Tiferet would be the sun, although maybe he is. Tiferet is in the center. He is the center of judgment. I do not think I finished my past point. Let me get back to my past point. This whole Adam Kadmon appearing as a human is a constellation. Well, I guess I was on my point. All of these Sefirot are spheres and they are all spinning on their own axis and they are all moving just like our universe. I know the Lord Jesus Christ is our sun, so my carnal mind is going tilt, tilt, tilt, because to me the sun should be in the center with all the planets circulating around it.  According to this constellation, the Lord Jesus Christ would be up here where I Am is. Yet Tiferet seems to be the center of the universe. I do not know how to explain that to you at this time, so we will just go on.       


            Within this constellation, we are told, are several courts. There are actual courts of justice. According to what I have read in Kabbalah, these are righteous courts. They are not twisted and they are not crooked. That means spiritually twisted or spiritually crooked.  Now what is that referring to, crooked or twisted? It is referring to the method of thinking. We have an on-line message called Convoluted Thinking. We have done a lot of work here with convoluted thinking. I was just speaking to one of you the other day concerning a conversation that we just had, that your thinking was going in circles and that circles cannot enter into the kingdom of God. You have to be a straight line. You have to think in a straight line to enter into the kingdom of God. If your thought process goes in circles, that means that you need some work. It means that you are not thinking or reasoning with the straight linear mind of Christ. Now I do not know or at least the book that I am studying from did not lay out all of the courts. I know that there are spiritual courts because I have experienced them in visions and in dreams. Although I never understood it was quite as real as I understand it now, but when the Lord first called me, He called me with a dream in which I came before a judge. There were just thousands of people on line and I came up before this very very high desk and I couldn't even see the judge because he was so high. I couldn't see his head. I just saw him from the neck down. I was told that I was being given a reprieve. I was physically dying in those days. I did not even know what it meant at the time.


            I have only had one or two such spiritual experiences concerning a court. There really are courts of justice in the spiritual plane. We reach these courts of justice through prayer. Everybody is not equally capable of ascending into these courts of justice. What qualifies us to ascend into a court of justice? Our spiritual condition. We must be purified from sin, you see. I cannot give you the exact point. I cannot say to you, well, if you do such and such, you will be authorized to enter into this court. Do you know that you have to have a license before you can appear before a judge in our natural courts? You have to get a law license. In the tax appeals court you can be an accountant. You have to be an expert or at least educated in what you are doing to relate to the judge. Any old lawyer cannot appear before the United States Supreme Court. Did you know that? You cannot waste those Justices' time by standing up there not knowing what you are talking about or not being able to express yourself properly. If you cannot express yourself properly, you have to hire someone to speak for you. Is that an insult to you? No, but this is the way the world goes. The person in higher authority sets the pace. Well, you cannot enter into the courts of the Lord Jesus unless you qualify to speak to Him in a manner that is acceptable to Him for that particular purpose.


            Everyone can speak to Jesus and say hello Lord, thank you and I love you. I am glad you are here. Please have mercy on me and help me. I need more overtime. Heal my body. Anybody can speak to Him about that. If you want to enter into His court of justice and you want to intercede on behalf of someone and ask for a particular healing or a solution to a particular problem, you have to come before the Lord Jesus and present your case. Brethren, that is in the Scripture. I believe it is in the book of Zechariah where we read about that. How could you present your case if you cannot understand the source of the person's problem? You see, you can intercede and say so and so has cancer, please heal them. That is a very low court. Am I insulting you? No. To appear in a higher court, you would have to come with reasons why they should be healed. Even more than that, you have to come with an understanding of the circumstance, an understanding of the way God looks at things. You have to understand God's righteousness. Maybe a healing was a bad example. Anybody could ask for a healing for somebody else. That was not a good example that I gave you. Another one is not coming to me, so I will just go on. I know that I have manifested this court and I take no credit for it; it is a gift that God has given me. It is an honor to be able to represent people in God's court.


            This is the only example that is coming to me. Word came to me one day about a man that I had not seen in years. He had been the assistant pastor in one of the first churches I ever attended. He was a young man. At the very most, he was in his early forties, if he was that. He was suffering from a de-habilitating disease. He was in a wheelchair and couldn't even walk. He was almost a vegetable waiting to die. I know the Spirit of Christ moved upon me and I went home and I just marched around my living room for over an hour just saying, Lord, I want to know why. I want to know why or some such thing.  I know there was a heavy anointing on me. After about an hour I was told why. See, this man actually did something that opened the door for such a disease. It was a curse and he did something that opened the door for this curse to cleave to him. When the truth was exposed of what the cause of this condition was, then the curse was broken and the next thing I heard, the man was out of his wheelchair and up and taking care of his kids so that his wife could go to work. That was several years ago. He had a miracle. Am I a great one? No! God wanted it to happen. That is why he even laid it on my heart. Well you need a special license to appear in that kind of a court, you see.


            Anybody could march around their living room for an hour asking God why, but He does not answer everybody. The reason He answered me is that He sent me to walk around my living room for an hour asking why was because it was Him from the get-go. What am I saying? Am I saying I am a great one? No! I am saying that to appear in God's courts, you have to have specific training. For that kind of ministry, you have to have specific training. You have to be walking in a particular measure of holiness and you have to be trained. It is not something that you get by the laying on of hands. There are courts in this constellation. Tiferet, where Jehovah is, he is the center. All courts arise out of Him depending on whom He is in combination with. Now I mentioned it earlier. I do not know if I made my point to you or not, but all of these spheres interact with one another. I referred you to our message on Spiritual Alchemy. When Tiferet is interacting with I Am, there is a certain measure of power that goes forth. When Tiferet is interacting with Gevurah, that is a harsh judgment that comes forth. Whatever comes forth is channeled down first into El Chay, which is in the ninth Sefirot called Yesod, then from El Chay, down into Adonay. The verdict comes forth in Adonay. See, the word judgment means that the investigation is going on and the jury is still out. This really goes on in the spiritual plane. There are trials, there is testing, there is judgment and there is a verdict passed. The verdict is carried out through Malkhut and the name of God that operates the Malkhut is Adonay.


            That judgment could be the merciful judgment or it could be the harsh judgment. The harshest judgment that can fall upon a mortal man is that Yesod and the name of God, El Chay, who operates through Him, separates from Malkhut. You see, Malkhut, she is the female. There is a mechanism that permits her to separate from the nine Sefirot above. All of the power of God, all of the attributes, the emanation, all of the strength for goodness and graciousness and mercy and light and peace and truth and having all of your needs met, they all ascend down from above and they all fall or funnel or channel into Yesod where El Chay is. He is the male. Then the male that collects all of the emanations and attributes of God from above gives them to the female, Malkhut. The harshest judgment that can be visited upon a person of God is that El Chay will separate Himself from Adonay. The channel by which we receive the blessings of God can be cut off. That is the harshest judgment that can happen to a believer. In that instance the person goes under harsh judgment. I have been under harsh judgment; harsh judgment. That could very easily involve sickness, disease, the death of loved ones, severe financial crisis, wars, being uprooted and losing your home; harsh severe judgment. There is one thing that will bring a believer into that kind of a verdict. What verdict? That Yesod should be removed.


          Now remember, the combination of Yesod, where El Chay is and Malkhut, where Adonay is, when they are combined together, when they are unified, what is that called? Does anybody remember what that is called? It is called the sabbath day, the sabbath day. What happens when the sabbath day comes into existence? All of the blessings are poured out. New souls are formed. We are renewed in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ and the breaking of that union between El Chay and Adonay means the end of the sabbath day. The work week comes back. You go under labor. You go under harsh labor. The one thing that will cause the breaking of the sabbath day is when the believer, himself or herself, rejects the white throne judgment. Well Pastor Vitale, I did not know that God sent that person to me. I did not know that they came with information that would be called the white throne judgment. I thought they were just trying to dominate me and control me. I understand, I understand your predicament. I am so sorry that happened to you. I am so sorry you were blind. I am so sorry you lost your opportunity. Well, what about this harsh judgment, Pastor Vitale? There is nothing I can do about it. Sorry.  That is not fair. Did you ask God? Did you say, Lord, why is that person in my life? Are they really trying to dominate and control me or could you have possibly told them to tell me that? They actually told me I did something wrong. They judged me, Lord, and we are told not to judge.


            See, there is no excuse. There is no possible excuse because if you ask God and you really wanted to hear His truthful answer, you would have heard it. That is the truth. There is some judgments going forth today. As we are preaching this message, the court of Jehovah or Christ Jesus in the New Testament is in session.


          I hope that everybody here knows by now that from time to time we get a message like this and it means that judgment is falling somewhere. It does not mean anybody is going to get killed or going to get cancer or any terrible thing like that. I do not know what's going to happen. It is not pleasant, but if you just repent, God will restore you. I mean you could get sick. I just do not want anybody panicking. Fear never gets anybody anywhere. If you are hearing this tape or reading this transcript, just put yourself before God and say, Lord, if I messed up, please help me to see it. Open my eyes so that I could see it and hopefully I will be delivered from this harsh verdict, because today, this judgment, whoever it is going out on, it has not happened yet, you see. It is still in the realm here of Tiferet. It is still in the realm of judgment. The verdict has not yet come down to end the sabbath day for this person, or whoever they are. I do not know who they are. I know that God does not do anything without warning us and warning us and warning us and warning us, except, they were all deaf, you see.


            Adonay is the place of verdicts. When El Chay separates, when the husband separates from the woman, she becomes a very harsh person. See, this isn't just a drawing. This is a skeleton of a person. This is a spiritual diagram of a person that becomes a very harsh person with no mercy. See, I Am is not there. Lord Jesus is not there. They lose the righteous judgment of Christ Jesus and they are a woman uncovered. What they are left with is Elohim; just rage, a raging hurtful woman. You do not have to be a physical female to fit into this. We are talking about a spiritual female.


            We see that the interaction of the ten Sefirot within ourselves and also within other people is what controls our entire lives. We control the ten Sefirot within us through prayer and of course, through submission to God. You have to be leading a holy life. You have to be confessing your sins and have your ears open to hearing the exposure of your own sin and asking God to help you to change. Condemning yourself is as bad as not facing your sins because when you condemn yourself, it is just a manifestation of pride that shuts off a true repentance. God does not want you to condemn yourself. He just wants you to see. He wants your eyes to open. This realm up here, this first Sefirot where I Am is, it is associated, you may recall, from our teachings on Kabbalah. Maybe I have not taught you this yet. If I have not taught it to you yet, we will be getting it in the next message or so. This realm, this first Sefirot, it is associated with the eyes and the eyes are associated with vision, Adam Kadmon's vision, which means you could see. If you really cannot see your sins, if you really, really cannot see them, you are blind. You need to know that you are blind. You need to go before the Lord and say, Lord, I am blind. Why am I blind? What sin is blinding me? If I am blinded, it is the god of this world that blinds me. How come Satan has this power to blind me? Because of pride? Help me, Lord, deliver me from pride. You have to mean it when you say it. When we are cut off, when Adonay is cut off, or when Malkhut is cut off, we are cut off from wisdom, from vision, from understanding, and we become spiritually speaking, a brute beast.


            You know, I have seen people in this ministry, not many, a couple of them over the years, leave this ministry with a wrong spirit and I have seen them forget everything they ever learned here. They've gone back to the carnal minds of the basic fundamental church, where the doctrine is basically all off. They believe in faith and they believe in the crucifixion, but they do not have any of the spiritual understanding of Scripture or very very little of it. Spiritually speaking, they have become a brute beast because you see, what is happening to us as we delve into these deep studies, the neshamah is being developed in us. Remember there are five levels to the soul. The nefesh, your animal nature that just keeps your body alive. The animals have the same thing. The animals have a nefesh too. Then you have a spirit. That is the next level and then some people live their whole life and they never get a neshamah. A neshamah is an intellectual aspect of the soul. When you pursue these studies, neshamah is being developed in you. Nobody is born with neshamah. It has to be developed in you as you pursue spiritual studies, as you apply yourself, as you learn to focus and concentrate, which is what we have been doing here for years. I have been trying to help you to focus and concentrate and keep your mind on particular issues and not let your mind wander. Then we have in another dimension, chayyah, which develops a moral or ethical aspect to our soul. Then the highest aspect of soul is called yechidah or oneness. I believe that is the Lord Jesus Christ and everybody does not have Him. Everybody does not have the Lord Jesus. He is the one that completes us, right? He is the one that completes us and unifies us with the Unlimited God.


            We see that we can be cut off from Christ Jesus because of pride and rebellion. Well Pastor Vitale, Jesus said that He would never leave me nor forsake me. Well, that is true. The Lord Jesus, the Glorified Jesus will love you and be with you no matter what your error, what your transgression, or what your sin is, but His Son, the Christ that was grafted to you, the free gift that has matured into Christ Jesus, He can die if you choose to live out of Leviathan, whether you are conscious of what you are doing or not. If you prefer the lies or the denial of Leviathan over the truth of Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus will die. He will dry up and die. Your tree, because everyone of us is a spiritual tree, will drop its fruit. Your fruit will fall off. These are just some of the principles that I will be using in our translations. Does anybody have any questions? If not, I'd like to just go over my notes.


            I went through half the chapter of the book called The Gates Of Light by Rabbi Gikatilla. The chapter is called The Tenth Sphere. It is the chapter on Keter. The main thrust of this chapter is the mixing of the different spheres. It is a form of spiritual alchemy. When Keter mixes with Tiferet, we have a high level of merciful judgment. Now according to this chapter, there are twelve different combinations and to be honest with you, I have not been able to figure out twelve different combinations. I am just going to stay with this message for today because I am a beginner at this just like you are. We'll just go down the notes and see what I took out of that book. It is an excellent excellent book. I thank God it is been translated so that we could benefit from it. I picked out a few things that interested me and I hope that they interest you. I read in this book that Adonay is the store that receives the bounty that comes forth from Keter, which is where Ehyeh or I Am is and Tiferet is where Jehovah is.I Am teams up with Jehovah to produce a bountiful blessing, a combination of absolute mercy and kindness. It is deposited into the store which is Adonay. We, the personality, can take from that store or we can take from that store in another person. What struck me was the word, storehouse. I couldn't help bringing up Malachi 3:10 because I have been preaching for years that this verse has nothing to do with money. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be meat in mine house and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.


            Bring all the tithes of all of your good deeds, all of your sacrifices for God, all of the confession of sin, all of your repentance; that is what this is talking about. It is talking about spiritual tithes. Bring it into Adonay so that it can be touched. Now remember Adonay, she is at the bottom there. That is called that middle line where we have Tiferet, Jehovah, Yesod and Adonay in that middle line there. We see now from this scripture that Adonay works both ways, that we can bring our sacrifices and our spiritual tithes to the Lord right here to Christ within us and they ascend up to the Glorified Jesus Christ. A flowing river opens up where He receives our spiritual tithes which ascend up to Him and what this book calls the everflow, meaning the eternal flow of righteousness, goodness, absolute mercy, grace, truth, peace; everything. That is what we get in return. We give this tiny little bit, this mortal little confession, these two mites that we read about in the New Testament and if we throw it in, we get everything that God has.


            I do not know if I made my point on that constellation there. All of these spheres are continuously turning and they face each other. I do not know any better way to express this right now. They are all continuously turning. Let me put it this way. There is a front and a back to every sphere. I do not understand how there could be a front and a back to every sphere, but this is an abstract principle. There is a front and a back to every sphere. It is possible for the two spheres to be in relationship back to back or one facing forward and one facing with its back to the one that is facing forward, two facing away from one another, the two facing towards one another. I believe we will have more instruction on this as we proceed forth in The Tree Of Life because I have read so far in The Tree Of Life about this principle of the spheres being back to back or Adonay having her back to Ze'ir Anpin. I have seen phrases like that, but I do not understand it yet, so we will just continue plodding through that book and hope that we will understand these things in the future. The abundance of blessings pours out when Adonay is fully facing Tiferet, which is I Am. I think I did not tell you this either, that one of the relationships that we will call spiritual alchemy is when Tiferet relates directly to Malkhut. It does not go through Jehovah, if you look at that constellation. Those four spheres in that middle line are relating to each other in all different kinds of relationships and Tiferet can relate directly to Malkhut, which means all judgment is bypassed.


            That means Malkhut, who is in the individual down here is receiving absolute mercy and of course that is the grafting of Christ to us. We know that. Of course that knowledge was not available when this book was written. I Am is in Tiferet. That is the Glorified Jesus and Jehovah is Christ Jesus. When Tiferet is joined with Jehovah, when those two join together to bring the white throne judgment, that can do the trick. That can bring great spiritual growth and that is the exposure of your sin nature with kindness. That is the next step towards ascension. If that does not work, then the absolute mercy withdraws and if I remember correctly, Elohim channels His harsh judgment through Yesod, which is El Chay. Adonay (Malkhut) who is within us, receives the harsh judgment. Whatever happens within us manifests in our life, outside of us. All of this is controlled with prayer and our relationship with God. Then I have another scripture concerning the storehouse. It just excited me to find out what the storehouse was. Adonay is the storehouse. Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which neither have a storehouse nor barn. Ravens are birds, if that was what Jesus was talking about. They do not sow or reap and they do not have Adonay and I couldn't get any lead on what barn would be.That is what Jesus is saying to the people, they are not subject to the laws that we are subject to.


            Some of these notes I have taught you already. Ehyeh is I Am and the only reason I have started using I Am is that I will put I Am in the translations of this message because the average Christian will not know what Ehyeh means. Ehyeh or I Am is mercy. Jehovah is judgment and as I mentioned just a short while ago, that is where the opinion is formed as to whether the person is guilty or innocent in this particular situation. Adonay is where the verdict or the conclusion is carried out or the fruit of the judgment is carried out. We see that all of these spheres can operate independently or they can be attached to one another. There are several permanent courts within the constellation by which to judge the creation. Now please notice, this is just not the church or Israel. Israel judges the whole creation. You know, the people who do not understand this, they get offended by it. Look, judgment is good. Judgment is good. If you are spiritual Israel or if we are spiritual Israel, we have authority to bring righteous judgment to anyone, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, anybody, anybody that Christ in us has mercy upon because we are the ones, if you are a Christian, that has ascended to this place. We are the ones who have access to the higher courts from which all of creation is judged.


            Do you know what that means, brethren? That means that when we get up high enough, we have the power to stop wars. Do you know that is what that means? We have the power to influence elections. Oh no, Pastor Vitale, you have got to be mistaken, that is witchcraft. You've got to pray for God's will in this situation. Well, I want to tell you something, that if you are high enough, you know what God's will is. Why? Because He tells you and He raises you up to pray for His will. Now if you are not in that place, you shouldn't be praying for what you think God's will is.  I am telling you that there is a place of priesthood in Christ Jesus where you will know what His will is and He will anoint you to pray it and it will come to pass.  I also want to tell you that if you are a carnal Christian, do not think you have got this call on your life because you are mistaken. This call is for people who are consecrated and utterly sold out to Jesus Christ. I want to tell you, that if you think you are sold out to Jesus Christ, but you also think you are going to die if you do not get a husband or a wife, you are not sold out to Jesus Christ. Or if you think you are sold out to Jesus Christ and you have a choice between working overtime and doing something that He told you to do and you are not even asking Him which one He wants you to do, you are not sold out to Jesus Christ. That means He rules in every aspect of your life and that every aspect of your life is on the altar and that you will do whatever He wants you to in every given circumstance.


            This is a very mature office. All judgments delivered are performed as true straight forward justice. I mentioned that earlier. No circular justice comes through the courts of Jehovah. The world is judged in the great court that resides between the name Jehovah and the name Elohim and that is the realm of harsh judgment. All that that means, brethren, is that the sowing and reaping judgment is upon the world. The world is not judged by the white throne judgment. Today, in the Glorified Jesus Christ, absolute mercy is available to the whole world, but the whole world has not laid hold of it. Everybody in the world is subject to some form of judgment. If you are serving the Lord Jesus and you are a recipient of His absolute mercy, you either are or will shortly be subjected to the white throne judgment. If not, you are under the sowing and reaping judgment just like everybody else. It does not matter that you have answered an altar call. One of these days in the not too distant future there's going to be a very rude awakening for many people in the church. I turned on the TV this morning and very sadly I heard a preacher preaching very adamantly how if you are the Lord's you do not have to worry about mad cow disease or anything like that.


            Well, I am the Lord's and I have contracted many diseases. I have been healed of many diseases, but I have contracted many diseases while I was His. That is a very foolish thing to think that you do not have to take the same precautions that non Christians have to take, that you are supernaturally protected because you have answered an altar call and you read your Bible everyday and you go to church on Sunday. That is very sad to hear that being preached. I pray for that preacher right now, that the Lord should help him to find the truth, that he shouldn't cause other people to stumble. See, I stumbled like that. When I came to the Lord, I was physically a very ill person. I was on a very healthy diet and a very healthy lifestyle in many ways when I came into the church. Food wise, they had a couple of parties and they were eating all of this stuff with soda and sugar and cake and chemicals and my reaction was, oh well, I guess you can do it if you are in God. I completely fell off of my healthy diet that I needed to sustain my life and I paid the price. Eventually, the Lord got me back on a healthy diet.


            The world is wiser than the children of light in many ways. A man cannot be judged on his collective deeds. Now this is very important, brethren. A man cannot be judged as a whole, you see. You have to be judged a deed at a time. He or I Am or Ehyeh remits sins one by one. Now is that not what's happening in our white throne judgment in this ministry? If He showed you all your sins at once or if He showed me all my sins at once, I couldn't bear it. Who could bear it? Even if we could see it and believe it, who could get delivered from all their sins at once? I mean, I take one sin at a time. I pray and I ask for deliverance and I repent and I work on maybe two at a time or three at the most in areas that I know I need work in that are prominent in my mind. Who could deal with more? Not only could you not deal with all of your sins at once, but our sins are layered in us. They are built into us like layers. There are many sins that we could pray and travail and fast and cry and moan about and we will never get delivered from those sins until we get rid of the sins laying on top of them first.


            We have to be delivered from our sins in the right order. You know, I was going to die real soon, I think, when God had mercy on me. He sent me to a church that was a deliverance church. They prayed actively for me and cast demons out of me. There were three or four services a week. I got at least one demon cast out at every service. The pastor called me up one night and he said to me, would you mind telling me how you know what to ask prayer for. Every time I went up on that prayer line and he said what do you want prayer for, I got delivered from that thing. I had a consistent record of deliverance and he wanted to know what my secret was so that he could help other people who went up there and did not get delivered. I was so naive in those days and I was amazed that he even asked me. I said, well, the Lord tells me what deliverance to ask for. He was embarrassed and he said, oh. Could the answer be more simple than that? (End of tape 1)


Tape 2


          The Lord was in full control of my deliverance, one sin at a time in the right order. I know people who have mental blocks, whether conscious or not against deliverance or against seeing their sins and getting delivered from them, not necessarily having demons cast out. They can block their own deliverance. I have seen it happen. For example, I have seen a drug addict asking for deliverance. I knew she was a drug addict and she is asking for deliverance from smoking cigarettes. I knew she was a drug addict. When she came up for prayer I said, what do you want deliverance from? She answered cigarettes. Well, what about your addiction?


            To get the most that we can from God, we need to submit ourselves to Him and ask Him to plan out our deliverance. He knows what's best for us. I am not capable of plotting out my own deliverance. My job is to respond to the Lord. He puts a suggestion in my mind. He shows me a sin and I respond by saying, yes Lord, that is a sin and I would like deliverance from that sin. Then I start resisting that sin while praying for the power to resist it and it goes. It goes quickly. I am amazed at the rapidity with which I am receiving deliverance. The reason for the rapidity is that I am flowing with the Lord in combination. He picks the next sin for deliverance. I respond by saying, amen, you are right. I am really sorry that I am doing that and now that I see it, it is really ugly and I do not want to do it anymore. Please help me to stop. Then I exercise my will and He empowers me and it goes very quickly. It is amazing to me how quickly.


            I Am, also known as he or Ehyeh remits sins one by one. We see that phrases that signify that the judgment for sin has not yet been decided, such as healings in the direction of compassion and wrong forbearing. Those words refer to the time before judgment has been decided. In other words, you are having plenty of opportunity to repent before God drops a judgment on you. He much prefers that we judge ourselves. You see, judge yourself and you will not be judged.  I think most people in the church think that means if you judge yourself and you do not do anything wrong, nobody will say anything to you. It does mean that, but it means more than that. Judge your own sins and that is the least painful way to go. If you do not or if you cannot, a judgment will fall on you. Something will happen to you to open your eyes to that sin, you see. If you cannot see it and you cannot stop it or you cannot deal with it, that sin that you are hiding from yourself and from the world will manifest in a circumstance that will be embarrassing or painful to you. It will be embarrassing or painful enough for your eyes to open to the root of the sin which will help you to stop. Let us stop before something serious happens. Then when the judgment is actually being decided, phrases such as abundant and compassion indicates the judgment is being decided and truth refers to the time after the judgment has been delivered. This is the truth and the judgment is executed. If a person returns and is contrite prior to his sentencing, the judgment can be averted. The judgment can be averted. The judgment can be averted. If you cannot believe that it is true, you will never become contrite. If you are not contrite, the judgment will have its way with that person to the lower court which is called Adonay. It means it is coming forth from within you. I guess it could be Adonay in another person.


            This is where I have a disagreement with this teaching. If I am wrong, the Lord is going to have to show me, but what I see happening here in these studies is these teachers of Kabbalah impute everything that happens to us as from God, good and bad. I do not see any recognition that Satan is the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment. This is the teaching that has come forth through the Doctrine of Christ. Although I have not really gotten into it in any depth yet, Kabbalah does teach about negative forces that are outside of these ten spheres. What I read is that these negative forces try to attach themselves to us and drain our energy. I have just really started this study and the advanced books are not translated, so all I have to go by is what I see. From what I see all judgment is in the hands of God. Now I wonder what else they would have to say and like I said, I have not read all the books yet. Maybe this is just this one author because I have done some reading in the Zohar and the Zohar talks about Samiel, which is suppose to be likened to Satan. It does talk about Samiel doing bad things to people. I do not know how to reconcile this teaching of Adonay will execute the judgment with Samiel will do bad things to you. I do not know how to reconcile those two teachings from Kabbalah yet. I just have not studied enough to even have an opinion.  I have a problem believing that Adonay is executing this judgment. I have a problem with it. If I am wrong, the Lord is going to have to show me.


            If a person returns and is contrite prior to his sentencing, the judgment can be averted, but if not, the judgment will have it is way with that person through the lower court which is called Adonay and I believe Adonay is Christ. The Lord just said something to me. This is where this writer is coming from. He is saying that Christ will punish Cain, for example. Christ will punish our own sin nature. This book does not even deal with the possibility of Christ in us punishing Cain or our own negative side. This book does not deal with that failing and the necessity of Satan coming in to punish us. The author does not even deal with that possibility. Did I make myself clear? That is what the Lord just told me.  I could see that, that Christ who is grafted to Abel will punish Cain who's rising up too high and say, get down there. Now I can see that. Thank you Jesus, I do appreciate that.


            The upper courts judge the world which deserves so many punishments. The lower courts can reverse the judgment through the prayers of a righteous man and the punishment will be enacted for good. Now a righteous man is one who can ascend to Keter through prayer which opens the gates of the realm of mercy. What we are talking about here is intercession. In other words, the upper courts, however that works, I do not really know how it works, but I do believe that there are courts and they can see sin down here operating in this visible plane and a judgment can be written that will bring some form of punishment. You see, the whole point is that, even if it is Christ in us punishing Cain within us, Cain is within us. Cain is our personality. The punishment has to hurt us. We are really saying, both the good and the evil is in us. Both the punisher and the one being punished is us. It is the two different sides of us. A righteous man who can ascend to Keter through prayer, which opens the gates of mercy, can stop that judgment. Actually, that is what happens here if I see you doing something wrong. I cannot recall anything at the moment, but I know, over the years, there have been several instances where I had seen somebody here about to do something that would bring a judgment upon themselves and on occasion I have seen someone do something that has brought a judgment upon themselves. I have told them about it and they understood what I said and repented and the judgment was forestalled. It was averted. I have seen that happen in this ministry. You have to be warned and that is a great mercy.


            The name of God, El, relates to the world of mercy that contains no judgment. This is the meaning of I will favor those I will favor. To be honest with you, I do not understand this. I put it in here because it was in the chapter. Oh yes, the Lord did explain it to me. El is the name of God that relates to the world of mercy that contains no judgment. El is the name of God that is associated with Chesed, the fourth Sefirot. The Lord did tell me, when I was studying, that what this means is Keter, you may recall, the realm that contains no judgment, absolute mercy. Keter is the first Sefirot. What do you mean, El, the name associated with the fourth Sefirot, relates to the world of mercy? What are you talking about? Well, it is a combination of those two worlds because the Keter is "not." Remember He is suppose to be unknowable at the time this book was written. He is so high, you see, that we cannot approach unto Him. We know Him in the name of the Lord Jesus, but we do not approach to His holiness, so He comes down to the realm of kindness. Chesed is kindness and he reveals Himself. That high manifestation of absolute mercy manifests itself to us through the fourth Sefirot, which is kindness. I believe that that kindness is the form of communication that we have in this ministry. The kindness of God is to tell you the truth.


            The power of prayer and the fulfillment of some commandments cause the gates of mercy to be opened. It is all done in prayer. All spiritual manifestations are of the mind and the thoughts of the mind and are verbal. Everything is done with the mind and the voice. When the gates of the realm of mercy open, this is called a time of Ratzon and the meaning of that word, Ratzon, is the will of God because the will of God for us is always good, that good things should happen to us. When the gates of this realm of mercy are closed, that means we are subject to the will of Satan, the god of this world. It is called the time of Ratzon when the gates to the realm of mercy are open, meaning that there is no punishment or judgment in any amount. The will of God, brethren, is that there should be no punishment. Do you think a parent really wants to punish his children? Do you think a parent enjoys paddling his child or disciplining his child? No! That is not the will of the parent. I know what's true of me with my natural children. It is true of me in every area of my ministry. If I were to have my "druthers" everybody would be perfect and I'd never have to say anything to anybody. That is my will and I am just a lower example of a thread or a hair of what the Lord Jesus is. He does not want to punish us or correct us or anything along these lines. He wants us to do everything right so everything will go smoothly so He wouldn't have to subject us to discipline.


            God said to Moses, I Am that I Am.  He said, thou shalt say unto the children of Israel, I Am has sent you. I Am; that is the English translation of Ehyeh. What God is saying to Moses in telling them I Am has sent you, is that this is absolute mercy. Apparently these children of Israel knew enough of spiritual studies to know that this meant that I am sending you with the realm of absolute mercy. Go tell the Hebrew children so that they won't be afraid of you. I am not sending you with judgment. I Am is sending you. The realm of absolute mercy is sending you. Do not be afraid. Jehovah judges His people and His judgment can be delivered with a mixture of good and negative results. If the believer being judged by the court of Jehovah causes the judgment to be halted through unbelief or for any other reason, Jehovah may decide to remove Yesod. That is Christ to us from Malkhut (Abel). I think I said this another way earlier. I think I told you that Adonay was Christ, but I guess I got this here from the Lord. Jehovah may decide to remove Yesod, that is Christ, from Malkhut, which is Abel. I will have to think about that. Yesod, which is Christ; the name of God associated with Yesod is El Chay, the life and that would make Christ Yesod. If Malkhut is Abel, that would make Adonay, Abel.


            Jehovah may decide to remove Yesod, Christ, from Malkhut (Abel) and the believer enters into an evil period, a period of judgment and discipline. Looking at the mistakes on your notes, you can see I was working till all hours of the night and I did not check my voice software here. Should this happen, Malkhut, which is called Adonay or Abel, will remain separated from all good from above and becomes the harsh judgments and punishment of destruction. Once again, Malkhut, even though this judgment is from God and it is from Abel, judgment is coming down upon Cain, which is the personality, which is us. The judgment is falling within us and we are also receiving the judgment. I just had an interesting thought. Apparently this is the spiritual root from which flagellation, which was practiced at one time by the Roman Catholic Church, came from. They would beat their back and make themselves bleed. There is a spiritual root to this, where that righteous root in us, Abel, who is the royal seed of God, should rise up and war against Cain, the one who would utterly bury him if he could. We feel that warfare going on inside of us. It brutalizes us. Does anybody not know what I just said? It is harsh punishment and destruction.


            Another way to look at that is this. I think that this would be the realm of old order deliverance. I spent five years having demons cast out of me, brethren, so I am definitely not against old order deliverance, which is the casting out of evil spirits. The new order deliverance is the deliverance that comes forth after Christ is grafted to you and you start feeding Him the Doctrine of Christ, which automatically works towards covering over Cain. The realm of old order deliverance is a fighting on the same level as the demons. When you are having this warfare with the demons, you have to bind and loose every day. It is like literally struggling with someone on your own level, someone who is strong enough so that there is a possibility that they might overtake you. We took all kinds of precautions when we were in that kind of ministry and we knew it was possible for the demons to come back and under certain circumstances there was even the possibility for a transference of spirit for the demon to get on somebody else. We were fighting in a place where there was equal warfare between us and the demons. We could have cast the demons out or they could have hurt us. That is not a good place to be. We want to be in a place where we are so far above the demons that it is not even a fight. That is God's will for us, you see.


            This level of judgment is where Yesod or Christ is removed from Abel. That is very interesting, because you may recall that I have been preaching for a long time that this old order deliverance is the deliverance for people who do not yet have Christ grafted to them. It is the mercy of God for people who do not yet have Christ grafted to them and it is fitting right in with what we are saying here. It is called harsh judgment and punishment and destruction. Let me tell you, I thank God for those five years of old order deliverance that I had, but it wasn't easy going up and confessing your sins before other people. I was so desperate that it never even occurred to me that they might talk about me. All I wanted was deliverance. You are exposing yourself to other people with mortal frailties, rolling on the floor, being humiliated in many ways, having people watch as demons are talking through you. It is not easy. That is a harsh warfare. That is what this is talking about. This is the deliverance for someone who does not have Christ grafted to them. Isn't that interesting. I love when the Lord reveals these things.


            When you see something in brackets on your notes, that means it is my comment. All these others are statements that I have taken from the chapter, but this is my comment. When Christ is removed from Abel, Cain covers Abel and Satan and Leviathan call forth harsh judgments. I do not know about Cain covering Abel, but at least, it is what I just described. Let me see how I can rephrase that. I will probably say something like what I pretty much just said on this tape.


            When, however, the name Ehyeh or I Am appears and that is the Lord Jesus, mercy flows through the channels to Jehovah, which would be Christ Jesus for us and all the spheres and channels are repaired and Christ is restored to that individual. Well, that must be what happened to me because I do not get demons cast out of me anymore. I remember the day that I graduated from that ministry. I had a spiritual ascension and I rose above the need to live that lifestyle. The Lord was bringing me into the Doctrine of Christ. I guess Christ was grafted to me at that point. I do not have any of the details, but I guess Christ was grafted to me and the Lord started feeding me the Doctrine of Christ. I still get deliverance, but I do not have to go through that anymore. I spent hours rolling on the floor. It is not that it was so bad because it saved my life. It is just that I am in a different plane of consciousness right now. I am in a different reality.


            Then this sphere, Malkhut, receives the ever flow and blessing from the name Ehyeh, which is I Am, and from the name, Jehovah, and all heavenly and earthly creatures of the world are filled with rejoicing and tranquility and the world will be filled with peace and friendship. My comment is, remember each human being is a world. Each one of us is a cosmos. I was telling the Lord last night that I really do not know what it means that these channels are repaired and He just told me the answer. It is when Christ is grafted to you. When Christ is grafted to us, we are reconnected to all of these channels and we have access to everyone of the nine spheres once Christ is grafted to us. That is the mercy of the Lord Jesus and that is the free gift. Our world will be filled with peace and friendship. I believe, eventually, the whole world will be filled with peace and friendship when Christ is ruling over the whole world, but for now, in this year, I would be inclined to take this sentence for the individual. Right now, this whole country is a Christian country, although there are those who would dispute it. I still claim this is a Christian country. Right now we are on the level of old order deliverance. Christ Jesus, the imputed Christ Jesus is dissolving in this nation because of sin and rejection of Himself. The people who are faithful to Jesus Christ are in an all out war with the people who are citizens of this nation who are determined to overturn Christ Jesus and we are fighting on the same level. It is been a real dirty warfare for a long time.


            The other forces, the anti-christ forces in this nation really got on top of the imputed Christ or Abel. My own terms get me all mixed up. I do not know if Christ Jesus is fully dissolved or He is being dissolved in this nation. I do not know what His condition is, but I know the war that is going on today is on the level of Cain and Abel because I know the enemy is as strong, if not stronger than we are. I know that there was a big turnabout in this recent election when Bush was elected. That man has an awful lot coming against him. It is just amazing, the collective perverted mind that is in the country today. Recently I have heard it several times in these past few months, this attitude that completely denies the conservative opinion as a legitimate opinion. I heard somebody on TV just the other day who was very against letting faith based institutions help with social services saying, these religions are so far off and are actually preaching abstinence as an alternate method of birth control. They are not even saying, well, that is a legitimate option and if you do not like it, you do not have to use it. They are even denying that it is a legitimate option. There is a severe mind control going through the country today and it is very severe. The battle is fierce, but we still need a miracle. We need the Lord Jesus Christ to appear from above. I do not know how long we can hold on and I do not know if a conservative will hold the presidency if the Lord Jesus does not appear with miracle working power. I do not think we will hold on if the Lord Jesus does not appear with miracle working power. It is my hope that He will appear within four years with miracle working power. Praise the Lord, that was just a little extra.


            In the time of the prophets and the Talmudic sages, they could dispense with any decree. Sages are wise men that study the Talmud. These holy men, these prophets and these Talmudic sages could dispense with any harsh decree or tribulation because they knew how to arrange the three Spheres to bring the blessings into the world by dispensing with any harsh decree or tribulation. What three Spheres? The three Spheres are Keter (I Am), Tiferet (Jehovah) and Adonay (Malkhut). This is what the book says. They knew how to arrange the three Spheres. What does that mean, that you have to arrange the three Spheres? They knew how to get them to work together, spiritual alchemy. They knew how to get them to work together. It is so strange to me to read something like that because I do not know what it was like in the days that Kabbalah was being developed.  I know that I manifest a lot of the ministry spoken about in these books and I do not manifest it in the way that I read about it. I do not sit down and think about coordinating or unifying these three Spheres. I just know that this ministry rises in me and that Christ Jesus initiates it. I might initiate it. I might look at somebody and say, Lord, are you willing to do anything for that person? That is the kind of prayers that I have mostly.


            Lord, are you willing to help that person? What are you willing to do for them? Would you help them? If you would do it, I am asking you to help them. Then He rises up in response to those kind of prayers and sometimes He initiates and just brings forth the prayer in me that I now realize will unify these three Spheres. It will unify mercy because I am always forgiving people's sins. It will bring forth judgment because I am always cursing their carnal mind and the sin within them. It brings forth a positive result when the Lord Jesus is in it.  I do not know what it was like back in those days, seven or eight hundred years ago, whether they actually sat down and concentrated on these Spheres and saw them coming together and unifying. To me, that is a form of witchcraft. You see, I do not know whether that was done or not.  I know how it works in me with Christ Jesus, at least for now. Maybe in the future, I will be doing something else. If I sit down and I pray for someone and I say, Lord, please have mercy on that person, I am praying out of Keter. When I say, yes, I know that they are doing such and such wrong, I am praying out of Jehovah and I am exposing their sin. That is how I do it. Maybe that is how they did it. Maybe this is just a literary way of expressing it. Maybe the rabbis did the same thing.


            They would ascend with their prayers to the source of Ratzon, the will of I Am. What does that mean? It means that these rabbis knew that it was the will of God to do good to all people. If through their prayers, they could just ascend to that high place, to Keter, because they knew that the will of God was that the person should live, that the person should prosper; if they could just touch that high place and fall into agreement with God, the person would be healed. Let me say that again. Look, God wants to heal everybody. He wants everybody healed. We have got to get Him to agree with us. I want to tell you, this is so important because I know that it is true of me; I am very busy, I have a lot on my mind and I do not always notice things or remember things that I should. If anybody has a need for healing or for ministry of any kind, you have got to go after me. If you have asked me and I have forgot about it, it is the sin of pride if you think that I do not want to help you. If I forget to answer one of your e-mails, it is the sin of pride thinking that I do not want to help you. You have got to get after me. Depending upon how desperate you are, I will respond to your level of desperation because I know what running this ministry is like. I have a general idea of what God is talking about here. The first time I heard this, it offended me, that you had to move the power of God. It offended me. No, you have got to get the attention of God.


            We talked about this when we preached about one of the levels of consciousness was preference, to prefer the Lord Jesus over the carnal mind. It may have been the sixth level of consciousness. I am not sure. You have to yell and wave your flags and shout and send up flares and do whatever you have to do to get His attention. He is very busy. Now of course, it is not that He is too busy to talk to you. That just sort of came out of me. He is not too busy to talk to us. He is available for all of us, but we have got to get His attention. When He turns towards us and looks at us, when His face turns towards us, what that means is that when we get His attention, He says, of course, I want to heal that person. Thank you so much for not giving up until I heard you. Now that does not mean you have to be fasting and praying for forty days. I mean, if that is what you are led to do, then do it, but the sharper the knife the less elbow grease you need. The closer you are to God, the more intense your relationship with the Lord, the easier it is to get His attention. Look, if I wanted to talk to President Bush, I do not stand much of a chance of his hearing me. Why would he talk to me? It is not that he is a mean man or that he wouldn't want to talk to me, but there's only twenty four hours in his day and he talks to the people who are closest to him. We have to get God's attention.


            There will appear a grand assortment of goodness, mercy and life when the face of Keter appears in the direction of the realm of harsh judgment. Look brethren, this is the realm of harsh judgment right here. There is a TV series called Harsh Realm. I just wonder if that person has read Kabbalah. This is the realm of harsh judgment. You do not think so? You do not think so because you have a nice house to live in and you have heat and clothes on your back and food on your table and a car with gas in it. You have cancer, you have pain from arthritis; do not tell me this isn't a harsh realm. This is a harsh world. Do not be deceived because you have a nice covering over the harshness.


            We endeavor to cause the Sphere of Keter, which is the Lord Jesus Christ to us, to turn His face towards us to listen to us and what we are yelling about. Did you ever see a movie where someone is shipwrecked on an island and a helicopter goes by, a search plane, and the people on the ground see him and they are jumping up and down and setting off flares and waving red flags saying, we are down here, we are down here. Do you know how minuscule we are compared to God? We are probably less than a pin prick. He wants to heal you, but we have got to get His attention. When He turns towards us, all good things start coming into our life. Once He turns towards us, we have to keep Him turned towards us. How do we keep Him turned towards us? We keep Him turned towards us by working in His vineyard. I know that I talk every day or I talk frequently to the people who work for me. Why? Because I am running the ministry here. I have something to say to you. If I do not talk to you, I am sending you an e-mail, to the people who work for me. While I am talking to you about work, maybe you have something else to say to me and you are already talking to me, so I hear it. If you are laboring in the Lord's vineyard, it is much easier to get His ear because He is coming looking for you and wants to know how His garden is growing.  


            Phrases containing the words space and light such as, bestow the light of your face upon us, Jehovah, and that is from Psalms 11 verse 7. Such phrases concerning face and light signify the realm of mercy and the realm of judgment looking at each other face to face, which results in the enveloping of everything in mercy and wholeness; no prosecutor, no accuser. We know Satan is the accuser of the brethren and of course, Satan speaks through people. No prosecutor has the power to protest when Keter and Adonay are united through Jehovah. Now that is one of the potential combinations. There are suppose to be twelve. I have not figured out what the twelve are. I guess Keter unifies with each of the nine other Sefirot; that is nine. I guess I just have not read about them. Okay, no prosecutor has the power to protest when Keter and Adonay are united through Jehovah. That is that middle line that is on the board; Keter, Jehovah which is Tiferet, and Adonay. When those three are united, there is no legal ground that Satan can use to destroy you. You are completely covered. Of course, for those three realms to be fully manifested in you, you have to be asking the Lord to reveal your sin nature. You cannot just be willing to look at it, if He shows it to you, you have to be asking Him for it, looking at it and working on your program. That will stir up the unification of those three realms. You have to have a revelation that to keep those three realms manifested in your life, that you have to be looking for your sin nature and seeking it out. You need to be on a seek and destroy mission. If you ascend on doctrine alone and you are not seeking out your sin nature, you will ascend in the wrong time line. You may think you are okay today, but we will see what you look like when you are born again in spiritual power. The baby will tell the tale.


            Now look at this. If the blessing is not deserved, if for whatever reason these three spirits are unified in you and the blessing is not deserved which means you have a lot of sin and the believer is not worthy of mercy, Jehovah will give him a free gift, which he does not deserve. Aside from the fact that you have a lot of sin, what makes you deserving,? What makes you deserving of this mercy? Brethren, what makes us deserving of this mercy is Christ grafted to us. The Lord is attracted to us because Christ is grafted to us. He wants His son. It is Christ that makes us worthy of mercy. Christ is our entranceway to the throne room. The Lord Jesus is our entranceway to the throne room. His righteousness makes us worthy to receive mercy. He is the first fruits. The free gift is available to the whole world today, but everybody has not received it or does not want it. The one who understands will understand what is stated on Rosh Hashanah, a Jewish High Holy Day, regarding the strong decree either for the community or for the individual, that it will be torn apart. Now apparently this is a part of the Rosh Hashanah service. There is a stern decree for sin and of course everybody sins; that they will be torn apart. This writer, Rabbi Gikatilla, interprets this to mean that the stern decree will be torn apart. Unless the Lord corrects me, I cannot receive that because knowing the Doctrine of Christ, this means something else to me.


            Does anyone know what that means? Who's going to be torn apart? Does anybody know? Well, Leviathan is going to be torn away from Abel who is now being protected by Christ. We are waiting for that separation, for that sanctification. Did I say that right? Did I say that Cain should be separated from Leviathan? Well, whatever I said, this is the right way. Cain is attached to Abel on one side and Abel is strengthened by Christ. Cain is attached to Leviathan on the other side, who is strengthened by Satan and the Dragon and we are being pulled in two directions. Now one of the two are going to win the tug of war. Either Cain, who is strengthened by Leviathan, Satan and the Dragon, will possess Abel and then Christ will fall away and die or Abel who is strengthened by Christ in Himself and Christ Jesus (possibly in another man) and the Lord Jesus above will pull Cain away from Leviathan and Satan and Leviathan and the Dragon will fall away. Brethren, something has got to give if Christ is grafted to you. The Scripture says, my people perish for lack of knowledge. Christ in many Christians is dying because the Christians simply do not understand the warfare or they are convinced that there is no warfare. The harsh judgment, brethren, is actually upon the personality. It is painful. It is like having a baby.


            You see, Cain and Abel are inseparable. Cain and Abel are inseparable. Either Cain is going to withdraw from her ungodly relationship with Leviathan and come under the authority of Christ, who is now protecting Abel or Christ will be overcome by Cain and that whole timeline that is being built in us of Christ, Christ Jesus and the Glorified Jesus Christ will dissolve in that individual. Cain and Abel are indivisible. They are permanently joined together and the two timelines in you and in me are the double mind that you have or that I have, that James talks about. The double mind arises out of Cain and Abel. There is the mind of Christ arising out of Abel and the carnal mind is arising out of Cain and Cain and Abel are inseparable. We are like a man with two heads. We cannot continue this way. One will live and the other will die. Unless we understand (we, the personality) understand that we have a part in this, and unless we engage in the warfare on behalf of Christ, it will be Christ who dies. Unless we understand that, Christ will die.


            When a man is punished below, there is destruction of the channels above. That means that when we are punished down here in the earth, the channels above are destroyed. Well, I guess what that means is, that to be punished down here below, Malkhut separates from Yesod. I am going to let that go. That is what it seems to me on the surface. It is not sufficient for a righteous person who calls upon the name of God to be merely released from his trial. Now this is important. It is not sufficient for a righteous person who calls upon the name of God to be merely released from his trial. Why not? God wants to give him more. After the realm of great mercy appears and that is the Lord Jesus and the upper and lower Spheres become filled with joy, blessing and emanation because the appearance of the Lord Jesus opens the gates of the realm of mercy, He is honored both in the upper and lower realms. That means the Lord Jesus. He is going to be honored where He is now, above all heavens and He is going to be honored here in my vessel. This says to me, that I am going to know that Jesus Christ is being fully honored in my vessel when I am filled with joy, blessing and the emanations of all the different attributes of God. I know that He has not completed me yet because that is not true of my life. I have a lot of blessings and I have some attributes of God, but I am not filled with joy. My life is still very much a harsh realm. I am fighting a very hard war here, so I look forward to the day that the Lord Jesus will enter into my personal world and fill me so completely that the warfare that I experience almost daily cannot touch me.


            The answer to this is that the Lord says, I will attach the light that is called honor to him. It is not enough, you see, to deliver the righteous person from his trouble. Who's the righteous person? Everyone who is under the protection of the Lord Jesus. He is our righteousness. It is not enough to deliver us from our trial. The Lord wants to honor us. Honor is a spiritual light. That is all I have to say about that. I would think that there would be something else to say, but that is all that I took out of the book. Okay, the Lord just told me what to say here. It is not enough to be delivered by the Lord Jesus. He wants to be permanently attached to us. He wants His light to shine in us. He wants us to be His candlestick. He does not want to just deliver us. He wants to marry us. He wants us to be a permanent vessel that He can be seen in. That is the honor, that He will come to live with us. That is the honor. The ministry is thirteen years old, so it had to be eleven or twelve years ago that I was sitting in my office. It was before I almost died. I was sitting in my office and I clearly heard a voice speaking to me and this heavy anointing fell on me. I clearly heard a voice saying to me that I was being greatly honored. I did not know what it meant until years later that I was being greatly honored. I am greatly honored for the privilege of bringing forth this word of teaching on this level, of bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ.


            I have to tell you and if I am wrong, then I am going to have to say that I am wrong, but from what I have seen so far, the Doctrine of Christ, at least the aspect of the Doctrine of Christ that teaches about being torn apart, about being separated from the false vine that is growing in us; I do not see it in the books that I have leafed through. I do not see anything to that effect in Kabbalah, but I tell you that there are many books that are not translated.  I could be mistaken, but this is where I am coming from right now. There had to be a reason why the Doctrine of Christ came forth and probably more than one reason. I believe the Doctrine of Christ and studying the Doctrine of Christ has prepared us to study Kabbalah. Do you know that in the Jewish community there are specific rules? Well, I think things have changed now, but when Kabbalah was coming forth, you had to be male and you had to be forty years old before you could study Kabbalah. At first I couldn't understand why. Now I think I know why. I think it was because you had to be in school for thirty or thirty five years before you could even understand this stuff. This is very advanced. Little boys go to yeshiva at three years old. They had to learn how to read and write Hebrew and they had to learn the Scripture. You have to have some knowledge of the Scripture to do this study. As far as having to be male only, I know today, that there are teachers that will teach women Kabbalah.


            I only have an opinion as to why you had to be male to learn Kabbalah years ago. My opinion is this. These studies can be sexually stimulating. You have to understand that these studies in Kabbalah stir up our Fiery Serpent, the source of our sex drive. The purpose or at least the result of our studies or one of the results of our studies is to drive the Fiery Serpent up towards the brain, to drive that spiritual energy up towards the brain where Keter is, in our brain. We want our Fiery Serpent ascending upward and joining with the Lord Jesus Christ in our brain. When she first starts to vibrate, if you are a carnal person, she is down in your first or second energy center and these spiritual studies can produce sexual stimulation. That is why only men were allowed to study Kabbalah. That is what the Lord told me, although, I know today, women study Kabbalah. You know, I wonder what kind of Kabbalah they are studying. I went on-line and looked at one of the web sites teaching Kabbalah and I am not in any way knocking this web site, but all that I am saying is that it is not even real Kabbalah. That is my opinion. It is so basic that it is just like a course of just describing or speaking about Kabbalah, not really getting into the nitty gritty like we get into. It did not have anything to say. Then again, when I think about it, I think how could you teach Kabbalah to somebody that does not know the Scripture? Based on what we are learning so far, how can you teach Kabbalah to someone who does not know the Scripture?


            It is really a course about Kabbalah and it is being given to people that aren't even encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Scripture. I looked at an outline of the first nine courses which he considers the ninth course advance and it was just nothing. I mean it wouldn't even be likened to our first message here. Of course, that is probably all that unprepared people can understand. My whole point of saying this is, that I have heard that there are Kabbalah lessons being given today even right here on Long Island, privately, aside from this man on line. I would be very curious to see what kind of a course is really being offered. What can you teach somebody that comes in with no preparation? What could you teach them? I do not see what you could teach them, that would be the real thing. Praise the Lord.


            Let's just find a good place to break here because it is getting late and we want to stop for dinner. Well, I think this is a good place to stop. When we come back tonight, we will finish this exhortation and I have translated four or five verses in Exodus 33 applying the new rules. Well they are not new, but they are new for us. The new rules that we have learned are the rules that tell us that "he" is a cognomen of I Am and "you" is a cognomen of Jehovah and "I" is a cognomen of Adonay. There are certain other teachings that I have learned from this chapter which I will point out as we go along. I would like, if the Lord lets me, I would like to finish Exodus 33 thru the last verse, which I think is verse 23. Even if we have time tonight, there is no way I could have that ready for you. There will definitely be a part 2 to this message, if the Lord lets me finish it. If He does let me finish it, this will be the first alternate translation that the Lord has let me bring forth since we are studying Kabbalah, which is several months now. I am sort of excited about it to tell you the truth. Are there any questions or comments before we break for dinner? Praise the Lord.


            COMMENT: On the board this morning you had Ehyeh meaning I Am, the beginning and Adonay the end. It made me think of the scripture, I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. I went home and looked in Revelation and I was surprised to find it in four different places. I did not realize that. It must be a very significant thing to have it in four different places. Even tonight when June started singing, her first song was about Revelation 1:8 that says I am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end saith the Lord, which is, which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. That is the song that June sang even tonight. Another scripture was Revelation 1:11 where He says I am the first and the last.


            Then there is two other scriptures, Revelation 21:6 and 22:13, which again say the beginning and the end, the first and the last. That made me think of Malkhut going up to Keter. Also, coming over here in the car, I kept hearing about the men going into the field and they were all paid the same amount. To me that meant we will all be inheriting all that Jesus has done for us. I also heard the tenth. I identified for the first time the tithe with the ten Sefirot.


            PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is very interesting. When you said that, what occurred to me was the scripture in Isaiah where it says the Lord had destroyed us if He had not left us a tenth. We would not have survived. The tenth that He leaves us is Abel. Every human being has Abel and that is what Christ has grafted to. Abel is what Christ has grafted to. That is the tenth that He leaves us, our potential to receive the life giving seed. Isn't that interesting. That is the tenth, the Sefirot.


            The first and the last refers to Adam. Jesus is saying I was the first Adam Kadmon and I am the last Adam. The beginning; He is saying I am the I Am and the end. He is saying, I am also Adonay. I am the first sefirah and the last sefirah, I am the first Adam and the last Adam and I am also the I AM and Adonay. In other words, what He was saying is, the power or the glory of the Almighty is equally distributed amongst the ten Sefirot within me and I am fully equal to Adam Kadmon who was here from the beginning.


            COMMENT: Coming over here in the car another thing came to me, when Jesus was on the cross and Jesus said, it is finished. I kept thinking it is finished for Him but it is just beginning for us.


            PASTOR VITALE: That is true. Of course, I think what He meant was that the redemptive work is finished, although what you said is true. His work is finished and the provision is in place for us to lay hold of. The foundational work is finished, but you are right, it is just at the beginning for us. You are absolutely right.


            COMMENT: I took it to mean that He is the pattern son, that He went through that whole Sefirot. He is back to Keter and we just have to follow after Him.


            PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is not exactly accurate. What I hear you saying is, He made the full experience and now we have to have the full experience. The truth of the matter is that we couldn't have the true experience if He did not go before us and make a way for us. He has provided the mechanism by which we can go through. That redemptive work is finished. It is finished as His personal experience and also the redemptive work, the vehicle, for the rest of humanity to pass through is also finished. Everything could be taken on a multiplicity of levels. God is not simple. He is not simple.


            COMMENT: Another thought that came to my head, but that I do not know how right it is, is that He is cloning us. (Laughter)


            PASTOR VITALE: Well, there's a lot to that. I was very surprised to find out that the cloning process would not produce an exact duplicate of the person that the cell was taken from. I was very surprised to find that out because even if you can completely reproduce the genetic structure of a man, you cannot reproduce the experiences that, that man has had. Every individual, even to identical twins who have the same mother and father and grow up in the same family, they have different experiences right in the same family, so they will never be exactly the same person. I heard a discussion on whether or not a clone has to be physically identical and I cannot remember what the answer was. I know that they cannot be exactly the same. That really surprised me. You know, we are grafts of Him. We are reproductions of Him. We are His children. We are the cells of His body. We are a part of Him and we are in the process of being engraved with His nature because we cannot be a part of Him and have another nature. You see, to be a part of Christ Jesus and to have the nature of the Dragon makes us a cancer cell in His body. Either we have to be converted into His nature or we have to be destroyed. Do you realize that? This whole world is His body, you see. All of humanity is His body and we are death. Every mortal man represents death in the body of the eternal one. It cannot continue. Either we will be re-engraved in His image or we will pass out of this world. Eventually everyone that comes into this world will be engraved in His image and that will be the end of reincarnation. Reincarnation is not of God. It is a part of the curse. It is the Dragon's procedure to keep herself alive, to provide food for herself.


            Let us get on with this message or it will turn into a five part message, which I really would rather that it did not. We are picking up on page 4. One of Ehyeh's cognomens is he. Ehyeh, being translated I Am he. I had this on the board for you earlier. I guess that "two" shouldn't be there in your notes. My voice software is having a mind of its own again. Keter (Ehyeh) is the beginning and another cognomen is he. Jehovah is the middle line and another cognomen is you and Malkhut (Adonay) is the end and I. Of course, Jehovah is Tiferet. I did not put that in there. He is your glory and He is your God. What does that mean? Your glory refers to the upper realm. All of this information I am taking out of Rabbi Gikatilla's Gates Of Light. I believe this to be a true revelation of the Word of God. Tzedek means righteousness. Your glory refers to the upper realm of Tzedek and your God refers to the lower realm of Tzedek. See, everything that is below is above and everything that is above is below. Just like Cain and Abel are inseparable and sometimes Cain is on top and sometimes Abel is on top, we are a part of reciprocal realms. Everything that exists down here exists in multiple spiritual planes. Everything that is below is above. There is a righteousness that is from above and a righteousness that is from below.


            Then Rabbi Gikatilla goes on to tell us that these two tzedeks are the essence of the two letters Hey in the Unique Name and the Unique Name is the tetragrammaton YHVH. Can anyone tell us what the yod of the tetragrammaton typifies? Does anybody remember? The yod typifies Chokhmah and Chokhmah means wisdom. Actually, the tip of the yod is separated from the whole yod. Does anybody remember who the tip of the yod represents? Yes, the tip of the yod represents Keter and the name of God associated with Keter is I Am. That is the tip of the yod. The yod typifies Chokhmah, which is wisdom and the name of God associated with wisdom is JAH. I did not tell you that Keter is associated with thought. Keter is called the crown because He is the highest. He is the highest point on the head of Adam Kadmon. The head consists of Keter which is thought, Chokhmah (wisdom) and Binah (understanding). The crown is on top of Keter. The teaching is that it is the dot above the yod that represents Keter (crown). This really is so silly and yet God is doing it and there's not a doubt in my mind. The crown is signified by the dot on top of the letter yod. I do not want to get into that now. It is too confusing. You still have not memorized the names associated with the four letters, so I do not want to confuse you anymore.


            The H of the tetragrammaton refers to Chokhmah (wisdom). The V of the tetragrammaton refers to Binah (understanding). I do not think that is right. The V refers to Tiferet, if I am not mistaken and the second H refers to Malkhut (Adonay). That V refers to Tiferet. Actually Tiferet is just another way of saying Ze'ir Anpin.  We see that the whole ten Sefirot are represented in that Holy Name or that Unique Name, YHVH. The first letter Y, the tip of the Y represents the first Sefirot. The whole Y represents the second. The V represents 6, the sixth Sefirot of Ze'ir Anpin. That is nine and the last letter H, the last Hey represents Malkhut, which is ten. Now that you all have that down pat, we will go on. (Laughter) The righteousness that is above is Binah (understanding), that is the first Hey. The second Hey, the righteousness from below or beneath is Malkhut. Another way of describing what Binah (understanding) and Malkhut have in common is by calling them the two mothers. Binah in her partzuf is called Imma. She is the upper mother. She is the one who gives birth to Ze'ir Anpin or the sixth Sefirot underneath her. Malkhut is the lower mother. Imma, which is Binah (understanding) is also associated with judgment and Malkhut is associated with judgment, the higher judgment and the lower judgment.


            Page 5. These two Tzedeks, these two Spheres of righteousness are the essence of the two letters, hey and the Unique Name to whom all the spheres are connected. All the spheres are connected to the Unique Name, to the Tetragrammaton YHVH. Oh yes, I did want to tell you this. On this very same message earlier before we went out to dinner, I told you that I couldn't really understand how Keter could be the sun of the spiritual constellation represented by Adam Kadmon configured as a human. We had it on the board earlier showing Keter is at the top. I was using as an example the sun of this solar system which has all the planets circulating around it. Well I was reading a little more in The Gates Of Light between services and I found the answer to that predicament. Apparently in the spirit, the sun is not in the center. You see I had imagined that the sun in the spirit would be in the center with all the other nine Sefirot circulating or orbiting around it, but not so in the spirit. In the spirit, the sun, which is Keter, the Lord Jesus Christ to us, encircles all of the other nine Sefirot. The sun is outside of the other nine Sefirot. Let me put that on the board for you.


            Drawing #2. This is the heavenly constellation. This is the universe of Adam Kadmon, our inner world. This is what some call inner space. There is actually a book written called inner space. Someday when I have time, I hope the Lord will let me read it. Right now I have more than I can handle. This is inner space and the ten Sefirot do exist as a stellar constellation. What I have on the board for you (that you can see) is the ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon. They are all spheres and they spin on their own axis and they also orbit around the center point. Within the center point (what you cannot see) within the innermost Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, which is the Malkhut (the female of Yesod within Malkhut) we have the Worlds of Emanation, Creation, Formation and Action and they are all within the ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon. This worlds continue ad infinitum, you see. They are invisible worlds that require no space, so they just continue on and on and on and on, which to my finite mind is impossible because you should run out of room just like I ran out of room on my board. You should run out of room. This drawing is taking place on a plane surface, so it is taking up space, so I ran out of room. These worlds do not take up space, therefore they do not run out of room and I want to tell you that I do not understand it either. I believe it and I understand it in principle, but I really do not understand it. I just believe that it is true.


            Here we see Binah (understanding) which is the Unique Name, the Tetragrammaton, HYVH. This is how this Unique Name, the Tetragrammaton, surrounds all of the worlds. All of the worlds are here in the center of Adam Kadmon and we see Jehovah exists on an upper level with Binah and Jehovah also exists (that is the third level). Binah is the third Sefirot and Jehovah also exists. The Tetragrammaton also exists on the fourth level, Tiferet.  Jehovah is surrounding the worlds on the orbit of Binah. Jehovah is surrounding the worlds in the orbit of Tiferet and we are also told that Jehovah surrounds the worlds as Jehovah Sevoit. To be honest with you, I have not read the chapter on this yet. I believe that means Jehovah, the God of Hosts, but I have not studied it yet and I really do not know what it means.  I am just going to let that go for right now. This is how the Holy Name, the Unique Name, HYVH, the Tetragrammaton surrounds all of the worlds which are in the midst of Adam Kadmon. Is everybody okay?


            I believe I have a word of knowledge in my heart right now that the Lord eventually will develop. I just have the basic concept right now that the truth of the relationship that we have with astrology (that is probably not even the right word) has to do with these spiritual spheres that are within us. I am very very curious to hear what, if anything, I can hear the Lord say about them. See, I did purchase a copy of the book, The Yetsir Sefirah, which is suppose to be written by Abraham. I got all excited when I saw some references to the planets in it and then I found out that I purchased the wrong translation. This particular translation was a translation that was not done by any Hebrew scholar. It was done by a Theosophist and just before that section where the planets are cited is a little notation that this information concerning planets was not in the original book and that it was added in by the Theosophists, which is an occult philosophy. I know that the instruction of the Lord to me is to stay with the Hebrew translators, to stay with the Hebrew works and not to go with the works by the people who most likely are not translating under the anointing of the Lord Jesus or the Judeo-Christian anointing.


            I did read in a book somewhere that there is a translation by a Hebrew translator. I am just so bogged down with these few books that I bought. I thought I was just going to read right through. I never thought it would be so difficult. It is months and we are still not even half way through The Tree Of Life yet. As the Lord leads me, Lord willing, I will purchase a Hebrew copy of The Sefirot. Although I did read in the Gates Of Light, I think; I am reading two books right now, The Gates Of Light and The Tree Of Life. It was in one of those two books that I saw a reference to the planet Mars. There is something to the planets in the deep spiritual truth of the Scripture, but I do not believe it is the planets out there. I believe it is the planets in here, meaning it is one of these Sephirah within us. We are all going to have to wait until my brain can absorb this information and then we can go on with our studies. Any questions about this? Let us get on with this message. I really do not want this to be a six part message. I would really like to get back to The Tree Of Life as soon as possible.


            We are talking about the word, he, being a cognomen for Ehyeh translated I Am. The word, he, is mentioned with each of the Spheres meaning Ehyeh. Now let me just remind you what we are talking about here is this phrase, He is your glory and He is your God. That is what we are talking about here. The word, He, is mentioned with each of them. He is your glory, He is your God, meaning that Ehyeh, the realm of mercy or the realm of absolute mercy, is being revealed through Binah, the upper Hey and Malkhut, the lower Hey. See, what we are talking about in this message, brethren (let me remind you) we are talking about a form of spiritual alchemy. We are talking about the mixture and the unification of the Spheres to produce different grades of power. Each of these Spheres can manifest by itself or in union with another Sphere. We are being told here that the word, He is your glory and He is your God, is signifying that Keter is unified. First of all we were told that glory and God refers to the upper and lower righteousness. That is talking about the two Hey, Imma and Malkhut, and that the presence of the word, he, a cognomen for I Am, signifies that to say He is your glory means that this phrase is talking about the unification of Keter and Imma and He is your God is talking about the unification of Keter and Malkhut. We see that both of these phrases impart power.


            You see, when this word is made real to you, if God is to say to you, He is your God, if that becomes a personal word for you, that is the impartation of the power to you of the grade of power that comes into existence when Keter is mixed with Malkhut. See, when I first came to the church, I did not understand what prophesy even meant. I would hear it, I would hear people say words and I just did not understand what it meant until I found out one day that prophesy is creative. When God says to you by word of knowledge or by the gift of prophesy, I shall bless you and I shall meet your present need, what is happening is that word is coming forth and that a new timeline is literally being carved out in the spirit. If you have a problem, if you are on a dead set path to bankruptcy and there's no hope in this world for you, when the word comes forth saying I will meet your need and deliver you from this problem, a new path at that moment is carved out in the spiritual plane and a way of escape is literally created for you. Prophesy is creative. I hope that you all know that the written word of the Scripture has to be spoken to you under the anointing for you to appropriate it for yourself. You cannot just open the book and pick out any scripture and say this is for me. The Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ must lay hold of this word and impart it to you for you to say I have a right to believe that God will do this for me.


            In the hour that the Spirit of Christ makes real to you the phrase that says He is your God, at that moment, that is the impartation of power to you, of the greater power that comes into existence when Malkhut mixes with Keter. If the Lord Jesus were to impart the phrase, He is your glory, that is the impartation of the greater power that comes into existence when Keter mixes with Tiferet, whatever that grade is. You should know that whatever your need is, God is imparting the greater power that you need to create the solution to your problem. See, we have a need here. We really need larger quarters. We were talking about this, this afternoon. Why not now? Because the creation of the solution to our need is not yet appearing.              


       The reason this conversation came up was that there is a new machine called a stitching machine sitting in my office, which is a direct response of the Living God to a question that I asked Him about six months ago. What is your answer, Lord, to producing the Alternate Old Testament in two volumes? It is not ideal. Is there anything we could do about this? What is your solution? Six months later, as far as I am concerned, a supernatural miracle has occurred. Not only that we have this machine, but the Lord actually manifested the machine, provided two men to drive five hours each way to pick it up to deliver it to my house, move my file cabinet out of the way, take care of everything plus it was paid for twice. Two people paid for it.


            We had a double portion because I asked a question, Lord, is there any solution to this problem? It took six months. Whatever the solution to this problem that we simply do not have enough room here, whatever the Lord's solution to this problem is, it is being creative right now. It just has not manifested yet. You think He does not know that we do not have enough room here? Of course, He knows. Praise the Lord. When God says something to us, it imparts power. When Jesus said to the adulterous woman, go and sin no more, He imparted the power to her to stop committing adultery. That is the creative word and that is the difference between a well meaning word that comes out of your carnal mind and the word that actually comes forth from Christ in you. That is why it is a good practice to be quiet unless it is Christ speaking in you in any situation where you are dealing with a problem because if you let your carnal mind speak, Christ will be crushed and your carnal mind might sound good and it might make you feel good, but the creative word is in Christ. The solution to the problem is in Christ. Praise the Lord. Oh, I am going so slow tonight. Jesus, help me to get this out. Praise the Lord.


            Every place where the Torah uses the Hebrew word, Hua, which means he, we must contemplate, that means ask the Lord or concentrate on this word, think about it and pray about it and ask the Lord whether it alludes to the connection of the Sphere of the realm of mercy with the other Spheres. What is the name of the Sphere that represents absolute mercy? Yes, Keter is absolute mercy. That means mercy without judgment, mercy with no strings attached. Whenever we see the word, Hua, or if we see a verb without a subject that is in the third person, we have to ask ourselves as we pray about the correct translation of that verse, is this talking about Ehyeh which is I Am. What I found very interesting quite a while ago and I talked to you about this and I told you how it is more common to find a verb without a subject than to find a verb with a subject. It is very, very common. You can find four verbs without subjects compared to one verb with a subject. These verbs that do not have subjects frequently have the Hebrew letters Vav and Yod before them. For years now, we have been translating VaV and yod as Adam. I researched the meaning of the letters with the reference works that I had and under the anointing I came to the conclusion that it meant Adam. Then when we started getting into Kabbalah, I said, oh well, it must mean Adam Kadmon. Now with this study, I find out that what it means is, a combination of VaV is Tiferet signifying Ze'ir Anpin and the yod is Chokhmah (wisdom). Included with Chokhmah is Keter. Let me put this on the board for you.


            Well, I think this is so interesting. See the Spirit of Revelation can work with anything. I had the revelation for years that the VaV and the yod together meant Adam. The final conclusion of this whole board is that the VaV and the yod means Adam Kadmon's body. It is all of Adam Kadmon except Malkhut, which means it is the unmarried Adam. Let's take it from the top. Here are two Hebrew letters. This is the VaV. The VaV signifies Tiferet, which is associated with the Name of God, the Tetragrammaton, JHVH, we will call it Jehovah, and the yod with a dot on top of it. The Yod refers to Chokhmah or wisdom and the dot on top of the yod or the tip of the yod represents Keter, which is the crown. I am not really sure what that crown means, but I suspect it means that this is the key Sefirot that has to combine with all of the other sefirots. When Keter combines with another Sphere, we say that Sphere is crowned. Crown is like a code word. In other words, if we say Binah is crowned, it means at that moment, she is joined with Keter. She is joined with Keter. He is crowning her. My handwriting in English isn't too good and my handwriting in Hebrew is worse, but that is a general idea of what the two letters look like. Over here we see this VaV and the yod. This is what it means. The VaV means Jehovah, the Tetragrammaton, and we know that Tiferet, which is associated with Jehovah means kind judgment. Then also we see here that the yod typifies Chokhmah which means wisdom. (End of tape 2)


Tape 3


            We are talking about spiritual sight here that is intuition. That is what I manifest to you. I would call it a word of knowledge. We have had a couple of situations here where a couple of you have opposed me and said oh no, Pastor Vitale, you must be mistaken. I am looking in the spirit and you are looking in the flesh. I am looking at the person's motive and you are looking at their behavior or you are listening to the words that they say. Our opinions clash because we are looking in two different places. That is the kind of sight we are talking about that comes from Chokhmah. We get Chokhmah because the Yod means Chokhmah. Now we also have Binah here, which means understanding. Where did Binah come from? We are told in another place that Chokhmah has a wife. Chokhmah is male and He is married to Binah and the two are an inseparable couple. Wherever Chokhmah is, Binah is there. Wherever wisdom and intuition is, understanding is there also. They are inseparable. Then of course, we have Keter, which are the thoughts of the Ayn Sof and Keter is represented by the dot on top of the Yod. We see that these two letters, the VaV and the yod, which I received by revelation a couple of years ago, signifies Adam. To me it was the resurrected Adam. I did not know about Adam Kadmon at that time.


            Actually these two letters signify the unification of four spheres. The four Spheres that are unified include Adam Kadmon's head, which consists of Keter, Chokhmah and Binah. Of course these all have partzufs associated with them. Keter is Arikh Anpin and Chokhmah is Abba, and Binah is Imma. Then we also have Jehovah, the Tetragrammaton, HYVH, which signifies Ze'ir Anpin. Ze'ir Anpin signifies the sixth lower Sefirot. Wwe are really talking about Ze'ir Anpin, Adam Kadmon's body, the sixth lower Sefirot that Imma gives birth to. Then of course, Adam Kadmon's body is also the World of Emanation. These two letters signify a lot. Those are powerful letters. Actually what we see is that the VaV and the yod together with a dot on top of it is shorthand for all of Adam Kadmon except Malkhut. Well, what does that mean? It means that the VaV and the yod with the dot on top of it is the unmarried Adam Kadmon. We have the whole of Adam Kadmon including his male organ which is a part of Ze'ir Anpin, only the male organ is not engaged in an act of spiritual intercourse. Therefore the sabbath day is not appearing. Of course, the female is always inside of a human being. That means if we are translating a passage in the Scripture and the subject of the verb is VaV and yod with a dot on top of it, we know first of all that the one who is talking is Adam Kadmon or we can say it is Keter talking.


            According to the study in a book that we are doing now, it does not recognize Adam Kadmon. Let me remind you that the term Kabbalah consists of a series of studies brought forth by a series of rabbis that existed over a period of five or six or seven hundred years. The rabbi who wrote in 1200 A.D. has a different terminology than the rabbi who wrote in 1500 A.D. This is true of any discipline or any science that you are writing. When the student learns all that they can from the teacher and then goes into a creative mode and brings forth their own creativity, they bring forth their own language or their own nuances to it. Right now we are doing a study that does not talk about Adam Kadmon. It is talking about the unification of the Sphere Keter with the Sphere Jehovah. When I put this on the board for you, this whole teaching came out which is relating these two letters to Adam Kadmon also. The teaching of Adam Kadmon came forth in the 1500's. The teaching that we are doing tonight came forth in the 1200's, I think.  I have interpolated teachings from two different centuries and I hope I have not confused you. These two letters, the VaV and the yod with the dot on top of it, we can say it refers to Adam Kadmon, who is speaking to a person that he is not married to or we can say that this VaV and this yod refers to Keter, to the unification of Keter and Jehovah, which produces a combination of absolute mercy and a judgment with kindness.


            It is a combination of judgment showing you your sins with kindness plus the absolute mercy which always brings with it spiritual sight. That is the explanation so that you can understand. See, I could tell you, you are doing that and you better stop it or just pick it up and do it. That is Elohim by himself. That is sheer force without mercy. Now I could say to you, please pick that up off the floor and you could be sitting there saying, why does she want me to pick it up off the floor, but I will do it. I asked you with kindness, but you have no idea why I asked you to do that. That is Jehovah, the Tetragrammaton, HYVH. Or I could come to you and say, would you please pick that up off the floor because if you leave it there somebody could trip on it. That brings in the realm of Keter, which is absolute mercy which gives you wisdom and understanding. I do not know about you, but I know that when I can understand why I have to do something, it makes it much easier for me. It makes is much, much easier for me. When someone asks me to do something or tells me to do something, I am under the law and that means I am being controlled. Of course, there is a Godly control.


            There are certain laws you have to follow whether you understand them or not.  I am under the law, I am under control and I just have to do it. I just put my pride in my pocket and I do it. When I have an explanation as to why I have to do it, it makes me a co-worker with the Lord. It makes me a joint participant. It builds my ego in a healthy way. It makes me want to do it because an understanding of why has been entrusted to me. We see that the unification of Keter with Jehovah is a high manifestation of judgment. It is a judgment that is very tolerable, you see. It is an exposure of sin and a correction that is tolerable. God gives us that opportunity to hear the explanation and make the change. If we cannot do it, then we just get smacked in the face. Why? Because everyone that is here, anyway, is called to manifest the nature of the Lord Jesus Christ and we will manifest it. We will either go the easy way or we will go the hard way because we have been appointed to manifest His nature. We have been appointed to be containers for His life. We have been appointed to be vessels that will be examples and demonstrations of His nature. We have to come into line one way or another. Is everybody okay?


            I see I am not going to finish this tonight, but we will do a little bit more. We are now up to the cognomen, you, which signifies Jehovah. Y o u signifies the Tetragrammaton YHVH. The examples that we are given from The Gates Of Light are, you have given man knowledge. You chose us from all the nations. Blessed you Jehovah and train me in your laws. Bless you Jehovah and train me in your laws. Those are examples that were given in the book The Gates Of Light, that this word, you, is signifying Jehovah. Bless you Jehovah. Bless Jehovah. Jehovah trains me in your laws. Jehovah chose us from all the nations. Jehovah has given man knowledge. The cognomen, I, signifies Adonay. Here we have from the King James, Deuteronomy 32:39; See now that I, even I, am he and there is no god with me: I kill and I make alive; I wound and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand. Wow, I like that scripture. When someone is wicked, when judgment has finally been executed on a wicked person, there's no one that can deliver that man out of the Lord's hand.


            If your political power is broken by the Lord Jesus Christ, there is no voodoo witch doctor, there is no prayer that you could pray, there is no witch doctor that you can go to, there is nothing that you can say, do or buy your way out of it. Your political power is broken. May all ungodly political power be broken over this nation forever; all ungodly political power. See, I am expanding these words now, I and I Am he. See now that I, even I am he, because Adonay (that is I) and Ehyeh is (I Am) and (he) is Ehyeh, because Adonay, Ehyeh is he. What that phrase means, see now that I, even I, Am he; that phrase is really saying, because this is Adonay and Ehyeh speaking to you, the combination of the Spheres. See now that Adonay, even Adonay and Ehyeh, were together. This is the combination of Adonay and Ehyeh. That is the first and the tenth Sefirot that we have likened to the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ, you may recall. That is the realm of absolute mercy manifesting in the earth of a man. It works miracles, it brings blessings and gifts, but it does not seem to have the power to produce a change of nature.


            The verse goes on. Well, you see, it is Adonay and Ehyeh. It is Adonay and I AM and there is no God with me (whatever that means in the King James Translation). I kill and I make alive; I wound and I heal. That is talking about judgment. That is talking about the death of the carnal mind. We see Ehyeh manifested in Adonay in the form of the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ prophesying judgment. Why would He be prophesying judgment? Because this realm of absolute mercy has not produced a change of nature. The combination of Ehyeh and Adonay are Tiferet and Malkhut and it has not produced a change of nature and we see that these unified Spheres are prophesying judgment. Your carnal mind must die. Adonay can manifest Ehyeh or I AM as the realm of mercy, absolute mercy or the realm of judgment, which is Jehovah. Remember Adonay is the chameleon. She is the empty cup. She is the plastic glove. Whichever of the Spheres from above fills her, that is what she manifests. If she is manifested with the realm of absolute mercy, Adonay, which is the female that is in human beings.


            At the moment I cannot remember my own teaching. I think we said Adonay is Christ. That is the manifestation of Christ in the individual. Christ can be manifesting the attribute of whatever Sphere is pouring in from above. I know there was a time when I was ministering judgment here and it was a harsh judgment. A lot of people felt how could that be Christ? The judgment is harsh. What identified Christ in me was the truth of the judgment. It was the truth of the sin that I was exposing in their nature, but at that time that Spirit of Truth was manifesting with Elohim. These days this Spirit of Truth manifests with Tiferet, kind judgment and it is also manifesting with I AM or Ehyeh because I usually explain to you all of the details of the sin that is being exposed. We see that Christ can manifest with harshness which is a big surprise to a lot of people.


            Do not be vengeful or bear a grudge against your people and you should love your neighbor as yourself, I AM Jehovah. I always wondered about that. It sounds like a high spirit of pride saying I AM Jehovah. Well we know that God cannot have pride, but that is what it sounds like in the King James Translation. Here we see an explanation for it. That was Leviticus 19:18 that I just quoted. I Am Jehovah. I Am is Ehyeh. What is really being said is that Ehyeh Jehovah, the unified Spheres of absolute mercy, Ehyeh, and Jehovah is kind judgment. This means I will bless you if you obey and I will judge you if you do not. Look, do not be vengeful or bear a grudge against your people and you should love your neighbor as yourself. This is I Am and Jehovah speaking. I Am, the realm of absolute mercy. If you do what I tell you, you will receive blessings beyond your ability to contain them. If you do not do this, Jehovah is present and you will receive kind judgment or you will receive kind judgment with an explanation. Keter is also called in the Torah, Ayin, and that means not. We talked about this on the same message earlier this morning. Ayin, the Hebrew letter Ayin. The nature of Keter is to be hidden from all creatures, therefore it is called the negative word, ayin.


            We spoke about that earlier. Is Jehovah in the midst of us or is Ehyeh there? I have in perianths, ayin. I did not make it clear in my notes where this ayin comes from. Is Jehovah in the midst of us? Oh yes, in the King James Translation it says, is Jehovah in the midst of us or not? I translated it, is it Jehovah, is it the realm of kind judgment or is it Ehyeh, the realm of absolute mercy? Remember earlier in this message, I Am said to Moses, go and tell the people that I Am has sent you. That means they do not have to be afraid. The realm of absolute mercy with no judgment has sent you. You know, when the anointing for judgment is on somebody, people are afraid of that person. Spiritual people recognize the anointing. They may not recognize it with their mind, but their spirit recognizes it and they are afraid. A lot of people are afraid of me. I am really very nice. The spirit of judgment is upon me and a lot of people fear me. You do not have to be afraid. I Am has sent me, the realm of absolute mercy. That is why angels are always telling mortal men, do not be afraid, I have not come to hurt you.


            As I lift my eyes to the mountains from Ayn will come my help. The King James Translation says, from whence comes my help, and the Hebrew word translated whence is Ayn. It really means "not" but the King James translators did not know how to translate the word, not, so they translated it whence. Really what the verse is saying, I will lift my eyes to the mountain and my help will come from Ayn, which is Keter. My help will come from the realm of absolute mercy if I look up, if I look for that mercy from God. He was there with Jehovah. This is Exodus 34:28; And he was there with Jehovah. We are translating he as Ehyeh. Ehyeh was there with Jehovah. There is that unified two Spheres again, Ehyeh with Jehovah, the realm of absolute mercy together with kind judgment. That means correction with kindness and with explanation. Ayn, which means Ehyeh or I Am and Any, which means Adonay are reciprocal Spheres.


            We talked about this this morning. Ayn is the realm of mercy which continues directly from the line of Tiferet, which is Jehovah. Any receives the everflow of blessings from the Sphere Ayn, which is I Am, by way of the channels through the Spheres until they reach the Sphere Any, which is Malkhut or Adonay. We see Ayn is Tiferet at the top and Any is Malkhut at the bottom. That combination is the Holy Spirit. There is no judgment in that combination in the first and the tenth sphere. That is what is manifesting in the church. That is what has been manifesting in the church. It is being withdrawn. Today it is in the process of being withdrawn, the Holy Spirit, the manifestation of the unification of the first and the tenth Sphere, the realm of absolute mercy. The gifts and the callings of God are without repentance, no judgment whatsoever. Come in and sing and dance and be healed and be blessed with chicken dinners, learn about faith and baptism and grace and all of the easy parts of the word. We have a church today that thinks that, that is all that there is. The Holy Spirit is in the process of being withdrawn. What does that mean? It means that Jehovah is being added to this unity of Keter and Malkhut. Jehovah is being added. Judgment is being added. The church is coming under judgment.


            There are three ways in which the Sphere, Any (that is Malkhut where the name Adonay lives or resides) receives the everflow from the Sphere Ayn, which is Keter, the first Sphere. This is taken from Esther, the last half of verse 17 in Chapter 2. He placed (set) the Keter/Malkhut (that is the crown of the kingdom) on her head. Keter is crown and Malkhut is kingdom. He placed (set) the Keter/Malkhut on her head, from the Spirit of Christ, Keter, directly to Abel/Malkhut. That is the Holy Spirit. This is taken from the first part of Habakkuk 3:19. Jehovah (that is God) Adonay (that is Lord) is my strength. Well, I am really sorry, but I see I did not put down the King James Translation, so I have to interpret my own notes here. Jehovah, the Lord, is my strength. That is probably what it must say. Jehovah, the Lord, is my strength. This is from Christ Jesus (Jehovah in one man) to Christ (Adonay in another man). The strength of the Lord is imparted from Jehovah, or in this dispensation, from Christ Jesus in one man to Adonay or Christ in another man. We talked about that earlier, too. Now we are dealing with Psalm 135 verse 21; Blessed be Jehovah from Zion, who dwells in Jerusalem. Now I have not really taught you this, but in another chapter of this book I learned that Zion signifies El Chay and El Chay is the Holy Name associated with Yesod. I also learned that the word, Jerusalem, is associated with the Holy Name Adonay, which is associated with the Sphere Malkhut.


            We see the hidden meaning of this verse, blessed be Jehovah, who joins with Yesod and El Chay, who dwells in Jerusalem, which is Malkhut. This is talking about the union of the Yesod with Malkhut. El Chay is the Holy Name that deals with Yesod and Jerusalem is Malkhut associated with Adonay. We are talking about the marriage of Ze'ir Anpin, Yesod, which is associated with the Holy Name El Chay with Malkhut, which is associated with the Holy Name Adonay. Blessed be Jehovah when He is in union with Yesod and Malkhut. Now this is a union which produces kind judgment without wisdom, without understanding, without explanation. I gave you that example just before when I said, please pick the paper up off the floor. That is kind judgment, but you have to do it. You are doing something wrong. Please do not put the mail on the kitchen table or please put it in the mailbox. No explanation, but please do it the right way. This is what we get from the unification of Jehovah and El Chay, which is Yesod and Malkhut. You see, Malkhut alone or separated from Yesod produces harsh judgment. We see that Keter goes directly to Malkhut, but apparently Jehovah does not go directly to Malkhut. When Tiferet is not present, Jehovah goes through Yesod to Malkhut. I do not know what that means. I just know it is a lower form of judgment.


            This is what we read in The Gates Of Light. The one who knows how to direct his thoughts in these three ways and knows how to direct the channels to the Spheres of Him, to that man it is said, I will extol him for he knows my name. Now I think I mentioned earlier on this message that I do not really know what Rabbi Gikatilla would say if he were here today. This may be just the way he writes it down in his book, but I know as far as I am concerned, I believe that I manifest all three of these unifications. I know that I manifest the Spirit of Christ to people that God sends me to who do not know anything. They get blessings from me. I pray for them and they probably do not even know it when I pray for healings for them. There is several people that I have before the Lord right now. One is a woman who needs a new kidney, a young woman who is only about fifty. I am asking the Lord what He is willing to do for her. If He decides to honor my prayer and He could honor my prayer by giving her a miraculous healing or He could honor my prayer by making sure that she gets a kidney because it is not that easy to get a kidney for a transplant. If she does get her kidney transplant, we shouldn't be drawing any conclusion that the Lord did not hear my prayer. Maybe He saved her life. I do not know how serious it would have been if I did not pray for her. Whatever the Lord Jesus does for this woman, this is the manifestation of Keter, the first Sefirot. It is Keter in me, the Lord Jesus in me, joining with Abel in this woman, to give her a blessing that she does not deserve, just because Christ in me had mercy on her. No strings attached, you see. Just ask the Lord if He is willing to do it for her.


            The second one, which is Jehovah and Adonay, produces strength from Christ Jesus in one man to Christ in another man. You see, in my previous example, the first one from Keter to Malkhut, that woman does not have Christ. She does not have anything. She is a spiritual widow and an orphan. She has no spiritual marriage and no spiritual child, so God is going to bless her. The second way to direct my thoughts would be for Christ Jesus to talk to Christ in you. When Christ Jesus in me talks to Christ in you, it is usually on one or two subjects. Either I am teaching you the Doctrine of Christ or I am showing you your sins. You see, I know how to do that too. I know how to do the first one. I know how to pray for someone who does not have Christ and I know how to do the second one. At least, as far as I am concerned, I know of two ways to join Christ Jesus in me to Christ in you. I can teach you the Doctrine of Christ or show you your sins. That communication will join Christ Jesus in me, which is Jehovah in me to Adonay, which is Christ in you. I know how to do two of them. The third one, blessed be Jehovah who joins with Yesod that is joined to Christ. I have to tell you, at the moment I do not know what that means. One of my notes says Christ Jesus in a man, that is El Chay, to Christ grafted to Abel. Well, this is what I have in my notes. I do not know if I agree with it. Let me just look at this for a minute.


            Well, what it looks like is that the second one is Christ Jesus in me to Christ in you, but it does not say that Christ is grafted. As a matter of fact, I was going to tell you that the Lord just gave me the most excellent explanation of the difference between the grafted Christ and the un-grafted Christ that I have ever heard. He gave it to me while we were waiting for someone to come back from the restroom. This is what He told me. I guess I have known this, but we just see things deeper and deeper. The imputed Christ has no roots. That means someone who has a lot of faith and who is serving God, perhaps attending these meetings, listening to tapes, volunteering his services, transcribing, doing everything you could do; it is possible to build up an imputed manifestation of Christ to build up an energy within yourself that acts and behaves just like Christ behaves, but He is not grafted. What does that mean? He is not joined to the collective body of Christ that exists in the spiritual plane. That means you are still isolated. It is similar to me saying, Christ Jesus can be formed in us, but we do not have eternal life until Christ Jesus, in us, is completely joined to the glorified Jesus who is joined to the eternal plane.


            See, we have eternal life in us. Christ Jesus is eternal, but He cannot impart eternal life to the personality until He is joined to the Glorified Jesus Christ. In the same manner, we can have Christ formed in us, but until Christ formed in us is joined to the collective body of Christ that exists in the subconscious plane, we will not be nourished by the branch. See, the body of Christ is the branch. Christ being formed in us is a twig and if that twig is separated from the branch, there's no form of nourishment. As a matter of fact, I think Jesus said something like that in the New Testament. He said something about you have to be grafted into the vine. If you are not grafted into the vine, you cannot be nourished by the vine. Are you familiar with that scripture? He said you have to be partaking of the strength of the vine. The question is, if you have a lot of faith and you are doing all you could do and an imputed Christ is raised up in you, a Christ that is not grafted to the vine, how do you get grafted to the vine? Well, my understanding of how you get grafted to the vine is that you have to form a spirit tie with somebody who's grafted to the vine.   


            You could have Christ formed in you with your spirit tie with me as the teacher that the Lord has raised up for you to be under. I am already grafted to the vine, so in your spirit tie with me, you become grafted to the vine. It is no easy procedure, you see. It could take a long time. It is a combination of how powerful I am and how receptive you are and also to the degree that Christ is formed in you. It does not make any sense to the finite mind. It is like saying, well, let's form the leaves on the tree and after the leaves are formed, then we will stick them into the branch of the tree. Things in the spiritual plane are the exact opposite of the way they are in this plane. To clarify this for you, what we are talking about right now is a scripture that says there are three ways for man to join with or to impart the life of God to another man. If you know how to do these three things, Psalms 91:14 applies to you. I will extol him, for he knows my name.


            We said this is the first way that we can relate to people. Keter in one man, which would be the Glorified Jesus Christ in one man, can relate directly to someone who has nothing of Christ. Keter can relate to Abel in another human being. This is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit or actually it is the Spirit of Christ in one man to a man that has nothing of God. That is the first way we can relate to a man. The second way is that Christ Jesus, in me for example, can relate to Christ in you through teaching you the Doctrine of Christ or showing you your sins. This is talking about an imputed Christ in you, a Christ that is not grafted to you. Of course, this form of ministry to you to teach you the Doctrine of Christ and to show you your sins will result in the Christ that is formed in you becoming grafted to the vine that is in me. The vine that is in me is grafted to the vine that is the body of Christ, the spiritual supernatural body of Christ.


            The third way that we relate these Spheres to one another is Christ Jesus in a man or Jehovah in a man joining Himself to El Chay (Yesod) which is Christ grafted to Abel in the same man. Now this is the grafted Christ. I just spoke about the un-grafted Christ and now we are talking about relating to the grafted Christ. As far as I know at this moment, there really is no difference. Well, there has to be a difference, but I just do not know what it is or how I would relate it to the un-grafted Christ. Well, I guess there is a difference. I think, looking back, the way I related to people whose Christ is not grafted to them, is that frequently they are resistant to having their sin nature exposed. They are willing and frequently anxious to receive the teaching and the doctrine and maybe that is the difference. Maybe I do not show their sins to the person who has the imputed Christ. I just teach you the Doctrine of Christ and to the person who has the grafted Christ, which is Jehovah from Zion, who dwells in Jerusalem (that is the grafted Christ in you) I teach the Doctrine of Christ and I show you your sins. Those are the three ways that Christ Jesus or Jehovah will relate to other men. The book that we are studying from says, the one who knows how to direct his thoughts in these three ways knows how to direct the channels to the Spheres. What that means is I can give you what I have got, you see. What I have got, I am imparting it to you. That is what it is talking about.


            If you have this knowledge of how to relate to people, of how to identify where people are spiritually, if you have this knowledge, this is what God says about you; I will extol him, for he knows my name. What does that mean? Does it mean He is going to give me a medal, that He is going to exult me? No, it means He is going to do what I ask Him to do. That is what it means. It means He is going to do what I ask Him to do, you see. It means if you do not know anything at all about God and I say, Lord, is there anything you are willing to do for that woman, He is going to do something for her. I absolutely believe He has already done or will do something for that woman I spoke about even if she needs a kidney transplant. Somehow it would have been worse for her if He wasn't in it. Those of you who have Christ formed in you and He is not grafted to you yet, as I minister the Doctrine of Christ to you, He is going to be grafted to you. Those of you who have Christ grafted to you already are going to be delivered from your sin. One of the signs of that is that you are listening to me show you your sins, therefore you are going to be delivered from your sin.  I have to be able to identify what category you fall into because if you do not know anything about God and I am showing you your sins and I do not have this pattern down right, the Lord is not honoring what I am doing. He is not going to do what I say, you see. If I go to somebody and say, well, God will help you if you will confess your sins. The person is real scared and says, oh God, I am so sorry, I am going to have a kidney transplant and I need help. The Lord is not going to be in that prayer, you see. Does anybody not understand what I am talking about?


            You cannot be showing people their sins who do not have Christ formed in them, who have no idea what you are talking about. What this means is, it is just another way of saying what I have been teaching you here for a very long time; we have to be able to identify people. You have to be able to recognize personality traits to know where they are and not teach people that do not want to be taught. It is just saying what I have been teaching you, that you have to respond to people and that you have to know how much they can take. You have to see the signs if the Doctrine of Christ is making them nervous and you shouldn't be doing anything except what Christ is telling you to do, anyway. That is all this is saying. Are you trained to deal with God's people? Do you know how to deal with them in Christ? If you do, God will do anything you ask for them. You better not be cursing anybody. You better be forgiving sins and asking God to help them because He is going to do whatever you ask. Well Pastor Vitale, who do you think you are? Well, I thought Jesus said in John 20:23; Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained. I am not saying anything different than what Jesus said. It is a big responsibility to wield the power of God. It is a tremendous responsibility. This is no child's play. I am not playing games anymore. I had lots of fun. I cast out demons for five years. It was fun. People got helped, but it was fun for me. I was part of a team and we all worked together and cast those demons out. We felt real good about it. It was fun, but now it is grow up time. That was just loaned power. I cast out demons for five years and then one day I couldn't do it anymore because the power that was loaned to me was withdrawn. What we are talking about today is the impartation of permanent power, power that will never be withdrawn. If you actively turn your back on God and walk away, it will just be transferred into Satan's kingdom. Spiritual power is being built in us and this is no playtime anymore. We could hurt people by making a mistake and we can hurt people by abstaining from things that we are suppose to do because of fear.


            Pastor Vitale is now speaking directly to someone in the congregation. I really meant to talk to you about something that you said to me the other day. You did not want to do something because you were afraid you might condemn or hurt someone in a particular group, possibly even in your unconscious mind. That is not the mind of Christ. That is your carnal mind. Christ says, check your motive and if it is right, go forward and do the best you can. Ask God to help you if you are afraid you are going to condemn somebody. Say Lord, please help me not to condemn anybody and then step out. If you think it is the right thing for you to go into this crowd of people and you are concerned that you will condemn somebody, this is what you do. The correct procedure is to say, Lord, I think it is the right thing to do and I am going to go, please help me not to condemn anybody. If you do condemn a person and you do not recognize it yourself, I would have to tell you.


            Then we would talk about it and try to discover where this condemnation came from and the whole conversation would result in helping you to understand your own manifestation so that eventually you could stop. Even if you do wind up condemning somebody, it would work for your good. You see you cannot change or your nature cannot change by being afraid to try. That is a manifestation of pride. Everybody has pride. We want to be good, we want to be right, we want to be perfect, so we won't try. That is just another manifestation of pride. We must practice wielding the power of God. That is the whole purpose of having a teacher around who can tell you if you did something in the wrong spirit so that you could learn from it. To change your behavior without understanding the nature of your sin is not a change of the heart. It is a surface change and you are still in your carnal mind. You are still in your carnal mind if you are just trying to change your behavior. It is your heart that has to change.


            The way your heart changes is by making mistakes and learning from the mistakes. It is a spirit of pride that does not want to make the mistake or who finds the correction so grievous that they would rather not take the chance than be corrected. That in itself is the character flaw. It is the sin of pride. We have to find out what God wants us to do and we go and do it. We do not stop doing something because we are afraid we are going to condemn somebody. The issue is very simple. Does God want us to do it or does God not want us to do it? If God wants us to go, then we go. If we condemn somebody, we repent and we learn from the experience and our heart changes. Can you see that there is no repentance in a statement like that? I am concerned I will condemn somebody, so I won't go, but there's no repentance of the sin of condemnation. It is just that I do not want to do it because my pride does not want to do anything wrong. Do you understand what I am saying? That is very important. Do you understand what I am talking about? You have to step out and you have to risk making a mistake and you will make mistakes because that is how we learn. We learn from our mistakes. Of course, nobody wants to hurt anybody. We do the best we can. Pray before you walk in and say, Lord, please help me and I rebuke every spirit of condemnation. Do not let me say one word unless it is you speaking through me. That is how we do it. Praise the Lord. Any questions about tonight's message?


Well, we did not finish, but maybe I will just read this alternate translation on the tape. I do not think so. Lord willing, we will pick it up Thursday night. If the Lord lets me do it, I would like to do it. Let us see, I did Exodus 33 verses 12 thru 16 and it is my desire to do thru verse 23. We'll try for it Thursday night. God bless you all.



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