795 - Part 7

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It's really a very exciting translation. Verses 1 through 7 reveal the doctrine of Christ and then the divine doctrine of salvation, which the rabbis do not have. Starting with verse 8 through the end, it is just an interesting reiteration. You can definitely see that it is just a reiteration of the King James translation. There is not that much difference. Then we recognize the bending of space-time in there, but no big deal. But those first seven verses reveal the Lord's intention for all of Israel, Jews and Christian. You are a member of the Israel of God when the soul of Israel resides in you. That is what makes you a member of the Israel of God.


As I told you in a recent message, I believe that Jehovah intends to keep his word to the descendants of Abraham. The keeping of that word will be manifested through opportunity. There is no guarantee that anyone, because of their birth, will become a member of the Israel of God and enter into longevity and immortality. All of us receive nothing more than the opportunity. We need to know that. All that we have is opportunity and permission. Jesus said, let whomsoever will come to him and be reconciled to God. He never invited the whole world to go into longevity. What the natural Jew will have, I believe, will be opportunity. They will have permission if they choose to pursue it, permission and opportunity.


I believe that Abraham's descendants include all converts, you see. Abraham's DNA descendants are integrated in the society. We do not really know where they are. There is no tribal identification at all. The only tribal identification is the tribe of converts who have faithfully preserved the word of God and all of the texts. There are many texts besides the actual Bible. Translators, even to this day, are faithfully translating them so that we can benefit from them. I believe converts are acknowledged as the sons of Abraham.


That is what we see in verses 1 through 7. It is very exciting. The question is what will the rabbis think about it? I believe that the rabbi, that I give my translations to, shares it with other rabbis. I had given them a copy of my translation of Song of Solomon chapter 1, but it was not annotated. I did not have any footnotes or perhaps one footnote. It was totally mishmash, so he did not know what I was talking about. The Song of Solomon comes in the form of a love affair, but the love affair is, of course, between Jehovah and humanity. We are the woman. The serpent is trying to steal the woman away from Jehovah. The rabbi actually asked me if I had had an affair that had affected me so deeply that I translated the Song of Solomon that way. I realize now that there is no understanding.


Brethren, it has taken me a really long time to really grasp what God is doing here. It is just hard to believe that he is bringing forth a message that the rest of the world has never heard. The rabbis have never heard it. Maybe the apostles 2,000 years ago heard this message, but it died in the Middle Ages. It is not present. This doctrine is not present in the Hebrew literature which I believe goes back to medieval times. Most of the literature that is available goes back to the 1500's. It was written down in the 1500's, but supposedly it was delivered by word of mouth for centuries before that. The message that we have is simply unknown to them. It is simply unknown to them.


We know that it was unknown to the Pharisees 2,000 years ago because Paul had to be instructed in this doctrine before he could write about it. You may recall, he got it in three months, or at least he got the seeds of it in three months and it continued to grow as he wrote his material. Who knows if Moses had it? We cannot assume these things. The Scripture says that the prophets, that brought forth these great prophecies, did not even know what the prophecies meant that they were writing down. If Paul had to be instructed in it, I do not know if it was ever known. Do you understand that it is a possibility that even Moses did not have this revelation? Why? Does that make us better than Moses? No. God gives the specific doctrine for that age.


For example, I have very little knowledge, and I really do not want to talk about the age or the world to come, concerning our spiritual bodies, or what it is going to be like. More importantly, we are not up to that yet. The message that we have today is longevity and what we have to do to become eligible for longevity. God just gives us permission to do the work that will make us eligible to be caught up into longevity. Why would we bother talking about the age, that is yet to come, when we are not even prepared for the age that is coming? The Lord wants us ready to be able to lay hold of today's opportunity. From the mentality, going back 2,000 or 3,000 years ago, it is not so difficult to understand that Moses may not even have known this doctrine. Why? Because God was teaching Moses so that he could teach the people how to get out of Egypt, how to enter into Canaan land, how to deal with being a spiritual people in that age, that existed where there was physical warfare, and physical violence. Moses may not have heard this message. It was not their time. God gives you the message for the age that you are living in.


I have been taking classes at this synagogue for about 4 years. It has been an incredible experience for me, and you have benefited from everything that I have learned. They do not have a clue as to this doctrine. They simply do not have a clue. I tell you all the time that they have immense knowledge. Their knowledge in Kabbalah, in math, physics, and science, is way beyond what I have, and maybe even beyond what I am capable of. It would not surprise me if it is beyond what I am capable of understanding today. If God wants me to understand it, I will be capable of understanding it.


I am only telling you what the Lord has been telling me for the last several years. It does not matter. It does not matter that you think you are not smart enough to understand physics, or science, or math. It does not matter. All that matters is you understand what you need to do to get into longevity. The only thing that matters is that you understand about Christ, in you, and the male Adam above, and the marriage of the two, and that you anticipate and understand longevity to the degree that we understand it now. Just what is that? Something genetic will happen to us, so that this flesh of ours will be able to tolerate 250 years. If somebody stabs you in the heart, you would probably still die. You would die anyway. Would you be resurrected if someone stabbed you in the heart? I do not know. Based on what I know now, probably not, short of a miracle.


It is just the extension of this life. It is the extension of this life until we arrive at the place in time where the offer is given for the return to the immortality of innocence. Once we attain to the immortality of innocence, then we cannot die unless we sin, but we will probably still be sinning right up until that time, hopefully less and less. The issue is that we sin in our unconscious mind. That is our condition today. We sin in our unconscious mind. I mean, we die because we sin continuously, because of our spiritual foundation. Our spiritual foundation is the serpent. He dwells in us. An uncleanness dwells in us. We are unclean, so we need a purifying influence in our life. That purifying influence is our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to be cleansed every day because our very nature is sin.


They do not have this message. I think there is a really good chance that I will give it to them. Like I said, I worked all day on this yesterday, and it cannot be for nothing. At the very least, it will go up on the website. Maybe somebody is supposed to see it, but I do think it is supposed to go to the rabbi. Here is the big question that we are waiting to see the answer to, now that I am giving him an in-depth Alternate Translation, in a book of the Old Testament, that is highly annotated. It has a part that reveals the divine doctrine, with multiple footnotes on each page, on each verse, explaining every detail of it. What will the rabbis reaction be?


Here is the question. After reading The Song of Solomon, they just thought I was some crazy woman. He did not tell me I was crazy, but he just did not know what to say to me. Now the book is highly annotated. What will they say? Will there be somebody in that body that he shows it to, from whatever point of view, that says, look at this crazy woman, but I cannot see anything wrong with it. She works in the interlinear texts. I have warned her not to do it, and she will not stop, and look at what she came up with. There is really nothing wrong about it, but I never heard this, and I think what she is saying is wrong.


Whatever he says to the person that he gives it to, like look at this. It is interesting. She does not keep the law, and claims she was healed supernaturally, and she claims that the God that healed her is teaching her. Look at this. I do not agree with it, and I do not know where she is getting it from. Does she have an unclean spirit guide? Whatever they are thinking, is somebody that he shows it to going to get a revelation that this is from God? Is somebody going to get pass their carnal mind, which is telling them a woman cannot get a revelation from God? Even a man cannot hear from God that does not keep the law because you are unclean. How can an unclean person get a revelation from God? Is somebody that he shows it to going to ascend above their carnal mind and say, I do not understand it. How can somebody that does not keep the law, and is a woman to boot, can actually get something like this from God in a day that nobody hears from God?


Do not forget, they do not believe anybody hears from God, even their Rebbe, as far as I know. He has written books,and they really honor him, but I do not know whether they have passed over the line to idolatry or not. I am telling you the man was very learned, and has written many, many books that they all honor and read, but these books are merely reiterations of what was already said by their great scholars. Rashi was a rabbi who gives the literal understanding of the word. Then, of course, they have Maimonides and Nachmanides, who give the spiritual understanding of the word, but they are just regurgitating what came forth at least 1,500 years ago what is now in print. They say that it was oral before that.


The last new revelation that I understand that came forth was The Zohar. The Zohar was floating around in medieval times. There was one particular rabbi, whose name is known. I just do not recall it at the moment. He was respected enough when he declared it was of God, and then everybody started studying it. How much time he spent reading it, whether he read every single word, or how he came to that conclusion, I do not know. As far as I understand, that is the last original work that has come forth that is studied today.


At what point is somebody going to get a hold of this? I want to tell you that I could not get any rabbi to read this except that I have a personal relationship with the rabbi and his wife. He reads what I write because he is concerned for my soul. He is concerned about me, and thinks that I am in trouble. Aside from that, I could not get an orthodox rabbi to read this. They would not even open the first page. Is this the day? Is the anointing going to fall on somebody and enlighten them? Will they say, I do not understand it, but look at what she is saying. She is saying something really radical. She is saying we have to receive something from God before we can experience this rectification. She is saying that we do not already have it, that we have to receive something from God before we can be reattached to the immortal world. Surely there will be somebody who will be angry at me. Does she not know that we have it already? Does she not know that we have a soul that comes from God, and what we need is animal sacrifices?


I worked all day until the early hours of the morning, not thinking I would be preaching on this. I do have the second half of Aaron and the golden calf. It is just not as long as I thought it would be. I probably need another whole day, and that is without fixing it up, to have it in the Christian version. I probably need at least another whole day, unless I run into problems I cannot anticipate. What kind of problems? As I go to footnote the verse, the Lord reveals to me that there is a better translation, that there is an even better understanding than I have so far. That is how it works. Brethren, do you know how far ahead of our time we are with this message? We are at least 50 to 100 years ahead of our time, and I do not really know how much you all understand this. Several have told me that you do not understand it, that you are blessed enough to listen to the messages, but that you really do not understand it. I am all alone in this world with regard to the degree that I can understand it.


It is so simple, brethren. We are detached from God. We die because we are detached from life. We're detached from the source of eternal life, so we die. The answer is to reattach us to eternal life. Well, the Jews knew that. How do we get reattached to eternal life? A drop of eternal life has to be attached to us, a widowed seed, you see. It is not that something is coming down from above, and attaching itself to us, and now we are attached to the eternal world that it came from. No. A widowed seed, a seed that is not attached to the eternal world that it comes from, a seed of life that is sent forth, and as it is sent forth, it detaches from the world above, and it attaches itself to us. What the seed is, is our potential for the attachment. Without that seed, there's no potential for the attachment.


These Jews have to be convinced that without this seed there is no potential for the attachment, but they believe they have a potential for the attachment. It is not so simple bringing this message forth because it is going to people, or a person, who believes the exact opposite. That which is very simple becomes very difficult because that simple message cannot take root in a mind that believes the exact opposite. That is why it is not so easy. You have to clean out the wrong doctrine before you can put the right seed in. That is where the miracle comes in. I think I mentioned that in the previous message. This glass is half filled with water, so if this is an 8 ounce glass, there is no way I can fit another 8 ounces in here. The water has taken up 50 percent of the volume here. You have to empty out what is in there before you can put something new in there.


I have told a couple of people about the creativity that is coming forth here. If you want to compare it to other creative forces that have come forth, in either art, literature, or music, something as unique as this is usually not recognized in the author's lifetime. It is usually a posthumous, after death, recognition. The generation in which it comes forth cannot receive it. We may see it come forth in this generation, or we may see it through longevity. Again, I cannot tell you for sure this is the truth, but I want to tell you what has been happening to me. With regard to longevity, my understanding of it is that the way it works, once the door is opened, it slows down the aging process. I think the door has opened.


There is never a radical change, as far as I know, when it comes to spiritual things. Change is gradual, brethren. Change is gradual. I believe what has happened is that the aging, or the death process, is slowing down. What slows it down is this doctrine, that I preach, and you listen to. Some of you listen to it again after you leave here, which is definitely admirable if you can bear it. This doctrine comes from a world beyond time. When your mind listens to this doctrine with a open heart, you seize it or lay hold of it, so to speak. At the very least, some of it stays with you, and you are literally bringing immortality down into your mind. You are literally seeding your mind, and laying hold of that world, and attaching it to yourself through your mind. That is how it works.


Now our body will be the last thing to be saved. We are just hoping that it does not die right now. We are just hoping that it does not die so that we will have this extra time to have our spirit and our soul immortalized, so-to-speak, and get to the point in the regeneration where our body can be immortalized, also, or actually converted into a spiritual body. Our hope right now, is that this body does not die, that it stays, that it continues on long enough for our spirit, and our soul, and our personality, to be so joined to immortality that our body stands a hope of being converted also. That is what longevity is all about.


I just want to share this with you that I think I have a witness that it is working. We look very young in our family. I think it is getting to the point that I look so young compared to my age that it is really starting to be almost beyond anything naturaI. I went to this organization that I had not been back to for at least 10 years. When I first went back, I thought, how interesting, nobody is saying hello to me. It never occurred to me that they did not recognize me. A couple of things happened, and I realized that they did not know it was me. As they are recognizing me, their jaw is actually dropping. One man spilled a cup of coffee all over himself because he was so shocked. Everybody looked 10 years older. One woman looked at me, and she said, Sheila, you look wonderful. You are a whole new woman. What has happened to you? At this point, I have to really start asking the question, is this really the youthful appearance of my family? I have always looked young. My mother always looked young, but it is getting to the point that I am really having to think that it is more than that. I see signs in my body, so I know that I am still aging, but it is slowing down. I have come to the point that I am thinking that longevity is starting to work in me. I believe the door is open. What is working in me, brethren, is this doctrine.


Now, the question is, how bad do you want this? I am not putting any pressure on anybody. I am just telling you that what is causing this is this doctrine in my mind. Now, if you can only tolerate so much, you can only tolerate so much. You know and God knows how much you can tolerate. It makes no difference to me how much time you put into this doctrine. It is my job to educate you, and then you do whatever you want with it. I am telling you, that every time I do something with this doctrine, in my mind, I am attached to immortality. That attachment lifts off of me, because I start doing something carnal, like turning on a stupid carnal TV program. I can only take so much of the doctrine myself. It almost sounds bizarre that I go from this to a carnal TV program, but that is how I do it.


I just want to make sure you know that you have the opportunity to ask the Lord how much time he wants you to put into this message. I'm not chastising anybody for not doing anything. I am just giving you information. I am telling you that it appears that the door to longevity is open, and the way it works is that it slows down the aging process. It does not stop it suddenly. It slows it down. The way it slows it down is through the attachment of our mind to the eternal world through this doctrine. Even when you read it off of a piece of paper in order to understand it, it attaches you to the spirit that wrote it. That is the reason I am ahead of you all. It is because of the intensity by which I am attached to it. Now, maybe you cannot be attached to it with this much intensity.


Again, brethren, what you do is your business. It is my job to give you the facts. That is all. I honestly do not care. I am not telling you this to make you feel guilty or anything like that. I am giving you the facts that this is how it works. That is what I am telling you. If you are praying for longevity, and you have a capacity to attach yourself to the immortal world through this doctrine, more than what you are doing, then you are not doing all you can do. Again, it is your choice. It means nothing to me.


What I am telling you is that some of you still do not know how to pray. You still do not know how to pray. I hear it all the time from members of the ministry that you still do not know how to pray. You are asking God to do things for you, that I tell you flat out, He will never do. There are certain things He will never do for you. You have to do it, and if you ask Him to help you, He will strengthen you to do it. He will instruct you how to do it. He will give you counsel as to how to do it. He will prepare the other people to receive what you have to say, but He is not going to do it for you. I know that there are people here that are still praying like that, asking God to do it. No, He is not going to do it.


You have to grow up, and you have to learn how to confront people in a Godly way to get your needs met, and function in this world. That is what I am telling you. If you are praying for longevity every day, and you have more time to be attaching yourself to the doctrine, but you think you do not have to do it, I am here to tell you that you are spinning your wheels, and that you are mistaken. God wants you to have every opportunity. If you make a choice to not do something, that is your choice. The Lord wants to be vindicated because our carnal mind condemns God all of the time. Our carnal mind condemns Him all the time. It says, I prayed. I needed an answer to my prayer, and I believed him, and it did not come to pass. I had faith and He did not do it. The whole time the foundation of your prayer is wrong. I could have told you that from day one. What you are asking for under these conditions, the way you are pursuing it, is not going to come to pass.


There must be those of you who are doing this, or the Lord would not be having me say this to you. I am telling you that when I came out here today, I did not know what I was going to be talking about. I have two potential messages, and I had a feeling that I might not be talking about either one of them. This is the last thing I expected to be telling you. The Lord wants to be vindicated. He does not want anyone in this ministry to be saying that. As far as I know, no one else is pursuing this outside of the ministry, but you never know. He does not want it said about Him, that so-and-so believed God for longevity, and He did not give it to them. The door is open. The door is open.


Now, I am going to tell you the correct way to pray. He wants to be vindicated. He does not want anybody saying that He did not give it to you. Brethren, if you are in this ministry, and you have been laboring here all of these years, you are invited. You are a candidate. You are invited. I made it very clear to you that the first person that I prayed many, many prayers for, hoping she would enter it, did not enter in because of sin. It was not because the door was not open. She was not converted in her heart. Her sin nature came to the surface, and she sowed into it. She chose her sin nature, and her pride, rather than the nature of God, and the Lord rejected her. It is not that she was perfect and good, and the Lord just did not let her in, or the door was not open. That is not true. I have told you this more than once. The Lord wants to be vindicated. The door for longevity is open.


I am going to say it again. The way you enter into longevity is your mind has to be connected to the supernal world. The way we connect to the supernal world is through the principle known as the spiritual Sabbath, which means our mind comes together with the mind from above for a season, for an hour, for five hours, or for however long, and that is the Sabbath. You are experiencing the Sabbath when your mind is receiving from the immortal world. Then when the immortal world unlocks, He comes out and He locks onto your mind, and there is a communication and a flow of energy. There is seed, and there is energy, and there is growth, and that is the Sabbath. Then He lifts off, and now you are on a weekday. It has nothing to do with what we know to be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Do you let carnal things keep you from time with the Lord? You see, the issue is tolerance. The issue is tolerance. Wake up, wake up, important, important. What the Lord is having me tell you today is to ask Him if you are attaching yourself to the supernal world through this word to the fullest degree that you can tolerate it. Everybody is an individual. There is no same answer for everybody.


That is the question you need to ask the Lord. Is your mind in this word to the fullest degree that you can tolerate it, which means that you reach a point of saturation. If this glass of water was filled up, I could not put anything in here at all. If you are so filled up that there is no room for anything else, then you are spinning your wheels, if you are just forcing it on yourself, or listening to a CD. Each of you need to find out from the Lord what your tolerance is, and then you need to know if you are exposing yourself to this word to the fullest degree of your tolerance. Then, of course, He will increase your tolerance.


The Lord wants me to tell you this. It is not true that the people who have more years need to work harder than the people who have less years. That is a carnal thought because the door is open now. The door to longevity is open, but it is not going to remain open indefinitely. The end of the ages is something like another 230 years. This door to longevity will not remain open for the next 230 years. It is open in this generation, and I do not know when it is closing. You could be a very young person, or you could be a person, by the standards of this world, have 10, 15 or 20 years to go. It does not matter. The issue is how long is the spiritual door open. Does anybody not understand what I just said? How long is the spiritual door open?


Jesus made it very clear 50 percent will get in and 50 percent will not get in. Why? Because they will not be prepared, not because the Lord did not let them in, but because they would not be prepared. Again, nothing is in this for me. I am supposed to be teaching you how to get what you want, and to reveal if you have been believing a lie, or if you have been deceived by Satan. If you have any wrong thinking in your mind about this issue, the Lord wants you to know that if you are studying this message, you are invited. You are invited, and you have an opportunity to enter into longevity if you are laboring in this message.


I really thought I would be starting with Aaron and the golden calf. Now I do not know what to do. I guess we will go right into the message. This is Ezekiel, Chapter 10, Verses 1 through 9. Ezekiel reveals the righteous man, the glorified man. Now Jesus was not the first glorified man. Anybody know who the first glorified man was before Jesus? Yes, Elijah. Many Kabbalists say Enoch was before him. I am really starting to go along with that, but we do not know what Enoch looked like because Enoch lived on the other side of the flood. Apparently he had some kind of a body. The Scripture says Enoch walked with God, and he was not. Enoch was incarnate, but we do not know what his body looked like. It looks like Jesus is the third member of mankind, that existed in a form, who has been glorified. The three are in one, and they are all appearing under the name Jesus. All of the names of God are appearing under the name Jesus. Jesus is the personality of the garment that covers over the whole God World of Atzilut.


I do not have any visual aids for you today, but if you want to think of the God World of Atzilut as a disk with 10 protrusions on it, Jesus is like a skin that is covering it, and he could press out or bring to the forefront any one of those 10 protrusions or 10 voices. If you want to think of it as a disk with 10 voices, Jesus is a skin or a veil that covers the whole God World of Atzilut. He can speak with any one of those 10 voices. He is the voice of the God World of Atzilut. He is the father. He is the mother. He is the Keter. He is the infinite point, and he is Malkhut, the lowest point. Malkhut has no light of her own. Her destiny is that the essence from the highest point, from the Keter, should flow down through all the other Sefirot, and that all of the energy flowing in the other nine Sefirot should flow down into her, so that Malkhut contains the blended essences of all 10 Sefirot. She is judgment. The Hebrew word for essence is the shay-fah.


She is judgment. She can also be mercy, if the Lord Jesus Christ is being merciful through her. Everything is in Malkhut, and Malkhut feeds humanity. Let us put it that way. She feeds us, and she is in the spiritual planes that brings judgment on us, and her judgment is in direct response to our sins. It is a sowing and reaping. It's a sowing and reaping. As I said, the first 9 verses of Ezekiel 10 describe the glorified man, and then they describe what is called the righteous man. We are told that there was a man, a human being, who was dressed in a linen garment, not only signifying righteousness, but signifying the priesthood. If you read in the book of Exodus, Chapter 28, about the instructions for the garments for the priests, for the high priest, in particular, they are gold, blue, purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen. Blue being Malkhut, scarlet or red being Gevurah; judgment, and purple being Tiferet. Tiferet is containing the blended essences of the mother and Gevurah and Tiferet itself.


The mother is always connected to the Father. In the garments of the high priest, we have all of the Sefirot. The fine twined linen, of course, is Chokhmah and Chesed, righteousness and lovingkindness. They are all there, and all of that is flowing down into Malkhut. Jesus can press on any one of those buttons. He can bring forth mercy. He can bring forth wisdom. He can bring forth kindness. He can bring forth judgment. Malkhut is basically known for judgment. Now, there are two different kinds of judgment. There is judgment that is intended to destroy you. Usually that kind of judgment goes forth for people who are destroying the power of God. It is a very serious thing to turn people away from the truth, because that brings not only destruction to the one individual, but it utterly brings death into the world. That kind of destruction, where you are wiped out, usually has to do with people that are guilty of turning others to other gods, to turn them away from Jehovah to worship other gods.


That is what is going on in this country today. This country is in mortal danger. The people who are involved in turning ignorant young people, and ignorant old people, away from the one true God, have no idea they are in mortal danger. Their children are in mortal danger, and their grandchildren are in mortal danger. Do not be deceived that it takes a while for the Lord to bring forth judgment, and it depends on the judgment. I do not want to get into it now, but that is the utter destruction. The other kind of judgment is judgment that is designed to help us make the right decision. If we are doing something wrong because of ignorance, or because we are youthful, and we are rebellious, or prideful, we are really not bad people. We are just children. Mankind, compared to God, is a child. Then He will bring a judgment that will help us to make the right decision. He will leverage us. He will say, if you do that, this is going to happen to you, and now you have to decide. Do you want what you want so badly that you are willing to risk this judgment? Hopefully not, so it will stop you. That judgment is designed to rescue you, leverage designed to rescue you from making a mistake, that you do not realize is a mistake at the time.


That is the first nine chapters of Ezekiel. It is about this man dressed in linen. He is covered. He is not righteous himself, but he is covered with the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ because of his commitment to him. When we commit ourselves to the Lord, we make a covenant with him. We worship him, and he takes care of us in our ignorance. If we think we do not need him, we have a big problem. Brethren, such judgment is hanging over this country, and it is just amazing that people just do not get it. On the other side of the world, the people do not have food, water, or shelter. They do not have all kinds of things. Ukraine is about to be invaded by Russia, and lose their freedom completely, and to have concentration camps, and torture, and secret police raised up again. It is just amazing, the ignorance of the people in this nation that do not realize what we have, and how close we are to losing it. We will see what the Lord will do, because there is a remnant here that honors him. We will see what he will do. Just the freedom to preach like this this morning, with lights and heat, and that I can actually preach this word to you without fear of being arrested is a miracle. Brethren, this is the message. This may be the last time I am going to preach it. I do not know. I have preached it to you multiple times. It is also going out into the spirit for the faithful to hear it, whoever can hear it.


Verse 1. I looked and I saw in the firmament the visible part of the Sefirah that was above the head of the cherubim, the likeness of a throne formed from the spirit of Malkhut, the blue sapphire stone. I perceived that the king in the spiritual vision was Messiah, the great fish from above. First of all, we have 10 Sefirot. We are taught not 9 and not 11. The number is 10. There are 10 Sefirot in the God World of Atzilut. There are three created worlds below Atzilut. Beriah is the World of Creation. Yetzirah is the World of Formation. Assiyah is the World of Action. Those are the three created worlds, and they were created by Binah, the Supernal Mother. She is the creator, and one of her attributes is understanding. The name of God associated with her is Jehovah. When we read that Jehovah breathed the breath of life into the man, that is the mother operating.


I have asked the Lord to clarify for me the circumstances under which he would say Jehovah as opposed to Binah. I do not really have it that clear in my mind. When it is the fiery judgment, then I know it is Binah bringing it. Jehovah is the breath of life, but somehow I feel there is more to it than that. There are 10 Sefirot, and these are 10 Sefirot of the God World of Atzilut. There are infinite worlds above the God World of Atzilut that I do not have any ability to teach on. When I first started studying Kabbalah from Rabbi Vital's book, he said that it is forbidden to look in the worlds above. He does mention that there is a fifth world, a World of Adam Kadmon, but there are many worlds beyond that. Rabbi Vital, in his book, says we really are not permitted, because it is illegal to try to actually understand beyond the God World of Atzilut. It is either the God World of Atzilut or Adam Kadmon. I am not sure which he says. What is meant by illegal? It means that we do not have permission to do it. If we do not have permission to do it, that means one of two things can happen.


We can spend our time, and our energy, and learn nothing, or we can spend our time, and energy, and meet other forces. When we do not have permission to go forward, and we go forward anyway, it appears to us, in that state of rebellion, that the door is opened, but the door that is open, is the door to the other side. The door to the other side is open, so you meet other entities that will give you high spiritual experiences, and tell you that they come from God, but they do not come from God. I am told, today, that there are several Kabbalists that have gone beyond that, the World of Adam Kadmon, and that they have information about the worlds beyond that. I do not know whether they have permission or not, but I am having enough trouble understanding the four lower worlds. I am not ready to start going to the World of Adam Kadmon, and beyond, unless the Lord should lead me. I think we have a great deal to learn about the World of Atzilut and the lower worlds. This is where the Lord has us right now. This is where we are.


There are 10 Sefirot of the God World of Atzilut. Every entity in that world is God. That is not a created world. The 10 Sefirot of the God World of Atzilut are a manifestation of Adam Kadmon himself. This is Adam Kadmon, who stepped down, and took one step lower to mankind, and he is revealing himself from behind these 10 Sefirot, and from behind the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is really an expression. Atzilut is an expression of Adam Kadmon, the son of God. This has always confused me when I read about firmaments, being plural. I could never figure out what these firmaments were. I was really frustrated by it. A firmament is something that stands out, like a sandbar in the invisible realm, that can be likened to either a gaseous world, or a water world. The firmament is something that stands out, like a sandbar rising up, or an island rising up out of the water. We have these 10 firmaments, or these 10 Sefirot rising up out of the nothingness, you might say, of the spiritual planes. Rabbi Cordovero tells us, in the midst of each Sefirot, there is, like, a sandbar that rises to the surface.


Now, if any Kabbalist is listening, do not get mad at me. I just need to do whatever I need to do to get this idea across to the brethren here. I am not saying that it is anything like that. This is just an attempt, like Rabbi Vital would say, to tickle your ears so you can have a clue as to what I am talking about. There is something in the midst of the Sefirot that we can identify. There is something identifiable in the midst of the Sefirot. What it is, is an energy source. We see that the mother flows down through Gevurah, and enters into Tiferet, and we have a firmament, something that stands out above the rest of the energy in that Sefirot. Verse 1 is talking about the firmament. I looked, and I saw in the firmament, which is the visible part of the Sefirah, that was above the head of the cherubim. If you have the drawings with you, you could take them out. I did not bring them out today. I still do not know what I am doing today. It looks like we are going with this translation. Remember that the cherubim are extensions of Malkhut, of the God World of Atzilut. Remember the creation. The creator is the mother, Binah, and she flows down into Malkhut, where her daughter is. She flows out of Malkhut, and in that state, her name is the Shekinah, the presence of God in the earth.


Malkhut, the daughter, has 10 of her own sub-Sefirot, and out of those 10 sub-Sefirot, she sends forth a seed. That seed is in the form of the cherubim. It is a male/female seed, so there are two cherubim that extend out, but they are still attached to her. They extend out, but they are still attached to her. Their purpose is to penetrate into the mind of a man. One of those cherubim stays outside of us, almost like the inner light, and the surrounding light. You might be able to relate it to that for purposes of understanding. The male cherubim stays outside. You might say, likening him to surrounding light, and the female cherubim enters into our mind, and becomes inner light, which can be related to Christ in us. You know that. I do not know how accurate that is, but that is the example I have to give you the understanding of the principle. In other words, I do not know if the cherubim are inner light and surrounding light, or not, but that is what I have used to help you to understand what we are talking about here.


I looked, and I saw in the firmament, in the visible part of the Sefirot, something that was visible in the Sefirot, that was above the head of the cherubim. Of course it was visible only to spiritual eyes. The cherubim are extensions of Malkhut, of the God World of Atzilut. We are talking about a firmament or a Sefirah that is above the cherubim. That means they are either within Malkhut, or they are above Malkhut. The firmament that we are talking about was above the head of the cherubim, the likeness of a throne. All of this is inside of Malkhut now, so the throne is inside of Malkhut. It is a spiritual world that is above our head. It does not dwell inside of us, yet. Malkhut of the God World of Atzilut, with all of the power of immortality, is literally hanging over our head this morning, as I preach this word to you, but it is not inside of us.


Something from that world is inside of us, and our desire, and what is in our best interest, is to have these two worlds connected. Malkhut, the representative of immortality, is hanging over our head, seeking to identify with, and join with her own seed that was deposited in us in a previous time, thereby linking us, laying hold of, putting tractor beams on our spirit, our soul and our whole body, and absorbing us into that God world of eternity. That is how we become immortal. We need to be absorbed into eternity, and eternity is coming down upon us, and wants to baptize us in itself. We are rising up, and it is coming down upon us. The bottom line is a unification, and a complete absorption of everything, in us, that is capable of dying, into a world where death is impossible and does not exist.


Brethren, it requires little by little, as Go calls you. To become immortal requires the absolute relinquishing of everything in this world. We have a new world waiting for us. Do not give up anything unless the Lord says now is the time to give it up. How do you hear the Lord saying now is the time to give it up? No matter how hard you try, you cannot attain it. Stop spinning your wheels. It is better to ask him, in what direction will you point me? Point me so that I do not spin my wheels. That is the best way to go, but it takes us all a while to get to that place, brethren. Why? Because we have our human desires. We are just human.


There is no condemnation in any of this, brethren. There is absolutely no condemnation in any of this. The Lord knows our weaknesses. He knows who we are. You need to understand we are spiritual children to him, and he loves us the way you love your infants, your infant baby that just peed all over you. He loves us, and he understands our weaknesses, but he still knows what is best.


He is doing everything that he can to educate us so that we can agree with him to make the process as painless as possible, but we are dealing with more than an intellect. We are dealing with emotions. We are dealing with an animal nature that is pulling us in the exact opposite direction of the place he is taking us, so there will be conflict. Even if we are in complete submission, there will be conflict. I do not think I have any conflict with him at this time, that I know of. Who knows? Well, I do not know what is going on in my unconscious mind unless he lets me see it. I do not think I have any conflict with him, and the pressure is intense. Why? Because he is swallowing up my animal nature that does not want to be swallowed up. Me, the personality, I am saying take it all, Lord, but Satan, and Leviathan, and Cain, are not saying take it all.


I looked in the firmament, the visible part of the Sefirah, that was above the head of the cherubim. The cherubim are at the very bottom of Malkhut, so this throne, is actually in Malkhut. It is the highest Sefirah that have descended into Malkhut. And I saw the likeness of a throne formed from the spirit of Malkhut. Now, the spirit of Malkhut, the spirit that brought Malkhut into existence is the mother. The throne is the lower grades of Binah. I am not sure whether it is Tiferet through Malkhut, but it is most likely Tiferet through Malkhut, but it could be Chesed through Malkhut. That is a difference that I do not have to really focus on or get all upset about. There is much more that I do not know than what I know. Whether or not it is from Chesed or it starts with Tiferet, I would like to know, if someone would tell me, but I am not going out of my way to spend time to try and find out.


The throne is the lower grades of Binah, the Supernal Mother. Elohim, the Hebrew word translated God, is the Supernal Mother joined to the higher grades of Ze'ir Anpin, her son. The Throne of God is the Supernal Mother, and her son, descended into Malkhut through Tiferet, the middle column. We see the mother is in the left column, Gevurah is in the left column, and Netzach, and Hod, the son. There are six Sefirah to the son. Tiferet is only one of the six in the middle. They all have to flow into Tiferet where they are blended into the color purple, and they descend into Malkhut for the purpose of communicating with mankind. I saw the likeness of a throne. Now what does that mean, we saw the likeness of a throne? It means that the Supernal Mother has descended into her daughter, and the throne was formed from the spirit of Malkhut. The reason I say Malkhut is because sapphires are blue. I took the color blue, knowing that Malkhut is blue. We see that a throne entered into Malkhut, and that that throne was the mother.


We see the mother and the daughter, which is the Shekinah, the essence of God, the cloud of the Spirit of God in the earth, which can meet everybody's needs and also bring judgment. I perceive that the king in this spiritual vision was Messiah. This is really confusing, brethren, but all kings are female. Malkhut is called kingdom. When we say we are receiving the kingdom, we are receiving Malkhut of the God World of Atzilut. The kingdom of God is at hand. That means we are being connected to the God world, and all of the eternity beyond it through kingdom, through Malkhut of the God World of Atzilut, and more particularly, through the extension of the two cherubim which are extensions of Malkhut of the God World of Atzilut. That is what it means by the kingdom of God is at hand. The kingdom, Malkhut of the God World of Atzilut, has descended, and is reaching out towards us, stretching forth. That stretching forth is described as the two cherubim.


I may put some pictures in here to show the cherubim, not left and right, but up and down. I wonder what the rabbis looking at it would say. They would probably try to correct me, but I may do it anyway. The Torah is the five books of Moses. All that we are told is that the two cherubim are facing each other, and that their wings are touching each other, and that one cherubim is at one end, and the other cherubim is at the other end. I believe it was set up this way in the wilderness, one cherubim at the left end of the box, and the other cherubim at the right end of the box. I discovered something else that I would like to share with you. When you read the King James translation, it sounds like the ark is the box and the mercy seat is on top of the box. When I took a class with the rabbi, a year or so ago, he very clearly insisted the cover of the box is the ark. The ark is the cover of the box, and the cherubim are attached to the cover of the box. He said the box is just the box, but the ark is the cover. I went into the Jewish translation of the Bible, and I went into the Interlinear Text. Sure enough, the Interlinear Text bears that out, that the ark is the cover and that the mercy seat is the box, although it definitely does not sound that way in the King James translation. They definitely did not translate it in accordance with the Interlinear Text. It probably did not make any sense to them. The Ark is the cover to the box. The box represents our body, and the ark is the covering to the body with the two cherubs.


By word of knowledge, the Lord told me this. The Scripture says one cherub at one end and the other cherub at the other end. I looked up the Hebrew word translated end, and I went into some English dictionaries. We can say that the surface of this book is a box, and there is one end, and the surface underneath is another end. We can legitimately use that word to say the top is one end and the bottom is another end. Although we do not usually use it that way, it can be used that way. The Lord told us the cherubim extend from Malkhut, as literally immortality hovers over our head like a mother ship, like an alien mother ship seeking to attach itself to us, seeking to put tether hooks on us and draw us up. As that God world hovers over us like the sky, like the clouds in the sky, an extension is sent forth, and that extension is the two cherubim, one male and one female. They come to us as a cover, as a covering, because we are open to every spiritual entity that wants to feed on us.


Brethren, we are vulnerable, so a cover comes to us. The cherubim are descending in a horizontal configuration, not one to the left and one to the right, but they are coming out of the middle column. The Malkhut is in the middle column, so they are descending out of the middle column, one after the other, one on top and one on the bottom. The upper cherub, which remains attached to Malkhut is male, and then the cherub that extends from the male cherub, and penetrates into our mind, is the female cherub. It is the box. It is our body. If you look at the pen in my hand, the pen would be the cherubim. The point is extended into our body, and the upper part is attached to Malkhut, the mother ship hovering above, seeking to make contact with us, and absorb us completely into the immortality of that mother ship.


However, I do believe that that is a spiritual truth. I do not think that the ark was built that way by Bezaleel in the wilderness. I think this man, Bezaleel, received wisdom from God as to how to interpret what Moses' instructions were to build that ark. I do believe that the cherubim probably were at one end, and at the other end. Of course, you never know. If you do not have this revelation that the mother ship, or that the Supernal Mother is seeking to enter into our very being, literally penetrate into us from above, it makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever, to build two cherubim with one head facing down and the other head facing up, because they have to be facing each other. Actually, even that does not make sense, unless you understand why would you have two cherubim, one descending out of Malkhut with its head going downward, and then the cherub penetrating into the mind of the human, penetrating with its feet first, so that its head is up, and it is meeting the other cherubim face-to-face. Why would that be? I will tell you why, in accordance with Rabbi Cordovero’s instruction on the principle of the five against five Sefirot. When we were receiving the instructions on how to deal with the Sefirot, how to manipulate them, how to understand them, we found out that, initially, there were 10 Sefirot. We really could not do much with them, so we broke them up into five against five, five on one side and five on the other side. That was one way that we could do it five against five.


Does anybody remember this teaching at all, five against five? Another way we manipulated, or dealt with the Sefirot, was that we had five, and another five on top, one being like a shadow, and then the five that were on top folded down. That is exactly what we had with the two cherubim, a folding down, which is really a reflection. I just want to make that more accurate for you. When we dealt with the five upon five, it was really 10 upon 10, and that the second set of 10 was a reflection. With putting the two sets together, that one set folded down. I cannot do it with my hands any better than this. At that point it was 10 upon 10, but you cannot have 20 Sefirot, so it was revealed that the 10 that folded downward, were a reflection in the visible word.


What we are saying is that the cherub that is inside of our mind is really a reflection of the cherub that is outside of our mind. There is a cherub, whose wing and whose head is right here at the top of our head, and the bottom of the cherub is attached to Malkhut. Then the cherub that is inside of us, is an accurate reflection of the cherub that exists, which is a mediator between our mind, and the mother, or the mother ship, which is above. Anybody not following me? The cherub that is inside of us is a reflection. Technically, it is not even real, but a reflection real enough to connect us. What are we up to here? The likeness of a throne, formed from the spirit of Malkhut, the blue sapphire stone. We saw it, and I perceived that the king, which is Malkhut itself in this spiritual vision, was Messiah, the great fish. Now this is a great mystery. We even read in the book of Revelation about the 10 kings that do not have their kingdom yet. These kings are female. Kings are female, and they come from Malkhut. They are the extension of Malkhut in the individual. When Malkhut is present in us, or her influence is present in us, we become kings, and that could be Malkhut on the positive side of God or the other side.


Brethren, this is a kingdom here. I am a king. You cannot be a king if you do not have subjects. Every ministry is a kingdom, and the pastor is a king. It depends on what spirit raises up the ministry. The Spirit of God has raised up this ministry, so we represent a microcosm of the kingdom of God, that John the Baptist prophesied was coming. It is here. The kingdom of God is here. There is a king, and there is a kingdom, and the king is always subject to God. God is present, the king is present, and the subjects are present. How do we know that? Well, it has not happened lately, but we have held court here. We have trials here. There is a government here when it is called for. There is a righteous government that manifests here. We are a microcosm of the kingdom of God, and we are bearing children. We are bearing the manchild. We have education, and ministry from the king, and from the world above.


Now I perceived that the king in this spiritual vision was Messiah, the great fish from above, and the king is Christ Jesus in the midst of me. I said I am a king. I am only a king because Christ Jesus is in the midst of me. From the point of view on the outside, I am a king, but the reality is that the king is inside of me. Christ Jesus is the king. Now this concept of Messiah being a fish is just so fascinating to me. I have not been able to let go of it. I do not alway see everything right away. When I was first investigating this, I did not realize this. I mean I should have known that fish and reptilians are not the same, but as I was working this through, I just had not seen it yet. Someone in the congregation pointed it out. Surely they both live in the water. The reptilians are the fishes, for lack of a better way of saying it, or the beings that come from the Serpent. The fish are the beings that come from the Spirit of God, the entities, the beings, that have descended as far as Yetzirah, the world of the sea. They dwell in the sea.


I preached for a long time, when I taught the doctrine of Christ, that this whole world is an extra orbit on the atom of creation. This physical world will not endure. It is a corrupt world, and that is why everybody dies. This is a world of judgment. It is a prison camp. It is a prison island in the spiritual universe that will eventually fall off when there is no more need for it. The bodies of this world are merely clothing to the entities that exist in Yetzirah. That is my understanding of why Messiah is described as a fish. The true entity, Christ Jesus, for example, is likened unto a fish, now not the kind of fish that you would actually catch, but the spiritual counterpart of the fish. They dwell in the water. Brethren, our body has a high degree of water. This whole world is a water world. The entities that dwell in us are dwelling in the sea, and that goes for Christ Jesus or for Christ. It also goes out there for these Anunnaki, and these aliens, which are reptilian in their form. I think the Anunnaki are not even reptilian. They are merpeople. Are they reptilian, or are they fish? I guess they are more fish than reptilian. We see entities that are not of God, that are half man and half fish, appearing in their visible form. I really would be surprised if any entity that comes from God would appear in this world as a merperson.


I have shown you pictures. I have books here, in my office, that show pictures of merpeople that were drawn by, or statues, that were made by ancient civilizations, thousands of years ago. They actually met these people that have a human face and human hands. They have a whole fish body on their back, almost similar to the armor that is seen on dinosaurs. I think that is why I crossed over from fish to reptilian in my head for a season. That is what it looked like to me, a whole fish body on top of the back of what looked like a man. It reminded me of this armor that you would see on dinosaurs. Who is to say, that at some point, there was not a mixture of fish and reptilians? I do not know. Anyway, I just found it fascinating that we discovered that Messiah, in his native habitat, is a fish. He is a spiritual fish. I hope you understand what I am talking about. In order for him to appear in this foreign world, he has to take on the garment of this world, but he is still a fish because he dwells within the liquid, or the spiritual aspects, of our being. We are his garment in this world. I think that there must be more information coming down about that because it is just fascinating me. That is all that I have to say about it, but it is just fascinating me, so there is something more coming.


Back to footnote number 1 about the throne, we had two witnesses there. Psalms 47:8; which says that God reigneth over the heathen:  God sitteth upon the throne of his holiness. Revelation 3:21; To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my father in his throne. We see that the throne is Binah, descended into her daughter, Malkhut. Malkhut is the king or the kingdom, the king and the kingdom, and the throne is the mother dwelling with her daughter.


Footnote number 2 which appears next to Malkhut, says the spirit of Malkhut is Binah of Atzilut, the mother, the Supernal Mother, and Malkhut is the daughter. The mother revealed through the daughter is the Shekinah, in the earth. The mother revealed through the daughter, in the Earth, is the Shekinah, the cloud of God's presence in the Earth.


Footnote number 3, which has to do with Messiah the great fish, says the Hebrew letter nun appears before the Hebrew word translated, to appear. We are translating it as a prefix. Prefixes in the Hebrew language have their own meaning. Usually the King James translators just translated prefixes as, an or or, but sometimes if the verse is not making sense to me, I will take a look at the prefix, and look up the meaning of it, and see if it does not have its own meaning, in which event we treat it as if it is another word. The prefix is another word, which is what we did here. The letter nun appears before the Hebrew word translated to appear.


I am quoting here from a book called The Alef-Beit, Jewish Thought Revealed Through The Hebrew Letters, by Rabbi Ginsburgh. He is still alive, and a very learned man. Joshua is the son of Nun. This hints at Joshua's spiritual father, Moses himself, the great fish of the sea. The ultimate personification of the great fish revealed on dry land is the final king of Israel, the Mashiach. That's the Hebrew word for Messiah. The great fish, or anyone from that world revealed on dry land, they need to take on a body, and they take on the human body. They do not come out with fins and scales like the merpeople. Any questions?


COMMENT:  The symbol of the fish was and is used by Christians. Does that have something to do with Messiah being the great fish or is that a pagan symbol?


PASTOR VITALE:  I would be very surprised to find out that the average Christian would consider Messiah a fish. I honestly do not know. The only thing that I know is that Peter was fishing. Jesus said I will make you fishers of men. He really did indicate that, spiritual speaking, we are fish. Somehow I never related that to the way I am talking about it now, but I do not have any information about that.


Verse number 2. Jehovah spoke to the man wearing priestly clothing saying, go and sprinkle the burning coals with the incense of your prayers, and Adam, the opinion of God, will enter into the city in the midst of you, and you will see that the cherubim, Adam's closed fists, which are under the authority of the Sefirot of the God World of Atzilut, are filled up with Jehovah's wrath. Jehovah spoke to the man wearing priestly clothing. Brethren, that is every one of us. We wear priestly clothing unless we are in willful sin. The only thing that can remove us from the righteousness, the imputed righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, is willful sin, which means we are not righteous, and we do not deserve to be called righteous, but because he is our covering, God accounts us as righteous. We are all wearing priestly clothing unless we deliberately walk out from underneath it. That is all of us. Actually that is the whole church.


Jehovah spoke to the man wearing priestly clothing, saying, go and sprinkle the burning coals. What about the Jew? Well, the Jews are under the law. Now there are a lot of Christians, that have no mercy on these Jews at all. I have read really bad things like God is finished with those people, and their only hope is to come into the church. It is true that their only hope for immortality is to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as savior. I am sorry, as much as you do not want to hear it, if somebody is going to disagree with me, they are under some measure of righteousness from the law. It is not refusing to ride on a Saturday that makes them righteous, but they have a strict sexual moral code which keeps them in right standing with God in that area.


We have people in the church that are openly living with someone that they are not married to, and celebrating Christmas. Jews will not touch that kind of paganism. Who is going to stand here and tell me which one is more righteous? They are actually living it. They will not touch a pagan holiday like Christmas or Easter. They are following the moral laws which are laid out in the Old Covenant. We have people in the church that are reveling in other gods. Some actually go to Catholic churches, and still bow down to idols. Others have other idols in their heart, such as Christmas and Easter being one of their idols. People are living together that claim to be Christians. You tell me which one is under the blood. Which one is under the protection of the Lord Jesus Christ? You tell me.


Paul clearly spoke about that. He said there are people that have the law of God written in their heart. You, who know better, are out there in sin. Do not look down upon the people that have the law of God written in their heart. The reason for it is that they are seeking to serve God in righteousness. You tell me who is going to be taken and who is going to be left. I will not even try to answer that question, but I will tell you this, judgment will fall on both sides. Judgment will fall on the people in the church that are breaking the laws of God, and these Jews, who honor the God of the Bible, although they are all messed up with their Talmud and all that. The church is all messed up also. That is my understanding. Judgment will fall on both sides, and the person, or persons, whose heart is sincerely reaching out for, desiring and stretching forth for God, will be delivered. It is all in your heart.


Now, we should do everything that we can do to not be in sin, but we are all messed up, some a little more, some a little less. We are all messed up, and the person who will survive the judgments is the person who really, truly, desires God. We may not know who those people are until the judgment falls. The judgment will determine who really, in their hidden heart of hearts, has placed God above everyone else in their life. You will not be able to tell until the judgment falls. Be very careful, brethren. Many think they are standing, and they are not standing. The day will come that everyone who thinks they are standing, and they are not standing, will find themselves flat on their back. Be very careful, and just worry about yourself. Worry about yourself. We do have a ministry to this ultra-Orthodox community. Be very careful that you do not have seeping anti-Semitism starting to take root in your mind. We have a legitimate ministry to this group of people, to expose their sins for the purpose of their salvation, for the purpose of their rescue from a bondage that is keeping them from the Lord Jesus Christ. Be very careful that you do not condemn the one that you are sent to be a savior to.


Verse 2. Jehovah spoke to the man wearing priestly clothing. That is all of us. He said, go and sprinkle the burning coals with the incense of your prayers. When we first rendered this translation, we had a whole teaching on that, how both the Old Testament and the New Testament associates incense with prayer. Now, under the Law of Ordinances, they were burning coals, and the priest would take handfuls of incense, and throw it on the hot coals, and a cloud of sweet smelling incense would go up. We are told Jehovah would smell it, and the smell of this incense, would please Him. The smell is really just a type. What pleases Jehovah is our obedience. That which goes up to God that pleases Him is when we choose righteousness over unrighteousness, when we choose the Lord Jesus over our carnal mind. Every time we choose God through the Lord Jesus, or through our behavior over our carnal mind, the elements of our carnal mind which are Cain, Satan and Leviathan, gets cooked a little bit. That smell is what is pleasing to the Lord, the cooking of powers and principalities, which eventually will be consumed completely by Christ Jesus and cease to exist. That is what the incense typifies, the prayers of the saints, meaning that we are choosing to communicate with God, thereby crushing our carnal mind, which is the death knell to the carnal mind. That is the principle behind the incense.


Footnote number 4. That is the man wearing righteous clothing, wearing priestly clothing. Ezekiel 9:2. And Behold, six men came from the way of the higher gate, which lieth toward the north, and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand; and one man among them was clothed with linen, with a writer's inkhorn by his side:  and they went in, and stood beside the brazen altar. This term being clothed with linen means we are clothed with linen through the Lord Jesus Christ unless we willfully sin. The concept of that writer's inkhorn is that he is going out to seal the faithfully sealed, to those who are moaning and groaning, those who are truly upset about the sin in the church, and about the sin in the Israel of God. They are being sealed that the judgment should not destroy them.


I wish I could tell you that they are being sealed that the judgment should not touch them, but I honestly do not know if that is true. I could just tell you that the judgment will not destroy you. I will also tell you that everything that we have to go through will work for our good. Since none of us are perfect, and we are all sinners at our root, if we are touched by the judgment that is going forth, to some degree, it is for our good. So long as we have sin in our mind, or sin in our emotions, or sin in our desires, the judgment is there to burn it away. We may very well be touched by it, but we need to know that we will survive if we do not faint. If we do not let whatever touches us turn us away from God, we will survive.


Footnote number 5 is the incense, and number six is prayers. Number 5 is Leviticus 16:  verses 12 and 13, explaining the incense. He shall take a censer full of burning coals of fire from off the altar before the Lord, and his hands full of sweet incense beaten small, and holding it within the wall. And he shall put the incense upon the fire before the Lord, that the cloud of incense may cover the mercy seat that is upon the testimony, that they die not. Now, this is talking about the priests. Brethren, we are supposed to be kings and priests, so this is for us. This is talking about Aaron and his sons. They had to do all this so that they did not die when they went into the holy place. Brethren, we are very close to the Lord today. We are in the most holy place with this message. The only reason we are not dead is because the Lord Jesus Christ has given us permission to enter in, and he has gone in before us.


This message is no simple message. It is really not to be given out. It has taken me a long time to get here. I am telling you, I do not even want to give it to the rabbi unless the Lord is telling me to do it. This is a holy word. What does that mean? It means there is power in this word. It means the Spirit of God is in this word. It means that reading this word does something to you. It does something to you. If it has taken me this long to get it, I have to believe that many of you still are not even where I am yet. This word does something. There is power in this word. It affects people that read it. If they are not under the blood of the Lord Jesus, they could get hurt. Well, you know the story of one of the women in the synagogue. Every time I ministered to her, she got hurt. She got hurt seriously. Her leg got hurt. She was down and out for 6 weeks. I have to get this through your head. You only answer direct questions. You answer direct questions in a rare occasion, if you are really, really, really sure that it is the Lord telling you to say something to an outsider. I am talking about an outsider now.


This putting the incense on the fire is our prayers, and the fire is Binah. Binah is judgment. Brethren, when we lay hold of that incense, or we lay hold of that power of God, and we seek God with it, people get hurt. I was not even in the doctrine of Christ yet. I was just a disciple in a deliverance church, and my judgment started with me losing jobs. I had never had trouble keeping a job in my life, and all of a sudden, I could not keep a job. I kept getting fired. I was working right here in Hauppaugh. It was a really good job. I really enjoyed that paralegal job. I was doing research. This was not the first time that this happened. There was a woman there who was not promoted from within. The attorney hired me, so she hated me because she had wanted the job. The bottom line is that when I got fired, I did not understand what was going on, and I cried out to God, asking for vengeance. I did not have anyone particular in mind. I did not have this woman in mind. I just knew that something was making me lose these jobs, and I had a household to maintain and a daughter to support.


It was very, very upsetting, so I cried out to God for vengeance. In my heart, I was asking for vengeance on the unnamed forces that were doing this to me. This woman's only child died in the car with her only sister. I am telling you that there was a whole list of people that had done evil to me, that I was not even crying out about, that either got brain tumors or cancer. I was not even asking for any vengeance from God. Today, I do not know, because I do not want that to happen to people, but I am telling you, there is a whole list of people. One attorney was harassing me sexually. His wife got a brain tumor, and I did not pray against him. I just avoided him. I liked the job. Last I heard was his wife had a brain tumor. I do not even know if she is still alive. It was a long time ago. Someone else was the boss’ mother that was really after me. She did not like me for some reason. She wound up with cancer, but this was not me praying about it. Do you understand what I am saying? Today I understand that I have to forgive people’s sins because I do not want that to happen to them because of me. That does not make me happy, so I forgive people’s sins, and I hope for the best.


You need to understand who you are, and you need to understand who lives in you. You need to understand what this word is, and you need to understand what your place is in God's plan. God intends to save all of mankind, and He has a pretty hard time getting people to be in his army. Nobody wants to be in His army, brethren. He gets pretty possessive over the people that are in His army. I do not know how that woman and that child dying glorified God in any way. I do not understand that. I do not know. Should I talk about that? Today I do my best to stop anything like that from happening. I do not always have the power to stop it, but I do everything that I can to stop judgment, destructive judgment from falling. Only judgment that will bring the person to repentance, and to a closer walk with the Lord, is my heart's desire, no matter who hurts me, and no matter how badly. I would not ask for that kind of destruction on anybody.


Footnote 6 is about prayer. Revelation 8:4; And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God. It says the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints. That is saying that the prayers of the saints are like laying hold of that incense and throwing it on the fire. It ascended up before God out of the angel's hands. So Christ Jesus, in us, is laying hold of that spiritual incense, and mixing it with Binah. The sweet smelling savor that Jehovah loves is coming forth. In other words, repentance and deliverance. and improvement is coming forth; not destruction.


Jehovah spoke to the man wearing priestly clothing saying, go and sprinkle the burning coals with the incense of your prayers, and Adam, the opinion of God, will enter into the city. I think the last time I spoke to you, I told you that I was confused about the male Adam and the female Adam, so I just took male and female away from all of it. What I am doing at this point, and I have not finished this work yet, so if there is any contradiction to what I am telling you now in the subsequent verses, if I preach on this again, I will let you know. I am not saying male or female adam anymore. I am saying adam, the adam in us, which is really Christ Jesus in us. He is adam. I called him the female adam. He is in us. Who is the male adam? He really is Ze'ir Anpin of the God World of Atzilut. That is who the male adam really is, you know. Of course, we have Adam Kadmon, pre-mortal Adam. Then the son, the son of the God World of Atzilut, can be called Adam too, but for some reason the Kabbalists give him a Hebrew name, Ze'ir Anpin.


In this work, I have called Ze'ir Anpin the son of God, because people do not know what Ze'ir Anpin means. I am going to put this up on the website, and people do not know what that means. It is also true to say that in the family of God, in the God World of Atzilut, there is the father and the mother, Binah, who is the creator, and then she brings into existence her son. Each Sefirot emerges out of the one before it. Mother emerges out of father. The six Sefirot of the son emerge out of the mother, and Malkhut emerges out. Of the six Sefirot, first Chesed emerges out. Gevurah emerges out of Chesed, and each one subsequently emerges out of the previous one. The six Sefirot in the middle are called Ze'ir Anpin, the mother's son, and Malkhut is the mother's daughter. We can legitimately say that Ze'ir Anpin is the Son of God, because Binah is the mother.


Now what is God? God is the lower Sefirot of the mother with the upper Sefirot of the son, brings into existence Elohim, if you recall that. The lower Sefirot of the mother joined to the higher Sefirot of the son, that union brings into existence a new entity called Elohim, God. Ze'ir Anpin is the son of God, and that is how I have named him in this work. I have said the son of God, and the female adam, who is the opinion of God. When Christ Jesus speaks out of our mouth, that is the opinion of God. If I am truly under the anointing here, if this is truly Christ Jesus speaking through me, everything that you hear is the opinion of God.


Can you make a mistake? Yes, I can make a mistake. I do my best to recognize it, and correct it, because the flow of the opinion of God through my mortal mouth is not perfect yet. But by and large, I may have a wrong word, but the opinion is the opinion of God. We are talking about a moral judgment. The opinion is the opinion of God. I may have the name of the son of God wrong. I may say Atzilut, instead of Beriah, or something like that, but the opinion, the spiritual root of what is preaching here, is the opinion of God coming out of adam which is Christ Jesus in me. Adam is female. Christ Jesus in me is female, so what I previously called the male adam is actually Ze'ir Anpin of the God World of Atzilut. For this work, we are calling him the son of God. It is the son of God and adam, the opinion of God.


The bottom line is this. The Scripture talks about the whole adam. You will find the Hebrew word translated whole a lot in this Scripture. Then the King James translators add the word things in italics. The Hebrew word that can be translated whole is usually translated all in the Scripture. Then the King James translators add in italics the word things, all things, but the word is really whole; that the Lord is restoring the whole. It is not saying in the Scripture that He is restoring all things, so that you think He is restoring something that burnt up, or He is restoring a child you lost. God forbid that you lost a child. That is not what the Scripture means, brethren, although it can be translated that way. It does not mean that. The word things are not in the Hebrew. It means God is restoring the whole. The whole what? He is restoring the whole Adam because Adam is the only mediator between God and man.


It is God's intention, this whole work, is about reconnecting mankind to the immortal world. The whole plan of salvation is about reconnecting mankind to the immortal world. We, mankind, are the body. We are the flesh of the invisible Son of God. That is who we are. The Son of God is the representative in the earth of the supernal worlds, and of the pre-mortal Adam above him. The correct translation, which is very common in the Scripture, where you read the word all, is really talking about the whole. God is going to restore the whole Adam.


Ze'ir Anpin, the son of God, in the God World of Atzilut, was always there. He was never harmed. What was harmed was the created Adam, the female Adam; mankind. Strong's #120, the created Adam, mankind, was seduced by the Serpent, and committed adultery. God is not only restoring Adam in you and me. He is restoring the whole Adam. The widowed adam, the Christ Jesus in you, who is not married to the God world above, is not going to give us immortality. Immortality and the restoration of the all, or the restoration of the whole Adam, is the union of the son of God, which is Ze'ir Anpin of the God World of Atzilut; his permanent union, with Christ Jesus or Adam in us. The whole Adam is the Son of God married to Christ Jesus in us; Ze'ir Anpin married to Christ Jesus in us. The male Adam of the God World of Atzilut married to Christ Jesus or Adam, in us, a permanent union permanently reconnecting heaven and Earth.


That is the plan of God. Every problem that we have will be solved in the unification of heaven and earth. The whole Adam, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, is not Christ Jesus alone, in you, because Christ Jesus alone, or the widowed Christ Jesus is not necessarily connecting you to God. Christ Jesus must be married to Ze'ir Anpin, therefore who we can call the male Adam. It is the whole that is being restored, the whole Adam. The male Adam, or Ze'ir Anpin of the God World of Atzilut, permanently joined to adam in you. Christ Jesus in you, the whole Adam, is being restored, heaven and earth reunified, bringing immortality back down to the earth. In that unification is the power that destroys everything that works against the immortality of the earth. All of the powers and principalities that rule in this world, that are responsible for bringing forth death, must be destroyed. You cannot have immortality and death coexisting. One cancels out the other. Can death really defeat life? No, death cannot defeat life, brethren. People need to understand what is happening in the country and world today, that when the people embrace the preferences of death, the divine presence withdraws. The divine presence withdraws.


This always annoyed me. In Pentecost they used to say God is a gentleman and He will not fight. It has nothing to do with God being a gentleman. What it has to do with is you and me. We are the wife. We are the wife of the Son of God. When we prefer another man, when we commit adultery with another man, He is not a gentleman. He turns us over to our lover, who He already knows is going to beat us, and eat our flesh, and whatever else it says in the Scripture about the spiritual lovers that we take. He is not a gentleman. He rejects us. In other words, He is not going to fight the Serpent for us when we prefer the Serpent.


It is the same principle about whatever problem you have. Do you drink? Do you drug? Do you gamble? Do you spend too much money? Do you eat too much? Whatever your problem is, brethren, you cannot keep on doing it while you pray for the Lord to take it away. Young Christians do that. They keep on doing whatever they are doing and saying, I hope the Lord is going to take it away from me. He is not. He will help you to overcome, but first you must become totally committed, in your mind, that you do not want to do whatever it is that you are doing that is sin. Then you beg him, and sometimes you have to beg him for a long time before that power comes down to help you to stop. You do not get delivered from a compulsive problem at the snap of a finger, brethren. You have to seek God sometimes for a very long time. Why is God’s deliverance so delayed? Brethren, if He does not make it difficult, you will just go back to doing your own thing again if it is that easy. If all you have to do is say I am sorry, and then the Lord helps you, and you are okay for a month until things get tough again. Then you do it again. It just does not work like that, right? It does not work like that.


I used to say, in this meeting, you need to be crying out to God the whole time you are headed down to the liquor store, or on some street looking for a drug dealer, and the whole time that you are cruising in your car looking for drugs, you need to be screaming, I have got to stop. Help me, Jesus, help me to stop. Help me to stop. Help me to stop. Help me to stop. But you have to mean it, not after you do it, not after you are satisfied, and saying, I really have to stop doing this. Now that you are completely satisfied, you have shot up the drugs, or you drank a whole bottle of wine, and you are completely satisfied saying, Lord, please help me to not do this anymore. No, no, no, no, no. While you are being driven to engage in this self-destructive behavior, you need to be fighting with every strength in your body to not do it. Help me to turn around. Help me to turn around. Help me to turn this car around. He does not just take it away from you.


Where did I get the opinion of God from? I got it from another verse where it actually came forth in the text, in the Interlinear Text, Adam, the opinion of God, and then I fill it in in all the other places where it is appropriate. Now this is all of us. Jehovah spoke to the man wearing priestly clothing, saying go and sprinkle the burning coals with the incense of your prayers. Pray prayers that you are serious about. When you do, those prayers reach heaven. Sometimes you have to pray for a long time before your prayers really touch home, especially when you are asking me for help. I have not told you this in a long time. You all need to understand that I am just human, and that I have a lot on my mind. I have 30 or 35 people here. Maybe that does not sound like a lot to you, but it is a lot for me. I have a lot on my mind. I have a lot of people calling me up. I have a lot of people with problems. I have a lot of people with issues, and I am trying to bring this word of God forth. If you mention casually to me that you have a problem, it may not stick with me.


If you want my prayer, you need to get a hold of me, and tell me that you have a problem, and ask for prayer. I am not trying to give you a hard time. I am just telling you, when you drop things casually, it goes right over my head. It is not my job to catch the balls that you drop. If you need prayer, you have to come to me and ask for it, and tell me what the problem is. Sometimes you have to come back a second time or a third time. Do not let it go. It is your responsibility. If you did not get an answer to a prayer that I prayed for you, it is not my responsibility to keep a checklist. It is your responsibility to come back to me and say, Sheila, nothing happened. Have you heard from the Lord? Can you pray again? It has happened that on your second or third attempt to get my attention, a prayer comes forth in me that is powerful, and the anointing falls, and deliverance comes forth. That is not my job to stay after me. It is your job to stay after me, if your need is not being met in a godly way, of course.


At the point that God answers your prayers, Adam, the opinion of God, will enter into the city in the midst of you. There is a spiritual city in the midst of us, brethren. Actually, we are the city. We are the city of God. We are Jerusalem, not our physical body. When I say in the midst of us, it is because it is not our physical body. Our soul is spiritual Jerusalem. God dwells in our soul. There is one answer to all of our prayers, and that is that Adam should enter into the midst of us and join himself to us. God is very creative. When that force joins itself to you, whatever your problem is, it is automatically dealt with, as automatically to the degree that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, like confessing your part in it, et cetera, et cetera. It is the same answer for everybody, but when that answer gets inside of us, it becomes specific.


That is what they say about the manna, in the esoteric literature. Some of that esoteric literature you can take literally, and some of it you cannot. When you are dealing with esoteric literature, especially with the Zohar, you have to always know that it may be literal, and it may not be. The esoteric literature will tell you this about the manna that fell. When the Hebrew children picked it up, it became whatever they wanted it to be. If they wanted a steak, it became a cooked steak for them. Maybe that is true. I am not too sure about that, but I personally think that the manna was spiritual food. That is my particular feeling, that the manna was spiritual food like we are eating today. You eat this kind of spiritual food, and it goes forth as a power to bring into your life what God would have you to have at this time. Thank God nobody that listens to me is hungry for physical food. That is what I think the manna in the wilderness was. I do not think that they were in the wilderness with jackals and hyenas. I think they were in a spiritual wilderness, brethren, but if it turns out that I am wrong, that is okay. The spiritual root of what I am saying is still true.


I believe that the manna was spiritual food. If you look up the Hebrew words for manna, what it comes down to, is Elohim. If you follow the Hebrew back to its root, in the Interlinear Text, the word for manna is what? What is it? And what is it? WHAT is the synonym that the Kabbalists use for Elohim? WHO is Jehovah. Who is this? And WHAT is this is for Elohim. The manna was Elohim, the power of God. When it enters into your mind, and affects your soul, your empowered soul becomes a magnet that draws unto itself that which it is that you need in this world. I do not know about you, but if I had a choice between some magic food that became a cooked sirloin steak, or a cooked rib eye, or the spiritual power of God that would enter into my spiritual universe, and check me out, and find out what I really needed, and attracted the satisfaction of that need to me, I will take Elohim over the steak.


Anybody understand what I am saying? Do not stop at the steak. Maybe you think you need a steak, but God forbid, you have a terminal disease that you do not know about yet. Do not tell God what to do. Do not tell Him what to do. Tell Him how you feel. Tell Him that you are hurting. Express yourself to Him, and then say, please, help me in the manner that you see fit. That is how you will prosper, brethren. Do not tell Him what you need. You do not know what you need. I do not know what I need. You think you know what you need, but none of us know what we need. We do not know what is coming tomorrow. How do you know what you need when you do not know what is coming tomorrow? What if God was a genie and you just had three wishes. What if you used up your three wishes, and you made the most wise decision you could possibly make, the most wise, generous, selfless decision for you, your family, everybody in the ministry, and everybody in your life that you would bless, if you had three opportunities to do great good? Then the very next day, either you, yourself, or somebody that you love, comes down with a terminal illness, and you have no more wishes left. That is just the pride of man to think that you know what you need. You can try as hard as you possibly can, and you simply do not know what you need because you do not know what is coming tomorrow.


Did you know that there was six or nine earthquakes in Oklahoma within a 24 period? Did anybody hear that? It was either six or nine, ascending in severity. 2.4, 2.4, the last one was 4.0, within 24 hours. You do not know what is coming tomorrow. You do not know what you need. I will take the manna that enters into my mind, and scans me, and tells me what I need, and what the people that I am responsible for need, and meets my needs that way. I will tell God what is on my heart. I will tell him what I like. I will tell him what I feel. I will tell him when I am hurting, but you come, Lord, and whatever measure of grace you have for me today, you decide how to apply it. That is the way to go, brethren. That is the mature way to go. You need to know that he loves you.


When you send up your prayers, do everything right in accordance with your understanding of instruction. It cannot be your own carnal understanding of what is right. The result is that Adam, the opinion of God, will enter into your city, and your city is your soul. The New Jerusalem, the holy Jerusalem, is your soul. Adam, the opinion of God, will enter into the city in the midst of you, which is your soul. When the opinion of God enters into you, when you acquire the opinion of God, you will recognize the cherubim. First of all, you will recognize that the cherubim are in the midst of you. Who are the cherubim? It is either Christ or Christ Jesus, in the midst of you. You will recognize that they are Adam's closed fists. In other words, they are ready to fight. In other words, the power of God to overcome the enemy forces within yourself, in your own mind, and in your own emotions, that would destroy you. You are going to find out that no matter what you think you need, or what you would like, or what you are asking for, when God comes to the position where He sees your heart is right, and He is going to answer your prayers, the answer to your prayers is Adam in the midst of you, Christ in you, the hope of glory. You will see, that as Christ matures in you, he becomes your weapon, the weapon by which you can overcome every affliction and every curse that is afflicting you in your life.


We say that the cherubim are the closed fists which are under the authority of the Sefirot. I should really say the Sefirot of Malkhut of the God World of Atzilut. In other words, there are Sefirot that are not Sefirah, that are not of God. These cherubim with the closed fists are your weapon. When the cherubim are under the authority of Malkhut of the God World of Atzilut, their fists are filled up with Jehovah's wrath. They are not only ready to fight for you, but you become one of God's weapons. You become a member of His army. Brethren, nothing comes without a price. If you think that you are going to get power from God without a price, you are mistaken. There are strings for everything in this world. Do not owe any man anything. If you start asking things from God, you need to know that there is a price. You need to know that you are signing a contract with Him, whether you actually say in your mind I am entering into a contract with you or not.


When He saves your life or when He heals you from a disease, or when He delivers you from a difficult situation, you need to know that you are now beholden to Him. Oh, I thought only bad guys did that. I thought only the devil did that. No, no, no. Everything comes with a price. The only thing that is free is the free gift which introduces you to Him. I really think there is a string attached to that also. It says it is a free gift meaning you do not have to do anything up front to get it, but once you get a taste of it, and start pursuing it, you owe him. You need to know that. It is nothing for nothing in this world; nothing for nothing. It is a free gift meaning nothing upfront. You get the gift. Then if you use it, if you start to use it, if you lay hold of it, and use it, you are beholding to Him.


This is footnote number 7, Adam’s opinion. Adam, the reflection of Jehovah's nature, is revealed through the mind of mankind. Adam is female in relation to Ze'ir Anpin, the son of Binah, the Supernal Mother of the God World of Atzilut. Ze'ir Anpin is the Son of God, and Adam is Ze'ir Anpin’s created consort. Ze'ir Anpin is the Son of God. He is not created. He is actually the essence of Adam Kadmon appearing at the level, or the grade, of the Son of the God World of Atzilut. Adam is Ze'ir Anpin’s created consort. Adam who was created in the world of creation, Beriah, is the female adam, and the consort, or the wife of Ze'ir Anpin. The female adam that is created is in you and me. Adam is the tree of life. We are the earth that he is growing in. When adam, in us, who we know is Christ Jesus, when he marries the Son of God, we go with him. That is our only hope of immortality. We, the earthen creature, our only hope of immortality is to be married to the Son of God in the earth. Ze'ir Anpin is the Son of God, and Adam is Ze'ir Anpin's created consort. The whole Adam, the Son of God joined to adam, is the only mediator between mankind and God. 1 Timothy 2:5; For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; which is the regenerated adam in us.


Footnote number 8; The city in the midst of you is spiritual Jerusalem. The whole world is waiting for some life changing event, or for the kingdom of God, to come forth in the Middle East. Brethren, the kingdom of God is coming forth in the Jerusalem in the midst of you. It's coming forth in our soul, the soul that we receive from God.


Footnote number 9; When the cherubim, Adam's closed fists, which are under the authority of the Sefirot of the God World of Atzilut. Atzilut, the World of Emanation, is the highest of four spiritual worlds which are the subject of Kabbalistic investigation. Atzilut and everything above it may be called God. Beriah, the World of Creation, Yetzirah, the World of Formation, and Assiyah, the World of Action, the three worlds below Atzilut, are the created worlds.


Footnote number 10; Jehovah's wrath. Ezekiel chapter 9, verses 4 through 6. And the Lord said unto him, go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh, and that cry, for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof. And to the others he said in mine hearing, Ezekiel speaking, go ye after him through the city, and smite:  let not your eyes spare, neither have you pity:  Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women:  but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary, then they began at the ancient men which were before the house.


We are on page 3 of your pamphlet. The Son of God instructs the female Adam, verse 3A. As you can see, I have interspersed verses 3 and 4. I think I will read you the whole of verses 3 and 4, and then we will go back. Now the cherubim were standing on the right side of the house when the Shekinah, the Cloud of the Divine Presence, went into the man wearing the priestly clothing, and the Shekinah satisfied Cain, the emotional animal that is in prison, and Adam, Jehovah's opinion, arose within the man, and went up above the cherub that is above the threshold of the house. And the Son of God, the mate of the Shekinah, the Cloud of the Divine Presence, illuminated Adam, Jehovah's opinion, saying join your seed to Abel, the inner part of the emotional animal that is in prison, which will fulfill Jehovah's promise to Abraham, that he would have a son. And when the whole Adam, the voice of almighty God, spoke, the animal soul, the garment of the cherubim, heard him as far away as the outer wall of the prison, and obeyed his voice. In case you do not know it, brethren, we are in prison.


Footnote number 11:  Now, the cherubim were standing on the right side. Now back to verse 3 A at the top of page 3. Traditionally, the cherubim, which are out of Malkhut, who is judgment, are on the left side of the house. The cherubim, being on the right side, signifies the merciful judgment that appears when Binah, the Supernal Mother, is joined to her son. Brethren, mercy is in Tiferet, the middle column, the Son of God and Tiferet in the heart center. The Kabbalists say that the son sweetens the judgment of the mother. Binah's judgment is pretty severe. Binah, without the mercy of the son, her judgment is pretty severe. She flows down into this world through Gevurah, which is harsh judgment. It is pretty severe, so we want the judgment of the son. We want him forgiving our sins, and having mercy on us, and only inflicting upon us the judgment that is necessary to bring our thinking in synch with Adam's opinion, because righteous Adam's opinion is what is going to save our life. It is all in the way we think, brethren. We want the judgment that will change our mind, not destroy us.


Now, the cherubim were standing on the right side of the house. Now, we are the house. We are the house. Jerusalem, the city of God, is our soul inside of us. Our physical body is the house. Just in case it is not clear to you, when you see what looks like a footnote in parenthesis, that means it is a footnote that has already appeared. If you want to see the footnote for the Shekinah, that is number 2. You have to go back and look for footnote number 2, which is on page 1. If you see a footnote number without parentheses, that means the footnote should be on the same page. Now, the cherubim were standing on the right side of the house when the Shekinah, the Cloud of the Divine Presence went into the man wearing the priestly clothing. The Shekinah satisfied Cain, the emotional animal that is in prison. Now, Cain is inside of us. Cain is our emotions. Every evil thing is in our emotions, brethren. Cain is responsible for envy. Cain is responsible for rejection. Cain is responsible for every evil emotion.


If you ever have had a dog or a cat, more likely a dog than a cat, you can see all of these emotions in your animal; possession, anger, rage, jealousy, rebellion. I do not know about pride in a dog. I do not know about that, but certainly rebellion and anger. Once my dog was so mad at me, I thought his eyes turned red. He was just really mad at me because he thought I preferred the cats. Actually, I put the dog outside, and the cats were in the house, and he was just really jealous of those cats. I had three cats at the time. He would eat all their food, and leave his bowl filled up to the top, and he would eat all the cat's food. He was there first, and he really thought that he deserved special treatment. I had a German shepherd, so they would go through his legs, and under his body, and torment him. Oh well, I miss my dog. Someday I will have another dog, if the Lord lets me. Right now, there is no room for a dog, and no time to take care of one.


Now the cherubim was standing on the right side of the house where merciful judgment came down. We see that the only reason the Shekinah is giving merciful judgment is because she is joined to her son, and that they are both present in Malkhut. The Shekinah is on the left side. She is Binah on the left side, but her son is Tiferet in the heart center, and they come together, and they are appearing together in kingdom, in Malkhut. They become one, Elohim and merciful judgment. The cherubim were standing on the right side of the house where the Shekinah, the Cloud of the Diving Presence went into the man. Something has to come into us, brethren. Now listen. The man is wearing priestly clothing. He already has a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is his priestly clothing. This is something new. This is not the Holy Spirit coming in. This is something beyond the Holy Spirit coming in. I call it the Spirit of Christ. The Shekinah satisfied Cain, so that is a spirit that is not the Holy Spirit. Brethren, the Holy Spirit in the church comes out of Malkhut; daughter.


Remember that the Lord Jesus Christ can manifest any one of the 10 Sefirot of the God World of Atzilut that He wants to. He just presses the button, and that Sefirot is activated in your life. The Holy Spirit, as the church knows it, is the Spirit that comes out of the daughter of Malkhut, kingdom. It is not the Holy Spirit that the Jews talk about, which is the spirit of the mother that comes out of Binah, a much higher place. The Shekinah is not only the mother, it is the mother and the daughter combined. We have the Holy Spirit, as the church knows it, which comes out of Malkhut, the daughter. The Holy Spirit, as I believe the Jews know it, comes out of Binah. Then we have the Shekinah, which is the two of them together, which is pretty strong judgment. I would not want to be meeting the Shekinah without the Lord Jesus Christ by my side. She does not tolerate sin. The women do not tolerate sin, brethren. There is no tolerance for it at all. All of the compassion is in the male.


The Shekinah is the mother and the daughter. We read in a previous verse that the son was present also in Malkhut, so Cain the emotional animal, is satisfied. When I first came to the Lord, I did not know anything when I walked into a room that was filled with the Holy Ghost. It was so healing to my emotions that I thought that I had entered into heaven. It was that healing to my emotions. I spent five years getting my emotions healed under that anointing. That is what we are talking about here. The Shekinah satisfied Cain. Those wounded emotions that get healed are the emotions of the emotional animal.


Footnote number 12; The outpouring of the Shekinah satisfies Cain's female emotions and Abel's desire for spiritual doctrine. I added that in. Footnote 12 is really just talking about the female emotions, but I added in the other side. The Shekinah is the same principle that I have been talking to you about for years. The Shekinah is the same. When she comes into you, if your emotions need healing, it heals your emotions. If Abel is active in you, if Abel is conscious and stirred up, and he is hungry for doctrine, the Shekinah brings him doctrine. If Abel is not stirred up in you, then the Shekinah will not bring you doctrine. The Shekinah feeds the birds that want the food, so Abel is the bird in you. Abel is the sparrow in you, as Jesus called him, that are peeping for food, and that food is spiritual doctrine. If the Holy Spirit has not awakened Abel in you, and you have no desire for the word, because you are satisfied with the move of the Spirit only, then the Shekinah in your life will not provide food. You have to take it. She can bring it there, hanging it there, but if you do not rise up and take it, you will not have it. If Abel in you is not stirred up, you will not rise up and take it. The Shekinah is the source of both the healing of your wounded emotions and your desire for spiritual food.


I find that people that start to develop this desire for spiritual food are never satisfied. In my case, it became a lust. Even today, I really cannot get enough of it. I just love it. The more highly spiritual it is, the more I love it. It just grabs something in me. We need to know that we are the prisoners that Jesus was talking about. It is nice that you go visit the people that are physically in jail. A lot of ministries have a prison ministry. That is a very good thing, but Jesus was speaking beyond that. We are all in prison. We are all souls that are in prison. Our human spirit is in prison, and our soul is in prison.


Footnote number 13. The English word prison is a variation of the Hebrew word translated court, which means enclosed place. The Spirit that satisfies Abel, the male seed, also imprisons Cain, the female emotions. The Shekinah satisfies Cain, which calms his animal aggression, cleanses him, and then adopts him. Adoption is union with righteousness, which imprisons the animal nature. It is the animal nature that is imprisoned. As long as our animal nature is influencing our lives at all, we are being imprisoned by those emotions, and we need that which imprisons us, to be imprisoned, so that we can be set free. We are imprisoned by our lusts. We are told that we are corrupted in this world through lust, and that is not just sexual lust. It is lust for all kinds of things; lust to control people, lust to possess things, lust to go places, lust to do things, anything that we desire that is not God. Anything that comes out of our fallen nature is a lust. Does that make you bad? No, it does not make you bad, but we need to control the lusts of this flesh. Of course it does include sex, appetite for food, drugs, alcohol, and whatever this flesh likes to take in. It needs to be controlled by a righteous mind, whether it is lust for coffee, lust for sweets, or lust for bread. It has to be controlled by a righteous mind.


Brethren, this body that we live in, and the fallen soul, is a bottomless pit. It will never be satisfied. It will never be satisfied. You can be lusting for something, desiring for something with your whole being, and when you get it, you will want something else. It is Sheol. It is the bottomless pit. There is a Scripture that says hell hath enlarged itself. As soon as you think you are satisfied, you will be wanting something else. You will never be satisfied, and if you yield to these lusts of your flesh, and of your mind, you will ultimately be destroyed. The only lust that will not destroy you is the lust for God, the lust for the things of God, and lust for the word of God. One of the first things that the Lord taught me was about lust. He showed it to me through the prophet Zephaniah. It was about lust for anything, but I think the way it came out was if you have a sexual lust. If you are married, and your mate does not satisfy you, adultery is not the answer. If you cannot get enough of anything, it means that there is something in your soul that is not satisfied. Instead of seeking to satisfy that lust, whatever it might be, turn to God. If you are working all the time, and not ministering to your family, lusting for money, lusting for sex, lusting for food, lusting for anything that you are overdoing in your life, there is a spiritual root to your need that can only be satisfied by the Spirit of God. Put all that other stuff away and serve God. Serve God and you will be satisfied. That is the principle here.


We simply are lust. Behemoth is lust. We do not know much about Behemoth, but we read about Behemoth in Job 42. Behemoth is our animal nature, the lust of our animal nature. She is described in the book of Job as just languishing in the marsh like a hippopotamus. Some preachers say she is a hippopotamus. Did you ever see pictures of hippopotami? They are just in the water. They hardly move, and they just put the water over their head in reeds, and they are just really slow. That is our animal nature, that just wants that feel good lust, and to satisfy oneself. There is nothing wrong with it because that is who we are. But if you do not control that, if you do not monitor that with your righteous mind, it will destroy you. You will be destroyed, however that lust is manifesting, in whatever way it is manifesting.


You cannot live out of the lusts of the flesh and prosper. You can only prosper when you live out of the mind that serves God, and monitors your human needs, so that you are not destroyed by them, for so long as you can have them. Because as we all know, Jesus said there is no marrying or giving in marriage in heaven, and that is not just talking about marriage. It is talking about any lust that you could possibly have when you are absorbed into the kingdom of God. Lust will not be there anymore. Praise the Lord. You do not want to hear that, right? But it is true anyhow.


We are up to 4A. And Adam, Jehovah's opinion. That is where we originally saw Jehovah's opinion that we actually got out of the Interlinear Text. Jehovah's opinion arose within the man, and went up above the cherub that is above the threshold of the house. We are the house, and the threshold of the house means the exterior of the house. I think I have a footnote on that. Threshold is footnote 14.


I had a Scripture here for footnote 13 that I did not read to you, talking about the prisoners of the animal nature. It is Paul speaking. Ephesians 4:1; I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called. Paul called himself a prisoner of the Lord. What did he mean by that? For years I always thought what that meant was he was in the service of the Lord, and he was just going wherever God sent him, but I think it means more than that. I think he was talking about his animal nature and his humanity who was completely in prison. Brethren, to serve God the way Paul served God, your fallen nature has to be in prison. One of your natures has to be in prison. Either your fallen nature is in prison, or the nature of God in you is in prison. Now, whichever one is in prison eventually dies. The trick is to acquire Christ Jesus. or to have him acquire us, and to put our fallen nature in prison. Eventually, our fallen nature will die. Paul calling himself a prisoner of the Lord meant not only that he was evangelizing, and doing whatever God wanted him to do, but that his humanity was imprisoned. That should be our ultimate desire. I do not know that Paul achieved it to that degree or not. Brethren, the day that we achieve that, that our fallen nature is completely imprisoned, we would be perfect. Jesus achieved that, that his fallen nature was complete imprisoned, in that he was without sin, because all sin is in the fallen nature. It has to die. Before it dies, it has to be imprisoned and then slain.


We are still in 4A. And Jehovah's opinion arose within the man and went up above the cherub that is above the threshold. He went above the cherub that is above the threshold. Now, one cherub is in our mind, and facing upward, and the other cherub is facing downward. Its head is attached to the cherub in our mind, and its feet are attached to Malkhut of the God World of Atzilut. Adam, Jehovah's opinion, went up above the threshold of the house, and above the cherub that is above the threshold. The cherub is descending out of Malkhut. Adam, Jehovah's opinion, went up above Malkhut. Now the Malkhut is in the middle column, and Tiferet and Yesod of the middle column had descended into Malkhut. We are talking in terms of authority, not necessarily in terms of position. Adam, Jehovah's opinion, arose to a spiritual place above the grade of Malkhut, which is Tiferet, who is residing inside of Malkhut. In Tiferet is the mother, and the Son, and Gevurah; judgment. The mother judgment, Gevurah judgment, and the Son sweetening that judgment. Adam's opinion arose above Malkhut. In other words, presented itself to the Son. We will see in the subsequent verses that Adam, which is Christ Jesus, in you and me, ascended up into the God World of Atzilut and presented itself to its husband, actually, because Christ Jesus in us, or adam in us, is the female adam. He is the consort, or the bride, or the wife of the Son of God, Ze'ir Anpin.


We read in the Scripture about an ascension. In the book of Thessalonians, we are told that we have to get to that high place, the place from which we are going to be caught up. We have to meet the Lord in the air. We have to get to the aerial center. The Lord is not going all the way down into our lower centers. If you want a union with the Lord Jesus Christ, you have to get up into your heart center. We preached that for a long time when we were preaching the doctrine of Christ. You have to get up into your heart center. That issue resurrected in this ministry. I do not know that I preached on it. I certainly was speaking to a couple of people about it. It resurrected its head in this ministry in recent weeks, so let me review it for you. I review it in terms of Kundalini. Someone got upset when I said Kundalini. They said why are you talking about Kundalini?


It is because this doctrine, which I am about to tell you, I had never heard it preached in the church. I am the first one, that I know of, that preaches it in the church. It is one of the principles of Hinduism that the Lord taught me. He said to me, I am going to teach it to you, and you are going to take the Godly part of it, and you are not going to take the ungodly part of it. The teaching, or the doctrine of Kundalini is that there is an energy source at the base of our spine. I do not know about you, but I never heard that taught in the church. It is not something that was put upon us, but we are born with an energy source that exists, and is sleeping at the base of the spine. It really is Cain and Abel. It is the mortal foundation of our universe. A member of the ministry said to me, why do you not say Cain and Abel? Because the doctrine is Hindu.


If you do not want me to say Kundalini, I will say Cain and Abel, but this teaching is kundulini. I am just saying Kundalini to help you to relate. I want you to understand it. I will use whatever words necessary for you to understand it. There is an energy source that resides at the base of your spine. It is Cain and Abel. It is our mortal foundation, and they are sleeping. Certainly, Abel is sleeping. I am not sure about Cain, but Abel is definitely sleeping. I guess Cain is sleeping too, unless you are spiritually active. If you are engaged in some spiritual activity, not of God, then Cain would be active. Now, if you want an example of what you need to experience, you need to learn this. You see, everybody is born with this. Abel needs to be awakened. I have been talking to you about that for a long time. Abel needs to be awakened for our potential for godly spirituality to be experienced. He needs to be awakened, and he needs to ascend into our heart center, because that which is of the God world that comes down to join with us, will not go below the heart center. Unclean spirits are below the heart center. Unclean lusts and other powers of the body lie below the heart center. We need to get our spirituality up above the heart center. Abel in us has to rise into the heart center where he will become eligible to be latched onto by the Son of God, or Ze'ir Anpin coming down, or by the cherubim. At the moment, I am not sure exactly which two are correct. I guess the answer is the cherubim.


According to the doctrine of Kundalini, the Hindus that practice this, use machinations to get that energy center to wake up and to rise. What are machinations? They use breathing techniques. They will hold one nostril, and breathe through the other nostril. They put themselves into physical positions, and all kinds of gyrations to get into spiritual positions. Do you know what that yoga is all about, brethren? Do you know what it is, getting into all of these twisted positions? It is getting your body into a position that will clear the pathway for that energy source to rise in you. Did anybody know that? That is what yoga is all about. The Hindus know that it is a spiritual Serpent inside of you. It does not look like a Serpent. It is a spiritual Serpent. It is an energy source. It is called the Serpent because it is supposed to be twisted in that dormant position, all twisted up in a circle like a serpent. I have not seen it.


Whether you are raising your spirituality for the Serpent, or whether you are raising your spirituality for the Lord Jesus Christ, it is the same principle. The energy source that you are born with has to rise out of the lower centers. Just as I told you, all of the worlds below Atzilut are created worlds. Beriah, Yetzirah and Assiyah are created worlds. From Atzilut and above are worlds that are simply the Spirit of God through Adam Kadmon. They are not created. There is a separation in our body because our body is a microcosm of the whole spiritual world. Everything below the heart center is in one category, and from the heart center upward is another category. When we first starting teaching here, we did a lot of work in Genesis, and we talked about the days of creation, and the upper waters and the lower waters; the upper waters being the waters of God and the lower waters being the urine of Satan. Everything below the heart center belongs to Satan in our bodies. Everything below the heart center belongs to Satan in our bodies. Abel, the human spirit that is being rescued, has to be awakened, and he has to rise into the heart center.


The heart center is like a plateau. It Is a firmament. The heart center is a firmament within this body, and that energy called Abel, has to pierce into it. Once Abel pierces through that firmament into the heart center, if he tries to drop down, he hits a floor. He hits that firmament, and he cannot fall down any further, but it could take many times of stirring him up. That is what the Holy Spirit, and the church is all about. It is an anointing that is poured out upon you that is supposed to be stirring up Abel in yourself. But, brethren, only the word of God will pull him through that firmament so that he can abide in your heart center and not fall down again. I do not believe he can get up there without the word of God. Now how much of the word do you need? I had that ascension when I was in the doctrine of Christ, so every time your spirituality stirs up, he is hitting that firmament. He may not be piercing through, and then he just falls back down again, until the next time you engage in a spiritual activity. We all have to have that experience where Abel has to pierce through into the heart center.


When Abel pierces through into the heart center, that is where he becomes Christ Jesus. We have a lot of teaching on that. He stands on the dry land in the heart center. I think I did preach on this just the other day, and I told you that I believe it is the fulfillment of the Hebrew children crossing the Red Sea. They had that experience. Did they actually cross a sea of reeds? The Scripture does not say Red Sea. It says sea of reeds, the sea where lust is. They had to pass over from the lust of the flesh into the spiritual life. Maybe both happened. Maybe the sea did stand up on its side and they ran through. But I prefer to believe that they had a spiritual experience, that Pharaoh, that was chasing them, was their carnal mind, that was telling them to be afraid, and drawing them back. They had a spiritual experience in which Moses stirred up their spirituality and Abel pierced through. Moses did a miracle. He prayed a miracle. He waved his rod, and that firmament that was solid, that they could not break through, that ceiling, that it opened up, and they went running through. Then as soon as they got through, each man in his own order, that opening closed. Now to get to the opening of the firmament, the borderline of the heart center, they had to enter into the spiritual plane.


You know what I would liken it to? I would liken it to the World of Beriah. I have told you all, that in order to get to Beriah, where the Tree of Life is, we have to pass through Yetzirah, where all the demons are. I had a woman who did not last in this ministry very long. She was calling me from Florida, actually. She wanted to know what was going on in her life. I think she was reading some of the material, and she was having some upheaval in her life. I told her it is all the demons attacking you. I said, you are piercing into Yetzirah. She said, I do not want to pierce into Yetzirah. I want to pierce into the kingdom of God. I said the kingdom of God is on the other side. You have to go through the demons first. You have to go through all of these demons, and all of these oceans, all of these grades of Yetzirah, to get to the Tree of Life. She did not last very long. She did not make it. I do not think she was having such bad experiences, but she just did not make it.


In order to get to the exterior of the Sefirah, if you want to think of the heart center as a circle, a Sefirah in the midst of you. In order to get to the exterior of the heart center that you have to break through, the heart center representing Beriah in our own bodies, you have to start penetrating into and through Yetzirah. Pharaoh and all of his armies chasing after these Hebrew children were a way of expressing all of the obstacles of piercing through Yetzirah to get to the door that would let you into the World of Beriah, where the Tree of Life is. Am I losing anybody here? That means, at the time that the Hebrew children had Pharaoh hot on their heels, they had Pharaoh both in their own minds and Pharaoh in other Hebrews, that were trying to stop them from going forward. They were all spiritually ascended. The Hebrew children that were truly seeking to escape, and being pursued by Pharaoh in their own mind, and the Hebrew children that were chasing them who were saying come back. You cannot make it. You are going to fail. My husband, come back. My wife, come back. My daughter, come back. My son, come back. Come back, come back, you are going to be destroyed. Do not do it. Come back, or I am going to cut off your allowance. I am going to do this, I am going to do that. They were chasing them, maybe physically trying to stop them from going forward. They were all spiritually ascended in Yetzirah, and the Hebrew children looked back, and there was that firmament that they could not get through. They were hitting a ceiling.


Did you ever see some mystery movie, where a man and a woman are locked in a room, in a watertight room, and someone turns the water on, and the water is rising. The water is rising, and their head is just above the water, and the ceiling is above them, and they are going to drown. Then at the last minute the hero comes in, and the water goes out of the room. That is the condition they were in. They had all of the demons in Yetzirah behind them, however that was manifesting, and they could not make it in to their heart center because of that ceiling that they could not break through. Moses raised up his rod bringing down the spiritual power that was already in the heart center, and above, and the door opened, and the Hebrew children, in their mind, raced through into the heart center. Then the opening closed, and their own demons, so to speak, Pharaoh in themselves, who was trying to stop them, was locked out.


They were delivered from their own negativity, and the actual Hebrew Egyptians that were chasing them could not get through, and they were trapped in the World of Yetzirah, and we are told that they were destroyed. They were trapped in Yetzirah. What does that mean? They were spiritually ascended, and the door closed, and the protection from above closed. That means all the demons in Yetzirah closed in on them and destroyed them. Now maybe they died physically, but they did not have to die physically. They died spiritually, but maybe they died physically too. Maybe the demons of Yetzirah came and destroyed them. I do not know. I just know the spiritual root of what happened, that the Hebrew children, by a miracle, passed through into the dry land on the other side of the exterior of the heart center.


They passed through dry shod. What does that mean? Those of you might remember who were here, that we had a lot of teaching on it, that the heart center has two sides to it. One side is the ascended sea of Satan, and the other side is the dry land that Adam rules over, the dry land. They passed through into the dry land, the side of the heart center with the dry land, the island that stood above the sea, the mountain that stood above the sea. Everyone else that was spiritually ascended that was not allowed in, because God closed the door on them, they were destroyed by the demons, however that played out. They were destroyed by the entities that were there. In other words, brethren, we cannot ascend into the spiritual plane without permission from God. I have talked to you about this a lot. It is the concept of PARDES. If we ascend into the spiritual planes without the permission of God, there are powerful entities there that come to destroy us.


Remember, three out of the four rabbis that ascended were destroyed. One of them went insane. One of them lost his life. What happened to the third one? At the moment, I do not recall. Only one ascended in peace and came out in peace. Those that were pursuing with a wrong heart, were destroyed in their spiritual ascension by the entities, or the angels that guard those realms, and they very well may have died or gone insane. That is the dry shod, the dry part of the heart center. Brethren, that is such an exciting revelation. This is just so exciting. Do you realize that it is happening to us now? It is just that when you talk about spiritual experiences in these esoteric terms, they are so exaggerated compared to our human experiences. Although they are not really exaggerated, because it is really happening that way in the spirit, but to our carnality, to our human experience, it is hard to relate to it, but that is what we are experiencing. That is what our human spirit is experiencing. That is what our soul, our righteous soul, is experiencing. What do we experience? We experience pressure, just pressure, and people giving us a hard time in the world, or dreams at night. I do not know what has been going on. I have been dreaming every night, and I do not know what is going on. Something is going on. That is all that we experience. Who knows what is happening?


Who knows whether I am crossing over, or I am assisting somebody else that is crossing over. Brethren, people are crossing over. We need to cross over to the other side. You have to get to the place where these descending cherubim can touch you. The way you cross over is through Christ Jesus. This is not different than everything else that I have been teaching you. Everything is reconcilable. The one that is crossing over, your safety net, is Christ Jesus. The way I preached it years ago was your boat that is bringing you safely through Yetzirah into the heart center, is Christ Jesus. Our soul and our human spirit, wrapped in Christ Jesus, is going up. That is what all your stress, your struggles, and your warfare is about. He is ascending, and he is being attacked.


It is likened unto the Hebrew children that came out of Egypt and how they just wanted to get to Canaan land. They did not want to fight with anybody. They said, just let us through to all these Canaanite nations; just let us through. We will not take anything from you, or if we need something, we will pay you for it. Just let us get through to the other side, and the answer was, no, we will not let you get through to the other side. We have all of this warfare in peoples' minds, Pharaoh in the minds of the people that know us, and Pharaoh in our own mind. Warfare from the Egyptian and the king of Egypt, and the Egyptians and Pharaoh in our mind, and the Pharaoh, and the Egyptians and the Egyptian king in the minds of the people you know. They may not even be saying a word to you, but they do not like what you do, or they are jealous of what you do. They do not wish you well, and that is Pharaoh in their mind. When they sleep, only God knows what he is doing. We have to be careful not to become paranoid, but I am just telling you the truth. I think that if we actually saw the degree of the forces coming against us, we would be terrified. Of course, in Christ Jesus, we can do all things, but the opposition is intense. Then once you get to the other side, you have to strengthen your brothers and get them through. The whole time, the God World of Atzilut, through the Son of God, and through Malkhut, is joining itself to our mind through the kinds of things that I am saying to you, and the Spirit that is saying it to you through me.


Christ Jesus in us, which is Adam, Jehovah's opinion in us, ascended above Malkhut to the authority of the Son of God of Atzilut, went up, made it through to the heart center and then climbed up through its contact with the cherubim. It is Christ Jesus, in us, that is ascending. He has permission. When he reached the Son of God, the mate of the Shekinah, the mother married to her son, the Son of God illuminated, or educated Adam, or Christ Jesus. Incest is legal in the spiritual world. We are staying with the terms of Ezekiel, but we know him to be Christ Jesus, Adam, Jehovah's opinion. The Son of God, Ze'ir Anpin, the Lord Jesus Christ of the God World of Atzilut spoke. First of all, you have to get the zygote so that you get Christ. Christ has to mature into Christ Jesus, which means he needs the four grades of soul. He needs the fourth grade of soul to fly up there, the fourth grade of soul which is the eagle, which is the spirit of life. That is the mother. That is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is everything. The Lord Jesus Christ is every personality of the God World of Atzilut to us. Christ Jesus has to develop the three grades of soul in you. How? Through studying the doctrine of Christ, confessing your sins, and getting delivered from them. You have to give them up. You have to confess them and stop doing them. You develop the Nefesh, the Ruach, and the Neshamah of Christ Jesus, and then he meets with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is the spirit of life, the higher level of soul, the fourth level of soul, who gives him the power to ascend. How does Christ Jesus ascend up into the God World of Atzilut? Only through a union with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Brethren, that is what is happening right in this meeting. Christ Jesus, in you, to whatever to degree you have him, anywhere from one to three grades of Christ Jesus, the Lord Jesus Christ is in this message, and my words are Spirit, and my words are life. The Lord Jesus Christ is touching you through my voice, and he is drawing close to Christ Jesus in you, wherever you are in your individual programs, giving him the power to ascend upward. Actually, he is coming down. This is how it is being done. Christ Jesus, in you, is risen to hear me preach. Do you think the kind of thoughts that you are thinking here? Do you think this is an everyday thing? Do you think this as you are walking down the street? No. This message that I am preaching has stimulated Christ Jesus in you, and he has risen, and he is meeting with the Lord Jesus Christ in this meeting right now.


It says here that Adam, Jehovah's opinion, arose within the man, went up above the cherub that is above the threshold. He is rising in you right now. He has come out of his natural place. Christ Jesus, in you, has risen above the place where he normally resides, above the threshold of the house. The Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the mate of the Shekinah; the Lord Jesus is both. He is the Shekinah, and he is the Son of God, because together they make Elohim. The Son of God and the Shekinah together make Elohim; God. God is here today. Christ Jesus alone in us is not God. You have to be joined to the Lord Jesus to have God manifesting through you. The Son of God, the mate of the Shekinah, the son married to the mother, the Cloud of the Divine Presence. That is who is here today, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God married to the mother. The Lord Jesus Christ is being married to Ze'ir Anpin. He is everything of the God World of Atzilut. He is every possible combination, and he is here to illuminate Adam, Jehovah's opinion, in you.


Is that not what is happening right now? Are you not being illuminated? Is Christ Jesus in you not receiving instruction on what to do, and how to go forward with your spiritual experience? Brethren, that is what this is talking about. It is what is happening right here, right now. The anointing is here. Christ Jesus in you has responded. I know he has responded, or I would feel your opposition. The Lord Jesus is here, the combined mother and son. Elohim, God, is here. Christ Jesus in you has risen. The Lord Jesus is instructing him through my voice, and you are being told what you need to do. He wants you to escape from Egypt. I do not know that there is anything more than what he is doing that he could do.


Footnote 14 is threshold, the outermost edge of the man, the physical body. I have told you many times that when we gather together here, that your spirit ascends beyond your body, and that all of our spirits together form a big cloud that is not visible. We are told in the book of Corinthians about a cloud of witnesses. I am not sure whether it is our soul too. At least, our human spirit has ascended beyond our body, just like the inner light and the outer light. Christ Jesus has become outer light. He is ascended outside of our body, or into our aura, however you want to perceive it, and we have one collective cloud. It is not only in this room, it is over this whole building. It is over this whole condominium probably. We are all one in the spirit. It is that incense that has gone up. Brethren, this meeting is a prayer. My preaching is a prayer. Your receiving of what I am preaching is a prayer. As you pray in your heart, as you hear what I am saying, that you want this, those are prayers that are going up. Everything we are reading about is happening right here, in this meeting, as you sit there silently listening to me. The outermost of the threshold is the outermost edge of the man, the physical body.


Footnote number 15 at the bottom of page 3. Ze'ir Anpin, the Son of God, was descended into Malkhut with the Shekinah, his mother. I have told you this already. Ze’ir Anpin, the Son of God, was joined to his mother. Ze'ir Anpin, the Son of God, was descended into Malkhut with Shekinah, his mother, and they were above the cherubim who extended from Tevunah of Malkhut. In this meeting, Christ Jesus, in you, has ascended higher than his natural state in you. I know that I have told you that many times. Christ Jesus, in you, is ascended higher than he is able to ascend in you when you are home alone praying. Ze'ir Anpin, the Son of God, or the Lord Jesus Christ, is instructing Christ Jesus in you, Jehovah's opinion, and this is what he tells him to do. Join your seed to Abel, the inner part of the emotional animal. That is interesting. Join your seed to Abel, the inner part of the emotional animal. I explained here that, that is a mind.


Footnote number 16. The Son of God joined to Christ, Adam's renewed, virile male seed, which is capable of overcoming Cain and producing a manchild. The Son of God joined Christ to Abel within the man clothed with righteousness. The reason I am hesitating is that I would think that we had this experience already. I do not want to hold you up while I think it through. I would not think that this experience would come at this point. I would like to believe that we already have the seed of Christ. Join your seed to Abel, the inner part of the emotional animal that is in prison. Maybe it is just instruction, saying your seed. Maybe he is illuminating you. He is telling you that it has already happened to you. I just have to rephrase that. He is illuminating Abel. Exactly as I am just telling you now, that everything that is in this translation is happening to you right now. You are being illuminated. I am telling you what has already happened to you. The seed of the Lord Jesus has been joined to Abel. I am going to have to rephrase that. In case you do not realize what happened, I just got some revelation here that is altering this translation. I just have to pray about how I am going to phrase it. What is happening is that Adam, in you, Christ Jesus in you, is being illuminated, and you are being told that this has already happened to you, that the seed of the Lord Jesus has been joined to the inner part of your emotional animal. This is what has happened to you.


Footnote number 17; the inner part. There is only one mind in mankind. Brethren, we are talking about mind. We are talking about getting the mind of God, and increasing, and growing that mind of God. There is only one mind in mankind, but that mind vacillates between two states, righteous and unrighteous. The mind of mankind is called the carnal mind, in its unrighteous state. The mind of mankind is called the mind of Christ, or the mind of God, in its righteous state. The human spirit is the foundation, or the inner part of the mind. The carnal mind is the human spirit dressed in the animal soul. The mind of God is the human spirit dressed in the Neshamah, the spiritual, intellectual soul of God. Ephesians 4:23 says; Be renewed in the spirit of your mind. There is only one spirit, and depending on the soul that it is dressed in, you are either in your carnal mind or in your Christ mind.


The Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, is illuminating Christ Jesus in you, telling you that this is what needs to happen to you. If you are struggling with the mind of Christ, if you are struggling understanding things, you need to know that what the problem is, is that the animal soul is wrapped around your human spirit, so that the soul of God cannot get to it, and we are talking about a warfare. Join your seed, or your seed is joined, or my seed is joined, or I would like to join my seed to the inner part of your emotional animal that is in prison. Like I said, I have to pray about that. Maybe it should be translated your human spirit is in prison, and I cannot join my soul to your human spirit because your animal soul is wrapped around it. When I do that, when I succeed at penetrating into your prison, and bringing forth the mind of Christ in you, that will be a fulfillment of Jehovah's promise to Abraham that he would have a son. I think I looked at this this morning, and I am missing a Scripture here.


Footnote number 18. Now this is Jehovah's promise to Abraham. Genesis 15:4; And, behold, the word of the Lord came unto him, saying, this shall not be thine heir; but he that shall come forth out of your own bowels shall be your heir. So you see that the temporary manchild that is present right now, or the man child that is in me, that is not going to be your heir. You will have your own manchild. By the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, you are the descendants of Abraham, and you will bear your own manchild. You need me to experience what you are experiencing today, but it will not always be this way. It is the very seed of God in your mind, the very seed of God in your universe, that is fighting this warfare to strip your animal soul off of your human spirit, and place the Neshamah of God as the garment of your human spirit. That is the fulfillment of Jehovah's promise to Abraham. The son is the manchild in you, and it will not always be this way, that you will need someone to join with, to experience the manchild. You will bear your own manchild.


We are told in the book of Galatians that Abraham's seed is Christ. Paul said, not seeds, but seed. Abraham's seed; one seed is Christ. We are each getting a cutting, or a drop of that seed, but Christ is not divided. There is only one seed, and that means we are all connected in Christ Jesus when he comes forth. That is when we become more and more spiritual, and psychic, and telepathic, and however else this emergence of the manchild, in each of us, is going to come into existence. But you will not always need to be in a meeting like this to experience what you are experiencing, to experience this anointing. You yourselves will bear the manchild. That is your heritage.


Verse 5. I gave you an exhortation on the whole Adam earlier. The whole Adam, the only mediator between God and man, is the Son of God, Ze'ir Anpin, joined to Christ Jesus, in you, the whole Adam. When the whole Adam, the voice of almighty God spoke or speaks, the animal soul, the garment of the cherubim, heard him as far away as the outer wall of the prison, and obeyed his voice. We have the whole Adam present here today. This is the Son of God joined to Christ Jesus in me and Christ Jesus in you. The voice of Almighty God is the voice of El Shaddai, the name of God associated with the Yesod. That is where the male seed is. That is likened unto the male organ.


Footnote 19. God Almighty is a translation of El Shaddai, the name of God associated with Yesod, the Sefirah that delivers the seed of life to Malkhut, who in turn delivers it to mankind below. Yesod is called the life of the worlds. He is the one that delivers. Now, that is the male organ of the Son of God, the Yesod, and he delivers the seed to Malkhut, which Sefirah is not a part of the Son of God. She is the king that we have contact with. Christ Jesus is the king that gives us the food, the spiritual food. When the whole Adam, the voice of Almighty God, the life of the worlds speaks, the animal soul, which is the garment that wraps around the cherubim, listens. All of these spiritual entities are like layers of an onion all wrapped one inside of the other. The animal soul is the garment all wrapped around the cherubim, which are more to the inside than our human soul.


He is heard as far away as the outer wall of the prison. In other words, no matter how carnal you are, that when it is El Shaddai speaking, you will hear. In other words, it cannot hear someone speaking out of their carnal mind. Neither will you hear it if they are speaking out of Malkhut, but when El Shaddai starts speaking out, the soul, even the most carnal people whose consciousness is as far away as possible from the inner part of their mind, as far away as the outer wall of the prison, will hear what God is saying and obey. I do not know who is speaking today. I know it is the Lord Jesus, but I know he could be speaking through any one of the ten Sefirot, so that is a good question for the Lord Jesus. Where is this preaching coming from? Maybe the reason nobody else outside of this ministry is hearing us is that so far he has just been preaching to us from Malkhut. Does anyone not understand what I just said? Let me do this again. It is important. We are going to end with this verse.


We are being told in verse 5, that when the whole Adam comes into existence, when the Son of God joins with Christ Jesus in the individual, that whole Adam speaks out of the Yesod. Christ Jesus, Adam, is the son. He consists of six Sefirot. He could be speaking out of any one of those six Sefirot, or he could be speaking out of Malkhut, the female. The Yesod, the lowest of the six Sefirot of the son, is likened unto the male organ that holds the seed. He is called the life of the world. He gives the seed of life, from the immortal worlds, to Malkhut, the female, who is Christ Jesus in us, who gives immortality to us in the form of food; this doctrine. We are told that when El Shaddai speaks, the name of God associated with the Yesod, the life of the world, that the most carnal person hears the voice of God and obeys. That means they are listening to this message. We do not have anyone outside of this ministry listening. There are people that go into the website once or 100 times. I do not know who they are. I never hear from them, but it seems like nobody is hearing this message except those of us here. Maybe the reason is that when I preach to you like this, the one that is joining with Christ Jesus in me to preach to you, may be Malkhut of the God World of Atzilut. Malkhut is Christ Jesus. It may be a higher Christ Jesus.


There is a collective Christ Jesus called the body of Christ out there. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? Maybe that is the reason that the message is not going beyond these walls, because it is not the Yesod of the Son of God from Atzilut preaching through me. It is a spiritual thing. Does anyone not know what I just said? This is very exciting because for the Lord to be telling us this, that means Yesod is going to be preaching through me very soon. The Lord does not tell you things like this so that you can say, oh, that is terrible. Now I am going home, and I know the reason the message is not going to anyone else because only Malkhut is preaching through me. He tells us this because there is a change coming that we should know about because He never does anything without telling us first.


We do not always hear him, but He does not do anything without telling us first, so there is a change coming. Yesod of the Son of God is about to enter into our meetings or our writings. I guess it would have to be in the meetings, and start preaching through me. Maybe that is what we are waiting for. Maybe that is the fourth degree of Kabbalah. Maybe that is the practical Kabbalah. It is a power. A power is coming to preach through me from a higher source. When I start preaching by that power, when the power descends into me, the power of El Shaddai, the Yesod of the Son of God, starts entering into these meetings, the message will be heard outside of these walls. Does anyone not know what I just said?


I was wondering why I was preaching this again. I guess I did not get the whole message out. That is a very exciting word. When the whole Adam, the voice of Almighty God spoke, the animal soul, the garment of the cherubim, heard him as far away as the outer wall of the prison and obeyed his voice. The cherubim are going to hear him. That means people outside of these walls that have to have some measure of Christ. I really have to stop and think about that. They have to have some measure of Christ. I have to pray about these whole verses here and see what God is saying. The whole world is not going to hear it, but the next layer of maturity, the next layer down in maturity, is going to hear His voice. That is a very exciting word, brethren.


Once El Shaddai speaks, we are being told that people outside of these walls will hear it. It also could mean that the miracles will start. We are all waiting for some kind of miracle in our life, a healing, or the salvation of a loved one, or something like that. This is interesting to me because I thought differently up until now. This is typical of the carnal mind. We always think that we have something that we do not have. The Lord never really told me what degree of himself is preaching here. I just know that when I preach here, revelation comes forth. It is my understanding that revelation comes forth on the Sabbath day. I know that there is a union between the higher world, and Christ Jesus in me when I preach like this, so that it is called the Sabbath day, and that I am connected to the world above. I am a grade higher than I am when God is doing this. He does not usually do it without you, but He can do it without you if He wants to. I get revelation all the time, but there is something special about preaching like this. It is not coming to me, exactly what it is, at the moment. I just assumed that it was the whole Son of God that was joining here. It never occurred to me to wonder which of the 10 Sefirot that the Lord Jesus has power over, because as I told you, He is the veil, the garment that covers the whole 10 Sefirot of the God World of Atzilut.


It never occurred to me to wonder which Sefirah He is preaching out of. To be honest with you, I think that I thought it was the mother. I think that I thought that it was the Supernal Mother preaching, that it was the Lord Jesus from the grade of Binah preaching here, but apparently I was wrong. It was not the mother. It is not the mother. It is the daughter that has been preaching here. The Son of God from the God World of Atzilut has not even been preaching here yet. It is the daughter. The lowest point of the God World of Atzilut has been joining with Christ Jesus in me to give us these meetings for the last 25 years. Maybe not even the last 25 years, these last years, and we are about to be visited by the Son. How absolutely exciting, brethren.


Get yourself cleaned up, brethren. Confess your sins. Ask the Lord. You may think that you are clean, but you do not know. You do not know. I do not know unless He tells me. Ask Him for the truth about yourself, and about any sins that you might have that need to be dealt with, because all of our sins cannot be dealt with. There is a degree of confession that will need to be manifested in our lives. There is a degree of deliverance for this age, for this experience that God is giving us now. If we want the fullness of that experience, we need to be confessing our sins and being granted repentance. You cannot repent. God has to grant you repentance. If you confess your sins, and you sorrow because of them, to a certain point, God will grant you repentance. No sorrow, no repentance. You may think it is repentance, but what your carnal mind thinks does not matter.


Ask the Lord if you have fulfilled His requirement for this next move of God. The Lord is prophesying the next move of God here. Ask the Lord if you have fulfilled your requirement to receive everything that will be available to the qualified persons, and do whatever He tells you, brethren. Do not miss this. Do not miss this. Well, I do not even think that I can just end this without a prayer. What an exciting time. I am saying, Lord, here I am preaching this again. Here I am preaching this again, and look at what it turned out to be. Lord, I am so excited that I am really speechless. I just would like to thank you. I would like to thank you for this message, and to apologize for thinking that way, that this was just another message of the same thing, Lord. I apologize for thinking that it was not really an exciting meeting today, and that it was all review. I really apologize for that, and ask for your forgiveness. I just am so excited that I do not know what to do with myself. We thank you for what you have prophesied. We thank you for what you are about to do. We thank you for all that you are going to do. We thank you for preparing us, Lord, for showing us our sins, and helping us to sorrow unto repentance, and to be completely qualified for this move of God when it comes. It makes me wonder, Lord, if it is not coming on the Passover. I think Passover is three weeks away on a Saturday. Three weeks from yesterday is Passover, and it is the first blood moon. It is the first of four blood moons that will be appearing between 2014 and 2015. It looks like we have a spiritual experience coming up.




I pray, Lord, that you help us to recognize it when it comes because you said it yourself that the kingdom of God comes without observation, Lord. It is possible that it will be so subtle that we will not recognize it. I pray that we should be defended against disappointment, Lord, because of lack of understanding. We thank you, Lord, for your mercy, for all that you intend to do for us, and that you are doing now. I just pray for everybody in this ministry, Lord, and for myself, that we shall be found worthy, Lord, to receive what you are offering us. If we make a mistake, Lord, that you will not condemn us, but that you will help us by telling us the truth, and giving us the opportunity to make it right. We thank you, Father, in Jesus' name.


I think the Lord is just telling us that you do not have to say it out loud, but just make your prayer requests. Make sure they are Godly prayer requests. If they are not Godly prayer requests, He is just going to reject it. Just make your prayer requests before the Lord.


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