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Here we are broadcasting from Minnesota. I am very happy to be here. Welcome, everybody, to come to my meeting. Thank you very much for inviting me here. OK. The name of the message today is “Gilgamesh,” and I would like to explain to you what Gilgamesh is. We have been studying this in New York for several months, and I do not think that the brethren here have really been up on it. So I am going to do my best to synopsize what has been going on, and I most humbly pray that the Lord gives me the ability to explain this message and to meet your needs, to preach the message that the Lord has for you today in a manner that will be clear and understandable to you.


So Gilgamesh is the name of what is called an epic poem. It is a form of literature. It is called an epic poem. It is considered classic literature because it was written by an unknown Sumerian author, and Sumeria is the f- -- the oldest known -- is the nation that has the oldest known history of recorded history, and apparently Sumeria existed right on this side -- the beginning of c- -- of society on this side of the flood.


What I find very interesting is that the last time I was here we were talking about the Egyptian pantheon, and now we are talking about Sumerian literature. I do not know what that means, maybe that you people here are very spiritual and the Lord is giving me these spiritual messages. I do not know, but it means something. I do not know what it means, though.


  1. OK. So Gilgamesh is the name -- it is a Sumerian name, and it is the name of a man. His name is Gilgamesh, and some unknown author wrote this account of Gilgamesh’s experience. So why are we looking at an epic poem from Sumeria about a man named Gilgamesh? Because it is a poem that is just filled -- it is just based upon and filled with spiritual principles.

Now, I have been teaching you for years that spiritual principles are archetypical. That means they are foundational, and they know no religion. They do not know any religion. They do not know the difference between Sumerian religion, Catholicism, Protestant, Christianity or even Islam. They are foundational spiritual principles that most religions have picked up on to some degree and incorporated into their religions. Religion is manmade. Spiritual principles are not manmade. They are -- they -- spiritual principles are the reality upon which this whole world is founded, and the reality upon which all of humanity is founded.


Now, we had a little conversation before we started recording, and I was telling everybody how most people -- or large numbers of people in the world are trying to find God. Everybody in some way is trying to find God, especially when you -- that day comes that you are faced with a situation that you cannot handle. Everybody is looking for help, and they call out to God.


But it seems that the carnal mind of mortal man is always looking for something to do. What can I do to find God? Where can I go to find God? How do I find God? But the Scripture teaches us that God is a spirit, and the only way to find God is to seek him in the spirit and to look for him as -- in the spirit world, and through the truth.


So what is the truth? There are many lay- -- there is a foundational truth. I call it a primordial truth or archetypical truth, meaning an ar- -- meaning it is an archetype. An archetype is something that is like a subatomic particle. You cannot divide it into anything. You cannot divide it anymore. It is the foundational truth upon which this whole reality or this whole illusion, which this world is, is built -- or reality as we know it, OK. It is based upon a spiritual truth that comes from the creator, and it cannot be divided or chopped or turned or changed in any way.


Truth cannot be changed. Now, it can be expressed in different ways. Different religions -- excuse me, different people will express it different ways, but it is all that kernel of truth, see, and it is very hard to understand. It is like wisdom. Wisdom is impossible to understand, so we have to receive understanding. We have to receive wisdom and understanding because wisdom alone is that kernel of spiritual truth that the human mind cannot comprehend, and in many cases even the mind of Christ cannot comprehend it because the mind of Christ that we have is an immature mind of Christ. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Jesus has the mature mind of Christ. He is no longer in a physical body. So we are very blessed in this ministry in that the Lord has given us permission to go on, and the Scripture says to go on to perfection. So we have an open door, an open channel by which to find God -- to seek God and to hope to find him.


And he has held out the scepter to us. You know, in the Book of Esther, Esther was trying to save the Jewish people from being -- [?by all?] being annihilated, and she went to see the king without permission. She went to see the king knowing that if the king did not hold out his scepter and say, “OK, you can come in,” that she would have been killed immediately by the guards, see.


So we see that everything that happens in this world is just a type, an example, so that we can understand something that is happening in the spiritual world that we cannot see. We have entered into a hallway, and this hallway leads to truth, and God has held out his scepter and said, “OK, you can come on in. Now, you are welcome into my house.” The Lord is saying, “You are welcome into my house, and all of this spiritual food is here, but you have to be able to eat it, and you have to be able to eat it without getting a stomach ache or throwing it back up. You need to be able to eat it and process it, so that it becomes life and truth inside of you,” see.


When we eat physical food, it puts flesh on our body, and we become healthy, hopefully, from eating food. Spiritual food feeds our spiritual man. We have an inner man. OK, the Scripture tells us that we have an inner man and an outer man. So our inner man is a spiritual man, OK, that is fed by spirit and truth, and that inner man has the potential to be joined -- to actually be joined to God, and when that spiritual man inside of us is joined to God, he turns -- he gets truth, and he turns around, and he explains it to us.


So the truth that God has is called wisdom. It is in a form called wisdom that nobody can understand it, and then the inner man that we have, he can receive it, and he ch- -- it is like cooking raw food. He takes the meat, and he cooks it, and he chops it up, and it is like making food for a baby, and then he turns around, and it becomes edible for us.


What is edible spiritual food? It is something that we can understand with your mind. Spiritual food is eaten by the mind, and the spiritual man inside of us starts out as a seed. So most people do not have the seed, and what this message -- well, at least one of the th- -- the issues that I touch on in this message today is why do not people have -- why do not everybody have the seed? Why do we have to receive the seed from outside of ourselves? Today that seed is available from Jesus Christ. In the previous dispensation, that seed came from Jehovah when he gave it to the Israelites, or the Hebrew children, on Mount Sanai.


So why does everybody -- why is everybody not born with the seed? Because initially every human had that seed. What seed? A potential to give birth to a spiritual inner man -- OK, an inner man, another side of us, another dimension of us that is capable of eating spiritual food. That means understanding spiritual food, and that seed has the potential when it is fed to grow up into an invisible spiritual man that lives inside of us, [INAUDIBLE], and the -- our goal is to integrate those two spiri- -- the spiritual man and the carnal man, OK, and become a new creature. The Scripture says we are to become a whole new creature, see, a spiritual man that has a form because right now the spiritual man does not have a form. You cannot see him, see. He is inside of me. He is talking to you right now. I am all that you can see, see.


So there was a time that humanity was born with a viable seed, a seed that could produce life, a seed that could produce a child, a spiritual child, who can grow up into a spiritual man and commune with the creator and g- -- lay hold of wisdom and bring it down and feed it to us [?so?] that we could understand it, so that we can have all of our needs met, and there should be no famine. There should be no hunger. There should be no sickness. There should be no dying. All of this is a perversion -- the fact that people die is a perversion. And I have been hearing a lot over the past year since our movies and TVs have become so corrupted that death is just a part of life, but that is a lie. Death is not a part of life. That is what Buddhism says. Buddhism says that death is a part of life, but the Scripture says that death is an enemy.


What does that mean? If death is an enemy, that means we are to destroy it, to overcome it, to not let it touch us, which means humanity is called to be immortal. We are not supposed to die. We are not supposed to age. We are not supposed to get sick. We are not supposed to die. So something went wrong, see, and what -- the reason that we get sick, age and die is that this spiritual man, who has the ability to receive spiritual truth and give it to us, was killed. He was killed on the other side of the flood in ancient days, a long time ago.


And there was a big tragedy that we know by the name of the Fall, the Fall of Mankind, and now humanity is in a state where we are eunuchs. We are spiritually barren. We cannot produce the child that has the ability to enter into the palace of the creator and give us the spiritual food that will return us to immortality. We are incapable of producing the child. We are barren.


And as you study the Scripture, you will see that that principle is present in the Scripture. You know, Hannah was barren. She could not produce a child. When she produced a child, he became Samuel, the great judge, you know, and Elizabeth, the mother who produced John the Baptist, was barren. When she finally produced a child, she produced a child who was a great man.


So the principle of female barrenness is present in the Scripture, that is, to give us the understanding that all of humanity today is barren. We are lacking our seed because the egg -- well, let me -- all of humanity is spiritually female. It has nothing -- your spirituality has nothing to do with your physical body. So spiritually we are all female, see, and we are all -- we are supposed to be capable of producing this child because the woman is the one that produces the child.


Our soul is female, see. Our soul is female, OK, and so the -- if you want to think of the soul as a woman, so that you can understand this -- a great female soul, much greater than all of us because there is not one soul in each of us. There is one great soul that exists on the spiritual plane that is so great that it has aspects or parts of itself inside of all of us -- one great soul. When you get into a very high spiritual plane, there is just one great soul, and it divides as it comes down into the lower and lower world. And in this world, that one great soul is in all of humanity. Well, today -- but today we are divided. That was before the Fall, and today we are divided.


So this -- I am sorry. I lost my train of thought. Give me a second [?here?]. I will get it back. I was talking about what? This one great soul, OK, is -- what was I trying to tell you? What was I trying to tell you? What was I -- anybody can give me a clue what I was talking about? I stop to explain something, and I get off the track.


One soul? One --


One great soul?




Yeah. That was part of the explanation. OK. So I am trying -- yes, I know what it was. So this one great soul before the Fall, her eggs were stolen. She is like a human woman who has her eggs harvested. Now, everything that happens in the spiritual is reflected in the natural, and we had been hearing things on and off -- rumors on an off for years about aliens capturing human women and harvesting their eggs, you know. So there is this one great female soul who had her eggs stolen, and now she is barren because someone stole her ability to produce the spiritual child that is -- that will connect -- that will reconnect us, the natural man, to the immortal spiritual plane, you see. For us to live forever and be immortal, we must have a connection with immortality. When we connect to immortality, our flesh will experience immortality, and the only one that can do that is this spiritual child. Now, the Scripture tells us that the name of this spiritual child is Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.


So the whole world is looking for God. That is how I started this exhortation, and they are looking by -- out there to do works, but the only way to find God is to go inside of ourselves, to receive the seed, to develop the spiritual man and to do all that we can do to feed this spiritual man, so that he can enter into the palace of the creator, you see, and connect us to immortality because when we are connected t immortality spiritually, we will be immortal.


Now, the mystery is that the Lord Jesus Christ is not the creator. The Lord Jesus Christ is Adam. He is the creation of God, and he is the one who is now connected to the creator. So when the Lord Jesus Christ, through his son Christ Jesus in us, firmly connects and permanently connects to us, we will have access to immortality, and then we have to eat the food that will complete the process of imparting immortality to this flesh.


And I believe that that ability has begun to work just at the very, very beginning of it. The way it works is that the aging process begins to slow down, see, and healing begins. I think we are at the very, very beginning of it. So those of us in the ministry that are more on an age than others, we have this great hope that that door is going to open before the race ends. You see, Paul said we are all running a race. What does that mean? The race is developing the spiritual man inside of us before our body dies because the body is only temporary, you see.


So I am telling you all this to introduce you to our message on Gilgamesh. The story of Gilgamesh is that he lived in Sumeria right after the flood, and his experience is the experience of a spiritual man. His experience is similar -- not the same, but similar to the experience that we are having here or that the Lord is trying to prepare you to have, if you are listening to me.


What is the experience that we are to have? We need to receive the seed from the Lord Jesus Christ because he is the mediator. The Lord Jesus, he is the one that is going to give us what we need to connect us to the creator who is immortal, and then once that channel, that wormhole -- that spiritual wormhole is opened up, which is in our mind -- you see, it is a connection that is in our mind, you see. Once that connection is made, then the food can come down -- the spiritual food can be channeled to our spiritual man, and he can give it to our body, and we will stop dying.


That is the plan. That is the archetype. That is the foundational plan of God. You can express it in any way you want. Maybe the Christians will express it one way, the Muslims will express it another way, the Sumerians will express it another way, the Egyptians will express it another, but that is the foundational truth. There is only one way back to God. We have been separated from the creator who intended us -- always intended us to be immortal. We have been separated from him, and the only way back to him is to bear the child that will -- to bear the child of deity -- to bear a hybrid child, OK, that will be part human and part creator, so that we can be restored to immortality.


You know, for many centuries it was the practice of the European monarchies to marry their children to prevent war. In England and France, if they were always battling with each other, they would send a British princess to marry a French prince in the hopes that there would now be peace because of that marriage and the sovereign that would be born of them, the child that would eventually be king that would be born of them. So that is the principle. We are separated from God. God wants us. The creator wants us because we are part of his creation. He has a vision of a creation which includes a visible image, which is what we are.


So everyone is looking for God, and God is in our mind. God will -- we will find God through our mind. So there -- we were also having this discussion before the camera started rolling that many Christians today seem to think that we find God through the outpouring of his spirit. Now, the outpouring of God’s spirit is an experience. It is an experience with God, but it is not an experience that leads to immortality, see. So we are here with this very deep message, and this is the message for the church. The Lord is starting to deliver it here. The Holy Spirit is an experience with God that can bring healing. It does not guarantee it, but it can bring healing. It can bring deliverance. It certainly makes you -- emotions feel good, but it is not a doorway to immortality, see, and that is what the church world needs to hear.


The church world thinks you die and then you live forever. Well, why would God do that? If the Scripture says that death is the last enemy, why would you have to die before you entered into immortality, and why would you think that the death of the body means that you live forever on the other side? It is all a fantasy that has been made up by people who cannot understand why we still die 2,000 years later. After this wonder -- the wonderful message of the New Testament, why are we still dying? They cannot understand it, so they made up this story that you die after dea- -- that you live forever after death.


And, actually, there is a partial truth to that, you see. The truth is that we are not this body. We are spirit, soul and body. When we re- -- when we have faith in Jesus Christ, when we believe that he is Savior -- OK, he is Savior of the body, OK. When we can believe that, our spirit is saved -- our human spirit is saved, but our human spirit is not our personality. Our personality is when you know I have a spirit, I mean, then you can only see it by discernment. What you see sitting here in front of me was Sheila. My personality is Sheila, see. That is not saved instantly. My spirit is saved instantly. My soul is not saved instantly, and my body is saved last of all. We are saved in stages, you see.


So it is true that as soon as you have faith in Jesus Christ your spirit is saved, but almost everyone that I know of in the church thinks that that means that their soul is saved, but your soul is not saved. The same way your spirit is saved -- it is a different process that saves your soul, and it is a third process that saves your body, see. So we see that the church has so much to learn, and they are unteachable. The Lord has to do something for them. I do not know what, but I am being as faithful as I can be teaching his truth to the few people that he has given me, and I thank God for you all.


So there is a -- see, nothing is as it seems, and nothing is simple. Nothing is simple, see. It is true that your spirit is saved when your body dies, but your soul is not, unless your soul is joined to that spiritual child. In order to save your personality and for you to have a continuous, conscious existence after your physical body dies, your soul -- the personality and the person that I know you as, the one -- the soul that is identified by your name, see, has to be attached to that spiritual child. If the spiritual child has not been born in you and engaged in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, your personality dissolves, you see.


So we need just to try to stay on track with this message. We need an egg. The Holy Spirit carries the female egg that gives the barren woman, which is our soul -- our soul is the barren woman -- this ability to give birth to the man-child. We are told in the Book of Revelation 12 that the -- this woman is giving birth to a man-child, you see. It is a spiritual child. You cannot see it physically. It is not a child that you can hold in your arms, but it is a spiritual child that rises up in your mind and gives you a whole new way of thinking and a whole new ability to understand the truth that is going to attach you to the creator, see.


So Jesus Christ is the first man that has had this experience. He wa- -- he completed the experience. He is the first human to complete the experience. He gave -- he received the seed. He gave birth to the child. The spiritual child grew up to maturity and was joined to the creator. The spiritual food was challenged -- channeled to him, and Jesus of Nazareth was saved spirit, soul and body, and he is the only one we are told -- he is the only begotten Son of God. That is how this truth is expressed. He was the only man that experienced salvation of his spirit, soul and body, and the Scripture calls him the only begotten Son of God.


Everybody that is going to be saved now will be saved by the seed of Jesus Christ, see. Jesus of Nazareth no longer exists. He became the Lord Jesus Christ, and he has seed, see. The eggs were not stolen from him. He has seed. He has the ability to reproduce, so he is -- if you -- I am going to express it this way as a parable, so you can understand what I am saying. He has so many eggs -- the Lord Jesus Christ has so many eggs, that he is letting the Lord harvest his eggs and give them to us in a form of in vitro fertilization.


So we see in this world some women are barren, and they can have the seed of another woman grafted to them, so that they can produce the child. The Lord Jesus Christ has more eggs than he knows what to do with, eggs that will produce the spiritual child which will enable us to marry the creator, and, therefore, enter into the immortal world through the child that we share, [INAUDIBLE], to the human-god child -- part human, part God. And because that child is attached to us, we will be able to enter into the immortal world.


So Jesus is sharing his eggs with us, and that those eggs are delivered in the form of the Holy Spirit, but every egg does not graft, ever egg does not take. If some of you know something about in vitro fertilization, the woman experiencing that, the doctors will graft two, three or four eggs to them because not every egg grows, and in some cases more than one egg grows, and then that woman has triple -- triplets or twins.


So because humanity lost their eggs -- their eggs were stolen, OK, somewhere back in antiquity and we find ourselves barren today unable to return to the immorta- -- or immortal plane, in -- unable to have a relationship with God, unable to make a way for ourself in this world. What everybody needs to know is that everything that we have in this world comes from God because ma- -- humanity in this world is naked. We are naked and ashamed. That is what we are told in the Book of Genesis. Humanity is naked and ashamed. Everything we have is a gift from Jehovah, who has taken mercy on us and decided that he does not want us to die.


So if you think that you can earn a living because of your skill, if you think that you are making your own way, you are mistaken because that skill can be taken away from you. It can be taken away from you in a second. And we really need to know this to stay humble because it is arrogance that brings destruction into our lives. So we really need to know that no matter what talent or skill we have that is enabling us to make money, that we could lose it in a second and that God gave it to us in the first place. So everything that we have comes from God, and that our foundational skills come from God. The only thing that is primordial, the only thing that is an archetype, the only thing that cannot be changed is the Spirit of God in your life that has given you a strong body to work or a strong mind to work, or however it is that you earn your living. It is the Spirit of God in you and upon you that has given you that, or you would not be able to do it. You could be the most powerful person in the world, have a heart attack tomorrow, and you cannot work.


I knew -- I met a man a few years ago. His testimony was that he had a hard life to start with, and everything seemed to go his way. He wound up getting a scholarship to a very good college, and while he was in that college, he was very bright with computers. So he -- and they gave him an opportunity to work for the college. And the bottom line is he wound up with a degree in computer science working for the co- -- for the university in a very high position, making a lot of money, and a tragic -- an utterly bizarre accident happened, and his head was hit at work [?or something?]. I do not even remember what the story was, but there was an accident, a physical accident, and his head was hit, and he lost his ability to understand. He could no longer understand how to do the computer science. And I know this man personally. So he has a very humble life, and he works at a simple job. I mean, work is good. Please, understand what I am saying. He works at what can work at, but he lost his ability to make a lot of money. He lost his ability to work at a job that gave him such pleasure. His mental facility was just lost like that. Something hit him on the head like that. That is it.


So we have to know that everything that we have comes from God, and that it is the grace of God that we have it -- when we wake up in the morning that we still have it, see. The Scripture says his mercies are new every morning. That means we -- now, first of all, we do not know if we are going to open your eyes the next day, and when we do open our eyes that we still have our mind and our physical strength and the ability to acquire food. It is a miracle every morning that the Lord is taking care of us because we are naked and ashamed in this world.


Now, what does ashamed mean? It means that we are separated from God, OK, naked and ashamed in this world, but God has chosen to cover us and have mercy on us. So it is really important that we know that if we want to keep what we have, and if we want to keep what we have and if the -- we want those blessings to pass on to the next generation because it is not at all unusual that when we sin that the judgment does not fall until the next generation, see.


I personally know a young lady who was being very, very rebellious, and it was a big confrontation with her mother, and she was warned. And the mother cried out to Jesus for help, and the young lady -- young teenager looked around and said, “Wow, nothing happened. She called out to Jesus and nothing happened.” And she went about her way, and within 24 hours tragedy fell on her, and she still has not recovered from it.


So let us not be foolish. Let us not walk in fear, but let us walk in a fear which is a holy reverence of God, knowing that we do not possess anything. Everything is his, see. The -- your prosperity is an illusion, see. This lovely house with this beautiful property and everything that we have, it is just an illusion. The truth of the matter is an earthquake could come, a hurricane could come. It could be gone in a second. That is the truth, see. So you do not walk in fear, but you walk in a fear of God, a reverence for God, and knowing what he wants from us, doing our best to find out what he wants from us and to live a godly lifestyle.


So, anyway, that is my introduction to Gilgamesh. Once again, Gilgamesh is the name of a man who existed in Sumeria, the oldest nation that we have a history of, and there is a poem written about him. It is called an epic poem about the man Gilgamesh, and his experience in this poem is a parallel to the experience that I just described for you, and the reason it is not the same as the experience that I just described to you is that his god is not Jehovah. So, actually, there are two reasons why the experience is not exactly the same. His god is not Jehovah, and also he was in a more developed spiritual condition than humanity is in today.


So, Sheila, why are we reading about Gilgamesh who worships another god -- or worshipped multiple gods? They were -- they had -- the Sumerians worshipped many gods. What does that have to do with us? And that is what the church world would be saying to me, is what would that have to do with us. Well, it is a wonderful opportunity to learn because we who are seeking spiritual truth -- and we are seeking primordial truth, foundational truth that is going to build the spiritual man inside of us, see, and when that spiritual man is full-grown in us, we become like a garment that he is wearing because we are his visibility in this world, and he is the doorway. He is our access to permanent prosperity and permanent life.


And there is -- that -- the information that we need that is going to feed us through our mind -- the wormhole by which we contact and are attached to God is our mind, OK. Again, the Holy Spirit makes us feel good. The Holy Spirit delivers the seed to us. The Holy Spirit is the agent of the in vitro fertilization which gives us the seed, which may graft to us and it may not graft to us. It cannot grow -- we cannot produce the child if the seed does not graft.


So there is really no -- there is no Christian -- I am the first preacher, OK, to preach this message. I know it is true because the Lord told me that. I am certainly the first one to put it down on paper[?, you know,?] this message, which is called the doctrine of Christ as to how to contact God and join with him so that our immortality is restored to us, and that it is a lie that our immortality is restored after physical death. Even though it is true that our spirit is saved after physical death, the church world believes it is the soul that is saved, and that is not true, see.


So we -- where do we get this information? The Lord gives me a lot directly, you know, by revelation, knowledge, but from the very beginning when the Lord first started me teaching, he started me with Hinduism, and he gave me a book of classic Hinduism, and he said, “Now, you read this book, Sheila, and I am going to tell you what is true and what is not true. I am going to show you this spiritual principle, and I am going to convert it for you into the truth that you need to hear,” because there are no -- I am the only one that is recording this kind of teaching in all of the history of the church. That is what the Lord told me. At least if it was done by the Apostles, it is not available anymore, as far as I am concerned -- as far as I know anyway.


So it is very -- this is very controversial. I started out with a c- -- when I say classic Hinduism, I mean that there are certain -- there are books out there that are dirty, OK, and I would like to describe that difference to you between a classic Hinduism -- and I do not recommend that any of you study Hinduism. Now that the Lord has given me the cleaned up version of the message, you should really be learning it from any- -- from someone teaching the doctrine of Christ, [?OK?].


So there are spirits that like to teach. The spirit on the classic Hinduism means that it is a spirit that wants to teach. It is not a spirit that wants to capture the person and possess them and use them for their own pr- -- maybe I should start with the dirty spirit first. That is what I call a dirty spirit, a spirit that wants to teach you, that will come to you and speak to you and offer to teach you whose motive really is to capture you, to get inside of you and live through you and capture you and damage your life. A spirit like that can write a book, see, and when you read that book -- when your read a book, you contact the spirit that wrote the book. So you do not want anything to do with a spirit like that.


But there is an ability of the carnal mind to seek truth, and that is what I call this -- the clean spirit. It is seeking truth, but it is learning truth with your carnal mind, so it comes forth with mistakes, and it frequently sees things backwards. When the Lord first started teaching me that classic Hindu book was very, very right on, except that it sees God as the serpent. It sees God as the serpent inside of you. It talks about a serpent that is inside of you like I talked about the seed that produces the child, OK. The person following Hinduism has a seed called the serpent inside of them, and the whole understanding of developing that serpent and having it marry the serpent in the eternal world above, that is -- the whole message is there, but they see it as the serpent, and that I call a clean Hindu spirit, and it was that that the Lord taught me from, or that was how I started out.


And then after that for many years I had been teaching out of the Scripture -- a combination of my studies in the Scripture and revelation from the Lord, but of recent day, he has given us this ability to read a story li- -- a poem like Gilgamesh, and as we try to -- as I pray about the verses of the poem and try to understand the doctrine of Christ in what he is experience [sic], I can get other clues. It is sort of the same way that I interpreted dreams. If someone has a dream, if I can just find one or two things that I could recognize in the dream that will tell me that the dream is from God, that is a valid dream, that it is from God, and that it is about such-and-such a set of circumstances or such-and-such a person -- once I establish that and I believe it is from God, and I know the circumstances that the dream is reflecting, there is a -- if I can find additional information in the dream, it can benefit me. I hope you understand what I am talking about.


So this is what we are doing with Gilgamesh. I do it from time to time with the Zohar. I have -- it is not the first time I am doing it, but this has been so exciting for me. This is Part 13.




To -- if I can under- -- if I can see these primordial experiences in Gilgamesh, then there is something additional that I did not know that is instructing me, see, and one of the -- the reason that I think I am going to not have any trouble preaching Gilgamesh to you, even though it is Part 13 and you have not heard the first 12 parts, is that I am not really going to be talking about Gilgamesh. I am going to be talking about the spiritual principles that I have learned from this book. So I will just give you a brief synopsis of the characters, and then we are going to go on to -- all of these notes are about the spiritual principles that have come out of my study of this book. So that is why I think we will be OK doing Gilgamesh, even though you have not heard the first 12 parts to it.


So that is what we are doing. We are trying to understand Gilgamesh’s experience in light of the doctrine of Christ, and as I pray it through and we understand it more and more, OK -- well, I am lear- -- receiving that additional material that is there -- and one of the things that actually just came out last night as I prepared these notes -- and these notes are actually a revision of my first set of notes from Part 1, which I have corrections on because as I study more and more, the Lord s- -- I say, oh, that it -- that was not right. Oh, that was not right. Let us straighten that out. So that is what these notes are, revisions and additions to my notes for Part 1. I actually got this revelation about the eggs being stolen just last night as I was reviewing the notes and preparing them or amending them or editing them for today’s message.


Also what is interesting is that years ago when the meeting -- when the ministry first started, someone -- who was a highly spiritual person has passed on. She is not with us anymore -- had this dream about her eggs -- this concept of eggs being stolen. Came into the ministry through a dream of one of the brethren years and years ago, and I did not know what it meant. And then over the years as I looked -- or as I came in contact with spiritual studies or spiritual literature from other d- -- from other -- not from Christians, from other disciplines, this concept of eggs being stolen was -- I found -- I find very present in pagan doctrine.


See, I have to say pagan doctrine because there is no Christian doctrine. There is no Christian -- there is no Christian spiritual doctrine. You can find exposition on the Torah, which is the first five books of Moses. You can find exposition on the New Testament, on grace and all of the greatness that God has given us through the New Testament, but this kind of spiritual doctrine which produces an opening, a doorway by which to ascend into immortality, it really does not exist in Christianity. As far as I know, it does not exist in Christianity.


So that is what this is all about, and this concept of spiritual eggs, I mean, it is a pagan doctrine. If I had any known evangelist sitting here, they would be up in arms, you know, mocking me. Well, they have already mocked me as a heretic here in Minnesota. But that concept of the me- -- of eggs being stolen is all through paganism.


So what do we -- what am I saying? In paganism, in Egyptian religion, in Sumerian religion and in Greek religion -- the Roman religion seems to be the -- pretty much the same as -- Roman mythology seems to be the same as Greek mythology, but from -- it has been my experience that people stay with the Greek mythology, rather than Roman. Roman seems to have gone off into Christianity [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Catholicism [INAUDIBLE].


So in this pagan religion -- Egyptian religion, Sumerian religion, Greek mythology -- we find these primordial, archetypical truths, foundational nuggets of foundational truth -- archetypical meaning archetype, that it cannot be divided. It is a sample. It is a blueprint that can be expressed in many different ways, see, and we find this in mythology. We find it in paganism and in ideologies -- in ancient ideologies from all over the world, you see, and the truth of the matter is that there has to be an expression of it for Christianity and for Judaism because it is archetypical. It is primordial. It is the foundation. You cannot do away with the foundation. This whole world and this whole -- everything that we know about and do not know about has grown out of spiritual foundational truth, you see.


So the first -- one of the fir- -- my first experiences with this was watching -- I was watching a public broadcasting station on TV, and there was a teacher -- a college professor teaching, and he was really knocking Christianity saying that this whole story of the -- of Moses on the river -- floating down the river was -- appeared in paganism a long time before Jesus was ever born. The story of the baby being -- or the whole of Christian doctrine he said was stolen from paganism.


And that really distressed me, you know. At first, I thought it was a lie. Then when I looked further, I found out that there really was stories very similar. The story of Isis and Osiris and Horace, which are -- that is Egyptian religion -- is so similar to what ha- -- to Joseph, Mary and Jesus that if you are ignorant, that is what you will think, that this is an old story. It is nothing new. Some Christian writer just stole it. So that is the blasphemous mind of the carnal man, that rather than draw that conclusion would go before God -- which is what I did. I said, Lord, what is the answer to that? What is the answer? Please, tell me what the answer is because this is really distressing. I see that it is true. This doctrine existed in paganism way before Jesus was ever born. What is the answer, see? And the Lord’s answer to me is everything that I have been teaching you for all of these years.


So we have to be very careful when we hear something that does not sound right, even if something that I say to you does not sit right with you, you have to be very careful to pray about it and ask for clarification and not jump to conclusions, OK, because then you wind up in arrogance before God. And what happens when you are arrogant before God? It closes the door to understanding, and when the door to understanding closes, you do not know that it closes. It is an invisible door that closes, see, and when that door closes, your carnal mind just picks right up and starts giving you understanding, and you do not even know that there has been a switch. You still think you are hearing from God, see. And then it could be 20 years down the road before you realize that you made this mistake and that you have been hearing a -- from another spirit all this time. So we have to pray every day -- in our prayers every day for truth, for the exposure of any error in our thinking or in our lives.


And the Lord is faithful. The Lord is faithful. Look at what he has given us in this ministry. He has -- I cannot even preach it. I have so much I cannot even preach. I would be preaching 24 hours a day, and you would be walking around with your head spinning on your shoulders, you know. He is so faithful. If there is any problem, if there is a glitch, if we go off on a wrong path, it is us. We need to know that somewhere along the line, our pride got involved, and we took a wrong turn, you see.


  1. OK. So -- now I would like to try to synopsize the message of Gilgamesh to you, and then we will go forward just looking at the revelations that the Lord gave me as a result of studying him. Now, one of the problems is that the names in this poem are difficult, and they are foreign and alien to our mind, which is used to English. So try to not be put off by the names, OK.

The main character is Gilgamesh, and he is a king, and his city is Uruk. Did you know that Iraq was an -- is an ancient nation? Iraq and Iran, that whole area in the Middle East, they go back to Sumeria, and they are in the area where Sumeria was. When the flood waters went down, that is where everybody -- that is where humanity was. That is where society was, Iraq, Iran, and in that general area right there, and Egypt.


So Gilgamesh was a king, and his city -- they call it a city -- was Uruk, and he was abusing his people. He was an abusive king. The book -- the poem tells us that he was involved in the personal lives of the people of the city of Uruk, that he was such a tyrant that every bride that got married had to sleep with him before she slept with her husband, and then every young man -- I do not think that this was -- had anything to do with homosexuality, but the way that it is expressed is that every young man belonged to him. What I think that means is that the young men, he wanted their allegiance -- I thought it meant two things, that he wanted their allegiance, rather than their allegiance to the -- to their fathers, and he also crushed their ego, making them know that they could never overcome him.


After studying this poem a lot, I see a great comparison to the welfare state in this country and in the Western world today. They want our children. They want the right to make decisions for our children. They are overriding the rights of the parents continuously. That is why so many parents are homeschooling their children. They are teaching our children things that are anti-scriptural, et cetera.


So did Gilgamesh really exist? I know he may not really have existed. He may be -- this va- -- very well may be a parable, a made-up character which incorporates spiritual principles that are meant to teach us a lesson. So did he really take all these young brides and sleep with them before they slept with their husbands? I do not know, OK. We are just looking to understand the spiritual principles. He was -- like I said, in -- today, it is the state that wants the mind of your children, OK. According to the parable, he wanted the physical flesh of the virgin girl, you see, but that could just be a parable, OK, because the state, who really typifies Gilgamesh, he wants the mind of your children, you see, and he wants the manhood of your sons.


Look at what is going on in the country today. Look at how the manhood of the country and the Western world is being crushed -- the programs on TV, the programs in the movie [sic], all of the advertisements. I am so offended by these advertisements that make men look like jerks that I will not buy the product that uses that kind of an advertisement, that tries to get me to buy their product by making a man look like a fool, see. I will not buy that product, see. They have the exact opposite on me.


So just so that you can understand what I am trying to tell you, let us think of the state today as Gilgamesh trying to steal your children -- your young children, taking their virginity and taking their manhood away from them. It may have really happened that way in the natural at the time of Sumeria -- the time that Sumeria existed. I do not know. Our job is to learn what ever spiritual principles the Lord wants to teach us, so that the spiritual man inside of us can grow up -- so that that man-child inside of us can grow up and make us into, the Scripture says, the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ.


We have the potential -- Paul says we have the potential to rise to the fullness or the maturity that Jesus of Nazareth attained to. We have that potential. Why is everybody not doing miracles? And why is everybody not ascending into immortality? Because the teaching is not there. The teaching has been crushed by the mind that rules in this world. It is a miracle that we are preaching everything that we are preaching, that we have recordings of it and transcripts of it. It is a miracle. So we talk about spiritual attacks that come upon us here. I mean, they are really just to be laughed at because we can see how the Lord is protecting us, that we have actually gotten this far. It is just amazing.


  1. OK. So Gilgamesh was a king. He was an abusive king just like we see Balaam was abusive to his ass. He was beating his ass until the ass spoke to him and said, “Why are you beating me? What did I ever do to you?” So we see Balaam in the Scripture as a parable. Balaam, I believe, was really a character, a human being, but if you want to take that account of Balaam beating his ass, I think that account is a parable, OK. It is talking about a spiritual man abusing the outer man. It can be taken on that level. A spiritual inner man which is not from God -- another inner man -- an inner man from another ra- -- another spiritual race, OK, abusing the person that he is dwelling within, OK. It could be about a pastor abusing the congregation. It could be about a man abusing his wife, OK. It could -- what we are talking about is authority abusing the people that authority has authority over. That is what we are talking about, and this is who Gilgamesh was.

He was so terrible that the people of the city cried out to the gods. And, now, they had multiple gods in Sumeria. So Gilgamesh [sic] cried out to the gods saying, we cannot bear it anymore. He is an abusive king. We cannot take it. He is crushing us. So the gods decided to answer, and their answer to Gilgamesh was to bring into his life a spiritual dimension. The decision of the gods, because there were many gods, was to bring in -- they were saying, Gilgamesh, he is being so cruel, and he is abusing all of the people because there is something missing in his life.


Now, there are so many dimensions to this epic poem. This is also true of human psychology. We can see it as human psychology. We can see it as every entity being a separate person. We can see the different entities as different parts of the -- of one human being. There are so many different ways to see it. So, if nothing else, this -- analyzing this poem is an exercise in the use of your intellect because we are joined to God through intellect.


And the Scripture says, do not worry. If you are not an intellectual type, if you are not someone who would normally be interested in going to college, that does not matter. God will give you everything that you need to understand him, but the truth of the matter is that we do meet God through our intellect. The Spirit is an experience with God that feels good, but connection to God and ultimate immortality comes through the intellect. But it does not matter. I have seen blind people receive the ability to read the Bible. There is all different kinds of miracles, and there are also spiritual miracles. It does not matter what your IQ is or how smart you are. If -- by faith you can connect your int- -- the Lord will int- -- connect your intellect by faith.


I have a very poor memory because I had been sick for so many years, but th- -- I remember all of this. My spirit man remembers all of this, and yet I cannot remember people’s names sometimes. So there is a spirit man in me who is my intellect, you see. So nobody should be saying -- and a lot of people in the church are saying this -- that is not for me. I do not want to study. I am not an intellectual type. You need to know that if you have the right faith -- and what is the right faith? If you desire God, if you desire him and you desire to understand him, and you just really desire to understand spiritual things, he will give you the ability -- he will give you something that is in addition to what you already have, that will enable you to understand spiritual things.


So do not -- you should never think that you cannot do it because this is an intellectual message. If you get anything out of my messages at all, if you walk away knowing one thing more than you knew before, OK, then you are doing well. If you can sit here and be at peace listening to me, then you are doing well, OK.


So, anyway, Gilgamesh, he was cruel. And the answer -- the solution to his problem, the gods decided, was to give him a spiritual dimension that he previously did not have. That is like me saying we need to birth this child. We need to get a seed, and we need to give birth to the spiritual child. It is a similarity to that.


And we see that a man comes into existence -- or at least a being comes into existence, and his name is Enkidu. Enkidu, OK. That is not too hard. There is another name that is really hard. OK. This name is not too hard, Enkidu. And he comes into existence, and he is a mirror image of Gilgamesh. He is a mirror image, so they become very, very close friends, and initially the confli- -- there is a physical conflict between them. According to the poem, there is a physical conflict, but Gilgamesh defeats Enkidu, and they become inseparable friends.


Now, brethren, when this spiritual man comes into your life, there is a conflict between your carnal mind and your fallen nature and the spiritual man that comes into your life. You may embrace the Holy Spirit. You embrace the seed. Everything sounds wonderful until this spiritual man starts growing up in you, and he has different ideas about what he wants you to do, you see.


Now, this -- actually, I do not know how much I am going to get into Gilgamesh here. This is really -- I think the Lord has a lot of things to say to you all today that -- about this experience of having this spiritual man grow up in you. He becomes the husband of our flesh, you see. Now, that may sound strange to you if you are a physical man, but the Lord is challenging you to understand that we are specif- -- that we are spiritually female in relation to the higher realms, OK, where they really do exist.


And we are finding out today that there really are gods and goddesses on the -- on -- in other dimensions. I never used to believe that. I used to think, well, it is a demon. It is a this. It is a that. But I do not know how much I am going to be able to give you today because we had 12 messages before this. So I am just trusting God to give you a message that satisfies you, and then if you have any questions at the end, I will address that particular issue, but I am glossing over a lot of issues because I do not have time to do everything. So anything -- if anything sticks in your mind that it does not make sense, please, make a note, ask me at the end, and I will address that one issue.


So we have discovered that there really are gods and goddesses in another spiritual dimension, but there is only one legitimate God. There is only one God who has authority from the creator, and his name is Jehovah. Jehovah has authority from the creator, and the -- but there are many other gods and goddesses that came into existence as the result of sin, but they really do exist. So -- and, again, this is one of the new revelations for me.


So when we read about Greek mythology or Sumerian mythology and there is a lot of talk about these gods and goddesses that actually interacted with humanity. There is one god that suppo- -- one woman who supposedly had -- gave birth to a human child as the result of a relationship with a god, and I never -- you know, I never used to know what to make out of this. I -- first, I thought it was just a fantasy, then I thought it was demons, but it turns out that there are superior -- there is a race of superior beings that we call gods and goddesses that exist in another spiritual dimension.


But they are born as the result of sin, and they are illegal, and Jehovah is the one God that has authority from the creator, and we call the creator Adam Kadmon, a primordial Adam, but you can -- you do not have to get stuck on his name. There is a creator, OK. The Book of Genesis says Elohim. If you want to say Elohim, that is fine. OK. So there is a creator, and there was -- there is a challenge to the creator who has brought forth her own -- or is at least attempting to bring forth her own creation into existence. And she has her -- and her false or counterfeit creation has resulted in a whole race of superior beings that exist in another plane of consciousness that want communication with humanity, and the reason that they want a relationship with humanity is that they want to acquire us as a garment. They want to live inside of us, OK, that we should be their garment, and I hope -- let me see if I can help you to understand that a little more.


When the man-child starts to grow inside of us, when the chi- -- when the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ starts to grow inside of us, it becomes a conflict. We see the example of that conflict in Jacob struggling with the angel. The angel that Jacob was struggling with did not come from out there. It was the angel that was inside of him, and the Bible calls it an angel because it is a bodiless man, OK. We see Jesus appearing as an angel in Revelation 12. The Scripture calls him Michael. Why do they not call him Jesus? Because at that point he is functioning as a disembodied entity inside of a human. We have the man-child inside of us -- is an angel inside of us. Jacob called the man-child inside of himself an angel. He says, “That angel that guided me all of these years.” So we have an angel inside of us.


The reason that Jacob was fighting with the angel was that Jacob was really afraid. He was afraid that Esau was going to destroy him and his wives and his children and take all of his possessions, or take his wives and his children and his slaves. He thought that Esau was going to kill him.


So why was he fighting with the angel inside of him? Because, brethren, when we are afraid, God cannot help us, and here is a great mystery, see. Once you are at the stage that we are at -- where -- I think everybody here has to have the seed and that that inner child has to be in the process of being born. Once you come to that stage of spiritual maturity and you call out to God, it is the god in the midst of you. This child that is being born in you, from his infancy, is a god and he is powerful -- and is powerful enough to help you supernaturally. The more he matures in you, the more powerful he is to help you supernaturally.


But this is a great mystery. When you cry out to God, the one that is answering you is not some God out there somewhere far away that is answering you. He is answering you through his agent, which is Christ in you, the hope of your glorification, and it is a great mystery, but the creator and the Lord Jesus Christ that are so far away from us, they are in another dimension. They are really not out there. They are in another dimension, OK. That -- they are connected to Christ in the midst of you. So you -- God out there might here you, although I guess that he is really not out there. All of the -- we are outer darkness, so all the other dimensions are inside of us, but let us say the Lord Jesus Christ or the creator hears your prayer. He is going to answer you by the angel in the midst of you. The one that is going to answer your prayers and meet your needs is Christ in you. It is not some God that is far away.


That is why the Scripture says “a friend that sticketh closer than a brother is more valu- -- a friend that sticketh close to you is more valuable than a brother.” The Lord Jesus Christ is our brother, OK. He is our brother, but the friend that sticketh close to us, Christ -- that is actually a very part of your existence. The grafted Christ that is a part of your existence, the one that sticketh closer t- -- that sticks close to you is better than a brother who is far away. So the one that answers your needs is Christ in you. And this may come as a big surprise to you, but when you even call other people for prayer or if you call me for prayer, it is Christ in me or Christ Jesus in me that is meeting your need. It is not the -- it is not Jehovah. It is not the creator. It is not Elohim. It is the one that sticketh close to us. But he is attached to Jehovah. He is attached to Elohim, but the one that is doing the work -- OK, the one that is doing the work is Christ in you your Christ Jesus in me. When he matures, he -- Christ matures to the point where he is Christ Jesus, see.


So it is all about this spiritual man growing up in you, OK, that is -- that comes to do good but causes a conflict. Why? Because we are sinners. OK. So why was Jacob fighting with this angel? Well, first of all, I -- according to the Scripture -- I could not find anything that indicated that he understand what was happening to him, but Jacob was afraid, and when fear -- there is no fear in God, see. All fear is in your carnal mind. So when Jacob became afraid, it raised up his carnal mind and crushed his Christ mind underneath. So Christ could not help him. Christ became captive underneath Jacob’s carnal mind. So before God could answer Jacob’s prayer, OK, Christ had to throw off the oppressor, so to speak -- excuse me -- the oppressor being Jacob’s carnal mind.


So that is what we read about in the Book of Genesis. The angel -- the -- all of a sudden, there appeared an angel struggling with Jacob saying, “Look, you have got to come out of your carnal mind, or I cannot help you.” That was Christ in Jacob fighting with Jacob’s carnal mind that was saying, he is going to kill me. Esau is going to kill me. He is going to take my wives and my kids as slaves. He is going to take all of my possessions, and I am going to die.” And the angel in the midst of Jacob rose up and said, “You have got to stop thinking that because I cannot help you if you are thinking like that.”


So we are told that the angel could not prevail over Jacob, so he had to touch him, and he touched him in his thigh. And, now, the thigh always represents our spiritual reproductive part, you know, the part that produces this mind -- [?of?] this great mind of God. So -- and -- so what did that mean? That Jacob was so strong in his carnal mind that in order for the angel to save him he had to cause him some kind of pain. Of course, it is just a parable.


Look, brethren, this is exactly what happened in those days. I do not even want to try to figure out, did it really happen? Was it a parable? This is what the Scripture is talking about. Sometimes we cry out to God, and he cannot help us because we are in his way. He is telling us if you need help, this is what you have to do. And our carnal mind says, oh, no, that cannot be God, see. So sometimes we have to go through a painful experience to find out that that was God the whole time telling us what to do and I [sic] did not know it.


So the Scripture says the angel had to touch him and that a- -- and that Jacob limped. It means the angel damaged his carnal mind. He gave a wound to his carnal mind, so that Jacob would stop fighting, and as soon as Jacob stopped fighting and the angel prevailed over his carnal mind, the angel, Christ in the midst of Jacob, went forth and fought with and struggled with the angel in the midst of Esau, which was not Christ. The angel in the midst of Esau was a foreign child, was an evil child, see, and that -- now, that was all in the spirit, you see. And then the next day when Jacob met his brother Esau -- of course, the -- by the river there -- the river Jabbok.


  1. OK. Esau was at peace with him. The whole thing was dealt with in the spirit. See, what is interesting is that the rabbis, the Kabbalists, will tell you that that angel that fought with Jacob was Esau’s mind, and they miss this whole understanding of the Christ in you. So it was a twofold event. First, Christ in Jacob overcame Jacob, and then Christ overcame the carnal mind of Esau.

And, actually, I have personally witnessed, and those who have shared it -- I shared it with actually witnessed this same type of event just a few weeks ago before the Na- -- the Republican Convention. I was studying, and I was probably studying for this message. I was very deep in the spirit, and, all of a sudden, I perceived a man on horseback in my mind while I was studying. He appeared in my mind’s eye, a man on a white horse. I could not see his face, and I could not -- his body was not clear, but I knew that it was -- he had, like, medieval armor on, and there was a lot of green and gold, and he had the helmet with, like, the hairs going back down the middle. And he was just standing there. The horse was just standing there.


So I said, Lord, what is this? And I realized at that time that I was having a Moses experience, like when Moses saw that burning bush. I do not think it was a physical bush that was burning. I think he saw the burning bush in the spirit, and he said, “What is that bush? I think I am going to go take a look at it.” I was, what is this horse, and who is this man on the horse?


And I was just staring at him, and what is really interesting is that the man did not communicate with me. The horse communicated with me. The horse -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] years ago they used to have, you know, famous cowboys like Roy Rogers who had -- whose horses did tricks. I do not know if you can all relate to that or not. But the horse was doing tricks. Like, his front leg was -- just started pawing in the ground like that, and his head would just -- moving his head. And I said, Lord, what is this? And it came to me supernaturally -- it was not a voice, but that -- oh, and then I looked up, and then there was a whole army behind him -- a whole army of white horses, and there were so many, they were so far back that I could not even see the end of the rows of them. It was an unlimited number. And the Lord said, “This army is here to make sure that Donald Trump gets the nomination,” was what the Lord told me. 


And it was about a before the Republican convention, and I saw that army. That army was in the spirit from that time [UNINTELLIGIBLE] did not leave me, and then I think the day before or during the convention -- it was very interesting. The horses did not move, but I could see the riders had bows and arrows, and they were shooting up. They were, like, shooting into the sky, like if you would shoot your bow and arrow, at a far distance they would go up, so that the arrows would come down in a [?certain?circular?] place. So there was no movement. There was no contact between a foreign army and this -- and the armies of God, and they were just standing perfectly still shooting the arrows up into the air.


And then the Republican Convention went smoothly. Black Lives Matter barely showed up. There was no trouble. Everything went well. And to this day on the occasion that sometimes I can get a little distressed if -- when I read what is going on, and in -- certainly in August Trump’s numbers in the polls were way down. So there were a few days that I was really -- I really had to fight to keep my faith up because I believe that he is God’s man and that he really has to win the election to save the country. I do believe that.


Every time I would have a -- be struggling to keep my faith up I would see an image of that army. It is still there. That army is still there. So all of this talk about the elections being rigged, et cetera, you know -- I am sure they are going to try to rig the elections, but that army is there, and everything is going to be OK. God elects the president. He will elect the president.


Well, anyway, back to Gilgamesh. So the gods decided that Gilgamesh needed spiritual dimension. He was just terrible. He -- and he was just a violent -- he was a violent man, you see. And we are told that the natural man is a violent man, that when Christ comes to dwell in you, he calms down your violent tendencies. So this man that is given to Gilgamesh is called Enkidu, see, and he is very different than Gilgamesh. He is a spiritual man, and he is spiritual. He prophesies. He interprets dreams.


And their original encounter is that Enkidu -- Enkidu’s pride is up, and he says, “Who is this man, you know, taking the bride before her husband and taking the sons of the city? I am going -- I am very strong, and I am going to destroy him.” So according to the poem it was a physical fight, but Gilgamesh overcame Enkidu. Gilgamesh was such a pow- -- a physically powerful man that he overcame Enkidu. And then Enkidu completely submitted to him. So I believe that this is a type of the struggle between the angel that begins to grow up in us. We receive the seed, and that man-child becomes an angel in the midst of us, and he is our spiritually, and he is our righteousness, and our carnal mind is that violent man which we call Gilgamesh, according to this poem, who does not want to obey our spiritual side, wants to do what we want to do.


So that is the struggle that every believer goes through as soon as that seed is -- attaches itself to that person, and that is why sometimes bad things happen to us because we are -- we may not even understand it that we are in rebellion against this new spiritual dimension that has been added to us, but bad things happen to us because we make wrong choices, not even intending to make wrong choices sometimes. We do not understand that if we would really seek God for everything, he will really advise us most of the time. Sometimes he wants us to make our own decision, but when it comes to something really destructive, I believe that he would tell us that it is the wrong thing to do.


So Gilgamesh utterly defeats this spiritual dimension that was sent him, who -- which in itself had pride. Enkidu had pride also. Now, what Enkidu did not understand was -- although what he tried to do at the beginning, he tried to be a counselor to him. Enkidu tried to counsel Gilgamesh and tell him when he was doing something wrong, but Gilgamesh would not be counseled. He would not be counseled, and Enkidu could not overcome him like the angel overcame Jacob. Enkidu, the righteous spirit, could not overcome Gilgamesh.


And Gilgamesh was a violent man. He got it in his head -- we do not have any explanation in the poem, OK, but as soon as he became one with Enkidu, he got his self-confidence. He stopped abusing the citizens of Uruk, and he got it into his head that he wanted to kill Humbaba, OK. Now that -- Humbaba, the guardian of the Cedar Forest. So I believe that the Cedar Forest was talking about all -- I believe that Humbaba -- well, let me not say that.


I believe that the Cedar Forest typifies the storehouse of all of the eggs of God. Now, this was before Jesus, OK, that there was a righteous God called Jehovah who was -- had a legitimate authority, and there was a storehouse of seeds or eggs that could be given to humanity, so that they could produce a man-child that would be their passport to the restoration, to immortality.


And Gilgamesh does not even know why he wants to kill him. He got this murderous rage in his mind that he wants to kill him, and he is going to kill the guardian, who was called Humbaba. And Enkidu was telling him, “No, you really do not want to do that. You know, you should not do that. Do you not know that” -- and they name a god, OK. They name a god that I believe is the Sumerian name for Jehovah, OK, in the poem, Enlil. Enlil [sic] says, “No, you shou- -- do you not know that Enlil appointed him? That he is there, he is guardian?” And in case you do not know, but cedar wood is a very hard wood that lasts for a very long time. So it implied -- if not immortality, it implied certainly longevity, you know. And [UNINTELLIGIBLE] “Do you not know that Enlil appointed him? That” --


Oh, yeah, Humbaba, he -- anyone that came near the Cedar Forest, he destroyed them. He was a vicious guardian. And what I think about is the cherubim with flaming swords that are guarding the way back to the Garden of Eden. So Enkidu is counseling Gilgamesh and saying, “Do you not understand Enlil appointed him? He is just protecting those cedar trees? And why are you doing this? You should not do this.” But Gilgamesh has -- he has it in his mind, stubborn. He is going to destroy them. Now, in the poem we are not told why, but -- and I am not going to get into why right now, or I will be re--preaching the whole 12 messages. I am trying to synopsize this for you.


So they go to the -- they go on this long spiritual journey to the Cedar Forest where Gilgamesh is getting dreams. Now, there are pagan gods. There is a pagan god that was driving Gilgamesh to do this. My opinion is, the bottom line, that there were pagan gods that were operating in Gilgamesh’s mind who were using him to destroy the righteous seeds that could be planted in humanity because -- now, on this side of the flood, we had Jehovah and his righteous seeds, and we had the gods and goddesses of this counterfeit creation, both wanting to possess humanity.


This is the revelation that came down when I preached the -- on Noah. It is amazing. This is a modular creation as God is putting it together a piece at a time. This was the revelation that came down when I preached Noah, that what Noah, Shem, Ham and -- not Noah, but what Shem, Ham and Japheth were doing was that they represented one race and that humanity was another race. And we are told in the Book of Genesis that the sons of God looked at the daughters of men and found them fair and married as many as they wanted. So there was a race of superior beings like I am saying right now. There were gods and goddesses on another dimension. Shem, Ham and Japheth, they were on that god level, and that their job was to find humanity and give them the seed, OK, just like Jesus is saving us. Jesus is the God-man who is saving us. Well, on the other side of the flood, there were Shem, Ham and Japheth who were god-men, you see, who were sent to save humanity, whatever they looked like on the earth at that time, see, and -- but there were also evil gods and goddesses, both wanting to give their seed to humanity.


And that is our condition today. Jesus wants to give his seed to humanity, and there are gods and goddesses from a counterfeit creation on an invisible plane that want to give their seed to humanity, and when we receive the seed from the counterfeit, the name of the child is Lucifer. There are people in this earth today that I believe are pregnant with Lucifer, or that have given birth to Lucifer. The name of the child that comes from God is Christ. But this is the bottom line if you do not understand anything else today, that humanity is spiritually female no matter what your body it is. It has nothing to do with your body. Your soul is spiritually female, and there are invisible gods and goddesses in an invisible plane that want to plant their seed in us because once we bear their child, then they join themselves to that child and have access to the use of our body. Is there anybody that does not understand that? I am going to say that again.


This is the foundational principle of the condition of humanity today, OK. Having nothing to do with your physical body, our soul is spiritually female, and there are gods and goddesses on another -- in another dimension that want to place their seed in us because when we bear their child, they then have something by which to attach themselves to us. When we receive the seed of the Lord Jesus and that man-child is born, the Lord Jesus attaches himself to us by marrying his own son.


See, incest is not allowed between physical people, but spiritually it is allowed. The Lord Jesus will marry Christ Jesus in me. I am waiting for that event. When Christ Jesus joins himself permanently to Christ Jesus in me I will be healed of everything and, at the very least, enter into longevity and, at some point, into immortality. May it happen already. I am hoping it is going to happen soon. OK.


But there are cou- -- there are gods and goddesses that are illegal on the other side that want to put their seed in humanity, and they have succeeded in doing that. I believe there are people today who have borne their child, and his name is Lucifer. They are called Luciferians.


So I just found out recently what the difference is between Satanism and Luciferianism, and I am going to share that with you because [?I think the?] -- I was asking the Lord the question, and I got the answer. Somebody just came along -- [?I happened?] to listen to a video that gave me the answer. Satanism is the worship of this evil entity called Satan, and I will not go into what that is t- -- right now, but this evil entity called Satan is the worship of this evil. It involves human sacrifice and usually sacrifice of children, you know. Luciferianism is the un- -- the ideology -- it is a philosophy that teaches that when you practice Satanism the god that you are worshipping in Satanism has the ability to plant a seed in you, and that seed is grown, and his name is Lucifer, and then the god that gave you the seed comes and marries the child.


I -- it blew me away when I heard this on a video, and the video that I heard it on, it was actually a video that Sandra gave me the link to. It was the testimony of -- what was his name? You do not know? Is it --




-- is it -- it is a test- -- the testimony of this man who is fighting to have child porn exposed, and he claims that he had these unhappy experiences as a child, and he was describing the people who abused him, how Satanic they were and all of the wicked things that they did. And then it was in the answer -- an answer to a question that he was asked. He said, yeah, he has something -- well, he was the one that said this is the difference between Satanism and Luciferianism because his parents -- it was his own parents that did this -- his parents abused him, and they, he said, were Luciferians, and that was when the interviewer said, “What is the difference between Luciferianism and Satanism?” And he said the difference is that they believe in birthing the child and immortality. They believe that someone who has this experience is going to be the Antichrist and enter into immortality.


So he has the same ideology, the same belief of the spiritual child that this -- actually, I should not even say that I teach. The Scripture teaches it. Revelation 12, it is very clear. So we see there is only one spiritual truth playing out one way here with Christ, playing out another way there with Satan. Same spiritual truth: The soul of humanity is spiritual female. We are capable of producing a spiritual child, that when that child is born the person who gave us the seed in the first place will attach himself to that seed, and then whoever that god is attached to, we also will be attached to. Jesus is attached to Jehovah. When he joins himself to Christ in us, we will have access to Jehovah, and that is where our immortality is, you see.


So -- you know, you can raise your hands at any time if you want to ask me -- if you are not understanding something that I am telling you.


So Humbaba -- so Gilgamesh, he is a violent man, and he is not listening to his spiritual counselor, see, and Enkidu tries to stop him. He says, “You should not do this. I just know it is wrong.” Enkidu is interpreting his dreams. And he whole principle is that there is a god or gods -- I am not even sure myself -- that was driving Gilgamesh. You see, Gilgamesh had access to all of these gods. He was a pagan. He actually had a temple in his city that was dedicated to Ishtar, but according to the poem it was not Ishtar. It was another god, and I am not sure of the name, so I do not want to give you a wrong name. But this god was driving him to destroy Humbaba the guardian of the cedars, and they destroyed all of the cedars, all of the seeds of Jehovah that would have been planted in humanity that would have made them sons of the true -- one true God, [?OK?]. Let me say it -- let me tell you that again.


Back to what the Lord taught us about Noah, OK. Shem, Hem and Japheth were actually -- well, I do not want to tr- -- going to try to not make this too complicated. Shem, Hem and Japheth were going forth to marry. They were the sons of God that looked upon the daughters of men who found them fair, but there were more than Shem, Ham and Japheth. Shem, Ham and Japheth were good. They had the seed of Jehovah that were trying -- they were trying to give humanity Jehovah’s seed like Jesus is giving us his seed, so that when the baby grew, whoever -- which -- all the humans that had the seed of Jehovah would be joined to Jehovah, the legitimate God, but there were other gods and goddesses that are still out there that were also looking upon the daughters of men and found them fair and taking as many of -- as wives as they could, giving them the seed that produced Lucifer, see, so that the counterfeit god, which we are calling Sophia, OK, could join herself to them, which is a very bad experience for the person. You become very evil when that happens to you, see.


So Enkidu, he was the seed. Now, in the poem he is another person, OK. So you can understand him as another person, or you can understand him as this -- as the spiritual child within you. Enkidu kept saying, “Do not do this. It is wrong.” And Gilgamesh just got stronger and stronger, and he was so stubborn and determined and violent that at some point Enkidu collapsed. He could not -- he could no longer resist, and when Enkidu collapsed, he became evil. He fell in complete agreement with Gilgamesh’s evil. He fell into complete agreement with it to the point when they finally found Humbaba -- Humbaba, he was there to scare them. Like, in the “Wizard of Oz,” you saw that terrifying wizard, and then when he was exposed, he was just a little man behind the scenes. Humbaba was terrifying them. Gilgamesh was terrified, and, now, Enkidu, who was supposed to be his conscience, but his conscience was completely overcome by his evil side -- Enkidu says, “No, kill him. Kill him,” now, and he gets very violent himself. Enkidu gets very violent himself and encourages Gilgamesh to go forward with the murder. So they murder Humbaba. They destroy all of the re- -- cedar trees, and they return victorious to Uruk.


And what is interesting is that when they return to Uruk, Ishtar -- you may be familiar with that name. She is the goddess that Easter is dedicated to, the pagan festival of Easter. Ishtar comes to Gilgamesh and wants to have a relationship with him, and Gilgamesh refuses her. So, now, this is very interesting, and I just got the understanding last night as I prepared this message as to why he refused her, you know. Now, did he actually want us -- did Ishtar actually want a sexual relationship with him, or was it a spiritual relationship? I do not know, but she wanted a relationship with him. Now, you need to understand that when an entity from a higher plane of consciousness wants to have a relationship with you that means that they rule. That means they are the spiritual male, and you are the spiritual female. They rule, and you are the servant, you see.


Now, Enkidu was supposed to be the spiritual authority over Gilgamesh, and he defeated his own spiritual authority, and we need to understand that we do that. When we disobey Christ in the midst of us or when we disobey a spiritual authority that God has put over us -- it could be -- I mean, you do not have to obey me. You do not have to obey me, but if I come to you, and I tell you, look, this is what the Lord told me, that you really should not do that or whatever, you really need to -- you really -- better make sure that -- you better -- really better make sure that I have not heard from God before you do not do it if you want -- if you do not want to experience the consequences. I do not -- I will not try to give you consequences, but if it is the word of the Lord, and I hope I never tell you it is the word of the Lord if it is not, and you decide to go against it, you are taking the chance that if I was right, that it is the word of the Lord, you will experience whatever consequences you will experience, you know.


So Enkidu was Gilgamesh’s counselor, and he not only did not obey him, not only did not take his advice, but he converted -- the righteousness that was sent to him, he made it evil. He converted it to evil, see.


So when he gets back, Ishtar wants to have a relationship. They come back victorious. They come back with Humbaba’s head on a pole. And at the very end before they kill Humbaba -- first he is fierce and trying to terrify them -- excuse me -- and that is the word that is used in the book. He is meant to terrify men. Humbaba terrifies men, and he is there protecting all these eggs of Jehovah’s eggs [sic], you see, but it says it is cedar -- cedars in the poem.


So when they finally -- when Humbaba sees that he is going to be defeated because it is two against one, and Enkidu becomes more vicious than Gilgamesh -- and I want to tell you, in my observation of society when -- wherever I have seen women becoming vicious, turning into fighters, you know, OK, they -- these very few women become more vicious than the men. It is -- and I think that is really an established -- a lot -- there are a lot of people -- a lot of social comments [sic] and psychologists that would tell you that when women come up into a male role and start killing people, that they become even more vicious than a man would be in the same circumstance.


So Enkidu is like the female there, and now he is yelling to Gilgamesh, “Kill him! Chop his head off!” You know, all of these -- I do not remember exactly what the book says, but that is the general idea. And they come back, and they are victorious -- oh, I started to tell you this. So Humbaba starts to beg. When he sees that he is g- -- they are going to kill him, and he says, “Look,” he said, “I did not do anything wrong. I never hurt you. Do you not know that Enlil put me here to terrify anybody coming to steal the cedars?” And in the poem we are not told why Gilgamesh is doing this, except that he is being driven by some invisible god, you know.


So they come back with his head on a pole completely victorious. They destroyed him, and they destroyed all the cedars, and Ishtar comes to Gilgamesh and says, “Be my sweet man.” That is the words in the poem, “Be my sweet man.” So she wanted a relationship with him. As I said, I do not know whether it would have been sexual or spiritual. I do not know. I would like to know, but I do not know yet. And Gilgamesh refuses her. He says, “No way. Not a chance. So-and-so had a relationship with you, and their life was destroyed, and this guy had a relationship with you, and his life was destroyed, and that one had a relationship with you, and his life was destroyed. Not a chance,” see.


So I just got the understanding of that last night, preparing these notes, and this is what the Lord told me: To have a relationship -- for a natural man to have -- whate- -- how -- whatever form that relationship will take -- it is usually mind. If it goes any further, I do not know. It probably does though. To have a relationship with a god or a goddess without having that spiritual child destroys your life. Why? Because somehow it sucks all the -- I wish that I recalled more, but I do not, but in the account of the poem he actually tells you this happened to this guy, and that happened to that guy. So I will just make it up, so you can get an idea. He lost his business completely. His marriage fell apart. His kids got sick.


Something really devastating happened to every person that had a relationship with Ishtar. So somehow having a relationship with a god or a goddess directly without having that mediating child is destructive to your life, you see. Now, when you have the mediating child, and you have a relationship with the right God, with Jehovah of course, and he -- and that relationship is through the mediating child, it can be a positive experience.


Now, what comes to mind is the concept of the Pardes. Now, I have preached about the Pardes a lot. I will give you the general idea. If you want to understand it better, there is a short s- -- like, a short story about the Pardes in the new book that we just had. And Pardes is called -- it is called an acronym. What does that mean? It means that each letter of the par- -- P-A-R-D-E-S, each letter stands for a word, and it is talking about the four different ways to understand the scripture. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the letter of the word -- there are two in the middle, and then the spiritual, the Sod. OK. That is what it is talking about.


So there were four rabbis who wanted to enter into the Par- -- into the orchard of the Pardes, OK, which means the apple orchard. What it means is that there were four rabbis that wanted all dimensions of truth -- and I just heard a sound there. I hope it is not going --


Sorry. It is -- someone is calling in.


  1. OK. That they wanted -- they wanted the ultimate spiritual truth, which it talks about a spiritual ascension of mind. To receive truth, you have a spiritual ascension of mind. So these rabbis all entered into this spiritual apple orchard where all -- where you have all of this truth of God. You just grab the fruit and eat it. That is the parable, you know. And three of them were destroyed in three different ways, and the fourth one, the fourth rabbi that entered into Pardes, he, we are told, entered in, in peace and came out in peace. The principle being: As you attempt spiritual ascension, there are angels on every level -- on every spiritual level that you attend -- attempt to ascend into, there are angels that are going to try to stop you from entering in, and if you do not have permission from God to enter in, one of these bad things happen to you. One became a heretic. One became a lunatic. He lost his mind. And the other one I forgot what happened to him [INAUDIBLE]. So only one of them entered in with permission and came out with his mind intact, with true doctrine, not heretical doctrine, and I would like -- I am sorry. I do not remember what happened to the third guy.

So that is what happened when Ishtar had a personal relationship with somebody before they bear the child. It wrecked their lives. They had an illegal relationship, and the consequence of it was that their lives were wrecked. There are judgments that go on people. You see, there -- the sowing-and-reaping judgment is beyond Christianity. It is beyond Judaism. It is the foundational law of this world, you know. So there is a foundational law of this world that says if you enter into a relationship between a human and a god or a goddess under these circumstances, bad things happen to you, see.


I remember I met a woman once when I still had a secular job and I was just a very young Christian and I was in deliverance ministry, and she had just -- it was -- she did something really simple. She had let someone read her cards or it was an astrologer chart, something like that, and her whole life was falling apart, and for whatever the reason she -- I do not think she knew I was a Christian or not, but I wound up telling her, well, you were cursed by that event. And she said, “But it was just one event. My friends all did it. Nobody got hurt. It happened -- they did it, and it did not happen to them. They did it, and it did not happen to them.” She just had that one event, and she was -- had all kinds of diseases. Her whole life was falling apart from her.


So it may not happen to you right away. Sometimes curses happen to your children. That is why when we come to the Lord we break the curses back 10 generations because you do not know what your grandparents did or your great-grandparents did. You never even met your great-great-grandparents. So we break the curses back 10 generations [INAUDIBLE].


So that is what comes to mind when Gilgamesh refused Ishtar. So Ishtar, being a -- an imperfect goddess -- so what is interesting is that these gods and goddesses, they are not perfect, you see. They are not perfect, and they have passions like unto natural man. I used to think -- when I would read about the Greek gods and goddesses, I would think that, oh, these Greeks, they are just -- I do not know, they are just making up these gods in their own image because people -- one of the major sins of humanity, one of the major foundational sins, is that we get very angry. Every evil that we do arises out of a rage that will rise up in us, and that rage frequently is jealousy. That is a primordial sin, is jealousy, but whatever raises up that rage in us, then all the evil deeds come out of the rage -- comes out of the rage and rejection, OK, [INAUDIBLE] and rejection is a rage, OK.


So -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I lost my train of thought. Just hold on a second. What was I talking about? Yeah. So Ishtar goes into a rage, OK. I used to think that the Greeks imagined these gods in their own image because mankind -- you know, humans get angry like that. Gods do not get angry like that, but the exact opposite was true. It is the gods and goddesses that -- their nature is reflected in humanity. So when we get angry and rejected, it is really the nature of the highest species. It is not the other way around.


Ishtar went into a rage that Gilgamesh told her no. So one would wonder why she went into such a rage. Was she just rejected, or was she behind the other god that actually drove Gilgamesh to kill Humbaba and kill all the cedar trees and let him come back with this victorious sense of good image of himself. I do not know, but she went into a rage that he refused her.


So she went to her father. So there is a whole culture of gods and goddesses on another dimension, see, and she asked her father to bring down judgment on Gilgamesh, and the specific form of judgment that she wanted was the bull -- the wild bull from heaven. And her father says to her, “Well, are you aware that if you take this bull, this wild bull from heaven to punish Gilgamesh that all the people of his city will suffer for seven years of famine?” And she said, “I do not care. I just want him punished.” So we see these counterfeits [sic] gods and goddesses. They have spiritual power, and they are terribly selfish. Starting up with them is just deadly. They are selfish, and they are filled with rage, and they are vindictive. 


So she takes the wild bull from heaven, however that played out. Again, it is a parable. Did it really happen in the flesh? I do not know, OK. She brings the bull -- so her father said OK, OK. She brings the bull from heaven, and Gilgamesh and Enkidu, they are so fine-tuned, maybe like young people coming back from military training. They are just ready -- they are just -- they are at their peak, and they just ripped that bull to pieces. They actually destroyed he judgment that was sent upon them. They chopped up that bull and killed it, and Ishtar went into a rage.


So the principle here is that there has to be a consequence for this. There was -- they did not look down the road. They did not understand that there would be a consequence. Humbaba begged them not to kill him. He said, “I am innocent. I am just doing what Enlil told me to do.” They killed him anyway, OK. Then Ishtar tried to bring judgment on them. It looks like it is different. It looks like the judgment came because he refused to have a relationship with her, but they are all related. There had to be a judgment for them killing Humbaba. So how did the judgment come down? An ungodly offer was made to him, and when he refused that was how the judgment came down.


There is a law -- there is a foundational law that covers all of the planes of consciousness, and it is what you sow, you reap. There is a righteous law that underlies all existence in all planes of consciousness. So the judgment came down. All the gods up in heaven, they saw that they killed the Bull of Heaven. They killed the judgment that was sent against them, and it was decided that Gilgamesh and Enkidu had to be separated because together they were too deadly.


Now, that is a parable. That is what happened on the other side of the flood. Jehovah made a decision that the creation had to be bisected because there was an aspect of creation, OK, that was evil, and they were too strong. That is the same principle as Jesus saying at the Tower of Babel, “Look at what they are doing. If we do not stop them, if they -- if they are” -- and it is the same thing that he said to Cain in the Garden of Eden. “If we do not stop them, they are going to lay hold of the tree of life, and they are going to live forever in this condition.” So there was a bisection, see.


So the gods, according to the poem -- it is not a Christian poem. It is a pagan poem. According to the poem, the gods had a meeting, and they said these two have to be separated. They are too deadly. So who is going to die, Gilgamesh or Enkidu? Which one is going to die, see? And it is decided that Enkidu has to die. Because he actually failed at his job, he is the one that has to die.


It is just like Christ and somebody dying. Someone has the opportunity -- there are a lot of people that were touched by the Holy Spirit, and they have just gone back to their carnal ways. So that means the seed that was in the Holy Spirit that touched them died. If anybody backslides, Christ in us dies. So it was in Enkidu. He was the one who died.


And Gilgamesh is devastated. There is a part of the poem which shows that he does not really care very much about Enkidu. He does not comfort him or help him in any way as the man is dying, but after he is dead, he makes a big show of it.


You know, there are a lot of people like that. Brethren, people are selfish. People are very selfish. There are a lot of people that have relatives that are dying, and they do not go visit them, parents, grandparents. They do not do anything, and then when the funeral time comes, they go and they make a big speech and spend a lot of money, and they send all the flowers. Most of us here know something like what I am talking about. They make a big show of it, but they did not do anything for the person when they were alive, when they were still surviving at all.


So he makes this big show, and now he realizes -- Gilgamesh, he realizes that the comfort he had received from Enkidu being there with him -- they were inseparable, see -- that, all of a sudden, he is not comfortable anymore, you know. He is like he was before Enkidu came, and he is violent, and he is unhappy, and he decides that the answer is to find eternal life. He decides that he wants eternal life. He thinks that the problem was that Enkidu died, and if he can attain eternal life, it should not ha- -- there is a -- that is the spot that I really do not have the answer to yet. So just -- if you are seeing that something is missing, just flow with it. Wh- -- how -- why he thinks eternal life for himself is going to replace the comfort of a companion, I do not know. The poem is very psychological, but I am still just trying to give you the synopsis. So I am just going to go on from here.


So the second half of the poem is about Gilgamesh’s quest for immortality, and it turns into a very interesting story. He remembers -- Gilgamesh remembers that there is a man who survived the flood and became immortal. So when I first started to do this series, I wondered if that was not Noah, you see, and that is why if you look at your notes, the first few lines of the notes are -- well, the way I wrote up the notes here was a lot of questions. As I was studying for this message, I just had a lot of questions that I wrote down. One of the questions that I wrote was, “Is this man who survived the flood, is it Noah?” And the name of the man is Utnapishtim. That is the name of the man that I call him Noah’s counterpart. U- -- but his name is Utnapishtim. Is Utnapishtim Noah? So Gilgamesh, like he went on this quest to find Humbaba and the Cedar Forest, he goes on this quest to find Utnapishtim because that man is immortal, and he wants to find out the secret of immortality.


So he goes -- is -- again, is a violent man, and he kills people here, and he kills people there when there is absolutely no reason to kill him. He just -- in one instance, there is a boat that is taking him across to this island where Utnapishtim is, and he kills all the men rowing the boat.


And -- so there are spiritual principles behind all of this. Everything that happens, that he killed the men in the boat, that he killed Humbaba, I have explained all of these principles -- or most -- many of them by my understanding of the doctrine of Christ, and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] God sometimes gives me psychological insights. So that is what the 12 previous parts of this message are, trying to understand all these little nuances, but for today we are just synopsizing.


So I will tell you that Gilgamesh makes it across the river, and he meets Utnapishtim, OK, and when he looks at him, he says, “You look just like me.” Now, that is a very important statement. “You look just like me,” because it turns out -- it is my understanding in the poem today that Utnapishtim is a member of a different race.


And I believe in the earth today -- we have two races in the earth today. We have humans who are human, say, human-god, that we are here as the descendants of righteous Adam. So, therefore, we have the breath of Jehovah. And then there is another race in the earth today that looks just like we look, but they do not have the breath of Jehovah. They have the breath of another [?as?] called Sophia and that inside they are reptilian. They are reptilian in their heart. So inside those of us that are here with the breath of Jehovah, we have an animal nature, a warm-blooded animal nature, and this other race that have the breath of Sophia, they have a repti- -- they have a cold, reptilian nature, which you can take that and apply that to the offerings that Cain and Abel offered to Jehovah. Abel offered the offering. Jehovah wanted the animal offering, and then the Scripture says that Cain offered the fruit of the ground. So, of course, the way the Bible who -- the people who expound on the Bible, they show you Cain bringing vegetables, you know, or grain from the ground, you know, but I no longer think that that is what it means, but that is the way it is presented.


And I have often wondered why Jehovah wanted the flesh. I mean, I th- -- I sort of understood it, and I had different explanations as to why he preferred the flesh to the grain, but I never really was completely satisfied. Today what that means to me is that Jehovah wanted -- of the two races -- there were two races. He wanted the race that was human-animal. He did -- he rejected the race was human-reptilian. Cain represented the human-reptilian. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] we all look the same on the outside, but we are not the same on the inside. Jehovah wanted the human-animal race, which was represented by Abel.


And the human-reptilian race should never have come into existence. That is a counterfeit race, the human-reptilian race, and they are the ones that are prevailing in the world today, and the ones that [?are?], I believe, behind the New World Order and doing great evil in the world today. And I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is going to show up very soon because if he does not, the world will be overtaken by the human-reptilians.


So when Jesus shows up, he is doing two things. He is going to be joining himself to the man-child, wherever that man-child is born -- all of the people that have birthed the man-child, Jesus is going to be joining himself to the man-child, which will then join those people to Jehovah because Jesus is already joined to Jehovah, and then through those people that are now preserved so that they cannot be hurt, he is going to destroy -- well, let me say the -- this whole ide- -- this whole event has to happen before Sophia marries Lucifer, see. The Lord Jesus is coming to marry his man-child in the people that have birthed -- in the human-an- -- human mammals, OK, that have the soft heart, the warm heart and warm-blooded people. He is coming to marry the man-child of the Book of Revelation, OK. And Sophia is tr- -- coming to marry Lucifer in the people that have produced -- or that have given birth to -- [?into?] the Satanists that have given birth to Lucifer. And for Sophia to join Lucifer would make a -- the Lord is just not going to let it happen. He is not going to let it happen, and they are pushing for it very hard.


This is also part of the revelation that came down last night, that there are powerful people in the world today that are trying to open dimension -- open doorways to other dimensions, the people running CERN in Switzerland, for example. They -- the particle collider, they call it a great particle collider. There is this tremendous -- how do I explain it to you? -- machine in Switzerland. They call it an atomi- -- an atom collider, and the machine is smashing atoms together, and their intention -- their stated intention is to burst a hole through the walls that separate the dimensions.


And we have studied that. We have done a couple of messages on it. There are people -- if you want to go on the YouTube, there are people talking about it. They will tell you that -- people that understand it better than I do will tell you that it really appears that they are not trying to get out. There is something on the other side of that wall that they want to bring here. So we have had he understanding for a long time that they want to bring demons from the other side. They want to bring the lizards from the other side. They want to bring the reptilians from the other side. That is the revelation that we had so far.


But when I was doing this message last night -- preparing this message last night, the thought that came to me was the one that is coming from the other side is Sophia. The big deal -- because the lizards are here already. The -- Lucifer is a lizard. Lucifer is a reptilian, see. So they are here already. The aliens are here already. So is coming from the other side? It is Sophia coming to marry all of the people that have birthed Lucifer, making these people super spiritual giants in the earth, and then I do not even know what would happen. I just know that the Lord is not going to let it happen. So I think that the Lord Jesus has to show up pretty soon because things are pretty far gone. So he has to show up really soon.


I am thinking that it is going to be either this October or October of 2017 because we are just out of time, and I have heard people say that, and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the indication is to me, myself, that he will show up at a time that corresponds with the Jewish high holy days. So that is why I say October. The Jewish high holy days are October 3rd -- they begin October 3rd this year. So I think it will be either this year or next year, but I am not prophesying. I am -- that is just what I think. I do not see how it could go much longer.


The evil people in this world, they are doing everything to open that doorway, so that she can come through to marry Lucifer in them, so that they can become immortal. They want to become immortal. They are talking about becoming immortal. If you listen to the other side, it is all about immortality. They want their immortality, and they want to take over all of humanity, make slaves of humanity for their own purposes and how -- whatever else that means. I may not even understand what it all means, what they could or would do with us when they become that powerful. So this is my understanding today, that it -- the Lord, he is never late, but he is going to really come in the last hour and stop it before Sophia can join with Lucifer. That is my understanding.


So -- see, now, how did I get to that from Gilgamesh? Oh, so Gilgamesh is now looking for longevity, and he gets across the river, and he meets Utnapishtim, the man who was saved from the flood and became immortal, and he wants the secret of immortality. So we have a very interesting situation here. Utnapishtim, he is more or less captive on this island. He survived the flood -- the story goes, he survived the flood illegally. He was not supposed to survive the flood, but he survived the flood, and Enlil, who I believe is likened to Jehovah, the one legitimate God and the one who called for the flood, decided not to kill him but to -- he made him immortal. Instead of not [sic] killing him, he did not let him continue in his present form, but made him immortal and relegated him to this island where he was just there with his wife, you know.


So my understanding of that whole situation is this, that the reason for the flood was that Jehovah decided to wipe out this human-reptilian race that were trying to seed all of humanity and bring forth their child and bring forth monsters into the world. And one of them survived. The flood was supposed to wipe out all of them, but one of them survived, and this one was Utnapishtim, you see.


So Jehovah decided not to kill him, but he said, “You cannot continue. You are a human-reptilian, and what you are going to do is you are going to infect all of the female members of Adam’s race, and I cannot let you do that. Either I have to kill you -- I have to kill you, or if I do not want to kill you,” which Jehovah decided not to kill him, --


            I need water.


-- “I am going to make you a eunuch.” He said, “I am going to give you immortality, and I am going to make you a eu- --.” [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- let me say it this way first. “I am going to make you a eunuch. I am going to cut off your in- -- your ability to impregnate the members of humanity. I have decided not to kill you. You can survive, but I am going to make you a eunuch. I am cutting off your ability to impregnate humanity with the reptilian seed,” [INAUDIBLE].


Now, somehow -- which I do not know that I could explain right now. I am not even sure I understand it completely myself, but Jehovah in that process of making Utnapishtim a eunuch -- you know, making him incapable of reproducing -- he threw him back into potential. That was the way that -- that was the way it came down. He threw him back into potential, and he relegated him to this island.


So I liken that to where Jesus is right now. Jesus is a glorified man who has the ability to reproduce himself, but Jesus, we do not see him. He is in that faraway place. He ascended into another dimension, and what Jesus is doing is that he is sending his seed into this world, and when the time comes he will join himself to his son that has grown in whoever -- wherever he is growing, and that will be Jesus’ return to the earth. I need to say that again because I do not think I made it clear.


Jesus is relegated to someplace in potential, just like Utnapishtim, but Jesus is on a righteous side, and Utnapishtim is on an unrighteous side. He is on Sophia’s side, OK. And they are both in a similar condition. They are in an invisible world, and they have -- they are not appearing in this world. They desire a presence in this world, both of them, but the only way they can have a presence in this world is through union or marriage to a human because we humans, we are the visible form in this world, see. So the Lord Jesus Christ wants to appear in this world, and the way he is doing it is by sending forth his seed, so that we have the baby, and he marries the baby, OK, and when he marries the baby, then he comes, and he dwells in us through his baby, see.


So he is -- the Lord Jesus Christ is in the realm of potential. He has a -- Jesus has a potential ability to appear in this world. We are all waiting for his appearance, right. We are waiting for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, [INAUDIBLE]. So he is in potential. He has not come yet. He has a potential to come. We are hoping that he is going to come. We are waiting for him to come, but he is not here yet, [INAUDIBLE].


The way he is going to get here is by -- he is sending his seed ahead of him. He is going to get here by having his children populate -- his children grow up in humans in this world, and then he is going to come and join with his children, wherever they are, the spiritual man-child inside of the believers, and that is how Jesus is going to appear in this world. He is not going to look like Jesus of Nazareth. He is not going to come in his own body. He is coming in your body, and he is coming in my body. He is joining with the man-child growing inside of your body. He is going to join with that man-child, and then his consciousness, his righteousness is going to appear in you.


His personality is not going to appear in you. It will be your personality. OK, it will still be you. Whatever your name is, it would still be you, but his righteous nature, his -- which comes out of the spirit -- you see, your human spirit is saved. He is coming in your human spirit. His righteousness in your human spirit is going to be the authority over your personal- -- our personalities are all sinners. So it is like Enkidu coming to Gilgamesh, OK, and Gilgamesh crushed him. When Jesus comes to me, or when Jesus comes to you, to marry -- when the Lord Jesus Christ comes to marry the Christ child in you, OK, are you going to receive him, or are you going to be so wicked that you throw off his co- -- that you throw him off and, you know, cannot connect with the child in you?


There is a Scripture. I think it is in Zechariah. I may have the wrong prophet. He says, “When I come to the earth will I find faith? Will there be faith when I get here?” Well, what does that mean, “Will I find faith when I get here?” First of all, what is faith? OK, humanity has no ability to have faith. We have hope. Christ in you, the hope of your glorification. We have hope that God will save us. We do not even -- we are so without any resources to help ourselves, we do not even have faith. Christ is our faith. Christ in you is your faith. He is our ability to have faith, see. So he said, “When I come to the earth, will I find faith? Will I find Christ in anybody? Will I find at least one person where Christ Jesus has grown up?” That is what that Scripture is saying, see.


So that -- this is what is happening[?, and?] this is the latest headlines that nobody is talking about. The occult are all talking about it. All the sinners of the world, all the Satanists of the world are talking about it. Sophia is coming. Sophia is coming, going to marry Lucifer, and we are going to take over the world, OK, but the Christians, no.




They do not know [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. The Jews -- I do not think the Jews have this revelation. I do not believe they have this revelation. I do not believe they have it. No matter how religious they are, you know, in what they do, and s- -- they have an extensive knowledge of the Scripture that I could not hold a candle to, but this they do not have. This revelation is the secret of the Lord Jesus Christ. You do not get this without the Lord Jesus Christ, see.


And that is what is coming, and there might be a big change this October. Well, if it happens this October, it is going to be imperceptible to the world, you know. There will just be a few people that will recognize it, probably the people here, you know. But somehow -- and I still do not have -- I do not really know how I know. I do not like to guess, but somehow the Lord Jesus is going to prevent Sophia from joining with Lucifer.


What does that mean? Oh, I just had an interesting thought. He is going to destroy Sophia. Sophia is an analogous to Humbaba, and then he is going to destroy Lucifer and all of the people, which would be analogous to the cedar trees.




Did you hear what -- did you understand what I just said?



Is that not interesting?


            [CROSSTALK] the eggs from the unrighteous side then? [CROSSTALK]


Yeah, the unrighteous side is going to destroy Sophia, who -- or someone else by -- I may not -- it may not be Sophia. It may be another entity lower on the spectrum than Sophia, who is guarding -- maybe it is --




-- who is guarding the eggs, which are -- which have grown into Lucifer in all of the Luciferians, and then he is going to go, and he is going to kill the spiritual child in all of these people that have birthed the evil spiritual child, you know, which is very interesting because --


Actually, the thought actually came into my mind not too long ago. It was a recent thought about whether or not these people could be saved, and I think until recently I would say -- I s- -- would say, no, they could not be saved. They are too far gone, but what is -- I sort of had the thought at that time that, no, a lot of them are going to be saved because a lot of them are Christians or Jews. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I tried to tell you about the Jews earlier, that there are some Jews that have gone astray. It is not the whole -- it is not every person that is Jewish, but there are a lot of people that a- -- the people that are having this experience are primarily Jewish, that they have gone astray, and they have birthed the wrong child, and that those are the ones that he is going to destroy the cedar in them, --


            Wow. [CROSSTALK]


-- the one with longevity in them. And they are like the prophets of Baal.




So when he destroys that Lucifer -- Luciferian child in them, they will repent and come back to -- and recognize their true God. Is that not interesting?


            So they can --




            -- they can destroy the child without destroying the person [INAUDIBLE]?


Jesus can do it.


            Yeah, [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah.


And, again, I am not telling you -- I am not prophesying to you. I am telling you these are the thoughts that are in my mind, and we just -- I just teach as the Lord gives it to me, and then he corrects me. So take it for what it is. It is just a thought that I recently had. If he changes it in the future, he changes it, but I have a feeling that that is the truth. Yes?


The Scripture I am reminded of -- you know, that they will -- that these people who have that child -- that Luciferian child destroyed within them, they will recognize what they have done, you know, and repent --


When the child is destroyed [CROSSTALK]








So that makes that passage all the more -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] understand of the [CROSSTALK] --


Uh-huh. Yeah. Well, to me that is an even better -- better than having -- hearing that Jesus is going to destroy them all. It is more to the glory of God that he is actually coming to rescue these people who come from a -- what is so interesting is that they are not even the descendants of Abraham, but they are the descendants of this Khazarian empire that -- they are converts. They are converts to Judaism and they went off on the wrong track and became Satanists. They are not even practicing Jews anymore, OK, and they are birthed of the Luc- -- they have birthed Lucifer, and he is going to kill Lucifer, and they are going to come back to their Judaism, and they were converts in the first place, --




-- so it is just wild.




But I will take that one much better than him just --




-- destroying them.




And when he kills the -- and you know what that lines up with also? It lines up with the first plague. When I did that message on Exodus 32, when the Hebrew children -- when God sent Moses -- when Jehovah sent Moses to invite the Hebrew children out of Egypt, and they did not want to come, the first plague is the plague of blood, and I have said all along that maybe there was a national leader called pharaoh that did not want the Hebrew children to leave, but that is not really what the Bible is focusing on. It was pharaoh [?in?] the Hebrew children that did not want to leave. It was the mind of Egyptian paganism that had taken ahold of them. It was actually -- it was -- would be Horace. According to Egyptian religion, it would be Horace. They had given birth to Horace, the spiritual child. Instead of Christ, they had given birth to Horace, and he was pharaoh that would not let them go.


So the plagues that were visited was not upon a national king, --




-- but the plagues that were visited were upon the Hebrew children, OK, that wanted to continue to be -- to practice the Egyptian religion. They did not want to come out.






And so the first plague was the plague of blood, which forced an abortion on them --




-- of the spiritual child. I preached that a couple of years ago.




So, wow, very, very exciting.




And then as soon as the Lord aborted Horace, OK, he impregnated them with Christ.




[INAUDIBLE] So I think that is -- that attests to the greatness of God, and that is wonderful. He does not want anyone to die. Fix us, Lord. Fix us.




Yeah. That is really exciting.




Well, I either need to take a break or -- what -- how long have I been preaching?


            It is 2 o’clock now. Two hours and 15, 20 minutes.


Let me see. [INAUDIBLE] maybe I will just take a drink. Let us see where we will go from here. I can preach again after we eat, you know, if you want me to. So what else can I tell you? So I guess I am not going to get past the synopsis of Gilgamesh today.


Is the purpose of Gilgamesh -- is it -- [?can?] we put it in the sense of what is going on right now with us, with the people and -- in other words, the story you are telling and what you are saying, is it what is going on right now spiritually here?


It is a parallel, and it is helping us to understand --


            Is that --


-- what is going on with us.


            That is what I thought.






But it is also going on with the other side. They are having that -- an experience too. So the Lord is just using it to help us to understand what is happening to us. That is the most important thing, what is happening to us, and I think we also need to know the truth about what the Lord intends to do to the other side, that he is not going to slaughter them, that he really wants to save the worst of them. And what the message seems to be is that humanity -- there is really nobody -- there is nobody that is inherently bad.


I do not know about the -- I think it is true in the Hebrew too, but I know for sure in the Greek there are three different words that mean evil, see. One of those words means inherently evil. You are evil. You were born evil. You will die evil. There is nothing -- there is -- you are evil, and there is nothing that [sic] can do to change you. You are evil. And then there is the evil person that was good but made a mistake like Enkidu, OK, and was overcome and became evil, OK. And then there is a third word that offhand I do not recall what it means.


So the message that seems to be coming forth is it seems to be the truth of this message of ultimate reconciliation. There are preachers out there today that are preaching ultimate reconciliation, and they are saying God is going to save every human, but he is not going to save every human, OK, but I believe that he is going to save every soul -- or -- that comes from -- he is going to save every breath that comes from Jehovah’s breath and that was breathed into humanity, and he is going to bring -- save every soul that is a part of the super soul called righteous Adam, and tho- -- that breath of Jehovah and that spark of that super soul called righteous Adam is in people. That is what is going to save, and wherever he can, he is going to save the human vessel that they are in. [INAUDIBLE] and that is his intention. He is not coming with a vengeance. He is not against us. The wor- -- absolute worst of us, if it is at all possible, he is going to save them, but the --


I did not get it out, what I am trying to say. The point is that humanity is not -- we are not inherently evil. We are evil because an evil soul has captured us, an evil spiritual force called Sophia has captured us and planted her life in us and made us evil. That is what happened to Enkidu.


I have actually -- over the years, I have actually preached a lot about that, about how we just adapt to wherever we are forced to be, and there was a movie -- I know that I preached on this movie. The name I do not even remember at this point, but it was about an English nobleman who went to America, I think, in the 1800s to just have an experience. He was an English nobleman, and he is cap- -- he was captured by American Indians. And someone in authority in the tribe took a liking to him and did not kill him. F- -- he started out being a slave, but then he actually became an Indian. He came to admire their way of life, and he was stuck there. There was no getting out of it, and he became an Indian -- and he passed the test. He had to pass a test of physical pain, endurance to become a warrior, and he actually became a warrior. And he was out there taking scalps, and he completely became an Indian. So he was forced into these circumstances, and he was able to completely change.


And then the other movie that I talk about -- I remember the name of that movie -- is “Shaka Zulu,” which is about a British soldier who is sent to South Africa in the 1800s to seek out this tribal leader, Shaka. And he lives with this tribe for a couple of years, and he -- the British call it going native. He became -- he comes back, and he sees the righteousness of the sa- -- he sees the righteous savage and the wrongs of the British government. It is supposed to be -- this one, I think, was supposed to be based on a true story. And he comes back from the depths of Africa to Johannesburg. I think that is the main town in South Africa. It is where the British army is, and he comes back dressed up like a Zulu, and he says, “I am Zulu.” You know, he completely -- his nature completely changed.


So this is the truth of humanity. We are a cham- -- we are chameleons. We are not permanently formed. We are not permanently formed. Now, this is why I have been saying for years nobody knows -- you do not know what you would do in someone else’s circumstance. So we really need to be very careful not to condemn people, you know. We can judge the sin. We can say that behavior is sin, you know, but to condemn a person that has fallen into sin on a personal level, you do not know what you would do if you were under the same circumstances. We are chameleons, and we adapt to our environment.


So that being the case, that is very encouraging that Jesus is coming to cleanse us of all sin, and that is what the Scripture says, that he is going to destroy the sin in us and plant his life in us, and then we are going to be righteous people, and there will be no reason to destroy us.




That was interesting right at that point.




So that is very exciting to me.




I like that message.






I am running out of power. Well, to be honest with you, I think that the Lord is stopping now, but I will have a discussion. I will have questions, and if not, we will stop, and if you want I can preach a little more after we eat, if you would like me to do that. Unless I can -- let me see, what else can I tell you about? OK. I will tell -- I will finish up this Gilgamesh.


So, OK. So Utnapishtim is there with his wife. He is there with a wife, and when I first read the poem, there was something very strange about the wife. It is -- the way that the poem is expressed, it says, “And his wife called to him like she was calling from a far distance away.” So I came to the conclusion after praying about it that Utnapishtim’s wife was Sophia. He had a spiritual wife, [INAUDIBLE], that -- where the rules -- did I finish explaining the potential? That -- let me just finishing plai- -- explaining the potential to you.


So Utnapishtim, he was put in a place of potential analogous to where Jesus is. Jesus cannot appear -- well, he can do whatever he wants to, but following the natural order of things, Jesus is not appearing in this world. Following the natural order of things, he will appear in this world when his child is born in a company of humans and he joins his spiritual self to that child. And his appearance is going to be by his nature. His personality is not going to appear again. That is why Jesus said -- concerning Elijah he said -- he did not call him Elijah. He said, “If you can receive it, this is the spirit of Elias.” The spirit of Elias. The personality was Jesus of Nazareth. The personality was John the Baptist. He was in both of them. It was not the personality of Elijah. It was the spirit of Elijah, his righteous spirit that came and joined himself to the fallen spirit of these two men, and in Jesus’ case made the personality righteous because the righteous spirit cleansed the personality, and Jesus had the whole experience of salvation.


So Utnapishtim, he is back there in potential, and the only way he can appear amongst humanity is to plant his seed in us because that is how Jesus is going to appear. His nature, his spirit is going to appear in us, not his personality, see.


So Utnapishtim, he is in this island, and he cannot get off the island because he is a eunuch. He has no seed. Enlil, who I believe is likened to Jehovah, took his seed. So Jehovah did not kill him. He put him in -- I keep seeing him as Napoleon on the island of Elba for some reason. He is in this island in potential. He cannot get over to humanity. He has no connection with humanity, no relationship with humanity at all. He is isolated on this island with this goddess, who is his wife, meaning that she dwells in him. She is his wife. She dwells in him, OK, and he has no way.


So I think that Jehovah put him there for the day that all of humanity is cleansed, and then he is going to let him out and join the human race in righteous order; otherwise why would Jehovah have saved him? Assuming that it was Jehovah that saved him Does everybody understand that? [INAUDIBLE]


So then Gilgamesh looks at him. He meets him. He says, “You look just like me.” You are immortal, and I am -- and I want to be immortal, but you look just like me.” And he says, “I want what you have. What do I have to do to become immortal?” And what is interesting is that Utnapishtim is not very nice to him. Utnapishtim says, in so many words, “Well, you know, you are not up to this. You cannot do it. You will never be immortal,” you know. He says, “All men are liars, you know. All humans are liars.” And his wife calls to him and says, “Give him a chance!” You know, that is the impression I got the way it is written. “Give him a chance!” Where is she calling from, you know?


Well, I have been teaching for years that if you hear in the spirit -- if you hear a voice that comes from very far away, it is usually the Lord Jesus calling from a different dimension. If the voice is a soft voice or a thought in your own mind, then it is Christ in you. So she was a goddess that had a relationship with him that could be likened to the Holy Spirit. She was not a spiritual child inside of him because she was calling from far away. She was in another dimension. She had latched on to Utnapishtim from another dimension.


So we have what is likened unto a human with the whole -- under the influence of a spirit woman who -- that is called his wife, but we see that in this relationship, the wife is the one that is the authority over the man that survived the flood. And the wife says, “Give him a chance! Give him a chance!”


So I liken this to the teaching on the -- there are d- -- several words for this. One way of expressing it is the long face or the short face, and what it is talking about is the Lord Jesus Christ, for example -- I will give you that example. The Lord Jesus Christ is the long face. He is the one that has -- he is very patient. What is he patient waiting for? He is waiting for humanity to bear fruit. He is waiting patiently, OK, for certainly 2,000 years since he was glorified, and before that God is waiting for humanity to bear the fruit of the Christ child, so that the Lord Jesus can marry the Christ child, so that Jehovah can have a relationship with us through the mediator, Christ Jesus. And he is very patient. He forgives sins and very merciful, but his counterpart, Christ in you -- in other words, Christ or Christ Jesus -- he is impatient, see.


And I know -- I have talked about that because I am the one who is Christ Jesus, and sometimes I get impatient, and sometimes I get frustrated that I am preaching my -- literally preaching life out to you all, and then I find that somebody does not know the answer to a question that I think you should know the answer to. So I get impatient, and I have been rebuked by the Lord for the impatience. I have to understand that you are not learning at the same rate that I am learning, and that you are you, and he loves you, and as long as you are moving in the right direction, he has forgi- -- you are under the blood -- your sins are under the blood, and I have to accept the fact that you all do not know what I know, that I preach --


I used to -- years ago when I first started preaching, I would preach it once, and I would expect you all to know it, and if they did not know the answers the next time, I w- -- actually got mad at the brethren in New York, and the reason for that was that I did not understand who I was. I thought that we were all the same, but now I know that we are not all the same, you see, and I am the teacher and you are the students. We are all the same as human beings before God, but I am the teacher, and you are the students. And I am doing a lot better, but sometimes I get frustrated. Sometimes I get frustrated when I would hope that somebody would be more spiritual in a particular area, you know, but I understand that I have to accept them. And if somebody has -- does something wrong, I have to teach you. That is my job, to teach you. So I am getting there. I am migrating from being the impatient one to the patient one, and when I become the patient one, I am going to be in longevity on my way to immortality because the patient one is the Lord Jesus. The impatient one is Christ Jesus that is teaching the teacher.


Now, Moses was the impatient one, and he lost his ability to enter into Canaan land because he lost patience with the Hebrew children in the wilderness, and he hit the rock, you know, instead of teaching him, and he lost entrance into Canaan land. So that is the perfect example of the impatient one, OK. So I am doing my best to be patient with you all and with everybody in my whole life.


Brethren, the more you mature in Christ Jesus, the harder it is to live in this world. It is very hard to live in this world. The more that the Lord gives you and the more you evolve spiritually and you see how people live, you just -- you know, you just want to fix everybody, but you cannot fix everybody. You see people stepping on their own feet, making mistakes that cause destruction in their own lives, and they do not want to listen to you, [INAUDIBLE], and it is not easy. You have to -- I think I am doing pretty well at it now, you know, but people do not want to listen to you unless you show them some carnal sign that you are -- you put a white collar on or something and say that you are this -- and even then I do not know if they would listen to you. But people do not want to listen, you see. So I -- we all have to learn, you know, to just take care of yourself, you know. If God sends you to someone to give advice to, well, you give it to them; otherwise just take care of yourself. Fix yourself first. 


So, anyway. So -- and so Utnapishtim’s wife says, “Well, give him a chance.” And Utnapishtim says, “Ah, these men, they are all liars, you know. He is never going to make it. He will never make it to immortality.” And what is interesting there is according to the parable Utnapishtim did not overcome to become immortal. He was just granted immortality. So --


But I just see an analogy there that I did not see before. Utnapishtim can be likened to Israel. Israel -- national Israel did not do anything to attain -- they had immortality. The Scripture says, “Ye are gods, but ye shall die like men.” National Israel had the opportunity to be immortal. They were a supernatural people. When they came out of Egypt, they were a supernatural people, see. But the -- this generation that is growing up from seed, OK, we are the ones that are still so -- we are really great sinners. As Christ is formed in us, we are still great sinners, but it is national Israel that despises the church today. It is like the parable of the prodigal son. National Israel despises the church. They cannot see anything of God in us at all. They think that we have stolen their Bible. They do not see anything of God in us at all, and they have this incredible knowledge of the Scripture and understanding of the Scripture in however they see salvation coming.


So Utnapishtim is like -- how was I going to say that? He is like national Israel. He did not do anything to become immortal. He survived the flood when he should not have survived the flood, and Enlil decided to have mercy on him and let him live, but he put him off in potential. So he who did not do anything to attain to immortality is despising Gilgamesh who is seeking immortality saying, “Oh, he will never do it. He will never make it. All men are liars.” Well, what about you, Utnapishtim? What did you do to get your blessing?


And this also is an example of people that have the female spirituality, as opposed to people that have the male spirituality. The female spirituality is spirituality that you are just born with. The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. You just -- are you just a spiritual person? It is a miracle that you all can understand this message. You are just a spiritual person. You did not do anything to get it. You were born this way. But the male spirituality, this spirituality that will eventually produce power, OK, that you have to study for. You have to study, and you have to attend meetings. You have to listen to messages to acquire the male spirituality.


So there is Utnapishtim who did not do anything to get his immortality saying, “Oh, these people, they -- he will never do it. This Gilgamesh, he will never get it. All men are liars.” [INAUDIBLE] And then the higher form of life, which would be likened to the Lord Jesus, was saying, “Oh, let him try it. Give him a chance,” you know, except that it turns out that she really is just doing this for her own purposes. She is a wicked spirit, and she is really just doing it for her own purposes. So Utnapishtim says to Gilgamesh, “Well, this will be the test whether or not you can get immortality: See if you can stay awake for seven days without sleeping.”


So Gilgamesh -- it says Gilgamesh sat down next to a wall. Now, that is a very spiritual statement, “he sat down next to a wall.” Jesus is our wall. He sat down next to some -- to the spirit -- to the god that he served, you know, and as soon as he sat down to start his seven days of not sleeping he fell asleep immediately.


Now, that is a parable. Now, Utnapishtim said, “Oh, he will never do it.” So his wife, who was this spirit, goddess, said, “Well, I will tell you what. We will” -- I think it came out in the poem that Gil- -- that Utnapishtim asked his wife to bake a loaf of bread for every day that Gilgamesh would be sleeping because when he woke up -- Utnapishtim said, “When he wakes up he will never believe that he was sleeping. He will think he just -- he will just never believe he was sleeping. So bake a loaf of the -- bread for every day and mark it on the wall. When he wakes up, he will see how long he has been sleeping.”


Now, this is likened to humanity being asleep. We are spiritual asleep. Humanity has been sleeping for 6,000 years. We are about to -- the six th- -- the end of the six 1,000-year days about to come to an end. We have been asleep for 6,000 years, and we do not even realize that we have been sleeping. We actually think we have made progress, but we have actually gone backwards.


So then it becomes very spiritual. He falls asleep immediately. She bakes a loaf of bread -- I had that written down here somewhere. She bakes a loaf of bread for every day -- I would like to read that to you if I could find it. [INAUDIBLE] And it says the first loaf of bread -- let me see. I hate to keep you waiting. It is back here. Oh, here it is.


I have heard you tell this before. [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK]


  1. OK. So she bakes the loaves of bread, each day one loaf, and put it besides [sic] his head. So it is really -- bread is food. We are really talking about doctrine here, wisdom, and the point is that you -- one way to enter into immortality is through wisdom, and that is what we are doing right here, through wisdom. So the first loaf was rock hard, and that means impossible to penetrate, to find the spiritual truth. That is the letter of the word. That is what we get in the first day because each one of us, when the Lord calls us, we begin to experience the first day of creation. We can experience every one of these days of creation. So when we first look at the word of God, it is rock hard, and we cannot understand it. It is impenetrable.

The second loaf was dried out like leather, and I say that is like a dead animal, and that is the understanding of the carnal mind. That is trying to understand it with the carnal mind, which is a dead animal.


The third loaf of bread shrunk. That means that we are still trying to penetrate and understand the word of God because that is the passageway to immortality. Shrunk means abbreviated. The Bible is one massive abbreviation. We are told that if all of the feats that Jesus did were put in a book, all the books in the world could not contain what Jesus did. Well, what about the word of God -- understanding the word of God, OK? It is -- you cannot even contain it in a written word. So everything that you read is abbreviated. And so the person that is experiencing the third day of creation is starting to see there is something special about the word of God that they have not found yet, and they start to unlock all of the abbreviations, which is what we are doing here, unlocking the abbreviations.


The crust of the fourth loaf had a whitish covering. Now, to me whitish covering means leprosy, and that means the truth is rotting, that the truth is there, but it is not being ministered properly. It is being denied, and it is just rotting in the ear. If you want to think of it in terms of a fruit or of corn -- a cornstalk is just rotting in the ear, OK. And that is Christ in the person, OK, that is not growing because they are not being fed properly.


The fifth loaf is spotted with mold, and that means that lies are added to the doctrine. Mold is something that is added to you. Lies added to the doctrine. This is all about the spiritual child in you dying, OK. This is all about immortality, OK. In order to attain to immortality, you have to acquire the word of God, OK. I am going to go back. The first day it is impenetrable to you, OK. The second day it is dried out leather because you are trying to understand I with your carnal mind. The third day you realize that it is abbreviated, and you have to learn the symbols. Then the fourth day you find out the truth is rotting. That means that somewhere along the line you got a seed, and that seed is inside of you, but it is rotting because you do not even know that the seed is there, and you are not living the lifestyle that will cause the seed to grown. Then on the fifth day lies are added. That is mold. So you finally realize that you are a spiritual person, and you wind up lining the f- -- finding the world’s false doctrine.


When I first started to become interested I wound up in [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. I did not know right, wrong, good, bad. I did not know anything. I was just looking for something, and the first thing that came available to me was [UNINTELLIGIBLE], see, and that was rotten food, and I got into trouble because of that. I had to get deliverance from that.


So the sixth day -- or the sixth opportunity to acquire immortality through wisdom is that the bread was stale, and I say that stale bread is true doctrine but not anointed with the spirit of life, and, therefore, useless for spiritual growth. This truth that you are hearing today will not do you any good if it was not being preached by the Spirit of Life, but you are all being seeded today. You are all getting the male seed today. We get the female seed from the Holy Spirit. Doctrine is the male seed. If I c- -- someone else can read from these notes and preach it to you, you might understand it, you might not, but you would not get the seed of life, see.


So what Gilgamesh is being told is that the pathway to immortality is through wisdom, and these are the three stages -- I am sorry, these are the seven stages that you go through -- or the seven opportunities that you have -- let us put it that way. These are the seven opportunities to acquire wisdom, and the blockages and the things that will happen in your life that will stop you from getting the wisdom, which will lead to immortality. You will give up because your carnal mind cannot understand it. You will give up because your carnal mind does try to understand it. You will give up because it is abbreviated and you do not understand the symbols. You will give up because you do not even know that the seed is there and it is rotting in the ear, OK. You will receive lies. You will receive the false doctrine that sounds right to you. And then finally you find the true doctrine. Finally, you actually get the true doctrine and it is being preached to you. It is either being preached to you by someone who does not have an anointing or you find it in a book, and you really need someone -- you need an anointed teacher to teach it to you, or you cannot do anything with it.


And then the seventh loaf is that it is still on the embers, which means wisdom which was not yet -- which has not yet come to a state that can be understood. That was one of the first things that I told you, that none of us can understand wisdom. We have to have the understanding to break up the bread into crumbs. So the seventh loaf, which we are experiencing this seventh loaf here, OK, it is not on the embers anymore. For you here in this ministry, the seventh loaf is not on the embers. The seventh loaf is wi- -- is the true wisdom preached under the anointing. That is what we have in this ministry. That is the glory that we have here.


This is the amazement that we have here, and everybody that is hearing this kind of message, you are invited to do all that you can do to acquire immortality based upon what you are being taught here. It is the unadulterated, unabbreviated, unlocked doctrine being preached under the anointing, and that is what we have here. And this will lead to immortality. This comes out of Gilgamesh. This is what will lead to immortality, and we have got it here.




[?Just hang on.?] So Gilgamesh fails, you know, and he is devastated, and he is going home. You know, he is just devastated, and Utnapishtim’s wife calls out again, “Oh, give him another chance! Give him a chance at longevity. He did not make it to immortality. Give him a chance to longevity.” So Utnapishtim says to him, very nasty -- says to him, “Well, there is this fruit -- you know, there is this fruit, and if you could find this fruit, you could have your youth renewed, you know, live a very long time, but the fruit is at the bottom of the sea [INAUDIBLE].”


So it was very spiritual. I believe that Gilgamesh actually has to descend -- and I really did not spend any time explaining who he is. He is really -- he is on a higher realm, like, where Adam would be, you know, except in the poem they show him as a person, and the people of Uruk as people, but for me to really understand what happened here, I have to look at him like Adam -- OK, like Christ Jesus on a higher spiritual plane descending into one of his human -- one of the humans that he is attached to, or Gilgamesh going to one of the citizens of Uruk, you know, and ripping the egg from that person. That is what -- that is --


Now, he does not know it. Gilgamesh is ignorant, and he is really being tricked by Sophia or by that female spirit, that Utnapishtim is a eunuch. He cannot enter into this world because he does not have seed to impregnate a human. That is how an immortal enters into this world. They have to acquire a relationship with a human, impregnate them with their seed, and then they join permanently to the fruit of that seed. That is the way it is done. Whether it is Christ or whether it is an ungodly spirit, that is how it is done. That is how a spirit acquires immortality in the flesh. The way they acquire immortality in the flesh is that they have got to find a flesh, which is you or me, and make us immortal, and then they live in us forever, and if it is Christ Jesus, we are blessed, and if it is an ungodly spirit that is living in us forever, we are in per- -- we are in eternal hell, see.


So this spirit that was with Utnapishtim, she wanted to incarnate as well as Utnapishtim. They wanted to incarnate, but Utnapishtim was a eunuch. So they were going to trick Gilgamesh, or at least the female spirit was going to trick Gilgamesh into snatching the egg from one of hi- -- the citizens of Uruk, although that is not what is said in the poem. In the poem it says he just went and he dug a hole, you know. He dug a hole, and he went down to the bottom of the sea, but, in my opinion, he went to a citizen --


Or the spiritual reality that is being expressed here is that a higher entity has to enter into a human that has a seed. Now, in today’s world the only humans that have seeds are Christians. The only humans that have seeds are Christians, and thus we understand the obsession that ungodly spirits have with Christians. For years I have been saying, well, the obsession that the ungodly spirit has with Christians, the obsession that they have is that we have more energy, and they want our energy, but this makes a lot more sense to me.




The obsession they have with Christians is that we are the only ones with seed.


            The male seed?


The female seed. We are the only ones with female seed -- with the female seed. The spirit -- the female spirit had -- has the male seed. That is a good -- the female seed. I am pretty sure it is the female seed. I will think about that when I stop preaching. Yeah, she wanted the female seed from the human. Humans have female seed, OK, that we get from the Holy Spirit, the female seed. The male seed is no good without the egg.


So he goes down, and he ties stones to his feet, and he descends to the bottom of the ocean [INAUDIBLE], and he gets this fruit and he brings it up. And when he grabs the fruit, it is a fruit with spikes on it, so it pierces his finger, and I sort of thought that that sort of related to Jesus somewhat who is the Rose of Sharon, and there are thorns on the rose. And his fingers are all bloody, you know, and he gets to the surface, and he looks at the fruit, and my opinion at this point is that he did not know what to do with it. He looked at it, and he said, “Wow, is that not interesting? This fruit gives longevity.” He said, “I think I will take it back to Uruk and give it to one of the older men in the city and see if it works for them.” Now, he just dug a hole and descended to the bottom of the ocean to get this fruit, and, all of a sudden, he is so lackadaisical towards it. And he lays it down on the ground and sees a pool and goes bathing in the pool.


So that does not make any sense. My understanding of that is this, that, number one, he did not know what he had in his hand. It was likened to doctrine. He did not understand it, OK, and he preferred the Holy Spirit.




The pool that he went bathing in was the Holy Spirit that made him feel good. He went bathing in the s- -- in the Holy Spirit, OK. And Jesus told us that when the man who got the one talent and buried it under the ground, OK, he lost what he had. So he went through that great extreme to get it, and when he got it -- a combination, I think, of everything. He did not understand what he was supposed to do with it, but what he did understand he did not want. He did not want to study.


And also it went a little deeper than that, and I related it back to Shem, Ham and Japheth and the sons of God wanting to give their seed to the humans. And when I was preaching that message, at one point I was trying to figure out what was going on there, and one of the revelations that came down was that they -- that the sons of God really did not want to marry the humans. They wanted to take them as -- well, the Scripture says “take them as wives.” They wanted to have that relationship with them. Was it physical sex? I do not know. Maybe it was, but they wanted something from the humans that would please them, --


            [?I am going to?] need more water.


-- but they did not want to abide permanently with them. They did not want to take responsibility for them, and it -- in any event --


            I need more water.


-- the type that we are looking at is a young man that just wants the sex, or some men get married and they do not take any responsibility towards their wives or their children. They did not want that resp- -- so there was something that he did not want. Maybe he did not want to -- maybe being joined to a human meant -- and to some degree it does mean this -- being joined to a human, they would have to spend some time in the confinement of this body. Maybe they did not want that, you know. So -- and -- well, I do not want to go too far because I am going to be ending soon.


But, in any event, he looked at the fruit. It pierced his fi- -- his hands -- his fingers -- not his hands, his fingers, which represent the mind. It pierced his mind. “I really do not want to study. Eh, it was too hard. Eh --.”




He really did not want it. “I will let the old guys try it. If it works, then I will try it.”


Now, we are told in the Book of Jasher that something like that happened with Abraham’s brother. I think it was his brother. This is the Apocrypha, the Book of Jasher. That Abraham, when he was -- Jehovah had approached Abraham, and Nimrod was burning Abraham in the fire. He threw Abraham into the fire, sort of a Daniel type experience into the fire because Abraham was not -- no longer a pagan. He was giving up pa- -- the pagan gods. And Abraham survived the fire, and Abraham’s brother -- the --


Actually, what they are saying is that this is how Nahor died. You might recall that Abraham had two brothers, if I can remember their names. One was Nahor. It just shows you how -- I know all this, and I always come up against something that I do not know. I am always stuck over here on this carnal stuff. Bethuel. I think his -- the other brother was Bethuel or something like that. And Nahor was the one who died. There were three brothers: Abraham, Bethuel -- I am pronouncing it wrong -- and Nahor. Nahor had two daughters, OK, and when he died what they did in those days when there was no welfare, if your brother died, you married your brother’s wife, so that she did not starve to death, OK. So Abraham married one of Nahor’s wives, which was Sarai, and Bethuel married the other one, whose name I do not recall. And, of course, Bethuel, whose name I am pronouncing incorrectly, was the father of Laban.


So according to the Book of Jasher, this is how Nahor died, OK. He was present with Abraham, or in a similar situation when Abraham was thrown into the fire by Nimrod, and Nahor backed off. He said, “Oh, I will worship the idols. Do not throw me into the fire. I do not want to die.” Abraham said, “Throw me into the fire. I am not going to worship idols.” Nahor said -- I do not -- the other f- -- the other brother might have been Haran. I do not know. I may have the wrong name. Please forgive me if I have the wrong name of his other brother. OK. Maybe it was Haran, H-A-R-A-N.


So Nahor said, “No, I am not -- do not throw me into the fire. I will worship your pagan idols.” When he saw Abraham survive the fire, he said, “Oh, OK. You can throw -- I am not going to be a pagan anymore. I really want to worship Jehovah, and you could throw me in the fire too.” So he was thrown -- Nimrod threw him into the fire, and he died in the fire because God only saved the man that was willing to die for his faith. He did not save the man that was [sic] only be a Christian or a Jew if it was a sure thing [INAUDIBLE].


So that is the position. That is what Jesus was talking about in some of his parables, and that I believe is what was going on with Gilgamesh. He said, “I will take it back to the city, and if it works for the old men, I will try it.” But if it did work f- -- if it would have worked for the old men, it would have never worked for him with that attitude. That is what I am trying to tell you.


So he lays it down on the ground, and he goes -- he puts the doctrine aside, and goes back to the Holy Spirit. This is likened to all of the pastors and people that I have sent out my books to, OK. They put the book down, and they go right back to saying they want to Holy Spirit.


I experienced this just last week with a woman. The Lord called her to this ministry more than 20 years ago. She lives in my condominium development, and I brought her over a copy of the latest book, and she was talking to me. And she is definitely called to this ministry, and she is -- definitely has the capability of understanding. Now, she was talking about getting -- listening to the message, and she took the websites and the YouTube and all that. The next week she calls me up and says, “You know, I was driving down the highway today, and I saw a store for rent, and I think I want to rent a store for praise and worship. I want to rent a store and just have radical praise and worship.”


And I am looking at the phone thi- -- first of all, I said to her, do you know what it would cost to rent a store on Long Island? And she is the one that is telling me that she just -- is just making her bills every week. How -- it was just a bizarre, crazy thing to say to me. That is what the carnal mind does to you.


            It is a power struggle.


Yeah. So Gilgamesh laid it down on the ground, and then the next thing that comes, which will be the last thing that I tell you, OK, is that -- which is very cryptic, very hard to understand. It says, “And the serpent -- and a serpent” -- not “the” serpent, “And a serpent smelled the sacrifice and ascended and curled up and picked up the fruit and ran away with it and shed his skin.” It is, like, just three -- like, three sentences. After all this, a serpent smelled the sacrifice, ascended, rose up from underneath, laid hold of the fruit and escaped with the fruit and shed his skin.




So that I prayed about for a long time, and I do have a whole revelation on it. Let me see how I can make this brief because I really have to stop. The serpent -- well, first of all, you have to -- it is, like, a new revelation of -- to me of who this serpent -- the Lord is clarifying things. He is making it clearer and clearer. And who is the serp- -- what is the serpent? OK, I have preached for a long time that there was a female seed that was buried -- when the creation was first started, the name of the unlimited one is the Ein Sof. He -- we do not even know what he is, so he does not have a name. Ein Sof means unlimited one.


He is so great -- he is infinite -- that there is nothing outside of him. So the creation had to take place inside of him, like in the womb -- inside of a woman’s womb. So he -- a hole opened up in him or a well opened up in him, and that is what Sheol is. It is this opening that just appeared because this Ein Sof wants to have a creation. And it is a well. It is an infinite well. It goes down, and there is water in the well, and he planted a female seed in that well [INAUDIBLE].


And I -- now, that is -- you can pretty much get that out of the surface -- out of the letter of the word if you wanted to. I am saying that well -- and this is what the Kabbalists say. That well is a human being, so that female seed is being planted in us, and it was planted initially in this well. Inside of the unlimited one was a female seed that was planted, and the female seed always comes first, you see. You need the egg. There are many, many sperms. OK, it is the egg. The big challenge is fertilizing the egg.


And that s- -- that female seed had a material substance attached to it. Now, this is the big fly in the ointment that I think I finally got. That female seed has a material substance attached to it. So I have been preaching, well, it had the earth attached to it, and the man was formed out of the earth, and I had all kinds of ways that I understood it. Today I understand that that material substance that was attached to the female seed was actually a conscious animal, see. We are -- this flesh -- this outer flesh is an animal. We have a soul and we have a spirit. OK.


So that material substance that was attached to the seed is called in the Scripture the Behemoth. We read about Behemoth in Job 42. That has always been a mystery to me. It says it is right there with Leviathan. Leviathan represents the soul. Behemoth represents the animal body. So that material substance, OK, the dust of which the man was formed, OK, it had a consciousness of its own, and the consciousness of the earth is the serpent. That is what it is, if you can hear this. This flesh has a consciousness of its own. Our soul has a consciousness of its own, [INAUDIBLE], and then the seed planted in us has a consciousness.


So this is who the serpent was. The serpent was not inherently evil. It was the consciousness of the earth that was attached to the seed. When the seed was discharged from the high spiritual planes to begin the creation, it came planted in earth. So we have the spiritual seed, the female seed that comes from God attached to a form made from earth, and is that not what we are? We are a form made from earth, and there is a seed, the Christ seed, Christ in you, that is attached to us.


So the serpent is the consciousness of the earth, not necessarily evil, just the exact opposite of God, completely devoid of righteousness, not -- never having known righteousness -- the exact opposite of righteousness. And the female seed, which is righteousness, is supposed to be ruling over the earth man that does not know the difference between right and wrong. Just like Enkidu was supposed to be the counselor to Gilgamesh, but the ear- -- but Gilgamesh killed him, see.


So there wa- -- so this earth that we all read about -- and Jehovah formed the man from the dust of the earth -- it was not the dirt out there. It was the earth of humanity. It was an earth like me or an earth like you, and it was in the form of an animal, see. Now, I do not know what it looked like at that point, but that is the general idea.


So we have the seed of the life of God attached to an animal, and that is who Behemoth is, see, and that is why a lot of -- if you read occult philosophy, if you read Free Masonry philosophy -- it is -- you know, it is very f- -- occult philosophy is very arrogant towards the average human being because they really are -- these people that are really ascended, they really are human-reptilians, you know, and they really hate the man in the street.


We are human-animals. They really despise us, and they call us the herd, you know. I have read occult philosophy of other -- ideologies of other -- other ideologies, and they call us the herd. They consider the man that does not have the female seed a behemoth, cattle. We are cattle, and that is why they have no problem saying they want to kill us all, and they want to bring the population down to a mere 500 million because we are just cattle. It is like thinning out the herd. That is how they look at us, you know.


So if you can hear this, OK -- and I know you are really tired. I have been -- I have given you a lot today, but that material substance that I have been preaching for years that it was the -- originally, at one point, I was preaching at -- that it was -- that when Malchus entered into the abyss, she interacted with the atmosphere of the abyss and produced a substance likened to rust, you know, but that was how I was understanding it at the time.


And then the Kabbalists say that she came into existence with a material substance attached to her. When I read that, I said, I think that is superior to what I was saying. I am going to take that one. And today I understand that that material that is attached to her was an animal. So when Jehovah said to Adam, “Name the animals” -- I have been saying for years that when Jehovah said, “Name the animals,” what Jehovah meant was “You determine which nature mankind will have. Will they have the nature of an animal or the nature of God?” But I did not fully understand that Jehovah was speaking to Adam the soul saying, “Give the -- engrave the nature on the animal that you are attached to” because Adam was female.


You have to -- I hope that you can follow me. Adam is -- he is referred to as a man in the Scripture, but Adam was the female egg. Adam was the female. God is the male. Adam [sic] was coming down to fertilize the female egg, which is Adam, OK. So the soul called Adam was inside of an earthen animal. We are that animal. Christ is the soul of God that is inside of us, and Jehovah wants to marry us through the Lord Jesus Christ, the mediator, see.


So the serpent is the consciousness of the animal. Just like when you are riding horseback -- the horse has his own consciousness -- you have to bring the horse into submission to ride him. So that is who the serpent is, not necessarily evil, just incapable of righteousness, not knowing the difference between good or evil.


And I will just wrap this up because I do not want to leave you like this. This is -- this -- all of this came down last night actually, that what happened with Gilgamesh, it was the wife of Utnapishtim that was manipulating Gilgamesh to s- -- to lay hold of that female seed, OK. And what was done was that the -- I am going to say Sophia. I think it was Sophia. That spirit that was attached to Utnapishtim communicated somehow -- how can I say this simply? There was a league made. I will not talk about how it happened at this point. Sophia managed to communicate with the snake, [INAUDIBLE].




The communication is supposed to be between the righteous spirit -- we will say the Lord Jesus Christ -- and the female seed in us -- the Lord Jesus Christ and the female seed in us. The criminal spirit, the one who is competing with the Lord Jesus, Sophia, OK, she is illegal at this point. She did not go to the seed because the seed -- or the spiritual or righteous part of the person will not talk to her. I am not going to talk to Satan. I am not going to talk to Ishtar if she comes and talks to me.


So she went to the nature of the flesh. She went to the serpent, which is the nature of the flesh, and made a league with the flesh. It is like a spirit coming to a person who does not really know the Lord Jesus and saying to them, “Look, I am going to make you rich. I will give you everything that you want. I will give you power, money, riches, women. Whatever you want, I will give you your heart’s desire. Come” -- that is what Satan said to Jesus when he was being tested. “I will give you all the kingdoms of the world. Worship me and not Elij- -- not God,” who was reaching for him through Elijah. “Worship me, not God.”


So she went to the serpent and made a league with him, and together they overthrew the spiritual element of that person [INAUDIBLE]. That is what happened in Gilgamesh, OK. He overthrew the spiritual nature in him, see. So Sophia made a deal -- I mean, let us talk about it as if it is one person, so that you can understand it. She made a deal with the flesh of one person that had a virile [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- a virile female seed. And Sophia, together with the serpent, they used Gilgamesh somehow to release this seed. Now, I do not know whether they started -- I do not want to get into that now, but there are several things I could think of, but I do not know that I can explain them properly. So let us just leave it at this stage, at least for now, that Sophia leagued up with the carnal nature of the person through Gilgamesh and overthrew the defenses of the virile female seed. They confused her, and somehow she released her fertility to them.


So the consciousness of the earth married the female seed. OK. It would be like my carnal mind marrying Christ in me. That would be the death of Christ in me. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] my carnal mind overtaking -- this revelation: My carnal mind coming in and replacing Christ Jesus in me, OK. The two of them together, the consciousness of the flesh and Sophia, were strong enough to overthrow, we would say, the spirit of Christ. And so the serpent overt- -- was able to give over that reproductive ability to Sophia, so that now she could -- she and Utnapishtim could incarnate in humanity. Do you understand what I am saying?




You want me to say it again? You have any questions? I will say it again. Without explaining how it happened, this is what happened. Sophia, OK, used Gilgamesh, OK, to somehow strike a deal with the carnality of the person to overthrow the wisdom of Christ -- I am use- -- going to do it in term -- in Christian terms now, OK. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] spirit came, would make a deal with my carnal mind saying, “I am going to make you rich. I am going to give you all your heart’s desire. Do not serve Christ. Do not preach this message on for-“ -- this is what happened to Glenn Beck. Something happened to Glenn Beck, OK. You now have these people’s -- you -- now we have the attention and the confidence of these people. We will start teaching them something that is false, start serving me instead of God, OK.


And the result of that would be that this false spirit would get you -- would -- if sh- -- God forbid it should ever happen -- and plant her seed in you and capture you. That was the deal. Without me being able to explain how it happened in antiquity, that was the deal, and it is expressed in these few -- just a few verses that is saying because Gilgamesh opened the door -- you know, opened the door, OK, took the vir- -- the spiritual virginity of that person, and is that -- I never thought of this before -- is that not what Gilgamesh was known for, taking the virginity of in- -- this mental virginity of innocent people, OK? He opened that person -- somehow he opened that person to the occult, OK, and Sophia came in, and the mind of the flesh ascended. OK, I hope that we know that. We can spiritually ascend in Christ Jesus, so we can spiritually ascend in our carnal mind and become and evil person. That is who the people carrying Lucifer is. They are spiritually ascended. They are the beast, 666, of the Book of Revelation. They are spiritually ascended by the power of the flesh instead of the power of the seed of God, see.


So the serpent was able to ascend because he joined with Sophia, OK. So the mind of the flesh overcame the mind of the spirit, OK, and captured the fruit, which signified longevity, --




-- [INAUDIBLE]. So today -- I touched on this in some meetings. I really believe today that there are beings today in another dimension that have been alive for thousands of years, that -- it seems like the reptilians seem to have longevity. We the human-animals, we die after a season, but the human-reptilians, the other race, the race of Cain actually, that -- they have been living for centuries, for generations, thousands of years [INAUDIBLE]. So -- and that --


So this is the message of how it happened. This is how the reptilian race got ahold of longevity and we the animal-humans die after a season. Our eggs were stolen from us, OK, so the reptilians have longevity.


So this is where we are today. The reptilians have the longevity, but they need human vessels to incarnate in the earth. They need to deceive us that are serving Jesus. We do not want your kid. Get out of here. I want the child of the Lord Jesus, OK. So they have to trick us -- they have to find someone -- God forbid it should ever happen -- well, what am I talking about? It has already happened. All of these ministers preaching false doctrine. They are all corrupted and many of them giving a false seed to the people. We do not know how many Christians are pregnant with Lucifer instead of Christ. We do not have a clue, [INAUDIBLE].


And that is the plan. And the whole goal, the whole aim, is to incarnate. They need us to incarnate. They are a -- they have longevity in some other dimension that apparently is not satisfying them. They want to incarnate in the flesh, and that is what that whole story of Gilgamesh is about.


So why would a pagan writer be writing about that? Because that is -- because it was written right on the -- right after the flood. That was the story of the flood. There was no Jesus yet, but there was Jehovah, OK, and that was the story. The reason for the flood was that this human-reptilian race was taking over all the daughters of Adam, marrying them and producing their spiritual children in them, and Jehovah cut it off before Sophia could marry the reptilian children. Are you following me?


That is the bottom line. The Lord will not -- Jehovah will not allow Sophia to marry the human children, but it is possible, and it really is now, that there are many human beings that have produced a spiritual child called Lucifer, and they are causing all of this trouble in the world, and the Lord is very -- is a slow -- slow in -- he is -- not that he is slow responding, except it is the difference -- it is that he has to have the plan ready. The way he is going to stop them is through us. He is going to stop Sophia from marrying the -- Lucifer by the fullness of Christ Jesus standing up. He is going to do it through us. Will it be a face-to-face confrontation or in the spirit? I do not know, but the reason it is taking so long for Jehovah to stop this is because this is the plan, and Jehovah is going through the natural order.


The plan is that the Christ child will be born in a company of people. The Lord Jesus will marry the Christ child. Jehovah will enter in through the Lord Jesus, and there will be a company of -- we will be gods -- you know, not the God, but gods with supernatural power that will prevent -- that will destroy Lucifer. Like, it will be a showdown like between Elijah and the prophets of Baal, and all of the Luciferia- -- Lucifers will be killed, and whatever he is going to do with Sophia.


That is the bottom line. She has gone this far, and it is not the first time she has gone this far. It happened on the other side of the flood. Maybe it was even worse on the other side of the flood, but it -- even if it is at the very last minute, she will not marry Lucifer. It will not be allowed. The Lord Jesus will destroy her.


And I do not see how we can go much more than another year, if that. I do not see how. When I see the evil in the world -- and I have a revelation that this evil is being done by people who have birthed Lucifer, and they have these atomic particle crushers where they are battering the walls that separate the dimensions for the specific purpose of letting Sophia through, so that she can marry everybody. How much longer is it going to take them before they do it?




So that is how I see it. That is my vision. And, actually, I worked a lot of the principles that God gave me last night into this message. So I hope that it was a blessing to you [INAUDIBLE]. Do you have a question?






[INAUDIBLE], you know, to Jubilee.




When -- you know, when we learned about Jubilee, and the -- I think people -- the Pentecostal church, I think, takes -- sees it as taking back, you know, like, your possessions and -- so he is taking back his seeds.


The land. No, we --


            The land [CROSSTALK]


-- we are the land.




Jesus is taking back the land. The -- we are possessed by the powers of this world. Satan owns us, you know, and she is --




-- not only owns us, she has had the use of us for all of these years. She has had the use of us.




            [CROSSTALK] this world.


Down in this world. And Jesus is coming, actually on behalf of Jehovah. Jehovah is the one who owns the land, you know, but Jesus has inherited it from his Father. And we all belong to him. Every human being on the face of the earth belongs to him, --




-- and we will be returned in the year of Jubilee. Yeah, even if it takes a war, we will be returned.




Yeah. So that is what it is all about. That is the core. That is the archetype. That is the primordial message of the condition of humanity and what all of this difficulty is about, OK. That is it in a nutshell.




And Jesus said if you only believe, you will be saved. So the question is what do we have to believe to be saved?




And this is what we have to believe to be saved because I do not believe he is going to -- well, I was going to say I do not think he would do it if we do not understand it, but I think that he will seed people with his female seed through the Holy Spirit without them understanding it, but I do not see how you can go through the whole process without understanding it because it is all in your mind. It is the development of your mind. We enter into immortality through wisdom, so I do not see how you can enter in without understanding this.


Although that is what happened to national Israel. They entered in without understanding it, and -- but then they could not sustain it. They died. You cannot sustain it without understanding it. You have to understand it and believe it, and it is possible to understand it and not believe it, you know. Any other questions, anybody? Well, I guess that is it. God bless you.


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