818 - Part 8

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The Holy Spirit, brethren, is not a mind. The Holy Spirit is not a mind. It is a Spirit, and when Jesus, who is the archangel, descends, he is holding out his mind to us. The hand that he is holding out is his mind. He is holding out his mind to us, and you cannot grasp his hand with a spirit. You have to have the mind of God to do it. It is not the Holy Spirit. You have to have the mind, and mind includes understanding all of these things about how our sin is manifested, and how we are to deal with it, and that is a large part of the discipleship training. We need to laugh at ourselves, brethren. Christ in ourselves needs to stand back and say, well, I was not perfect today, now was I? You see, we need to laugh at ourselves, and say it is not always going to be like this, that the Lord is coming to marry Christ Jesus in us, and forever we will be with the Lord in a place where there is no pride ever. Pride is the great enemy of the believer and will get in between us and God.


Pride will get in between us and God, and pride will get in between you and me. It hurts a lot to come closer to me, especially the more independent you have been, and the more powerful you have felt through your relationship with the Holy Spirit. The more powerful you have been in life with regard to supporting yourself, or raising a family, or your career. It is going to be hard to understand that now the Lord wants to teach you through a teacher, but I am telling you, brethren, you will not survive your pride doing it yourself. You cannot do it yourself. Your pride will destroy Christ in you. You cannot do this yourself between you and the Holy Spirit. You cannot. Remember what I told you about the Holy Spirit, and the church, and pride in the church. Pride is very, very prevalent in the charismatic church. Pride and the Holy Spirit are sisters, like my two fingers together, maybe negative sisters, but they are like this. That is why your relationship with the Holy Spirit has to be severed. Let me explain it to you in another way.


Brethren, think of it in these terms. The Holy Spirit is the Malchus. The Holy Spirit is the female seed that comes out of the Malkhut of the Lord Jesus Christ. He carries a virile female seed, because the female seed that was given to Jacob is either sleeping or dead, and for the people who are not descendants of natural Israel, who do not have the seed that was given to Jacob. They have the seed that was given to Adam when Jehovah breathed the breath of life into him, and that seed is definitely dead. The Holy Spirit is bringing a new female seed, and that female seed joins with either the dead seed that was given to Adam, when Jehovah breathed the breath of life into him, or the female seed that was given to Jacob on Mount Sinai. That is the mother. That is the female seed.


It is all female, so when I tell you that you need to be separated from the Holy Spirit, what I am saying to you is that all of us that have the Holy Spirit, only before Christ appears, we have the false, or ungodly, or the premature Shekinah. The mature Godly Shekinah has the son in between the mother and the daughter. Do you remember that teaching, that the son has to be in between the mother and the daughter? That is when the Shekinah becomes God because the male is present. Before we get the male seed, when it is just you and the Holy Spirit, it is the mother and the daughter without the male, without the son being there. I am going to say an immature manifestation of God in your life because the female without the male cannot be God. The truth of the matter is that it is the male Primordial Adam. He is the one that is God, and when He joins himself to the mother, she experiences Godhood through the union with her Son, or with her husband, Jehovah. The female alone can never be God. When we have this experience with the Holy Spirit, with the believer who has the female seed from the past, from the past age, and we cleave unto the Holy Spirit, we really have an illegitimate Shekinah. Did I explain that? Do you know what I am talking about?


Nobody knows what I am talking about. When you have the Holy Spirit alone, brethren, it is the female seed only. It is the female seed only. You have to get the male seed. When you get the male seed, what he does is he comes between the individual and the Holy Spirit. He wants to be in the middle because the right configuration is the Malchus, which is your spiritual intelligence, the Son of God, and then the mother on top. When you have the mother and the Son, that makes Elohim; God. If the male seed is not between two females, then you are an illegitimate manifestation of God, illegitimate or temporary. I do not want to say illegitimate because it is a stage of development in God, but it is just a temporary stage. It cannot last. When the male comes, when Jesus comes, and he wants to give us the male seed, he does not put it on top of the double female. Here is the female seed that is in the earth. Here is the female seed that comes from Jesus. They are one on top of the other. Then the male seed comes down. He does not go on top of the double female. He divides the two females and gets in the middle. That is the only configuration that is called God. Did that help you to understand?


This is the only configuration that is called God. It is like this with the male on top because he cannot break you apart from the Holy Spirit. You are not in right order, and you will not be able to join to the Lord Jesus when he descends, and anything that you prophesy, or do through this configuration, is not legitimately from God. Now you have to understand what I am telling you. If you are in this configuration with the male on top, if you do have the male seed at all, and you are doing something that you believe is God because you have the Holy Spirit, the Lord is forgiving you because He knows you are just ignorant, but He will warn you. He will warn you, and He will warn you, and then He is going to stop warning you. My testimony is I thought I was casting out all those demons. I thought I was a demon chaser in the church. All of a sudden, the demons stopped being afraid of me, and I started losing tongues, and I could not pray. Even today, I cannot pray at all in the charismatic way. I pray, of course, but not in the charismatic way. I was really alarmed until the Lord came to me and said, you never had any power, Sheila. You never had any power in the Holy Ghost. You never had any power to cast out demons. You never had any power to prophesy. You never had any power to heal anybody. It was Me the whole time.


That is not what God said to Moses. Moses cried out to the Lord when the Hebrew children came to the Red Sea. Jehovah said to Moses, you do it. Lift up your rod, and you do it. You split the sea. This was Moses’s configuration. He had the male in the middle. Moses did, but I have never healed anybody or cast a demon out of anybody. I have never done anything under my own power for anybody. I mean, I make a joke of it. I do have some power. I have prayed over people that have fevers, and the fever is broken. I prayed over people that have yeast infections, and they have been healed. That is the Lord hanging over me saying, all right, Sheila, I will let you have that little power to help people. I do not have any power. I have Christ Jesus already, and I do not have any power.


Paul tells us that we are princes in training. We are like princes in the secular monarchies. They do not have any power. If the king is under age, he has a regent. They do not move a country. They do not have the right to start a war, or end a war, or sign a treaty. Their regent does it. I am a regent, you see. I do not have any power. I have the male seed, but I do not have any power. We think that we have power when we have the Holy Ghost, and we have to start understanding that we do not have any power. If we do not want to believe that, or if we refuse to believe it, then God starts removing the power. He starts taking it away because that means you are in pride, and if you are in pride, you will not receive the male seed, and God's ultimate goal is giving you His male seed. So you have two females, one on top of the other like this, and the male seed comes down, and Jesus said what? He said He is coming with a what?  He is coming with a sword, and you thought he meant he is going to separate you from your physical mother or your physical father. Well, maybe he is, but the sword that he is coming with, is to break up the two women, and he has to get in the middle.


Now if you remember the diagrams of the cherubim, we have the cherubim coming down from above, and we are below. Then when Christ Jesus rises up in us, he is between the human being, and he is between the cherub. He is in the middle, between the female seed in the earth of the human being and the cherub. The male has to be in the middle. No two women, you see. Sorry. A lesbian relationship is not allowed. If you will not let go, and some people have trouble letting go. I am not picking on anyone. If you have trouble letting go, the Lord wants to educate you. My job is to educate you so that you cooperate with what God is doing, so that He does not have to take power away from you, so that you do not have to be hurt, so that you do not have to experience all the painful things that you are experiencing. He would much prefer that you would choose to cooperate with Him so that He does not have to do that to you to accomplish His goal in you. That is my job. I am his mouthpiece, you see. I am the one who is going to teach you these things.


Now listen brethren, nobody has everything so together that they are not going to experience some kind of judgment, because nobody has everything together. You may think you have it together because you do not want to experience the judgment. She thought that she was going to get her behavior so straight that she would not have to take any correction, but it is not possible. That is what Job said. The sin is not in the behavior. The sin is in our heart, you see. The sin is in our heart, and that is what a Pharisee is. That is who we lovingly call a Pharisee, someone whose outward behavior is exemplary. The Scripture says your heart is full of knives. Everybody's heart is full of knives, and if you cannot face up to that, you are not going to be able to reach him when the catching up becomes available to us, because he is descending today. He is descending now, and he is descending first with his voice, with the voice of the archangel.


The Lord told me that he is going to shout. What does that mean? The voice that he is descending with is this message. The voice that he is descending with is this message. It is the everlasting gospel. What does that mean? Everlasting means age. It is the gospel, the message of the age to come, the message of how to be translated into the age to come, the everlasting gospel. He is saying he is descending with a shout. That means he is going to shout it so loud that people that have not been able to hear it until now will hear it, but not everybody is going to hear it. Now hardly anybody is hearing it.


He is shouting through Living Epistles Ministry and Christ Centered Kabbalah, if you can hear it. It is a sign that we are publishing books, and now we are on the Internet, and our ustream meetings are open. Now we have a presence on YouTube, and who knows what he is going to be doing tomorrow. That is the archangel descending, and he is beginning to shout, you see. He is getting louder because for more than 20 years, we only had a little website. I have been told that people going on the website are so overwhelmed by the amount of material, that they just looked at the first page and then they left. Not many people stayed, or if they looked at the message, it was too complicated for them. They could not hear it, but he is starting to shout. His voice is getting louder, and it is going to get louder and louder until it turns into a shout. When it turns into a shout, there will be those who will hear it that are not hearing it now, but there will be a lot who will not hear it, or they will hear it and reject the message.


Right now they are not hearing the message. I am talking about the pastors that God has sent this to. Not only do they not understand it, but they do not even believe it is of God, so they will not be taught, brethren. They will not be taught, but the voice is getting louder, and some will hear, but I really think most will not. I think that the common man in the church, when the voice gets loud enough for the average believer in the church, not at our ministry level, that there will probably be more coming in from the body of Christ from the fivefold ministry. They just will not be taught unless God knocks them down and beats them up. I keep telling you this, it all depends on how God sees them. Do they have an integral part in the revival to come? I do not even know what form it is going to take. If they have a job to do in the end times, then God will beat them, or you, into a pulp until you do what he tells you to do.


When we come into this world, our soul has a job to do. Everybody comes into this world with an assignment for their soul. If your soul has an assignment that is integral, if you are an essential employee for the end-time move of God, you can expect to be beaten to a pulp until you fulfill the call in your life. You will have every door closed in your face with regard to opportunity that does not line up with what God has for you. What do I mean by beaten? You will be in a lot of pain. People do not like to be held back, especially when they do not understand it, and they think it is wrong. We tend to fight when we think it is wrong. When we think something is wronging us, we will fight much more than if we actually understand what God is doing. I am going to try not to fight. Because of a lack of understanding, we think that we are being wronged, and therefore we get hurt more, and we fight harder. The harder we fight, the more we get hurt. God's answer is always instruction. Understanding will save you if you permit yourself to understand.


You need to understand that it is the natural reaction of a human being to not want to be instructed, and it is not just the pastors that do not want to be instructed. The disciples do not want to be instructed either. This is your opportunity to be instructed if you can take what I say and implement it yourself. I mean, you really cannot do it 100 percent. You cannot because your pride will blind you. The bottom line is this. Even if it were possible for you to learn everything yourself, from what I am teaching, that would not satisfy God. This fact is for everybody in the ministry and outside of the ministry. The bottom line is this, if you do not want to be corrected by me, or by anybody else, you are in pride. The day that it does not make any difference to you, whether you get it directly from God, or whether you get it from me, that is probably the day I will not have anything more to say to you. Do you understand what I am telling you? The very fact that you are resistant to being corrected by me, or by any teacher, means you are in pride. Even if you could do it yourself, even if you could learn it yourself, that would not satisfy God because you cannot correct your own pride.


Jesus said, if Satan tries to cast out Satan, the house is divided and cannot stand. The only way you can cast out your own pride is to see that war going on inside of you. Once Christ Jesus becomes mature enough in you that your personality is more than 50 percent transferred into Christ Jesus, then you can do it. Then you can say, I am Christ Jesus, and I see this pride, this body of pride in me, and I curse it, and I want it to die because I am hidden in Christ. I think with the mind of Christ most of the time. You see anybody just starting out cannot possibly be in Christ Jesus more than 50 percent of the time because you are just starting out. Eventually you get to the place where you could do it for yourself, when you could do it for others, but at the beginning you cannot, because your pride, which is very great compared to the little seed of Christ, is not going to let you do it. Do you understand what I am saying?  At the beginning, you cannot do it yourself. It is human nature. We are fighting human nature, and we can overcome human nature because we can do all things in Christ who strengthens us. I am not your enemy. I am not trying to make you feel bad. I am not trying to make myself feel good, as the smart one, because I am showing you your sins, because then I would be in trouble. I would not have this job for very long because God will not have his little ones condemned. I am your midwife.


I am just amazed at what is coming out of this parable of the soils. I started to review Matthew 13, and I did not get past verses 3 and 18 because of all the information that was coming down. I think I am just going to start from the beginning again, and we will see how the Lord preaches this.


Matthew 13:3-8; And Jesus spake many things unto them in parables, saying, Behold, a sower went forth to sow; and when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side, and the fowls came and devoured them up: and some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up, because they had no deepness of earth: And when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away. And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprung up, and choked them: but other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.


Just to review what we learned in the last meeting, we see that the good ground, brethren, is the ground that understands. The good ground is the ground that has understanding. We see that it is the earth, which signifies the carnal mind, and the thorns of our carnal mind that are the enemy of the believer. The enemy of the believer is not a lack of intelligence. The enemy of the believer is not an inability in any way to understand. The inability is the fact that human beings in most instances love this world. We may be kicking, and screaming, and complaining about the things that hurt us in this world, but when Jesus says come into My world, and I will eventually sever you from this world completely, we do not want to go. Jesus' world is so different, that leaving this world behind means we have to leave behind the riches of this world. What does that mean, the riches of this world? It may mean a career. Brethren, He has to call you. If it is not your time, you live your life, but if He calls you, He may be wrecking your career. He may be wrecking your plans to get married. He may be wrecking your plans to have children, all of the things of this world. Maybe He is wrecking your plans to travel. I wanted to go into the Peace Corps.  Of course it was not at the time He called me, but my getting sick was a whole part of the judgment that fell on me.


It sounds good to the people. They want everything that God promises with the things of this world, and it is just not that way. Jesus has drawn the conclusion, and we are challenged to draw the conclusion that the majority of believers really do not want to go on with God. They really do not because going on with God means trouble with your family, stress with your spouse, stress with your family, stress with your children, and however else the separation is bringing torture into your life. Nobody is going to believe that God would do that. We see that we cannot really make a decision without having all of the facts. We cannot have a legitimate opinion without having all of the facts, so if you want me to pray about something for you or to give you advice, I need to have all of the facts. You need to talk to me, or have a discussion with me, because I might ask you some questions. If you tell me a couple of facts, I might ask you some questions. All of it goes into a big mix, and then Christ Jesus, we will hope, will come up with an answer. You cannot get an accurate answer if you have not first communicated with me, and given me all of your disclosure, and given me an opportunity to ask you questions. I cannot have any advice for you. Christ Jesus will not give me advice for you, and you should not want my carnal advice. Even as a carnal person, I cannot give you adequate advice if I do not have all of the facts, and if I do not have the opportunity to ask you questions about the facts.


This is what we learned on Thursday, that the issue is the ground. The issue is the ground, the ground of our humanity, and the judgment of that ground that we do not want to be judged. People do not like to be judged. Believers, they do not want their sins judged. They do not want to be uncomfortable. They do not want to feel the pain. They do not want anyone telling them that they are wrong. The problem is not the quality of the seed. The problem is not a lack of enough energy to drive the seed, the seed that is coming from the Lord Jesus, to connect with the seed that is in us from birth. It is not a lack of strength of the seed to drive the seed. It is not a lack of quality of the seed that Jesus is giving us. The problem is the earth, and the sharp pointed thorns that are in the earth, that are facing that seed that is coming, and saying you will not pass by here.


An even bigger problem than that is the personality that says I am not giving all that up. This is funny. I put that review of THE EDGE OF TOMORROW up on YouTube yesterday. I was listening to it as I put it up there. That is such a good review. It was so funny when I got to the part where I was talking about the general wanted to send Tom Cruise out, and Tom Cruise said, I ain't going. That was the way I said it on the message. I ain't going. You are not sending me there. War, warfare? No, brethren, the church does not want to be caught up in the air. You have to understand what it means before you can say whether or not you want it. They have some fantasy in their mind about what being caught up in the air means, and the whole church wants to be caught up in the air according to their fantasy. But as far as the truth of being caught up in the air goes, they do not want to be caught up in the air. They do not want to marry Jesus. It is very sad, brethren. At some point, this message has to be published widely because the Lord has to be vindicated. The people have to know the truth, and reject the truth, before He leaves them behind.


Matthew 13:10-12, And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that which he hath. KJV


I want to tell you what Jesus is talking about there. What is being given is the Malchus of Jesus. Do you all know what the Malchus is? Does anybody not know what the Malchus is? We are receiving the Malchus of Jesus, the female seed of Jesus, and that female seed of Jesus is looking to join with the female seed that we were born with. The female seed of Jesus is looking to pierce straight through our earth, and make contact with the Malchus that we were born with. Either we were born with the Malchus that was given to men, to Israel through Jacob, and we have inherited that by being an Israelite, which may come to life when it is touched by, when it is kissed by the Malchus that comes from Jesus. The people that are not Israel, their Malchus is spent. It has already produced its fruit, which is the dead fruit of this world, so there is a very small chance of those people attaching to the Malchus of Jesus. What is that small chance, brethren?


I found it so interesting that this message came forth this morning. I think in the previous two messages to this one that I have exalted the human spirit to you, that I have discussed the human spirit with you. I have told you that the human spirit is capable of rising to very high heights, and is capable of leading us up to much higher spiritual levels than the ones we might choose with our carnal mind. It is the human spirit, brethren. What is the human spirit? The human spirit is the breath that Jehovah breathed into the man, so there are two elements being saved. The anointing is rolling in, brethren. My eyes are closing. This is a very, very, very important message. Please pray that you understand this.


When the Malchus of the Lord Jesus enters into us, when it falls upon our ears, when we hear this word, it is looking to do two things. It is looking to connect with the Malchus that we were born with, which is described as the root of a tree, a dead tree in our ground. That is the Malchus, the spiritual seed, the spiritual intelligence. It is also looking to stir up the human spirit, which is that breath that Jehovah breathed into the man. Whoever you are, if you are not an Israelite, if you have the Malchus from the previous age that is spent, that produced the fallen man that has already brought forth the perverted fruit of this age, and that Malchus was not renewed in you at Mount Sinai, you still have a hope of responding to the Lord Jesus Christ through your human spirit, the breath of Jehovah that was cut off from the higher world when Adam died. The breath of Jehovah is Binah to us; Binah to the daughter. The human spirit is understanding in relationship to the daughter who is the seed of who is our ability to understand spiritual things.


Let me say it again. The daughter is the seed of intellectual spiritual intelligence. Either it is capable of being awakened because you are an Israelite, and it was given alive to you on Mount Sinai, or it is not capable of being awakened because you are not an Israelite. The Malchus that you have is the Malchus that departed from Adam, and married the serpent, and already brought forth the fruit of Cain. There is nothing that could come out of that. It is a used up seed, but both categories of people, with regard to Malchus, if you have the Malchus from the original Adam, you have the Malchus that was given to Israel. Both of them also have a human spirit that needs to be stirred up. If you are not Israel, and you do not have a Malchus, you do not have a seed that will give you the ability of spiritual understanding. You still have a human spirit. I am sorry. I am coming under an attack.


If you do not have the Malchus, which is your ability for spiritual intellectual understanding, you still have a human spirit that is capable of understanding, not understanding intellectually, but spiritual understanding. An example would be a woman, who I met, who could not read. She was already in her sixties, and could not read, and her life was falling apart. She cried out to God, you have got to do something for me. An anointing came down, and she could read the Bible. She could not read anything but the Bible. That was the only thing she could read. If she looked at anything outside of the Bible, she could not read it. The seed of the Malchus gives you an ability for spiritual intellectual understanding. That is what we do here, spiritual intellectual understanding. If your Malchus is dead, and you are just incapable of understanding on an intellectual level, your human spirit is still capable of understanding in some spiritual way. This is so interesting for me to see this, because I have known for a long time that this is a high intellectual message.


We have people here that have done it. One not only had no formal education, but she was dyslexic. She did not do well in school because she had dyslexia, yet she understood enough of the message to keep her here. I have been saying that since this ministry started. This message is for very intelligent people, or for people who are receiving by the Spirit through God. Do you remember me saying that? I have been saying that for years. You need to be very intelligent, and possibly even college educated, to understand this message, or you can get it through the Spirit of God. I am saying that for more than 25 years. Now we see the understanding or the explanation of it. Then once you understand it by the Spirit of God, that you are not Israel, and you understand it by the human spirit, in you, this preaching is falling on your ears, and it is touching your human spirit. At some point you have to get a living female seed also. It would be very interesting if it turns out that that is why some of you do not have the Holy Spirit.


I have always assumed that if you are here, you must be Israel, but maybe not. Maybe those of you that have not received the Holy Spirit, maybe you are not Israel. Maybe you have a very exalted human spirit, and you are getting this by the Spirit. That means, eventually, you have to get a female seed also, which we just talked about. That means that you will get that seed from the Holy Spirit of Adam Kadmon. Right now, what is in the church is the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Malkhut of the God World of Atzilut, but what will be pouring out on us, eventually, will be the Holy Spirit that comes from the Keter, Adam Kadmon. You must be born again. I have a whole new understanding of what being born again means. You must be born again of water and the Spirit. You must be born again. You must be born again in the Spirit. Water is wisdom. You must be born again in the Spirit. What does that mean? You have to get another female seed. If you did not get it from His Malkhut, you will get it from His Keter in the day that he pours out of that high place. To witness to the divine doctrine that is coming forth, you must be born again. You must get another female seed to join with the male seed that He wants to give you.


Very interesting, brethren. Does anybody not understand what I just said? That is new revelation. That is very exciting. Jesus said, in Verse 12, Whosoever hath, to him shall be given. If you have the female seed, whether it is sleeping or not, which means if you are Israel, you are going to get something else. You are going to get the female seed that comes from Jesus, and you are going to have the two female seeds. You will be similar to the two cherubim. You will be experiencing the two cherubim. And he shall have more abundance; but whosoever hath, to him shall be given. The female seed will be given to your female seed, and you will have more abundance. Eventually, Christ Jesus will come forth out of that. But the one who does not have the female seed, the one who is not Israel, if the female seed in you is spent, and you are fully Cain, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. Cain is going to be taken away from you, but you still have a chance, if you release your human spirit to rise to that high place. So much talk about movies, and the spirit that is in the world, that is numbing our human spirit. I never understood what I am teaching you now. I just saw it this morning as this came forth in the message. It is the human spirit that has the ability to rise above every obstacle in life, the human spirit that will not give up. One of the qualities of the human spirit is that it will not give up, will not lose hope. It is pretty much what Paul talks about as the gifts of the spirit.


Verse 13; Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. Here he is talking about the Jews. He is talking about Israel. Israel does not really want to be saved, brethren. They do not really want to be saved. It is just a very few that really want to be saved. I was talking to someone in the ministry one day, and on at least two occasions, she expressed her frustration to me, saying that she just does not understand how the Lord would be calling somebody that does not want to come. In her case she wanted the Lord, and she ran after him, and he took her into this difficult walk. Another believer, right here in this ministry, seems to be being pressed into a form of service that she would never have chosen for herself. Actually we have several people here going through that right now. She just did not understand it. She was thinking why does God not take the people that want Him? Why is He doing this? The answer to the question is that, apparently, they are Israel. The fact that one person responds, that your spirit is responding to the Spirit of God, that is a good thing. But if somebody else does not respond, but the Lord determines that they are Israel, that the seed of the Malchus that was given on Mount Sinai is in that person, now you belong to Him. That is the mark. Do you want to know what the mark is, brethren? The mark that you belong to Him is that you have this seed of spiritual intellectual understanding. That is what the mark is. When you have what belongs to Him, you cannot separate yourself from that, so He has to take all of you. If He wants to use that spiritual, intellectual understanding, then the whole of you has to come. If He just decides that He has a job for you, then all of you have to come.


The truth of the matter is that the hope of mankind, the hope of the church, the hope of the Israel of God, the hope of mankind, is Christ in the people that have this seed, because without that seed, he is not going to appear in the earth. We see that you can have the spiritual intellectual understanding, and you can understand this whole message, but if you are not born again of the Spirit, he is not going to appear in you. You have to be born again. Some people have a spirit that chases after him, and some people do not. If His Son is in us, he takes us anyway. To the sister who presented this to me, I am very sympathetic, but the truth of the matter is look at how few people would come if He would leave it up to them. I do not even know that I would have come if I was not dying. Brethren, we do not come. To the sister who presented that to me, why did you want Him? Because you had something going on in your life that you felt you needed Him desperately. What if you did not need Him? How do you know that all that has happened in your life that has brought you to this place where you are so desperate for Him that you are running after Him? How do you know that He did not orchestrate that, and if things did not go that way, you would not want Him to this degree? How do you know that? You do not. Do you know what I just said?


Brethren, we do not want Him. We do not want Him. We would like to be lesbians. All of humanity is spiritually female. We would be very happy to be lesbians, to have the Holy Spirit join to the seed in us, either to the human spirit in us, or to the seed of spiritual intellectual understanding. We would be happy to do miracles, signs and wonders, and heal people, and cast out demons, pass out food, and feel really good because we are ministering to suffering and hurting people. That is what we want. We want to be lesbians. Nobody wants the man. They want the pleasure without the pain. They want the pleasure without the pain of penetration, at least initial pain, without the pain of childbirth, without the pain of losing your virginity. To lose your virginity means that His mind overshadows your mind. They want the pleasure of Holy Ghost ministry without the pain of having to yield to a higher mind, and without the pain, which is the penetration, and without the pain of bearing a child.


Therefore I speak to them in parables: because they seeing not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing you shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing you shall see, and not perceive: for the people's heart is waxed gross. Brethren, our heart is evil. The heart of man is desperately wicked. Who would know? Who would be able to understand the depth of the wickedness of the heart of mankind, including the believer who does everything right on the surface? And their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and be healed. Jesus is saying his own people do not want it. He is talking to the Jewish people. He is talking to Judah. Isaiah is speaking to all of Israel. The people do not want Him. I want to tell you, the reason I hesitated while I was reading this a few minutes ago, is that I never quite saw the female dominance issue in this light, this female dominance issue that is just raging through Christianity today. It is just an outward expression of the spiritual female wanting existence. Because if it was not for God, we would not exist. She wants existence. She wants power. She wants pleasure, but she does not want to submit to the righteous mind of God, which is the male, and she does not want to bring forth the male child. She does not want to have the baby. She does not want the pain of childbirth, and she does not want to submit to the Son.


Do you remember what I just said when I started preaching, that the two females is really an ungodly source of power? It is an ungodly Shekinah, but when the Lord is with us, he says, well, you are young, and I am covering your sins. It is like having our sins covered with the blood of Jesus. You are young, and I am covering your sins, but two females engaging in the exercise of spiritual power is illegal. The Lord Jesus is saying. I am standing here behind you, so your sins are forgiven, so you can play with it a little, if you want to, but it is only temporary. I am sending My male seed. He wants to get in between the two of you, and they do not want to let him in. They do not want his mind. They do not want his righteousness, and they do not want the male child. You see, they do not want the man. They do not want the Lord Jesus Christ. They do not want the man. They do not want the baby, because once you have the baby, brethren, everything changes. You lose your shape. Unless you happen to be married to a very rich person, or you have money in your own right, you have a nanny and someone to take care of the house while you go over to the gym, and buy clothes. That is not many people. Your whole life changes. You lose your looks. Very frequently the excitement of the marriage disappears, and you settle down to the business of life, hard work, and disappointments as the two of you struggle to become one in a marriage, as the two of you struggle to live together in peace. You have in-laws to deal with, and all of the problems of life, financial problems, health problems, problems with the children, all kinds. Life becomes problems, brethren. Some people have more problems than others. God forbid anyone should have a sick child.


Even if everybody is healthy, and you are rich, you still have problems because your nature is fallen, so there has to be a problem coming from somewhere. There is no family without problems, and the blush of the romance is gone. This spirit of female dominance is an immature spirit that simply does not want to go on to the next stage in life. I do not mean to make it sound bad because there are great rewards in maturity. There are great rewards in maturity. The love that you experience is much deeper, and more profound, than the childish love, the infatuation that is called love by young people. True love is much more rewarding. You have children. It is a wonderful thing to have children and to raise a family, but it is different. Brethren, is that not what the Lord is talking about? He is telling us, I have another life for you. It is very rewarding. It is more rewarding than what you have with the romance of the Holy Spirit. It is hard work. I want you to stand with Me side-by-side as I minister to the body of Christ, as I bring correction to the body of Christ, as I look at all the hurting people, and hurt them more by judging their sins. I want you to be a part of all that, but when they get well, when they respond to the judgment, they are doing much better than they were before you brought the judgment. I want you to sit with Me on My throne. We all want to sit on the throne with the Lord, but what do you do when you sit on the throne? You judge sin, for the purpose of raising the people to a higher place, and a better life, and a love in relationships that are mature, that arise out of overcoming problems together.


It is much better, much richer. What I have today is much richer than anything I ever had in the Holy Ghost, and I was happy in the Holy Ghost, brethren. But you cannot tell that to people that are happy in the Holy Ghost. They do not want to give up prophesying on the floor of the church. They do not want to give up going to somebody saying, I have a word of knowledge for you. They do not want to give it up, so God is taking it away. I do not know if they are doing it today, but when I had children, they used to give them pacifiers. They would take the pacifier away from the children, or put something tasting bad on their thumbs, so they did not suck their thumb. Are they still doing that today? If you will not give it up, God has to take it away, or you will never grow up. If you never grow up, then you die because eternal life is in the mature life. Eternal life and eternal safety is in sitting with Jesus in the throne, and ruling over mankind, and dealing with problems every day.


There is also a good side to it. It is wonderful. This word is wonderful. Our whole life is very exciting. It has two sides to it. I would like to get rid of the unexciting side. I do not know what is going to happen once we are married to the Lord Jesus. It will not be as painful as it is before the marriage, but nobody wants to go. They do not want to find out. They want to stay in the Holy Ghost, and they want to see healings, and people get up out of wheelchairs, not that there is anything wrong with that. They do not want to go on, so he is going to be taking it away. God help us. Brethren, we are fallen. We are fallen people. God help us. But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. He is talking to Israelites. He is not talking to the people in the world. He is talking to Israelites.


I want to tell you something, brethren, when this divine doctrine is shouted loud enough for everybody to hear, there are going to be a lot of people, that do not have the Israelite seed coming in, by the Spirit. They are going to be coming in by their human spirit. Their female spiritually is going to attract them to the Lord Jesus Christ, and they will come in, and somewhere along the line, they will receive the female seed, and then the male seed with it. There are many in Israel that will not come in, Jews and Christians alike. Those of us who have had the Word of God, who have had the blessings, who have had the healings, who have had the deliverances, who have seen the supernatural power of God do all kinds of miracles, many of them will not come in. They will not come in. Whatever their mind tells them, whether they do not believe the message, or however it manifests in their consciousness, they will not come in.


I will tell you why they will not come in, because the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. They did not do anything to get the gifts or the calling of God. They were born into it. Can you imagine being born into a family raised in the church, in a God-fearing family where there is a lot of wisdom, having every opportunity in life to start out with? Brethren, I want to tell you that you do not appreciate what you have unless you did not have it first. We say the Pharisee is going to fall down. They are people who were born into homes that know about Jesus, or that know about Jehovah, that worship God, that had great blessings in their life because of it, and have never known want. That lack of trouble in their life is going to destroy them.


I want to tell you something that I read the other day. I did not even know that the owner of Google was Jewish. Did anybody know that the owner of Google is Jewish?  It is over now, but it is the holiday of the tabernacles for Jews. They are supposed to build these booths of branches, and move out of the house, and live in them for 10 days or two weeks, however long. He is building them in all of his offices. It is like a joke. The most religious of Jews do not do that. I do not know anybody that moves out and lives in them. They build them. They take their wood, and they build it, and they have a table, and they have dinner there every night. But of all the ultra-orthodox people I know, I do not know one person that has moved out, and is living in the tabernacles, which is what they are supposed to be doing. Google built a couple of these. What the exact name of them is I do not know. They are like little sheds made out wood. It has to be made out of wood. I want you to know that I believe it offended Christ in me, to make a display of a spiritual principle that is very important, that is not being honored, as far as I know, anywhere in this country. Maybe some little person somewhere is doing it, but I would be surprised to find that out. I do not know what they are doing in Israel.


Brethren, it is not enough to build the little shack. You are supposed to sleep there, even if you have children. You are supposed to sleep there. Either you keep the law, or you do not keep the law. Jesus said, if you fail on one point of the law, you are what? Does anybody remember what? You are guilty of the whole law. If you fail to keep the law on one point, you are guilty of the whole law. That says to me, that they are guilty, aside from everything else that is going on amongst the ultra-orthodox Jews, that they are guilty of, not sleeping in the tabernacle out there, and all that they are or not doing, because there is no temple. The whole thing is just a farce, and here is this multi-millionaire owner of Google out there building tabernacles. It is similar to Christians who are being persecuted in this country because they are fighting for Christmas. To people that do not know any better, the sign of being Christian is Christmas. The people that are building these little sheds, and not using them properly, are saying to everyone who sees them, this means, for those of you who do not know any better, that I am a Jew. Both of them are false.


I just thank God for this knowledge. I thank God for this understanding. I thank God, I thank God, I thank God. I will tell you something He said to me this morning as He talked to me in preparation for this message. There is nothing special about anybody here, either. How come we hear it and they do not? Because there had to be somebody that hears it, because God's plan has to be implemented, and the archangel is going to be preaching this message through people. He picked us, and He opened our ears so that we could understand it. It is a miracle that we understand it. For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which you see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things that you hear, and have not heard them. Therefore, I say unto you, said Jesus, here, I will give you the understanding of the parable of the sower. Brethren, we are getting it first hand from Jesus today like you have never heard it preached before.


Now I took these notes from Thursday's notes because this message has just blossomed. I just struck out the words that we are not using, or that will not be a part of this message today. What I added in, I put in green. I just felt that we might be wanting to compare what was said previously, so everything new is in green. What you see struck out was there from the previous parts, but will not be used today. We see that that whole concept that I had of trying to impute the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind, to Jesus' parable of the soils really does not fly. I have just stricken that out across the board. We are not talking about the different aspects of mind. The issue is the earth, but we are not talking about the three kinds of mind. What Jesus does point out in verses 4 and 19 is the worldly lifestyle. This is what we have learned, that seeds fall on the carnal mind, and some understand, and some do not understand. In those who do understand, the seeds do not germinate immediately. The seeds do not necessarily germinate immediately in those who are leading a carnal lifestyle. I guess I should really make that clear on these notes.


For those who are leading a carnal lifestyle, the seeds do not germinate easily or immediately. The reverse implication is when these seeds fall upon people who are not leading a carnal lifestyle, they can germinate immediately. Paul was preaching this message in three months. You know what I have been saying about these ultra-orthodox Jews, that this message could come on them very quickly. They could get this understanding, to the degree that the Lord can succeed in getting them to listen, and consider that it is even a possibility. If they open themselves to it, they will have the whole message in three months, or in a very short period of time. They could catch up to what is here overnight. I am not just talking about understanding the message. I am talking about spiritual development. Spiritual development is talking about being pregnant with the manchild, and where we are in the growth, or the development of the manchild. These ultra-orthodox Jews, when they open up to this truth, they can catch up to us and overtake us. It is a possibility, and we should not be in competition with them, but you need to know that that is a possibility.


What is going to hold them back is not understanding the doctrine because the doctrine is right in their own esoteric literature. I told you that I had a meeting with the rabbi, and he told me everything that I told him was in the Zohar except for the very last thing that I said, that Jesus is to Adam Kadmon as Joseph was to Pharaoh. Everything else, he admitted to me, was in the Zohar. They have got the whole message. They just have drawn a wrong conclusion. It is like we take the Scripture and look for Alternate Translations of the words. They have got the whole thing, for those that are deep in the Scripture. I mean it is available for those who will go digging for it, but none of their leaders have put the puzzle together to get the right image yet, but all the pieces of the puzzle are there for them to see.


I think I told you this on Thursday, the thing that is holding them back. When I met with the rabbi, he told me they do not accept the New Testament because there were inconsistencies, but he would not tell me what those inconsistencies were. At the time, I drew the conclusion that he did not know. Now I do not know that he did not know because the Lord told me what the inconsistencies are. The Lord told me that the inconsistencies are that the New Testament, and in Jesus' word in particular, tells the rabbis, and announces to the world, that they do not have any legitimate authority that comes from God to do what they are doing. Even though they have done all these translations, and they have all this incredible knowledge, they have no authority over God's people. Knowledge does not give you authority over God's people. Knowledge does not give you authority. The Spirit of God gives you authority. There is a preacher right here on Long Island. When he opened that church, he could not even preach. He did not have any word in his heart, but God told him to open a church. Now he teaches the word, at a pretty deep level, compared to what is out there. When he started that church, all he had was the Spirit, and no Word.


That is the inconsistencies. I asked the Lord, what should I tell him?  The Lord said, ask him this question. Do not you say that the Torah is infinite? Yes, he said it is. I said, well, is it not possible that God could pull something out of the Torah that you never heard of before? He said, yes, that is true, but there are inconsistencies. What inconsistencies? That Jesus, in the New Testament, tells us, the rulers of Israel, that we have no authority to be doing what we are doing. We cannot accept that, therefore, it cannot be of God; inconsistencies with the truth, inconsistencies with foundational truth, as they see it. We are the rulers of Israel. Well, brethren, what is going to break that? Hitler did not break that. What is going to break that?


Now we are talking about seeds that fall on the people that have the worldly lifestyle. Some people understand, and others do not. Those who do understand, the seeds do not germinate immediately because of their worldly lifestyle. For those who do not understand, the seed is lost to God when the message is not understood, and Satan acquires God's energy. The students who receive the seed, but do not understand it, do not experience the joy known as the born-again experience; Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, et cetera. They can receive the seed. It just does not go far. You get the joy, brethren, when the seed enters into you, and it goes deep enough into the unconscious part of your mind, where it connects with the Malchus that was received by Israel on Mount Sinai. Do you remember in the New Testament where it says Mary goes to visit Elizabeth, and the babes leaped in the womb of Elizabeth and Mary, and joy was experienced? That is the example.


When the seed of the Malchus of the Lord Jesus meets the Malchus that was given on Mount Sinai to Israel, which means you are Israel, there will be a great manifestation of joy. That is what happened with the two fetuses of John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth. Is that not interesting? The two babes leaped in the womb, filled with joy, and that is what it is to receive the Holy Spirit with all that joy going on in the church. That is what it was all about. Everybody there speaking in tongues, and having all of that fun in the Holy Ghost, means you are Israel. That is all Israel out there. All of those people have the seed of the Malchus that was given on Mount Sinai.


I have this testimony. You may have heard it, but I have not shared it in a long time. There was a man that I met, with some of my friends, a long time ago, when the ministry was just starting. Everybody and his uncle had prayed for him to get the Holy Ghost. He was heartbroken, and asked every believer he met to please pray for him to get the Holy Ghost. In the pride of my youth, I said to him, well, you come to my house. We will pray for you, and you will get the Holy Ghost. I was there waiting with the few people who were in the ministry at the time, and we prayed for him, and he did not get the Holy Ghost. I did not understand until this day why he could not get the Holy Ghost. It was because he did not have a seed. Brethren, he was not Israel. The only Malchus that he had was the Malchus that was given to Adam at the beginning of time, and that Malchus has already been used up. It produced the fruit of Cain. He did not have a Malchus. When the Holy Spirit entered into him from all the people who had laid hands on him, there was no seed for it to meet up with, and therefore there was no joy.


That is really important. Does anybody not understand what I just said? I have been asking this question for more than 20 years, and I just got an answer to this question. The man was not Israel, and he did not have the seed. Somebody who was not an Israelite was attracted to what was going on in the church, but could not get it. Interesting!  It is a possibility that all of the people that are Baptists, and Lutherans, and Methodists, that have not had this Holy Ghost experience, are people who are serving God, but they are not Israelites. But the Word of God touched their human spirit, and their human spirit raised them up above the average man. For two weeks now, I am talking to you about the human spirit, that it can rise above every challenge in life when it reaches out to God. There are people in the church that have faith in God, have studied, and know that Word a million times better than me. They write dictionaries. They have incredible knowledge in the Word, faithful to God in the way that they know how, and their lives are blessed because of it, but they do not have any move of the spirit on them, because they are not Israel.


They are the strangers in the land. The Scripture said that the strangers in the land are to be treated the same way as the Israelites. They are like adopted brothers and sisters, but they are not Israel. Is that not interesting? They are not Israel, but they are Israel, because the Lord has accepted them in the community of Israel. The people who inherit that citizenship, and do not use it, they will lose what they have. They will lose that opportunity that is presented to them because they have that seed. Wow. That is very profound. Now if you are here, and you have not received the Holy Ghost, or you are wondering who you all are, it could mean anything for you. There could have been a mixed marriage somewhere back in your family line. Maybe there was an Israelite, but the way the genetics mixed, as the generations came forth, you did not get the seed. Something has to be raising your human spirit high. The Word of God is higher than this world. The human spirit that can hear the Word of God and say, I want that because there is life in that word, and I want it. That is raising up the human spirit. There is something in your human spirit that rose, that heard that Word of God, and responded to it, something valiant in your human spirit.


Everybody is not the same. We are all a mixture of components. The quality of the human spirit is not the same in everyone only because the mix is not the same. We have spirit, and earth, and all kinds of inherited curses. The mix is not the same. The spirit is the same, but if you are a person whose human spirit rises when it hears the Word of God, you are a blessed person, and the Lord has taken you as a convert, or as an adopted son. When you are baptized by the Holy Spirit, that comes out of Malkhut, there will be no difference at all, even now. You are okay, but you need to know that you need to get born again. Do you have any questions for me?


COMMENT:  I do. Are you saying all the millions of people that receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit have to be Israel?


PASTOR VITALE:  That is what I see coming forth here today.


COMMENT:  Wow, that is very interesting. There is no way that a non-Israelite, genetically in their line, would have received it?


PASTOR VITALE: I am telling you that I felt so bad for that man. He wanted the Holy Spirit so much. My heart broke for him. I realized that God brought a woman into his life, and gave him a human love in place of that, but there was just no way he was going to get it. I could not understand why God would not give it to him.


That seems to be what He is saying today, but you need to look at the whole picture. If you are in this ministry, and based on this teaching, you are not Israel, you are being more exalted today than the whole charismatic church out there, so you are certainly not being held back because you are not Israel. God has accepted you. If you are here with this message, God has accepted you, especially if He talks to you. Now what does that mean? You do not have the Holy Spirit, you do not have that outpouring, and yet He talks to you. That is an interesting thought too. I am not sure what to say about that. I would like to hear what He has to say about that. I do not know. I need to get on with the message, but once I put a question forth, I most likely will get an answer for the people who do not have an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and yet they know that God talks to them. As soon as I hear from the Lord, I will explain it to you.


Alternate Translation of verses 4 and 19; When a teacher sows the message of the kingdom of God in the hearts of his students, who are following the lifestyle of this world, those seeds extend only as far as the conscious part of the carnal mind of those students, so some do not understand the message of the kingdom of God. Satan, that wicked bird of the other side, comes out, and forcibly seizes that word of the kingdom that was sown in their heart, and consumes it. But some seeds extend into students who understand the message of the kingdom of God even though they are treading the path of this present life.


That is what we have been talking about for the past 15 minutes, the ones that understand it even though they are treading the path of this life. They come in two categories, one where the seed pierces all the way through to their Malchus, and they experience the joy of the Holy Ghost. The others where either it does not pierce all the way through because of the sin of the person, or the seed is not there. I guess that is another possibility. The Lord just brought a correction now. The fact that you do not have the outpouring of the spirit does not mean you are not Israel, but you do not have the witness that you are Israel, that your soul was present on Mount Sinai when the Ten Commandments were given. In today's world, your witness to that is that you have the outpouring of the Holy Ghost that is in the church. If you do not have the outpouring of the Holy Ghost that is in the church, it means, either your soul was not present there at the time, or according to the teaching, that the cares of this world, or your worldly lifestyle, when the seed came in, it did not have enough energy to pierce through your carnality, deep enough to join with the Malchus that you received when your soul was present at Mount Sinai. Therefore that communion did not take place. Is everybody okay?


Starting with my comment, the students who understand the word about the kingdom of God, in its simple form, have a measure of the 100 fold, which is something called a taste of the world to come. We found in Thursday’s message that this whole concept of 30, 60 and 100 fold is totally misunderstood by the church, and was totally misunderstood by us. The highest degree of fruit is the 30 fold. In the 100 fold, the first thing we receive is understanding. The second thing we receive is the revelation of sin, which is the beginning of the development of our manhood. The third thing, the greatest of all the three kinds of fruit is the 30 fold. As I looked up all of the words, according to the understanding of the 30 fold, is that 30 fold is the seed that makes the person fertile, so that they can go and give it to somebody else. The ability to reproduce is signified by the 30 fold. It is the smallest of all these seeds because it is everything that you have, compacted into a seed that can be delivered to somebody else.


We have received the 30 fold of Jesus of Nazareth. He was exalted, and now he is glorified, and we have received his 30 fold. We have received the fruit of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, who became a fertile male, and is now sending forth his seed to reproduce himself in us. When that 30 fold touches us, it does not become 30 fold in us. When the fruit of Jesus of Nazareth, who is now the Glorified Jesus Christ, touches us, it becomes the 100 fold to us. We begin with understanding. The first thing that we receive is understanding, no matter how simple that understanding is. If we, at least, understand that if we believe, we can be saved, the simplest form of understanding, we are partaking of another man’s labor. We are receiving of the fruit that Jesus of Nazareth brought forth, and was culminated in his glorification. 100 fold is the first thing that we receive. 60 fold is the second. The 30 fold, if we attain to that, becomes our ability to reproduce.


You cannot reproduce without the male. It is the ability to transfer this seed to other people, which is what is happening here, but I do not even think I have that ability. I think if I had that ability, I would be dropping seed all over the place. I think the seed that is dropping here, he is just doing it through me, just like when I used to cast out demons, and he was doing it through me. I think once you have seed, once you have your own seed, people are being fertilized wherever you go. The fact is that I talk to all kinds of people, and there is no indication that the seed  has germinated. What would be the indication that the seed had germinated? They would be interested in this message. I talk to all kinds of people without any response, but there is a response here, and a response there. There is a definite specifically focused response. To me that says it is coming from Christ Jesus in the midst of me, and it is nothing that I possess of my own. He is doing it through me, but it is not mine.


If it was mine, I would be able to give this seed to anybody that I wanted to. I really believe that it can be done. When Jesus does it, it is going to be done without their permission, because when the word falls on somebody, once you hear it, you are responsible for it. The energy behind the seed has to be strong enough to overcome that person’s carnal mind. The only ones that I have been able to give this seed to are the people that the Lord wants to give it to, so it is not my ability. It is his. I do not have it. I cannot even get my own daughter to come home. The suggestion here is that the female seed must already be present with some degree of consciousness. In other words the seed has to be not completely dead for this to happen.


Brethren, if all that you have is the outpouring of the Holy Ghost, and you speak in tongues, you have an understanding that there is more existing than before you had that experience. These have an awakening of Abel. When that seed falls on your ears, if Abel, if the Malchus from Mount Sinai is in you, the word is hopefully going to penetrate deeply enough to wake him to cause him to stir. That is the myth upon which Sleeping Beauty was based. Abel is sleeping the sleep of death, and this Word of God, when it is generated by the energy of the Lord Jesus Christ, has the power to awaken Abel. That is exactly what happened when the guards of the Sanhedrin came to arrest Jesus. Jesus said, who are you looking for? They said, Jesus of Nazareth. He said, it is I, and they fell backwards. I preached on this. It says Peter took out his sword, and cut someone’s ear off. That is not at all what is meant. When Jesus spoke, there were several amongst the guards of the Sanhedrin that recognized the anointing on his word. He was not even preaching the divine doctrine. They perceived the anointing on his word.


In the King James translation, they write it as one man, but there was more than one man there. They called the man Malchus, which is the Greek word for Malkhut. The church does not even have a clue. When I let myself go, I get frustrated. That is just pride in me. They do not even have a clue, just like their ignorance about the celebration of Christmas. All they have to do is look it up in the encyclopedia. All of the information is out there. Did anybody ever say, what is this Malchus? What does that mean? It is referring to the few people, or the company of people that were present at the time, that had the Malchus. They had the seed, and when Jesus spoke, the Spirit of his word, which is the second Malchus, the Malchus of the next age, went forward and penetrated them. The word fell upon their ear. It penetrated in their heart, and it touched the Malchus that was inherited from Mount Sinai.


That Malchus stood up, and Peter recognized it. He took out his spiritual sword, which is his mind, in an attempt to circumcise them. I am not really sure what that would mean. I am wondering if it does not mean that he wanted to separate the two females and put the male in between. I am not sure. Either it meant that he took his sword out to separate those men or women, those Israelites, to separate them from Cain's domination. All of these years, I thought that it was to separate them from Cain’s domination, but now I do not know. I am going to have to pray about that. Did he take out his sword to separate them from Cain’s domination? Or did he want to make a quick work of it and say, I saw that the Malchus from Jesus touched the Malchus in that person. Right now I am going to slit you with a sword, and I am going to put the male seed in between. I do not know, but it is a possibility. We will see if the Lord will answer me on that, but it is one of the two. There has to be an awakening. These have an awakening in Abel. Abel is the female seed in captivity, the Malchus in captivity.


Brethren, there was a tree that was buried in the ground. We are in the Book of Job, Chapter 14 verses 1 thru 10; Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not. I do not know what more witnesses you need than that, that the carnal man just does not go on. And dost thou open thine eyes upon such an one, and bringest me into judgment with thee?  Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? Not one. No one. This is talking about man now, who is like grass, who is cut down in the field, born today and dies, gone tomorrow. Seeing his days are determined, the number of his months are with thee. You have appointed his bounds that he cannot pass. You can only live so long.


Turn from him, that he may rest, till he shall accomplish, as an hireling, his day. If you do not have the life of God inside of you, you are a hireling; a hired. Job is saying, turn from him that he may rest still, or turn your judgment away from him “that he may rest, till he shall accomplish, as an hireling, his day.” That is because he is not a son, you see. He is a servant. For there is hope, so turn your judgment away from him, and give him a chance because there is hope if a tree be cut down. For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground. Yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant. Brethren, that is spiritual water; wisdom. But man dies, and wasteth away: yea, man giveth up the ghost, and where is he?” Brethren, he is no more. He is no more. Wake up, everybody in the world. There is only the spiritual man. It is the soul that survives. If the consciousness of your animal nature is not joined to the soul of God through Jesus Christ, you will turn to dust, and waste away, and give up the ghost. You will no longer exist. Now there is no eternal torment, but you will cease to exist. Thank God there is no eternal torment.


These have to have an awakening of Abel. The people that have the seed fall on their ears, this preaching of the gospel of the kingdom, the female seed in captivity. These have an awakening of Abel, the female seed in captivity, the root of the tree that is buried in the ground. This usually happens by either exposure to the anointing, where your spirit is touched, or exposure to the Scripture. Sometimes it is both. The suggestion here is that the female seed must already be present with some degree of consciousness, meaning not completely dead, as those people who have the seed that already brought forth the fruit of Cain. For this to happen, there has to be something in you to respond, brethren. I just want to repeat what I said to you because I do not want anyone to be without hope. There has to be something within you to respond. Ideally God is looking for the Malchus, in you, if you are an Israelite. If you are not an Israelite, the seed that you have has already brought forth Cain, and the only response that you will get out of him is to try and steal the anointing. The human spirit, which is Binah in you, the human spirit that Jehovah breathed into the man, which comes from the third degree of going down from heaven in the mother, is in you, in the form of the human spirit. That human spirit has the potential to rise above every obstacle that could exist for a human being if she is to seek God for it.


As far as I know, the only viable seed that might have survived to this day, is the seed that descended with Moses from Mount Sinai. The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ carries the Malchus, the female seed. She has no power to raise the same quality of seed that was imparted to a previous generation. She has no power. That is not even accurate to say that the Malchus, that comes through the Holy Spirit, does not have the power to raise the seed of a previous generation. The truth is that the seed of the previous generation has already brought forth, and Cain is the fruit of that seed. That ova has been used up, so I should really rewrite that. God is always a contradiction. God is always a mystery to the fallen mind. So good works are associated with the 100-fold, which is the understanding without which we cannot do very much. We have to find some measure of understanding. Even if that understanding is not an intellectual understanding, it is an understanding of the Spirit touching our spirit. Some understanding comes into our consciousness that God has communicated with us.


This is something I have been preaching for years. It is very hard, and you have to get this by the Spirit. It is very hard. What I am saying here is that Christ was raised in the man Jesus of Nazareth. His Malchus rose up, and responded to the spirit of Elijah. Christ in Him was raised,  and actually fully resurrected on the third day of creation. I have told you over the years that we are all experiencing the six days of creation. We can tell where we are in our spiritual development if we can accurately evaluate ourselves. It was on the third day of creation that life appeared: the tree bearing its own fruit. Fruit-bearing trees and life appeared on the third day. Jesus of Nazareth had an experience on the third day of creation, and Christ was resurrected in him. I maintain that it was required for Christ to be resurrected in the man Jesus of Nazareth before, or His physical body would not have survived the crucifixion.


I maintain that Christ was resurrected in Jesus of Nazareth. I do not know when it happened. It did not happen on a calendar day, brethren. Jesus experienced the third day of creation somewhere along the line before his crucifixion, and Christ, the Malchus in Him, was resurrected, and joined to Elijah, his spiritual Father. Because of that union, which is a parallel experience to Christ Jesus appearing in us, the spiritual development of the manchild came to fruition in Jesus of Nazareth. As we are waiting for the Lord Jesus to marry Christ Jesus in us, the regeneration of Christ, which was really righteous Adam and his marriage to Elijah, who was joined to the God World of Atzilut, created a new spiritual man, which swallowed up and absorbed, or adopted, the consciousness of the man Jesus of Nazareth. That whole ball of consciousness exited the earth and body. Satan did not take the life of Jesus of Nazareth. That body died because the personality departed from it in righteousness, and then the physical body was resurrected.


I wrote a book, actually it was the first book that I ever wrote. I remember God prophesied through Mary that I was going to write it when I was living in the other house. I think it is called Mind, Hell & Death. I do not know how well written it is, or how updated it is. The main principle of the book is that Jesus of Nazareth experienced the third day of creation, in which Christ, the Malchus that he had received genetically, because He was an Israelite, was resurrected, and that Jesus thereafter experienced the whole process that we are teaching here. The righteous Adam was regenerated in him, and married Elijah, who was attached to Primordial Adam. They became one molecule, so to speak, of a spiritual man, and the whole spiritual consciousness, including the personality of Jesus of Nazareth, exited from that physical body of Jesus of Nazareth. Then the body collapsed like a wineskin that had no fluid in it. After that, by a process that we call melting, that physical body melted down to its basic sefirotic component parts. That physical body was absorbed by that spiritual molecule, or that spiritual body, and became a visible spiritual body for Jesus of Nazareth.


It is written as a great mystery, and no one is ever going to understand this without your own witness from God. I appreciate you believing me, but you really need to get your own witness from God about everything I tell you. You need to get your own witness from God. You need to own it. It needs to become your own. If you cannot believe it, do not fight with me. Just leave it on the side, and let God minister to you. The spirit of truth is everything. That is what these verses are about. I put this in here to review that revelation for you.


This is Paul talking to the Corinthians. 1 Corinthians 15:1-8; Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also you are saved, if you keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.” He is saying that you are saved by the word that I give you. Jesus said in John 6:63; The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life. Jesus apparently received a living seed. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 4:15 I have begotten you through the gospel. I have read that Scripture so many times: I have begotten you with this word or gospel. I never understood it to the degree that I understand it today. He said, I have begotten you. He was saying my word was living seed, and when my word fell upon your ears, that living seed touched the Malchus in you, and now Christ is resurrected in you.


When Paul said I have begotten you with this word, he is saying to those brethren, you are not this body. You are the one that was begotten. You are Christ; I am talking to Christ in you. Once Christ is resurrected in you, you are Christ. The other one, the other inhabitant of your body, who is Cain, is a usurper, and a thief, and a liar. This body belongs to Christ, and you must punish the other one every chance you get, or he will kill you. Now your body might continue to live, but you are now Christ, and Cain will kill you if you do not kill him. Paul is saying, you are saved by this message, because you are saved by the resurrected Christ in you, which started when I preached to you. My seed resurrected the Malchus in you. Corinthians 1:2; You are saved if you keep in memory, if you remember what I preached to you, unless you have believed in vain.


We see that the resurrection of Christ in you, that the conception, or the grafting of the seed to you, is not the end. There is something that you have to do. There is something that we have to do, or we will have believed in vain. What do you mean by believed in vain? Brethren, if all that we have gone through does not result in the birth of the manchild, in us, we have believed in vain. All of this education, all of the sacrifice that we have been making here for years, is to the end of producing the manchild. He is everything. Christ Jesus is everything. If we do not produce Christ Jesus, everything we did is in vain. Now Paul is reminding them of what he told them. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received. Someone taught it to him. How that Christ died for our sins according to the Scripture.


Brethren, I challenge you to believe me when I tell you, or point out to you, that the Scripture does not say Jesus. It does not say Jesus Christ. It does not say Christ Jesus. It says Christ; the Malchus. This is what was taught to me, and I am telling it to you, how that Christ died for our sins. Who? The Adam, the first Adam, who died when he committed adultery with the snake. He died for our sins according to the Scripture. That is the English. He died because he sinned, and we continue to sin because of him, according to the Scripture. That is what it is saying if you look at it in the interlinear text. Although I have not looked at it in the interlinear text in a long time, this is the word in my heart. You take it before God, and get your own word. This is a difficult one. Jesus was the Christ. Adam was the Christ. When Christ Jesus is fully mature in us, we are the Christ. You are Christ. I just told you that, when that word went forth. I have begotten you. I have begotten you with this word that I preached to you.  Paul is calling them Christ. He is saying, you; Christ. Not you, Cain. You; Christ. I have begotten you, Christ, with this word. When you are living out of Christ, you are Christ.


You need to understand what that means. It does not mean that you are better than anybody else, or that you are going to go out and do supernatural miracles. It means that you are pregnant with the life of God through the mediator, the Lord Jesus Christ, who has given His seed. It means that you are a house for God, and that you have the opportunity to not return to the dust at some time in the future, when Cain can no longer keep your body alive. That is what it means. You are a baby Christ with the potential to become a man, a son of God in the service of Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ, after you are tested, and tried, and walk a difficult path. That is what it means. It means that you are called to serve, and to humble yourself before all these people that do not have a clue as to who you are, or what you know, or what you could do for them, or how to get what you have. You need to humble yourself because people will not know who you are.


I gave some books to somebody the other day. He said, what do you do? I said, I am a teacher. Let me give you some books. I gave him four of these beautiful books. He looks at them, and he says, really? Thanks for the books. What do you teach?  I teach what is in the books. He says, oh, really. You have to humble yourself, brethren, or you will never survive. If you are looking for the kind of acknowledgment you got when you were in the Holy Ghost, you are in the wrong place, because you are not going to get it.


Paul is saying, this is what I told you at the beginning. It was given to me, and I am giving it to you. The Christ of the previous age, which Paul talks about in the Book of Romans also, he died because of sin, and we still sin because we are his descendants. That is what the Scriptures teach. He is not saying Jesus was a human sacrifice for your sins. That is not what he is saying. He is saying this is how we wound up here. The Christ or Christ Adam; Christ is the Greek word for anointed, Adam; the anointed of God. We read in Isaiah 14, the anointed cherub that fell and became an evil angel. The anointed of God, the one who carries the anointing. Righteous Adam carried the anointing, and he died because of sin, and we sin because we have inherited his fallen nature. That is what he is saying. That is what the Scripture teaches according to the Scripture, verse 4; And he was buried. He was buried under the animal bodies of Cain. And that he rose again on the third day, according to the Scripture, in the man Jesus of Nazareth, who was experiencing the third day of creation. That Christ, who was buried under the earth of humanity, rose above Cain, was resurrected in that man Jesus of Nazareth, before he ever went to the cross. This is what kills you. In verse 5, it says; And he was seen of Cephas and of the 12.


Brethren, I have been trying to tell you that this Bible is an abbreviation. It is an abbreviation. You have to watch out for these verses that make it sound that events that happened thousands of years apart happened five minutes apart. Between verse 4 and verse 5, the resurrection of the Christ of the previous age, which is righteous Adam, in the man Jesus of Nazareth, and the crucifixion, and the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. All of that happened between verse 1 and verse 5. Paul says it this way because the two events are intimately associated with each other. The body of Jesus would have never been able to rise from the dead if Christ had not first risen in Him previously. The only reason the body of Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead was that the man inside of him did not die. He left his garment, and his garment collapsed. Does anybody not understand that? That is a real test, brethren,  but I will tell you that is what it means.


After that, he was seen by about five hundred. What Paul is saying here, brethren, is that they saw the appearance of Jesus the Christ, after his body was witnessed that it died, and the resurrection of his physical body. You cannot tell people this unless they are ready to hear it, but if you want the truth, of the truth, of the truth, Jesus did not die on the cross. His body died. His whole inside guts was joined to Elijah, and removed, just like we have spoken about Noah being removed from the flood. We have talked about the possibility of him coming out of his body, whatever the body was like on the other side of the flood, and going into another dimension. Jesus did not die, or Christ in him. When Christ starts to be formed in you, you become Christ, so I can say Jesus did not die. He left his body, and his body collapsed. It is the same thing as Jehovah telling Joshua that Moses is dead.


When I read that Moses was not dead in Kabbalist writings, I got so offended over that in my naivety. Moses did not die, but Jehovah said to Joshua, Moses is dead. The translation is, you will never see Moses again in this plane of consciousness, and you have inherited the headship of the army. As far as you are concerned, Moses is dead. Jesus did not die on the cross. Jesus was resurrected before he ever went to the cross; Jesus the Christ. The Christ in the man Jesus of Nazareth was resurrected. and therefore Jesus could call himself Jesus the Christ. Brethren, I am getting excited, and my brain is going faster than my mouth again. Listen. The reason Paul does it like this is that, spiritually speaking, these two events could have happened within seconds of each other. In the Spirit maybe they did happen within seconds of each other. It is just in the flesh, out here in this world, which is an illusion, that on some unknown day, Christ was resurrected in Jesus of Nazareth. It had to take place within three and a half years before Jesus was crucified, and his body rose from the dead.


It is just that these two events happened maybe three years apart, which is going to boggle the carnal mind, but for the spiritual mind it is no big deal. First Christ was raised from the dead in him. The one who died was righteous Adam. Righteous Adam was raised from the dead, and when he was raised from the dead, he appeared in a manger, in an animal body of the man Jesus of Nazareth. The next thing that he did was he made the house that he rose in permanent. It took him three years for some reason. Does anybody need me to say that again? Do not stumble over the fact that it took three years and maybe more than three years. Who knows when Christ rose from the dead in Jesus? Maybe it was when he was 12 years old. You are not this body. If Christ is born in you, you are Christ. If you are not Christ, you are Cain. This body is Cain. You are either Cain or Abel. When Abel rises from the dead, his name changes to Christ, and he becomes king of the whole body. He becomes ruler over Cain, and he receives power to rule over Cain. That was what Jesus was talking about when he said, no one can take my life. He said, I cannot die because life is present in me. He said, you cannot kill me. Righteous Adam, the Son of God, is raised in me. Life is dwelling in my house. There is nothing that you can do that will make me die. You are not this body, but you are this body if Christ is not present in you, so who are you? Who are you?


Jesus said, will you feed my sheep? Peter said yes. Jesus asked him again, will you feed my sheep? Peter is getting all upset. He said, sure, Lord, I will do it. Jesus asked him a third time,  and Peter is getting all upset. Why are you asking me three times? Because for the first two times, Cain answered. Cain answered, Jesus, sure, I will feed Your sheep, but Jesus was not speaking to Cain. Brethren, it does not please me to tell you that the pastors in the pulpits and the church are filled with hirelings. They are not preaching by the Spirit of God. That is Cain in the pulpit, and Christ is dead in them. Even if they have the Holy Ghost anointing, Christ is dead in them. Unless Christ is risen in them, he is dead in them.


I challenge you. I challenge you. I challenge you to believe the two events that happened perhaps three years apart, in the Spirit. They happened one right after the other, boom, boom. Righteous Adam rose from the dead. Christ was risen. He exited from that physical body. The physical body collapsed because there was no life in it. The power that exited from that body burnt the body, spiritually speaking, melted it down to its sepfirotic component parts, and absorbed it, inhaled it, into that glory that exited before the body collapsed; boom, boom. No time or space between. Can you believe that? Is your mind today reaching out for the Lord Jesus, who is descending to grab a hold of your hand? His mind is reaching for your mind. Do you dare to believe that? Do you dare to believe that incredible story?  In the Book of Daniel, it says, and the little horn, he is going to speak proud things. The whole church world tells you he is anti-Christ because he is proud. Brethren, these are proud things I am preaching to you. I am not preaching out of pride, but I am preaching proud and great things.


Do you dare to believe that? Do you dare to believe it could happen to you? Do you dare to believe that the Christ Jesus dwelling in you now could do this for you?  Do I dare to believe that the Christ Jesus that is preaching this message now, if someone was coming to kill me, that he could depart from my body, and I could watch this body collapse, and watch the greatness of the one that I am joined to, melt it, and raise it up as a spiritual body?  I personally do not believe that is going to happen for another 1,000 years, but maybe I am wrong. I believe it is possible. I am already joined to him. Christ was raised in me. I have experienced the third day of creation. I am experiencing it now. I am waiting for the next event, for the permanent union of my mind with the mind of the Lord Jesus. It is not a permanent union yet. I know it because I know there is sin in me. Do you dare to believe it, brethren? Do you dare to believe it? Do you dare?


Righteous Adam died because of sin, and he was buried under the bodies of Cain, the animal bodies of Cain, but he rose again in Jesus of Nazareth on the third day of creation. If he is rising in you, it is the third day of creation for you. Jesus was seen by Cephas. That is another name for Peter, brethren. After that, he was seen by about five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. Some have died. After that, he was seen of James; and then of all the apostles. This is Paul speaking. Last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time. Do you dare believe?  Hebrews 6:4-5; For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost. And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come. The heavenly gift is the Holy Ghost. The anointing is so strong that I do not want to go back to the reason that I put that in there. I do not know why I put it in there and I am just going to let that go.


Now John is telling us in Chapter 5:25; Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live. Now that is really interesting because we have people in this ministry that are hearing the voice of the Son of God, and they do not seem to have the Malchus of Israel. Your human spirit, brethren, can rise to the point that it can hear the voice of the Son of God. The greatness of fallen mankind, the human spirit, is Binah in you, in captivity of course.


I really cannot let you go home without preaching this Alternate Translation of 1 Thessalonians


4:14-18. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again. You see, that is what freaks everybody out. The Scripture says He died. The Scripture says Moses died also. Jesus of Nazareth died. He died to this world. It is very sticky. He is not here today in any physical form. He died to this world.


1 Thessalonians 4: 14-18; For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words. KJV


I have understood little bits of that over the years, but never like this morning. Basically, I did not have time to render the Alternate Translation, but I will tell you what it means, and I will give you any exhortation that comes out of it. Then we are going to close for today because I am all out of order with my notes, and that is what I feel to do. That is what we will do, trusting that my feelings are of the Lord when I am sitting behind this pulpit.


What does it mean, them which also are asleep? For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. What does that mean? I have always believed, and I think the church believes that it means those who believed in Jesus, but died. They are thinking God is going to open up the graves in the ground, and put flesh back on their bones, and take them with him again, but I declare to you that that is not what it means. To be asleep in Jesus means to have Abel, in you, who has not yet been awakened. Abel, the Malchus within us, has to wake up from sleep. If you are Israel, and you have a Malchus that your soul received on Mount Sinai, when the Ten Commandments were given, when Jehovah made a covenant with Israel, Abel is fast asleep. You may recall that as Adam was falling asleep, before God took one side of him, and made a woman out of him, that Jehovah was telling him that He was going to give him an assistant, that this should never happen to him again.


We found out that when Jehovah took one of Adam's sides from him, it was not a good thing that He was doing. Adam was a whole man, and he became half a man. He lost his spiritual power and his relationship with God, so going to sleep is not a good thing. Sleep signifies death, the sleep of death. The Kabbalists say sleep is 1/60th of death. I never really did find out how they come to that conclusion, but that is what they say. Brethren, who are we? We are Christ. Who are we? We are Christ. The Lord wants to relate to us as if we are Christ, so if we have a Malchus in us, and that Malchus is sleeping, for all intents and purposes, we are dead. If we do not have a Malchus in us, we are dead. Until we get a mind that wakes up from sleep, we are dead.


I suggest to you that Paul is not speaking about Christians who have the Holy Spirit, who have a relationship with Jesus, and then physically died. Brethren, he is talking about Christians, who may very well be dancing, and singing, and banging their tambourines in the Holy Ghost, casting out demons, and doing everything that they do. I did that, and I am not knocking it, but Malchus has not awakened in them yet. All that dancing, and singing, and joy is the spirit. It is the joy of the human spirit that God is returning, that God is coming to claim His creation, that Adam is rising from the dead, that the promises of God are real, and that God is real. That is the exaltation of the human spirit that we see in the charismatic church, but Malchus in them is still sleeping. Until you start understanding esoteric doctrine, Malchus in you is sleeping. So long as you believe this message of the prophets, and the outer world, and the men and women, who are prophesying out of their carnal mind about these end-times with anti-Christ, and all of this, you are still sleeping. You are sleeping. You are sleeping the sleep of death. You are in your carnal mind. You are in the sleep of death, brethren.


That is who Paul is talking about, the people who are out there jumping around as animated as could be, out there witnessing, giving out tracts, holding revivals, doing everything like that, but they are dead because Christ in them is dead, and he is the life. Jesus said, I am the way, I am the truth, and I am the life. He is the life. He is not talking about his spirit. There is no Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This idolatry in the church for the trinity has slain many. Brethren, there is only one God; one God. He appears to us as the Father and the Son. There is only one God, and He appears to us as the Father and the Son. His Spirit is just His Spirit. It goes without saying that He is spirit. Their human spirit is rejoicing that God is in the house, but Malchus is dead, you see. Brethren, the true message of life is dead, because eternal life is through the union of the mind of God, in us, with the mind of God through the mediator, Christ Jesus, who will connect us to the glorified Jesus Christ.


Without that union, we are dead, and there is no union without the mind of God, which alone is capable of understanding, and believing this message. Maybe they could understand it, but they would not even believe it. Paul is talking about all of the Christians, the exemplary Christians, that are dead to the truth. They have a little understanding. They believe that Jesus rose from the dead. That is why he says this to them. If we could believe that Jesus died and rose again, if you believe that little bit, if you have that little bit of understanding, it will get you through. If you at least believe that, then we have to believe that they also which sleep in Jesus, that somehow God is going to wake them up, and they are going to understand the true doctrine. They will understand the truth because He cannot take us with Him if we are believing a lie.


The doctrine in the church is a lie, except for the fact that Jesus died and rose again. That is what he is saying. Just the fact that you believe Jesus died and rose again, He is going to do everything He can to wake up Malchus in you, but she has to wake up because you cannot go back home if she does not wake up. You are not going to be attached to the living God based on a lying message. I do not want you to think that it is the message alone. Brethren, it is the mind that you believe it with. Your carnal mind cannot attach you to God, and you cannot believe the truth with your carnal mind. You could be in the church dancing, and singing, and banging the tambourine, and having a wonderful time. You could even have demons cast out of you if you believe in a lie, but the mind that the lie comes out of cannot join with the mind of God. It is impossible. The archangel is descending from heaven by his mind, and we cannot join to him with a lie. You cannot believe the truth with Cain's mind, which is Leviathan.


Paul says, just believe a little bit, that Jesus died and rose from the dead. Your human spirit could believe that. Your human spirit could believe all things. I think that is one of that things Paul says about the fruits of the spirit. The human spirit can believe all things. If you can believe that, it is going to carry you through until you can get a Malchus. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord. This is not our opinion. Sometimes I will tell you it is my opinion, and it is my carnal opinion, and I do not even know if you should be listening to me. Sometimes I tell you it is my opinion, but it is my opinion based upon the Word of God, and I would seriously consider it. Then sometimes I tell you it is the Lord telling me to tell you that. Paul is saying; We say unto you by the word of the Lord. This is not our opinion. The Lord told us to tell you this. That we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. That is 1 Thessalonians 4:15. Well, what does the church say? They say those of us who are physically alive, standing here in our bodies, are going to be physically standing here when the Lord comes back, and that is not going to happen before those which are dead and buried in the ground resurrect. The conclusion is then drawn that those who are dead, and buried in the ground, have to be dug up before our turn comes, except that is not what Paul is saying. That is not even a clue, or a prayer, close to what Paul was saying.


First of all, still sleeping means that the Malchus has not been awakened. I just told you that. Paul is speaking to the people in whom Malchus has already been awakened, and survived all of the things that can destroy him. That is what he says here. This we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive. We are alive. Our Malchus is alive. Those of us who survive. Those of us who are alive and remain. The Greek word meaning remain can mean survive. Those of us who survive until Jesus appears to us with the male seed that gives us life. Brethren, life is only in the male seed, and then you are Christ. Paul is talking to the Thessalonians. You are Christ. You are Christ. Those of us who have Malchus raised in us, and survive everything that Satan is trying to do to destroy Christ, in us, which is to destroy us, to make us die spiritually. Those of us who survive all of Satan's devices, we are standing here, and we are conscious when Jesus comes to give us the male seed.


For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we, which survive Satan's devices to the point that we receive the life of God through the male seed. There is no life in the female. Remember the teaching? The two females back to back is a counterfeit Holy Spirit. It is a Holy Spirit. Any power that comes out of that union is through the blessing of the male who is having mercy on you. There is no legitimate power. I mean, there is dunamis power. There is no authority, and it is not God. Brethren, the Holy Spirit is not God. The Holy Spirit is not God. The Holy Spirit is the female seed that comes out of the Malkhut of the Lord Jesus Christ. She is not God, and she joins with the Malchus in you. That is an illegitimate Shekinah. There is no male between the two of them. That is not God. Those of us that survive Satan's devices, until Jesus gives us the male seed, which is at the coming of the Lord. Those of us who survive, until Jesus appears to us with the male seed, shall experience the descent of Jesus from the higher world. We shall not go before those which are asleep.


I wanted to write down what prevent means. I think it means to go before. Those of us which survive and receive the male seed, we are not going to go without Jesus giving the people that are sleeping a chance. Then right after that, he says this is how the Lord is going to give everyone that is sleeping a chance. He is talking about the people in the church. He is talking about the Israel of God. He is not even talking about the outsiders. Let me say it to you again. He is saying, by the word of the Lord, that we which survive Satan's devices, until the time that we receive the male seed, which is the spirit of life, we are not going to go, and join to the Lord, without the Lord giving everyone else that is still sleeping a chance. This is what he is going to do. For the Lord Himself is going to descend from heaven with a shout. The shout is this message, brethren. I want to tell you the shout is this message. It is the doctrine of Christ and the divine doctrine. It is the truth. The shout is the truth. Jesus is descending from a higher world with the truth, and he is speaking as loudly as he can in the hope that we will all hear him.


Now you may have heard my teaching, over the years, whereby I have told you that Jesus is very far away from us. When I first came to the Lord, He spoke to me in a loud voice, and then after that I did not hear for a while, and then the voice was a very still small voice. The reason the voice is loud at the beginning is because he is outside of us. I take that back, because everything is inside of us. It is because it is the voice of the Lord Jesus calling from the mountain of the God World of Atzilut, and he yells loudly so that we can hear him. If you hear in the spirit, his voice is loud, but his goal is to plant his seed in you. Once he plants his seed in you, and that seed sprouts, Jesus talks to you through his son.


Now we all have read Hebrews Chapter 1:2, and it says in these last days God is speaking to everyone through His Son, so we say he is speaking to everybody through the sons of God. That is you and that is me. That is not what that means, brethren. That is not what that means. In the past, God spoke through the prophets. Today he is speaking through Christ, in you, inside of you. Now he is speaking to the individual. When he spoke through the prophets, he spoke to the nation of Israel, not to the individual. Today he speaks to the individual, to the individuals that he gets inside of. The Lord, himself, is going to descend from the God World of Atzilut. He is going to be speaking very loudly. Some are going to be hearing him beyond the still small voice in them. I am telling you that the shout is this message, but nobody can hear him. He has been shouting this message for 27 years, and actually I had this message as a disciple in Gospel Revivals, but nobody can hear it. That whole church, except for the couple of people who are here, including Pastor Holzhauser, called me a false prophet. They could not recognize the anointing on the message.


He is going to shout. He is going to shout it louder than this. People are going to hear him, and he is going to do it with the voice of the archangel. I think what that means is the authority that is on the message. He is going to bring it forth with the authority that is on the message, speaking as loudly as he can, in the hope that we will hear him. He will also be sounding the alarm. That is blowing the trumpet. That comes from the mind of God. That is me sounding the alarm from this pulpit, and whoever else is spreading it. It is a message that is coming from the mind of God, and not from the message of the false prophets, brethren. This is really so very important that we understand this. I do not know what is happening out there. Is one man going to rise up and rule the world?  I do not know. Maybe it is true. Maybe it is not. I am not sure that it is true. John said that there are many anti-Christs. There could be multiple dictators. Are there not multiple dictators in the Middle East right now? What is going to be different is that there might be multiple dictators in Europe, in the Christian world, but even if there is one anti-Christ, that is not the message.


I had a whole conversation with Brook about this the other day, but I think that I am tired, and I am struggling to get it out. It is not coming out, to give you a whole exhortation on it. I do not think I can do it right now. What God is saying is that we need to hear what the mind of God is preaching, and the mind of God is not that message that is in the church today. It is nothing about what God is going to do. It is all about what Satan is going to do. It is all about Satan's plan. God has a plan. God has an image. He has a vision. God has a vision. In Daniel, Chapter 8, where it talks about that ram standing on the hill, and then that goat came with a great rage, and charged the ram. In my Alternate Translation, it says that that goat had the image of another world in its mind. There has to be somebody thinking the world into existence, and today the church is thinking with the mind of the snake. Somebody has to be thinking God's will into the world, and God's will is this message.


I want to tell you that it is happening right now. As I am going to read the next few verses, it is what is happening right now. It is about Christ Jesus being formed, in us, and the Lord Jesus coming down, and marrying him. I do not know what is happening out there, but I know what is happening in here. Here is the witness to everything that I have been preaching my guts out for years for you all. It is happening inside of you. What I do not know, in particular, is what is going to happen when the marriage takes place, when the Lord Jesus marries Christ Jesus, and the throne of God is formed in my heart, and Primordial Adam comes down, and sits on that throne, meaning that Primordial Adam, himself, will actually be inhabiting me. Right now it is Christ Jesus. Right now, in me, it is Christ Jesus that is growing up from the Malchus. It is that tree that is regenerating in me. It is a part of the earth, but Primordial Adam, himself, is coming down to sit on a throne made from that tree, when the Lord Jesus marries me, marries Christ Jesus in me.


I do not know what is going to happen out there, but I know what is going to happen in here, and I know that it has to be good. Now, initially, it might be bad. There may be judgment falling out there, but that is what the kingdom of God is. Goodness is coming. Greatness is coming. Safety is coming. Deliverance is coming. God is sitting on his throne. Where is his throne? God is sitting on the throne of your heart. The kingdom of God is coming. Peace on earth, good will to men. More than 2,000 years after the announcement, on this day, a savior is born. Peace on earth, good will towards men. Where is it? It has not arrived yet, but it is coming in our day. Peace on earth, good will towards men. That is what is coming. You want to talk about the anti-Christ, you can talk about the anti-Christ. You want to talk about the destruction of America, you talk about the destruction of America. You want to talk about a new Dark Ages, you want to talk about human sacrifice, you want to talk about the resurrection of Nimrod, you can do it. I am saying peace on earth, good will towards men. That is what is in my mind, and my mind is what God is showing me in the Word.


Now what has to happen?  Brethren, it has been more than 2,000 years since the angel announced it. Talk about three days from the resurrection of Christ, in Jesus, to the resurrection of his physical man in three days. It is more than 2,000 years since the angel said it; peace on earth, good will to men, a savior is born unto us. The Jews are still stumbling over it today, falling head first into the mud, stumbling over this 2,000 years between the announcement, and the reality of it, peace on earth, good will towards men, and towards mankind. The Lord, himself, shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel. You are hearing it right now. Angels do not have voices, brethren. They speak through men. Brethren, you need a voice box to speak. With the voice of the archangel and with the trump, or with the trumpet of God. The trumpet for Israel has always been a call to war. This message tells you, you must fight against the enemies in the flesh. Brethren, this physical body is the land that is the inheritance of Christ, the descendant of Abraham, and it is filled with all of the ites that will not let it go without being defeated. You must war against the enemy in your own flesh.


A year or so ago, I was shocked to find out how the brethren in this ministry do not know any spiritual warfare. I am not supposed to be teaching you spiritual warfare. We are way beyond that. How come you do not know any spiritual warfare? I was absolutely shocked to know it, to find it out. If you have a bad thought in your mind, you have to kill it. You do not follow after it.


You do not do it. You kill it. There is going to be a shout, which I believe is the message, coming from the voice of the archangel, which is in a preacher. The trumpet of God is the sound of the call to war. Brethren, you cannot be a soldier that will partake of the spiritual warfare that will defeat the powers and principalities, that have been destroying mankind for only God knows how long, until you first take authority over them, within yourself. First the microcosm, and then the macrocosm. You are disqualified from God's army if you are not overcoming your own sin nature.


Now I am not trying to hurt you. You have got to hear this. If you get hurt, and you run away because you are hurt, you are not overcoming your sin nature. You stand in the battle. You do not move unless it is God telling you to do it. If you cannot tell whether or not it is God, you should have a witness from me as to whether or not it is God. You do not move. You do not go forwards. You do not go backwards. You do not go to the left or to the right. You stand in your place at your assignment. If I do not agree with what you are thinking in a moment of crisis, I am hearing from God, and you are not. You can have all the doctrine in the world. You can be the smartest person in the world, but if you do not know how to survive the spiritual life, you need a teacher. If you do not know that, course 101 of the spiritual life, then you do not move just because you are hurt. You do not move because someone tempts you with something, and you do not move because you are hurt. You do not move. Only God moves you.


If you do not know that, which you did not know that, you need a teacher. I am trying to teach you. It is very hard to teach someone who will not communicate with me, or let me teach them, so I teach you from the pulpit like this because there is no communication. If I hurt you again, I apologize, but there is no other way. I cannot even talk to you. There is no other way. You do not move because you are hurt. That is no excuse to move. The Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, this message, with the voice of the archangel. That is me, or whoever else preaches this message, with the trumpet of God that says it is time for war. This is for everybody. I cannot be handling you with kid gloves. You have all got to grow up, and if I bring a rebuke, and you are hurt, you have got to sit in your seat like Susan did today. You do not get up, and go out and get another cup of coffee. Do not move. Do not move. Satan will kill you on the way.


Do you know the story about the prophet that was sent to rebuke Jeroboam? God said to the prophet, you go to Jeroboam, and you drop your word. You tell him the word that I am giving you, and you go home, but you go on path A, and you go home on path B. Do not let anybody else stop you. Do not talk to anybody on the way. Go drop your word and go home, thus says the Lord. The prophet went, and he dropped the word, and he prophesied against King Jeroboam, and he started home, and another prophet met him in the way. His enemy was not King Jeroboam or King Jeroboam's armies. Another prophet stopped him in the way and said, come have lunch with me. He said, the Lord told me to go straight home. The prophet said, I hear from God too, and I am inviting you for lunch. He said, okay, the Lord must be speaking to me through a prophet. He went and had lunch with him. After lunch he went back on the road, and a lion stopped him, and killed him on the way. Do not move off of the path that God gives you, unless the Lord tells you otherwise. You have a teacher. That means you are not alone anymore. You need two witnesses, one from yourself and one from me, if you want what God has for you here. I cannot force you.


The Lord is going to descend with a shout. That is the message through an archangel. That is Jesus. I am the voice. The trump of God, the call to war, that is me. Sometimes I am the trump of God. You all have to toughen up. You want to know what happened years ago when this ministry first started. I was too hard. God sent a few people here, that somehow you all stuck it out with me being really hard. Then I got convicted that I was really hard, so I went to the opposite extreme. I really have not been hard for a long time, but maybe I am going to get hard again. Do not move. If I get hard again, it will be in a righteous spirit. You are not a bunch of children here. Do not move. You all have everything that you need to get through this training, which is going to kill your fallen nature. We are not fooling. There is something inside of you that has to die. Do you think it is going to die without any pain? I have a flash for you, brethren. We are all women in the labor room. There is no place to run. The baby is coming, and the birth pangs are coming, and there is no place to run. It is inside of you.


There is no place to run. If you run from me, you are going to run right into the arms of someone much worse than me, and you can speak to a couple of people here who have been here for more than 20 years who will tell you that, who have exactly experienced it. They run from me right into the hands of the witch that teaches them that they should not have run. And the dead in Christ shall rise first. He shall be sounding the alarm. That is the trumpet that comes from the mind of God, not from the carnal mind, which are the false prophets. The dead Christ, the Malchus, those that are sleeping from the previous age, that has now awakened, shall rise from the dead. That is the resurrection of Christ, in them, through the union with the male seed of Jesus, the firstborn of many brethren, that shall rise first. It is not talking about the people who are going to rise from the dead first. They are going to get the seed from the firstborn of the dead, and that is how they are going to rise.


The dead Christ, the Malchus from the previous age, that is awake, shall rise from the dead through union with the male seed of Jesus, the firstborn of many brethren. He is also the first begotten of the dead. He is the only begotten of the dead. Then those which have survived, which is a translation of the word remain. All of Satan's attempts to destroy the awakened Malchus shall receive life. That is the translation of alive. They shall receive the life of the male seed of the Zoe life of the age to come. This teaching really blessed me because this is teaching we had years ago. This is a part of sonship teaching, the Zoe life. Zoe is the Greek word that means true life. Brethren, we do not have true life. This is existence. It is not true life. Zoe is true life. Those that survive Satan's attempts to destroy us, to destroy the awakened Malchus, which is our new man, shall receive the life, the living male seed, which is the life of the world to come, the Zoe life of the world to come.


There are going to be people who will awake. Maybe there will be thousands who will awake, but everyone is not going to awaken. What Jesus is saying is that he is going to do everything that he can to help them to awaken. He is going to do everything that he can. He is going to open their ears. He is going to make this message so real to them that they will have, at least from God’s point of view, a fair chance to believe it, however that will play out. They shall be seized. That is the word caught up, together with the Malchus of Jesus' female seed, into spiritual bodies. Now they shall be seized and caught up together. The together is the Malchus from Jesus, and the Malchus from themselves. Now if you are in a ministry like this, and you have not been born again of the spirit, somewhere along the line, you have to be born of the spirit because you have to get the virile female seed from the Lord Jesus Christ. Somewhere in the midst of this, that will be happening, unless you could be caught up through someone else who has it. I am not sure. I just know Jesus is not leaving you behind. We will be seized and caught up together, the two females, the mother and the daughter together, the Malchus of Jesus' female seed, into the spiritual bodies. Those are the clouds of Christ Jesus.


Now I want to tell you what the Lord told me about this. I mentioned to you earlier, for many years I was convinced we are not going to get spiritual bodies for another thousand years. But so many people are saying spiritual bodies that I have actually considered, maybe, I am wrong.


When I came to this Scripture, this is what the Lord told me. Brethren, this is so exciting. This is what He told me. Brethren, everything is backwards in the spirit. Listen to me. Listen up. This physical body is not going to fall away until we get our spiritual bodies first. Your carnal mind, which is what my carnal mind has been doing, has been telling you for years that you are going to lose this physical body, and then take on a spiritual body. I am telling you today that you have got it backwards. We will get a spiritual body inside of this body before we take off this garment. This physical body is a garment. We will be fitted with a spiritual body, full well able to sustain us, and for a season we will have two bodies.


Jesus had a spiritual body. The way I expressed it earlier in this very message was that the personality of Jesus joined with Elijah, and that whole molecule that came together, that whole new man that came together exited the flesh, and the physical body collapsed. That was Jesus' spiritual body. He exited the flesh by his spiritual body. So you get the spiritual body, and you keep it underneath this physical garment possibly for 1,000 years. This body will not fall away unless you first have a spiritual body, and the spiritual body is Christ Jesus in you. Jesus' spiritual body was his soul joining with Elijah. The whole process that I have been teaching here was his spiritual body. We saw that spiritual body outside the tomb, where his body was buried. The angel that was seen by Mary Magdalene spoke to her and said, who are you looking for? That was Jesus. That was what he looked like without his body. That was what he looked like before his physical body was melted, and incorporated into that person. He looked like a young boy, they said.


Can you hear that?  Do you dare to believe that? Do you dare to believe that? Listen, I am going to say it again. Yes, we are getting spiritual bodies. I have a spiritual body, or at least the beginnings of it. Christ Jesus is our spiritual body, but that spiritual body will not be completed until Jesus marries us, and we become one new man. And of the twain, he made one new man.


That new man, that boy outside the tomb, that Mary Magdalene thought was the gardener, was the new man that came into existence, after Jesus fully joined with Elijah, and his new man came into existence. But at that time, his body was not melted, and joined to his new man. We are going to be resurrected in three steps. Christ, in us, has to be resurrected. The righteous Adam has to be resurrected. Our spiritual body has to come into existence through union with the Lord Jesus Christ, and then our physical body has to be melted, and joined to the rest. Peter talks about that with the elements burning. Before there is any hope at all of coming out of this physical body, we must have a fully fixed and existing spiritual body.


I am challenging you all to put any thoughts of getting rid of this body, and getting a spiritual body, however you imagined it was going to happen, out of your mind. I will tell you something else. This spiritual body that you are getting, you have to learn how to live in it. Brethren, can you imagine the shock to your nervous system, of waking up one morning, and not having a physical body, but having a spiritual body, and not having any of the training that I am trying to give you of how to survive? I do not know that your mind would survive it. I do not know that I would survive it. I am here for more than 25 years trying to teach you how to live the spiritual life. I am not focusing on anyone here. This is for all of you, at one time or another. I am trying to get your mind to function on the spiritual level. I have so much to teach you all. It is a whole different set of rules in the spiritual world. We are practicing now. If you have Christ in you, and especially if you have begun to have Christ Jesus in you, we are learning how to live the spiritual life, while we still have a physical body, so that we can go back and forth. When the day comes that this physical body peels off of us, you are going to have to sink or swim. You are going to find yourself in a spiritual world, filled with warriors of the other side, and you are going to have to know how to function, how to fight, and how to defend yourself in the spiritual world.


Rule #1, do not move. Do not move. If you are bleeding, do not move. If your arm is hanging off, do not move. Satan will catch you on the road and send a lion to destroy you. Do not move. Ask God what to do, and do not move, and I am your second witness. If we are in disagreement, you are the one that is wrong. I am here to save your life. Why would it be any other way? Do not move. Look at yourself. Deal with your own sins. In a crisis, 101.1, your primary goal should be to be in right standing with God and your elders, not looking at your pain, not looking at what is happening around you, whatever it might be, however that pain is manifesting, your children, your family or me, whatever. Do not look at your pain other than to recognize it as sin, and ask God to help you to do what you need to do to be divested, or to at least have that sin covered. There is no blood of Jesus business if you are not recognizing that you are doing something wrong. There is no forgiveness of sins if you do not recognize that you are doing something wrong, and Satan is not going to tell you the truth. Let me tell you something, brethren. When you are in pain, it is really hard to hear from God.


We are going to be seized, caught up together, the two Malchuses. The new Malchus of the age to come, which comes from Jesus, and the Malchus of the previous age that came on Mount Sinai, are going to come together, as one living female seed, to be joined with the male seed. Brethren, that is the rescue of the Malchus in you. It is the rescue of the Malchus, in you, that the Malchus from Jesus comes and joins to the Malchus in you. Then the male seed comes and joins to the Malchus of Jesus. When the male seed joins to Jesus' Malchus and tries to pull it out of you, hopefully the Malchus that is the root of the tree in you is coming with it. The two are going to be seized, caught up together, and the one is going to be left behind. Cain is going to be left behind. You see, the one is going to be taken, and the other one left. Abel, the resurrected Christ in you, is going to be taken, and Cain will be left behind, caught up together with the Malchus of Jesus' female seed into spiritual bodies, into Christ Jesus. When the male seed joins to the double female seed, Christ Jesus begins to be born in you. That is your spiritual body, and we will meet the Lord, Christ Jesus, in the air. We will meet the Lord Jesus.


The Lord was just telling me the day before that my relationship is with Christ Jesus. None of us have a relationship with the Lord Jesus. He is in the God world. His representative is living in us. He is the one that talks to us. It is Christ, in you, or Christ Jesus, in you, but when the marriage comes, we will be gathering together with the Lord Jesus Christ himself, but we have not seen him in a while. I have not seen him since he stopped me in the way, while I was driving my car, and told me that he was the Lord. He said, I am the Lord your God that has brought you out of the Land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage, and you will serve Me. I said, I wonder what that means, and here I am. When he said that to me, he left His Malchus in me, and he probably has not spoken to me since, but I am going to meet him again. We are going to meet him in the air of the higher world. He is only coming down so far. The Lord Jesus is not descending into the depths of sin in my soul. Now the question is where is the air? I think I touched on it lightly on Thursday, that Chokhmah is the water. Binah is the fire. Tiferet was the air, and Malkhut is the earth. So I think we are being caught up to Tiferet, which is the heart center over here. He is meeting us in the heart center.


Brethren, now that is Abel who is down in the third energy center. Abel is in the belly, in the third energy center. Abel has to be caught up to the heart center. Now the Holy Spirit enters into our heart center, and the Holy Spirit comes with the Malchus from Jesus, and enters into our heart center. The Malchus that we had, which is the root of a tree, is in our belly, which is the third energy center, so we have to rise. The belly, brethren, signifies the lusts of this world. We have to rise from the lusts of this world into the sacrificial lifestyle of the heart center, if we have any hope at all, of joining with the descending Christ Jesus who is descending to join with us, to form the throne of God in our heart, where we will sit with him on it, and rule and reign forever. First we must rule and reign over your own land. If you do not rule over the principalities of your own land, which is your mind, you have no authority to be ministering to anyone else, and whatever you did in the Holy Spirit is now in a past or previous world. If you had counsel in the previous world, if you had healing in the previous world, whatever you had in the previous world of the Holy Ghost is all gone. It is all gone. You have to get new authority through the male in the heart center, because in the heart center the male prevails, and there is no authority to the female in the heart center.


Do not run; do not run; do not run; do not run; do not run. You are very strong; do not run. You can have this baby. As a matter of fact, I got a text yesterday from someone out of the state, and I have not answered it yet because I was working all day yesterday. I told them I would not answer it until Monday, so I have not really looked at the dream in depth. But a baby was born, a very, very small baby, and it was so small that everybody wondered whether or not it would live, but it did live, but it was very small and very weak. I have not fully prayed about it yet, but I suspect that that dream was for the sister, who is having a hard time right now, and the Lord is speaking to her through dreams, because I do not really have much of an opportunity to talk to her. It would not surprise me if that dream is for you, that the baby was born, because your discipleship starts when Christ is resurrected. Christ Jesus, in me, does not disciple the spiritual females. The discipleship starts when Christ is resurrected in you. That is when you need the instruction.


Christ being resurrected in you means that you are being cut off from the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and if you do not start getting educated on how to function in Christ, you are going to have problems in the spiritual realm. Without dealing with it deeply, my initial inclination, sister, is that it is you, that you have had that baby, but he is very, very small and weak. What does that mean? It means he needs my strength. He needs the strength of discipleship. He needs the personal training that I can give you, that you have not come close to me in all of these years to get. There is no condemnation in it. It is a good word, if it is you, and I am thinking it is you. It is a good word that you brought forth the Christ, but he is not robust, so you need to come and get the oil and the water, the wisdom and the oil of Christ Jesus, that is in me. If you listen to last Thursday's message, you might understand that better. Your baby needs ministry.


That is pretty much it. They shall be seized together, the two Malchuses together, and they shall be seized together in the clouds with the spiritual body of Christ Jesus. They are going to go up into Christ Jesus, and then the Lord Jesus, Himself, will come down, and marry Christ Jesus, who is in the heart center, which is the air. This is how we shall be with the Lord forever. The way we are going to be with the Lord forever is that he is going to be sitting on the throne that comes into existence. The Lord Jesus, joining with Christ Jesus, who is joined to the two Malchuses, is a throne. So we will forever be with him because we are a part of the throne. Listen, to say we are a part of the throne is the same thing that I taught you about righteous Adam of the previous age. Righteous Adam was made of the female seed of intelligence, plus the earth that came out of her side, plus the breath of Jehovah, plus the spirit of the mother. They were a compilation, all of these elements, like a cake. They were a compilation, and a man came into existence, just like us today.


Brethren, I am a man. If you ripped my soul out of me, I will cease to exist. If you rip my spirit out of me, I will cease to exist. I am a whole, you see. Righteous Adam, he was a whole. He had Jehovah's breath. He had a mother, and a daughter, and the earth, and the daughter decided to leave. It is like my heart would decide to leave. There are four elements to the man: the mother, the daughter, the breath of Jehovah, and the dust. The heart decided to leave. The seed, the intellectual seed, decided to leave, and marry someone else, so that whole man ripped apart and ceased to exist.


Brethren, when the soul leaves the body, the physical body shrivels, and dies, and ceases to exist. If I were to die tomorrow, Sheila, as I exist now, will no longer exist. My soul will exist. I believe my personality will be saved, but the form that you see here now will no longer exist. In a similar but reverse operation, as the two Malchuses are formed in us, and then Christ Jesus grows out of them, and then the Lord Jesus comes down from heaven, and marries Christ Jesus, a new person comes into existence, a new man with a spiritual body that is living inside of this physical body. That new man is a throne. It is a connector that forever we will be with the Lord as a part of the new man. We will be forever together, because a new man will have been formed, and Primordial Adam, himself, will be a part of that new man. Of course, the Lord Jesus Christ is his garment. That is how we will forever be with the Lord. We will be locked into a new person, a new man. Brethren, it has nothing to do with what is going on outside. Jesus said it, but nobody could understand it. He said do not look to the east; do not look to the west. Behold, the kingdom of God, it comes without perception, and it is within you. When that throne is established in you, and the Lord Jesus Christ is permanently married to you, we become the Nephilim, the righteous Nephilim, the supernatural armies of God. Woe unto the supernatural armies of the other side in that day, says the Lord.


Now as I was writing all this up, I just had a word of knowledge here, about the two cherubim that we talked about a lot in the message called The Lamb. I showed you that there were two cherubim descending. One stayed attached to the world above. They were back-to-back, if you remember. The two cherubim were back-to-back. Do you remember that? One of them was attached to Tiferet, and the other one was coming down to marry the lamb, the bridegroom, which is Christ Jesus. What I had written down here is the two cherubim are the two female seeds, but that is wrong. What I wrote down was wrong. The upper one is the male seed, and the lower one is the female seed, and the two Malchuses are the female cherub that is descending to marry Christ Jesus. The second female seed is the one that either we received by DNA through Jacob, or was given to us by the Holy Spirit of Primordial Adam. At some point you will get that. What I wrote here was wrong. I say here there are two female seeds, one from the previous age that has been awakened in us, and the one given to us by the Lord Jesus, but that is not the two cherubim.


My last paragraphs here are concerning Verse 14. I believe that Jesus is saying that we should not sorrow about those that have faith in Jesus Christ but are still sleeping. Do not moan and groan. I know I have been sharing this with you for years. Our focus needs to be on ourselves, that we deal with our sins. Some of you here had a really hard time coming in here from Pentecost, when I told you to leave the giving out of food, the clothes, and all of the charity work. I know you like to go and minister to people, and witness to people, and heal people, however your gift brings you to other people. You really like to do it, but now that you are called to be a man, you really have to spend all of your energy differently. You have to invest all of your energy into bringing forth the manchild in yourself. Sister, I hope that you do not go away from me again, but all I can do is tell you what the Lord tells me to tell you. The word that came forth in that dream is your child. It is your spiritual child, and Christ has been born in a very weak state. Thank God he has been born, but he has been born in a very weak state. All of these years, that you have been here in the ministry, you have been sowing most of your energy into the ministry that you had from the Holy Ghost, a ministry to other people. You have not taken enough to bring forth a robust male child.


Now you can disagree with me all that you want, but this is the word of the Lord to you, that you have delivered a child, and that is why he is pressuring you. Maybe it looks to you like I am the one that is pressuring you, but he is pressuring you through me, that you really need to start to enter into a discipleship relationship with me, or he will not survive. You brought forth a weak male, and he can be strengthened if you do what you need to do to strengthen him. The reason that you brought forth a weak male is because you have avoided the judgment all of these years. You have avoided the judgment, convincing yourself that you were doing it yourself, and you were able to do it because you are not in New York. We have had people here in New York that try to do that, but they could not get away from me. If you are not here in New York, I am really limited to what I can do for you. If you are not in New York, you have to work harder than the people here. In New York, I see if you put the coffee cup down on the table without a coaster. If you are not in New York, you have to come after me because I cannot see you. You are not the only one that has hidden from me. Over the years, many have hidden from me, but only to your own destruction. Right now, it is not just your own destruction. You have given birth to the manchild, but he is not robust. I truly hope for the best for you, that you find it within yourself to overcome your pride and let me disciple you.


The reason I am talking to her, from the pulpit, is because we do not have a relationship where I could tell her this. We do not have an ongoing relationship. The discipleship relationship has not started yet, and if it does not start, the child will die. If the child dies, that means we are spiritually dead. If the child dies, we have no chance of eternal life. Christ Jesus in us is our hope. Christ is our hope of producing Christ Jesus and entering into eternal life. If we do not birth the child, we have no hope. If we birth the child and he dies, there is no hope. He is the hope. Christ is the hope, and we have to take care of him. I know there have been people here that resisted me robustly for many years, and wanted to go out and do the Holy Ghost type preaching kind of thing, and minister, putting all of their energy outward to other people. I have been telling you all here for years, do not do it unless God is specifically telling you to do it. You need to put all of your energy inward because you are going to be a mother now.


There are spiritual females in the church that will take care of all that business. If you are pregnant with Christ, you need to put all of your energy into that Christ child. All of that energy includes doctrine, which you are all doing, judging your sins and repenting, which you are not all doing, and actually overcoming your sin nature. If all you have is the doctrine, and you have been blind to your own sins, it is a miracle that you have the child. If you do not do something, the dragon is going to consume him. Do you think I could have made this up myself? That is the second dream God has given to two people in the ministry, that do not even know what you are going through, as a witness to you that it is not just me, that it is Him talking to you through me.


Concerning Verse 14, I believe that Jesus is saying that we should not sorrow about those that have faith in Jesus Christ, but are still sleeping. They are not only sleeping, brethren. They are having a dream about what is about to happen on the earth, because when Jesus descends into the earth, he shall make a lot of noise. Brethren, he is going to be descending into the earth, making a lot of noise, so at some point, this message is going to cause a real big stir. Therefore, we should have hope that they will wake up at that time. But I believe Jesus is saying those who do not wake up, even when Jesus is making a lot of noise, will not ascend with us, and they will return to chaos when they die. That chaos refers to a teaching that is in these notes that I did not get to today. Everybody that names the name of Jesus is not going to wake up. Some people who are just going to come by their human spirit are going to wake up, and we are only going to be able to tell who is who by discernment.


I listened to the message, The Sopranos, when I put it up on the web yesterday. There is a comment on homosexuality in it. I said, Lord, do you want me to take it out? They are going to kill me, you know. Can you imagine 1,000 people coming against me? I do not know that my body would hold up. It was not really bad, but they are not going to like it. What I said was I do not believe that you are born that way, but if you believe that you are born that way, and you want to live within God's laws, then you have to remain celibate. That was what I said. There was no condemnation in it, but you know what the Internet is like. I put it up on the Internet, and I woke up this morning having second thoughts. I said, I think I am going to take it out, and he is silent. I have not heard anything from him, so that means I should not do it. Silence means no, so at some point, there is going to be a big uproar. There is going to be a lot of noise about this message, and I just have to believe that we will all physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally survive it.


We need to stick together, brethren. All of you need my advice when things get hot. I am just warning you. You should not be doing anything on your own. We need to stick together, and we will all survive this thing, and good will come out of it. I do not know whether it is going to be tomorrow, or next year, or the year after. It just has to take one person to find one thing that I said on the Internet, and things can go viral on the Internet. The Lord is warning us. He is going to be making a lot of noise. We have to believe that we will be okay, and we must keep the vision of God in our mind. We need to know what is going on. We are going to be watching this conference next Friday, Lord willing, we need to know what is going on. We need to know what the other believers are believing, and we are sending books out. We are sending Not Without Blood out to these preachers.


We need to keep our finger on the pulse of the people because we are their teachers. We are their hope. Christ is the hope of their glorification. Christ is their hope of surviving this body, and we are Christ to them, so we are their hope. We cannot be striving amongst each other. Brethren, we simply must grow up, and deal with problems within the ministry through communication, forgiveness and righteousness, because it never feels good to be wrong. It is painful to be wrong. I will tell you openly that I bend over backwards to do everything right. I do not like being corrected. I really do not like to be corrected. I am doing everything I can, but I know that I am not perfect, and that the day will come that I will be corrected. That is the rule. I want to leave you with this rule. The Lord told me to tell you, Susan, to please put that part about the coaster back in the rules. Dig it out from an old version and put it back in the rules.


We cannot be divided. Every single one of you, especially if you are hearing my voice now, you are responsible to deal with whatever happens in a godly matter. I know it is hard dealing with me. If you are hurt, do not move. You have got to talk to me, even if you are having trouble with someone else. Nothing like that has happened in a long time, that I know of. I am the mediator. You come to me. We will deal with it in Christ Jesus. If your problem is with me, you have got to talk to me. We need to work it out. You talk, I talk, and God is in the midst of it, and the Spirit of reconciliation comes down. The worst thing you can do is break off communication. Do not do it. I will tell you all. We have not had any trouble here in a long time, but I will tell you all that I will do everything I can for all of you, but if one of you goes off, there is no way I am leaving the whole group. You are going to be off by yourself. That is what I am trying to tell you.


I am not going to risk the whole group for one person that is in sin. I hope that does not happen. This is just a general admonition. I do not know when this is coming, tomorrow, the next day, or the next week, but I just want you to all know who I am. I will help you in every way that I can, but I will go as far as I can go without jeopardizing the ministry. You need to know that about me. I love you. I love you all. I have just spent half of my life teaching you all. I look at everything, and I say, Lord, my whole youth is gone. From the day You called me, it was like one night's sleep; just blink, blink, blink. What happened to my life? All of my youth is gone, and I have given it all to you. When the trouble comes, when the notoriety comes, you need to stand. If I hurt your feelings you need to stand. You need to talk to me about it, and if you are wrong, you need to face up to it. If I am wrong, I will apologize to you, but incommunicado, that is really bad news. Do not do it. Do not run away from me. Run towards me.


Brethren, I just want to pray for all of you. Father, in the name of Jesus, I just bless everyone in this ministry, Lord. I forgive everybody's sins, Father. I thank you for this word that you are giving us, how absolutely exciting. I just thank you for the privilege of preaching it. I thank you for every single person in this ministry. I thank you for that baby that was born even though it is not robust right now. We pray that it should live, and that it should survive, and that it should prosper, and that its mother should be full well able to feed it, and take care of it in Jesus' name. We just thank you, Lord. Whatever is descending on the whole world is descending, whatever is about to happen. A big explosion is coming. I ask that you have mercy with regard to Ebola. I see that the judgments have gone up a scale, and we have gone from earthquakes and tsunamis, which only seem to bother the people that are in the areas facing the earthquakes and the tsunamis. Now we are facing Ebola and whatever is coming after that.


We trust You, Father, to take care of us because all of the preventatives in the world will not save us, will not save us from hunger, will not save us from famine, will not save us from Ebola, will not save us from anything. You are the only one that can save us. I have been warning people for years now. Develop your relationship for healing with God because this medical system is going to fail. Someone told me that Stony Brook University, which is where all my doctors are, has been designated by New York State as one of the facilities that will be equipped to deal with Ebola patients. Who is going to want to go to the hospital? Develop your relationship with God. We trust you, Lord, to take care of us, to feed us, to help us, and to keep our minds stayed on you. Lord, we pray that we might be a force of a positive message about the future of this country, of Christendom, and of the world. May the people in this ministry be the source of a positive message, and a positive vision of the glory of God descending into the earth of mankind, and the kingdom of God arising in all of us. Lord, the foundation of it is being an eternal, immortal foundation by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that we are spiritual. We are inner people, and we are connected as one by the spirit. We just thank you, Father, and expect that you will care for us, in Jesus' name. Amen.


I just ask for mercy for our relatives, Lord, that are not a part of us, our relatives that are in sin or out of the way. I ask for mercy, but I acknowledge, Lord, your instructions. All of our energy needs to go to the Christ or Christ Jesus within us. Paul said do not sorrow. That sounds like a very simple word. The Lord is telling me right now that is not what Paul was saying. Paul was saying do not put your energy into sorrowing for the people that are sleeping. Christ Jesus needs your energy, Christ Jesus in you, and Christ Jesus in the brethren. Your energy belongs to the Lord. The energy belongs to the Lord. Your children and your family have the opportunity to come to God. You are not a savior. He is the savior. You need to minister to Christ Jesus wherever he is appearing, first in yourself, and then in the brethren who have him. Your children are adults. They have to answer to God for themselves. It is going to be a difficult time.


I bless you all. Thank you for being here with me today. I am so grateful that I have people to listen to me, and people who take my correction, and deal with it as I have taught you to deal with it. I thank God for you. What can I say? If I was in the church, I would say, I will see you up in heaven in our mansions, on the streets of gold, but it is going to be right here, brethren. It is going to be right here, everything that you read about, that whole Book of Revelation prophecy. You cannot take prophecy literally. The people in white robes, the number of people that are going to be saved, is all talking about their spirit man, Lord. I just called you Lord, brethren. I just called Christ, in you, Lord. It is all in the spirit. Out there is going to be blood, guts, and terrible destruction, but there is an inner world that Christ Jesus, in us, is a part of. We are citizens of the inner world, and we will come out to help people, but our safety, and our strength, and our roots are in the inner world. It is inside of you, and we are all connected. We are all connected by what is inside of us, and you all have to decide what your primary connection is.


We are all going to be challenged, brethren. When things get hot, we are going to be challenged to decide whether our primary connection is to the people that we are connected with on the inside, which are your brethren that have Christ Jesus, or the people that you are connected to through the flesh. I am telling you, God is never telling you to abandon anyone that you are responsible for, but Paul said do not sorrow. That is what he was talking about. You cannot put all of your energy into sorrowing for your relatives, even your own children, that has made an adult's decision to not come closer to him. Because if you do that, if you put all of your energy towards people who do not have Christ Jesus, you will not have enough to sustain Christ Jesus in you.


This is the bottom line. How do I say this to you, brethren? It sounds like I am trying to separate you from your families, but I am not. You have just got to hear this. It is just the truth that the place where you put most of your energy is where you are going to be. If all of your mind and energy is on the people that do not have Christ, that is where you are going to be. However the trouble in this life is going to manifest, Jesus said, where your heart is, that is where you are going to be. If your heart is on the relationships of your physical blood, that is where you are going to be when the trouble comes. He is saying if you want his full protection, your heart has to be on the inside, and on the inside with you are your brethren that have Christ Jesus. You all have some decisions to make. I hope that no one is put to that test, but you are never going to be able to say that I did not tell you, and when there is a crisis, you need to ask the Lord what he wants you to do. You need to ask him what he wants you to do. Do not assume what he wants you to do. You could ask Him in advance. I do not know if he will answer you or not. You need to find out where your primary commitment is. If your primary commitment is still in the outside world, you could get caught out there. I am just telling you what I am supposed to tell you. I do not think there are any questions or comments. We will just close.


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