800 - Part 2

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This is Part 2 of Tefillin & Bacchus.  I am going to start with the alternate translation of Ezekiel, Chapter 13 verse 18.  We did an alternate translation in verse 18 and we will be looking at verses 18 through 23.  This is just to remind you what this message is all about.  I have a couple of corrections to make.  One is a correction and one is a comment.  I told you that the tefillin was placed on the right arm. Actually, if you look at all the pictures, the tefillin is placed on the left arm.  The reason I thought it was placed on the right arm was that when I translated one of the words, it talks about the right hand.  Yet the rabbis place the tefillin on the left hand side of their arm.  I do not know how to explain that to you, if you would have asked me which hand or which arm.  I would have thought, because it is both the hand and the arm, it is the knuckle.  The straps go over the knuckle, go over the middle finger, they strap all the way up the arm, past the forearm to the actual arm, and end in a box right here on the muscle. 


I would have said, if you had asked me which arm, I would have thought it would have gone on, I would have said the left arm, because the left arm is the arm of judgment.  That could mean a judgment against the person, or it could mean judgment against the forces that are trying to harm the person.  When we are talking about some kind of warfare, we deal with the left arm.  Anyway, that was an error.  I said it was on the right hand and the right arm, but it is on the left hand and left arm.  Someone also questioned me about my comment on dancing in the church.  I would like to clarify that.  I am not at all against dancing in the Spirit.  I have no problem with dancing in the Spirit.  I was primarily talking about the choreograph dancing that is going on in the church today, where dancers come out, and they dance together.  It means a planned dance as a form of entertainment.  It never sat right with me.  Why did it never sit right with me?  It was because it never raised up the Spirit in me.


I have listened to people sing.  I have listened to musicians play.  I have listened to singers sing, and it resulted in the Spirit of Christ rising in me, or the Holy Spirit rising in me.  The flag waving and the choreograph dancing has never, ever once, resulted in the Spirit of God rising in me.  Everything I do, every opinion I have, is based upon my perception of the Spirit of God within me.  That is what you should all be doing too.  We should all be doing that.  We should be placing every opinion that we have, whether it has to do with the church, or buying a house, or anything that we do, we should be responding to the movement of the Spirit of God within us.  This is the greatness of the internalized Christ.  If we would just listen to him, he will speak to us about every situation in our life.  Do I think you are in sin if you have choreograph dancing in the church?  No!  My opinion is it is not of God.  Everything that is not of God takes us away from what God wants to do at that forum.


When you go to church, you hope to have your spirit raised up.  As we mature, we do not need to go to church to have our spirit raised up.  I do not need to go to church to have my spirit raised up.  My spirit gets raised up when I am studying to preach to you.  Of course, I am glad that I am here.  It is a completely different experience preaching to you than when I am studying.  I think I have explained this before.  I thank God for preaching.  Please do not misunderstand me, but I am telling you that, eventually, when Christ in us is mature enough, we should be able to experience the Spirit without going to church.  Yet, we should go to church because the Lord says that we should fellowship together.  We should not have to wait until we get to church to have the Spirit fall on us.  If you are ever having any kind of a problem, you can certainly put on a message or a music CD, whatever it is that causes the Spirit of God to rise in you.  The whole issue is the Spirit of God rising in you, and that is the answer to every problem that you have.  I do not believe that choreograph dancing in the church is of God.  Do I think it is of the devil?


Brethren, I think it comes out of the carnal mind, and ultimately I would have to say that Satan is behind it, because anything that seduces you away from what will raise up the Spirit in you, cannot be of God.  I am not saying that Satan is upon the dancers.  I am saying it is a seduction.  The other aspect when I mentioned the church where the people were bopping, that was not dancing in the Spirit.  That was a musician that sat down at the piano, and he actually invited everybody to stand up and dance.  They were all dancing around with their finger in the air.  It had nothing whatsoever to do with the Spirit of God.  It had nothing whatsoever to do with the music being played, or the anointing falling down, and people being moved to dance in the Spirit because of the glory of God.  They danced at the instruction of the pianist.  I have absolutely no problem with dancing in the Spirit.  I have no problem with anything that is generated by the Spirit of God.  That is the whole key.  Anything the Spirit of God does is fine with me.  If it is not the Spirit of God, you need to understand it is anti-christ taking you away from what the Lord wants to do for you.  If that spirit is in the church, then the Spirit of God is not there.  That is my whole issue.  Those were the two feedbacks I had for you.  Does anyone have any questions about something that I said at the last meeting?  Apparently it was a very controversial meeting for some people. 


This message is called Tefillin and Bacchus.  The whole point of the message, brethren, is that this device called tefillin, and in the New Testament called phylacteries, that is being used by ultra-Orthodox Jews, and maybe just Orthodox Jews, not only ultra-Orthodox Jews, all over the world, who also in turn are encouraging other Jews and non-Jews to use this device.  It is a highly occult device.  That information is not out there.  I doubt that the people using the device realize that it is an amplifier of spirituality.  It is a device that invites spirits to visit you.  I think the rabbis must know this.  The people that initiated this must know this, but I do not know that the average man that is strapping it on his arm and his head, knows that it is a device that literally calls forth spirit.  Now, hopefully, and I believe that the people using this device are desiring the Spirit of God, that they would call Hashem.  We say Jehovah, and they say Hashem, which is the Hebrew word for the name.  They do not believe you should say the names of God or the names of angels.  The Lord had never convicted me of that, that there is anything wrong with that, so I do it. 


The average man that is strapping on this device, and has no relationship with Hashem, no relationship with God, does not even know what he is doing.  The question is what spirit is answering the transmission.  The head box goes on the third eye, right over here, and I really do not understand the placement of the second box on the muscle of the arm.  I do not know what kind of nerves are over there.  To me it is the muscle.  I am not sure exactly where it is.  From what I could see, it is like the middle of the arm.  It just came to me that it is sort of right across the heart center.  Where they place it is right across from the heart center.  I bet it is supposed to be on the heart center.  It is parallel with the heart center.  We see a highly spiritual device that is being promoted as a means of getting closer to God.  The problem is that it may not be attracting the Spirit of God.  I gave out several exhibits in Part 1.  The instructions are that you are only supposed to wear it so long as you are focusing one hundred percent on God.  The men put it on while they are saying their daily prayers, while their mind is occupied with the prayers in the Hebrew prayer book.  Then they are supposed to take if off.


There is some knowledge there, that you are only supposed to have it on while you are focused on God, but the dangers are not being taught.  From what I could see, brethren, as the Lord introduces me to this community of ultra-Orthodox Jewry, this is the pattern.  They do not declare the dangers to the people.  As far as I could see, they do not declare the dangers.  They are not confessing the sins of the past.  I was told this by a rabbi in answer to my question.   As far as the Jew is concerned, the visitation of God is the appearance of Messiah and the restoration of the temple.  To them, that would be God revealing Himself to them.  God is not rejoining Himself to them.  They know there is a separation.  God has not rejoined Himself to them because God is still angry at the sin of the golden calf, which is what an ultra-Orthodox black hat rabbi told me.  All that has happened, Hitler and all of that horrible persecution, not only from Germany, but all of Europe persecuting the Jews, that is continuing today, is all because God is still mad at the sin of the golden calf. 


I cannot accept that, brethren.  I pick up my Bible, and I read about Jewish people, and the Jewish princes and kings putting their children through the fire, sacrificing the children, and burning them alive.  It is right there in the Scriptures.  They read it.  It is their own Bible.  They read about the Israelite people worshiping idols, and engaging in sin.  You have to understand that when the Bible just says worshiping idols, it is all of the acts involved, or are associated with worshiping idols, which is usually sexually orgiastic practices.  There were orgies, ungodly sexual practices, associated with the worship of the idols.  Israel was in serious sin before Jehovah turned them over.  Sin is still happening today, and it has been my personal experience because I have been in that community for four years now.  There is next to no recognition, whatsoever, of sin on the part of Israel, virtually no recognition of it.  There is no recognition of sin on the parts of their leaders.  Even when the Scripture says that Moses hit the rock instead of speaking to it, there is no recognition of sin whatsoever.


Yet, on the High Holy Days they confess their sins, personal sins of envy, and idolatry towards God.  They do that, but I have never heard it spoken about in the classes.  I have heard it said Israel is good.  We are in this trouble because God is still mad at us because of the sins of the golden calf.  Brethren, the evil that has been coming upon the Jews for two thousand years, that is not how God punishes his sons.  That is the sowing and reaping judgment.   Forgive my insensitivity, brethren, but being burnt in the oven is the judgment that Satan puts on us, as the faithful enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment.  When God judges his sons, He judges them in a manner that will convict them of their sins, and bring them to sorrow, so that He might grant them repentance and restore them.  What kind of restoration is there in concentration camps, and hideous experiments, and starvation?  That is a judgment of separation for sins for two thousand years, and probably more than that, closer to twenty five hundred years, that Israel is under judgment for unfaithfulness to God.


Where is the repentance?  Where is the repentance?  There is no repentance that I could see.  There is just a lust for power, to get that power back through the rebuilding of the temple.  Brethren, I am not here to condemn the Jew.  I am trying to help people.  I am trying to help the common man, who is under the teaching of the rabbis, who in my opinion are being dishonest with them.  I heard in one of the classes that I take, the rabbi said Israel is good.  Israel is good.  Then why is all of this happening?  He said it is because of this evil body that we, Israel, lives in.  What is the result of political correctness in Judaism? I do not know if it is a result, but one of the outreaches of this political correctness in Judaism is an outreach to Jewish men to put on the tefillin.  We found out in Part 1that they are even going to Buddhist monks.  They are going to other spiritual people, telling them to put on this occult device, that is designed to call down spirit into your life. 


Maybe it is true that if you are reading the Hebrew prayers while you have the tefillin on, it will attract the Spirit of God, but brethren, I have my doubts.  Why?  Because I have some knowledge of God, and my understanding is the only thing that attracts the Spirit of God, that calls down the Spirit of God, is what?  Does anybody know?  I just said it.  Confession of sin and repentance.  Confession of sin and repentance.  We see antisemitism rising in Europe again.  All of this for two thousand years because God is still mad at His people, and they are screaming, and crying, and begging for help, and He will not help them?  That is not the God I serve.  Where is the repentance?  Where is the confession of sin?  You all know how I preach here.  Even if you really do not know what it is, if you want to get help, you have to go humbly before God, not to try to reclaim your power through secular forces that will regain the temple mount, and rebuild your temple.  They are convinced that the only way God will talk to them again is if they rebuild the temple, and start sacrificing animals again.  How absolutely far from the truth could they possibly be?   


The bottom line is this, if you are a woman, you are not allowed to put on tefillin, we are told.  Although on the other hand, I have heard that some unusual women can put it on for some reason.  The Jewish teaching is that Michal, the wife of David, put on tefillin.  I cannot find anything like that in the Scripture, so there must be some teaching in the Talmud about it.  I have not even read the story of Michal, so I have no comment on that at this time.  It would be interesting to hear what they have to say because the King James Translation indicates that she was very evil towards David.  Michal was Saul’s daughter, who was given to David as a wife.  When David went into hiding, he was out in the wilderness for quite a few years.  His wife was left behind with her father.  Of course, Saul was David’s enemy, so Saul gave Michal to another man.  When David came into his power, he wanted his wife back, so he sent a message that he wanted his wife back.  Michal was now married to another man.


The Scripture says that she came to him, with her husband weeping and crying behind her, because David just reclaimed his wife, and just ripped this woman out of this man’s hands.  The King James Translation certainly indicates she was not happy to return to David.  I do not know what the Talmud says about it.  I know lots of times I say things that sound the exact opposite of what is in the Scripture.  I do not even know why I am talking about that.  Hopefully, the Spirit of God is upon me.  I do not have the information, so I do not know.  I am just telling you that is what they say, that in very rare cases a woman can put on tefillin.  When I heard that, I really did not know what it meant.  I am so glad for this teaching that the Lord is explaining this to me.  Then I had another opportunity to be around some Jewish men, who were talking about the tefillin in a manner that Christians would talk about the Spirit of God.  How he had it on every day, and he was safe, and then he took it off, and in that one moment that he took it off, he was overcome.  I still did not really get it, that to them, this device that goes on their arm daily, is the kind of protection that we expect when we have a relationship with the Lord Jesus.  We would call it the anointing.


They have consolidated what we would call the anointing into this leather device that straps on their arm and on their head.  They attribute all of the power to the device rather than the Spirit of God.  If this ever was of God, if it ever was, I do not know, it would always be the Spirit of God behind the device.  Brethren, it is not the sacrifices that forgive your sins, or that cleanse you of sin, it is that the Spirit of God, who is the only one that can forgive sins, honors you bringing the sacrifice.  I have taught about this many times, how I was in a deliverance church, and I really thought I was casting out demons, until the Lord taught me I do not have the power to do anything, except what He, in me, is authorizing me to do.  He is the only source of power in the universe.  All power belongs to God.  There are two kinds of judgment in this world.  The judgment that is so evil to us, as humans, is ministered by Satan, the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment.  He is God’s servant.


That is a righteous judgment, what you sow, you shall reap, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, for people that do not know God, or that know God, and are hardhearted towards Him, if there is no conviction of sin, or sorrow, for their sins.  If there is no sorrow for your sins, even if you know that you have sinned, if that knowledge has not produced a sorrow in you, it means there is something wrong with your heart.  You can come under the sowing and reaping judgment even if you have been serving God for years.  If He talks to you, and talks to you, and talks to you, and your heart does not break, and becomes soft towards Him, if true sorrow does not come forth for what you have done, you can go under the sowing and reaping judgment after serving God for fifty years.  You have to understand that God is not man.  He is not man. He is interested in your heart, who you are as a person,  how you relate to Him, first of all, and how you relate to your fellow man secondarily.  That is what He is concerned about.  Everything else grows out of that.


Is that not what Jesus said, that there are only two commandments.  Love your God with all of your strength, your heart, your mind, your soul, and love your neighbor as yourself.  Upon this, the whole law and the prophets hinges.  That is what Jesus said.  That is all he is interested in, in your heart.  Depending on what your heart is, that will be responsible for your behavior.  Your behavior, or your attitudes, are just a revelation of what is in your heart.  The heart of God is convicted of sin, and sorrows unto repentance, the moment that it finds out that it did something wrong.  Yet, if you are hearing it, and you do not sorrow, if your heart is that hard, the Lord is going to do something to break it.  If you really do not understand, it is because your heart is hard, and you go under the sowing and reaping judgment.


To have His people under this judgment for two thousand, or maybe twenty five hundred years, of the horrible things that have happened to Jewish people, how do you attribute that to a loving God?  That is the judgment for people who have departed from their loving God.  That is a judgment for the people who have turned their back on him.  They are praying their prayers, and they are seeking him.  Why does he not respond?  Where is the confession of sin?  Where is the repentance?  Where?  You are telling me that God is mad at you for the sin of the golden calf?  Brethren, I do not believe that.  God sent you deliverance from that through Jesus.  If you were truly seeking the God of the Bible for His deliverance, you would get the witness that Jesus is your deliverance.  Aside from that, where is the sorrow?  Where is the crying?  Where are the tears?  As you see antisemitism rising in the earth again, where are the tears?  All I see is a move to gather power, gather power to defend in their own strength.


The Scripture clearly says you do that.  You lean on Egypt and it is going to pierce through your hand like a thorn.  That is what they are doing by this movement to have Jewish men put on tefillin.  It is all gathering power unto themselves in their own strength.  Brethren, when you try to gather power in your own strength, who is giving you the power?  You could put on this device.  You could read the Hebrew prayers that praise Jehovah, all glory to Jehovah through these prayers.  They are beautiful prayers.  Who is going to respond?  What spirit is coming into these little boxes?  You are praising him, but there is no conviction of sin.  There is no teaching the people about sin.  There is no confession of sin.  There is no sorrow for sin.  Do you really think Hashem is going to come into those little boxes, or enter into your heart and your mind? 


I am here today to tell you He is not.  You are strapping this occult device onto as many men as you possibly can, but you are not teaching them about the sins of Israel.  You are not teaching them about why they are separated from God.  You are not teaching them to confess their sins, and to cry out to God for deliverance.  What spirit is coming to these men?  It is not the Spirit of God that is coming to these men.  Praises alone will not do it.  A broken heart and a contrite spirit, says the prophet.  I do not want your laws.  I am not interested in your sacrifices.  I am not interested in your moons and your observance of the moons.  I am not interested in any of that.  A contrite heart, and a broken spirit, and mercy towards the widows and the orphans.  Where is that taught?  I have not heard it in four years. 


Brethren, this message is a miracle, that this information is coming out.  I could not find it anywhere on the internet.  I do not even know if the local rabbis know about it, although they might, depending on who they are.  The inner inner circles that are propelling this movement, for the expansion of Judaism, at some level they know about it.  At the very least they know that it is a device that will attract spiritual power to you.  Spiritual power, brethren.  Brethren, read my lips.  An attempt to acquire spiritual power without confession of sin, and conviction of that sin, and sorrowing about that sin, will draw down the spirit of this world.  That is why it is so dangerous to be studying Kabbalah.  That is why everybody cannot be in a meeting like this.  What we do here is, by the message that is being preached, we are drawing down the power of God.  If you are not at the same time dealing with your sin nature, it will not go well for you, and you could find yourself under the sowing and reaping judgment in a lot of difficulty. 


Brethren, we are exposing the relationship between the tefillin, or in the New Testament it is called the phylacteries, and Bacchus, which is an ungodly spirit.  Bacchus is the Roman name.  Dionysus is the Greek name of a god, at least one of the gods that responds to this technique of attracting spiritual power unto oneself.  In Part 1 we found out, hopefully, the extreme examples of what could happen with the use of this device, especially when women take on this device.  I believe it could happen to men also, but I do believe that it is probably true that women are more vulnerable.  Why are women more vulnerable?  I can only guess.  Maybe they have a greater tendency towards spirituality. 


Brethren, I have an insatiable lust for spiritual things, but I reject any source of it, other than the Lord Jesus Christ.  He fills me to the point that I do not even have the time to study everything that he introduces me to.  I do not have time to write down all the revelations I get.  He is filling me, you see.  I do not want it from any other source.  My point is that when you seek spirituality, a god, some god is going to respond to you.  Maybe it is true that women have a greater potential to be spiritual.  Maybe it is true.  I do not know, but there is no danger in it if the God that you seek is Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ, who is His spokesperson to me.  His Son comes to me in His stead.  I could never be left without spiritual food.  I think the Scripture says you will never be found seeking bread.  What if it is true that women are more spiritual than men?  It is nothing bad, other than if you direct your attempts to be satisfied through a pagan god.  From what I understand there were men practitioners of this Bacchadion cult.  There were some men, but they were primarily women. When you look around there are more witches than wizards.  It is primarily women.


People in the world may make a mistake, and say that makes women bad, and they have got to be bound up, and restrained.  It does not make us bad.  It makes us highly spiritual beings, and possibly the typical woman more spiritual than the typical man.  The solution is not to enslave us.  The solution is to direct our spirituality to Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ, and reject all other gods, even when the times get tough.  You do not get spiritual power from Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ, when you first start out, for the very reasons that I just laid out to you.  You have to begin dealing with your sin nature or you will get a Dionysian god, if not Dionysus, himself.  There is probably a million gods calling themselves Dionysus.  When you come to the Lord for spiritual experiences, you start very slow.  You start learning the Scripture.  You start learning to discipline yourself.  You start learning to restrain yourself.  You start learning to understand God’s mind.  You start dealing with your sins.  You start practicing conviction and confession.  If you are not sorrowing, and asking God to give you sorrow over your sins, because there is no true repentance without sorrow, it could be years before you experience exciting spiritual experiences in God.


What is experienced in the church, through the Holy Spirit, is a taste of it.  It is fun to prophecy and speak in tongues, and cast out demons, but I have talked to you about those dangers, the danger of pride getting in.  It is very, very, dangerous if the deliverance preacher does not also teach you about the danger of your anointing.  That was just a taste of what is to come.  You can spend years dealing with your sin nature before you start to experience anything really exciting in God.  People need to be taught that.  The Jews do not teach it.  The church does not teach it.  The people perish for lack of knowledge as Hosea 4:6 tells us. The prophets say woe be unto the shepherds, especially those that know better, and will not teach because they are afraid they will lose their congregation, and lose the money they provide.  May God have mercy on their souls. 


I want to say this again.  It appears that women have a greater tendency to be spiritual than men.  Therefore, women have a greater tendency to be seduced by a foreign spirit than men.  It does not mean that women are bad.  The solution for this vulnerability in women is instruction as to how to connect to Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ, who will meet your every need.  It is difficult, because you also have to deal with your sin nature.  For the people, both men and women, who seek spiritual power apart from the one true God, the Son of God which is here in His place, representing Him to us, you will attract another god.  When that other god comes into you to possess you, you become a monster, eating human flesh, and attacking human beings, and ripping them from shred to shred.


The question is when you acquire your spiritual power, what is the price that you have to pay for it?  The price that you have to pay for it is that you receive the nature of the god who is giving you the power.  Every god, other than Jehovah, is evil.  Jehovah is the greatest of all the gods.  These other gods are maniacal.  They are evil, and you become evil.  We know that Jesus said, no one is good except God.


The only way to be a good person, and remain a good person, is to have the nature of God.  There is no easy way, brethren.  I believe it is worth it, no matter how hard it is, and I have gone through some very hard times getting to where I am today.  Who knows what is coming tomorrow?  I have no guarantee that it will not get really hard again tomorrow.  I hope it does not, but I have no guarantee, but there is no other way to go.  To be spiritual apart from the one true God, is utter destruction for yourself, and for your family.  It is just utter destruction, spiritual power without confession of sin, and repentance, not only for yourself, but for your ancestors. 


On the Jewish high holy days, there is a section of the service that refers to sin, but I have never heard it preached on.  They just read it, except for the sin of pride and the sin of envy.  They have all the sins written down.  I see some of the people reading it, but when the rabbi stood up, he declared to the whole congregation that it is just your body doing those sins.  It is not you.  Then he said, but of course, if your body does it, and you go along with it, you are not supposed to go along with it.  He put all of the blame on the body, telling the people that they are not their body, and that they are not in sin.  That was what he was telling them.  With regard to confession of sins on the high holy day, even if the individual members there were taught to say, yes I am guilty of the sin of envy or I am guilty of the sin of pride, that is not enough, brethren.  Individual pride and rebellion cannot bring forth Hitler’s concentration camps and maniacal experiments on human beings.  That is for the sins of the nation of Israel.  Their kings and princes brought down that judgment on the people.


The government of the United States, which is turning evil, more and more every day, is bringing down judgment on all of the people, the people that are serving God, and the people that are guilty of pride and rebellion in their everyday life.  The judgment for pride and rebellion in your everyday life does not bring you into a concentration camp.  Israel is still under the judgment that their kings brought down on them for serving other gods, for sacrificing to other gods, and engaging in the abominable practices associated with that pagan worship, including burning their own children in the fire, and orgies, and everything else that was involved in it.  Even to the degree that the average Jewish person, to the degree that they are told that they need to say that I am guilty of pride and rebellion, that is not what is behind antisemitism.  Mostly it is in Europe.  That is not what is behind it.  Your personal rebellion against your parents has not brought down national antisemitism, or international multinational antisemitism.


It is the judgment that has not yet been removed, that God brought down on Israel for their sins, for the sins of their evil kings.  We are told that the good King Josiah tried to make it right.  He repented, he confessed his sins, he broke down the altars where they worshiped other gods, but it was too late.  When is it all going to stop?  Brethren, it may never stop.  It may never stop because the forgiveness of sins is available in Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of the sins of Israel worshiping pagan gods, and the forgiveness of sins for burning your children in the fire, which is on your family line.  If you had a relative that was burnt in Germany, that judgment is on your family line.  It is the sins of your ancestors, brethren.  It may never stop, except through the one door that is open.  That door is Christ Jesus as your mediator. 


If you want your sins forgiven, you have to go through the door that God opens.  You cannot do it your own way, by getting military power through the resurrection of the temple, and animal sacrifices, to go to a military war to take over the world and kill all the Christians.  That is not God’s answer.  That is crazy!  The forgiveness of the sins of your ancestors is in Jesus Christ.  That forgiveness has been here for two thousand years.  Most likely, there will never be another way.  You all are looking for your Messiah, that is going to rebuild your temple, and re-institute the sacrifices, and wage a military campaign to rule the world.  I dare say that your Messiah is about to appear, but he will be the anti-christ.  What am I saying to you?  I am saying that from different areas all over the world right now, but it seems to be largely focused in the Western world, there are attempts to bring down power to the earth, but it is not the plan or power of Almighty God. 


In the meantime, brethren, today’s message is about this device called tefillin to the Jews, and phylacteries to the readers of the New Testament.  If you are hearing this, however God does this, however this goes out in the Spirit, this is not a harmless device that you are strapping to your arm and your head.  You are attracting unto yourself a spirit.  You are attracting unto yourself a god, and it is highly unlikely that it will be the God of the Bible if there is no repentance.  There cannot be repentance if you do not know what you did, or if you do not know that you are under the curse of your ancestors.  The Lord can do anything that He wants, but it is highly unlikely, maybe one hundred of one percent that He may have mercy on you.  He is not responding to that.  Aside from the fact that there is no confession of sin from the people with this device.  That is not His device.  This tefillin is not the mediator that Jehovah is honoring today.  You Jews, who say you do not have a mediator, your tefillin is a mediator.  Your laws are a mediator.  All your rules and regulations are a mediator.  You are so smart, and brilliant, and you are blind in this area.  Now you are bringing destruction on all these young men.  This is an actual campaign.  They send their evangelists out for young Jewish males, saying let us put on tefillin together.  You are opening them up to occult forces, that in these last days are seeking to possess people.  That is the message.  This is not an anti-Semitic message.  It is a message of warning.  Stop doing that!


What about the conversation that I heard about how someone was saved by wearing tefillin?  Brethren, I do not know.  Maybe Jehovah is honoring what you are doing to some degree.  I do not know, but that is you, you, the people that I heard having this conversation.  They were religiously keeping the law.  I do not know what is bringing them protection.  Is it some smidgeon of mercy from Jehovah, or is it their own power?  I do not know.  Would you put an occult device like this on someone that is not even keeping the law?  Do not misunderstand me.  I am not saying there is any power in the law.  What I am saying is that I have a question.  I see people that are under the law and they have a good life.  One woman has fifteen children with nothing wrong.  Can you imagine fifteen healthy children?  I see people that keep the law and they have a good life.  There is some kind of a blessing on that, and I cannot explain exactly what it is.  Maybe it is just the mercy of God because they are in ignorance. 


I know they keep the moral law.  Brethren, I have been preaching about it a lot here lately.  Sexual morality is a big issue with God.  Why is it such a big issue with God?  Because sexual immorality is intimately associated with the worship of pagan gods, just like putting on this tefillin will attract pagan  gods to you, certain acts that God says are sexually immoral, will attract pagan gods to you.  It opens you to other gods.  What you think, and what your behavior is, attracts the same gods that have the same thoughts, and that would encourage the same behavior.  If you live a sexually moral life, you attract the gods, or the spirits, that promote a Godly life.  The only god that does that is Jehovah.  The other gods are into sexual immorality.  There is a reaping and a sowing.  It is a true spiritual law.  These Jewish people that have Godly sexual lives, they are reaping good things.  They have healthy children.  They are spiritually clean that way.  There is a sowing and a reaping there.


If they want to attribute something that happened to the putting on of tefillin, or the taking off of tefillin, I do not know what to say about that.  If they want to attribute it to putting the mezuzahs on their doors, I do not know what to say about that.  Probably not, except that it is part of their whole lifestyle, that is a morally pure lifestyle, and that their minds are cleansed continuously by praying these prayers, which give praise to Jehovah.  They do not entertain pornography, they respect their parents, they honor the laws of God, and they are having a good life.  In their mind, it is because they are doing all these little things of the law, but it really the sowing and reaping judgment that is giving them a good life because they are thinking clean thoughts, and doing clean deeds.  They do not get polluted by the garbage of the world.  It is not the fact that they do not put a light on because it is the Sabbath or any Saturday.  That is not what is blessing them. 


What is blessing them, brethren, is the way they relate to each other, the way they respect each other, the way their children are taught to respect their parents, their sexual morality, and their general lifestyle of trying to do good.  Doing good to them is saying these prayers all day long, so they are reaping what they sow.  It is not the fact that they strap something on their arm or take if off their arm.  Anyway, this is to help the Jewish people.  We need to know it is no light thing that they are going out in the streets seeking men to offer them tefillin.  I have seen testimonies like this.  A religious man is out in the street, and they see a young man who is taking drugs, and they say are you Jewish?  If he says yes, they say let us put on tefillin together.  What god are you attracting to yourself?  This is not commonly known that tefillin is something that attracts spirit, and that you very easily can be attracting a god that is not the God of the Bible.  Most likely, you are attracting a god that is not the God of the Bible.


That is what we are exposing here, tefillin in Bacchus.  A couple of hundred years after the Jews were taken captive in Babylon, we see a practice, that according to Ezekiel, describes the tefillin.  He relates it to the orgies of the Bacchantes.  That is what we are talking about here.  I believe, at least the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox communities that study Hebrew, that they know this.  They are convinced that the danger is just for women.  They do not see themselves as spiritual women.  They really do not understand their condition.  I think that they really, truly, are deluded.  They really believe that all they have to do is get their temple back, and the animal sacrifices, and then everything will be okay.  They understand that there is a separation between them and Jehovah, and the only reason for that is that their temple was destroyed.  They do not see any other reason for it, other than that. 


Let us go on with our study here.  I think that was a pretty good introduction to tefillin and Bacchus.  The possible end result of putting on tefillin is that you will contact another god.  The possible end result is that you will contact another god who will come to possess you.  The purpose of tefillin is that Jehovah will come to possess you.  It is calling down Jehovah, but there is no way to guarantee that that is the god that you are going to get, the way it is being done.  Even if you put it on, and you confess your sins, and repent, there is no guarantee that that is the God you are going to get.  Brethren, if you want spiritual power, read the Bible.  Start reading the Bible, confess your sins, ask God to help you to confess your sins, and repent, then He will come down to you when He decides to come down to you.  Join a group of believers that are serving the one true God, and then you hope for the best.  You hope that the Lord will visit you. 


Brethren, there is no guarantee.  There is no guarantee.  You hope that He will visit you.  You hope that you continue to confess your sins, so that He comes closer and closer to you.  You hope that you do not get a deception in your mind that separates you from Him, and for years you are thinking you are serving the one true God, and you find out that you are not. There is no guarantee.  You have to pray every day for truth, and for deliverance from errors and deceptions, so that you will be able to follow the one true God, and that He will reveal Himself to you.  That is what Abraham did.  I know there is a one true God.  Reveal yourself to me.  As soon as you think you know the answers, you are already off on the wrong path. 


Ezekiel warned Israel about this.  Ezekiel was a contemporary of Daniel.  He was present in the Babylonian captivity.  Ezekiel 13 verse 18 to 23 in the King James Translation.  Thus says the Lord God, woe unto the women that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every statue to hunt souls, Will you hunt the souls of my people, and will you save the souls alive that come unto you?  In other words you are using this witchcraft.  Can it save souls?  Even in the King James, I never understood it before, but I understand it now.  Ezekiel is saying to them, you are engaging in this activity, but do you really think it is going to save your soul?  And will you pollute me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, to slay the souls that should not die, and to save the souls alive that should not live, while you are lying to my people that hear your lies.  What are they lying to them about?  God is still mad at you because of the golden calf.  There is nothing for you to confess, that your ancestors did wrong beyond the sins of the golden calf, which has already been taken care of when Moses came down with the law, and Israel made a covenant with Jehovah.  That sin was wiped out.  They are confessing the sin that has already been forgiven, and not dealing with the reality of the sins that have brought this destruction upon the Israelite nation. 


Wherefore, thus saith the Lord God, I am against your pillows.  I am against your witchcraft.  I am against your plans to rebuild the temple.  I am against your plans to re-institute the sacrifices.  I am against your plans to rule the world and kill all the Christians, who you are calling idolaters.  If you are hearing this message, and you think I am crazy, I am not crazy.  See if you can find some Jew to admit it to you.  It is on the internet!  It is on the internet that the ultra-Orthodox rabbis, somehow convinced George H. Bush to sign the Noahide Laws into American Jurist Prudence.  Read the laws.  Idolatry is punishable by beheading.  You can find a document that will show it to you.  They call Christians idolatrous because they believe in three Gods; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  That is what a Christian will tell you; God the Father; God the Son; and God the Holy Spirit.  These Jews are prepared to kill all of these Christians that will not repent and give up their worship of God through Jesus Christ.


 As soon as they have the power, they are ready to cleanse the earth of them, but they do not talk about it, but it is on the internet.  There are a lot of Christians that know about it.  You just type Noahide Laws into the internet.  A lot of Christians know about it, but you cannot find an article written about it.  You cannot find it in a newspaper or in a magazine.  Thank God for the internet.  I hope that we can keep it because you know the United States is giving the oversight of the internet over to either China or Russia, but they are giving it up.  Brethren, I am not crazy.  It is on the internet.  That is their plan.  Muslims are okay because they believe in just one God.  You do not have to believe in Jehovah.  You just cannot believe in multiple gods, so all Hindus are in trouble, and all Christians are in trouble.  Muslims are okay, I say mockingly.


Wherefore thus saith the Lord God.  Behold I am against your pillows.  I am against your witchcraft, wherewith you go to hunt the souls to make them fly.  You are looking for souls to make them spiritual.  I will tear them from your arms.  Brethren, he is not going to tear the souls from their arms.  He is going to tear this device off of their arms.  I am here to tell you that this message is a divinely inspired message.  I could have never come up with this myself, never in a million years.  This message was given to me by God.  This is a prophetic word that is coming forth, both from Part 1 of this message and today.  He is going to tear those tefillin from their arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that you hunt to make them fly, even all of the unknowing Jewish men that you have gathered in, to use this device so that they would become spiritual in the wrong way.  Your kerchiefs also will I tear, the tefillin that is on the head, the phylactery  on the head, the kerchiefs also will I tear, and deliver my people out of your hand,  and they shall be no more in your hand to be hunted, and you shall know that I am Jehovah.  Because with lies you have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad, and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not return from his wicked ways by promising him life without confession of sin, and repentance.  Therefore, you shall see no more vanity, nor divine divinations, for I will deliver my people out of your hand, and you shall know that I am Jehovah.  The promise of God is that they will know their God, because they do not know their God, however this is going to come to pass.  That was not the result of the abomination in Germany.  That was not something that resulted in the people knowing their God.  That was a sowing and reaping judgment for ancient sins on the nation.


Brethren, do you know what I heard on the news this morning, before I came out here?  I almost never listen to the news before I come out here before I have to preach.  You all heard a couple of weeks ago that a hospital in England was found to be burning aborted fetuses for fuel.  We were all horrified.  It was going on for thirty years before they exposed it.  Now they are finding out that this is a big business selling aborted fetuses, amputated limbs, tissues, even cancerous tissues that have been removed.  It is being sold, and it is being burnt to produce electricity in 300 different facilities in this country.  We have these environmentalists that will not let us dig for oil here, or mine for coal, because you need coal to make electricity.  They are burning what they call medical waste.  I do not know where the 300 facilities are.  Our houses could be heated by human tissue.  That is disgusting.  Aside from that, who knows if there are cancerous growths involved there.  What is in the air when they burn it?  Are they burning fetal tissue, human tissue, rather than coal in 300 facilities in the United States?  The only state known right now is Oregon.  I do not know where else it is being sold. Brethren, it cannot continue.  Serious judgment has to fall here.  It has to.  What happens when they run out of fetal waste?  Who do they start burning next?  Then they start commanding the senior citizens to line up and commit euthanization so they can burn them.  Right? 


Here is our alternate translation of Ezekiel 13:18.  That verse is so rich that it runs into multiple alternate translations in both the Old and New Testament.  And thus saith the Lord God, Jehovah Elohim, woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature to hunt souls.  Will you hunt the souls of my people, and will you save the souls alive that come to you?  The first phrase, and thus says the Adonai.  First of all, Lord God usually means, in the Scripture, Jehovah Elohim, and I just said, Jehovah Elohim, but it does not mean that here.  The word Lord is a translation of Adonai.  Adonai is the name of God associated with Malkhut.  This is Adonai Jehovah speaking.  What does that mean?  It means that it is Christ in the prophet Ezekiel speaking.  Actually, this message did not come forth from some spirit that fell on Ezekiel.  It was coming forth from the Christ of the Malchut of the God World of Atzilut that was descended into Ezekiel.  Do you see the difference? 


Brethren, that is the difference between the gift of prophecy that we see in Pentecost, where a Spirit falls on the person from the outside, and literally channels through that person, and the kind of prophecy that you see here, which is coming forth from Christ Jesus in me.  That which comes forth from Christ Jesus in a believer is the true prophecy.  That which overshadows somebody so that they speak is the gift of prophecy.  It has nothing to do with the anointing on the individual.  The gift of prophecy could fall on anyone, to whatever degree it is true, it fell on Balaam’s ass.  That Spirit of God from the outside can fall on anyone, possibly even an animal, if we take that literally, and the Spirit will speak through that vessel.  It has nothing to do with the holiness of the vessel.  If it could happen to an animal, it has nothing to do with the holiness of the vessel, or the knowledge of the vessel, or the righteousness of the vessel.  We see a lot of men, and some women in Pentecost, preachers who have done some very unrighteous things, and yet the anointing is still on their ministries, because the anointing is not rising up from inside of them.  You cannot be engaged in ungodly behavior, and have Christ Jesus in you, manifesting from within you, yet the Spirit of God can fall upon people that have engaged or are engaging in ungodly behavior.  God can do anything He wants.  God has a purpose that is higher than what you see.  Let us say that man has a large following, and he has been in adultery, and the Lord still wants to reach out to people in the congregation.  He can do that as long as He wants, until the Lord decides to expose the person, and bring him down.  To be an Adonai Jehovah, that means that you have Christ Jesus formed in you.  That indicates some degree of righteousness of the preacher, not that he is perfect, or not that I am perfect.  When the prophecy comes from the residual son of God in the midst of the person, he is living in that person.  It indicates some degree of righteousness, although not perfection.  It means that righteousness is within that vessel, so this is the Christ in Ezekiel speaking.


Now the Hebrew word translated to sew is Strong’s #8609.  It is a verb meaning to sew or to mend.  It describes the skill of making clothes and other items, but brethren I want to tell you here, that what it is talking about is strapping this tefillin on so strongly that it is sewn to your arm.  That is what it is talking about.  They strap it on so tightly that it is as if it were sewn to the arm.  That is what the word means here.  What does sew mean?  Sew means to join to different pieces of cloth.  In this case, it is joining a leather, which is a form of skin.  I wonder what that scripture in Job means, skin to skin?  Leather is an animal skin, so it is like sewing that skin to your skin.  There is a phrase in the Book of Job where he says skin to skin.  I never understood what that meant.  I have to research that now and see what that means.  I have to write myself a note.  Skin to skin.  Maybe I will take a quick look on the break.


He is talking about sewing this device, placing this device so closely to your skin that it could be your skin.  I have another thought.  I am wondering about when we read about Jacob, putting the goat skins on himself to deceive Isaac.  Although the Scripture indicates that it was the hairiness of the goat skin that deceived Isaac.  I wonder how he strapped it on his skin.  I wonder if he did not wrap it around in a tefillin type device.  Do you know what I am talking about?  That is interesting, because you really have to wonder why Isaac was deceived.  He really was not deceived.  Even the rabbi confessed that Isaac really was not deceived.  It was the closest I ever heard the rabbi commenting and admitting that there might have been some sin on the part of one of the patriarchs.  He said, he knew it, he knew it.  That was what the rabbi said.  Why would he be deceived?  He said, your voice sounds like my son Jacob.  You do not sound like Esau, and yet he accepted it.  Was he under a spiritual power from this device that was on Jacob’s arm that was made from goat skin?  He wrapped the strip so tightly that all you could feel was the skin, and it produced the spiritual power to deceive Isaac, or to at least break Isaac’s will, if he knew something was wrong, because he did not do anything about it.  That is an interesting thought.


That is about sew.  Let me write down that note too.  I want to pray about that, Jacob with the goat skin.  Very interesting.  I have been wondering about that for years.  Please note that the word women does not appear in the Interlinear text.  Thus saith the Lord God woe to the women.  It does not appear in the Interlinear text.  The word women was added in by the translators.  In addition, the verb is preceded by two prefixes.  The word to sew is preceded by two prefixes; lamed which means widow, and mem which means water.  Lamed means widow and mem means water, which signifies spirituality.  The prophet Ezekiel is rebuking the spiritual widows that sew.  We know that all humanity is spiritually female, both physical males and physical women.  The prophet is rebuking the spiritual widows that sew, or the spiritual widows that are trying to repair their separation from God in their own power, through the use of this tefillin. 


Jesus warns the disciples of John, and the Pharisees, about the dangers of fasting to promote spiritual ascension in their own power.  Now this subject is a very interesting teaching that came out of this study, which tells me we have a church out there that is really promoting fasting.  Some of us were on vacation, more or less, in Texas last New Year at a ministry that really promoted fasting.  My research indicates that Jesus was telling people not to fast.  Let us see what he has to say here in Mark 2 verses 18 to 22.  And the disciples of John and of the Pharisees used to fast, and they come and say unto him, why do the disciples of John and of the Pharisees fast, but your disciples do not?  Jesus said unto them, can the children of the bride chamber fast while the bridegroom is with them?  As long as they have the bridegroom with them, they cannot fast.  But the days will come when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them, and then they shall fast in those days.  No man also seweth a piece of new cloth on an old garment, else the new piece that filled it up taketh away from the old and the rent is made worse.  And no man putteth new wine into old bottles, unless the new wine burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred, but new wine must be put into the new bottles.


Now I always took that to mean, with regard to the fasting, that when the Son of God was taken away, they would fast.  When he was here, they did not fast because he was meeting their needs.  It does not say the Son of God.  It says the bridegroom.  That when Jesus was with them, he was meeting their needs, so they did not have to fast.  When he was taken away, and they would be lacking the fellowship of the bridegroom, that then they would fast.  I always thought that was what that meant.  I think we all understood what Jesus said about the cloth, that if you want to patch an old garment, and you put a new piece of cloth on it, it could pull on the old garment, and make the tear even worse.  It is the same thing with the wine bottles.  We needed a new garment with a matching piece of cloth to patch it.  My comment here is, Jesus is really telling the disciples of John and the Pharisees not to fast.  Jesus is responding to their question as if their motive for fasting is spiritual ascension. 


Brethren, why do we fast?  Why does the church fast?  To get more spiritual before God.  Jesus is responding to their question as if their motive for fasting is spiritual ascension, which it probably was.  This was his response, saying to them, if you try to regain your lost spiritual ascension before the Son of God is born in the midst of you, you will only increase your separation from God.  What is implied is that the practice of fasting, to enter into an ascended spiritual state before God is in the midst of you, will attach you to another spirit, therefore your state will be worse than your spiritual widowhood.  You will become the wife of an unclean spirit.  Jesus is relating fasting to everything we are saying about the tefillin.  If your purpose of fasting is to enter into an ascended spiritual state before Christ Jesus is in the midst of you, you could attract the wrong spirit, and he could attach himself to you.  Now this is a similar answer to what God gave me when he told me to take tai chi lessons.  In those days, the thought of taking an occult practice like that, tai chi, which is likened unto all the other yoga and kung fu, was horrible to me.  I had been taught to stay away from all of that.  It was occult.  It was another spirit.  I had trouble believing the Lord was telling me to do that.  I prayed, and I prayed, and it turned out that it was God. 


I was really sick in those days, and I took tai chi lessons for several years.  At that time it helped me.  I was very weak and sickly in those days and it helped me.  The Lord’s explanation to me was that I could do it because Christ Jesus was being formed in me.  In other words, when you practice these exercises that stir up your natural spirituality, because Christ Jesus was being formed in me, he would absorb the energy that was stirred up in me, and it would increase him.  If Christ Jesus is not present in you, then it increases your other side.  It would increase Cain in you.  Because Christ Jesus was already being formed in me, the Lord made a decision, that for my health, that was what he wanted me to do.  It was safe for me, because Christ Jesus would absorb that energy that was generated in me, and not the other side.  That is exactly what Jesus is saying here to the followers, the disciples of John, and the disciples of the Pharisees.  Anything that you do, if you are fasting, and I am saying if you are fasting, or you are putting on tefillin to gain spiritual ascension, before the kingdom of heaven is being formed in you, which is Christ Jesus, then that energy that is generated in you is going to attract other spirits.  Some spirit could come to you, and marry you, and make you his wife. 


Here it is right in the New Testament.  Now this goes to the church also.  If you want to fast, it should only be done after Christ Jesus has begun to be formed in you.  Otherwise you are giving that energy that you are generating to your humanity, which is Satan in you.  That is a very important revelation for the church, brethren.  Indeed, you can become spiritual when you fast, but you are in danger of attracting another spirit.  You are in danger of another spirit capturing you.  Luke 11:14 thru 26 in the King James.  And he, Jesus, was casting out a devil, and it was dumb.  And it came to pass, when the devil was gone out, the dumb spake, and the people wondered.  Some of them said, he casteth out devils through Beelzebub, the chief of the devils.  And others tempting him, sought of him a sign from heaven.  But he, Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation.  A house divided against a house falleth.  If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand?  Because ye say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub, the lord of the flies.  If I, by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your sons cast them out?  Therefore, shall they be your judges. 


In other words, Jesus is saying this.  He was the Lamb of God.  He had the manchild being formed in him.  He said if you are calling the manchild in me Beelzebub, because I am exercising spiritual power, by what spirit are your sons casting out demons, who do not have the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven being formed in them?  It could only be by the spirit of the natural man.  If I, by Beelzebub, cast out devils, I am doing it by the Lamb of God in me.  Christ Jesus is the Lamb of God.  By whom are your sons casting out?  By the spirit of the world.  But if I, with the finger of God, cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.  Now the finger of God, the ten fingers of God are talking about the sefirot, brethren.  Jesus said, but if I with the finger of God.  We do not really know whether he said finger or fingers, because I do not know enough of the Greek to tell, and the Greek is too corrupted anyway.  If Jesus said, if I with the finger of God, meaning the Malkhut, if he meant a single finger, he would be talking about the Malchut of the God world of Atzilut. 


If I with the finger, the Malkhut of the God World of Atzilut, cast our devils, no doubt the kingdom of God has come upon you.  Kingdom?  Which sefirot is called kingdom?  Malkhut is kingdom.  That is what he is telling them.  If I by the finger of God, if I by the sefirot of the God World of Atzilut, cast out devils, no doubt the sefirot is kingdom, Malchut.  No doubt the kingdom of God has come upon you.  When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace.  He is talking about the internalized kingdom.  But when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, he taketh from him all his armor wherein he trusted, and divideth the spoils.  He is saying that the development of the kingdom of God in the individual is the Lamb of God.  According to the way it is phrased in the King James, the development of Christ Jesus in the individual, takes away the spoils from the strong man that previously ruled over that person, which has to be Leviathan. 


He is saying there is a stronger one than Leviathan that is coming.  If your sons cast out demons, maybe it was the Spirit of God that overshadowed the man, overshadowed the high priest, and enabled him to cast the demon out of somebody, it was still Leviathan doing it, but it was the Spirit of God that had overshadowed him.  That is what he is saying.  You Pharisees, and especially the high priest, whatever spiritual power you are manifesting, it is coming out of your natural man.  I think I have to take that back.  Hold on! It is not that the Spirit of God overcame the men who cast out that demon, it was Leviathan casting out the demon.  It was a religious spirit manifesting through Leviathan that was able to cast out a demon from another person.  That is what Jesus is talking about here.  He says every kingdom divided against itself is brought to destruction.  He is telling them that the power that you use to cast out that demon, because only the high priest were allowed to do that, that was Leviathan in you that was doing that, and your kingdom will not stand, and a house divided against itself falls.  He was pronouncing the destruction of this pharisaical house.    


Just as in a dynasty, the house of Ahab, or the house of Josiah, or the house of David, it was the house that was producing the kings of the whole dynasty.  He is saying that you are doing it by the household of Leviathan, by the spiritual power of Leviathan, and you are using Leviathan to cast out Leviathan, and your house is divided and it is going to fall.  He was pronouncing the destruction of the pharisaical rulership over Israel, saying you cannot stand.  Why cannot they stand?  Because Satan is going to destroy you.  You cannot be coming against Satan’s household.  You are dividing that.  You are saying we all are in Satan’s household, but we are the good guys, and you are the bad guys, and we are going to cast out the bad guys.  Satan will not permit it to continue.  That is what Jesus is saying.  If Satan be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand?  He is telling them, eventually, Satan will destroy you, and I have come so that you should not be destroyed.  I have come that you should have life, and have it more abundantly.  I have the spiritual power of the Living God.  I have come to rescue you from the destruction of the very spirit that you are using to cast demons out of other people. 


That spirit, that you are using to cast out demons out of other people, is going to turn on you and destroy you, because a house divided cannot stand.  I have come with the true power, and you call the true power Beelzebub, so what do you call the power in yourself?  In other words, when are you going to face up to the power in yourself, that it is the power of this world that will eventually turn on you if you keep using it to attack this world? That was what he was saying to them.  He said when a strong man armed, keepeth his palace, talking about Leviathan, his goods are in peace.  The goods are the property, are the human beings.  These spirits want human beings to rest in.  But when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, that is the Lamb of God overtaking Leviathan.  He taketh away from him all his armor wherein he trusted and divides the spoils.  He that is not with me is against me.  He that gathered not with me, scattereth.


Jesus is saying, listen brethren, there are no two ways about it.  Either you are with God or you are against God.  Jesus came as a representative of God.  You cannot say something and make it true.  It is a spiritual reality.  Either your heart is with Jesus or your heart is with the other side.  If your heart is for your own power, you cannot be with me.  That is what Jesus was saying.  He was talking about motives.  If your primary motive is to preserve your own power base, you are not with me.  If you are not with me, you are the enemy of God.  That is what he is saying.  He that is not with me is against me, and he that gathereth not with me, he whose spirit is not gathering into Christ Jesus in me, is not with me.  That was what he was saying.  I could say the same thing in this ministry.  If your heart of heart is not joined to Christ Jesus in me, you are my enemy.  Sometimes that happens.  Sometimes it happens temporarily, that the heart of a person here departs, and is not joined. It is just like Adam had a thought, independent of Jehovah, and he was separated from Jehovah, and he joined the Serpent.  How do I say this, Lord?  Let me just say a prayer because I am struggling this morning. 


Father, in the name of Jesus, I just break all these curses, and send them back to the head of the sender.  I pray that you give me clarity and the ability to bring forth this message, Lord, with clarity and with truth, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.


I was just having trouble explaining this. It is not that you cannot have your own opinion here.  To speak, you need to be in Christ.  Paul clearly said, let the woman be silent in the church.  That means everyone speaking out of their carnal mind cannot speak publicly here because you just bring in confusion and division.  If it is your opinion coming out of Christ in you, then I am interesting in anything you have to say, and I expect it to edify me.  Sometimes as it happened in the garden, the woman listened to her carnal mind.  She listened to the Serpent, which resulted in a tearing away from her union with Jehovah.  That is why Jehovah went walking in the cool of the day and said, where are you?  What happened to you?  Adam in her mind, in his mind, joined with the consciousness of the earth, and the result of that was that he was torn away from Jehovah.  Anyone who is in the process of having Christ formed in them, it is through Christ Jesus in me, because that is what is happening here.  The Lord Jesus is building Christ Jesus in me, and as I preach, Christ Jesus in me is depositing the seeds of Christ in you, and Christ in all of you are the offspring of Christ Jesus in me. That is the way it is happening.


If at any time there is a conflict, and someone here decides to disagree, this is what you do.  You are not supposed to be a slave, brethren.  I have to keep defending myself for this.  If you do not agree with me, you are supposed to go before God.  You are supposed to give me the benefit of the doubt, and say Sheila must be right, Lord, but I do not believe it, so please help me.  I am confessing that she is my teacher.  You put me here, so she must be right.  You have got to help me because I cannot believe it.  That is the prayer that you pray.  If you go before God, and you say I think Sheila is wrong, Lord, would you prove that Sheila is wrong.  He is not going to do it, and you are going to stay joined to your carnal mind that gave you the other thought.  There are consequences of agreeing with your carnal mind, if you are thinking you are waiting for God to prove me wrong, if you have done anything other than say Sheila must be right, and I am going to believe it until you change my mind, Lord.  If you do anything other than that, you have joined with your carnal mind, and the unexpected consequences of it is that you have separated yourself from Christ Jesus in me, and you have made yourself vulnerable.


That is what Jesus is talking about when he says he who is not with me scattereth.  You have broken the tie of Christ Jesus in me that is actually nurturing, suckling Christ in you.  What you have done is sin.  I have been teaching this for years that it is your pride that has stood up, and said I disagree with Sheila, and I am going to disagree with her until God convinces me otherwise.  He is not even going to try to convince you because you are in sin.  You are Adam in the garden hiding behind fig leaves now.  That is what Jesus was talking about when he said, he who is not with me is against me.  You have separated from me.  Against me meaning you have separated your soul from me.  It is not an intellectual thing, he that gathereth not with me scattered.  If your soul of Christ in you, is not gathered into Christ in me, he is scattered.


Now remember, that it was Nimrod and his cohorts building the tower of Babel, that said let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered along the face of the earth.  What does that mean?  It means that all of us have a fragment of soul in us.  None of us has a whole soul.  All of us have a fragment of a soul, a fragment of the seed of Tevunah that died.  If we are alone, we have Cain’s testimony, do not leave me alone, lest everyone that finds me will kill me.  You need to be gathered together as God outlines it, multiple sparks of forming the body of Christ Jesus, so that God can minister to you, and do what He wants to do to you.  He has his little groups all over.  You cannot get in this ministry unless He calls you.  At this point, I think it is a good chance to say you cannot even get out unless He lets you go, I would think, but it is up to Him.  It is not up to me.  Nobody has a whole soul.  God determines how many sparks are going to form a whole soul, because I do not know, but a local body that He has chosen to minister through.


If you separate yourself from the main hub, through which Jesus is ministering life, through disagreement with the order that He has established, Jesus says, either you are for me, either your soul is a part of this hub that he has established here, or you are against me, which means you become the enemy.  Because now you are in agreement with your carnal mind, at least in this area, you become an enemy.  You are now in agreement with your carnal mind, and anything could happen.  Now curses are coming forth from you.  Maybe judgment is falling on you.  I do not even know that you have done it, and I am breaking curses every day, and the results are falling on you.  That is what he is talking about.  If you are not for me, you are against me.  He would not be saying that to people that were not for him at some point.  If you are not a part of the soul of God in me, then you are on the other side.  There is nothing in between. 


If you are on the other side, if you are not a part of the soul of God, that God is forming in me, then you are scattered.  You are out there.  You are not joined anywhere, and you are in spiritual danger.  That is what he is saying.  This one sentence I brought into Cain’s statement, Lord, everybody that finds me is going to kill me.  You are vulnerable to the demons out there.  I am relating this statement to Nimrod, saying we had better get back up to heaven, we better join to heaven,  we better make a name for ourselves, or the powers in this world are going to destroy us.  That is what the tower of Babel is all about, spiritual power to survive; spiritual power to survive.  You have to have spiritual eyes, brethren.  You have to be able to recognize the signs that there is a problem in your life, that there is some kind of curse hanging over you.  You do not suffer loss for no reason.  You do not suffer loss for no reason.  You have to be able to read the signs, brethren, and recognize when a curse is operating in your life. 


Luke 11:24.   Now this is interesting because this is a pretty well-known scripture for deliverance workers anyway, so we will see some light shed over here.  When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places seeking rest, and finding none.  He saith, I will return unto my house, from whence I came out.  Now on that verse 23 I did an important exhortation on that verse that is on file.  I have always preached with regard to verse 24, when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places.  I have preached for years that that is not the demon that Jesus was casting out.  This is not talking about the demoniac.  This is the unclean spirit of a man.  When the unclean spirit is gone out of the man, he walketh through dry places seeking rest, and finding none, he says I will return unto my house from whence I came out.  When he cometh, he find it swept and garnished.  That means you have confessed your sins, and repented, and you have had deliverance.


Then goeth he and taketh to him seven other spirits, more wicked than himself.  That is seven sefirot.  That is not seven demoniacs, seven sefirot of the other side.  Then he takes seven other spirits more wicked than himself.  What does that mean, because we are talking about the Malkhut; the Malkhut spirit.  He comes back with the other seven, Yesod through Binah of the other side, more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there, and the last state of that man is worse than the first.  Let me relate this to Noah’s ark for you.  I recently preached to you, and gave you an exhortation on the seven clean animals and the two unclean animals, that Noah brought onto the ark.  I said the clean animals was really referring to Noah’s clean side. We do not know what Noah looked like at that time.  He was a being that was very superior to homo sapiens.  He had an animal side to him.  He had a clean side to him, and an unclean side to him.  The clean side of him, Jehovah called the clean animals, because he was an animal.  We are all animals.  Okay?  The clean side; Jehovah said, take seven of the clean side, the male and his female.  Let us take seven sefirot from your clean side, from your spiritual side, from Binah through Yesod, plus the female Malkhut.  From your unclean side, take only two, the Yesod and his female, the Malkhut.


This is more or less what Jesus is talking about here.  He is saying, do not let that unclean side build up in you.  When we get into sin, our unclean side should be no more than two sefirot because we need those two sefirot, Malkhut  and Yesod, because they sustain this body.  This body is the materialization of the unclean side of our nature.  It comes out of Cain, Satan, and Leviathan.  Actually, Cain forms the body.  The body consists of the sefirot of Yesod and Malkhut.  Now what the Serpent tries to do, what Cain tries to do, what Satan tries to do, is the same thing that Jesus is doing through Christ in us.  She is trying to build on that Yesod, and build that Yesod into the next six sefirot.  That is where the number of the beast comes from.  She is trying to build up the six sefirot of the male aspect of the other side, that Jehovah clearly instructed Noah to not bring over to the other side with him. This is what Jesus is talking about here, when he says when the spirit goes out of a man. 


Actually, I did not look at this in the Interlinear text, but this is what is coming to me by revelation, about when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man.  It probably means that unclean spirit, which is Yesod on the other side, increases into a man.  We are told in Revelation 13:18 that 666 is the number of a man.  When the Yesod increases into the number of a man, and makes him the spirit of the man, when you get deliverance from that, and you cast him out, and try to live a right life, that spirit will try to come back.


Maybe you have deliverance ministry, or however God does it for you, to get rid of that ungodly spiritual cancerous growth, which is an ungodly spiritual man in you, when you finally cast  him out, he walks in dry places.   He has no spiritual power and is seeking rest.  I am not sure what that means right now.  I mean I am not ready to comment on that right now.  He finds none, and he says I am going to return to my house where I came out from.  I am going to go back into incarnation.  I am going to rebuild that ungodly man in that person.  I am going to rebuild those six sefirot.  I am going to build it up to 666, the number of the ungodly man, called the man of sin.  That is what Jesus is talking about. 


When he comes, he finds it swept and garnished.  You could have had all of the deliverance in the world, but if you have not done what you need to do to have Christ formed in you, you are vulnerable to have that ungodly man, that 666, formed in you again.  Brethren, I think this is what we are up against in a lot of very fine deliverance workers.  They have really done a lot for the kingdom, but they do not believe that they could have a demon.  They do not believe that a believer could have a demon, because they believe they are swept clean.  We are dealing with a couple of authors right now that have written incredible books.  Books that Tom Horn has written are just incredible.  He has all this knowledge about old order deliverance and demons, but he does not think that a Christian could have a demon.  His house is swept clean, and I think there is a real possibility that maybe he has an imputed Christ in him, but it is not likely that he has an imparted Christ, with his roots growing in the soil.  Why?  Because to receive that, you need to believe that you can have a demon, not only a demon, but that the man of sin can be formed in you.  Brethren, the only defense against the man of sin being formed in you, is that the man of righteousness is there when the man of sin comes, and he cannot get in.  That is the only true defense.  It is an internalized defense.  That is the only true defense against the evil that is coming upon the earth.  You need to understand what we are.  What you need to understand is what mankind is.  We are just the earth.  We are the shell.  We are a house for spiritual life.  We just read that in the prior verses.  When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace.  We are his goods.  Either it is going to be the man of sin in us, or it is going to be the righteous man called the Lamb of God in us.  There is going to be a struggle until one of them completely possesses the house, which is you and me.  If you do not believe that you could have a demon, how would you ever believe that the man of sin could be formed in you?  If you do not believe that the man of sin can be formed in you, that comes under the category of not confessing your sins.  Confessing your sins is beyond saying I committed adultery or I was jealous of that person.  It is beyond that.  We need to confess the reason that we die.  We need to confess our sin nature.  If you want to ascend spiritually, in safety, you need to know that you are a house that is capable of producing Godly or ungodly life. 


If your knowledge stops at that point that you will not believe that you could possibly have a demon, what does that say about you?  I am in no way attempting to put this man down.  I would like God to help him.  It means that your pride has manifested, saying God has given me all this knowledge.  God has given me all this wisdom.  I have written these incredible books.  I have preached for thirty years.  I have had old order deliverance, with people being supernaturally protected from highly demonized people.  Therefore, it is not possible that I could have a demon.  How could you have the man of sin in you if you cannot have a demon?  That is a spirit of pride to say that I cannot have a demon.  The man of sin?  What, are you crazy?  The man of sin?  What, are you nuts?  How does Christ grow in that?  It is because, brethren, if the Lord were to give you his zygote, Cain, Satan, and Leviathan will kill it, if you do not understand the internal spiritual warfare.  Tom Horn understands a lot, but he just does not believe that he is capable of being captured.  If you do not believe there are powers, and principalities within you, how will you defend the zygote that the Lord Jesus gives you?  It will die.


He has whole books on spiritual warfare that is coming at you from out there.  See?  But the battleground is in here, in your mind, and in your heart.  That is what Moses suffered from.  That is why Moses did not enter into the Promised Land.  We found that out in the alternate translation of Jude.  He could not believe that he was guilty of the sin of pride because he had done such great works for God.  He could not believe that he was guilty of the sin of pride.  It is what Jesus is talking about here.  This is very profound, what he is talking about here.  He is saying, look, you can cast out all the demons that you want, but your salvation is really beyond demons.  You need to understand that you are a shell.  You are a house for spiritual life.  Either the man of sin, or the righteous one, will be the inhibitor, or the resident, or the owner of your house.  You are in danger of him coming in, and building the man of sin in you, if the man of righteousness is not there to defend his own home. 


You, you, me, cannot defend this house against the man of sin.  Only Christ Jesus can defend this house against the man of sin.  That is the bottom line.  If you do not think that it is possible that the man of sin could be in you, the beginnings of the righteous one, who starts as a seed in you, would be destroyed by the man of sin, or by his agents in you, which are Cain, and Satan, and Leviathan.  That is what Jesus is talking about here.  As I told you the other day, brethren, this is true of me too.  It is no matter how much knowledge you have, no matter how much wisdom you have, you can be serving God for fifty years, and have a million books out there that you could have written, books you could have preached.  You could have all kinds of revelation.  I have all of this to my name, brethren, and if the Lord comes to me tomorrow, and gives me a painful truth, and I do not take the victory, and I reject that truth, it puts me off on another path, and I could lose everything.  Twenty five years, twenty six years in this ministry,  thirty six years of serving God, all that I have been through, I know I could lose everything, if he comes to me tomorrow, and I will not receive the truth that he tells me. 


It is not a punishment.  You cannot go on.  All of these truths are gates that you pass through.  We are on an ascension.  We are ascending out of hell, so every truth is a gate.  All the gates are in your mind.  If he comes to you, and tells you something, and you refuse to believe it, it is just like you cannot get through, so you just sort of go off in another direction.  Then instead of being vertical going up, now you are on the horizontal plane, and you think that you are okay, and you may not figure out that you are not okay until it is too late.  You need to pray every day for the truth, and against your pride, that the Lord helps you.  That is exactly what Jesus is talking about.  That would be an absolute tragedy to me.  I was just looking at one of Tom Horn’s books this morning.  The book that he wrote with someone else about all the details that he says are leading up to the Vatican declaring an alien savior.  It is absolutely amazing.  He is quoting things.  I told you all that I read somewhere that some representative of the Vatican said that they are going to give communion to the aliens.  I mentioned it to a couple of people, and they said, oh no, you must be mistaken.  That was about a year ago.  He has a whole book of facts about the Vatican getting ready to not only welcome alien members into their church, but to introduce an alien savior, as he claims in his book.   


He is doing great, great work for God.  His books are incredible.  I read one of his deliverance books.  It is really simple for people that do not know anything about it.  It is excellent, but that is not going to save him from the man of sin rising in him.  How does the man of sin rise in you?  One of these seeds, which is a demon in itself, or an alien in itself, they are rising on the inside of us.  They are not coming from out there.  They are on the inside of us, and they are planting their seeds.  He will be planted.  I do not want to curse him.  With all the great work that he is doing, I pray that he and all of them get protected.  The Lord has now introduced us to this group of men that are writing these wonderful books, and Steve Quail.  In one of the DVD’s where Steve was saying that the Lord told him he needed to get supernatural.  He almost said spiritual, and he changed it to supernatural.  God is telling him you have to get spiritual.  They are not out there.  They are inside of you.  You good Christians, they are all inside of you.  If you cannot accept this, you are going to run the same fate as the other people that do not have all your education, and have not done all of your good works. 


That is horrible, but it is the truth.  God raised up Adam.  We do not know how.  It was before time began.  We do not know how to measure it.  Just so you can understand what I am saying, I know it was before time.  We do not know how long Adam existed before he fell.  All of the good works he did, all of his obedience to God, and then he just agreed with that one seducing thought that came, and he was seduced.  All of his good works, and all of his service to God did not save him from being seduced and overtaken, and joined to the lord of the underworld.  What was lacking?  The reason Adam was overtaken was that he was not complete yet, and he was not bearing the child that would defend the whole house.  Here we are trying to bear the child that will defend our whole house, no matter how ignorant, we, the shell are.  Once that child is formed in us, that holy child is formed in us, he will defend the whole house, despite our ignorance.  Hopefully, he will train us up, and teach us, so we will not be ignorant, but we will never be capable of warding off the man of sin by ourselves.


There is no match.  There is no contest.  We need a spiritual husband guarding the house.  With all of their tremendous work that they have done to warn the people, they do not have this revelation.  We will see what God will do for them.  I read one writer, Gerald Flurry, who said most of the people are going to be saved.  I wondered about that.  Then I heard a scripture yesterday from the Book of Revelation.  Multitudes in white garments were all before the throne of God.  Just as I walked in the door yesterday, this hit me.  I said, oh Lord, maybe Gerald Flurry is right.  Maybe I am wrong, because I only see very few people surviving.  The Book of Revelation said multitudes in white garments before the throne of God.  Brethren, I am just going to tell you the thought that came to my mind.  You can believe whatever you want.  You can disagree with me if you want to.  This is what the Lord said to me.  The fact that they were unnamed multitudes dressed in white garments is not talking about their bodies.  Maybe it is their personalities that will be saved.  Do you understand what I am saying?


Unnamed multitudes dressed in white garments is not talking about bodies being saved.   At the very most it is talking about personalities being saved, at the very most.  It just might mean spirit.  They are unnamed.  There is no personality there.  It could just be their spirits being saved.  Remember what I taught you.  The Lord is coming back for Tevunah.  That is what he is coming back for.  We are the earth.  If he can educate us to the point that he can take us with her, he would prefer it, but if it does not happen, he is taking back every fragment, every spark of the seed of Tevunah, that was planted in the earth, every last spark of it, with the earth that she is attached to, or without it.  The church thinks those white garments means the spiritual body, but it does not say a spiritual body.  It says a white garment.  It means a righteous garment.  I do not want to be a prophet of doom, but things could change.  I hope I am wrong, but I do not see many surviving. 


Brethren, listen! We are talking in terms of mass demonization.  We are talking in terms of mass possession.  How many could survive?  The truth is when it came to the flood, it was just one man called Noah.  He was a spiritual man, so there were others in him.  It was one man.  Who is the one man that is going to be saved?  Who is the one man that is going to be saved here?  Christ Jesus is the one man that is going to be saved.  You can have the Holy Spirit.  You could have written books.  You could have rescued millions of people, done hundreds of things, and many good works, but if Christ Jesus is not formed in you, what can I say?   I do not know that an imputed Christ Jesus would do it.  I am not really sure about that.  One man was saved.  It is not the Holy Spirit, it is the man, Christ Jesus.  He who is not with me is against me, and he that gathereth not together with me scattereth.  Do not lose everything you have, brethren.


Genesis 11:4.  And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.  I am talking about that, and I did not even know that it was next in my notes.  It so automatically goes with it.  That is what Nimrod and his company were talking about.  Let us not be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.  Do you know what that means, brethren?  Let me review for you.  The seed of Tevunah is fragmented and trapped down here in the earth.  When a human being dies, and there is no element, and that fragment is not saved, that fragment of Tevunah reincarnates on the circle of the earth.  This is what he means by scattered abroad upon the face or the personality of the earth.  Do not let our spirit, the part of us that gives life, remain captured by the earthen personality.  Brethren, this is talking about Nimrod.  What happened to Nimrod is that he was a son of God. 


I just loved Tom Horn coming up with this revelation that Nimrod began to be a mighty hunter.  He was a righteous man before he changed.  Tom Horn thinks he had a genetic change.  Maybe he had a genetic change, but it started out as something spiritual.  Nimrod was a son of God, and if you are a son of God, and I do not mean to scare you or anything.  What makes you a son of God is that the mind of God, and the nature of God, rules in you, rules over your earthen personality.  That is what makes you a son of God.  You cannot do that unless number one, Christ is in you, then he and his nature, the nature of God through Christ, has to rule over the thoughts of your carnal mind.  I have such wicked thoughts all the time, and I just say, oh Sheila, will you just shut up.  That is like Job’s wife saying to him, curse God and die.  All of these stupid thoughts that come up.  I say, no, I am not going to do that.  Shut up!  I talk to myself.  There are two of us.  What makes you a son of God is that you choose the advice of the Christ in you, and then you follow that, and your behavior follows that advice.


Nimrod was a son of God.  He incarnated in the flesh.  He was a descendant of righteous Ham, who started out as an invisible spirit as a part of the Noah company.  Then he separated out, and he took on the flesh.  He was living out of the personality of God.  He was ruling over his earthen nature.  Then his earthen nature was starting to overtake him.  He sinned, and he separated from God, but he was still above the earthen nature.  Brethren, you just have to hear this.  Sometimes I go out to other areas of the country.  I do not see it so much around here, but I look at the condition that the people are in, and I want to cry.  They have nothing, but to buy a lottery ticket, and work in a job that gives them no satisfaction.  Then they go and have sex, and buy a lottery ticket.  They are depressed people.  I just look at them, and I see the depression on them.  There is nothing higher in them than the animal life. 


Nimrod was very high, even though he sinned, and God separated from him.  Who knows where his mind was.  It was high. I do not want you to misunderstand me.  There is a high in science and mathematics, not that you need to be a scientist.  To have your mind on something above the lusts of the flesh produces a positive life.  Whatever it is, if you are an artist, if you are a scientist, if you are a carpenter, whatever you are, be creative in your life.  You need creativity in your life.  We are above the animals, brethren.  We have a potential to be creative, and you prosper when you have a clean interest in your life, something that is a result of creativity.  If you give your life over to raising your children, that is a creative work.  Wherever Nimrod’s mind was, it was not in the flesh.  His mind was in a high spiritual place, and he saw himself descending.  He was smart enough to see, to have the vision of what the end of his descent would be.  The end of his descent would be that the personality of the flesh could overtake the creative spirit in him, and he would be one of these depressed people, that if I went and interviewed them, they would probably never even know that they were depressed.


This was one of the first times that God started to show me the height to which He had raised me.  I do not say this to blow my own horn.  When I looked at these people, I see how rich my life is with this word, with my relationship with God, with everything that He has given me; all the creativity that flows out of me, being a social commentator, everything that I do, understanding this word, and teaching.  I looked at them, and I understood the scripture for the first time where it said, Jesus looked at them and he started to cry.  He just saw the condition that they were in.  Nimrod saw that that was what he was headed for.  You want to know what a more natural example of that is?  I read that back in the middle ages,  that the rabbis had all of this material that is so blessing us here.  We thank God for the translation of it, but it was never written down then.  It was passed down orally.  The rabbinical students had the whole Bible in their mind.  The rabbi would just start talking, and they would know exactly where that scripture came from.  They were brilliant.  Pursuing the mind of God makes you brilliant.  They started writing it down because they saw that their ability to retain it was diminishing.


You could probably find this article on the internet somewhere that some of these rabbis in the Middle Ages realized that they had better start recording this material, but they do not tell you why.  I am telling you why they came to the conclusion that we had better start writing this down, because they saw as the new generation came, they were not holding it in their mind.  Today we need books. Today I need books.  That means as high as I was above those other people, spiritually I am still very, very low.  I need books.  I need notes.  Nimrod was so high.  Remember, we are in the third stage of the fall right now.  Nimrod had just come over from the flood, even though he was Noah’s grandson.  He was way higher than we are, even in this third stage of the fall.  He saw what was coming.  He said, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face, or the personality of the earth, along with the seed of spiritual intelligence in us.  However many people were in his company, they would form like we have here, this one body of Christ in this ministry.  We are one soul of Christ. 


Nimrod had a company.  He was the first Israel.  He said we are losing the cohesion that holds us together.  What holds us together?  It is the Spirit of Christ that holds us together.  Well, the Spirit of God left his company, and he said there is nothing to hold us together anymore.  The spark of spiritual intelligence in you, and the spark of spiritual intelligence in you, we are going to cease to be a cohesive body.  Then the intelligence of the earth is going to capture us, keep us down here, and reincarnate us in human beings, in mankind, that will have a personality of the earth prevailing over our potential creativity.  That was what this was all about.  Nimrod said, we had better do something about this.  We better stay spiritual, and I see that we are losing it.  We are losing our spirituality.  We are not climbing up.  We are going down.  I see us descending, and I see us blowing apart, and we are going to be scattered because the Spirit that held us together is gone.  Each one of us will be in a separate individual formation of mankind, and each one of us will be bound under that earthen personality with our creativity, and our connection with spiritual things completely crushed.  Nimrod said, we had better do something to get our spiritual power back.  Jehovah took a look at it, and He said, sorry son, you separated from me.  Your sins have separated you from me, and He cast them down.  He scattered them.


What we see today is different nations, speaking different languages.  Even people that speak the same language cannot communicate.  Right here in this ministry there are communication problems that I have to deal with all the time. Maybe it is me some of the time.  I am not even sure sometimes.  People are so sure that I did not say something.  Maybe I did not say it.  Maybe it is me.  We have communication problems all of the time.  That is just the outward manifestation of the separation of the body of Nimrod, the first Israel that was scattered.  Jehovah was trying to save us every step of the way from the beginning of the fall, from the beginning of the end, which was the beginning of the fallen life we find humanity in now.  He was always trying to save us.  That is why it is so wrong to say that the Jews are in the condition they are in, because Jehovah still has not forgiven them for the sins of the golden calf.  To say that Jehovah would let His people go through persecution and the holocaust, and be so unforgiving for thousands of years with no way of escape is so wrong. 


I want to tell you something, brethren, what the worst sin is that you can commit.  I used to think it was the sin of pride, but it is not.  The worst sin that anyone can commit, that would bring the most severe judgment down upon you, is calling the true anointing of God unclean.  That is the sin that will bring the worst possible judgments on you, calling the anointing of God unclean.  It will bring serious painful judgments on you.  Why?  Because the suggestion is, brethren, that you will recognize the true anointing unless your motive does not want you to recognize it.  That is my understanding of the Scripture.  I am not just talking about Jews.  I am talking about Christians.  I am talking about atheists.  I am talking about everybody.  Anyone who truly asks, God will reveal Himself to you.  Atheists, agnostics, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, etc., if you just ask, God will give you liberally of Himself.  If you have a motive for not wanting to ask for His truth, it is because you really do not want it. God calls that sin.


If what somebody with the true anointing is saying to you, and you reject it because it does not fit into your plan, there are strong judgments associated with that.  Again, God does not sit down and look at you, and say, I did not like that.  He is not like people.  These laws are written, brethren.  These laws are written.  It is a sowing and a reaping law.  These laws are written.  When you call the true anointing unclean for any reason, it will not go well with you.  The natural result of you calling the true anointing unclean, is that you will acknowledge another god, a false god, as the one true God, and then you are in idolatry. 


Numbers 13:32.  And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of great stature.  Now what does that mean, a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof?  We are talking about the carnal personality versus the creative personality that comes from God.  These were the spies going into Canaan land.  They said that land is so spiritually dangerous, the intelligence in the earth are so spiritually dangerous in that land, that they are going to swallow up our creativity, and make us carnal people.  In other words, they were afraid to take on the powers.  As we ascend, we ascend into Yetzirah.  We ascend right into the midst of demon territory.  Listen!  We are afraid.  We saw the giants that were there.  We saw spiritual men on that other world that are so strong that they are going to swallow up our creativity, and capture and enslave us, and use our bodies as houses for themselves.  We are talking about the earthen personalities swallowing up the creative personality. 


That is what happened to Korah, who went down under the earth live.  Was he really buried alive, even all of his relatives?  Did God really bury them alive or was the anointing in them swallowed up by the earthen personality?  I declare to you God did not bury them alive, but that the mind of God that they had received on Mt. Sinai, was swallowed up by the earthen personality.  They became carnal people, and somewhere along the line, they became separated from the encampment of the Israelites, and lived out their lives, and died natural deaths. 


Psalms 83:10.  Which perished at Endor: they became as dung for the earth.  The point I am making here, brethren, is the two personalities, your creative potential in God, and the personality of the earth.  Endor is the place where Saul went to seek a witch to conjure up Samuel for him.  Apparently, in Psalm 83:10, that city in Endor must have been known for its witchcraft; Which perished at Endor, they became as dung for the earth.  They became as fertilizer for the earth.  In other words, their spiritual creativity was given, to give existence to the earthen person.  I do not really know much about Endor.  I would be curious to know if that was a judgment for the witch bringing up Samuel or if it was something else.  I am going to see if I can find anything else about that. 


Genesis 4:10.  And he said, What hast thou done?  The voice of thy brother’s blood cried unto me from the ground.  Abel was not dead.  His creativity, his connection with God was severed, and his potential for spiritual creativity became overwhelmed by the lusts of the flesh, or the lusts of the earth, and he became a carnal person.  We know that Abel is the breath of life in the individual today. 


Numbers 16:33.  They, and all that appertained to them, went down alive into the pit, and the earth closed upon them: and they perished from among the congregation.  They did not die, brethren.  I looked up the word perished.  It is in the Old Testament.  It is a Hebrew word in Strong’s Concordance, #6; Abad; meaning they perished.  The word for death in Hebrew is muwth or mooth.  Perished is not a word that means death.  It is a primitive root, properly to wander away, to lose oneself, by implication to perish.  They lost the mind of God.  They became carnal people and they wandered away from the congregation.  First they wandered away in their mind, and then they separated out.  Brethren, I know some people that are being called to a deeper spiritual walk.  Initially, it is very difficult for a carnal person to be called to a spiritual walk.  We are so tied to the satisfactions of this world, that God literally has to rip us away from the satisfactions of this world until we come to the place where we are satisfied by the spiritual life.


I have lived through this, brethren.  I wish that it was not true.  I wish that there was an easier way, but there does not seem to be an easier way.  When God calls us to come closer to Him, which means to become more spiritual, we are not willing to give up the satisfactions that we are tied to in this world, so He removes them from us.  The things in this world that satisfy, that make us feel good about ourselves, and then at some point, when you are at the point of desperation, you start to understand that the things that God has placed in your life, are very satisfying.  They are not what your mind wants.  They are not what your mind has conjured up for yourself.  It is not the life that you thought for yourself that would make you at peace with yourself, that would make you acceptable to your society.  It is not anything like that at all.  It is a relationship with Him, and the people that have his nature, and more often than not, the people that have his nature are not the people that you would ever choose to be close to.  It is not that there is anything wrong with them, but when you were in your carnal mind, you would never have chosen those people to be your friends.


It requires a great deal of compromising, if that is the right word.  It takes a change of thinking.  I remember when I had to come to the place where I had to decide, would I pursue the things of life that satisfied my original thought of who I was, and what I was supposed to be in life, or would I pursue a lifestyle that would satisfy the spirit in me.  When I pursued this lifestyle that satisfied the spirit in me, I looked around and my outer life, not only was it nothing at all like what I would have planned for myself, but my outer life was something that made worldly people not respect me.  Worldly people could not see the richness in my life.  All that they could see was that my lifestyle, you might say, of a poor person.  That bothered me for a long time.  Today I am glad for what I have, and if they do not like it, that is too bad, but it has taken me a long time to come to this, and I have more today than I had then.


Brethren, it killed me when I had to wear used clothes.  Now maybe there are people here that it does not bother them, but I am telling you that it killed me that my clothing was all used clothing.  It was really painful to me.  That is the way it goes, brethren.  That is what it is, and that was just for a season.  If you want to wear used clothing today, that is okay, but it was not my thing, and it hurt me.  Then God delivered me from that.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with it, if that is what you do today, but it hurt me.  God has to rip us from these things because it appears that we cannot appreciate the richness of the spiritual life while we are clinging to our carnal ideas of success in this life.   My understanding is that when the separation from the carnal ideas of success in this life are satisfactory enough, then you stand a good chance of God giving them back to you, and then you could have both.  You can have the spiritual prosperity that a spiritual life gives you, plus some of the other blessings of this world.


As you all know, I am still waiting for my house.  I do not know what is going to happen.  Every day it matters less and less to me, other than the practical reality of that I am very crowded here.  That is the bottom line, brethren.  That is what the pain is.  God wants to draw us unto Himself, and give us this rich spiritual life, and we are so bound to the things of this world in our mind, and in our emotions, that He has to rip us apart.  That was what Jesus was talking about when he said, if I put a patch on an old garment, if I put the patch of my life on an old garment, it is going to rip that old garment.  They are going to fight against each other.  Anyway, enough of that.  I do not know how else to explain it to you, brethren.  You just have to go through.  There is no easy way.  That was for one person obviously.


We are looking at the word perished.  We are continuing with verse 18 in our work up of words.  And thus saith the Adonai.  Jehovah is God.  Lord is Adonai.  God is Jehovah, which is unusual, and the prefixes are widows, and spirituality, lamed and mem.  Then we have to repair, in square brackets, which I added in.  We are dealing with pillows now.  That is what came before and we already dealt with that.  The Hebrew word translated as pillows is Strong’s #3704.  It is a feminine noun, indicating a wrist band.  It describes a band, some kind of wrist band for religious magical purposes.  That is in Ezekiel 13:18 and 20; magical purposes.  The roots of this tefillin or this phylactery is that it was used for magical purposes.  It is the spiritual widows that are trying to repair their separation from God in their own power through magical bands. 


This is my comment.  Armholes is a translation of two Hebrew words.  The first word means knuckle, and the second word means right hand.  The armhole is Strong’s #679 means knuckle.  That tefillin goes right up to the knuckle of the middle finger, and it wraps around the whole hand all the way up the arm, until it is across from the heart center.  Now there are two words translated armhole.  The first one is knuckle and the second one is hand; the open hand.  Somehow in my mind, in Part 1 of this message, I thought it was strapped to the right hand, but it is the open hand of blessing as opposed to the left hand of judgment.  Ezekiel says that it is the right hand, but the Jews have it strapped to the left hand.  I think what it means is that when you bind up the left hand of judgment, then the right hand of mercy opens.  In any event, it is bound on the left hand.  We are still working on this verse. 


The word kerchief is Strong’s is #4555.  It really means a veil, a covering.  Now this is really important.  It indicates an identifying covering placed on persons marked for some specific purpose.  That is translated into the band on the head with the little box that goes over the third eye.  It is a covering that identifies you.  Somebody walking around with a band on their head, and a little box on their head, it identifies them, today anyway, as an Orthodox Jew that is putting on tefillin.  They would not be walking around with it of course.


I remember reading in the newspaper, within the last couple of years, that a couple of Orthodox Jews tried to do this on an airplane, and they were asked to take it off.  People got upset.  Now they are supposed to put it on every morning with their morning prayers.  I do not really have an opinion about that.  I have not really thought about this in terms of an opinion, but I think that it alarmed people.  I do not know right or wrong.  I do not know if they were saying their prayers out loud, or whether they just put it on their head, and they were just quietly praying.  I do not know, but people got upset, and I think they were asked to remove it.  I just ask the Lord right now what he has to say about that.  I think, in general, if you are in a public place and you are doing something that upsets people, you should stop doing it.  That would be my general rule, although where do you draw the line?  If people get upset that you are reading the Bible, you should not have to stop reading the Bible.  I guess if they were sitting quietly in their seats, with that on their head, they should have been allowed to read.  We will see if the Lord says anything to me about that. 


We are still in the same verse.  We are dealing with the word kerchiefs.  Then it says, upon the head full.  The Hebrew word translated full can be translated every, which also can be translated whole.  Then the word physical height. Now Tom Horn says this has to do with giants, but I do not think it has anything to do with giants.  It is talking about full stature.  The word stature is actually there.  Height of stature, I think it says. My comment is full stature in the Old Testament.  This is interesting.  I found references to full stature in the Old Testament.  I was surprised to find references to that phrase, full stature in the Old Testament, because I only know if from the New Testament.  I think I must have had it here.  In Ephesians 4:13; Until we all come in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.  The phrase full stature became very popular in Pentecostal circles; unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.  I am not inclined to believe that the prophet was talking about giants here.  He was talking about spiritual stature. 


How do we count spiritual stature, brethren?  We count it in terms of the sefirot.  Let he who has wisdom count the number of the beast, and it is a number of a man, 666.  The six sefirot of the ten, which indicates the personality of the son, or of the man of sin.  Ezekiel 13:18, a head that produces full stature.  A head cover that produces full stature.  What does that mean?  A head cover that produces full stature is an opening, a gateway for a spirit to come down and join itself to the third eye of the man wearing the head covering.  Full stature, brethren, is the Lord Jesus Christ married to Christ Jesus in you.  Full stature, the stature that Jesus Christ attained to, to that of a whole man, because we are not a whole man. Even with Christ Jesus in us, we are not a whole man.  When Christ Jesus, in us, is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, who represents the whole God World of Atzilut, we attain to the fullness of the stature of a whole spiritual man.  They put this band on their head with this little box, with sacred writings in it, and they say their prayers, but the intent of it is that it is a magical band.  The intent of it is to draw down unto that man a spirit that will complete the human being that is doing this.  How many of these young men, that are putting on tefillin, know what that represents?  I do not think very many.  They do not know what they are doing.  They do not know what it means and they are not being told. 


1 Samuel 28:19 in the King James.  Moreover the Lord will also deliver Israel into the hand of the Philistines: and tomorrow shalt thou and thy sons be with me: the Lord also shall deliver the host of Israel into the hand of the Philistines.  Now that is what Samuel is saying to Saul in removing his kingship from him.  That is a horrible thing.  Verse 20; Then Saul fell straightway all along on the earth.  He fell down.  He was horrified.  Samuel said to him, the Lord also shall deliver the host of Israel into the hand of the Philistines.  That is some prophecy.  Then Saul fell straightway all along on the earth, and was sore afraid, because of the words of Samuel: and there was no strength in him; for he had eaten no bread all the day, nor all the night. 


Here is my alternate translation of 1 Samuel 28:20.  Then immediately Saul fell down from his kingly spiritual state of full stature into his earthen mind and was sore afraid because of the words of Samuel.  I wonder if that eateth no bread all day nor all night has to do with spiritual doctrine.  There was no strength in him for he had not eaten spiritual food.  Brethren, all of our strength is in this spiritual food of this divine doctrine.  He had not eaten spiritual bread, with knowledge, with revelation, in the daytime, nor had he read it in a parable form at night, and he had no strength. 


Continuing with our study in Ezekiel 13:18.  This is just a repeat in case you need to make reference to it.  We are now up to the word hunt.  It is Strong’s #6679, a verb meaning to hunt, to hunt down, to ensnare.   It describes hunting animals for food.  It can also mean to take as provisions.  It includes birds.  I underlined that.  It includes hunting for birds.  Now the seed of Tevunah in us is considered a small bird or a sparrow.  We recently had that teaching.  The people that do this are hunting for the seeds of Tevunah.  They are hunting for the spiritual potential in the man, and they are seeking to find that spiritual potential, and join it to another spirit from outside of that person.  They may be seeking to join that person to their religious community.  They may be seeking to join that person to themselves, or to the rabbi, or they may think they are joining that person to Jehovah.  There are all different motives involved.  The bottom line is this, to put on this tefillin or this phylactery is to invite spiritual life to join itself to you.  It actually seeks out spiritual life to join itself to you.  How absolutely dangerous for the person that does not know what they are doing. 


When I first started studying Kabbalah, I was looking for a teacher to teach me the Tree of Life.  I do not know whether it was on the internet at that time, and I could not find it, because things change.  I could not seem to find a rabbi that was even versed enough in the deep Kabbalah that the Lord had introduced me to.  If it was on the internet at that time, I could not find it.  Now there are multiple teachers teaching deep Kabbalah on the internet.  I cannot even keep up with them all.  Actually I went to Kabbalah.com, which I do not believe is of God.  Most legitimate Jewish sources will tell you they are not of God.  They will teach Kabbalah to anybody with no requirements or restrictions whatsoever.  I contacted them not knowing that they were not Kosher.  God told me to stay with the rabbis, and to stay with the Kosher Kabbalah.  I contacted them and spoke to somebody there.  He started praying towards me.  I had decided against it.  I think he wanted too much money at the time.  Who knows?  I decided not to pursue it because it was too much money that he wanted, and I did not have the money at the time, but it was more than that.  God did not want me to do it. 


I actually perceived his prayers hunting me, hunting the sparrow in me, to bring me into that fold of that Kabbalah.com.  I prayed about it, and then one day I just settled down and I rebuked him.  I bound and I loosed, and it stopped.  What do I think happened?  I think he heard my prayer just like I heard him.  He must have said this person is not someone to be hunted, and I think I will look elsewhere.  As soon as he received a spiritual response from me, he gave up on it.  That is my opinion.  He was praying I would come under him.  He wanted to hunt my soul, and join me to his soul, that he should be my mentor, and that I should come in as a part of his organization.  Was he praying an ungodly prayer?  I perceived at the time that he was because I felt the pull on me.  If I was not who I was in Christ Jesus, I probably would have obeyed him.  It was not just that he was praying, Lord, if it is your will, bring her in.  There was a definite drawing, a pressure on me, to come to him.  To me that is witchcraft.


We see men suggesting to other men to put on tefillin, and their motives are to join them to Judaism.  The most altruistic example I can think of, or possibility that I can think of, is that they are trying to get these secular Jewish men to be Jewish again, but then you have to look further because their concept of being Jewish again is to be Orthodox.  It is to join their organization which is teaching the rebuilding of the temple and the re-institution of the sacrifices, and the rulership of the world, and the execution of everyone that worships a polygamous God, including the Christians.  It is primarily the Christians.  What I see operating there is a lust for vengeance, persecution primarily against Catholics.  Although I know Luther was anti-Semitic, but I do not know that he did anything about it.  Brethren, if you want to be anti-Semitic, you can be anti-Semitic, but when you start killing us, that is a problem.  When you start taking our property or denying us rights, that is a whole different issue.  In most instances, it was the Catholic Church or Catholics that did that. 


That is how I see it, as a lust for vengeance against what was done to them. If you stop to think about it, that is the teaching of the Old Testament.  That is what they are going under.  Destroy your enemies and never forget Amalekite? He is going to appear in every generation and he is your deadly enemy.  Kill your enemies.  That is what I see manifesting in this move to make Christianity illegal, and identify it as an idolatrous religion, a false religion, and to execute everybody that will not give it up.  I see it as a lust for vengeance against all of the Jews that were killed.  God help the ones that want to do it.  May they never be able to implement it.  May God have mercy on their souls that they have such a plan, and keeping it such a secret. 


Here is my comment.  The next two Hebrew words shown in the Interlinear text as, will ye save, and alive that come unto you.  They are translated in the King James Version as, will you save the souls alive that come unto you?  The problem is that the same Strong’s number is assigned to both of these Hebrew words in the Interlinear Transliterated Bible.  Let me read it for you again.  The next two Hebrew words shown in the Interlinear text as, will ye save. That is a translation of one Hebrew word, will ye save?  The next Hebrew word is translated alive that come unto you.  Will ye save, and alive that come unto you. In the Interlinear text it is the same Strong’s number, but two different Hebrew words.  The problem is that the same Strong’s number is assigned to both of these Hebrew words in the Interlinear Transliterated Bible, which is the interlinear text available to me through my Bible soft program.  Even though the two Hebrew words above the Strong’s numbers are completely different words, different Hebrew letters, the same Strong’s number is attributed to each of them.


I use the Bible soft Interlinear Transliterated Bible.  This is my online program.  I rarely use books anymore, but I wanted to see what the problem was.  I have a hard copy book of Green’s Interlinear text, and I looked up that scripture in there, and found the same Hebrew word that is translated will ye save in the Bible soft interlinear, but there is no Strong’s number attributed to it.  In other words, what I am saying, and I do not know how clear this is.  There are two Hebrew words.  One is translated will ye save and the other is translated will you save the souls alive that come unto you.  The word that is translated will you save the souls alive that come unto you, that is a correct translation.  It is the word chayah, which means life.  The translators expanded it.  It means life.  They are saying will you save the souls alive that come unto you?  That is how they built out the word life.  The word next to it that is translated, will you save, is a different Hebrew word in Strong’s. 


In my Bible software program it has the same number as the word that says, will you save the souls alive.  Different Hebrew letters, but the same number.  In Green’s Interlinear text the second word that is translated will you save has no number, so there is a problem with this word.  In one Interlinear text it has no Strong’s number, and in the other Interlinear text it has the same number as the next word which means life, but it is a different word.  It is not a mistake now.  I found it in two different Interlinear texts.  There is some problem there that the translators either do not know how or do not want to translate it comfortably.  By the grace of God, I can read Hebrew letters, and I looked up the word in my Gesengus  Lexicon, which is a book, which is not online.  Let me just read what I have here.  It will be easier for me to explain by reading my own notes.  In other words, the Green Interlinear shows no Strong’s number at all, and the Bible soft interlinear applies the same number as the following word.  Green translates the word, for your selves.  He translates the word, but he does not have a Strong’s number.  Green translates it for yourselves and Bible soft translates it, will you save.


I looked up the word, which is spelled with the Hebrew letters, LKNH, and the transliterated spelling in my Bible soft program is LKNH.  I could not find it in the Strong’s lexicon, so I surmise that the L might be a prefix, meaning lamed, meaning widow.  I looked up the word KNH.  I found a word with those Hebrew letters, but with different vowels, which is no problem for me.  I have talked to you about vowels many times.  The original Scripture had no vowels.  That is up to the discretion of the scribes to put in the vowels, so I have no problem when the vowels are different.  Vowels are easily changed or misunderstood in the Hebrew language.  In other words, some scribe did not think such a word was possible, so he changed the vowels.  The word is Strong’s #3655 and it means to be adorned with a title, to give honor to.  However, it could also mean to flatter as it is used in Job 32:22; For I know not to give flattering titles, in so doing my maker would  soon take me away.  We are not to flatter our leaders or our teachers by giving them titles for the purpose of flattering them. 


I know for years I did not want to take the title of Pastor, but I found that the brethren were stumbling over me.  They really needed to be able to call me that in order to give me the proper respect.  That is the only reason I take the title Pastor.  I tried for years not wanting to take it on, but it is necessary, at least for the spiritual state that we all are in now.  I do take that title now.  I know my motive is right.  Everything is motive, brethren.  I do not need to be flattered by men.  Actually, I keep myself very small, outside of the ministry.  I do not use the title outside of the ministry, except maybe to buy something sometimes, but I rarely use the title outside of the ministry.  We see that this word is a mystery because the translators did not know how to fit this word in, but the word means to flatter.


 Ezekiel is talking about flattering.  He is associating flattery with the use of witchcraft.  He is saying that these leaders that are influencing the man, particularly young men, to strap on this tefillin, that they really want to be looked up to as leaders.  They want to join the souls of these young men to their souls.  They want to make disciples unto themselves.  They want to build their ministries, and they want to be flattered.  They want to be using these people that they are supposed to be teaching, and helping to point to God.  The true motives of these teachers, in this case with Ezekiel, with these rabbis, is that they really wanted to make disciples unto themselves so that they can receive the praises of men.


That brings us into a very interesting place with regard to principles that we are taught in the New Testament.  We just found out that that mysterious word in Ezekiel that has no Strong’s number to it can be translated to flatter.  Likewise, this appellation or this meaning of the word is not only given to the Pharisees in the New Testament, the word is found specifically in connection with the word phylacteries, which means tefillin, which is what Ezekiel 13:18 is all about.  In case I did not make it clear to you, those phylacteries, and that word knuckle and hand, where the straps wrap around this middle finger, right up to the knuckle, and goes right up the arm can be translated flattery.  We see that the mysterious word that can be translated flattery is found in the very same verse in the New Testament as the word phylacteries, which is the Greek word for tefillin. 


Matthew 23 verses 5 thru 7.  But all their works they do for to be seen of men.  They make broad their phylacteries and enlarge the borders of their garment, and love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues, and greetings in the markets, and to be called of men rabbi, rabbi.  I did an alternate translation on those verses.  At the time I was so excited finding out all of this information here, that I could not resist doing an alternate translation on verse 5 of Matthew 23.  But all their works they do for to be seen of men.  They make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments.  The Greek word translated to be seen is Strong’s #2300 and it means to look closely at, to perceive, to visit.  I suggest to you that the Pharisees did not desire to be seen by the common people, which is what is taught in the churches.  That was what was taught to me.  They desired to be seen and visited by Adam. 


Brethren, they were looking for the same thing that they are looking for when they put their head band on them and the box, that a higher being should come down and join himself to them, and make them whole and complete.  They were seeking Adam, the higher Adam, to come down and join himself to them.  They wanted to be seen by the spiritual world.  It sort of lines up with what I say about the election.  The ones who are elected are those who are making a lot of noise down here, that spiritual life should recognize them.  The rabbis desired to be seen and visited by Adam.  This Greek word translated men is Strong’s #444.  They wanted revelation, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, so that they could rule over the common people.  The Scripture says to be seen of men.  The Greek word translated men is Strong’s #444 which suggests Adam in full stature.  I think that is a wrong choice of words.  It is not in full stature.  It suggests the fullness of Christ Jesus in the individual, or the fullness of the regenerated Adam, the regenerated female adam, in the individual.  They were spiritually mature, for a man in his fallen state.


My understanding is the greatest degree of spiritual maturity that we can attain to as a fallen man is to have Christ Jesus fully formed in us, and then he becomes eligible to be joined to, or married to the Lord Jesus above, which gives him the full stature of adam below and Adam above.  These men had a mature regenerated female adam in them, and they were looking to be joined to by the higher Adam so that they could experience full stature.  The word is female.  I used to think that Strong’s #444 meant the complete fullness of Adam.  When I found out that the word was female, it was very surprising.  Today I understand that Christ Jesus in us is female, compared to the Son of God, who is in the God World of Atzilut, who is the male Adam.  Jesus said, I am the first and the last Adam.  He is both.  Christ Jesus in us is male to us.  He is our husband, but he is female to the Lord Jesus, who is coming to marry him, so the word is female. The word is female, so the Pharisees might have been seeking a higher soul within themselves.  They might have been seeking to build up the regenerated adam within themselves, which we would call, or they would have called the neshamah. 


The word is female, so the Pharisees might have been seeking a higher soul within themselves, the neshamah, for example.  There is no indication in these scriptures that the Pharisees desired any kind of spiritual experience.  They just wanted revelation knowledge, so that they could rule over the people.  What I am trying to tell you is that I could not tell from my study whether they were seeking to have what we would call the fullness of Christ Jesus in them, or they had the fullness of Christ Jesus in them, and they were seeking to be joined to the Son of God above.  My comment in my notes is this.  You have to realize I am under a heavy anointing when I am doing this research.  I could not find anything in the translation which indicated that they wanted spiritual ascension.  What they wanted was to set themselves above the other people.  The possibility is that all they were looking for was the fullness of the regenerated Adam, but in any event, their motive was not to be more spiritual.  It was to get revelation knowledge so that they could make themselves the rulers over the people, a very ungodly motive. 


To make Adam notice them, they opened up their hearts thoroughly.  That is a translation from the complete word study Bible.  That is a translation of they make broad to open their heart thoroughly.  They open their heart thoroughly, and made it evident that they had affection for him, for Adam, and that they desired that he visit them.  That is a Lexicon translation of they make broad.  For this reason, which is an untranslated word, they flatter themselves, believing that their phylacteries deliver them, and that is a translation of, to enlarge, who were the borders of his garments.  Brethren, we are the borders of the garment of Christ Jesus.  We are as far out from him.  We are his garment that is on the outside of him.  We are outer darkness to Christ Jesus in the midst of us.  What this alternate translation is saying, and that is not the full alternate translation there, is that their motive for putting this kerchief on their head, this band with this box on it, was that they were opening themselves fully, either to cause the female adam to be fully regenerated in them, or to call down the son of God to marry a fully regenerated female adam.   


I am not sure which they were doing, but the point is they were opening themselves fully.  That is the purpose of the phylacteries, to open themselves fully, to have another spirit fill them.  They are going around and encouraging all of these young men to put on tefillin.  I doubt very much that these young men have any idea of what they are opening themselves to at all.  They are making themselves as vulnerable as getting involved in the occult.  They are making themselves as vulnerable as watching horror movies, as watching these science fiction movies, that have a wrong spirit, that bring spirits into you.  We see the seduction to open human beings to spiritual possession is coming from multiple sources all across the western world, all the Christian world.  Open yourselves up and let them come on in from many different sources.  Those who are rejecting these demonic games, and trying to be religious by putting on tefillin, they are doing the same things.  They are opening themselves to the same things as they would be open to if they were playing these ungodly games, or seeing these ungodly movies, or reading about vampires, and everything else like that, and they think they are doing good. 


At least, we should warn young people that it is not a good idea to be watching movies about vampires marrying young women, and all of these seductive methods that are out there, videos and movies.  At least they can look at it, and say maybe she is right about telling me that.  It is talking about demons, and showing ugly pictures of these demons.  Why would I even want the memory of them in my mind?  Now you try and tell all these young men that putting on tefillin is opening them to the same demonic source.  They are going to call you anti-Semitic.  That is what they are going to do.  They are going to call you anti-Semitic.  This is a much more serious seduction than the other ones, you see.  The Lord says, through the prophet Ezekiel, he is going to rip these phylacteries off of their arms.  I do not think that a spirit is going to come and physically rip it off of their arms.  What it means is that he is going to put a stop to it.  That is what he means, because brethren, you need to understand that this strap that is strapped to their arms, and strapped to their head, that is just a reflection of what is going on inside of their mind.  When they strap this to their arm, and they strap this to their head, something is happening to their mind.  Their mind is being bound to the men that are training them, and to the movement that these men are a part of.  They are becoming bound to an organization, which has a strong tradition that makes the traditions God, and cuts the young men off from the Spirit of God. 


Psalms 18:36.  Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet did not slip.  We are looking at other scriptures that use the Hebrew word translated enlarge.  We have it in English here.  Let me find it here.  I think to make broad means to enlarge.  In one of the translations, to make broad means enlarge.  It is the same word.  Sometimes in my Lexicons, even though it is a Greek Lexicon, it will tell me this is the equivalent of such and such a Hebrew word.  My research showed me that the Greek word translated to make broad is the equivalent, according to Gesengus, of the Hebrew word translated to enlarge.  Psalm 18:36 says, Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet did not slip.  The suggestion is deliverance.  When it says you have enlarged my steps, it means God is delivering you.  I never knew that until I did this study.  That is what it is suggesting.  It is suggesting deliverance.  You have enlarged  my steps.  The meaning is you have delivered me, that my feet do not slip.


Psalms 4:1.  Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: thou hast enlarged me.  (Thou hast delivered me.)  When I was in distress; have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer.


 Matthew 23:5 reads from the alternate translation; But everything they do is a performance to convince Adam of their affection for him, so that he might notice them, and visit them, and for this reason they flatter themselves believing that he will deliver them because they are the borders of his garment.  They are the human beings that carry him so they flatter themselves.


Brethren, do not flatter yourselves.  I do not flatter myself.  If I sin, God is going to swat me down just like he would swat down anybody else.  As a matter of fact, he will swat me down faster.  He will take care of me faster, if I sin, than anybody else, because I am his vessel for which he is reaching so many other people.                         


Matthew 23:6 in the King James Translation.  And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues.  That word love is phileo.  There is three different Greek words that are translated love.  Phileo is the love of friendship.  Agape is the love of God.  Eros is sexual love.  They are saying that they are the friend of Adam.  Now remember, Abraham was the friend of God.  They are saying that they are Adam’s friend.  They are the friend of the son of God.  They are special.  Now brethren, we say that we are the friends of God, and that we are the sons of God, but Jesus clearly taught us to keep our pride down.  What does that mean?  It means that you are a servant.  It does not mean that the people bow to you, although you certainly are entitled to respect, and honor, as we have discussed here many times.  By and large the position of being the friend of God puts you in a sacrificial position of ministering to people that do not know God.  Frequently, it puts you in a position of being abused by ignorant people that do not understand who you are, and do not understand that God has sent you to help them. 


You are to be honored by the people who recognize you, but it is a position of great humiliation, and potential for pain.  God sends you to minister to people that do not know who you are, and you have to have mercy on them, and not strike out at them.  They are claiming that they are the friend of Adam, who is the Son of God.  Let us see what else.  The translation of uppermost rooms is master of the house.  The word eat, we are translating, he shares.  I am sorry, feasts is a translation of eat.  I seem to have done this backwards somehow.  But they sit at the place, next to the master of the house, which is a translation of the uppermost room, and he shares doctrine.  Oh I see what I did.  I translated the Greek word translated feasts.  I do not know what I did here.  The uppermost rooms at the feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues.  Okay, I see what I did.  The Greek word translated feasts means that he shares.  I do not know why I put that word eat in there.  And loves the uppermost rooms at feasts, and shares chief seats in the synagogues to share doctrine.  I guess I just translated that to eat.  I do not know why I did that.  The uppermost rooms is the master of the house, and he shares doctrine.  That is a translation of feasts.  Of course, I added the word doctrine in.  I guess somehow I translated that he shares to mean to eat, but I really do not know whether it was in the Lexicon or not.  That is what I did.  The Greek word translated feasts can be translated to eat.  Then I interpreted, to eat, to mean.  I am not going to say in my alternate translation that they are eating doctrine.  I changed the word eat to share because I am suggesting to you that the Greek word translated feasts means that they are feasting on doctrine.  I am going to change eating to share because I do not want to put that they ate doctrine in my alternate translation.  Everybody okay here?  And recognizes their public service.  Chief seats is translated to be recognized for their public service.  An alternate translation of verse 6 is; his friend.  They believe he is their friend, and that he recognizes their public service in the synagogues, and gives them a place of honor next to the master of the house, which would be God, by sharing doctrine with them.  They are saying, because they have this revelation, it means that they are the friend of God like Abraham was, and they have this high position in the synagogues because God is so close to them that he gives them his revelation, and that therefore they are this close to God, and they should be considered God in the synagogues.  That is pretty much what they are saying here. 


Matthew 23:7 in the King James Translation.  And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi.  The word markets we are translating the place of assembly.  Men is Adam.  I do not know why the King James translators said Rabbi twice, because it only says rabbi once in the Scripture.  The Greek word translated greet we are translating the people that should address them at their assemblies.  There is an untranslated word there, below, and man is Adam.


This is the final alternate translation, brethren, of Matthew 23 verses 5 thru 7.


Let everything they do is a performance to convince Adam of their affection for him, so that he might notice them, and visit them, and for this reason they flatter themselves believing that their phylacteries make them his friend, and that he will deliver them because they are the edge of his garment.  And that he recognizes their public service by sharing doctrine with them, which gives them a place of honor next to the master of the house in the synagogues.  And for this reason the people should address them at their assemblies as men who are under Adam and call them Rabbi, teacher. 


The truth is that Jesus is the only teacher.  Christ Jesus teaching through me is the teacher.  You see, it gets very hairy, brethren, because it all depends on the motives of the teachers.  You need to give honor and respect to your teachers, but when your teacher starts saying, or their motives start making themselves great ones, then they get into trouble with God.  It is a very hairy situation to draw that line between honoring your teachers and respecting them, and the teachers making themselves God over the people.  It all has to do with motives.  Everything has to do with motive.  I do not know how to explain it any better.  I will read it again. 


Let everything they do.  See, their motives.  Everything they do is a performance to convince Adam of their affection for him.  They do not love the people.  They are not concerned about the people.  They are not laying their lives down for the sheep.  Everything they are doing is a performance to convince Adam of their affection for him, so that Adam, (in our case, we would be saying Christ Jesus) might notice them and visit them, and for this reason they flatter themselves, believing that their phylacteries make them his friend, and that he will deliver them because they are the edge of his garment.  And that he recognizes their public service by sharing doctrine with them, which gives them a place of honor next to the master of the house, which is God, in the synagogues.  For this reason the people should address them at their assemblies as men who are under Adam, or under Christ Jesus, and call them rabbis. 


We see that their understanding of God’s motive is wrong, thinking that God would recognize them for their public service by sharing doctrine with them.  God does not give me doctrine as a recognition of my public service.  Maybe they are both equal.  I do not know which comes first.  God gives me doctrine because He has promised me that when I serve Him with all of my strength, I will never be lacking bread.  He gives it to me for me.  Then He gives it to me so that I can give it to you, because He wants you all educated.  He wants you to have the same experience that I am having.  He wants to be as close to you as He is to me, to give you doctrine.  God is not acknowledging my public service because the truth is I would have no public service if He did not give me the public service.  There would be no public service if he was not giving me this revelation.  They are completely misrepresenting God in their thinking.


Everything they do, their motive is completely wrong, as to attract his attention, and convince him of their affection for him.  We spoke about this earlier.  This is how we show God our affection for him.  We are told very clearly in the New Testament, and even in the Old Testament, that true religion is service and mercy to the widows, and to the orphans.  We do not have to be doing things so God will notice us.  God loved us before we loved Him.  God seeks us out, and calls us to ministry before we seek Him.  They are putting the whole power of control on themselves.  It is like saying God is my co-pilot.  It is saying because we strap on this tefillin, God is going to visit us.  It does not work like that.  God is attracted to confession of sin and true repentance, and a true and willing heart to seek Him for whatever He wants.  He wants us to seek Him for himself.  They are seeking him for a motive.  They want him to notice them, and to visit them, so that he will give them revelation. 


It is the same thing in the New Testament, saying the people just wanted Jesus for the loaves and the fishes.  They come and they go.  If you want to endure with a relationship with Jesus, you need to love him for himself.  You need to love his righteousness.  You need to love him for him, and then everything else follows through.  They had personal motives.  They wanted to convince him of their affection.  Why would you have to convince God of your affection by doing any kind of works?  The only work that there is, which is not a work, is a willing heart, a repentant heart, a heart willing to confess their sins, to do anything that God wants to do through you.  They are hoping to convince him of their affection, to trick God.  Why would you have to convince God of your affection?  It is because you do not have any true affection, and your motive is evil, and trick God, more or less into visiting them.  For this reason, because he does visit them, or at least they think he does, they flatter themselves believing that their tefillin make him their friend. 


They think that they have an in with God because of this device that they strap on their arm, and because they strap it on their arm, that he will deliver them because they are the edge of his garment.  Because they have sewn this device to themselves, and that makes them the edge of his garment, and that he recognizes their public service by sharing doctrine with them.  I do not really know if God was giving them doctrine in those days or not.  I really do not know, but if he was, his motive was not to benefit the Pharisees.  It was to benefit the people.  Which give them a place of honor because they have revelation.  They have a place of honor next to the master of the house in the synagogues.  That is true.  I bring forth this revelation.  I do have a place of honor, but not with the wrong motive.  I will lose it in a second, as fast as anybody else, faster, if I started to be lifted up in pride like this.  The people should address them at their assemblies as men who are under Adam, and call them teacher.  Does anybody have any questions about that alternate translation?  It is very ugly. 


Matthew 14:36 from the King James Translation.  And besought him that they might only touch the hem of his garment: and as many as touched were made perfectly whole.  Jesus was the hem of the garment of the Lamb of God that was inside of him, the holy child that was inside of him.  The man, Jesus, was the garment that contained the Son of God.  We see here that the people were seeking to touch him, that they might be made perfectly whole.  I am not really sure why I put this in.  I put this in to show you what the hem of his garment was, or what the edge of his garment was.  They were claiming that they were the representatives of Christ, but we see here something else.  I do not know how the Lord wants me to say this.  We have been told that this message is the sign.  Jehovah sent Moses with two signs to the elders of Israel, and that the signs were this message, the doctrine of Christ, and the divine doctrine.  That was to the elders.  The message goes to the elders, to the common people, and the sign is healing.  He besought them that they might only touch the hem of his garment, and as many as touched were made perfectly whole. 


Brethren, that is not a physical touching.  As many, as your spirit touches the Spirit of Christ Jesus, you will become perfectly whole.  You are healed eventually.  You are healed of your infirmities, and your mind and your soul is healed.  Healing is the sign that you are his garment.  They said that they were his garment.  I am telling you that the sign that you are his garment is that people get healed when they are associated with you.  It has nothing to do with revelation.  Revelation knowledge is something else.  Revelation knowledge is what plants the seed in you.  I am not sure that I got that right.  I am not sure what the Lord is wanting to say.  Let me give it another minute, and if I cannot come up something better, we will just go on.  I do not know whether their revelation was of God or not, but because they had this revelation knowledge, they wanted to be considered as next to God, and to be called teacher.  I put this verse in just to clarify the edge of his garment.  We are the edge.  We are the garment that covers the son of God in the midst of us.  I think I am going to just leave it at that right now because I went a little further than my intention when I wrote this, and I am not sure what I am saying, so I am going to go on.


I cannot let it go, so let me try one more time. He recognizes their public service by sharing doctrine with them.  Because they have doctrine, they believe it gives them a place of honor to sit next to the master of the house in the synagogues, and that they should be called teacher.  This may be just two completely different thoughts.  I am just going to let that go.  Continuing with Ezekiel 13:18 from the King James.  And say, Thus saith the Lord God; Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature to hunt souls! Will ye hunt the souls of my people, and will ye save the souls alive that come unto you?  I have just repeated our previous research here to bring you sort of up to date with it. 


Here I have an alternate translation for Ezekiel 13:18.  And thus says Adonai Jehovah, the son of God within Ezekiel.  Woe to the spiritual widows who complete themselves with magical bands sewn to the knuckles of their right hand.  See, that was why I was saying right hand.  I wonder what that means, that it is their right hand, but they wear it on their left hand?  I do not know what to say about that.  Thus saith Adonai Jehovah, Woe to the spiritual widows who complete themselves with magical bands sewn to the knuckles.  Oh, I think they are saying that they believe that that tefillin sews them to the right hand of God, to the blessings of God.  It is not their right hand.  Thus says Adonai Jehovah, woe to the spiritual widows who complete themselves with magical bands sewn to their knuckles, or who join them to the right hand of God.  Thus says Adonai Jehovah, woe to the spiritual widows, who complete themselves by joining themselves to the right hand of God with magical bands sewn to their knuckles, and flatter themselves thinking that they have life, while their carnal minds hunts Jehovah’s widowed people, and the Serpent hunts their widowed souls in the world of souls.  That was so powerful.  I am going to read that to you again.


Thus says Adonai Jehovah, woe to the spiritual widows who complete themselves by joining themselves to the right hand of God with magical bands sewn to their knuckles, and flatter themselves thinking that they have life while their carnal minds hunt Jehovah’s widowed people, and while they are hunting Jehovah’s widowed people, they think that they have life, but the Serpent hunts their widowed souls in the world of souls.  They are hunting Jehovah’s widowed people in this world, and while they are doing it in this world, the Serpent is hunting their souls in the spiritual world because they think they have life, but they do not have life.  They are doing it by an unclean spirit.  Does anyone not understand that?  I am going to read it one more time.


Ezekiel 13:18; Alternate Translation.  Thus says Adonai Jehovah, woe to the spiritual widows who try to complete themselves by sewing themselves to the right hand of Jehovah with magical bands sewn to their knuckles, and flatter themselves thinking that they have life while their carnal minds hunt Jehovah’s widowed people.  But they not only do not have life, the spirit by which they are hunting Jehovah’s people, is hunting them.  The Serpent hunts their widowed souls in the world of souls.  What they are doing is the natural is being done to them in the spiritual.  At that point, I got this whole teaching, brethren, after listening to about ten or fifteen minutes of Tom Horn speaking about Bacchus.  On Part 1 of this message, we talked a lot about Bacchus, which is the Roman name for the Roman god Dionysus.  Dionysus is the Greek name.  I do not know why I left this in.  Baccae meaning sacred vessels and soul prison.  This was the research that Tom Horn did when he looked up that little box. 


He made no reference whatsoever to this being tefillin or phylacteries.  That was something that God gave me.  He found representations of this in the pagan world.  He said every time he found a representation of this head band with a box on it, it was shown with a serpent or a snake kicking the lid open.  This was what Tom Horn found.  This representation of what we are calling the tefillin, he never got that revelation that it was the tefillin.  It was depicted in the pagan world as a snake peering out through the lid.  I believe that is the Serpent in the individual going out through that gateway seeking help from the spirit.  We have had teaching like that, that Cain inside of us is seeking help from a serpentine spirit from a higher world to bring that person into full stature, to bring the man of sin into existence, and join the man of sin to the Serpent above to make them an Nephelium, a giant, someone with power in this world.  The pagan world shows what we now recognize to be the tefillin. 


Apparently, no one had recognized this to be the tefillin.  Maybe the most mature rabbis have recognized that Ezekiel 13:18 is talking about the tefillin. They are not telling anybody because they are convinced that they are attracting the right spirit, although I believe, at least in the inner circle, they have to know that devices like this are pagan.  They would not call them tefillin, but the devices that are actually tefillin, have been used by the pagan world.  I do not know whether the Jews picked it up in Babylon, or whether it started in Babylon, or whether the pagan world acquired it from the Jews.  I do not know which is which, but in the pagan world it shows the serpent appearing out of the box, which means the spirituality of the fallen man is released through the wearing of this magical device.  It is the release of the powers within the individual.  The pagan world sees this device as a release of the spiritual powers within the individual. 


Some of us know that, with regards to kundalini.  That serpent begins at the base of your spine, and it does its best to ascend into your heart center, into your throat center, and into your third eye. The box is on your third eye, and through your third eye, outward to seek other spiritual powers to join with, to give that person power.  We see that through this tefillin, the Jews are playing a very dangerous game, assuming that they are connecting to Jehovah.  They are playing a very dangerous game. The pagan world has a similar device and the pagan world knows that it is serpentine.  All spiritual power apart from Jehovah is serpentine.  These are the images that Tom Horn saw in his research, a man enslaved around the limbs, or in the hair of the Bacchae women.  All of the images of the Bacchae women show men enslaved, either bound around their limbs or caught up in the hair of the Bacchae women.  Hair signifies spirit.


Brethren, I have experienced coming under somebody’s spiritual power.  It is no fun.  It is not a nice feeling when you feel that witchcraft coming on you from other people.  You need to break those powers right away.  Do not let it get a grip on you.  We see Bacchae is talking about the release from a soul prison.  It is interesting, but there are scriptures that talk about the angels that are buried under the earth.  They are going to rise again at the time of the judgment.  We are the earth that they are buried under.  Brethren, they are in our bodies.  They are in our blood.  They are in the fluids of the body, but they cannot overtake us if we lead a moral life and serve God.  Leading a moral life is very important.  Brethren, you do not have to be a Christian to have blessings in this life.  I cannot hit that home strongly enough.  If you want salvation, you need to have it through Jesus Christ, but there are Hindus and there are Muslims, and there are Buddhists who are blessed in this life.  Their children are healthy, and they are prospering, and a roof over their head, and enough food to eat.


At this stage, before Jesus calls you unto the service of Jehovah, you are leading a moral life, it puts you under a very positive position with regard to the sowing and reaping judgment.  If you get involved in this kind of a cult, you become bound in the hair, or in the spirit of these people practicing witchcraft.  There is white witchcraft in the world where different spirits fight with each another, but the only true deliverance from this kind of thing is through Jesus Christ.  Bacchae rituals, and some of them are called maenades, female followers of Dionysus, and it has to be related to birds.  I got all that from Tom Horn.  Of course, he is relating this to Ezekiel 13:18.  He is thinking that upon the head means giants.  He is talking about these magical bands twisted around the arms, and sometimes around the ankles of the images that are shown of the Bacchae women.  They are showing them bound and lying down, and then he talked about the pillows.  Now these men, Tom Horn and Steve Quayle, are two old deliverance guys.  Pillows are not really for sleep.  They have some kind of meaning and some kind of status.  I say no, they are in a trance.  They put you in a trance. 


When you come up against somebody like that and you feel yourself being controlled, you really need to cry out to Jesus.  I told you about my one experience.  It was really unsettling.  I thought I was going to help that young man.  He completely blacked me out.  I was taking him to an AA meeting, because he had asked me to accompany him, and he had tried to pit me against his sponsor for weeks, which I refused to do.  As we got out of the car in the parking lot, I could see the church ahead of me, multiple feet ahead of me.  I was walking with him, and the next thing I knew I was standing face to face with his sponsor.  My eyes had been closed.  I opened my eyes, and I was face to face with his sponsor, with a challenging look on my face.  It was something I had refused to do for weeks, to challenge his sponsor.  I blacked out for how many feet it was, from my house to the parking lot, and I had no recollection of walking those steps, or climbing up on the porch, and turning around and facing his sponsor.  That was pretty scary, so you need to flee. 


When I sought the Lord about how I could have avoided coming under that kind of power, the answer was you should have never been involved with it.  You should not take on any kind of warfare, or helping anybody that the Lord is not telling you to do that, because they are stronger than we are.  The Lord is not going to empower you if he did not send you into that ministry.  That was one hard lesson I learned, brethren.  I would not want to be in that spot again.  I just want to give you another testimony with that guy.  I was trying to help him one day.  I met him outside of the house at a 7-11 convenience store where they had seats.  I was ministering to him, and the anointing fell, only it was not the anointing of God.  It was so much like the anointing of God that I was confused in those days.  I did not think it was possible that there could be such a counterfeit.  I could not tell the difference.  I thought it was the anointing of God.  He was a worm, worming his way into this ministry.  I thank God that I escaped, and that we all escaped. 


My comment is it appears that the ancient Judeans were using this Bacchadion magic to try to resurrect their sleeping souls, and restore them to the supernatural powers of spiritual manhood.  Ezekiel warned them against this practice.  Please note that Ezekiel prophesied from captivity in Babylon, so the Judeans who were using this Bacchae magic were trying to escape from captivity in Babylon.  Perhaps this is why God is so clear in the Scripture telling the Judeans not to resist.  In other words, Jehovah knew that resistance for the Judeans meant that in the practice of magic.  J. Herman is an author mentioned by Tom Horn on the audio track that we are listening to today. 


We, at Christ Center Kabbalah, have received this revelation, which is about to result in the exposure of the true use of the tefillin used by Talmudic Orthodox Judaism today.  Now remember, this tefillin is based on Moses’ scripture, in Deuteronomy 11:18:  Moses telling the people to bind the word of God to your hand and to your forehead, but we do not have any reason to believe that Moses or the people under Moses had leather straps that they bound to their arms.  This is an interpretation of those scriptures that we see that came down from Maimonides and Talmudic Orthodox Judaism.  Talmudic Judaism is not Mosaic Judaism.  It is something that came into existence through the Pharisees, and it is a completely different religion than Moses’ Judaism.  I do not consider the Talmud a holy book.  There are things in the Talmud that I know are not of God.  There may be some good things in it.  I do not doubt that there are some good things in it, but there are things in it that completely disqualify it to have been inspired by God as the first five books of Moses were. 


As far as I know this is the end of this message, brethren.  I pray that it should do some good.  I believe God’s whole intention of bringing this message forth was to bring to the surface the danger of the spiritual consequences of using this tefillin that men who are using it should know what they are doing.  I am talking about the danger of the tefillin.  We are trying to help people to bring to the surface the knowledge that this tefillin actually opens you to spiritual powers, and that we would like it to be exposed.  However God is going to use this message, because it is being preached into the spirit.  He wants the people to understand.  He wants to educate the Jewish people that are really being lied to.  We did not translate the other verses here, but it talks about their leaders lying to the people.  I believe that the Jewish leaders are lying to the people.  They are not giving the people an honest chance to understand, as antisemitism rises in Europe again, to understand that they are under the judgments, because they do not even believe that you are subject to curses, let alone the curses of your ancestors. 


This was the first conflict that I had with the rabbi.  He tried to tell me that there is no such thing as family line curses, and I would not accept what he had to say.  I would not accept that.  I had a real struggle with him over that.  It was my first struggle, and to his credit, he backed down and did not fight with me.  I do not think I convinced him of anything.  He just decided not to fight with me.  I believe that the leaders are lying to the Jewish people.  There is a lot that the people do not understand.  They do not have a clue.  Many of them are involved in the occult today.  There is no education.  The education that is going on is scriptural education.  My understanding of the rabbis is that it is their hope that the people that come to the Bible classes, that their spirit will be awakened, and they will start following God.  They are just fighting on one side.  They are giving them the positive, but they are not giving them any information about the negative at all, hardly anything.  I think in four years I heard something like you should not gossip.  On the occasions that he said something that might touch on some insight, I saw the faces of the people.  They were really interested, and he did not follow through on it. 


I want to pray for the Jewish people today.  I want to pray for the Christians too, because there is no truth coming forth in the Christian church today either.  The people are being lied to, and told that God is their Santa Claus, and He is here to give them a blessing, and to meet all of their needs.  Actually, I heard this from Tom Horn on recent DVD’s that I have been listening to.  Women are leaving the Christian church in droves, and going to Wiccan.  To me that is similar to Jews going to Buddhism.  They are looking for spirituality.  The church is just not meeting their needs.  That is really tragic that they are going from the Christian church to Wiccan. 


I want to pray for everybody, but mostly for God’s people in the Christian churches and in the synagogues.  The only prayer I could pray for people that are neither in the Christian churches or in the synagogues is that God touches their lives, because they are untouched.  For the people that are looking for spirituality, that are looking for God, and do not understand that there is a Godly and an ungodly spirituality, I pray, Lord, for your great mercy upon them, that somehow you get the word to them, that you touch them, Lord, and bring them into righteous spirituality.  The only answer that I could see is a repentance rising up amongst the leaders.  How do you accommodate all of these people?  You have churches and synagogues all over the world, certainly in the western world, places and oases for people to go to for spiritual rest, and there is no water there, Lord.  I cannot see any answer other than the spirit of repentance falling on all of these churches.


Where are the people going to go, Lord, unless you do it in a way that they can hear from you in their own homes.  However you are going to do it, Lord, we pray for mercy on these people that do not have the information.  The people that have the information and choose to go another way, they are going to reap what they sow.  But the people that do not have the information, Lord, I cry out for them, Father, that they should at least get the information  to them.  Easter Sunday is this Sunday, is it not, or has it past?  Shows you how much I celebrate Easter of Passover.  All of these people that are celebrating pagan holidays, and all of these Christian leaders telling them that it is okay to do it.  They are believing their leaders, Lord.  We pray that the bands and the chains should be broken off of the people that do not know the truth, Lord.  Break the chains off of their minds that the information should get to them, Lord, and that they should believe that they might be saved.  May they believe the truth that they might be saved in Jesus’ name.  Amen. 


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