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The video has been cancelled.  The Lord has moved on.  I will just say this briefly.  If you would like to follow up on the subjects that we were supposed to be seeing videos on today, about the last pope, and the Vatican welcoming aliens as these extra-terrestrial saviors, there are many videos on YouTube if you want to follow up on it yourself.  We have a very incredible message this morning.  It absolutely blew me away when the Lord gave me this message.  I am not sure how to begin, so I am going to start with a prayer. 


Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank you Lord for the privilege of being your mouthpiece, for truth in this corrupt world that is about to be destroyed.  We thank you for the privilege of hearing this word, and we pray that you have great mercy on us, Lord, and help us to deal adequately with our sin nature, that we be not destroyed, that we dare to come so close to the presence of the mind of God and His truth.  I pray for everybody here, Lord, that you have great mercy on the ignorance that is in this ministry, including myself, that we should hear your voice, and follow your instructions that we are not burnt up by the sun that we are flying into.  We are flying into the sun, and it will consume us, if we continue to agree with our carnal mind, rather than with your righteousness.  I am asking you, Lord, to please help me bring this message forward, because we are pulling together from multiple directions.  I pray that you show up, Lord, that you who gave me this message, that you show up and that you preach it, because it is quite an incredible revelation.  We thank you, Father, again for the privilege in Jesus’ name.  Amen.


The name of the message is Tefillin and Bacchus.  For those of you that do not know what tefillin is, it is a leather strap.  This picture was e-mailed to you, but I did not print it out for everybody.  Do you see the leather strap on the Buddhist’s arm?  Here is a picture of a Jewish man with the strap on his right arm and another one on his head.  The New Testament calls the devices phylacteries.  I have two more pictures that I will show you.  This is just a picture of a group of Jewish men.  If you look closely you can see that they are all sitting there with this leather strap on their right arm and another strap on their head.  This is an image, which is not a natural hand.  I do not know what you would call it.  This leather strap, as you can see, wraps around the middle finger on the right hand.  It goes all the way up above the joint of the arm where the forearm meets the arm.  At the end of it is a little box, similar to this little box here.  This is the little box on the forehead covering the third eye.  This strap on the right hand has another box at the end of it, which is up here on the arm. 


I never thought very much of this.  We know that Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for their pride.  I do not know how far we are going to get today, but if we get to the main set of notes, where we are doing an alternate translation starting with  Ezekiel, Chapter 13 Verse 18, these enigmatic scriptures, which I have been fascinated with for years, where Ezekiel warns Israel.  He is speaking to Israel, and he warns them for making kerchiefs and making the souls of the people to fly in the following scriptures.  What fascinating verses.  It is amazing what is in those little verses.  I have a whole set of notes for you translating those little verses, giving all kinds of witnesses from other Old Testament scriptures, and we did an alternate translation of several scriptures in the New Testament, where Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for their pride, concerning their phylacteries, showing their religiousness outwardly. 


I worked for hours and hours translating that one verse.  I looked at it and I realized that I could not start the message that way.  The Lord gave me the end before He gave me the beginning.  I am starting by familiarizing you with tefillin called phylacteries in the New Testament.  I never really thought very much about it, but I guess I will tell you right up front.  Let me get you the English translation for that Ezekiel scripture.  Ezekiel 13:18; Thus saith the Lord God; Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature to hunt souls!  Will ye hunt the souls of my people, and will ye save the souls alive that come unto you?  What would you say if I told you what sewing pillows to all armholes really means?  It means this phylactery.  It is talking about the knuckles of the hand.  I do not see how any intellectually honest person cannot draw the conclusion, when I show you the work up of the verse, that this is what Ezekiel was talking about.


It is amazing to me because this Chabad movement, that we have a ministry to, they do not acknowledge us, or even know in any natural way that we have a ministry to them.  We have a ministry to this Chabad movement, and that ministry takes the form of recognizing their sins, because there is no hope for anyone who will not recognize their sins, or recognize that they have a potential for sin in any particular area.  We have a ministry to the Chabad movement, and here they are.  I know that there has been a big move for years amongst this movement to encourage Jewish men to put on tefillin.  I never had any idea that they were encouraging other spiritual disciplines to put on tefillin, but it should not surprise me because I understand, and I have shared with you, so I can say we understand your world.


The hard part for me is I just hate deception.  I just really have a problem with deception.  I hope that is a righteous quality.  I know it is a righteous quality in me, but if I get upset over it, that is my carnal mind picking up on the righteous quality.  They are not honest about what this Chabad movement believes.  They are not honest.


They think Jesus is Cain and evil, and they pray for his demise.  If you mention that to any person, Jewish or Christian, and they will tell you surely you are wrong, but it is true.  Two separate rabbis in two different synagogues told me the same thing.  The only reason they told it to me was because I am Jewish, and they are trying to bring me back into their Talmudic Judaism.  It is not the Judaism of Moses.  I know that it is true.  I got it first hand, straight from the horses’ mouth.  They think that they are called to rule the world, and as soon as they get the temple rebuilt, and start doing the sacrifices, and get their power back, they are going to be the caretakers of the world.  They are not looking to convert everybody to Judaism, but they have what they call the Noahide Laws, and this is what they are saying, that the rest of the world will be under the Noahide Laws. 


They are not Jews.  They do not have to keep the law.  They do not have to keep Kosher, and do all of the religious rituals that they do, but they have to obey the Noahide Laws.  You cannot obey the Noahide Law if you are a Christian, or if you are a Hindu.  There are different kinds of Buddhists.  Most Buddhists are known for saying I am god, but there are Buddhists that worship other deities.  If you worship more than one deity, you will be beheaded for idolatry by these saviors of the world.  Pardon the sarcasm.  I have got a problem with who they think they are.  How do I go forward with this?  I never thought very much of this tefillin.  I thought it was just a religious act.  It never interested me enough to even wonder where it came from.  Their religion, their Talmudic Judaism states that every man is required to put on tefillin.  I believe they are supposed to start with their bar mitzvah, or certainly at the age of thirteen.  I may be wrong.  If I am, please forgive me.


Every man is required to put on tefillin.  Women are excused from it, women do not have to do it, but the truth is, that is what they tell you.  Women do not have to come to services, but you try to put on tefillin if you are a woman, and you will be disapproved of.  The whole issue is that they are in a country where we have liberty, so they cannot impose their theocratic law, which would be a very oppressive law for them to control, since women can do whatever they want.  I do not believe it would ever be tolerated in a society where these Pharisees are.  That is what they are.  They do not call themselves that today, but they are the descendants of the Pharisees spiritually.  We do not know if they are converts, then they are the converts of the Pharisees.  If they are the natural descendants, then they are the descendants of the Pharisees in both areas.


They believe they are supposed to teach the whole world how to worship one God.  It is okay if you are a Muslim, to worship a false god, but you cannot worship more than one god.  If you worship more than one God, you are in idolatry, and you will be beheaded.  Hindus would be beheaded, but Muslims will not be beheaded, because even though they are worshiping a demon god, they are not involved in polytheism, so they are okay.  I should not be surprised to find a fact like this about tefillin.  What is it?  It is leather straps that wrap around your hand.  As I told you, it never interested me enough to even look into it.  Here we see men that are not even black hats.  They do not have beards.  This Jewish guy here is not a black hat either, so we see that the tefillin goes deeper than this.  There is more than one group of Jews that wear black hats, so I will just say the ultra-Orthodox.  I have given you an exhibit explaining what tefillin is. 


The important thing for our message is this.  Let me see what I underscored here.  The scriptural text for tefillin are obscure in literal meaning.  For example, the verse in Deuteronomy 11:18 does not designate what specifically to bind on your arm.  There are two verses in Exodus and one verse in Deuteronomy.  The first verse in Exodus that says you shall bind this in remembrance of me.  You shall bind this on your arm and on your forehead, that you do not forget me.  This is Jehovah speaking.  The first time that it appears in Exodus is after Jehovah, through Moses, gives the Hebrew children the law of the unleavened bread.  The law of the Passover, you shall not eat any leaven, and you shall do this in remembrance of me.  Now we know that the unleavened bread signifies pure doctrine.  Bread is doctrine, and leaven signifies sin.  Jehovah is saying to them, you shall keep your doctrine pure.  You shall have the truth of the spiritual doctrine that I am giving you through Moses, and you are going to bind it to your mind.  You are going to remember it, and you are going to bind it to your hand, so that you do not behave in any manner that will cause you to receive unhealthy doctrine into your mind.


The second verse that instruction appears in is in the Book of Exodus, is after the law of the firstborn.  Jehovah says to Israel, through Moses, the firstborn, the first male that opens the womb is mine.  As far as your animals go, the firstborn of your animals, you shall break their neck, and sacrifice them unto me.  The firstborn of your animals in your herd.  If you have a heifer that has her first offspring, that offspring belongs to Jehovah.  You have to take it to the priest and sacrifice it.  When it comes to your children, the first male that is born.  The Lord did it to me again.  I did not have enough time to prepare this, so if I make a little mistake here or there, you just have to forgive me.  I do not know whether it is the firstborn of a woman, or I do not know if it is the firstborn son only.  I am not sure, but the first male that a woman has, belongs to God.  Now the Lord does not want us sacrificing our children.  That is a total misunderstanding of what He said to Abraham, and of course, Isaac was not even the firstborn, although he was the firstborn of Sarah. 


If we are not going to sacrifice our sons, we have to buy them back from God.  This is a law in Israel.  You have to bring a certain amount of silver money to the priest for your firstborn son.  Again, I am not sure if it is only if your son is the firstborn of the woman, or your firstborn son.  In other words, if she has a daughter first, and then a son, does it still apply?  I am not sure about that. Please forgive me.  There is a certain designated amount of money in the Scripture.  You have to take that silver and give it to the priest, and your son is purchased, redeemed from the judgment, or the requirement that Jehovah put upon Israel, that the firstborn of everything is His.  What I wanted to tell you that was crossing my mind before was that I saw some TV program that took place in Ireland.  The man and his wife had a firstborn, and it was a son, and he took a silver coin and gave it to the priest.  I said, wow.  I felt for years that Ireland is just loaded with Israelites that do not know they are Israelites.  There is so much, especially of the tribe of Dan all over that nation.  Here is one more proof.  The man did not even know why he was doing it.  It was a tradition, a superstition, so he gave the silver coin to the priest.


Back to our message today.  Everything belongs to God.  He said you can keep it, but I get the firstfruits.  That is what He said.  With regard to Jesus, what does that mean?  Jesus was the first begotten of the dead.  He was the first man, born of a woman, to overcome death in the flesh.  He is now an invisible spiritual man, and he abides in the heavenlies in the God World of Atzilut.  He has sacrificed his existence as an individual, to sow his seed so that the rest of humanity can be saved.  Jesus was the firstfruits of the spiritual woman, the first male born of the spiritual woman, that was completely saved, including his body.  God took him, and sacrificed him, cut him up, sawed him up into trillions of pieces, so that each one of us could get a slice, so to speak, and enter into his labor.  Either God takes you from this life, or you have to be bought back.  When He takes you from this life, it does not mean that you die.  It means that you serve Him, that you are in His service.


All men are required, according to the Talmudic Judaism, to put on tefillin every day.  I have given you a lot of material here today.  We are not going to read it all today, but it is very interesting, if you want to take some time to read this stuff.  One of the things that I printed out for you here, I will just tell you what it is about.  Now brethren, I took this off of the internet, in case any of you are wondering why it is copyrighted, and I am still giving it to you, this is the reason.  The copyrighted work that I ask you to destroy after I send it to you, the ministry paid for it, so if you keep it, as it belongs to you, that company is really entitled to $30.00 from you.  If you read it, and you destroy it, then you can say I lent it to you, and you borrowed it, and you gave it back, and you do not have it anymore.  That is my reasoning.  This I copied off of the internet.  I did not pay anything for it.  I am not using it to make any money off of it, and you could have just as well gone on to the internet, and copied it yourself, so I have no problem giving you a copy of this. 


I took this from Google Books.  Tefillin is a male garment.  I entitle this to tefillin is a male garment.  The name of the book is Jewish Women In Jewish Law.  You should have a copy of this in your e-mail or a print out if you are here in New York.  It is by Moshe Meiselman.  I found it on Google Books.  I printed out the whole section on tefillin for you, specifically to give you some proof.  See page 149.  Page 150 did not scan properly, so it is missing.  On page 149 it clearly says that tefillin is a male garment.  If women put on tefillin, they are violating the scriptural prohibition of women dressing like men.  I am not going to look for it now, but you can find it yourself.  If you start reading on page 149, and the page after that, you will get to that point.  I could not highlight it for you.  The way it copied and pasted, I was not able to highlight it for you.


I gave you this whole article on tefillin, which asks the question, can women put on tefillin, because there is a big rebellion in Talmudic Judaism today.  Women want equal rights, or at least they want, not only equal rights to men, they would like some rights.  They want to pray at the Wailing Wall.  They want to put on tallit, a prayer shawl, and they want to put on tefillin.  It does not seem to make any sense, but of course the ultra-Orthodox Jews say it does not have to make sense.  You just obey God.  The problem is that God never said it.  The rabbis said it, but the rabbis claim that God said it to them.  That is the problem that we have.  They really believe that God said it to them, all of these laws that severely restrict women.  Part of this message, that we are going to get into, is why these men do this.  Let me just stay with the ultra-Orthodox Jew right now, why they are absolutely terrified of letting their women engage in any of the spiritual activities that are intercessory towards God, activities that would result in spiritual ascension or drawing closer to God, and any mediator type experiences.  They are absolutely terrified. 


They will not touch a woman.  You can never touch a woman that is not your wife.  You cannot shake the hand of a woman who is not your wife.  A man will not touch his wife, will not kiss her on the cheek for two weeks out of the month, while she is menstruating, before she starts, and after she stops, two weeks out of the month.  Brethren, I am not knocking them if that is how they want to live, they can live that way, but I have a commentary on it.  It is my job to declare to the spirit that Jehovah never told them to do this.  Moses never told them to do this.  If they want to live that way, that is their business.  The problem that I have, as Jehovah’s spokesperson, and as a spokesperson of the Lord Jesus Christ,  that Jehovah told me, through the Lord Jesus Christ, that he never told them to do that.  They say Jehovah told them to do that.  You can be listening to this message, and to whatever degree you want to get involved in this, you should not agree unless you have your own witness. 


That is how we are involved in this.  We are defending the Lord God, who is telling me that He never said that.  There is a big uprising amongst Jewish women in Talmudic Judaism today.  They want to more fully participate in activities that they believe will draw them closer to their God.  The men are standing in a solid front, saying no, you cannot engage in male activities.  Then they give them some story that you are spiritually higher than we are, so we have to do it, you do not have to do it.  I find that very manipulative, but the women believe it, and it makes them happy, and they accept their fate, which is their business.  They can live however they want.  I am not criticizing the way they live.  I am criticizing the statement that Jehovah set this up when He did not.  I am criticizing it on the basis of being the spokesperson of Jehovah, through the Lord Jesus Christ, and you with me, to the degree that you are willing to agree with me.  You do not have to agree with me.  This is a warfare, brethren.  You do not have to agree with me if you do not want to agree.      


I printed out the whole chapter on tefillin.  The main purpose, as I say at the top here, see page 149 for the discussion on tefillin being a male garment.  This means that Ezekiel 13:18 is either calling the Judean men, women, or let me tell you this first.  The whole problem is that Ezekiel is rebuking the women for sewing pillows to armholes, and putting kerchiefs on, practicing witchcraft.  When we get to the understanding of Ezekiel 13:18, it is rebuking women for putting on this device that wraps around their knuckle and goes up their arm for the purpose of witchcraft.  Ezekiel is saying that it is the women who are doing this, and there are very negative results that have grown out of this practice.  Brethren, if the Lord has shown this to anyone else, they have not written about it.  It is just amazing what is coming forth today.  I do not know whether the Jewish leaders know this, or whether they do not know it.  I do not know.


The message today is largely to the Jewish people, because everyone that they have convinced to put this tefillin on, is opening themselves up to being possessed by the Nephelium when they appear on the earth again.  We will get to that.  I am trying to put this in a logical order, brethren.  It did not come to me in a logical order.  I am trying to put it in a logical order for you.  The point that I am making is was Ezekiel addressing the women and rebuking the women for putting on tefillin?  This Jewish article says women cannot put on tefillin.  It is a male garment.  My issue is this means that Ezekiel 13:18 is either calling the Judean men, women, or the text was changed by the scribes, or the women in captivity in Babylon used tefillin, even though they were not supposed to.  The question is, if Judean women did use tefillin in Babylon, is there any reason to believe that it was only the women, and not the men also?  I do not think so.  The question is why would Ezekiel be rebuking only the women?  Probably the Jewish men would say it was okay for the Jewish men to do it, it was just not okay for the Jewish women to do it. 


I could not find anything on the internet, anywhere, that would indicate any kind of female rebellion in Judah, or anywhere in Israel.  Maybe it is out there, but I could not find any literature that would indicate, other than in modern times, that the women wanted to enter into that patriarchal state.  What happened is that this practice, which so obviously to me is rooted in the Scripture, to put it on your hand, and put it on your forehead, and do not forget the law of God.  It certainly goes back to the Jews.  The Jews might have learned it in Babylon.  Maybe it goes back before the Jews, but it definitely synchronizes with the Scripture, with what Moses taught them before.  Why am I saying Babylon?  Ezekiel was a prophet when Judea was in Babylon.  Ezekiel was a contemporary of Daniel after Judea went into captivity.  We do not know when it really started.  We know that the Scripture to mark it on your hand, and mark it on your forehead came down from Moses.  The question is how did Moses interpret it?  Did Moses tell them to do this with the black straps?  I doubt it.  My position is that it was a spiritual commandment to keep the Word of God in your heart, keep it in your mind, and keep it in your behavior. 


Somewhere along the line, apparently going back as far as, or at least when the Jews were in Babylon, this commandment turned into black straps on your hand, and a headband on your head.  Did it start with the Babylonians or did it start with the Hebrew children in Babylon?  This was a method of practicing witchcraft.  It was witchcraft back in Babylon, when the Jews were in captivity, and Jeremiah had said do not fight it.  Do not fight it.  You are there for 70 years, do not fight it.  Brethren, 70 years is a generation.  That means the adults that went into Babylon did not expect to come out.  It was like the generation that came out of Egypt, that died in the wilderness.  Jehovah dealt with the next generation.  The suggestion is that the women were using these tefillin to get them out of that captivity or to survive in that captivity.  I do not know.  I could not find any evidence as to whether this started with the Jews in captivity or they learned it from the Babylonians.  I do not know.


I do not believe that Moses’ instruction indicated that they should wrap anything around their hands and on their head.  Although when I looked at the scripture in Deuteronomy, I told you that there were three scriptures, and two were in Exodus.  The first one is about the unleavened bread, the second one about purchasing the firstborn.  The one in Deuteronomy was really the clearest out of the three of them, that it could have been taken to physically wrap something on your hand and wrap something on your forehead.  I looked at it and I said, wow, I could really see them taking it this way, but I do not believe that was what Moses intended, and the fact that Ezekiel the prophet rebukes the women for using it, we could say that supports the contention that Moses never intended it to be physical, or we can say that it was okay for the men to do it, and not okay for the women to do it. 


The bottom line is that this is a practice of witchcraft.  Here is the question.  Is it a question of witchcraft for the women, and not a practice of witchcraft for the men?  It is the same old story.  If you are contacting a Spirit of God with it, it is not witchcraft.  If you are contacting another spirit, it is witchcraft.  Are we to assume that because someone is a physical male, when they put on tefillin, they are contacting the one true God, who they call Hashem?  Why would we assume that?  We are spiritual people in this ministry.  We should know better than that.  Jesus clearly came with a message to these Pharisees, brethren.  He came specifically to the Pharisees.  Jesus never came to do away with Judaism.  There were all different groups of Jews preaching all different kinds of things in those days. The Pharisees were getting stronger, and stronger, and taking over more and more Jews.  Jesus went right to the Jews because he saw the writing on the wall that this phariseeism would end up in Talmudism.  Jesus went right to the Pharisees, and he said to them, it is spiritual.  It is not in your traditions.  You need to connect with God.  It is not in your traditions.  It is not physical, you see. 


We find in later years, after Judah had fallen deeply into witchcraft, and come under the judgment of Jehovah through Nebuchadnezzar, that Judah is captive in Babylon, and Ezekiel the prophet, one of the prophets that prophesied to the Jews in Babylon, is rebuking the women for putting on tefillin.  That is the question that I cannot answer with literature.  We have to answer with our own heart, was it okay for the men and not for the women?  The answer to the question is another question.  Is it okay for physical men to put on tefillin that are not contacting Hashem?  The answer has to be no to any intellectually honest person.  Getting back to Ezekiel, we do not know whether Ezekiel rebuked only the women, or whether one of the scribes just changed it, because there was an issue with a word in that verse 18 of Chapter 13 of Ezekiel, that I really had to research because the Strong’s number was wrong.  I had to look it up in another Interlinear text.  We will get to that when we get to it.


There was a problem and a mistranslation in the King James Translation in verse 18 on one particular word.  Anything could have happened.  Ezekiel could have been rebuking just the women, not realizing that the men could be touching another spirit.  Do we not have to believe that it was Jehovah that was prophesying through Ezekiel?  Surely Jehovah had to know that it was not just the women, therefore I am inclined to believe that the scripture was altered by a scribe because they could not believe that Ezekiel was talking to the men.  Tefillin in later years, turned out to be a very dangerous, dangerous, spiritual weapon.  I think the Jews were in Babylon in the late sixth century like 560 or 580 and a couple of hundred years later.  This practice of tefillin, although I do not think it was called that anymore, wound up in Greece, and it also wound up in Rome.  Rome tried to outlaw it.  I think Rome actually outlawed it.  The Grecians tried to outlaw it and were seriously damaged by the women practicing the use of tefillin.  I think the Lord just spoke to me. 


They ascended in witchcraft to the point that we found a written witness that said the men came out to stop the women, who had become a cult.  I will go into that in a minute.  The men of Greece that came out to stop the women from practicing this cultist activity, which was spiritually obnoxious, they were defeated, but they came out with heavy weapons, and they were defeated by this group of women that  had only sticks.  The women were possessed, to get ahead of myself.  What happened?  They were practicing this tefillin.  We do have some information on how they did it.  They were practicing this tefillin, and they were not contacting Jehovah, so another spirit took them.  The one who took them was what the Greeks called the god Dionysus, the Roman Bacchus.  He possessed this group of women, and they became the cult that had vile practices.  The whole point of contact for the possession was this device that the Jews call the tefillin.  I do not know what they called it.


Also what is interesting, is that some people say that Alexander the Great was Jewish.  You have to realize when the Jews were scattered, a lot of Israelites went into Greece.  The Jewish influence is powerful.  Wherever the Jewish influence is, it is powerful. That is why a lot of people are afraid of the Jews.  Now brethren, you cannot go around killing people because you are afraid of them.  There is absolutely no justification for what Hitler did, and there is no justification for antisemitism, but I am a social commentator.  I have to tell you that wherever Jews go, they are a powerful influence.  They have a powerful spirit in them and they influence society.  A lot of people know this, and they become anti-Semites, but God does not appreciate that.  He does appreciate us knowing the truth.  The Jews are an influence on society wherever they go.  Right in this country, the Jewish liberal front is very strong, promoting homosexuality and all forms of liberalism.  The movement does not consist of only Jews, but there is a strong Jewish presence in it.


Jews were involved in the Civil Rights Movement right along with Martin Luther king.  Jews have a strong conscience, and they get involved in social issues.  Sometimes when they separate from God, they get involved on the wrong side.  Again, it is not every single Jew, but a lot of Jews get involved in social and moral events.  What are we talking about here?  What has happened here?  The Lord has revealed a connection between the Jewish practice, which appears to be harmless, that appears to be so harmless that you would have no problem going on the internet and finding a picture like this, or a picture of the Jews promoting it to a Buddhist priest.  It is totally accepted as a practice.  I read in one of these articles that you put it on your arm, and you are supposed to look at it during the day, and touch it, and think of God.  You have to be very careful to not leave it on any longer than you can manage to stay in the spirit.  I am paraphrasing now.  If your mind wanders to a carnal thought, they do not tell you what will happen to you, but it is not good. 


What would happen to you is that you could contact another spirit.  In one of these articles that I gave you, this is probably the article on tefillin.  They would say that it is a very rare man that can leave it on all day.  You should leave it on as long as you can, but you have to concentrate continuously on this tefillin.  If your mind wanders, then you have to take it off immediately.  How many people can keep their mind on God for hours at a time, so they just put it on briefly for morning prayers.  They leave it on while they are praying their prayers.  The article says not many men could go about their everyday business and not have their mind wander, so they just leave it on during morning prayer, but it is a mediator.  It is amazing that they tell us that they do not have a mediator, but their mediator is a leather strap.  They touch it and they think of God.  Brethren, if that is not a definition of idolatry, I do not know what is, but that is another issue.


We see a group of well-meaning Jews.  I do not know.  I know at the very top of this ultra-Orthodox movement, maybe at the inner core of every aspect of leadership, the teaching is we claim the temple.  We start the sacrifices, bring down the spiritual power, and kill the Christians and the Hindus.  Buddhists and Islamists are okay.  That is what is being taught.  It is on the internet.  As far as beheading the Christians go, it is all over the internet.  I did challenge the rabbi that I study under, and he did not deny it.  Brethren, it is written into the Jurist Prudence of the United States of America by the first George H. Bush.  They are moving to take authority over the whole world.  The Rebbe started it, Rabbi Mechan Mendel Schneerson, who was the founder of this group.  We had something to say about him at the end of Thursday’s meeting.  He has sent missionaries into every corner of the world, even into geographical locations where there are no Jews. 


Why would he be doing that if these Chabad houses are for the purpose of making a home for Jews, where they can find Jewish teaching and celebrate the Jewish holidays?  Why would you start one up in a location where there are no Jews?  If your motive is because you are planning on ruling the world, including the heathen, and teaching the heathen how to serve God, then you would be setting up Chabad houses in every corner of the world.  I do not really know what their motives are.  Probably if I said it publicly that this group of ultra-Orthodox Jews that if they had the authority to do it, they would kill all the Christians, or simply that they think Jesus is evil, I would be shouted down, and thrown out.  Nobody would believe that, so what they really believe is a big secret, but the Lord is shouting it from the housetops.  We are told in the Scripture what you do in secret, God will shout from the housetops.  I was always taught that that meant you give your money quietly, and do not let anybody see what you are doing, and the Lord will bless you openly.  Well, maybe that is what it means, but it also means what you do in secret, God will expose you, and shout it from the rooftops, what you are doing.   


We are doing it in the Spirit.  It is being spoken out of the Spirit of Christ in me, and there are witnesses here.  What God is doing with it, I do not know, but at some point, at some point, it will be made public, and it will be made public possibly from a source that has nothing to do with us at all.  What will be made public?  The truth of what the core belief is of this organization that looks like a lamb, but if they had the secular authority to do it, they would be beheading Christians.  What does this mean?  I know that it is a big evangelistic movement by black hat Jews to secular Jewish men, but now I am finding out it is to other spiritual organizations, also, to put on tefillin.  If a Christian meets someone on the street that has just experienced a loss, you might be likely to say to them, do you know Jesus?  Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?  What the Jews are doing when they find someone that is experiencing a loss is, they say brother, have you put on tefillin?  Come on, put on tefillin with me. 


I do not know what they do with women that have suffered a loss, but they are really just interested in the men.  They want to build up that Jewish manhood.  Of course there is nothing wrong with that unless you are building an army.  Again, what is the big deal?  They are walking around with black straps on their arms.  The big deal is that, apparently, the use of this device attracts ungodly spirits.  A couple of hundred years later it materialized.  We do not know what was happening in Babylon when Ezekiel was prophesying against it.  I do not have any information about what was going on in Babylon, that it came to the point of God speaking to Ezekiel to rebuke the practice.  I do not know what the results were in Babylon.  I just know a couple of hundred years later, that same practice materialized in what is called the Cult of Bacchus, or the Dionysus Cult, in Rome.  They made it illegal in Greece.  I give you a description of what happened.  Even worse, I sort of touched on it a couple of meetings ago.  I told you that they were ripping animals to shreds and eating them live.  It probably is in this article on the cult.  It is in one of these articles that I have given you.  We are not going to read all of these unless the Lord leads me to do it in the meeting.


This Cult of Dionysus was all women, first of all.  We are told that they lost their natural instinct.  They abandoned their children, their infants, to go into the woods.  They were not only ripping animals to shreds and eating them live.  If they could get a hold of a man, that they were strong enough to overcome, they would do it to a man, or to male children, and that they were nursing animals.  What I found very interesting is this.  Something that I found on the internet indicated that these women were overtaken.  These women that were engaging in these wicked, absolutely abnormal, horrendous practices, were driven to it.  It was not that they were evil women saying, yes, I am going to worship Dionysus.  Somehow they got caught up in this cult, and the result of being caught up in this cult is that they became  engaged in these evil activities.  That is horrendous.  That is worse than cannibalism, where they, at least, kill you before they eat you.  If you can hear it, from bad to worse. 


They literally catch animals and people, and rip them.  Look at the supernatural strength that you would need to rip living people apart and then eat the raw flesh.  It is maniacal.  What I found to be very interesting is this article on female rebellion in the Bacchus.  I was really amazed by it.  Actually, it is a commentary on a play by Euripides.  Now Euripides was an ancient author, and he apparently wrote a play called the Bacchus, which is a commentary on the very worst that could possibly happen as a result of female rebellion.  Apparently it happened in this area of Greece called Thieves.  What he describes is what I have preached on.  I did a lot of stuff in college, and I forgot it all.  I do not think I ever read Euripides.  What I had to say to you came out of the Spirit of God in me.  This is that.  There is a great danger in female liberation.  I have told you this over the years.  I have preached on it more than once.  I am a woman.  I am not against women’s liberation.  I am just telling you I am a social commentator. 


I am just telling you what I see, that women who are sexually liberated, that it is a danger.  It puts the whole society in danger.  Maybe not immediately, it may take a couple of generations.  It threatens all of civilization, all of civilized society.  Somehow it does not get that bad when men are sexually liberated.  When married men cheat, or single men go into fornication, or married men go into adultery, it is wrong, and it is not a good thing, but it does not destroy the whole society.  When women start doing the same thing, it is the death nail of society.  I have told you all here that there is a women’s liberation in God, but there is no sexual liberation in God.  I am a liberated woman.  I answer to no man, except my spiritual husband.  I live a very independent life, but I am not sexually liberated.  You can be liberated in God if you are a woman, but sexual liberation will result in personal destruction, and eventually the destruction of the society.


Now it may not happen in your generation, so all of you women who are screaming at me right now, saying that I do not know what I am talking about, my answer to you is that it may not happen in your generation.  If you look around at the American society today, we are descending.  We are on a banana peel crashing down.  Our kids are getting destroyed.  I am told that there is a heroin epidemic among people in their twenties today.  The society is crashing.  Before I really understood it to the degree I understand it now, I recognized that it had something to do with the sexual liberation of women.  You could be liberated.  You could be educated.  You could be a doctor, a lawyer, or anything that you want, but when you start being sexually liberated, it destroys the family, and the culture is eventually destroyed. 


Euripides recognized that, and he built that theme into a play.  As I read the commentary on it, it is everything that I believe, and most of it I have preached to you.  It should not surprise me because there is nothing new under the sun.  I just did not have any of this information about this Cult of Bacchus.  What is interesting is that there were men that were practitioners of this cult, but apparently when it happens to the women, the women got it much worse.  They were fierce, more wicked, and more evil than the men.  I have noticed that in this culture.  Women that get liberated, and then go bad, they become criminals, and they are much more vicious than the average male criminal.  A lot of people would agree with me.  Women have a vulnerability.  Am I saying that women are bad?  No!  I am saying we have a vulnerability that when women go off, it gets much, much, worse than when the man goes off, for some reason.  You can disagree with me, if you want to, but apparently I am not the only one that believes that. 


It was not thieves in Greece, but this group of women that became so vicious and violent, that they became murderers.  If a man or a child happened to wander into the forest, where they were having a meeting, they ran the risk of being ripped to pieces and eaten alive.  I also told you that I knew something was up that I have noticed in a couple of movies, this concept of eating living flesh.  I told you about this one movie that took place in Berlin, where there was starvation going on, but they showed you a horse lying on its side, and people cutting its flesh while it was still alive.  I knew that it was saying something spiritual, but I really did not understand what it was.  Today what I think it is, is that there is a spirit in Hollywood that is calling down that spirit of Bacchus.  Thank God, I have never been starving, but I would hope that starving people would, at least, pick up a rock and crash the poor horse’s head before they started slicing its flesh.  It just did not make any sense to me.  I would also hope they would cook it first, but certainly smash the horse’s head.  They showed you in the movie the horse’s eyes were open while they were just slicing its flesh.  That calls down the spirit that does that, and it is the spirit of Bacchus in Rome.  Dionysus is in Greece. 


Where does this leave us?  All of this is coming together for us who live at the end of the ages.  What does it mean to be living at the end of the ages?  We are waiting for the Nephilim to appear again, for the giants to appear again.  Who are they?  What are they?  The Nephilims and the Rephaims.  The Greeks call the Raphaims demigods; god men.  Osiris was a god man.  We are god men.  If Christ Jesus is in you, you are a demigod.  That was what Jehovah meant, quoting from Psalm 83, when He said to the Jews, ye are gods, but ye shall die like men.  We are demigods or lesser gods.  If it is Christ Jesus in us, we are doing good things.  What does it mean as it was in the days of Noah?  It means that the evil angels that inhabited mankind on the other side of the flood, for which Jehovah wiped out all except eight souls, they are seeking to incarnate, to marry the daughters of men again.  These evil agents have their agents in the earth today.  They are here today, in people, preparing the rest of humanity for possession. 


I have mentioned this in many meetings, look at the signs.  If you see something that does not sound right, you may see the head of it, and the truth of it is all underground.  You have to ask the Lord what it is.  I have noticed for a while now, at least for the past year, what is it with this government collecting DNA?  What are you collecting the DNA of the people for?  The first thing that I heard was something happened in New Jersey, and the government was asking a whole town to donate a cutting from their toenail.  I immediately knew something was wrong with that, but the whole town was just turning it over.  Now we have agencies acting like they are the government, hiring cops to stand by them, scaring people half to death, pulling them off of the highways, and asking for a DNA squab from their teeth.  When the person stands them down, they admit that they do not have any authority to do it, but they are there with police officers, with their lights swirling, waving you off to the side of the road.  What is with the DNA?


According to something that I just heard, because I have been listening to a lot of Tom Horn.  He was talking about his subject, the demons and the giants, and the angels, and all of that.  He is talking about as it was in the days of Noah.  That is what he is saying, that these Raphapim will appear, these demigods will appear again.  What is a demigod?  It is a human being possessed of an angelic entity.  We are demigods, but the God in the midst of us is righteous.  The ungodly angels are going to be inhabiting people, and we are going to have evil demigods appearing on the face of the earth.  I started out listening to Tom Horn for ten minutes of his message, and this whole message came forth.  It was like my head was just swimming.  I wish that I could contact him, and share it with him, but he would not answer me anyway.  He is being highly persecuted.  He is in a lot of danger, and he does not know who I am.  I reached out once, and I am not going to reach out again.  What happened is that God took it to a higher level.  Tom Horn is limited in his understanding.


Brethren, we are all limited as to how high we can go, based upon our knowledge.  He is taking all this knowledge that he has, and with him, it is all down there in the earth, with the Nephilim and the Raphapim.  When I heard it, Christ Jesus, in me, got a hold of it, and took it to another whole level.  Pretty much what he said was, that our DNA gives off a vibration.  I may not be using the right word.  These disembodied evil angels are in the earth.  He says they are here.  They are already coming through the gateways.  They can perceive the particular vibrations of a particular kind of DNA, and they go out, and they hunt down people with that kind of DNA.  I said to myself, that is what they are collecting the DNA for.  They are looking for the people who will be most susceptible to possession.  It just hit me like that.  From what I am told, there are many of these evil angels.  They are already here in the earth. 


Brethren, this is a dream that God gave me when I first came to the Lord.  I had no idea what it meant.  Thirty or thirty five years ago, I was getting this recurring dream.  I guess the Lord was telling me, because the Lord knew that I would be here at this time, and he knew that he was bringing me into ministry at this time.  They are already here, but they are hiding, because they are bizarre looking.  They are underground, and our government knows about them, and they are waiting.  They are waiting for the resistance, however that is manifesting.  We are told in the book of Thessalonians that there will be a resistance until that resistance is taken away.  Resistance is the Christian mind.  Resistance is the God mind.  At the moment that the last of the walls dissolve, they are going to be walking down the streets, joining themselves to the more vulnerable human beings, and there will be nothing that they can do about it. 


Back to the tefillin.  It is opening up people to this possession.  That is where the Dionysus Cult and the Bacchus Cult came in.  These people got possessed through the use of a device that sounds just like the tefillin.  Ezekiel was rebuking the Israelite women, or the Judean women, for using it.  It has nothing to do with your physical body.  It has to do with a human being that is using it, and not connecting to the Lord Jesus Christ or Jehovah, because you cannot reach Jehovah except through the Lord Jesus Christ today.  There are thousands, if not millions of Jewish men, and non-Jewish men, that are wide open, and might very well be the first peoples to be possessed by evil angels.  Do the leaders know this?  How anyone who says that they know the whole word of God, and they study the Scriptures continuously,  I do not know how they could not know that Ezekiel was rebuking the use of tefillin, unless they are convinced in their mind it is okay because they are men.  That could be the only explanation, that they are convinced in their mind that it is okay because they are men.  They are opening up whole societies of people to demon possession because of their lust for power, and for control, and to be rulers. 


Let us take a look at our notes.  It says History of Mankind, Part 1a, Tefillin and Bacchus.  I am not sure if this is the Lord or not.  Maybe I should start with what could happen to you from using this tefillin.  This is saying Maenad Bacchus.  These were the followers of Dionysus.  That is what they were called; Dionysus Bacchus.  Maenad were the female followers of the Greek god of wine, Dionysus.  The word maenad comes from the Greek maenades, meaning to be mad, or be demented, during the orgiastic rites of Dionysus.  Maenads roamed the mountains and forests performing frenzied ecstatic dances and were believed to be possessed by the god.  While under his influence they were supposed to have unusual strength, including the ability to tear animals or people to pieces, a fate met by a mythical hero and poet. In Roman religion, Dionysus’ counterpart was Bacchus.  His female followers were called Bacchantes.


Now I want to tell you what came to my mind when I read that.  First of all, you do not have to put tefillin on to contact another god or be possessed by an evil angel. The issue is that the men that are wearing this tefillin, they are literally in the same condition as the men who are meditating.  You can be Jewish or New Age.  If you are meditating, you are out there saying, who is out there?  Anybody out there?  One day she is going to come and answer you, and they are going to marry you.  The church today is in this kind of trouble also.  There is almost no Word in the church at all.  If there is preaching, it is not the true Word.  It is another gospel.  When you preach another gospel, you are literally opening yourself and the whole congregation to another god coming in, because Jesus is not coming into your church when you are preaching a gospel that opposes what he teaches.


For a season, you may get the perception that the anointing is not in the church anymore, and at some point, another anointing comes in, and another god comes in.  That we have known about for years, that Satan has transformed herself into an angel of light.  In many of the churches today, it is a wrong spirit.  What I am trying to say is, I have never, ever, had a witness that this dancing in the church is of God.  I never had a witness that the flag waving is of God, and I have never had a witness that the dancing is of God.  Technically, in case you did not draw the conclusion, what I am saying is when the church opens itself to another god, because it is preaching another gospel, or it is not preaching anything, and it is just waiting for the spirit to fall down, the spirit that is going to fall down will either be the spirit of Dionysus or a similar spirit.  What is associated with that other god is dancing.  The God of the Bible is an intellectual God.  He is a God of mind.  He is a God of wisdom.  He is a God of intelligence.


Is there anything wrong with dancing?  Absolutely not!  I am talking about a spiritual condition.  What spirit are you opening up and inviting into your church?  When you preach the true Word, you invite the Spirit of Jesus Christ.  When you preach a false gospel, you invite the spirit that devised that gospel.  When you bring in dancers and flag wavers, if in fact that is not of the Spirit of God, you are inviting in the spirit that put that idea in your head.  Now we read that dancing, and frenzy dancing was involved in this cult of Dionysus and Bacchus.  I am just wondering what spirit is coming into the churches, although the dancing is not frenzied.  Right now it is not frenzy today.  It is a seduction, brethren, little by little.  By the time the true Spirit is gone, and you are under the influence of this other spirit, you just flow right along with whatever comes next. 


Then there is a list of what their powers were.  They were also known as the raving ones.  This phenomena originated in Greece a couple of hundred years after Ezekiel was rebuking the Judeans over putting on tefillin.  These are the powers that they received when they became possessed of Dionysus.  There is probably not one god named Dionysus, just like there is not one seed of Tevunah, that was buried in the earth, which is really the source of all the evil angels today.  There is a multitude of them.  There are probably many, many spirits that would call themselves Dionysus, or Dionysus is one spirit in many, many sparks that is inhabiting as many people as he can get into, but he has to be invited in.  You have to invite him in, or make yourself so vulnerable that you are as much as inviting him in.  Once you are possessed, you receive spiritual power.  We are waiting for spiritual power here, which means we are waiting to be more possessed than we are.  We are waiting for possession, so that the spiritual angel in the midst of us, whose name is Christ Jesus, hopefully, will give us spiritual power. 


The natural man has no spiritual power.  The natural man is like a helpless woman, or a woman who is helpless.  Talking about helpless women, that whole concept is based upon physical strength.  You have to be honest.  Most men are stronger than most women.  You have to be honest about that.  Men are usually bigger and stronger than women.  We talk in terms of women in the days when there was no help other than physical strength.  I am not against women being strong, not at all.  I am not against strong women, physically, mentally, or emotionally.  I am all for being all that you can be, as long as you stay within the rules of society that God set up.  That means you do not make your husband the woman so that you could be the man.  These are the powers that they received; mind control, conjuring, which is a form of witchcraft, poisoning and aerokinesis. I am not really sure how to define that.  I am not sure whether that poisoning was something they did with their mind or not. 


I never heard of aerokinesis was, so I had to look that up, even though I cannot tell you what conjuring is.  I think conjuring is something like water witching, bringing forth, conjuring up, storing up spiritual power for whatever purpose you want to use it.  Mind control is for controlling people.  I do not know if this poisoning is physical poisoning or mental poisoning, the ability to spread their beliefs.  I am not sure.  Aerokinesis is air manipulation.  It is the power of the Bacchus women.  One aspect of it is called wind dancing.  Now this just really touched me, with the way the weather is changing these days.  Wind dancing generates a blast of wind.  They have the ability to manipulate air.  If you go on the internet, and you type in aerokinesis, there are instructions all over the internet of how to practice manipulating the air.  Our government today, and I think all of the governments of the world are into using spiritual power. 


I heard it a couple of years ago that there is some big computer, somewhere, that could very easily be producing all of these changes in weather; storms, and these serious earthquakes and hurricanes, and all that.  Our governments are seeking spiritual power.  The power to manipulate air, the sub power of gas manipulation, is also called air control.  Aerokinesis is air bending, atmosphere of control, wind control manipulation, and wind release.  The user who has this ability can create shape, and manipulate air.  It is the common name given to the layer of atmospheric gases and various compounds, mostly oxygen and nitrogen, surrounding the planet earth, that is retained by earth’s gravity and wind, movement of air relative to the surface of a planet.  It is an important factor in determining and controlling climate and weather, and the generating force of most ocean and fresh water waves. Wind occurs because of horizontal and vertical differences in atmospheric pressure, and includes breezes, gusts, whirlwinds, gales, tempest and hurricanes.  Some air can be seen by conventional methods. The attacks and derivatives formed from it, make it an invisible and versatile weapon that is very difficult to block and dodge.  If someone has the power to manipulate the air, and cause a big wind to come up and destroy your property, who is going to prove that that was done by spiritual power?


In Greek mythology, maenads were the immortal female followers of Dionysus, the god of ritual madness and ecstasy.  The name literally translates as the raving ones.  Often the maenads were portrayed as inspired by Dionysus into a state of ecstatic frenzy through a combination of dancing and drunken intoxication.  In this state they would lose all self-control.  God is about self-control, brethren.  What is not of God is the exact opposite of God.  You are never supposed to lose control, even if you are prophesying.  The prophecy is subject to the prophet.  You are never supposed to lose control.  In this state they would lose all self-control, and begin shouting excitedly, engage in uncontrolled sexual behavior, and ritualistically hunt down, and tear animals, and sometimes men and children, to pieces, devouring their raw flesh.  During these rites, the maenads would dress in fawn skins, and weave ivy wreaths around their head, and often handle snakes.  Maenads were also known as a type of nymphs, immortal goddesses of natural manifestations, maenads being an extreme of pleasurable emotions and actions; sex, rage, inebriation, frenzy, etc.                  


In our culture today, sometimes you see pictures on TV of Wiccans, and they tell you how harmless their religion is, and they just want peace.  They go out into the forest and they love nature.  That is just the beginning.  This is the end.  This is just the beginning of it.  Jesus Christ is the only source of peace in the world.  Whether a religion or spiritual practice is peaceful, it may just appear that way for a season.  He is our peace.  He is the only peace that there is.  In Roman mythology, maenads were also known as Bassarids, or Bacchae, or Bacchantes after the Roman equivalent of Dionysus known as Bacchus.  Cultic rites associated with worship of the Greek god of wine, Dionysus, or Bacchus in Roman mythology, were allegedly characterized by maniacal dancing to the sound of loud music and crashing cymbals, in which the revelers called Bacchantes, whirled, screamed, became drunk, and incited one another to greater and greater ecstasy. 


I have not been out to the tent revivals in this area in the last year or so, but the years before that, a church was letting in the people who were behind the Brownsville Revival, which I do not believe was of God.  I was there with one of the brethren from out of New York.  The people were just bopping away.  Is there anything wrong with praising God?  They were just bopping away and dancing around with their finger in the air.  The sister that was visiting New York said I do not need to come to church to see the bopping.  I come to church to hear the Word.  I agreed with her that it really was not in the Spirit, but I really did not see anything that wrong with it, except that the Spirit was not there.  When I read something like this, it occurs to me this is just the beginning.  It is a crack, you see.  The church is supposed to be this close to God, so close that no air can get in between.  When you start doing something like that, bopping to music, the spirit is not in the music.  If you have any discernment, you know the Spirit is not in the music.  A little crack appears, just the slightest separation, and that is the beginning.  It is slow seduction.  It takes years.  The new generation coming up in that kind of church, where that crack is already, they have no recollection, no memory of what it was like to be this close to God.  They do not even know that there is anything wrong. 


The people that have the memory of being this close to God, they die, and the church just gets further and further away from God until it completely dies.  What am I saying?  Nothing should be allowed in the church that is going to diminish the anointing.  Everything in the church should have the anointing on it.  If it does not have the anointing on it, it should not be there.  It is better that you do not call it a church.  You say you gathered together, and the anointing did not fall, because you were having a Saturday night dance. Do not say it is the anointing to people that would not know any better.  Maniacal dancing, the sound of loud music, crashing symbols, which the revelers, called the Bacchantes, whirled and screamed to.  Well, they were not drunk in that church, but they were whirling around, and inciting one another to greater and greater ecstasy.  That is exactly what they were doing.  The musicians were exciting the people to greater and greater ecstasy, believing that would bring down the anointing.


 Without this kind of information in your mind, when you experience that, you do not know what to make out of it.  I knew that would never bring down the anointing.  You do not have to bring down the anointing.  If you have a fellowship, you do not have to beg God, or dance, or wave flags, whatever, to do anything to bring down the anointing.  What you do, is you honor God, and He will be there faster than you can snap your fingers.  You honor Him with the Word, honor Him with your heart, and you honor Him by asking Him what He wants.  You take out the Word.  You say, Lord, please visit us.  If we could just understand what you want, we want anything that you want.  If He does not answer you that day, you just read the Word.  Keep it up until He shows up.  It is when you do it in your own power that He will never show up.  He says what do you need me for?  You asked me, I was on my way, but by the time I got here, someone else had gotten there first, and you welcomed him. 


I would say, that was absolutely what they were trying to do to bring down the anointing, because the anointing is ecstasy.  The true anointing feels wonderful, brethren.  It makes you feel good, that Pentecostal type of anointing, anyway, that touches your emotions.  There is an anointing here today that is touching your mind and your spirit.  The goal was to achieve a state of enthusiasm, in which the celebrant souls were temporarily freed from their earthly bodies.  In this other church, at the tent revival, a few tears ago, that music was definitely designed to create a state of enthusiasm, in which the believers would just relax, and be opened to what was going to be preached to them, which was not the Word of God, in my opinion, and not the Spirit of God on the preacher.  Here we are told in the Cult of Bacchus and Dionysus, that they actually astroprojected. 


Here is my comment.  This was what Ezekiel was condemning, the practice of ritualistic witchcraft, which resulted in soul travel.  Going on with the article now, they wanted the greater and greater ecstasy, by which they were able to commune with Bacchus or Dionysus, and gain a glimpse of what they would someday experience in eternity.  The rite climaxed in a performance of frenzied feats of strength and madness, such as uprooting trees, and tearing a bull apart, which was a symbol of Dionysus.  Can you imagine how strong you have to be to tear a bull apart?  It was supernatural strength, and they did it with their bare hands, and eating its flesh raw.  It was an act called sparagmos.  This laterite was a sacrament akin to communion, in which the participants assume the strength and character of the god, by symbolically eating the raw flesh, and drinking the blood of his symbolic incarnation.  Having symbolically eaten his body and drunk his blood, the celebrants became possessed by Dionysus.  This is how they invoked their god with this abominable behavior.  In other words, when they engaged in that abominable behavior, Dionysus entered into them. 


What I just described to you was, you submit yourself to God, and say Lord, I am not going to do anything unless you show up.  Here is your Bible. All I am going to do is read your Word until you show up.  That is how you invoke your God.  You know and you declare that you cannot do anything without Him.  You say please come.  If He does not come, you come back the next day.  You keep doing it until He shows up.  That is in your personal life, and in your congregation.  We did that, and the Lord started us with Kabbalah.  The Lord sent me out here to preach Kabbalah.  I said, Lord, I cannot preach Kabbalah.  I just sat there.  The brethren that were here in New York, to their credit, at this time, just sat there with me until one day, He showed up.  That is what you do in your own life.  You keep showing up until He shows up.  The danger to the Christian is that you do it in your own strength when He does not show up.  You ask Him a question and you do not get an immediate answer, so you think you know the answer.  Either He answered you or He did not. If you make it up, then your mind is now sealed off, and even if He does answer you, which He probably would not answer you, if that is your attitude, there is no room for His mind, for His thought in your mind.  Your pride has answered your question. 


The women sometimes behave especially strangely, and perform incredible feats, putting snakes in their hair, in revelry of their god, and suckling wild wolves and gazelle, and making wine, milk, honey, and water spring up from the ground.  He tells us that when they try to capture the women, the women descended on a herd of cows, ripping them to shreds with their bare hands.  Those guards who attacked the women were unable to harm them with their weapons, while the women could defeat them with only sticks.  These were demon possessed women, and it did not happen one night when they went to bed after reading the Bible.  It was a slow seduction, and it took about two hundred years, from the time that the Jews were practicing the use of tefillin in Babylon to this situation in Greece to arise.  If there is other information, this is as far as my information goes, and there is nothing I can do about it.  I just added this on from another place because I thought it was important.  This is what I was telling you about Dionysus.  Now this is a quote, and Dionysus is supposed to have said it.  Every female in this city I have started on a wild stampede from home.  He is saying I have the power to influence spiritual women to stampede.  What we need to know is that physical men are spiritual women, and they are almost in as much danger as physical women, depending on who the woman is.  If you are a spiritual woman, who is strong in Jesus Christ, you are a spiritual man.  It gets confusing.


The Bacchae could be interpreted by some as a test of female liberation.  Greek women were pretty much expected to stay home and be submissive. Not so with these ladies of Themes.  They are all out dancing in the woods.  It is interesting, however, that these women are not rebelling.  They are not rebelling because they thought it was a good idea.  Instead they have been magically driven to it by a male god.  They have unwillingly become the maenads, the frenzy worshipers of Dionysus.  They were taken.  In my opinion, they were born with a vulnerability, a susceptibility to this.  Then of course, Jesus was not available, and they were taken.  For all we know, they were the descendants of the Israelites in Babylon.  All we know it is the women of thieves.  We do not even know who they were.  I do not know if that was the Lord to go over this article, or that it was the desire of somebody else here that I do that.  I really do not want to take any more time on this.  I think you should be able to do the rest by yourself.  If you read it, and you have any questions, you can always contact me. 


We have a lot of scriptural work to do, brethren.  Let us go on with the scriptural studies now.  We are starting with message #800, Part 1a.  It says Tefillin and Bacchus, and then it says A History of Mankind.  This is a study that I have preached, but this is the first time I have actually written it out for you. We need to understand who these angels are, that are possessing, or that desire to possess mankind.  Who they are, brethren, is that they are the fallen Tevunah.  Now remember, I say Tevunah, but it was just a seed of Tevunah that was planted in the earth; Tevunah being the Malchut of the Malchut of the God World of Atzilut.  We found out from another point of view, that she was the cherubim, that she actually extended from herself, a female seed that was put into the earth.  Actually, a female seed descended into the world below, and when it interacted with the atmosphere of the World of Creation, that seed produced a byproduct that can be likened to the development of rust on iron.  That is where the earth came from.  We see that that seed had earth attached to it from the beginning, but the righteousness of the seed that had the memory of the righteousness of Malchut of the God World of Atzilut was ruling over that earth.  It was like putting on an earthen coat, or a fur coat, that is attached to an animal.  Malchut is the daughter. In addition, the mother, was eventually breathed into the man.  It was not a physical man.  It was mankind.  When it says Jehovah breathed the breath of life into the man, the correct translation is mankind; humanity.  All of humanity was female.  We have the seed of Tevunah, that came from the daughter, and the breath of life that came from the mother.  Both the daughter and the mother were present in the World of Creation.  Jehovah formed a man out of them, the mother, the daughter, and the byproduct called earth, that came into existence.  Jehovah formed the man over the structure of the mother and the daughter.  The conscienceness of God, the mother and the daughter, was ruling.


Then what happened, the daughter had to choose between the mother as the authority, or the earth as the authority.  The truth is that the earth was attached to her, and her mother was not attached to her, the breath of Jehovah.  Instead of submitting to her mother, she interacted with the breath that was attached to her, and then the mother departed, and left her to her own devices.  I do not know about you, but I would not want the mother telling me, do whatever you want, and go the sowing and the reaping judgment way.  I would not want anyone to be saying that to me, but that is what the Spirit of the mother, the breath of Jehovah, said to that female seed.  You made your bed and you lie in it.  You chose to agree with the consciousness of the earth that is in your own mind. You are going to wind up in the same place hopefully, but you are going to go the hard way, and you are going to experience evil.  That is what happened, brethren. 


There is nothing new under the sun.  As human beings, we are experiencing the same thing today that the primeval seed of Tevunah experienced.  We are in the same condition.  Either we agreed with the earthen mind in ourselves, or we take the counsel of the mother, which is coming from me right now.  You choose.  There was nothing the mother could do for Tevunah, and there is nothing I could do for you, if you choose to copulate with your own carnal mind.  It is your choice.  There is nothing more I could do.  I wrote out The History of mankind for you.  If there are any mistakes, I will correct it as we go along.  It is a very important document.  You should hold on to it.  It tells us who the Nephilim are and who the Rephaim are.  It just blessed me writing it up for you because we need to know these things.  We need to know that we are demigods, that we are rephaim, that we are mighty ones.  We may just be beginning.  We may be very young in this state of being, but that is who we are, and that is what we are being trained to be. 


There are also ungodly mighty ones in the earth, and they are about to show up.  They are showing up already, but it is not evident yet.  There is a big veil of denial up.  I was listening to these audio DVD’s by Tom Horn the other day.  He is with Steve Quail.  He was saying that the two of them are so dedicated to getting this information out, and it is just devastating to them that they are not heard.  Apparently they have been doing this since about 2010.  I think they have been writing longer than that, but they really have been pushing and trying to get the word out to the church since 2010 and 2011.  They keep coming up against the same thing.  Oh, that is not going to happen.  Do not worry about that.  Jesus is going to take care of everything.  They have all this knowledge, and they are just waiting.  There are going to be a lot of people destroyed in the church.  These men do not have the other side of the message, that there are righteous demigods coming into existence. 


The seed of Tevunah married the Serpent.  She rejected her mother’s counsel, and married the Serpent, because the Serpent was closer to her.  Brethren, you need to know everything I am going to tell you now is happening within you and within me.  There is nothing new under the sun.  Only the form changed.  The form of the creation changed, but everything is the same.  We are the earth, and we are the seed of Tevunah, and the breath of Jehovah is inside of us, and gives us existence.  The only thing that changed was that Tevunah, when she was joined to her mother, had authority over the serpentine nature in her earth.  When she joined with her carnal mind, rather than with her mother, the scriptural term is the earth swallowed her up, meaning the serpentine consciousness of the earth is now ruling over that seed of spiritual intelligence.  Everything is the same, just the relationship between the parts have changed.  Jehovah sent the Lord Jesus Christ to restore the relationship between the parts, so that we should live and not die.


The seed of Tevunah married the Serpent, the consciousness of the earth, or her carnal mind, and produced a form of mankind that was not homo sapien.  It was called the race of Cain.  These are the Nephilim.  The race of Cain are the Nephilim and they were powerful.  This is the third stage of the fall.  Cain was powerful enough to kill Abel, very powerful.  The seed of Tevunah, which is purely angelic now, and all of these evil angels out there, which is what they are, because Tevunah was a many membered Tevunah.  She turned evil by a combination of her relationship with the Serpent, and her rejection of the righteousness of her mother, and she, herself, became evil.  The seed of Tevunah, which is purely angelic, married Cain, that form of mankind that came into existence that was not homo sapien.  It was a form of mankind, mankind being the conscious earth, which produced the Raphraim, the mighty ones, and they were giants in the earth. 


The evil angel, Tevunah, married her own offspring.  Cain is the Nephilim.  This race of Cain, strong spiritual beings, is the offspring of the earth and the angel.  Then Tevunah, herself, married her own offspring.  That is what we read about.  The Scripture says the sons of God looked on the daughters of men.  Now Cain is the son of God.  He is the offspring of the angel, the angel, the seed of the Malchut of the God World, especially when the daughter is connected with her mother, that is God.  You might say that the lower element of God produced a corrupt form of mankind called Cain.  Then the angel, who had turned evil, married her own offspring, and they became the Raphraim, the giants that are in the earth.  The Raphraim were the Canaanite race of mankind possessed by one of Tevunah’s seeds, which had turned evil, evil being that you turn against God.  You do not have to be a serial murderer to be evil, or to be evil in a particular thought, or to be evil in a particular decision, or to be evil in a particular action.  Scripturally speaking, you are evil if you are opposing God.  You become the enemy of God when you oppose God. 


There were two races on the earth at this time.  The Canaanites, which is mankind alone, and the Raphraim, mankind possessed by Tevunah, the lower angelic world.  I say the lower angelic world, because we have the angels that fell from the World of Points and they are the higher angels.  Kabbalah calls them the Kings of Edom.  Right now we are dealing with the angels of the lower world, meaning the seed of Tevunah that became influenced by the earth, and turned evil.  Again it was against her will.  She never intended to turn evil, but she was overcome by the ungodly influence of the earth, and there had to be a character flaw in her that she did not cling to her mother.  If there was no character flaw, she could not have been overtaken.  We find that the seed, even though she came from the God World of Atzilut, when she was separated from her mother, she had no power to resist evil.  She was likened to a naive virginal girl that knows nothing about life at all.  She was seduced by the Serpent when she disobeyed her mother and was overtaken. 


It is sort of what we just said about the women that were members of the Cult of Dionysus.  They did not wake up one morning and say I think I am going to rip a man apart and eat his flesh raw.  They were driven to it because of their foolish experiments in illegal spiritual ascension, because of their illegal experiments with the practice of witchcraft or ungodly spirituality.  They had no idea.  They never chose that.  They did chose it in a passive kind of way, but it was their rebellion and their ignorance that made them vulnerable to the possession that drove them to these maniacal rites.  That is a very important lesson.  We do not have to specifically choose the end result.  God says do not do this, and your carnal mind says, I cannot see anything wrong with that.  I just cannot see anything wrong with that.  I cannot see anything wrong with putting tefillin on.  It is just a leather strap.  What are you talking about?  Are you telling me this leather strap on my arm is going to attract an evil angel?  I do not know if I believe that.


It is that kind of disobedience and rebellion that opens you to possession, and then you become a part of a cult like that, if it happens to you.  I am not threatening you.  I do not believe in threatening anybody.  God does not threaten you.  He just gives you your choices.  I do not threaten you.  I just give you your choices.  That is a potential, and if not for you, for your children, or your grandchildren, or your great grandchildren, because you are opening a spiritual door.  You say, oh I do not know about that, but you would have never said, yes, I am going to be a member of the Dionysus Cult or the Bacchus Cult.  I am going to rip men, and children, and animals apart, and eat their flesh raw.  You would never agree to that, but you did agree to that.  You just did not read the small print on the contract. 


There were two races on the earth at this time.  The Canaanites, mankind alone, and the Raphraim, mankind possessed by Tevunah, the lower angelic world.  Now at this point, all of the seeds of Tevunah had turned evil against God, but a memory remained.  Other spiritual philosophies would say an echo, a memory of righteousness remained with the Canaanites.  However, the seed of Tevunah, which had turned evil, joined with the serpentine consciousness of the Canaanites, and overwhelmed the memory of righteousness.  However, the seed of Tevunah, which had turned evil, which was outside of the Canaanites, joined with the Canaanites, joined with the serpentine consciousness, or with Cain in the Canaanites, and overwhelmed the memory of righteousness.  The Raphraim had the ability to take on the flesh and put off the flesh at will, as described by Ezekiel, concerning the Zadok priesthood.  The seed of Tevunah went back and forth between the World of Creation, where the angels dwell, and the visible world.  They could take on the flesh or leave. 


Brethren, we experience that to a degree right now.  Right now the Lord Jesus is here visiting.  He may not be here when the meeting is over.  He comes and goes.  The Lord Jesus comes and goes.  In the form of the Holy Spirit, he comes and goes.  Even today, he comes and goes.  The difference is that his son is being formed in me, but the Canaanites did not have his son being formed within them.  They just had a memory of righteousness, and this evil angel came and joined to their serpentine side.  They really did not stand much of a chance.  During this time the memory of righteousness, which was now one side of the Canaanite race, and the serpentine consciousness was the other side, was completely repressed under the Serpent’s nature.  We have people in this world today that are addicted to heroin.  There is an epidemic of heroin addiction, suicide, and overdose.  There are a lot of people in the world today that are completely overtaken.  They are drinking, they are drugging, they are caught up in the wickedness of this world, so many different kinds of wickedness in this world.  Some of them know that they need help, and others are willing, and others are just given over to what they are addicted to.  Some may not even know there is another way. 


The Zohar says this about Adam during this time.  I am calling the Canaanite race Adam, because this is really Adam in another form.  Adam, meaning Strong’s #120; mankind.  During this time, the Zohar says Adam produced many demons and unclean spirits through their internecine relationship with the Serpent.  Now the Lord gave me that word, internecine, I will give you the definition of the word internecine, just in case you do not know what it means.  The first meaning of internecine is of, or pertaining to conflict, or struggle within a group, an internecine feud among proxy holders, for example, in business.  It means mutually destructive.  It is characterized by great slaughter and it is deadly.


When I read this definition, I thought of the teaching on divorce that we had here, that the true victim of divorce are the children.  The reason why God is so against divorce is because it really is murder.  It is murder of the family and it is destructive.  Sometimes it is murder to the children.  Mankind at that time, who is called Cain, had an internecine struggle.  He had two consciousnesses in his midst, because the seed of Tevunah, that really was righteous, joined with the consciousness of the Serpent.  When they mixed, the consciousness of the memory of righteousness became just a very faint echo of what Elohim had spoken to Tevunah, so the two sides were not equal.  Mankind in those days was evil because that memory of righteousness was not enough.  That echo of righteousness was just a soft voice that he ignored most of the time.  Do not forget that the breath of Jehovah was there also.  Do you remember the teaching, that first the woman gave birth to Cain, and then Abel appeared also, but Abel just transferred to the lower world.  He was not corrupted, but he had no power.  Abel, the human spirit, that which gave consciousness to the creation, had no power.


The only hope of power, of the breath of Jehovah, was to make contact with that echo or memory of righteousness, and then he would be able to strengthen the man.  Just as I teach you now, that Cain is a chastity belt that stands in front of Abel, Cain stands in front of Abel in the mind of people.  Whoever it is that God is sending a son of God to, to give them a message, either the general message of salvation, or this message, whatever Jesus wants to say to somebody, Cain stands up in that person’s mind and stands in front of Abel, because it is Abel that needs to receive the word of liberation; come out from among her, and I will receive you.  That was what was happening.  It is the same story, no matter what stage of development mankind is in, it is the same story.  It is an earthen creature that is supposed to be ruled over by the spiritual intelligence of God.  There is a continuous internecine conflict between which nature will rule the creature, the Serpent’s nature or the nature of God.  The issue that we are dealing with right now is that outside influences operate upon mankind.  There are outside influences that operate upon mankind, and at this stage of the development the only outside influence were the evil angels, Tevunah, who had turned evil, wanting to get inside of mankind, which was formed. 


Our example is Christ Jesus in us.  That was what was going on, but in another form, if you need something to help you to understand.  There was a race of mankind, whatever they looked like.  I do not believe they looked like us.  Whatever they looked like, they were an earthen creature that had a serpentine consciousness and an echo, or a memory, of righteousness.  They were basically evil.  They were basically manifestations of the Serpent.  They might have been lizards.  They might have been dragons for all we know, because this body looks like the one that incarnated us.  Remember there were evil angels that were invisible that wanted to get inside of this race called Cain.  Invisible evil angels desired to marry, marry meaning to get inside of, and live through the race of Cain.  At some point, the memory of righteousness called Adam, rose up above the serpentine consciousness in the man Lamech, of the Canaanite race, the offspring of the seed of Tevunah in the earth and the Serpent, and repented. 


Lamech is the one that repented.  You can read about that in the Book of Genesis.  After Lamech repented, in that day men started calling upon the name of the Lord.  They started calling for help.  All of these different types of people exist in our world today.  There are people out there in desperate condition that do not even know that there is a possibility of help.  They have never heard of God.  If they have heard of him, they do not believe it, or they think he is evil.  They were raised in a home where there was witchcraft, or they were raised in idolatry.  They just do not know.  They do not even know to call out.  Something happened within the man, Lamech.  That memory of righteousness stirred up in him, probably stirred up by the influence of the mother that was hovering over her creation the whole time, and cried out to God.  When you cry out, he will never fail you.  He will never fail to answer you when you cry out with an honest heart.  I want to tell you that it does not matter if you are Christian, or Jewish, or Hindu, or Muslim, God is the God of the desperate.  He will hear you, whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever condition you are in. 


The Lord hates pride, and He resists pride at every turn.  He will say work it out yourself in your own pigpen.  That is why when you repent, there is no true repentance without sorrow first.  You might be convicted of what you did, but if there is no sorrow, you need to know there is no repentance granted to you.  Repentance is only granted when you are convicted that you did something wrong and you are sorrowing over it, meaning you are really sorry that you did it, not sorry because of the consequences, but really sorry that you did something that offended God.  If you do not have that, you do not have true repentance, brethren.  You just have conviction.  Do not fool yourself.  Lying to yourself will not help you.  The Scripture says that Adam knew his wife, and she gave birth to Seth, another righteous seed.  What does this mean?  It means that the memory of righteousness within the Canaanite race of mankind, which is the offspring of Tevunah and the Serpent, joined in thought and purpose with Abel, Jehovah’s breath, that was in them the whole time.  You know that song, He Was There All The Time?  He took authority over the serpentine nature in the Nephilim. 


Now Seth is a new race of mankind.  Up until that time there were only Canaanites.  Seth is now a second race of mankind.  We have different races today, do we not?  We have the black race, the red race, the brown race, the white race, the yellow race.  Up until that point there was only one race of mankind, called Cain.  Now Seth is the beginning of a new race of mankind.  Mankind is the offspring of the seed of Tevunah and the Serpent.  Where the consciousness of God prevailed over the consciousness of the Serpent, that person is no longer called Cain.  At that time they are called Seth, because the Canaanites recognize and join with Jehovah’s breath in the midst of them.  It was not all of the Canaanites, but some of the Canaanites, those that were crying out to God, God’s response to them was to help them to recognize salvation in the midst of themselves.  It was the memory of righteousness that cried out to Jehovah, and then Jehovah’s word was my Spirit is in you.  Join up with him, and I will be able to help you.


Let me explain that to you, brethren.  God only speaks to his own family.  Jehovah only speaks to his own family.  That is why we need Jesus.  Jehovah does not speak or respond to Cain in you, even if Cain finds repentance, and sorrows, and cries out God help me.  God does not speak to Cain in you.  The Lord’s response to Cain in you crying out, Cain in you crying out from the pigpen, if you know the parable of the two sons.  He woke up in the pigpen one day, and he said, what am I doing here?  I remember I had a relationship with God, and I was doing much better than this.  I am going to go home.  When Cain cries out, and is tired of being in the pigpen, Jehovah hears him.  The next thing that happens is that he sends a man that has Jesus in him.  He sends a man to talk to you, to tell you about Jesus the mediator, because you have to go through a mediator if you want Jehovah to respond to you.  Jehovah heard your cry and He wants to help you, but He does not talk to Cain.  He does not talk to sin.  You now have to get something.


You need to get an interpreter, for lack of a better way of explaining it.  You need to get a translating machine.  You need to get something inside of you that Jehovah will agree to communicate with.  Why will Jehovah not communicate with you?  Is He too high and mighty to communicate with you if you are just Cain?  Brethren, if Jehovah communicated with Cain in you directly, you would die.  He is a holy God.  When He communicates with sin, sin is destroyed.  He hears everybody that is crying out with a true heart.  He is the only judge of whether your heart is true or not, or whether you are just feeling sorry for yourself.  He is going to send somebody to you, to wake up the consciousness of Abel in you, so that God can speak to Abel in you without killing you.  God can speak to Abel in you without killing you.  Once you do that, brethren, and once He delivers you from your present problem, you have a problem, because you made a contract with the living God.  You cried out for Him, and He answered.  You signed on the dotted line.  He may not be asking you for anything at that moment, but the day He comes for you, you are His, and that day will come.


Seth is a new race of mankind, the offspring of the seed of Tevunah and the Serpent.  Where the consciousness of God prevailed over the consciousness of the Serpent, because the Canaanites recognized and joined with Jehovah’s breath in the midst of them.  They recognized the mother.  Jehovah’s breath in the midst of us is the residue of the mother that went into captivity with us.  There were now good and evil mighty ones in the earth, the evil Raphraim or Canaanites possessed by evil angels of the lower world, the lower evil angels.  It is not the ones that fell down from the World of Points, but Tevunah, who turned evil.  God is Binah together with Elohim.  Let me start again.  The good Raphraim or Canaanites, whose righteous side had a relationship with God, which is their human spirit in the midst of them, through Abel.  Even though they were not attached, the human spirit in the midst of them was detached from God above, from God’s point of view, the memory of righteousness within those men had a relationship with God through Binah, the breath of Jehovah that had gone into captivity with the creature. 


That relationship strengthened them against the serpentine nature.  That was how they could cry out to God because the serpentine nature stops you from crying out to God.  The good Raphraim were eventually overcome by the evil Raphraim because Abel, Jehovah’s breath, which is the Shekinah in captivity, was a part of the Canaanite race.  The evil angels, which are the fallen seed of Tevunah, came from a higher world.  Abel, Jehovah’s breath in the midst of them, was the residue of the life of God in them, but that Jehovah’s breath was cut off from the mother in the God World of Atzilut.  She is called the Shekinah in captivity.  When an evil angel came to that Canaanite, that evil angel joining to the serpentine nature in that Canaanite, was stronger than the memory of righteousness joining to the Shekinah in captivity, and the person was turned over to evil again. 


The Scripture says in that day the sons of God became evil.  That means all of the people on the other side of the flood, with the exception of eight souls, which were saved by water.  The eight souls we know as Noah.  What happened to them was that they were the members of the Canaanite race that had an internecine conflict and the memory, or the echo of righteousness within them, somehow hooked up with the Shekinah in captivity, and overthrew the serpentine nature, and they were living a righteous life, crying out to Jehovah.  Then because of the influence of the evil angels, which came from a higher world, they overthrew every single one of the Godly Raphraim, of the Godly mighty ones, of the demigods, except eight souls known to us through the Scripture as Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth.  The Scripture says the sons of God became evil, and Jehovah sent the flood to destroy the Canaanites, that were possessed by evil angels.  Well why?  Because, brethren, we are all Canaanites.  Either you are a member of the Seth company or a member of the Cain company.  It is a reality here in the world today.


Jehovah sent the flood to destroy the Canaanites, and they were possessed by evil angels.  When you are a Canaanite that is possessed by an evil angel, you become a criminal.  You become a monster that has supernatural strength to rip other people and animals to shreds, and eat their flesh raw.  God does not let people like that live very long.  That is why He wiped them out in the flood.  I told you a couple of months ago, that there had to be some formation of the earth in creation that was so obnoxious that Jehovah had to destroy it.  Here is the answer.  This was what He destroyed.  We do not even know how worse it could have gotten.  Their bodies might have been distorted and bizarre.  We do not know what they looked like, but they became dangerous.  If the Lord did not intervene, and destroy mankind, saving one righteous one amongst them, Noah, it would have been the end of His creation.  He destroyed everything.  He just kept the seed to start all over again. 


There was no deliverance at that time.  Is there going to be deliverance today?  I do not know.  For a human being that becomes possessed of an evil angel, is there deliverance for them?  I do not know.  I honestly do not know.  Was there deliverance at the beginning?  I do not know.  Was there deliverance further on, when they were ripping people to shreds?  Brethren, this is where vampires and werewolves come from.  If this is what they were doing in the Cult of Dionysus or Bacchus, how much further do you have to imagine that there were werewolves and vampires?  If they were ripping human beings, and animals to shreds, and eating their flesh raw, really what is the difference between that and a vampire, where they just take your blood?  God wiped them out.  They were corrupt and a complete perversion.  The question is, once you get to that state, are you deliverable now that Jesus is here?  The answer is I do not know. 


That is what is coming upon the earth, and we have a whole church, and a whole world of Jews, that are is some kind of la la land.  I heard the rabbi tell his kids that Messiah is coming with candy.  He is coming with candy?  If you are Jewish, I do not mean to mock you.  I am so frustrated at the dangerous state that you are in.  You have the children opening the door to let some invisible spirit come in at their Seders.  This is pretty much the message of verse 18 of Ezekiel, Chapter 13.  Ezekiel is telling the people, you are doing something that may have importance to you on this realm here, but you have your head down, and saying, oh this is making me happy over here.  The whole time hell is coming after you, and the people you are responsible for are vulnerable, and so are you.  I am talking to the leaders. 


Now Noah was a Raphraim, a mighty one, a demigod, a man god, a member of the Canaanite race, who was possessed of the Spirit of God.  If you follow the account of Noah through in Genesis, initially it is Elohim that is speaking to him.  Eventually, it is Jehovah that is speaking to him.  I think Noah had an imputed internalized manifestation of God somehow.  Noah was a Raphraim.  He was a demigod.  We know that the Hebrew children had the manchild formed in them because Jehovah tells them, you are gods, but you are going to die like men.  Noah had a manchild, or whatever form of the manchild existed, in the form that he was in without Jesus.  We know that it is was possible in those days to have a manchild formed in you without Jesus, but the issue was they aborted.  Israel aborted.  They could not  bring the child to term.  Christ Jesus, the form that the manchild is in today, is literally growing out of  our existence.  He is not just placed there.  The manchild that was in Israel can be likened to this pen.  It was just placed there.  He just set there, and he died.  Today, the manchild in us is not just sitting there.  He is a part of us.  He is growing out of our very existence.  It is much, much, much harder to kill him.  You could still kill him, but it is much harder to kill him. 


Noah was a Raphraim, a mighty one, who had the power to put on the flesh and take off the flesh.  He departed from his Canaanite flesh until the waters receded.  I have told you that a couple of times.  I have had that revelation for about a year now that Noah was above the flood.  Of course the ark is a parable, brethren.  You do not argue with people that believe that there is an ark, but I am telling you it is a parable.  There was no boat as we think of boats.  The ark was a provision of safety.  We had a spiritual person here once.  They did not stay in the ministry very long, but they were pretty spiritual.  They lived in this development.  They said they walked by here, and the Lord said this is Noah’s ark.  This is Noah’s ark.  We are building an ark right here.  What is the ark?  The ark is the provision for safety, when the judgment of God comes, not so much to punish us, but to save whatever is going to be left of humanity, by killing these evil Raphraim, that are werewolves and vampires, and attacking and eating people in the streets, and pulling them apart and eating them alive. 


The ark is the provision of God for safety, whatever it looks like, whatever form it takes.  Whether it is something physical, whether it is a state of mind, whether it is the manchild in the midst of you, however it materializes, you need to know that the ark is the place of safety for whatever the Lord is bringing upon the earth, whatever form it takes.  If you have it in your mind that it has to be a boat, you can really get messed up.  You need to hear from God.  You need to hear from God, and you need to be able to tell the difference between God and your carnal mind.  If you do not get rid of that junk inside of you, that keeps telling you that it is God, when it is your carnal mind, you are not going to hear from God, in the crisis and in the crucial moment, of the day of your calamity.  We must learn to come into submission to God in all areas, not just in some areas, but in all areas, or we will not hear Him in the crisis.  I do not know how to make it any clearer. 


Now Noah was a Raphraim, a mighty one, who had the power to put on the flesh and take off the flesh, and he departed from his Canaanite flesh until the water receded.  He was above the flood.  After it stopped raining, Noah sent forth representatives of his two sides, a dove, an aspect of Abel, the memory of righteousness,  and a raven, his serpentine side within him, to determine whether it was safe to take on the flesh again.  What are we saying?  Noah, who was a Raphraim, he was imbued supernaturally with the Spirit that came from Jehovah, from the son of God, who was in the midst of him.  That son of God, for lack of a better way to explain it, went to the outside, and Noah’s potential to be formed as a human being was locked inside of that son of God that was in the midst of him.  He was turned inside out.  That which was immortal, that which was invulnerable, came to the outside, and his Canaanite side went to the inside.  Right now our Canaanite side is on the outside.  The son of God in me is invisible.  He is my ark.  In one way or another, when trouble comes, he will protect me.  Either he will give me wisdom, or he will have other people fight for me, or in the case of a global flood, if it was even true.  There is a difference of opinion whether it was a global flood or a local flood in spiritual circles.  If it should come to something like that, Christ Jesus in me has the power to come outside of me, and envelope my humanity, and cover me over with an invulnerable shield.  That was what happened to Noah.  The elements of him that were mankind, were locked inside of an immortal shield.  He sent forth elements or seeds of both of his two sides to see if I can stand on the earth.  Have the waters gone down?  When the dove did not come back,  then that shield retreated to inside of him, and mankind came to the outside, and he set foot on the earth again.  He was a supernatural being. 


We must stop limiting our thoughts to the thoughts of the carnal mind.  You will never get anywhere if you limit your thoughts to the thoughts of the carnal mind.  You have to be willing to believe anything.  Of course, you ask God to witness it to you.  You must be open to thoughts beyond your own human consciousness, or you will never get up off the earth.  We ascend through mind, what you think, and how you think.  Afterwards Noah sent forth representatives of his two sides, a dove, Abel, the memory of righteousness, and a raven, his serpentine side within him, to determine whether it was safe to take on the flesh again.  The clean and the unclean animals that we read about in the ark in Genesis, represent the two sides of the flesh that Noah preserved.  Jehovah instructed Noah to preserve seven sefirot of Abel, Noah’s righteous consciousness, from Binah through Yesod, the male.  Seven is Binah.  Malchut, the female, of the clean beasts, you will take seven, a male with his female.  Noah’s righteous consciousness from Binah through Yesod was the male, and Malchut was the female from his righteous side, from the echo or the memory of righteousness.  Then only two sefirot of his Canaanite side, that is the serpentine consciousness, Yesod the male, the consciousness of the Serpent, of the earth, and Malchut, the female, the fallen seed of Tevunah.


Let me do that again.  Jehovah instructed Noah to take seven of the clean animals, and two of the unclean animals, and two by two, each one with his female.  The male animal, or the male aspect of that creature, called the Canaanite, was that echo, or that memory of righteousness, joined to the breath of Jehovah.  That unity had ten sefirot, and Jehovah said only seven of the ten are going to be preserved, from Binah through Yesod, which is seven.  That is the male, and then Malchut, also, which is the female.  Those were the clean animals.   The unclean animals, Jehovah said, take two of the serpentine side of the Canaanite.  Only Yesod the male, and Malchut the female, went on the ark.  What does it mean to be on the ark?  It was joined to the manchild, or whatever form the son of God within, that was preserving Noah.  It was probably the manchild within.  On the other side of the flood, an evil angel succeeded in planting his vine in Noah.


We know that Jesus said that he is the vine, so that is our witness, and Jesus is an angel today.  He is an angel planting his seed in us.  He is an angel to us that comes to plant his seed.  Jesus said I am the vine.  I am planting my vine in you, so there was another vine.  That vine was Tevunah, who had turned evil.  She planted her vine in Noah.  I know the King James says Noah planted  a vineyard.  I did not look up the Interlinear text, but that is what it means.  An evil angel followed Noah, because the evil angels were not destroyed.  It was just the Canaanites that were destroyed.  The Raphraim were demigods.  There was an aspect of mankind called Canaanites, and then the invisible evil angels that were inhabiting them.  It was just the Canaanites that were wiped out, everyone except Noah, who was pregnant with his three sons.  How could Noah be pregnant?  He did not look like this.  He was not a homosapien.  Reproduction at that time was more or less a form of cell division.


He made it to the other side, and then some evil angels were circling around like vultures in the heavenlies.  Everyone of them with their eye on Noah, who was going to get him.  I want to tell you something, brethren, if you are truly serving God, there are spiritual vultures circling around your life every day, waiting for every opportunity to get inside of your head.  If you think that you do not have to worry because God is going to protect you, you are a naive child.  Sin is an invitation to these vultures.  It is the mind of God in you, which is His Son Jesus, that will protect you so long as you are not in sin.  You need to be breaking curses every day.  Are you suppose to be afraid?  No!  But you need to be circumspect.  You need to pray always, break curses, and continuously confess your sins, those that you know about, and those that you do not know about.  If you think that you know all of your sins, you are in one peck of trouble, and there is nothing anybody can do to help you.  The Lord will show you how wrong you are through some painful way, I assure you. 


On the other side of the flood, an evil angel succeeded in planting his vine in Noah.  Did Noah want it?  Was Noah looking for it.  No!  Noah was a servant of God, but something was found in him, and that evil angel got in, and that vulture got in, and zoomed right in and took him.  What does that mean?  That evil angel joined with the serpentine consciousness in Noah.  That evil angel joined to the serpentine consciousness in Noah, and was stronger than the memory of righteousness joined to the human spirit in Noah, and he was taken, and he became an evil Raphraim.  Now what I have to say next is very interesting.  On the other side of the flood an evil angel succeeded in planting his vine in Noah, and Noah’s serpentine consciousness overcame Noah’s righteous side, which is a memory of righteousness joined to Abel, and the Raphraim race of Seth turned evil.  I am going to say evil again.  They turned evil.


It is possible that Shem, Ham, and Japheth represent the three columns of the balanced mind that God gave Abel, that gave the Abel race of mankind.  Shem, Ham, and Japheth became the three columns.  Now remember, the original line was a vertical column of ten sefirot, and that mind that is the carnal mind, ten sefirot, one under the other.  The highest sefirot cannot communicate with the lowest sefirot, so that is not a sound mind.  The sound mind of God is in three columns, so that all of the sefirot can relate to each other, and serve God that way.  Shem, Ham, and Japheth were the sound mind, or the  mind of God that Jehovah gave to Noah.  If that is the case, Ham represents the middle column, the blended balance of the left and right sides.  Therefore, it was Ham who sounded the alarm that the left side, which is Japheth, was overtaking the right side, which is Shem, which meant that Ham was being destroyed by Noah’s internecine conflict.


When Noah became evil, Ham ceased to exist, but Ham did not cease to exist.  He went on and he had children, but he died spiritually.  The middle column, which is the perfect blend of the left and right, righteousness in the midst of us.  That which comes into existence  when the right side overtakes the left side, and forces it to be righteous by bringing it to the middle column.  Ham was the one that shouted the alarm.  He was the middle column.  He was the righteousness.  That was the righteousness of Ham inside of Ham’s vessel, that saw the evil angel joining himself to Ham, just like the donkey saw the angel that Balaam did not see.  Ham was screaming.  His life was on the line.  He would be the one that would see it.  He was the righteousness of the vessel, so therefore it was Ham who sounded the alarm, and the left side, Japheth, was overtaking the right side, Shem, which meant that  Ham was being destroyed by Noah’s internecine conflict. The spiritual position of Ham is being the middle column.  He was going to die to that righteousness.  He was going to die to that immortality.  He was dying to that immortality.  Noah’s curse upon Ham as much as said this.  This is what Noah said to Ham.  For those of you who do not know it, Noah pronounced a curse upon Ham.  He said curseth be your grandson, Canaan.  What Noah was really saying, and of course it was not Noah, well it was Noah, but it was that evil angel that had completely changed Noah’s nature, that was now cursing Ham, saying by the time Canaan is born, you, Noah’s righteousness, his balanced line, which was in the image of God, you will no longer exist, and your descendants will be just like me.  Now this is the evil angel speaking through him, your descendants will be just like me, Canaanites, the race of Cain, possessed by evil angels. 


Let me say that again.  It is very powerful, brethren.  By Noah’s curse upon Ham, he was actually saying to Ham, his own righteousness.  Noah was cursing his own righteousness.  This is like a divorce.  He was killing the family.  He was killing the blend.  He was killing the whole, because an outside angel had possessed him through some kind of sin, that was probably pride.  He made it to the other side and he thought he was untouchable.  He found out the hard way.  Noah was actually saying to Ham, by the time Canaan is born, you, Noah’s righteousness called Ham, will no longer exist.  Your descendants will be just like me, Noah was saying, Canaanites possessed by evil angels.  Brethren, the evil side is always trying to bring us down.  It is a continuous warfare.  Sometimes the people know what they are doing, and sometimes the people do not know what they are doing.  Sometimes it is our loved ones.  Sometimes it is our husbands, our wives, our mothers, our fathers, that try to bring us down out of Christ, that try to separate us in our mind from God. 


That is exactly what happened to Ham.  The curse came to pass.  I have been preaching here for a little while now, Ham was the first Israel.  He was black Israel.  I’m sorry, not Ham, his descendant Nimrod. It was Ham, it is all the same soul.  Nimrod was the father of Canaan.  Nimrod was a righteous servant of Jehovah in the earth, but he was overtaken.  The same thing happened to him that happened to Noah.  He was overtaken, so by the time Canaan’s generation came, the line of Ham was no longer a righteous line.  It took that many generations to completely destroy the righteousness that was in Noah.  Noah was a supernatural being.  He was a Raphraim, and there was a remnant of righteousness that remained in him.  There was a remnant of Ham.  There was a remnant of the middle column that remained in Noah all the way through the generation of Canaan.  By the time that Canaan was born, there was no righteousness left.  Even Nimrod, who had been such a powerful servant of God, became an evil Raphraim. 


Brethren, when you sin, your righteousness does not disappear overnight.  This is the danger of sin.  You go out and you do something that you know is wrong, and you do not see immediate results.   I saw this in my own daughter.  The night that the Lord told me that I had to send her to live with her father because she was so out of control.  Right in her ears, I said, Lord, what do I do with this child?  She was fourteen years old.  She looked around and nothing happened.  She thought she was home free.  The Lord said you have to send her to live with her father.  She has not gotten over it to this day.  The judgment fell on her so hard that she has not recovered from it to this day, to my great chagrin.  When you first sin, and you look around, and there is no consequence for that sin, only a fool would think I am okay.  Only a fool would say something like that.  If the shoe fits, wear it.


The consequences of sin are slow and imperceptible.  They are imperceptible.  You do not see what is happening to you until so many judgments have fallen, so many aspects of the judgment has fallen that it looms up in your life as a big problem.  It has been coming for a long time.  God has been talking to you for a long time and you think you are okay.  Then one day the bottom falls out.  You say how did this happen to me?  The Lord says I spoke to you and you did not hear me.  I spoke to you in a dream and you did not hear me.  I spoke to you through your friend and you did not hear me.  I spoke to you through your pastor and you did not hear me.  I spoke to you.  I am innocent.  I did everything I could  to save you and you did not listen.  Now you have got it.  Can I not come back?  Of course you could come back, but do you need this grief in your life? 


That was the reality of who Ham, Shem, and Japheth were.  I think I put this scripture in for you.  This  is Isaiah speaking prophetically.  Isaiah 14:10; All they shall speak and say unto thee, Art thou also become weak as we? Art thou become like unto us?  That is the fallen Canaanite race of Raphraim saying, whether you live then, or whether you live today, you have been serving the Lord Jesus for thirty years.  Brethren, I want to tell you the reality of life.  You could be serving Jesus for your whole life, thirty, forty, fifty years, and if you step in that stuff that the dog left, it is going to be on your shoe, and you try to get it off.  If you think that you are okay because you spent thirty five years doing good deeds, you are in for an awakening.  When you sin, and that judgment falls, the thirty five years before that go out the window.  I am telling you the truth.  All of those thirty five years of good deeds do not counteract your present sin. 


This means that Noah’s serpentine consciousness overtook his memory of righteousness, because an evil angel, which is the seed of Tevunah, succeeded in joining itself to Canaan’s serpentine side.  Noah’s serpentine consciousness overtook his memory of righteousness, even though it was joined to Jehovah’s breath, because an evil angel succeeded in joining itself to Canaan’s serpentine side, and he became an evil Raphraim.  Now I have been wondering about this scripture, Genesis 9:27 for years.  I am so happy to understand it.  God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.  Brethren, so many misguided people have interpreted this scripture to mean that black people are designated by God to be servants of the white race, which is an abomination to even think such a thought.  This is what the verse means.  We probably will not get to it today.  As I told you, that study  of Ezekiel 13:18 is a whole teaching in itself.  As a part of that teaching, we found out what the word enlarge means.  The word enlarge means to deliver, to bless.  Blessing is deliverance. 


What this verse means is that God will deliver Japheth.  Why does Japheth need to be delivered?  Japheth was the left side.  Japheth was Noah’s left side.  Japheth was what the evil angel joined himself to.  God will deliver Japheth from his weakness.  There is somebody here that got a couple of prophesies or words of knowledge like that.  Your problem is a spiritual weakness.  The Lord wants to join himself to you, and strengthen you in this area.  That is what God does to faithful servants that have weak areas that they cannot overcome, or that they have weak areas that are standing poised to destroy their lives if they would just fall prey to listen to that whisper of the serpent, and not listen to what the Lord has to say.  That weakness that wants what the serpent is offering.  That is what a weakness is.  You want what the serpent is offering.  Brethren, seduction means you want what the serpent is offering to you.  If you really do not want what the serpent is offering to you, you do not have a problem.  Your problem is that you want what the serpent is offering to you.  Then you have a internecine conflict and the angels watch.  The angels that are involved in creation, they watch to see which side of you is going to win, and are they going to have to pick up the pieces or not.  I am telling you the truth. 


God said, I am going to deliver you, Japheth.  You were the opening that that evil angel attached itself, through which he was attached to Noah.  My answer to you, Japheth, is I am not going to punish you.  I am going to strengthen you.  The way I am going to strengthen you is that I am going to put you inside of Shem’s tent.  That means I am going to put you into submission to someone who did not have your problem.  Spiritually speaking, because we know that there are nations that came out of Japheth.  We know that God prospered Shem, spiritually, more than Japheth.  We know that Abraham came out of Shem.  Israel came out of Shem.  Why did Israel come out of Shem and not out of Japheth?  It is because Japheth needs to be under the protection of Shem.  How is that playing out today?  As far as the nations go, Great Britain and the United States of America have been Shem to the world.  I do not know what is going to happen next.  I do not have any personal word from the Lord as to what is going to happen next.  It looks like our days of protecting Japheth are over, and Great Britain’s days of being the protector  are certainly over.  Right now it looks like the days of America are over. 


I am going to deliver you, Japheth, by putting you under the authority of someone who will protect you.  Japheth wanted to be the big shot.  I wanted to be the boss.  I wanted to be my own man.  I wanted to be out on my own.  The Lord says, there is a weakness in you right now, and if I do not put you under someone who would be a strength to you, you could fall under the same affliction that happened to Ham and Noah.  You could be possessed by an evil angel.  That can manifest in multiple ways.  It means some evil angel could come down and you would become a Dionysusian, some crazy person ripping animals to shreds and eating them raw.  Maybe nothing that serious, maybe you will just come under the influence of another human being who will be a bad influence for you. 


Brethren, listen.  Either you are attached to God or attached to another man.  You are attached to God or attached to another man.  When you are attached to another man, you are either attached to Christ in that man, or you are attached to the carnal mind in that man.  We are either attached to Christ or we are attached to the other side.  I am telling you the truth.  The only independence in this world is the man that is attached to Jehovah through the Lord Jesus, to the point of maturation that he does not need to be attached to other human beings.  That is where I am today.  I am unattached.  Either you are attached directly to Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ, or you are attached to Christ in another man, or you are attached to the carnal side, or the serpentine side of another man.  You are never out on your own.  It is just a lie in your mind.  It is just an illusion.


God shall enlarge Japheth and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem.  He shall dwell under the protection of Shem.  Here is the kicker.  Canaan shall be his servant.  Did Jesus not say that we have to be servants to others, that we have to lead a sacrificial life?  The safest life, the life that is going to keep us from the consciousness of the Serpent will be a life of service.  That is what that means.  Canaan is going to be the middle column.  Japheth shall be delivered by being put under the authority of Shem, who will protect him, and Canaan, the descendant of Ham, who was the middle column in the first place, will be the middle column.  He will be the blended balance of the righteous mind of God.  That really excited me, because I have been saying for years that Ham was the righteous mind of God, but I did not get it to this degree.  Brethren, this is talking about spiritual aspects.  None of this applies to the color of your skin.  It is who we are on the inside today.  Everybody on the outside is a Canaanite today.  This body makes us a Canaanite.  Even if Christ Jesus is being developed in you, this body makes us a Canaanite.  This is the body of sin.  Did it hurt you today?  Did it give you a problem today?  This is a body of sin, brethren.  This body makes you a Canaanite.  You can also be a Canaanite on the inside, or you could be Seth on the inside.  Today if you are Seth, we call you Christ Jesus.  God delivered Japheth, the left column of the Canaanite race, by placing him under the authority of Shem, the right side, and Canaan would serve them both through the middle column as his father, Ham, did.  Nimrod, the son of Ham, overcame his serpentine side and served Jehovah.  He was a mighty hunter, hunting for fallen souls to point them towards Jehovah.  The hunting is for souls, brethren.  He hunted for fallen souls to point them towards Jehovah, until he, Nimrod, was overtaken by an evil angel,  and became the father of false religion in the earth.


Brethren, I have been saying that for a couple of years.  It was a real blessing to me today to hear Tom Horn on that audio DVD talking about Nimrod.  He was saying Nimrod began to be a hunter from the Scripture.  It says Nimrod began to be a hunter.  He was not always an evil hunter.  Tom Horn had that revelation.  He is still in all that deliverance type mentality.  I am not saying anything bad about him.  That is where he is.  He was coming forth from this position saying it has to do with trans-humanism and genetics, and that is what he preaches.  He was looking at those scriptures about Ham and Nimrod.  He was saying something happened to him.  They changed his DNA.  That is what these mad scientists out there want to do.  They want to change our DNA.  They want to make us more open to the possibility of possession.  Tom Horn saw that in Nimrod.  He said, he became something that he was not.  They completely changed his nature.  Where Tom Horn was coming from, and he may be right, was that thousands of years ago when this happened, that these same sons of God that are appearing today, they were appearing then.  He is thinking that they were coming up with the same machines.


Actually, I had another exhibit for you.  You could find it on the internet for yourself if you want.  There is an organization called CERN.  I do not really know that much about it.  Scientists use it, particles something.  They are playing with physics to get power.  It did not seem to fit into this message, so I did not send it out.  Tom Horn is all into CERN and particles, and another word that I cannot recall, a particle of something or other.  They are playing with science, and actually they were the organization that invented the internet.  He is all concerned with trans-humanism and the corruption of the human race.  That is where he was coming from.  Yeah, they changed Nimrod, so these sons of God, thousands of years ago, they must have had the same machines that we have now.  They must have been affecting  the human race, just like they are affecting it now. 


I disagree with him, in that I do not believe that mankind looked like we look now all those thousands of years ago.  For the area that he is in, that was what he was thinking.  Does anyone not know what I am talking about?  He was thinking that it was machines.  I am saying that I do not think they had machines like they have now.  I think all the science and the machines that they have now, are to get back what they had, spiritually, that Jehovah took away from them.  They had spiritual power in those days.  We are fallen.  They have to get the spiritual power back, so they are using all these machines, and all this science to get it back.  I do not think that they had these machines and all of that science back then.  Of course, I could be wrong.  What do I know?  I just work here.  I just do what God tells me to do.


I want to tell you that this message was so mind boggling to me.  I was almost raving in my office as I was bringing it forth.  I even said to the Lord, why am I reacting like this?  Why am I having this reaction that  this is just so mind boggling?  I think that part of it was that He just took me, from my mind being immersed in what we have been preaching on in the last couple of messages with videos and trans-humanism, and He just grabbed hold of me and just put me into this deep study, which we have not even touched on yet of the alternate translation of Ezekiel 13:18.  Maybe it was just for the momentum that He did it.  I do not know what it was, but I was raving all day yesterday saying, I cannot believe this, I cannot believe this.  It just came out anyway.  That was just me having a manifestation yesterday. 


God delivered Japheth, the left column of the Canaanite race by placing him under the authority of Shem, the right side, and Canaan would serve them both through the middle column as his father, Ham, did.   Nimrod, the son of Ham, overcame his serpentine side, and served Jehovah.  He was a mighty hunter, hunting for fallen souls, to point them towards Jehovah until he was overtaken by an evil angel, and he became the father of false religion in the earth.  This is really interesting to me.  The Zohar says that the world was rocking, and rolling, and unstable, until Jehovah joined himself to Abraham.  I never really knew what that meant.  Abraham was a Canaanite, who was in agreement with Abel, Jehovah’s breath, which is Binah, Abel’s mother in captivity.  Jehovah recognized and responded to Abel in Abraham.  The Zohar tells us that Abraham saw the order in the universe.


I have talked to you about this multiple times.  I even mentioned it earlier today.  If we have the ability to recognize the result of a spiritual move, then we can ask the Lord where it came from.  This happened to me when I saw all the contents of the television stations changing, etc.  I said to the Lord, who has the money to buy up all of these television stations.  In my carnal mind I did not think anybody had that much money, but there are people that have that much money.  I found out.  Abraham looked at the order in the universe.  The sun rises in the morning and it sets at night.  He looked at the order of nature.  He said this could not be happenstance.  There has to be an invisible intelligence behind this.  We are told in the Zohar that Jehovah contacted him to give him answers.  I am telling you today that in order for Jehovah to have contacted Abraham to answer questions like that, Abraham had to be asking those questions out of his memory of righteousness, rather than his serpentine side.  That is what I am saying to you.


Abraham was a Canaanite who was in agreement with Abel, Jehovah’s breath, which is Binah, Abel’s mother in captivity.  Jehovah recognized and responded to Abel in Abraham.  There were now in the earth a race of evil Raphraim and a Canaanite race that was joined to Jehovah.  The descendants of Abraham, through Jacob, eventually became stronger than the evil Raphraim, which we call giants in the Scripture, and defeated the last of them.   At least it is translated as giants in the Scripture.  We know that there were still giants in Moses’ day, when the Hebrew children came out of Egypt.  There were still giants in David’s day.  From the time that Jehovah joined himself to Abraham, he started bringing forth  a race of saviors.  Jehovah made a covenant with Abraham, which resulted in a race of saviors, which we are.  That means Jehovah took up a permanent presence in Abraham and whoever got the seed; Abraham; Isaac, and Jacob.  Ever since Jehovah attached himself to one man in the earth, the earth stabilized to the point that the giants began to die off. 


Now that is interesting.  It sort of lines up with my speculation as to what is going to happen when Christ Jesus appears in full stature.  I have no problem believing that his very presence, in full stature in the earth, will eventually dry up all of the wickedness .  People that are just looking at the outside will see many changes, people returning to God, people returning to righteousness, voting different people into office, but who has that much time?  What I do not understand is how Christ Jesus will behave that will bring to pass this change rapidly enough to save the world from complete destruction. 


The descendants of Abraham, through Jacob, eventually became stronger than the evil Raphraim giants and defeated the last of them.  Jewish legend says that it was Abraham who killed Nimrod.  Of course, we know that David killed Goliath.  I think it was Moses who killed Anak, if I am not mistaken.  Israel, when he was supernaturally attached to Jehovah, was a race of spiritual giants.  Their physical stature never attained to the physical height of the evil giants, as far as I know, because Jehovah never fully possessed them.  He lived inside of them as the evil angels actually lived inside of the Canaanite giants.  They actually lived inside of them, inhabited them, as Christ Jesus wants to live through us.  Even I do not know what it will be like to be fully possessed by Christ Jesus.  I think I am pretty possessed by him.  What do I know?  I know he has a lot of control over my life, but I honestly do not know what it would be like to be fully possessed by him.  Remember, mankind did not look like us.  They were not homosapiens.  They came over to this side of the flood where they were homosapiens.  I do not know if you could call them homosapiens when they were that big.  I do not think you can, but they appeared homosapien, but they were very large.


Apparently, these Raphraim, when they fully inhabited a human being, it changed the physical stature of a human being to be very great, very large.  As Christ Jesus fully takes up residence in us, and lives through us completely, at some point, the sons of Jesus, human beings possessed of Christ Jesus, may be physically increased in size, unless the aspect of increase manifests spiritually as a spiritual body, for example.  The scientists did not consider that a homosapien.  We are all Canaanites.  In this third stage of the fall, we all have a Canaanite body.  We can be different on the inside.  Abraham was different on the inside.  On the other side of the flood, I honestly do not know if being attached to Jehovah changed your form.  That might have been the case, because they might have  been shape shifters on the other side of the flood.  I do not know anything about the other side of the flood, but on this side of the flood, we all have a Canaanite body, and only our heart can change.  Our inner man can change.  Spiritually speaking, we are Canaanites. 


Brethren, that is my introduction to you, so that you could follow my alternate translation of Ezekiel 13:18.  It is just one verse.  I am going to read that alternate translation.  If the Lord gives me an exhortation on it, we will talk about it.  If not, I will take questions, or we will just end early today.  If I am going to actually teach from these notes, I need to take a break.  The King James Translation of Ezekiel 13:18 reads; Thus saith the Lord God; Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature to hunt souls!  Will ye hunt the souls of my people, and will ye save the souls alive that come unto you?


Now brethren, the whole point of this message is this. We are very close to it being as it was in the days of Noah.  I am not talking about the homosexuals.  I am not talking about the sin.  I am talking about the evil angels walking with impunity, up and down our streets, and taking for brides and wives as many as they would like to.  That is what it means as in the days of Noah.  I am told, and I have no problem believing it, that according to Tom Horn, who I respect as a researcher, and that he has contacts in the government, that they are already here, but they are underground.  I am surprised to find out how many government buildings we have that go way underground.  Apparently, we have several government facilities.  You see a facility from the outside, but what you see is not the real facility.  We are building eighteen and twenty stories down underground, secret buildings and secret courts.  It is scary.  This is what I am told, that the government knows about them, that they are already here.  Rather than me commenting on this alternate translation, maybe we will listen to that DVD.  It is about 45 minutes long.


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