Make Your Own Pasta


A pastor in the field of Christ-Centered Kabbalah, as well as traditional Bible studies, Sheila Vitale founded Christ-Centered Kabbalah and Living Epistle Ministries to offer educational opportunities for a variety of spiritual topics. In addition to being a passionate proponent of the spiritual, Sheila Vitale has enjoyed hobbies such as making pasta.


Does making fresh pasta sound intimidating? In a world of prepackaged meals and microwave dinners, the idea of creating pasta from scratch might seem too difficult. Once you obtain a pasta machine, however, and learn to make your own pasta, you will likely change your mind.


Pasta made at home differs substantially from store-bought pasta. Boxed pastas last for a long time because they consist mainly of flour and water. Homemade pasta, on the other hand, typically uses eggs, which give the finished pasta a more yellowish color, more protein, and vitamins B12 and D.


As you prepare the dough for your pasta, kneading it by hand or by machine, keep in mind that you want to achieve maximum smoothness. The smoother the dough, the easier you will find it to feed the dough through the pasta machine.

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