Gratitude - Hebrews, Chapter 10 - Exhortation

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Pastor Vitale’s Email




After reviewing Sunday's exhortation on Hebrews, Chapter 10, I recognized that I did not adequately explain why Jesus of Nazareth had to die, but we do not have to physically die.


I preached a second session to that message initially to explain that issue, but some very important additional information came forth with it, including how Christ will be grafted to believers who do not have a primordial king.


According to the initial message preached, it appears that the Lord intends to reveal the whole message that the rabbis call "the 72 letter Name of God" to us. Hallelujah!


Once again, God bless you, as we approach the year 2020, and all that God has for us in that year. May it be the year that the Lord Jesus balances the equation that will overthrow the evil powers prevailing in the World of Action, and that we are a part of the process - all to His glory!


Sheila R. Vitale
Pastor, Teacher, Founder
Living Epistles Ministries
Christ-Centered Kabbalah



Response to Pastor’s Email


Thank you Pastor,


I just listened to the message. Very exciting and it is worth listening to a second or third time to get it into my spirit.


Not to be redundant, but I am so grateful for all the messages and especially how the Lord is revealing the 72 letter Name of God through your preaching about the Father, Mother, Son and Daughter. How to pronounce the name Jehovah is just too high a thought to comprehend, but here it is! There's nothing else I'd rather be learning than this deeper meaning of the Scripture, and especially now, transitioning into a new decade.


I am praying that this year brings to you a complete healing and everything that God has promised you. Your faithfulness to the Lord has given many of us in the ministry a living hope that we will be partakers of the wonderful events that are coming. If we were part of any of the "ordinary" churches out there we would still be without understanding. Just knowing there is a specific process and how it works as well as what our part is in it is so comforting. Nothing comes close to satisfying the soul as much as the CCK messages - truly the most perfect food ever.


God bless you and thank you again! I can sense that this is going to be an incredible year!


Love, R

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