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Sent: Sat, 13 Dec 2003  
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You put the Latest Transcript in HTML format for me! How lovely. What a blessing. I thank you for this. 


The LORD had me to begin to research and study the Kabbalah back almost four or five years ago. In fact, I had begun to look into it and then my pastor said, "Dig Deeper!"


Pastor Vitale's work into the Kabbalah and with Christ at the center of it was the first work I ever came across that bore such witness to my spirit. I was astounded! Someone had finally written about these things in a language I could clearly understand (even though some of the Alternate Translations make my mind go "tilt."  haha). And so much of her experience in the Church is so on target. I've been reading ever since I found the Kabbalah studies.


As an intercessor in the ministry, please let Pastor Vitale know I pray the strengthening of the LORD and the Increased Ascension of Christ to be in and through her. Blessings to you all.


In Christ, 
Sister XXXX

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